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Apr 23 27th Central Pennsylvania Geotechnical Conference (Hershey PA, U.S.A.) May 05 Offshore Technology Conference (Houston TX, U.S.A.) May 14 Advanced Course on Computational Geotechnics (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia) May 29 PLAXIS 2D 培训 (Shanghai, China) Jun 01 48th ARMA Rock Mechanics Symposium (Minneapolis MN, U.S.A.) Jun 03 Workshop: Introduction to PLAXIS 3D (Delft, The Netherlands) Jun 03 PLAXIS 3D 培训 (Shanghai, China) Jun 04 Workshop: Dynamics in PLAXIS (Delft, The Netherlands) Jun 17 Standard Course on Computational Geotechnics & 3D Modelling (New York, U.S.A.) Jun 18 Numerical Methods in Geotechnical Engineering (Delft, The Netherlands) Jun 22 2014 North American Tunneling Conference (Los Angeles CA, U.S.A.) Jun 23 Standard Course on Computational Geotechnics (Manchester, United Kingdom) Jun 25 PLAXIS 2D Training (Singapore) Jun 30 Curso de Geotecnia Computacional (Santiago de Querétaro, México) Jul 08 Journees nationales de geotechnique et de geologie de l'ingenieur (Beauvais, France) Jul 15 PLAXIS 2D Training (Kuala Lumpur) Jul 17 PLAXIS 3D Workshop (Kuala Lumpur) Sep 08 Standard Course on Computational Geotechnics (Zurich, Switzerland) Sep 12 Workshop on Foundations and 3D Modelling (Zurich, Switzerland) Sep 21 Dam Safety 2014 (San Diego CA, U.S.A.) Sep 23 33. Baugrundtagung (Berlin, Germany) Sep 28 GeoRegina 2014 (Regina, Canada) Oct 07 Advanced Course on Computational Geotechnics (Houston TX, U.S.A.) Oct 13 AFTES 14th International Congress (Lyon, France) Oct 21 DFI 39th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations (Atlanta GA, U.S.A.)

Training on the use of PLAXIS 2D
Jul 24 Title: Training on the use of PLAXIS 2D

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4/23/2014 10:34 AM

Through the training. the users can enrich their computational geotechnical knowledge. This user-friendly code has been developed for deformation analysis. The participants will also get acquainted with the proper use of PLAXIS 2D by doing hands-on exercises. The use of the FEM for stability assessment. enhancing their solutioning to most complex ground engineering problems. Format The training starts with registration in the morning at 08:50. The training will be conducted completely in English. 2013 Location: Kuala Lumpur.PLAXIS .nl/events/training-on-the-use-of-plaxis-2d/u.. groundwater flow and consolidation problems. stability assessment. Other additional modeling capabilities includes dynamics and thermal coupling in ground engineering applications. The training also prepares the participants to attend the two higher levels of PLAXIS Courses. including civil and geotechnical engineers. Course Schedule DAY 1 08:50 09:00 -Registration09:00 09:40 Introduction of Plaxis 2D 2 of 4 4/23/2014 10:34 AM . Four hands-on exercises are tailored to improve the users’ understanding of the program. The training shall be conducted in a conducive learning environment with a manageable class size which promotes good interactions amongst the course leader and the participants. Software Exercises and case studies are based on the computer program PLAXIS 2D which is used by geotechnical engineers worldwide. 2013 Till: July 25.Training on the use of PLAXIS 2D http://www. This is considered the main topic and any technical lecture is just to support and illustrate the use of the software. Subject Matter The training shall covers the basic functionality of PLAXIS 2D where the possibilities to model a wide range of soil-structure interaction problems are taught. Date: July 24.PLAXIS Trainings . The program format consists of ten lectures amd four exercises with full tutoring and discussion. who are especially first-time users of PLAXIS 2D.plaxis. including the followings: the schematization of complex soil conditions obtaining the basic input data for both simple and advanced soil models different ways to model undrained behaviour modeling realistic projects with various construction stages interpreting the computational results New PLAXIS 2D 2012 features like the use of embedded pile row and parameter optimisation shall also be covered in the training. stress and deformation analyses are properly dealt with. The organisers reserve the right to make any necessary amendments to the format or schedule. Fresh or amateur users can now familiarize themselves with the amazing features of this powerful FEM tool through this quick and effective learning. Malaysia Leader: Joseph Wong Organisers: Plaxis AsiaPac Pte Ltd The two days PLAXIS 2D Training is intended for graduates or practising engineers.. 1 1) PLAXIS Trainings focus on developing knowledge on the use of PLAXIS Software. the Standard and Advanced.

09:40 10:20 Structural Elements 10:20 10:40 -Tea-break10:40 12:00 Elasto-plastic analysis of a footing 12:00 12:40 Meshing and Boundary Conditions 12:40 14:00 -Lunch14:00 14:40 Initial Stresses 14:40 15:20 Concept of Plasticity 15:20 15:40 -Tea-break15:40 17:00 Eindhoven warehouse foundation 17:00 17:30 Evaluation and discussion DAY 2 09:00 09:40 Factor of Safety 09:40 10:20 Undrained A/B/C 10:20 10:40 Tea-break10:40 11:20 Parameters Determination 11:20 12:40 Undrained Excavation 12:40 14:00 -Lunch14:00 14:40 Modelling Groundwater 14:40 15:20 Introduction to HS model 15:20 15:40 -Tea-break15:40 17:00 Geogrid reinforcement embankment 17:00 17:30 Evaluation and discussion Cost The cost of the training is MYR 1500.plaxis. Venue Sunway Lagoon. To register for the course. he is also involved in the PLAXIS Expert Services and Technical Support. please complete the registration form and send it to the course organiser before July 17th 2013. For registration and cancellation of the course our Terms & Conditions apply. Petaling .Training on the use of PLAXIS 2D http://www. Registration will be accepted in the order in which they are recieved. the participants are advised to brin Lecturer The lecturer has a long time experience with the use of PLAXIS software. If necessary...PLAXIS Trainings . participants must make accommodation reservations by themselves. 3 of 4 4/23/2014 10:34 AM . Please bring g their own laptops. The cost includes all lunches and refreshments as well as a full set of instruction manuals. note that computing facilities are not provided. Besides giving courses. Lodging Please note that lodging is not included in the course fee and registration. Selangor Registration The total number of participants is limited to twenty (20). Box 572.PLAXIS .nl Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions 4 of 4 4/23/2014 10:34 AM . The Netherlands | Tel: +31 (0)15 2517 720 Fax: +31 (0)15 2573 107 E-mail: info@plaxis.PLAXIS Trainings ..Training on the use of PLAXIS 2D http://www. Downloads Event Registration Form AsiaPac pdf| 100 kb Share: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Plaxis bv | P. 2600 AN Delft.O..

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