Name: 28. Sigit Eko Kurniawan, CRN: 31.13.

0031, Major: Geophysics, Semester 2, Date 22 April 2014 Title: The blackberry curve 8900 is your comfort I. Introduction a. Hook: The blackberry is famous mobile phone in the world. Blackberry has launched their various models b. Connecting information: one of various models that you must know is The Blackberry curve. The blackberry curve has released the blackberry curve 8900. The blackberry curve 8900 has a lot of advantages. c. Thesis statement : Such mobile phone, so called as the striking 480x360-pixel screen offers video, images and maps

Blackberry Curve 8900

II. Body Paragraph 1 In this era, video is like an addicted drug for people. A lot of people take long time to see videos. The blackberry curve 8900 has screen that its size 480 x 360 pixels and can show various colors to enjoy your moment while watching videos. The blackberry curve has an ability to download huge videos because their speed and huge memory. The memory card slot that can be used by this blackberry up to 32 Gb. You can save a lot of videos in this mobile phone. Not only that, the blackberry has a good camera. The camera is equipped by LED flash, autofocus and high resolution. So, you can make your video with high quality without doubt. Paragraph 2 Since a lot of applications are launched, images can’t be separated from mobile phone. The blackberry curve 8900 also supports it. By having 480x360 pixels, it can view picture that have high resolution. Not only that, the blackberry curve 8900 has an ability to show various colors. So, you can view a lot of images colorfully. The memory that is had by the blackberry supports you to collect a lot of pictures that you want to share with your family, friends, etc. the blackberry can save every moment that is important for you. Paragraph 3 The blackberry curve 8900 is equipped by the blackberry maps. The blackberry maps are supported by a GPS-support. The quality of maps is good and accurate. You can show many places in the world such as Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Yogyakarta. The maps are equipped by navigation. If you want to go somewhere, the maps can show how to go there from your current location. The maps not only show the road, but it also show the public transportations that can go there. If the scheduled is delayed or canceled due to some problems, the maps can inform you quickly. The maps are your friend when you want to go somewhere.

Conclusion a. By having a lot of features. Opinion/suggestion: if you want to buy mobile phone. . b.III. images and maps. why don’t you buy the blackberry curve 8900? Go the nearest mobile phone shop! Your comfort is located at the blackberry curve 8900. Restated thesis: in conclusion. the blackberry curve 8900 has a lot of advantages. it offers good quality at video.