Creation of the Liber Angelos


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composed in 2006. This class was based upon the outline I used in the construction of my own personal Liber Angelos. Since that time my knowledge and understanding has greatly increased from only a few years of using the book. As such this lesson is badly outdated and a expanded and revised version is expected soon but currently unwritten. Until that day comes I

wished to share this for prosperatiy and ultimately there is nothing wrong with this lesson, it works and works well. Again would like to mention the original is posted in the class lessons forum of as well as the Q&A from members not reproduced here. .:0:.

“Make a small Book containing the Prayers for all the Operations, the
Names of the Angels in the form of Litanies, their Seals and Characters; the which being done thou shalt consecrate the same unto God and unto the pure Spirits in the manner following:” - Key of Solomon the King, Book II Chapter 21

Liber Angelos and Liber Spiritus or The
Book of Power

The angel book and the spirit book or the modern term book of power was
once a common thing in the past but in recent times has fallen out of use. Chiefly due to more ritualistic methods and more modern inventions such as the opening by watchtower, using Enochian calls with the Goetia, and the modern mindset of keeping a hands off approach to spirit work. Creating and using a book of power is defiantly ritualistic but has a much more shamanistic devotional slant to the work. Using a book of power is a very personal method of working, very hands on. Unlike more modern methods you do not set up a ritual area, perform the ritual, then never look back. Using a book of power becomes more of a life style of constant interaction and developing certain relationships with the spirits. In this context I believe this sort of interaction is what lead to the development of the grimoires themselves. Where else would they have gotten the information needed to write those tomes we so depend on?

In this picture you will see a magician actually using such a book:


is actually a close up of another engraving from Heinrich Khunrath’s

Amphitheatrum sapientiae aeternae. [Hamburg: s.n., 1595] entitled The Alchemist’s Laboratory: Amphitheatrum Sapientiae Aeternae.

As you can see it has been modified slightly with the addition of a circle and
angels and demons attending to the magician. I am unsure of when and who did the modification but it shows the behind the scenes look at what is going on. This picture depicts exactly how you use the book of power that I am going to explain to everyone in these lessons.

myself including. Regardless of which one you create. You can find in any local book store very nice leather bound blank journals for not too much money. more over it will become the metaphysical home for those we will be working with so choose wisely. we are limited to buying a suitable tome. make sure if you use index cards that the blank side is facing away from the page and try and center it. First you need to choose a book. very similar in the vain of Solomon and his famous brass jug. consecrated. The construction of both is very similar except for a few modifications but the method to use them is different. and after a few initial uses you will be able to simply open the book and choose a spirit and call upon them sans a lot of ritual build up. Now this book will begin life as a humble book but after we have completed our process it shall become a magical tool. The main thrust of the lessons will cover the Liber Angelos by example which contains the angels and good spirits but I will also be elaborating also on the Liber Spiritus or book of demons and harmful spirits. Take the bit of card and glue one to the page about ten pages from the back of the book and the other one about thirty pages from the back of the book. once the book is constructed. in it he covers it in far better scholarship than I could ever manage. In art shops they sell what is called sketch books which are also a good choice. As anyone can tell you about magical tools it is much better to build your own. a thing of power. The point is the book closes flat when you close it but when you flip through the book you come upon these sections . Now take two small squares of card stock or index cards depending on the size of your book. so I will leave the history to your own readings and just cover practical applications here in these lessons. They are easy to find with a heavy binding and have excellent quality acid free paper suitable for artwork and is advantageous to our needs. For a more historical view of the book of power I would defiantly recommend Aaron’s Leitch’s book Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires. So for those lucky few who know the arts of book binding I would advise this but for the rest of us.In the lessons I will outline the creation of such a book and how to use it and expand upon it in the future. The most important thing is that it is new and has never been marked in.

In the grocery store you can find a good course kosher salt to use or sea salt is also very good. wherefore I bless thee and invoke thee. for without Thee man cannot live.” .Key of Solomon the King Book II Chapter 5 Then read aloud Psalm 103 . Fill the container will the salt and dip the fingers of your hand into while reciting the benediction. and let all malignity and hindrance be cast forth hence from. So find a suitable book and put it aside some place safe because you have a lot of work to do before you can begin. that thou mayest aid me.easily. THE BENEDICTION OF THE SALT: “The Blessing of the Father Almighty be upon this Creature of Salt. They have screw on lids and large mouths so you can reach in and grab handfuls of salt. For the salt I like those small mason jelly jars they sell in super markets. and let all good enter herein. You need the salt to create the holy water so consecrate the salt first. I. Salt and Holy water: Before you can really begin anything you need to create your holy salt and holy water. I will explain the reason why in a following lesion. It would be best to get small containers to save them for future use. In catholic book stores and church supply stores you can find nice plastic or glass containers made for holy water but anything with an air tight lid will work.

THE EXORCISM OF THE WATER. Now take your holy salt and while sprinkling it into the water repeat the exorcism. so they may harm me not. Just make sure it is clean and I would try and stay away from tap water since it has chlorine and fluoride etc in it. by Him Who hath created thee and gathered thee together into one place so that the dry land appeared. you can get the water from a stream. Prayer #1: Our help is in the name of the Lord. or lake and run it through a filter a couple of times or you could buy a jug of distilled water. that thou uncover all the deceits of the Enemy. “I exorcise thee. and that thou cast out from thee all the impurities and uncleanness's of the Spirits of the World of Phantasm. river. Who made heaven and earth. Amen. O Creature of Water.” .Key of Solomon the King Book II Chapter 5 For the sake of a comparison and for the few that would like something a bit more Christian then I will include the rites used by Catholic Priests for this procedure. Benediction over the salt: . through the virtue of God Almighty Who liveth and reigneth unto the Ages of the Ages.Now for the water.

Amen. We ask this through the power of our Lord Jesus Christ. May you be a purified salt. His Son. by the holy + God. through Christ our Lord. May all who use it find in it a remedy for body and mind. salt. Amen Prayer #2 Almighty everlasting God. our Lord. who for man's welfare established the most wonderful mysteries in the substance of water. and in the power of the Holy + Spirit.God's creature. And may everything that it touches or sprinkles be freed from uncleanness and any influence of the evil spirit. a medicine for body and soul for all who make use of you. and pour forth your blessing . be driven afar from the place where you are sprinkled. I cast out the demon from you in the name of God + the Father almighty. in fact. Exorcism of the Water: God's creature. salt. And let every unclean spirit be repulsed by Him who is coming to judge both the living and the dead and the world by fire. I cast out the demon from you by the living + God. his malice and cunning. Prayer #3 O God. to root out and banish the enemy himself. hearken to our prayer. in the name of Jesus + Christ. along with his fallen angels. we humbly appeal to your mercy and goodness to graciously bless + this creature. who is coming to judge both the living and the dead and the world by fire. May all evil fancies of the foul fiend. empowered to drive afar all power of the enemy. May you be a purified water. which you have given for mankind's use. by God who ordered you to be thrown into the water-spring by Eliseus to heal it of its barrenness. water. a means of health for those who believe. by the true + God.

While pouring the salt into the water say: May this salt and water be mixed together. who restrain the force of the adversary. and valiantly subduing his wickedness. Amen. through Christ our Lord. May this creature of yours. no taint of corruption. to let the light of your kindness shine upon it. let all the wiles of the lurking enemy come to nothing. + and of the Holy Spirit. let no breath of contagion hover there.+ on this element now being prepared with various purifying rites. and all dread of the serpent's venom be cast out. serve to cast out demons and to banish disease. so that wherever it is sprinkled and your holy name is invoked. and be protected from every peril. the ever-glorious conqueror. Prayer #4 God. in the name of the Father. NOTE ABOUT THE USE OF PSALMS AND PRAYERS: . silencing the uproar of his rage. every assault of the unclean spirit may be baffled. and to hallow it with the dew of your mercy. May everything that this water sprinkles in the homes and gatherings of the faithful be delivered from all that is unclean and hurtful. so that in calling on your holy name they may know the well-being they desire. and of the Son. Amen. By the sprinkling of this water may everything opposed to the safety and peace of the occupants of these homes be banished. source of irresistible might and king of an invincible realm. in awe and humility we beg you. to regard with favor this creature thing of salt and water. when used in your mysteries and endowed with your grace. through Christ our Lord. Lord. To us who entreat your mercy grant that the Holy Spirit may be with us wherever we may be.

II. It is important. gum benjamin. You can use that or another common modern standard such as abramelin incense. take thou incense. So if you were a Thelemite then instead of a Psalm you could read bits from the Book of the Law. It is what the book recommends. and Onycha. nutmeg.Now you will notice the certain flavor in use in the greater key as well as the use of Psalms. musk. Aaron Leitch recommends several but only has you use the general mix for intial purification of the tome and not the lengthy consecration. This was the mixture burned upon the golden alter before the veil . Also when you do substitute make sure your substitutions fit with the length and tone given in the originals. As with all the prayers and divine names used with all the procedures make sure it fits your view of the divine. Instead he advocates using a different planetary scent to correspond with each day. I only use specific scents for the actual workings. I prefer to use a standard mix for both and also this comes into play if you decide to use non planetary angels in your book of power. or if you were a Wiccan then use the name of the god and goddess etc. but I would suggest if you have another religious preference or find yourself uncomfortable with the use of Christian themes then by all means use something suitable for you. and other fragrant spices” –Key of Solomon the King Book II Chapter 10 This is the recipe given in the greater key. if you were a Muslim then use the Koran. Galbanum. “For perfumes of good odour. aloes. Myrrh. Incense You need to compound a good general purpose incense for the consecration of the book. Or you can use a general incense mix I enjoy below: General incense mixture: take equal parts of Frankincense.

