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Republic of the Philippines Department of Education Region IV-MIMAROPA LUBANG VOCATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL Lubang, Occidental Mindoro

PROJECT PROPOSAL FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF GIRLS TRADE LABORATORY BUILDING (GARMENT TRADES, FOOD TRADES, COSMETOLOGY) USING INTERVENTION FUND SY 2011 FEASIBILITY STUDY (PHASE 1 GARMENT TRADES LABORATORY WORKSHOP) I. INTRODUCTION Lubang Vocational High School traces its roots when Republic Act 5038 sponsored by Congressman Pedro O. Medalla was enacted in 1967. It was opened on July 15, 1971 at Tilik, Lubang, Occidental Mindoro. July 29, 1974 marked the beginning of LVHS in its own site, a six-hectare lot adjacent to Lubang Airport. For almost 40 years of existence, Lubang Vocational High School produces graduates who are excelling in different field of specialization such as Building Construction, Furniture and Cabinet Making, Electricity, Automotive Mechanics, Food Trades, Garment Trades and Cosmetology. The challenge that the institution meets today is the continuing demands for fast changing technology. This is the reason why we always need to update and upgrade teaching and learning competencies and facilities to cope up with these changes. For the last three (3) years the Tech-Voc Task Force is providing full support to the school. During the School Year 2008-2009 the school received tech-voc equipments in four major courses namely: Furniture and Cabinet Making (FCM), Automotive Mechanics (AM), Drafting Technology (DT), and Food Technology (FT) worth 1.7 million. Aside from this, complete science equipments were given by the DepEd National Science Teaching Instrumentation Center (NSTIC). Recently an amount of Nine Hundred Twelve Thousand Eight Hundred Seventy Eight Pesos Only (P912, 878.00) was released for the repair and rehabilitation of laboratory workshop building and upgrading of electrical facilities to TechVoc public schools. A computer laboratory package with 50 units computer is expected to be delivered early this SY 2011-2012. Conversion and repair of three classrooms into computer laboratory was made possible thru the initiative of Honorable Mayor Juan M. Sanchez who made the representation in the Province of Occidental Mindoro to Governor Josephine R. Sato. The school received Three Hundred Thousand Pesos (P300,000.00) from them. Lately, as mentioned by the Tech-Voc Task Force during the Business Planning Seminar Workshop in Banaue, Ifugao each Tech-Voc school will be given an allotment for new construction.

Identifying priorities, the School Planning Committee agreed to construct Girls Trade Laboratory Building.

II. MARKET FEASIBILITY: Girls Trade Laboratory Building is a necessity due to the fact that the present building occupied by the Girls Trade courses is one of the oldest buildings and it was not exactly designed for its purpose. Having a new building following the standard specifications for laboratory shop rooms will be of great help and improvement in the delivery of instructions and learning competencies among students. Presented below is the enrolment data of Lubang Vocational High School for the last five (5) years: School Year 2011-2012 2010-2011 2009-2010 2008-2009 2007-2008 First Year Male Female 82 42 70 84 90 92 46 42 43 43 Second Year Male Female 64 37 80 92 95 75 42 41 42 23 Third Year Male Female 72 41 89 88 70 70 36 46 24 33 Fourth Year Male Female 85 33 76 70 68 53 43 23 33 19 Total Male Female 303 153 315 334 323 295 167 152 142 118

The enrolment trend is increasing. Many students prefer to enroll in the Technical-Vocational Education because they realized that after graduation they are already equipped with the skills needed in the industries so they can get a job even if they cannot obtain a college degree. Performance Indicator for the last three (3) years

Performance Indicators
Participation Rate Drop out Rate Repetition rate Cohort Survival Rate Achievement Rate Completion Rate Graduation Rate 26%

