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Vishaal Behl -Look Again and Consecrate! If God so clothes the grass of the field . . .

, will He not much more clothe ou . . . ! " #atthew $%&' A sim(le statement of )esus is alwa s a (u**le to us +ecause we will not +e sim(le. How can we maintain the sim(licit of )esus so that we ma understand Him! B recei,ing His -(irit, recogni*ing and rel ing on Him, and o+e ing Him as He +rings us the truth of His .ord, life will +ecome ama*ingl sim(le. )esus asks us to consider that /if God so clothes the grass of the field . . .0 how /much more0 will He clothe ou, if ou kee( our relationshi( right with Him! 1,er time we lose ground in our fellowshi( with God, it is +ecause we ha,e disres(ectfull thought that we knew +etter than )esus Christ. .e ha,e allowed /the cares of this world0 to enter in 2#atthew 3&%445, while forgetting the /much more0 of our hea,enl 6ather. /Look at the +irds of the air . . .0 2#atthew $%4$5. 7heir function is to o+e the instincts God (laced within them, and God watches o,er them. )esus said that if ou ha,e the right relationshi( with Him and will o+e His -(irit within ou, then God will care for our /feathers0 too. /Consider the lilies of the field . . .0 2#atthew $%485. 7he grow where the are (lanted. #an of us refuse to grow where God (lants us. 7herefore, we don9t take root an where. )esus said if we would o+e the life of God within us, He would look after all other things. :id )esus Christ lie to us! Are we e;(eriencing the /much more0 He (romised! If we are not, it is +ecause we are not o+e ing the life God has gi,en us and ha,e cluttered our minds with confusing thoughts and worries. How much time ha,e we wasted asking God senseless <uestions while we should +e a+solutel free to concentrate on our ser,ice to Him! Consecration is the act of continuall se(arating m self from e,er thing e;ce(t that which God has a((ointed me to do. It is not a one-time e;(erience +ut an ongoing (rocess. Am I continuall se(arating m self and looking to God e,er da of m life! Amen !!!! Blessings. Vishaal Behl Vishaal Behl = Gods Call >> htt(s%??,ishaal+ehl

"A negative mind will never give you a positive life."

Oh, sing to the LORD a new song! For He has done marvelous things; His right hand and His holy arm have gained Him the victory. The LORD has made known His salvation; His righteousness He has revealed in the sight o the nations. He has remem!ered His mercy and His aith ulness to the house o "srael; #ll the ends o the earth have seen the salvation o our $od. %hout &oy ully to the LORD, all the earth; 'reak orth in song, re&oice, and sing (raises. %ing to the LORD with the har(, )ith the har( and the sound o a (salm, )ith trum(ets and the sound o a horn; %hout &oy ully !e ore the LORD, the *ing. Let the sea roar, and all its ullness, The world and those who dwell in it; Let the rivers cla( their hands; Let the hills !e &oy ul together !e ore the LORD, For He is coming to &udge the earth. )ith righteousness He shall &udge the world, #nd the (eo(les with e+uity. Thank ,ou Lord or today. -ay ,ou Reign ... " want to see ,our $lory The LORD reigns, let the earth !e glad; let the distant shores re&oice. .louds and thick darkness surround him; righteousness and &ustice are the oundation o his throne. Fire goes !e ore him and consumes his oes on every side. His lightning lights u( the world; the earth sees and trem!les. The mountains melt like wa/ !e ore the LORD, !e ore the Lord o all the earth. The heavens (roclaim his righteousness, and all (eo(les see his glory. #ll who worshi( images are (ut to shame, those who !oast in idols0 worshi( him, all you gods! 1ion hears and re&oices and the villages o 2udah are glad !ecause o your &udgments, LORD. For you, LORD, are the -ost High over all the earth; you are e/alted ar a!ove all gods. Let those who love the LORD hate evil, or he guards the lives o his aith ul ones and delivers them rom the hand o the wicked. Light shines on the righteous and &oy on the u(right in heart. Re&oice in the LORD, you who are righteous, and (raise his holy name.


"He has given us His very great and precious promises!" 2 Peter 1:4 "He who has promised is faithful." Hebrews 10:23 It has often been felt a delightful exercise by the child of God to ta!e night by night an indi"idual promise and #lead it at the $ercy%seat& 'ften are our #rayers #ointless fro$ not following in this res#ect the exa$#le of the sweet Psal$ist of Israel the royal promise-pleader who delighted to direct his finger to so$e #articular (word( of the )aithful Pro$iser saying (Remember Your promise unto Your servant, upon which you have caused me to hope." Psal$ 11*:4* +he following are a few gleanings fro$ the Promise reasury a few (cru$bs fro$ the ,aster-s +able ( which $ay ser"e to hel# the thoughts in the hour of closet $editation or the season of sorrow&

PARDONING GRACE "!ome now, let us reason together," says the .ord& " hough your sins are li"e scarlet, they shall be as white as snow# though they are red as crimson, they shall be li"e wool." Isaiah 1:1/ ,y soul0 your God su$$ons you to His audience cha$ber! $nfinite purity see!s to reason with immense vileness! %eity stoo#s to s#ea! to dust! 1o not dread the $eeting& It is the $ost gracious as well as $ost wondrous of all conferences& 2eho"ah Hi$self brea!s silence0 He utters the best tidings a lost soul or a lost world can hear (God is in 3hrist reconciling the world unto Hi$self not i$#uting unto $en their tres#asses&( 4hat0 5carlet sins and cri$son sins0 and these all to be forgi"en and forgotten0 +he 6ust God (6ustifying( the un6ust0 the mightiest of all beings the "indest of all0

'h0 what is there in you to $erit such lo"e as this7 8ou $ight ha"e !nown your God only as the (consu$ing fire ( and had nothing before you exce#t (a fearful loo!ing for of "engeance0( +his gracious conference bids you to dis#el your fears0 It tells you that it is no longer a (fearful thing ( but a blessed thing to fall into His hands0 Ha"e you consented to His o"ertures7 9ntil you are at peace with Hi$ happiness $ust be a stranger to your boso$& +hough you ha"e all else beside if bereft of God you $ust be bereft indeed0 .ord0 I co$e0 :s your pardoning grace is freely offered so shall I freely acce#t it& ,ay it be $ine e"en now to listen to the gladdening accents (5on0 1aughter0 be of good cheer0 8our sins which are $any are all forgi"en0(

NEEDFUL GRACE "&s your days ' so shall your strength be." 1euterono$y 33:2; God does not gi"e grace until the hour of trial co$es& <ut when it does co$e the a$ount of grace and the nature of the s#ecial grace re=uired is granted& ,y soul0 do not dwell with #ainful a##rehension on the future& 1o not antici#ate co$ing sorrows> #er#lexing yourself with the grace needed for future e$ergencies> to$orrow will bring its #ro$ised grace ' along with to$orrow?s trials& God wishing to !ee# His #eo#le hu$ble and de#endent on Hi$self does not gi"e a stoc" of grace> He $etes it out for e"ery day-s exigencies that they $ay be constantly tra"eling between their own e$#tiness and 3hrist-s fullness> their own wea!ness and 3hrist-s strength& <ut when the exigency co$es you $ay safely trust an &lmighty arm to bear you through0 Is there now so$e (thorn in the flesh( sent to lacerate you7 8ou $ay ha"e been entreating the .ord for its re$o"al& 8our

#rayer has doubtless been heard and answered> but not in the way #erha#s either ex#ected or desired by you& +he (thorn( $ay still be left to goad the trial $ay still be left to buffet> but ($ore grace( has been gi"en to endure the$& 'h0 how often ha"e His #eo#le thus been led to glory in their infir$ities and triu$#h in their afflictions seeing that the #ower of 3hrist rests $ore abundantly u#on the$0 +he strength which the hour of trial brings often $a!es the 3hristian wonder to hi$self0

ALL-SUFFICIENT GRACE "(od is able to ma"e all grace abound toward you# that you, always having all sufficiency in all things ' may abound to every good wor"." 2 3orinthians *:/ :ll%sufficiency in all things0 <elie"er0 5urely you are (thoroughly e=ui##ed for e"ery good wor!0( Grace is no scanty thing doled out in #ittances& It is a glorious treasury which the "ey of prayer can always unloc! but can ne"er e$#ty& It is a fountain full flowing e"er flowing o"er flowing0 ,ar! these three &))*+ in this #recious #ro$ise& It is a three% fold lin! in a golden chain let down fro$ the throne of grace by the God of grace& (:ll grace0( (all%sufficiency0( in (all things0( and these to (abound&( 'h0 #recious thought0 ,y need cannot i$#o"erish that ine,haustible treasury of grace! ,yriads are hourly hanging on it drawing fro$ it and yet there is no di$inution& 'ut of that fullness we too $ay all recei"e (grace u#on grace0( ,y soul do you not lo"e to dwell on that all-abounding grace- 8our own insufficiency in e"erything $et with a di"ine (all%sufficiency in all things0( Grace in all circu$stances and situations in all "icissitudes and changes in all the "aried #hases of the 3hristian-s being& Grace in sunshine and in stor$> in health and in sic!ness> in life and in death0 Grace for the old belie"er and the young belie"er& Grace for

the tried belie"er and the wea" belie"er and the tempted belie"er& Grace for duty and grace in duty> grace to carry the .oyous cu# with a steady hand and grace to drin! the bitter cu# with an un$ur$uring s#irit> grace to ha"e prosperity sanctified and grace to say through tears (,ay 8our will be done0(

COMFORTING GRACE "$ will not leave you comfortless/ $ will come to you." 2ohn 14:1/ <lessed 2esus0 How 8our #resence sanctifies trial> ta!es loneliness fro$ the cha$ber of sic!ness> and the sting fro$ the cha$ber of death0 <right and ,orning 5tar0 Precious at all ti$es 8ou are ne"er so #recious as in (the dar! and cloudy day0( +he bitterness of sorrow is well worth enduring to ha"e 8our #ro$ised consolations& How well =ualified ,an of 5orrows are 8ou to be $y 3o$forter0 How well fitted to dry $y tears 8ou who shed so $any 8ourself0 4hat are $y tears $y sorrows $y crosses $y losses co$#ared with 8ours who shed first 8our tears and then 8our blood for $e0 ,ine are all deser"ed and infinitely less than I deser"e& How different ' 5#otless .a$b of God those #angs which rent 8our guiltless boso$0 How sweet those co$forts which 8ou ha"e #ro$ised to the co$fortless when I thin! of the$ as flowing fro$ an &lmighty 0ellow +ufferer (: brother born for ad"ersity( the ()riend that stic!s closer than any brother0( one who can say with all the refined sy$#athies of a holy exalted hu$an nature "$ "now your sorrows!" ,y soul0 cal$ your griefs0 +here is not a sorrow you can ex#erience but 2esus in His treasury of grace has an exact corres#onding solace: (In the $ultitude of the sorrows I ha"e in $y heart 8our co$forts delight $y soul0(

RESTRAINING GRACE "+atan has desired to have you ' that he may sift you as wheat. 1ut $ have prayed for you ' that your faith may not fail." .u!e 22:31 32 4hat a scene does this unfold0 5atan te$#ting 2esus #raying0 5atan sifting 2esus #leading0 (+he strong $an assailing( (the stronger than the strong( beating hi$ bac!0 <elie"er0 here is the #ast history and #resent secret of your safety in the $idst of te$#tation& :n interceding +avior was at your side saying to e"ery threatening wa"e (+hus far shall you go and no farther0( God often #er$its His #eo#le to be on the "ery verge of the #reci#ice to re$ind the$ of their own wea!ness> but ne"er farther than the brin!0 +he restraining hand and grace of '$ni#otence is ready to rescue the$ (:lthough he stu$bles yet he shall not be utterly cast down&( :nd why7 ()or the .ord u#holds hi$ with His right hand0( +he wolf $ay be #rowling for his #rey> but what can he do when the al$ighty 5he#herd is always there tending with the watchful eye that (neither slu$bers nor slee#s0( 4ho cannot subscribe to the testi$ony (4hen $y foot sli##ed 8our $ercy ' .ord0 held $e u#0( 4ho can loo! bac! on his #ast #ilgri$age and fail to see it crowded with 2bene3ers with this inscri#tion: (8ou ha"e deli"ered $y soul fro$ death $y eyes fro$ tears and $y feet fro$ falling0( ,y soul where would you ha"e been this day had you not been (!e#t( by the #ower of God7 (Hold $e u# and I shall be safe0( Psal$ 11*:11@

RESTORING GRACE "$ will heal their bac"sliding!" Hosea 14:4 4andering again0 :nd has He not left $e to #erish7 5tu$bling and straying on the dar! $ountains away fro$ the 5he#herd-s eye and the 5he#herd-s fold shall He not lea"e the erring wanderer to the fruit of his own ways and his truant heart to go ho#elessly onward in its career of guilty estrange$ent7 (,y thoughts ( says God (are not as your thoughts neither are your ways ,y ways&( 4an would say (Go #erish0 ungrateful a#ostate0( (od says (Aeturn ' bac!sliding children0( +he 5he#herd will not cannot allow those shee# to #erish who$ He has #urchased with His own blood0 How wondrous His forbearance towards His wandering shee#0 trac!ing its guilty ste#s and not ceasing the #ursuit until He lays the wanderer on His shoulders and returns with it to His fold re6oicing0 ,y soul0 why increase by farther de#artures your own distance fro$ the fold7 4hy lengthen the dreary road your gracious 5he#herd has to tra"erse in bringing you bac!7 1o not delay your return0 1o not #ro"o!e His #atience any longer0 1o not "enture farther on forbidden ground0 He waits with outstretched ar$s to welco$e you once $ore to His tender boso$0 <e hu$ble for the #ast trust Hi$ for the future& +hin! of your for$er bac!slidings and tre$ble0 +hin! of His #atience and be filled with holy gratitude0 +hin! of His #ro$ised grace (and ta!e courage&(


"1eing confident of this very thing ' that He who began a good wor" in you will carry it on to completion until the day of !hrist 5esus!" Phili##ians 1:B Aeader0 Is the good wor! begun in you7 :re you holy7 Is sin being crucified7 :re your heart-s idols abolished one by one7 Is the world less to you and eternity $ore to you7 Is $ore of your 5a"ior-s i$age i$#ressed on your character> and your 5a"ior-s lo"e $ore enthroned in your heart7 Is 5al"ation to you (the one thing needful7( 'h0 ta!e heed0 +here can be no middle ground no standing still> or if it is so your #osition $ust be a false one& +he 5a"ior-s blood is not $ore necessary to gi"e you a title to Hea"en> than the 5#irit-s wor! to gi"e you a fitness for Hea"en& (If any $an has not the 5#irit of 3hrist he is none of His0(6nwards! should be your $otto& +here is no standing still in the life of faith& (+he $an ( says :ugustine (who says -Cnough - that $an-s soul is lost0( .et this be the su#erscri#tion in all your ways and doings, "Holiness to the )ord!" .et the ad$onishing word exercise o"er you its habitual #ower (4ithout holiness no $an shall see the .ord&( ,oreo"er re$e$ber that to be holy is to be happy& +he two are e=ui"alent ter$s& Holiness0 It is the secret and s#ring of the 6oy of angels> and the $ore of holiness attained on earth the nearer and closer $y wal! is with God the $ore of a sweet #ledge shall I ha"e of the bliss that awaits $e in a holy Hea"en& 'h0 $y soul let it be your sacred a$bition to (<e Holy0(

REVIVING GRACE "1ut those who wait upon the )6R% shall renew their strength# they shall mount up with wings as eagles! hey shall run ' and not be weary# and they shall wal" ' and not faint." Isaiah 40:31

"7ill You not revive us, 6 )ord-" ,y soul0 are you conscious of your declining state7 Is your wal! less with God your affections less hea"enly7 Ha"e you less conscious nearness to the $ercy%seat di$inished co$$union with your 5a"ior7 Is #rayer less a #ri"ilege than it has been7 :re the #ulsations of s#iritual life $ore languid and fitful and s#as$odic7 Is the bread of life less relished7 :re the seen and the te$#oral and the tangible dis#lacing unseen and eternal realities7 :re you sin!ing down into this state of drowsy self%content$ent this confor$ity of your life with the world forfeiting all the ha##iness of true religion and ris!ing and endangering the better life to co$e7 :rise0 3all u#on your God0 "7ill you not revive us, 6 )ord-" He $ight ha"e returned nothing but the withering re#ulse (How often would I ha"e gathered you but you were not willing0( (C#hrai$ is 6oined to his idols let hi$ alone0( <ut (in wrath He re$e$bers $ercy&( (+hey shall re"i"e as the corn&( (+he $outh of the .ord has s#o!en it&( How and where is re"i"ing grace to be found7 He gi"es you in this #recious #ro$ise the "ey& It is on your bended !nees by a return to your deserted and unfre=uented #rayer%cha$ber0 (+hose who wait u#on the .ord0( (4ait on the .ord> be of good cheer and He shall strengthen your heart> wait I say on the .ord0(

PERSEVERING GRACE " he righteous shall hold on his way." 2ob 1@:* Aeader0 How co$forting to you a$id the ebbings and flowings of your changing history to !now that the change is all with you and not with your God0 8our s#iritual "essel $ay be tossed onwaves of temptation in $any a dar! $idnight stor$& 8ou $ay thin! your Pilot has left you and be ready continually to say (4here is $y God7( <ut fear not0 +he shi# which bears your s#iritual destiny is in better hands than yours0 : golden chain of covenant love lin!s

it to the eternal throne0 +hat chain can ne"er sna# asunder& He who holds it in His hand gi"es you this as the #ledge of your safety (<ecause I li"e you shall li"e also0( (4hy are you then cast down ' $y soul7 and why are you dis=uieted within $e7 ho#e in God0( 8ou will assuredly ride out these stor$y surges and reach the desired ha"en0 <ut be faithful with yourself: see that there is nothing to hinder or i$#ede your growth in grace& +hin! how little $ay retard your #rogress& 'ne sin indulged one temptation ta$#ered with one bosom traitor $ay cost you $any a bitter hour and bitter tear by se#arating between you and your God& ,a!e it your daily #rayer (5earch $e ' God and !now $y heart> test $e and !now $y anxious thoughts& Point out anything in $e that offends 8ou and lead $e along the #ath of e"erlasting life0(

