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At True U Magazine, we eat, 2 drink, and dream community and our magazine is a reflection of just that. We deliver a publication that is true to the art, beauty and culture that is bred in our own towns. We strive to promote positive selfimagery in hopes to inspire individuals by relaying messages as it relates to the community to promote confidence, strength, and forward thinking in our own backyards. Unlike commercial magazines, we report stories our readers can relate to such as, fitness and health, beauty, finance, entertainment and much more. Here our readers are our cover story. Now that’s True U! 2

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Editor’s Note
Inspired and delighted! I would like to thank you all for taking time out of your busy schedules to even pick up True2U magazine. It truly means the world to me as I set out on this new adventure. I would like to create a HUGE difference in the images we see in our community! I feel that a greater impact can be made when others see someone that is right there still in the midst of their surroundings making a change. If I can inspire that can do attitude in just one person, then I have done my job well! —Prez

‘This is why I rock’

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Volume 1 • Issue 1 • August 2011
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A Dream in the Making: T-Ray

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Staples for Students
Photos by Digital Kitchen Media Models (below): Samiia and Shakelia Theus

By Rebecca Blundell


Helping to Complete the Recipe for Success, One Pencil at a Time
he recipe: a successful, educated child. The ingredients: paper, notebooks, pencils, pens, folders . . . well, you get the point. Without the necessary supplies, students lack the resources that will help them become bright, intelligent adults. But unbeknownst to most people is that millions of students in America cannot afford the most basic school supplies. Staples, a retailer for numerous school supplies and office needs, has teamed up with, and the stars of ABC’s original series, Pretty Little Liars, to help out the nationwide 13 million students who cannot afford their own school supplies. With this collaboration, the creation of Staples for Students was brought to life. It’s a grassroots program, set up to generate greater awareness about this fact by hosting a school supply drive to help students in need. and the actresses of ABC’s Pretty Little Liars – Lucy Hale, Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, and Shay Mitchell – have all been encouraging teens to make a difference this summer by collecting new school supplies and dropping them off at their local Staples store from July 3 through September 17. Staples customers will also be able to get involved by donating $1 or the amount of their choice at any store, with 100 percent of the proceeds benefiting local students in need. is one of the largest organizations in America known to help young people volunteer and 4


get active in their communities. Through leveraging the web, television, mobile, and pop culture, they hope to reach out to teens and get them more excited to donate and “do something” in their community. Recently, hosted an 11 day scavenger hunt filled with many hands-on challenges, from donating to educating to raising awareness. The Staples for Students organization is encouraging teens to help out those less fortunate, one pencil at a time, so that every student can have all the ingredients to their own recipes of education.

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Just a Glimmer
Just a Glimmer
Denise Green

Community Gardening Becoming Popular in Detroit
In a city filled with vacant lots of land, there are many opportunities to participate in community gardening. The benefits of this charitable activity are abundant, from beautifying a neighborhood to bridging the community. By having participants of all ages learning from and growing with each other, community gardening can be a great way of bringing together multiple generations of people, while at the same time beautifying a neighborhood by using land that would otherwise go to waste. It’s also economically beneficial for the city, by saving money that would have been spent on professionals, and for the volunteer participants, who would have the chance to grow their own food. In this case, community gardening can also be a health benefit because people can grow their own organic foods and become more aware of what they are eating. To start a community garden, one must initially create a volunteer support group consisting of committed individuals who will take on various responsibilities to maintain the garden. Once a support group has been established, it must be determined what type of garden it will be, what will be grown, and what the responsibilities will be for each group member. It is important to establish ground rules, including any membership fees. These rules must be clear and understood by all parties involved to

avoid any confusion in the future. Aside from the physical effort of gardening, community gardens require plenty of funding. The group must establish their source of funding, whether it’s through membership fees, fundraisers, sponsors from outside organizations, or community residents. Choosing a location is also important. A determining factor will be securing the land; whether the group wants to rent, buy, or get a land trust. It is best to choose a location that has good sunlight, no cement, and access to water, and is clear of trash and a large number of trees. The garden should also be within a good proximity to the group members. Once a location is secured, mapping out the garden and planning a design according to the type of garden decided is crucial before the actual cultivating begins. But once it does begin, success will have never felt better. Along with growing healthy foods, the community work will add to a healthy environment. Community gardens provide numerous benefits and will help to strengthen the portrait of Detroit.

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’ N I K R C O O R mper CKIN
garment has made the list: the romper. welcomed back with open arms!

of trends that were popular years and years ago. This year a classic

’ r o m per N
true - fashion trends are hard to resist. What seems to These sleek, one-piece wonders are made for every taste. So what are you waiting for? Join the craze and rock a romper like it’s nobody’s business!

