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Corporate Finance and Strategic Advisory

"#$% &'()* +,,#$'-*. /,012 34-*,1,#2* 5 6)22#'

NOViROST is auvising an agiicultuial company in Cential Russia ("the Company") to iaise $1S
million in equity to uevelop a high value, high maigin, veitically integiateu anu iiiigateu ciops
enteipiise (potatoes, vegetables, anu ceieals anu pulse seeus).

Shaieholueis have signeu N00s to acquiie two going conceins with 6,uuu ha of aiable lanu
unuei long lease with a puichase option. The Company seeks a stiategic oi financial paitnei to
uevelop the business into a leauing agiicultuial enteipiise in the Cential Black Eaith iegion
supplying a specializeu maiket of potentially S8 million consumeis within a Suu km iauius.



! /(*', 9',:*- ;110,-)4#-< #4 $,0=#4$ >)- )4.*,2*,7*. ?08*2-#@
9',:*-A Significant auvantages fiom eaily stage entiy wheie the Company
will become a leauei in the piouuction of high quality potatoes anu
vegetables, anu ceitifieu ceieals anu pulse seeus.

! 381%'2#2 04 "#$% &'()* "#$% 9',$#4 /,012A Potato anu vegetable
maikets in Russia exceeu $1u billion annually. Russia is laigest maiket foi
commeicial potato seeu in Euiope. Ceieal anu pulse seeu maikets laigely
untappeu; estimateu tiaue value exceeus $1.4 billion pei annum.

! &*,-#@'((< #4-*$,'-*. >)2#4*22 80.*(A Nouein stoiage will enable access
to seasonal maiket peaks anu optimal piicing.

! B)(( C#*(. D0-*4-#'( -0 >* '@%#*7*. =#-%#4 -%,** <*',2E

! 3F+G?H 102#-#7* I,08 C*', ;4*: Sustainable EBITBA ovei $12 million on
sales of $S4 million pei annum. Piojecteu enteipiise valuation S times
equity at Yeai S.

! "#$%(< 3J1*,#*4@*. 9'4'$*8*4- G*'8: 0vei Su yeais' combineu
expeiience in Russia. 0nique anu pioven tiack iecoiu in laige faim
uevelopment in Russia.

! K@'('>#(#-<: Investment is fiist phase of a planneu laigei scale veitically
integiateu piouuction anu piocessing enteipiise. 0ffeis an excellent
platfoim to entei anu expanu into Russian agiicultuie.

! L0= 34-,< /02- 0I L'4.A The piocesses of acquiiing, assembling anu
iegisteiing lanu aie complete. 0ption to extenu lease oi conveit to fieeholu.

! 3J1'42#04 ;110,-)4#-#*2A Taigeteu giowth to 2u,uuu ha within S-7 yeais.
Significant oppoitunities in uownstieam paitneiships.

! 3J#- ;1-#042 within S-7 yeais thiough hoiizontal meigei, sale to stiategic
faiming oi piocessing gioups, oi IP0.


B0)4.*,2 0II*,
3J1*,#*4@* #4

! Founueis aie inteinational CIS-focuseu faim uevelopment company.

! 0nique tiack iecoiu in Russia: co-founueu anu executeu 47,uuu ha faim
uevelopment in Cential Russia. Legal team has manageu acquisition of ovei
12u,uuu ha of faimlanu in Russia.

! Team offeis unpaialleleu expeitise in Black Eaith faiming management,
local loan subsiuy schemes, as well as pioven ability to uevelop local
management anu key specialists.

! Extensive expeiience woiking with piivate equity investois.

B0@)2 04
9',:*-2 5
)4'II*@-*. ><
'4. 8',:*-

! Stiategic focus on uomestic maikets: Noscow anu key iegional centeis.
Potentially S8 million consumeis within Suu km iauius.

! Stiategy avoius oi minimizes impact of goveinment maiket inteiventions
anu global commouity fluctuations.

! Significant Naiket Scale: potato anu vegetable maikets exceeu $1u billion
annually; ceieal anu pulse seeu maikets potentially $1.4 billion pei annum.

! Bigh quality seeu sectoi laigely untappeu in Russia.


! Shaieholueis seek stiategic oi financial investois to invest $1S.u million foi
8S% of equity.

! Investment thiough Cypius holuing company anu Russian opeiating

! Investment to be subject to shaieholueis agieement with piotections anu
iestiictions typical foi a tiansaction of this natuie.

! Tiansaction is flexible to suit neeus of the investoi.


SALES 6.8 16.9 2S.u 29.2 S4.S
EBITBA 2.S 6.2 1u.u 11.7 1S.S
CASB FL0W (8.1) (1.u) u.S S.7 9.7
Lanu Cultivateu 6,uuu ha 6,uuu ha 8,Suu ha 9,Suu ha 1u,uuu ha

The Company has manuateu NOViROST as theii auvisoi foi the tiansaction. Foi fuithei
infoimation, please contact:

Noscow, Russia
Nobile + 7 91S 2u1-S244
Telephone + 7 49S 691-S2S1
Email ian.luytÇnoviiost.com

NOViROST Limited provides corporate finance and strategic advisory services to mid-cap investments in Russia and
the CIS, and other emerging markets, with a specialization in food, agribusiness, bio-energy and forestry. We offer a
unique blend of capital markets skills combined with extensive business expertise in these sectors.