Gum Arabic Beth = Mastic. or any divine name of your choosing. Cinnamon Yod = Narcissus . Aleph = Galbanum. Aloes. Jasmine Daleth = Sandalwood. Lotus. Camphor Teth = Frankincense. Storax Gimel = Camphor. Or if you prefer you can create specific mixtures based upon the name of your higher self.of the holy of holiest. You may have to make this mixture excluding Onycha which is from a rare mollusk in the red sea that you are going to have a hard time finding but it can be done. Rose Heh = Dragon’s Blood Vav = Storax Zain = Wormwood Cheth = Onycha. Just write the name out in Hebrew and compound the scents as follows. HGA. if a letter appears twice then use two parts of that scent compared to the rest or use one of the alternates listed. Myrtle.

Frankincense Tau = Cypress. Amber Mem = Lotus. Heliotrope Shin = Copol. with one part narcissus. Poppy Resh = Olibanum. by using the chart above you would mix two parts Dragon's Blood. Cinnamon. Opoponax Samekh = Wood-Aloes. Iris Ayin = Musk. Ceder Lamed = Galbanum. and one part storax. Storax So if you wanted to make an incense mix for the name YHVH. Rue Tzaddi = Galbanum Qoph = Ambergris. Myrrh Nun = Siamese Benzoin. . Civit Peh = Pepper.Kaph = Saffron. Dragon’s Blood. Heliotrope.

brimstone and the like. Consecration of Incense Now that you have your general mix compounded it is time to consecrate it using the holy salt and holy water we created earlier. While you do this you might want to go ahead and compound and consecrate any specific incense you will be using during the operations using the book. be sure to test burn a little first before beginning to work. I would also add something a little spicey to the mix such as pepper and at least one sweet smelling scent to make it more palpitile. Also the general mix above and other suggestions is only for the Liber Angelos. Obviously you do not have to consecrate all of these you might be using but if you do you can store them away for when you need it. If it doesn’t work then it just doesn’t work. sulphur. It could smell really bad and disrupt any work you had planned. These are all outlined in many sources including 777 and Agrippa but I will give a quick over view anyway for planetary scents that are good for planetary angels. go back and use the general mix I advised. and spirits as well as the scents for the spheres on the tree of life for the archangels if you intend to include them in your book. Instead I suggest a more noxious mixture such as wood smoke. They would not be suitable for the Liber Spiritus. III. The Sephiroth Kether – Ambergris Chokmah – Musk . intelligences.Beware this can make a really nasty mix if you are not careful. I will leave the exact details of the spiritus mix to your imagination.

Red Sanders 5.Asafoetida. Cinnamon -. Wedneday -. Friday -.Venus – -.Aloes .Pepperwort 6.Pepper.Saffron -. Aloes -. Tuesday -.Pepper 4. Mace.Mars – -. Red Sandalwood Hod – Storax Yesod – Jasmine. Scammony -. Monday -. Storax -Mastic 7.Binah – Myrrh.From Magus 1. White Sandalwood.Days -.Camphor. Rose. Sulfur.Sulphur 2. Civit Chesed – Cedar Geburah – Tobacco Tiphareth – Olibanum Netzach – Benzoin.Sandalwood. Myrtle -. Sunday -.Saturn – -.Luna – -. Thursday -.Scents from 777 -.Mercury – -.Jupiter – -.The Planets -. Saturday -.Saffron 3.Sol – -. Ginseng Malkuth – Dittany of Crete -.Olibanum. Dragon’s Blood -.Mastic.

thou and all thy deceits. O Spirit impure and unclean. through the Invocation of Thy Holy Name. remember you could get ones for the Zodiac etc whatever you want. Who livest and reignest unto the Ages of the Ages. May the Holy Spirit of God grant protection and virtue unto those who use these Perfumes. and may the hostile and evil Spirit and Phantom never be able to enter therein. I exorcise thee. and to banish and cause to retire all hostile Phantoms. that thou quit this Perfume. that it may be consecrated and sanctified in the name of God Almighty. O Lord. in the Name of God. through Him Who hath formed the Ages. sprinkle a little bit of the holy water you have prepared on the incense and say the exorcism. thou who art a hostile Phantom. virtue. Amen. O Most Holy ADONAI. Just match it up. Amen.” . God of Isaac. . deign to bless these odoriferous spices so that they may receive strength. deign to bless and to sanctify this Creature of Perfume so that it may be a remedy unto mankind for the health of body and of soul.These are just a few of the scents and ideas you can use. and power to attract the Good Spirits. Through Thee. God of Jacob. THE EXORCISM OF THE INCENSE. through the Ineffable Name of God Almighty. Amen. May all Creatures who receive the odour of this incense and of these spices receive health of body and of soul.Key of Solomon the King Book II Chapter 10 Now put the incense away some where safe for later use. . same goes for Liber Spiritus Now.O God of Abraham.

Take a black permanent marker and write upon the side of the pen in Hebrew the name ANAIRETON. Take a black permanent marker and write upon the side of the pen in Hebrew the names: Yod. Metatron. (Angleos) . this will be your pen you use to write up the prayers etc and other information in your book. These will be consecrated and made holy so is best if you go out and buy two new decent pens. that is what the other pen is for. this would be a good idea that way you can consecrate everything at the same time and not have to back track. I suggest a good modern pen. They do not have to be extravagant but something you will be comfortable writing with because you will be writing a lot. Elohim Tzabaoth. The other pen will be a little bit special. The greater key of course gives instructions to create a reed pen and a feather of a swallow. He. The greater key adds you might want to go ahead and make several seal pens of different colors. First the pen for general writing. He. Qadosch. Now take your general mix incense you created and consecrated and light it while saying the exorcism: THE EXORCISM OF THE FIRE. Consecration of the Pens of Art Now there are two pens to use for the book of power.IV. Vau. Iah Iah Iah. is easier and much neater. It will be used only for drawing the signs and seals within the book of power and never for general writing. You could do this but anyone who has ever tried to write in the old style with quill and ink glass knows it makes a god awful mess.

” . this Creature of Fire. so that every kind of Phantasm may retire from thee.” . AIMA. so that these things may serve us for aid in all that we wish to perform therewith. so that being blessed by Thee. favour. O Eternal and Almighty Lord. and that all the experiments which I commence herewith may through you and through your Names be perfected by the power of the Most . O Creature of Fire. be my aid in the operation I am about to perform. so that it may work no hindrance or evil unto those who use it. and MIDAEL and MIRAEL. Amen. Through Thee. so that I may write herewith all things which are necessary. and be unable to harm or deceive in any way.“I exorcise thee. the Chiefs and Captains of the Celestial Army. by Him through Whom all things have been made. O Holy Father. ELOHI. grant unto us succour. through the Invocation of the Most High Creator of all. Book II. by the Invocation of thy Holy Name. Amen. Bless. DALMAI. then hold your hand over it and repeat the following: “May Holy MICHAEL the Archangel of God.Key of Solomon the King Book II Chapter 10 Note: If this is the noxious general mix you prepared for the Liber Spiritus you say a different exorcism: THE EXORCISM OF THE FIRE. that all deceit may quit them.Key of Solomon the King. and through Thy Most Holy Name. and grace. and that they may be blessed and sanctified through Thy Name. O Lord All Powerful. Amen. it may be for the honour and glory of Thy Most Holy Name. and All Merciful. (Spiritus) “ADONAI. Chapter 10 Now take the general writing pen and sprinkle it with the holy water and then run it through the fumes of the burning incense. LAZAI.

O Creature of Ink. and by the Name of Him through Whom all things were made.” . Sprinkle it once again with holy water and run it through the fumes of the burning incense. and by the Name ADONAI. then repeat the following: “I exorcise thee. by SIMULATOR.High Creator. Amen.” . Chapter 14 Wrap both pens up in a white cloth and put away until later. Ok. ATHAMAS. ZIANOR. now we finally are getting some where. Book II. TILONAS. We have finally gotten to a point where we have built up the tools we need to finally begin on our actual book. banish from this pen all deceit and error. ADONAI. Book II. The next step will be to purify the book to make it a suitable vessel. that thou be unto me an aid and succour in all things which I wish to perform by thine aid.Key of Solomon the King. then we .Key of Solomon the King. Chapter 15 Now repeat the following psalms aloud: Psalm 133 and Psalm 117 Now. Book II. so that it may be of virtue and efficacy to write all that I desire.”. Amen. by ANAIRETON. TAMAH. while the incense is still burning take the seal pen and sprinkle it with holy water and run it through the fumes of the incense while repeating: “ADRAI.Key of Solomon the King. HAHLII. Chapter 14 Now that you have consecrated the seal pen itself now you have to consecrate the ink contained in the seal pen.

be present. On the inside of the back cover of the book using the seal pen draw the following seals: Now hold your hand over the book and say the following prayer: ZIO. and grant power and virtue unto this book of paper. and may it be consecrated by you. ADONAI. lastly we can start the consecration. Book II Chapter 17 “ZOHAR. TETRAGRAMMATON. SHADDAI.Key of Solomon the King. so that all things which I shall write thereon shall obtain their effect. Amen. Creating it and all the tools needed for the book of power is a very long and drawn out process but keep in mind it is up front time.will actually begin to fill it.” . TALMAÏ. Once the book is completed and used a few times you never have to repeat all this process again unless you create a new book and evocations will be a snap. V. Purification of the Book Now that we have compiled all the prerequisite tools we need we can finally turn our attentions to our actual book. . and ye Holy Angels of God.