By Elle R. Ivory

o matter where you are in the fashion mix, one thing is

be the case in today’s generation of fashion is the return

Rompers are everywhere this season, in pants, shorts, dress form, and even “Hammer pants” style. With a lot of oldies-butgoodies returning this year, the romper is by far a favorite. Like a hot ex who has cleaned up his or her act, rompers are

size, style, and season. Whether it’s hot or cold, summer or fall, someone you know will be seen in these fun and flirty numbers. After all, what’s not to love? They are easy to wear and available for all body types. You can wear one to dinner, wear it to the beach, or wear it out to see your favorite movie. And, with designers and retailers evolving the style, you’ll easily be able to find a romper that’s best-suited for your fashion

To stay up to date on all the latest fashion trends and more be sure to check us out on Facebook:


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Recycle old newspaper clippings into dazzling digits

By Alyssa Schumann I will start by telling you the materials you will need to complete this look: o o o o o 10 cut pieces of newspaper Rubbing Alcohol Clear Coat Nail Polish 1 nail polish of your choice Scissors


ave you ever wanted to have those types of nails you see people do online and wonder how you could possibly make them yourself? Well today I will show you a nail design that is easy to do and yet is still very fashionable and fun!

Now what you need to start by doing is grab your page of newspaper and cut ten pieces out (one for each nail). They don’t have to be a specific size or shape, but have to have enough lettering to cover your entire nail. To prepare your nails you will first make sure your hands are clean and dry. You will start by painting your nails with any color of polish of your choice Then after your nails dry, you will to dip one piece of the newspaper into your rubbing alcohol and place it on your thumb nail. Press and hold for thirty seconds, then slowly peel away the newspaper. Repeat on all ten fingers. After you get done with all ten fingers you will need to put a clear top coat on your nails to protect the lettering and to make your nails look shiny. You might get a little bit of the newspaper lettering on your skin, if that happens all you need to do is wipe it away and it should disappear. I hope you all enjoy this tutorial on how to get “Newspaper Nails”; this should be fun and enjoyable for anybody to do! True2U Magazine


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1,000 Words
1,000 Words


True2U Magazine

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Photos by Blue Rayne Photography

By Nick Somoski

he music industry, in particular, is not all that it’s cracked up to be. Young musicians are constantly being chewed up and spit out, constantly giving up on their dream when instantaneous success is not found. T-Ray, a young R&B singer from Niagara Falls, New York, knows this, but she also knows that being an educated artist gives her strengths in the industry that other young singers don’t have. Music was in her life from an early age. She had a dream of opening her own record label, and decided to attend North Carolina A&T State University for a bachelor of science degree in Business Management. But as other avenues became available, music became overshadowed in her life. She decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia in 2007, where the music scene was more vivid, but the inspiration didn’t return until 2009, when her younger brother was in a serious car accident. “In this life, you don’t know when you’ll leave Earth,” says T-Ray. “I told myself ‘if it’s your dream to do music, then you need to pursue it wholeheartedly.’” With the suggestion of her father, she went to Full Sail University and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in music business. There she performed, wrote, worked with producers, and rediscovered her love of music. “Most artists are in it for love, but one mustn’t forget that music is a business,” says T-Ray. “I need to look at my music as a product. I need to look out for myself as a client.” Learning the ropes of the music industry, as well as real-life lessons, occurrences, and obstacles, are what T-Ray believes sets her apart from other artists. 10
True2U Magazine

A Dream in the Making T
How T-Ray Embraces Education and Community in the Making of Her Music Career

“In this life, you don’t know when you’ll leave Earth.”

For instance, she learned that promoters should not charge artists to perform, and that contracts need to be carefully read. Trust is often faulty in the music industry; being taken advantage of is a struggle a lot of new artists face, but T-Ray is determined not to let that happen to her. Lessons in social media and networking also give T-Ray an edge in building a strong fan-base. She’s learned to promote her music in numerous outlets and has cultivated a strong network of supporters and other industry professionals. Connecting —T-Ray with teachers and hearing their experiences also gave T-Ray insight that couldn’t have been learned elsewhere. With education under her belt, many things are in-store for T-Ray’s future. She’s hoping to finish her debut album by the end of this year, with a national and overseas tour to follow. As well, she’s hoping to create a line of merchandise and begin working with other artists at her own record label. And with the support of family and friends, as well as the thriving music scene of Atlanta, T-Ray’s dream will surely be reached. She attributes her success to hardwork and determination. “Music is hard because of a saturated market. With a good education, support from family and friends, and constant belief, any dream can be accomplished.” To connect with T-Ray and find out more about her music, you can find her at,, and, and add her on Twitter @TeeRayBiz. Her debut single, “From Your Love,” is available on iTunes, Reverbnation and