SY 2008-2009 26%

SY 2009-2010 24%

SY 2010-2011

2.99% 0.43% 81.7% 40.28% 95% 100%

2.88% 0% 100% 38.50% 100% 100%

3.53% 0% 100% 55.7% 100% 100%

III. TECHNICAL FEASIBILITY With six (6) hectares land area of Lubang Vocational High School only 20% was used for building, so there is enough space for new construction. Because the school is adjacent to the Lubang Airport, the former Site Development Plan of the school was revised a little in order to get away from the noise and destruction of classes brought by the airplanes. At present, Girls Trade courses are using a very small space covering 56 square meters (7mx 8m) per laboratory room whereby enough space for different working areas specified in each laboratory were not given attention. There are no proper places for different equipment and other shop room furniture and fixtures. Shop layout is too crowded due to limited space. The Proposed Girls Trades Laboratory Building composed of three (3) laboratory shop rooms: Garment Trades, Food Trades, and Cosmetology will be constructed at the north eastern part of the school campus with a total floor area of 378 square meters having 126 square meters (7m x 18m) per laboratory shop. (Please see attachment A School Site Development) Below is the list of available tools and equipment in the three fields of specialization. A. Garment Trades: Quantity Unit Description Zigzagger Sewing Machine (Industrial Sewing machine) Hi-Speed Sewing Machine Over Edging Machine Ordinary Sewing Machine with motor Ordinary Sewing Machine (Zenith) Ordinary Sewing Machine (Singer) Cutting Table Ironing Board Flat Iron Cutting Shears Scissors Tape Measure L-Square Hip Curve

1 Unit 1 Unit 1 Unit 4 Units 8 Units 6 Units 3 Pieces 1 Piece 1 Piece 6 Pieces 6 Pieces 6 Pieces 6 Pieces 6 Pieces B. Food Trades: Quantity Unit


1 Piece 1 Piece 2 Units 2 Units 3 Sets 1 Piece 1 Piece 1 Piece 1 Piece 1 Unit 1 Unit 1 Piece 2 Units 3 Pieces 2 Sets 12 Pieces 23 Pieces 2 Pieces 10 Pieces 16 Pieces 9 Pieces 11 Pieces 24 Pieces 9 Sets 11 Pieces 14 Pieces 2 Sets 22 Pieces 4 Sets 12 Sets 10 Sets 3 Pieces 7 Pieces 5 Pieces 2 Pieces 5 Pieces C. Cosmetology: Quantity 6 6 6 6 6 180 6 6 Unit Pieces Pieces Pairs Pieces Pieces Pieces Pairs Pieces

Demonstration Table Refrigerator 2 Burner Gas Stove Microwave Oven Steamer Electric Fryer Turbo Broiler Food Processor Grill and Skillet Electric Oven Coffee/Meat Grinder Heavy Duty Electric Mixer Gas range with Oven Blender Micromatic ware (Casserole) Aluminum Tray Spatula Knife Slicer Rotary egg beater Pie plate Hand Mixer Muffin Pan Cake/Icing Decorator Measuring Cup Tube Pan Round Pan (small, medium, large) Basin Mixing Bowl Measuring Spoon Food Warmer Liquid Measuring Glass Wire Whip Wooden Ladle Aluminum Ladle Rubber Scraper Rectangular Pan

Description Barbers Brush Spray bottle Hair Scissors Foot basin Cape/Gown Curler Rod Nipper Pusher

6 6

Pieces Pieces

Nail file Nail Cutter

IV. FINANCIAL/ECONOMIC FEASIBILITY Based from the Program of Work presented below, the Proposed Girls Trade Laboratory Building has the estimated total capital requirement of FOUR MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND PESOS (P 4,500,000.00) with ONE MILLION FIVE HUNDRED PESOS (P 1,500,000.00) each laboratory. Due to financial constrain this proposal will be done in three phases. The first laboratory to be constructed will be the Garment Trades, followed by Food Trades then the Cosmetology. The estimated amount of P1.5M will come from the intervention fund for SY 2011 for the 282 Tech-Voc High Schools. The second phase shall be included in the intervention fund for SY 2012. Other needed funds maybe solicited from the LGUs, NGOs, PTA, Alumni and other stakeholders in order that the remaining laboratories will be continuously constructed. NOTE: Please see attached Program of Work.