DYING GRACE "$ have the "eys of hell and of death!" Ae"elation 1:1/ :nd fro$ who$ could dying grace co$e so welco$e as fro$ 8ou ' blessed 2esus7 Dot only is 8our na$e (+he :bolisher of 1eath>( but 8ou 8ourself ha"e died0 8ou ha"e sanctified the gra"e by 8our own #resence and di"ested it of all its terrors& ,y soul0 are you at ti$es afraid of this your last ene$y7 If the rest of your #ilgri$age%way is #eaceful and unclouded does there rest a dar! and #ortentous shadow o"er the terminating portals- )ear not0 4hen that dis$al entrance is reached He who has the !eys of the gra"e and of death sus#ended at His golden belt will i$#art grace to bear you through0 1eath is but the messenger of peace it is your 5a"ior calling for you0 +he #ro$#tings of nature when at first you see the dar!ening wa"es $ay be that of the frightened disci#les

when they said (It is a ghost0 and cried out for fear0( <ut a gentle "oice will be heard high abo"e the stor$ "$t is $! %o not be afraid!" 1eath indeed as the wages of sin $ust e"en by the belie"er be regarded as an enemy& <ut oh0 blessed thought it is your last ene$y the cause of your last tear0 In a few brief $o$ents after that tear is shed and your God will be wi#ing e"ery "estige of it away0 (' 1eath0 where is your sting7 ' Gra"e0 where is your "ictory7 +han!s be unto God who gi"es us the "ictory through our .ord 2esus 3hrist0( 4elco$e "an=uished foe0 <irthday of Hea"en0 (+o die is gain0(

AFTER GRACE GLORY " he )ord will give grace ' and glory!" Psal$ /4:11 'h0 ha##y day: when this toilso$e warfare will all be ended 2ordan crossed 3anaan entered the $ultitude of ene$ies of the wilderness no longer dreaded sorrow sighing death and worst of all sin no $ore either to be felt or feared0 Here is the terminating lin! in the golden chain of the e"erlasting co"enant& It began with predestination# it ends with glorification& It began with so"ereign grace in eternity #ast and no lin! will be lac!ing until the ranso$ed s#irit is #resented faultless before the throne0 Grace and glory0 If the pledge is sweet then what $ust be the reality- If the wilderness table contains such rich #ro"ision then what $ust be the glories of the eternal ban=ueting house7 'h0 $y soul $a!e sure of your sa"ing interest in the grace as the blessed #relude to glory& (Ha"ing access by faith into this grace you can re6oice in ho#e of the glory of God>( for (who$ He 6ustifies those He also glorifies0( Has grace begun in you7 3an you $ar! though it should be but the dro#s of the beginningstreamlet which is to ter$inate in such an ocean the tiny grains which are to accu$ulate

and issue in such (an exceeding weight of glory7( 1o not delay the $o$entous =uestion0 +he day of offered grace is on the wing0 (Do grace no glory0(

ANOTHER COMFORTER "&nd $ will as" the 0ather, and He shall give you another !omforter, that He may abide with you forever!" 2ohn 14:1B <lessed 5#irit of all grace0 how often ha"e I grie"ed 8ou0 resisted 8our dealings =uenched 8our stri"ings> and yet 8ou are still #leading with $e0 'h0 let $e realiEe $ore than I do the need of 8our gracious influences& 'rdinances ser$ons co$$unions #ro"idential dis#ensations are nothing without Your life-giving power! (It is the 5#irit who =uic!ens&( (Do $an can call 2esus .ord but by the Holy 5#irit&( 3hurch of the li"ing God0 is not this one cause of your deadness7 ,y soul0 is not this the secret of your languishing fra$es re#eated declensions une"en wal! and sudden falls that the influences of the Holy +pirit are undervalued and unsought- Pray for the out#ouring of this blessed :gent for the world-s reno"ation and your own& (I will #our out ,y 5#irit on all flesh ( is the #recursor of $illennial bliss0 2esus0 draw near in 8our $ercy to this dull heart as 8ou did of old to 8our $ourning disci#les and breathe u#on it and say "Receive the Holy +pirit." It is the mightiest of all blessings> but li!e the sun in the hea"ens it is the freest of all ()or if you being e"il !now how to gi"e good gifts unto your children> how $uch $ore shall your )ather in Hea"en gi"e the Holy 5#irit unto those who as! Hi$0(


"&nd we "now that all things wor" together for good to those who love (od# to those who are the called according to his purpose." Ao$ans /:2/ ,y soul0 be still0 8ou are in the hands of your 3o"enant God0 4ere all the strange circu$stances in your history the result of accident or chance you $ight well be o"erwhel$ed0 <ut (all things ( and this thing Fbe what it $ayG which $ay be now dis=uieting you is one of these (all things( that are so wor!ing $ysteriously for your good& +rust your God0 He will not decei"e you your interests are with Hi$ in safe custody& 4hen sight says (:ll these things are against $e ( let faith rebu!e the hasty conclusion and say (5hall not the 2udge of all the earth do right7( How often does God hedge u# your way with thorns to elicit simple trust! How seldo$ can we see all things so wor!ing for our good0 <ut it is better disci#line to believe it& 'h0 for faith a$id frowning #ro"idences to say (I !now that 8our 6udg$ents are good>( and relying in the dar" to exclai$ (+hough He slays $e yet will I trust Hi$0( <lessed 2esus0 to 8ou are co$$itted the reins of this uni"ersal e$#ire& +he sa$e hand that was once nailed to the cross is now wielding the sce#ter on the throne (all #ower in Hea"en and in earth is gi"en unto 8ou&( How can I doubt the wisdo$ and the faithfulness and lo"e of the $ost $ysterious earthly dealing when I !now that the +croll of Providence is thus in the hands of Hi$ who has gi"en the $ightiest #ledge '$ni#otence could gi"e of His tender interest in $y soul-s well%being by gi"ing Hi$self for $e7

SAFE WALKING "&ll the paths of the )6R% are mercy and truth ' unto such as "eep His covenant and His testimonies." Psal$ 2;:10

+he paths of the .ord0 ,y soul0 ne"er follow your own #aths& If you do you will be in danger often of following sight rather than faith choosing the e"il and refusing the good& <ut (co$$it your way unto the .ord and He shall bring it to #ass&( .et this be your #rayer (5how $e 8our ways ' .ord> teach $e 8our paths&( 'h0 for 3aleb-s s#irit (to wholly follow the .ord $y God( to follow Hi$ when self $ust be sacrificed and hardshi# $ust be borne and trials await $e& +o (wal! with God( to as! in si$#le faith (4hat would 8ou ha"e $e to do7( to ha"e no will of $y own but this that God-s will is to be $y will& Here is safety here is ha##iness0 )earlessly follow the (uiding Pillar& He will lead you by a right way though it $ay be by a way of hardshi# and crosses and losses and #ri"ations to the city of God& 'h0 the blessedness of thuslying passive in the hands of (od saying (9nderta!e for $e God0( 'h0 the blessedness of dwelling with holy gratitude on #ast $ercies and inter#ositions> trusting these as #ledges of future faithfulness and lo"e> and hearing His "oice behind us a$id life-s $any #er#lexities exclai$ing (+his is the way wal! in it0( (Ha##y ( surely (are e"ery #eo#le who are in such a case0( It will be for you Aeader if you can for$ the resol"e in a strength greater than you own: " his (od shall be my (od forever and ever# He shall be my (uide even unto death!"

LOVE IN CHASTISEMENT "&s many as $ love ' $ rebu"e and chasten." Ae"elation 3:1* 5orrowing <elie"er0 what could you wish $ore than this7 8our furnace is se"ere> but loo! at this assurance of Hi$ who lit it& .o"e is the fuel that feeds its fla$es0 Its e"ery spar" is lo"e0 It is"indled by your hea"enly )ather-s hand and designed as a #ledge of His s#ecial lo"e& How $any of His dear children has He so rebu!ed and chastened> and all all for one reason (I love the$0( +he $yriads in glory ha"e #assed

through these furnace-fires there they were chosen there they were #urified sanctified and $ade ("essels fit for the ,aster-s use>( the dross and the alloy#urged that the #ure $etal $ight re$ain& :nd are you to clai$ e,emption fro$ the sa$e disci#line7 :re you to thin! it strange concerning these sa$e fiery trials that $ay be purifying you7 Aather exult in the$ as your adoption privilege& 1o not en"y those who are strangers to the refining flames who are (without chastise$ent&( 8ou should surely rather ha"e the se"erest disci#line with a )ather-s lo"e> than the fullest earthly cu# without that )ather-s s$ile& 'h0 for grace to say when the furnace is hottest and the rodsorest (8es )ather for this was 8our good #leasure0( :nd what after all is the se"erest of yourchastisements in co$#arison with what your sins ha"e deser"ed7 1o you $ur$ur under a )ather-s correcting lo"e7 4hat would it ha"e been to ha"e stood the wrath of an un% #ro#itiated 2udge and that too fore"er7 5urely in the light of eternity the hea"iest #ang of earth is indeed (a light affliction0(

A CONDITION IN CHASTISEMENT "$f need be!" 1 Peter 1:B +hree gracious words0 Dot one of all $y tears has been shed for nothing0 Dot one stro"e of the rodhas been unneeded or $ight ha"e been s#ared0 8our hea"enly )ather lo"es you too $uch and too tenderly to bestow harsher correction than your case re=uires0 Is it loss of health or loss of wealth or loss of belo"ed friends7 <e still0 there was a needs be!4e are no co$#etent 6udges of what that (needs be( is> often through aching hearts we are forced to exclai$ (8our 6udg$ents are a great dee#0( <ut God here #ledges Hi$self that there will not be

one unnecessary thorn in the belie"er-s crown of suffering& Do burden too hea"y will be laid on hi$> and no sacrifice too great will be exacted fro$ hi$& He will (te$#er the wind ' to the shorn la$b&( 4hene"er the (need be( has acco$#lished its end then the rod is re$o"ed the chastisementsus#ended and the furnace =uenched& (If need be0( 'h0 what a #illow on which to rest your aching head that there is not a drop in all your bitter cup ' but what a God of lo"e saw to be absolutely necessary0 4ill you not trust His heart e"en though you cannot trace the $ystery of His dealings7 Dot too curiously #rying into the (7HY it is7( or (H67 it is7( but satisfied that (+6 it is ( and therefore that all $ust be well0

STRENGTH IN THE WEAK "He will not brea" a bruised reed, and He will not 8uench a smoldering wic"!" ,atthew 12:20 4ill 2esus acce#t such a heart as $ine7 this erring treacherous "ile heart7 +he P:5+ how $any forgotten "ows bro!en co"enants #rayerless days0 How often ha"e I $ade new resolutions and as often has the reed succu$bed to the first blast of te$#tation0 'h0 $y soul0 you are low indeed the things that re$ain see$ (ready to die&( <ut your 5a"ior%God will not gi"e you (o"er unto death&( +he reed is bruised but He will not #luc! it u# by the roots& +he wic" is reduced to a s$oldering e$ber but He will fan the decaying fla$e& 4hy wound your lo"ing 5a"ior-s heart by these re#eated declensions7 He will not cannot gi"e you u#0 Go $ourn your wea!ness and unbelief& 3ry unto the +trong for strength&

4eary and faint one0 8ou ha"e an 6mnipotent arm to lean on& (He ne"er grows faint or weary0( .isten to His own gracious assurance: (1o not be afraid for I a$ with you& 1o not be discouraged for I a$ your God& I will strengthen you and hel# you& I will hold you u# with ,y "ictorious right hand0( .ea"ing all your false #ro#s and refuges let this be your resol"e (I will trust in the .ord always for the .ord God is the eternal Aoc!0(

ENCOURAGEMENT TO THE DESPONDING "&ll whom the 0ather gives 4e ' will come to 4e# and whoever comes to 4e ' $ will never cast out!" 2ohn B:3@ !ast out! ,y soul0 how often $ight this ha"e been your history0 8ou ha"e cast off your God $ight He not often ha"e cast out you7 8es0 cast you out as fuel for the fire of His wrath a sa#less fruitless cu$berer0 :nd notwithstanding all your ungrateful re=uital for His un$erited forbearance yet He is still declaring (:s I li"e says the .ord I ha"e no #leasure in the death of hi$ who dies0( 8our sins $ay be legion the sand of the sea $ay be their befitting ty#e the thought of their "ileness and aggra"ation $ay be ready to o"erwhel$ you> but be still0 your #atient God waits to be gracious0 'h0 be dee#ly hu$bled and softened because of your guilt and resol"e to dedicate yourself anew to His ser"ice and so co$ing He will by no $eans cast you out0 1o not des#ond by reason of former shortcomings your sins are great but your +avior*s meritsare greater0 He is willing to forget all the #ast and sin! it in obli"ion if there is #resent lo"e and the #ro$ise of future obedience& (5i$on son of 2onah do you lo"e ,e7( :h0 how different is(od*s "erdict fro$ $an-s0 :fter such sins as yours $an-s sentence would ha"e been (I will cast hi$ out0( <ut (it is better to fall into the hands of God than into the hands of $an>( for He says ($ will never cast out!"

PEACE IN BELIEVING "Peace $ leave with you# 4y peace $ give you. $ do not give to you as the world gives. %o not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid." 2ohn 14:2@ (8ou will !ee# hi$ in perfect peace whose $ind is stayed on 8ou&( (Perfect Peace0( 4hat a blessed attain$ent0 ,y soul0 is it yours7 I a$ sure it is not if you are see!ing it in a #erishableworld or in the #erishable creature or in your #erishable self& :lthough you ha"e all that the world would call en"iable and ha##y unless you ha"e #eace in God and with God all else is unworthy of the na$e a s#urious thing which the first breath of adversity will shatter and the hour ofdeath will utterly annihilate0 Perfect Peace! 4hat is it7 It is the #eace of forgiveness& It is the #eace arising out of a sense of God reconciled through the blood of the e"erlasting co"enant resting sweetly on the boso$ and the wor! of 2esus co$$itting your eternal all to Hi$& ,y soul0 stay yourself on God so that this blessed #eace $ay be yours& 8ou ha"e tried the world& It has decei"ed you& Pro# after #ro# of earthly scaffolding has yielded and tottered and fallen0 Has your God e"er done so7 :h0 this false and counterfeit worldly peace $ay do well for the world-s day of #ros#erity& <ut test it in the hour of sorrow> and what can it do for you when it is $ost needed7 'n the other hand what though you ha"e no other blessing on earth to call your own7 8ou are rich indeed if you can loo! u#wards to Hea"en and say with an un#resu$#tuous s$ile (I a$ at #eace with God&(


"1lessed are the dead who die in the )ord." Ae"elation 14:13 ' $y soul0 is this blessedness yours in #ros#ect7 :re you ready if called this night to lie down on your death%#illow sweetly to fall aslee# in 2esus7 4hat is the sting of death7 It is sin& Is death then to you robbed of its sting by ha"ing listened to the gracious accents of #ardoning lo"e (<e of good cheer your sins which are $any are all forgi"en0( If you ha"e $ade your #eace with God resting on the wor! and atoning blood of His dear 5on then the )ast 2nemy is di"ested of all his terror and you can say in sweet co$#osure of your dying couch and dying hour (I will both lay down in #eace and slee# because 8ou .ord $a!e $e to dwell in safety0( Aeader0 #onder that sole$n =uestion (:$ I ready to die7 :$ I li"ing as I should wish I had done when that last hour arri"es7( :nd when shall it arri"e7 +o$orrow is not yours& +ruly there $ay be but a step between you and death0 'h0 sol"e the =uestion s#eedily ris! no doubts and no perhaps& C"ery day is #roclai$ing anew the lesson (+he race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong&( 5ee! to li"e so that that hour cannot co$e u#on you too soon or too unex#ectedly& )ive a dying life! How blessed to li"e how blessed to die with the consciousness that there $ay be but a step between you and glory0

A DUE REAPING "$n due season we shall reap ' if we faint not." Galatians B:* <elie"er0 all the glory of your sal"ation belongs to 2esus none to yourself0 C"ery .ewel in your eternal crown is His purchased by His blood and polished by His 5#irit& +he confession of ti$e will be the ascri#tion of all eternity: "1y

the grace of (od $ am what $ am!" <ut though (all is of grace ( your God calls you to #ersonal strenuousness in the wor! of your high calling to (labor ( to (fight ( to (wrestle ( to (agoniEe>( and the heavenly reaping will be in #ro#ortion to the earthly sowing: (He who sows s#aringly shall also rea# s#aringly> and He who sows bountifully shall also rea# bountifully0( 4hat an incenti"e to holy li"ing and increased s#iritual attain$ents0 ,y soul0 would you be a star shining high and bright in the s!ies of glory7 4ould you recei"e theten-talent reco$#ense7 +hen do not be weary& Put on your armor for fresh con=uests& <e daily gaining so$e new victory over sin& 1eny yourself& <e a willing cross%bearer for your .ord-s sa!e& 1o good to all $en as you ha"e o##ortunity> be #atient under #ro"ocation (slow to anger ( resigned in trial& .et the world ta!e !nowledge of you that you are wearing 3hrist-s uniform and bearing 3hrist-s spirit and sharing 3hrist-s cross& :nd when the reaping time co$es He who has #ro$ised that the cu# of cold water cannot go unreco$#ensed will not allow you to lose your reward0

AN END OF WEEPING " he days of your mourning shall be ended!" Isaiah B0:20 3hrist-s #eo#le are a weeping band though there is $uch in this lo"ely world to $a!e the$ 6oyous and ha##y& 8et when they thin! of sin their own sin and the unblushing sins of a world in which their God is dishonored need we wonder at their tears7 :re we sur#rised that they should be called (,ourners ( and their #ilgri$age ho$e a (Halley of +ears7( +ic"ness bereavement povertyand death following the trac! of sin add to their $ourning ex#erience> and with $any of God-s best belo"ed one tear is scarce dried when another is ready to flow0

,ourners0 re6oice0 4hen the reaping ti$e co$es the weeping ti$e ends0 4hen the white robeand the golden harp are bestowed e"ery re$nant of the sac"cloth attire is re$o"ed& +he $o$ent the #ilgri$ whose forehead is here furrowed with woe bathes it in the crystal ri"er of life that $o$ent the #angs of a lifeti$e of sorrow are eternally forgotten0 Aeader0 if you are one of these careworn ones ta!e heart the days of your $ourning are nu$bered0 : few $ore throbbings of this aching heart and then sorrow and sighing and $ourning will be fore"er #ast0 (He will wi#e e"ery tear fro$ their eyes& +here will be no $ore death or $ourning or crying or #ain0( 5ee! now to $ourn your sins $ore than your sorrows> reser"e your bitterest tears for forgetfulness of your dear .ord& +he saddest and sorest of all berea"e$ents is when the sins which ha"e se#arated you fro$ Hi$ e"o!e the anguish%cry (4here is $y God7(