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True2U Magazine


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An interview with Tanisha N. Bolden


Make-up by Talya Ashford Hair by Ebony Holmes-Brown Photos by Digital Kitchen Media

By Nick Somoski

The author of This is Why I Rock and owner of the Bold Moves housing organization discusses her inspirations, struggles and accomplishments as she advocates self-validation and expression
oo often are human beings guilty of living in the past. Because of a traumatizing or heartwrenching event, moving on and pushing beyond any self-imposed limits can be a fear too difficult to overcome. For Tanisha N. Bolden, however, this fear was just part of the healing process. Mrs. Bolden, author of the self-empowering journal This is Why I Rock, was determined not to stay stuck in the past. After losing her mother to cancer at the age of 10, she found comfort in writing. “For me, writing was a way to be unjudged by other people,” says Mrs. Bolden. “I was able to get out my emotions in a private setting.” Her writing serves as a “personal therapy, a path to selfexpression.” She wrote her first poem in 1995, titled “Why,” a letter to God in which she questioned the reason for her mother’s death. From then on she stayed close to poetry. “I never liked to write short stories because life is a story. I never saw a need to make up a story when we’re already living it.” The healing, as well as the self-expression, that writing brought to Tanisha was the underlying inspiration for This is Why I Rock. As a Detroit native, she was able to use her life experiences as a means to bridge the gap between her 12
True2U Magazine


writing and her desire to help others. “I wrote about what I felt and what I saw in my school, my family, and my community,” Bolden explained. The idea that a person can create what they write serves as the basis of her self-help journal, as each prompt exists for the reader to consider things like responsibility, personal relationships, personal improvement, and goal setting. The journal is meant to be a path on which teens and young adults feel a sense of self-validation and accomplishment. Breaking barriers and forgetting limits is a common theme. While thinking of exercises, Mrs. Bolden went back to her youth and looked at things she did not understand, especially about herself. Ones such as naming a favorite and least favorite memory allows readers to address a past problem or moment of sorrow and turn it into a learning experience. “I looked at what I would read as a kid, what I would answer to, and even what my children would answer to. I wanted to make it personal to the point where each person reading would learn something new about themselves, while having an outlet to express their inner emotions.” The workshop that accompanies the book has also

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found great success in the Detroit area. She’s carried her message to numerous assemblies and conferences. “It’s good to see the kids respond and be enlightened by the self-empowerment message,” says Bolden. “Lots of kids are really moved by it.” A major part of the workshop is asking kids why “I rock.” Says Bolden: “You never know what someone will share. One young lady said ‘I rock because I learned to accept the past.’ Another told me ‘I rock because I’m talking to my mom again.’ It’s amazing to see this book changing so many lives.” And while Tanisha began her program focusing on teenagers and young adults, she’s recently branched out to include everyone in her advocacy for self-empowerment. “Many older readers, including parents and non-parents, have reached out to me and told me how much this journal has helped them in their daily lives.” There’s also been a push to include This is Why I Rock and its accompanying workshop in the Detroit public education curriculum. The main consensus among educators is that when certain physiological and emotional needs are not met at home, it is difficult for learning to take place. This program would be used to teach students that “despite adversity, there are people that are willing to support you.” Mrs. Bolden says she is looking to create a 6-week program that incorporates this theme, while using the book as a daily resource. Lesson plans would include things ranging from vocabulary to self-assessments, while at the same time helping students to deal with adversity both inside and outside the classroom. The married mother-of-three also works as the owner and program director of Bold Moves LLC, a Detroit-based housing program for young ladies (aged 16-20) that are aging out of foster care. Tanisha invites different professional organizations to come teach the young ladies how to become self-sufficient once they venture out into the workforce. Services include culinary education, money management, etiquette trainings, employment development, motivational speaking, and writing workshops. And, through private funding, Tanisha is able to keep this program entirely

