One of our country’s most inspirational figures, Mahatma Gandhi quoted, “ i!e as if you "ere to die tomorro"# earn as if you "ere to li!e fore!er#$ This intricate relation %et"een life and learning is "hat dri!es me to mo!e for"ard "ith e!ery step in my education# Today one finds that due to the e!er pre!ailing glo%al issues e!ery country is intricately inter& dependent to the other# This relation is so close that changes in one society can dynamically affect the rest of the "orld# A master’s degree from '(ciences#)o in International (ecurity’ "ill surely help me esta%lish perfect *no"ledge of the strong rele!ance of the su%+ect in the modern "orld# International affairs ha!e al"ays fascinated me since graduation days "here I studied )olitical (cience and ,conomics and Ancient -istory, the conduct of diplomacy "hether economic or strategic or general %et"een nations has %een of particular interest to me from that time# In international relations, it has %een my understanding that security of a nation . socio&economic&political/ is !ital to achie!e economic gro"th and de!elopment "hich ultimately enhances the li!ing standard of the population of that particular nation and therefore is an important component of national security# )ursuing my interest in international affairs, I +oined M#A# in 0iplomacy, of my interest# Taught %y gifted professors I realised my interest in the field of security studies particularly non&traditional security li*e energy, natural resources etc# It has %een my %elief that countries interact "ith one another to secure their o"n interests i#e# national interests of "hich security of resources is a !ital part# 4ourse of International (ecurity at (ciences#)o is going to pro!ide me that firm %ase to pursue my interests and goals and also de!elop a %etter understanding of glo%al affairs# Apart from securing respecta%le mar*s in my post&graduation and graduation "here I ha!e %een a scholarship student, I ha!e "or*ed for my internship at Vi!e*ananda International 5oundation a thin* tan* in Ne" 0elhi on issues of National (ecurity i#e# Terrorism in 2 6 78 4hallenges and 9ay 5or"ard under the director of the organisation# As "ell as I ha!e made academic contri%ution during my post&graduation to my institute .2(IA/ %y helping in a" and 1usiness programme of 2indal (chool of International Affairs .2(IA/ so that I can gain *no"ledge and e3posure in my field

I "ish to amplify my *no"ledge of the foundations already laid on International )olitics during my post& graduation time# 5urther.ons# (tudying at '(ciences#)o’ "ill also gi!e me !ast e3posure to the different cultures. I %elie!e that %y e3tending my study in your Institute of International Affairs "ill open my career opportunities to !arious hori. that a position at your uni!ersity "ill %ring me one step closer to my dream# . "ith the help of a reputed :ni!ersity such as yours.pu%lication of research report titled “Internet and the 4hanging 9orld$ for "hich I "or*ed under my institutes 0ean as "ell as "rote a research paper on “India’s Aid initiati!es in Afghanistan 6 its (trategic Implications$ for 4entre of Glo%al Go!ernance at 2(IA# 5or my masters dissertation thesis I am "or*ing on a thesis . religions and ideologies e3isting glo%ally# I hope to learn through e3perience to adapt and adopt to the %est qualities that are present around me# Gro"ing up in a family that has al"ays stri!en to achie!e their goals and accomplishments.tentati!e/ title “(trategic :se of 4urrency$# oo*ing at the future. I ha!e %een trained to gi!e a <==> to achie!e my dream# I can say "ith great con!iction.