Identify the most crucial problem with respect to workforce in this case?

The most crucial problem with respect to workforce is extra workforce in other units which is Reducing productivity per person .The very fact is these people does not have jobs to do in units and in a way company has to bear cost of those employees whose contribution is minimal. And worst part is even government has set up safeguards with respect to workers that no employee can be retrenched. Over all situations looking through to be in, as managements hands are tied up by agreement with government

What steps has HLL taken to bring changes in employee’s attitude?
When HLL acquired MFL they knew they are up for challenge as it was PSU and they knew what short of work culture that people in MFL follow, which is very different than of HLL. The problems were many as follows:Unruly workers Late comers Indiscipline Idling workers Scores of peons Following steps were taken by HLL to bring changes in employee’s attitude The tram HLL stand on entrance door of units to greet employees at 9.30 am so that it’s become habit, and the wanted to do in most humanly fashion without and notice, punishment, or threat .it was done to increase punctuality of staff HLL followed simple principle –go by rule book. But implementation was missing so they started implementing They ask everyone to report on time in unit Fixed number of people works in assembly line Shift hours One has to take permission to go out And To maintain quality check, one has to stick to rule book And HLL established 14 member integration team which started leading by example They them self-come on time, eat in modest canteen, go out to smoke, and often walk personally to hand over files than sending across peons So this has tickle down effect ,now workers from MFL also started using company canteen which started serving cleaned and better meals ,smoking in office stopped ,peon no longer push files which mean fewer hands doing same job They give training and counseling to employee to prepare for change They appointed one more people in integration team to look after manufacturing and marketing aspects .they started to have tight control on franchisees They give computer knowledge so that mean daily productivity reports can be generated .they introduce new product to boost sales

starting with top management for a time being -They can be ask to work for half a month and get paid accordingly to save a job and for rest of time they can if want work for franchisee if work is there How does manpower planning help HLL to improve their efficiency? Following are the ways in which with the help of manpower planning HLL can improve efficiency -they can plan people working per shift -How much worker can be put in assembly to optimize them fullest? -How many units need to optimize its resources? -Finding the productivity per person -Getting computer literate people to run the show so that day by day performance can be tracked -HLL knew that they need somebody to look after marketing and manufacturing at MFL.What is the other possible alternative to HLL with respect to retrenchment of employees? Following are the possible steps -Can offer VRS -AS worker understand situation. so they plan Accordingly . pay cut can be suggested by taking every one in confident.