“Between teachers I had, as well as my sisters, aunt, and grandma, I had support that kept me grounded.”
—Tanisha N. Bolden Author of This is Why I Rock

free to those in-need. “Between teachers I had, as well as my sisters, aunt, and grandma, I had support that kept me grounded. While I wasn’t in foster care, I understand the need for support, and I want to reach out to those who need it.” Tanisha will stop at nothing to give back to her community. Educators, administrators, and parents have all agreed that her message is captivating and motivating. Her presence in the community can be felt in the hundreds of lives she has enlightened. And in the months to come, Mrs. Bolden is looking to branch out with her programs and take her work to a new level. She is currently working at appointing “youthambassadors” in schools across the region as a part of her “I Rock” program. As well, she’ll be joining the “Beauty From Head to Toe” tour on their last stop in Atlanta, Georgia in September, with a This is Why I Rock tour to come in 2012. From all her efforts, Tanisha has found extreme success in reaching out to the community and making a difference in people’s lives. While she works hard to get her message across, there’s only one main thing she wants people to get from her book: “hope, in every sense of the word.”
True2U Magazine


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A Call to Action
A Call to Action
Nique LoveRhodes
As a lyrical MC, I am on a mission to spread the truth of what can really change our world. That truth is LOVE! I believe it starts with knowing who you are, being “True 2 U.” Not being deceived or defined by what society or statistics says but loving yourself and others unconditionally. I wrote a song that best describes how we can began to start showing love: I woke up this morning, A lot on my mind If we gotta change the world, Its gotta start with “I” So we gotta reach to our fellow man, To our fellow woman Yo its time to take a stand, For peace and unity Let’s put difference aside, Let’s love one another Let’s swallow our pride, We’re all in the struggle So we gotta break free, gotta heal the world Fight for justice, Bring harmony When I look around the things I see it hurts me. Hatred for self and others yo its killing me Women disrespecting men, believing all the lies and men do the same to women now it’s a causing a divide. And to my Muslim people, Jews, and all Christians: get back to God kill religious division! Get back to truth. Let’s get back to love. Let’s get back to peace. Show compassion is what we gotta do cuz there war in the middle east, war in our family homes, war in our city streets, and Bloodshed of our youth cuz we’ve neglected them. We didn’t set examples so our flaws they’re reflecting them but there’s still hope and there’s still redemption. We still have good inside us so let’s give it. Let’s make love our #1 mission cuz love heals all so let’s get to the healing. Love Heals All. Peace and Love!
Copyright 2011. LoveRhodes Publishing, LLC


True2U Magazine

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n Contributors
Nick Somoski
From an early age, writing has always been my passion. Writing in my diary, writing scripts for my favorite television shows, writing stories for English class . . . it’s always been a way for me to open up creatively and get my thoughts down on paper. As a freelance writer since 2009, I’ve been able to expand my portfolio and take part in a number of great opportunities. It’s an honor to write for my first print magazine at such a young age, and by attending Michigan State University in the fall, I’m hoping my knack for writing can soon turn into a full-fledged career.

Rebecca Blundell
Having recently graduated from Roseville High School with top honors, I am anticipating an equally successful year at Michigan State University this fall, where I will be studying pre-med/pre-pharmacy. I enjoy reading and writing in my spare time, and am always looking for new ways to better our community.

Curtis Peterson
Major League Gamer, lead photographer for DKM, tactical point man for Team No Scope. In high school I discovered a passion for capturing moments with my camera. As I grew as a man I became a more mature photographer growing my hobbie into a business

Elle Ivory
Elle Ivory is a recent graduate of Kaplan University, and currently writes as a freelancer for a variety of fashion magazines. She is a Detroit, Michigan, native who is currently earning an MBA in Business Administration. In addition to magazine writing, she is working on a collection of short stories and a novel for young adults. She works as a personal stylist to those she loves and plans to own a boutique and clothing line in the near future. You’re sure to find fashion tips, advice, irony, humor and real life scenarios, in connection to fashion in her writing.

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$20 ticket in advance goes toward your services and sets your appointment.

HumpDay Spa Day
$35 Service Choices
• Mini Manicure & Eyebrow Design/Arch • Spa Pedicure • Mini Manicure & 15 min. Shiatsu Chair Massage • Full Set Pin & White Tips

Sept. 7, 2011

4pm — 8pm

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{ { {
• 30 min. Aromatherapy Massage • Spa Pedicure & Spa Manicure • Body Scrub (Sugar Me Soft / Sandalwood / Citrus) • 60 min. Aromatherapy Massage • Spa Manicure, Pedicure & 15 min. Shiatsu Chair Massage • Skin Analysis Facial w/ Champagne Mask
Come and Enjoy Poetry & Soulful Music by Brittney Pure Romance set up
True2U Magazine

$55 Service Choices

$80 Service Choices

19971-81 James Couzens Fwy. |Detroit, MI (313) 243-4106 |
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