Key of Solomon the King. although it does say this manner is not as effective. and the God of the Angels. ZEVARON. Amen. Now go outside to a safe place where there is lots of sunlight. ZAHIPHIL.” Key of Solomon the King. Although if you are book binding your own feel free to intermingle prayers and purification's at each stage of the binding. deign to bless and sanctify this Salt. ZARON. Book II Chapter 17 Then hold your hand over the book and repeat the following: . ZAINON. ELION. be ye present and bless this work so that it may attain the desired effect.” . Book II Chapter 17 While pouring the doubly exorcised salt over the book repeat the following prayer: “OROII. Now take your holy salt and say the following over the salt: “God of Gods. through the King of the Heavens. so that in placing it upon this book of power which I wish to make. Amen. So I have split the difference and outline it a little differently combining aspects of both as I felt this was best. Who hast created all things from Negative Existence. bring your book and holy salt with you. it may have such virtue that whatsoever I may write on it hereafter may attain its desired end. and Lord of Lords.Now the greater key gives a lengthy process of creating your own parchment with prayers and purification's at each stage but it also gives a very short one which I will mention at the end.

DINOTOR. ADONAI. YOD. Who liveth and reigneth through all the Ages. through God the Lord merciful and gracious. ZEVANION. BEODONOS. Book II Chapter 17 .” . The book says to do this for an entire day but that was more of a tanning process this is more of a purification so I just leave it for a few hours. DALMAII. be present for a guard unto this Book. HE. PHAIAR. ANCOR. VAU.“AGLA. ON. ZALMAII. Light some of the general mix incense making sure to repeat the exorcism of the fire as you do so. ANAIRETON. be present and infuse virtue into this Book. When you return to retrieve it say the following: “ANTOR. ZAZAII. ELION. PRION. Sprinkle the book with holy water and run it through the fumes of the incense and then repeat the following: “Be ye present to aid me. TURLOS. and may my operation be accomplished through you. CEDRION. YODHE VAU HE. ZIDEON. so that it may obtain such power through you that all Names and Characters thereon written may receive due power. APHARCAR.Key of Solomon the King.Key of Solomon the King.” . ALAZAION. and that all deceit and hindrance may depart therefrom. IAH. HE.” . OCTINOMON. EMANUEL. so that no Phantasm may enter therein. AGLA. Amen.Key of Solomon the King. bless and preserve this book. Book II Chapter 17 Now leave the book with the salt on top of it out in the sun. Holy Angels of God. Book II Chapter 17 Remove the salt from the book and return inside.. ANAPHAXETON. ARTOR. CRIPON.

I will try my best to indicate which ones for which days as they will be different . I will not reproduce it here due to length but a simple Google search should be no problem.The recite aloud the following Psalms: Psalm 72. Writing in the Book – Part I Preliminary Signs and Seals Now it is going to take some time to create our book of power since we are not going to be able to write everything in one sitting. which is a prayer from the book of Common Prayer. that thou obtainest efficacy and strength. Finish up with the last prayer: “I conjure thee. so that none of the things which may be written upon thee shall be effaced from the Book of Truth. For one thing it is too long and another we are hindered by the government of hours. Then you are instructed to recite the Benedicite Omnia Opera. Book II Chapter 17 Now take your purified book and wrap it up in white cloth and put in a safe place until you are ready to begin writing in it. but of course you can replace this with one you find suitable. Amen. and 134.Key of Solomon the King. and becomes exorcised and consecrated. by all the Holy Names. 117.” . O Book of Power. VI. Now the greater key does not specifically say this but it would be best to only write the general seals in the book on the day and hour of Mercury.

(i. . If you stop for more than a few minutes then you will have to wait until the hour of Mercury comes around again before you can begin again. First Page of the Book: (Title Page) This can be written at any day or time This is going to be your title page. or whatever strikes your fancy. Now on the back of this page is going to be your log so to speak.e. After it has been consecrated you will want to do this before ever unwrapping the book and even touching it as not to sully the book of power. Do this all with the general writing pen. and if it was successful or not. greek. after consecration) I also tend to put the positions of the sun and moon as well as the phase of the moon. Although do not take a break and come back later. latin.depending on what you are doing. Also on this title page you can place your name or magical name if you wish and also the date the book was completed. Additionally it is best to purify yourself with water and fire before drawing any of the seals. spirit name you contacted. It doesn’t matter so much when you just have a single book but in time you may find that you might have a couple filled with angels and spirits of a different type or system and you will want some way of keeping them separate. astrological information. After any operation with the book put the date. Also keep in mind it is only important that you start on the correct hour. If it takes you four hours to draw a seal etc then you are ok as long as you started correctly. Liber Angelos or Angel Book is kind of generic but you could even use that. If you want you can give your book a name in Hebrew.

Amen.Here is an example: June 15. Also later when a spirits energies are contained within the book if there ever comes a time when you believe the spirit may be lying to you or you just .” . Moon in Aquarius Waning Gibbous Sachiel Successful Just put it in a list format. Second Page and Last Page of the Book: This is only written on the day and hour of Mercury In the middle of the page write the following EHEIEH ASHER EHEIEH. Chapter 21 Now as a general procedure when ever you are about to write or draw anything in the book from now on. through Thee. O Most Holy ADONAI.Key of Solomon the King. On the back of the very last page of the book still using the seal pen write AIN SOPHin Hebrew letters. that Thou mayest keep these characters from all deceit and error. Book II. it will give you a running log of work you have done using the book and from the date you can go back and see the details in your magical journal. 2006 Sun in Gemini. Then below it write out the following: “Most Wise and Most High Creator of all things. flip to the back page and repeat the prayer aloud. write this in Hebrew letters using the seal pen. I pray Thee for Thy grace and mercy that Thou mayest grant such virtue and power unto these Holy Names.

Also I place my thumb print in blood here as well. Inside Cover of the Book: This is to be done on the day and hour of Mercury. Liber Spiritus: For obvious reasons I do this with the Liber Angelos only. For Liber Angelos: Ok on the inside cover using the seal pen draw the name.are not understanding him then you can flip to the back and read this prayer and ask the question again. This is to be done for both the Liber Angelos and the Liber Spiritus. this can be found in the Goetia. and symbol of your higher self and/or HGA. (The thumb corresponding to spirit) I feel this gives an important link between yourself and the book. Back of the Second Page and Front of Last Page of the Book: On the day and hour of Mercury Liber Angelos: . I do not do this with the Liber Spiritus. instead on the inside cover I place Solomon’s Secret Seal. sigil. then leave it blank and you can fill it in later or just put the thumb print only. If you do not know the information yet.

Obviously you . It is the one that looks like a equal armed cross with a circle in the middle and AGLAwritten around it.On the back of the page where you wrote EHEIEH ASHER EHEIEH. You will find a larger one in the greater key but I only show this so you know which one I am talking about. It is a glyph of the entire universe which is our link to the universe we shall be creating. Now the greater key makes no reference to using a second seal towards the back of the book but I prefer to “seal” the book on both ends. Beware it will take some time to redraw this but it is important. On the font of the very last page of the book where you wrote AIN SOPHon the back draw using the seal pen Dee’s seal of truth. You could replace this seal with another one such as the tree of life etc but I would advise using this one. draw the Mystical Seal of Solomon using the seal pen.

and supplicates Thee by Thy Holy and tremendous Name Tetragrammaton to be propitious. Liber Spiritus: Now for the spirit book this will be a little different. let God Himself. and to order Thine Angels and Spirits to come and take up their abode in this place. and cast Thine eyes upon Thy Servant (N. I the Minister and faithful Servant of the Most High conjure ye. who invokes Thee most devoutedly. O all ye Angels and Elementary Spirits. obviously replace these seals with something more For On Both Liber Angelos and Liber Spiritus:On the day and hour of Mercury the opposite page from either the Mystical Seal or the Hexagram write out the following prayer: General Invocatory Prayer: “ADONAI. Prince of Princes. the Existence of .). O all ye Spirits present before the Face of God. Instead of Solomon’s Mystical Seal replace this with the Hexagram from the Goetia and in the back use the Pentagram from the Goetia so that it will be on the back of all the spirit not have to use Dee’s seal but can choose another if you so prefer. EL. Existence of Existences. have mercy upon me. Now if you are making a spirit book for a non standard system such as the Necronomicon appropriate. EHEIEH ASHER EHEIEH. O ye Angels and Spirits of the Stars. ELOHIM.

Thou to Whom nothing is difficult. give unto me capacity to hear. I. Amen. Take away from my senses the desire of covetousness. for the instruction of others. and the iniquity of mine idle words.” . Give me the virtue to conceive them. I glorify Thee. and understand and learn all difficult and desirable Sciences. so that I may be able to accomplish my desires. I adore Thee. and all that in them is. for I am the work of Thine hands. All Powerful and All Merciful. Who hast created all . and strength of memory to retain them. and the sea. Who has reigned before the beginning of the Ages. O God. and Who by Thine Infinite Wisdom hast created the heavens. to acquire and comprehend all Sciences and Arts. and enable me to go forth there from. conjure ye to come and be present at this Operation. hear my prayer. O Lord God Almighty. the earth. I praise Thee. Give unto me. and let my cry come unto Thee. so that I may be able to bring forth and pronounce my words with patience and humility. the Servant of God. Now after you have written the general invocatory prayer on the following page on the back of the general invocatory prayer you will now write out the general conjuration: General Conjuration: “O Lord.Key of Solomon the King.Existences. Book I Chapter 14 This will be your general invocatory prayer to be read before all operations which I will cover the details in a later lesson. a miserable sinner. and direct me by Thy Holy Name. Enlighten me with a spark of Thine Infinite Wisdom. and all that is invisible by a single word. a wise understanding. nothing is impossible. the Father. all that is visible. and deliver me from the night of mine ignorance. Save me. and also that I may be able to comprehend the hidden secrets of the Holy Writings. most humbly entreat ye. Thy servant. penetrating and subtle heart. I bless Thee. as Thou hast ordered me. and I pray Thee now at the present time to be merciful unto me.

