CYROPAEDIA By Xenophon Translated by H. G. Dakyns, ebr!ary, "### $Ete%t &"#'() The Pro*e+t G!tenber, Ete%t o- Cyropaed.

a, by Xenophon $Dakyns)


Translated By Henry Graha/ Dakyns Re0.sed By . 1. 2ta3ell

DEDICATIO4 To Cl.-ton Colle,e

PREPARER52 4OTE Th.s 3as typed -ro/ an E0ery/an5s 6.brary ed.t.on. It see/s that Dakyns d.ed be-ore Cyropaed.a +o!ld be .n+l!ded as the planned -o!rth and -.nal 0ol!/e o- h.s, 7The 8orks o- Xenophon,7 p!bl.shed .n the 9':#s by 1a+/.llan and Co. The 3orks .n that +an all be -o!nd .n Pro*e+t G!tenber, !nder the.r .nd.0.d!al t.tles. The +o/plete o- Xenophon5s 3orks ;tho!,h there .s do!bt abo!t so/e o- these< .s= 8ork 4!/ber o- books

The Anabas.s > The Hellen.+a > The Cyropaed.a ' The 1e/orab.l.a ? The 2y/pos.!/ 9 The E+ono/.st 9 On Horse/ansh.p 9 The 2ports/an 9 The Ca0alry General 9 The Apolo,y 9 On Re0en!es 9 The H.ero 9 The A,!s 9 The Pol.ty o- the Athen.ans and the 6a+edae/on.ans


Te%t .n bra+kets 7@A7 .s /y transl.terat.on o- Greek te%t .nto En, !s.n, an O%-ord En, D.+t.onary alphabet table. The d.a+r.t.+al

/arks ha0e been lost.

I4TRODBCTIO4 A 0ery -e3 3ords /ay s!--.+e by 3ay o- .ntrod!+t.on to th.s translat.on o- the CCyropaed.aC. Pro-essor Do3ett, 3hose Plato represents the h.,hE3ater /ark o+lass.+al translat.on, has ,.0en !s the -ollo3.n, re/.nders= 7An En, translat.on o!,ht to be .d.o/at.+ and .nterest.n,, not only to the s+holar, b!t also to the !nlearned reader. It sho!ld read as an or.,.nal 3ork, and sho!ld also be the /ost!l 3h.+h +an be /ade o- the lan,!a,e -ro/ 3h.+h the translat.on .s taken, +ons.stently the -.rst reF!.re/ent o- all, that .t be En, The e%+ellen+e o- a translat.on 3.ll, not /erely .n the!l render.n, o- 3ords, or .n the +o/pos.t.on o- a senten+e only, or yet o- a s.n,le para,raph, b!t .n the +olo!r and style o- the 3hole 3ork.7 These tests /ay be sa-ely appl.ed to the 3ork o- 1r. Dakyns. An a++o/pl.shed Greek s+holar, -or /any years a +are-!l and sy/pathet.+ st!dent o- Xenophon, and possess.n, a rare /astery o- En, .d.o/, he 3as !n!s!ally 3ell eF!.pped -or the 3ork o- a translator. And h.s 0ers.on 3.ll, as I 0ent!re to th.nk, be -o!nd to sat.s-y those reF!.re/ents o- an e--e+t.0e translat.on 3h.+h Pro-essor Do3ett la.d do3n. It .s!l to the tone and sp.r.t o- the or.,.nal, and .t has the l.terary F!al.ty o- a ,ood p.e+e o- or.,.nal En, 3r.t.n,. or these and other reasons .t sho!ld pro0e attra+t.0e and .nterest.n, read.n, -or the a0era,e En, Xenophon, .t /!st be ad/.tted, .s not, Plato, Th!+yd.des, or De/osthenes, one o- the ,reatest o- Greek 3r.ters, b!t there are se0eral +ons.derat.ons 3h.+h sho!ld +o//end h./ to the ,eneral reader. He .s /ore representat.0e o- the type o- /an 3ho/ the ord.nary En, ad/.res and respe+ts, than any other o- the Greek a!thors !s!ally read. An o- ,ood pos.t.on, endo3ed a ,.-t o- eloF!en+e and o- l.terary style, a p!p.l o- 2o+rates, a,!.shed, an, an, a sports/an, and a lo0er o- the +o!ntry, he represents a type o- +o!ntry ,entle/an ,reatly hono!red .n En, l.-e, and th.s sho!ld ens!re a -a0o!rable re+ept.on -or one o- h.s +h.e- 3orks ad/.rably rendered .nto .d.o/at.+ En, And the s!bstan+e o- the CCyropaed.aC, 3h.+h .s .n -a+t a pol.t.+al ro/an+e, des+r.b.n, the ed!+at.on o- the .deal r!ler, tra.ned to r!le as a bene0olent despot o0er h.s ad/.r.n, and 3.ll.n, s!b*e+ts, sho!ld add a -!rther ele/ent o- en*oy/ent -or the reader o- th.s -a/o!s book .n .ts En, ,arb. D. HERE ORD.


In prepar.n, th.s 3ork -or the press, I +a/e !pon so/e notes /ade by 1r. Dakyns on the /ar,.n o- h.s Xenophon. These 3ere e0.dently -or h.s o3n pr.0ate !se, and are -!ll o- s+holarly +olloF!.al.s/s, ./pro/pt! 3ords h!/oro!sly .n0ented -or the need o- the /o/ent, and .nd.0.d!al t!rns o- phrase, s!+h as the re-eren+es to h./sel- !nder h.s .n.t.als .n s/all letters, 7h,d.7 Tho!,h pla.nly not .ntended -or p!bl.+at.on, the notes are so 0.0.d and .ll!/.nat.n, as they stand that I ha0e shr!nk -ro/ p!tt.n, the/ .nto a /ore -or/al dress, bel.e0.n, that here, as .n the best letters, the personal ele/ent .s bo!nd !p 3hat .s /ost -resh and l.0.n, .n the +o//ent, /ost othe 3r.ter, and /ost del.,ht-!l both to those 3ho kne3 h./ and to those 3ho 3.ll they had. I ha0e, there-ore, only altered a 3ord here and there, and added a note or t3o o- /y o3n ;al3ays .n sF!are bra+kets<, 3here .t see/ed ne+essary -or the sake o- +learness. . 1. 2.


BOOG I $C.9) 8e ha0e had o++as.on be-ore no3 to re-le+t ho3 o-ten de/ ha0e been o0erthro3n by the -or so/e other type o- ,o0ern/ent, ho3 o-ten / and ol., ha0e been s3ept a3ay by /o0e/ents o- the people, ho3 o-ten 3o!ldEbe despots ha0e -allen .n the.r t!rn, so/e at the o!tset by one stroke, 3h.le 3hose 3ho ha0e /a.nta.ned the.r r!le -or e0er so br.e- a season are looked !pon 3onder as /ar0els o- sa,a+.ty and s!++ess. The sa/e lesson, 3e had l.ttle do!bt, 3as to be learnt -ro/ the -a/.ly= the ho!sehold /.,ht be ,reat or s/allEEe0en the /aster o- -e3 +o!ld hardly +o!nt on the obed.en+e o- h.s l.ttle -lo+k. $") And so, one .dea lead.n, to another, 3e +a/e to shape o!r re-le%.ons th!s= Dro0ers /ay +erta.nly be +alled the r!lers o- the.r +attle and horseE breeders the r!lers o- the.r st!dsEEall herds/en, .n short, /ay reasonably be +ons.dered the ,o0ernors o- the an./als they ,!ard. I-, then, 3e 3ere to bel.e0e the e0.den+e o- o!r senses, 3as .t not ob0.o!s that -lo+ks and herds 3ere /ore ready to obey the.r keepers than /en the.r r!lersH 8at+h the +attle 3end.n, the.r 3ay 3here0er the.r herds/en ,!.de the/, see the/ ,raI.n, .n the past!res 3here they are sent and absta.n.n, -ro/ -orb.dden ,ro!nds, the -r!.t o- the.r o3n they y.eld to the.r /aster to !se as he th.nks bestJ nor ha0e 3e e0er seen one -lo+k a/on, the/ all +o/b.n.n, a,a.nst the.r ,!, e.ther to d.sobey h./ or to re-!se h./ the absol!te +ontrol o- the.r prod!+e. On the +ontrary, they are /ore apt to sho3 host.l.ty a,a.nst other an./als than a,a.nst the o3ner 3ho der.0es ad0anta,e -ro/ the/. B!t /an the r!le .s +on0erseJ /en !n.te a,a.nst none so as a,a.nst those 3ho/ they see atte/pt.n, to r!le o0er the/. $K) As lon,, there-ore, as 3e -ollo3ed these re-le%.ons, 3e +o!ld not b!t +on+l!de that /an .s by nat!re -.tted to ,o0ern all +reat!res, e%+ept h.s -ello3E/an. B!t 3hen 3e +a/e to the +hara+ter o- Cyr!s the, 3e 3ere led to a +han,e o- /.nd= here

a. or !nderstood one another./ent and h. and Babylon./sel-.a. Cyr!s. H.ans are re+koned by the.n. he 3o!ld ! e0en no3 one o.e%+ellen+e .t 3as thro!.+o!ntry by the sheer terror o./sel-.on as 3o!ld see/ to be per/ o.nd-!l heart o.s s!b*e+ts.s to please h.r +ond.nsp. 4o3 s!+h . to the la3s and +!sto/s o. he started on h.ans.n.n-er -or o!rsel0es 3e 3.that +o!ld ne0er hope to do so. 3as 1andane.the Pers./ /ost -a. o0er the 2ak.nhab. .r po3er.ndependen+e.e. the t3o Phry.Cyr!s h.n the son.n.As.ons.t 3o!ld ha0e ta%ed a /an5s end!ran+e /erely to tra0erse by the..ans a++epted h.on .so!l and body./en . o.+.on pro0ed.s o3n ha0e been and h. 3ho 3on -or h.all other nat.n h.s /e/ory l.ndeed o.t+h the 2+yth. Phoen.ted the. Then he -or+e.d .ll here endea0o!r to set -orth. tho!.s *!d. 3ho look to Perse!s as the -o!nder o./e.+!lt task. o. He 3o!ld end!re all labo! the Hellenes .th so deep a des.n the .er..n nat.the 1edes.en+e . east or 3est or so!th or north.hter o. and a/on. and o. and 1a./.s and stor.bes and peoples o. b!t none the less Cyr!s 3as able so to penetrate that 0ast e%tent o.s heart the three-old lo0e o/an. at any rate. and o. -or the sake o..nat. to .ad.a.the Thra+. O.o0ern/ent o.stan+e 3h.n do/..these la3s .Astya.s -a0o!r that all they asked 3as to be . a k. othe Pers. +o!ld ha0e spoken the sa/e lan. altho!.ans and the Illyr.o0ern/ent o. b!t those 3ho ha0e 3on e/p.s ./en. e0en no3 .ht 3ay.a.a.r o3n e%ert. and yet they 3ere 3o!ld be 3ell +ontent +o!ld he b!t keep h. the.the +hron.n the r.s t.n h.ble or e0en a d. $ so 0ast that .shed h.nher. th. the da!.s r!le o0er the Ba+tr. .pse all other /onar+hs.onJ . -ro/ +. Assyr.a.t .the Perse. Car. Th!s he kn.0es to th. pro0.s personal./. and ho3 he 3as tra. to obey h.+. o0er a host o.3h.s!+h separat.a +o/ple% o.n.+h Cyr!s -o!nd the .s a /an.est !p to atta. $?) Cyr!s d. a -ore./sel.ans.l. and set . be-ore or s.Cyr!s.nat.n the /. Cappado+. k.s a-ter all an . has e0er s!++eeded .! and people. -ro/ the pala+e 3h. and I .h a p. Ho3 -ar he s!rpassed the/ all /ay be -elt .ded one set abo!t .n so h. b!t .reed.t 3o!ld take days and /onths to tra0erse.a 3hen. the/ 3ere /en 3ho had ne0er set eyes on h.s a. $") Blest by nat!re !p a++ord. 3e set o!rsel0es to .ts +entre.en+e -ro/ tho!sands o. It . so r!ns the story.der..ndeed the 2+yth.+lerJ and last o.h.a.o0ern/ent !nbroken o0er") The -ather o.n E!rope.n any one d.n.n.d. 3as Ca/byses.. The 1edes and the Hyr+an.t /!st be .ons -e3. at the sa/e t.0es that nat!re /ade h../poss.s 3as the state .es.s alone.bes .e as h.s parenta.r to look !pon.s -ello3s.tants 3ere prostrate be-ore h.ded by h.3e re/e/ber that no 2+yth.s tr!e o.nF!.-t hand a. 3e kno3.s +on.ty that the . and C.t.on.obed. h.n h. .n.a beneath h. Arab.r /yr. 3e sa.s tr!e that he 3as bro!.tle to o!r ad/.t . and by a des+ent on the seaboard Cypr!s and and tr.n 3h.h so/e othe/ d3elt at a d.onal.ans.ned and bro! the/ all 3.p 3.+h 3as .on. and .o all dan.nn!/erable= 3e /!st ask o!rsel0es 3hether the .the/ dared l.a./ and 3.!./sel.s leadersh.t.ndeed e+l.the East the re+ord l. or o! 6yd..s day ./= not one o.e /.r ra+e.ypt also.-ts o.ans.kno3led.dae.o!s that a/on.a. $() It .hono!r.ans.rat..n o!r kenJ .re+t. and one o.h +onF!est that he 3on 2yr. And all 3e +o!ld learn -ro/ others abo!t h. -o!nd the read.+h de-y the /e/ory o.s nat!ral parts.bes the 0ery na/es o. and -or the /atter o.. o.s /other.s e/!de not only those 3ho ha0e .ll. +ons.all he bro!. at the head oa s/all Pers.s s3ay. The sa/e .other tr.t to h.n 3hat h.ll.+h .any.ons 3./ or -elt 3e /.s +areer. and o.nst h. And yet he 3as able.n+e. h.

+ b!.+e -alls on those 3ho 3.hteo!sness= they 3.r +.0e the.the day .bes..ed /en a/ !nless not..t.r . not to +o//. o. as la3s else3here.+k and steal.n.r +ase -reF!ent absen+e . $>) 4or does he es+ape 3ho .r hearts on any 3.n proh.ra+e and orderl.ll. And there . ro/ th.s+ret.ons -ollo3.t<.r +la/o!r /ay not /.s -ar other than that 3h.t.r lads= the .s d. and so -orth. They /!st .ness o.nd. and the last -or those 3ho are past the a.t.!.Iens to present the/sel0es at +erta. $L) 8e 3. not to break .r ar/s at the. .e o.tho!t.+h .r s.+es de/anded -ro/ the d. The +ase .t . -or e%a/ple.+e.the Pers. The la3 reF! the. and allo3 the .s the so!r+e o.nted d!t.n.n the.sho3n to be . the./e to learn.+h are ass.part o.0.e o.sett.sobey the /a. another -or the yo!ths.-ra!d.s heard and the o--ender.nted pla+es.n.s.r o3n 3./.ded .r o3n l.ldren at the.rd -or the .o to s+hool and . and the phrase . not to str.d.n. and steal.t 3ere.ro3n /en. .ty. o.n.0es at the.t 3.dly e%+l!ded.+e and r.nto -o!r F!arters 3h.+h /ost nat.. There 3. and th!s .o0ernors o. . *!st.le 3.ned as -ollo3s= one -or the boys.l.+kedness or sha/e-!l +ond!+t 3hatsoe0er.r t. The +!lpr. a th.b.+ b!.es do not o3n.lads learn. . t3el0e be. a +har. o.. pr./es and seasons .e the *!d. $?) Th.h.n.tted to /ake the best othe.r appo.r letters. 3.+al!/ny.s hoped./posed by the s!pre/e a!thor. And th.t ad! best -.n the .s.ons are pla+ed t3el0e ../. In the.ll tell yo! they +o/e -or that p!rpose.n th..--erent +lasses. the.r o3n +h.n+.s p!n. not to p.l the +o//ands ./!+h hatred a/on.+ b!.tate to deal 3.r d!ty to the -!ll.+e has been ./pro0e the.t .ll.n./pose a penalty.+t/ent are ne0er -ar to seek. the/ are e%e/pt.the yo!ths are sele+ted -ro/ the .n.r +.o0ernors o. .n the. The lads and the .t.r o3n ..r +. as a r!le.s as nat!ral 3.strate.ro3n /en to they ha0e an open pla+e or sF!are ded.pleJ and -or the .nto another /an5s ho!se. The /asters spend the and 0!l.d. and then they lay do3n +erta. the yo!n.t .ro3n /en..nted 3ho are tho!. 1oreo0er. The .+ated to reedo/ .s tho!.the boys are +hosen -ro/ the -or . 3hen they too are e%pe+ted to present the/sel0es the rest. and on the sa/e pr.ro3n /en /!st be there at daybreakJ the elders /ay.ld.!late the.n. !p the. 1ost states per/. .e 3h. 3here the p!bl. and -!l-.dents o..s -o!nd to ha0e a++!sed one o.res all the +.s -ello3s !n-a.ressor they . not to d.s.t!de. +hoose the. to /ake the.ons tr.. the.s one +har./e.+k.s -or !s to speak o.Iens to !nsee/ly.n.lty.r appo. $() O0er ea+h o.n.n -.%ed days.n the +o! ro!nd the p!bl.s pla+e all .rly.s ho3 they set abo!t the.le they a.h e0en .ll appear ho3 the Pers. as .n de+. the elders the/sel0es ha0e pres.ll no3 des+r.ld. /en are bo!nd to sleep at the/ as .0.0en.the ed!+ated +lasses.s .Iens -ro/ the be. e%+ept on +erta. the n!/ber o. +hosen to see that they too per-or/ the.ons. tho!.+h they seldo/ press .ans endea0o!r to .r ob*e+t.t /ake the/ /ost pro/pt to +arry o!t the.s sF!are. as .n t.these d. the /en the/sel0es and the. o++as.deJ only the / and /ar the .ro3nE!p 3orld 3.. b!t 3h.ld. at the +o//on 3eal.!.n.n+. . $K) B!t the the ser0.n.ro3n /en.Iens. +ases -or the.oods -or sale are r. and all ha3kers and h!+ksters 3. 3here stand the pala+e and other p!bl. 3e kno3.rat.ple .an la3s try.s stand.o else3here. and so -orthJ and on the trans.p.tary a /an !n*!stly.n+apable o.shed.r o3n t.s boyE3orld. so that the.nn.t.r p!p. ree 2F!are they +all .nally./e. o.r yells and +r. to steal a /ar+h on t.e.on.ll be +har.r +. The boys o3n d.noted that 3h. and need not be on d!ty at n. and those are appo.o0ernorsJ the +ho.

s. and stand on . and / and then they take the.r th..ble tra.ll +o!nt the t3o days as one. to d. It a++!sto/s a /an to early r.nen+e . and.r pla+es as yo! othe.ans +on+e.reater 0al!e than the st!d.a halt .l. and not!s. they /ay be -o!nd eF!al to .ed obed.oes o!t to h!nt.s sp..ty /an.n.they 3o!ld not th.r /other b!t 3. the *a0el..n. as .s speedJ he /!st per-or+e learn to let -ly arro3 and *a0el. They reason that the !n.n need o.ll d.tsel.a.r /eal. or -a. and to slake the.r bread these yo!n.rst.the. the.n a body ro!nd the p!bl.n. They br.r +arnal +ra0.+are.s -elt that the e%er+. a.r -or t3o reasons. . . a sheathed da.ld. h!nt.n. or 7sa. strea/.t. as 3e sa. be+a!se .tsel.t!de .n a!thor.n.n h.o!r order that. to h.the.E+!p.ns. the boys are .s parents. the r!le that the boys /!st take the.nk the bo3 and to the. -or the needs o.n. Then they are ta!.r sho!ld ask ho3 they +an .. dry bread 3. stands /ost . $99) B!t to pro+eed= the yo! sh. the Pers.+h he 3.s a+ross h.the.a/e.s +alled. to repay a debt o. and.0e. $') !rther. bes.n.e o.s-y the.nstr!+t.e o.ll do se0eral t.n. /en ha0e 3hate0er they /ay k. the ed.ll the a.t /!st needs be sharpened by en+o!nter.. be+a!se they ha0e only eaten one day5s -ood. they hold.7 sl!n.r elders e0ery3here.s d!ty to the .n.h.ntJ be+a!se that season o.thdra3 to sat. or -or any h!nter5s reason.t /akes ./ to end!re head and +oldJ .ts r!sh= .de the F!.se/ent.t 3as -!lly . a dr.. and th.en+e to a!thor.s -atherland.d be-ore. 2ha/elessness.ends.n the +hase.n./es a / beasts= he /!st deal h. /en. h!nt. they se0ere +hast. 3hen the k.n.n te/peran+e and to obey the.rat.s.s -r.n. nat!rally.s /en o.nd a +ase .s the r.n.rt!e .t 3ere. The lads -ollo3 the. .s/.r /aster. that. 3ho ne0er 3. to .the /.s the best poss.baseness. D!r./.s the /ost l.+ san+t.ods. the e%a/ple o.+e to the state.ons that are a/ h. and ne%t. they re/a.t!de./e.n /eat and dr. -ro/ ho/e the staple o. As rel.n.e.s stroke 3hen the +reat!re +loses.r st! h. nast!rt.ts parallel . leads *!st as he does .n. to beat !p the .-e.ld. and here a..s po3er /eets 3.rate-!l /an .se sel-Erestra.the -.n the sel-Erespe+t. and ea+h /an /!st +arry bo3 and .need be. .r elders. sho3n the/ day by day.n.ll the . than the boys5 -are.s not -ar to seekJ the k.ty and to the/.r ro!nd the p!bl. and th!s nast!rt.n. they are ta!.eld.d . he takes hal. to the. 1oreo0er.ll /ake.n the r!nn.nst.r to shoot 3.nt.n 3ar that has not .0er.r pro0.s o.+ b!.nk .s another bran+h o. and the.r r!lers. and they -. treads +lose on the heels o.ty sho!ld ar.!ard the +o//!n.!/ l.on.ator to e0ery k.n .on.s. not 3.n 3ar.rat. 3hene0er ne+essary. $9#) The reason o. b!t other3.nnerEt.t.ty d.eld.n the /o/ent the F!arry .kely to -or. .es t. the +hase .n noth..n.J .n on the /orro3 t.s than.rst they br.n th.n.ndness 3hen .a.o0ernors -or ser0. -. or ten years they are bo!nd to sleep at n.n. D!r.+ b!. to h.s !nt.n 3ar. In add.s p!bl.t hardens h. then they 3.nd the !t/ost help to3ards the atta.o0ernor .!/ -or a rel. $:) A-ter that they spend the.0es the s.on -or the +hase . one to h!rl and the other to !se./ to /ar+h and to r!n at the top o.s they do .ke the boys. a d. And .t tea+hes the sa/e.n.+on0.nk. and they ha0e no better a. abo0e all.t .l those .s.!ard 3hen . Th.n. the day they present the/sel0es be-ore the .s pathJ and.the l.s 0. /en set o!t 3. beha0.3ar.n.n person at the head o.r.nstr!+ted . h.. .s. any o. and t3o *a0el.n/ent o. b!t .%teen or se0enteen.n the +hase.t 3o!ld be hard to -. a l.the +o/pany 3. at +lose F!arters.ll .p .n.n./e as -ollo3s.n.ndeed.-ested by the.leader and +h.nd o...n.h.s. 3h.

ht hand a that ./b and -leetness o.shed -or sk.-. +an .tary ser0. !p the..+ s+hools o. In the sa/e 3ay the yo!ths 3ho ha0e -!l-.s deser0ed. and h!rl. and to share .rade /ar+h o! to . they .a yo!th or a .nk h.n.the 3hole Pers.h.tho!t 3ork.+h +alls -or stren. to +o/plete the p.n. 6astly. E0en any lon.noble learn.o ba+k a l.r bel.o the pr.lads and -a.not.o0ernors o.+e and hono!r= b!t they /!st -. $9K) And -ro/ th.nted e%+ept the tea+hers -or the boys. e0ery Pers.n.n. a breastplate !p to the throat.s that Pers. tr.pra.3hat has been sa.ns are le-t bear.n.rade that all the / B!t 3hen the ten years are a++o/pl.e.pped 3.ans are sa.ldren 3.o0ernor.nto +o!rt by the .ent te/peran+e o.on at last a/on.. all they learnt as boys.0. as .d to n!/ber so/ th.n o--. the yo!thsJ .th-!lness . be-ore the /a.rsty.3h. On the +ontrary.t .r. a.reatest n!/ber o.+ and are le-t to the.s +onde/ned .rs and the an+.+ s+hool has a r.l. b!t the tea+her 3ho tra..ho3 s3eet barley bread and 3heaten +an taste to the h!n.hteo!sness and *!st.h the -. all +ases.s pla+e a/on.on be on -oot the /en o. $9L) And e0en to th.r de+. As a -a+t. .s .n.ndeed on any errand 3h.e-.+y. 3arr.tal +har. /en are also e/ployed by the / tra. the yo!ths.-oot.s bro! thro!.0e as -ollo3s.o and take h. and pra+t...a/es are open to the/ and pr.ro3n /an breaks the la3 he .r +h.. do send the/ there= those 3ho +annot /!st -ore.ry /an and 3ater to the th.n.ldren to the p!bl. e0ery /e/ber o.s d.r+le o. the a++o!nt /ay no3 be br.0ed 3. let h.t.n yo!th. those 3ho as .r stat.s .rst they present the/sel0es.n one lon.these no one .ke one h!ndred and t3enty tho!sand /en= and o.ro3n /en ha0e l.r +lass are ent. or .s -ro/ o. the *a0el.strates are appo.nk.ro3n / .ty and that Pers.ned the/ 3hen they 3ere boys.Ien 3ho /en 3ho are le-t at ho/e.d be-ore.n the/. a b!+kler on the le-t ar/ .s tr.r -!ll t.tors . not ar/ed 3.or appears .e o.ll. 1oreo0er.rst spend the.ll and +o!ra.t.strates -or ser0.s heard be-ore the elders and they prono!n+e *!d.h..-e othe yo!th.r only +ond.s +h./ale-a+tors are to be tra+ked or robbers r!n do3n. the bo3 or the l.n.*!st as the Pers. Th!s these elders -or/ a +olle.n.ned. 3h.n the +ase.s need -or pol. then they take rank as elders.s. I 3.!.+h..n./entJ and the /an 3ho .tled to send h.s by la3 debarred -ro/ hono!r or o--. l.ent d..s ent.rst +o!rse /ay not * the / or a s3ord./ent and 3ater -or the.l. b!t eF!.n the/ the -lo3er oe%+ellen+e.tled e0ent!ally to rank 3./ beth.tle . 3ho hono!r.0ate the help o. p!bl.tness to that an+.r years or /ore.0en the /eed o.e-J the Pers. and the t.+e. 2!+h .an pol. and .th and so!nd sense +o/b./e -orth -or -.o no -!rther.ll .n p.Ies are o--eredJ and the tr.+e beyond the -ront.+t!res<.n. .. A lad 3ho has passed thro!.nally..strates.+ .al o. these yo!n.n the.+h has passed thro!. . .se -ro/ all the +. $9") As -or the yo! .strates ..s..t.h the -!ll +. they spend the.erJ they stay at ho/e and de+.J and th. not only the. $9() And no3.s ./ the .!/ -or the.n shoot.ded by any other +.t .+t!re o.sed -or the rest o. the 3hat are +alled the +loseE+o/bat ar/s./sel.s .lled the d!t. 3ho a+t as s!. I.en*oy the /eal 3. p!bl.s the l.s t. The +a!se .s they 3ho +hoose all the /a. b!t those 3ho ha0e not . $9?) These elders no lon.son 3ork needs to be done or .arr. B!t 3hen the -.+e to the state 3here0er there . .shed they are +lassed as .th nast!rt. and -or the r. all 3ho +an a--ord to br.0eEandEt3enty years they l.h a p!bl.r only dr./e a/on.s day s.s days.0eEandEt3enty years are o0er and the /en ha0e rea+hed the a.on...tho!t reproa+h /ay take the. .ht sh.+h +an +la.r present .o on /.

s the lo0.n. And Cyr!s./e. take so /any t!rns and 3. -ro/ the . lad nat!re had /ade h. so says the story.anJ the 3as h..t o. -or all these d.ood they the nose.therto 3e ha0e spoken o. I do see. and Astya. To th.t .s ho/ the k.on o.ll no3 .t.5s eyes 3ere sten+./ to sp. 7and that .es. Astya.s not th. and he ans3ered at on+e.shes -or yo!rsel.7 the boy a .s t. *!st l. /other.ll keeps to h./ 3h.K) Bnt.ssed h. and 3hen he rode o!t. they are all!s +o! sent -or h.n ohono!r.that.r he . and +r.t . and the p!rple the handso/er.0e to bea!ty as to hono!r..e0ery d!ty.s a 3onder .pe yo!r hands.t -ell o!t that 1andane +a/e to Astya.d !p at h. as yo! -.bed.tho!t /ore ado. -ell on h.the Pers.te l.ed h. $?) 4o3 Cyr!s and to be -ed.s a -ar better /eal than yo! e0er had .the 1edes . the boy /!st B!t abo!t th.s -ather or h.rand-ather .ht !p . 8e are h!n. ho3 bea!t. b!t.dle. or 3. and 3ere tra.yo! e0er -. br.and see ho3 .nd h.n other 3ays.ted to the breed..+ksha3s yo! .n. and .s pla. the t!n.n.s a rare s. b!t yo! 1edes.n.+. and o0er*oyed at learn..n.s eyes -.7 7One th.nd abo!t so /!+h .< The boy. Then he looked +loser and sa3 that the k. 2o .oal that 3e ha0e rea+hed lon. all these 3onder-!l -oodsM7 7Ah.aH7 There! o. 7O!r 3ay. -or all yo!r haste.s day .rand-ather /!+h the handso/est o.n Pers. b!t .ans as a 3hole= 3e 3.s +h. her.Epo. 7Oh. h.s /!+h shorter than yo!rs.hter and her son.s +heeks pa.7 sa.n.n. a /o!nta.preser0ed .bread yo! ne0er 3.-!l robe and bra+elets and ne+kla+es .+h he tho!.s da!. $") And as soon as they /et.s /other sat at /eat 3. 73e are not at all a0erse to the len.s /other5s -ather.dered sha/e-!l -or a Pers.0e yo!rsel.ret h.rand-ather5s splendo! be abo0e all h.t!de -or those days .e0ery sort. 3ho had a so!l as the/ yo!rsel-. 3hen he heard that Astya.the/ had been play/ates o.-!l /y . Cyr!s b!rst o!t.all the Pers.n.l.r.n.s . and /!+h s.s that yo! do not F! o.n. 3hat tro!ble yo! /!st . st.s heart. des.these -. to r. l.rst and last. H.s !s 3here 3e 3ant to be at on+e. or sho3 s.shes and tast.ll +ons.n p! k. . as tho!. Cyr!s ans3ered..%ed on h. so that the h!/o!rs o.nted.n.7 And 3hen Astya.the body 3ere dra3n o-. And they +o!ld not keep to th.nd.n. Cyr!s ans3ered. /y lad.a0e h. .de bes. not Pers.7 sa.7 $() 78ell.o. as the tale r!ns.t./ ho3 he -elt so s!re o.-or these adorn/ents.d.ed./ be+a!se he had heard ho3 noble and -a./ a bea!t. and sho3ed h. and one l.ry and the 1edes I e0er set eyes on.s apt./.ned to h. 7Oh..s standard !nless they 3ere a++!sto/ed to a te/perate d.Cyr!s -ro/ h.o ba+k to o!r start. apart -or h. 71y -ather .d h.n.7 $K) At that Astya.yo! take one o.ns o.sM7 Then h. and that he 3ore -alse +!rls a-ter the -ash.olden the splend.ner style o. 3as pleased 3.ner dress and h.n Pers.reatly to see h. $C. Astya. At that./ 3.n.ld to h.n h. b!t /y . the lad to en*oy the -east and not re.n.nt and re+o!nt the deeds o.rand-ather./.rand-ather5s s.h he had been bro!.s . and . or be seen . Cyr!s 3as bro!. her son Cyr!s 3.s -ello3s .se and to. the -.t .es dre3 the +h. h.rst and the t3o o. ./ on a horse 3.+s.nt.d robe.old.n the noble and /anly per-or/an+e o./ 3. -or a horse .n s.l he 3as t3el0e years old or /ore.s asked h. at ho/e or abroad.l. h.n the /anner 3e ha0e des+r. .an.rand-ather.s /other asked h.nd yo!r 3ay to the ..s pla. kept h.ttle s!./sel.lled and h.rand-ather.s the handso/est o./ at ho/e e0en no3EaEdays. the ne+kla+es.s ne+k and k. 7Be+a!se 3hen yo! to!+h an honest b.a. pl. and bread and /eat br./pler. 3.the road= taste the d. and the bra+elets.rea+h.s nat!ral needs.

.tho!t /ore ado.d not kno3 3hat -ear /eant.d. and 3.t st.ood.. asked the l. 7Tr! .n the bo3l.s . be-ore the k.n.7 $L) 78ell and . to +arry on the *est.te ele. l./e !nseasonable.r.a0e the/ to the attendants 3ho stood abo!t h.7 4o3 th.ll not let !s +h. and then.r 3hat a . I ha0e .t 3as r..ood +heer.. $>) 8here!pon.ldren doEEyo! talked at the top o..n.oblet they yo! s3ore that s!+h an a. ..rand-ather.0e /e all th.n. 3.7 And so on !nt.s -or /ysel-.s hand and s.n.0en.d the k.t!rn to yo!r napk. the !t/ost .t. . Then at last I !nderstood that yo! /!st be +elebrat.t .llJ7 7And th.n.. 3hat yo! 3.ttle lad 3hy he had -or. and -l!n. $9#) A++ord.d the k.shes o. all 3ho des.n ret!rn -or the *a0el.n the bo3l .n. -ello3. and he had the r.h yo! 3o!ld not l.7 sa.s doneM I shall o!st yo! -ro/ yo!r o--. sho3..ndeed.rst.t 3. be+a!se yo! 3a.ot . these royal +!pEbearers are neatEhanded at Then Astya.p a ladle .th ...7 sa.nto the beakers 3.n ans3er to h.t 3.a a -.s /other and Astya. be+a!se yo! hono!r /y /other.a0e yo!r b.e+e to 2a+as.d there /.n.d yo! d.h.ts reeled and ho3 yo! sta.ends I +o!ld see F!.a/e set be-ore h.n. yo! +o!ld barely keep yo!r le.h he had ./eat and .ne stron.n.%ed the 3.n the +!p -.s.h.7 sa.otten to taste the 3.r that h.%es the +!p. and po!r.yo! boasted o.en+e..r pro-!s. 7Grand-ather.I +an.erly.n e0eryth. /y lad./. and yo!r s!b*e+ts that yo! 3ere the. B!t Cyr!s. else.t and /. and none .s -or yo!. the boy Cyr!s took -.tho!t sp.0e /e the bo3l.n. and o--ered .lent -or an . yo! 3ere ne0er s. as .n a 3ay to /ake !s la!. he bro!.ne /ysel-M7 or ./ed.nk the 3. and yet as soon as yo! . yo!r day .nd yo!r -. I shall /ake *!st as pretty a +!pEbearer as yo!EEand not dr. and then yo! la!. and e%+la.a0e /e.ood h.neH7 And ./.rand-ather so prett.te pla. 3ell and . do yo! . And yo! see/ed F!.on retorted ea.eredJ and yo! all the 3ord he had s.d the tho!.ne .he tho! as prett.son .rand-ather. .s .n.ra+e.s ./ so /!+h. that 5-ree spee+h5 3e hear o-J at any rate. .ry to -.rand-ather5s F!est.ty and the . $') 7B!t yo! do not . bade the b!tler hand h.sten to the s.7 7And ho3 d.n. so -ar -ro/ a lad 3ho d.n. +ry. 7Can yo! not see ho3 prett.ssed h.ra+e he ser0es the 3.n. la!. and 3.son -or yo! all.7 2o the k.tated 2a+as .otten.. And the boy ans3ered.n.rthday -east to yo!r -r.yo! 3ere an./sel-.te to ha0e -or. the -or the banF!eter to take.n yo!r -a0o!r.ot r. 7and I hono!r nobly s!n.s the -a+t that the k.ra0.n.7 And a!d.n the t. h. that yo! 3ere and Cyr!s took .n.h. a drop.h. yo! /ay be s!re.s o3n stren.ers so. -or so k.yo! !nderstood a s. 7tell 2a+as to .. and then Cyr!s b!rst o!t la!.oblet to h.n yo! .sh and then another and . or 3hen yo! .n-.%. Astya.d.0e a s.son . and 3e shall send yo! ba+k to *!st as he had seen 2a+as do..s+o0er that.n at on+e.s .ly he /.ttle spee+h= 7That .lyJ7 7And th. /e to r.5s b!tler 3hen he o--ers the 3. The boy 3as taken aba+k by the.7 F!oth the ea+h . 7Be+a!se I sa3 ho3 yo!r 3.n. and po!r a l. $:) 74o3.le 3ord the others sa.s -or yo!..he has /.s ./ /ore than all the rest.t on /y . and 3hen they hand the .all the /eat he had been . and tho!.%ed po.yo!r as he .ne .hed and sa.d to br.s ar/s ro!nd h.p .r task.. I 3as a-ra. 7only -east a3ay yo! the . /. so that .hed o! to keep the/ ba+k .n.tH7 7Certa.n. and let /e po!r o!t the .. t.n.le p..n.s -or yo!.on.t de-tly bet3een th!/b and -. to do 3hat I l. /y boyH7 asked the be po./e to the /eas!re.s 2a+as.s . 3as a handso/e -ello3.and /ake . .s -or yo!.ot !p to dan+e.ndly tea+h.n the hollo3 o.-t he /ade a l.n.deJ7 7And that . the bo3l 3.! do.rand-ather and k.nly I do. 7And 3hy sho!ld yo! hono!r h.rand-ather.randson.l he had .reatest de-tness and .led./ the bo3l. and 3.rst one d. and then ea+h o. /y b!tler. 72a+as.nly that 2a+as had p!t . s./ no ..n.s bo!nd to d.ll do h.n. as one /ay . .+es.n.

s !n+le 3anted anyth.a. and by day .ht I had learnt eno!..ll o!tdo all o!r .a.n./ent I de+./ as he tor/ents /e. and that yo! /ay be s!re.t 3o!ld be hard to lea0e the boy a. to /e= yo! shall be -ree to +o/e 3hene0er yo! +hoose.tJ . and 3hen I +o/e to to -.lla. $9?) Then the old /an t!rned to Cyr!s= 71y boy.s .es be. boy str. a b. 3hen I a/ ba+k .o .ne -or !s.n.l I ha0e pla. let /e /ana. so the story says. $9>) I 3.ro3s ra0eno!s I 3. . 7does yo!r -ather ne0er lose h. sa.d +a0alry.n.s b!sy 3.nly not.5 !nt. 2o the b..a./ the reason.7 $9() Then h. 7Be+a!se. 7be-ore I le-t ho/e /y /aster tho!.d.ed her to lea0e the boy beh.n to break-ast I 3. . else yo! 3. /y o3n and as /any others as yo! l.7 $9") Th!s the boy del.ttle boy and .ll try and sho3 /y .n. . and so I th. 3hen I 3ant to +o/e.n. he ans3ered. and the *!st as yo! and anyth. 4o3 . Yo! shall ha0e horses to r.7 ans3ered Cyr!s.ttle boy.n Pers.le he p!t on the b. and as soon as yo! ha0e learnt to r. Do please. YesM and I re/e/ber on+e.. keep. 78hat happens thenH7 asked the k. 3h.nk r.n has stopped /e.ts.nner yo! shall . annoys /e e%+eed.n h.7 sa.rand-ather that.rand-ather th.nk o.7 p!t .ll stay 3. /other.0.d at on+e that he 3o!ld rather stay. boy and a l.7 $9L) Then sa.s 3..d the boy..ll plant /ysel.n .de the asked..d Cyr!s. ho3 +an yo! learn the/ here 3hen yo!r tea+hers are at ho/eH7 7Oh. 7and that .0e h. and 3hen yo! lea0e !s yo! shall take the/ 3. And yo! shall ha0e boys to play 3.7 ans3ered the boy. no one +o!ld -orestall h.e./e 3hen I ha0e 3anted to .n. 2he ans3ered that tho!.n /y parks and parad.o to /y .n the door3ay *!st as he does.. 7I kno3 all abo!t the/ already.rand-ather .t a l.7 sa. .s ..s o3n s/all yo!.nk I a/= b!t here I kno3 I a/ the 3orst at h.. /e a3ay -ro/ yo!.n. the *a0el. And 3hen she 3ent on to ask h. 7Be+a!se at ho/e I a/ tho!.ll say 58a.d h.n h. he has no 2a+as to /. /y son.7 sa. Cyr!s. boy.oned the boy and asked h. see/ed to . or ../ent.s ./ -or three days.s bath. 73hy are yo! so !nk.yo! lea0e /e here and I learn to r.% h.n e%a+tly l.7 ans3ered the boy.s head 3hen he dr.s /other.hteo!sness.t shall be yo!rs.s /other./sel-.all the ..+e and r.s 3.e h. and h!rl. There 3ere t3o boys. ba+k to her h!sband.s splend./ .s 3. 7B!t *!st.tH7 Astya.h she 3. *!d.n.s battles -or h. boy5s +oat 3as s/all and the s/all boy5s +oat 3as h!. and +olle+t /ore -or yo!. And I 3.a/e .n. I pro/..n ..n the e0en.the lads at othe +o!rt. Yo! or h.ot a 3h.n 1ed.t 3as better -or both part. ....ll not ha0e a sto!ter horse/an than h.ded that .ett.o ba+k ho/e 3.7 7B!t. Astya.s elders .n. yo!.7 sa.d Astya.n./ 3hether he 3o!ld rather stay 3..nd to 2a+asH7 7Be+a!se I do so hate h.n. and then 3hen he 3ants to .reater pleas!re than to please the/. one -or= yo! ha0e only to ask /e and ..nner yet= HE .oal o.7 7And ho3 3o!ld yo! set abo!t .rand-ather.a0e to be the best h.h to de+.rand-ather. he 3. -or /.yo! 3. And at d.5 and as he .ndeed noth.ll please /e..a a.s . 4o har/ -ollo3s./.pp.pped the l. 7I .!ed and tor/ented h.allant -ello3s on -oot./ . and he set /e to try the s!.n.s old 0.ll.n I 3./e a-ter t.n. 2a+as shall ne0er stop yo! -ro/ +o/.ll say 5Yo! +annot ha0e break-ast yet= HE .ll say 54o d. b!t.t 3.s all.nst h.7 $99) so/e a /an.n .ll tell yo! abo!t that +ase.o yo!r o3n a3ay and -ollo3 yo!r o3n path to yo!r o3n .nksH7 7Certa.rst.n./ the lad. 4o3 .d he. 78hy.hted h.ttle= HE .7 7Ho3 do yo! kno3 that yo! doH7 asked to th.ll /ake yo! a present o.5 and 3hen he +o/es -or d.shed to please her -ather . that I 3. and the o-tener yo! +o/e the better ./. 7He F!en+hes h.nstant..s th.he sa3 that I 3.n.nd.s /other F!est. 7I 3.a yo! shall see. -or all h. $9K) 4o3 3hen 1andane be./ yo! shall h!nt and shoot and h!rl the *a0el.d the her= and he sa.s*!d.

nd!+e the boy to lea0e h.t 3ere.n.n part.nted d!es= and the /eas!re .r sons. not /ore. 3hene0er he sat .ned h.s *!st and 3hat .I had been that h.!e ran on./ /e./!st per-or/ h.n.t /. .ett. they bade the.yo! learn .de to 3ho/ the +oat belon.s a/b.d that the /e lessons.n.nF!.. and sa.0eness had be+o/e./ent.n yo!r .-or any F!est.nted to say 3hat -.*!st. people to ha0e less than the.the lad5s heart and the ea.7 7Ah. 7/y .ends 3. B!t I ne0er . 3ho had a the Pers. so -or all the lad5s loF!a+.n.s o3n +apr.rst -or kno3led.7 re*o.a.n.n...rst to 3a.d not.7 he +r.7 sa.s se+ond nat!re.n.yo!th-!lness ./aster o0er all and s!ndry a/on.+t tall.t 3as he 3ho spran.tted and 3hat d.ndl./ 3hat he tho!.olen+e to keep .htest 3.ldren ask Cyr!s to arran.d the boy. b!t I had been +alled .es +o!ld not br.e the /atter -or the/.la3 .on p!t to parents by the +har/ o. .tsel. and hold the tyrant5s bel. too /! -ro/ e0ery one he /et the e%planat. I.0e a reason -or 3hat he d.ty and th. I ha0e the 3hole o.E!p.erness o.r +h. the n. and to look -or the l. I ha0e /y .s better at tea+h.d.7 $C.s +!r.s a. $K) D! terror at the tho!. 7ho3 he has ta!. so/e to!+h o.+e= and -.p b!t /e that 3hat .n.nd and 3as bro!.s ./sel.rst to not.+e b!t the la3.s tears.h.. and the otherJ and h.a talker.+t 3o!ld ha0e been e%+ellent .ned by h.+e .tted h.nd at rest.s br./sel.r share. B!t at last all the 1edes to ha0e less than h. or any one else. Cannot yo! see.s 3ay to the. /other.s /other.s.n.s /other 3ent ho/e.?) 2o the boy5s ton. ./.s based on 0.reatest store on ./.ht !p .t !pon h.on /ade h.n.t /ade and bo!.s s.ty. and the po. h.n.s +o/pan.n Pers.ot any -!rther . and Cyr!s stayed beh.der 3as. that. .s o3nH And the /aster ta!.ke reason -ro/ others.s not h.rand-ather5s +o!rt .s s!re to sho3 .r hearts.. Th!s the old k.e. B!t.s appo. 73hat e0eryone takes to be *!st and r.the old /an needed anyth.ed.n 1ed./ best. 3o!ld .h.*!st. or he 3ho had had . yo!r o3n .that ea+h sho!ld ha0e the +oat that -. !p -.n. he sa. /y .th h.os.ty . as .e /!st al3ays see that be. and soon 3on the. yo!r -ather h. *!st as .h. to .al part o.s re-!se h. And /oreo0er.e 3ere s!+h that he /!st needs . or yo! /ay be s+o!r.ll al3ays .th an ans3er h.. /ay be. He soon /ade -r.ons and -o!nd h.ans eF!al..s not tho!.e 3as pla. b!t.. the k. And 3hate0er .s o0er.n -or e0ery one to see.n.randson5s l. Astya.on o.ett. and br. the 1edes. /other.ness o.olen+e.t= 8as he 3ho took a th. be+a!se the /aster thrashed /e here.and tell the se+ret o.s held to be an essent.s la3-!l .e.s .ed.t. so that talkat.n *! 3o!ld please h.+es to the state and re+e.0e h.rand-ather has /ade h.rand-ather 3. and h.5s heart 3as h..nt to +ons. and there-ore. And .on he bore the. the boy 3as so/ d.ro3n.s./.n.+e at /y -.stener 3as not o- .s s. 3hen he 3as s. h.rand-ather /.7 $9') 7B!t.there sho!ld be anyth.t done. $") On h. noth. too /!+h o. and he 3.n /y to .ers5 ends already..nted ser0..rand-ather the la3.s /aster.s address and the tr!e a--e+t.s 0erd.these .n the art o.n the teeth o. the .ed to death 3hen yo! +o/e ho/e to 3.ts 3ere so l./sel-H 2o set yo!r /.rst and -ore/ost. d!r. so /!+h so that 3hen they 3anted a -a0o!r -ro/ the to be so .ll ne0er /ake /e.n. by 0. /other. He had been tra.on le-t on the l.that he and he alone sho!ld ha0e /ore than all the rest. or on+e.t -or h.s o3n 3./press. an adept ./sel. h.s Cyr!s 3as the -. be+a!se o.+k. or .rand-ather .a.h. 3hy.t /!st be allo3ed. Ha0e a +are then.. 2o yo! see.hteo!s at yo!r .n the body 3hen a boy . . /ore I need to kno3. b!t 3. these early days.n to de+.n./ set the .a. the *!d.n. h.deJ he +o!ld not keep ba+k h.t.0ely that he 3as e0er ready 3..rand-ather5s s+hool to lo0e not k.

n. and -or. and +a/e do3n on .t!re.0eness o.ll +o!ld ne0er -!rn. 2o that the old b!tler5s heart 3as the yo!n. o. $() He had no des.a/e . no3 he be. ./plored the real 2a+as to let h. and th!s he soon -o!nd 0ent!re.ts -!r. b!t h. /aster and stran.ladly ha0e heard the rest o.sely one 3here he -elt h./ to the t./e 3hen +h.ons he had heard.ood3. he 3as so shy that he 3o!ld bl!sh be to . and the spear.rand-ather -or all h.n 3h.+h /..s tone= at t.e to .rst to la!.s+o/-.ndeed. a.re3 . and +o!ld not s!//on +o!ra. 3as +o/pletely . all b!t thro3./es.e -or3ard.n. sl.s heels. noth.n. he . he 3o!ld spr.nd.ld asses 3ere har/less eno!. .nn. and there 3as l.n.n too +lose F!arters 3./als ran so lo3 that Astya.h at h.n. pr..n.n order to shoot or h!rl the *a0el..+e to death.the . . .r lessons to heart at the t.arro.ot a -.n. and at last the th. that h.ld. and the shoot.e h.+h he h.n.n be-ore he had .o o!t to h!nt 2a+as -or not lett.ty and 3ar/Eheartedness.n the open +o!ntry.ero!s +reat!res. the k.+!lar del.and h. he s!rpassed the/ all. $') The lad see/ed to take all sa3 that the lad5s heart 3as really set on h!nt. 3hat he 3anted by +oa%. h.eter .nto yo!th he be+a/e /ore +hary o. $>) At last 3hen Astya.n the presen+e o. they sa./e= b!t then he sa3 a sta./e be-ore approa+h.d and 3h.n.s 3ords and F!. and deer and /o!nta.n the resol!t../p!ls./ and -o!nd abo!t the +reat!res they +a/e a+ross.n the old days he had F!arrelled 3. headlon.n.ood a horse/an as h.only yo! 3o!ld let /e ..t to +olle+t eno!.ll /ost -as+.d. e%+ept the beast ahead o.o!s the lad /.th eno!. tak.ndeed.nst o. .= and he hes./ .ht he h!ntH They told h.e+es= b!t antelopes..ll bet3een h.s . to be as +are-!l abo!t dan. a0err.+.a.EE..n./ he /!st be on h. leap !p.nn.htM7 $L) B!t ho3e0er an%.n!e 3./.h.3..tated a lon.nst bears and 3.r/ seatEEand then.n. I +o!ld -an+y e0ery beast 3e +a/e a+ross had been reared -or /y part.s /ates to those -eats . the . and l. and he.a0e h. As l!+k 3o!ld ha0e .nst any sa0a.s elders.t 3as to keep 3at+h and 3ard o0er!ard a.ons and leopards= /any a /an had -o!nd h.der had . $?) Ho3e0er. +are at the sa/e t. t.s !n+le./ .l he tho!.a/e -or /eH these to sho3 3hat he +o!ld do.s /y !n+le.n.n./ kno3 3hen he /.der o0er ./sele%+elled= he 3o!ld start pre+. and presently.ero!s pla+es as abo!t the beasts the/sel0es= /any a t./e horse and r.t +a/e to a tr.n-er. Cyr!s pl.re3 /ore sedate. b!t took .o o!t to the +hase.. 8hat 3. he had so/eho3 lost the old the r.s +hatter to the end rather than ha0e sat al. and one 3o!ld . !p the e--ort. see. they added.n le-t othe old to play the part art /o/ent had +o/e= .de h.or. s!+h 3as h./ to es+ape de-eat by .ldhood passes .s o3n . o!.se +a!t.h -or the +has. the do3n a pre+.ldEboars and l.on to do better another t./.ot all the 3. he .th. as he .s .ll *!/p !p on e0ery h.s ret.o o!t F!est.e beast./sel-. ./ 3./o!nted 0eterans at h. I.s +o/rades he 3o!ld ne0er 3as hard p!t to .h.ttle 3onder= -or 3hene0er . b!t o./e to send an es+ort o. to horse .n lo0e 3.2a+as a./ lea0e to . 3hy sho!ld yo! take so /!+h tro!ble .the p!ppy 3ho 3.ty./sel.+.d. H.h.ntr!de !nt.n.s ardo!r.n stat!re and the years led h. and been torn to p.ndeed. Th!s he .ness .s . 3hen he 3as 3orsted.the 3orld.s o3n d.n .ts knees.n.n.lory .o!s pl!n./e.n.s +o/pany 3as st./pl.n sheep and 3. l.n any dan..n./ one day and sa. that he 3o!ld o!tdo the/ all. 3hose b!s.5s preser0es be.t the boy .n the k.0./ d!/b.n. Then Cyr!s. he 3o!ld be the -. +hase -orth3.ero!s pla+e or a.s peers.n.a.+h /!st he a0o./sel. the sto+k o.a.n+e. And the h!nts/an.n.ttle s. +a/e to h.a.n h.ed h.ts

rand-ather.7 To 3h..n.ttle less than o!r k.d Cyr!s. 78hat -oolery .7 sa.kes.le.ll d.o.+...he l. 3. and then 3hat s+are+ro3s the poor beasts 3ere.n. yo! are l.ner than those poor 3alledE!p +reat!res 3hen al.ll not only s+old yo! -or .ttle boy. let h. 8hy.ll on the/ 3here he hoped h. 3ho had d. 78ell. not.n= he spran. the sta. stood F!.t to pers!ade h. h. 73ho 3.7 he 3ent on.ed Cyr!s.ll rad. .n the -orehead. /e. 7I +annot th..s +o/rades.n.d beasts.+k= he 3ent a3ay .7 And Cyr!s sa.rand-ather. . a bea!t. and la.ore st.ed h.t .h -renI.+h appeal. they tell /e.s . the lads.h at talk.d the/ do3n 3.nsEE3hat I ha0e shot -or yo!.nly tell 3arr. .es -or !sH7 78hy.nk 3hat has +o/e o0er /e= I +annot speak to /y . 3e /!st t!rn else3here.l.n to the/ a/on.n o!r need. and dra3.s horse as tho!.ble.the/ at the r.7 he added.-t yo! br.t 3.+h the other lads I shall be+o/e no better than an .. and so 3ent . to p!t on a bold -a+e.n.a pla+e. str!+k the beast .t 3as. 72ee. han.a. Only. only I 3ant none o. and d.d not sho3 h.e dead there.a0e=EE7I /!st needs a++ept 3.0.yo!r . I.7 78ell.7 2o Cya%ares 3as -or+ed to y.rand-ather -.n.s bo3 3..s 3eapons .7 B!t he d.ll speak to Astya.n the /. do3n on the/.s .!/ph= he only la.ant.n the parkM It 3as no better than h!nt.s head 3h. and .keJ besto3 the/ 3here yo! 3.7 sa.ll and l.n. -or !s .edEEa 3./als on the /o!nta.rand-ather.s leapt !p a.ether= and .rst o.ed to keep h.. b!t /e -or lett.h they had 3. and he h. And yet.rand-ather. and the . I a/ a-ra. to +lose F!arters l./. $:) B!t no3 h. only do not re-!se /e th.0e the/ to /eH And I 3.n +hase yo!rsel-. +reat!res t.n. B!t ... .yo! really do not 3ant the/ yo!rsel-.rand-ather any /oreJ I +annot look h. so sleek and .n tr.rst ho3 he +o!ld best br.t o.t .s. one halt.ns and the pla. so .ness alto.ors ./ as yo!rsel-H7 74o./sel-J the lad5s boldness 3as too /! . all the 3h. and 3el+o/e.7 $9K) 8hen Cyr!s heard that he 3as st!n. the /ore he s+olded the /ore Cyr!s be.rand-ather 3o!ld see the/. he 3. say. here are so/e an. he .s .nds o!t that yo! ha0e ./ stra.n. 7. the/. and the 3.7 sa. ..ll yo! .n. I 3as sharp eno!. !n+le. 7p!n.s easy to .ht 3hen !p rode the .r breadth and b!lk one +o!ld not help .th pleas!re e0ery . 7take the/. or anyth..7 ans3ered they.n d!e +o!rse presented the/ to h.s !n+le /ade reply= 7B!t .n the /atter. not IM7 +r.yo! +annot best.le they rated h.ttle b. It ..t all he heard the 0.s -.o o!t to h!nt tooH7 7Gladly eno!.n the -a+e.yo! +an do noth.s seat.d the boy.ed by a str.s *a0el.n./edM B!t those real an. that they 3o!ld.s troph.d the old /an./ /y beasts= and yo! del.0en h.s nephe3 h..7 78.ed he had r!nH They 3o!ld +erta..nst the sky as tho!.7 $9") 78ell. h. 3hen 3e !sed to h!nt . .l as a present -or h..n. 7they look . A++ord.ded .e3Ehalloo a.n. +reat!re.. Cyr!s. and the horse re+o0ered ./ take ba+k the spo.7 $99) 2o Cyr!s +arr.d h.t yo!r o3n 3ay then.yo!r o3n l.ed o-the spo.!ard and took h. 8hen they rea+hed the -lat botto/. 3hen I 3as a l.ed he 3o!ld let h..n. 7I. Co!ld he not see the dan.n.7 $9#) Th!s .th all /y heart. To 3h. already. Cyr!s let -ly h.a0e the order.n.eld=EE7Ha0e .n battleM And thanks to the./ 3h.t 3as h.stened r!e-!lly.only the k./ o.n.s .s !n+le tho!. .t 3as s!+h a /e ho3e0er yo! +hoose.len+e and !r. yo! .ed to /eet ..o. -ell dead.h t. The lad 3as st.!ess the ans3er Astya.-!l b. 73ho so -. 7+o!ld not yo!r -athers let yo! ./ poss.rand-ather. h. else yo! l.ldEboars +a/e r!sh.a. and another /a.n s.s .7 +r.n.t 3as that Cyr!s 3as allo3ed to br. says the story.s/o!nted.t.-or yo!r -r. ho3e0er.ddle o.ldEboar 3as +har. to the F! the s!rest a.s a bad b!s./ lo3./e to s+old h.p /e .0eM B!t yo!. by all that5s holy. 3.ot.d.lossyM 8hy.tho!t plann.ts -oot.n..ant 3.n.te st./ ho/e..all.7 ans3ered they./ se0erely to the .d.ro3s on /e. e0en as they l.r yo!rsel. 73hen on+e I ha0e .s.n.n.-e. .n. h.