A SPEEDY COMING "1ehold, $ come 8uic"ly!" Ae"elation 3:11 "2ven so! come, )ord 5esus!" (4hy do the wheels of 8our chariot tarry7( )or six thousand years this world has rolled on getting ti$eworn with age and wrin!led with sins and sorrows& : waiting 3hurch sees the long%drawn shadows of twilight announcing (+he .ord is at hand0( Pre#are $y soul to $eet Hi$0 'h0 ha##y day when your adorable Aedee$er so long dishonored and des#ised shall be #ublicly enthroned in the #resence of an asse$bled uni"erse crowned .ord of :ll glorified in His saints satisfied in the fruits of His soul-s tra"ail destroying His ene$ies with the brightness of His co$ing the lightning%glance of wrath causing the hearts of His exulting #eo#le to (re6oice with 6oy uns#ea!able and full of glory0( Pre#are $y soul to $eet Hi$0

.et it be a 6oyous thought to you your (blessed ho#e( the $eeting of your 2lder 1rother! 5tand oftenti$es on the watchtower to catch the first strea! of that co$ing brightness the first $ur$ur of these chariot wheels& +he world is now in #re#aration0 It is roc!ing on its worn%out axle& +here are "oices on e"ery side #roclai$ing (He co$es0 He co$es to 6udge the earth0( Aeader0 are you a$ong the nu$ber of those who (lo"e His a##earing7( Ae$e$ber the attitude of His ex#ectant saints: (<lessed are those ser"ants who$ the .ord when He co$es will find 4:+3HIDG0(

EVENING LIGHT "&t evening time ' it shall be light!" Iechariah 14:@ How ins#iring is the thought of co$ing glory0 How would we rise abo"e our sins and sorrows and sufferings if we could li"e under the #ower of (the world to co$e0( were faith to ta!e at all ti$es its giant lea# beyond a soul%tra$$eling earth and re$e$ber its brighter destiny if it could stand on its Pisgah ,ount and loo! abo"e and beyond the $ists and "a#ors of this land of shadows and gaEe on the (better country&( <ut alas0 in s#ite of oursel"es the wings of faith often refuse to soar the s#irit droo#s guilty fears de#ress sin di$s and dar!ens God-s #ro"idences see$ to frown God-s ways are $isinter#reted the 3hristian belies his na$e and his destiny& <ut (:t e"ening ti$e it shall be light0( +he $aterial sun which wades through clouds and a troubled s!y sets often in a couch of lustrous gold0 5o when the sun of life is setting $any a ray of light will shoot across $e$ory-s dar!ened s!y and $any $ysterious dealings of the wilderness will then elicit an "&ll is well!" How fre=uently is the #resence and u#holding grace of 2esus es#ecially felt and ac!nowledged at that hour and griefs and $isgi"ings hushed with His own gentle accents ()ear not0 It is I0 1o not be afraid&(

& triumphant deathbed! It is no un$eaning word> the eye is lit with holy luster the tongue with holy ra#ture as if the har#s of Hea"en were on it& ,y soul0 $ay such a life*s evening time be yours0

HEAVENLY ILLUMINATION "You do not reali3e now what $ am doing ' but you will understand hereafter." 2ohn 13:@ :s the natural sun so$eti$es sin!s in clouds so occasionally the 3hristian who has a bright rising and a brighter $eridian sets in gloo$& It is not always (light( at his e"ening ti$e> but this we !now that when the day of immortality brea!s the last "estige of earth-s shadows will fore"er flee away0 +o the closing hour of ti$e %ivine Providence $ay be to hi$ a baffling enigma# but before the first hour has struc! on Hea"en-s cloc! all will be cleared u#0 ,y soul0 (in God-s light you shall see light&( +he 1oo" of His decrees is a sealed boo! now (: great dee#( is all the ex#lanation you can often gi"e to His $ysterious ways& +he why and the wherefore ' He see$s to !ee# fro$ us to test our faith to disci#line us in trustful sub$ission and lead us to say "4ay Your will be done!" <ut re6oice in that *hereafter* light awaits you0 9ow we see things i$#erfectly as in a cloudy $irror but then face to face0 In the great mirror of eternity ' all the e"ents of this che=uered earthly scene will be reflected> the dar"est of the$ will be seen to be bright with $ercy the se"erest dis#ensations (only the se"erer as#ects of His lo"e0( Pry not then too curiously0 1o not 6udge too censoriously on (od*s dealings with you& 4ait with #atience until the grand day of disclosures> one confession shall then burst fro$ e"ery tongue "He has done all things well!"

A GLORIOUS REUNION "$ will come again, and receive you unto 4yself# that where $ am, there you may be also!" 2ohn 14:3 If the $eeting of a long absent friend or brother on earth is a 6oyous e"ent then what $y soul $ust be the 6oy of your union with this <rother of brothers this )riend of friends0 (I will co$e again0( 'h0 what an errand of lo"e what a #ro$ised honor and dignity is this His saints to share not His Heaven only but His immediate #resence0 (4here I a$ there you shall be also0( ()ather I will( FIt was His dying wish a wondrous addition in that testa$entary #rayerG (that those who$ 8ou ha"e gi"en ,e be with ,e where I a$&( Ha##y reunion0 <lessed 5a"ior if 8our #resence is so sweet on a sin%stric!en earth and when !nown only by the in"isible eye of faith then what $ust be that #resence in a sinless Hea"en unfolded in all its unutterable lo"eliness and glory0 Ha##y reunion0 it will be a $eeting of the whole ranso$ed fa$ily the Head with all its $e$bers the :ine with all its branches the +hepherd with all His floc! the 2lder 1rother with all His !ins$en& 'h the 6oy too of $utual recognition a$ong the death-divided ties sna##ed asunder on earth and now indissolubly renewed se"ered friendshi#s reunited the triu$#h of lo"e co$#lete lo"e binding brother with brother and friend with friend and all to the Clder <rother0 ,y soul0 what do you thin! of this Hea"en7 Ae$e$ber who it is that 2esus says shall sit with Hi$ u#on His throne (He who overcomes!"

EVERLASTING ESPOUSALS "&nd $ will betroth you unto 4e forever!" Hosea 2:1*

How wondrous and "aried are the figures which 2esus e$#loys to ex#ress the tenderness of His co"enant lo"e0 ,y soul0 your 5a"ior%God has married you! 4ould you !now the $42 of your betrothal7 Go bac! into the de#ths of a by%#ast eternity before the world was> then and there your es#ousals were contracted: (I ha"e lo"ed you with an e"erlasting lo"e0( 5oon shall the bridal%hour arri"e when your absent .ord shall co$e to welco$e His betrothed bride into His royal #alace0 +he 1ridegroom now tarries but see that you do not slu$ber and slee#0 5urely there is $uch all around de$anding the girded loins and the burning la$#s& :t ($idnight0( Fthe hour when He is least ex#ectedG the cry $ay be shall be heard (<ehold the <ridegroo$ co$es0( ,y soul0 has this $ystic union been for$ed between you and your .ord7 3an you say in hu$ble assurance of your faith in Hi$ (,y belo"ed is $ine and I a$ His0( If so great uns#ea!ably great are the glories which await you0 8our dowry as the bride of 3hrist is all that6mnipotence can bestow and all that a glorified bride can recei"e0 In the #ros#ect of those glorious nu#tials you need dread no #ang of widowhood& 4hat God has 6oined together no created #ower can #ut asunder0 He betroths you and it is (fore"er0(

A JOYFUL RESURRECTION " he trumpet will sound, the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed! 0or the perishable must clothe itself with the imperishable, and the mortal with immortality!" 1 3orinthians 1;:;2%;3 ,ar"el of $ar"els0 +he slee#ing ashes of the se#ulcher s#ringing u# at the blast of the archangel-s tru$#et0 +he dishonored dust rising into a glorified body li!e its risen .ord-s0

:t the ti$e of death the soul's bliss is #erfect in "ind> but this bliss is not co$#lete in degree until reunited to the tabernacle it has left behind to $ingle with the sods of the "alley& <ut tread lightly on that gra"e it contains #recious because ranso$ed dust0 ,y body as well as $y soul was included in the rede$#tion #rice of 3al"ary0 :nd (those also who slee# in 2esus will God bring with Hi$&( 'h0 blessed 2ubilee%day of creation when 3hrist-s (dead $en shall arise0( +he su$$ons shall sound forth "&wa"e, and sing ' you who dwell in the dust!" :ll the 6oys of that resurrection $orn we cannot tell> but its chief glory we do !now (4hen He shall a##ear we shall be li"e Hi$> for we shall see Hi$ as He is0( .IJC Hi$0 ,y soul are you waiting for this $anifestation of the sons of God7 .i!e Hi$0 Ha"e you caught u# any faintresemblance to that all% glorious i$age7 Ha"ing this blessed ho#e are you purifying yourself e"en as He is #ure7 <e $uch with 2esus now that you $ay exult in $eeting Hi$ hereafter& +hus ta!ing Hi$ as your Guide and Portion in life you $ay lay down in your dar! and loathso$e gra"e and loo! forward with triu$#hant ho#e to the dawn of a resurrection $orn saying (:nd when I wa!e u# 8ou are still with $e0(

A NIGHTLESS HEAVEN "&nd the city has no need of sun or moon ' for the glory of (od illuminates the city, and the Lamb is its light!" ' Ae"elation 21:23 " here shall be no night there!" Ae"elation 21:2; ,y soul0 is it night with you here7 :re you wearied with these $idnight tossings on life-s tu$ultuous sea7 <e still0 +he day is brea!ing0 5oon shall your .ord a##ear0 (His going forth is #re#ared as the $orning&( +hat glorious appearing shall dis#erse e"ery cloud and usher in an eternal noontide which !nows no twilight& (+he sun will ne"er set> the $oon will not

go down& )or the .ord will be your e"erlasting light& 8our days of $ourning will co$e to an end0( 2verlasting light! 4ondrous secret of a nightless world0 the glories of a #resent God0 the e"erlasting light of the hree in 6ne =uenching the radiance of all created orbs su#erseding all $aterial lu$inaries0 (,y soul waits for the .ord $ore than those who watch for the $orning0( +he haven is nearing star after star is =uenched in $ore glorious effulgence0 C"ery bound o"er these dar" waves is bringing you nearer to the eternal shore0 4ill you not then hu$bly and #atiently endure (wee#ing for the night ( in the #ros#ect of the eternal .oy which comes in the morning5trange realities0 : world without night0 : hea"en without a sun0 :nd greater wonder still yourselfin this world a 6oyful citiEen of this nightless sinless sorrowless tearless Hea"en0 bas!ing underneath the )ountain of uncreated light0 Do exhaustion of glorified body and s#irit to re=uire re#ose> no lassitude or weariness to sus#end the e"er%dee#ening song (4orthy is the .a$b who was slain to recei"e #ower and wealth and wisdo$ and strength and honor and glory and #raise0(

A CROWN OF LIFE (:nd when the chief 5he#herd shall a##ear you shall recei"e a crown of glory that fades not away&( 1 Peter ;:4 4hat0 is the beggar to be (raised fro$ the ash%hea# set a$ong Princes and $ade to inherit a throne of glory7( Is dust and ashes a #uny rebel a guilty traitor to be #itied #ardoned lo"ed exalted fro$ the de#ths of des#air raised to the heights of Hea"en gifted with !ingly honor royally fed royally clothed royally attended and at last royally crowned7 ' $y soul loo! forward with 6oyous e$otion to that

day of wonders when He whose head shall be crowned with $any crowns shall be the dis#enser of royal diade$s to His #eo#le> and when they shall begin the 6oyful ascri#tion of all eternity (9nto Hi$ who lo"ed us and washed us fro$ our sins in His own blood and has $ade us Jings to Hi$ be glory and do$inion fore"er and e"er& :$en&( 4ill you not be a$ong the nu$ber7 5hall the #rinces and $onarchs of the earth wade through seas of blood for a corru#tible crown> and will you #er$it yourself to lose the incorru#tible diade$ or barter it for so$e #erishable nothings of earth7 'h0 that you would awa!e to your high destiny and li"e u# to your transcendent #ri"ileges as the citiEen of a Jingly 3o$$onwealth a $e$ber of the <lood%royal fa$ily of Hea"en& 4hat would you not sacrifice what effort would you grudge if you were included in the gracious benediction (3o$e you blessed of ,y )ather inherit the !ingdo$ #re#ared for you fro$ the foundation of the world7(

THE VISION AND FRUITION OF GOD " hen $ heard a loud voice from the throne/ )oo"! (od*s dwelling is with men, and He will live with them. hey will be His people, and (od Himself will be with them and be their (od! He will wipe away every tear from their eyes. %eath will no longer e,ist# grief, crying, and pain will e,ist no longer, because the previous things have passed away. hen the 6ne seated on the throne said/ )oo"! $ am ma"ing everything new! 7rite, because these words are faithful and true." Ae"elation 21:3%; Glorious consu$$ation0 :ll the other glories of Hea"en are but di$ e$anations fro$ this all excelling glory& Here is the focus and center to which e"ery ray of light con"erges& God is (all in all&( Hea"en without God0 it would send a chill of dis$ay through the burning ran!s of angels and archangels> it would di$

e"ery eye and hush e"ery har# and change the whitest robe into sac!cloth0 :nd shall $ then indeed (see God7( 4hat0 shall $ gaEe on these inscrutable glories and li"e7 8es God Hi$self shall be with the$ and be their God0 +hey shall (see His face0( :nd not only the "ision but the fruition& 'h0 how does sin in $y holiest $o$ents da$# the en6oy$ent of Hi$0 It is the (#ure in heart( alone who can (see ( far $ore who can (en6oy( God& C"en if He did re"eal Hi$self now these eyes could ne"er endure His e$anating brightness& <ut then with a heart purified fro$ corru#tion a world where the taint of sin and the #ower of te$#tation ne"er enters the soul again a bright $irror reflecting the lost i$age of the Godhead all the affections de"oted to their original high destiny the lo"e of God the motive principle the ruling passion the glory of God the undivided ob.ect and aim the will with no o##osing or antagonist bias $an will for the first ti$e !now all the blessedness of his chief end: (to glorify God and to en6oy Hi$ fore"er0(

THE WORDS OF JESUS "Remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how He said," :cts 20:3;

THE GRACIOUS INVITATION (Ae$e$ber the words of the )ord 5esus how He said ( (3o$e unto ,e all you who labor and are hea"y laden and I will gi"e you rest&( ,atthew 11:2/

Gracious (word( of a gracious 5a"ior on which the soul $ay confidingly re#ose and be at #eace fore"er0 It is a present rest the rest of grace as well as the rest of glory. Dot only are there signals of #eace hung out fro$ the walls of Hea"en the lights of Ho$e gli$$ering in the distance to cheer our footste#s> but we ha"e the (shadow( of this (great Aoc!0( in a present (weary land&( <efore the +hrone abo"e is there (the sea of glass ( without one ri##ling wa"e> but there is a ha"ene"en on earth for the te$#est%tossed (4e who ha"e belie"ed 1' enter into rest&( Aeader ha"e you found this blessed re#ose in the blood and wor! of I$$anuel7 .ong going about (see!ing rest and finding none ( does this (word( sound li!e $usic in your ears ' (!ome unto 4e"-:ll other #eace is counterfeit shadowy unreal& +he eagle s#urns the gilded cage as a #oor exchange for his free%born soarings& +he soul-s i$$ortal as#irations cannot be satisfied short of the #ossession of God-s fa"or and lo"e in 2esus& How co$#lete is the in"itation0 If there had been one condition in entering this co"enant :r! we $ust ha"e been through eternity at the $ercy of the stor$0 <ut all are ali!e warranted and welco$e and none more warranted than welco$e& )or the wea! the weary the sin%burdened and sorrow%burdened there is an o#en door of grace& Aeturn then unto your rest ' $y soul0 .et the sweet cadence of this (word of 2esus( $o"e =uietly u#on you a$id the dis=uietudes of earth& 5heltered in Hi$ you are safe for ti$e safe for eternity0 +here $ay be and will be te$#orary tossings fears and $isgi"ings> $anifestations of inward corru#tion> but these will only be li!e the surface%hea"ings of the ocean while underneath there is a dee# settled cal$& (8ou will !ee# hi$ in #erfect #eace( Flit. #eace #eaceG (whose $ind is stayed on 8ou&( In the world it is care on care trouble on trouble sin on sin but e"ery wa"e that brea!s on the belie"er-s soul see$s sweetly to $ur$ur "Peace, peace!"