V. ORGANIZATIONAL/MANAGERIAL FEASIBILITY The school which is headed by the Officer-in-Charge, Mrs. Teresita I. Sales has a complete administrative and support staff who are capable of handling the new construction to be given by the DepEd Tech-Voc Task Force. Below is the list of school personnel, teaching and non-teaching staff. LIST OF SCHOOL PERSONNEL, TEACHING AND NON-TEACHING STAFF: Office Staff 1. Teresita I. Sales 2. Marita A. Tamayosa 3. Fernando R. Medrano 4. Lucelli V. Tejoso 5. Ferminilo R. Alegre 6. Zenaida C. Tangi 7. Marilyn A. Llena 8. Maribeth T, Tovillo 9. Alfred A. Aguilar 10. Arnulfo T. De Lara Jr. 11. Orlando R. De Lemos 12. Ricardo D. Tarriela 13. Ruelito M. Tobillo Related Subjects Department 1. Concepcion I. Ibanez 2. Flordeliza A. Tovillo 3. Perry D. Malabanan 4. Shiela Marie P. Tarriela Position Head Teacher III, OIC Head Teacher III Supply Officer I Bookkeeper I Disbursing Officer I Public Health Nurse I School Librarian Clerk II Security Guard I Watchman I Watchman I Utility Worker I Utility Worker I Position Master Teacher I Master teacher I Teacher III Teacher III Teaching Assignment Math English Science Physical Education

5. Bella T. Viana 6. Rosanna Q. Cervantes 7. Jocelyn T. Insigne 8. Shannybell V. Insigne 9. Criselda P. Insigne 10. Ma. Bernadeth S. Morales 11. Marito D. Tabor 12. Soledad A. Valdeleon 13. Jeffrey G. Zapata Technical Vocational Education Dept. 1. Alicia V. Elbo 2. Jose S. Maas Jr. 3. Josefa L. Pineda 4. Edwin H. Cervantes 5. Mary Christine T. Daulat 6. Erlando A. Legaspi 7. Nestor S. Llena 8. Reo D. Palmares 9. John Harold A. Sta. Cruz 10. Sonia G. Villamar 11. Amir M. Villas

Teacher III Teacher I Teacher I Teacher I Teacher I Teacher I Teacher I Teacher I Teacher I Position Teacher III Teacher III Teacher III Teacher I Teacher I Teacher I Teacher I Teacher I Teacher I Teacher I Teacher I

Science Physical Education Science Math Filipino Math Araling Panlipunan English Araling Panlipunan Teaching Assignment Food Trades/Cosmetology Tech. Drawing/Drafting Garment Trades Furniture and Cabinet Making Entrepreneurship Building Construction Automotive Mechanics Electricity Industrial Education (Exploratory) Food Trades/Cosmetology ICF/PC Hardware Servicing

VI. SUMMARY OF FINDINGS, CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS Based from the presented data, the Lubang Vocational High School is ready for the said New Construction of Laboratory Workshop/Facilities Project for Tech-Voc High Schools using the intervention fund for SY 2011. There is enough space for the said construction. There is a complete staff that may be of help in the administration and supervision of the said project. Qualified teachers to deliver the competencies needed for the girls trade courses are available. Tools and equipment for each course have been purchased and acquired. Supported stakeholders are always ready to help the school especially the LGU headed by the Honorable Mayor Juan M. Sanchez. With the intervention fund amounting to One Million Five Hundred Thousand Pesos (P1.5M) to be given by the Task Force the proponent believes that it is feasible to have the Garments Laboratory Workshop in reality before the end of the School Year 2011 - 2012. Through the continuous support of the Task Force hopefully the second phase which is Foods Laboratory Workshop will commence on SY 2012 - 2013 and the whole Girls Trade Laboratory Building will be completed before the end of School Year 2013 2014.