. a +ons. Th!s the pr.7 he +r.-teen years the day5s h!nt.rons on h. A pretty th..h t. B!t Cyr!s 3o!ld not hear o. And e0er a-ter3ards.n.onEE-or he 3as present .ndran+e to the others= 7Grand-ather.booty -ro/ the +o!ntry o. 3hat 3o!ld yo! do to h.d .n and o!tposts 3ere planted and a . A-ter the royal -ash. .erly he 3o!ld appla!d another 3.0e o-.he +a/e ba+k !nto!+hed and !n/olested be+a!se o./H7 78hat else sho!ld I do./e then. o!t a h!nt.hty troph. At len.htest to!+h o. h.pp.0ed -ro/ the +.n.d style.a.a.any s!+h h./ a lar.n. the pr. shar. and there he and h.randson +o!ld not keep that 3hene0er .t 3as poss..n person h.ers o. I 3o!ld .7 7It .d yo! to set -oot o!ts. He held a ...a0e orders that no one 3as to shoot !nt./ to 3ork .d and -oot. .e0e the .s +all= the t3o ..derable body o.a/e to be ..ed. no sorro3 to any /an. 7b!t +lap .s -ello3s by na/e 3hene0er he +a/e !p 3.Eparty h.s 3ay /ore l!stre 3o!ld be .d the boy. 7.a. bay. a b.nsH7 7B!t .son on . and ho/e they 3ent. +all.n.r la.s days .n. .n. to3ards the happ.ness o.n.-or the sake o.te/ to let /y -r.+a0alry and tar.sten. planned a h!nt..e es+ort the /orro35s da3n.t 3as easy to r./sel-.yo!r sla0es 3ere to r!n a3ay.r+h ready -or yo!r .tterly the lad -elt .ro!nds.nd o. B!t -or sa-ety sake he took 3.s bro3 3as +lo! . 7to please Cyr! the F!arry.sons as 3ell as the troop o. as a 3arn.Assyr. 7And no3 l. Th!s let the/ all .reat /!ster ohorse and -oot./.n splend.s tra.hter5s la/b .yo! to tell /e. ha0.randson.the 1edesH In th.r a/b.on b!rned 3.arr. be-orehand. b!t he spent h.s o3n.le he stood st./sel3hether .0en do3n .r /. to be. heard that on the a noble yo!n.n the/ as they -ollo3ed !p the +hase and let -ly the.n.o the pala+e .r *a0el.n.h at one o.n+e +hose these /ar+hes -or h. laden 3.n hono!r o.htE 3at+h.h noth.l Cyr!s had h!nted to h.n.a and 1ed.-e.E.7 $9() There!pon /e to en*oy /ysel-.ett. 3ho 3as abo!t to /arry a 3.n./ thenH7 78hy.laddened the old /an5s heart to hear ho3 .led to take the boys and -oot -or the h! lost. .s early h.n +ha..Eparty o.a day5s h!nt./ as tho!.t +han+ed that the yo!n.0ated le0els belo3 3here . And.n+e -o!nd that he had so/!nd.nd h.nto the -lat +o!ntry 3here the horses +o!ld be taken eas.n. l.s +o/rades and ho3 ea.n.h. . I -orb.t.t happened that the n./ and set h.e ar/y at h.the br. and then treat h. ho!nd. I sho!ld let /y da!.th . had /e and ea+h o. He set o!t to the pla+e 3here the sa3 ho3 b.n+e o..7 7Nery k.on. so 3ell pleased 3as the k. and he /ade !p h.s heart5s +ontent.rand-ather. to take /y +o/rades and r!n a3ay on a h!nt. $9>) And as e0en..son on d!ty.ty to rel.t./.ot.s /.h.d Cyr!s spend a lar.t th!s= 7Tell /e.t 3o!ld not be the best o.0e h.ns.nto the +!lt.eteers. not to do . !pon h.dal..7 sa.tho!t the sl. e%ped.. o!t he /!st . arr.n. and then the h!nt be.-e.n.s h!nt.n s.s h. At last Astya.. B!t abo0e all he 3as o0er*oyed to see ho3 h.randson= -or I a/ plann.nd to please h.n.*ealo!sy.n.ends h!nt 3. and sa3 ho3 they ra+ed to atta+k the F!arry and ho3 the. 3..otten= he had the beasts dr.7 sa./e to t!rn.h.7 $9?) 2o Cyr!s d.r s!pper..n beh. 7. It . all h.len+e -or sheer the. 3ho 3ere to dr.s .yo! 3.s . and br.d as he 3as ordered and stayed at ho/e. 7that yo! be.s o3n a++ord.n.all.!ard.ble.0e the beasts do3n -ro/ the. And then he asked h.the 3ar.!s try o!r best.0en to the .t 3as t. and he ne0er -a. ho3 3o!ld yo! treat h. ./ a 3h.n.arr.n.ntend.lee-!lly the boy 3o!ld la!.7 he added.n.Assyr.len+e and h.ll and 3at+hed the s. and yo! +a!./ by lead.n. $9L) B!t 3hen he 3as abo!t -. Pr.7 the old /an ans3ered.7 sa. had happened. and the other lads 3ere not -or.s /en prepared to take -ro/ p!re e%+.n the h!nt 3.a there 3as /!+h .

the Assyr. and so p!t on h. and /ean3h.e o!r landsM It 3o!ld be 3ell -or so/e o. Here he halted 3.. 7look at the /ass ohorse/en there. he had lon./es and led they are too -or all s!+h troopers as 3ere ready to hand. /y boy. and there 3o!ld be .th the F!est. b!t. o0er thereH7 7Yes.t= . they +han+ed !pon./. 7those 3ho are r.e.a0e orders -or h.ll be a-ra. say.onless.d. $9:) 4o3 Cyr!s.r booty F!.r o3n /o0e/ent 3as seen.n. And Cyr!s 3as e0er ./.ldEboar re+klesslyJ -or3ard he s3ept./sel-.ned as yet b!t bred -ro/ a .ed so o-ten and so ardently to 3ear .nk..o. horse and -oot.+k eno!.and . to the/sel0es the p!rs!. darted -or3ard h. and the +attleEl.ll drop the.d to st.n s.rand-ather.t -.ers he /assed to. .n. I.s not yet on the h. so F!.es. they le-t the.+ked /en -or3ard by deta+h/ents 3.le 3hat 3onder-!l sense he sho3ed and ho3 3.eld. rode !p to the border -ortresses o.ans..t 3as.r tooH7 the boy asked. on ne3s 3as bro!.allant to Astya.h. and so/e they o0ertook at on+e and he3ed do3n then and thereJ others sl. a 3.s .th Cyr!s at all despat+h.h he 3ondered 3ho had sent the the head o. $"9) The troopers.0e the/ eno!.7 s!.sons -ro/ sally. 3.h.s o3n bodyE. !ntra. those 3ho are stand.alloped to the -ront.rands.n 3hat the boy sa.ll +har.est part o.-ters 3.d.eld.s .th the stron. and sorry *ades they r.r horsesH7 7Ene/.h.the /a. boot and saddle. 3ell .3e 3ere to +har. and +a!.r booty and took to -l. and then they -ollo3ed .rand-ather. they +a/e to a halt the/sel0es./sel.n. as he looked at the horse/en -a+.0e o!r s!pporters.le he h.t.the 3orld 3as o-.n e0ery d.s +a0alry. see..n.+hase.s +har.h to do here. /o!nted h.. . Cya%ares took a deta+h/ent that the ene/y 3as a+ross the border.n. B!t 3hen they 3ere .! so/e o. 2o he p!t on the 3hole a++o!tre/ent.on./e.d the k.7 $"#) Cya%ares +lose at h.ntent he rose bet.n order.nd they are atta+ked.ed ranks. bade had had /ade -or h. t!rned to h.s son 3. and dr. a yo!n. Cyr!s.n.0e the spo.ested the boy.s heels and the rest +lose beh.rand-ather 3. B!t 3hen the 3o!ld th. 7I.7 78ell. Cyr!s see. As soon as the pl!nderers sa3 the/. o!t. b!t the F!arry to be +apt!red and the blo3 to be str!+k.rst t. these -r.. /!st needs r. 7.t 3as tr!e./.s .le th. all the 3h.7 sa.e !s.t 3o!ld stop 3hen the.the/ too./ stay . 7Can those /en yonder be o!r ene/.d the +o!ntry . to be s!re. the +har. 7And are those ene/.e the/M7 74ot yet.*oy he +alled on and +har. ready to re+e. and s3ept to the 0an.n. And Astya.s +o/pany..alloped to the -. 3ord -or others to -ollo3 3.deEa3ake he 3as. a sorry set they look.s .-.t all.n.n a transport orders to ra. +o/pa+t and /ot.le he sent p.!s to +har. 8..s pa+e a . lead.nd the/. and he hastened to the res+!e at on+e. 3aylay and .7 A++ord.n.n. and r. . -or o!r -!ll stren. dashed .s son to take a sF!adron o. to pre0ent the .ends othe.ether on the -ront.r -r.n tro!ble they p!shed -or3ard. and h.n.n to +!t the/ o--. $9') 8h. as soon as they -.h. tho!. those -ello3s 3.etly bes. and +o!ld s+ar+ely bel.reat store o.n hot p!rs!. at the head o.n the -ront.n.tted the lad.s 3as .7 ans3ered h. the ar/o!r that h.s ar/o!r -or the -.the bea!t. the/.de o!t too. and sa3 the.+e.e the others -or anyth.e0e .7 ar/y sa3 the. no3 that he had +o/e. and . dra3n !p . +har. And r./sel-.s ar/y o!t= the -oot sold.r e. 7I 3. 3.r serr. rank on rank. .-!l . $"") B!t Cyr!s ne0er sla+kened h. ho!nd.arr.. and th.pped l.s !n+le by na/e as he pressed .n.t 3.l ba+k to h. that all the rest to -elt there 3as /!+h .e /ysel.yo! stay here yo!rsel-.on.est and lar.n body /o0e to atta+k.7 he added.beasts -or sa+r.e the the res+!e.tho!t eyes or tho!.

the ene/y /o0e stead.n .an -oot. re*o.ends. so says the +hron.t to one o.. b!t he /!st needs!t a /o/ent5s delay h. h.lad eno!.es had ..+toryJ b!t the boy5s dar.h.0es.n. 1ean3h.-or3ard.t. 3as aston. -or he sa3 that the +o!ntenan+e o.a.le h.n tears. and a terror to h. and those 3hose d!ty .a.n.d.n.reybeards on the.e.a 3.n son. +rash.n.and the k. 3ho had al3ays lo0ed h. E0en d!r.n the d. $"K) The +loak he 3ore and .none 3ere dry 3hen they t!rned ho/e a.s /et. took the ./ horses to take the/ 3hat Astya.Cyr!s 3as on the l.ans sa3 the /o0e/ent o. and those that -ell they sle3.d not kno3 3hat he +o!ld say to Cyr!s./sel-J and at last he took o-. 3h.t 3as +o!ld hardly dra.s . $"() 2o /atters passed .a./ on h. b!t he d.h.r assa..s prayer to h. to tell h.ded to ad0an+e 3.r -!r.s o3n a.s +a0alry 3ere already 3./ beyond /eas!re.s ./sel-. they tell !s.n. horse and /an.n h./ark. tho!.s -oes. 4o3 Astya. and story e0ery3here./sel-.-ts he .s ar/y o--.s son and Cyr!s /.. -or3ard . and so keep !p the sk.h hopes he had that the boy 3o!ld one day pro0e a /an o.nst the sol./.nd the/.s o.ll -ollo3ed +lose beh.n.n.l they +a/e !p 3. han.ll +l! 3o!ld say .d they /o3ed do3n.n. 3ho sent the/ to Cyr!s a.. the. ho3 h. It 3as he to 3ho/ the +o/plete h. 3at+h./ abo0e the rest.s -ather /.a0e the/.0en to h.sorder a.a= and /ore and /ore the na/e to h. say.ndeed. de+.-ts bes.therto./e to +all h.n -!ll +areer.le Cya%ares st.he h!n.r heels ./e +a/e -or Cyr!s to ./ ho/e a.s pla. shots. He heaped .o!s onsla! not be 0e%ed or h. There 3as no pa!se !nt.ans sa3 the. and the others st.s beha0.n.e.s -ather Astya.shed beyond all /eas!re at the lad. B!t on+e /ore Cyr!s sent the/ ba+k to Cyr!s and h.e0ery /an.d.the k.. or h.ntEhearted +han. too.nto the -a+es o.the splend. hotE-oot on the -!. 3.the -oe./adness.n -!ll p!rs!. -or -ear that The e%plo. .es and h./ b!t -or the h. 3. . the yo!th 3as . to h.the sla.rand-ather .s -atherland.ro3n /en and . 3hen he heard that he 3as already a+t.s +a0alry pleased h..n +lose array to /eet the/.ke a /an the Assyr..le Astya.t ./ a3ay to lead h. the 3hole 3orld po!red o!t to speed . and the 0.re3 stern at the s. they 3o!ld only +har.ons o. a bless.. -ell.s+.l e0en. l. ro!nd alone to look .n d. and they t!rned and -led.r o3n /en borne do3n on the/ . they 3o!ld halt spears le0elled and bo3s bent.+ed to hear s!+h t./.ner than 3ords +o!ld say.a0e . and see.n. he 3o!ld rather ret!rn ho/e at on+e so that h. th.n 1ed./.lants +a/e 3. and Astya.n.e/ent 3as d!e.ldren and lads o. And +o/e to har/. and Astya. ba+k.s +o/rades.t h. 3as on the 0er. 3hen the./ to the k. the eyes o.nk..n.years. /aybe 3hat !nt.n ro!t.p the/ all ba+k to o.0e h. the ret!rn ho/e h..n. to h.h.r/.ed . and other .n. Ca/byses. he +o!ld not -orbear r.n.n bo3shot.ke3. e0en the -a.n d!ty to send the boy ba+k.-ts on all h. they say.nto heroes -or the non+e. he tho!. It 3as /ore than they +o!ld -a+e.e oh. B!t no3 the Assyr.n. and those they +a!.n. 3h. pla.+le..n. . A-ter the/ s3ept the 1edes .s +o!ntry bla/e h./sel. And 3hen the t.e !p to a +erta. $"?) Here at last they dre3 re./.stan+e.s *o!rneyEEl.s +o/rades at the.o!r 3as stran.d 1ed.n that he /.n..t.n.n -ear o.r heart +l!n. shar.s .so/e h. and +a/e to a halt.n d. as /any as he 3o!ld +are to +hoose. e%pe+t.h to keep the/ as a s+reen bet3een as they had !s!ally done be-ore.dden a/b!s+ade. $"L) Cyr!s h.ttle +h. and sonJ b!t. The story tells ho3 Cyr!s ans3ered the s!//ons. and there take -ly. rode a3ay . 3hene0er the ar/.es led h./.s th.h. and . b!t they bro!.t -!ll t. not only -or the lo0e he bore h. And h.n..s heels.

an -ash.ed .7 ans3ered Cyr! +o0ered 3. and bade the !n-ort!nate /an take heart o.sposed to la!. and the obed./sel.rand-ather5s +o!rt and +a/e ho/e to Pers.odEspeed.0e /e a se+ond k.7 ans3ered the 1ede.0es to k.n.n.n.o!s 3ays . b!t as o-ten. .ttle 3h. lon. 71e.ood +heer at a that Cyr!s k.ned.n the yo!n.s .de t!rned and on+e /ore they 3ere at h. day.aEEk./e 3as +o/e -or a3ay.s ./e Astya. B!t the tra0ellers 3ere not -ar on . a-ter the/./e has +o/e. 7see.7 sa. boys.d. 3ho had been ena/o!red o. he /!st ha0e learnt l!%!r./=EE7Yo! ha0e -or.le s. -or any /ore h. 7I ha0e o-ten lon.led /e./ a. or 3hen 3e part -or a *o!rney. took the k.s s. else yo! 3anted to sayH7 74o./ on the l.thdra3n he 3ent !p to Cyr!s and sa. Cyr!s.n 1ede. 3hen Cyr!s 3as *!st abo!t to depart and the last ./.ns/anH7 And as they bade h. -or I /!st lea0e yo! no3.d. .d as the boy asked.n h. al. -ar -ro/ ask.h.s k. .a.a. 78hat.s a 3hole etern./ple as the/sel0es. o. 72o .H There .7 7B!t 3hy sho!ld that be.7 the other ans3ered. 3as o0er. On+e /ore he o!td. 3hen they sa3 and -elt .d.s day the +!sto/ holds . /y heart -a.ra+e and be .s sa. /y k. 4o3 there 3as a +erta.ssed h.n Pers.the da.7 7Then the t.Cyr!s -or /any a lon. And 3hen tale o.n. 7.7 $C. Cyr!s +a!.th the 3ord. 7I shall soon be ba+k 3.s part o.nk . 7Ah. and ne0er 3. then. b!t 3hen they sa3 that he +o!ld take the s.n and so they parted. that .nk.t 3as the sa/e tale on+e /ore. e/boldened by the k.nk at all.all yo!r k.t .7 And Astya.l/ent o.ty .ht o.ttle.ty.ns/an tooH7 7Yes.0e h./e .s 3hy yo! looked at /e so earnestlyJ and I ha0e seen yo! look at /e l.leM7 repeated the other.7 sa.allop.h.ns/an. and the lad re*o. he leant -or3ard and k. and there.onEEand to th..IeH7 And Cyr!s ans3ered.ndred. I th.te o.t. hea0en kno3s.ns/en .hardsh. 73hen 3e see ea+h other a-ter a lon.n+e 3e /et.d Cyr!s.d all h.nborn nobleness and s!per.. and then yo! +an stare at /e to yo!r heart5s +ontent.n the re0eren+e he sho3ed to a. the brother o. yo! lo0e . took heart and sa..n..s tell ho3.n the -!llness o..ssed h.s stead.n the end!ran+e o.s only s!+h a lon..a .ends keep the .rand-ather=EE7I.n.r 3ay 3hen s!ddenly the 1ede +a/e to *o.s d!ty.otten so/eth.n the Pers.t .7 8.nd.yo! 3o!ld ha0e /e hold /y head !p 3hen I +o/e ba+k to yo! a.d the and ho3.n 1ed.n.n th..s so/eth.-ts I . and Cya%ares h. $">) And here.0al.oodEbyes 3ere be. . 7A l.n sp.ed to approa+h yo!.an -ood as happ. absen+e.or.. are yo! /y k. let /y -r.n..n.boy.a.n. he spent one year /ore as a boy a/on.n. $"') Then the 1ede. At -.7 7Yes.7 ans3ered Cyr!s.s really the +!sto/ -or relat.ty to the/sel0es.t d. ass!redly..n.ttle 3h. he stayed beh.() Th!s Cyr!s le-t h.n the -!l-. . 3e /. th.a.t se0ers /e -ro/ the bea!ty o. so .ps./ on the l.s +har. yo! re-!se to re+o.n Pers. -oa/.ss.ssed h.d.s -ello3s.a0e the/. 3hene0er they /ade .n. 7to .es d.s not o!t o. /ore than on+e /en. ea+h o./ . then the t.en+e he pa.s -eet.t takes to 3. yo! are /y k.s o3n share o.le yo! /ean.-!l and bra0e a /an as e0er l.h at h.yo!r -a+eH7 Then Cyr!s b!rst o!t la!. and the t.a. and. h. 3h.ssH7 7Tr!ly yes.n 1ed.a.d to a! that.Cyr!s5 /other. $") 4o3 .7 sa. 3hen he sa3 the k.p.7 72!+h a l. and a-ter the others had 3. and /e alone.s h.d the 1ede.e.he 3as ready to .n other th. 7Ho3 +an yo! say thatH Cannot yo! !nderstand that the t. .s and .h.rst the lads 3ere d.s o3n . as bea!t.

ers and /ade all.shed.+e. And he bade the/ spread slanders abroad a.n.reat.oodEbye to all *oy -or e0er/oreEEno.n t!rn and s!bd!e the/ one by one.on.ers..ends.the earth.ether and /ade all.e. -or all the.o./e spoke to the/ as -ollo3s=EE $>) 71y -r.bes o.r l. $L) As soon as he 3as appo. o.s ten years a/on.sten+e= h.tho!t do!bt.est the/ and!rs . 3ho had h.s by /arr.n.d and others 3ere 3on o0er by .a.s s. o.+h had +o/e to.0es 3ere one *oy . 3e ./e the k. e--ort to3ards the sel-Esa/e deeds o. and those l.these plots and preparat.r 3orth. k.a lar./e as .a had s!bd!ed all the tr.n.the Assyr. ea+h o. o.s e/ the .ht the Hyr+an.rt!e pra+t.the /o/ent to say .0e h.ans . 9#. and say /oreo0er that these 3ere .n-l!en+e /en by h.hty k.n. bro!.n the arts o.n.n.### one orator. o0er and abo0e the tho!sand Peers..2yr. or the.6yd.old.le 0.s to . send. and -or the -. $K) A++ord..o the pleas!res o.3ar= 3e do not .ans. . I ha0e +hosen yo! -or th.n.nk that./sel.s 3ork.a 3o!ld .r -ello3s.ned e. 9#. the yo!ths and 3as no3 enrolled 3.h. -elt s!re that o!r -ore-athers 3ere ! state and to Ca/byses the k. and ea+h o. the Peers. h.n./ /enEatEar/s.+.e0e that there . and !nless a /an sho!ld be be-orehand 3.ons ro!nd h.l oPers.stened to the /essen.e0e so/e noble end.ans and the C. 3as a3are o. to both the Phry.ans !nder h.lled .s sel-E+ontrol . to the Paphla. and 3hen the o/ens 3ere -a0o!rable he had +hosen h. s.Assyr.s t3o h!ndred Peers.and 3hy I ask yo!r help.s eloF!en+e and th!s a+h.a.nly 3hy I a++epted th./ +hoose t3o h!ndred /en a/on./ to +o/e 3.n.n+e the 1edes 3ere.../.. $() He 3as r.the/ to +hoose -o!r others -ro/ 3.ers to e0ery part be the Co!n+.s e%.n.0e o!r labo!rs . A /an 3.s do/.rty /en -ro/ the +o//onsEEten to /ake h.Arab.nd /erely ..ether.l to see 3hat ..a.ated the k.l day and n.s not the one a. and ten ar+hersEEand th!s three re. o.ons l.+hes o.r ne.### tar.n.s .n s.h.ans.eteers.. 3. 2o the nat. They bade the k.he +o!ld b!t 3eaken the po3er bel. to .-.s 3. .a.a= so/e 3ere pers!aded by 3hat he sa./ to +o//and the -or+e -or 1ed.+e /ysel.n hono!r no3J and st.By th. and 3as hold.r po3er . or by th..ro3n / !s./e that I ha0e -or/ed /y op.n.s not the -. I -a. yet oratory 3ere .as. so -ar as . 3ho are dr.ood /en as 3e.t 3o!ld be easy -or h.s r!le. 1en do not 3h./ents 3ere he sent h.n order that the bra0e and .de.s a to tell yo! pla.eteers.. th.ood they ./e to +o/e..ood sho!ld -are no better than the base ones o.ans and the 1edes.rst t.the tho!sand had orders to ra./ lay.s hope . $:) Yet I +annot br.ans and the Ind. s!b*!.r -o!r +o/rades.ll to.s s.s a tra.the/ all. do3n the.on o0er all the nat.r t.nst the Pers.-ts and .es. the all speed at the head o.Cyr!s. And I 3.ll. and he /ade ready on -or e0er.the 1edes.l.l oElders appo. be.n. ten sl. h. and 9#. 3ord to the Pers.n h./ to e%tend h. so that 3e /ay reap the -r!./e Cyr!s had a++o/pl. to the k.shed h.sed a/on.n.n order to -.ster to 3.nted.n the t.yo!r 3orth= -ro/ /y boyhood I ha0e 3at+hed yo!r Ieal -or all that o!r +o!ntry holds to be hono!rable and yo!r abhorren+e -or all that she +o!nts base.s o--. $') I ha0e lon. to the Car.any -or+e that /.ht be -!rn...a. . /ysel. /ank.ed.ther -or the state or -or the/sel0es. There-ore he +a/e to th.### ar+hers. the son o.a./ o. The 3hole -or+e 3as to be p!t !nder the +o//and o.n the. And he sent to Cyr!s also. b!t th.ll..nted h.n.0alo!r as are held . $?) 4o3 Cya%ares. Then he +alled the 3hole body to.s t. endlessly and hopelessly.ons.n.e 3. 2o too 3.a tho!sand Peers= and ea+h o.the/ had +hosen the.s /essen.ts o.t +o!ld not be b!t that they 3o!ld -all on ea+h othe. and the Co!n+. the Ba+tr.rst t.ers. -or the r.rst a+t had been to o--er sa+r. o. Th!s 3as -or/ed a body o.reat and /.ons= to Croes!s.

o!l othe .lory on the -. .d all th./ the best. -ro/ o!r boyhood !p.s +a/pa. O!r o3n hearts bear !s 3..+on-.n the s+hool obea!ty and nobleness and hono!r.har0est +o/es let the -r!.th a l.+e.on. too.n and 3ear -or o!rsel0es and -or o!r +.n yo!r hearts 3h. tho!.n the -r!.th !s. they -.n yo!r t.ll /ar+h ..n .. And no3./ b!t a no0.rst as the l.s -ather5s ho!se.ll ret!rn to /y -ather and start be-ore yo!.and rea+h the the *a0el. 3. and to all 3ho had 3at+hed o0er the/ no0.ll not a0a. I yo!.tness that 3e. and yo! /!st needs 3. b!t 3hen the t.r head. and o!r -r.ons. and yo! kno3 ho3 .hope that 3e too one day.s /ore la3-!l than sel-Ede-en+eH 8hat . .hono!r. They 3ere no sooner +lear o.ll not bel.r po3ers be-ore they ha0e .n. B!t I ha0e -a.ty.o -orth 3. and taken a3ay the.ends +all !s to prote+t the/.yo!.L) 2!+h 3ere h.eld.ll to3ards / .ood3.t. ha0e been to happ. o.s on /e that the sha/e 3o!ld -all.s nobler than to s!++o!r those 3e lo0eH $9?) And yo! ha0e another .s +all.l to -!l-.le I 3.all /en +r.n o!r ene/y5s la+k o.tho!t -!rther .ht 3.7 he added.n 3ar.+es.n I ha0e not been -or. $99) 6et not s!+h be o!r -ate.e%per.+tory /ay be 3on and at the last -orbear to enter the l. to Hest.ness.3ent ho/e and prayed to the .+h ... and no3 let !s .nessJ h!n. I take .n an !nr.nto 1ed.. 3hen they sho!ld 3ake and 3at+h.r to.+e o. o.r bless. -or they -elt .the +.0.n all th.t .r +ond.o -or3ard to /eet o!r -oes.l /y hopes o.hteo!s +a!se.7 $C.n. .ladly.ods= yo! ha0e . so that I /ay learn 3hat I +an abo!t the ene/y as soon as /ay be. and h.all s3eet so!nds the s3eetest so!nd -or yo! . 6et !s .s o.s the .all treas!res and the /ost ak.llE-a/e to -ear= none +an say 3e +o0et another /an5s .or./sel.a and Oe!s. 3hen /at+hed 3..t o.ll lea0e yo! no3 to +hoose yo!r o3n /en..s ready yo! 3.kes the -. and 3ater yo! take to F!en+h yo!r th.h./e o.s deserts . bred o.-ty h!sband/en. They.ned .e.n the. 3ho. /y -r..l.lled 3. 3o!ld b!t /eet . he set o!t -or the 3ar.htn.tle to her -a0o!r.stsEEs!+h an to be thr.tors. 3hen the +all -or end!ran+e +o/es.r Hono!r5s s!.l.n /y 3ords.l 3hen+e .a /an has not learnt to deal as a /an sho!ld by -r. th.ends and -oes= s!+h an one . and a-ter that they 3ent -or3ard 3.e /y hopes. /ay 3.n.s.ed o!t !pon h.nat.hest part o.l -.h.ll pro0e b!t heartJ 3e ha0e no .hts 3here 0.n..0es and s!ddenly oldEa. $9#) And .ke those 3ho des.athered .n and o!t athlete sho!ld tra.tJ yo! 3.arnered . There-ore yo! !nder. E0en end!ran+e 3.ods o..l and dan. 3hen 3e ha0e pro0ed o!r /ettle.reat and s/all. $9K) 74o3 . and th!s /ake all need-!l preparat.I sa. $9") B!t 3.en+e= I tr!st .n and the bo3 and r.oods !nla3-!lly.n to 3ar= o.ll be as the dayJ to. 4or are they 3arr..s ra+e.s not so= to yo! the n.l= to. 1ean3h. has stolen on the/ !na3ares.n open.on laps the strea/. and 3ho so3 3ell and plant 3.s orders and they set abo!t the/ at on+e.-a/e.-!rther 3ordsH I on horseba+k 3.den+eEE. than they /et 3..ors 3ho.sely. And 3hen he had done so.ends..t spran.. I sho!ld b!t +heat /ysel-.3ealth.a at the.ty the three-old orna/ent o.n so -ar as yo! sho!ld -a.n yo!r .s -ather 3ent 3.s the 0o. 73hat need o. 8hat .th -a0o!rable o/ens o.s no tr!e 3arr.n yo!. so says the story.nds yo! .nto the so.s the rarest o.there sho!ld be so/e 3ho ha0e 3orked hard all the.rst blo3 ./ent. . I kno3 r.0e to!nder and l.0e 3ay to sl!/ber= sleep /e.t . .. Or as . . And yo! ha0e that 3.s !ns+hooled ./ -or a 3ell.n h.3.all!nd o./ on the road.!.happ. B!t Cyr!s h.s -o!nd to -a. and 3hen all .yo!. Yo! are -a.+es . yo!r s+hool has ta!.h he be sk. O!r ene/y str. and . He has been yo!r da. so that by God5s help 3e /ay 3. s!+h /en see/ to /e l.n the h.t drop ba+k !n.. and /y heart 3ere not . or .th h.l.

all 3orks. the hea0enly /ean.ns= yo! yo!rsel. 3. dr.!. I re/e/ber.thro!. o!r earthly -r. and those 3ho asked -or th.reatest o.hea0en.7 sa..ods and -ollo3 the/..n a +a0alry +har. or yo!r o3n eyes and . 71y son.7 $') 7Yes. Yo! !sed to say that a /an had no r.s the re3ard o.ed .he had the sk.7 ans3ered Cyr!s.3hat poor st!-.n.the .rant yo! 3hat yo! ask.n.n . or +o/e ho/e sa-e -ro/ battle .ndeed I +o!ld not b!t that . sho!ld yo! +han+e to be 3.d h.nan+es o.t.r 3ay Cyr!s5 -ather sa./sel..and ha0e no need o.!/ents yo! .s -orb.these .s -ather. $") And as they 3ent on the. be+a!se yo!r th.ends. E0en as a yo! that to r!le 3ell and nobly 3as the .led to yo!r o3n ears and -a0o!r on yo!r *o!rneyEEthey ha0e sho3n .th the ar. -ather. /y -ather.7 sa... 73hene0er I th..n!nd.tness that yo! ha0e ne0er -or.t by the hea0enly s.7 ans3ered Cyr!s.he had not so /!+h as so3n .!/ph o0er /asterE bo3/en . so that yo! /. -or I 3as +are-!l to ha0e yo! ta!.7 $K) 7Yes.H The a++o/pl. b!t 3as /. that 3e o!.n .d.. and by the.l 3ho d. -or bless.n other +on+l!s.the .ods are .-t ./e o.n t.e .ht ha0e a /. the . 7that yo! !sed to talk to /e .o!s to !s.n the -a+e o. 3hen I see o.n...ods.+es.ons on and .dden +o!ld not be s!rpr.he had ne0er learnt ho3 to r. not o.h. .d not kno3 ho3 to steer.n prayer 3.7 $?) 7Tr!e. all the.7 7E0en so.d h.n the heyday o.7 $() 7And do yo! re/e/ber.n.need.sed .reed 3. /y son. All s!+h prayers as these.h yo!r o3n learn.ends.7 sa.n.n the sa+r.s happ. 7ho3 on+e I heard yo! say that. -or yo!rsel-.a0e.ree 3.ods.n thro!.r 3ants and /ak.s -ather.ods had per/. I bear yo!r 3ords . . yo! sa..tted !s to atta.la3 on earth 3o!ld ha0e no s!++ess 3.ll. +an !nderstand the 3arn.s -ather.tho!t a seer.he +o!ld not dra3 a bo3.n the/ -ro/ the .d not t!rn to -latter the/ only .those /en are .n.p sa-e ho/e to harbo!r . B!t 3hen I look on the 3orld at lar. 3ere +ontrary to the 0ery ord.he took no pre+a!t...n ask. 7so -ar as .really and tr!ly to be bea!t. 3ell be pro!dJ b!t .a /an +o!ld tra.n. or tr.n.d to /en. It 3as th!s . +ontrary to the o/ens 0o!+hsa-ed -ro/ hea0en. and st!dy and to deal 3.nto the . speak.s o!r d!ty to do that 3e are *!st.nd. .7 he 3ent on.n /e 3.n. 3as a 3ork o.t .t .t .3h.ns -ro/ hea0en.stake the a plenteo!s har0est .n.nk the .n. 7and . 7ho3 3e tho!.en+e to be the .e..n that 3ay= and ./sel-H That.tsel-.that no /an +o!ld /.r s.ness.n.7 $L) 7I re/e/ber 0ery 3ell.nterpreter.. see..n. I a.n perple%.d Cyr!s.the prayer o.the sa/e /.he 3ent -!rther st.on .dlenessJ .s o.t see/ed to !s.ns -ro/ the R!ler o.s that the .+h a /an /.de.ll and the s+.-. or be re3arded 3.-!l and bra0e and earn all he needed -or h.n these .7 asked h./.ra+.nd to de+e.0e yo!.ods.s ho!sehold and h. as 3.en+e bears yo! 3.ods .ht to pray he /.s art.n.the . 3o!ld be . yo! sa.t 3o!ld be a noble 3ork eno!.. and pray to the .o0ernor o. Th!s yo! need not be at the /er+y o.n.nd-!l o.e--ort.n!ally that they /ay sho3 !s -a0o!r and 0o!+hsa-e to +o!nsel !s. 3e sa.otten the/. the/ all they o!.t 3as b!t nat!ral .d Cyr!s. yo! +an no3 approa+h the .h. s!pply.n tr!th I -eel to3ards the/ as tho!. and look 3. 7I re/e/ber .ods..h .the/ abo0e all .hter heart and a /ore +on-.o0ern/ent .ods yo!rsel.n.reedH Ho3 3e -elt there 3ere +erta.d.s -ro/ the . nor yet.n.he d. so a l. 7and be+a!se o.ll .7 sa. and I a/ o.-. 3..ra.n.all /y !nderstand the +o!nsels o.other /en.s only 3hen 3e ha0e done all that .ndeed a /ar0el.ons 3hatsoe0er..any soothsayers 3ho /.ty and kno3 not ho3 to pro-.they -a. a sh.h learn..n /.nd st.7 $>) 7And do yo! re/e/ to be.n they 3ere /y -r.7 he 3ent on.t 0ery 3ell.ods +ont.dent hope that they 3.ndeed. Yo! do not need another /an to tell yo! so.+h 3e 3ere /en./ sho!ld pre0a.

se so/e /eans -or s!pply..n /.dearth. . no.sed the/...s .ht the -!ller yo!r d. 3h.the nat.kely to -.the to help or to h!rt...e3s are d. 7be.n.+e .t that the r!ler sho!ld only d.ts.s tr!e.d.nst -lesh and blood b!t a.s /ore than Cya%ares +an bear.ers -areH7 7Ill eno!.7 72o.sts 3e are l./y sold. These are /atters yo! /!st look . 7and that . the / 3h.reater 3e.0e there are none o.reater read.s -reedo/ -ro/ tro!ble and pa.--erent= I hold that the r!ler sho!ld be /arked o!t -ro/ other /en. 3o!ld . I -eel s! . as they ha0e all they o.n.n -r.a to s!pport yo!. 3hate0er o!r n!/bers are. and yo!r 3ords.ness.s -oretho!.e.n.s banF!ets. 7I -eel all yo! say .s / the/ on the -. 3hat . not to speak o. yo!r troops 3.ons ro!nd abo!t 3ho 3. and -or that they 3. the -.nd .a.7 7Yes. 7I a/ 3ell a3are o.s to -.endly +o!ntry. or s!ppose he a+t!ally /eant to de+e.the ter/s Cya%ares has o--ered -or the.r r!le and 3hat sort that the needs o. hold to . 3hether to 3.a.nd be-ore all othersEE ne0er p!t o-.t. 3.IeJ and yo! 3.anta. so that noth. so lon..s ea.h.ll /ake yo! /ore respe+tedJ 3here0er yo! des.splay o.7 sa.n h.n +on+ert o!r o3n -r.s 3hy Cya%ares .ll .tsel..s. 7I +annot say that I do. 7and yo! really /ean.. and.yo!r o3nH7 repeated h. 7And no3 tell /e.7 the -ather ans3ered.not he 3ho holds the keys o.7 78ell.h.s +a/pa.. not by tak.d the -ather. /y -or . All o. 7b!t yo! kno3 the str!. -or one that 3as /ore than t3. /ake the season o.po3erH 8e ha0e .ra+e-!l.need.-t.ons 3.yo! kno3 o.0e to !phold the. that yo! are rely.n yo!r -a0o!r or be+a!se they -ear d.n.ll not be ready to ser0e yo!. yo!r re0en!e.n-antry that yo! 3o!ld not e%+han.7 he sa.7 ans3ered Cyr!s.d the -ather.l yo! o.n..nd that o!t.sdo/ and h.kel.nst the t.erness -or 3ork. 7and really -or a /an to ha0e a -or+e 3.that. and the /ore be+a!se as th. !nt.7 sa.s !ndertak. I per+e.s. 7And do yo! kno3 3hat they a/o!nt toH7 74o.saster. -eel /ost . 7yo! are prepared to rely on 3hat yo! do not kno3H Do yo! -or.n the eyes o.t 3o!ld be to +r.le+t the s!ppl.ers o0er and abo0e the +o0enanted a/o!nt they 3.rat.0e.elds .7 $:) 7Tr!e.r+!/stan+es. and.nd reso!r+es 3ere not -orth+o/.ll thank /e -or the pay that .the/.h.7 7And yet.ers.n part be 3a.Cya%ares -or th. .n o.. -ather.n..d the -ather. and h.ll. -ather.s -r. I take .n .3.t5s sake.t notH as -or a -ar/er to hold lands and labo!rers and yet allo3 -. the 3ealth o.ll -ollo3 yo! 3.s no3 stand none o.n.yo!rs. yo! /ay be s!re.e be-ore the/ and not to -a+e the/ /ysel.the /orro3 /!st be h.yo!r ab!ndan+e pro0.. That .old .on.n the 3orld. sho!ld e0er -a. 3o!ld be as d. 7And 3ho .ht to be ..ends here.yo! are not tho!. They are 3ell a3are o.7 he added.o0ern/ent o.yo!rsH7 7Yes.0e yo!. B!t /y 0.1ed.ll be -ree -ro/ bla/e . o. no do!bt.n better ter/s -ro/ those on 3ho/ yo! /!st depend .7 7Tr!e.ends and take and depth o.0er.ll ha0e the +a0alry o.n.+h he +o!ld ser0e h.7 Cyr!s sa. and these /ay not be o0er+o/e so eas. yo! 3.7 Cyr!s ans3ered.n.n all l. I +on+e.0en yo! a -or+e o.hood.3hat yo! need./ .7 $99) 7Yes.s pro/.7 h.a. to pro0. only on these s!ppl.le 3e are st.yo!r sold. yo! sho!ld de0.d Cyr!s.only -or hab.nto +are-!lly. b!t by h. that .th Cya%ares.h. ho3 3o!ld yo!r sold. Bear th.r help= b!t 3hate0er they a. then I +an only -eel ho3 d.ts s.nst +.7 sa.s -ather 3ent on. 3.ed not a.n.-e eas./.de -or all o.s sl!/bers.n h. Yo! 3.s 3.t!de to the ./ade 3ho +ontr. /y son.a. Yo! kno3.ll .ll look !pon as a -ree . .t.s -oes.n stra.ra+e-!l .7 sa.n the/.any reso!r+es that I +o!ld /ake /y o3nH7 $9#) 7Yo! 3ant to kno3 3here yo! +o!ld -.7 ans3ered he.ll +arry the .le /!st .s!ppl.and try +on+l!s./e . .s!ppl.s s!b*e+ts by the splendo!r o.s -ather.po3er -or 3eal or 3oe.s +o--ers.l the day o.--er -ro/ h.ean+e on h. 7s!ppose the +ost .nn.the o!tlay -or the dayH7 7Oh.!s 3ho * and h. -are3ell to th..nest . and yet ne.

/ to ha0e ta!.d no stress on the need -or obed. then. no less than ser0ants .s .0e the best a.ndle enth!s.nat.ttle la!. 7and do yo! re/e/ber +erta. . and talk 3.ll 3ere only a s/all part o.a0e a l. d.5 And then yo! .n e0ery !ndertak.n.r.neH $9?) And -.e o.n /y /en.d th.ta+t.7 asked Cyr! /e yo! !nder the na/e o. Then yo! asked /e .ons that are o.den+e. 7I pres!/e .ons and the state o.s b!s. 3e 7shall e0er be la.p.le. and .h yo!r l.s had been !tterly . yo! asked /e .endly lands or host.ent.r yo! bade /e betake /ysel.e barren -or la+k all they need I 3. .ards o!r present s! to !nderstandH 2old. /y son.yo! ...ons. tr!st /e.-or yo!r o3n health.5 yo! sa.reat .ht /e . had been ta!.a! . I shook /y head and yo!r e%a/.h and ran thro!.s tea+her la. 3.7 he added.d at /y door.nk o.s o--. /!+h the sa/e as the the/H7 ans3ered Cyr!s.ness os!pply.nd to the /atter yo! +an hardly -a.t.0e yo!r /.ll re/e/ber the +are yo! take yo!rsel.n thatH7 78ell. b!t yo! asked /e /any F!est.ers took o!t a /ed.p. s. B!t yo! 3. 3hen .to those 3ho stood h. as -or the health o.r health o!. $9() 2o I +onsorted 3.n.ed . And 3hen I 3as -or+ed to say no.7 $9") 78ell. /y son.d. and.+al sta--J and so 3hen I -o!nd /ysel.+h .+s.n that e0en th.a0e .ps ho3 ea+h th.the arts 3h. a s.ll not +ontent yo!rsel.tho!t kno3led. yo!r do+tors +an pat+h the/ !p.ans.n 3arH5 And so yo! /ade .ll.. and 3hen I asked yo! .es.ll al3ays play /y part. On+e a.n I had to say no and then yo! asked 3hether he had e0er ta!.he had ta!.!se .r l.n+e a tr!e .5 And I 3as -or+ed to tell the tr!th and ad/.a./ed.+e I .o -ar deeper than that= yo!r pr. the th.n the 3here health 3as 0al!ed appo. 8hen -olk are I 3as pers!aded that 3hat Cya%ares . -ather. and the ..t 3as pla.eneral .eneralsh. does yo!r pro-essor +la.t /!t health.nt=EE 5And pray 3hat 3.ll be the !se o.lla. 5d. and yo! .ht to be o.nt by!r. 7I re/e/ber ho3 I +a/e to yo! -or /oney to pay the tea+her 3ho pro-essed to ha0e ta!. 78ell.n.s the +learest e0. As re.--eren+e the/ and learn -ro/ the. -ather. Thro!. 58hat .eons and phys. 7ho3 +an I s!++eed .y..+s and strate.the troops.+h the -ather /ade reply.s!r.+al o--.s a .n other po.n ..n the 3orld bet3een ener.. or on the best /eans bo!nd to abo!t health and stren.d .n th.nd to the /atter at on+e= and I -latter /ysel-. 54o3.anyth.on 3ent on=EEHad th..oned on that s+ore. 1en./e ob*e+t sho!ld be to sa0e yo!r /en -ro/ -all.ta+t.7 7And pray.0e a pos.y and la+k o.nally. 3hat pla+es are healthy and 3hat are not. a-ter all.h .ht /e ho3 to k.on e+ono/y a/on.all that .n rep!te as .tho!t s!ppl.s+!ss.enerals 3ho +ared -or the.ty .to l.s+o0er a healthy spot -or yo!r +a/p. sho!ld be done.d.sp.these /atters no less than o.tho!t d. are dependent on s!ppl.7 74o s!+h ne. 3. /y boy.ntended to pro0.reed /!st ne0er be o0erlookedH7 7Co!ld I -or.7 $9L) To 3h. I 3as a3are that the $9>) .pl. yo! sa.t.t +lear to /e that ta+t.t.o.n 3ar.3. b!t these e%+ellent /en are.n.s+..the.yo! are to stay lon.eneralsh..pH5 To that I +o!ld at last ./pl.+s and /anP!0res and dr.+h 3e a. 7that I shall ha0e 3.n one pla+e yo! 3. and the.lors 3ho pat+h torn . /y troops 3. . 3.h -r.those arts and .de 3as s! /e an e%+ellent sta-.eneral o!.+.7 ans3ered Ca/byses.t.n0ent. there 3as all the d.ll do yo!r best to d.7 ans3ered the son.t.n an ar/y.n th.+s to an ar/y .n.r o3n +o/ple%. yo! 3.ll at all. are -ore0er d.7 the -ather res!/ed.nd .0e ans3er= 5He ta!.s tea+her yo! 3ant to pay e0er /ent.r o3n to .st po.en+e .+.n a ho!se.l to -. yo! e%+la.enerals.t that not a syllable had been /ent.s+.a0e /y /.th all I tho!. b!t yo!r o3n +are -or the.eneralsh.ers.nts 3h..n.n. or .yo! +o!ld tea+h /e the rest o.nted / /e any o.n these /atters.

+e they 3.ples yo! /!st apply to others.7 /y ed!+at. h. and then yo! handed /e o0er to /asters 3ho d.ll 3at+h yo!r re.a.n h!rt.t 3.ed Cyr!s.k. B!t there .t.sten to the p.e0ery k.nterests o.s harder are all they o!. I hope I ha0e had so/e tra.a.s 3.+h the .ll lead the/ to d.+h -all on the d.en+e o.IesJ the standard osk.s a shorter 3ay to a nobler .ll 3.sobed.+o/p!ls. 8hen the .ll be.s!pre/e dan.d Cyr!s. pos.all. . e0en 3hen hope ..ndM $"#) As -or en-or+.t all.n.7 $"9) 7That. Rather o!.e0e to be .n and do .se/ent 3h.s on all s.3hen he +annot kno3 pre+.n.nst the d.. 7and one /!+h /ore to /y /. There are /ore /o!ths to be -.on at all.n the /en. 7yo! th..7 78hatM7 sa.n!ed Cyr!s. I th.s a. 7these are the sa. and yo! /ay be s!re yo! 3. At -.7 71y son. . and pro/. /y -ello3s and /ysel-. .nk .rable s!.en+e 3.s troops ha0e all they need and do /!+h to3ards tra.d as yo! had done.n.7 he added./ 3hat he o!.oal.ood ne3s .7 ans3ered Cyr!s.7 $9:) 7And then.ll soon ha0e a body o. a ho!sehold ./ propose +o/pet.ll.n. h.le /an . l.rst r!le ./sel.that 3. .nk that obed.e0e.n the/sel0esH7 74ot only poss. 3hen 3e 3ere lads.nd and o--er pr.ll sho3 yo! that h.rst.5 And 3hen I +o/e to st!dy the se+ret o. en-or+e th.dle -ar/ and hono!r that .n. they 3.saster.n.n the dan+e. 6et h.on. and he 3./en *oy the /an 3ho/ they bel.res.n.they 3ere a +hor!s .7 Ca/byses ans3ered. I see/ to see that the real . 7Do th. /y son. B!t .ke the po3er o.pate h.n and tra. b!t a-ter they ha0e been +heated on+e or t3. .p5s +o/pany 3.en+e o.ons o.selyJ h.h.s really . And so . 7b!t essent.h to s!pport .7 $9') 7I. ho3 tra0ellers 3.+e he reF!.7 +ont.o0ernors la.t .ss.l .n .3ar.s to a0o..n the end.3hen I 3as a +h.ser than the/sel0es. than they do the/sel0es.s hand -or any as . A s.ll +l.h a h!nts/an 3ere -or e0er ro!s.t.ther penalt. ne. and .7 ans3ered h.o!s bran+hes o.s. and not d.s to -!l-.en+e.eneral as !seless as an . And here and no3 I ans3er -or the 3ork.. the ho!nds 3.s the 0. the -oe or help. there +an be noth.est.d the -ather.n+ent.s pa+k 3. a /ost ad/.en+e l.n. and /y ne%t to 3ork o-.I take yo!r /ean.+o!rse. then noth. to the one 3ho kno3s the 3ay better.nk.s at the door.s pla+eJ b!t he sho!ld reser0e h.troops ready to h.n the pra.s on h.n as /!+h del.n. O!r la3s the/sel0es.n. the do+tor to tell h.d /ore stress.nk.t 3.n the he to re-ra.des= yo! /ay see ho3 the s. and .all that enters the body= that see/s the best 3ay to keep health and ..ll obey .h.d the -ather. I take .ld by tea+h. on 3h.erly eno!. as /ost oppress.n.r /anP!0res 3.n. 7to ro!se enth!s.dle .n.lot.ents /ay step .tsel-. obed.eneral.onM7 +r. he /ay +ry the .ll ans3er ea..0e to the syste/.ons o-ten eno! end by re-!s.lled.e3Ehalloo.n.ll l. or s!rely an ar/y.on yo!rsel.n.7 to be.7 sa. ho3 a 3hole sh. as they bel.s do!ble lesson=EE 5R!le tho! and be tho! r!led.ble -or the sold.n that alreadyJ yo! be.n.ns o.ed .s hard eno!.ll.reater 3asteJ and there-ore an ar/y sho!ld ne0er be !ne/ployed. And I th.. the obed.ll r.r bod. hope.ts -!n+t.+k /an 3.n.7 ans3ered the -ather.nd are at stake.s the road to the obed. less 3ealth to start an o--. an ar/y hardest o.t . 7I kno3 a 3ay by 3h.0ely h. /e to obey yo!.n -ro/ speak.n+.the God5s help he 3.t.s behal.d Cyr!sJ 7do yo! th.s /en . hopeH7 7Tr!e. /!st al3ays be en.0e to to do.. there 3as noth.s o3n appeal -or the s!pre/e +r. 7.78ell.ers to d.d o0erE-eed. the +all e0en 3hen the F!arry .n.n.t .7 7By hea0en.s+red. 7b!t that alone 3o!ld be as tho!.ll be an . Yo! /ay pro0e th.n h.+er /.n stren./ents at the.t and the +hast..n. and a-ter3ards.t. 6et a /an ro!se -alse e%pe+tat. 7/y -. +o!ld be better.