:nd if the foretaste of this rest is #recious what $ust be the glorious consummation- :wa!ing in the $orning of i$$ortality with the un=uiet drea$ of earth o"er faith lost in sight and ho#e in fruition no $ore any bias to sin no $ore latent #rinci#les of e"il nothing to disturb the s#irit-s dee# e"erlasting tran=uility the tre$bling $agnet of the heart re#osing where alone it can confidingly and #er$anently rest in the en6oy$ent of the Infinite God& (+hese things ha"e I s#o!en unto you that in ,e you $ight ha"e #eace&(

THE COMFORTING ASSURANCE :cts 20:3; (Ae$e$ber the words of the )ord 5esus how He said ( (8our hea"enly )ather !nows that you ha"e need of all these things&( ,atthew B:32 +hough s#o!en originally by 2esus regarding te$#oral things this $ay be ta!en as a motto for the child of God a$id all the changing "icissitudes of his changing history& How it should lull all $isgi"ings> silence all $ur$urings> lead to lowly un=uestioning sub$issi"eness (,y Hea"enly )ather !nows that I ha"e need of all these things0( 4here can a child be safer or better than in a father-s hand7 4here can the belie"er be better than in the hands of his God7 4e are #oor 6udges of what is best for us& 4e are under safe guidance with infallible wisdo$& If we are te$#ted in a $o$ent of rash #resu$#tion to say (:ll these things are against $e0( let this (word( rebu!e the hasty and unworthy sur$ise& 9nerring wisdo$ and )atherly lo"e ha"e #ronounced all to be (needful&( ,y soul is there anything that is disturbing your #eace7 :re #ro"idences dar! or crosses hea"y7 :re s#iritual #ro#s re$o"ed creature co$forts curtailed gourds s$itten and withered li!e grass7 4rite on each "Your 0ather "nows that

you have need of all these things!" It was He who increased your burden& 4hy7 "$t was needed." It was He who crossed your worldly sche$es $arred your cherished ho#es& 4hy7 "$t was needed." : pleasant flower in the co"eted #ath it was su##lanting Hi$self He had to re$o"e it0 +here was so$e higher s#iritual blessing in co$$union with God& 5ee! to cherish a s#irit of $ore childli!e confidence in your Hea"enly )ather-s will& 8ou are not left unfriended and alone to buffet the stor$s of the wilderness& 8our 4arahs as well as your 2lims are a##ointed by Hi$& : gracious #illar%cloud is before you& )ollow it through sunshine and stor$& He $ay (lead you about ( but He will not lead you wrong& 9nutterable tenderness is the characteristic of all His dealings& (<lessed be His na$e ( says a tried belie"er (He $a!es $y feet li!e hindsfeet( Fliterally, (e=uals( the$G (He e8uals the$ for e"ery #reci#ice e"ery ascent e"ery lea#&( :nd who is it that s#ea!s this =uieting word7 It is He who Hi$self felt the #reciousness of the assurance during His own awful sufferings that all were needed, and all appointed# that fro$ <ethlehe$-s cradle to 3al"ary-s 3ross there was not an unnecessary thorn in the crown of sorrow which He the 4an of +orrows bore& C"ery dro# in His bitter cu# was $ingled by His )ather: (+his cu# which You gi"e ,e to drin! shall I not drin! it7( 'h if He could extract co$fort in this hour of inconcei"able agony in the thought that a )ather-s hand lighted the fearful furnace%fires what strong consolation is there is the sa$e truth to all His suffering #eo#le0 4hat0 one su#erfluous dro#0 one unessential #ang0 one unneeded cross0 Hush the secret atheis$0 He ga"e His 5on for you0 He calls Hi$self (your )ather0( 4hate"er be the trial under which you are now s$arting let the word of a gracious 5a"ior be (li!e oil thrown on the fretful sea>( let it dry e"ery rebellious tear%dro#& (He your unerring Parent !nows that you ha"e need of this as well asall these things&(

THE POWER OF PRAYER (Ae$e$ber the words of the )ord 5esus how He said ( (4hate"er you shall as! in $y na$e that will I do that the )ather $ay be glorified in the 5on&( 2ohn 14:13 <lessed 2esus0 it is 8ou who has unloc!ed to 8our #eo#le the gates of #rayer& 4ithout 8ou they $ust ha"e been shut fore"er& It was 8our atoning merit on earth that first o#ened the$> it is 8ourintercessory wor" in Hea"en that !ee#s the$ o#en still& How unli$ited the #ro$ise ' "7hatever you shall as"!" It is the #ledge of all that the needy sinner re=uires all that an '$ni#otent 5a"ior can bestow0 :s the great 5teward of the $ysteries of grace He see$s to say to His faithful ser"ants (+a!e your re=uest and under this ,y su#erscri#tion write what you #lease&( :nd then when the blan! is filled u# He further endorses each #etition with the words "$ 7$)) do it!" He further encourages us to as! "in His name." In the case of an earthly #etitioner there are so$e #leas $ore influential in obtaining a benefit than others& 2esus s#ea!s of this as for$ing the !ey to the heart of God& :s 1a"id lo"ed the hel#less cri##le of 5aul-s house "for 5onathan*s sa"e," so will the )ather by "irtue of our co"enant relationshi# to the true 2onathan Flit., (the gift of God(G delight in gi"ing us e"en (exceedingly abundantly abo"e all that we can as! or thin!&( Aeader do you !now the blessedness of confiding your e"ery need and e"ery care your e"ery sorrow and e"ery cross into the ear of the 5a"ior7 He is the (4onderful 3ounselor&( 4ith an ex=uisitely tender sy$#athy He can enter into the inner$ost de#ths of your need& +hat need $ay be great but the e"erlasting ar$s are underneath it all& +hin! of Hi$ now at this $o$ent the great :ngel of the 3o"enant with the censer full of $uch incense in which are #laced your feeblest as#irations your $ost burdened sighs the odor%breathing cloud ascending with acce#tance before the )ather-s throne&

+he answer $ay tarry these your su##lications $ay see$ to be !e#t long on the wing ho"ering around the $ercy%seat& : gracious God so$eti$es sees it fitting thus to test the faith and #atience of His #eo#le& He delights to hear the $usic of their i$#ortunate #leadings to see the$ undeterred by difficulties unre#elled by a##arent forgetfulness and neglect& <ut He willco$e at last the #ent%u# fountain of lo"e and $ercy will at length burst out the soothing accents will in His own good ti$e be heard (<e it unto you according to your word0( 5oldier of 3hrist0 with all your other ar$or do not forget the wea#on "&ll-prayer." It is that which !ee#s bright and shining (the whole ar$or of God&( 4hile yet out in the night of a dar! world while still ca$#ing in an ene$y-s country !indle your watch%fires at the altar of incense& 8ou $ust be ,oses #leading on the ,ount> if you would be 2oshua "ictorious in the world-s daily battle& 3onfide your cause to this waiting Aedee$er& 8ou cannot weary Hi$ with your i$#ortunity& He delights in hearing& He is glorified in gi"ing& +he $e$orable <ethany%utterance re$ains unaltered and unre#ealed (I !now that 8ou hear ,e always&( He is still the (Prince that has #ower with God and #re"ails( He still #ro$ises and #leads he still He li"es and lo"es0

THE UNVEILED DEALINGS (Ae$e$ber the words of the )ord 5esus how He said ( "You do not reali3e now what $ am doing ' but later you will understand." 2ohn 13:@ ' blessed day when the long sealed boo! of $ystery shall be unfolded when the (fountains of the great dee# shall be bro!en u# ( (the channels of the waters seen ( and all disco"ered to be one "ast re"elation of unerring wisdo$ and ineffable lo"e0 Here we are often baffled at the )ord*s dispensations> we cannot fatho$ His ways li!e

the well of 5ychar they are dee# and we ha"e nothing to draw with& <ut soon the ($ystery of God will be finished>( the enig$atical (seals ( with all their inner $eanings o#ened& 4hen that ($orning without clouds( shall brea! each soul will be li!e the angel standing in the sun there will be no shadow> all will be #erfect day0 <elie"er be still0 +he dealings of your Hea"enly )ather $ay see$ dar! to you> there $ay see$ now to be no golden fringe no (bright light in the clouds>( but a day of disclosures is at hand& (+a!e it on trust a little while&( :n earthly child ta!es on trust what his father tells hi$: when he reaches $aturity $uch that was baffling to his infant co$#rehension is then ex#lained& 8ou are in this world in the childhood of your being Cternity is the soul-s i$$ortal $anhood& here, e"ery dealing will be "indicated& It will lose all its (dar!ness( when bathed in floods (of the excellent glory0( :h0 instead of thus being as weaned children how a#t are we to exercise oursel"es in $atters too high for us0 not content with !nowing that our )ather wills it but #resu$#tuously see!ing to !nowhow it is and why it is& If it is unfair to #ronounce on the unfinished and incomplete wor!s of $an> if the #ainter or scul#tor or artificer would shrin! fro$ ha"ing his labors 6udged of when in a rough un#olished i$$ature state how $uch $ore so with the wor!s of God0 How we should honor Hi$ by a si$#le confiding unreser"ed sub$ission to His will contented #atiently to wait the fulfill$ent of this "later" #ro$ise when all the lights and shadows in the now half%finishedpicture will be blended and $elted into one har$onious whole when all the now dis6ointed stones in the temple will be seen to fit into their a##ointed #lace gi"ing unity and sy$$etry and co$#actness to all the building& :nd who is it that s#ea!s these li"ing (words ( (4hat $ a$ doing7( It is He who died for us0 who now li"es for us0 <lessed 2esus0 8ou $ay do $uch that our blind hearts would li!e undone (terrible things in righteousness which we

loo!ed not for&( +he hea"iest Fwhat we $ay be te$#ted to call the se"erestG cross 8ou can lay u#on us we shall regard as only the apparent se"erity of unutterable and unalterable lo"e& Cternity will unfold how all ' all was needed> that nothing else nothing less could ha"e done0 If not now at least then the "erdict on a cal$ retros#ect of life will be this (+he 4ord of the .ord is right and all His wor!s are done in truth&(

THE FATHER GLORIFIED (Ae$e$ber the words of the )ord 5esus how He said ( "Herein is 4y 0ather glorified ' that you bear much fruit# showing yourselves to be 4y disciples." 2ohn 1;:/ 4hen sur"eying the boundless ocean of co"enant $ercy e"ery wa"e chi$ing "(od is )ove!" does the thought e"er #resent itself "7hat can $ do for this great 1eing who has done so much for me-" Aeco$#ense I cannot0 Do $ore can $y #urest ser"ices add one iota to His un%deri"ed glory than the tiny candle can add to the blaEe of the sun at noonday or a dro# of water to the boundless ocean& 8et wondrous thought0 fro$ this worthless soul of $ine there $ay roll in a re"enue of glory which He who lo"es the bro!en and contrite s#irit will (not des#ise&( "Herein is 4y 0ather glorified ' that you bear much fruit." Aeader0 are you a fruit-bearer in your .ord-s "ineyard7 :re you see!ing to $a!e life one grand act of consecration to His glory one than!%offering for His un$erited lo"e7 8ou $ay be unable to exhibit $uch fruit in the eye of the world& 8our circu$stances and #osition in life $ay forbid you to #oint to any s#lendid ser"ices or laborious and i$#osing efforts in the cause of God& It $atters not& It is often those fruits that are unseen and un!nown to $an ri#ening in seclusion that He "alues $ost the =uiet lowly wal! #atience and sub$ission gentleness and hu$ility #utting yourself unreser"edly in His hands willing to be led by Hi$ e"en in

dar!ness saying Dot mywill but Your will the unselfish s#irit the $ee! bearing of an in6ury the unostentatious !indness> these are so$e of the (fruits( which your Hea"enly )ather lo"es and by which He is glorified& Perchance it $ay be with you the season of trial the cha$ber of #rotracted sic"ness the ti$e of desolating bereavement so$e furnace se"en ti$es heated& Herein too you $ay sweetly glorify your God& De"er is your Hea"enly )ather more glorified by His children on earth than when in the $idst of these furnace%fires He listens to nothing but the gentle breathings of confiding faith and lo"e (.et Hi$ do what see$s good unto Hi$&( 8es you can there in the furnace glorify Hi$ in a way which angels cannot do in a world where they ha"e no trials& +hey can glorify God only with thecrown# you can glorify Hi$ with the cross and the #ros#ect of the crown together0 :h if He is dealing se"erely with you if He as the (reat (ardener is pruning His "ines lopping their boughs and stripping off their luxuriant branches re$e$ber the end0 (He #runes it that it $ay bring forth more fruit ( and "Herein is ,y )ather glorified0( <e it yours to lie #assi"e in His hands saying in un$ur$uring resignation "0ather, glorify Your name! (lorify Yourself, whether by giving ' or ta"ing, filling my cup ' or "emptying me from vessel to vessel! )et me "now no will but Yours!" :ngels #ossess no higher honor and #ri"ilege than glorifying the God before who$ they cast their crowns& How blessed to be able thus to clai$ brotherhood with the s#irits in the u##er sanctuary0 Do $ore to be associated with the 5a"ior Hi$self in the the$e of His own exalted 6oy when He said ($ ha"e glorified 8ou on earth0( (+hese things ha"e I s#o!en unto you that ,y 6oy $ight re$ain in you and that your 6oy $ight be full&(

THE TENDER SOLICITUDE (Ae$e$ber the words of the )ord 5esus how He said (

" he very hairs of your head are all numbered!" ,atthew 10:30 4hat a (word( is this0 :ll that befalls you to the "ery nu$bering of your hairs is !nown to God0 Dothing can ha##en by accident or chance& Dothing can elude His ins#ection& +he fall of the forest leaf the fluttering of the insect the wa"ing of the angel-s wing the annihilation of a world all are e=ually noted by Hi$0 ,an s#ea!s of great things and small things but God !nows no such distinction& How es#ecially co$forting to thin! of this tender solicitude with reference to His own co"enant #eo#le that He $etes out all their .oys ' and all their sorrows! C"ery sweet%%and e"ery bitter%%is ordained by Hi$& C"en (weariso$e nights( are (a##ointed&( Dot a pang I feel not a tear I shed but is !nown to Hi$& 4hat are called (dar! dealings ( are the ordinations of undeviating faithfulness& 4an $ay err his ways are often croo!ed> (but as for God His way is #erfect0( He #uts $y tears into His bottle& C"ery $o$ent His everlasting arms are underneath and around $e& He !ee#s $e (as the a##le of His eye&( He (bears( $e as a $an bears his own son0 1o I loo! to the )9+9AC7 Is there $uch of uncertainty and $ystery hanging o"er it7 It $ay be $uch foreboding of e"il& +rust Hi$& :ll is $ar!ed out for $e& 1angers will be a"erted> bewildering $aEes will show the$sel"es to be interlaced and interwea"ed with $ercy& (He !ee#s the feet of His saints&( Dot a hair of their head will be touched& He leads so$eti$es dar!ly so$eti$es sorrowfully> $ost fre=uently by cross and circuitous ways which we oursel"es would not ha"e chosen> but always wisely always tenderly& 4ith all its $aEy windings and turnings its roughness and ruggedness the belie"er-s is not only a right way butthe right way the best which co"enant lo"e and wisdo$ could select&

(Dothing ( says 2ere$y +aylor (does so establish the $ind a$id the rollings and turbulence of #resent things as both a loo! above the$ and a loo! beyond the$> abo"e the$ to the steady and lo"ing hand by which they are ruled> and beyond the$ to the sweet and beautiful end to which by that hand they will be brought&( (+he Great 3ounselor ( says +ho$as <roo!s (#uts clouds and dar!ness round about Hi$ bidding us follow at His bec! through the cloud #ro$ising an eternal and uninterru#ted sunshine on the other side&( 'n that (other side( we shall see how e"ery a##arent rough blast has been hastening our boats nearer the desired haven& 4ell $ay I co$$it the !ee#ing of $y soul to 2esus in well% doing as unto a faithful 3reator& He ga"e Himself for $e& +his transcendent #ledge of lo"e is the guarantee for the bestow$ent of e"ery other needed blessing& 'h blessed thought0 $y sorrows are nu$bered%%by the ,an of 5orrows> $y tears are counted%%by Hi$ who shed first His tears and then His blood for $e0 He will i$#ose no needless burden and exact no unnecessary sacrifice& +here was no unnecessary drop in the cu# of His own sufferings> neither will there be in that of His #eo#le& (+hough He slays $e yet will I trust in Hi$0( (+herefore co$fort one another with these words&(

THE GOOD SHEPHERD (Ae$e$ber the words of the )ord 5esus how He said ( "$ am the (ood +hepherd. $ "now 4y sheep ' and 4y sheep "now 4e." 2ohn 10:14 " he (ood +hepherd" well can the shee# who !now His "oice attest the truthfulness and faithfulness of this endearing na$e and word& 4here would they ha"e been through eternity had He not left His throne of light and glory tra"eling down to this dar! "alley of the curse and gi"ing His life a ranso$ for the$7 +hin! of His lo"e to each se#arate $e$ber of the floc!

wandering o"er #athless wilds with unwearied #atience and un=uenchable ardor ceasing not the #ursuit until He finds it& +hin! of His lo"e now ' (I :, the Good 5he#herd&( 5till that tender eye of watchfulness following the guilty wanderers the glories of Hea"en and the songs of angels unable to di$ or alter His affection the $usic of the words at this $o$ent co$ing as sweetly fro$ His li#s as when first He uttered the$ (I !now ,y shee#&( C"ery indi"idual belie"er the wea!est the weariest the faintest clai$s His attention& His lo"ing eye follows $e day by day out to the wilderness $ar!s out $y #asture studies $y needs and trials and sorrows and #er#lexities e"ery stee#ascent e"ery broo! e"ery winding #ath e"ery thorny thic!et0 "He goes before them." It is not rough dri"ing but gentle guiding& He does not ta!e the$ o"er an un!nown road> He Hi$self has trodden it before& He has drun! of e"ery (broo! by the way>( He Hi$self has (suffered being te$#ted>( He is (able to su##ort those who are te$#ted&( He see$s to say ()ear not0 I cannot lead you wrong> follow ,e in the blea! wasteland the blac!ened wilderness as well as by the green #astures and the still waters& 1o you as! why I ha"e left the sunny side of the "alley car#eted with flowers and bathed in sunshine leading you to so$e high $ountain alone so$e cheerless s#ot of sorrow7 +rust ,e0 I will lead you by #aths you ha"e not !nown but they are all !nown to ,e and selected by ,e )ollow ,e0( "4y sheep "now 4e!" Aeader0 can you subscribe to these closing words of this gracious utterance7 1o you (!now( Hi$ in all the glories of His person in all the co$#leteness of His finished wor" in all the tenderness and unutterable lo"e of His e"ery dealing towards you7 It has been re$ar!ed by Palestine tra"elers that not only do the shee# there follow the guiding she#herd but e"en while eating the herbage as they go along they loo! wistfully u# to see that they are near hi$& Is this your attitude (loo"ing unto 5esus-" (In all your ways ac!nowledge Hi$ and He will

direct your #aths&( .ea"e the future to His #ro"iding& (+he .ord is $y 5he#herd I shall not lac!&( $ shall not lac"! it has been beautifully called (the bleating of ,essiah-s shee#&( +a!e it as your watchword during your wilderness wanderings until grace is #erfected in glory& .et this be the record of your si$#le faith and unwa"ering trust (+hese are those who follow where"er He sees fit to guide the$&( (His shee# follow Hi$ for they !now His "oice&(

THE ABIDING COMFORTER (Ae$e$ber the words of the )ord 5esus how He said ( "&nd $ will as" the 0ather, and He shall give you another !omforter, that He may abide with you forever." 2ohn 14:1B 4hen one belo"ed earthly friend is ta!en away how the heart is drawn out towards those that re$ain0 2esus was now about to lea"e His sorrowing disci#les& He directs the$ to one whose #resence would fill u# the "ast blan! which His own absence was to $a!e& His na$e was he !omforter# His $ission was (to abide with the$ fore"er&( :ccordingly no sooner had the gates of Hea"en closed on their ascended .ord than in fulfill$ent of His own gracious #ro$ise the berea"ed and or#haned 3hurch was ba#tiEed with Pentecostal fire& (4hen I de#art I will send Hi$ to you&( Aeader do you realiEe your #ri"ilege li"ing under the dis#ensation of the 5#irit7 Is it your daily #rayer that He $ay co$e down in all the #lenitude of His hea"enly graces on your soul e"en (as rain u#on the $own grass and showers that water the earth7( 8ou cannot li"e without Hi$> there cannot be one hea"enly as#iration not one breathing of lo"e not one u#ward glance of faith without His gracious influences0 :#art fro$ Hi$ there is no #reciousness in the 7ord no blessing in ordinances no #er$anent sanctifying results in affliction& :s the angel directed Hagar to the hidden s#ring so this blessed :gent true to His na$e and office directs