that we may become responsive unto Thy Grace. Book I Chapter 3 And just below after a space write the following: “These be the Symbols and the Names of the Creator. O Lord. Thy Magnificence. Obey me then. Grant.”. Whose Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom. and by Thy Holy. and by the Fear with which all creatures obey Thee. and Thy Holiness. Book I Chapter 3 Ok. which can bring Terror and Fear unto you.” . O Most Holy ADONAI. and that those which are gentle and peaceable may come unto us. Who knowest and conceivest them universally. and that the Spirits may discover themselves here in our presence. First I just . I entreat Thy Grace for me and for Thy servants. Amen.”. because Thou seest and knowest well that we perform not this work to tempt Thy Strength and Thy Power as if in doubt thereof. so that through it we may have a full confidence in and knowledge of Thee. and to Whom nothing is hidden. so that they may be obedient unto Thy commands. nothing is impossible.Key of Solomon the King. I beseech Thee to have the kindness to be favourable unto us. and Ineffable Name IAH. be Thou unto me a Tower of Strength against the appearance and assaults of the Evil Spirits. at which the whole world doth tremble. by the power of these Holy Names. and Whose Empire endureth unto the Ages of the Ages.Key of Solomon the King. through Thee. Terrible. Book I Chapter 3 Now on the following page opposite the general conjuration write the following at the top of the page: “O Lord. but rather that we may know and understand the truth of all hidden things.Key of Solomon the King. yes I know this doesn’t make much sense right now but I will go into what all this is for in a later lesson and all this will become clear. by Thy Splendour.things. and by these Mysterious Symbols of the Secret of Secrets.

VI. Writing in the Book . and the Extremely Powerful Conjuration in Book I of the greater key. it is now time to fill those.Part III Reference Now recall that I had you create two small sections toward the rear of the book. Writing in the Book . As you use the book you will also list specific information gleamed from the . Stronger and more Potent Conjuration.wanted to make sure everything was assigned to the correct place first. In the first of the reserved sections will become your background information. After the general conjuration you should write out the conjurations used for the initial use. VI.Part II Conjurations Now that we got the preliminary writings out of the way it is now time to get a bit more specific. For the Liber Angelos you will find the Conjuration. For Liber Spiritus look to the conjurations listed in the Goetia. etc which can be found in 777. Once again you can use these as written or use them as a guide to write your own following the length and tone as the key to your work. stones. In it you will list out the correct astrological information you need as reference as well as the incenses I have already laid out and other materials specific to each day and spirit such as colors. Once again write these on the day and hour of Mercury using the general writing pen.

Choosing the Day and Time of the Operation: Commence nothing while the Moon is in conjunction with the Sun. viz. seeing that this is extremely unfortunate. it is necessary that the Moon should be in a Terrestrial Sign. and invisibility. and Discord. A few notes on astrology: The book is very specific on what sort of operations are to be used on specific days and times. their seals. It is a bit spread out so I did you a favor and compiled it here for ease of copying it into your section.spirits themselves. For love. I. and of Death. Further Moon: Astrological Instructions upon the placement of the For Invocation of Spirit. and you will not be able to affect anything. and the recovery of stolen property. etc in this section. viz. the Moon should be in a Fiery Sign. or Capricorn. Virgo.: Aries. the Works of Necromancy. The waning crescent is proper for experiments of invisibility. talents. workings are especially heightened during the waxing crescent and first quarter but in her decrease or wane it is good for War. grace. Disturbance. .: Taurus. For all matters make sure the Moon is waxing or increasing in strength.

goods. preserving health. To bring either good or bad fortune to buildings. Scorpio. acquiring riches. Saturn: Days and Hours: Summon the Souls from Hades. and obtaining all that you desire.Leo. or Aquarius. enmity. Hours: Is good for communicating and speaking with Spirits. contracting friendships.: Gemini. and to sow hatred and discord. or when she receives their opposition or quartile aspect. the Moon should be in a Watery Sign. Also are good for all extraordinary. or Sagittarius. and discord Jupiter: Days and Hours:Are proper for obtaining honors. and to cause good or ill success to business. the Moon should be in an Airy Sign. and unknown operations. but only of those who have died a natural death otherwise use the hour of Mars. For hatred. possessions. in order to acquire learning. and destruction.: Cancer. and of invisibility. also the days on which the Moon is conjunct with Saturn. Hours:Are for preparing any operations whatsoever of love. viz. discord. uncommon. viz. Libra. and similar things. of kindness. or Pisces. fruits. quarrel. to have familiar Spirits attend thee in sleep. are excellent for making experiments of hatred. For experiments of a peculiar nature which cannot be classified under any certain head. particularly on Thursday which it rules. . to bring destruction and to give death. seeds.

enmity. cruelty. and discord Sun: Days and Hours: Are very good for temporal wealth. Hours: Are for preparing any operations whatsoever of love. Also are good for all extraordinary. and unknown operations. gain. uncommon. and of invisibility. kindness. slaughter. Hours:Are good for communicating and speaking with Spirits. Also are good for all extraordinary. hope. particularly on Sunday which it rules. and of invisibility. the favor of princes. are excellent for making experiments of hatred. and love. kindness. discord. quarrel. of kindness. to wound and to give death. especially of those slain in battle. Also on the day when the Moon is conjunct with Mars.Mars: Days and Hours: Are useful regarding war. or when she receives their opposition or quartile aspect. and for traveling. and unknown operations. . Hours:Are useful for any operations of love. for joyous and pleasant undertakings. for summoning Souls from Hades. to overthrow enemies. and further to cause ruin. to dissolve hostile feeling. and to make friends. fortune. uncommon. to acquire courage. to arrive at military honor. Venus: Days and Hours:Are good for forming friendships. divination.

for summoning Spirits in sleep. poisons. for preparing powders provocative of madness. writings. and merchandise. are proper for making trial of experiments relating to recovery of stolen property. voyages. wonders. sports. love. envoys. Also operate under this Planet for thefts. Hours:Are good for communicating and speaking with Spirits. navigation. reconciliation. Moon: Days and Hours: Are good for embassies. and for preparing anything relating to Water. messages. Mercury: Days and Hours:Are good for operations for eloquence and intelligence. Now book II Chapter 1 goes into even more specific details that narrows things . raillery. Hours: Are for recovering thefts by the means of Spirits and are good for undertaking experiments relating to games. and the acquisition of merchandise by water. promptitude in business. and the like things.particularly on Friday which it rules. Useful for lots. and the like. all things of the nature of Venus. for obtaining nocturnal visions. science and divination. apparitions: and answers regarding the Future. jests. deceit. Additional Note:The absolute best time for evocational work is on the day and time of Mercury when the Moon and the Sun are in an airy sign.

VI. I never have so I will outline the version I use which is a three day purification. Now the week of the operation I abstain from any sexual interactions and also social discourse. I will leave it up to you if you do so or not. Writing in the Book – Part IV Setup and Preliminaries In the very last reserved section this will be your “set up” section.down even further. I have to be honest I do not do all nine days. Which I will now go into more detail of the things you should put in this section. Exorcism of the Fire. in this I mean I do not watch TV or read the newspaper or attend parties and avoid the phone. twice at noon. three times in . I would advise it but I personally am unable to do so due to medical reasons. Also I have to also say I personally do not fast either. A. This one recite once in the morning. prayers inside your circle. anything you need before you can begin. Three days before the planned operation with the operation being on the fourth day I begin to recite the following prayers. the exorcism. In it you will write out the details of the Solomonic bath. psalms. I myself choose just to follow the directions above. the same goes for Liber Spiritus. I try and focus all my attentions on the coming operation. The Vigil before the Operation Now the greater key goes into much detail about a nine day round of purification including fasting.

ERA. Chapter 2 “HERACHIO.” . IMACHEDEL. If you’d wish you can repeat the schedule of these as above as to not get confused. Splash yourself with holy water before saying this prayer each time. O Lord God. ZOPHIEL. Who art the Author of Life and the Destroyer of Death. grant unto me Thy Grace I beseech Thee. IDEODOC. O God have mercy upon me and pardon all my sins.the afternoon. SEGON. EDONIEL. Thou Who alone art the accomplishment of good works. “O Lord God Almighty. unto Thee do I raise my hands and implore Thine aid alone. guard. Amen. BEDRIMULAEL. BARACATA. DEMAS. EMAGRO. for I am not worthy to raise mine eyes unto heaven. so that what I conceive in my mind I may accomplish in my work. TILATH. Book II. ELOHIM. GEMON. Who livest and reignest unto the Ages of the Ages. ASAC. ARCHARZEL. BAEL. ARABONAS. O God. SAMOEL. Who lookest upon Earth and upon Sea. Who humblest the proud. for I unworthy entreat Thee. ELOHI. CADATO. Who art seated upon the Heavens. ELAMOS. IERAHLEM. ASACRO.Key of Solomon the King. Through Thee Who art Conqueror. and defend me in this matter. GEBURAHEL. Thou Who art full of mercy and of compassion. These two recite once in the morning and twice at night. and in this enterprise which I propose to carry . and Who regardest the Abysses beneath. DAMA. O Lord God the Father Eternal. Amen. who wouldest not the death of a sinner but rather that he should turn from his wickedness and live. ACHSAH. and Who art Blessed unto the Ages of the Ages. that Thou deign to grant unto me power to see and know these Spirits which I desire to behold and to invoke to appear before me and to accomplish my will. protect. DANIEL. Thou Who givest rest unto those who labour. ABRAGATEH. because of the iniquity of my sins and the multitude of my faults. O pitying and merciful Father. through Thee. be propitious unto me a miserable sinner. Who art seated upon the Kerubim and the Seraphim. O Father of all Creatures. the Sovereign Ruler of all. BLAUTEL. four times at night. IZACHEL. and five times right before going to sleep. Thou art our rest. by Thy great goodness. EBMISHA. Thou art the Protector of those who invoke Thee.