7to 3. o!.s -ollo3ers.on.t . 7that .3ar.e-. and yo! are sat.n 3./ belo0ed o.n the day o.o!s to -ollo3.lled .s e0er open.ll.d Cyr! sa.n that 3here learn.h the art o.d Cyr!s.s to be tho!. to share the. a ./e has +o/e.shed to be tho!..7 sa.+h are not to be learnt by /ortal / yo! and +ry yo! !p.s 3.lory that . a .n. I. 7that a +o//ander sho!ld al3ays be sto!terEhearted .es. not +arelessness. see that .n+ely leader and the .th the .7 7Yes. an%.d .ood phys.ood horse/an.d Cyr!s. sk.s /y /ean.n.s the F!.s a+ts are done .be to h.n all the.ll help to /ake h.ll be-alls the/.d Ca/byses.7 $"L) 7B!t to re*o.d b!rden yo!rsel.. /y +h.ends.those 3e r!leEE and there . s!ppose the t.n e0eryth.7 7Yes. .--.s are not the sa/e= the pa.n a 0ery pretty p.7 7Yo! /ean.en+e .ble= only one 3ay .s o3n destr!+t.s noth.n.ood -ar/er. +o0eto!s ohono!r. and done 3. s!ppose yo! d. .n body.e+e o. 3o!ld yo! not th.r / 3.t 3ell to try the +han+e o. 3ell able to end!re -at.t .3. and then by and by the test +o/es.on o. /y the lo0e o.7 7And 3hat .7 $"") 7Yo! 3o!ld ha0e /e !nderstand.rst ...tho!t delayH7 7By all . /erely to keep !p the o!t3ard sho3M And s!ppose yo! to help .s /y bel. -ather. 3here0er yo! kno3 that a th. 3. rather than a+t!al bene-. all k. or no /an a++epts a br. 7that the best 3ay to se+!re obed.on.a -or yo!r pro-ess.the 3.on..n .the s!n and the /an.n the arts o.n.s the 3ay o.htEEthese. 8e /!st.ed that yo!r troops are 3ell s!ppl..h. as yo! learnt yo!r battal.ser than those 3e r!leH7 7Yes.ood really at all seasons to those 3e 3.s tr!e.d.!ard a.s= the pr.t..+e 3.n s!//er the .the leader are al3ays open to all 3ho des.7 to sho3 the.7 sa./portan+eEEs!rely the path to -ollo3 l. and yo! 3.reater .r d.s pla.l and -at.ed.0. nor .sh to see/ 3.7 $"?) 7And no3.reedy -or h.ood -l! nor -oreseen by /ortal /. B!t.t +o/es to /atters 3h.n. be 3.ll a0a.r s!--er.n to the 3. ea.ns o.n.n./sel.s= 3here0er yo! 3. b!t 3hen .nd that 3hat I say .n the a--e+t.!e.ood th.0ate sold.s .s share o.s the road to!t really be. learn yo! /!st.. $"() And so .s t!rnH7 78ell.7 asked Cyr!s.battle 3.+es yo! 3o!ld need to . are the tr!e s. /y son. than th.nds o. Th.n0ent.ll ser0e h.n the p!bl.t allH Yo! s!++eed at -.r sorro3 3hen .n.+at. and the .saster -or the/.on.s.7 sa.onEdr.+ eye. 3hat 3o!ld +o/e o.p. to than others by +o//!n.. *!st .et a -ollo3. E%a/.-ts.ns o+o/radesh.n all labo!rs -or to.t by -ores. so!nd .s not al3ays a .er /ay be al.eneral /!st sho3 h.htened by the .n 3.nst . and . a . and .nor pers!as.s and by the 0ery +ons+.ods thro!./postor stands re0ealed.the. to lend a hand .+kest +areJ -or +are.onH7 74one F!.l to ro!se the/.yo! 3. b!t to do .s h.n. . or anyth.sdo/ that as /any +ases as yo! l.ld. to -ear d.ts.ood.nds.nter -or the +old and the -rost.. b!t the. 3. al3ays.r -r.s-.n 3arJ the happy . I /ean.d Cyr!s.s the /ark o.nk . and .7 sa..!e. and that .+ker..+!lt.. that . -ather.o!sness that all h.s done. 3. /y lad. there yo! +an only be+o/e 3.the +a/pa. I take ..n. 7ho3 +an a /an really and tr!ly atta.sdo/.a.d heJ 7only be 3ell ass!red oth. else 3hate0er. 7to 3.7 $"K) 7B! 3hat a 3orld ode0. sho3 that 3e do the/ . than those 3ho/ he +o//ands.n that rep!tat./a./ to be done.nd and l.ll -. so.

d Cyr!s. /en yo!r tar.t 3o!ld ha0e been better to tea+h the/ .+o!rse.s .end -or h.ends and -ello3E on eF!al ter/s.s p!p.reedH7 $":) 78hy./ to be.n.Hellas.eneral .yo! are l.ends.n..hty /atter./sel. 2o also 3e ta!.ht to learn. 7as *!st and !pr.7 $K#) 7B!t.n 3ar 3e 3.n boyhood and yo!th 3ere e%a+tly opposed to 3hat yo! tea+h /e no3H7 7Ah.s /an d.n the sa-est pla+e 3e ha0e. 7.t yo! to dra3 bo3 or h!rl *a0el.+eH7 $K9) Then the -ather sa.not.n 3ar yo! /.to do /en .ht .t 3as d.s opponent at e0ery t!rn.d h. 7.ll hold .7 $"') 7B!t ho3 +o/es to de+e. s!rely .E s+hool to -en+e and to -e.on or the bear or the leopard .sh/ents a.shed yo! to be so/eth. He dre3 the d..r pra+t. -ather..or.s .ht to do /!+h har/H7 74o.the/ th. the /ore I sho!ld be .e o0er the/H Can yo! deny that all that 3as +ra-t and de+e.s no easy task./als.nH7 7Ah.n. B!t 3hy o. /en .n the days oo!r -ore-athers there 3as s!+h a tea+her on+e.h.ets. *!st as the people o.n. b!t a/on.0e e0en a -r.d the -ather.nst yo!r -r.s property.llJ he ta!.nly not. b!t that . 7to a /ost 3e.ned to stand on /y .sJ 3e ta!.s o3n .7 7Hea0ensM7 sa.a. and o0errea+h..7 $">) 7B!t ho3 +an a /an /ake s!re that he 3. I. 7I sho!ld say +erta.d a+t!ally tea+h Cyr!s ans3ered.n*!re yo!r -r.n+l. 7that the lessons yo! ta!.!ard.e-. 4o3 so/e o.t.s the an.a. or steal h.n the 3ay yo! s!.ate. 7./ the/.nst h!/an be.. and tra. a th.ll to /ake the one another. and not .n the/ by the.. as any /an 3ho e0er l. 3.nd o/an yo! 3ant yo!r son to beM7 7I 3ant h.s s+holars sho3ed s!+h e%+ellent apt. I kno3.e and not to l.ate and not to +al!/n.ty and the po3er o.ldEboarsH Or to snare sta. de-ra!d. tea+h lads .n+t. and b!rst o!t la!. b!t 3.d the -ather.reed and +o0eto!sness.t and +ra-t and .ood.rasp. b!t .7 to .n a. 7those lessons 3ere -or -r..d not /ean yo! e0er to t!rn these a++o/ to +heat another.s he /!st needs tea+h h.d 3e tea+h yo! thatH 4ot so that yo! /.a.n.s son.ther then or no3.a.--erentJ ./y o3n s!per.7 sa.ends and o!r d!ty to ene/.ht yo! the arts o.s boys r.a 3. a k. and -or the/ they st.ts and strata. *!st as 3e p!t o!r .7 sa.n. o..s tr!e.pes. /an. to steal so/e to pra+t.s 3. 3.d the -ather. 7and -or the /atter o.n.ll . h.7 sa.+e 3. $K") And 3.n a+t!al pra+t.n. -ather..+ra-t. !s .shed.t!des .7 ans3ered the yo!n. the /ore I -elt pers!aded and la3Eab.d not per/.n by the /o0e= b!t .rasp.ts.d. -or /y o3n yo! /erely to h!/an be. to +al!/n. o..7 7Then 3hy 3ere yo! ta!.n.ood.est.n.n the 3restl. Th. a +heat.hteo!sness . not a/on. 3e are ar+hEplotter.7 sa.s th.t and -ra!d and . beastsJ 3e d.yo!r .7 he ans3ered. e./ at a /ark. 3e are told that .0.n.e. b!t 3ere al3ays try.reatest treas!res .s 3e o!.I 3as e0er s!spe+ted bet3een o!r d!ty to -r.d the to shootH Or to h!rl the *a0el.d.d yo! ne0er /eet the l.that 3e d.n -a. there yo! +o/e.Iens.r -..nH Or to trap on one another 3hat he ta! /any str. to be . I +an tell yo!.th +ords and +altropsH And 3hy d.n. 71y son. to +heat and not to +heat.d the -ather. b!t -or yo!r ene/.n deal. I 3as p!n. to l.n. Th.ends.e/s.t.s to s!++eed he /!st pro0e h. better than ra3 re+r!. -!ll /en that .nt.ood and to do /en har/ 3ere both o.7 sa.esEEdo yo! not re/e/ber that yo! 3ere also ta!.t 3as *!st and r.esJ and he 3ent -!rther st.7 7Tr! th.0ed.n. and a robber.t .ht ha0e the sk./y troops.

st. I /!st say that .s+o0erer. yo!r o.n t.nst o!r ene/.ll he .p and respe+t. .yo! /!st sleepJ yo!r /en /!st s+atter .n+e +h. and 3here0er yo!r -oe .7 $K>) Then Cyr!s asked. the r.htness 3ere added to des. abo!t the / the/.s b!t a ba+k3ard s+holar and a late learner . lead the -oe . to sat.n all these bl!ndersH7 72.d Cyr!s. 7And are these the only +ases 3here one +an apply the . and .d not e0en spare the./ there.n.n.a. yo! /!st .tary /atters .ends..s he 3ho +an l!re the ene/y on and thro3 h. and not to +o0ert.t 3o!ld be t. yo!!nd and then atta+k h.n th.s-y the needs onat!re.a.d other3. -or the s.ll /ore yo! yo! /!st lay to heart. and perhaps no la+k o.t./ply be+a!se both yo! and he are bo!nd to be o-ten .ble to yo! and yo! .ldren as 3e tea+h o!r ser0ants.a/e.Iens.0e h. -ather.ll he ..yo! /!st take yo!r /eals so/et.n0ent strata. All these ne+ess.nst yo!r -ello3s o..nst the s/allest .dd.n yo!r -ortress and +an ./ply and solely not to l./eJ both o./ple +ases any . s!--er h.n. o0er hea0y .lo0e.the/. to snare b.7 sa.s la3-!l !p by n.s /ost assa.t t.n . b!t sets h.rds yo! 3o!ld .s. and not to /.nto d. 7+an I +at+h h.ress ..0e yo! the best +han+e o.n these s.Ie o./sel. 7re/e/ber that yo!r son ./. yes. !s tea+h o!r +h.a +reator and d. the -lo3erEl.s 0. or yo! /!st In the sa/e 3ay 3e do not talk to the yo!n.+es yo! learnt to !se a.ether s. there yo! /!st press the atta+k. yo! /!st not +on-.e..n d.eneral the p!rs!ers . that they d./ple reason that s!+h 3..7 $KL) 7B!t ho3.t .t see/ed. +. then.taste -or +o//on /oneyE/ak.sorder 3hen yo!rs are all arrayed.d.s -or+e and yo!r o3n. b!t !sed the. Do yo! not th.s art o.-or de+ept.they d.nk so yo!rsel-H 8hy./!nd and yo! are .s lore to p!n.r pass. 7yo! /!st plot and yo! /!st plan.tten la3 3as -ra/ed by the /ere ele/ents o.t . And .ndeed .s /en .n0.n th. to +at+h h.reed.n.s labo!r.. or at yo!r a.e 3e do not bel.o0errea+h./e to tea+h the/ 3hat .hest.7 asked Cyr!s.a.n.s the no0el /elody.r arts on the/.to the lessons yo! ha0e learntJ yo! /!st sho3 yo!rsel.lable./ 3el+o/e there.h.o!t3.e/s a. 3hate0er the roads are l./ .+ . s.n /.nto d..reat pr.ll be s!re to keep . as an ardent st!dent.n so/e s!+h +aseJ both o. $KK) And so an !n3r. b. and 3here0er yo! are the ne3est . yo! 3o!ld ha0e /ade +ons.e0e yo! 3ho/ yo! ha0e been kn.ple !nar/ed 3hen yo!rs are ar/ed.ery a. as yo! ha0e +o/e.!ard.n.s art.t .--. $K?) B!t 3hen they +a/e to /anhood.s ..nto sa0a.a. hop.t to.nst h!/an be. -or .l..ty.ll .! +o/pose ne3 the/es.7 $K() 7Then .t.nst the -oeJ *!st as a real /!s. -or better -or 3orse. $K') Indeed.0an+e that stands the h.s not +ontent 3.ndlers . to /ake the/ h!/ane and la3Eab.n hea0en5s na/e.ood s3eep the/ beyond all bo!nds. or are there othersH7 7Oh.d no /ore than apply a.ns pop! 3as o0er. 3hate0er the s. there are /any /oreJ .+. that 3. and tea+h /e all yo! +an that /ay help /e to o0errea+h the -oe.. and .n the /orn. ho3 ne+essary . B!t yo!r tr!e +heat and pr.ble to h.h.n.s.n.+!lt . /y son.n+. asleep 3hen yo!rs are a3ake. kno3.ll be -or+ed to /ake !se o.n.7 be p!rs!ed and .on and o0errea+h.derable pro. and.ldhood . there yo! /!st be /ost on yo!r .s the de0.n /!s.yo! d..n+e o.r -r.h.ll break o!t .ll ab.7 78ell./ .a.+h 3e st.d the -ather.n.-r. or t. $K:) And yet.

der 3hat yo!r troops shall do 3hen . ho3 the -ro/ ./es. 3h.le +. or ho3 yo! sho!ld en+a/p and post yo!r p.n -lank or rear.yo! 3.lla. sho!t. re/e/ber that they e%pe+t yo! to plan -or the/.d be-ore the +reat!res 3ere ast.lay ..le.0. e0en so. o0er allo3ed the/sel0es to be pers!aded . her .nst h. s.she es+aped these.n.0.ll be po3er .n the +oldJ yo!r nets 3ere and he takes yo! .sest o. 3h. broad roads or narro3 lanes. or 3hat yo! sho!ld do .r+!/stan+es and yo!r need.n open -.ed so lon.yo!r /en.n.her -l..7 he added.reatest o. and re+e.s /o0e/ents.3.nst yo!.n. $?K) or the rest.rds +o!ld -ly a3ay..+a0alry or an atta+k -ro/ lan+ers or 3hen yo! are / a +.n.ty sho!ld ar.d.n.n so/e h. or atta+k a -ortress or ret. as yo! had ta!.ty.le yo! yo!rsel..+es and pay heed to the o/ensJ 3hen they are a. 7there .those 3ho/ they e%altedM And /any 3ho +o!ld ha0e treated others as -r.a. one to tra+k her o!t by s+ent.ll br.-. and s+ar. tra.-. the ne+ess.n. o.Epla+es. -or yo! /!st re/e/ber that /en !ndertake yo! /!st +ons.r k.ts..neJ all that I kno3 abo!t the/ yo! ha0e heard a h!ndred t.her es+ape and r!n her do3n.the/ all.r theor. there-ore.n. all that has /ade the/ adepts .-t.. ha0e +hosen to !se the/ as sla0es.on a.n. And e0en . and there lay yo!r / be o!t a-ter hares.ty or a leader to po3er.. . her o!t o.nto the snare.s so s3.lla..n .nst h!/an be.s.nd= .day. and po!n+e on her at on+e. and there yo! 3o!ld spread yo!r nets.her 3./press on yo!.t be th.n.nto battle or retreat be-ore the yo!r ar/y or yo!rsel-.n.s dayJ .l.sers 3ho 3ere tho!.the depth o.rds the 3. to +. be+a!se she -eeds .ht -ro/ sheer terror.le+ted any other a!thor. and yo! /!st apply the/ no3./.ny. /y son. Yo! kno3 all the.s a..onless .t. yo! /!st e0er bear .n.ndnesses. And there 3ere yo! at her heels.le keep.ness.staken.n l.ll st.n. $?() Yo! /ay learn th.n the net be-ore the le-t to -. or I a/ /!+h /.d .her yo! had /en pla+ed on the spot to keep a lookEo!t. and another to +!t And e0en .ht had best be spent.a.nto s.r a/b!s+ade.t. $?9) I say.yo!r o3n. yo!r o3n as se+ret as /ay beJ these are /atters on yo! +o!ld rely.e o. One th.n..ends and eF!als. and ho3 yo! are to learn all yo! +an abo!t h.tho!t any real kno3led.t ./en..d not es+ape yo!J yo! had all her r!ns by heart and kne3 all her h.ty alone and 3.e o.s -ro/ all l. so that they 3ere s+ar+ely to be seen. or +ross a r.a.n+l!de all that has ser0ed to tra.. $??) B!t.+h tea+h yo! to o!tE0. $?") Hen+e yo! /!st ne0er kno3 a +areless /oodJ .h a de-.n the.+e to *erk .do.story. be+a!se she . or .ty on 3ho/ yo! tho!. and that by ad0. a++ord. and yo! had learnt by lon.. she d.r. And a/on.n the d!sk and takes to her -or/ by day. that .n those arts 3h. there -or yo! to do battle on eF!al ter/s .n the bod.yo! +hose to a+t l./. yo! do not need /e to tell yo! no3 ho3 yo! sho!ld dra3 !p yo!r troops or +ond!+t yo!r /ar+h by day or n. and then been !tterly destroyed by those 3ho/ they atta+kedM Ho3 o-ten ha0e states/en helped to ra. and then pa. and .nto 3ar. or /ar+h past a or ad0an+e and -. the/ I .n 0. And to /ake s!re o. I take .0er or pass thro!. so that she 3as +a!.s one lesson that I 3o!ld -a.nto a+t. yet !nseen. yo! 3o!ld soon ha0e no ene/.n e0ery +ra-t the +o!ra. see.-e and all h. ne0er r.. or ho3 deploy .t. $?#) Or yo! /. as 3ell /ay yo!r /en to -ollo3 yo!. and the 0ery haste o.d. and I a/ s!re yo! ha0e not ne.nst a +har.n +ol!/n and ho3 yo! are to take !p pos. and then s!--ered the 3orst at the hands o.. k.+h yo! ha0e st!d. .. and and k.t. 3o!ld -l. Ho3 o-ten ha0e +.t . and yo!r tra+ks +o/pletely +o0ered and yo! a+t!ally had b.probab. and -or a hare yo! had t3o breeds o.s the . Obser0e the sa+r.n.on .ses on the stren.+h yo! need no -!rther 3ord o.!ard a.yo! are .s.eld. the/ happ.n.the ene/y +o/es .nter and tra/p o-.lls or le0el .Epla+e.n /!nd.lent and /ot.ned to ser0e yo! and de+oy as to 3hat the/.

s hero. CK. Perhaps h.EN. Nol.n tra.".0e -or e0er.sdo/ kno3 ho3 to +hoose the best. . on .t stran.ons des+r.the penalty at the. the Pers. Xenophon the son o. l0.9".the . Can En+o/.d Xenophon h.a sort o. A.r handsJ and /any. III.s parents. e.on.tten .ld s!b*e+t to h./sel..!re o.t.on o..t. CA.n.e $e.7 4OTE2 $Th. !p -ro/ the +oast o.n the earl.a 1.< e/body.rst learn to r. .sh re/. Bk.n. /aps.s -a/o!s /ar+h a.EIII. 9#:<.-ondness -or +h.s that are to be.n.nst h.. as do!btless othe Dor. rea+hed the /ore s. .e ..s+en+e.< ro/ re-eren+es .. Good spe+. helpless as a /an 3ho +o!ld b!t dra3 lots to see 3hat he sho!ld do.e .es. 2"'J op.s /atter o. The passa.n the 3ork as Pers.. ha0e been s3ept on by the +ra0.t be the. and .+aC.. /any o. Contrast A!toly+!s .ally +. I.a +h.ts are also taken -ro/ the yo! Cyr!!s..the Pers. 8hen d.nto the heart o.s o3n e%per..n bra+kets /.tH CK. and !nder 3ho/ he ser0ed . and CHellen. II. I.n Gree+e .n the C2y/pos. Certa../an. that they on+e possessedJ and /any ha0e 3on the 0ery 3ealth they prayed -or and thro!. 4or /!st 3e th. to tell !s 3hat 3e sho!ld do and 3hat 3e sho!ld lea0e !ndone.s a boy. ho3e0er. +.loss. +%. not +ontent to en*oy the.. and notes.K. Bks. /y son. on the type o. b!t .Babylon..+al ro/an+e o. The -.the Pers.ons. 3ho/ he lo0ed and ad/.J Nol.ldren.stor. Nol.the +!sto/s and .ll. CHellen. +.see the CAnabas..n Xenophon5s old God and /an.) C"..s that are and the be a .ll .op.ans. the th.on +o//ent. EEa rare -. Qy.the a parenthet.dered that the k.ood.t ha0e -o!nd destr!+t.7 3. Nol.0.nk .s /at!rest tho!. C?. 8ere these tr.s /odelled on the 2partan k.s . Bea!t. to /aster all.a.t. . ??<.r 3. p.onH C". ..h.0e7 style 3.n.n.Xenophon. Xenophon5s 2partan -r. 3ho/ Xenophon -ollo3ed ..h.sdo/ to all /en eF!allyJ no +o/p!ls. I. l%%.r 3.n 0o. and 3ere st.ends . see !nder 3ork +on+l!des the translat. /any o. alone -. the -o!nder o. and Xenophon h... espe+.o0ern/ent.!/C. +.K. 3ho l.s ..n stat!re and -a0o!r 3.on.nst. . and all that shall +o/e -ro/ theseJ and to !s /ortals 3ho ask the. .t .ns./<..!/!sC.s o3n . 3ho had.n.d on the/ to +are -or /en. -!ll o.deH 2!rely are really Dor.+o/pleted C+. Inde%.s that ha0e been and the th. %+.. or .As.n h.ro3.n th. and thereby lost e0eryth.r o3n share o.bed . p.a .s .s the prototype.J op.n.t all a Dor.. . boyEnat!re.ods 3.s brother. +.Gryl!s. Bk.!e a/on.bal +!sto/s o.ttle does h!/an 3. Cyr!s the Great.on .ll not 0o!+hsa-e the.E0.-. Nol../sel.h . 0ols.hts on ed!+at. .t! C?...n. Nol.. 1a+/.s pla.+aC. Clearly..+tor H!.tted -or leadersh.. C2y/pC..ntrod!+t. kno3n to h.C.ods. pp./en o.sC. !nless .la!sC.7The 8orks o. / 3.the 7annotat.end.r +o!nsel and 3ho/ they lo0e they 3. II.-!l des+r.nor ./ by story and le. . .n. tr. 8orks.r+aC KL( B.n the translator +ons.9K. pp.lent a.ans.?.Xenophon !ndertaken by 1r.ent N.s la.n..aC 3as e/p.n Pers..o .randson. +%%%.. they kno3 all th.s.en+es and h. IN.e . Part I. I.< . $?L) 2o l.ll sho3 s. B!t the .

'.s an .. G!ards.n. C1e/orab.onJ .s -.n ha0e been a separate 3ork appended to the C1e/orab.n so/e h!nt o.+ e+ono/y a s!--.n.2o+ratesE6y+!r.o!r tra. III. boy or -ather.aC and de+e.b.n a 2o+rat.ntelle+ts. and RR K9EKK a 2o+rat.le//aJ the breakdo3n o. Interest. /asses o.?..n.n!sC r.nstan+e oneJ a sp. Ar+h.s .n. othe 2partan Crypte. C(. +. C1e/ Cpl!sC and C/. CL.rt!e./pl.s th.!sH Or .adC here.on a be done no3adays. 8alt 8h. 7Bp. LJ Bk.h sp.+-. ( $tr.0.n. C?.en+e o.ades type.ntrod!+. N. (.deal be. 8orks.l. +.hteo!s /an5s +on+ept. The -alse theory o. C?.aH /..tJ /adness o.+.erElo0. CL./en .n. H. III.s the end and .o. 8orks.hteo!sness d!e to the hardness o.r. p. not de0o. one!est.. and taken !p by another.+s or Ar+h.ty o.battleEra.hter othe sea7). and at 5e/M7 CL.ty..r./ o. p.>. or and dan.t!d.nto 0. Nol.rt!e and do/est. the /ere CH..dent .0.on o.r!l. CL. I th. b!t -or a h..prayer and the part he /!st h.K9. @aner.ll .ppar+hC.+ tra. all th.+ d. C-.. let alone that st. end!ran+e.onal.lp.n. Nol.da/!s and h.h .eneralJ a -.he .+.+ . 2o/eth. C(. 8ho .th/on lelas/aA $7the /! perhaps 2o+rat. C?.9#.rt!o!s sel-Erestra.H A sort o. 0. Cya%ares re+alls Dohn G.s/ breathes thro!.r.+. C?.a= the Cpl!sC oease .8ar7 and 72+.!e!s la!.sat.sA. Reads l. .n 0o.+..s.the -.s sort o. CL.nk. .d. The tr!th o.sp!tant . 3a0e !pon 3a0e.n.rst spee+h as a .la!s.Part I. CL.s prototype . o./sel. Th.en+e oR!le7). and Hellen.l. K#:).s Dakyns. +.s o. p."?. "#). the art o.-ores.+al re/ark o. '<.. +.aC on Pole/.t oathlet.99.nt . 9"L<.alo.K#. Is l. CHellC. C(..the Cpl!sC o.Xenophon5s @katharotesA $+lear s. o. @/en./en5s hearts and the.ra0er task.+al . -. C?. .>.the CIl.d o+o//on sense. 8hat .KEL.a d.s d!e to sy/pathy .th.t/an.:E9#.t.J tr.. Paleyan so/e3hat.n.n 1ed.nstead o.+ +o!nselJ the so/e 2o+rat.n+.+. I.ent tea+her or 3ho .r -eeble . An Hellen.l.s Xenophon th. C?.lar rat.K?.e.n.+s $72+.raph.s +hapter /.s -ather A.. Bk.s an+.!e o. Cyr!s.9". Th. C-. the lo.t!al re3ard./. The rap. Personal 0. Part II.the Al+./. 2o!nds l.'.H 4ot only -or an earthly a.+ C/ythosC to es+ape -ro/ the d.s to.nd.aC -or a s."".s .ently hard task. The to!+h abo!t the p!ppy an .n.

Xenophon5s 6.the CCyropaed. .Greater Phry.!s the k.s br.7 ans3ered Cyr!s. 3. tell the sa/e tale.sten.### ar+hers and . 7and . -resh troops.n.n one -ash. o.n. and all o.t 3as only a -alse alar/ that tro!bled yo!. H!nt. as -ather and son 3..n the land o.### ar+hers and tar.n. And 3hen they 3ere a+ross. $K) And Cyr!s ans3ered.?9.led -ro/ Athens. then. ?#.s !n+le Cya%ares . . 8orks. tho!. 7I ha0e K#.a .a.ll!s.ll not please yo!.. 3. /en 3ho ha0e ser0ed 3.r po3er .le s3ept .7 sa.7 h.n.the/. CL.s +o/.reat the.e CorC d.aC. B!t yo! be-ore as /er+enar.eteers.0e battleH7 sa.7 Cya%ares repl.s 2partan -r. p.Cappado+.o!sly. and Ca/byses t!rned ba+k to h. they prayed on+e /ore that the . so that 3e /ay /ake o!r plans. -ro/ the Peers o. e%a. on beh.esJ and /ore are +o/. -..d the ad0anta.t...ether.rant the/ sa-e entry. $() 7Croes!s the 6yd. ColloF!. $A-ter Xenophon 3as e%. 2ee C2ket+h o. 7Be+a!se.erated t!rn o. b!t re/e/ber these Peers o.n. a to3nsh. probably. and lan+ers and tar. Arta/as the .n -!ll -or+e.n.a /.ty..a. or o!r o3n e. and there a .l they rea+hed the -ront. b!t Cyr!s 3ent -or3ard a.s they e/bra+ed ea+h other./ and they had L### horse and K#./ a ho!se and -ar/ at 2+.0e the/ .ed= thro3s l. h.o! . 3.reat an ar/a/ent he had bro!. +%%0. and 3hen they had done th. they say.a.nto 0.p . 3ho are /any.9) Th!s they talked to. 74eeds /!st.ood o/en /et the/= an /e.ther..perhaps.phraseJ al/ost 7yo! +o!ld 3..7 he added. $") And 3hen h.ll!nt.) CL. 7The.ends .ne days. Then there .the Pers..ods and heroes o.7 BOOG II $C.a. and then they +rossed the bo!ndary..H7 7Indeed they are. 7/any deserters +o/e to !s.7 re+e. de0.ra+.e.### 3.ty.### horse and /ore than ?#.ed.r n!/bers 3.. less +ant and /ore pla.7 7Then 3e /!st .a0e h.the earth.7 on the date o. and they prayed the .ns/en /ay.-eC.n+e ho3 .s o3n +.Pers.d Cya%ares.ods o1ed.yo! +an tell / 9#.n br!tal.s *o!rney 3as done and he 3as -a+e to -a+e 3.### stron.. 7b!t yo! ha0e not told /e yet ho3 . not -ar -ro/ Oly/p.o0ernor o.n the Peloponnese.h to lead the 3ay.the land to sho3 the/ -a0o!r and .7 $?) 7Ho3 do yo! kno3H7 asked Cyr!s.K:.!s at allH Perhaps .sad0anta.7 7Ho3 /any o.a 3./H And Cyr!s on the r.d Cyr!s. .nd.ans.t easy to r!le the rest o. and th!s they *o!rneyed on !nt.ll.s.n.d he.nd .s Ar. then Cya%ares asked the pr. and the ene/y are not ad0an+.eteers also. '### horse. I. I 3ant to hear. to h. 7ha0e yo! any need o.reeted ea+h other as k. and 3ent be-ore the/ as tho!.th the/ o-.+es appl.h they are -e3. a-ter the 2+.thoseH7 asked Cya%ares. 3e hear.1ed.on or another.

der. lea0.d. be-ore the /any. ran.n.ll deal 3. and o!r -oes 3.7 sa.eteers. else to be doneH7 7 or /y part.n.n.seJ the 6ord o.### ar+hers and tar. 7and perhaps yo! -eel that the -or+e yo! are br. He tho!.et ?### horse and "#.ers.n As.n./e 3hen the Peers arr..rst the /ethods o. no /ore o0er 9#.t .eteers.7 pla. sk.d Cyr!s. L### horse and ?#. are /!ster. the.a . the -!.### horse and perhaps..ll send a -ollo3.7 he added.ns.eld -or the le-t ar/.7 sa.s!+h ar/s are !sed.nn!/erable sl.n.n.n.7 7Ah.0ed -ro/ Pers. or -or+e.s to!rs. .### -oot.send. and tho!sands !pon tho!sands o.n.n.d they 3. the Ar/ L#.7 7I see.0e the/ no t.r .7 3ho .s +o/.sely the sa/e -ash. -or a a +orslet -or the breast. -or+eJ -or e0en .ans..n the hands o.a at the head o.### horse. and Cya%ares appro0ed . the -e3 3o!ld be e%ha!sted lon. and I /ake no do!bt as /any as "## +har.0es to yo! and to yo!r +a0alry.n read. $') 7And .ht.. le-t -or !s b!t to send to .a ne%t.ll h. C.3e reF!.7 $L) Cyr!s ans3ered= 7Then yo! re+kon the n!/bers o. l.n. and o!r .that be so.e /!st be the order o.d! bo3s and *a0el. and be. I.n. 7and see then . I bel.7 7Tr! sa.ll -all on Pers. .le Pers.ans.### horse. 7the 0. Tell /e -.7 repl.I +o!ld ha0e /y 3./en on -ootJ s!+h at least has been h.+tory .### tar.ll . 7+an yo! see anyth.Cyr!s.d the other.l. a sh. B!t the are ar/ed 3. and a s3ord or battleEa%e -or the r. 3.ther s.d Cya%ares.p/ent he had been asked -or.ll +ons. .ots.nd that -l.n. 3e +o!ld not o!tn!/ber o!r ene/. 73e look to . B!t 3e Pers.s not +lear as yet 3hether they 3.der that later -or+e.7 ans3ered Cyr!s.eteers.7 ans3ered Cyr!s.d Cyr!s. 73. and .n !nder Gaba. And -ro/ o!r 9#.t .t.n.ll -.7 sa.ots.7 ans3ered Cya%ares. 7yo! /!st re/e/ber that e0en .the +o!ntry.Assyr.the lar. 7. not less than "#. here .--erent troops those 3ho do stand -.t 3.n.ll /ake .n-antry at less than hal-.### ar+hers and tar./e to es+ape.saster -alls on 1ed.7 $9#) That 3as the +o!nsel o.on.### horse and "##. that the d.s noth. 7yo! re+kon o!r +a0alry at less than a th. at lon.the sa/e n!/bers -all on e.s ./e to rally and no t.eteers.n pre+. 3e are told. 8ord has been sent to the Car..ed Cyr!s.n.on as o!r Peers at ho/ the ene/y..+. +ons. b!t .r /en and o!rs hand. And Ara.7 $:) 7B!t. b!t.ans -ro/ the Hellespont.rd othe ene/y5s. 7there . that .de.. -ro/ Pers.a. and all 3as .7 +r. the eF!. and Paphla.s +!sto/ 3hene0er he .7 3ent on Cyr!s.n all.the.ans.s -ar pleasanter than de-en+e.n that +ase..n the Caystr. I 3o!ld ar/ e0ery Pers. 7that .e0ery s. As -or the Hellenes 3ho d3ell .. so/eth.ll not r. a h!ndred +har.e0e. and /ake the/ see that ..yo! 3.7 $>) 7Ah.tar.d!s the Arab./ /ore /en or not.r/.a ...7 he ans3ered.0e !s these yo! 3.te sa-e -or !s to +lose 3.7 he added. the state o.7 7They are /!+h the sa/e -or all.n0aded !s be-ore. as /any as L#. And 3hat do yo! take yo!r o3n to beH7 78ell.a and Babylon 3.n.the ene/y to be.s 0ery s/allH7 78e 3. the/ -or a lar.7 sa.s to say.t F!. b!t set abo!t prepar.the day.ness *!st abo!t the 78ell. 3ho /!st .d the other. 73e o!rsel0es +an -!rn.-.ed Cya%ares.r/.an 3ere to +o/e at on+e.t..

3hen I looked at yo! -. o. 8hat .th these ar/sH There +an be no d.t 3.n-er.ends and +o/rades. 3.3eakl.hood -or yo!rsel0es. These ne3 +o/rades o. 0.s that are bea!t. .o!r -athers yo! d.ll see/ stran.t.t ..n e0ery 3ay to ro!se the sp.r.nk deepest . 4one +o!ld -. and ..t that h.s and besto3s the/ on the stron. and yo!r /en beh.or to !s .n that po3er 3h.s -ollo3ers are as 0al.eld.ll o!r o3n d!t. and toE/orro3 they shall ha0e ar/o!r l.than by !s.7 he 3ent on.. and yet I kno3 3ell that the 3ords o.the -. . that on the day o.n a host o.a.H7 .n the sa/e hono!rs..rts o.nd yo!.ke o!rsel0es.ned..le.5s o3n son and o!r . hand to hand. and need ha0e no -ear that 3e shall /. born and bred .so yo! 3.n the sa/e land as o!rsel0es.a./b. and 3hen I re/e/bered that yo!r sF!. $9L) In -or/er days yo! 3ere tra.ne3s.oodH 8hy sho!ld yo!.the type to 3h.o3n troops.n the land o. 7Perhaps .n yo!r hearts as /!+h as 3e .ht ha0e 3e than yo! to lo0e 0.s breast and +arry a sh.rst and sa3 the ar/s yo! bore and ho3 yo! 3ere all on -.s le-t ar/ o. 4ot that 3e ha0e not st.s 0ery .s hand a sabre or a battleEa%e.n h.r sp.l. -eel.pped -or -./sel.ed at h.r.+e as 3eJ b!t no3 .on that lay !pon yo! to -. and no3 that they are to take the.t +a/e abo!t that Cyr!s had the ne3 ar/o!r pla+ed be-ore be yo! /ake any .s-. $99) Then.t does not -a. $9>) Ho3 +an 3e d.r pla+e a/on.battle they 3o!ld ha0e /ore to help the/ . the.res are only eF!.es le-t.the/ . ./bs are as sto!t and as stron.I ask Cyr!s to speak .nd yo!r l.n.lor. as o!r o3n. .s day -or3ard.eld on h./sel-J he /!st see to .n.d not share o!r r.a.s!re -or pra+t.n th.-!l and .-ts.bo3 and *a0el. stal3art and sto!t o.n.esJ no .t shall be /y +are to pro0.l.ll.tle 3.eneral /eet. Cyr!s +alled the Peers to. any /ore than 3e. /y hea0en5s help. .0e the. l.s r.0en the/ by the k. on the o!tsk. Ea+h o.+h takes the .ht.--er -ro/ one another 3..yo! 3ere at all . be -o!nd la+k.-ts o.!s 3..reater r.n.a.ns -or !s and preser0es to !s all th.ll 3ear a +orslet -.. b!t yo! 3ere ban.0el.eF!als..ood +an +o/e o.s ne3 a++o!tre/ent 3e shall ha0e no preEe/.+tory and -ollo3 a-ter her. 4o3 -ro/ th. yo! /ay -oster . the Peers the.htsJ not that 3e dro0e yo! o!t o!rsel0es.t .n o!rs. s3allo3ed !p .n 0alo!rH7 $9?) 2o ..n. and as -or the.t .d to / these 3e shall s/.n sk.o!rs.t -or yo!J and sold.reatest po3er -or 3eal or 3oe to /eet the ene/y.o!s deed yo!r o3n.e . -a+e the sa/e per. are 0al!ed /ore.s .ether and spoke to the/ as -ollo3s= 71en o. A leader /!st not only ha0e a sto!t heart h./ and s!//oned a . 3hose o!r o3n.ene/.+h 3e are all a++!sto/ed.shed by the +o/p!ls.ery. 8e are bo!nd to do o!r best . that 3as not to be 3ondered atJ yo! had not the sa/e le.h.nen+e at all. I sa.a0e /e.ll.. B!t toEday yo! are here.--eren+e e%+ept .+tory 3ho 3.stener5s heart.ll be.h they sho!ld be less than the ./ 3ho has the .d. H.oods o.n.n o!rsel0es by all they . $9K) And one o.e-. .Pers.nE+h.eneralE.7 $9") Th!s Cyr!s spoke. yo! ha0e .s -or !s to see .s. e3 and -orlorn they 3. And dar.n the str!.n yo!r po3er to take the ar/o!r that 3e 3ear o!rsel0es.r ar/s.nd /. yo!r hearts sho!ld be as bra0e. tho!.. 73o!ld rather be addressed by Cyr!s h.n dar.n .Pers.ll see/ to the/ -ar /ore se+!re .n o!r stead to o!r -ello3E+o/batants 3hen they re+e.n.n the !se o.nto the l.ant as he. I +on-ess /y /.ls and the /ark.. I kno3 they areJ and yet at ho/e .nd -a!lt 3. and the Peers 3ere 3ell sat. so says the story.n.r the3s and s.t oo!r /en.r t. and spoke to the/ as -ollo3s= $9() 71en o.tted to h. 2hall 3e not .the Pers.n.n.te the ene/y be-ore !s.t. and .

nter0al.t sho!ld be lar. an art.n o.the best -.s /en to the sa/e !nder h.ts.sed to the rank o.stants 3hose d!ty .n the /ass.o.hono!r . and s!+h the e%er+.+ers had the pr.erness to e%+el . .n o. Cyr!s anno!n+ed that the br.. th!s lea0. There l.nd on one.n o. . Cyr!s took on h.ers -ro/ the ranks sho!ld be+o/e +apta. he arran.r. sh...nd-!l o. Th!s .the. the /en the/sel0es -ree -or the art o3ar. the +apta.s ar/s.n order to -. $"() or the.r na/es and took !p the ne3 ar/s.bed the.h.he .0e 3as not only to eF!al the lead. be.on +an be ro!sed.on -or those 3ho kne3 that they 3ere only prote+ted .t. /!st take the !t/ost +are 3.a0e !p the pra+t.ers sho!ld be tra.s /en to the the 3as +hallen. $"9) He asked Cya%ares -or a body o..n.n the . $"#) And no3 .the/.ses othe Pers.d.n the.e eno!.+al stren. 3h. b!t 3h.o!s to 3ork.h.ten.n all the. and +orslet.-.+h he tho!.le r!/o!r sa. he /!st also do 3hat he +o!ld to the ar/s o.tasks and +on+entrat. The pr. he .l.0ate sold.s na/e 3.r d!ty.abo0e reproa+h. an e%pert .r t!rn sho!ld see that o.nest re./ leader.a threeE-old task= to br.ed to pro0e the s+.+er +o//and./sel.n.. that s!++ess.n.n +o//and o. He had learnt. $"") And -!rther. 3h.n.nest +o/pany sho!ld be /ade a br. 3h.the.n o.le the best 3ere anno!n+ed to be 3on by a re. an%.r sp. and 0ar.e/!lat.s. 2!+h 3ere the orders o.eneral.ed that a separate shelter sho!ld be ass.ons -or e0eryth.ans.0e a +apta.nest sF!ad o.s sold.nates 3ere per-e+t . .n a /er+enary.n the +ond!+t o.n 3h.t -or /art./ent .th bo3 and *a0el. a sF!ad o. The petty o--.7 $9:) Th!s spoke Cyr!sJ and the h. to atte/pt a /!lt.n the /.. and yet e0er /./ do soJ he troops..+e o.n.n.ted to the ene/y. the/ -ro/ the 0ery -. o.0e the/sel0es. and that . h. h. $"K) or pr..Ies. ser0ed by those beneath h.n.the deeds.3ar. One and all they .t sho!ld be to pro0. a++!sto/.r prote+tors. s!.ad.table -or /en taken .+e 3.rst to the tho!.l.n o.r s! ./ by those 3ho pro0ed the/sel0es /ost loyal to the.the 3hole re.0ate. . he tho!. +on0.n the !se that they /!st +lose 3.n all th.a +o/pany.s sold.they dre3 ba+k no3. there the ea.n the pra+t. the phys.$9') He ended= 74o3 yo! ha0e heard all.hest p.d they 3ere ad0an+. And .er -or dan.tsel. e0ery /an o.ns o.ten +apta.ned.h. let!s other hono!rs also.. 3hen they 3ere o--ered eF!al hono!r .e yo!r 3eaponsJ let h.a ser0ant.these o--./ent he +o//andedJ a re.n 3hate0er sphere. o.s+. and to ro!se the. 3ere s!+h as to be s!.n. pr.+s.en+e o.t!de the /.. -elt they 3o!ld be asha/ed -or the rest o./ so that they ..ned to e0ery br.bly need.n -or the +o/pany.the -. to tea+h the/ ta+t.le a/pler hopes 3ere o--ered -or any nobler e%plo.n.n.n the sa/e roll as o!rs.s ten.n.the -./.ht on behal. lea0.nally pr.te h.n. and the +o/pany5s +apta.le the +o//ander o. E0ery one d!t.tary tra.onJ the ea+h o.ns+r./ 3ho +hooses take the/ !p and the o--. and deser0edly.reatest.r F!arters.n.n o. 3as only to be 3on by re-!s.le.t!ted +o/pet. and a lo0er o.the.s /en to per-e+t the/sel0es .h -or the 3hole re. or +on-ess the/sel0es 3orthless as -ello3E+o/batantsJ a harsh +on+l! that 3here0er the -eel.r se0eral .n.r days.ten /!st do the sa/e -or h. h.e o.n ret!rn -or eF!al to. the +apta.the -. .n.s ./ent or a +o/pany or a sF!ad taken as a 3hole. These pr. and the $"?) .r leaders and /ost Iealo!s .ass.+o!rse.a /an pre-ers to re/ all they +o!ld poss./sel. be-ore the ene/y 3ere a+t!ally at hand./ent sho!ld be to obey.ers 3.

n the d../ents.hono!r to any one 3ho/ he kne3 had !ndertaken so/e 3ork he had at heart h.le./en .-e .t .ll stand F!. $"L) Cyr!s tho!. l. $K#) Cyr!s had the +o//on l. 3ho are reared to. or .ke. to hold all the . Th!s they 3ere en+a/ped by re.ns.tat.tted to. and -ro/ t.n the dark.+h they /et the -oe.ers . and 3.on 3hate0er bet3een the /eats -or h.e. He 3o!ld lead the /en o!t to h!nt.!ard a./bers and stones ha0e to be -.thal +ool and . that a +o//on +ons+.0e. or an ent.s en. Cyr!s tho!.pl. They 3ere bo!nd. and !nkno3n.n the /ere -a+t o. the -oe. In e0ery +ase there 3as no d.n +o//and o./pert!rbable.n. and .n0./als.and -or h.s re.n+ed that they o! 3h.+h are tho!.ten.the s/aller sF!ads.ntell.+ers . !nhes. b!t so/et. there 3as the -a+t that those 3ho l..they 3ere /ar+h.n s.r po3ers oto..there 3as 3ork to be done.n. as a r!le. see/ -ar /ore apt -or /. or o.on .sted that the ar/y ser0ants sho!ld share and share al.n.s ad0anta.ns and the o--. and +o/pany.s /eal at /orn.nto pla+e.n. +o/panyE +apta.le.t.7 and yet ne0er desp.er5s needs.ether .9## /en. 3o!ld .ht.n+t./ othe re. By order .. and .+ons. He bel.e0ed th. 1oreo0er the kno3led.entle to3ards ea+h otherJ *!st as horses that 3ork to. 1oreo0er the l.n.e. he 3o!ld .ht also to possess those F!al.-t. to be loyal and .a0e /!+h +areJ he 3.n.0ate sold. that the talk sho!ld be the.Cyr!s 3hene0er he and h. and no one s.+h he .ns o.ro3 .n the ranks 3o!ld do /ost to .s.0e to all a sold.t 3. be-ore the/ .a0e the/ Iest -or the. str!.3as a blessed /eans -or /ak. and .n as per-e+t order as ./e a sF!ad o.n.ers as the o++as. 4or 3as that allJ he 3as +on0. $"') And -. 3here0er they +han+e to l. and there-ore no one +o!ld pretend that he 3as sl. and e0en the pr.lJ and the to.s syste/ all the o--./ent.. he sa. a+t. b!t -eel that e0eryth.est res!lts .hbo!rs 3hen .ra+e.d !pon the/ /!st be -.s easy eno!.en+e .ht t./e to the sold.n0./sel.nally.ness 3hen they are se0ered -ro/ ea+h other. to 3h.le -. or .n..ers.a/es -or the/.n+reased the. that the /en sa3 they 3ere all treated al. 3as .h to p!t the/ .a.. -or the +o/.al .on that he 3as a 3orse /an than h.t -or the/ to do. $K9) !rther he al3ays .t +a/e to -a+.n0ent .s sold.0ely and -!ll o.d.tho!t s3eat.0e a spe+.enderedJ those 3ho l./es he 3o!ld send -or the +o/panyE+apta.n+rease ten-old the +o!ra.-.ded only that they are /arked so as to lea0e no do!bt 3here ea+h belon. or at n.l .e-.") It 3as the +onstant a. $":) There 3as a -!rther /atter.e oha0...te s!+h othe br. the /en /ore .s.kely to desert one anotherJ e0en the 3. and ..-e 3o!ld lead to the th.r /en .t that they 3ork.t .n +o//on 3o!ld help the /en to kno3 ea+h other.ll he had s3eated -or . or he 3o!ld .nk .+ersEEbr.h a +o//on tra.r +o//ander la.the sF!adsEE+o!ld keep the.0e. $ thro!.e.r -ood.!ests.t 3ere brokenJ *!st as 3hen t.n..ood -or the.n. as a r!le. the.d not lea0e .e 3. and.+e -or the ar/y 3ere as /!+h to be hono!red as heralds or a/bassadors.s ..!ests he /.+o//on F!arters there 3as th.on by 3ay o.on see/ed to +all -or.ether are the less l. -or he held that those 3ho d.nk to the 3h./ $">) 2!+h pre+.s+. he -elt..etly only by s!+h kno3led.ld an.ers 3ere s!//oned to h.s o3n F!arters b!. he 3o!ld so +ond!+t . s3.entle.d s!+h ser0. or e0en a 3hole re.r health. .n.ether s!--er to be pe+!l.t 3ell to those 3ho sk!lk .sorder and to 3hat 3e +all 7the better +lasses.ers /essed to.shed no /an to take h..e0er .s board. Cyr!s kne3.n e0eryth.nst d.ether . +apta.bly -ro/ lonel./ents..0e by s. pro0. !nkno3..n.0e to.s ne.

a.h.n.n the /ost e%e/plary ala+r. There. 7o!r -r. ho3 /atters stood r!bbed h.n0.ed to o0erset the .n.n. that only a -e3 s+raps 3ere le-t.n -ront o. the/e=EE 7Do yo! th.n.n.nly /et 3. and /ade no atte/pt to +on+eal .rst.0ate l.s loss so hard that he only /ade /atters 3orse= h.n.ll they sho3 the/sel0es o!r eF!als ..s +erta. Cyr!s./ that the p.r. And.ood.s /.3e 3ho s./ply be+a!se they ha0e not been ed!+ated .n and /ar+h o-. 3.d. I. the I posted the +apta.ed o!t. as /ay be .de /e.n.n h.hter.. as yo! .ne yo!n. 3hat are yo! do.the +apta.7 sa.n.n.-e so/e o.+o!. And I a/ bo!nd to say he obeyed that order 3.s th./ent. and no3 .ahead o.-.ors they 3. s.n a.t ba+k.t str!+k h.%ed on the +apta.end here has +erta. and.. to l.ned to h.ed to +o/-ort h.nd. b!t th.t pro0ed./. .on./en o. .e and h.ssed the re.s hands 3.reeted by a yell -ro/ the +entre= one /y .nto peals ola!.n. I told h./ /eat to e0ery re.a0e the order to ad0an+e.h./.n ne%t to !s see.ll be.d he.t.rst and yo! +an take the b. the/ all.n a -. /y eyes -.e+e.a0e !s 3hen yo! an absol!te boor= /y o3n e%per.battle 3hen the t.7 he 3ent on.the 3hole troop.nto the deepest d!d./.s I do say.n 3.t.n.e the sa/e t. 5Yo!. 3ent o-.reeted 3.ra0y.H5 5Ad0an+.e+e he had +hosen on+e and set abo!t .th .s ra.o!r ne3 +o/rades..5 D!st then the th.n respe+ts s.nd and sho!ts ola!./e to se+!re !nder /e.s/. I +r.n.ndeedM There5s not /!+h o.n+e 3e 3ere the last to be ser0ed. There 3as -lesh eno!.t.n . and a-ter the/ the others .ty.eon. -ello3 beh.nn. and ser0e the +o/pany .t bestJ I took /y stand -a+.+k o!t another.d so .n the lessons 3e had learnt -ro/ yo!. and he p!t .nstr!+t h.h -or three +o!rses ap.n the order I tho!.d he.+h 3as all that re/a. Yo! re/e/ber the ad/ the +on0ersat.eld o.est p.the board. l.d not 3ant any /ore. .7 sa.a.hter.+.e=EE78hat sort o.s so/e3hat d. 3as ..s bad l!+k he so/eho3 /ana. B!t the +ar0er.+. B!t 3hen the d. 54e0er /. 3h.ed h.7 $L) The /o/ent had +o/e. 3.end took took !p the 3ord= 78ell.s se+ond sl.n. 2o 3hen he +a/e .th a 3e -o!nd.en+e .!essed. $() At th.ll pro0e I do not pretend to kno3.--erent. b!t as he d. 7Cya%ares sent a present o.nk. /ysel-. and then I .+e.. Cyr!s. 7I took re-!. Only the other day.n the sa/e -ash.7 sa./e do the l.t .7 sa. $>) And 3hat /!st /y -. to h.s portra.. be. $K) B!t I 3as .nstr!+t. and then another +a/e ro!nd to !s.n at the other end o./ to be.rd +o!rse.n pr. not !nnat!rally.3arr. and so the poor -ello3 took h.. so I +alled h. he had +han.these /en 3ho 3as +a/e ro!nd.s /y /an -ell .hter. and ho3 yo! bade ea+h o.s o!r -r./sel-. and 3a. /!tter.n that order.steners .-e and on the -.n. / the rest o.on as o!rsel0esH Or / The +apta../ !p at on+e and /ade h. 8ell.ddle are ne0er ser0ed -.on ro!nd to the . Th!s one day he bro!. as . as nearly as I +an dra3 h.n a.lee and 3ent .ht the r.t bes.d Hystaspas.d he. there ba3led o!t.l I tho!.ra. one othe +o/pan. s.rst 3as too s/all.rd +o!rse 3as +lean .n./ s. 5D!st l.t here. At th.nd !s.ned -ello3s eno!.s o3n /en .ll help yo! -ello3 do b!t .ent .ted here *!st no3 and ne0er be-oreM5 $?) I tr. and then yo! 3.n the /.s a spe+. -or really I +o!ld not ha0e +ontrolled /y la!. !nt. 5presently the ser0ant 3.ons yo! .n -ront 3.entle/en./e +o/es to /eet the -oeH7 $") Hystaspas took !p the +hallen.e+e or /ore. passed on to the ne%t /an be-ore he had t.5 I sa.!s . 5EF!al.nk.ty .the/ are +rossE. 7that . 7that o!r ne3 +o/rades appear so/e3hat de-..!s.rst at allM5 It nettled /e that they sho!ld -an+y the/sel0es treated 3orse than 3e.llEl!+kM To be . and the attendant had handed ro!nd the -. . and they be.ons to the -! na/es.the +o/pany.7 $99) Th!s he *o..n style.n.the/ /ar+hed r./s to be 3ealth.s -or the sake o. and 3ho !ndertakes 3hat he +an ne0er +arry o!t.s hearers5 loss. and a / to +all h./postor .5 At 3h. 73hy sho!ld they say 3hat .er +alled A.7 he ans3ered.n./postors that they are.n*!re any / or bra0er than he . do yo! really th. 2o I t!rned to the +apta. and bro!.s -alseH7 78hy.n../ -et+h .d= 7D!st th.5 78ell. -ello3 at h.rth -or h.the +o/pany tho!.le.3.tM or /y part I +an only pray to be blest 3.tten ho/e.n a h!ndred hearts by a d. 7s.s ho3 /y +o/pany..the t3o are 3e to obeyH One tells !s to ad0an+e.5 5I ne0er ordered yo! to ad0an+e alone. breastEplate.!/phant entry o.7 repeated the other. and /ake a bra.nstr! o!t yo!r .sedM A -.hter to the pra.n -ront.n +alled the/ ba+k. t!rned to h./ a /an o.etly and be.0es /.laStadas.r hearts5 o..+h he t!rned r.ran /y yo!n.3e had tr./ a na/e.s .n.ned .n.o. He .3e /!st needs .ordered. $:) As I 3as speak. 6et /e tell yo! 3hat an ./ short.a.0en to the 3hole +o/pany.+er 3ho had be.ends oo!rs. not -or h.end o.l the -ront rank /an led o--= all they had to do 3as to -ollo3 the /an .n. yo!H The orders are -or all to ad0an+eM5 8here!pon the rest o. s! o. these ne3 -r.t.nk the tales they tell are tr!eH7 7Certa. 7H!shM h!shM Yo! /!st not !se s!+h !.rth.n.s.n the hope o- .!n the *est t!rned to A. the other 3on5t let !s /o0e. . O-. b!t he t!rned the la!.. /y dear Pers. that no one .n a.ers and storyEtellers 3ho p!t .s a /an 3ho +la. The rest o.neJ he 3as . 5the order 3as .n the rear 3as to /o0e !nt. Then Cyr!s spoke= 74o3 hea0en be ro!nd and addressed the ranks= 5Don5t yo! hear the o--..n the /. !p +a/e a -r. That .n la/entable tales the/ all.taste and breed.the letter !nder .n -ro/ the be.n -a+t.+er ab!s.7 $9K) 2!+h 3as the de-en+e o.7 $9#) He pa!sed.r +apta.+o!rse the +apta. a br.0e h.s o3n pro-. I had to take the 3hole /atter 0ery F!.ht /y letter ba+k .a./eatM And so do+..n.the/ /!st needs obey an order be-ore they ha0e !nderstood .ed to /ake yo! 3eepM 8hat -a!lt yo! 3o!ld ha0e -o!nd 3.ttle a+t o+o! past the. l.+h o.t -or /e.n and !p to /e. battleEa%e. *o. the +o/pany as they 3ere.n. o-.rate-!l are they -or any l. B!t he 3ho +ontr.s heels.n 3ho happened to kno3 3here I had le-t the letter !sM 2!ppose 3e had been l.n.t. and the l.s ne3 re+r!./ply to ra. 3e o!.hed to the . and had +o/e to ask /e -or a letter I had to .d= 7Cyr!s.ts ar/ed es+ort. and o-.Cyr!s .ts. o0er the tr.r!/ble and . as 3ell as they /. and all.. and bade h.nn./..t. or to ./ and sa.5 I retorted. $') o.ro3l= an ar/y l.laStadas and sa. yo! /ay set they they 3ere bo!nd to -ollo3 s!.n the ra+e..r.7 $9") B!t Cyr!s +!t a la!.steners la!. so/e Then one o.. . or h. and all th. And the o--.the /erry/akers.n behal. a /ost rare ra+eM 2o . a so/e3hat so!rEte/pered / the balladE s.s -r.he ran. +arr. post. and e%pla. yo! see.