His #eo#le to the waters of co$fort gi"ing new glory to the #ro$ises in"esting the 5a"ior-s character and wor! with new lo"eliness and beauty& How #recious is the title which this (4ord of 2esus( gi"es Hi$ the 3',)'A+CA0 4hat a word for a sorrowing world0 +he 3hurch $ilitant has its tent #itched in a ("alley of tears&( +he na$e of the di"ine "isitor who co$es to her and $inisters to her needs is the !omforter& 4ide is the fa$ily of the afflicted but He has a healing bal$ for all the wea! the te$#ted the sic! the sorrowing the berea"ed the dying0 How different fro$ other (sons of consolation0( Human friends ' a loo! $ay alienate> ad"ersity $ay estrange> death $ust se#arate0 +he (4ord of 2esus( s#ea!s of 'ne whose attribute and #rerogati"e is to (abide with us fore"er( su#erior to all "icissitudes sur"i"ing death itself0 :nd surely if anything else can endear His $ission of lo"e to His 3hurch it is that He co$es direct fro$ God as the fruit and gift of 2esus- intercession ($ will as! the )ather&( his Holy %ove of peace and comfort is let out by the hand of 2esus fro$ the ar" of covenant mercy within the "eil0 Dor is the gift $ore glorious ' than it is free& 1oes the word the loo! of a suffering child get the eye and the heart of an earthly father7 (If you then being e"il !now how to gi"e good gifts unto your children how $uch $ore shall your )ather in Hea"en gi"e the Holy 5#irit unto those who as! Hi$7( It is He who $a!es these (words of 2esus( (winged words&( (He shall bring all things to your re$e$brance whate"er I ha"e said to you&(

THE GRACIOUS VERDICT (Ae$e$ber the words of the )ord 5esus how He said ( "9either do $ condemn you# go, and sin no more!" 2ohn /:11

How $uch $ore tender is 2esus than the tenderest of earthly friends0 +he &postles in a $o$ent of irritation would ha"e called down fire fro$ hea"en on obstinate sinners but their ,aster rebu!ed the un!ind suggestion& Peter the trusted but treacherous disci#le ex#ected nothing but harsh and $erited re#roof for faithlessness but He who !new well how that heart would be bowed with #enitential sorrow sends first the !indest of $essages and then the gentlest of rebu!es (1o you lo"e ,e7( +he watchmen in the 5ong of 5olo$on s$ote the bride tore off her "eil and loaded her with re#roaches but when she found her lost .ord there was not one word of u#braiding fro$ Hi$0 (5o slow is He to anger ( says an illustrious belie"er (so ready to forgi"e that when His prophets lost all #atience with the #eo#le so as to $a!e intercession against the$ yet e"en then He could not cast off His #eo#le who$ He fore!new for His great Da$e-s sa!e&( +he guilty sinner to who$ He s#ea!s this co$forting (word( abo"e was frowned u#on by her accusers& <ut if others s#urned her fro$ their #resence (9either do $ condemn you," 4ell it is to fall into the hands of this blessed 5a"ior% God for great are His $ercies0 :re we to infer fro$ this that He $erely win"s at sin7 )ar fro$ it0 His blood His wor! <ethlehe$ and 3al"ary refute the thought0 <efore the guilt e"en of one solitary soul could be washed out He had to descend fro$ His e"erlasting throne to agoniEe on the accursed tree& <ut this (word of 2esus( is a word of tender encourage$ent to e"ery sincere bro!en% hearted #enitent that crimson sins and scarlet sins are no barrier to a free full e"erlasting forgi"eness& +he Israelite of old gas#ing in his agony in the sands of the wilderness had but to "loo" ' and live!" :nd still does He say ")oo" unto ,e and be sa"ed all the ends of the earth0( 9#reared by the side of His own cross there was a monumental column for all ti$e only second to itself in

wonder& '"er the head of the dying felon is the su#erscri#tion written for des#airing guilt and tre$bling #enitence (+his is a faithful saying and worthy of all acce#tance that 2esus 3hrist ca$e into the world to sa"e sinners&( (He ne"er yet ( says 3harnoc! (#ut out a di$ candle that was lighted at the 5un of Aighteousness&( (4hate"er our guiltiness is ( says Autherford (yet when it falls into the sea of God-s $ercy it is but li!e a dro# of blood fallen into the great ocean0( Aeader you $ay be the chief of sinners or it $ay be the chief of bac"sliders# your soul $ay ha"eveered astray li!e an arrow fro$ a bro!en bow& :s the ban!ru#t is afraid to loo! into his boo!s so you $ay be afraid to loo! into your own heart0 8ou are ho"ering on the verge of despair& 3onscience and the $e$ory of unnu$bered sins is uttering the des#onding "erdict (I conde$n you0( 2esus has a !inder word a $ore cheering declaration "9either do $ condemn you# go, and sin no more!" (:nd all wondered at the gracious 4'A15 that #roceeded out of His $outh0(

THE WONDROUS RELATIONSHIP (Ae$e$ber the words of the )ord 5esus how He said ( "0or whoever shall do the will of (od ' the same is 4y brother, and 4y sister, and mother." ,ar! 3:3; :s if no solitary earthly ty#e were enough to i$age forth the lo"e of 2esus He asse$bles into one "erse a grou# of the tenderest earthly relationshi#s& Hu$an affection has to focus its lo"eliest hues but all is too little to ade=uately ex#atiate the depth and intensity of His lo"e& He is (5on ( (<rother ( ()riend( all in one> (clea"ing closer than any brother&( :nd can we wonder at such language7 He ga"e Himself for us> after that #ledge of His affection we $ust cease to $ar"el at any ex#ression of the interest He feels in us& :nything that

He can sayor do for us now is infinitely less than what He has done& <elie"er0 are you solitary and desolate7 Has bereavement se"ered earthly ties7 Has the gra"e $ade forced estrange$ents sundered the closest lin!s of earthly affection7 In 2esus you ha"e filial and fraternal lo"e co$bined> He is the 0riend of friends whose #resence and fellowshi# co$#ensates for all losses and su##lies all blan!s0 If you are or#haned friendless co$fortless here re$e$ber that there is in the Clder <rother on the +hrone a lo"e deep as the unfatho$ed ocean and boundlessas Cternity0 :nd who are those who can clai$ the blessedness s#o!en of under this wondrous i$agery7 'nwhom does He la"ish this unutterable affection7 Do $ere outward #rofession will #urchase it& Do church no #riest no ordinances no deno$inational distinctions are sufficient& It is for those who are #ossessed of holy characters& (He who does the will of ,y )ather who is in Hea"en0( He who reflects the $ind of 2esus> i$bibes His 5#irit> ta!es His 4ord as the regulator of his daily wal! and $a!es His glory the great end of his being> he who li"es to God and with God and for God> the hu$ble lowly 3hrist%li!e Hea"en%see!ing 3hristian he it is who can clai$ as his own this wondrous heritage of lo"e0 If it is a worthy ob6ect of a$bition to be lo"ed by the good and the great on earth then what $ust it be to ha"e an eye of lo"e e"er bea$ing u#on us fro$ the eternal +hrone in co$#arison of which the attach$ent here of brother sister !ins$an friend all co$bined #ales li!e the stars before the rising sun0 +hough we are often asha$ed to call Hi$ (<rother ( (He is not asha$ed to call us brethren&( He loo!s down on #oor wor$s and says ( hese are ,y $other and sisters and brothers0( (I will write u#on the$ ( He says in another #lace (,y new na$e&( 2ust as we write our na$e on a boo! to tell that it

belongs to us so 2esus would write His own na$e on us, the wondrous volumes of His grace that they $ay be read and #ondered by #rinci#alities and #owers& Ha"e we !nown and belie"ed this astonishing lo"e of God to us7 :h how #oor has been the re=uital0 4ho cannot subscribe to these holy words: (Your love has been as a shower to us butour return but a dew-drop and that dew%dro# is stained with sin0( (If a $an lo"es ,e he will "eep,y 4ords> and ,y )ather will lo"e hi$ and 4e will co$e unto hi$ and $a!e 'ur abode with hi$&(

THE BEFRIENDED ORPHANS (Ae$e$ber the words of the )ord 5esus how He said ( "$ will not leave you comfortless ' $ will come to you." 2ohn 14:1/ 1oes the 3hristian-s #ath lie all the way through 1eulah land7 Do he is forewarned it is to be one of ($uch tribulation&( He has his 4arahs ' as well as his 2lims> his "alleys of 1aca ' as well as his gra#es of 2shcol& 'ften is he left un%befriended to bear the brunt of the stor$ his gourds fading when $ost needed his sun going down while it is yet day his ha##y ho$e and ha##y heart dar!ened in a $o$ent with sorrows with which a stranger Fwith which often a brotherG cannot understand& <ut there is 6ne <rother (born for ad"ersity( who can understand& How often has that "oice bro!en with its sil"ery accents the $uffled stillness of the sic!%cha$ber0 (I will not lea"e you co$fortless the world $ay friends $ay the desolations of bereavement and death $ay but $ will not0 8ou will be alone yet not alone for I your 5a"ior and your God will be with you0(

2esus see$s to ha"e an es#ecial lo"e and affection for His or#haned and co$fortless #eo#le& : father lo"es his sic" and sorrowing child $ost> of all his household this sic! one occu#ies $ost of his thoughts& 3hrist see$s to delight to la"ish His dee#est sy$#athy on (hi$ that has no hel#er&( It is in the hour of sorrow His #eo#le ha"e found Hi$ $ost #recious> it is in (the wilderness( that He s#ea!s $ost (co$fortable unto the$&( He gi"es the$ (their "ineyards fro$ thence( in the #laces they least ex#ected wells of hea"enly consolation brea! forth at their feet& :s 2onathan of old when faint and weary had his strength re"i"ed by the honey he found dro##ing in the tangled thic!et so the faint and woe%worn children of God find (honey in the forest( e"erlasting consolation dro##ing fro$ the tree of life in the $idst of the thorniest thic!ets of affliction0 3o$fortless ones be co$forted0 2esus often $a!es you portionless here in this world to dri"e you to Hi$self the everlasting portion. He often dries e"ery rill and fountain of earthly bliss that He $ay lead you to say (:ll $y s#rings are in 8ou0( (He see$s intent ( says one who could s#ea! fro$ ex#erience (to fill u# e"ery gap which lo"e has been forced to $a!e> one of His errands fro$ Hea"en was to bind u# the bro!en%hearted&( How beautifully in one a$aEing "erse does He con6oin the depth and tenderness of His co$fort with the certainty of it (:s one who$ his $other co$forts so will I co$fort you and you 5H:.. be co$forted0( :h how $any would not ha"e their wilderness%state altered with all its trials and gloo$ and sorrow 6ust so that they $ight en6oy the unutterable sy$#athy and lo"e of this 3o$forter of the co$fortless one ray of whose a##ro"ing s$ile can dis#el the dee#est earthly gloo$0 :s the clustering constellations shine with the $ost intense luster in the $idnight s!y so these (words of 2esus( co$e out li!e $inistering angels in the deep dar" night of earthly sorrow& 4e $ay see no beauty in the$ when the world is sunny and bright> but He has laid the$ u# in store for us for the dar!

and cloudy day& (+hese things ha"e I told you that when the ti$e co$es you $ay re$e$ber that I told you of the$&(

THE WORLD CONQUERED (Ae$e$ber the words of the )ord 5esus how He said ( "$ have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. $n this world you will have trouble. 1ut ta"e heart! $ have overcome the world!" 2ohn 1B:33 :nd shall I be afraid of the world which is already con=uered7 +he :l$ighty Hictor within "iew of His crown turns around to His faint and weary soldiers and bids the$ ta!e courage& +hey are not fighting their way through untried ene$ies& +he God%,an ,ediator ("nows their sorrows&( (He was te$#ted in e"ery way 6ust as we are&( (<oth He who sanctifies Fthat is 3hristG and those who are sanctified FHis #eo#leG are all of one FnatureG&( :s the great Predecessor He heads the #ilgri$ band saying (I will show you the #ath of life&( +he way to Hea"en is consecrated by His foot#rints0 C"ery thorn that wounds the$ has wounded Hi$ before& C"ery cross they can bear He has borne before& C"ery tear they shed He has shed before& +here is one res#ect indeed in which the identity fails He was (yet without sin>( but this recoil of His holy nature fro$ $oral e"il gi"es Hi$ a dee#er and $ore intense sensibility towards those who ha"e still corru#tion within res#onding to te$#tation without& Aeader0 are you ready to faint under your troubles7 under a seducing world7 under a wandering wayward heart7 (3onsider Him who endured0( .isten to your adorable Aedee$er stoo#ing fro$ His +hrone and saying ($ ha"e o"erco$e the world&( He ca$e forth unscathed fro$ its snares& 4ith the sa$e hea"enly wea#on which He bids you to wield three ti$es did He re#el the +e$#ter saying (It is written0(

Is it so$e crushing trial or o"erwhel$ing grief7 He is (ac8uainted with grief&( He the $ighty Hine !nows the $inutest fibers of sorrow in the branches> when the #runing !nife touches them it touches Him. (He has gone ( says a tried sufferer (through e"ery class of suffering in our wilderness school&( He lo"es to bring His #eo#le into untried and #er#lexing #laces that they $ay see! out the guiding pillar and #riEe its radiance& He #uts the$ on the dar!ened wa"es that they $ay follow the guiding light hung out astern fro$ the only 5hi# of #ure and unsullied hu$anity that was e"er ar$ored against the stor$& <e assured that there is disguised love in all that He does& He who !nows us infinitely better than we !now oursel"es often #uts a thorn in our nest to dri"e us to the wing that we $ay not begrovelers fore"er& (It is ( says C"ans (u#on the smooth ice that we sli#> the rough path is safest for the feet&( +he tearless and undi$$ed eye is not to be co"eted here on earth> that is reser"ed for Hea"en0 4ho can tell what $uffled and disguised (needs be( there $ay lur! under these worldly troubles7 His true s#iritual seeds are often #lanted dee# in the soil> they ha"e to $a!e their way through a load of sorrow before they reach the surface> but their roots are thereby the fir$er and dee#er struc!& Had it not been for these lowly and needed (de#ths ( they $ight ha"e rushed u# as feeble sa#lings and succu$bed to the first cold blast& He often leads His #eo#le still as He led the$ of old to a (high $ountain alone>( but it is to a high $ountain above the world# and better still He who Hi$self has o"erco$e the world leads the$ there and s#ea!s co$fort unto the$0

THE LITTLE FLOCK (Ae$e$ber the words of the )ord 5esus how He said ( "0ear not, little floc"# for it is your 0ather*s good pleasure to give you the "ingdom." .u!e 12:32

+he $usic of the 5he#herd-s "oice again0 :nother co$forting (word ( and how tender0 His floc! alittle floc! a feeble floc! a fearful floc! but a beloved floc! lo"ed of the )ather en6oying His (good #leasure ( and soon to be a glorified floc! safe in the fold secure within the !ingdo$0 How does He =uiet their fears and $isgi"ings7 :s they stand #anting on the blea! $ountainside He #oints His croo! u#wards to the bright and shining gates of glory and says "$t is your 0ather*s good pleasure to give you these!" 4hat gentle words0 what a blessed consu$$ation0 Gracious 5a"ior 8our gentleness has $ade $e great0 +hat !ingdo$ is the belie"er-s by irre"ersible and inalienable covenant-right& 5ays 2esus in another #lace (I a##oint unto you a !ingdo$ as ,y )ather has a##ointed unto ,e&( It is as sure aseverlasting love and almighty power can $a!e it& 5atan the great foe of the !ingdo$ $ay be in6ecting foul $isgi"ings doubts and fears as to your security> but he cannot divest you of your #urchased i$$unities0 He $ust first #luc! the crown fro$ the -brow u#on the throne- before he can wea!en or i$#air this sure word of #ro$ise0 If (it #leased the .ord( to bruise the 5he#herd then it will surely #lease Hi$ to glorify the #urchased floc!& <elie"ers thin! of this0 (It is your )ather-s good #leasure&( +he Good 5he#herd in leading you across the inter"ening $ountains shows you signals and $e$orials of #aternal grace studding all the way& He $ay (lead you about( in your way there& How did He lead the children of Israel of old out of Cgy#t to their #ro$ised !ingdo$7 <y forty years- wilderness discipline and #ri"ations0 <ut trust Hi$> do not dishonor Hi$ with guilty doubts and fears& 1o not loo! bac" on your dar! stu$bling #aths nor within on your fitful and "acillating heart> but forwards to the #ro$ised hea"enly !ingdo$0 .et the $elody of the 5he#herd-s "oice fall gently on your ear (It is your )ather-s good #leasure&( I ha"e gi"en you He see$s to say the best #roof that it is 4y good #leasure. In order to #urchase that !ingdo$ I died for you0 (I will be li!e

a she#herd loo!ing for his scattered floc!& I will find ,y shee# and rescue the$ fro$ all the #laces where they were scattered on that dar! and cloudy day&( )ear not then little floc!0 +hough for a while you are in the blea! $ountain and arid wasteland see!ing your way Iionward it $ay be (with torn fleeces and bleeding feet>( for (It is not the will of your )ather who is in Hea"en that one of these little ones should #erish0(

THE UNLIMITED OFFER (Ae$e$ber the words of the )ord 5esus how He said ( "$f any man thirsts ' let him come unto 4e, and drin"." 2ohn @:3@ +his is one of the $ost gracious (words( which e"er (#roceeded out of the $outh of God0( +he timethat it was uttered was an i$#ressi"e one> it was on (the last the great day( of the )east of +abernacles when a denser $ultitude than on any of the se"en #receding ones were asse$bled together& +he golden bowl according to custo$ had #robably 6ust been filled with the waters of 5iloa$ and was being carried u# to the +e$#le a$id the accla$ations of the crowd when the+avior of the world seiEed the o##ortunity of s#ea!ing to the$ so$e truths of $o$entous i$#ort& ,any doubtless were the (words of 2esus( uttered on the #re"ious days but the $ost i$#ortant is reser"ed for the last& 4hat then is the great closing the$e on which He ri"ets the attention of this "ast auditory and which He would ha"e the$ carry away to their distant ho$es7 It is he freeness of His own great +alvation (If any $an thirsts let hi$ co$e unto ,e and drin!&( Aeader do you discredit the reality of this gracious offer7 :re your legion sins standing as a barrier between you and a 5a"ior-s offered $ercy7 1o you feel as if you cannot co$e (6ust as you are>( that so$e #artial cleansing so$e

