Welding Inspection, Steels – WIS 5 Multi – Choice Question !pe" # MS$ – WI – %& N!'e ( H) Muh!''!d $!*!li +!"nen ,ns-e" !ll .uestions
1. Which of the following butt-weld preparations is usually the most susceptible to lack of sidewall fusion during the manual Metal arc process ? a. A double-U butt b. A single-V butt c. A double-V butt d. t is not normally a defect associated with the MMA welding process !. What is the leg length of a fil a. b. c. d. #. "he distance from the toe to face "he distance from the root to face center "he distance from the root to the toe "he distance from toe to toe

What is the throat thickness of a fillet weld $ e%ual leg lengths & a. b. c. d. "he distance from the toe to face "he distance from the root to face center "he distance from the root to the toe "he distance from toe to toe


(ap )oints contain * a. b. c. d. +illet welds ,orner )oints -utt-welds .ingle-be/el butts


A duty not normally undertaken by a welding inspector is to * a. b. c. d. ,heck the condition of the parent material ,heck the condition of the consumables Measure residual stress ,heck calibration certificates

W . 0 1u paper M.2 - W 3 1 5. Muhammad 2a6ali 7arnen

4age 1 of 0

W 3 1 5. d.tar crack 11. What is meant by the term weld )unction ? a. d.ubmerged arc All of the abo/e Bone of the abo/e W . b. c. 0 1u paper M. c. d. c. d.2 . b. e. d. b. Which of the following welding processes @ techni%ue is likely to be used for the repair welding of localised porosity in a butt weld ? a. (eg length "hroat thickness Weld thickness All of the abo/e 1?. MMA9 4A position Mechanised MAA . b. b. c. Muhammad 2a6ali 7arnen 4age ! of 0 . . Another term for conca/e root Another term gi/en for a burn through A type of gas pore9 found in the weld crater A shrinkage defect9 found in the weld crater <. Under most conditions9 which of the following welding positions will deposit the most weld metal.. c. a. "he area containing the 5A= and the weld metal "he weld metal and parent metal "he boundary between the fusion 6one and the 5A= "he part of the weld9 which has undergone metallurgical changes due to the heat from welding >. d. A crater crack may also be termed * a.old crack "earing +atigue crack . Vertical down :/erhead 5ori6ontal-/ertical +lat $ down hand & What meant by the term crater pipe * a. c. "he strength of a fillet weld is primary controlled by * a. . b.THE WELDING INSTITUTE 8.

d. b. b. c. c. ECcessi/e back purge pressure and entrapped gas ECcessi/e back purge pressure and /ery high heat inputs ECcessi/e root grinding and a slow tra/el speed ECcessi/e root grinding and eCcessi/e back purge pressure 10. d. Muhammad 2a6ali 7arnen 4age # of 0 . c. 1#. 2oot conca/ity is caused by * a.W 3 1 5.THE WELDING INSTITUTE 1!. When carrying out /isual inspection9 the specification makes no mention of the re%uirements for /isual inspection9 in this situation what should you do ? a. c. c.eek ad/ice from higher authority . Under most circumstances9 which of the following do you consider to be duties of a welding inspector a. When inspecting a critical component9 the toes of a weld must be * a.arry out no /isual inspection 2e-write the re%uirements of the specification 1. b. d. b. "he super/ision of welders 4rocedure writing 1ualifying welders All of the abo/e 1<.opper inclusions 5ydrogen cracks All of the abo/e 1'. d. d.2 . c. b. Deep weld craters @ crater cracks .. Which of the following welds would be considered in a situation where two plates are to be )oined that o/erlap $ assume no eCternal assess & a. d. 0 1u paper M. A fillet weld A single-be/el butt weld A plug weld A single-U butt weld n the MMA welding process9 which of the following is most likely to be caused by a welder with a poor techni%ue a. Which of the following is most likely to cause a burn through W .0 mm onto the parent material Must always be inspected using a crack detection method $ M4 9 D4 & Bone of the abo/e can be selected 3 specification re%uirements unknown 18. Always ground flush Must always o/erlap at least 1. .arry out normal /isual inspection . b.

. d.rater cracks are caused mainly by * a. c. c. c. b. (ack of fusion at the toe of a weld (ack of fusion between weld metal and weld metal Undercut at the toe of a weld -oth a and b !#. ECcessi/ely fast welding speeds b. When carrying out /isual inspection9 which defect $s& is likely to be missed ? a. 5eat affected 6one "he weld 6one +usion 6one All of the abo/e terms may be used !1. 0 1u paper M. d. b. mproper )oint design W . c. (inear misalignment . ncomplete root penetration is most likely due to * a. 1>.ap undercut 4orosity (ack of fusion $ inter run & !!.old lapping is another term for * a. Muhammad 2a6ali 7arnen 4age ' of 0 . b. d.W 3 1 5. 5ot shrinkage d.2 . +illing rate Deposition rate Weld deposition Weld duty cycle !?. b. mproper electrode angle c. Welding speed too slow Welding current too high 2oot gap too small Electrode diameter too small !'. 2oot gap too small "ra/el speed too fast 2oot face too small all of the abo/e n an arc welding process9 which of the following is the correct term used for the amount of weld metal deposited per minutes ? a. d. What is the term gi/en for the area of a welded )oint )ust outside the weld metal that has undergone microstructural changes ? a. c. .THE WELDING INSTITUTE a. b. b. d. c. d.

Which of the following butt weld preparations is most likely to be considered for welding the welding of welding of a 8 mm thick plate ? a.W 3 1 5.0 mm !' mm 1#. 7nowledge 5onesty and integrity Aood communicator All of the abo/e #?. d. c.THE WELDING INSTITUTE !0. d. d. b. A code of practice for /isual inspection should co/er * a. b. b. :n a single-V butt weld9 the distance through the center of the weld from root to face is called * a. Double-V butt Asymmetrical double-V butt .ingle-U butt . 0 1u paper M. Muhammad 2a6ali 7arnen 4age 0 of 0 .ingle-V butt !>.2 . b. "he material thickness reduces +aster welding speeds "he use of a larger welding electrode All of the abo/e !<.. !. d. c. -efore9 during and after welding -efore welding acti/ities only After welding acti/ities only Bone of the abo/e W . c. b. 2einforcement 4enetration "hroat thickness Bone of the abo/e "he throat thickness of a F inch fillet weld is ? a.0 mm !. c. c. b.. "he need for pre-heat for steel will increase if * a. !8. A welding inspectors main attributes include * a. d. d. c.0 mm 1!.