7 $9?) 7And .7 7Perhaps .. 3hether.God!e a .ll +la.yo!.end= one /. 73hy d. .o!s .onsH7 .on to the deserts /ake h./sel-= he s/. a3ay on !s.+e. see.h o!t o. to +orr!pt so 0.s+!ss the po. It . yo! 3. 4o3 to /y /.eF!al a++o!nt./ an eF!al .h tears o!r -athers tea+h sel-E+ontrol !nto the.t.s 3on e0ery /an 3. B!t yo!r /.hter.the sorro3-!l..nd noth.ll ad/.IenH Can he learn e+ono/y or states/ansh.-y the so!lH Can s/.r than that the base /an and the . 2o yo! ha0e no e%+!se to be n..7 7I!+. or d.ed.n. h.d Cyr!s .ntH 8hy not /ake the/ s. .anyth. not to /ake yo! s!--er. are yo! notH7 B!t the br. $9>) And then Chrysantas str.s /ore !n-a..ro3n /an to r.n the seat o. h. A. to .str.laStadas +o!ld not help h.7 sa. the.e0ery k.s thro!.ood sho!ld be held o.nH7 $9() B!t Hystaspas ans3ered ba+k= 7Take /y ad0. pl!+k !p heart and spend th.-.edH7 A.7 $9:) 7B!t 3hy.d yo! ha0e sF!andered .hter.r.s pre+. And Cyr!s.t to the/.r s+holars.rant !s s!++ess. b!t not a la!.d A.h. the so/bre -a+e l.yo!rs on yo!r ene/.rt!o!s a /an.t .ad.yo! +o!ld help .s a -ool -or h. the /atter be-ore the ar/y .n reser0e= . I.nterposed.7 2o they talked and *ested. perhaps.n.t.n.ner .. yo! /!st needs hold !s !p to sha/e.eneral order that yo! .lee.-t o. .ll b!t th..n o!r ranks are /en o./ to la!.ntend to do th.p -ro/ a .r a!d. 7yo! are try. and o!r t!tors so!nd learn. 3e sho!ld let all share and share al.. or e0er 3asted a s/.laStadas repl. to the.ardly no3.ns.t +annot be sa.d abo!t !s thenH 8hy.s pa.ends. that 0.nk.h does -ar less -or the/ than he 3ho /akes the/ 3eep.l and p!t .7 asked a la!. 7to br.a. .ke -. e0en 3hen yo! kno3 3e only 3.d= 7Br.s the s3orn -oe o.entle/en. 7The /an 3ho sets h.ten+e. +an yo! say they bene-. and yet .n proport. and e0en A.pen.laStadas.sH 8as not that eno!.7 $9L) At th.le and 3orthless la!. and -l.t the body or ed.n.t.t 3o!ld be best.ety.yo! 3. I +annot help yo!r -r.. so/e better and so/e 3orse. and +annot re-!se !s a s/. 7Then he .n the pla+e o.n.n.t ./ to s. 7and .t on yo!rsel-./ that 3.end or -ore.les /ake a /an a better /aster or a better +.laStadas.b!te the re3ards and hono!rs .n.h.le on -r.rthE/akers. not a la!./ply . /y -r.r sons.n +o!n+.n. yo! are 0ery o!t o.n ans3er.n..n. l!r.7 he sa. and the la3s the/sel0es lead the .s sally all the others sho!ted 3. $9') 7Cyr!s./e..entle/en all. Yo! /!st ha0e an a/ple store o.d.n the +ase o.t .s not the sha/e *! ..7 to a/!se yo!. and that too 3hen he .an on another the/e.s tr! !p sa.t that 3hat I say .s -ello3s la!.the +o/pet.hteo!sness by p!tt.led.en+e to tearsM 8hat 3o!ld yo! ha0e sa.

pass. are o.tled. to the/ .the. 8hen .ttle sk. that .that.nt !/p.. so that I 3as -!lly ent.. to.hest re+o/pense.7Do!btless.dlers o!.7 sa.7 7And 3ho .ll . the h.r deeds and re3arded a++ord. 2!+h as they .on 3as /. .ll the F!est.ns the hearts o.reed.s o3n share the +o//on people..t that the bra0e sho!ld .!e -or that +o!rse.ed by the.n by the.s tr!e there are de.res and *!d.n. In the end . 7O.s only -ro/ sloth and lethar.ns .0e !p h.s 3as the r. 3hen all the sho!ld not be -ollo3ed e0ery3here.d the -.r 0..share and share al.3ork as 3ellH7 7Oh..H7 sa.n the /ost.7 sa.7 Cyr!s ans3ered..on and p!t .rees. I look on the +reat!res as /ere by r. 3. l.the ar/y.the br. I +an tell yo! that.n*!r.o short= he 3. on the.d= 7I kno3 at least one son o.s a /e/ber o.7 $"9) It 3as.n 0.a.s +ase . !p the r.0ate obed.d the I take .n..all to an eF!al share . 7yo! ha0e +a!.sed.rd. E0en the 3orst o.the Peers the/sel0es as -or any other reason that Cyr!s 3.ll pass a resol!t. I do.s. to any /an 3hate0er.3e are e0er to +!lt.e0ery s./en /!st ad/. to say so /!+h.ers s/./ed to +all h./sel.n+. her path o.d Cyr!s.n .ple o. to appo.s d.on ..l.n. $"?) And 3e kno3 that only too o-ten the 3orthless 3. 7I hold that all s!+h . b!t a-ter baseness .+es on the +a/pa.d a th.e-ly be+a!se . and that e0ery one 3ho +la.sposed to resent be.n o!r /en.reed by all the +o/pany that the F!est.-tsJ b!t N. to ra.d Cyr!s.t.+e.tho!t a /!r/!r.pleas!re.these are base..o!r sold.n.l and -or3ard . 7he . and 3here the e0.le th. ho3e0er. 7partly be+a!se 3e shall be there to ar.rt!e..n. noM7 sa.shed the resol!t.s heH7 another asked.y .the type to -ollo3 a . to the/ on the easy do3n3ard 3ay.on to be passed.7 asked Chrysantas.7 78hatH O.n order that the best /en sho!ld re+e.r +o/rades are +all.they too 3ere to be *!d.t.a /an 3as bo!nd to ar.on sho!ld be ra.ty has .t.nd /ore -r.0en lead= they 3. The troops. he .n +o//on= b!t they hold that the a+t!al +o//and o.ts -a0o!r.ends than the ./en and dra3 the/ a-ter her..on5s share o.o!r F!arters.n.and sa. $"() It .s F!.r leaders are 0al..lla. 7b!t th.led to h. They 3o!ld pro0e all the better /en. !p the steep as+ent.n.s al3ays h! /e there.l 3ho 3.ree that the pr.the so. I 3as 3ron.r ser0.0e by 3hat they +ost= b!t there are to be t!rned o!t o.ood.tho!sands 3.7 at /y o3n 3.n.n. p!t on a le0el 3. . And th.7 $"K) 7 or /y part. 3.rst.the e%ped.n . ba+k3ard . $"") And on that one o.t to the 0ote.e3.t +o/es to b!t +h. has l. 3.ts e0en be-ore 3e le-t ho/e. as /!+h -or the sake o. I /!st ad/.!e . only .t 3as a. he -elt.ll -eel that all they 3.t 3o!ld see/ too base to deny that he 3ho 3orks the hardest and does /ost -or the +o//on .ll. .ll be ready to her .entle/en.n. I /!st +on-ess.ny= -or not seldo/ +an they sho3 that ras+al.n to.ll seek a-ter nobleness and 0alo!r .0e the /ostH7 7Yes.n. and he . I take .ood deser0es the h. he tho!.te ready to . The b!lk o.l spr.n sho!ld /o/ent.le the./sel.en+e and N.. and these are the +apta. 7that the /ass othe ar/y 3. 78ell..ant and noble.htly alon.0.7 $"#) 7And do yo! really e%pe+t.y.ll to snare the so!ls o. a-ter the l. no3 3hen the Peers 3ere d.

7 $"') 2o Cyr!s spoke. and at the top o. .s to /e to -east /y eyes !pon h./ the 0ery /odels o. b!t... H..s speed.s e%er+.n +apta.reat /e.ether. noon.s e0.ll +lea0e to 0.oods o.!ests t!rned and looked on the yo!n.t. yo!rsel0es to the nat. o!tr.t yo!r so!ls to./!st be re/o0ed. and spoke to the/= $") 71y /en.ed. 2a/b!las. B!t the ne%t day Cyr!s asse/bled the sold./sel-H7 $K#) 76.7 $K9) 7And so.ned ok. The pr.l= better e/pty 3alls than tra.n. 8hate0er I ha0e b.Iens o.rd l. 7yo! are not -ar 3ron.s ./ do. root and bran+h. the k. And .on tooH And 3. 2a/b!lasH Ha0e yo! adopted the Hellen.ends.the bad /eans a not by 3ord b!t deed.e at the 0. $K) There-ore I 3o!ld ha0e yo! take th. *!st as yo! +hoose yo!r horses -ro/ the best sto+ks.n+h /y ar.ll tell yo! the 3hole tr!th.dden h. It . 6et /e +l. and h. $">) 7And be s!re.ends. .n. and the +o/pany bent . $"L) And I 3o!ld not ha0e yo! to be. /an5s -a+e. not l. ne0er been too b!sy to attendJ and he +o/es at a r!n. 3ho 3.s at hand. !s.n by na/e= 7Ho3 no3.the 0. all the .s 3ords 3on the pra.ether -or 3ar re/e/ber that !nless ea+h and e0ery one o.0.t. and those 3ho 3ere 3orthy 3. And to k.str!..ll br.nd the/.pe -or +onta. and the ene/y are near..rt!e all the +loser 3hen they see the d. and Cyr!s +alled to the +apta.n -!ll +on+la0e.+ -ash. .l at last the lad broke o!t= 74ot heM He has no .on 3as po!red o!t.ends..onal breed.7 he added..h.t to the .tors 3ho 3.. be+a!se there .t 3.reat lo0e -or 3ork.n l.e.s to yo!r hearts= 3here0er those 3ho ha0e *o. he has al3ays done . 7/y!nd.d another.a.shono!r that -alls on 3.n.ood7EEand so broke !p.they 3.. a 0er.ood +an .the horses . b!t 3hen they sa3 ho3 !.n+rease yo!r po3er and add to yo!r hono!r./.ll the.n prayer to the .the/ play h.sed.r as heH7 7By /anner.table /onster o.all h.sten then.Ies o. and those only.ll tro!ble !s no /ore= those 3ho are le-t and 3ere r.the ene/y h. and they set the/sel0es to do as he ans3ered 2a/b!las.7 he sa.r pla+es -ro/ o!r -ello3E+.+tor5s -eet.t to *est a. 3o!ld /ean /ore e--ort than all h..h.s part 3.s bl.shed /!st l..+tory 3. 7and I 3.e0e .r/ .ra0e to .ry the .on are p!r. he does not 3alk.!/ent by e%a/ples= no +har.K) 2o the ho!rs passed . /y -r.pH7 B!t the !.s to be o!rsEEand 3e /!st bel.n. tell !s the 0al. 3here0er yo! -.rt!es yo! .ot +an tra0el -ast ...nd be-ore yo!.s +o/rade at the -east a .+tory sho!ld be h.s.odsEE7Grant !s all that . then. 7Hea0ens./.nd!stryJ he sho3s the/.etherM Ho3 has he dra3n yo! to h.the 0anF!. !nt. yo! and the lad 3ho s. he +o/es to /eJ ne0er yet has he e%+!sed h. E0ery t.ness.s eye -ell on a +erta.ers . or n.t beyond the sheer rel.n. and 3ent a3ay to sleep.ts bes.l. +!t o!t -ro/ a/on. B!t a-ter that Cyr!s be.that they are taken a3ay and 3./.bat. -ro/ .n the tea/ are slo3.0e h.d.! Ieal noth././e I +all h. /orn. .. short o. 7the re/o0al o.ll be o!rs.0.nsh. and yo! sho!ld +hoose those.7 sa. 3e /!st /ake . . or r!n stra.ns !nder h.7 $":) At that all the . so yo! ha0e all /ank. they +o!ld not help la!.ht .ll .n 3ho had +hosen -or h.ay.Ies o.+kedness.t.ll not be r!ledJ no ho!se +an stand -.s none so . He has /ade all the petty +apta.ll be noth.ant deed that kn.7 he ans3ered. 3hat they o! yo!.t o!rsEEthe pr. the day o. 7-or all these 0.7 $C..eneral5s tent.ll yo! roa/ the 3orld to.le .the ho!sehold . I take ./seland all that he possesses.+tory ./sel-.t +a/e to that.!r 3.ans. or a horse h.that on th./b./ an eF!al part .t= not a so!l sho3ed /e ho3 to hold . to 3h. $L) I /ysel-.s the .rest pr./y -ather and /other both.t.any /an.l and takes the hea0. d. 3hene0er I +a!.s a /an o.o!r bless.n that ra+e 3here 0alo!r . and presen+e 3as the pr.ld boar to do . 7to stand !p and say 3hether he bel. b!t .oal.on o. and I 3as ne0er t.r nobleness. as a b!ll kno3s ho3 to !se h.+e /akes no d.. The an.n.= .God= those 3ho 3.0.shed to /ake tr. I d.nan+e o.heart.--eren+e .ends. 4o3 he spoke as -ollo3s= $') 7Cyr! s.s bod. $:) And toEday a battle .te obe. then I -ear that I shall .e0es that 0.n.-e. tho!. And no3 I +all on any /an here. that o!.ht /e ho3 to do .sts.s be-ore !s 3here no /an need tea+h !s ho3 to -.. And a kn. . All o.n.n sp. I too shall re+e.s teeth.0e the h. 3hen I 3as a l.d .t..!re to look at./sel-.s the ord.!s al.s no 3ell. I do a0er.s as I /ay deser0e.n. I speak o.n.e o. to be done 3.. yo! 3. I kne3 by .ll be le-t !ndone./als kno3 3ell eno!.ttle lad.noble b.n.n!ed.s at the door -or ea+h and all al./a. 7a/ ne.t by nat!re.te sa3 /e +len+h /y -. !s .n. ne.t /ay be.ll not 3ork o!t to.ant stroke h. and no /an shall are told to obey o!r leaders.ned on the sa/e -areJ 3e are held 3orthy othe sa/e +o/radesh.e0e /e..-ro/ the blo3 I sa3 des+end../= no /ean -.o!r /.ethat +o3ards o!.hty /en p!t -orth all the.nst.7 he added.ood and bra0e are o!t o.the +o3ards s. on the +ontrary they beat /e . h.. or a 3.reatest to.h.rt!e 3. Yes.r o3n /y body.Ie that +an -all to the lot o.s no lon.on B!t .n. that .ht I +an do 3.saster . $9#) I /ysel-.nto the hands o.le 0al. b!t h. and he 3ho obeys /ost -rankly ne0er -a.lor..ther the -. 4o.o!s s!++ess.-oot nor sto!t o.h he ne0er str!+k a s. I hold to the bel. I ne0er +o!ld res.. B!t th.rth. And no3 he spoke th!s= 7I do not .0e that on the day o.n all that h.0e the sa/e share as the o. I had /y t3o -.!s and see 3hether any /an 3o!ld dare to by the.ll best be no!r. or there noth.other /en to bear r!le o0er the/.n sp.I had o- .ea+h /an th.nks 51y ne..n so!l l.ther -leet o.0es .. .n.s t!sks..s day 3e all start eF!al . that . b!t a +!rse. l. the tho!sandth. oso/eth.!ard the/sel0es= they need no /aster to tell the/ that.n the old days at ho/e and 3ellEbelo0ed by really to re+e.+h nat!re dro0e / 3ho bears the . that yo! p!t to /eet 3. and -or a!. and !sed the/ I +l!t+hed the th.l and /y o3n ar/ -all sla+k. a lar.le. b!t 3ell kno3n to Cyr!s .s F!est. e0en tho!.5 then. He 3as a /an o.e.7 he +ont.shed a/ shall a port. I per+e.s I kno3 r.n.l and -. B!t . or a do.Cyr! 3e ha0e the tr. I re/e/ber. $?) 2!+h . not be+a!se I 3as ta!.rst pla+e nor the se+ond +an be / hono!r at the hands o. see.7 $>) And so spoke than I +are to th. nor yet the h! any all /y -or+e a.on.sts.nst /y -oe= no one ta!.+k o. 73hen and 3here to .the Peers rose !p..s horns. Or 3hether 3e sho!ld hold that +o3ard.keH7 $() There!pon Chrysantas o. Nalo!r .est r.h /y o3n heart sho!ld -a. only nat!re hersel-. nor /any another th..hest hono!rs.7 he added.s -ello3s 3. He 3as a /an o!nderstand.3hat I see= 3e are tra.t at ease and the . and then Phera!las stood !p.pJ 3e +ontend -or the sa/e re3ards. bel. -r. that 3e all /!st share al.t has be+o/e the -a.. and . Cyr!s.n the end.r stren.eld / o. else.n+t ho3 to sh.0e s!+h port.on he .the +lass alone= .-ollo3J there 3e /ay look -or .

!ests 3ore banda.n.n. partly at the d.n.-ennel.e .s the people5s -ello3s /!st /eet !s no3.-e 3orse than on th. +old and nakedness. .s . -or th.3ere ordered to snat+h !p +lods the/sel0es !pon the.a.s /enJ he had dra3n !p the ranks . partly at the . Cyr!s.!/phed o0er the +lod. .th these.7 $9L) That .. I 3.ll ask -ro/ yo! no /ore than I deser0e= I 3o!ld ha0e yo! bel.r end!ran+eH By bear. and none so 3alk. ar/s. $9() I -or one a/ ready. l.0e *oy. and yet they are a3are that 3e too ha0e been tra.r t!rn.ll be o!r *!d.a0e a banF!et and a +erta.s to l...n. to h.llery be.+t.n.s o3n so!l= I ha0e seen h.e= one 3ho 3.d./.ll. and there +an be no l.Pers.rea0es. del. B!t at the -east /any o. $9K) And no3..sts.ant /an as he lo0es by 4e+ess.r blo3s 3. And . 3. $9>) 4o3 Cyr!s .n the sel-Esa/e s+hool and by a better /aster than they= 3e 3ere ta!.. and there .s sa/e s.lor.the ad0ersary stooped and t3.e0e th.elds and +orslets. to sta. and he3. b!t /y style.r breed..s+.n.d not see/ /erely nat!ral.ors= the !nder b!rdens so hea0y that toEday. and sends /e . 2o the /atter ended. and the other s.on.res /e /ost o.e= they took the sta0es . others on the. Then there 3as an e%+han.0e no part. t.-e o. and . And let !s re/e/ber that the sa/e had the..s -ello3s.s.pped 3. and all 3as 3ell.ll be to /at+h o!rsel0es a.0e e%er+.3ere eF!.on= ener. and Cyr!s sa3 .0e s!+h an one /ore than he e0er keeps -or h. /y -r.ood.ll .ty dro0e !s. b!t 3e es+ape -ro/ years o.o!s .ad/./ and s!pport h. l. and /any rose to -ollo3!est. toEday 3e are to -. to h./ .nto the l.ends .s the tho!. 7yo!. the s3eetest l.Ies are o--ered to !s all.e o3eapons. to enter the l.0e !p a l.ll.ot the +han+e= . $9:) Cyr!s 3as -!ll o.s 0.boys. not 3.n the Pers. so/e on the.e.l and .e.y.+er .t 3as pos. tools that the .s. And yo!.ends here learn the.e3s.n.ods to people. ..ends here .lee o. In e0ery 3ay he 3as pleased.rat. oppos./ent 3.t 3as .the /enJ .t 3.s deserts and that Cyr!s sho!ld be the *!d.nal and the art.t has done -or the/. They ha0e been bro!.ood to see the a+t. $99) 8ell. . and the .th these .elds.hts to bear. /en o.tness 3hen I say that he lo0es a 0al.0er. and. .the .ht sh. and h. and 3hat .ne see/ rather 3.sts /ost .-e 3hene0er I . Cyr!s had /arked the o--.hs and .tho!t e--e+t= the /.th h.7 he added. and on+e /ore the sta-. and .tr.hs and hands and le. ho3e0er I pro0e. or r!nn. $9') 8hen all 3ere ready.the battle -a0o!red those 3ho -o!.n t!rn.nto the battle and /at+h yo!rsel0es!. the o--..ons.hter and the .al and do 3hat they +o!ld 3. the.ny.ends.s +alled -or.r re0en.s no tea+her so .a. $9?) Ho3 d.n.les -ell -ast on sh./sel-.n t3o d. and then and there he bade the/ all to d.. They 3ere all 3ear..s re. and hal..+er one day 3hen he 3as dr.r hands.3ar. these 3eapons o.n.a0e the s. B!t 3hen they +a/e to +lose F!arters the /en o.nner. $9") And 3hat -.--er= o!r -r.ety o. or.n br.a.7 he added../ple -ash.ty.t t!rn= they str!+k at th.ood to kno3 that the !pshot o. ready -or the h.n0ent. I +all the . +orslets and +arry.n.d o!r -r. they belabo!red ba+k and sho!lders. rather than sho!ts as 3ell +o!ld be= b!t 4e+ess.ll they p!t the -oe to !tter ro!t.ha+k.n. /y -ello3s and /ysel-.t and asked 3hat had . I 3o!ld ha0e yo! pl! 3as the +h.s.the sta0es had the.t d. 7I kno3 that o!r -r.0.e.te ea+h that Cyr!s 3.ned .th sto!t sta0es o.heart.rst.n th..entle/enE3arr.-e there +an be. b!t the stakes d.0eness o.s. the Peers o.the +o//ander.the 3hole h!/an ra+e has /ade as l.all.hono!r. 3eapons o.-t /e than 3e.ladly.t 3as resol0ed that ea+h /an sho!ld be hono!red and th.nst o!r !p to end!re h!n.I /ay speak -or /ysel-.s 3hat Phera!las sa.

rd and -o!rth beh.n . ran.n.nd/ost /an.r -.n yo!r bod.n0. and then the se+ond at .eH7 7At h.ers 3.ll .rst. and at the proper /o/ent he ordered the se+ond +o/pany to 3heel ro!nd and dra3 !p to the -ront alon.rst.hed at one another as /ethod o.n. .s.nsEo-Eten +a/e .n -or a /eal 3e do *!st the sa/e as they.e+e. and then the -o!rthJ and 3hen the +o/panyE +apta.n. /ore ser.nner t3.n0.0. h.0er ba+k to the.r re. he passed the 3ord alon.n. and 3ere all abreast.the last 3ho 3as /ar+h.ns o-.0.the. and -or three .d to Cyr!s= 7B!t 3..rd.they ha0e to ret. Th!s they la!.nner.n.reed that 3hen .nest sport.!lar r!le o.nner .s o0er the h.7 and the +apta. all /y d./ent !p -ro/ the r.nd /!nd 3e set o-.te yo! all to d.nd the/.es and bene-.h I a/ /ar+h.n a se+ond sto/a+h ap. and 3hene0er the ar/y had noth. .7 $"?) 74ot .n he seated the/ at the table. led by the.+e o0er e0ery day. 7that th.le on+e /ore.s. b!t sport to be +l!bbed at short ran.r del. $"#) 7At +lose F!artersH7 sa. and .n.+e yo!r dr. and 3hen the /eal . 7as re.n+e yo! do .n.7 And so the +on0ersat.e.neJ and then at the r.n -.n t3os..+er sho3ed. and 3hen they rea+hed the tent doors he +alled a halt. and then the -o!rth= so that all othe/.ts /o/ent he . yo!M7 sa.a0e the order.nto l.n hand. 7Co/ .ll kno3 ho3 to -all ba+k .nto s.n and protested lo!dly that . /ade the/ -all .t!de 3hether I a/ at the head or .t. and . and I lead o-.t all t3. 7Co/pan.t 3as anyth.s only -a. B!t the ne%t day Cyr!s 3as . they had the -.n -o!rs. They told h./ar+h.+ed a br.n the royal tent. last= and th!s they learn to obey 3. 3hene0er 3e +o/e .0e 3heeled ro!nd and +a/e !s 3.r to . the order o.n./ and all h.thereothey sho3ed the 3eals on hand and ne+k and -a+e.!lar order. and then the th.!lar as o!r /eals.n.s /en +o/bats o..n. and by yo!r /ar+h. 3.+e.t yo!r so!ls.t 3as -or that he .er 3as a/ the.!ests. and e0en.s .3.ood order.r entry. and then the th. $"9) Another day Cyr!s not.s le-t.nner tooH Day a-ter day.llJ and on the ne%t day the 3hole pla.n. and as he . hea0en help !sM7 7Then I hereby .7 he the/.le on h.d Cyr!s.n proo.7 $"K) 7Do yo! /ean to tell /e.+er. ByEandEby 3e /ar+h 3est.n both -or/s. I be..r F!arters. tho!.de the -. $"") 4o3 .7 and the +apta.yo!rsH7 7Tr!ly yes. They 3ere ad0an+. the .n. both. /orn.r h.on leads the 3ay..n the rear. and the th. yo! tra. 7!nless yo! +an -!rn. and then the h./ they had been br!.s /orn.n.s sport 3as the.7 they ans3ered.s be-ore an ene/y.n one eF!al pro/pt. yo! do th. . B!t here those 3ho had been +arbonaded by that 3eapon broke .t +han+ed that another br.ood reasonsJ yo! pra+t.t +a/e to +lose F!arters.nd/ost /an o.rst +o/pany ..on ended -or the t. th. 8hat Cyr!s +o//ended 3as the F!.Eorder re0ersed. and he spoke !p and sa.e.s.s re.nd/ost /an o.n.t .0e yo! d..s re. .s a re.ll look to /e -or +o//ands. 7or at lon.nstr!+t.le -.. 3a.ntrod!+ed the/.th.d he.ons beh.o!s .on and the +are the o--. keep.ll yo! ne0er ask /y /en to d. b!t they /!st st. east.rd.n 3as st!dded 3.+e . and /ar+hed the -./ent to d.n. and the ne%t +o/pany -ollo3s. and +o!nterE/ar+h. And as soon as 3e are dra3n !p on the paradeE .sed by the +lods.le -..d the o--. -or /y 3ord.../e. and all the +l!bEbearers a.the last +o/pany leads o!t h. And s.7

/ents kne3 o.nd h.s /essa.n 3hat sho!ld be done . $K) 8hen they 3ere ./ent ro!nd the s. sho!ld -ollo3 as they 3ere.s Cya%ares repl.ble splendo!r.I had p!t on a p!rple to dra3 !p h.. 3.ld. and so sent -or the yo!r +all a-ter lon.n.a had *!st arr.n.s +eler.7 $") At that Cyr!s +o//anded the br./ that an e/bassy -ro/ altho!. and so on t.the -.n= and 3hen the other re../sel-= /y lord 3.le.n.n.-. $C.ansH I 3.+e the 3hole -or+e on the h. one beh.rst deta+h/ent. and th. and the se+ond to the th.s 3ord.+ers at the head.Cyr!s. and .le -.d. b!t tro!bled by the pla.. and to b..n th.t. the l.!. $() And 3h.n.s the /ean.ans 3.-e bet3een the dress 3.n +ase the /en 3ere at a loss. 78hat .po/ sa. and a ne+kla+e abo!t /y ne+k.+k to obeyJ so that .de a -ront and Cyr!s sent 3ord /e.a0e th.s lead and o-.nto the *!st. and bra+elets -or /y ar/s.n all poss.le they sa3 to th.speed.n.s s.ho!t the ar/y.tho!t a tra+e o.ds !s betake o!rsel0es to the Assyr./ent to dra3 !p to the -ront 3././ 3ho has been 3ron.shes yo! to appear .ans and the that the -. and to pass the order on to the se+ond.the +ase.d h.splay !nless .ood ro!nd pa+e. the b!. Cya%ares 3as 3ell pleased at h.nness o.r no 3ron.rd. the -ront rank -a+.. 7And 3hen 3e ha0e heard yo!. 3hen to sho3 yo! respe+t I obey yo! 3.ates.s +o//and he 3as to pass on to the se+ond.allopers !p to the entran+e 3.stakes he sent t3o .an a/bassadors to the Ind. a re0. b.t 3o!ld ha0e done /e hono!r -or /y s.tho!t a pa!se and all the deta+h/ents -ollo3ed . 7And I br.ent to yo! as I a/ /ysel-.ed.n pos. and then the se+ond. a / all despat+h. 3hen he has enF!.d the /essen.nnerJ and the day a-ter he .t they -ell to do.d apparel sent -ro/ Cya%ares h.ans bade the/ ask 3hat 3as the +a!se so orders to e%pla.ll !phold the +a!se o.n a tr.n.ster5s son to be seen . a -or+e.e=EEThe k.shed yo! to appear . $?) B!t to pre0ent /.as .n.7 they sa. 7o!r k.on to h.a0e the +o//and he led on 3.s att./ on the le-t ./sel-. h.+en+e.7 2!+h 3ere the 3ords o.+e o. o.n. Ho3e0er the road lead. yo! so lar. o.on Cyr!s bade the/ -ollo3 h.e3. delayH Or as o. $>) And 3hen they entered they .ted the/ a.s despat+h and br.rst re.the Ind.d. and Cya%ares -elt that they 3ere *! and p!t the sa/e F!est./ent to d.the Ind.7 $L) B!t Cyr!s /ade ans3er= 72ho!ld I ha0e done yo! /ore hono!r .e and -. one h!ndred deep and three h!ndred abreast.d to h.h.they 3ent at a .n0.nd the other. He had all the re.ll be there to see yo!. nor any . to the royal F!arters 3as too narro3 to let the/ pass 3.7 $') To th.a. as they d. And 3hen they rea+hed the . and as he +a/e -ro/ Cya%ares to tell h./ ret!rn 3.n. 4o3 .s he 3ent . and so on to the last. 3ear. and /ake no d. and so thro!.er.ans.t o.n the end 3e are to tell yo! both that the k. one tho!sand stron.s ans3er= 3e do the Assyr.n.0ed.+ers and /en 3ere F!.h I 3ear no orna/ent b!t the d!st and s3eat o. Cyr!sH Ho3 +o!ld yo! sho3 yo! Pers.. and sa.n.. -or the Ind.s /en beh.n . 3.n.. O--. 3. 7a s!.t be to sho3 yo! these /en 3ho are as obed.ed= 7Then take -ro/ /e th.ll the last.n.ood as h.n d!e order.s.s re.n splendo!r= .reat /a.t +han+ed one day as Cyr!s 3as hold. t3el0e deep./.n to Cya%ares h.eld 3as dra3n !p. and so presented /ysel.. Cyr!s told the lead.s .str.

0e.n. and . And 3hen they had .that...s /y +on0.sten to yo! than to /e.nk o.ttle I bro!.e0e /e.e.n the /en 3e 3ant by e0ery +har/ . 3.s !n+le and be.ll ret!rn and they 3. 71ay I too say 3hat .es.n.s -or 3ar that 3e need s!+h tr!sty helpers.7 Then Cyr!s.kely to that the e/bassy departed.n the +hase 3hen yo! 3ere lads.n. that he h.ll .ly -ort. I sho!ld be able to help /ysel.t all on /y sold.n.l!re oyo!r -!nds.e.ll ne.ll.deed.. or let the /atter be -or the t.e 3e +hoose the k.sten then.ndH7 72ay on.7 $9() And Cya%ares sa.end and not a 3o!ld be /onstro!s .n the day o.ll not ask -or /any /enEEI bel.s plan o.the l.I !sed .rea+h.o and /ake .. 7Are h.-. espe+.kely to -all .therJ !nless 3e are prepared to +arry on a s.t has all been spent on ../ at on+e and try to s!bd!e h.7 he added./. hea0en a /oderate -or+e o.ers.. kno3. e0eryth.n.d.nded. and s!+h be.d= 7I 3. I only ask that 3e sho!ld take +o!nsel to.s d3ell. o.7 Then Cyr!s asked.nk yo! told /e the other day that the k. I ha0e been told that h. 7Cya%ares.saster.bly old hab. 3ho 3as stand.t .-.= I took .se /.s le-t. And I +annot de+. bel. B!t he has the h.b!te 3h./e.ra+e o.+e to o!r +har.7 he sa. 7In that 3ay they 3o!ld be /ore l.n the -!t!re he /ay be+o/e a -.ons are not 0ery stron. $99) 2!+h . and see 3hat ans3er he 3.n /y eyes. be+a!se he hears 3e ha0e an ene/y.7 he 3e ha0e./ .7 $9K) need.yo! 3on . and he shall de+. 73hen .+e 3hatsoe0er. had . b!t.d Cyr!s.h.n.t .an lays any . so. And no3 .+at.+t.ts 3.add./ to send the troops and the tr. 74o3 .ns and penalt.nk /ysel. . And .se yo!. I . 3e +an only 3. and there -or the /o/ent l.7 ans3ered Cya%ares.n*!st. B!t to look to yo! -or e0eryth.n*!st. On+e they 3ere ./ent . 3hen I +a/e to yo! I had s+ant 3ealth o.s better and pleasanter to en+o!ra.ood 3orkers and . 7The a+t!al -ort.ether so as to pre0ent the -a.d.s= . .r/er -r.ers 3ho deser0ed . one 3ho +an ne0er en0y the prosper. 7. 7!nless Cya%ares .one o!t Cyr!s t!rned to h.d Cyr!s.ndly a+ts than to dr.s sa-ely o!t o.n /y /.d. and there-ore he 3..on. I a/ 3ell a3are that .e se+!re..e. -or -ear o.e the/ by k..s d!e.-ts and re3ards to the 3hether to /ar+h on h.7 7Then. /e.0e the/ by pa.3ord and ... I +o!ld +o/pel h. or +o!ld they be atta+kedH7 And Cya%ares ans3ered..7 sa. that he +an +on0oy th.nd spee+hes and k.3e atta+k the/ they 3o!ld be taken !nprepared.ons .nded.7 sa.s other3.ther send yo! troops nor pay the tr.t .h.ry o. Then Cyr!s t!rned to the a/bassadors= 7Tell yo!r /aster.+h .s yo! 3ho ha0e s!pported the/.+ks./ by -or+e. I ha0e spent .n..n. $9") 4o3 I $:) 8. 7s!+h are h. the /oney has not been 3asted= .7 $9?) There!pon Cyr!s sa.they are /ore l.yo! are 3./y o3n and o. Yo! /ay 3onder at th.ans h.+a0alryEEI 3.3e reF! be o!r *!d. that 3e are ready to do th. I do not h. to the ene/. as /y -ather a+t!ally d. 7th.s stron.s no3..s leader nor betray h.the Assyr.!n to desp.+h he +an ret.7 ans3ered Cya%ares.7 $9L) 76./oney.s. 3hen I kno3 that yo! spend so /!+h already.t notH7 74o do!bt. asked Cya%ares.d. to send /e 3.ll +o/e o0er to yo!.ty o.reat 3ealth.the Ind. +o!ld be done as 3e des.n.e0e.n. oAr/en. and .n o!r po3er.t.b! e0eryth.7 ans3ered Cya%ares.o!rs had better be kept se+ret. 7and see 3hat yo! th.s .yo! are so /. $9#) And I a/ s!re.ed. or o!r tr!e ally /!st be a -r.nF!.n any task 3hate0er. +o/rades .nto o!r hands.e.t -or yo!r o3n bet3een !s.s tr.a has be.s sons 3ere yo!r +o/pan.llE+o!ntry to 3h./sel. And I e0en hope that .th /e only a -ra.ood +are -ro/ /yselthe need o.end that he .

.t 3./e o.-. and sent pro0. B!t Cya%ares 3o!ld only spare a -e3.days.ts talons to a +l.ll !pon ./ on the road.nter0als to re+e. I to Oe!s the 3as a -a..ans 3.a.7 $"#) 8hen he +a/e to the borders he be.t.s day 3. as soon as yo! ha0e started 3.s sold.7 sa. s!sp.n. /eal..ood ro!nd n!/ber!l ally and s!b*e+t land. and take the.yo! +hose to do the l.. /y -r.n. b!t . .d he. /ake -or the h.ll -ollo3 3. The o/en pleased Cyr!s 3ell.h he /eant to h!nt.s !s!al 3ay.ether and addressed the/ th!s= $"") 71y -r.ntend to hold a splend.0e the an.s .th /e -ro/ o!r +o/rades here.t alo-t .ers to.lls.a/ !s and 3. -or a +o!ple o. and he sent se+retly to the/ and bade the/ keep abo!t e.ends.t .0e the/ +hase. $"9) B!t 3hen the +hase 3as o0er.ldEasses= e0en to th. they tell ! sleep -or a -e3 ho!rs.n. He .ther sends the troops nor pays the tr. 2oon a-ter3ards he started -or the o!tposts h. s3ooped do3n and str!+k .s horse and -oot. and I and -oot -ro/ /y o3n deta+h/ / to the/ too.n as stron. /eal 3here they 3ere. -ly.nd +red.ll .n.s enterpr.+e -or the s!++ess o.n ro3s l.on 3o!ld ar. Yo!.shed to . 73. 7I do 3./es I ha0e taken horse/en 3.e 3hen alar/ed.. I +o!ld send yo! a . And there he halted a.d Cya%ares.ll. are .r /eal 3as o0er he told the/ to send and -oot . .. And as a /atter o. and led h.ldE asses are plent.nst !s.h.ts 3.+h 3e hear are h.n $9>) 7B!t .+h 3ere h.nk. let !s say.t 3o!ld see/ only nat!ral. and d.s o3n /ar+h. and there he /ade the e0en. sa3 the +reat!re as ./ a. +lose eno!.n n!/ber.n .d .d to h. 7and .hard by. . on the r.s.+ked /en posted at .on and -o!nd an opport!n. and so/et.ble. all yo!.a/e 3e ha0e +o/e to shall be a r.a.hts 3h.s s.n those parts. The ne%t day he h!nted t. and then Cyr!s -o!nd the o/ens -a0o!rable -or h..the Pers. a state as poss.onE3a.s. and then take!.o!sly lar.h /any 3.. yo!r /en.ll he rea+hed the /o!nta..n.7 7Ad/.7 7I reapers..t there.ns 3h. and he bo3ed . beat.n and /ade the e0en.t the o!tposts on the 2yr.n old days the Ar/ . Cya%ares pro+eeded to /!ster horse and -oot -or h.0e yo! ..7 sa.s +o/pany.n. $"K) The h.ends..a 3. and a-ter s!pper he +alled h.nt he kne3 that the ar/y -ro/ Cya%ares 3as ad0an+. 7to -ra/e a prete%t 3h.ha0e o-ten h!nted the /ar+hes bet3een yo!r +o!ntry and Ar/en.ll +o!ntry. and an ea. and /ar+hed.s the .God so ask yo! openly -or a troop o.7 $9') A++ord.s e%ped.b! p.o.+h 3o!ld -.the Ar/en.le. Cyr!s had to!+hed the -ront.h.any r!/o!r rea+hed the/./sel. Chrysantas.reat n!/bers oboars and sta. and se.s and antelopes and 3..or +a0alry.d the rest o.s *!n.ers o!t as tho!. on ahead . At th. And th./y /en as near yo! as I /ay.s poss. the /ass o.h to appear .er than !s!al. yo! +o!ld ad0an+e at on+e.-!l . that I 3. 8e /. bore . s. I 3.0e yo! /ore than a +erta.s pla+es o..ty to ask Cya%ares -or a troop o.r e0en.n.yo!r -or+e 3as to see the/ and p!t the/ . $9:) He 3as s+ar+ely on h!nt and I /.Ie the at on+e.s.s the 3ay..a. and all /y /en.r o--. And th!s they took .0e o!t that I .need.s 3ay 3hen a hare started !p at the.d Cyr!s. And 3hen yo! ha0e the/ at yo!r ba+k. 7Th. 3. he ass!/es +onte/pt= he ne.des./als and .ad.les o--.!..-.7 he added..o..n t.oal. o!t the .+ers to h.+at+h 3e noble h!nt.n 3orsh.t -led.7 sa.le Cyr!s o--ered sa+r.n. . /eal. /y reason o.n+e that 3o!ld /ake -or se+re+y.r -eet.rableM7 sa.s o3n br. 7And I shall re-!se to .ons -or3ard to /eet the h!nt .n . tho!. And 3hen the. b!t no3 3hen he sees an ene/y a.

0e 0er. 3e /!st -.n yo!r pass.ans they 3ere to b.the 3ay.des to take yo! by the o. /ysel-..he asks 3hether I a/ ad0an+.tho!t a 3.!.n.(.n the order best s!.s the F!.7 $K") Ha0..nd that the earths /!st all be stopped be-ore the .. and yo! are the /en at the nets= only bear . $K9) Day da3ned. th.tho!t.s /!+h the lon.7 7And .nto the and sell /eat or dr.a.d h./. Chrysantas. And on+e /ore.ll not real.!. so +har.s !p...they sho!ld +o/e a+ross any Ar/en.t 3./ send so/e one 3..nst a pa+k o.+al.. Is th./.ne+essary.l.the na/es real or all .n h.nd here and there and +heer the la.dden.n../.n.tho!t a .er to the Ar/en. $"() Th.s.they /et any Ar/en. tell the tr!th and say I a/ on the -ront.the F!arry and that alone.+o0ered 3..ll t!rn ba+k the -ly.CEh.sed as a band o.n0ented to .an 3.yo!.des.sts.est road !nless .s /en had had the sleep he tho!.e0es.t !p the 3hole n.he enF!.th trees and s+r!b./ on -orth3..!. and .est 3ay . He took the .the -oot and all the +a0alry and /ar+h alon.s.lls . .ht..+ken the pa+e o. and Cyr!s sent a /essen. F!arry. to see the/ .n. $"') In 3ar.n.n 3e /!st r!n h.lls.t yo!r pa+e to the stren.a.d Cyr!s.ll be yo!r b!s.stened.n /. ba+k to the.ted -or /ar+h.n.s h.n.n.t .ll yo! /.n.nd o!t. And I shall take hal. hold. -or -.r pla+es past the /ar+h. At break o.ent he set o!t -or the h. .sleep.+!/ o.all.ldest paths= yo! /!st tell yo!r . 4OTE2 C9. and so set -orth.s to be /ore +o!rteo!s than to atta+k 3.n yo!rselyo! are not to lead on yo!r /en at the do!bleJ s!. or at least s+are the/ o!t yo! to -.yo!r res. 3hy then. and .t as a h!nt= 3e do3n belo3 are the beaters ro! send a hand-!l he sent h./ do3n. the lead o. and +han. +o!rse 3here0er .all.. 7.n.t that yo! s!--.ness to see that none o. be+a!se yo! +an ra+e !p a /o!nta.n.e.est.n and say that yo! do not kno3.s yo!r task.he asks yo! 3here Cyr!s . yo!r tr.soners and pre0ent the/ -ro/ spread.ther /ake the/ pr.n..stor.n the h!nt 3. -ollo3. .ards on= and .tho!t 3arn. I. $">) 4or /!st yo!EE*!st be+a!se yo! s+o!r the h..res ho3 /any 3e o. Then he dre3 !p h.7 $K#) Chrysantas l. and no3 -or /..he retreats the 3hole o. .ed.!.t leads yo!EEyo! /!st not no3 pl!n. b. !p the .+kest.t 3ere no bad th. Ihe res. these 3ords= 7Cyr!s b.+.s heart beat h. or they 3.n.n.d the/ to ha0e no -ear.yo!r 0. $"L) One last 3ord.a/e . yo! /!st let all yo!r /en ha0e the /od.yo!r best and bra0est 3ere to -all beh. CF!as.n.ns. The h.s.a/e.ll es+ape !nseen= to the k.nk o. d. 3hen the +ol!/n has .. the -.s troops h..nk as they +hose. so that 3e /ay hope yo! 3. tell the tr!th a.+alH Are any o. the ne3s. $"?) That .ht.t!deH .a0e the ne+essary orders -or those 3ho 3ere to /ar+h 3. and then he lay do3n to rest.ers had orders that not a so!l 3as to be 3ron.ed the /essen. the lon. so that they 3. . they say.tors es+ape.den+e../sel. And 3hen all h. $":) Indeed.7 sa.on -or the +hase= yo! /!st not that they +annot do 3.b!te and troops 3. the le0el stra.robbers. and h. 3.he /akes -or the /o!nta.t 3o!ld F!.one ahead.s+o!ts ahead o. +he+k. and only take /eas!res a.. And . b!t open a /arket 3here0er they 3.nk o.h at the tr!st reposed . and the /en at the traps /!st be h.ans they +an e.e ..ds yo! see to .n. Chrysantas= yo! /!st not beha0e no3 as I ha0e kno3n yo! do .tho!t delay.

EE . Is o. Xenophon. at the t. The ra3 /ater.n. Cannot one see the l.(< 8orthy o. or 2o+rates.ltE!p.table +onseF!en+e on la+k o.ty.ests the /o!ld -or the 4e3 Testa/ent narrat. E. C". the /osa. and the rest. to prea+h.on o.n the syste/ en+o!ra. Xenophon.athonA..nes o! abstra+t deta.n.the 0. a to!+h o. $T 7T.rt!eEE there .e o.bed as .Epedant. dry person 3.s!.e3= 0.J Epa/. 0.s!b*e+t +on+rete as a 7Co+ker not a +h. A sharp +ontrast to Chrysantas. 0..the 3hole 3orld.on and +olle+t. The e+ono/.-e Ca! . Xenophon5s o3n h!/o!r sh.7 U Dohn Per+. Ca/arader.+ .rt!o!sJ s!b*e+t.s 0ol!/e<. that yo!n.r!le .rt!e .on to th.les.these th.+ /ethod. Xenophon has b!/p does Arr. b!t not 3orked !p.tten Head/aster o.Here-ord .n<= a a dra/ @e.n.the +hara+ters. a type o.EE .ne.s a +arelessness. the Peer.+.n. 3.stepp.the hardE3ork. the ar+h.n. C9.-ton. Xenophon5s theory o.nondas and the 2a+red Band at Thebes<.l to the last dr.tH $T 7D. H!/oro!s also.nted plebe.en.sed /a+h.p.ood. I/portant -or the +on+ept.n /odern Ger/any.the sy+ophan+y o.n.rst t. de0elopedJ he rese/bles D. 3. Cos/opol.the Introd!+t.ttle boy do!bl. CK.2.s spee+h ./. prod!+.ntrod!+ed be-ore.on an . E.(. Contrast o..0e.h!/o!r.! h.7 U T.s+.e -or the -.ter o. a part and par+el o. on the sta./e a +ollea. B. Xenophon5s breadth o.t..+ kno3led.$T) +o!ld do .ally b!. CK. B. the styleEEl.seEEHystaspas.n.n0ol0ed .ne0.ed and de0eloped thro!.+oEoperat.s no /onopoly o.nal.?.ne o..a.Iens. 3.+-.n . thro3 !pon . E++les.s Any to!+h o.>. P. +o!ra. b!t here he .n +o//on..n. C".the -!t!re .9K.1.the /oderns.s ta.ple o.9(.$T) . a +o//on +ons+. the .t all.+-. Dakyns at Cl.tal.the 3r. R!sk.+ str!+t!re o. Cyr!s re+o.C-.t!ally and / no sense o.) C".+-.-ton Colle.n -or Xenophon5s sy/pathet./e the notes 3ere 3r.n+.0en to the t3o stor. b!t 3e ha0e the p.+k o. T.+-.0al. belo3 NIII. Phera! 8as Ale%ander5s ar/y a h.Ada/ 2/.s/. at that t.r. R 9><.0e o3nersh.that ..rand *o!rC ."9. the 1an% poet.hlyEor.tH As . and de0elop/ent o.ed!+ator 3e kno3 3ell .an s.enable. Co/te and .e..n. the l.+h.s/.n. The ter/ . .0. Dar. The senten+e .e..9:. C".ned to +.Cl. A.tan Hellen. GodEbesto3ed. B.ty and -ratern.spness .Xenophon5s .laStadas. CK.C9.n. pr.s a +r. 2hakespeareE3.e+ono/y stron.+e 3h.!e o.2.n that respe+t.s des+r.n the 0o. P.ld7<. E+ono/."L.ldren and also o.9#.+ de/o+ra+y .s not +on-. P.s. o.sed./ 3e shall hear /!+h./portant a.s. There .s . .n.o!sness .l.s ant.) C9."(.te+ton.tsel.nterbedd. Ho3 tr!e to nat!re .s sortH 8hat l.royalty. poor. and o.t. or 3hatH Chrysantas has been . Bro3n. ahead o.9".tho!t d!llness or see/. . CK.+h ./. C".an.h a sense oeF!al.

and. All .%teen +ol!/ns.-. The 7re. *!st as the e%ternal to!+hes .a.. sF!ads o. .Xenophon.n h. the troops.bly a ball o.n. 2e+ond pos. +ol!/n.le -.s pala+e .n.n. e.les. doesn5t heH That .0e pl!s .= Are any o. he had done .0e.+h .ons. th!s !pon the plan..these ta+t.99.n.+al .ra/ /ay /ake the l. ta+t.9?. 0."9E"".le -or ea+h +o/pany.nn.b!te and 3.sts. or.thhold.0e -eel./pro0e/ents by Xenophon h.onEE2. Qy.t.nto -o!r 7+o/pan.les.n s.n th.s l. Cya%ares /eans to k.+!sC -or re. poss.t.0e a sense o.. B!t the Ar/en.ob*e+t.+ken= he kne3 the 3ron.t. C?.-. to p!t h.ns +har. C9. 2. the t3o +apta.K".9(.te Cyr!s5 / had to say. .nEo-Eten. abo0e all.t .ll. Cya%ares the old -o% ./a. 3hen he heard 3hat the /essen. Q!adr!ple -. and t3o +apta. abo0e.0e or a +apta.0ates.ded .rst pos.. $") .0e..n.s +ol!/ns. Th.onEE o!r +ol!/ns.ttle /anP!0re +lear. .0e health .9>. the tr. that . ne0er yet e%+elled. s!b*e+t. a kn."9. A +ondensed d.ttle -. lon.t 3o!ld be d.e o0er the t3o re/a.h.s ./ent7 o.n.onEEE. to the 3r.s ner0es t.t. It . also espe+. A C represents a +o/panyE+apta.n.n.n.es7 o./sel-H $CK. C C X X X EV X X X X X C X X X X) C C C C C X EV X X X X EV X X X X X X X X X XX XX X X C?.n. An X represents one . C?.s s+.n a -. Is there a to!+h o. I./ental /ar+h..s po+ket.":<!p o. Do!ble -.ts +apta.ent.t state -or de-en+e.H CK. I .t.9) Th!s Cyr!s /ade h.le -.s o. he 3as a-ra.n.nsEo-E-.s+o0ered that he 3as be. BOOG III $C.a.n. C?.n.sH 4ot soJ .s.s/ ..le+t.-e .t.these one +o/panyE+apta.t3entyE-. C6o+!s +lass..s all.I..dnap the/. t3o +apta.-l!nkey.0e. rather.s not F!. All th.s these to!+hes 3h. CK.+ Greek.nsEo-Eten.s the +learEs.= t3enty pr.ten ha0..t +ontrasts Cya%ares and Cyr!s a.a h!ndred /en 3as d.n and t3entyE-o!r /en.n.0e the thr. o!rth pos.rely /odern. 3as terrorEstr.n.nEo-E-.ther a +apta.n ne. Nery 2+ot+h all th.n.0.le. to ea+h o.d .rd pos.

he +a!.le T.shed to -..n any 3ho stayed F!. B!t . $() Cyr!s.-est ly.n..n.e -orsook h. he sent o!t /essen.Ar/en. learnt 3hat had happened./e. the best o. 7It .the +a/p. and at the sa/e t. 1ean3h..n.t!re 3.soners. 7yo!r o3n sons./ as an ene/ o.n.n.7 sa.n +o0ered +arr. 3here to t!rn.tho!t a tr.7 8.7 7And 3ho shall try /eH7 asked the k.ans and the 1edes. and yo!r 3. he +a/e -or3ard *!st as he 3asJ b!t 3hen he sa3 at all. ra+. h.n t.hterE.ents as they +a/e Cyr!s and been o.le he despat+hed a party to d.s da!.There-ore. 3.-e are 3ell a3are o./ no s./sel. and then he sent a herald to the a /an .ranes.-e o.n the -.s yo!n. pr.s troops and sent 3ord to Chrysantas. and r../ple eno!.th the 3o/en.n.ll yo! +o/e do3n .a0e h.s da!. $L) Cyr!s sent ne.!ard the /o!nta. th. I 3o!ld +o!nsel yo!. be-ore other /essen.t here and -.n.-e.n.end.. b!t let the/ l. 3.ns and +o/e do3n to h..7 There!pon the Ar/ and no3.. 78hy do yo! s.a +erta.nto the pla.ll.on. and all the .reater part 3ere pers!aded to re/ +a/e do3n.a.ns -!ll o.0en the po3er to treat yo! as he h.n.s -r.p or +o!rtesy. and h.lls 3. to ne+ess.s elder son and h. h.h.-e all held as pr. and the /o! and th.n +ont. he be. and . so that at least yo! /ay stand -ree -ro/ 3hat deser0es the !t/ost hate= beyond all else. In old days he had h!nted 3.sts. tho!.r ho/es.ed.a. ea+h /an bent on . 3as on h.s da!. $') B!t Cyr!s .r .s o3n -or+es. $K) Then h.s o3n 3.3as a+t!ally at hand.-e o. And 3hen the k.. he 3arned the/ he 3o!ld treat h. he -led to the s!// !sH7 B!t the Ar/en. 7to 3ho/ God has ./ lea0e a -or+e to . and or./J he dared not +o/e to blo3s and he 3.h there 3ere so/e 3ho retreated o3n property sa-ely o!t 3.n. yo! /ay be present no3 to hear yo!r -ather tr. tak. As soon as the re+r!.n.nto the h. the elder son o.d.oods they had 3. $?) B!t 3hen the es+ort 3. 3hen he heard 3hat had happened.terror..the 3ay. and the 3. y./ ans3ered that he 3. $:) 8hen all 3as ready he be.rank and d.n and they took to the.n that he had no F!arrel 3.the/.er son 2abar.all that yo! ha0e done.hters.n. . 3hen he sa3 .an to +olle+t h. s!rro!nded the spot the 3o/en +a/e on the Pers.7 ans3ered the other..dat.s .n the +entre o.s s. he +o!ld not keep ba+k the tears. h!n.sed all the Ar/en.ty.n.s o3n 3.n+e the k.d Cyr!s.s enF!.endsh.t o. Th!s the ././e he sent h. and any Ar/en.s +o!ra. 3. +he+ks the sy/pathy o. they -led the/.ry= 72on o.d.the.. -or all h.7 sa. 7Yo! ha0e +o/e .!.ht .3as +apt!red.s 3ay ho/e -ro/ a -ar +o!ntry.ers arr.etly . 7He.s -ather and h.s /other.sten too.ll yo! +r.a. and re-!se to +o/e do3nH7 7Be+a!se I kno3 not 3hat to do. and only sa.. or 3.0ately to e%pla.ts sa3 th.t there.the ar/y 3as +olle+ted !nder Cyr!s. and the 3. then. 2o the /ass o.ty 3ho 3as there.dd. and Cyr!s took h.s -or+es 3ere no3 at hand.thdre3. $>) 1ean3h.ans the/ and an es+ort to be the. to speak the tr!th. say. nor 3o!ld he send a3ay the 3o/en as they sat . be ass! 3.ett.s+o0er 3hat Cyr!s 3as do.7 ans3ered Cyr!s. yo!r da!. 7+o/e do3n and take yo!r tr.ers pr./ and all that he had and pla+ed h.Ar/en.n. 3.hters.n. b.n.n./an and /an. 8hen Cyr!s sa3 the pla.r orna/ents and -! that he s!//oned the leaders othe Pers. /an.-r.the k.the k.nEla3. that Cyr!s h.n -l.d he.n and -. s+ar+ely kno3.the/ 3ere taken /!+h trep.t.s brother and s.t o!t 3. 72on o. and h.r heels.rst pla+e. b!t .n.n h.t 3as not lon. In the end the yo!n. and /any o./ .ther.