#re#aratory refor$ation $ust ta!e #lace before you can "enture to the li"ing fountain7 Do "$f any man." 4hat is freer than water7 +he #oorest beggar $ay drin! (without $oney( fro$ the wayside #ool& hat is your .ord-s own #icture of His own glorious sal"ation> you are in"ited to co$e (without one #lea ( in all your #o"erty and need in all your wea!ness and unworthiness& Ae$e$ber the Aedee$er-s saying to the wo$an of 5a$aria& 5he was the chief of sinners #rofligate hardened degraded but He $ade no condition no =ualification> simple believing was all that was re=uired (If you !new the gift of God ( you would ha"e as!ed and He would ha"e gi"en you (li"ing water&( <ut is there not after all one condition $entioned in this (word of 2esus7( ($f any $an thirsts&( 8ou $ay ha"e the de#ressing consciousness that you ex#erience no such ardent longings after holiness but only of your need of the 5a"ior& <ut is not this "ery con"iction of your need an indication of a feeble longing after 3hrist7 If you are saying (I ha"e nothing to draw with and the well is dee# ( then He who $a!es the offer of the sal"ation will Hi$self fill your e$#ty "essel (He satisfies the longing soul with goodness&( (2esus stood and cried out&( It is the solitary instance recorded of Hi$ of who$ it is said (He shallnot stri"e nor cry out nor raise His "oice in the streets&( <ut it was truth of sur#assing interest and $agnitude He had to #roclai$& It was a declaration $oreo"er es#ecially dear to Hi$& :s it for$ed the the$e of this e"er%$e$orable sermon during His #ublic $inistry so when He was sealing u# the ins#ired record the last utterances of His "oice on earth until that "oice shall be heard again on the throne contained the sa$e life%gi"ing in"itation (.et hi$ that is thirsty co$e and whoe"er will let hi$ ta!e of the water of life freely0( 'h0 as the echoes of that gracious saying this blast of the sil"er tru$#et are still sounding to the ends of the world $ay this be the recorded result (:s He s#o!e these words $any belie"ed on Hi$&(

THE SONFUL SERVITUDE (Ae$e$ber the words of the )ord 5esus how He said ( "0or 4y yo"e is easy ' and 4y burden is light." ,atthew 11:30 3an the sa$e be said of +atan or sin- 4ith regard to them ' how faithfully true rather is the re"erse (,y yo!e is heavy, and $y burden is grievous!" 3hrist-s ser"ice is a ha##y ser"ice the only ha##y one> and e"en when there is a cross to carry or a yo!e to bear it is His own a##oint$ent&"4y yo!e&( It is sent by no untried friend& Do He who #uts it on His #eo#le bore this "ery yo!e Hi$self& (He carried our sorrows&( How blessed this feeling of holy servitude to so "ind a 4aster!not li!e (du$b dri"en cattle ( goaded on but led, and led often $ost tenderly when the yo!e and the burden are u#on us& +he great a#ostle rarely s#ea!s of hi$self under any other title but one.+hat one he see$s to $a!e his boast& He had $uch whereof he $ight glory he had been the instru$ent in sa"ing thousands he had s#o!en before !ings he had been in 3aesar-s #alace and 3aesar-s #resence he had been caught u# into the third hea"en but in all his letters this is his 6oyful #refix and su#erscri#tion (+he servant Fliterally the slaveG of 2esus 3hrist0( Aeader0 do you !now this blessed servitude- 3an you say with a 6oyful heart (' .ord truly I a$ 8our ser"ant(7 He is no hard tas!$aster& 4ould 5atan try to teach you so7 .et this be the refutation (He lo"ed $e and gave Himself for me.( +rue the yo"e is the a##ointed discipline He e$#loys in training His children for i$$ortality& <ut be co$forted0 (It is His tender hand that puts it on and "eeps it on&( He will suit the yo!e to the nec!> and the nec! to the yo!e& He will suit His grace to your trials& Do He will bring you e"en to be in lo"e with these when they bring along with the$ such gracious unfoldings of His own faithfulness and $ercy0

How His #eo#le need thus to be in hea"iness through $anifold te$#tations to !ee# the$ $ee! and sub$issi"e0 (2eshurun Fli!e a bulloc! unaccusto$ed to the harness fed and #a$#ered in the stallG waxed fat and !ic!ed0( De"er is there $ore gracious lo"e than when God ta!es $eans to curb and sub6ugate hu$ble us and to #ro"e us bringing us out fro$ ourselves our li"ings ourconfidences our prosperity and #utting us under the needed 8'JC0 :nd who has e"er re#ented of that 6oyful ser"itude7 :$ong all the regrets that $ingle with a dying hour and often bedew with bitter tears a dying #illow who e"er told of regrets and re#entance here7 +ried belie"er has He e"er failed you7 Has His yo"e been too grie"ous7 Ha"e your tears been unalle"iated your sorrows unsolaced your te$#tations abo"e that which you were able to bear7 :h0 rather can you not testify (I cast $y burden u#on Hi$ and He sustained $e0( How ha"eseeming difficulties $elted away0 How has the yo"e lost its hea"iness and the cross its bitterness in the thought of who you were bearing it for0 +here is a #ro$ised rest in the "ery carrying of the yo!e> and a better rest re$ains for the weary and toil% worn when the a##ointed wor! is finished> for thus says (that sa$e 2esus ( (+a!e ,y yo!e u#on you and learn of ,e and you shall find AC5+ unto your souls0(

THE MEASURE OF LOVE (Ae$e$ber the words of the )ord 5esus how He said ( "&s the 0ather has loved 4e ' so have $ loved you." 2ohn 1;:* +his is the $ost a$aEing "erse in the <ible0 4ho can fatho$ the unimagined depths of that lo"e which dwelt in the boso$ of the )ather fro$ all eternity towards His 5on7 and yet

here is the 5a"ior-s own $easure of His lo"e towards His #eo#le0 +here is no sub6ect $ore #rofoundly $ysterious than those $ystic inter%co$$unings between the first and second #ersons in the adorable +rinity before the world was& 5cri#ture gi"es us only so$e di$ and shadowy re"elations regarding the$ distant glea$s of light and no $ore& .et one suffice& ( hen I was by Hi$ as one brought u# with Hi$ and I was daily His delight re6oicing always before Hi$&( 4e !now that earthly affection is dee#ened and intensified by increased fa$iliarity with its ob6ect& +he friendshi# that began only yesterday is not the sacred hallowed thing which years of growing co$$union ha"e $atured& If we $ay with re"erence a##ly this test to the highest ty#e of holy affection what $ust ha"e been that interchange of love which the $easureless s#an of Cternity had fostered a lo"e $oreo"er not fitful transient "acillating sub6ect to altered tones and estranged loo!s but #ure constant untainted without one shadow of turning0 :nd yet listen to the words of 2esus "&s the )ather has lo"ed 4e ' so ha"e I lo"ed you!" It would ha"e been infinitely $ore than we had reason to ex#ect if He had said (:s ,y )ather has lo"ed angels so ha"e I lo"ed you&( <ut the lo"e borne to no finite beings is an a##ro#riate sy$bol& .ong before the birth of ti$e or of worlds that lo"e existed& It was together with Cternity itself& Hear how the two the$es of the 5a"ior-s eternal re6oicing the love of His 0ather and Hislove for sinners are grou#ed together (Ae6oicing always before Him and in the habitable #art of His earth!( +o co$#lete the #icture we $ust ta!e in a counter#art descri#tion of the )ather-s lo"e to us (+herefore does ,y )ather lo"e ,e ( says 2esus in another #lace (because I lay down ,y life0( God had an all%sufficiency in His lo"e He needed not the weariso$e lo"e of creatures to add to His glory or ha##iness> but He see$s to say that so intense is His lo"e for us that He lo"es e"en His belo"ed 5on $ore Fif infinite

lo"e be ca#able of increaseG because He laid down His life for the guilty0 It is regarding the Aedee$ed it is said (He shall rest in His lo"e He shall re6oice o"er the$ with singing&( In the assertion (God is lo"e ( we are left truly with no $ere un#ro"ed affir$ation regarding the existence of so$e abstract =uality in the di"ine nature& (Herein ( says the a#ostle (#ercei"e we +HC .'HC of God ( but as it has been re$ar!ed F('ur translators need not ha"e added whoselo"e for there is but one such s#eci$en(G (because He laid down His life for us&( Do ex#ression of lo"e can be wondered at after this& :h how $iserable are our best ex#ressions co$#ared with His0 (6ur lo"e is but the reflection as cold as the moon> His is as the sun&( 5hall we refuse to lo"e HI, $ore in return who has first lo"ed and 5' loved us-

THE BRIEF GOSPEL (Ae$e$ber the words of the )ord 5esus how He said ( "6nly believe!" ,ar! ;:3B +he briefest of the (words of 2esus ( but one of the $ost comforting& +hey contain the essence and e#ito$e of all sa"ing truth& Aeader is +atan assailing you with tor$enting fears7 Is the thought of your sins the guilty #ast co$ing u# in terrible $e$orial before you al$ost te$#ting you to gi"e way to ho#eless des#ondency7 )ear not0 : gentle "oice whis#ers in your ear, "6nly believe. Your sins are great but 4y grace and $erits are greater0 -'nly belie"e- that I died for you that I a$ living for you andpleading for you and that -the faithful saying- is as -faithful- as e"er and as -worthy of all acce#tance- as e"er&(

:re you a bac"slider- 1id you once run well7 Has your own guilty bac!sliding alienated and estranged you fro$ that face which was once all lo"e and that service which was once all delight7 :re you breathing in bro!en%hearted sorrow o"er the holy $e$ories of a close wal! with God ('h that it were with $e as in $onths #ast when the candle of the .ord shone on $e0( "6nly believe."+a!e this your $ournful solilo=uy and con"ert it into a #rayer& ('nly belie"e( Hi$ whose ways are not as $an-s ways (Aeturn ' bac!sliding children and I will heal your bac!sliding0( :re you beaten down with so$e heavy trial- Ha"e your fondest schemes been blown u#on yourfairest blossoms been withered in the bud7 Has wa"e after wa"e of trouble been rolling u#on you7 Has the .ord forgotten to be gracious7 Hear the (word of 2esus( resounding a$id the thic!est $idnight of gloo$ #enetrating e"en through the "aults of the dead (<elie"e only believe&( +here is an infinite reason for the trial so$e lur!ing thorn that re=uired re$o"al or so$e graciouslesson that re=uired teaching& +he dreadful se"ering blow was dealt in lo"e0 God will be glorified in it and your own soul $ade the better for it& Patiently wait until the light of immortality is reflected on a receding world& Here you $ust ta!e His dealings on trust& +he word of 2esus to you now is "6nly believe." +he word of 2esus in eternity Fe"ery inner $eaning and #ur#ose being unfoldedG (1id I not tell you that you will see God-s glory if you belie"e7( :re you fearful and agitated in the prospect of death- +hrough fear of the last ene$y ha"e you been all your lifeti$e sub6ect to bondage7 "6nly believe." (:s your day is so shall your strength be&( 1ying grace will be gi"en when a dying hour co$es0 In the dar! ri"er a sustaining arm will be underneath you dee#er than the dee#est and dar!est wa"e& <efore you !now it the dar!ness will be #ast the true .ight shining the whis#er of faith in the nether "alley& (<elie"e0 <elie"e0( will be exchanged for angel%"oices exclai$ing as you

enter the #ortals of glory (Do longer through a glass dar!ly but now face to face0( 8es0 2esus Hi$self had no higher re$edy for sin for sorrow and for suffering than those two words con"ey& :t the ut$ost extre$ity of His own distress and of His disci#leswretchedness He could only say (.et not your heart be troubled: you belie"e in God belie"e also in ,e&( <elie"e only belie"e& (.ord I belie"e hel# $y unbelief&(

THE GREAT CALM (Ae$e$ber the words of the )ord 5esus how He said ( " a"e courage! It is I--do not be afraid!" ,ar! B:;0 2esus li"es0 His #eo#le $ay dis#el their $isgi"ings%% for 6mnipotence treads the wa"es0 +o sense it $ay see$ at ti$es to be otherwise%%wayward accident and chance $ay a##ear to regulate hu$an allot$ents> but not so0 (+he .ord-s "oice is u#on the waters0( He sits at the hel$ guiding the te$#est%tossed bar! and guiding it well& How often does He co$e to us as He did to the disci#les in that $idnight hour when all see$s lost (in the fourth watch of the night ( when we least loo!ed for Hi$> or when li!e the shi#wrec!ed a#ostle (4hen neither sun nor stars a##eared for $any days and the stor$ continued raging we finally ga"e u# all ho#e of being sa"ed0( how often .ust at that moment, is the (word of 2esus( heard floating o"er the billows (+a!e courage0 It is I%%do not be afraid0( <elie"er are you in trouble- .isten to the voice in the storm (It is I%%do not be afraid0( +hat "oice li!e 2ose#h-s of old to his brethren $ay seem rough but there are gracious undertones of lo"e&"$t is $!" He see$s to say: (It was I who roused the stor$0 It is I who when it has done its wor! will calm it and say -Peace be still&- C"ery wa"e rolls at ,y

bidding e"ery trial is ,y a##oint$ent all ha"e so$e gracious end> they are not sent to dash you against the sun!en roc!s but to waft you nearer to Heaven!" Is it sic"ness- (I a$ He who ordained your sic!nesses> the weary wasted fra$e and the nights of languishing were sent by ,e0( Is it bereavement- (I a$ -the <rother- born for ad"ersity0 8our lo"ed and lost were #luc!ed away by ,e0( Is it death- (I a$ the -:bolisher of death - seated by your side to cal$ the wa"es of ebbing life0 It is I about to fetch ,y #ilgri$ home& It is ,y "oice that s#ea!s: the ,aster has co$e and calls for you0( Aeader you will ha"e reason yet to #raise your God for e"ery such storm! +his is the history of e"ery heavenly voyager (+6 He brings the$ to their desired ha"en&( "+o!" +hat word in all its un!nown and di"ersified $eaning is in His hand& He suits His dealings to e"ery case& "+o!" 4ith so$e it is through =uiet seas unfretted by one buffeting wa"e& "+o!" 4ith others it is ($ounting u# to hea"en and going down again to the dee#0( <ut whate"er is the leading and the disci#line here is the grand consu$$ation (+6 He brings the$ to their desired ha"en0( It $ight ha"e been with you the $oanings of an eternal night%blast no lull or #ause in the stor$& <ut soon the dar!ness will be #ast and the hues of $orn ti##ing the shores of glory0 :nd what then should your attitude be7 (.oo!ing unto 2esus0( .oo!ing away fro$ self and sin andhuman props and earthly refuges and confidences and fixing the eye of unwa"ering and unflinching faith on a reigning 5a"ior0 :h how a real =uic!ening sight of 3hrist dis#els all guilty fears0 +he Ao$an !ee#ers of old were frightened and beca$e as dead $en& +he lowly 2ewish wo$en were not afraid> why7 "$ "now that you see" 5esus!" Aeader let your weary s#irit fold itself to rest under the co$#osing (word( of a gracious 5a"ior saying (I

wait for the .ord $y soul does wait and in His 7ord do I ho#e&(

THE DYING LEGACY (Ae$e$ber the words of the )ord 5esus how He said ( "Peace $ leave with you, My peace $ give unto you/ not as the world gives, give $ unto you. )et not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid." 2ohn 14:2@ How we treasure the last sayings of a dying #arent0 How s#ecially cherished and $e$orable are his last loo"s and last words! Here are the last words the #arting legacy of a dying 5a"ior& It is a legacy of peace& 4hat #eace is this7 It is His own #urchase a #eace arising out of free forgi"eness through His #recious blood& It is sung in concert with (Glory to God in the highest( a #eace $ade as sure to us as eternal power and infinite love can $a!e it0 It is peace the soul needs that is nowhere else to be found but through the blood of His cross0 (<eing 6ustified by faith we have #eace with God&( (HC gi"es His belo"ed rest!( How different fro$ the false and counterfeit #eace in which so $any are content to li"e and content to die0 he world*s peace is all well so long as prosperity lasts so long as the strea$ runs s$ooth and the s!y is clear> but when the flood is at hand or the storm is gathering where is it7 It is gone! +here is no de#ending on its permanency& 'ften when the cu# is fullest there is the tre$bling a##rehension that in one brief $o$ent it $ay be dashed to the ground& +he soul $ay be saying to itself (Peace #eace>( but li!e the writing on the sand it $ay be obliterated by the first wave of adversity! <ut the #eace which 2esus gi"es is (not as the world gi"es&( +he #eace of the believer is dee# cal$ lasting

everlasting& +he world with all its blandish$ents cannot give it& +he world with all its "icissitudes and fluctuations cannot ta"e it away! +his #eace is brightest in the hour of trial> it lights u# the final "alley%gloo$& (,ar! the #erfect $an and behold the u#right for theend of that $an is #eace0( 8es0 how often is the belie"er-s deathbed li!e the dee# cal$ re#ose of a su$$er%e"ening-s s!y when all nature is hushed to rest> the de#arting soul li!e the "anishing sun #eacefully disa##earing only to shine in another and brighter uni"erse0 (I see$ ( said a 3hristian on his deathbed (to ha"e nothing to do but to wait: there is now nothing but peace, the sweetest peace&( <elie"er0 do you !now this peace which passes understanding- Is it ("eeping Fliterally -garrisoningas in a citadel-G your heart7( Ha"e you learned the blessedness of wa!ing u# $orning after $orning and feeling (I a$ at #eace with $y God0( 1o you !now the blessedness of beholding by faith the true :aron the great High Priest co$ing forth fro$ (the holiest of all( to (bless His #eo#le with #eace7( 4a"es of trouble $ay be $ur$uring around you but they cannot touch you0 8ou are in the roc"-crevice against which the fiercest tornado swee#s on by& 'h0 lea"e not the $a!ing of your #eace with God to a dying hour0 It will be a hard thing to s$ooth the death%#illow if #eace with God is left unsought until then& ,a!e sure of it now& He the true ,elchiEede! is willing now to co$e forth to $eet you with bread and wine e$ble$s of #eaceful gos#el blessings& :ll the (words of 2esus( are so $any strea$s contributing to $a!e your #eace flow as a ri"er (+hese things ha"e I s#o!en unto you that in ,e you $ight ha"e #eace&( (I will hear what God the .ord will s#ea! for He will s#ea! #eace unto His #eo#le and to His saints&(