You do not have to use this one but can choose from any of the grimoires or modern day sources. C. but I do advise to use a physical circle. of a Divine prosperity. I will leave the details up to you but whatever you decide the prayers. O Thou Who livest. Now. use a physical circle. Book II. of a perfect joy. If you’d like you can write out the details in your reference section. procedure. and abidest unto the Eternal Ages. repeat the following prayers: Prayer #1 while standing: “When we enter herein with all humility.” . and psalms should be listed here for ease of use on the day of the operation. by the entrance of an eternal happiness. Also go ahead and list the details of prayers etc that are to be said after the bath and as you clothe yourself in your ritual garb. after you enter your circle. I will go into the why in the use lesson. Amen.out. Chapter 4 B. I will repeat myself. let God the Almighty One enter into this Circle. Day of Operation Setup Now after the vigil and ritual bath you should enter your circle and perform the setup. reignest. Also there are many modern day adaptations of the ritual bath if you wish to do a different form. and of an eternal . Solomonic Bath and Ritual Clothes Now the ritual bath is well covered in both the greater key and in Aaron’s book so I will not go over the details here. The details of the circle are well outlined in the greater key.Key of Solomon the King. of an abundant charity.

our humble entry herein. it is far too long to reproduce here. Thou who desirest not the death of a sinner. and all this place. by the Most Holy Name of ASHER EHIEH entering within this Circle. give and grant unto us thy grace. . and rehearse nothing but the wonders of Thy law. O Lord. who serve Thee. the All Powerful and the All Merciful. Amen. especially those who are opposed unto this work. Magnify and extend upon us. grant. I beseech Thee. though the Lord God ADONAI.”. preserve us from evil and from trouble. Chapter 4. Yet again I advise you to either use it as written or write your own. a good Angel for our Guardian. O Lord our God. but rather that he may turn from his wickedness and live. O Lord God. I conjure. My personal one I use is about half of the one from the greater key then I filled in large sections with the Catholic rite of confession and bits from the Catholic Mass. remove from us every adverse power. Let all the demons fly from this place. All Powerful and All Merciful. by blessing and consecrating this earth and this Circle. Who livest and reignest unto the Ages of the Ages. and let the Angels of Peace assist and protect this Circle. which is here marked out with the most powerful and holy Names of God. Thou the Blessed and Holy One of the Eternal Ages! Amen. that Thou wilt deign to bless this Circle. or to annoy any person who is therein. Book I Chapter 3 Also in this section you should write out the confession and prayer found in Book I.Key of Solomon the King.salutation. And thee. And may God. Sanctify. O Earth. even ADONAI. Thy most Holy Name. Who liveth eternally unto the Ages of the Ages. bless this place with all the virtues of Heaven. Book I Chapter 3 Prayer #2 while kneeling: “O Lord God.”. composed and made with mine hand. that we may rest in this place in all safety. so that no obscene or unclean spirit may have the power to enter into this Circle. and bless our conversation and our assembly. O Lord. Amen. O Lord. Use what rings true to your own sensibilities. and that Thou wilt grant unto us. from which let discord and strife fly and depart. through Thee. and all those who are therein.Key of Solomon the King.

Writing in the Book . intelligences. Specifically I will only be outlining Liber Angelos and more to the point planetary energies but for Liber Spiritus you could use the Goetia or any of the grimoires or texts you choose following the same set up. Now on either side of the planetary angel. After you contact this spirit you will be asking him for his specific seal which will represent a particular aspect. These seals you will be adding between the Hebrew letters in the double circle around the main sigil. In time from using the book you will be building planetary pentacles of power which we can use to great effect. You will want to make these large to order to fill the page. Now draw a double circle about all of these.In general for planetary angels. Within the double circle write out the Hebrew name of the spirit.Also in the section write out the exorcism of fire and any other prayers and procedures you may use or need either leading up the operation or the day of the operation. making sure you leave plenty of space between each letter. .Part V Sigils and Conjurations of the Spirits Now that everything is lined out it is now time to turn our attentions to the actual spirits we will be placing in our book of power. and spirits I use the planetary square to construct the sigil. Decide on a few choice spirits to use. Now only draw the sigils on the day and hour that the spirit corresponds to using the seal pen. These are well known from Agrippa. VI. For archangels as I rule of thumb I use the rose cross to generate the sigil. intelligence. or spirit draw the sign of the planet on one side and the planetary seal on the other. You may also want to do so in the correct color and also flashing colors if you so choose or if it applies. In essence you will be able to use it like a Swiss army knife choosing the aspect you need to fit the situation or using the panticle as a whole letting the spirit decide how best to fulfill your need.

List these seals and aspects and any additional information you gleam from
the spirit in the reference section of the book of power.

Now these seals you will be drawing on the right side of a double page on the
facing page on the left you will be writing out a specific conjuration for that spirit only. Examples of these can be found in The Magus for every day of the week. My advise is to compose your own keeping a decent length to the conjuration and making sure to include the name of the spirit as well as any appropriate divine names that might correspond to him.

As a starter list you can begin with just the seven planetary angels for the
Liber Angelos or just a few choice spirits of the Goetia for your Liber Spiritus. In time you can add more sigils as many as you choose until you completely fill the book. You will not have to redo the consecration again after the first time just make sure to use the seal pen and follow the correct day and hour.

Now our humble book of power is finished with the writing phase. It is now
time to bring it to life and consecrate it creating our magical universe.

VII. Consecration of the Book of Power - Setup

“Thou shalt set in the destined place a small table covered with a white cloth,
whereon thou shalt lay the Book opened at the Great Pentacle which should be drawn on the first leaf of the said Book; and having kindled a lamp which should be suspended above the centre of the table, thou shalt surround the said table with a white curtain; clothe thyself in the proper vestments, and holding the Book open, repeat upon thy knees the following prayer with great humility…”- Key of Solomon the King, Book II Chapter 21

Aaron Leitch in his book gives a very detailed seven day consecration. If you
are planning to create a planetary Liber Angelos then by all means follow that one. As I said he covers it extremely well so I will not repeat it here. Instead I perpose to outline a more general seven day operation that could be used for any general purpose.

First you need to set up an area for your working. Set up an alter and cover it
with a white cloth. The Greater Key says to suspend a lamp over your head but I generally find those tall seven day candles to be excellent for this. I place it on the alter with your book and your water and incense. Nothing else is needed. Around this space draw your circle following the design of your choice.

Now the book is clear to put a curtain around your space enclosing your alter
which can be seen in the print I posted at the first of the thread. This is useful if you are sharing space in a room i.e. an unused spare bedroom with other furniture or if the room is of a great size. If the room is completely empty or kind of cramped you can skip this part unless you find the white walls distracting. If the floor is carpeted then tape is very useful to draw out your circle. Now if you want to work outside a very good idea is to set up a tent over a concrete section. The tent will surround your alter and provide the right atmosphere as well as you can then draw the circle using chalk on the ground. I will leave the details up to you. Regardless set up your area then leave it set up for the entire week.

You will begin at dawn for seven days straight beginning on Monday morning and ending on Sunday morning. Now traditionally the Jewish Sabbath was Saturday so you could begin on a Sunday so you would end on a Saturday, depending on your preference I will leave that up to you.

VII. Consecration of the Book of Power - Day One through Six

Begin by Lighting your candle and general incense making sure to read the exorcism of the fire before hand. I generally only use the exorcism for the candle then use the fire from the candle to light the incense. Sprinkle holy water around your circle and on yourself as well, repeating this with the incense. Now turning to the back setup section of your book follow the directions for entering the circle. This is all detailed in your back set up section in your book. (See Lesson VI. Section C. Say prayer #1 and prayer #2 and follow this with your confession and prayer you also wrote out).

Now turn to the page that you drew the great seal and lay the book open upon the alter. Now repeat the following:

“In the beginning ELOHIM created heaven, and earth. And the earth was
void and empty, and darkness was upon the face of the deep; and the RUACH ELOHIMmoved over the waters. And ELOHIM said: Be light made. And light was made. And ELOHIMsaw the light that it was good; and he divided the light from the darkness. And he called the light Day, and the darkness Night; and there was evening and morning one day. And ELOHIMsaid: Let there be a firmament made amidst the waters: and let it divide the waters from the waters. And ELOHIMmade a firmament, and divided the waters that were under the firmament, from those that were above the firmament, and it was so. And ELOHIMcalled the firmament, Heaven; and the evening and morning were the second day. ELOHIM also said: Let the waters that are under the heaven, be gathered together into one place: and let the dry land appear. And it was so done. And ELOHIM called the dry land, Earth; and the gathering together of the waters, he called Seas. And ELOHIMsaw that it was good. And he said: Let the earth bring forth the green herb, and such as may seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after its kind, which may have seed in itself upon the earth. And it was so done. And the earth brought forth the green herb, and such as yieldeth seed according to its kind, and the tree that beareth fruit, having seed each one according to its kind. And ELOHIM saw that it was good. And the evening and the morning were the third day. And ELOHIMsaid: Let there be lights made in the firmament of heaven, to divide the day and the night, and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days and years: To shine in the firmament of heaven, and to give light upon the earth. And it was so done.