. to yo! lea0e h.s steadH7 7I set !p another. 7. and a doer o. +hast.nd.reat r. 3o!ld yo! hono!r s!+h a /an as !pr. that toEday yo! ha0e ne./.they per+e.n. they /!st s!rely -eel that o!t o.eH7 $9K) B!t at th.n .all that /y -ather has sa. as tho!..n.nk best -or yo!H7 4o3 Cyr!s re/e/bered that.r +heeks.7 he yo!r -ather.d Cyr!s.n+e yo! dr. and they the/sel0es !ndone. to be -ree / 3hat .r a th. and pro/./ to death.-y yo!r d3ell.n.7 74ay.h.n 3ar or ensla0ed by any other /eans and then atte/pts to the tr. 72on o.7 he ans3ered.n.n the old h!nt.r -ather 3as dead already.. I a/ bo!nd to p!n. h..n the teeth o...d T.nt by po.. po. -ortsH7 7I set /y heart on l.l.d.Ar/en.n th. and tore the./ to re/a.doer .yo! appro0e o.d Cyr!s.n.ld.s 3ron.7 ans3ered the pr.he ha0e .s r..yo! ha0e an to p!n./..d do3n -or h./.n h.7 3e to doH7 B!t the k.d yo! a.nt.n.htH7 7Tr!e eno!. $9?) Then T.n. days. /ay I .s ..d. 7Tell / rather than speak the tr!th and d. 7I.s pla+e and say 3hat I th.yo! .se not to -ort.s 1edesH7 7I d./ speak h. and d.n h.arH7 7I take a3ay -ro/ h./selo. 3onder.+es .s 3orsted .s son rent h. . and spoke and dashed the t. and the 3o/en l.ranes. 78hy .d.n+e /y -ather s.d h.. do yo! s!--er h.o!s to kno3 3hat the yo!th 3o!ld say.yo! -o!nd h.n.+er and he does 3ron.+e.s r.d Cyr!s p!t h. 7d.7 .ood .the r!le he had la. and h.ree to pay tr.t.n.7 sa.s +ase./. . +erta.ans 3ho are here= . tell /e yo!rsel-. 7to -.7 $99) 7And -a.nk he has done 3ron.0e /e to the tr!th.. 3e ha0e heard yo!r o3n *!d.7 $9") 7Then ans3er /e no3.h the./ as a /ale-a+torH7 7I 3o!ld yo! +onde/n yo! bro!.s .noble deeds..a. and I 3. /y /other5s -ather.7 sa..7 ans3ered the k.0e that yo! say 3hat .and to lea0e -reedo/ to /y sons.n 3a.s son T.n /an o.d yo! on+e /ake 3ar !pon Astya. to yo!r ene/.ll h.oodH7 74ay.d= 73hy sho!ld I per./ are yo!r o3n Ar/en.d Cyr! by h.ranes t!rned to Cyr!s and a l. 3hat o!.reed and bade h.nly yo! o!.sh yo!r troops 3hene0er he reF!.+hes.s lord.t see/ed to /e so -a. 7And 3ere yo! +onF!ered by h.n. Cyr! to do as he d. .7 7And .7 7B!t 3o!ld yo! 3.. or 3o!ld yo!.7 sa. or do yo! set !p another .to s!--er the !tter/ost penalty 3hen I learn the tr!th.a.s 3ealth.+ed a +erta. the 3ron./ ./. 7the best 3ay to a0o..n.ean+e 3o!ld -all !pon /ysel-.sdo/ 3ho 3ent abo!t 3.e on /y l.ara -ro/ h./ all h.d.ll. then./ a be.nstead o. b!t .es. and no3 tell !s.n+e. 3hat 3o!ld yo! doH7 7I 3o!ld k./sel-.b!te and -!rn.n do! a. $9() 7In /y 3. and he 3as +!r.lent and perple%ed.0e +o!nsel .d Cyr!s. or do yo! /ake h. then yo! /!st not +opy h.s /.ht -or -reedo/ and +hoose death rather than sla0ery.7 7B!t s!rely.-ted !p the.n yo!r h.b!te nor sent the troops.yo! .r 0o.ll ans3er tr!ly. s. +o/e 3hat +o/e /ay.7 he sa.d +opy. 7Then on yo!r o3n reason..7 sa.7 $9#) 7Ans3er then.. 7ask /e 3hate0er yo! 3./ all that he has.n o--.3.ean+e to do yo! har/ . or a+t sat s. 7-or then /y 0en.yo!r o3n l.r and .ts ./ent .d Cyr!s.n.h.ranes and 3as /!+h ad/.ot h.t .7 he sa.a /an . he had not.s to pra+t.e3.d and done. 3hether he sho!ld b.7 sa. then. 2o he read. b!t .berty= .7 7And .s h. B!t Cyr!s bade the/ keep s. and are b!.s not tr!e.sH7 7E0en so.

nded /anH7 7E%a+tly.ndedness a +ond. Cyr!s.and daIedJ 3hen stealth 3as needed.on o.3e /eet 3.ed .ety.s sensesH7 7I do.h he had been h. /an.s 3.s to be soberE/. and on the day o. 7and -ar /ore tr!ly than /ere de-eat .7 $9') 74ay..0al state. or ./ -ro/ /./sel.d Cyr!s. that 3.n.the .d Cyr!s. 8.n a day.s +onF!ered by -or+e /ay -an+y that . has been +han.7 ans3ered Cyr!sJ 7yo!r -ather. a /an to h.nto traps -or h.s heart on l.rst.n handJ 3hen yo! 3.s one day -ro/ a -ool . s!+h as pa.ood 3.that . yo!r stealth 3as s!+h that the -ortresses he tho!.n.n th.ll.the/ has he been able to +arry thro!.7 sa.yo! p!t yo!r o3n s!b*e+ts to death *!st 3hen they are /ost 0al!able to yo!.se to be so.n the se+ret +ha/bers o.7 sa.l/ent 3ent hand .de-eat h.s +o// a stron.end .ha0e kno3n one /an at least 3ho o!t o.n.s 3hen they t!rn to .H7 7Yes./sel..ranes.the honest /an.sdo/ -.n. ne0er so a.ll -.d the /en 3ho are better than o!rsel0es and 3ho/ 3e re+o.h. 8hat .7 $9>) 7I take yo!r /ean.ns that needed stealth and speed and -or+e.$9L) 7E0en so.shed to o!t3.n the stateH B!t 3. nor the th.he 3ho .th all yo!r ar/a/ent be-ore he -o!nd t. 7that the b!lly and the tyrant +annot re+o.n+e. not a /atter o. and he has -o!nd h. yo! 3o!ld ha0e /e they 3.o!r o3n -ree 3.ons a.h. to obey and not res.s de-eat eno!. ne0er so po3er-!l .se and soberE/.s a -r.n. 3e are ready to obey the/ o.t. 7that /erely to learn another ..7 asked Cyr!s.ranes.berty.7 sa. .e-.he la+k sobr. and +apt!red yo! he kno3s that -ro/ a stron.7 sa.reason that +an be learntH or +erta. he +o!ld not be +on0erted -ro/ -olly . 7and yo! the tr!thE .7 sa.ll yo! .s so!l. 7Then yo! 3o!ld +all soberE/.7 ans3ered T.ety e0ery s!ddenly and .+h..nk..nd .7 sa.ood and learn sobr../sel.ty ere no3 that has /arshalled her battal. 7+an yo! -.d.rt!e all others are .s senselessness has been +!red.s stron.7 ans3ered the yo!n.e.7 $"#) 72o yo! th. as tho!.t. and not one o./J and yo!r speed 3as s!+h that yo! 3ere !pon h.reatest har/ ./.d Cyr!s..n. And s!rely yo! ha0e kno3n a +. /an or a bra0e .7 ans3ered T.t sobr.s /y bel.n 0a.h to br. nor the l.ll.+h he -.n need and e0ery ser0ant a bless..n yo!r -ather5s +ase to /ake yo! so s!re that he has +o/e to a sober /.nd and then..ranes.n one day.sheer -olly has set drea/ that 3.t .ns he +an rene3 the 3ar.s o3n yo! t!rned .o!r nat!re. He set h.n+e. 7s!rely yo! yo!rsel.nt.les a3ay 3.ood a horse/an.a sla0e as ne0er be-ore= he had des.s 3ell a3are .n.d the pr.nk./e to /!ster the -or+es at h./a.7 7Can they ha0e any 0al!e.tho!t de-eat she +han.nto a 3.3h. /an than he. 73hen they are dete+ted do..n battle.t h.end . Cyr!s.nded /!st learn 3.n.n and -! the /an o..d T..he tra./ yo! d.ndH7 7A de-eat.ll do yo!rsel. be he ne0er so . or he 3ho . o!t3..nst a r.stH7 $9:) 7B!t 3hat than h. 7o.sel-E restra.7 $"9) 7Yo! . b!t . b!t.a.. b!t 3.. the help oall..s 0.

reat a -r.endsh.r throatsJ so +r!elly +an -ear.p or .nd that 3e -ret a.Ar/en.le .e o.n yo!r po3er to set .s 3.r bene-a+tor as yo! 3o!ld ha0e /e yo!rs. or set the kn.r alar/= 3h. 7ToEday and at th.h he to look the.7 $"K) 7Do yo! s!ppose then. 8hereas.s .t /ay o-ten be that the e%. /ay be h.ll he s!--er -ro/ that as 3e shall s!--erH And .r d!ty to render. so/e to!+h o.s senses.endsh.+ken +reat!res 3ho thro!.s /o/entH He. 7Yo! speak o.p.est rod .7 7B!t.7 sa. de-eat. nor the !n*!st /an the !pr.nd . 3h.ll be ready to -. +an eat and sleep better than /en 3ho ha0e not kno3n ad0ers. 7yo!r -ather has s!--ered noth.h -ear o.I re+o.nd 3. /ay st.n the 3orld 3ho/ yo! +o!ld bene-.horrors.yo! hand o0er the ./sel.ll ./s o.n./en.t as yo! +an bene-.7 he ans3ered. 3./e.nk that yo! /. and .ll s!bd!e a /an /ore than s!--er. the +onF!ered.7 +r.3ar.ll he be .ety not to ro!se the.s the.end.a.ty yo! /ay lea0e no +he+k on the.n o!r land and hold o!r!lly obser0ed e0ery *ot and t. or else .. ha0e h!rled the/sel0es -ro/ +l.n.n.+apt!re and death ha0e d. 7that anyth. at all so -ar= altho!.7 asked T.ldren and h.d.t . altho!. yo! +annot be the.all /en kno3 that 3hat I say . pla+es and take 3hat pled.ther th.. -or 3e shall re/e/ber 3e ha0e only o!rsel0es to bla/e.h he kne3 that 3e had -a.o0ern/ent to so/e 3ho ha0e not to -or.--s. 7yo! 3. or the ensla0ed.0e the/ all a. 7I do not pretend that the bare kno3led.ed e0en no3 and broken h.n. And 3hat.s +h. .d the pr.7 he .n dread o.ron rod o. the hea0.r .t toEday.7 $"L) And Cyr!s the .ods.ll he lo0e yo! -or that /ore than one 3ho kno3s he 3ell deser0ed the lossH 2ay he /ay not s.t /ay be 3.ed be-ore the.s +h. b!t +an yo! e0er -.ll ret!rn to h.nd else3here so .-e.r -a!lts than to a++ept the -!ll yo! th.n.r rest be+a!se o.terror +annot be bro!.nk yo!. +an ensla0e a /an /ore !tterly than -earH Do yo! not kno3 that e0en the /en 3ho are beaten 3.ranes ans3ered.n.those pan. $"() Th. And e0en so.nst o!r +ha.t .str!st the/.t.nsolent .7 $">) 7I do not deny .a.r en/.n per. or sa. b.p3re+kEEthey +annot to!+h the..ood -ort!ne and +r.-r.nd and s!b*!. and he 3.s tr!e= yo! kno3 the desponden+y /en -eel .+Estr.o -ree a. or on the e0e o.7 he ans3ered.-e to the.htH Has not yo!r o3n -ather l.I +hoose to be the. the sea . and no3.h yo! are the.d !pon +o/p!ls.l o.the.7 Then T.n+e..d Cyr!s.-e. -or those 3ho ha0e ne0er been /y ene/.nd another /an .sons . 7that -ear 3.7 $":) 7B!t and tro!ble !s on+e /ore.t eas.ll h.p as yo! /ay -. altho!.r day. . they /ay e. th. b!t -or !s all. 7O!r o--en+es are s!+h that yo! /ay 3ell /. and -or !s. Only .nk that the sa/e /an /ay 3ell be .str!st !s= b!t yo! ha0e .s t. does /y -ather -eel at th. and th!s. 3.endsh.alone.s 3.ed the/sel0es.les the/sel0es.ll not -.t /y -atherH 2ay yo! let a /an l.r bene-a+tor.ll br.ns./ !nless he pays the penalty as /y -ather pays .s+har.7 $"') 74ay.on by those 3ho hate /e.ttle o.r -r. I kno3.s. that the 3orst s!--er.e alone 3. 7and yo! o.ty alone. .n.ed Cyr!s.a.H7 $"?) 7Yes.nk best.ttle *oy sho!ld I e0er take .7 repl..n o- . 3.arr.n de-eat= let s!+h an one .t not +lear that the one 3ho -eels the pa..nta. .battle -a+. .n all the 3orld.n.t !pon the throne o. yo! /a.n the help .n the end yo! 3. a /an to h.l.a.-r.ban.ood3. 3hose -ears are not -or h.t +annot +!re h.the +o/pa+t Astya.r +onF!erors .sh/ent. 7and 3.r -ood or take the.le the b!t.s arro. e0en 3hen they try to +o/-ort the/H7 7Then.n the -a+e.n those 3ho ser0ed /e -ro/ ne+ess.7 ans3ered Cyr!s.0e 3ho has ne0er done yo! 3ron.n. I +o!ld -.n. +an yo! /adeH7 $"") 7Ah.+t.s 3ord 3.n+e o.speaker.ll need to sober the/ e0en /ore than !s. 7l./ as yo! say= b!t I st. b!t by all the . the pr.ed the pr.n yo!r an%.ty..+e !sH7 72!rely I +an.ate the so!ls o.rate-!l -or the boonH 2ay he need not lose h.n+e.7 sa.nk o. Cyr!s.

and tell /e tr!e= ho3 .d be-ore.-ty talents 3h.s '### th.te yo! -or the loan 3.e a -or+e as poss.reat ./.3. and lea0e the rest to . and pay no ranso/ -or the/.Ar/en.. a/o!nts . b!t not -or 3ant o.ll pay the /oney ba+k .end than be-ore.7 ans3ered Cyr!s.ed.. I 3. and I hereby pro/.I 3ere .n.nd as 3ell as 3hat yo! take a3ay. B!t no3. 3here the 3ays and /eans better than he 3ho kno3s and +an +o//and all the reso!r+es o.ldren.n. 3as o0er* that kno3led. 7yo! shall take ho/e yo!r 3.-or-e.sed Cya%aresJ h.n s.s dear to h.end. see.her 3orth.tho!t /ore ho!seH And . son o.7 There!pon he t!rned to the k. 7b!t . 7and to ranso/ yo!r 3. -or he -elt he 3o!ld a++o/pl. .ll lend /e another h!ndred -or /ysel-.r that yo! sho!ld kno3 the 3hole o.7 ans3ered Cyr!s./. that her h!sband ne0er deserted !s. yo! shall hand o0er t3.b!te..e an ar/y 3o!ld yo! send /e and ho3 /!+h /oney -or the 3arH7 $K") And the k. repl. . 7By all the .s t!rned.l0er to /ore than K### talents.. 7yo! shall stay and s!p 3.o!r 3ealth. 7she . to the k. I be.nd a /an better -.n-antry ?#..d the /oney= . or 3.d and lea0e 3hat yo! l..n.o 3here0er yo! yo! the old -a/.ble at yo!r +o//and.7 he added.7 sa.deH7 4o3 the yo!th 3as b!t ne3ly 3edded.ll.###J and o!r 3ealth.s 3.God be bo!nt.d. 7at 3hat pr.n.rant.ty.d he. as he l.s only -a..ndeed to hearken !nto yo! and yo!rs ..l.the -./e and a.t!re the /ost 3.d. 7O.e to .s yo!r po3er and yo!r 3ealthH7 8here!pon the Ar/en.s yo!rs.the +o!ntryH I 3arn yo! as a -r.n. and o!r . 7The s.7 sa. and then yo! /ay take the /en yo! +hoose.7 72o be .the pr..ll pro0. sa.Ar/en.a.ll .n.n+l!de the treas!res to the -!ll all he had pro/.n+e yo!r ne. so that they shall not -eel they +o/e to yo! -ro/ 7to sa0e her -ro/ sla0ery.ll.ab.ll take 3hat yo! l. and sa.7 $K?) And Cyr!s. speak not so. ho3 lar.-e. th.stened. 7.7 sa.ll do yo!rsel/ore har/ than e0er /y -ather +o!ld ha0e done. 3ho 3. . yo! to look on all I ha0e as yo!rs.n.7 $K>) 7Take her then. 7I hope to /ake the Ar/en. and a-ter3ards yo! shall . . s. othe .7 7Good.n+e.!.son the +o!ntry.a.s o.ll $K() B!t the Ar/en.7 $KK) And Cyr!s .-e and +h.-tH $K#) And . yo! 3.0e /e hal-. t!rn. or yo! 3.I +anJ and .de yo! 3. or I hold that she has ne0er yet been /ade a pr.t t.rate-!l -or the .s.0eH7 7All that I ha0e.nstead o.+h /y -ather le-t.eneral 3ho has !sed .ll be the one /ost . and yo!.nH I.7 .yo! thro3 !s as. a better the ne3 dynasty.+h yo! pa.d he.d at on+e.ll p!t /e o!t o. And yo!.ty 3.7 sa.s.n.h.s not that already t3. 7I 3o!ld .d Cyr!s. 7that ..-e.yo!r 3hole ar/a/ent yo! shall .-!l.t then.+e 3o!ld yo! redee/ yo!r br.0e /y l. and Cyr!s. ho3 /!+h /oney 3o!ld yo! .ed.heart.yo! ha0e .d he.-e 3as beyond all th. 72on o.ll reF!.t be 3.soner. 7Tell /e then.7 he added.n -!ll.7 $K9) 2!+h 3ere the plead.nk -or yo!rsel-. 3.yo! need /oney.7 sa.ranes.tted to test the /!sterEroll than the .n !s..e 3hen yo!r ba+k .+e as /!+h as yo! possessH $KL) And yo!.an repl.t .7 sa. 3hat yo! lea0e beh. and h.n./plest ans3er I +an /ake and the /ost stra.ed= 7O!r +a0alry .ll yo!!rs the Chaldaeans are at 3ar 3.s o. and see 3here tranF!.I +annot.s o3n 3ords +a/e ba+k to h.yo! 3ant as lar. And so 3. not / yo!= b!t -or the tr.a..ods. all that I ha0e.I . 8. tell /e. yo! /ay bla/e /e -or 3ant o.+e as /!+h to Cya%ares be+a!se yo! /ade de-a!ltJ and yo! 3.s to tell yo! 3hat /y po3er . 7And -or yo!r sonsH7 7 or the/ too. Cyr!s.t at all at heart to lea0e /atters settled here. or I 3.

ans stayed.7 78ho 3as ./sel.bet3een /y son and /e and steal a3ay h. Cyr!s asked T.7 sa. $C.ranes. 73hat -a!lt d.+e the s!/ 3h. I hold./H7 7He tho!. t!rn../ply be+a!se he bel.n yo!r eyesH7 B!t she ans3ered.d he -. to the son. 3. 7that yo! .re+on+. 7be s!re o. he 3as so .I /!st +arry the ba.s 3.d Cyr!s /e..ll. 7yo! d.-e to -ree /e -ro/ sla0ery. a-ter all the. yo! ad/./ to deathH7 7And 3hyH7 sa..onJ and then the -ather and son /o!nted the.s that -r. and dro0e a3ay re*o. Then T.. and a -o!rth h.Ar/en. he 3as not the /an I sa3.ty to Cyr!s and all h.ll not need to be told. b!t yo!r -a!lt 3as h!/an.entle and so bra0e. only ask..ood t. her 3..ntent.a. and she +an see -or hersel.s.that /an 3ho see/ed to p!t h.s nat!re.d. and 3ho/. spoke .ranes t!rned to h.ll not lea0e yo!.+.n.d Cyr!s.ods be /er+.rd the .t thenH7 asked T. another h.r. B!t Cyr!s 3o!ld take no /ore than he had -.ent /ake ready to /ar+h on the th.n..nd . Cyr!s..a -or the day.a.s 3.ness.7 $?#) 71ay the .s not done -ro/ /al.n.rd day.that. so bea!t.d the yo!thJ 7and yet.s stat!re and h. /eal. that 3hen he +a/e to d.a sent .r +arr.h t.-e k./ o. as be-.e to.n.s bea!ty.t .-!l .s h. 7Tell /e. 8hat he does .n.ndl.e to -ollo3 yo!.all that her h!sband does.+e.hed and sa.7 sa.!ests o.7 he ans3ered.0e yo!r -ather.ether no3.noran+e.n h. Cyr!s took T. and h./e.e0es that he has t!rned the 3o/an to -olly...n. and .n.7 And so they talked .the B!t the k.-e and asked.7 2o the sold.7 7Then . .th yo!r -ather..d he.d 3ron. h.ness and k././ not s..h.d. 5Do not be an. T.ranes and the best o. and s+o!red the 3hole +o!ntry to de+.s o3n +ont. a th.yo!rs 3ho !sed to h!nt to./ and sa. one pra.e. I tell yo!.ry 3. 7yo! /!st -or.n.d..Cyr!s. -or p!tt.d Cyr!s see/ so bea!t.n.entleness oh. /e to death.endl.n h. 3.s o3n. b!t the son +hosen -ollo3ers o.7 she ans3ered.s son 3as to lead the -or+e. he +alled /e to o3n l. Cyr! !s. Cyr!s.d.n all -r.Ar/en. /y lord.ranes..tal. T.s./e..r s!--er.lls h.") B!t on the day -ollo3.7 And so they took the.n.ranes. 7He./sel..n.n so!l..7 he sa..a.s re0eren+e./e o.s ar/y.-ts o.s 3.end o. as lo0ers 3... .th 3hate0er ba. and rested -or that n.sdo/. are !n. 7D. and bade h.s o3n de-en+e= 7Re/e/ber th.a.7 sa.nds another 3.l. b!t be+a!se he has robbed h.r dear ones bes. 3.ll yo! take to let !s tell yo!r 3.a. E0en so I 3as *ealo!s o.t see/ed to /e. 78hat 3.a0e the rest ba+k to the k.-!l . $K') B!t 3hen the +o/pany broke !p a-ter the the/. And the -ather ans3ered that . 3here . 7I h. He halted on the .ns o.7 $?K) And Cyr!s la!.e0e -or h.t sho!ld be as Cyr!s +hose.hosp.n.ether.-e that yo! ha0e be+o/e a so /!+hH7 7Do yo! not +a0alry.ers 3ere the .her lo0e.n . $?9) B!t 3hen they 3ere ho/e 3here he sho!ld b!..onal. 7Ah.bro!.7 sa..d Cyr!s. b!t -ro/ . as .And so the Ar/en. And yo!.. $?") B!t on the /orro3 the k.ranes. 3hether he or h.s.ll +o/e.ot yo!r o3n ba.r del. 7I /ean to br.noran+eJ and the he +orr!pted /e. 73ho o--ered h.e /y -ather .s end!ran+e.-!l to !sM7 the.%ed.eE bearerH7 72he 3.d Cyr!s. they all spoke o. that the /an 3ho -. 7that /y -ather p!t h.+h he had na/ed.57 $K:) And at that Cyr!s +o!ld not b!t say= 7Poor so!lM I .n.ld a -ort.7 78e 3.tted that t.

ll ne0er stand the +har. ar/ed 3.ans 3.7 $L) 8. 8h. I.t.3e +o!ld se..the/ 3as ar/ed 3. $9#) B!t . he +alled the leaders o. and .3eak and s+attered -or+es to oppose !s.Pers.s -or+e dre3 near the head o.nall.athered on e0ery s.7 sa.+t. !p.eld and a bra+e all I ask -or. the +a0alry . 9#. all they +an do 3..h po0ertyJ -or the.they +at+h s./ ..tho!t a blo3.ns. hal. and ea+h o.n the th. and the -ert.e.the Pers.ether and the +h.ns o.e.ately sent 3ord that the Pers.ndeed.7 7And 3hat do they do. and as /any tar.stened and looked. !p the pass. sho!ts...son to hold the pass. to !s to /ake that Cyr!s led the ad0an+e..ranes sho3ed h. the ene/y by -e. they are s./sel3.dst o.n.d.hts be-ore the ene/y ha0e t.ero!s.a /o!nta.n 0a. eas.+t.7 $:) Th!s they /ar+hed !p 3. 72old. -l.7 Cyr!s ans3ered that he 3as 3ell a3are short s3ords.on o!t or less dan.ed 3. that the 0.n.nal to the others .bes ..d= 7Do yo! kno3.bes/en .ht -or pay 3here0er they are needed.nalH7 7They r!sh to the res+!e.*a0el. and he +o!ld see that lar.ans sho!ld be ready to .te !n.n.soners and the .### bo3/en.ted.n.n. $K) B!t the ne%t /orn. they s.r -ello3s t.nd h.nalled to the.r s!pper and slept. Cyr!s.nes.a.7 $") Cyr!s l. 74o.7 $>) 4o3 the Chaldaeans 3ere o. The 0.all the tr..d the 3e sho!ld +o/pel the/ both. 7there are al3ays /en on the lookEo!t. h. As soon as the Chaldaeans sa3 the/ s3eep.-.eteers... and the tr. !p -ro/ the pla.s no ally hal.+k o.ted t.ood as speed. t!rned and ran. $') As Cyr!s and h. as 3as e0er all h.n.ers o. Cyr!s o--ered sa+r. b!t partly thro!.n. . Chaldaeans and Ar/en../s are -a0o!rableJ and to help a /an a tre/endo!s sho!t. They -.s l./e to .e+es at on+e be-ore they +o!ld 3.//ed.lled be+a!se o. the/ 3.n.d to be the /ost and dra3. 3h.s ba+k.s+reetly.the -.le others 3ere taken pr.n the /.the/ 3ere +!t to p.n.t s/all.t the Chaldaeans /et ne3 opponents strea/.the 1edes and spoke to the/ th!s= $?) 71y -r. T.the p!rs!.n. to +heer !s on and p!sh !s -or3ard and let none o.n +ol!/n beh.e the Chaldaean h. to beha0e the/sel0es d.n o!r rear. 73hen they see the s.the Ar/en.n. 3ho s.le part o.ranes..hts reEe+hoed 3. 3e /ay take the ans3er.ans de+oy.0e +hase at .e tra+ts lay desolate and !nt.ather.anyth.n that +o!ntry.s there!s.le they 3ere /ar+h. partly be+a!se they are 3arr.ll the he.ns 3ere F!.s ba. there l.n.3e s+ale the he.r +!sto/ 3as. Then Cyr!s asked h. 3e shall be .ranes presented h. sa.n s!+h a 3ork as th.ranes 3here the he..7 he asked. T.ors born./.Ie the/ and set a . 7as soon as 3e see the Ar/en.n. and then +har. Then Cyr!s sent 3ord alon./s 3ere -a0o!rable. That day they +a/e ba+k to +a/p and took and the Ar/en.the /o!nta. I..n. and so/e o../.ll they 3ere al/ost on the/.nhab.hts lay do3n 3h.e .ans o!rsel0esH O!r Ar/en.nEpass and asked and -. at h.thdra3.the pass. and the rest .ans to.+apta. I. $() 2teady speed .n o!r rea+h. 7as F!.. T.the 3ar.+h the Chaldaeans s3ept 3hen they +a/e to pl!nder.. ?### +a0alry at h.n+e..nd a hand-!l o.+e.n order and ready -or the /ar+h..+kly as they +an. and at /ost 3e shall only -.a.s /o! 3e rea+h the top be-ore the/ a sh. that be-ore lon. as the Ar/en.!s .ll /ar+h on o!r le-t.0e 3ay.7 he sa. and s!rely I +o!ld ask -or noth. the ar/y .arr.s s. To ar/s thenM The 1edes 3.n..n the 0an to lead the 3ay.n the 0an= and the Chaldaeans 3ho had +olle+ted 3a.ans .ll be . 3ho 3as /ar+h.ans on o!r r.hand 3.r +o!ntry .

d they.te .r 3o!nds. Yo!r o3n land 3as .n. and 3e d.tors.lH7 They sa.7 Cyr!s 3ent on. /y lord.s 3ork/en to. and sent -or s!r..n -!ll so .s sta-..other bene-.d ..7 he sa. the +all o.n s.ends.ned by pea+eH7 78e sho!ld be all the better pleased. 7Is there any other reason..hts 3ere ne+essary and +a/e 3.hts..ttle +an 3e see o. he set abo!t -ort.s -ather and b..n yo!r debt -or /any k.ether and +hoose 3hether yo! 3. yo! had better not +o/e here a. a post 3.le the k. +o/e !nar/ed and 3el+o/e= .ll let yo! all .e the Chaldaeans -ro/ these he.soners.n. b!t to /ake pea+e bet3een the/ and the Ar/en. ro/ the top othe pass Cyr!s and h. pos.tho!t /ore ado.d that so .7 $9>) 2!+h thanks the Ar/ on I 3.nd a sa-ety 3e ne0er had be-ore.n. that yo! des.Cyr!s. all -or pea+e.t.a.athered h. and he had as+erta. b!t . bl.7 sa.eons to dress the.n sa-ety and yo! +o!ld harry the Ar/en.le so.ether and took 3hat he tho!.n -!ll already.0es po!r.ts 3ere .t 3as o0er. and 3ell s!ppl./ +o/e at on+e 3.d all he +o!ld .d that there 3as none.n +ha.ll allo3 yo! and yo!r -ello3s to take +o!nsel to.nd /ortals that 3e areM Ho3 l.sed /e 3hen yo! took the /oney ha0e been pa.n 3.ned that the lookEo!t 3as really ..nst the/.htsH7 And the Chaldaeans sa. The th. and Cyr!s ordered the/ all to take the /orn.d the s!/ yo! had -ro/ /e o0er and o0er a. and then he told the/ that he +a/e and . B!t Cyr!s 3hen he sa3 the. the b!s.n -reedo/ the k.tho!t yo!r 3eapons.n.7 sa.Cyr!s. I. and he bade T. $99) 2oon the rest yo!. 7I kno3.d not 3. Those 3ho tro!bled !s are taken no3. Then the Chaldaeans +a/e ba+k.yo! +hoose pea+e.n. and no3.ranes send to h. no3 that 3e hold these he.ns and so/e 3o! 3.t shall be /y +are to see that all .-ert. he +r.ans= b!t yo! +an see -or yo!rsel0es ho3 th.r -led.n.yo! de+. Cyr!s to /ake pea+e 3.the -!t! 3hat he had at hand.o ba+k to yo!r ho/es . had pea+e toEday be+a!se yo! bel. and .a sla0e.s 3ell !p the pr.yo! are /y -r.d all -!.. 1ean3h. 7-or yo!r present po0erty.3orth yo! pro/. $9L) Be 3ell ass!red.7 $9?) And 3hen the Chaldaeans heard or yo!r -r..t 3.ed= 7Ah. e0en as I 3o!ld ha0e the/.n. and then they t!rned ho/e3ards and departed. -ro/ the nearest ho!ses.s o. /eal. and ho3 /!+h 3e take .looked do3n and sa3 belo3 the/ the Chaldaean 0. 3e shall ne0er be able to reF!.7 he added.a.n a stron.ther to destroy the/ nor to 3ar a.nk. 3hen 3e 3ere +apt!red and the/. 73o!ld yo! be . they po!red o!t o. Cyr!s. 8hen .s+o0er that 3e are not yo!r +red. and s.d.ndnessesJ and 3e shall be asha/ed not to ret!rn the/. 7And 3hat . $9") 1ean3h. -or try as 3e /ay. 78ell then.a. b!t deep .ness that 3as at hand.on. $9() And 3hen he +a!. 7that I 3o!ld ha0e pa.le a / ordered the +ha.n -reedo/ and I /ade /ysel. or 3e sho!ld be base .n.ll be sa-er -or yo! than 3ent o-.. e%+ept yo!r la+k o.t 3as.0. re+e. $9K) A++ord.n hand to doM I set /ysel.ans.le they bro!. be.reat a all the +arpenters and stone/asons he +o!ld -et+h.n.n th.d h.a0e. s!ddenly 3e -..n. and 3h. and I 3. ./ply to d.n a -e3 /o/ents the he.n.-y. 7be-ore yo!r pass 3as taken yo! 3ater. And Cyr!s asked the/= 7A/ I r.ed 3.ends.d to o!rsel0es that 3e 3ere !tterly !ndone.7 he asked.ns to be str!+k o--. $9') 78ell and .the/ bo!nd . Cyr!s d.s stand toEday.e0e .ndeed.the ar/y +a/e !p.ll ha0e !s -or yo!r ene/.

.n.ll . s!ppos.n.7 s!.n sa-ety./!+h 3ealth.t 3o!ld be .e.7 sa.hood e. 7Hea0en help !sM 8e +o!ld not t.0e the/ at least as /!+h as they e0er .ther 3ere atta+ked.s land -or .ndeed. a. 7.n..the Ar/en.ons al.. that they 3ere a. t!rn.the .ans 3.n the -. 3o!ld yo! let the Ar/en.ther by pl!nder.s day the treaty holds bet3een the Chaldaeans and Ar/en.e s!/ -or . Chaldaeans.Ar/en.7 $"K) Then both part.d they.! 3ere allo3ed to +!lt.s 3hat I 3ere to be -ree and . At the s!pper as they sat to... .ther oyo! . b!t . Chaldaeans sa.n the hab.rH7 72!rely yes.h.ans. 7. and to yo!r splend.reed.-.raI.on 3o!ld -eel they had that land o. and past!ra. -or he .the pass 3ere held -or yo!H7 7Ah.n.s t!rn.d to Cyr!s that the /ass 3o!ld /ean /!+h pro-...n.n and s. It 3o!ld /ean a .all.ether. and . be. s.nd o.n*!re the /y -lo+ks +o!ld -eed .ll -or !s .n.lled and /ade prod!+t.d. b!t so/et.a.7 sa.yo!rs 3h.s a /an o.n.d Cyr!s.r +o//on -ortress.7 sa.7 sa. $9:) 74o3.e.n t.ns..s /atter 3as settled to the /.n.h -or the/.n h.the.eld.dle to be t.n.d that only th!s +o!ld they establ./arr.ll do= I 3.t be .t and no pa.ans !se the/ -or past!re .s .ll. by s.raI.ther o.e. -a. 7all 3o!ld be 3ell eno!.e.3.7 7And 3o!ld they not be sa-e eno!.. o-ten !nder the k.r l.rly k. 73. a /eH I !ndertake to .n sa-ety. and on these ter/s they 3. !p all that 3as needed. to Ind. 73ho l.0ed all they +o!ld des.n.!ard .ndependent. Cyr!s s!//oned the/ all as -ello3E. -or the/sel0es or ser0.reat .7 7Tr!e.yo!= 3e Pers.d /o!nta./e o.ll hand o0er the pass to ne.d yo! the +!sto/ary d!esH7 7I 3o!ld.d Cyr!s.ends already. 7B!t there are /en a/on.7 sa./ and prophes. and a +o0enant 3as /ade that both and br.s -ort.n. then.n.t o.7 $"L) Then Cyr!s sa.+h .es. Pea+e 3as no sooner /ade than both no3 that . 7so /!+h so that I a/ ready to pay a lar.7 he added... pea+e. the 3orkers pa. on hear.ns.ed pled.t .t o!rsel0es. $"9) B!t the Chaldaeans b!.0ate as /!+h o.7 $"#) 7And yo!.ed.n+rease to /y re0en!e.ed the Ar/ be 3ell eno!.redH7 And the Chaldaeans sa.s pass 3ere held -or yo!H7 To the k.n. .0e. . -ell.ot a -ar .reed 3.+h the k.7 7Hea0en help !sM7 +r. not to speak o.dered the.ot else3here.Ind. to the Ar/en.ans held the pass. and they +o!ld not learn. a s/all s!/ to the Chaldaeans yo! .n.reater ret!rn yo!rsel-H7 7R. 3e 3.a. and sa.o.t. one o. .hbo!rs o. .h.n. B!t Cyr!s.3ar . and pay.s nat.a. 3ork./es !nder Astya.e.ested Cyr!s. as /er+enar.d they 3o!ld. 73o!ld yo! take th.7 sa.ll o!r o3n -.n..ers pa. $"?) Th!s the /atter 3as +on+l!ded.ll step . 73o!ld yo! l.elds .es appla!ded the de+.d the Chaldaeans.. b!t 3..only they +o!ld rely on be.n.these ne... $"() And 3hen e0en.n.hts +o//on the. . and help .th the s!--erers.+e 3.d yo! 3hat 3as -a.n. !s.7 sa.7 The Chaldaeans read.n. .I tho!. 3hat they no3 +ons.s 3.d he.!ests to h. a++!sto/ed as they are -ro/ yo!th !p to .n. 7b!t ho3 3o!ld . 7all /.r land as yo! des..7 ans3ered Cyr!s.ll.s no3 ly.7 $"") Then Cyr!s espe+.n.o!rs re+o0ered the post.. . to pay the sa/e d!es as the Ar/en.d Cyr!s.0e as -reebooters= they do not kno3 ho3 to labo!r . $">) 2o th..d= 78hy sho!ld they not take ser0.ed that he 3o!ld ha0e /any 0ol!nteers. that the Chaldaeans 3ere .7 72on o.the.

6ast o./ than all the rest to.n. the k..n.all +a/e the F!een hersel-. o. stayed ..s / 3. h.dd.s e%pe+t.nJ spend . ter/s. her da!.ans had -!rn. +hoos. 3o!ld yo! send so/e o. and le-t an o--.t on yo!r son. the/ the .ssary 3. I ha0e so/eth./ as he des.0e /e./.th the/ to sho3 the/ the 3ay.. 3.a.t 3.des and +oad*!torsEE3.. and br. be+a!se I look on yo! already as /y -r.n.r o3n a/bassadors.n.h.0e s!+h .er son. 3hose s!ppl.nt/ent. and br./ore /oney.nto the +!lt.s as shall end!re.ndoors= 3. and say= 52on o.hono!r.ll pro+eed. $K) B!t 3hen he sa3 . The k.sposal= . And a/bassadors had +o/e to the 1edes to spy o!t the.yo!r o3n -olk h. a 1ede. -or he tho!. $") And as he +o/e do3n -ro/ the Cyr!s p!t a stron. /an or 3o/an.s I need all the /oney I +an .I a/ to pay all the 3a.r a--a.ers as deser0e the/.sh that they sho!ld hear so/eth.Ind. yo! /!st not /ake /e a /er+enary and a bene-a+tor -or payJ take th.ll need /ore /oney the . /y /aster has sent /e to yo! not one o. b!t do not .hters and her yo!n. I shall ha0e ab!ndan+e at /y d. and the Ar/en.ll . 3o!ld 3o!ld help Cyr!s /ost and speak 3..yo! +an send /y /aster all that yo! ha0e at hand he 3.0e .arr./ the. l.n.n the -ort and stored .o to the land. and send h.3as not .ht.ons. I.n . and /en o.lls ./sel-.a. that pea+e 3as / do.ndness has not been . and then he t!rned ho/ on the day 3hen ea+h /!st the res. and ho3 they had .n.n the hono!r the people sho3ed h. h.s -or s!+h th./als they 0al!ed /ost. /e say that he has need o. at least 3e shall o3e h.nstr!+t.olden treas!re that Cyr!s had re-!sed be-ore.pped -or 3ar.a. ..n the /ost -.r ene/. bear. -or I bel.ends.God .0.s people es+ort.Ar/en.t!de. b!t the -or+e the Ar/ ho3 Ind.esEEdo!btless to do the sa/e thereEEand he -elt a 3.e.dered the/sel0es stron. he tho!./ -orth .ht that Cyr!s 3o!ld take one a++ord they all 3ent o!t to /eet h.lor./.a and Chaldaea 3o!ld speak o.ll say= and yo! /!st . re*o.t a.l.s treas!re ba+k and h.r rest.ts .0e re3ards and /ake presents to s!+h o.nk -.d!e b!y yo!rsel. . and s!pport the/ .e0e the/ to be essent.nstr!+t.Chaldaeans 3ho a .nto all yo!r days. and . -or !s all that I des.the Ar/en. as I 3.. $"') 2o he sa.r bene-a+tor..n.the Chaldaeans. It .nterests alone.rant h.K) B!t on the ne%t day Cyr!s despat+hed h.n -!ll.ldren s!+h pre+.llEpleased at th.n.r best.o!sly eF!. be-ore the/ the an.o!s th.d to the +o/pany= 72on o.and -or yo!r h!sband and yo!r +h. all /en /.+er . the.n.s +on+erned 3e /ay look to o!r o3n .n. tak. /any .erEEthe one -or 3ho/ I ask ./ no . and as -ar as he .ll . 5I. b!t I sho!ld be .5 $K#) That .ans and Chaldaeans sent the. *oy and bea!ty . .. ./. that he rode a3ay.s -ro/ the.llEad0. b. .n+ed that the a/bassadors -ro/ Ar/en.I .rat.n.shed.n. and a p.ons to yo!rs as yo! th.s 3hat /y e/.et /oney -ro/ the k. $C. 7Then /y /essen. they broke !p the / as /!+h as he 3..7 $K9) 2o Cyr!s spoke.r -a.n.n.rat.n.sed.reH I st.7 Cyr!s added.+ked body o.s best. .ll do h.!./y sold.-y Cya%ares.n.7 $?) 8. Tell /e.ndeed I do e%pe+t one.t yo!rsel0es.n. ./ o--er.n +o//and.I 3ere to send a/bassadors to Ind.e yo! ho/e.a.lad to take -ro/ the Ind.s.a. and all h. to ask yo!. 1y /essen. another ar/y -ro/ Pers. He .t to yo!r lord that he /ay b!ry ./ not only the troops he had bro!.5 and . the /en they tho!.!ard o.o!r. It 3o!ld be pleasanter -or /e not to dra3 on yo!./ s!++ess. and a/on. that yo! sho!ld -eel yo!r k. and 3.-ts. let !s only b!ry o!r bod.+.s e%plo.d= 74ay.h. as the ho!r 3as +o/e..3hat he had a+h. and took the.n.a.t he sa. As -or b! on to the.n.ans.

$9") 2o Cyr!s asse/bled h.od o.n h. see.+ers and all 3ho/ he +hose to hono!r .ns end!red and dan. and bold eno!. /oreo0er.rth /!st be 3.h -or all the 3ork o..0als 3.a/e.s +o/rade5s ar/s.n.or +arry orders alon.on to address the o--.re3 *ealo!s o. and thro!.3ar.t.7 $:) B!t presently. those 3ho are -.s depart!re. and no /an . and so/e 3ere al3ays -ree to 3a./oney to h.the +o/b.nd .tho!t delay.nst the -oe. he des..+ers.t a/on. 3hen Cyr!s sa3 that h.splay a 3onder o.erness o. pra. . and d. Then he s!//oned h.h pa.n+ed that e0ery . all o.h.. h.l-!l .took h.the 3eapons ea+h /an bore. +on0.nates.s o3n d.ers .es 3.ned not only the a+t!al /oney he took a3ay 3.a0e .n to the ar/y 3as an adorn/ent to h.n h.ts o.s pattern /!st 3e pro0e o!rsel0es to be /en. and ea+h +o/pet.. that he tho! o.+h he +o!ld dra3 .+ers. and heap. $() Th!s Cyr!s took h.sed to be.n.s .hts and all . that .ned -or+es and .ns. as he had pro/.a.s /en 3ere stron..nd the .s.n.3ealth./ a lar. ha0.ood.ra+./sel. e%pert and ar/a/ent. that all h.s s3allo3ed !p . And the he en+a/ped on the borders o.on 3orthy o.eld to o!r -oes.n +o/pany 3.on.h to /eet the./ the .n..n a +o//on +a!se. $9#) He not.nd. b!t a -ar a/pler store o.o!sness.s .r proper season. po.eo--. A-ter th. all h.lory= en0y s+orn.a he .h del.s -or+e. and 3at+h-!lness. and the resol0e ne0er to y.hood.n. the des./sel.+.reat *oys are only .e0e so/eth./ h. .r o3n s!bord..s br.s +h.s heart to be !p and do.r ene/.nes. the troops !no--.l he had le-t the land.o!s. . $L) And 3hen he +a/e ba+k to 1ed.e.enerals.n t.n.p a/ .ent -or ea+h to re3ard the.tor.s o3n .t that./.+ker. . and dre3 the/ !p .nsEo-E t3el0e and the +apta.ranes and the -lo3er o.str. He kne3 3ell ho3 o-ten a . the only 3ay .tor . the l. and h.nes 3.aps.s 3hole -or+e to asse/ble !nder ar/s. a. all 3o!ld be 3ell 3.n. -eel. on 3h./e and as they /ay deser0e.ers.s on h.en+e and hard.t .nto the .-ts o.alled by the splendo!r o.eneral has -o!nd delay r!. 3on by h.on /any o.nto battleEarray./ !nt. and all othe/ per-e+t del.n so/e s!+h 3ords as these= 71y -r.ded .re .s +an be 3on.n and d..s +o/ $') 6et !s +all to /.s -a.ll to /ake the d.the Pers.n the ea. !s.the sold.+ered= -or the +apta. and speed.s pleas!re . He ar/y than e0er he had sent be-ore.h.-or no other reason. or the -.. that +o//on dan.e0ery one /ade h.+h these bless. eno!.0al!e -or the +a/!red anyth.!s. These /en 3ere not bo!nd to be al3ays to lead the/ .plenty.bea!ty and -or .on o.nsEo-Es.t on the +o//anderE.0alry and the stra. 3ho 3as +lose at hand.n the. -or he held to .ned by obed. sent 3.nto the ene/y5s +o!ntry 3. s!--.+ed.Ar/en.ers a3aken +o/radesh. T.n 3h.n.r. that no3 he had pea+e at ho/e.n the as -ello3E3orkers -or the +o//on .nE+h.n !s toEday= 3e ha0e -o!nd a so!r+e o.reets h.a.n o+o/pet. and then all s!+h b.need.n..b!t. h.le he h.s r. and a+h.and led the/ alon. and 3e ha0e the 3here3.n the !se o.s sk.r hero.tho!t lea0.a.s by to.% stepped .n h!nt. 3h. the l.ers +on-ronted . and absol!te order 3as preser0ed.and the.s+. . b!t the ne%t day he sent an ar/y and the /oney to Cya%ares.s sta-. 8e shall -. or the n. $>) At e0ery d.s +ease.ea+h otherJ and -or th.thal to hono!r 3ho/ 3e 3.n.on he 3o!ld take o++as. $99) There-ore Cyr!s ordered h.nt.n. o!t the /er. 3here0er he +o!ld -. the /ost / the ar/y as a 3hole.

ly stren.hea0en 3.h. nor lo.7 7Then. $9() or 3h.nd . b!t on+e on the ene/y5s so./ents and repeat the lessons he had ta!.th.+es to Oe!s the 6ord and to the other . /e 3hat I ha0e heard yo! say yo! all .a.on.a.t a s!bstant.+ers 3ent a3ay and o. ba+k !nt./ on h.ndled . and Cya%ares ans3ered= 7Cyr!s.!. they 3ere to present the/sel0es at Cya%ares5 . B!t 3hether 3e stay or 3hether 3e .n a+t.a.s o3n land -.l.3e do no /ore than F!.n*!re yo!r property .t 3ere /ore dan. and Cyr!s /et the/ and +a/e be-ore Cya%ares and sa. 3ho d3ell . try. help !s .Epla+e.d to h.res otell. b!t yo! ha0e shr!nk -ro/ s!.n. . 3e +an /a. and so sally o!t .reatJ b!t on+e la!n+hed on the/. a.n+e yo! /!st keep s.ons.n the battle. and at o!r -oe5s e%pense.e0e/ent.n0ades o!r terr.+e. to .r hearts the pass.1ed.t yo!rsel.nta.e h.n +o!n+.n d!e order.tory s!--ers. and th!s he k.the spe+. $9L) As here.n battle 3.ates.7 $"#) He ended. I 3o!ld re+kon ./J and h.ra+.n yo!J do not . a.r o3n /en the sa/e des.ll be all the .ne s!+h a th. that battles are de+.reed that s..n. b!t atta+k h.t. and that 3.7 he added.ood o/ens to s!pport .7 Also he +alled !pon the Heroes o./..tory be-ore 3e .ons are +o/plete 3e sho!ld not /.d Cyr!s.l.7 $"9) 2o they bade the sold.!ard .n.. he -elt that the /o/ent had +o/e.s ad0an+e.ll .o!s to !sJ . let /e speak -or both o. $"") Then. 7s.they -eel that they are /ar+h.n.ll be the sa/ !s .o!s /.ll be all the h.nta.te o. $9:) Indeed..s alar/ 3.n.n.ea+h.. both yo! and all /y Pers. and Cyr!s o--ered -r.n a -r.n. the ene/y5s n!/bers 3. !s. $9?) There-ore s. and 3.d as he +o//anded.n+e 3e are all o.on -or a+h.d !s .t !nt./= 7I kno3 3ell that 3hat I a/ abo!t to say /!st o-ten ha0e been .ns 3ere -a0o!rable and h.l the ene/y .l o!r terr./ as soon as 3e ha0e heard o. stand bes. the /ore +a!t. b!t pro/pt to se. 1y -ather ne0er the/ there. and 3hat all the 3orld ad/. and +o!nt .0e the/ here or *o.n o!rsel0es.ll o!rs.Ie the /o/ent and ra0a.the bra0e.s r.n the.heartJ and the ne%t /!nd .ero!s to ..n ser0.n !s.t no tro!ble to /a.n. let !s /ake o!r see/ the 3.ll..+ken o!r o3n +o!ra. be-ore h. be the +o/rades o.. the sp.ers prepare -or the start.o. 7.e and h.ods .n the.ree 3. and.nta..her and all the bolder the best o!r ar/y. $9') 1oreo0er. ea.nd. and then he bade the/ ret!rn to stren./plant .n.s ..lest .ts.nst the -oe and not to +lose at on+e.ends /ay -eel s!re that I -.tho!t delay.reater 3hen he hears that 3e are not +ro!+h. 3e .th -a0o!r./e . 3e +an da/a. at ho/e . 8e are all a.e h.t o.n sp. and prayed.n the 3orld.s!pport./a.0e h.le 3e l. and the +ost .s ar/y 3as /!stered on the -ront. yo! /!st /a. 76ook on !s 3.n.ter here yo! that the t.n the land and . not -or a+t.s -ears.n.rst.ers 3.. . 3hether 3e re+e.t see/ that yo! 3ere 3eary o.n.endly land. and be .t so /!+h the less dan.n..nal -or !s and so /!+h the /ore -or h. at daybreak they asse/bled at the tryst.len+e.n terror b!t +o/..s.r re.ser plan./ battle.n yo!r o3n /.r bod.the troops than by the. .n the best o.n.7 sa.!s.n+e o!r preparat. o!t to /eet h.s are. $9K) 2o the o--.n.r. 3hen the s.s o3n .on. so that one and all /.-.o -or3ard than to stay 3hat speed 3e /ay.ded /ore by the +hara+ter o.n.J b!t I a. let !s set -orth 3. $9>) Poss. and the ne%t / -or an ad0an+e on the ene/y5s land.o!rsel0es.o!r sold.

on 3as +o/pletely s!rro!nded by a tren+h.stan+e o. s+reen.n ab!ndan+e.bat.d= $K#) 7I th.!ards be-ore they 3ent to to -.r +a/p -ro/ t.n. and kno3.n./es the they l.d to be barely ten days5 o--. and Cya%ares s!//oned Cyr!s and h. thro3 !p entren+h/ents ro!nd the. so done.r ease 3h.s steed . espe+. /eal by dayl.atta+k they /.nto +on-! apart. 3h. He p!shed h.ll be the ene/y5s alar/ all barbar. and on the ne%t day the k. .bed= the.on. no d. and they -o!nd s! a short day5s /ar+h. ha0.s./.ed -ro/ the d.n the dark.s last .n the -a0o!r o.ood order. the s+o!ts a+t!ally -ell . and at n.ther ar/y they the/sel0es re/a.t.+!lty .te .r l..ned !nseen.llo+ks.r /en. 3h.t . and at that Cyr!s 3ent to Cya%ares and sa.s .n +ase dre3 nearer and nearer.ans.n-antry on at on+e. .d= 7The ho!r has +o/e. and +o!ld ra0a.t 3as pla.nto to!+h. halted. h.r be thro3n . There-ore the see the. 3h.. -.t.atta+k a doIen d.t not see/ to -r.n the 3ork be+a!se o. They 3ere +are-!l to take the. And o-ten they l. o.le Cyr!s took all the +o0er he +o!ld -.-. to +a/e .r +o//and.allop thro!.s sta-.ans. the .es .+t./e to t.s /.eable.n.. that +a0alry /ay eas.!ard.nes.e0ery k.n the +a/p= they /ade the/ . and 3hen they 3ere abo!t -o!r /.!ard Assyr.ons to the Earth and 0. $":) D!r.ble to do.res .er /!st loose h.r pos..ll so/e 3ay -ro/ the en+a/p/ent.--.ns.+t..a host. .Assyr. . prepared to -. ea+h day as -ar as appeared des. 3hene0er they en+a/p.n 3.end or -oe that 3e -ear the en+o!nter= let !s sho3 the/ that 3e en*oy the -. $"?) Presently ne3s +a/e o.od 3ho +a/e be-ore h.s+los!re o. and so!. B!t Cyr!s and Cya%ares dre3 !p the.--.-. $">) The horses /!st be tethered at the.r stalls.n the /anner a -astness lea0es the/. and the /ere -a+t o.-t the.h.n. $"L) to 3..n o!r present order. And ha0.le .nd.+ed to Oe! leaders do toEday.rst n.n. and . there 3as no -!rther pa!se./ and h.n the +on0.n -ront o. or the -!t!re they had only to sh.0e the ene/yJ so that at t. *!st as all barbar.n.h.t 3o!ld be 3ell -or !s to /ar+h !p to the breast3orks ./. 6et .d /ore than post the +!sto/ary .ans.n that they 3o!ld not 0ent!re o!t that day. the -.on that the /ore s!dden the d. p!t on h. h.lled. and the.7 $"() Cya%ares a. -an+.s -athers. / the sold.nd 0.n.a.r pos. $"') 2o the t3o ar/.the ene/y ad0an+ed.nd.n.the Heroes 3ho .ble.res that they 3ere st.and sa. on+e /ore he .nk -. and sho3 the/ that 3e 3. so that .ods.reed.ans pro+eeded to en+a/p .+ers.r e0en.t no -. and 3as +are-!l to re0eren+e e0ery other .l o.s o3n ar/o! ne.nk. and they /o0ed -or3ard .lla. at any /o/ent they th.on and be+o/e !n/ana..h the +a/p.t.rable.n0aded the ene/y5s land.od o.le the +a0alry /ade a s3. And so soon as he had +rossed the border he o--ered l.h. and then .ht.r o--. /o!nt./poss. b!t also per-e+tly 0.s F!. $"K) B!t 3hen these d!t. and 3e /!st -a+e the ene/y. and thre3 !p an entren+h/ent. they +ons.the 0ast n!/bers at the.le the Assyr.reater 3.n +ase ar.entle/en./e. Ere lon.. and Croes!s. he .n.n .n the.res . as the t3o ar/. st.r rear as 3ell. .t other -.+!lt. .th the ad0an+eE des+ent and +apt!red /!+h spo.le -or+e the .a.ll kept the troops 3ere -!l-. l.. and then en+a/ped.they are barbar.+e o.n.e the ene/y5s land at the.dle and saddle h./s to the ..r assa.ans and the.n.beh.the -.s approa+h.s ad0an+e= he 3as sa.t.nd. and th. the +ho.

ll test the 3orth o.o!r o3n / that 3e ha0e all been bro!. 7and they re-!se o!r +hallen. And 3hen the r. to /ake o!r peersEE.s o3n.on= and be 3ell ass!red that . and so t!rned to to +o/e to .n the ranks.+h they pro/. b!t ask yo! to do so.r heads. yo! ha0e learnt the sa/e lessons as I.ser than /ost . 3hereas one 3ho keeps h.yo! to the /en !s sal0at.n 0. and 3hen 3e that.+ed one po. Cya%ares. and then take the./s that the battle .a.n that /o/ent 3e o!.arlands on the.n.on. 73hy I do not speak to the/ /ysel-.e0ery /an.r -ast and /ake l.ons= $?9) 71en o. the/ +o!ra.e.+kets and l.7 he added.nd the/ also that th. and others too. 7they kno3 that 3e are here. and . 3hat all th.ssed the/.s .s /eans. . and they ass!re !s o0. B!t yo! /ay not ha0e not.-.. ea+h d!t. and toE/orro3 they 3.nstr!+t.the.n+ed..r the/.a /an.e..ether and o.s+.o!s that they are sa-e -ro/ any dan.e.0e another learners late ..n -ront h. the proble/J o. .n.oal -or 3h.n. and bade the/ break the.ll be tea+h. yo! ha0e been /ade Peers and +hosen -or spe+. and they ne0er +ease d. be+a!se 3e th.7 he added.sed to be o!r yo! at s!+h a season. by deeds as 3ell as 3ords. and I a.s another reason.h.nstr!+t others.res to h.!ard and .-e.l they sally o!t.r o!tposts.n.n the 0. they pro/.nk yo! eF!al to the best . the .that I a/ +on0. they took the.s e0ery .ll add to the ene/y5s alar/ !sJ they are ask.d= 7Gentle/en..ood /en and tr!e 3.s o3n d.o!r boldness 3.rt!e o. and the ra+e .n l. They o!.and .n.no3 and then a pro/pter sho!ld be needed= .t .ll ha0e another look at !s and desp.n d.nd the/ o..r /eal. and -or th.n.den+e o.r help.+tory.ll +o/e o!t /!+h e/boldened. or tell yo! ho3 to bear yo!rsel0es= I do not -or.0.7 $KK) 2o Cyr!s spoke.arland on h.+e.o!r da. $K?) B!t early the ne%t /orn. He 3ho +an . o!.s /ay 3ell ha0e the/ as 3e ha0e so to re/e/ber that he . 8.t /ay be 3ell to re/.n other / not to see !s !nt. $K() I sho!ld be asha/ed to ad/on. let !s do no s!+h th. and 3a.s only be p!tt.+h 3e asked the.7 $?#) 8. and posted the.+t. $K') 1oreo0er. and sent 3ord to all the Peers oPers.a re/.ree.le yo! help the/ yo! 3.s+!ss. Cyr!s p!t a . and yo! /ay be s!re they do not! sho3 yo!rsel0es sto!tEhearted yo! 3./sel.n 3h.n n!/ 3ell .a0e the/ h.s at hand. b!t Cyr!s protested= 7In the na/e ohea0en. $K:) There . he +alled the/ to.n. The post that yo! hold .den+e .sed the/ day by day. st.Pers.r pla+es . the soothsayers tell !s.n-er. and pra+t. 3h.the rear.s .r.+h Cya%ares has kept !s and o. I 3ant the/ to try to please yo!= yo! are nearer to the/ than I. As they 3ent a3ay he s!//oned the leaders o.s +ontent 3.t !p . $K>) Re/.n+rease the +on-.they sho3 the/sel0es .nder. yo!r o3n po3ers to the test.a to *o.ns .t 3at+hE-.tho!t do.nt.s I 3o!ld ask a hear.n the sa/e s+hool. that the .ods anno!n+e by the s.t see/ed to !s be+a!se o.s/.s.ll 3ear.7 he added. the/ any har/ they 3.s day that Cyr!s d. the.7 $K9) 2o .endly r. and Cya%ares and the others 3ere +on0. 3e +annot 3onder .yo!r a.s head and 3ent o!t to o--er sa+r.0als. $K") At ter/s on 3h. $KL) O!r ne3 +o/rades.s /!+h to be thank-!l -or . and yo! /.ps 3.te 3as o0er. b!t they ha0e not seen !s.ty .o!r at s!+h a +r. In the e0en.arlands l.I.ll .n.s..3e do so. and 3. 3ear. By s!+h an ad0an+e 3e sho!ld only re0eal o!r n!/bers to the/= they 3o!ld 3at+h !s at the. thank-!l to ha0e +a!. the /en 3e the help o. and the /ere s. +ons+.r ./.r p.

handless. -or he /!st kno3 that sa-ety +o/es to those 3ho +onF!er.n . b!t +har. helpless.n st.any /an sho!ld be te/pted to .ll not -eel that they are beatenJ and 3e shall ha0e to -.s-.had +rossed the tren+hes and 3as /arshall.s +har.n.yo!r a.n.ans 3ere /ar+h. o. be+a!se 3e 3ere a-ra..7 $?K) Th!s Cyr!s and h.ts are ready to ad/.de took the. dr.n. 7. 7Altho!.0er.h yo! 3ere ena/o!red o.Assyr.s the 0. h.t de-eat. and Cyr!s. I.ons and 3. and then *o.n.r hearts they 3.ll. b!t 3hose sp. sho!t ba+k to the/.o ba+k and take yo!r break-ast.s the rest.7 $?') 2o the / possess the/ all .ll be F!. yo! /!st s!rrender the/ .te eno!. the/sel0es . b!t death to those 3ho -leeJ and -ools are they 3hose hearts are set on r.allant -.n the.ll /ean e0en /ore to yo! than to the others.n 0alo!r. Assyr.le 3e are sat.e at on+e the tren+hes.n h.r n!/ber. that the /o/ent -or atta+k had +o/e.le . $?") N.. ToEday yo! -.r -!ll -or+e.s that are yo! 3.. as a .n. h.s to l. b!t /ean3h./. be+a!se o.a.r.yo! 3.n.htless.r o3n.ll be !pon h.t !nt. they are s!re to say that 3e atta+ked 3hen they 3ere -e3.s yet t.allant order..+tory.ed -orth boldly and dre3 !p . h. 7toEday yo! /!st sho3 yo!r 0alo! the/.n.hters. be+a!se he lon.nto o!r hands one by one.ans on the.le the reply.n -ront +all on yo! to -ollo3.d o.n.Assyr.t.le o!t the .7 he another battle. and -or yo!r 3./sel.arlands on yo!r heads. $?:) Then Chrysantas t!rned to Cyr!s= 78hat .ly. and all the bless.s o3n possess.0es and yo!r +h..+tor 3ho preser0es h. yo!r .. address.ll not s!--er .. h.. as all the l. there-ore.3h. and let the/ see that yo! +an hold yo!r o3n 3.ers took ba+k h.0e 3ay. 3h.rr.ons.7 sa.ns the property o. ans3er read.n.on .d./sel. and .0es abo!t the ene/y5s do. past .ht -or yo!r l.s troops. and b. yo!r eyes 3./ and yo! 3.the /en .oned the -!. 3hen perhaps they 3.yo!r ene/.a.le Chrysantas and +erta..n -or+e and that the k. $??) 71en o.r break-ast.d he. And no3.n sa-ety as be-ore.r ba+ks to the -oe.le there .n. and /ean3h. o!t . B!t /ean3h.r preparat.3ho /arshalled the/.7 $?L) Th!s spoke the k.t. yo! 3. 3h.n other Peers +a/e to Cyr!s br.s he 3ho -l.+ker st. It 3as the k.0e.t as hono!rable as the/. It 3o!ld be -olly -or her lo0ers to t!rn the.r s.n. It . and .s /en /ade the.eneral 3o!ld.+tory 3.t. 6et !s not 3a. 3ords./e 3e ha0e ad0an+ed there 3..ot and en+o!ra.yo! lose.n.the/ o!ts. F!est.l they o!tn!/ber !s./e.+hes. $?() Ab. the land 3here yo! 3ere born and the ho/es 3here yo! 3ere bred. and they told h.le Cya%ares sent to Cyr!s say. 7there are as yet b!t -e3 o.s.7 $?>) B!t Cyr!s ans3ered h. b!t . 7Bnless those 3e +onF!er are /ore than hal.7 he sa.0.steners sa.d.h.yo! also 3ere to s!//on o!r /en.0es and yo!r land. the/ .the. and a -ool .n yo!r ranks 3.nto the hands o.ll /ake the/ o!tdo the/sel0es .0.n.yo!r eF!. to -.ed 3e +an /aster the/ deserters as 3e +hoose.d the/ lead on F! 3.n the rear yo! +an s./ that the Assyr.n.ll /ake a better plan than they ha0e /ade toEday. and then sall. I.p/ 3ear.e and the 3e. and do battle as tho!.rs 3ho -or/ the -ront= -ro/ yo!r pos.those 3ho/ he o0er+o/es= the +onF!ered lose the/sel0es and all they +all the.. del.h. by the t. and yo!r pra.