THE SUPREME INVESTITURE (Ae$e$ber the words of the )ord 5esus how He said (

"&ll power in heaven and in earth is given unto 4e!" ,atthew 2/:1/ 4hat an e$#ire is this0 Hea"en and earth the 3hurch militant the 3hurch triumphant angels and archangels saints and sera#hs are under 3hrist-s su#re$e authority0 :t His $andate: thebillows were hushed ' demons crouched in terror the grave yielded its #rey0 (9#on His head aremany crowns!" He is $ade (Head o"er all things!" 8es0 o"er all things fro$ the $inutest to the $ightiest& He holds the stars in His right hand He wal!s in the $idst of the se"en golden candlestic!s feeding e"ery candlestic! with the oil of His grace and #reser"ing e"ery star in its s#iritual orbit& +he Prince of 1ar!ness has (a #ower ( but it is not an (all #ower&( 5atan is potent but notomnipotent& 3hrist holds hi$ on a chain0 He has set bounds that he $ay not #ass o"er& (5atan ( we read in the boo! of 2ob (went out Fwith #er$issionG fro$ the #resence of the .ord&( 5atan (desired( to ha"e Peter that he $ight (sift hi$>( but there was a $ightier agency at hand: ($ ha"e #rayed for you ( 2esus said to Peter (that your faith will not fail0( <elie"er how often is there nothing but this grace of 2esus between you and e"erlasting destruction0 +atan*s "ey $ay be fitting the loc! in your wayward heart but a stronger than the strong man is barring hi$ out0 +he #ower of the ad"ersary fanning the flame the '$ni#otence of 2esus =uenching it0 :re you e"en now feeling the strength of your corru#tions the wea"ness of your graces the #resence of so$e outward or inward te$#tation7 .oo! u# to Hi$ who has #ro$ised to $a!e His grace sufficient for you> (all%sufficiency in all things( is His #ro$ise& It is power too in con6unction with tenderness& He who sways the sce#ter of His uni"ersal e$#ire (gently leads( His wea! and weary and burdened ones0 He who counts the

nu$ber of thestars lo"es to count the nu$ber of their sorrows! Dothing is too great and nothing is tooinsignificant for Him! He #a"es His #eo#le-s #athway with lo"e0 <lessed 2esus0 $y e"erlasting interests cannot be in better or in safer !ee#ing than in 8ours& I can rely on the all-power of 8our Godhead& I can sweetly re6oice in the all-sympathy of 8our ,anhood& I can confidently re#ose in the all-wisdom of 8our dealings0 (5o$eti$es ( says one (we ex#ect the blessing in our own way ' but He chooses to bestow it inHis way&( <ut His way and His will $ust be the best0 Infinite love infinite power infinite wisdom are surely infallible guarantees0 Dothing can alter His purposes& His promises can ne"er fail& His7ord ne"er falls to the ground& (Hea"en and earth shall #ass away but ,8 4'A15 shall not #ass away0(

THE DIVINE GLORIFIER (Ae$e$ber the words of the )ord 5esus how He said ( "He will glorify Me, because He will ta"e from what is 4ine and declare it to you." 2ohn 1B:14 +he Holy 5#irit glorifies 2esus in the unfoldings of His person and His character and His wor" to His redee$ed people! +he 5#irit is the great ministering agent between the 3hurch on earth and its glorified Head in Hea"en& He carries ! to 3hrist the Intercessor on the throne the e"er%recurring needs and trials the perple,ities and sins of each belie"er0 :nd recei"ing out of His inexhaustible treasury of lo"e He carries "ow# to us: comfort for our sorrows strength for our tears fullness for our e$#tiness0

:nd this the one subli$e end and ob6ect of His gracious agency (He shall glorify 4e!" (4hen the 5#irit of truth co$es He will guide you into all the truth& )or He will not s#ea! on His own but He will s#ea! whate"er He hears&( ,y words of sy$#athy ,y o$ni#otent #leadings the tender $essages sent fro$ an unchanged Hu$an Heart all these shall He s#ea!& (He shall tell you ( says Goodwin co$$enting on this #assage (He shall tell you nothing but stories of ,y lo"e0( He will ha"e an ineffable delight in $agnifying ,e in the affections of ,y #eo#le and endearing ,e to their hearts0 He is worthy of credence for He is (the 5#irit of truth&( How faithful has He been in e"ery age to this His great office as (the glorifier of 2esus0( 5ee the first $anifestation of His #ower in the 3hristian 3hurch at the day of Pentecost& 4hat was the grand truth which for$s the focal #oint of interest in that un#aralleled scene and which brings three thousand stric!en #enitents to their !nees7 $t is the +pirit*s unfolding of 5esus glorifyingHim in eyes that before this saw in Hi$ no beauty0 Hear the !eynote of that ser$on #reached (in de$onstration of the 5#irit and with #ower ( (HI, has God exalted to be a Prince and a 5a"ior to gi"e re#entance to His #eo#le and forgi"eness of sins&( :h0 it is still the sa$e #eerless truth which the 5#irit delights to unfold to the stric"en sinner and in unfolding it to $a!e it $ighty to the #ulling down of strongholds& :ll these glorious inner beauties of 3hrist-s wor" and character are undiscerned and indiscernible by the natural eye& (It is the 5#irit who gi"es life&( (Do $an can call 2esus .ord but by the Holy 5#irit&( He is the great )orerunner a $ightier than the <a#tist #roclai$ing "1ehold the )amb of (od!" Aeader0 any bright and realiEing "iew you ha"e had of the 5a"ior-s glory and excellency is of the 5#irit-s i$#arting0 4hen in so$e hour of sorrow you ha"e been led to clea"e with #ree$inent consolation to the thought of the Aedee$er-s exalted sy$#athy His dying e"er%li"ing lo"e> or in the hour of death when you feel the sustaining #ower of His exceeding

great and #recious #ro$ises> what is this but the Holy 5#irit in fulfill$ent of His all%gracious office ta!ing of the things of 3hrist and showing the$ unto you0 +hus enabling you to $agnify Hi$ in your body whether it be by life or death0 :s your $otto should e"er be (9one but !hrist!" and your e"er%increasing as#iration (4ore of!hrist!" see! to bear in $ind who it is that is alone =ualified to i$#art the (excellency of this !nowledge&( (4hen the 3o$forter co$es the 'ne I will send to you fro$ the )ather the 5#irit of truth who #roceeds fro$ the )ather He will testify about 42!"

THE JOYFUL TRANSFORMATION (Ae$e$ber the words of the )ord 5esus how He said ( "Your sorrow shall be turned into .oy!" 2ohn 1B:20 3hrist-s #eo#le are a sorrowing #eo#le0 3hastise$ent is their badge> (great tribulation( is their a##ointed disci#line& 4hen they enter the gates of glory 3hrist is re#resented as wi#ing away tears fro$ their eyes& <ut wee#ing ones be co$forted0 8our .ord-s s#ecial $ission to earth the great errand He ca$e fro$ Hea"en to fulfill was (to bind u# the bro!enhearted&( 8our trials are meted out by a tender hand! He "nows you too well He loves you too well to $a!e this world tearless and sorrowless0 (+here $ust be rain and hail and stor$ ( says Autherford (in the saint-s cloud&( 4ere your earthly course strewed with flowers and nothing but sunbea$s #layed around your dwelling it would lead you to forget your nomadic life that you are but a #ilgri$ and so6ourner here& +he tent $ust at ti$es be struc! the $o"able tabernacle ta!en down #in by #in to enable you to say and to feel with the s#irit of a #ilgri$ (I desire a better country0(

,eanti$e while sorrow is your #ortion thin! of Hi$ who says (I !now your sorrows0( &ngels cannot say so they cannot sy$#athiEe with you for trial is a strange word to the$& <ut there is a$ightier than they who can. :ll He appoints for you and sends to you is in lo"e& +here is a #ro"ision and condition wra##ed u# in the boso$ of e"ery affliction "if need be!" 3o$ing fro$ Hishand sorrows and riches are to His #eo#le e8uivalent ter$s& If te$#ted to $ur$ur at their trials 'they often $ur$ur at disguised mercies& (4hy do you as! $e ( said one on his deathbed (what I li!e7 I a$ the .ord-s #atient I cannot but li!e everything which He does&( :nd then (your sorrow shall be turned into 6oy0( (+he $orning co$es( that bright $orning when the dew%dro#s collected during earth-s night of weeping shall s#ar!le in its bea$s> when in one blessed $o$ent a lifelong ex#erience of trial will be effaced and forgotten or re$e$bered only by contrast to enhance the fullness of the 6oys of i$$ortality0 4hat a re"elation of gladness0 +he map of time disclosed and e"ery little streamlet of sorrow e"ery river will be seen to ha"e been flowing heavenwards e"ery rough blast to ha"e been sending the shi# nearer the ha"en0 In that 6oy God Hi$self will #artici#ate& In the last (words of 2esus( to His #eo#le when they are standing by the triu$#hal archway of Glory ready to enter on their thrones and crowns He s#ea!s of their 6oy as if it were all His own. (Cnter into the .oy of your )ord&( Aeader $ay this 6oy be yours0 5it loose to the world*s 6oys& Ha"e a feeling of chastened gratitude and than!fulness when you ha"e the$> but beware of resting in the$ or in"esting the$ with a #er$anency which they cannot ha"e& 2esus had His eye on Heaven when He added (8our 6oy no $an ta!es fro$ you0(

THE OMNIPOTENT PRAYER (Ae$e$ber the words of the )ord 5esus how He said (

"0ather, $ will that those also, whom You have given 4e ' be with 4e where $ am# that they may behold 4y glory!" 2ohn 1@:24 +his is not the petition of a su##liant but the claim of a con8ueror! +here was only one re=uest He e"er $ade or e"er can $a!e that was refused> it was the #rayer wrung forth by the #resence and #ower of su#erhu$an anguish: ()ather if it is possible, let this cu# #ass fro$ ,e0( Had that #rayer been answered ne"er could one consolatory (word of 2esus( ha"e been ours& "$f it is possible" but for that gracious #arenthesis we $ust ha"e been lost fore"er0 In un$ur$uring sub$ission the bitter cu# was drained> all the dread #enalties of the law were borne the atone$ent co$#leted an all% #erfect righteousness wrought out> and now as the sti#ulated reward of His obedience and sufferings the :ictor clai$s His trophies& 4hat are they7 +hose who were given Hi$ by the )ather the countless $ultitudes redeemed by His blood& +hese He (wills( to be with Hi$ (where He is( the s#ectators of His glory and #arta!ers of His crown0 4ondrous word and will of a dying testator0 His last #rayer on earth is an i$#ortunate #leading for their glorification0 His #arting wish is to $eet the$ in Hea"en as if these earthly .ewels were needed to $a!e His crown co$#lete their ha##iness the co$#le$ent of His own0 Aeader0 learn fro$ this the grand ele$ent in the bliss of your future condition it is the presence of !hrist! (7ith 42 ' where I a$&( It $atters co$#arati"ely little as to the locality of Hea"en& (4e shall see Him as He is0( is (the blessed ho#e( of the 3hristian& Hea"en would be no Heaven without 2esus0 +he withdrawal of His #resence would be li!e the blotting out of the sun fro$ the s!ies> it would uncrown e"ery sera#h and unstring e"ery har#0 <ut blessed thought0 it is His own sti#ulation in His testa$entary #rayer that Cternity is to be s#ent in union and co$$union

with Himself,gaEing on the unfatho$ed $ysteries of His lo"e beco$ing $ore assi$ilated to His glorious i$age and drin!ing dee#er fro$ the botto$less ocean of His own 6oy0 If anything can enhance the $agnitude of this #ro$ised bliss it is the concluding words of the "erse in which He grounds His #lea for its bestow$ent: ($ will that they behold ,y glory>( why7 ()or 8ou lo"ed Fnot them butG ,C before the foundation of the world0( It is e=ui"alent to saying (If 8ou would gi"e 4e a continued #roof of 8our e"erlasting lo"e and fa"or to ,e it is by lo"ing and exalting ,y redee$ed #eo#le0 In lo"ing the$ and glorifying the$ 8ou are lo"ing and glorifying ,e so endearingly are their interests and ,y own bound u# together0( <elie"er thin! of that all-prevailing :oice at this $o$ent #leading for you within the "eil0 that o$ni#otent "0ather, $ will," securing e"ery needed blessing0 +here is gi"en so to s#ea! a blan"chec" by which He and His #eo#le $ay draw unli$ited su##lies out of the exhaustless treasury of the )ather-s grace and lo"e0 God Hi$self endorses it with the words (5on 8ou are e"er with ,e and all that I ha"e is 8ours&( How it would reconcile us to Carth-s bitterest sorrows and hallow Carth-s holiest 6oys if we saw the$ thus hanging on the (will( of an all%wise Intercessor who e"er #leads in lo"e and ne"er #leads in "ain0 (<e it unto $e according to 8'9A 4'A1&(

THE IMMUTABLE PLEDGE (Ae$e$ber the words of the )ord 5esus how He said ( "1ecause $ live ' you shall live also!" 2ohn 14:1* God so$eti$es selects the $ost stable and enduring ob6ects in the $aterial world to illustrate His unchanging faithfulness and lo"e to His 3hurch (:s the mountains are round about 2erusale$ so does the .ord co$#ass His #eo#le&( <ut here

the Aedee$er fetches an argu$ent fro$ His own everlasting nature. He sta!es so to s#ea! His own existence on that of His saints (1ecause $ live you shall li"e also0( <elie"er0 read in this (word of 2esus( your glorious title% deed& Your +avior lives and His life is the guarantee of your own& 'ur true 5oseph is ali"e0 He is our <rother& He tal!s !indly to us0 +hat life of His is all that is between us and e"erlasting ruin& <ut with 3hrist for our life how in"iolable our security0 +he great 0ountain of being $ust first be dried u# before the streamlet can& +he great+un $ust first be =uenched before one gli$$ering disciple which He lights u# with s#lendor can& 5atan $ust first #luc! the crown fro$ that glorified Head before he can touch one .ewel in the crown of His #eo#le& +hey cannot sha!e one pillar without first sha!ing the throne& "$f we perish,"says .uther "!hrist perishes with us!" Aeader0 is your life now (hidden with 3hrist in God7( 1o you !now the blessedness of a "ital and li"ing union with a li"ing life%gi"ing 5a"ior7 3an you say with hu$ble and 6oyous confidence a$id the fitfulness of your own e"er%changing fra$es and feelings (De"ertheless I li"e yet not I but 3hrist li"es in $e(7 "5esus lives!" +hey are the ha##iest words which a lost soul and a lost world can hear0 2ob four thousand years ago re6oiced in the$& (I !now ( says he (that I ha"e a living ;insman&( 2ohn in his Pat$os exile re6oiced in the$& (I a$ He who li"es( For the )iving 6neG was the si$#le but subli$e utterance with which he was addressed by that sa$e (Jins$an ( when He a##eared arrayed in the lusters of His glorified hu$anity& (+his is the record( Fas if there was a whole gos#el co$#rised in the state$entG (that God has gi"en to us eternal life and this life is in His 5on&( Paul in the /th cha#ter to the Ao$ans that finest #ortraiture of 3hristian character and #ri"ilege e"er drawn begins with (no condemnation ( and ends with (no separation&( 4hy (no se#aration7( <ecause the life of the belie"er is incor#orated with that of his adorable Head and

5urety0 +he colossal Heart of redee$ed hu$anity beats u#on the throne sending its $ighty #ulsations through e"ery $e$ber of His body0 5o that before the belie"er-s s#iritual life can be destroyed '$ni#otence $ust beco$e feebleness and I$$utability beco$e $utable0 <ut blessed 2esus (8our word is "ery sure therefore 8our ser"ant lo"es it&( (I gi"e unto the$ eternal life and they shall ne"er #erish neither shall any $an #luc! the$ out of ,y hand0(

THE ABIDING PRESENCE (Ae$e$ber the words of the )ord 5esus how He said ( "+urely, $ am with you always ' even unto the end of the world!" ,atthew 2/:20 5uch were (the words of 2esus( when He was 6ust about to ascend to Hea"en& +he $ediatorial throne was in "iew the har#s of glory were sounding in His ears> but all His thoughts are on thepilgrim !hurch He is to lea"e behind& His last words and benedictions are for them& (I go ( He see$s to say (to Hea"en to ,y #urchased crown to the fellowshi# of angels to the #resence of ,y )ather> but ne"ertheless surely I a$ with you always e"en unto the end of the world&( How faithfully did the :#ostles to who$ this #ro$ise was first addressed ex#erience its reality0 Hear the testi$ony of the belo"ed disci#le who had once leaned on his 1i"ine ,aster-s boso$ who (had heard and seen and loo!ed u#on Hi$&( +hat glorified boso$ was now hidden fro$ his sight> but does he s#ea! of an absent .ord and of His fellowshi# only a$ong the holy memories of the #ast7 Do0 with re6oicing e$#hasis he can exclai$ (+ruly our fellowshi# is with 5esus !hrist!" :$id so $uch that is fleeting here how the heart clings to this assurance of the abiding presence of the +avior! 'ur best earthly friends a few wee!s $ay estrange the$0 <ut centuries ha"e rolled on 3hrist is still the sa$e0 How

blessed to thin! that if I a$ indeed a child of God there is not the lonely instant I a$ without His guardianshi#0 4hen the bea$s of the morning "isit $y cha$ber the brighter bea$s of a brighter 5un are shining u#on $e& 4hen the shadows of evening are gathering around (it is not night if He the unsetting -5un of $y soul - is near0( His is no fitful co$#anionshi# #resent in prosperity but gone in adversity& He ne"er changes& He is always the sa$e in sic!ness and solitude in 6oy and in sorrow in life and in death0 Dot $ore faithfully did the pillar-cloud and column of fire of old #recede Israel until the last $ur$uring ri##le of 2ordan fell on their ears on the shores of 3anaan than does the #resence and lo"e of 2esus abide with His #eo#le0 Has His word of promise e"er #ro"ed false7 .et the great cloud of witnesses now in glory testify& (9ot one thing has failed of all that the .ord our God has s#o!en0( his (word of the .ord is tried0( (ha"ing lo"ed His own who were in the world He lo"ed the$unto the end!" <elie"er0 are you troubled and tempted- 1o dar" providences and severe afflictions see$ to belie the truth and reality of this gracious assurance7 :re you ready with Gideon to say (If the .ord is indeed with us then why has all this befallen us7( <e assured He has so$e faithful end in "iew& <y the re$o"al of #riEed and cherished earthly #ro#s and refuges He would unfold $ore of His own tenderness& :$id the wrec! and ruin of earthly 6oys which it $ay be the grave has hidden fro$ your sight 'ne nearer dearer tenderer still would ha"e you say of Hi$self ( he )ord lives0 <lessed be $y Aoc! and let the God of $y sal"ation be exalted0( (+han!s be to God who always$a!es us to triu$#h in 3hrist&( 8es0 and ne"er $ore so than when stri##ed of all co$#eting ob6ects of creature affection we are left li!e the disci#les on the $ount with "5esus only!"(+hese things ha"e I s#o!en unto you that in ,e you $ight ha"e #eace.(