moon. But on the fourth day he ordered and distributed this light. and the fowl that may fly over the earth under the firmament of heaven. And ELOHIMsaid: Behold I have given you every herb bearing seed upon the earth. and made the sun. according to their kinds. And the evening and morning were the fourth day. And the evening and morning were the fifth day. which the waters brought forth. which being moved from east to west. and the whole earth. and the fowls of the air. and all living creatures that move upon the earth. and to divide the light and the darkness. And ELOHIM said: Let the earth bring forth the living creature in its kind. and cattle. and wherein there is life. from its giving a far greater light to the earth than any of them. and beasts of the earth. according to their kinds. And ELOHIMsaw that it was good. and fill the earth. and every thing that creepeth on the earth after its kind. is here called a great light. and the fowls of the air. And ELOHIM blessed them. And it was so done. cattle and creeping things. ELOHIMcreated on the first day. and every creeping creature that moveth upon the earth. and to all that move upon the earth. though much less than the stars. and a lesser light to rule the night: and the stars. And ELOHIMsaw that it was good. And to rule the day and the night. "Two great lights". that they may have to feed upon. made morning and evening. And ELOHIMcreated the great whales. and all trees that have in themselves seed of their own kind.And ELOHIMmade two great lights: a greater light to rule the day. Chapter 1 Now this is the procedure that the Bible gives for the creation of everything. and fill the waters of the sea: and let the birds be multiplied upon the earth. to be your meat: And to all beasts of the earth.”Genesis. And he set them in the firmament of heaven to shine upon the earth. It is also a powerful reading and tool combined with the great seal that we are . ELOHIM also said: Let the waters bring forth the creeping creature having life. And ELOHIM made the beasts of the earth according to their kinds. and subdue it. and rule over the fishes of the sea. and the beasts. And ELOHIM created man to his own image: to the image of ELOHIM he created him: male and female he created them. The moon. and stars.. and to every fowl of the air. light. saying: Increase and multiply. And it was so done. And ELOHIM saw that it was good. And ELOHIMsaid: Let us make man to our image and likeness: and let him have dominion over the fishes of the sea. by its rising and setting. And he blessed them. saying: Increase and multiply. and every living and moving creature. and every winged fowl according to its kind..

ASHIM. CHASMALIM. MELEKIM. CHAYOTH HA QODESH. OPHANIM. EHEIEH ASHER EHEIEH…) Read this out loud followed by every other conjuration and prayer within the book flipping to each and every seal and sigil in the book as you do so. HANIEL. Bless this creation! YAH. OLAM YESODOTH. BENI ELOHIM. SERAPHIM. Bless this creation! Knock upon the alter then repeat the following: “Elohim bara Adam. Now having done this turn your attention to the General Invocatory prayer that you have written on the opposing page (ADONAI.Bless this creation! ADONI HA ARETZ. MICHAEL. So Mote it Be! . SHEMESH. Bless this creation! ELOHIM TZABAOTH. KOKAB SHADDI EL CHAI.Bless this creation! YHVH ELOA Va’DAATH. GABRIEL. ELOHIM. SHABBATHAI.Bless this creation! ELOHIM GIBOR. TZADQIEL. SANDALPHON. TZAPHQIEL. MADIM. KERUBIM. METATRON. RAPHAEL. Once you are done turn back to the page with the great seal and repeat the following: EHEIEH.using to create our little universe including our right to rule our world and govern the spirits within it. RASHITH HA GILGALIM. RAZIEL. Bless this creation! EL.Bless this creation! YHVH ELOHIM. EL. Bless this creation! YHVH TZABAOTH. NOGAH. TZEDEK. ERELIM. LEVANNAH. Adam tzalem Elohim” Knock again and say. MAZLOTH. ELOHIM. KHAMEAEL.

One thing I like to do is set the book on a stand so that the pages hang down open over the fumes of the incense. And on the seventh day ELOHIMended his work which he had made: and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had done. And he blessed the seventh day.”. replace it with the following: “It is Finished” Now it is time for the book to rest from its long process. Leave the book upon the alter at the page of the great seal and repeat this procedure for six days straight. Consecration of the Book of Power .Leave the candle burning if it is safe according to your setup. Heap large amounts of incense upon the burner and continue to feed it throughout the day. It is now ready for use. This of course if optional. Wrap it well in a white cloth and store it away some where safe. VII.Day Seven Now on the seventh day of your consecration you will repeat exactly what you did for days one through six except you will add the following reading after the initial genesis reading: “So the heavens and the earth were finished. .Genesis Chapter 2 verse 1 Additionally after the final knock instead of saying So Mote it Be. These are the generations of the heaven and the earth. By keeping it burning all day long the smell will infuse itself into the pages of the book and it will literally reek of the smell when ever you open its pages. and sanctified it: because in it he had rested from all his work which ELOHIMcreated and made. when they were created. and all the furniture of them. in the day that YHVH ELOHIM made the heaven and the earth. heap some fresh incense upon the burner and pray to the creator your thanksgivings for his aid. Continue to feed the incense all day long and after sun down you can return and remove the book from the alter.

About a week before the operation begin to pull away from the mundane . Now I do not mean the very first time you use the book but rather the very first time you try and evoke a specific spirit in your book. thus sometimes mixing days and times of different planets can yield a more opportune choice. If you have never used a particular spirit before or you have just added them to your book then this will be the procedure to use. someone you can work will on a continual basis in the future. 2. As a general rule you would use the day and time of the planet if it is a planetary spirit but if you check your reference section of days and times you will often find a more appropriate choice depending on your reason for evocation. 3. Obviously the first step is to choose your intent or reason for the work and then decide upon the appropriate spirit to use. Using the Book of Power – Part I Initial Use of a Spirit When using the Book of Power you are going to have two very similer procedures. Choose the day and time for the operation. 1. once you have made that first contact any future contact with that spirit will follow a shorter outline. Additionally if you have knowledge and skills in astrology I would recommend also checking the chart of the chosen day and time and make sure there are no obvious disruptions. Most times the chosen spirit will determine the time but not always.Now that the book has been consecrated never remove the white cloth from the book and handle it directly unless you first sprinkle yourself with holy water. VIII. This section I will be outlining the initial use. A. Try and choose a spirit that you will have long term plans with. Week Leading Up to the Operation.

Starting three days before your operation begin to follow the directions for the vigil as outlined in lesson VI. Day of the Operation 1. before doing so I generally recommend a short prayer to your God or Gods for success and protection. or prayers and reading of psalms. One while standing. sprinkle salt. . Open your book of power to the great seal and lay it open upon the alter. crowns. Additionally I have found that a period following the bath or getting dressed spent in quiet meditation. 3. Light the consecrated candle and incense making sure to recite the exorcism of the fire as you do so and then spend the remaining time engaged in prayer and quiet meditation. 2. try and maintain that sense of sacredness to the day as you await the appointed time. candles. or head gear that you feel will aid your work making sure to follow the prayers and procedures as you don each layer. any tools you want such as a wand or sword. one while kneeling and continue to kneel as you recite the confession and prayer also located in the back as outlined in lesson VI. Enter into your magical circle and repeat the two prayers I had you write down in the back of the book. If you would like you could also perform certain rituals such as the LBRP and and start focusing your mind upon the approaching work. Set up the curtain. Enter your temple room or area about an hour before the hour of the operation. B. alter. (see side lecture – The Magical Circle) Make sure you lay out matches and a non magical notebook and pen to take notes afterward for seals etc. frontlets. Two to four hours before the chosen time enter your ritual area and begin your setup. or performance of the middle pillar ritual a great way to aid in assuming the correct mental separation between the mundane and the magical. and draw your circle. Now that the chosen day has finally arrived you should now be at your maximum focus and isolation. Perform the ritual bath as you know how and don your robe or ritual vestments as well as any additional items such as amulets. purify and consecrate with water and fire. pranayama.

You want to feel that feathery lightness in your chest almost to the point of mystic ecstasy. readings.Additionally I have found that the use of chanting out loud of psalms. If after a few times the spirit has yet to arrive which is not uncommon if this is your first time to call this spirit then turn back and recite the stronger conjuration then turn back to the spirits page and repeat the procedure. Turn your gaze back to the sigil and extend your awareness and astral senses out and check to see if the spirit has arrived yet. So spend your time wisely and make sure you are not simply doing it by rote or like performing a play. psalm 119 would be a good choice here as well as many others. Usually you will have to repeat this step a few times reciting the specific conjuration and concentrating upon the sigil. and correctly performing the vigil will almost guarantee the arrival of the spirit when the time comes but the more you can enter into that fuzzy mental trance state the easier it will be to interact with and peer into the astral when the spirit arrives. and adorations effective use of your time. consecrating it. If after a period has passed and the spirit still has yet to arrive then return to the great seal and recite the general invocation followed by the most potent conjuration before returning to the spirits page and repeating the procedure of reciting the specific call and concentrating upon the sigil. The better you can communicate with the spirit the greater the confidence you will have in your abilities and allows the ability to receive seals and information from the spirit. Have no fear the time spent creating the book. Next turn to the page of the spirit you are calling and stare intently upon the sigil then slowly and with great concentration recite the specific conjuration for that spirit that I had you compose on the opposing page. Turn the page and recite the general conjuration. Now the spirit . Those of you with better developed astral senses should have no issues but my abilities tend to be hit or miss and I find it really aids my operation. skip a page and recite the first conjuration of the three listed within the greater key that I had you write out. You want to be able to feel every prayer and adoration in your soul. Heap fresh incense upon the burner. pick up your book of power and recite the general invocation that is on the opposing page from the great seal. C. I personally have spent as much as four or five hours doing so before an operation. Hour of the Operation Once the appointed hour finally arrives you should feel out of it and the atmosphere should have taken on a feeling of other worldliness.