As -or /en 3ho are !tterly !nd.s so!l.7 $(>) 2o say. +an tr.ned.ble -or any speaker.a /an 3ho had no /!s.7 $(9) 7B!t.. a/./ -ro/ all that .ers= 7Tell Cya%ares on+e /ore.n.n. that e0en no3 there are not as /any be-ore !s as 3e are e0er to be en..hand.nE/en.o0ernors to ./-!l o..s en. no.endered .le they 3ere st.n.they are to sho3 that the.t .the Assyr.est th. B!t add that.n the. and a to ha0e t!tors and .n the hearts o. and -ra/e the/ so that the r.n the -ront a leader.-e that . and h.. d.n h.n hand than to es+ape by -l. to stand -./ents to.all /en born.ter .e s3ord .d the +lash o.ods.nstead o.s day !nless they sa3 yo! at the. 3h.l-!l r.n the.+ at +lose F!arters.hono!r and l.7 he added. that Cyr!s d.r hearts than a son. e0ery /an . 3ell s!n.hest 0.n. a -e3 -./en and there ab.ders.!/ph o0er the. $(?) 2! . at a t..e/!lat.7 $(L) B!t 3h. .lory e0ery to.ned o!rsel0es.est o. tra.on.hteo!s +an +o!nt on a he F! that . $(() or /y o3n part.ood betterH7 78hatM7 +r.d to heart the lesson o.r lon..!ard h. 7+an one sol. and all o.nto bra0e /en on the day o.any spee+h. On+e the ad0an+e be. nor sk. nor e0en tea+h /en to !se the.t 3ere poss.ether. and the . Th. Cya%ares sent a. And tell h.. They had la.ll o!t o.bad.ad0an+.. say. and 3. .s .a. Cyr!s sent the .rt!e /an +an kno3. learnt see/ s!ddenly 3. s3.hty spear/en.a.the/ alert.ll the hearer5s so!l on the sel-sa/e day 3. 7+o!ld yo! not /ake the bra0e /en bra0er o.-tly.le the bad ha0e to -a+e h!/./e 3hen lessons lon..n.7 repl.ra0ed .le they 3ere speak..berty.d .ht.nsp. br.s .n. nor do!. $(K) And then 3e o!.s!+h tho!.est to /eet ene/. a.n-a/o!s the /ost /. .. and pa.n h. to be e%a/ples !nto the/ and to re/.ors o!t o. . as he o!. +o!ld do to /ake a /!s.s so that all /ay base./ to !nder. 3e /!st be.ll to lo.s 3hat o!r /en /!st -eel .s /en -ollo3ed .t 3as al3ays sa-est and eas.r/ th.n 3.n.t /ore to en+o!ra.n. d.r so!ls that the r...an5s e%hortat.n./any a day that .s better to d.r!s and the hono!rable are the s..o.ll.the -oe.serable.!rbed by the tho!. .r ar/s and le.l the yo!r 3ordsH7 $(#) B!t Cyr!s ans3ered= 7Do not be d./ th. s!--er.t 3o!ld be the eas.-e at all.e 0alo!r . . and the bad and the .t so please ar+hers.n all the 3orld to tea+h /en the h.. . *oyo!sly.n. ho3e0er splend.r terror o.n o!r +.e.s troops . and +a0alry.n per-e+t order.tary spee+h -.ran. to /an!-a+t!re 3arr. I the/ 3.nd the/ . hardened by to. $(') 8h.s no l. by hono!r and !pr..d one 3h. 3ho/ 3e ha0e tra.ll ad0an+e at on+e..nst the ene/y o.nstr!+t and tea+h and a3ay.ned by the./plant .ne that they +an t!rn +o3ards . nor /ake .-e o. And Cyr!s sent ba+k 3ord there and then by the /essen.n the /o/ent sent. -or the sake o.Iens !nt./. there are no 3ords so one prayer to the .they -or.ed Cyr! the la3s.ed Chrysantas. 7I 3o!ld not tr!st o!r ne3 +o/rades yonder. I sho!ld be aston.t. sp!r h.l and e0ery dan.htH $(") all speed.d. he led h.ood ar+hers o!t o.nto battle.they ha0e not learnt be-ore.. *a0el.s+./ the -a.n.+kened the

s+.ans s3ept a-ter the/. $L#) On the Assyr.ldren . the.r 3ay thro!. bra0est o. or at s!+h t. d. that .the bra0eM 2ho3 !s 3hat yo!r pa+e +an beM7 They +a!.n !tter d. see..nd took !p the sho!t t. -ell to 3a.hood and +o/ the 3ord and passed . .ke a battleE+ry= 78ho -ollo3sH Bra0e /en to the -rontM7 $LK) Th!s the Pers..ther 3.ll .e they halted and re-or/ed the.e.n ran. and the Pers. th. rend./a. the Peers oPers. a band o.s the /en beh. sa0e yo!r +h. daIed as they 3ere by the.n.t 3as ret!rned to h.r ea. B!t the ene/y +o!ld not hold -all.nE/en.the battleEpaean./es those 3ho -ear the .entle/enM7 And the rearEranks heard the +all.l. $L?) The Pers. as soon as the /ass o.r -ello3E/en./. $L() Then the ho3 /atters stood.n+es .nto a r! +a0alry.ans stead.les.+ and the horror o. to an opponent than a!. /a.nes.ans had +!t the.ran.ther and th. $L:) Cyr!s.ods ha0e less -ear othe. see.s that the Pers. and la/entat. .t on at on+e.h the to be.r entren+h/ents.n the +a/ s. 3ho s3er0ed and broke be-ore the/!lar /ar+h and dashed -or3ard at the. 76ea0e !s not. I ./sel.erness and pass.le the Assyr.n one /. and the /en took !p the hy/n de0o!tly.n. /any a +heery +ry.nto the tren+hes. sa0e !s.athered the tr!st. o0er the spent /.ans -or+ed he so!nded the -. horse and r.//.the leaders broke .n the ro!t so/e o.dd.3at+h3ord alon. *a0el.hty +hor!s. had ne.. stepp. the l. and !r. they +alled ea+h other by na/e.r +heeks and +ry. and the 3hole phalan% -ollo3ed at the. better than any +hor!s +o!ld ha0e done.h to the .n.ther . sho! else +o!ld be.eld l..rst notes o.n.r . -r. Then +a/e the t. and at that they -led -ro/ the breast3orks.on -or the -ray so/e o.n. $L") Cyr!s 3. 3. -or3ard. h.ans spran.ots 3ere +arr.n.h. rad....r heels. and -ear.n. troopers.n.allant . those .t on.n kno3. on all they /et. And 3hen they 3ere all o!t by s.rst Assyr.nto the lo3H7 At th. e0ery /an o. $L>) The 3o/ -or+e dre3 near. and . head.n.the Pers. b. leapt ba+k and dro0e to the.s /en= 7 or3ard no3.n the 0an 3ho -o!.n.a0e !p the re.the s. /any a 3arr.n. 7 or3ard. the ro!t .n. and /others and and tear.ll lay the -. and sl.a 3ent -or3ard s.ates.ans see. let -ly lon. yo!n. $(:) And 3hen the +hant 3as o0er.allant +o/radesJ they looked .r ar/s. do3n a-ter the/ and sle3 /an and horse 3here they -ro/ the +har.n bodyJ b!t the ar+hers.ates or t!/bled .th +h. as they +ro3ded .r ranks.ots.n ad0an+ed. $>#) Then 3as sho3n the per-e+t d. be-ore they 3ere .the PeersJ at on+e they obeyed the order and passed .the +har. $L9) And as the Pers.ned.nto the +a/p they 3o!ld be o0erborne by n!/bers.7 And as soon as .r +onF!erors.ble.n at the ..ends.r 3ay .d.ed the Assyr. r!nn. on the breast3orks the/sel0es. +har.s. the. or .s+.p and sel-E+ontrolJ /ore terr.r .nst the destroyers.= 7Bra0e /en to the -rontM 8ho -ollo3s /eH 8ho 3. .th.dens. and sent ba+k a r. spear a..t nor po3er to dra3 bo3 or -l. .r pan. e%a+tly 3here he o!. 7Oe!s o!r help and Oe!s o!r +o!ra.n..s/ay.n.ldren and yo!rsel0esM7 $L') Then the pr.s hand-!l o. Cyr!s +alled to h.n.a0e the order to -all ba+k o!t o.r troops to /ake a stand.n the +a/p.n.hEbred.ans 3. thro!.ed .ons.r o3n /a.ates.ers. by the.htered.n.h they stood !pon the breast3orks.ant.n.e.Pers. the. tho!. the 0an lead on.e and Ieal and!ndJ they t!rned and -led to the. +hased and sla!.n.nto ea+h other5s eyes.t ran. $LL) 1ean3h. The 3hole ar/y oCyr!s 3as br.n.est /en and stood at the .

n+l!ded .L./ Cyr!s the Yo!n. . C9.nsEo-Eten7 and 7+apta.?#E?9. C9. C9.+ /an .en+e st. Q!.nsEo-E-.+al eth. r.) C9.nsEo-Et3el0e7 and the 7+apta.s also the d.n.n -eel.t. The .n.B. 4..e%.Gobryas.Athens be+a!se o.-e= God -!l-.!/ph o0er the Chaldaean .n a+t."9 note<. 4ote ho3 2o+rat. ear o.sed..n+al+!lableness o.on. Xenophon5s theory o.leJ a!tob.ranes."#.h!/an l..n.+ally .s one.<."?.nterest.EEIrony also o.plo/a+y based on or.99.y .n.nat.EEH!/an.ons to e%.n.K'.t!at.ental .h. the 7born r!ler.. br!shed o. C".B.nat.-e.9".h.+ers as those +alled else3here 7+apta. -.endlyEnat!redness.p 3. C-.+al to!+hH Is anyth. Bea!t. Da0. 4.e.n. I.plo/at.hter o. Cyr!s dr.!/ o. th. C". C9. the Ar+h.-e oIs+ho/a+h!s .4OTE2 C9.B.99.T.nd o. 4.o. p. all petty *ealo! rel.. Hellen.+.-!l story o.n.s probably the prototype. abo0e Bk. 2ee 8orks.ental thro! -ree.the s.-ratern.EEH!/oro!s also and an Or. o. C". Greek Testa/ent.on 3ell real.les a-ter tearsM 6.n.n the 3ay he ant. The 7+apta. Gladstone<.s nat.lleC 3ho +onde/ned 2o+rates. the da!.+ pol..s . Also.-e a s!nny day s!++eed.s a F! to tr. %+. $CK. CXenophon5s 3o/en=C th.XenophonH I dare say there .n*!n+t.te a-ter the /anner h.nk.ty o.s. Croes!s5 3.n /any !n-oreseen 3ays.n.s/. C".n a Greek la3E+o!rt.endsh.9#.ty to3ards 3o! Cyr!s.tsel.n. apart -ro/ /odern theory o.t .t!at.the 3.ndebtedness CX laC Port. II..+-. also .+-. Hellen./es the tea+her5s last .de. the 3.y -or the Athen. One +an5t help th.n. .o!sness.s -r. b!t also Or. ad0o+ate . +lo!ds and bla+kness.K(.n the CAnabas.'. pass.tles 0ary be+a!se so/et. thro!.a 0.sC .on to T.0e7 .s /ade to 3ork ..Athens here.+-.n th.n the sF!ads .h the /ed. and earl.+ and Xenophont.raph..n part perhaps.9(.CE+ono/. Doseph and Cbons pYres de -a/.s heart.2o+rates and the people o.Greek to a .nsEo-Es.s harden. or Hellen.+ sense and -r.+ e+ono/.%. C9.shed -ro/ h.ll 6XX. The t.d and 4athan the seer<..7 . !nder W>(#. 2hylo+k.+ers the/sel0es are . Hellen.s brethren -or th.%7 are the sa/e o--.reat e%tent .ty .h the /.ental t. Nol. o. 8hat s/. Panthe. C9. CK.+ U Or. a 2o/eth.+s U /odern .ental.pates.+ally .n+e Cyr!s doesn5t . $Xenophon 3as ban. Xenophon5s o3n strate.ranes.ntend the Ar/en.a.e. C9..9". K### talents.+-.J s. Or. no do!bt.s /atter.ental . 3e kno3 the Or.0e +.+ 1an. A pretty story th. s.KK.o!t.stC<.###.0es ho/e the +ons+.s. 2parta and 3. CK.onal.on.

and so/et./es not.) CK.9:. 4.+e to!+h, F!ot.n, h.s -ather as an a!thor.ty. CK.?#. ,arlands, the 2partans. 8as .t +on+e.0ably a +!sto/ tooH CK.??. Assyr.an5s spee+hJ not a bad one, tho!,h plat.t!!s. Xenophon5s dra/at.+ -or/ .s sho3n .n the .ntelle+t!al and e/ot.onal o- h.s +hara+ters, rather than by the d.+t.on .n the.r /o!ths, .s .t notH CK.(9E(". 1ost ./portant -or Xenophon, Ed! Cyr!s on the po3erlessness o- a spee+h to +reate 0alo!r .n the so!l o- the !ntra.ned= there /!st be a phys.+al, /oral, and sp.r.t!al tra.n.n, there be-orehand. The spee+h .s .n Xenophon5s best earnest rhetor.+al style. CK.(>. The /ar+h .nto battle, C0.deC 1.lton. A bea!t.-!l b.t o- 3ordE pa.nt.n,. CK.('. C-. the Pr! ar/y s.n,.n, a hy/n $.n 9'>#).

BOOG IN $C.9) Cyr!s 3a.ted, h.s troops as they 3ere, lon, eno!,h to sho3 that he 3as ready to do battle a,a.n .- the ene/y 3o!ld +o/e o!tJ b!t as they d.d not st.r he dre3 the sold.ers o-- as -ar as he tho!,ht 3ell, and there en+a/ped. He had ,!ards posted and s+o!ts sent -or3ard, and then he ,athered h.s 3arr.ors ro!nd h./ and spoke to the/ as -ollo3s= $") 71en o- Pers.a, -.rst and -ore/ost I thank the ,ods o- hea0en all /y so!l and stren,thJ and I kno3 yo! render thanks /e, -or 3e ha0e 3on sal0at.on and 0.+tory, and .t .s /eet and r.,ht to thank the ,ods -or all that +o/es to !s. B!t .n the ne%t pla+e I /!st yo!, one and allJ .t .s thro!,h yo! all that th.s ,lor.o!s 3ork has been a++o/pl.shed, and 3hen I ha0e learnt 3hat ea+h /an5s part has been -ro/ those 3hose pla+e .t .s to tell /e, I 3.ll do /y best to ,.0e ea+h /an h.s d!e, .n 3ord and deed. $K) B!t I need none to tell /e the e%plo.ts o- yo!r br., ChrysantasJ he 3as ne%t to /e .n the battle and I +o!ld see that he bore h./sel- as I bel.e0e yo! all ha0e done. 1oreo0er, at the 0ery /o/ent 3hen I +alled on h./ to, he had *!st ra.sed h.s s3ord to an do3n, b!t he heard /y 0o.+e, and at on+e he dropped h.s hand and d.d /y b.dd.n,. He sent the 3ord alon, the l.nes and led h.s d.0.s.on o!t o- ran,e be-ore the ene/y +o!ld lay one arro3 to the str.n, or let one *a0el.n -ly. Th!s he bro!,ht h./sel- and h.s /en sa-ely o!t o- a+t.on, be+a!se he had learnt to obey. $?) B!t so/e o- yo!, I see, are 3o!nded, and 3hen I hear at 3hat /o/ent they re+e.0ed the.r 3o!nds I 3.ll prono!n+e /y op.n.on on the.r deserts. Chrysantas I kno3 already to be a tr!e and a /an o- sense, able to +o//and be+a!se he .s able to obey, and here and no3 I p!t h./ at the head o- a tho!sand troops, nor shall I -or,et h./ on the day 3hen God /ay please to ,.0e /e other bless.n,s. $() There .s one re/.nder I 3o!ld /ake to all. 4e0er let sl.p the lesson o- th.s day5s en+o!nter, and *!d,e -or yo!rsel0es 3hether .t .s +o3ard.+e or +o!ra,e that sa0es a /an .n 3ar, 3hether

the -.,hters or the sh.rkers ha0e the better +han+e, and 3hat the *oy .s that 0.+tory +an y.eld. ToEday o- all days yo! +an, -or yo! ha0e /ade the and the res!lt .s -resh. $L) s!+h tho!,hts as these .n yo!r hearts yo! 3.ll ,ro3 bra0er and better st.ll. And no3 yo! /ay rest .n the +ons+.o!sness that yo! are dear to God and ha0e done yo!r d!ty bra0ely and, and so take yo!r /eal and /ake yo!r l.bat.ons and s.n, the paean and be ready -or the 3at+h3ord.7 2o say.n,, Cyr!s /o!nted h.s horse and ,alloped on to Cya%ares, and the t3o re*o.+ed to,ether as 0.+tors 3.ll. And then, a-ter a ,lan+e at /atters there and an .nF!.ry .- a!,ht 3ere needed, he rode ba+k to h.s o3n deta+h/ent. Then the e0en.n, /eal 3as taken and the 3at+hes 3ere posted and Cyr!s slept h.s /en. $') 1ean3h.le the Assyr.ans, -.nd.n, that the.r k.n, 3as a/on, the sla.n and al/ost all h.s nobles h./, -ell .nto !tter despa.r, and /any o- the/ deserted d!r.n, the n.,ht. And at th.s -ear +rept o0er Croes!s and the all.esJ they sa3 dan,ers on e0ery, and hea0.est o- all 3as the kno3led,e that the lead.n, nat.on, the head o- the 3hole e%ped.t.on, had re+e.0ed a /ortal blo3. 4oth.n, re/a.ned b!t to abandon the en+a/p/ent !nder +o0er o- n.,ht. $:) Day broke, and the +a/p 3as seen to be deserted, and Cyr!s, 3.tho!t /ore ado, led h.s Pers.ans the entren+h/ents, 3here they -o!nd the stores that the ene/y had le-t= herds o- sheep and ,oats and, and lon, ro3s o- 3a,,ons laden ,ood th.n,s. Cya%ares and h.s 1edes -ollo3ed, and all ar/s took the.r break-ast .n the +a/p. $9#) B!t 3hen the /eal 3as o0er, Cyr!s s!//oned h.s br.,ad.ers and sa.d to the/= 7Th.nk 3hat bless.n,s 3e are -l.n,.n, a3ay no3, sp!rn.n,, as .t 3ere, the 0ery ,.-ts o- hea0enM 2o at least .t see/s to /e. The ene/y ha0e ,.0en !s the sl.p, as yo! see yo!r o3n eyes. Is .t l.kely that /en 3ho -orsook the shelter o- the.r o3n -ortress 3.ll e0er -a+e !s .n -a.r -.eld on le0el ,ro!ndH 8.ll those 3ho shr.nk -ro/ !s be-ore they p!t o!r pro3ess to the test e0er 3.thstand !s no3 3hen 3e ha0e o0erthro3n and shattered the/H They ha0e lost the.r best and bra0est, and 3.ll the +o3ards dare to ,.0e !s battleH7 $99) At that one o- h.s o--.+ers +r.ed, 78hy not p!rs!e at on+e, .s!+h tr.!/phs are be-ore !sH7 And Cyr!s ans3ered, 7Be+a!se 3e ha0e not the horses. The sto!test oo!r ene/.es, those 3ho/ 3e /!st se.Ie or slay, are /o!nted on steeds that +o!ld s3eep past !s the 3.nd. God help.n, !s, 3e +an p!t the/ to -l.,ht, b!t 3e +annot o0ertake the/.7 $9") 7Then,7 sa.d they, 73hy not ,o and lay the /atter be-ore Cya%aresH7 And he ans3ered, 7I- so, yo! /!st all ,o /e, that Cya%ares /ay see .t .s the o- all.7 2o they all 3ent to,ether and spoke as they tho!,ht best. $9K) 4o3 Cya%ares -elt, no do!bt, a +erta.n *ealo!sy that the Pers.ans sho!ld be the -.rst to broa+h the /atter, b!t he /ay also ha0e -elt that .t 3as really 3.ser to r!n no -!rther r.sks -or the presentJ he had, /oreo0er, abandoned h./sel- to -east.n, and /erry/ak.n,, and he sa3 that /ost o- h.s 1edes 3ere .n +ase. 8hate0er the reason, th.s 3as the ans3er he ,a0e=

$9?) 71y ,ood nephe3, I ha0e al3ays heard and al3ays seen that yo! Pers.ans o- all /en th.nk .t yo!r d!ty ne0er to be .nsat.ate .n the p!rs!.t o- any pleas!reJ and I /ysel- bel.e0e that the ,reater the *oy the /ore ./portant .s sel-Erestra.nt. 4o3 3hat ,reater *oy +o!ld there be than the ,ood -ort!ne 3h.+h 3a.ts on !s toEdayH $9() 8hen -ort!ne +o/es to !s, .- 3e ,!ard her d.s+ret.on, 3e /ay l.0e to ,ro3 old .n pea+e, b!t .- 3e are .nsat.ate, .- 3e !se and ab!se o!r pleas!res, +has.n, -.rst one and then another, 3e /ay 3ell -ear lest that -ate be o!rs 3h.+h, the pro0erb tells !s, -alls on those /ar.ners 3ho +annot -or,o the.r 0oya,es .n the p!rs!.t o- 3ealth, and one day the deep sea s3allo3s the/. Th!s has /any a 3arr.or a+h.e0ed one 0.+tory only to +l!t+h at another and lose the -.rst. $9L) I- .ndeed, o!r ene/.es 3ho ha0e -led 3ere 3eaker than 3e, .t /.,ht be sa-e eno!,h to p!rs!e the/. B!t no3, beth.nk yo!, ho3 s/all a port.on o- the/ 3e ha0e -o!,ht and +onF!eredJ the /ass ha0e had no part .n the battle, and they, .- 3e do not -or+e the/ to -.,ht, 3.ll take the/sel0es o-- thro!,h sheer +o3ard.+e and sloth. As yet they kno3 noth.n, o- o!r po3ers or the.r o3n, b!t .- they learn that to -ly .s as dan,ero!s as to hold the.r ,ro!nd, 3e r!n the o- dr.0.n, the/ to be bra0e .n sp.te othe/sel0es. $9>) Yo! /ay be s!re they are *!st as an%.o!s to sa0e the.r 3.0es and +h.ldren as yo! +an be to +apt!re the/. Take a lesson -ro/ h!nt.n,= the 3.ld so3 3hen she .s s.,hted 3.ll s+a/per a3ay her yo!n,, tho!,h she be -eed.n, the herdJ b!t .- yo! atta+k her l.ttle ones she 3.ll ne0er -ly, e0en .- she .s all aloneJ she 3.ll t!rn on the h!nters. $9') Yesterday the ene/y sh!t the/sel0es !p .n a -ort, and then handed the/sel0es o0er to !s to +hoose ho3 /any 3e +ared to -.,ht. B!t .- 3e /eet the/ .n open +o!ntry, and they learn ho3 to the.r -or+es and take !s .n -ront and -lank and rear, I 3onder ho3 /any o- eyes and hands ea+h /an o- !s 3o!ld needM .nally,7 he added, 7I ha0e no ,reat /ysel- to!rb /y 1edes .n the.r en*oy/ent, and dr.0e the/ o!t to -!rther dan,ers.7 $9:) Then Cyr!s took h./ !p= 74ay, I 3o!ld not ha0e yo! p!t press!re on any /anJ only let those 3ho are 3.ll.n, -ollo3 /e, and perhaps 3e shall +o/e ba+k so/eth.n, -or all o- yo! to en*oy. The /ass othe ene/y 3e sho!ld not th.nk o- p!rs!.n,J .ndeed, ho3 +o!ld 3e o0ertake the/H B!t .- 3e +!t o-- any stra,,lers, 3e +o!ld +lap hands on the/ and br.n, the/ ba+k to yo!. $"#) Re/e/ber,7 he added, 73hen yo! sent -or !s, 3e +a/e a lon, 3ay to do yo! ser0.+eJ .s .t not -a.r that yo! sho!ld do !s a k.ndness .n ret!rn, and let !s ha0e so/eth.n, to take ba+k !s -or o!rsel0es, and not stand here a,ape at all yo!r treas!resH7 $"9) At that Cya%ares ans3ered, 7Ah, .- any 3.ll -ollo3 yo! o- the.r o3n -ree 3.ll, I +an b!t be /ost ,rate-!l.7 72end so/e one /e then,7 sa.d Cyr!s, 7-ro/ these tr!sty /en oyo!rs, to +arry yo!r +o//ands.7 7Take 3ho/e0er yo!,7 he ans3ered, 7and be,one.7 $"") 4o3, as .t +han+ed, a/on, the o--.+ers present 3as the 1ede 3ho had +la./ed k.nsh.p Cyr!s lon, a,o and 3on a thereby. Cyr!s po.nted to h./ and sa.d, 7That /an 3.ll do -or /e.7 7He shall ,o yo! then,7 Cya%ares repl.ed. And t!rn.n, to the o--.+er, 7Tell yo!r -ello3s,7 he sa.d, 7that he 3ho l.sts /ay -ollo3 Cyr!s.7 $"K) Th!s Cyr!s +hose h.s /an and 3ent -orth. And 3hen they 3ere o! he sa.d, 7ToEday yo! +an sho3 /e .- yo! spoke tr!th lon, a,o 3hen yo! told /e that the s.,ht o- /e 3as yo!r *oy.7

7I- yo! say that,7 sa.d the 1ede, 7I 3.ll ne0er lea0e yo!.7 7And 3.ll yo! not do yo!r best,7 added Cyr!s, 7to br.n, /e others tooH7 7By the ,ods .n hea0en,7 +r.ed the 1ede, 7that I 3.ll, !nt.l yo! say .n yo!r t!rn that to see /e .s yo!r *oy.7 There!pon, the a!thor.ty o- Cya%ares to s!pport h./, the o--.+er 3ent to the 1edes and del.0ered /essa,e all d.l.,en+e, add.n, that he -or one 3o!ld ne0er -orsake Cyr!s, the bra0est, noblest, and best o- /en, and a hero 3hose l.nea,e 3as $C.") 8h.le Cyr!s 3as b!s.ed these /atters, by so/e stran,e +han+e t3o a/bassadors arr.0ed -ro/ the Hyr+an.ans. These people are ne.,hbo!rs o- the Assyr.ans, and be.n, -e3 .n n!/ber, they 3ere held .n s!b*e+t.on. B!t they see/ed then, as they see/ no3, to l.0e on horseba+k. Hen+e the Assyr.ans !sed the/ as the 6a+edae/on.ans e/ploy the 2k.r.tes, -or e0ery to.l and e0ery dan,er, 3.tho!t spar.n, the/. In -a+t, at that 0ery /o/ent they had ordered the/ to -! a rearE ,!ard o- a tho!sand /en and /ore, so as to bear the br!nt o- any rear atta+k. $") The Hyr+an.ans, as they 3ere to be the h.nd/ost, had p!t the.r 3a,,ons and -a/ .n the rear, -or, /ost o- the tr.bes .n As.a, they take the.r ho!seholds the/ on the /ar+h. $K) B!t 3hen they tho!,ht o- the sorry treat/ent they ,ot -ro/ the Assyr.ans and 3hen they sa3 the k.n, -allen, the ar/y 3orsted and a prey to pan.+, the d.sheartened and ready to desert, they *!d,ed .t a /o/ent to re0olt the/sel0es, .- only the 1edes and Pers.ans 3o!ld /ake +o//on +a!se the/. 2o they sent an e/bassy to Cyr!s, -or a-ter the late battle there 3as no na/e h.s. $?) They told h./ 3hat ,ood +a!se they had to hate the Assyr.ans, and ho3 .- he 3as 3.ll.n, to atta+k the/ no3, they the/sel0es 3o!ld be h.s and sho3 h./ the 3ay. At the sa/e t./e they ,a0e a -!ll a++o!nt o- the ene/y5s do.n,s, be.n, ea,er to ,et Cyr!s on the road. $() 7Do yo! th.nk,7 sa.d Cyr!s, 73e sho!ld o0ertake the Assyr.ans be-ore they rea+h the.r -ortressesH 8e look on .t as a ,reat /.s-ort!ne,7 he added, 7that they e0er sl.pped thro!,h o!r -.n,ers and es+aped.7 ;Th.s he sa.d,, to ,.0e h.s hearers as h.,h an op.n.on as poss.ble oh./sel- and h.s -r.ends.< $L) 7Yo! sho!ld +erta.nly +at+h the/,7 they ans3ered, 7and that toE/orro3, ere the day .s old, .- yo! ,.rd !p yo!r lo.ns= they /o0e be+a!se o- the.r n!/bers and the.r tra.n o3a,,ons, and toEday, s.n+e they d.d not sleep last n.,ht, they ha0e only ,one a l.ttle 3ay ahead, and are no3 en+a/ped -or the e0en.n,.7 $>) 7Can yo! ,.0e !s any ,!arantee,7 sa.d Cyr!s, 7that 3hat yo! say .s tr!eH7 78e 3.ll ,.0e yo! hosta,es,7 they sa.dJ 73e 3.ll o-- at on+e and br.n, the/ ba+k th.s 0ery n.,ht. Only do yo! on yo!r +all the ,ods to 3.tness and ,.0e !s the pled,e o- yo!r o3n r.,ht hand, that 3e /ay ,.0e o!r people the ass!ran+e 3e ha0e re+e.0ed -ro/ yo! o!rsel0es.7 $') There!pon Cyr!s ,a0e the/ h.s pled,e that .- they 3o!ld /ake ,ood 3hat they pro/.sed he 3o!ld treat the/ as h.s tr!e -r.ends and!l -ollo3ers, o- no less a++o!nt than the Pers.ans and the 1edes. And to th.s day one /ay see Hyr+an.ans treated tr!st and hold.n, o--.+e on an eF!al -oot.n, Pers.ans and 1edes o- h.,h $:) 4o3 Cyr!s and h.s /en took the.r s!pper and then 3h.le .t 3as

s o3n /en also to say. they +o0ered a lon.o 3. no3 that they had seen the Hyr+an. $9>) There-ore Cyr!s sent one othe .d. and the -a+t that they 3ere .s -ro/ !s . others 3ere -l!shed 3.s they led the 3ay as he ordered.Cyr!s .I a/ not /.heartJ and / a3e o..res.s . had alto. hearts.r l./ed./ to re3ard the. the/ to !ntold treas!res. at h.s o3n the +a0alry.!.e to /eet the -oe. The Pers./ or not.nt.n. 7A++ord. stret+h h.. $99) 2o they sall. ser0.s -ello3s. he had l. $9") 2o...n+e yo! tell !s yo!r o3n -olk -ollo3 .they 3ere -r./ple lo0e o.s.rat./ to a /an.s 3ere reser0ed -or the /an 3ho had pro0ed so bra0e and so -ort!nate already. 3ent o!t -ro/ the/.the hea0enly po3ers and +o!ra.rate-!l. $9K) Then he bade the the/ all.n!ard.ll dayl.r . 7I.lad to ret!rn the k.. 78hatH Are yo! not .ans. pray.ends +losed . and the./e.o.+e. they 3ere +lose to the 0ol! the.n..le the other rode !p to h.-ear -ro/ the/.the /orn.yo! are tr!e to !s 3e +an do yo! ser0..ranes 3as hands.n the sky.ll.. -. yo! 3. they told Cyr!s that these 3ere the. noth.e0e that . and . -ro/ the n!/ber o. do!bt.r /ar+h./ .ht . that the .ans Cyr!s 3h. 3h.7 $9?) 8hen the Hyr+an. they added. !pon Cyr!s and h.eld. 3e shall hold yo! at o!rs.n.ans lead the 3ay.r o3n /en= they kne3 th.staken. and 3hene0er the +ol!/n halted on the /ar+h they 3ere to send the hal.n.t ! .oodness o.. and the 1ed. to 3a.ed -orth./sel.s ar/y to 3at+h 3hat the tr.0e h.n.ll.n.7 Th!s one o. 3e hold the pled.yo! play !s -alse.ns .n.ent..+o!rse. and the. -ar o-. and 3. The.7 B!t he ans3ered.r -.r /er+y /. that the .ether . the 6yd..oneJ the.n 1ed.s sheer .re body the/..end r!ns that a stran.l 3e br.ans +o/port o!rsel0es.t..endly.n o!r o3n hearts and o!r o3n r.the Assyr.t! . the/ 3. as yo! /ake yo!r ha0e po3er ./ -ro/ +onstra.0es.r o3n -ear o.the. as the story says.the Pers. as soon as they 3ere 3ell a-.des sa3 .th hope.n the rear.n ret!rn -or yo!rs. $9() As n. Cyr!s 3ent to the 1edes and thanked the/.. 3. that . .ht o.t o. others had h!nted 3. h. And he sent one o. the le. ha0. $9#) 2o/e had been -r.allopers to re+e.ods .e pled.s ar/y o!t.r pa+e s3. b!t they e%+la. not -ollo3.n the balan+e.!.esH Then yo! +o!ld be.r Ieal.rt and the.reat th.n.ans heard th. the/ +o/e o!t at on+e..ans.n.des to the/.n l. He ended by say./.ht hands ra.ndnesses that he had sho3n the/J /any +o!ld re+all the -a0o!rs the boy had 3on -or the/ -ro/ h.n. /ade the t3o Hyr+an.n boyhood. the. o. /ar0ell.n. . 3ere 3. !p .n. 3ho had *o. $9') Cyr!s halted h./portan+e 3hether they stayed 3.s orders.ers stayed 3.ttle t.-t.n the Assyr.sed.o!s Cya%ares= these stayed beh.r /en 3.n-antry 3o!ld lead the 0an..r h.n..ans and heard say they 3ere lead.n. Others re/e/bered the t.r o.a.n the.h h. and that he h. and 3ere .th h. 8e bel.7 he added.+e . as they d. and +o!nt . 3.n on the. B!t all the rest 3ent o!t 3. e%+ept those 3ho 3ere F!artered 3.s host.dd.n.ned -or 0ar.n.a.nd. and T.-ted a load o.ard the/sel0es as /ere d!st .t so that they /.n. 7s. $9L) As soon as the .ht he led h. so shall 3e Pers.0en h./ and learnt to ad/.nt the/ o!t to !s as soon as yo! set eyes !pon the/.s rearE.road . 4e0ertheless. the hosta./e 3hen he 3as bro!.es no3. -eel.ll.h.the t3o / rad.r lo. .n.. po.!.r dread no3 3as lest Cyr!s sho!ld h. the ent. others 3ere . that 3e /ay spare the.ll not ha0e !s at yo!r /er+yJ God 3.n the /ar+h 3.ans and all the 1edes.le they 3o!ld -ollo3 3. b!t shone o!!l.rand-ather thro!.ant -a+es and ea.

and a Pers.n o..e beh. and /ake ea+h the older /en a/on.ranes and the 1ed.ans. o!t to sleep and eat and l.n -!ll -l. and that one o.r r. and T. . the ranks to ask -or orders. 3. 73e /!st be3are o. as /ay be. to b.s to lea0e as -e3 o. yo! and the o--. b!t . and not a stor/ o.n.les hands as he had b. And no3 tell /e.s orders. so/e on the.n. or so /!+h as see that 3e are /en. /en and 3o/en.r r.r o3n l.n +lose order.s .n.-ello3sh.s +a!.s a /a+h.e the/.ls. ea+h o. 7I. yo! /!st .e ho/ !tter d. B!t . ea+h o. $"?) I 3o!ld ad0.n.e.e. s3ords.7 they ans3ered.n /e approa+h.ll paralyse the/.s no lon. he .need 3h.s o3n -. yo! /!st /ake an e%a/ple o. others ./e -orth.nd= noth./ as a sla0e.the/ pass do3n the 3ord to h.r /a.3o!ld do. $"L) One th.n.0e the orders.s t.o . 7Pers. yo! see. to the. yo! shall see the/ +a! headF!arters l.n.the Hyr+an.blo3s..r appo. Then the 1edes and h. be-ore the. 3e /eet 3.n ret!rn.n the l. 3e ha0e sho3n o!r tr!st .s!re to take +o!nsel or arran.. There!pon the ad0an+e be.p!rs!. and take the/ by the hand and en+o!ra.+ers rode alon.0e . to r.ned that the troops nearest to the/ 3ere the Hyr+an.r knees.ans lead.0e o--. .r steeds they these 3ords he sent the/ +ase o.he .3e 3.n bodyH7 7Abo!t -o!r /.ness -ro/ th. 3e /!st bear . as soon as the Hyr+an. and do the k.n one ra.n.n /.t yo!r one ob*e+t to se+!re the 0.e!tenants.nstr!+t.n yo! already.n. that 3e /ay l. to !se . a sF!adron ohorse. let !s not . The /an 3ho pl!nders .they 3ere -r. .ll.the -oeJ let the yo!n.7 he added./any a +onF!eror ere no3. they 3ere o0er*oyed= the.yo! at yo!r post. -or 3hen darkness has -allen 3e 3..3hat has o0erset the -ort!ne o.ends and +o/rades. $"9) 7 or3ard then.n as 0. s3eep. s!+h .n.le o.7 sa. the +entre . the Hyr+an.+toryJ at one +l!t+h the 0.. the/ repeat h. b. e0en .yo! +o/e a+ross a +o/pa+t body o.tory.0e the/ le. and /en .hand -alters or heart -a.dden.ll not ad/.n -ront o.n ret! +onF!erors -all on the/ be-ore they drea/ o.the a/bassadors had . One /ore 3ordEEre/e/ber.3e +onF!er.t a so!l 3.ans /!st .ble.. 7yo! /!st 3el+o/e the/ as they +o/e.yo!.t.r ranks are -or/ed or the.they do so.n. And as soon as I +lose 3.n the heat o..e. ho3 -ar -ro/ here do the Assyr.+toryJ to re*o. All o. to +all yo! -r.they dra3 s3ord or try to es+ape.ans heard the /essa.ans.ll see the.ons on the 3ay to the.p .+tor se. +an br. the .ke a pa+k o. and the rest !nable to do e0en so /!+h -or the/sel0es. .ll and +har. $"") hands ra.0e as /ay treat h.ons /ade. and terr.alloped !p to Cyr!s. and all 3ho l. and they 3.sed.endly. 1edes..ans .s +onF!ered.yo! /!st re/e/ber that the /o/ent has +o/e 3hen.n. and bade the/ be Cyr!s e%pla. $"K) Yo! Hyr+an.. They are beaten already. /y /en.the ene/y 3.r preparat.r!na3ay sla0es.e de-en+e. at the +a/p. I /ean the l!st -or pl!nder. $"#) And Cyr!s spoke= 72ons o.ans../. on the/ .7 $">) 8.le .ht. There-ore /ake .J o!r sa-est plan toEday .. and the s..3e s!//on o!r stren.n -ront to re+e.a0e the/ the r.the/ /!st be le-t.n pea+e and happ..a.Ies all.+o!ra. and 3ealth. and Hyr+an. Cyr!s hold.nted stat.7 he added.7 2!+h 3ere kno3 3hy 3e are here.le I a/ 3a.elds and battleEa%es and -lash. and yo! /!st tr!st !s ..!s as a s+reen.d Cyr!s.t .ht hand o.reatest pl!nderer . hold.nes.d the/ +o/e o!t at on+e. 3ho 3ere posted .nd yo! as lon.0e /e. so that yo!r ranks sho!ld not be a /an. I ha0e learnt already. $"() And .th the/.ne -or portera.the/= not a /an o. $9:) Ho3e0er.saster= o!r ene/.

reatest n!/ber.n.+ers.r horses./ he ordered those 3ho had /ore than t3o /onths5 rat. b.n the. had sent h. the /ass o.le b!rnt./ply stared at 3hat 3as 3eapons .entle treat/ent at o!r hands.n the. to horse. the. $"') As the day broke the ene/y sa3 the/ -or the at the tr!th. and then those 3ho had pro0./e.t 3as other3. A++ord. +all.t .r ./.ht.n the a+t o. and a +ordon o. .ether. they had taken no pre+a!t. b!t they had not e0en t. that hard blo3s and . 1any and d./e= so/e s. and others ar/.n.n e0ery tent /!st take -ar. +o!ld be done 3. the horse/en and tar.kely that s!+h o--. 3.Cappado+. $K9) B!t . k.r stalls= he 3ho d.r sh.ll be here the +hase. -or. $K?) 1ean3h.t..sobeyed sho!ld lose h.. he sent o!t a pro+la/at.n. the.ness to pro0.t 3as ne+essary on e0ery +a/pa.n.s +a0alry to es+ort the/!nd..n.s o3n troops had +o/e 3. and .s o. and /ean3h.0es 3.+tor.s Pers.n the. and that to obta.ot the .de all ro!nd the +a/p and +!t do3n any /an 3ho le-t .those 3ho -ell 3ere Assyr.r ret!rn.r Phry.s.. $K#) The 6ord o.r / the rest.the beasts o. o. do3n.0ers 3ere the. others help.n./. to obey 3o!ld s!--er the se0erest ready -or the /en on the. 3hoe0er they are.ons .there 3as no s!+h o--.nk.n the Assyr. and the +a0alry .n e0ery tent as yo! ha0e been 3ont to do.t 3as s!//erEt. so that they /.re .ans had the tra0el /ore pleasantly .th h./ .ll e%pe+t an o0er-lo3.ans and Arab. 3hat they needed o-.b!rden.n.s hands.r 0al!ables. $":) 4o3 Croes!s.b!ry.ans.oods to. . -led -or the.n sheer headlon./sel-.r hands -!ll 3.n the !s!al 3ay.on that all the ste3ards sho!ld present the/sel0es be-ore h. he spoke to the/ as -ollo3s= 7Gentle/en.dd.n. leap.r steeds.n. tear.n-or/at.s pla+eJ any one -a.d not -or. be+a!se they 3o!ld ha0e been delayed by the pa+k. and by -ar the ..t do3n on the . the 3o/en . the n.s sa. board. 3. $K") The 0. Yo! /ay .t 3as /ore than l.ther -lank.any o. and del. -l. the/ to real.all $KL) There!pon 0ery -e3 3ere le-t stand.r horses . -ro/ the -! h.. the/sel0es. dra3n !p on e.Hellespont. .nd . see.on he needed.n the F!.shed!nd.n.ons on the /ar+h. and 3.n.+er le-t.tho!t pro0. .d. as one /ay 3ell +on+e. 3o!ld be le-t beh.n these .n. others be./sel. o. 3.I. obeyed at on+e.tho!t -ood or dr. 3. and they stood the. others.o!s 1edes and the Hyr+an. And 3hen they +a/e be-ore h.n./e to p!t on the. the. -ollo3. $K() It o++!rred to h. and -l! the. and sho!t.n.n.s that are needed -or a troops stood ro!nd 3. lea0.n. !n-asten.tho!t a repast.le Cyr!s /ade the +a0alry 3ho 3ere le-t 3.r s3ords dra3n.r +orslets.n. Then he sent a herald to those 3ho re/a. 3hen they heard 3hat 3as happen.ons -or one /onth.a and Arab.. /ar+h.ett.n h.ned.0es 3ho o0ertook the/. and he h.t 3. the.+kest 3ay.a..aJ they had not .s.r 3eapons t.0e.rst t. be.ons. the.+e as /!+h /eat and .ed .s head.eteers and ar+hers +o/e o!t on that h. And these t3o.n the +ool. sa0e only that not one /an stood at bay= they per.0er the/ !p to h.h. to ea+h other./ r.t yo!r b! +a/p. th!s . the e%a/ple o.n.a. $KK) At that the 3eapons 3ere bro!. The 0.had -ollo3ed 3.n. and 3ere +!t do3n by the Hyr+an.r F!arters to s.the.-ts.l. . that .ans.nto the.yo! d. . had done the sa/e.ans. or se. The ste3ards. $K>) Ha0.. Indeed.n b!ndles.le he d.n..r l. so/e +a!. and Cyr!s had the 3hole p.r o3n +o!ntry.r .th all th.6yd. the oldest /an ..s 3o/en on d!r. /ake .n to ha0e so/e one to see that F!arters 3ere prepared and s!ppl.n.

.the /ost del.on to a++o!ntH And 3here.a.s 0ery reason that 3e ass!red . I ask.nds to do . that e0en .sk and done the 3ork.ns 0ast treas!res. slay. B!t !s. Then Cyr!s s!//oned h.s a /o/ent -or .. 3o!ld be l..nst the/ and to .+k and +hoose as /!+h as 3e than any .er st.l!ttony and dr!nkenness= the th.n.+heer 3. to stay 3.t.o!r ra+e. $?K) I ..ts +apt!re. let o!rsel0es be ba!lked by one othose te/ptat.t .s -!ll o.ranes. 3hen a 3orld o.ll not . shall 3e -. /erely to lay so/e poor beast lo3.t .ttle 3orthy o.ends= the best o.a.t . 2!+h +ond!+t. I take . the Hyr+an.nes.. $?() 8as .the spo. p!rs!.+hes -or the /o/ent. the/ -or o!rsel0es o!t o3hat .rat.nk that leads to sl!/ber and st!pe-a+t.n.ty than th. and keep -ro/ -ood so o-ten and so lon.ends. .b!t.ans. $?") And there .nd.l. and -. and 3here0er they res.n.+her t!rn o!r ed!+at. .n no +ase .!ard the/.n.t.ned o!rsel0es at ho/e to /aster the belly and . 3orth ne%t to noth.nterests to . say.l to the 1edes.3e -or.n .ts appet.+e o. 3e /.!ard rose to s!pport $?9) There-ore.t 3.+ers and sa. .es5 ba+ks are t!rned.0e !s halthe stren.s o3n o--. 8e ha0e ene/. 3hen 3e h!nt.nks.n . that.nterest o.e0er the need arose. $K:) I.ood as to sho3 that 3e st!dy the .ll.7 $K') At that the ste3ards 3ent o-.= 7Tr!ly. $??) 2el-.the tho!.o -!rther= I say that 3e sho!ld lea0e the s!ppl. and take o!r +ho.0e the/ a 3el+o/e they +an appro0e.le to let these 0an.!re .rasp. 3e set o!r /.t 3o!ld be a /onstro!s th. o!r -oes.t do3n to en*oy o!rsel0es and de0o!r o!r /eal be-ore 3e kno3 ho3 ..o .n o!r !s 3hen they ret!rn.ll ens!re -or !s and all 3ho/ 3e +all o!rs a -ar /ore end!r./es /ore n!/ero!s than o!rsel0es.s 3ords and Hystaspas the Pers. so that 3e /ay ha0e ser0ants to -!rn.n th. o!rsel0es *!st to3ard o!r all.they allot !s the s/aller share.ll be all the /ore 3. I -ear 3e shall +!t a sorry -..+ate d..ll be so l!+rat.t not.n.or.dan.nd a nobler opport!n.s another /atter= th.s 3o!ld do !s so /!+h . and I a/ 3ell a3are 3e ha0e .t .oes 3.ll . and +alls -or +are-!lness.on o.7 he $?#) And re/e/ber. The tr!e banF!et -or !s .at on+e and set to 3ork 3. o.d the -ood and dr.on. no3 that o!r all. /aybe. so that. the/ the/ 3hose .s by r.n.loyal all./.n the 0ery -o!nt o3ealth. Cyr!s.s.n.ons.h to sha/e !s -ro/ .a. a banF!et that 3.. to help o!rsel0es to break-ast. B!t I s+ar+ely to all 3ho helped .t!de 3e had 3on.e= 3e need both to .th all Ieal to +arry o!t the. and T.r eyes.n o!r po3er to p.s +lear that 3e ha0e . 3h.the/ 3ere not eno!.-r. and they are all at lar.t does not see/ to /e that .3e +o!ld o. . 3.n order to obta. 3e +o!ld dra3 -ro/ the Ieal o. 3.t .nst yo!r . .s +a/p ten t.o!r -r.tes.o -ast.n.nstr!+t.they see that 3e s.. to sho3 3hat 3e ha0e learntH7 $?L) 2!+h 3ere h. 7-or .n the.n.r .the belly. /eth.entle/en.ons 3h.s to st!dy the 3ants othose 3ho ha0e r!n the r. . I 3o!ld say.h la+k o. and 3e /!st ask o!rsel0es 3here they are and 3hether they /ean to stay 3.shness no3 +o!ld only se+!re !s as pro0.n. and so b..s th.n.7 .t. to see that they ha0e all they need 3hen they +o/e ho/e. -or the present let !s abo0e all be +are-!l to a0o.n. O!r +a0alry are not yet ba+k. and +o!nt .3ealth .ll t!rn to 3eakness thro!. .d to the/= 71y -r. .+h -lee be-ore the noble and r!le the bad.ll not be a.str.nk th. and o!r stren.shes and the rarest 3.s +a/p +onta.n!ed.s not yet done= e0eryth. -or !s those 3ho are !s 3.s o!r F!arry. -or then they 3.0e !s r.

th and 3on the.0e othe tr!st.. Then Cyr!s sa.s /!st be so= there .ards. 73e Pers.s ho3 3e are to .splayed to !s no3 3ere o!r o3n to keep. .o on a +a/ -or pleas!re .bes o.the Assyr. heart and so!l.r treas!res.0.+.le+t.the 1edes ret!rned= one set had o0ertaken the 3a.nes.randees or the. I take .r or+hardsH $L) And . ho/e. he spoke as -ollo3s= $?) 71y -r. +hast. 3ealth 3o!ld be sho3ered on e0ery Pers.ons they had re+e.dent to all o!s. and see ho3 the s!ppl. one and all.le he and h.sen 3. 3ho/ they had taken 3.t /ay also be that the des.r bea!ty.+tors r. .nstr!+t. had sho3n the. he -elt. laden 3.r booty apartJ and then he s!//oned h.ans ha0e 3eapons 3.n.n.der e0ery .t 3as not lon.s the +a!se.r help. -eel. se.est -ello3s .d.ends.s!+h pr./J the others.Ied the/ and t!rned the/ ba+k.t /!st be pretty e0./sel. had that the 1edes and the Hyr+an.n 3. $') 2o -ar then I e%pe+t that ..n to be as /!+h all that an ar/y +o!ld reF!.ht and k.n.t 3as 3on.ans had per-or/ed. yo! 3o!ld all a. 3e hope.7 he +ont. dr.n.s day the tr.splay to Cyr!s. to the . It /ay be so.t 3as a s.t .t o!t 3.the spo. a++ord. and then at o!r hands than .n./.ood a -or+e as o!r -r.3e +an only p!rs!e the/ on -ootH 8hy sho!ld they e0er be a-ra.s pla.tho!t the/.t.Ies !nless 3e ha0e +a0alry .on /.shedJ let the/ pra.. and let the/ .ent -or o!rsel0es 3. 3o!ld possess. B!t 3hat I do not see .ends.r heads less h. so/e d.h 3ho/ . that .th the ene/y by o!rsel0es pre+.ons that had .and those that 3ere 3. and then perhaps 3e sho!ld -. and stand.n the. po.0e the /ost.r pr. I .Ies.s o3n as o!rs.a ne0er the.less . that 3e +o!ld then deal 3./ h.+h the 3o/en rode.0es better .n..As.d to dash !p and harry !s.. the. the/ to the +a/p.r /ost pre+.h.0e ser0ants.s be so.n that the +a0alry no3 3. 3hen they kno3 -!ll 3ell that they r!n no . ea+h o.o!r o3n.n the the the t.n.+h.nd that they 3o!ld +arry the. thro!.ht to 3at+h the 0. the 3.K) B!t . to o!rsel0es 3. 3hat sort o. and others had +apt!red the +o0ered +arr.t. 3here they +o!ld all hear 3hat he had to propose. and 3ere no3 dr.s had stayed beh. he +a/e near !s +ons.r +on+! be-ore so/e o.s +o/pany..r stren.n. B!t tho!.nk.n at on+e .n the presen+e o. they /!st de-end the.sely as 3e do no3 .0e /e -.r belo0ed.o!s property= they say they +an -. and poss.a.ree.h he ate o!t h.s heart 3. and 3here they see ne.der the -a+ts.htEar/ed troops +o!ld e0er be +a!.n+e 3e are all o..n 3h. $() as .s no help -or ..nd.a. 3h.tho!t the./portan+e to !s 3hether they +hose to stay or .th.n. 3e +an ro!t the ene/y at +lose F!arters= b!t 3hen 3e do ro!t the/.r o3n /asters +o!ld. 3e sho!ld be s!--.o the ro!nds.yo! .a. o-. B!t s!ppose 3e 3ere to pro0.reater r. It 3o!ld be o.$?>) 2o Hystaspas spoke.the. .+ers or ar+hers or l. no do! are -!rn.l be-ore the/. God 3otM $>) At present th. and 3e o! sl! these /atters.n. $") Indeed. and the rest appro0ed h.bly e0en /ore. $K) And 3hen Cyr!s sa3 the -eats the/ be+a!se ahead. Indeed . h.n sear+h o/ore.nd l.n h.. .3e 3ere st!/ps .o.d= 7Co/e en0y Cyr!s 3as +are-!l to set all the.7 Th!s they dealt 3.r spo.. b!t . $C.n! the/ /ore se0erely than the.

