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JIS G 4051 S 45 C steel plate high carbon steel S 45 C steel plate, JIS G 4051 S 45 C steel plate, S 45 C high carbon steel plate and sheet, JIS G 4051 steel plate, S 45 C carbon steel supplier/Chinese S 45 C steel supplier, S 45 C steel price,S 45 C steel manufacturer. S45C steel plate is one mainl of high carbon steel,S45C is suitable for shafts studs, !e s etc. "#ailable as rolled or normalised. Supplied as s$uare bar, or round bar or flat. %he are e&celling in 'eld abilit ( machine abilit , and the can be sub)ected to #arious heat treatments 'hich is based on JIS G 4051*+00,. Comparison of steel grades S45C JIS G 4051 -I. "ISI /.I 0142 3S ,00 /.4 52011 S"4 J 405*"ISI 1C45 1045 * * * *

6ain chemical composition in JIS G 4051 S 45 C steel 7 Carbon7 from 0.4+ to 0.50, 6anganese from 0.50 to 0.10, Sulphur ma& 0.0+5, 8hosphorus ma& 0.0+5, Silicon from 0.15 to 0.55, 6ore detailed information, please refer to the flo'ing table7 Chemical Composition of S 45 C steel Grade S 45 C C9:;min*ma& 0.4+*0.50 Si9:;min*ma& 0.15*0.55 6n9:;min*ma& 0.50*0.10 89:;ma& 0.0+5 S9:;ma& 0.0+5 Cr9:;min*ma& 0.+0*0.40

S 45 C high carbon steel has the good grain and 6echanical properties. It<s ield strength is bet'een 550*420 68a ,S 45 C tensile strength is from 54068a to ++0068a. 6ore detailed information about JIS G 4051 S 45 C steel 6echanical 8roperties , please refer to the follo'ing table7 6echanical 8roperties of S 45 C steel Grade Condition =ield Strength >?96pa; %ensile 4longation @ardness Auenching Strength "59:; @>C %emperature >m 9℃; 96pa; 050 540 ++00 1,10 11 50 51 55 1+0 120 3end abilit .ominal %hic!ness,t 1.,5mmBtB10.0mm >olled 6in.recommended 3ending radius 9B,0?; +.0 Et "nnealed 1.0Et

>olled "nnealed S 45 C Cater* $uenched Dil $uenched

420 550

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