(Ae$e$ber the words of the )ord 5esus how He said ( "$ am the resurrection, and the life! He who believes in 4e, though he were dead ' yet shall he live!" 2ohn 11:2; 4hat a "oice is this brea!ing o"er a world which for six thousand years has been a dormitory of sin and death! )or four thousand of these years heathendom could obser"e no light through the bars of the grave# her oracles were s#eechless on the great doctrine of a future state and $ore es#ecially regarding the body-s resurrection& C"en the 2ewish 3hurch under the 'ld +esta$ent dis#ensation see$ed to en6oy little $ore than fitful and uncertain glimmerings li!e $en gro#ing in the dar!0 It re=uired death*s great &bolisher to show to a benighted world the lu$inous (#ath of life&( 4ith Hi$ rested the (bringing in of a better ho#e( the unfolding of (the $ystery which had been hidden fro$ ages and generations&( ,ar"elous disclosure0 that this $ortal fra$e deco$#osed and resol"ed into its original dust shall yet rise fro$ its ashes re$odeled and reconstructed (a glorified body0( Dot li!e (the earthly tabernacle( Fa $ere shifting and $o"able tent, as the word denotesG but incorru#tible i$$ortal0 +he beauteous transfor$ation of the butterfly fro$ its e$bryo state the buried seed s#ringing u# fro$ its tiny gra"e to the full%eared corn or gorgeous flower these are nature*s mute utterances as to the #ossibility of this great truth which re=uired the unfoldings of (a $ore sure word of #ro#hecy&( <ut the (ospel has fully re"ealed what Reason in her loftiest i$aginings could not ha"e drea$t of0 2esus (has brought life and i$$ortality to light0( He the <right and ,orning 5tar has (turned the shadow of death into the $orning0( He gi"es in His own resurrection the pledge of that of His #eo#le He is the first-fruits of the immortal harvest yet to be gathered into the garner of Hea"en0 Precious truth0 +his (word of 2esus( s#ans li!e a celestial rainbow the entrance to the dar" valley& 1eath is robbed of its

sting0 In the case of e"ery child of God the gra"e holds in custody precious dust because it is redee$ed0 1o not tal! of it as being co$$itted to an earthly tomb! It is loc!ed u# rather in the cas"et of (od until the day (when He $a!es u# His 6ewels ( when it will be fashioned in deathless beauty li!e unto the glorified body of the Aedee$er0 :ngels $eanwhile are co$$issioned to !ee# watch o"er it until the tru$#et of the archangel shall #roclai$ the great (resurrection of creation&( +hey are the (rea#ers ( waiting for the world-s great (Har"est Ho$e ( when 2esus Hi$self shall co$e again not as He once did hu$iliated and in sorrow but re6oicing in the thought of bringing bac! all His redeemed sheaves with Hi$0 :fflicted and berea"ed 3hristian0 you who $ay be $ourning in bitterness o"er those who ha"e died re6oice through your tears in these ho#es (full of i$$ortality&( +he sil"er cord is only (loosed ( not bro"en& Perchance as you stand in the cha$ber of death or by the brin! of the gra"e in the de#ths of that awful solitude and silence which reigns around this $ay be your #lainti"e and $ournful solilo=uy (5hall the dust #raise 8ou7( 8es it shall! +his "ery dust shall through eternity #raise its redee$ing God it shall #roclai$ His truth0 (.ord to who$ shall we go but to 8ou> 8ou ha"e the 4'A15 of C+CAD:. .I)C&(

THE LITTLE WHILE (Ae$e$ber the words of the )ord 5esus how He said ( "$n a little while ' you will see 4e no more# and then after a little while ' you will see 4e!" 2ohn 1B:1B .ong see$ the $o$ents when we are separated fro$ the friend we lo"e& :n absent brother how his return is loo!ed and longed for0 +he (Clder <rother( the (.i"ing Jins$an( sends a $essage to His waiting 3hurch and #eo#le a word of solace telling that soon F(in a little while(G and He will be bac! again ne"er again to lea"e the$0

+here are indeed blessed $o$ents of co$$union which the belie"er en6oys with His belo"ed .ordnow# but how fitful and transient0 oday life is a brief C$$aus 2ourney the soul ha##y in the #resence and lo"e of an unseen 5a"ior& omorrow He is gone# and the bereft s#irit is led to interrogate itself in #lainti"e sorrow (4here is now your God7( C"en when there is no such ex#erience of dar!ness and de#ression how $uch there is in the world around to fill the belie"er with sadness0 His )ord re6ected and disowned His love s#urned His providences slighted Hisname blas#he$ed His creation groaning and tra"ailing in #ain disunion too a$ong His #eo#le His lo"ing heart wounded in the house of His friends0 <ut in 6ust a little while all this mystery of ini8uity will be finished0 +he absent <rother-s footfall will soon be heard no longer (as a wayfaring $an who turns aside to tarry for a night ( but to recei"e His #eo#le into the permanent ($ansions( His lo"e has been #re#aring and fro$ which they shall ne"er lea"e0 'h blessed day0 when creation will #ut on her resurrection robes when her .ord so long dishonored will be enthroned a$id the Hosannas of a re6oicing uni"erse angels lauding Hi$ saints crowning Hi$> and sin, the dar" plague-spot on His universe extinguished fore"er death swallowed u# in eternal "ictory0 :nd it is but (in a little while0( (8et in a little while ( we elsewhere read (and He who shall co$e will co$e and will not tarry&( (He will stay not a $o$ent longer ( says Goodwin (than He has dis#atched all our business in Hea"en for us&( 4ith what 6oy will He send His $ission%:ngel with the announce$ent (the little while is at an end0( and to issue the in"itation to the great festi"al of glory "!ome! 0or all things are now ready!" 3hild of sorrow0 thin! often of this (little while." (+he days of your $ourning will soon be ended&( +here is a limit set to your suffering ti$e (:fter you ha"e suffered for a while&( C"ery wave is nu$bered between you and the ha"en> and

then when that ha"en is reached oh what an a#ocaly#se of glory0 +he (little while( of ti$e $erged into the great and unending "while" of eternity! to be forever with the )ord the sa$e unchanged and unchanging 5a"ior0 (In a little while and you shall see 4e!" 4ould that the eye of faith $ight be !e#t $ore intently fixed on (that glorious a##earing0( How the world with its guilty fascinations tries to di$ and obscure this blessed ho#e0 How the heart is #rone to throw out its tendrils into the earth and get the$ rooted in so$e perishable ob6ect0 Aeader0 see! to dwell $ore habitually on this the grand consummation of all your dearest wishes! (5tand on the edge of your nest #lu$ing your wings for flight0(

THE BEATIFIC VISION (Ae$e$ber the words of the )ord 5esus how He said ( "1lessed are the pure in heart/ for they shall see (od!" ,atthew ;:/ Here is Hea"en0 +his (word of 2esus( re#resents the future state of the glorified to consist not in locality but in character> the essence of its bliss is the full vision and fruition of (od! 'ur attention is called away fro$ all "ague and indefinite theories about the circumstantials of future ha##iness& +he one grand o$%e&' of conte$#lation the (glory which excels ( is the sight of (od Himself! +he one grand #ractical (e))o# enforced on His #eo#le is the culti"ation of that #urity of heart without which none could see or Fe"en could we su##ose it #ossible to be ad$itted to seeHi$G none could en.oy God0 Aeader ha"e you attained any of this heart%#urity and heart% #re#aration7 It has been beautifully said that (the o#enings of the streets of Hea"en are on earth&( C"en here we $ay en6oy in the #ossession of holiness so$e foretaste of

co$ing bliss& 4ho has not felt that the ha##iest $o$ents of their li"es were those of close wal!ing with God nearness to the $ercy%seat whenself was surrendered and the eye was directed to the glory of 2esus with $ost single unwa"ering undi"ided ai$7 7hat will Heaven be but the entire surrender of the soul to Hi$ without any bias to e"il without the fear of corru#tion within echoing to te$#tation without> e"ery thought brought into ca#ti"ity to the obedience of 3hrist> no contrariety to His $ind> all in blessed unison with His will0 :nd the whole being impregnated with holiness/ the intellect ' #urified and ennobled consecrating all its #owers to His ser"ice> the memory a holy re#ository of #ure and hallowed recollections> theaffections without one co$#eting ri"al #urged fro$ all the dross of earthliness> the love of (od the one su#re$e ani$ating #assion> the glory of (od the $oti"e #rinci#le interfused through e"ery thought feeling and action of the life i$$ortal0 In one word the heart a clear fountain nosediment to di$ its #urity (no angel of sorrow( to co$e and trouble the #ool0 +he long night of lifeo"er and this is the glory of the eternal morrow which follows it: (I shall be satisfied when I awa!e with 8our li!eness0( 8es this is Hea"en sub6ecti"ely and ob6ecti"ely purity of heart and "(od all in all!" ,uch doubtless there $ay and will be of a subordinate !ind to intensify the bliss of the redee$ed: co$$union with saints and angels> re%ad$ission into the society of death%di"ided friends& <ut all these will fade before the great central glory/ (God Hi$self shall be with the$ and be their God0 +hey shall see His face0( <elie"ers ha"e been a#tly called -sunflowers- turning their faces as the sunflower towards the+un of Righteousness> and hanging their lea"es in sadness and sorrow when that +un is away& It will be in Hea"en that the emblem is co$#lete& here, e"ery flower in the hea"enly garden will be turned God%wards bathing its tints of lo"eliness in the all% excelling glory of God0 Aeader $ay it be yours to !now all

the $ar"els contained in these few glowing words (4e shall be li!e Hi$ for we shall see Hi$ as He is0( (:nd e"ery $an who has this ho#e in Hi$ purifies hi$self e"en as He is #ure&(

THE MANY MANSIONS (Ae$e$ber the words of the )ord 5esus how He said ( "$n 4y 0ather*s house are many mansions!" 2ohn 14:2 4hat a -ho$e as#ect- there is in this (word of 2esus0( He co$forts His 3hurch by telling those whose wilderness wanderings will soon be finished that the tented tabernacle suited to their #resent #robation%state will be exchanged for an enduring ($ansion0( Dor will it be a strange dwelling but a 0ather*s home0 : 0ather*s welcome awaits the$0 +here will be acco$$odation for all God-s redee$ed #eo#le& +housands ha"e already entered #atriarchs #ro#hets saints $artyrs young and old and still there is roo$0 +he pilgrim*s motto on earth is (Here on earth we ha"e no continuing city&( C"en (5abbath tents( $ust be ta!en down& Holy seasons of co$$union $ust ter$inate& (:rise let us go fro$ here0( is a su$$ons which disturbs the sweetest $o$ents of tran=uility in the 3hurch below& <ut in Heaven,e"ery belie"er beco$es a pillar in the te$#le of God and (he shall go out no $ore&( Here on earth it is but the lodging of a wayfarer turning aside to tarry for the brief night& Here we are buttemporary tenants our #ossessions are all transient ours today but gone to$orrow0 <ut these $any ($ansions( are an incorruptible and eternal inheritance0 Dothing can touch the hea"enly inheritance& 'nce within our )ather-s house and we are in His house fore"er0 +hin! too of 2esus gone to prepare these $ansions (I go to #re#are a #lace for you&( 4hat a wondrous thought 2esus now busied in Hea"en on His 3hurch-s behalf0 He can find

no abode in all His wide do$inions befitting as a #er$anent dwelling for His ransomed ones& He says (I will $a!e a new hea"en and a new earth& I will establish a s#ecial !ingdo$ eternal $ansions ex#ressly for those I ha"e redee$ed with ,y blood0( Aeader let the #ros#ect of a dwelling in this (house of the .ord fore"er ( reconcile you to any of theroughness or difficulties in your present path to your #ilgri$ provision and #ilgri$ fare& .et the distant beacon light that so cheeringly s#ea!s of a Home, brighter and better far than the ha##iest of earthly ones lead you to forget the intervening billows or to thin! of the$ only as wafting you nearer to your desired glorious haven! (4ould ( says a saint who has now entered on his rest (that one could read and write and #ray and eat and drin! and co$#ose one-s self to slee# as with the thought soon $ will be in Heaven, and that forever and ever!" (,y )ather-s house0( How $any a de#arting s#irit has been cheered and consoled by the sight of these glorious ,ansions loo$ing through the mists of the dar" valley of death the tears of wee#ing friends rebu!ed by the gentle chiding (If you lo"ed ,e you would re6oice because I said I go to 4y 0ather!" De*'h '+ (, -) $ ' 'he e#'+*#&e 'o o + F*'he+.) ho )e/ 4e s#ea! of the (shadow of death" it is only the shadow which falls on the #ortico as we stand for a $o$ent !noc!ing at the longed%for gate0 +hen next a )ather-s "oice of welcome is heard "+on! you are always to be with 4e, and all that $ have is yours!"

THE PROMISED RETURN (Ae$e$ber the words of the )ord 5esus how He said ( "$ will come again--and receive you unto 4yself# that where I am--there you may be also!" 2ohn 14:3

:nother (word of #ro$ise( concerning the 3hurch-s (blessed ho#e&( 'r#haned #ilgri$s dry your tears0 5oon the ,orning Hour will stri!e and the sighs of a groaning and burdened creation will be heard no $ore0 Carth-s six thousand years of toil and sorrow are waning> the eternal 5abbath is at hand0 2esus will soon be heard to re#eat concerning all His slee#ing saints what He said of old regarding one of the$: "$ go to awa"e him out of sleep!" 8our belo"ed .ord-s first co$ing was in hu$iliation and woe> His na$e was (the ,an of 5orrows>( He had to tra"el on His blood%stained #ath a$id dar!ness and desertion> a crown of thorns was the only crown He bore0 <ut soon He will co$e (the second ti$e without a sin%offering unto sal"ation ( ne"er again to lea"e His 3hurch but to recei"e those who followed Hi$ in His cross to be e"erlasting #arta!ers with Hi$ in His glorious crown0 He $ay see$ to tarry& +he natural world in her un"arying and unde"iating se=uences gi"es no indication of His a##roach& 3enturies ha"e ela#sed since He uttered the #ro$ise and still He lingers> the e"erlasting hills wear no strea! of a##roaching dawn> we see$ to listen in "ain for the noise of His chariot wheels& (<ut the .ord is not slac! concerning His #ro$ise>( He gi"es you (this #ro$ise( in addition to $any others as a "eepsa"e a pledge and guarantee for the certainty of His return "$ will come again!" 4ho can concei"e all the surpassing blessedness connected with His second co$ing7 +he 2lder 1rother arri"ed to fetch the younger brethren ho$e0 +he true 5oseph re"ealing Hi$self in tenderness to the brethren who were once estranged fro$ Hi$ (recei"ing the$ to Hi$self( not satisfied with a##ortioning a "ingdom for the$ but as if all His own 6oy and bliss were inter$ingled with theirs (4here $ a$ ( says He (there you $ust be also&( (He who o"erco$es I will grant to sit with 4e on 4y hrone!"

<elie"er can you now say with so$e of the holy trans#ort of the a#ostle (4ho$ ha"ing not seen we lo"e(7 4hat $ust it be when you co$e to see Him "face to face," and that forever and ever!If you can tell of #recious hours of co$$union in a sin%stric!en woe%worn world with a treacherous heart and an i$#erfect or di"ided lo"e then what $ust it be when you co$e in a sinless sorrowless state with #urified and renewed affections to see the Jing in His beauty0 +he letter of an absent brother as cheering and consolatory as it is is a #oor co$#ensation for the 6oys of personal and visible co$$union with hi$& +he absent Clder <rother on the +hrone s#ea!s to you now only by His 4ord and 5#irit soon you shall be ad$itted to His i$$ediate fellowshi# seeing Hi$ (as He is( He Hi$self unfolding the wondrous chart of His providence and grace leading you about fro$ fountain to fountain a$ong the li"ing waters and with His own gentle hand wiping the last lingering teardrop from your eye! Heaven is an everlasting home with 5esus! (4here I a$ there you $ay be also0( He has added a cheering #ostscri#t to this #ro$ise on which He has caused us to ho#e: (He which testifies these things says surely $ come 8uic"ly!"

THE CLOSING BENEDICTION (Ae$e$ber the words of the )ord 5esus how He said ( "1lessed are those servants, whom the )ord when He comes ' shall find watching!" .u!e 12:3@ 3hild of God0 is this your attitude as the e,pectant of your .ord-s a##earing7 :re your loins girded and your lights burning7 If the cry were to brea! u#on your ears this day (<ehold the <ridegroo$ co$es0( could you 6oyfully res#ond (8es this is $y God I ha"e waited for Hi$0(

4HCD He $ay co$e we cannot tell ages $ay ela#se before then. It $ay be centuries before our gra"es are gilded with the bea$s of a ,illennial sun> but while He may or $ay not co$e soon Hemust co$e at so$e ti$e yes and the day of our death ' is "irtually to all of us the day of His coming. Aeader0 do not #ut off the sole$n #re#aration& 1o not be decei"ed or deluded with the $oc!er-s #resu$#tuous challenge (4here is the #ro$ise of His co$ing7( 5ee to it that the entice$ents of an engrossing world do not foster this #rocrastinating s#irit& It $ay be now or never with you& 1o not #ut off your sowing ti$e until harvest ti$e0 .ea"e nothing for a dying hour ' but to die,and cal$ly to resign your s#irit into the hands of 2esus& 'f all ti$es that is the least suitable: to atte$#t to get the "essel filled with oil> to attend to the great business of life when life is ebbing> to tri$ the la$# when the oil is finished and it is flic!ering in its soc!et> to begin to watch when the summons is heard to lea"e the watchtower to $eet our God0 4ere you e"er struc! how often a$id the $any gentle words of 2esus the su$$ons (to watch( is o"er and o"er re#eated to rouse a sleeping !hurch and a slumbering world- .et this last (4ord( of your .ord-s send you to your !nees with the =uestion "&m $ indeed a servant of !hrist-" Ha"e I fled to Hi$ and a$ I re#osing in Hi$ as $y only 5a"ior7 'r a$ I still lingering li!e .ot when I should be esca#ing7 :$ I only sleeping when I should be wa!ing7 :$ I only neglecting andtrifling when (a long eternity is lying at $y door0( If I neglect Him who is $y last and only refuge then all is lost! <elie"er0 you who are standing on your watchtower be $ore faithful than e"er at your #ost& Ae$e$ber what is i$#lied in watching& It is no drea$y state of inacti"e tor#or0 It is a holy 6ealousy o"er the heart wa!eful "igilance regarding sin e"ery a"enue and loo#hole of the soul carefully guarded0 Holy living is the best the only #re#arati"e for holy

dying! (Persuade yourself ( says Autherford (that the Jing is co$ing& Aead His letter sent before Hi$: 1ehold $ come 8uic"ly!" .et these "7ords of 5esus" we ha"e now been $editating u#on in this little "olu$e be as the(olden 1ells of old hung on the "est$ents of the officiating High Priest e$itting sweet sounds to His spiritual $srael telling that the true High Priest is still li"ing and #leading in (the Holiest of all>( and that soon He will co$e forth to #our His blessing on His waiting 3hurch& 4e ha"e been #leasingly e$#loyed in gathering u# a few (cru$bs( falling fro$ (the ,aster-s table&( 5oon we shall ha"e not the "7ords" but the Presence of 2esus not the crumbs falling fro$ His table but everlasting fellowship with the 4aster Himself! (:$en e"en so co$e .ord 2esus0(

$alatians 3455657 8'ut the ruit o the %(irit is love, &oy, (eace, or!earance, kindness, goodness, aith ulness, gentleness and sel 6control. #gainst such things there is no law.9

"Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows." ~ Galatians 6:7 ~