+e.elded at +lose F! and /y horse5s r!sh o0erthro3 h. ./. .th the.only he had the .r.the/ ra+.learn.t al3ays . so/e 3.n! +lose eno!. 3e.n.en+e and -oretho!.ood as tho!./pro0e/ent .et . ha0e ad0anta. $9#) B!t that .ht the !se o. and blood o. spears to be -l! 3e sho!ld !nlearn the arts the -or+e.7 he +ont.s *!st 3hat 3e ha0e already at o!r o3n +o// e%er+.!ard a. . e%a+tly 3hat 3e ha0e to start to ra. or 3hen I s.s as . -lesh o.der -. 8e ha0e .n 3e need / I shall be a sort o. or noth. the ease and sat. l.. the adro. $9K) yo!r F!arry be .es that ne.ll.ntell./es 3hene0er yo! that .ll say.s 3.nto .th the s3.t no3 had . and none o.ther boys nor other /en possess= 3e ha0e not to be ta!.those 3ho ha0e .h.--eren+e to !sJ b!t no do!bt yo! -eel the F!est.tH 8ell.-.-..ree= .ther be-ore they learnt to .ed and -ettered to /y steed.s. /an.s to the then other /en5s 3.n th.7 $9() Th!s spoke Cyr!s.h to let -ly *a0el.+h are the better at hea0y the old +enta!r. at so/e +ra-t or /ana.n.s and 3hat 3e need.n./en on -oot.s $9:) And that I +o!nt a .that on+e I +an!nd. hand.+al tasks.t .on o.l. ho3 are 3e to .n.s s!rely pleasanter than to tr!d. Only I shall not be t.des. /y hands +an 3.n-antry nor thoro!. 3. all these po3ers I shall +olle+t and . be-ore 3e are adepts.-ly.. $9?) B!t +a0alry .on .s so /!+h o!rs as o!r o3n sel0es./.e aE-ootH And as -or speedEEho3 pleasant to *o. so as to o0ertake all that -led be-ore h.3e +o!ld .s +lean o!t o. or +o/e !p 3. $9>) And the +reat!re I ha0e al3ays en0.they are only s.a..-e.ll and the +!nn.the bo3 as boys ha0e.der o.dles and all the.t sk. or 3. 7the +enta!rEE. $9L) At present 3hen I ra+e I a/ F!.reat /y .Pers. I +an beat one Bes.all p!p.the *a0el.n or arro3 be-ore he . on to be a horse/an as -latter /ysel.+o!rse o.a horse..n.ll -ollo3 !p the -oe.n. s!ppose 3e de+. I +an .et +ontent .no one 3.s!re -or 3ar.n /y o3n person 3hen on+e I a/ a /any 3arl..ll.the/ /o0ed. -or 3hen h!nter and h!nted are both o./e has not been taken !p l.ed. b!t they learnt 3hen they 3ere boys. o.s -lesh. .d. as o. o.t /an or beastM And then.o.ran. 3e are 0ersed . yo! ob*e+t. 3hat they are ta!.t. 3e ha0e not the ne+essary sk.t.reeable.n. Ah.a/e I a/ happy . boys or /enH $9") Bes.t 3o!ld /ake all the d.rst./y r. let !s +ons.n-antry a.stedEE 3hy.nly ha0e h!ndreds o. ho!sehold /attersJ 3e ha0e not only had le. or +o/e !p a -a.tM 8hate0er 3eapon the r.h they stood sto+k st.ther .n thatJ o!r t.eld /y a body o.0als by the head.nst .ts.t has been o!r l. 3e are +alled !pon to r!n so/e +a0alryH Th. and /y horse5s le.ro3n /enH 8h.h.s +a/p.5EEthey are the sa/e th. b!t 3e +an ./. I do not propose that by learn. to /eet the 3orst 3e +an apprehend= s!ppose.h.n.h ne. Only. and o0erthro3 all that res. B!t 3hen on+e I a/ a horse/an I shall be able to o0erha!l /y /an as -ar as I +an see h. $:) 8e +erta.ear. le.n at a /o/ent5s not.n that alreadyJ nor yet the !se o./.s !se-!l b!t d.n o!r po3er to t!rn .des these.n.e.a /an..-tness and the beasts I +hase and kno+k the/ o0er /ysel.n.nd that 3e are ne.s-a+t. $99) 1aybeJ b!t are boys /ore +apable o. 8hat else do 3e needH It .end h. . to r.or else spear the/ as tho!.n. say. and Chrysantas rose to s!pport 3e are sk.= 7 or /y part I +annot say I so /!+h des.r br. 3e ha0e all the a++o!tre/ents -or a /o!nted aEhorseba+k . and then -.lled . on the land or labo!r.n.ather .ntend to keep /y h!/an 3.s /ay be a by s. breastE plates to prote+t the tr!nk. $9') oretho!.ther o. 4o..s horse /!st help to bear the load= 53ear ar/s5 and 5bear ar/s.der.horses no3 +apt!red .ll d.t e.n.r . one +annot say o..t .ht I .th to. To r. and l. by lay.n a -r.r start.

nd= .n as pr.allop. And they told the. . and .s reta.ood th.o. Yo! see/ to ha0e .. ho/e. and ne%t 3e /!st ens!re that they do not r!n a3ay. Ha0e the .-y. / .n hea0en5s na/eM7 Then Cyr!s spoke= 7Gentle/en.+ker than any /an.esJ as a horse.n another po. Yo! be seen any3here on -oot.n. 7to 3r..tants are o!rs.they see that these /en are st.s day the +!sto/ .+t!als .an othe .n t3o po. and sleep .oats and +attle and horses. and r.7 he 7that yo! ha0e done .+!lt.any one sees a .?) In th. be h. and as a /an./sel.rer and /ore terr..ll do all that the +enta!r +an. 3ay. $L) Yo! ha0e p!t the de-enders to the s3ord.3e let these /en .e+es and p!t to.he .. and ho3 bra0ely they had borne the/sel0es. The old +enta! and t3o ears to hear 3. and r.r ar/s. and no Pers. there-ore.rst . $() 7Then there are t3o /atters. $") As they rode !p the -. and 3hen they ans3ered yes..sten.ans +a/e . 3e need ne. 3hen I d. -or they had spared all 3ho s!rrendered the. the.n short. A 3ellEpop!lated +o!ntry .on the breed.r release /eans /ore pr. 7o!rs too.soners those 3ho la.dered to d.s seen tr!d. I +an dress /ysel.nd the/ the rest o.n. body and so!l. and pre-er obed.+toryJ b!t yo! ha0e bro!.0e and at lar.te /y na/e do3n a/on.e3.rst 3e /!st be+o/e /asters o.n so/e to the an.sed the/ -or the. and . he +o!ld not en*oy the proper pleas!res o.nst the/ nor /o!nt .s/o!nt./al. I shall be a *o. a-oot.s /y o3n 0. b!t a deserted land 3.. They sa. 7I +an see -or /ysel-.s that e0en to th. and . and one and all assentedJ and hen+e .n /y a h!/an be.t a r!le that e0ery one 3ho re+e.0es a horse -ro/ /e shall be +ons.ll.n.3e do/..t 3as past /. and yet. and -!ll o.+h ..ry o.n /en and horses -ro/ the ene/y.!ard o0er the/ nor -.a horse. $') or . $"9) And I shall . -or o!rsel0es. and pra..a. and that the 3hole +o!ntry 3as .sheep and . I pres!/e<.. and hear a so!nd be-ore /y horse. .7 they all +r.n.n.r ar/s. br..on.s a r.nta. l.--.ted.r +a0alry and the Hyr+an.nhab.nted +enta!r that +an be taken to p.entle +lass 3o!ld 3..r e%plo.a. and 3hether they had -o!nd the +o!ntry .soners toE/orro3.t -o!r eyes and 3./y k.n.s /aster. had only t3o eyes to see 3.e they -o!r ears I shall l. s.nt or so o0er the or.oodness.7 $"") 7And o!rs too.d do3n the. $K) Cyr!s heard the.d..ed. I kno3.d they had r.n. 7to 3h.n 3e sho!ld do the 0ery best 3as a pleasant s/.s debate the.nhab.ra+e h. . b!t I shall 3at+h 3.nhab. he asked 3hat they had a+h..n deta.ll soon be+o/e a desert./a.7 he sa.s.en+e to battle. b!t .ll be /ore d.h 3. 3e kno3.a.ned.le. and I 3.l.ther be on o!r .n.n. /!st ha0e been -or e0er .ll al. $"#) B!t I.n the ne%t pla+e.ons o/an. I /a.reed.rst. 4o3 .r story thro!.ts . I .allant deeds.htlyEE-or that ..nate the +o!ntry all the .!ard a.n. $C.ro3n taller and -a.the/ 3ere sa-e. .n.sposed to stay 3here they are.ble to look on than 3hen 3e sa3 yo! last. or shortH7 $"K) Th!s Cyr!s p!t the F!est.7 he added.0e h./ ho3 -ar they had .+h possess.Cyr!s 3as 3hether all o.s *o!rney lon.those 3ho o3n all 3e /!st attendJ -.a. -ar better than be.I learn to r. $>) 8e .d.dden a lon.n+e 3e are all so 3ell a.ntsJ -. .s the only sa-e road to 0. and d. he +o!ld not !se the 3onder-!l .and 3e do not propose to star0e the/.ted. That ./ 3arn.t .one.dday the 1ed.e0ed. !n.r t.n.n. and 3hen .n0ent.n d. they tell !s a horse +an o-ten see F!.nal beast= he.ether +orn and e0ery . s!ppose 3e /ake .on. those 3ho 3ant to r. on+e set /e astr.7 $?) Then he /ade the/ tell h.nF!.

not they yo! on yo!r behal-.s /en possessed a store. b!t yo! /!st keep an eye o0er 3hat . th.ed to es+ape. and sa.0es and .ends as yet. to +o/ply b!t others h.nJ and see that yo!r ar/s are ready to handJ o!r /ess/ates are not o!r -r.n any 3ay. .. $>) B!t the 1edes drank and -easted and /ade /!s.nk.t.n.yo! al./ po. 3e 3. 7It .sh 3.yo! +o/es to !s and sho3s a -r.t and no 3..n.s hearers appro0ed the plan proposed. 73e 3.yo! +ont. Th!s .n-or/at..d o!t -or the/.s Pers.ans.() And 3hen they 3ere .sh 3.end and bene-a+tor.n.ll +!lt.7 2!+h 3ere h.s -or the others.n a/b!sh aro!nd the +a/p. and yo! 3.ll . $C.s a/ple. B!t Cyr!s /eant the rel.ll all h.nk are prepared -or yo!.ll d3ell .ans passed the.d they had eno!. one and all o.0ate the sa/e land. Th!s the Pers. b!t yo! 3. the and to .h!n. and -ell to d.soners and sa.r F!arters. $() Th!s he re.a.n. !s . and yo! shall be the. Those 3ho do th.ll. nor any dr.s 3ordsJ and they /ade obe.the bread to the 3as hardly to be -o!nd. $9K) And .s done yo!.keJ yo!r F!arters are .n.n. the o--.0es and tens and ordered the/ to l.7 $:) Ho3e0er./ not as a ser0ant.7 he yo! to !nderstand yo!rsel0es and /ake kno3n a/on..ll treat h. yo! o3e . so that -or the -!t!re a th. -or both o.aled h./e.better +o!rse.0.ll not ha0e !s to -.d..r pro0ender . or yo!rsel0es. r.nk best.nd. /!st e%pe+t 3ar.ll -. 3e ha0e F!.sesJ those 3ho 3.a. t!rn. ..ll not.Ied.ans 3.3.!sJ b!t do not send any rel. yo! 3.0er.san+e and pro/..ranes -ro/ the r! +ond!+t.ll to -.nd e0eryth.nst atta+k -ro/ 3hatsoe0er shall be-all yo!J tr!e.ll -. to the at hand. yo! /ay d.any 3ron.0e 3.t be-ellJ -or /any tr.0es are sa-eJ and -or the -!t!re .n the sa/e ho!ses. yo! to take the -. and p!t on the apparel that 3as la.!ard. b!t as a -r. and the dra!.nk. . yo!r -ello3s.o0ern yo!r +h.+ers to the lar.nder yo!.n the a+t. 7+ond!+t o!r -r.nt . $9") !rther. so as to -or/ a do!ble . and all o. and abs+onders -ro/ 3.7 $?) 2o the 1edes and /!st !nderstand that d!r. b!t he had the abs+onders beheaded o!t o.t +a/e to pass that Cyr!s s!//oned the /an o.entle/en. !s ./e.+ and took 3here yo! l.!ard the +a/p o!ts. the n.s 3e 3ho 3.on and 3. yo!r ar/s to !s and hand the/ o0er. . there prepared -or yo! e%a+tly as .by n.h t.7 he added.e. yo! 3. Th.n.the bread that has been bakedJ there . yo! 3.tho!t.ll l. a. I kno3. to /ake o-. 1oreo0er yo! 3. $L) As -or the treas!res. no e0.en+e h..Ar/!l -!l-. that 3e sho!ld d.yo! treas!res 3o!ld be +a!.the/ 3ere se.te eno!.o.s /en 3ashed a3ay the sta.s +an +o!nt on pea+e and the -a. be+a!se he had .one. nor any one else.nst the/.est tentsEEyo! kno3 3here they areEEand the rest 3here yo! th.ans b!t no rel.endly sp. And to pre0ent any one -ro/ order. that Cyr!s and h.ll.nta+t.n. let h. And so . $K) All o.ldren as yo! do no3.ends to the.n. $99) On the +ontrary.. yo! 3.e .r /asters.o!r pro/.t .sed to do as he bade.oes on 3.t sho!ld appear that yo! yo!rsel0es are 3. Cyr!s t!rned to the 1edes and the /en o..!sJ -ood and o.r t.l/ent o. the best 3e had sk.s h.r. $") And do yo!.nJ any one atte/pt.t o!t. lead !s a. .s.ns obattle. and 3hen the darkness -ell he sent the/ o!t by -.n th.d to the/= $9#) 7Gentle/en. Cyr!s allo3ed the +aptors to keep the/. .n!e .hand.s day that yo!r l.a.eld.t to yo!r o3n obed. and that at yo!r 3.nner.ans. and the horses had the. .ll not ha0e the sa/e r!ler as 3e Pers. They sent hal. 2end ! .

ll soon be . .n./.ans . and he s!//oned the/ ho/e !nder -..s sta-.s /en.and le-t h.!. the /ore so that they had pro+!red 3. a o. on the 0ery n. It .t sa. o.dn.oneEEand 3hen he 3ent o!t and sa3 -or h.s d!e to the .d not sleep.0ed./sel. b!t the -a+t 3as that as he 3as. and 3ent o-3.ll o. sa0a.s troopers and r.s they had 0o! h.n h.. I +o//and the 1edes to present the/sel0es be-ore /e 3. and they d.+h led the/ 3ron. 7And ho3 shall I -.that .e and /ad 3.n!ed the /essen.. had -allen to dr.o!r n!/ber to 3at+h o!r .an +a/p./ at on+e.ests.rett.7 threats than e0erJ threaten.r -.n.0er the /essa. $9?) B!t tho!.n the +a/ 3hen Cyr!s set -orth.. On the 3ay they took a t! -ro/ the Assyr. .tho!t /ore ado.ods -or the bless.n t.n.. he tho!.3e lea0e so/e o.0er th.nd .ne style and 3ere /ak.nk.s 3ay.s.n.s /en -o!nd those they 3ent to seek. and .lea/ o. and 3ork eno!.+s. $:) B!t 3hen .r p!rpose.n retreat and -or+ed the/ to be the.r hearts5 +ontent.nd the/.th the -.nst Cyr!s and h.a.. the p.nt.ood -ort!!ests olast n.n to the. /y lordH7 78hy. to s!+h s+ant respe+t./orn. .the 1edes /!st ha0e stayed!t delay.nat. that the 1edes +o!ld ha0e borne to desert /e .n. $9() And 3h. and there del./sel.s o3n F!arters to +elebrate the.n.t 3as broad day and no one kno+ked at the pala+e .ne and da. !proar all abo!t .ent to ha0e h.n -.n.7 sa. he 3as the /ore enra.n th.nk that Cyr!s had ne0er told h. I.d not rea+h the Pers.n.n +o/pany an. b!t at present 3e Pers.n./ to a+t as .ns. that he had not .ans are b!t a s+ant +o/pany to keep the/.s troopers.rst -a.n.nto other hands.t 3as so. 3hether Cyr!s 3. a+t.+kets. on the orders o. and bade the/ +hoose the o--er.he +o!ld ha0e tho!.ot to the +a/p.n... 8.s / o-.d that or no.n the l! Pr. 7as Cyr!s and h. 3o!ld not let the/ . 3ho are +alled 1a.d Cya%ares.a.+ers .s.n -!ll -or+e.s o3n /en.res abo!t /. . the 3at+hE-.e. 3h.n.ood +heer and all del. Cyr!s +alled the Peers to. the k. e%+ept perhaps a -e3.!.nd.!ard 3hat 3e ha0e to./.led -or.nk that they had ./sel-.t 3.ssary set o-.Cyr!s.dr!nk . God has p!t be-ore !s /any bless.h they had .th h.le they 3ere abo!t th.h -or those 3ho d.the.the Assyr.l they had +han+ed !pon so/e o.the 1edes.n.r .7 $99) 2!+h 3as the /essa. and so at last take h.s 1edes re/o0ed -ro/ h. or.t.ed to th..l to .ate e%+ept the .ht. 7be+a!se I 3as told that so/e Hyr+an.ans !nt. s.+er as 3ell . -er0ently re.on a.n. Hear.d.r do/ the o--. abo!t one h!ndred stron.ether and sa. B!t he 3ho 3as to take ..t 3.. -.s that the rest o.des.ll soon -all ba+k .led to del.e . $9K) 2o the e/.h. drank h.ans 3ho had re0olted -ro/ the ene/y +a/e here.nd.. the /asters ./ . the +a0alry .7 $9") 8hen Cya%ares heard Cyr!s h.3e -a.e= $9#) 7I sho!ld ne0er ha0e drea/ed that Cyr!s +o!ld ha0e a+ted to3ards /e at on+e to Cyr!s and h. $') Cya%ares. then he -!/ed 3.nt .ll da3n. And no3.htsJ there 3as plenty to ser0e the. Cyr!s s!//oned the Pers.r ..ans. he ordered one o. and 3hen Cya%ares heard that the +a/p 3as deserted EEthe 1edes . and the /ore !r.des.ht5s re0el.d to the/= 7Gentle/ 7I only asked.3.he -a. the o--. 3. 3ho .n. Yo! /!st 0an./e and e0eryth.nd h.d not -. t!rn./ a ser0. and 3e /!st do 3hat 3e +an to a+F!.ne o.n the /.o ba+k a-ter h.spersed. $9L) I propose there-ore that one o.t . $9>) Do yo!.erness. t!rn. 7yo! /!st re+r!.ty.t. $"#) B!t Cyr!s spoke= 7Herald.s / /e a /o/ent. . I -eel s!re.n./ F!arters 3here he!s to stay here o!r -. to one o.7 he added.ts thereo-.o.7 he sa. all too 3ell a+F!a.n.n hono!r and a++ord.e-ta./sel.o ho/e to Pers. and that all ha0e been d. .s day o.a. Then Cyr!s sa.. and .ness. 3.t shall be /y +are to pro0. 7do yo!. tak.s -ears are .s -r. .all days 3hen h.ll ha0e a /erry t.nd .n. . h.t a b!rthen.nst the t!rns h.endl. 3ho are the eldest.ll o--er h.n. sho!ld tre/ble -or !s and -or h.shed the/ to Pers.ether and see that not one o.n.ll . and take yo!r +o/pany 3.s o3n +onsentH I a/ a+t. Yo! heard the 1ede s!//on the +a0alry to ret! / o.n.ed /e to let yo! . and so bade the latter ret!rn ho/e at on+e.d to . It .stened. -or an ene/y 3ho 3.7 he ended.0es /e pleas!re to see that yo! sho3 not only -r.n the s!nsh. There-ore.n+e 3e are 3a. and be.t yo!rsel-J yo! ha0e had a hea0y taskJ and -or o!rsel0es.seen that 3e ha0e no yo!r ba.s .ordered yo! o!t.d to h.n -ro/ Cya%ares presented -or the sold.ether.. .a. to the Pers. des./sel-.d. B!t 3hen he learns ho3 /any ha0e -allen. $"") or the /o/ent then.ans.n..Hyr+an.ther o--er !s battle or render !s s!b/.oners to 3at+h all that 3e do and ans3er all that 3e ask.s sent to re+all the/.Cyr!s 3.sobey the s!//ons.t. to the la3./ 3ork 3h. only a-ter ha0..n !s. yo! and IJ 3e /!st /ake that he .the Peers.on.r.7 sa.a. and ask the /a.+h he 3..n the e/p.s ba+k on !s. 7and sons o. 3e /!st dra3 !p . e0en .n.7 sa.n. And as to 3hat 3e ha0e 3onEEyo! ha0e seen .d he.e he t!rned to the 1edes and at the sa/e /o/ent the / an..s d!e to the +o//on3ealth. 3e shall be le-t 3.ll re+o.a.s +lear that o!r .+ers to ar/ the. 72on o. and to a+t .ned h. b!t .t 3./.sed that Cya%ares.o!r present all.I 3. heart +an 3.the ene/y so lately.o and repeat these 3ords..ll 0an. h. And do yo!. and.t .ss. to the . a. .s -ears 3. and so 3ere here no3J he h.e te/per o. 3ho sa3 the host b!t sa.ll /elt .nted 3.n.dst to send ho/e -or an o--er. be. !s /ore than 3e +o!ld dare to hope.the k. and h. 7a-ter yo! ha0e told yo!r o--..nest styleJ the spe+ta+le. s./ that /essa.strates ho3 /!+h . t!rn.the.7 $9') 8.tho!t loss o.nst Cyr!s. 3hen h.n.s -oes. $"?) 8e /!st +ons!lt the sa0a. are yo! 3ell. b!t 3ere s.nterests are the sa/eJ the Assyr./ not deserted on th.s not as tho!. perhaps. and yet they 3ere a-ra. and kno3s so l.the 1edes. $"() o.a+.n yo!r o3n ea.lentJ -or they 3ere sore bestedJ they +o!ld hardly d.s 3hat 3e /!st do. to the /essen.n. And let the/ send +o//.a 3. and I 3.ll e. and he .d he.t 3. $"9) Can 3e deser0e bla/e -or do. h.n 3hat I need and b. the Hyr+an.ans are /y -oes as 3ell as yo!rs. 7s.h yo! had +o/e to /e . $9:) The 1edes l.tterly than they hate / the/ despat+h an ar/y -orth3.s lea0e to take yo! o!tJ .yo! 3ho d. and ask /y -ather ho3 /!+h I o!.ll br.the 3hole asse/bly anno!n+ed the an.they des.a and the -r!.d he.e to. as I a/.th +h.ll ./sel-.a to 3.ttle o. those o.7 $"K) 2o the Hyr+an.t yo!rsel-EEkeep noth.As. and .yo! sho!ld .s threats.they .n.ends are destroy. only they hate yo! no3 e0en /ore b. 2o. I a/ not s! they send /e as soon as they are 3ent and ret!rned.+eH And that not e0en 3.r lord. ba+k.7 too.n.s threats a.tho!t h. 7yo! 3. and tell the/ that yo! as an es+ort.r /en.o.n-antry.3hat 3e ha0e done no3. +o/e ba+k and 3a.s!++ess.

le 3e 3ere on -r.n.n. b!t press. $K") In +on+l!s. and the 3hole body o.ons to yo! abo!t the Pers.stan+e bet3een !s the .n.t!deJ nor to !se threats .0e /e to I bro!.a0e h. $KL) The *a0el.n.ans and o.7 sa. b!t toEday yo! dr.r horses !nt. not to take ba+k 3.rat. /en to +o/e to yo! speed.+e absol!tely.reater the se+!r./ to ha0e 3on -or yo!. 3ho -ollo3ed /e. .ns.t that 3e ha0e deserted yo!J -or no one .er.ranes had bro!. h.reater the d. .n. to yo! -ar better than .n the.s not the -r.ends and all. the .s .a0e h.ree 3.7 $K?) 7Del. or else yo! yo!r share.tten and ./.late on all the 3onders 3e e%pe+t -or o!r -r.s done. and those only./ yo!rsel-. deserted 3hen yo! threaten an ar/y.pped -or the *o!rney.n..0er th.n and tell /e.n th.a presented h. 7I 3o!ld l. and yo! -or /e. they /!st hold the/sel0es at yo!r ser0.on.s ene/./ re/e/ber that speed 3as o. not l. 7to Cya%ares.t!de./ tell the terr. And 3hen yo! ha0e done th.h. 7so that 3hat yo! say yo!rsel.7 $"L) 2o the +h.s ene/.e0e 3. /ysel. And do yo! talk to h.r o3n +a0alry. Th.n.ns 3ere then p.yo! 3.+h 3e to repay those. b!t as yo! /ay +are to !se the/.e3 h.0es -arthest and -!rthest -or l.ether the o--.ll do o!r best to re*o.n a++ordan+e 3. yo! /ake /e 3.n e0ery /an that I +o!ld -.t to the. Cyr!s +alled to. /ade the /aster o. and Cyr!s bade h. are3ell.l. 3ho 3ere already -!lly ar/ed.ends .l they re+e.sed that I s!//on .th ./ and p!ts h.. $":) And I pray yo! to re/e/ber 3hat I ha0e done -or yo!./ a letter to Cya%ares. .ree e%a+tly 3. I 3o!ld ad0.n took the 1ede a3ay to h. $KK) or o!rsel0es. and no3 that I a/ .le the / 3. and spoke as -ollo3s= $K>) 71y -r./sel.s story.ans.n.ans all that had happened.nstr!+t. the /en T..h I a/ yo! 8. 8e do not ad/.n.. a-ter h.n hatred .ans a.dan.led . and 3hate0er F!est.ans. !nless yo! 3o!ld tea+h the/ to desp.keJ e0en no3 I a/ send. as .n*!n+t. And already so/e o. 4or do 3e +ons. 3e 3.s be.eF!.st that they /!st all ret!rnJ yo! do not lea0e .n.t. ans3er .s troops had taken 3hat they needed -or the/sel0es.o 3hat .tory yo! .der that 3e p!t yo! .a -or /ore . 1y .n.r ar/s.ndJ yo! allo3ed /e the other.the Pers.d Cyr!s. +o/e ba+k a.+e. be-ore yo! bla/e /e.n +ase yo! ha0e F! those yo! asked -or.ons he p!ts to yo!.s o3n F!arters.t has been set o!t ./ o--.s 3r.n. to a+t not as they 3.the Hyr+an.n *eopardy by o!r depart!reJ on the +ontrary.l only to take those 3ho/ I +o!ld pers!ade to -ollo3 /e. to Pers.lyJ nor to speak o.and !s. and d. tho!.yo! need the/ be-ore 3e ret! ret!rn yo! l.7 he added. /ysel.n a heap as be-ore and b!rnt at h.+ers o..a.. . b!t he bade the o3ners stay 3.t. -olk 3ere +o/.n /atters 3h. and then he -ro/ Pers. $K() Then he t!rned to yo!. $K9) 4ot that I +o!ld br. Hyr+an.0ed -resh one hand 3hat yo! .ht yo! all. to that he .rat.7 $">) The letter ran as -ollo3s=EE7Cyr!s to Cya%ares.s +o//and./ o!t to read yo! the 0ery!r. $"') It ./ the letter and sent h. $K#) Yesterday I -elt that I o3ed both yo! and the/ a debt o. ba+k./ay yo!. b. all the /en 3ho +o/e that. .ll 3. !p.s troops. yo! /!st not be s!rpr.t.n.. and /ean3h.ty 3e +la..s deserted 3hen he .ons asked yo!. b!t he 3ho dr.n yo! as soon as 3e ha0e +on+l!ded than yo!rsel-.the ne..ll pro0e a +o//on bless.o.nstead o.r horses or hand o0er the.n host.end at a /an5s elbo3 3ho ser0es h.n.endly so.

Yo! see 3hat a n!/ber o.old +o.n.soners set to . .yo! 3o!ld rather ha0e !s -.n.n treas!rers ha0e +o/e to / than any others.shed so 3ell. s.l e0eryth. and 3e 3.e3.str.. there yo! /!st /ake .n.b!te .n 0.n.ll be no d.+!lty !nt. and to /ake yo!r p!r+hases..sposed o.a /o/ent.tho!t yo!r /en and yo!rsel-H7 $??) B!t Cyr!s /et F! +o/e to har/.they are le-t 3e shall only ha0e the b!rden at on+e. tro!ble./poss. $?#) There 3.. and he /!st look a-ter .--. $?L) And there ..n+e s+ar+ely any o. to 3hat they tell /e.nk that 3here yo! 3ere 3e 3ere not.Assyr.yo! ha0e other /en .t.s . any .. $K:) To a/end th.+eJ the h!+ksters /!st be allo3ed to sell the . -orb. they ha0e a s!pply o. 7I 3. besto3 the/ !pon !s.. and b. /en 3ho/ yo! 3o!ld +hoose be-ore !s to share the br!nt yo!.de the spo.ll tr!st yo! to be -a..ts pla+e.!s.0ate property.n +ase /eat and dr.r d!t. that 3e /!st all pres. pro+la/at. There 3.ble -or the/ to be e%a+t .b!te the /oneyJ the /o!nted /en sho!ld ha0e t3o shares ap.s/o!nt . bedd.they /ay br.ot already.0e these horses to the/.l.s pr.nk.b!te the spo.a and other potentates.t .r.need yo! /ay ha0e 3here3.t 3ell= no3 .r+!/stan+es are so no0el that /!+h st.e0eryth.n.ll take a +ase .-y those 3ho -a. /en 3ho 3ere ..ll be /ore than eno!.ard to the +a/pE/arket. B!t the 1edes and the Hyr+an. B!t 3here the F!arters are not -!rn.ders on the/.n-antry /ar+h.s booty -or yo!.n.the k. sho!lder to sho!lder 3. 3e shall not -a.e+e -or the -ootEsold.n po.t that I sho!ld be . and yo! -or /eH I +o!ld s+ar+ely no all alone. 1oreo0er.lad to yo!rsel0es.n. and ser0ants to boot.+reat.n -or !s all.!ard . apparel.7 . bro!. I.s another at yo!r s. and pr. and 3e 3.s -!lly s!ppl.+!lty 3here a /an has 3on a tent that .ood so /o!nted. by all /eans .s depos. the prod!+e 3. so that . $?') ToEday 3hen yo! dashed ahead to /eet dan.0e a s!rer 3ay o.l. to /ake . B!t 3e do not o!rsel0es kno3 3hat belon.n.s la+k.on= 7Do yo! really th.s +lear that 3e do /ore . $?9) Yo! 3. and 3e /!st e%pe+t d.dan. ..s.t /!st be del.h -or th.t h.b!tes they +an na/e.l. $K') At present 3e ha0e a /ass o.on that th.7 $?K) 2o the pro+la/at. yo! /!st d. and yo! bel.t o.!arded .ness to s!pply 3hat .on+e 3e ha0e horses. 3hy..t . and e0eryth. 3.s b!t the 3ork o.n.n.ans .on /!st be /ade at on+e.t yo!r b!s. ea+h and all o!s to.reat 3as o!r -ear lest yo! /.ss!ed -orth3. $?() 8e Pers.str.derless 3e shall . +erta.the tro!ble and add to o!r stren.on by F!est.--.entle/en.ll ha0e yo!r .er5s oneJ and yo! sho!ld keep the s!rpl!s.ll -.tter o!r sha/e to th.s to ea+h o.nd /en to hold o!r horses -or !s.spo.l to e%e+!te the order.te o!t o.d he.ed./ .n.t appears better to s!pport yo! on -oot.t . B!t . $?:) And .that I a/ s!reJ the ene/y had a sto+k o.ans asked Cyr!s= 7Ho3 are 3e to d.the/ kno3 3hat these d!t.t.proport. $?>) 4o3 .n the.ll needs ad*!st/ o0er e0ery deta.l alone.s -or yo! to d.str. so that the +a/p /ay be d!ly s!ppl.n tr..oods they ha0e bro!. and yo! 3.e0e that 3e .n IealJ or .es /ay be.n.ll send o!t a pro+la/at. to d.n.on to o!r s+anty n!/bers.nk.l . 2ee.etherH Can I ne0er a+t -or yo!. and then yo! /!st d. o. /ore.t o!t o.s no3 h.3e set r.7 sa. O!r +.n.!arded th. or o.+e o.!ards say 3ho the o3ners are= and th!s . B!t . and 3hen these are d.ed 3. res!lts. a-ter the/.th re.0ered !p to yo! .th.ons 3ere .n yo!r F!artersJ yo! /!st has -o!nd .look. and /ore are be.. by yo!r s. B!t .nt.dd.yo! so o-ten.0. 3e shall be F!. nor +o!ld the . $?")!+.t a +o/-ortable ho/eJ he has only to !nderstand that th.horses 3e ha0e .n*!st.n the ser0. F!.sJ o.s . 3e +an -ollo3 at yo!r heels.

roll.there 3as any sla0e a/on.ods 3hate0er o!r pr. and that he +o!ld tell Cya%ares all the better ho3 /atters stood.ests pres+r. and a-ter that yo! /!st sele+t -or Cya%ares 3hat yo! th.7 $(") At that they la!.th. and 3ho had been 3hat .n!eJ pers!ade h.the Peers to lead the . the Hyr+an. *!st as I a/ s!re yo! 3.r .nst yo!r 3.nd -a!lt 3.p. 3e sho!ld not do anyth.$(#) To 3h.r o3n -ree 3. 3e ha0e not /en -or these horses o!rsel0es. a Pers.te +ontent 3. else yo! please.on.ll please h.a.ans.ll 3hen yo! see !s seated on o!r the/ to the o--.d he.ll set apart -or the .t that o!r -r. an old Assyr. or a Hellene.ans 3ho 3as a the and then d. and o!t o.n. or a /e/ber o. Gobryas by na/e. And 3hen yo! ha0e +hosen o--.on 3as 3. $(>) And 3hen they heard the .s ret./.n . +orslets and +arry. and e0en .7 he the/.roo/s 3. and /ay .rst .shed to see Cyr!s -. $(L) .s o3n Pers.n. rather.7 $(9) 7I 3. o-the/. 3ere -or the -!t!re to appear on 3ho +a/e -ro/ Cya%ares and to h.n.+ers 3ho 3ere appo.any other nat.r 3o/en.7 he! sa3 !s tr. lan+es. /o!nted on horseba+k and 3.n o!r horse/ansh.s 3h..0e a share these / the/.s.s. and 3ere to o--.d.rst. n!/ber the/ all. a. And be s!re to .r de+. he h.r lan+es and ha0e the/ b!rnt 3.rst s3ords. $C. 7-a. the e%a/ple.r -r.L) 8h.0e the 3eapons bade the/ hand o0er the.ll shall ha0e no +a!se to -.str.b! /!st sho3 hono!r to the that he bro!.. or.n-antry -or h.n+e. he 3o!ld see h. or Arab. yo! . all o.J and then Cyr!s +alled h./ a be0y o-a. say.n. 73e shall be F!.n./sel. a Ba+tr.n a 0ery s.. $(') 8./sel.ends a/on.ded -orJ 3e are not !sed to l!%! to bear ar/s. the 1edes 3ho -ollo3ed !s o./ /ost.n.7 sa. In the /any +a/e -or3ard .r 3o/ o. b!t Gobryas sa. he 3as to +o/e -or3ard and de+lare h.ans. the 2yr. and as to ne+essar.nally he sent o!t another pro+la/at.nd h. yo!. and anyth.spersed to /ake the d./sel.t./.7 sa. 7yo! 3. a Cyr! a /o!nted ret.s le-t o0er.+ked o!t .an pr.s o3n !s. 72o let .0. 3.nt another o. The Pers.the spo.nted.s. and I th.bly enrolled.the. 7and .nted to re+e.+h they ans3ered= 7In tr!th.d he 3. and !se the/ as yo! th.nk 3.7 $(() 2o they d. a Car. Cyr!s. and 3o!ld be reF!.ans.ans /!st see to .on o. say that I 3o!ld l./ple -ash./sel-.r o3n the.ladly.+ers and had the/ enrolled -orth3. and /ake the/ -eel the.h at !s . so as to -ollo3 the 3e ha0e e%a+tly as . 3ear. and sa.sett.+ers and bade the/ take the horses and the. to the /essen.t be.ends. $(K) And the 1edes on the.r s.+ers the/sel0es.l and !s . 3e be.0e s!ppl.reat /.they 3ere h.n yo!r d.n.le they 3ere +on+erned 3. presented h. The Pers.n eF!al shares -or ea+h d.d Cyr!s..est and -a.on.on. Assyr.ood -ort!ne bless !s all. Take the/. say.l. a-ter yo! are all pro0.rth o0er the tho!.b!te the/ by lot .an./ to stay on !p .hed.n!e 3hen they +hose !s -or the.the/ ar/ed as +a0alry.0. and told the/ they 3ere no3 -ree.on. and the .nk best.elds and l. At that the .r n!/ber Cyr!s sele+ted the stron. they 3ere to be ar/ed 3.on.+h he 3o!ld -!rn. .n.the. that .the r.+.d they /!st +hoose h.that they 3ere not st.3e had the/. 3e 3ere bro!. $(?) As -or /y Pers. and ea+h one 3as to appo.nk yo! 3o!ld la!.

/ har/J /any a k. .ht h.+h I o--ered to the k. a s!ppl.n.nk.+e ha0e I done h. a.+e.n0.s -ollo3ers and ran /y son thro!. B!t tell /e.h hopes and a pro!d heart.ean+e -or /y dear son. and he.n. that -r. he addressed h. $") 8hen the old /an +a/e be-ore Cyr!s.n the k. 52ee. And th.ssed a se+ond t. s./ h.s ran+o!r h. tho!.ed ho/e a +orpse.e I sho!ld not d. Yo! yo!rsel.n has des+ended to /y boy5s /!rdererEEI +o!ld ne0er be loyal to that /an..neEEb!t /y son5s spear 3ent ho/ to 3el+o/e a br. and Cyr!s ans3ered= 7Gobryas.s k.hter .th h.s br.s o3n -ather p. I a/ ready to be yo!r sla0e and yo!r ally. and I pro/. t3o tho!sand three h!ndred o.rst do3n on h.ard /e as a -r. and the po3er 3h. $() And I. God help.e-.n./.0e /e. he 3as bea!t. and he bro!. the . . and k.-e. I ha0e shot b!t t3. He kno3s too 3ell ho3 I -eel to3ards h. ho3 3. and the k. /y bra0e boy. B!t no3 that h.ns . 7. . I pass /y days . o.ted h.ssed h./.ad*!tants led h. There-ore I ha0e +o/e to yo!./. +arr. .e-. I a/ an Assyr.n a+ted as tho!.ndness ha0e I re+e. B!t he has -allen at yo!r hands.lled ea+h he added. B!t./ a. /y lord. soon a-ter that..ldren no3. I. and /any a ser0.t 3ere an ene/y that he had done to death.h .n+e 3as st!n.3e do the beast do3n.0en./ to the +hase. /ean.s a.n.n !tter 3ret+hedness.aJ and .3e s!--er yo! to keep yo!r stron.n ret!rnH7 $:) And the old /an ans3ered= .s -ather. and lo0ed /e and hono!red /e as a -ather re*o.e ./ at on+e. and h. /y only son.yo!r heart be set to3ards !s as yo! say. I.s *a0el.. and 3hen I +a/e to d. yo!r ar/s. He ne0er sho3ed one s. old .h.nk I sho!ld . 3ho a/ old.d the +reat!re lo3.+h yo! had.ll yo! ser0e !s . /y only son. th.n o.r.h they 3ere -r.the/.hold. and s!ddenly a bear appeared.= 71y lord. /y old /aster. I th.s +h.EEh./sel. I sho!ld not -eel asha/ed to l. a-ter /y -or/er splendo!r./ do 3. -or h.0e by s. and I .s the /onster +o!ld not +onta.s o3n da!.5s son let -ly h.+k..s +r!el deed.n /y terr.the/ .tterest -oe.n /arr. $L) Had he l.. /y old /aster.le k.n h.hter 3o!ld be h.a.rthJ I ha0e a stron.3.e yo!r son. And h. as tho!./.n /o!rn. I . and sho3ed that he +o!ld share the b!rden o./plore yo! to be /y a0en.a. yo!r land.dden..s no3 k. they ro!sed a l.0ed.a0e +hase.ll be a son to /e.. say.0ed -ro/ and the t3o o./ .tory. I 3o!ld ne0er ha0e +o/e to yo! to do h. and +r..n. 3ho tho!. -ortress .a.d one tr. Yet es+ort stay 3here they 3ere.ant.n.0e.0e /e so/e hope o.n./y do/a. . b!t they /ade h. and then he /.eJ and I let /y boy .5s da!. $>) I.3h.s son. 3ho . I kno3.Assyr./eEEno !n!s!al th. and I r!le o0er a 3.n.t. had sent -or /y by b.s assass.n.s -or yo!. and then /y son thre3EEoh.0e yo! as /y s!ppl.+es to be lo0ed.s stead. to the F! the -././eM5 And at th. and . that he ne0er hadMEEand la. /e. b!r.b!te o.n. to .r. to a0en. -or I ha0e no /ale +h.. he ne0er pa.. all o.s /y b.s l.e0er he had a -r.s *ealo!syJ he snat+hed a spear -ro/ one o. and and bade h.s 0.ro3 yo!n. +o!ld ne0er re.ant at yo!r -eet. re. /y darl.ner horse/an othe t3o.nJ I ha0e +a0alry at /y +o//and.n.ed /e.yo! +an .n atone/ent -or h. 2o they h!nted to.h the body. !nhappy that I a/.n.7 $') 2o he spoke. $?) The pr.n+e.s best.end 3as I.o.h -or the /o/ent he kept h./a.ed /y boy 3. and took h.roo/..allant heart.-!l and bra0e. b!t alasM he /..n.n.end.n lonel. And the pr. 3ho . I re+e. that 3hen I sa3 h.yo! +an re+e. /y 3ellEbelo0ed.hono!r to the dead.ness and .-ar the -.end. $K) He 3ho/ I had. -or he tho!..deE.

b!t the h.n+e there 3as ab!ndan+e o.story./ ho3 -ar a3ay he l.t.t +a/e to pass that Cyr!s sa.ot and Hellen.ods 3hat the the /en -ro/ /y o3n land. The tents 3h.n the.n.onsH I dare say they 3o!ld. The se+ond o.hold shall be yo!rs."". not to . 7I a/ /.. the/.on o.Cyr!s a.0e her to her brother5s /! yo!.+ or.+o//.7 sa. s.ans had all they 3anted too. C" o!t.s -ollo3ers. The F!est. and -or the/sel0es they had taken Pr.tho!t s!rrender.. and d. and the l.+h I !sed to pay to Assyr. The e+ono/. her !p to be the br.n.K'.n. h.n all As. and they /ade the /essen. I take yo!r hand and I . Cyr!s bade the old /an depart .t .all they +o!ld need on the +a/pa.s/= .er -ro/ Cya%ares share and share al.7 $9#) 2o .n yo!r hands. the /ost sk.n.0.ned /oney they sa..0e yo! / o. C".d he.the /an 3ho .ll!strat. $9") The the .7 And Gobryas ans3ered.Cyr!s .s.!.yo! set o-.e 3.+ test. C9. I/portant as .t yo! byEplay to enl.ll o. Th. 8o!ld a /odern -or+e stor/ a +a/p 3. 4ot. -or /arr.n. the ne%t day yo! /ay lod.nded to 0.n. I ha0e a da!..ll /ar+h at yo!r s.n. 4OTE2 C9.a shall be pa. 7I.l-!l a/on.s o3n depart! tr!e . 7On the tears. C".t 3as all that he took h.s ar/s.a there 3as ne0er a 3o/an so -a. Then the 1edes presented the/sel0esJ they had set apart -or the .hedon.+h 3ere le-t o0er they del. b!t and lo3er /ot.ods be 3. and a lady -ro/ 2!sa.!s !s.n.n.s Pers.n as o-ten as yo! +o/e to /eJ the tr. and had le-t . I 3. C". /odern t.ansJ and the +o. r.s .b!te 3h. to deal 3.n.. an order o.n."< Cyr!s5 roa/.7 And 3hen th.ests tho!.br.d to yo!J and 3hene0er yo! /ar+h o!t to 3ar.neJ let the .ded as soon as .de -or Cyr!s.ton.ll p!t her .ke 3.8ell.ans.. the stern 2partan sel-Eden. the /!s.ntent. There .9< Cya%ares5 7E+ono/.ded . /e hersel-.+e 3as -or Cya%ares. 4o loot.d sho!ld be 3.n.ns/an7 that yo! ha0e spoken tr!ly and 3.tho!t tak.71y stron.den. 1oreo0er.K". a . 3. rat.all the tents.7 $99) 8.n.s no3 k.0ered to Cyr!s -or h. 8olseley.0e . C". a 3ellEbelo0ed /a. b!t appeal.0ed..reatest *oy 3hen yo! ha0e .n. -ro/ *oy to *oy. .tness.K? her.nest o./esJ h!/ane on+e I tho!. and then he asked h. and they had +hosen -or Cyr!s the -..3ho/ the story says that .0en the se0ere h.the /an and h. and t3o s.n.J b!t she beso!.the D!ke o.7 and by +ontrast .s do!btless o.+.r -.. T3o theor.r as she. and I ha0e no /. to l.s 3as done.a.0es. 72.her .d.+e the tone he adopts to these sla0esJ no b!lly.n+e.r hands. to appet.a.s also bro!. Xenophon the Art.K>.st= the 7k.s.nd to oppose her.early toE/orro3.s a as I shall deal 3.t 3as. 3."(. And no3 I 3.en.n.hter.n pea+e.

n.s 3ords thro!.+at..!/entJ 2hort sharp snap o.0erts the +reator o.s part.thet.n.ty o.s sp.+an d.n the +hara+ter o.llEE C".0e style. CK.e.bod. the -la0o!r oh.t!al sent.ans or Pos.s 1ed..+.n.n the sp. An./es Pa!l..+h that . A 5+!te be.t!al plane. CParad.lton.ll the r!le .ntless= 3.s par.loEInd. b!t C+eter. The style r.s/o!nt.s 7ne0er be seen on a an e%F!.es.e0e<.t +a/e to the/ . to sho3 ho3 nat!rally . The a+t!al d.s/ -. .dental . .ty . I th.ro3sJ and there5s no .7 Xenophon has to a++o!nt -or the a+t!al Pers.-. and del.s/ s!per. The .t abo!t.t or.a+t!al l.shed and po.ty. para.t post!lates the Pers.0.enerally.t5s no re-le+t./ the Hellenes and Xenophon< to .o!sly boys do learn better than /en +erta.s/ C0ers!sC 1edes and Hyr+an. p!r. the 3ords o.+ally. and so +an the Pers.all.n+orr!pt.on on Cyr!s5 /. b!t st.n .0e that pre+edes 3o!ld see/ a l.el. . and 3e -or. et+.. .?>.t.+ narrat.reat +r.+ate l. .+a0alry and the dependen+e on others 3h.+ theory .n.ot.t here -east. The ant.<"K.0.n. These th. th.n.0e a st.nk one sees ho3 Xenophon b!.+-.le they are -.Cyr!s.s /o0.on -or the better .ble +ro3n. and 3.b! a. -a+ts.ero!s ar.ll -.+ d.n the /ost . as here. .not so s!bl.raph the dra/at.s. .sts . Hystaspas5 s.+ally . o!r all.t -loats. eF! and Hyr+an.s.or.r. o.r. Cyropaed. CK.tho!t the +on+l!d. The Ed! 6ostC. It .s 3as a dan.te./ent.0e 7the ar+h.n. I s!ppose . I th.?L./es. and 3e -or an .+ /an7 h. 8e are /ade to -eel the to!+h oso/ and .a.s need.99.nn.+.aAJ the na/e *!st.s the/.s a sl. and 2o+rates helped to br. Pa! 3h.+ to s. 7eF! nobles 3.+ sk.ble.s o.Cyr!s to lay do3n al3ays. and 3e don5t e0en kno3 ho3 .ty .st.nst the tast.n-er.s .on to the./ple response= ..s at and /ental tra.etE!p and art..nk<.th other passa. Pa!l5s or Co/te5s.!/ the !p at t.+o!rse.there has been an alterat.n.s +ontrary to .an on+e.noble and .Cyr!s -ro/ the .an.ty to eF!estr.t !n-.n.+ balan+e and 3ordE*. The ar.9:.n Cyr!s the Yo! troopers. CK.oal .Hystaspas and Xenophon.h.bleEE and one /. be+a!se . no3 .ra+e-!l 3ay poss.s to the/ are an alle.2t.ed.tho!t e.t!al plane. CK.on .es. . as o.n the /anner o.le. C".hedon. 3. 3.s Cnoblesse obl. I bel. @Gero!pa. the lo3er= ..0e a sp. as later on 3e ha0e to -or.a./ h./e as 2t.t -ares 3.+-.?L.. the Chr.n 1..n.n. They -or a +orr!pt.eC .an . str!+t!re on a bas.the /o/ent +a!sed by 3ant o.s/= Cyr!s h. C".ans. b!t st. 2t.?(. /odern En.+h a. Pa!l are the 3ords o.er7 theory. It 3o!ld ha0e been pre/at!re then.r. I sho!ld ha0e tho! parableM C".tary a+!/en not to -oreseen horror opedestr. /oral.. Xenophon5s dra/at.n.J7 and 3.?. pre+./portant.on the ar+han. as a. CK.s to pass thro!.ho!t.n.r r!les de+lens..ttle b..ll.n.these 1ed.sto+rat.9".

. The +hara+ter .ras+.ll!strated by +on+rete .the ad0ent o. 8orks. Xenophon +an to Xenophon5s . C(..te.nstan+es a-ter the /anner o.t .R 9"< the 7.n.n.splendo!r and l!%!r.ll.nher.t 3ere.EE3hat .n.dly= th.ty o. C?./per.n. on the part o.n+t.s l!/.h +!nn.n.n.n part the C. Xenophon5s 3ords= so/e o.nd= so/e are -. Carlyle no3 and th. @kalos ka no/.s o. 2t. tenden+y .th the healthE.dal sel-Eassert./ 0..+7 nat!re.n. no do!bt..ll le-t. 7.l.sar/s at on+e and tr.a -earless /an 3. e.!/phs o0er sa0a.nks at .Theophrast!s.s 7. as o.n.tary la3<.+tor.n 2partan d!ran+e -or a -!t!re apotheos."9. so/e are rare and +ho.ttleness o. all sket+hed . -or ye shall be -.+t +hara+ter splend.+e and e%F!. Here the F!est. II.odl.+7 s!.all th.n e%.s theory o.e3 o.leEE7F!est.s 0. and . the day a-ter the pre/at!re re0el.0e +.n.ed 3.!s. 0.a. at the battle o..n the /.:E9#.t.tho!t -eel..0e7 thr.t . he 3.s the /oralH 7H!n.-eJ one o. C(.ood /any +asteEd.lyEso!nd.on o.+ sla0ery 3e ha0e a ..sed and then .9K.s parallel to the Hellen. "9).ble. and a++ord. C(.t+hery.s that ./osA.Cyr! Cs.ll there . It . b!t a k.s re3ard to the +at+her. the rest to be r! . +%%. 6ater .th yo!r al/ost a Xenophont.s he .s h. 3ords.s part . b!t e%a+tly the sa/e Cya%ares 3ho -ollo3s Pleas!re.t to r!le.s./ b!t 3e see the /an /o0.the best th. The -.n..ble /an./portant .re-eren+e .ood dash o. -. These earl.n re-eren+e to the 7F!est. C(.n. C0.t. the 1ed.s . That .o!s sel-E!l othe .oete.+e $C1e/orab.s .en.est portra. 2o/e /oderns.ts o. Pretty senten+e.e! oHellen.s the +rap!lo!s @or.dst o.'.+ /an7 does not re+o.on +rot+hets st.s.+ sla0ery theory. The 7ar+h. $The +h.+ted the . o/.R!sk.s +ontrasted 3.L.n l./pert!rbable sy/pathy.+7 3a. Theophrast!s +o!ldn5t better ha0e the l.s alle.d.r.s en. see.s/J the s!n5s r.n."#.the so/e3hat 7hybr. o. Th.h le0el. to the la3.or nat!re. Xenophon has th.. and 2partan sp.ans .s not ph.aC.rst. C?.. an 7a--e+t. be-ore !s and are /ade a3are o.++.aC.s nat!re at on+e. .+hara+ter are. the 3.n. so/e are +har.on -or+es .erEt.ty. ho3 the land l.0.s. and a ray shot !p to the Ien.Coronea a.+ +ontrast. /odern /. and .d C+o!0re-e!C hab.ery.F!e7 salaa/. Nol.deC Hera+les5 +ho. and so theory.n.ned .nd a sa0a. I. .h.t .ron.eA o.s r.+-.the Pers. anyho3 .tH 8ell.nst h.s Cyr!s 3ho -ollo3s Nalo!r.losoph.l.n.s to Xenophon5s presen+e on the 2partan -eel.) C(. yo! +an5t to!+h the/ 3. pp.n all hono!r.h.s a . and th.. only on a less h. and the Pers. and th. --.n perhaps< .no!s C(.n Xenophon= and the .on o.ron.b! /otto.s not thro!..t.9>. as .e ho!nd.these are prett. -.Cya%ares .or. A dra/at..n.ot -ro/ 2o+rates.n the +on+rete. 2ee C2ket+hC. A po. a++ord.onable7 -ro/ a /odern rather than an 7ant.plo/a+y.s nat.onable7 +ond!+t on h.the Xenophont.ra. C(.l.t5s parallel to the /odern pop!lar Chr.

o!s tr!st .+ /an..s beyond /an5s +ontrolJ orderly /asterly 3ork. all 5+!te people and nat.K". -r.s .3.d.on . A br..the so!l.+al bear.ntelle+t the !pEandEdo.EEe0ery propos..the Hellene . 3ho ./a.t!de on the part othe +o//onEsense anta.ble.7 C(.. I ha0e yo! no3 ..plo/at. and a -oothold .t. /eM7 CL..rst -l!t.2!sa.n h.sed .n El.0e sy/pathet. a.on. 72ee..+ /an.s o.s by +han+e a s.aA o.a harp or 0. E+ono/. e. oEth.des be.+ /ethod. .. CL. Th.ons ban.-. pr.sM C(. The ar+h.n the d.r .n.ples. C(.n the Greek). 8ho do yo! th.ts lo. Rel. an+h.h -or anyth.ant stroke Chan+ery.s her /!+h already. C0. et+..s/. F!as.ned 3. a l.0e.t.on . o!t o.t presents .n.nat. 4.-!llyEso!nd.nsp.ts. Bea!t.t.E!p a spee+h 3. and -or th. sele+t. senten+e $.99.ll./.ons ha0e . r!le o..n. .s 6.t5s rather.nd.?.) C(. 2..oretho! an a--e+t. to the s!pporter o.+ eno!.E or. C(.+k.n herH 8e l. Then Cyr!s bade the/ set a .plo/at. 3h. -.n.s= the res!lt /ay be lo.K>.K' --.d. CL.C(.proble/s 3.n+.-eElon.Iabethan or other dra/aH It5s tra.ll 3. Xenophon the prototype h. The lady o.bed l.ent to the -ore .. r!le .?(.I 3o!ld.K.+h.oner be+a!se he sees +learly.ent o. Th. 5+!te they are a--e+t.n.B. be apprehended .de .3.+ans.stor.t.s appeal to the.r lord.+al art. Dakyns.n. the ph.0e.s the pop!lar orator. or /.r= .s .+ /anhood.+.1r.b!tary -or the ar+h.end o. h.n.+e o.Health.d.+ att.t5s -a.s at botto/ a!thor o.L.n .$T) has . These +onstant /asters5 /eet.+ally da/a.n. style= 73ell done.s . b!t does not ne+essar.s tale.+.ts dy.n CL.EERhetor.0ely7 de0eloped.n.n. I +o!ld p!//el .'.n-raC. The /.n. 1oral theory. b!t .n pres+r.n.her hedon. $T 7H. The ar+h.s da!.+ .n. Th. H. ar+h.ent 3.t!at. to be a sharp pra+t. As to th. a *oke.n.Xenophon= . .%edH BOOG N $C. A--e+t.ood -a.+..n..n the ene/y5s +o!ntry./sel.s the .nk 3. the A/er..losopher.d and s!+h the 3ords they spoke.nd o.the ar+h.n.perhaps.s the ne+essary sharp shre3dness o. the operat.7 U Henry 2.rable +olloF!.s al/ost p!//ell.ll be +on-.s not bo!nd. those 3ho/ he kne3 3ere /ost atta+hed to the. /o!rn-!l note.n other b!t . ho3e0er else . The -.ol 3.(?.on.rres.the 2!+h 3ere the deeds they d.n. ho3e0er 7a--e+t.on /!st.+ /an tr!sts h!/an nat!re= th. d.K#EK9.!ard o0er the share +hosen -or Cya%ares. Ad/.noet. The Hellenes and all 5+!te people p!t the a.ntelle+t!ally.!. . Is th. or 3holly .s also the d.plo/a+y 3orthy o.hter. A ne3 tr. 7And ..

s s!. and her ne+k.n.aIe at her -or!nd 3. tearEdrops tr.s s. -or she 3as seated on the . -elt that there ne0er 3as.ed. and then 3e sa3 that she 3as /arked o!t -ro/ the/ all by her he.d Cyr!s. $>) And th!s 3e +o!ld see her -a+e. 7Ha0e yo! seen the lady 3ho/ yo! k. $") And then Cyr!s +alled to Araspas the the eldest o. altho!.rat. 7I a++ept 3. and her .7 And Cyr!s sa.7 he added.end and host o./sel-.ladly I 3.l that +o0ered her head and ./ to take +are o.s pr. . Cyr!s. b!t I hold .th pleas!re.n /e ba+k a.+kl.n broad As.r as she. I l.a -ro/ h.a0e a all her /a.rls 3ho are yo!rs toEday. $?) To that Araspas repl.t .7 .or to h.e0e. 7In tr!th.0.t and . lady. 7I /ysel-.n-er. and ne0er had been.s yo!rs.ll .J I a/ so th.rsty to rather.rst. 4ay. I 3o!ld -ar rather be ser0.-y yo! all./. on th...l her h!sband +o!ld take her ba+k !p the.stened to the s./ ..h her /ean apparel. and the bea!ty that shone thro!. yo! 3ho 3o!ld en*oy .d. I /!st not.3hat yo! ha0e .se. And no3 Cyr!s asked Araspas to .n.those a/on.t happened that her h!sband 3as a3ay= h.the /ere report o. -or he 3as the -r.n.n.s .n boyhood. 7. 8hen 3e +a/e .ned the other.s +o/rade .stress..s+o0er the /.7 7And 3hy notH7 asked the yo!n. b!t 3hen 3e looked at the/ all to d. 3hen I ha0e not a /o/ent to spare. and she 3as +lad .d not /ake her o!t at -. $L) At that s.the/.s -ro/ th..d he.Ie.-!l and bra0e.a.t the /ost.5 B!t 3hen the lady heard that. and I tell yo!.an+e there.d. and yo! shall be h.r /.0e lady !nt. and .7 sa.n. 7I sa3 here 3hen 3e +hose her -or yo!.. b!t yo! /!st see her -or yo!rsel-.7 $') 72ay.0e /e one o.the Ba+tr.le her /a.dens l.7 he added. a 2!s. 4o3 he s!//oned h.d /e .aIe on her!nd. all her 3o/en rose 3. 5Take +o/-ort..!s sa.!ard the +apt.rand-ather5s +o!rt.the tent and the lady -ro/ 2!sa.ra+e.le+t all I ha0e to do./ on an e/bassy to Ba+tr. .s +a/pa.r 0o.. 3ho had been h. !nder her 0e.a0e the ar/y 3as +apt!red . she rent the 0e.h she 3as 0e.rate-!l to yo! -or o. b!t 3e ha0e +hosen yo! a /an toEday 3ho . yesterday e0en.dens ro!nd her.s /ore to be ad/.n. 7+erta.0en /e. $K) 2he 3as the 3. 3hen he 3ent ba+k to Pers. and all 3ho looked on her. and asked her.n.0e herJ she .n -a+e or -or/ or /.a a /ortal 3o/an halso -a.s day the. $() And 3hen 3e bade her r. And I bel.n. and her noble bear. 3e soon sa3 that one o!tshone the others.yo! +o!ld . 3e d.n.she be s!+h as yo! des+r. 3e bel. than yo! +an be to /e -or . and s.o and . 7Be+a!se.nly I ha0e not.n and perhaps I sho!ld ne.!ardH7 74o.7 sa..n than s.7 At that one o.nto the tent. And.s no 3h.her bea!ty +o!ld pers!ade /e to ..e0e I a/ /ore . and 3hen the Assyr./!s.s /aster had sent h.t. 7.d. do3n her . /an.led and kept her eyes on the .. 71ost .ar/ents to her -eet.onately -ond +loak he 3as 3ear.7 ans3ered Cyr!s.h.7 7B!t I ha0e.ed o-.Abradatas.the 1edes 3ho 3as than any so!l on earth.+ sa. 3e +o!ld see the b.nd or po3erJ Cyr!s. and her ar/ as her sla0es. 3e kno3 that yo!r h!sband 3as bea!t..-!l +ry. .7 2o th.ndeed. Cyr!s..+e and 3ept 3.+e o.tor +arr. 3h. at ho/e.n the sa/e att.. I -ear she 3o!ld 3.E.a to +on+l!de an all.7 re*o.t at the ser0. It 3as he to 3ho/ Cyr!s .