Do not be discouraged if the answers are very general and you do not learn anything that deep or revealing in your first contact. Often I will be so engrossed in the call that I will suddenly notice that the spirit has already arrived and is sitting quietly waiting on me to notice other times I just sort of feel a presence. Demand the spirits name. so try and pause every so often and check on your surroundings. Due to your preparation this should not be an issue but it is better safe than sorry. I personally have never had to draw it out to this point. give it your instructions if any. I have gotten instructions between the just odd to the overly simple such as “Light a candle and pray”. office. and other facts using appropriate divine names until you are satisfied of its true identity. Be polite. it takes time for them to open up. gain any information that you can such as its abilities.should have arrived well before it gets to this point. Make sure you ask about its abilities because often they cover and can do much more than is listed in the old grimoires also be sure to get a seal you can add to your seal of power in your book. Also at this point it is accepted and encouraged to be a bit heavy handed here until you determine it is in fact the spirit you called. and seal. Spirits are like anyone. after all it was you who called them. There is never any reason to be rude at this point unless the spirit is attempting to attack your circle. Of course as a magician you can always force a spirit or even an angel to perform your bidding due to your connection to the divine but there is no reason for it. Once the correct identity has been determined welcome the spirit warmly and graciously even if you are using the Liber Spiritus. Interact with the spirit. besides you are trying to build a future relationship. you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar. . You may also ask if it has any special instructions in future evocations or ways to make it easier. Also keep in mind the better prepared you are and the more dedication shown in your vigil the easier your evocation will go. in time as the relationship builds from future interaction you will learn much more. office. D. List anything you find out in your non magical notebook to digest later before adding anything of value to your book of power. Once the Spirit Has Arrived Once the arrival of the spirit has been determined the first step is to verify the identity of the spirit.

and to never cause harm to yourself. therefore. or any living thing. return easily when called. of Divinity in all its aspects. Everyone agrees the circle is used for protection but no one ever seems to question the why and how if it. Once bound thank the spirit and retrieve the book still using your sword. give a prayer of thanksgiving for your success and the divine aid you have received. If ever you are going to have physical manifestation or occurrence do not be surprised to see it at this point. Bardon. by the true adept. that is. of the perfect man.Practice of Magical Evocation. Extinguish your candle and allow any remaining incense to burn out. I believe if you truly do not understand something you should not use it. p. and get something to eat and try to return to normal conscience. It stands for the Beginning and the Ending for the Alpha and the Omega. Side Lecture: The Magick Circle: “A true magic circle represents the symbolic lay-out of the macrocosm and the microcosm. This also allows for your ritual area to “cool off” as it was before you return to clean up. is a symbolic diagram of the Infinite. Command the spirit using appropriate divine names to swear an oath upon their sigil to do your bidding. Once the operation is completed thank the spirit for blessing you with their presence and recite the license to depart. i.”. as can be comprehended by the microcosm. which has no beginning and no end.For Liber Spiritus: At this point when using the book of harmful spirits or demons you should push the book of power using the sword into the double circle open to the page with the spirits sigil. It is generally best to leave your ritual area. the perfect magician. disrobe. your loved ones.10 There has been a lot of nonsense written and passed around about the magick circle. If you are using something and you do not . e. Perform any banishings you wish. as well as for Eternity. The magic circle.

Now that being said you cannot just draw a circle around yourself and proclaim yourself a god. Aaron Leitch likens it to a messenger carrying the seal and written command of the local monarch. and petitions to the divine to accomplish your operation helps foster this connection. To the spirit evoked you are a representation of the divine. purifications. it takes a little more than that. . I suggest if you have never done so to just try it. Now as I said in an earlier post you need a physical circle. You must develop your own connection to the divine within and without which are one and the same.know the reason why. The current trend in evocational work is to use an astral circle only. but as magicians our entire stock in trade is with symbols. So what is the magick circle? It is a symbol. To stand within the circle during an evocation represents your connection to the divine. I could continue this discussion but any more would muddy the waters and I have already accomplished that in abundance. in another point of view it allows us to bypass the subconscious barrier that we are not worthy to use such power. It is the vesica in completion. also never overlook the aid that a clearly defined sacred space gives to your work. then you are practicing superstition and not magick. The most important aspect is the inner knowledge of knowing within the ritual space. The circle has no beginning and no end. therefore in all intents and purposes you are the divine in that meeting. This is certainly valid but as with any tool a physical representation you can see and touch packs a lot more punch. there is just something about performing the work standing within the circle. The continued prayers. Of course if you want to you can overlay the physical circle with an astral one which is what you are doing anyway with the prayers and preparations but the LBRP and LBRH certainly have their uses but is not the method I am outlaying here. nothing more and nothing less. It is the oldest and the most simple yet most powerful designs to represent the divine. In one point of view you are asking and seeking the permission of the divine to use its power. it is eternal. This is the true essence of magick and the true purpose of magick and can only be accomplished in time.

If not then they will come in time then in the mean time repeat the procedure I have outlined in Part I Initial Use. Using the Book of Power . a sort of home away from home for the spirit. then I evoke the spirit to the space between the inner and outer circle which I fill with the spirits sigil and symbols and names of that spirits character and sphere of influence thus creating a perfect atmosphere physically and astrally for the spirit.On to practical considerations. Liber Spiritus: Due to the oath we had the spirit swear within the book upon their sigil the procedure will be much more direct. more so for the Liber Spiritus but we will discuss that more in a second. Another popular tool is the triangle which you can certainly use as a focus and is encouraged for use with the Liber Spiritus. After a few uses you may find that all you have to do is lay your hand over the spirits seal and recite the general invocation.Part II Repeated Uses Now that you have called a particular spirit once using the Book of Power things should be much easier the next time you wish to call them. Follow the general procedure and enter into your circle with the usual prayers and protections as has already been . VIII. try using one of those or create your own. Things do not have to be as strict this time and you will find it very easy to call them again because the seal within the book and the book itself to a degree has been subtly charged. what circle design shall you use? The grimoires are scattered with several choices and options you can pull from. I’ll leave the choice up to you as it is the most personal of choices. As a rule if a spirit gave you alternate directions to call upon them in the future by all means follow their instructions. In my own personal work I have grown fond of using a double circle. Within the inner circle I use various symbols and names that denote divinity and equilibrium. In time once you have built a relationship with the spirit you will find all you have to do is open the book to the spirits page to be able to speak to them or you may find that you do not even need the book after awhile. In the future do not be surprised to find the spirit visiting in dreams to be able to speak to you all the more easily and similar occurances.

repeat the line below: “These be the Symbols and the Names of the Creator. Come before me in comely shape. In the name of EHEIEH ASHER EHEIEH I summon you forth!” The spirit drawn by the power of his oath should now appear outside your circle. you are duty bound by your seal and by the names and symbols of your creator. Then while standing recite the first line of the following page: “O Lord. Book I Chapter 3 Then turn to the page of the spirits seal that has been charged and using your dagger or sword stab at the seal within the book and keep the tip of the blade pointed at the seal while repeating the following: “O spirit N.”. which can bring Terror and Fear unto you.Key of Solomon the King.”. I call upon you in the name of ADONI! I call upon you by the power of your oath you swore upon this your seal. Open the book of power and repeat the general invocation and general conjuration. be Thou unto me a Tower of Strength against the appearance and assaults of the Evil Spirits. by the power of these Holy Names.Key of Solomon the King. It is not I but ELOHIMwho calls you now. Obey me then. and by these Mysterious Symbols of the Secret of Secrets. If he does not then turn back to the hexagram and repeat the words: “These be the Symbols and the Names of the Creator…etc” . O spirit N. Come before me in the peace of the Lord. Book I Chapter 3 Right after this turn back to the hexagram and hold it up pointing out as if to show it to the spirit world and the room around you.outlined.

just try and foster a sense of both or you could get lost. At this point I feel I must point out there is no reason to mistreat the spirit in any way unless you feel you must. As I explained in my first lesson this is more of a life style and as such you may find your life style has to change. IX. even if in our eyes they are considered a demon or evil spirit.And then repeat the stabbing motion and call. By following a morning. . being that you are a child of light the spirit will gain by the proximity of the light so it is not entirely as one sided as it seems. You may find a cleaner diet. regular exercise. sun down. The book will be your tool and gateway to this world and this is the way it should stay. Do unto others as it were. As it says in the Arbatel “In all things call upon the Name of the Lord…”you may want to give serious thought to developing a daily regiment of prayer. If after this the spirit still does not appear then repeat the general invocation and then actually physically stab the seal and make a mark with the tip of your dagger or sword and recite a general curse until you can coax the spirit into appearing. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of the spirits becoming an active force in your life then I would advise you to look else where. If anyone feels they need help in this area I can post . The temptation to let it overlap into your mundane world is the first step on the path before you lose contact with the real world. The spirit never asked to be in your employ and therefore you must show mercy to those bound to you. but at the same time bare in mind that this is not pure slavery. This regiment will also go far to help you maintain a sense of self and daily timing that will aid in eliminating many of the problems I mentioned above. It is healthy to acknowledge the unseen world as well as the seen. Constantly maintaining mental and spiritual equilibrium will become more a factor as well as enforcing boundaries with the spirit world. and bed time schedule you will greatly reduce the need for the vigil before you can utilize the book of power. Generally it will not come to that. You can take your cues from the grimoires or holy books that appeal to your sense of the divine. and a daily regiment of prayer and thanksgiving will greatly enhance your experience. The divine will not look kindly upon anyone who abuses anyone of his creations. the stabbing motion and call with get the spirits attention pretty quick and keep in mind any physical violence you inflict upon the seal will be delivered unto the spirit. noon.The Life of the Mystic As you can see this is not a method for a one shot evocation and never look back.

attributed to Aristotle.the ones I use. in the Material World. Last Word We have come to the end of my lessons on creating and using a book of power. General public. Days and Planets and their Uses: Moon . the Light of the Night. I have found this method a very effective and satisfying way to interact with the divine and spiritual forces that surround us and I hope you do as well. “For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways” . And if and when someone decides to follow this method please let me know of your results and if they have helped in any way. women.Monday In General:Moon. divination. It is by no means a new method nor is my outline the only way to go about this. messages. I. life and death. .Psalm 91:11 Updated Reference Material: Added material mainly from the Picatrix. X. their birth. If it turns out I over looked something I will follow up with expanded lessons below. quoting Secretum Secretorum. and the measured change of all things. In the mean time I will leave you to what has already been prepared. If anyone has any questions or would like me to clarify a point please post it to the question section of the forum. I hope you have enjoyed the lessons. associated with travel. My hopes that instead of following me line by line you will adapt and expand the bare bones I have laid out for you here to best fit your designs and conceptions of the divine. Keep in mind this is only my thoughts on this method. the Secret of Secrets. communications.

