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Truth about Youth Hostels
In August 1909, the German teacher Richard Schirrmann had been caught in a violent thunderstorm on an 8 -day hi e !ith his students and "ound shelter in a barn by a "armer# $hile the students !ere aslee%, Schirrmann !as a!a e all night# &he thought suddenly attac ed him , ' (ou)d have %laces to create movement !ith a secure and a""ordable overnight stay cheer"ul young %eo%le and students# ' He %ublished this idea "or the "irst time in 1910 in an essay on ' *o sschuelerherbergen ' + ' ,lementary school students accommodation ' .G Accomodation Ahmedabad ' ### ,ven the boys and girls o" the common man must %ractice "resh merry moving as counter!eight "or the room stool time o" their school time ### ho! can I imagine no! a%%ro%riate and su""icient accommodation "or the enormous army o" elementary school / ### every city and almost every village has a %rimary school, !hich almost !aits in holidays !ith em%ty s%ace "or them in a bedroom and a dining room "or movement cheer"ul children are trans"ormed # &!o classrooms are su""icient , one "or boys , one "or girls # ban s are %artially set one above the other# gives "ree s%ace "or the list o" 10 beds #### each cam% consists o" a tightly %lugged !ith stra! mattress and %illo!s, 1 sheets and a blan et ### each child is sto%%ed , its storage s%ace to bring bac in order "inely neat ### ' A"ter %ublication o" this essay in the ' 2ologne Ga3ette ' +2ologne 4e!s%a%er - numerous money and gi"t in ind and o""ers o" su%%ort came "rom all over Germany # In 1911, the "irst hostel o" Altenia 2astle , Germany !as o%ened 1 bedrooms !ith 5 - storey solid !ood beds, a dayroom, itchen , laundry and sho!er rooms6 &he "irst youth hostel !as arranged according to the %lans Schirrmann # 7irst hostel !arden !as Richard Schirrmann # He lived right across the hostel rooms# In the same year Schirrmann %ublished the "irst hostel list o" about 180 addresses# In many o" these accommodations , ho!ever !ere not even basics o" accommodations , eg "or girls !ere nothing#

In 1915 !ere already 501 youth hostels in to!ns and villages # A year later a 050 counted# In 1910, the "irst issue o" the 9ournal ' (outh ' !as %ublished , and !ith around :00 addresses the "irst manual !ith addresses by youth hostels !ere %ublished # 7rom 1918-1919 !ith the "irst lottery in "avor o" the youth hostels 1#0 million realm ;ar s !ere recovered# In 1951, already had 1,115 hostels in Germany # ;ore than 8#0 million overnight stays in %lace # <ut more than =00 hostels !ere already o%ened at the end o" the t!enties in other countries , such as .oland, Holland , 7rance, ,ngland and S!it3erland# .aying Guest in Ahmedabad >n 10 >ctober !as created in 1951 in Amsterdam in the %resence o" land agencies "rom S!it3erland , 23echoslova ia, .oland, the 4etherlands , 4or!ay , ?enmar , Great <ritain, Ireland , 7rance and <elgium, the International (outh Hostel 7ederation + Hostelling International - # &he association has its seat today in $el!yn Garden 2ity near @ondon# Richard Schirrmann !as elected as %resident# 2on"erence language !as German # &he neAt con"erence in 1955 also Isabel and ;onroe Smith %artici%ated "rom the B#S## $ithin a year they could o%en thirty youth hostels in the Bnited States# Also in 1955 the 4ational Socialists came to %o!er in Germany # All %olitical and religious youth combinations !ere dissolved and re%laced by a system o" "orced uni"ormed youth organi3ation under the leadershi% o" the ' Reich (outh @eadershi% #' Richard Schirrmann must resign as chairman o" the German youth hostel "actory # He !as not im%ressed by the idealistic elements o" the ne! movement and became the honorary %resident o" the Reichsverband"Cr German youth hostels# A decision he later bitterly regret # In 195=, "or %olitical reasons, it had come to brea !ith the International (outh Hostel 7ederation # In 198:, a"ter the end o" $orld $ar II , 18: hostels !ith 1#1080 million overnight stays !ere counted again in Germany # 7rom 1989-1990 also in the G?R develo%ed an eAtensive net!or o" hostels # Initially run as associations, later these !ere state institutions led the youth to become# &he eAisting organi3ations !ere dissolved# In 19=0, the youth !ere in the 7ederal Re%ublic# ;ore than :10 houses reali3ed 11,500,511 overnight stays# $ere created in 1990 a"ter the end o" the G?R and in the ne! states o" the 7ederal Re%ublic Hostel associations# In 4ovember, these associations o" the German (outh Hostel Association closed # (outh today

$orld!ide, there are more than 8,000 hostels in =0 countries, !ith more than =00 in Germany alone# &he hostels in Germany o""er their guests more than an ineA%ensive overnight stay# In addition to small, co3y old buildings or the eA%erience in castles and residences you also "ind many houses in scenic environments and in large cities# Radha rishnahostels is %rovide accommodation in ahmedabad li e "emale accommodation and %ayingguest Ahmedabad