to wound and to give death. envoys. will power. Hours: Are good for communicating and speaking with Spirits. who is associated with courage. to acquire courage.Tuesday In General:Mars the Lesser Malefic. haste. besides it means renovation and growth.Sense-reactions. discord. to arrive at military honor. victory as well as war. especially of those slain in battle. Also on the day when the Moon is conjunct with Mars. reconciliation. and for preparing anything relating to Water. Short journeys and removals. are proper for making trial of experiments relating to recovery of stolen property. strength. Mars . The Greater Key of Solomon: Days and Hours: Are useful regarding war. disclosure of secrets. risks. surgery. Hours:Are good for communicating and speaking with Spirits. cruelty. Danger. or when she receives their opposition or quartile aspect. and discord. anger. construction or destruction (according to application). voyages. abundance of waters. for obtaining nocturnal visions. extinguishing of fires. and the acquisition of merchandise by water. Entrust the Moon when you're blocked because it's influent and of quick response. Vitality and magnetism. . messages. slaughter. enmity. love. The Picatrix: The Moon should be asked for fluidity of movements. and further to cause ruin. invalidation of completed facts and dissolution of harmonic atmospheres. The Greater Key of Solomon: Days and Hours: Are good for embassies. Changes and fluctuations. quarrel. The personality. for summoning Souls from Hades. for summoning Spirits in sleep. to overthrow enemies. Energy. navigation. fortitude. are excellent for making experiments of hatred.

Mercury . Books. and merchandise. defamation and transmission of slanders. Jupiter . and the like. wonders.Thursday In General:Jupiter the Greater Benefic who is perenially popular being . resolute influx and quick response. apparitions: and answers regarding the Future. sports. generation of insurrection and submission of enemies. papers. The Greater Key of Solomon: Days and Hours:Are good for operations for eloquence and intelligence. If you ignore something use Mercury because in relation with this it means renovation and growth. Buying. science and divination. jests. Additional Note: The absolute best time for evocational work is on the day and time of Mercury when the Moon and the Sun are in an airy sign.The Picatrix: Mars should be asked for promotion of animosity. Literary abilities. subordination of passions. study of mysteries. selling. Business matters. giving and obtaining information. associated with communication. taming of beasts. and it means renovation and growth. etc. publishing. raillery. contracts. writing. circulation of wealth. Neighbours. judgment and short journeys. boldness of spirit.Wednesday In General: Mercury. business. because it has influx and quick response in this and other aspects. promptitude in business. Also operate under this Planet for thefts. unfastening of the tongue. memory. The Picatrix: The Scribe should be asked for manifestation of the hidden. and intellectual friends. For domination use Mars. learning. deceit. eloquence. writings. splendor of lights. Hours:Are for recovering thefts by the means of Spirits and are good for undertaking experiments relating to games. bargaining.

mitigation of grief and security of earthly and maritime paths. of kindness. and the like things. besides it means renovation and increase of goods. women. The Greater Key of Solomon: Days and Hours:Are proper for obtaining honors. growth. music. self-indulgence. rejection of temptations. Hours:Are useful for any operations of love. contracting friendships. Venus . All pleasures and the arts. affections and emotions. for joyous and pleasant undertakings. kindness. Also are good for all extraordinary. beauty. The Picatrix: . poisons. and of invisibility. long journeys. justice and authority.associated with good fortune. all things of the nature of Venus. uncommon. Hours:Are for preparing any operations whatsoever of love. younger people. and love. The Picatrix: Jupiter should be asked for the accumulation of goods. art. and of invisibility. and unknown operations. Also are good for all extraordinary. conciliation of opinions. To become wealthy use Jupiter because it has influx and quick response there. particularly on Thursday which it rules. and obtaining all that you desire. Spirituality. expansion. preserving health. plenty. the Lesser Benefic. music. Social affairs. Useful for lots. creditors. Bankers. Is abundance. prosperity. friendship. dreams. The Greater Key of Solomon: Days and Hours:Are good for forming friendships. visions. subjective or otherwise. uncommon.Friday In General:Venus. beauty. and for traveling. and unknown operations. acquiring riches. kindness. generosity. associated with love. extravagance. particularly on Friday which it rules. debtors. for preparing powders provocative of madness. travel. gambling. luxury.

nobility of lineage.Sunday In General:Sun. impoverishment of countries. real estate. . and means renovation and growth. He is associated with melancholy and death as well as agriculture. goods. fruits. stability. solidity. in order to acquire learning. to bring destruction and to give death. occult studies. and discipline. but often difficult to deal with. temptation of souls and water stagnation. and to cause good or ill success to business. The Greater Key of Solomon: Days and Hours:Summon the Souls from Hades.Saturday In General: Saturn the Greater Malefic. expansion of enjoyment. Saturn. As well as protection and purification through death. To bring either good or bad fortune to buildings. death. Hours:Is good for communicating and speaking with Spirits. to have familiar Spirits attend thee in sleep. or when she receives their opposition or quartile aspect. and to sow hatred and discord. wealth. quarrel. and discord. the Lesser Malefic. influx of desires. older people and old plans. hiding of secrets. construction. wills. has an energy that is necessary. seeds. the Light of the Day. Entrust Saturn when you are excluded because it means renovation and growth.Venus should be asked for harmonization of the souls. inertia. associated with healing. also the days on which the Moon is conjunct with Saturn. but only of those who have died a natural death otherwise use the hour of Mars. Saturn . like Mars. When you are loathed use Venus who has very strong influx and quick response in this and other aspects. possessions. rejection of preoccupation. decrease of intentions. debts and their repayment. Sun . extinguishing of fire and domestication of animals. and similar things. The Picatrix: Saturn should be asked for limitation of movements. enmity. are excellent for making experiments of hatred.

II. and you will not be able to affect anything.: Aries. and of Death. Superiors. viz. authority over the powerful. For love. the Works of Necromancy. divination. Further Astrological Instructions upon the placement of the Moon: For Invocation of Spirit. viz. Leo. Entrust the Sun when you are depressed because it means renovation. workings are especially heightened during the waxing crescent and first quarter but in her decrease or wane it is good for War. or Pisces.friendship. growth. Life. mental power. Also are good for all extraordinary. it is necessary that the Moon should be in a Terrestrial Sign. . the Moon should be in a Fiery Sign. Choosing the Day and Time of the Operation: (From Greater Key of Solomon) Commence nothing while the Moon is in conjunction with the Sun. grace. Disturbance.: Cancer. to dissolve hostile feeling. and of invisibility. humiliation of the sovereigns. money. the Moon should be in a Watery Sign. and quick response. uncommon.: Taurus. Virgo. or Capricorn. and the recovery of stolen property. Health. Illumination. particularly on Sunday which it rules. For hatred. splendor of lights and vanishing of darkness. nobility. officials. the favor of princes. The waning crescent is proper for experiments of invisibility. Power and success. and destruction. employers. fortune. imagination. viz. growth of all kinds. seeing that this is extremely unfortunate. discord. hope. gain. or Sagittarius. executives. and invisibility. The Picatrix: The Sun should be asked for the raise of prestige. amplitude of designs. Hours:Are for preparing any operations whatsoever of love. praising of fraternity. and unknown operations. Scorpio. and Discord. The Greater Key of Solomon: Days and Hours:Are very good for temporal wealth. For all matters make sure the Moon is waxing or increasing in strength. and to make friends. authority. of kindness.

the Moon should be in an Airy Sign. Angels of the Planets Far from an exhaustive list. but easy spirits to work with and ones I recommend.Thursday Archangel: Tzadqiel of Chesed Angel of the Day: Sachiel Olympic spirit: Bethor Planetary Angel: Zedekiel Planetary Intelligence: Iophiel Planetary Spirit: Hismael Venus .Monday Archangel: Gabriel of Yesod Angel of the Day: Gabriel Olympic spirit: Phul Planetary Angel: Levanael Planetary Intelligence: Malkah b'Tarshishim Planetary Spirit: Chasmodai Mars . III.For experiments of a peculiar nature which cannot be classified under any certain head. Literally hundreds more for the zodiac. Moon .Wednesday Archangel: Michael of Hod Angel of the Day: Raphael Olympic spirit: Ophiel Planetary Angel: Kokabel Planetary Intelligence: Tiriel Planetary Spirit: Tapthartharath Jupiter . etc are listed in various sources. or Aquarius.Friday . viz. Libra.Tuesday Archangel: Khamael of Geburah Angel of the day: Samael Olympic spirit: Phaleg Planetary Angel: Madimiel Planetary Intelligence: Graphiel Planetary Spirit: Bartzabel Mercury .: Gemini. seasons. months.

Sunday Archangel: Raphael of Tiphareth Angel of the Day: Michael Olympic spirit: Och Planetary Angel: Shemeshel Planetary Intelligence: Nakiel Planetary Spirit: Sorath .Saturday Archangel: Tzaphqiel of Binah Angel of the Day: Cassiel Olympic spirit: Aratron Planetary Angel: Shabbathaiel Planetary Intelligence: Agiel Planetary Spirit: Zazel Sun .Archangel: Haniel of Netzach Angel of the Day: Anael Olympic spirit: Haggith Planetary Angel: Nogahel Planetary Intelligence: Hagiel Planetary Spirit: Qedemel Saturn .