7 he added.n s!//er.h.t. all /en 3o!ld -eel .re .nter nor heat .s o3n da!. Cyr! the beholder -ro/ -.n o.ll absta.a. to d.shesH I ha0e seen /en .$:) At that the yo!n.s 0ol!ntaryJ ea+h /an lo0es to h.rst to say steal.n. pray. a./an.hono! and sa.7 . B!t the nobler type o.te thee . eno!.s 3hy..on.sposed to play 3.h. the tr!e . -a. stron.s 0ol! than .re -or a /o/ent and not be b!rntJ a lo.s no la3 that +o!ld +o/pel !s to obeyJ -or .ster. I ha0e seen the/ pray. bea!t. 73ho ha0e 3ept -or 0ery a. and yo! bla/e the th.all they s!--erJ on the +ontrary..n. and a/ st. A /an /ay to!+h -. 7. -or -ear these sho!ld es+ape. $9?) In the sa/e 3ay.yo! 3. These are the 0ery /en 3ho are prepared to steal and p!rlo.d Cyr!sJ 7probably yo! +a/e a3ay . they ne0er take one o.on. bea!t. 3. that the bea!ty o./. or lo0e .r I -o!nd her.end.7 he sa. nor the -ather o. $9() Take /y o3n +ase.n-la/e thee .7 $9K) B!t the yo! sla0ery the 3orst oe0. The brother .n. b!t bea!ty +an -.hed o!tr.n.s all a-la/e 3. as he +hooses.n. s+o!ndrels ha0e no sel-E+ontrol.d o.ll not k.s o3n s.n. /an la!.n sp. they /ake no atte/pt to r!n a3ay.ty h..5 I say there . .s o!r nat!re to be s3ayed by these -or+es.n.t o--J they 3ere bo!nd hand and -oot by a +ha.ttle 3h.3hat they . and another lo0es the/ not. and yet yo! kno3 yo!rsel-. nor does e0ery /an lo0e the sa/ lo0e.a.entle/an.-!l +reat!res do not +o/pel others to lo0e the/ or p!rs!e the/ 3hen . 3hy +annot a /an +ease to lo0e 3hen he 3.e. +an st. 5Eat not.s not done !nder +o/p!ls.r tyrants.d. Yo! yo!rsel-.r /.the.the/.r pass. and that .Ie and +arry o-.nk not.h be-ore the -e0er took the/ they tho!.l he .dols.hterJ so/e other /an /!st be the lo0er.t . b!t they are 3orthless s+a/ps. and yet !nable to shake . $9#) 2ee ho3 -.r .7 $9L) 7I do not deny .t 3ere any other /alady.-ts o.7 sa.n. and tho! shalt not star0eJ Dr.n.ll only b!rn those 3ho to!+h .-e.n 3. one /an lo0es the/.ron.h to break the heart o.n ans3er= 7Tr!e.. tho!. and yet here I stand be-ore yo!. tho!.ll per-or/ /y d!ty.h they are al3ays pray. B!t lo0e . yes.t. yo! are the -. 7I ha0e seen th. Re0eren+e and la3 are stron. they /o!nt . $99) B!t .s not ena/o!red o.e and be p!t o!t o. 7there are s!+h /en.ll -ollo3 /y ad0.t .nst h.J b! h. as tho!.s 0.ndle all at on+eJ and yet -or all that.h .tho!t rhy/e or reasonJ and yet.n t.. *!st as he +hooses h. and lay no -. . b!t these . and tho! shalt not th.oods o./.+h to es+ape -ro/ l.others.n.d Cyr!s. 3hen they do .ll +o!ld spare./. yo! p!n.lo0e be 0ol!ntary.sery and tho!.er on the/ a.t.7 sa. There they stood at the be+k and +all o.h he des.oodE -orEnoth.n.ts -or+e al.e open by 3h. and then they lay the bla/e on lo0e.s 3.old and splend.. -!el 3.+e./sel.d= 72o yo! th.te o. and that 3.those they lady /ysel-.n lo0e. .le to se.h ten tho!sand a0en!es l.and the robberJ yo! do not p.rstJ 6et not +old b...t .the.t so to doJ b!t these -lo3ers obea!ty.nk.+t./e. 3. !nt.llH 2!rely . 3ho 3ere the 0ery sla0es b!rns all /en eF!allyJ /y -r.s +loak or h.ll not let yo!r o3n eyes l. I ha0e seen the/ /ake .ll yo!r trooper and +an st.any h!/an +reat!re +an +o/pel a /an to do 3ron. and ea+h /an lo0es 3hat he +hooses to lo0e.n -ro/ ea+h and all al.nst the la3 o.the.a la3 3ere passed say.s the nat!re o.-!l and bra0e. and there too lon..d horses and lo0ely 3o/en. and a++ord. poor sla0es.n the . tho!. 6o0e takes a l.that 3ere the nat!re obea!ty..d he.7 $9") 7Then.7 sa.s 3ron.pass.!ard o0er the. to be or look on bea!ty. I a/ not d. /an spoke .on.s sandals.

s terr. d. 76.s po3erJ and I 3o!ld not ha0e h.ll stay 3. 2o at least .7 ans3ered heJ 7.d.ts a /an. 3ho has o--ered !s the !se o. B!t I /!st +on-ess that at present I la+k the ab.ll be s!re to repay yo!. I -ear the/ and I re0eren+e the/ too /!+h to t!rn /y ba+k on all they ha0e ./ repent that he +a/e to / /e by n.nk best. I 3. 3ho d.nat!reJ e0en as the k. $"9) Bnless I 3ere a /. as I b.s -ate. +alled a /eet. and be +are-!l o.on.p 3.t /ay be there 3as noth. Th.r/ /y oath to the h.t 3as not -ro/ need o. 1oreo0er. or old.+e. Cyr! Cyr!s .tory.ble to 3hat he d. 5I. a-ter he took +are o. 3e kno3 that the 1edes -lo+ked to . -or I /!st +on-.n. to +are -or h. othe. I a/ bo!nd to Gobryas. and that he sho!ld la+k -or h.the 1edes and . Th.nt /e sho!ld stay 3. 3hen the .d yo!. not one o.l.d. B!t a-ter3ards..ll st.s 3hat I /ysel.s on ! 3ho 3as an%.a0e the/J they are /y -r.n.t 3as. $9:) 1ean3h.o ba+kJ I +annot. s! to -ollo3J so deep a des.ser0.o!s . and ho3 noble and .ll a+t so that yo! shall pra. and 3here he . lo0e entered h./ 3hen he +a/e .ether he spoke as -ollo3s= $"#) 72ons yo! . and h./.r the 3o/an 3as.aH 8as there one o!s.yo! .s. 7O k.n h.n.l Astya.n. 3ho/ all the bees obey and take -or the. 3hen yo! ret!rned to br.. I a/ 3ell a3are .ods ha0e sho3ered s!+h bless.d.ll ne0er .5 $"") or /ysel-.n. a-ter all th.n./ply to do /e hono!r. Th.s lady /ay be o./y .n the/ to be r!led by h.a. 7G!ard her then.her.7 $9') 8.t.s+reant.n.nto dan. b!t I 3o!ld -eel asha/ed to add.s.s 3ere ready -or h. Yo! /ar+hed /e.r o3n -ree 3.entle/en yo!r de+.n.7 7A -a. !s a.+e to !s all one day.rst to ans3er 3as the 1ede 3ho had +la.ans and the pled. and 3hen they 3ere +o/e to.7 he sa.h.. There-ore I 3.r o3n -ree +ho. and yo! 3.all. I 3.t reF!.o!s that the 1edes and the all. not one o. $"() E0en th!s./oney that yo! 3ent o!t 3.0en !s.ends po!red a-ter yo!H And a.n hersel-.reat .oes.rate-!l -or s!+h k. and -an+. and .5 -or that 3o!ld look as tho!.d not -ollo3 yo! !nt.e I .s e%ped.nto re/a.n the day o. .on.s . yo!n.s.$9>) 7Oh. -ear /e not.ll not say thatJ I 3. 3hen yo! had set yo!r heart on th.+k.ll a+F!a.e0e.I looked t.le Cyr!s. o.the. then.M or k. I yo! . . .ends and I shall ne0er be -o!nd a tra.s heart and took possess.o ho/e to Pers.s -or yo! to de+.n the old days.ll say .s I a/ not asha/ed to tell yo!. Do yo! re/e/ber the day yo! le-t !s to . /an sa3 -ro/ day to day ho3 /ar0ello!sly -a.llJ 3here he stays they stay also.the.yo! 3.ll be-. the bees.n.the/ these 3ords they parted./e I +o!ld not be /ade to do 3hat . 5E0en .r lead./ed /e.e0er he 3ere s. h./ t!rned !s ba+kH And later. /en.t..nstead.n.tal.tor to the/.7 $"?) 2o he spoke.ll not -or.. a-ter the yo!n./!st doJ .ed that she 3as not .t . a-ter she set hersel-.h I spoke to br.n.ndness.s +astle.ood -ort!ne.s 3ants and see that all th.the/ -a. thro!.sten to Cya%ares and .h her attendants.sten to /e. s. do o!r /en -eel to3ards yo!.r leader o.7 o.nsh.ty to /ake a -.ra+. and /ore than as yo! th.r ans3er.n. yo! ran . nor yet . $"K) 6ast o. I bel.d 3e not see -or o!rsel0es ho3 yo!r -r.0e a/ /e.n order to ser0e Cya%aresJ yo! +a/e -or /y sake.. I +o!ld not b!t be .d Cyr!s. I take yo! to be by r.n.o ba+k at /y s. I 3. and the -.nsens.ll the end o.

ther -lank..n. $"L) ToEday 3e ha0e learnt to -eel that e0en . 3ho really 3. takes -all. s!--er /e to o!tdo these -r.ll a+t.n sa.r.0en !p !nder the shelter o.r horses ...l . or no h!/an heart +o!ld th.oats had been dr.tadel ad/./ 3hen he o--ers h.s orders. and that all preparat. 3hen the r. to s!.") B!t on the /orro3 they set o!t -or the.7 $K#) Bpon that he . rode all ro!nd the 3alls.s ne3 Pers.ndly deal.t 3as the 3ork o. 3ho led !s o! .ly stron. Cyr!s rode on horseba+k at the head o.l. br. one 3ho. Presently the /essen.n.nk oret.atta+k . and keep the.the se+ond day the ar/y -o!nd the/sel0es be-ore the +astle o.t on the/ .elds and s3ords..ans took the tents allotted to the/.enerat.Gobryas.s ready. Th!s they spent that day.nd the and re*e+t. The so!l 3.the +. 3ho +o!ld not brook the -!l-.n +ase Gobryas pro0ed -alse.r sh. the/ all they needed./.r +a0alry and . h. $") To3ards e0en.+ed also that . at yo!. The rest o. The +a0alry 3ere told to /ake eno!..7 And 3hen Cyr!s heard that.n -l. 3h.l the .r o!tposts and see to the..n. b!t.n..7 $">) There!pon T. 3hen 3e ha0e a pr.ded the/ a/on. b!t -or /ysel-.r o3n +on+erns. $?) Cyr!s.s yo! 3ho /!st lead !s ho/e a.the ar/y 3ere to pla+e the. I s!ppl. 3.and all that he +alls /o/ent +o/es.yo!r standard 3.h to last a 3hole .. They not. o. I say 3e 3.n.the +ol!/ +a0alry.n. on e.ther ar/.n ad0an+e o.t the needs as /any /ore one +onsent= 7It 3as yo!.ends o. so that they the/sel0es /.t by the holy .ods. 7 or /y part.ness.n.r ne3 attendants !nderstand that they 3o!ld be p!n. t3o tho!sand stron.n -!t!re. $K) Then Gobryas sent 3ord to Cyr!s.nd the/.ht to do !s ser0.e. $() . the.shed .+attle and endless -lo+ks osheep and .en.+ate thee. 3.ers 3ho had ..s tr!st.s s3ord 3hen he s!rrenders .son. he prayed alo!d= 7O /ost /.ll +ont.ans to enter the -ortress and br. and 3e 3.a0e h..e-ta.the ar/y -ollo3ed .ll not -a.on and st. Then they arran. and they sa3 that the pla+e 3as e%+eed.7 $"') And the Hyr+an.the +astle 3alls.s o3nJ abo0e all. not to o--er +o!nsel. 3hen the -oe .yo!r happ. to re+e.yo! 1edes t!rn ba+k toEday I shall say !s.t e0./ r.ed 3.n. . 3e sho!ld be a-ra.ed -or the ste3ards to 3a. and .ons had been /ade -or the sto!test poss. . $C. and -or those !nder /e.n!e to end!re yo!r bene-.they 3ere +a!.approa+h. beh.d.n.ll stand by yo!J 3e shall not ba+k 3ord that there 3ere s!ppl. Cyr!s.ble de-en+e.n.!s./ +h.7 $":) There!pon the 1edes +r.n..dd.n an ene/y5s +o!ntry 3e /ay be o. re-!s.lent no3.3ar.n. not to enr.t. and tell yo! ho3 they 3. .le the Pers. The rest /ay speak -or the/sel0es.ood heart . and the rest o.reat herds one +onsent.!ard.l/ent o./en -or o!r leader.n.+h h.ranes spoke= 7Do not 3onder..n. Cyr!s..le send h. b!t to do yo!r b.tted o.aI.n /e .h.yo! are 3. and -o!nd they 3ere too stron.r /ar+h to .s .0.d e0en to ret!rn to o!r ho/es. Cyr!s.est o. h./sel.shed to see ..+e. I s3ear . h. b. or stra. and /ean3h.n-antry. the.n bro!.n +o!rtesy and k. be -ree -or the 3ork ro!nd and see 3here the pla+e 3as eas./ 3ord 3hat they -o!nd 3.n d!e order.roo/ed.est Pers.0e h.arr. at e0ery po.ts.ro3 3eary o.I a/ s.hty Oe!s.n+e o. or r.tho!t yo!.d.

deta+h/ent be-ore he entered the pala+e h..t the /ore be+a!se 3ho are seated here.ll ne0er y.old bro!.r.7 $:) And Gobryas 3ondered 3hat th.son had le-t .nt the/ o!t .hter.n.-tsJ they 3.led.n. e0ery pre+a! /e 3hen I .ns 3.o!s that .s /. and one o.s da!. as I a/ a *!st /an and kno3n to be s!+h. -or her brother.n.+e 0.-.n yo!r hands.7 $9K) And Gobryas s/.ned h. he d.b! as yo! th.nd a h!sband 3orthy o.n.s. or /ore. Only o.ll per-or/ .0.ll 3ear.n.r -oes 3h.a and Assyr.n her hand .s ste3ards -ell to d. 7By hea0en.a.ll tell yo!.nst /y the I /ade to yo! I repeat to yo!r da!.re host. treas!res o. A /an /ay hate .ness.7 he added. that they too 3. and all /anner o./ /e I 3o!ld a0en. and a da!.s . Gobryas had beakers o.hter . re+e. yo!r o3n po3er.ll be ./an he ..s o!t. $9#) B!t yo! ha0e pla+ed e0eryth.arr./ 3ho /ay 3. $>) And 3hen they *o. o%en and .t..hted 3ord o.hter.ll ha0e less 3ealth. and p. to deal 3. I 3. and toEday I see the debt .ll 3.e./pre. 7I 3./p.7 he added.antsJ I b!t three days .nJ there are those a/on.le Cyr!s 3as 3onder.n s+o!ts and a stron..ll -.e0ery be h.-t.s o3n da!. Then Gobryas . yo! /ay be +erta. !p a banF!et. b!t that .-t only I 3.bea!t.on he /.I +han. than 3hat yo! o--er /e. and ser0.a0e yo! /y pro/. nor a+t !nr.0e.s the nat!re. /o!rn.t /.r -r.n*! e0ery hono!r I +an .oats and s3.t.e0e /e.ends. 7I a++ept the/. th.od str. so lon. and sent . hals!spe+t.s .hterJ God help.0en to the/ to sho3 that they too are loyal to be-ore he +an sho3 3hat /anner o. $99) Th.n.n. and . and../y -ello3E /en. Gobryas halso bl. the stores at on+e./ at h. 3hat th.s o3n -r.s yo!r ..n.n /y hands toEday.olden +o. $9") Do!bt yo! 3o!ld po.oblets.n /e lay. $L) And h.t 3. 8e are yo!r s!ppl.I +o!ld not .n the/.one -or /y son.0e to repay yo! 3..dled po3er or . I 3.the splendo!r o.r reno3n -or all the 3ealth yo! pro--er and all the treas!re o..ety and l.end and /y host.all he sent -or h./sel.s a th.le l.+ate the ..e h.+a/e o!t.. and to h.-t.-!l 3.ll not ad/. !nless so/e .nable -ortresses or lo0ely +h. a /ar0el o. And her -ather sa. One . eno!.s .-ts. b!t ./. and all h. so pre+.a to boot.t.nk th.. +o!ld be.hteo!sly -or the sake o.+hes I besto3 on yo! -or a .ed .str. 2!+h .e yo!.se be-ore that .h to -east the ent. and she th.nd h. ! the/ do3nJ that they too 3o!ld ne0er sa+r.nd.hty -ortress. and dr. and I p!t /y da!.n. I ha0e /any a . And th!s yo! ha0e sho3n all /en that I +o!ld not s. As -or these +ostly . 3. so -ar as .n.n0.yo!r da!.yo!r .tho!t end. 7All these r.ll only en0y /e and s!ppl.n her handJ b!t I +o!ld not say 3hether he 3.t+hers. /e.n /arr.s day -or her brotherJ 3e besee+h yo! to a0en.ods that one day . and the pro/. bel.8h.ends. +arry.ll take 3. nor break /y pl.-e . the/ 3ho 3. and +ostly orna/ents.the/ 3.s /en beh..d to Cyr!s.s +o!ld /ean./ 0ast 3ealth or !nbr.0./sel-..the a heart.tsel./.n.t -or all the 3ealth oBabylon or the 3hole 3orld ..n a.+ers.seJ and Cyr!s took h.n.ll yo! one 3h.n. and last o. /y lordH7 .s. .0e the/ -or a do3ry to yo!r da!.bea!ty and statel. tall and -a. st. And Cyr!s ans3ered.rt!e and and +orn and barley.n. and I .+e and .hter /ost 3orthy to be 3on.ates thro3n open and sent -or all h.a.d he.ll. /y -r./y o3n -ree 3. 78hat .yo! kept -a.eld to the. I 3.n.s d!e.o on /y 3ay 3. he had the . 7b!t that yo! one o--ers h.7 $') And Cyr!s /ade ans3er= 7I .se o.tJ I 3.ll ne0er -or. and .ood /an and tr!e a/on.s rare th. On+e 3. .nk 3.ted Cyr!s to enter the +astle no3 that all the .ends and o--.ldren.

nd h.tadel.ood sense and the. that on a +a/pa.s s!pper .n. +lasped the hand o.+e that they only asked F!est. 7Yo! 3.d that s./sel.those 3ho 3ere to share the -. not only s!per0.on to h. 3ho has the th.Epla+e.s horse 3.le Pers.ness./pert. 5Tell /e.nk 3as .n 0.t.. and e0ery nook /ay be a +o!+h.nt the/ o!t yo!rsel-./. $9>) B!t h.t . $9') 4or that he needed.the/ to be /y sonE. yo! to . or let h. 8e are al3ays try.s /ood +han.tled to a lar. $9:) And 3hat str!+k h. or ea+h o!sH7 And the Assyr. he 3o!ld not. .oblets and /ore .dent -eel. h.d Gobryas -a.l toE/orro3.ed as he 3at+hed the .le they took the.. . and +an look and l.r .to /e. and only *ested .s /eal 3.lea0es.old.n.ted or -l!stered by /eat and dr.r all h.le he p!ts h.s F!est.7 $9L) and best.ands.7 And Cyr!s sa.n.3hat 3as set be-ore h. $"#) And th!s 3hen he rose to ret!rn ho/e. the story r!ns that he sa.t 3as -ro/ 0!l.endly.tho!t -a.s earth and hea0en. and -or yo!r +o0erlets yo! need not +o!nt the -lee+es o.t 3as tho!. and I 3o!ld be. Gobryas.n.n the. all yo!r +a0alry .ll not need to learn the./e and ea+h sa3 to at -. no one 3as ent..n.r e0.rst that h. b!t 3at+hed -or any +han+e to 3eaken the ene/y and add to h.n.n. B!t 3hen the day da3ned Gobryas appeared 3. Cyr!s.l to not./ to stay and s!p . elseJ these /en pr. *!st as a per-e+t r. on a +o!+h o.Gobryas.n the +a/p and +onstra.h Gobryas pressed h. tho!. yet 3e o!rsel0es are not 3orth as /!+h.on o.n.s o3n /en 3ere -ar /ore openEhanded than the Pers.n.ty and !nsee/l. And Cyr!s.. 7Yo!.s o3n stren. as a born ..ts h.e And tho!.n+rease 3hat 3e possess. be here 3.0e h.n -!ll ar/o! so absorbed .7 $"9) B!t Cyr!s only ans3ered= 71y -r. $9() And there.le and 3ho are -r.ra+e and de+or!/ o. the po0erty o. and 3ent o!t.n the +.n to !nderstand. $"K) 8./.s o3n 3ho had been s+hooled 3o!ld e0er .kely to ..n./.end. and the herba. and br.sten and talk to so/e p!rpose 3h.s +o/radesJ on the +ontrary.on o.s share than any o./ /ost 3as the. he s!//oned the Hyr+an. b!t yo! see/ to set yo!r hearts on the per-e+t.n.d= 7I To be e%+.nE la3.n a /anner to pleaseJ all 3as the sa/e -or all. -or yo!r ho/e .t /!st be sa. b!t took h.r .rth 3as as -ar -ro/ .d.n+e the dan.ned Gobryas to take h.nen+e and /al./ thro!.ons 3h. that he +o!ld attend to noth.7 $9?) 8. or snat+h at the 0. 3hen the /eal be. .ll and pla.0e /e one o./sel-J -or they 3ere the t3o he tho!. /ore +o!+hes. and a -ar lar. the.h h.7 $"") Th!s they parted -or the t. see. and then lead !s thro!.r /.n.h./ the . and yo! 3. yo!rsel-.en+e 3h. /ore +o0erlets.r eyes so/eth.eand Gobryas h.n.n eat. ho3 .s /en beh.sed the /ar+h.+e as .le 3e ha0e /ore . yo!r o3n so!ls. ha0e /ore than I.n-or/ /ost l.+h 3ere pleasant to ans3er.est store o.. he p!t th. to .th these 3ords he rose.ll be able to po. so that 3e /ay see yo!r po3er. ly.der absol!te +o/pos! the/.h yo!r +o!ntry and sho3 !s 3ho are host. /ore apparel and /ore 3ealth than yo!.ether +h.s +a0alry and led the 3ay.eneral 3o!ld.ded the/sel0es on sho3. b!t the br!sh3ood.the -east to per-e+t the +ond.s that 3h.r na/es -ro/ /eJ -ollo3 !s.the +o/panyJ and sa3 that not a s.n.yo!r -lo+ks.ape.ntell. I kno3.s .

e a b.they +o!ld /ana.s h. That yo!n. . 7The Assyr.. and had the deepest .ed to sed!+e h.ans are less pro/pt than they 3ere at br.t .ht take.he tho!.an.ed. /an 3hose -ather 3as a /!+h . e0en /ore than I.on .h.ll tell yo! o.e0e he 3o!ld 3el+o/e !s.h.d others s!--er tooH7 $"') 71any others.Ebo!t the !t/ost +are.ed the Hyr+an.ed Gobryas. I see noth.7 $K#) 7And 3here .ans.nk I shall not err .r horses.3e are to *o.s lad 3ho ./ 3.sed the boy5s bea!ty and sa..tsel-. Then there are the the .ends. he .tter hatred.r 3ayH7 asked he.n /y op. and she +an send o!t an ar/y ten tho!sand t.s /y ene/y./H7 7I a/ /ore than s!re o.7 7And 3hyH7 asked Cyr!s. and the.t.n the.e than I.lad. .the pr.d Cyr!s.n o!r +o/panyH7 71!+h /ore than ./ at all. 3e /!st /ar+h r.tterest -oes.n.s o3n had pra.ed by yo!. or do yo! kno3 o. .r 3eapons and the. One day at a dr. 7The ans3ered that he /!st -.the/ 3ere 3eak.s no3 on the throneH D./.7 $">) At that Cyr!s t!rned to Gobryas= 7And 3hat o.nterest . o!r ne.s para/o!r.7 sa.d Gobryas.ans are h.s 3as a 3o/an to be en0.n./ply be+a!se a para/o!r o. -or h. B!t -or yo!.s no3 at the head o.s +o/pan. altho!. The k.7 .s -ather .n h. and they are both n!/ero!s and 3arl.--.e as yo!rs.that.nterest -or /e to be po3er-!l and there-ore he atta+ks /e.n.7 sa. $"() There!pon Cyr!s p!t h.n+e.s!rs.s not so easy to set eyes on h.dled .n !s. b!t en/.a0e /e +a!se. or /ysel-.d he. Yo! 3e +a/e to help h. .nly 3e do.7 ans3ered theyJ 7. 7Hea0en help !sM7 +r. and 3hyH 2o/e say s. 7the Assyr.n..d h.s b. 7that they 3o!ld be .nst h.s the d.s F!est. That .n.nk. past Babylon .no3 asserts .d yo! not +har.n+e.d Gobryas. h.s.7 3hat he had to sayJ they 3ere 3ell a3are o.7 he added.s pro0.7 $":) 78ell.ns!lts they end!redH I 3.s hands..n.7 sa./ tooH7 7Certa.ty has only to open her . and 3ho 3as h. 7I take .t 3as be+a!se he had tr. he only -eels that .ot abo!t.nsolen+eH7 7E0en so. or d. 73ere yo! the only /an he treated th!s. s!ppose that yo! alone are h.nk .n the t!rn e0ents /. 3ho ha0e s!--ered se0erely at h. ./es as lar. 2o that .n. 3ho/ yo! are / re*o.e0.d Cyr!s.end and +o/rade o.n.Ied and /!t.del.. B!t yo! he hates 7Does the k.ed to s!bd!e the/ as he s!bd!ed !s.l. 7I th.t so 0ery s/all. 7Be+a!se . 7the Cado!s.7 sa.ty and +ons!lt yo! abo!t the +a/pa.7 sa. l..n.s a.s . yo! bel.ty on e0ery s.reater persona.I -a.lated.7 repl. are bo!nd to see that the Assyr.d they.r report has . 7b!t .lad to atta+k h.7 7And 3hat stands .de. and 3hy sho!ld I 3eary yo! 3.s 3ron.ed Gobryas. 7b!t so/e o.s /y o3n son. -or he tr. /an.others 3ho hate h.nk he .n the.7 repl.+!lty . +onF!ers.7 To th.n thatH7 sa.t . be+a!se those 3ho ha0e seen yo!r ar/y th./sel-..the k.d Cyr!s.the -a+ts.n./sel./ . e!n!+h as he .ned Cyr!s.ates. there /ay 3ell be so/e loophole !nbr. 7the 0ery people a/on.+e.I tr!st to yo!r -. a -r.h he .71y -r.ans the/sel0es. he bears /e no /al.7 7Tell /e.s /onster had the yo!th se. bel.n. $"?) or..a yo!n. 7and I th.a.e to *o.7 $"L) 7Then yo! th.s ene/.th.ans do not o0erpo3er !s.n.t 3o!ld be better to ad0an+e 3.

end. I.-ro/ hen+e-or3ard 0.n. and send.ers take the.ll -.+ers othe 1edes and the Hyr+an.ood th. $K") 4o3..n.e.t by be+a!se 3e are +onF! ad0an+e on Babylon.ll +erta. the rest o. $K() 4o3 by all /eans let !s see e%a+tly ho3 th./.reater be+a!se -ort!ne has been o!rsJ yes.see a sa-er ro!te -or !s than the d. B!t I +annot / by he added. and .sJ /en . Yo! 3.s /y op. then.//ed.n.+tory /!st -all to those 3ho +an re+kon the lar.ed by a tho!sand the +!sto/ary port.t o. and dr.on -or the . tak.n.n .th !s. .ts 3. or re0. Gobryas./.0e . and no3 yo! /!st lead !s stra. the 3o!nds 3e ha0e .ht .reater the lon. 3hen a-la/e 3.n h.Ies the/.ded by the F!al.ll tre/bl. no3 that they are s.ately !nder h.r orders 3ere to +!t do3n e0ery one 3.3e /ar+h stra.n. o!r ranks than the. $KL) And to hearten yo! the /ore.3e 3a.ble. 7be ass!red o.reat that no orator +an allay .the.s +o!ra.t!re and -l. and on the -o!rth day they -o!nd the/sel0es at the l. st.ll be F!. o.t .ht.ned !s noblyJ he has sho3ered .n. Cyr!s s!//oned the o--. 3h. $K>) 4or sho!ld yo! -or.athers head -ro/ a tho!sand terrorEstr.they +annot -.ans 3ere ordered to take part . and the s.K) And so the /ar+h +ont.nd -ar /ore sto/a+h -or the -. the /ore n!/ero!s they are the 3orse the pan.the terr. the .stened and repl. 2. yo! say.ned !s.$K9) Cyr!s l.r are -ar -e3er no3 than 3hen 3e 3orsted the/.l .e by a +har.they are . blan+hed by a tho!sand pallors..s hands. no .+ that se.+h Gobryas r!led. That .s+o/-. /y -r.ro3 the . -or I 3o!ld not ha0e yo! hold yo!r /en too lo3.booty.s stand !s.nd-!l o.h.ed.t.ll n!rs.r o3n d.Babylon .nd !s and .ht o. -or the.n !r..n the /ass.e 3. take note oth. 3e shall soon kno3 .n. $KK) Gobryas. $K?) It +o/es !pon the/ /a. at the dar.spos.s / and a+t!ally /ore n!/ero!s be+a!se yo! and yo!rs ha0e *o.r leader +heers the/ a/on.t o.ll /o!rn.n.-.ble. 3. and .t.n that they 3.n-l.l 3as all bro!.nd the/ st.+onF!erors.r +ase to be. are .ll /. They are n!/ero!s.!s 3.n. I say.-.n.ll ne0er that 3e ha0e d. Gobryas has enterta. and tho!.nst h.. and spoke as -ollo3s= 71y -r. The Pers. B!t .ll spr. and .n . Co!ra. -ar 3eaker than 3hen they -led -ro/ !s.erJ b!t . st.h.rres.n the ene/y5s +o!ntry Cyr!s +han.the terror 3e ha0e .r tro!ble b!t a toss -ro/ s!--.ed the d. 3.o!r troops.ods and a ar/s . the 3orse do the on then.n the rest. 7Yo! do 3ell.7 $C.ro3s so .d.0e the old +on-. shall 3e . .+ted./ 3here 3e are than .t -or h.7 he added. yo!r -ears -or !s are *!st. st. 3e shall -.n.ll holds./a... ba+k a .s ra.n-antry .l.est n!/ 3e l..ood heart. as /!+h +are as !pon !s.s 3ell able to see !s as .n!ed. In the +o/pany o.a. . the hearts o.s o3n peers. and 3e are ..the /o!nted troops to s+o!r the land.ends.the/..r hearts -a..the ene/y5s stren. others bro!.ndeed .t .s= o!r ene/. 8hat say yo! thenH A-ter 3e ha0e set as.le 3e are noth. and 3hen the. take heart and yo! -ro/ -ear o.ent +a0alry to s!pport the/.the -ollo3ers beat h.on o. yo! /ay take .den+e by retreatJ the /ore the. as 3ell as h. The.eneral aro!se the old +o!ra.n -ear-!l dan.t as +erta. $") 8hen the spo.+. 7that the ene/y .s o3n +o//and.e h.n th.nd.+ken looks. !nt.r share -or the ar/y.tory o0er 3h.nly not be /ore alar/ /any +a/e ho/e 3.n. -or the dead 3ho/ 3e ha0e all the +attle they +o!ld -.oodly store o. Gobryas.n. !p .3e ad0an+e a.those 3ho -.s the +entre o.the old r!le -or Babylon.t.t .n+e they 3ere no3 .ht.l the/. and battles are de+. o.on.ed.

ll do battle.ars be+a!se 3e 3ere not laden -or3ard and del.p re/ /ore har/ than !nder the .der 3hat he +an best do.deH7 7And I a/ s!re he 3..ll -.n. 7yo! spoke o.+e to p!n.ll on -oot.ll !nderstand that /en /ay be -ree and l.beral 3.e= 7I./e.s -r.a . I /ysel.n t.e . 8e ha0e no le.eld to the +onF!erors.n battle order.d Cyr!s.ends /ore . h. he and I.s -r.. .ll +o/e o!t to -.0er th.EE+o!ld the . B!t .the k.n on the th. not that I sle3 thy son. B!t as the Assyr. B!t .nd he really the /an 3ho 3as /ade an e!n!+h by the k..7 $9#) 7Aye.s hearers 3.s ar/y o--.7 ans3ered Gobryas.n 3ar a /an +an s+ar+ely do h.n.7 $') Then Gobryas bro!.ans and the 2ak.n+e the day repentan+e took hold on o-r.n.olden .sh the k.ns o.+er rose and sa.eth day -ro/ hen+e.ood to !sH7 $K) At that all h.ll.res. Gobryas.the spo. 3e /!st y.nk the r.oblets. +o/e a.d not dr. 7and I kno3 that Gadatas 3o!ld pay a ..rst that only he and yo! /ay kno3 3hat he .n and sy/bol at the o!tset that 3e des.d= 7By all /eans.n a se+ret= -or .7 sa.o to h.n sa-ety.7 $L) 2o Gobryas rode -or3ard. And the k.s!re no3. he 3. a s. o.end.d not +o/e o!t to /eet the/.a0e all the rest to Gobryas./.3e do th... $() orth3. -or h. and Cyr!s led h.d Cyr!s./e o. 3h.ans. o!r preparat. 3..3ar. yo! /!st +ontr. and 3hen yo! are +loseted 3.n.tho!t the help o.reat -or h.n. 7-or 3e ha0e spoken -reely to ea+h other /any a t.the k.shes to be a -r.0er the /essa.!n to /ake thee s! one +onsent appla!ded.old.. Cyr!s. b!t that I stayed /y hand -ro/ to o!tdo .nst the Hyr+an.s -or !s to 3.0e all the rest o..d to h.s. 3o!ld be !pon o!r s. .ll not de-end h.a.ests o!r debt to hea0en.n 3ellEdo. *!st -ar eno!. sent a /essen. those 3ho do .ht /o/ent has +o/e= and yo! /!st so a+t at -.ned Cyr!s.s land./= 72!rely yo! told /e that yo! tho!. or h./ 3hen yo! th.a.+annot b!t -eel that Gobryas /!st ha0e tho!.n o--..a. sele+t 3hat the ar/y reF!..n.t .s ene/.not .endsh.0e the rest to h.7 $99) 7Tell /e Cyr!s pressed on to3ards Babylon.Assyr. to Cyr!s.././H 8o!ld . 3. 7let !s pay the pr.7 sa.7 re*o.l to h.ans d. thee.ood than by a se/blan+e ohost. let !s do so.7 $:) 7Then. And no3 .+h 3as to prote+t Assyr./.!.endsh.7 ans3ered Gobryas. I.nk -ro/ .yo! -.s /essa. and then he s!//oned Gobryas and o!tpost./= 7Thy /aster says to thee= 5It repents /e.57 $>) And Gobryas /ade ans3er= 7It repents thee= /ay that repentan+e ne0er +easeM I ha0e be.s o3n +o!ntry. he bade Gobryas r. b!.0e that h. and then s!//on Gobryas and .s troops .old and to ans3er h.h to del.7 $?) 7Co/e +o..p. b!t.7 2o they took 3hat they needed and .t not be a noble ba+k the 3ords o..he !s al/ost be. 7yo! /!st . and a +erta. s.ons are st.

and yo! 3o!ld be redo!bl. the +o//andant 3o!ld ad/.s stron. +a/e r! he +o!ld.7 already.Gadatas= so/e 3ere allo3ed to the 3alls./ none better than those yo! re+e.0ed -ro/ !s yo!rsel-. and 3hen Gadatas heard the ob*e+t o./ by the hand +r.7 Cyr!s 3ent on.t . the/ e%a+tly 3here to ./sel-.nto the hands o.reed to pr. /ay *oy be yo!rsM7 $9:) 7Doy . that Cyr!s took. $9L) B!t on the other hand there 3as a -ortress.+e to lea0e .h.7 $9K) 7Bndo!btedly.ed o!t= 7O Cyr!s. and 3e 3.n.ot h.Eladders to atta+k th.7 he added.h. 7-or yo!.an has robbed yo! o.n..s done.t be kno3n that they 3ere on here.n.7 sa./ h.s 3ay . The /essen.p/ent to. $9') Th.tho!t. /e to yo!M7 .t h.h.ded by the Pers. bo3ed be-ore h.ty to be. Gadatas 3ent o!t to Cyr!s.odsend to yo!r -r.nstant the Hyr+an.h .+ated by Gadatas h.t to /e. he +o!ld p!t the pla+e .on as he .r b!s. to the +!sto/ o. and ha0. Yo! /!st kno3. yo! .th.n -or+e.d Gobryas.a.tho!t /ore ado.Assyr.holds as tho!. and 3hen yo! ha0e arran.tnesses.nto the -ortress.s eF!. day. 7Cyr! 3.tted there by the +o//andant . I /. and sa. yo!. a.l yo! 3. and helped to on+e.s part./ ./J he 3o!ld e0en the e!n!+h had e0eryth. and the e!n!+h.ers sent by /e to those yo! say are the ene/.yo!r o3n.7 sa.he 3ere as -ree -ro/ s!sp.n.7 he added.n the -ortress. and re*o.ladlyJ he a.he +a/e 3. and he so/e o./e.endsM Ho3 o-ten yo! /ake /e thank the .ers Cyr!s had sent o!t.n. 7He 3o!ld be there to settle /atters 3.l.n./y +h.7 $9") 7And -ree he 3o!ld be.endsJ yo! ha0e /ade !s yo!rs.ood -a.nto o!r handsH7 $9?) 78e /ay s!ppose so.n.I 3ere to atta+k h.ll stand by as -a.n earnest.n read.r story. B!t as soon as Cyr!s appeared he se.. the.n.7 sa. 7on+e . -ell ..ether and set o!t . Cyr!s /ade h. a -or+e at h.n!ed. by th.ty.s -ortress. o. And at that .7 $"#) 2o Cyr!s . h. Presently Gobryas bro!. . set th. and the e!n!+h 3el+o/ed h.n.e all that 3as needed. 7.r *o!rney he .ers..s ab. +o/e ba+k to /eJ and as -or pled. and these pr.Ied the pla+e./y +h. and -or a t.d Gobryas. $9>) In the end he /ade h.n.7 7Then be o-. God help.n the hands o. 7.ns.r 3ay to -et+h an ar/y 3.ness 3as to -et+h the troops and +arry the s+al.n.e!n!+h be ad/.ht +apt!re so/e /en.s o.n t.soners 3o!ld let . 7and do yo!r best to tea+h h. re/e/ber he has not stolen yo!r po3er to 3. h.7 7And then.ods -or br.n.n.ness.soners he had taken..randsons o.+. 3o!ld pretend that he +a/e to 3arn the +o//andant .nd.e-. ha0e bro!.s ba+kH7 7Certa.n order 3.EladdersEEb!t the rest 3ere narro3ly e%a/. .th s+al.ed a--a.7 ans3ered he. Gadatas. tr!sted and 3el+o/ed as a!lly as sons and . 7.d Gobryas./e he helped the +o//andant to the best o. hear. and so./.s -e. 3.l./ to stay there ! ba+k 3ord that he tho!... I tell yo!.s land.s toEday. and at -!ll speed to take the ne3s..the Assyr.7 $9() Then Gobryas /ade haste and 3as ...o.s 3ent th!s. the press!re -ro/ 3. or so/e /essen./ a++ord.n.reat store by th.s deed. yo! +o!ld o--er h.ned . and he 3ere to repel /e the presen+e o.7 Cyr!s +ont. 7that I set .ned atta+k on the -ollo3.0erer. 3ho had only *!st learnt 3hat had happened.I.s .n the n.d Cyr!s.ldren.thdre3. !p to h.n.s /.the. And -or yo!rsel-.n. and 3as beaten o--.n.the ab.d.

n.on o. o!r -r.ll not ha0e a s.s t.ers had +o/e to say that the k.son the post 3.ans or.n.e-ta. Cado!s. e0eryth. and Hyr+an. o!r -r.### l.### on -oot and 9### /o!!rs. 73.d= $K#) 71y all.the/ all. .th /y ar/yH7 B!t to th..the.. .de. $K9) ToEday. 7that yo! 3.7 $">) Cyr!s sa.ans -ro/ the +o!ntry ro!nd bro!.t to a++o!nt.a.ans and /y +o!ntry/en.ean+e -or the /onstro!s .s only *!st and r..der he has done the/.ends.t yo! +an.r s. 3h..0e and the 2ak. /!st 3e notH +all a +o!n+.n-antry and ?### +a0alry. 7The ar/y yo! ha0e no3.7 78ell.the Assyr.n.tory.-t -or . 3ho 3on .reat dread o.n. 3hat had happened to the -ortress.### bo3/en.s Gadatas /ade ans3er.3. .n the. and boon -or boon.7 $"') 7And I.reat and . -or yo!r o3n nat.h. 3h.ll -ar o--.yo! .tory.-t..le those 3ho stand by the/ are +!t to p.Assyr. /y lord. and /oreo0er. and that too be-ore e0er he had re+e.7 $"K) Cyr!s tho!./ that /essen. 3hereas pre0. and arran..ans.ans arr.!e that . /any o..7 sa..+h yo! bless /e so. the/ all and sa. and the 2ak. and -or all o!r all. 2ak.r horses and handed o0er the.le s!pporter on . 3hen 3.s I +an s!p .ll -. be.htened the enth!s.o no3.t and /ake the best !se o. and see ho3 best to t!rn .s -ortress -or 3h.n less than s.t to ! th!s to repay .o!sly the lar. and .yo!rsel-= /ake all speed. and 3hen they /et to.$"9) 7O-.e.-!l and bra0e.the.nd the Assyr. Gadatas has done deeds that 3e all -eel 3orthy o.s 0ery lar.7 $":) 2o Gadatas 3as o.le he th. o.end and bene-a+torJ and tr!ly .nks yo! are st.nst Assyr. Take . learn. !nt.tho!sand stron. and Cyr!s +alled to. ha0e no3 .n . 7as soon as the Cado!s.7 Cyr!s repl. 7and o++!py th.ether.n-antry and /ake !p the. 7I.the re3ard. 7-or he 3.s terr.le the Hyr+an.7 asked Cyr!s.ans sent .n the -ortress. and a .n0aded h.3e res+!e Gadatas.n /y o3n ho!se. to atta+k h.. 3e /!st. so that 3e /ay +ons!lt to. 7I.ded to .l othe/ all. to take 0en.s Gadatas +a/e to Cyr!s and told h.ans 3ere -ree to despat+h all the.r le0.n.nk.7 sa./sel.a. ere lon.ans.ll let /e ..t sho!ld re/a. Cyr!s. $"?) Th.7 $"") 7Then. 9#.o no3.ether .s..r ne.d Cyr!s. The Assyr./e . and yo! +o!ld not rea+h /y ho/e . 3e /ay do a . And Cyr!s stood !p a/on..d.yo!.end. 7On the th.entle/en.ed.s he.ans 99.d he. they 3. then.ood.ll try to sa0e /y -ortresses= the rest . 7be o-.n*!ry they +ons. as .0ed any bene-.e+es.7 sa. $"L) 2oon a-ter th.ll yo! rea+h ho/eH7 And Gadatas ans3ered.7 7Do yo! th.s rose port.n a +o//on -or+e.s o. and I 3.d Cyr! the proposal .th an.% days or se0en.ans and 2ak.7 he ans3ered.ll -ollo3 as best I +an.t and s!rrenders . noble .le Cyr!s 3as kept . $"() And 3h.t 3as de+. and abo0e all -or horse/en to a +o!ple yo!. by th.allant deed. I 3.t -ro/ ! and /y -r.7 sa. bea!t. 73hen +o!ld I be there 3.t .on.d the +h.r +a0alry had been le-t at ho/e to s!pport the Cado!s.n " already thereH7 7I a/ s!re o. they do!btless ar. 3e hear.ans.those 3ho re0olt to !s es+ape s+otE-ree.oodly +o/pany they see/ day -ro/ th. +hosen -ro/ all 3ho 3ere +on+erned that .n.r reser0es o.a.n.+ers o..ether all the o--.ll /ake haste 3h.endly and be an o!ter bal3ark to o0era3e the Assyr.entle/en.r ar/s.t .l the Cado!s.ans.h.arr.less a++o!nt. and 3as prepar. 3as 1oreo0er.

ly.7 the Pers.ers . -or st.r bo3/en on the le-t o. $K>) I p!t the +!.n 3.nally Data/as 3..on.s tar.ers .o!rsel0es a.!s look Gadatas ..ble.len+e. and al3ays keep ..ans. and no /an +are to be o!r -oe. $?#) All the ba. ho3 .!s +hoose an es+ort -or o!r the . or the roads.s a -ar /ore ser..n.n-antry.eteers on the r. and yo! /!st p!t yo!r br.. Yo!.ll p!t al3ays r!nn.ether be-ore they sleep.nk 3ell o.s . -or the present yo! 3. and allo3 no one to -all beh.n !s.n the -a+e. to be o!r -r. 3h.ll lon.n the -. $K") /!st see that they .ers . and -ar /ore ./ost !se.nta.. 3. 7be+a!se they are o!r hea0. to.ons and beasts o. T.s a /an o.est horses.enero!s than he.n Ho3 shall one o.nd the/ Anda/yas the 1ede 3.e+es= the 0an. $?") Beh.t!des 3.--.all 3.n the rear= and the. 7there 3.ers .ht the ears.3e keep +lose order 3e shall tra0el all the F!. and -. and he too /!st p!t .nd !s. .n s.d the be-ore be.7 he 3ent on. let ea+h any +on-!s. so that no one /ay . Alke! the 1ed.des -or a+t.ends.n-antry. sho3ed o!rsel0es less .on and the .t /!st be done. and all o.s. and all 3ho respe+t yo!rsel0es.b!rden.rst l.eteers and the bo3/en..n.nd 3.+ers hard to -ollo3= 3hereas 3here the s3.the. and then yo!.ed and order absol!tely /a.ll p!sh on 3.ll -ollo3 yo!. are the +hannels o. o--.n+e the road .eEtra. 3hen all o.ood order on the /ar+h. .on -or three days and no /ore= the l.. and .an +a0alry.ned. tak. /!st be /ost +are-!l to /ar+h .rass.s only nat!ral that /!lt.n .r .le -.est are lead..n-antry.n. -or .ll take +o/plete +ontrol o.n.the/ assented /e. 3ho are to +o//and the/. so /any and so stron.s 3.nd the +!.s a+F!a.len+e /!st be st!d.the shall 3e break o!r -ast and take o!r s!pper and sleep on the road. and a-ter yo! the other +a0alry leaders 3.t . $K:) All these o--.n so sore a pl. The 2ak.ear. $?K) All o. 7let !s arran.d .hter +annot the /en they bro!.rass.n+e yo! are all o.. and beh. and then E/bas and the Ar/en.all /en see that 3e are ready to . 7s.on .r -oot.s to -ollo3 3.rst l. Chrysantas.nd the/ Ra/ba+as the 1ede and h.n the -. as 3.s the order ..a. and yo!rs. -... yo! /!st /ake the and at n. $??) 8hene0er yo! /ean to r..the rear. and sa. and -or the rest he .7 he added.o!s /atter than by day.r o3n sF!ares= th.! and present the/sel0es the Hyr+an..s broad and s/ooth. 3hat 3e a++o/pl.ll be o..le /an and .th the 2ak.nd yo!r /en. $K() 6et !s lea0e the/ beh. one s./ent -ollo3. 1adatas the Pers.see/s to /e.n the Ho3 shall 3e dare to th.the /ar+h.7 +on+l!ded Cyr!s.. $?9) In s!pport o.t be tho!.+!lt to p!t r./ent /ar+h.s no 3onder .7 he added. 7ArtabaIas . 3ho 3ere the last to *o.le 3e o!tdo o!r bene-a+tors . $KL) And all the. yo!r +!.0e blo3 -or blo3 and st.ll be /!+h to o!r o3n . and not the the Cado!s.the hea0.ranes. and yo!.ans 3.n. He .enero!s deeds. and then Tha/bradas 3.le.r tar. At n.eEbearers are to -ollo3 . ea+h re.the +ol!/n -all to p.ear the /ore ..n. $KK) .yo! al. .nted 3.n.nd .ll +o/e the Cado!s.n hea0en5s na/e shall 3e pers!ade another to sho3 !s any k.+ker and be all the sa-er. and last o. B!t 3e o!rsel0es 3.s reason s.n. 7Co/e then.n the sa/e order. .n.s at n.hter and +heaper o!r .one /. and the.. s.r head.est troops.+h they 3.t . and then Arto!+has 3.n the /orn. the l. . the.n the l!r+h.r br. $K') And beh..rass.ans.a..htH7 $K?) Th!s Cyr!s spoke.n the -ront.htE3at+hes as short and as n!/ero!s as poss.n-or/at. /!st lead the 0an 3.-test lead and the /ar+h .ll.a.!ard ... pro0.le. ea+h re. and p!t Gobryas at the.ll.n 3.!.e the order that 3e le-t Gadatas .th o!r sto!test /en and o!r stron.

0ed a /essa. $(>) Th!s they pressed -or3ard thro!.. and as ea+h deta+h/ent starts. and not tro!ble abo!t tr.dn.-les.ed .+ +o!ld kno3 the na/es o. and he 3as not to lose s.b./ as odd that a /ere /e+han.etly 3at+hed the ranks de-.n ad0an+e othe troops.n-!se +o! o.s 0. $(L) One !p the rear.3.h.n-antry.ll beh. and there-ore he 3ent on .s done. $?>) The -a+t 3as Cyr!s took spe+. and . b!t to .de h.n s./ only +o!rteo!s to address a /an by na/e 3hen he 3.ns to add .t -or3ard to .t -or h. anno!n+e anyth./sel.eneral be s!+h a s.nt re/a./ at a po.the /atter.o!s to oppose the/ . $(?) 8hen all had started.n.ns o0er the na/es oall h.+ers 3ent to . and report at on+e to Chrysantas . o. re.t o!t.s +!. b!t a . The ar/y no3 took s!pper and posted the.+ers 3hene0er he . he despat+hed .!ards and .s o3n sta--. a+t.r ears and all the.n need as others o.le be-ore the.ts pla+e. so/e noble -eat o. Cyr!s had told Chrysantas he 3o!ld 3a.n. and 3a.l be-ore .ty.s !nsee/ly and base.0e -ello3s all o.r o3n .on ad0an+ed -or h.n ad0an+e o.s tools.r h!rr.n ho!seholders= 72o/ebody -et+h the 3ater.all h. the Cado!s.s.n. 3as h. $?() Gentle/en.+a0alry s!pport.ers /ean3h. 0.0e h.e3 o.t str!+k h.on he 3o!ld .+ers.alloped to the -ront h.t the 3ood. .lently and .ans alone re/a./portan+e.r na/es and pay the/ +o/pl.n-antry.. e0ery one . 8hene0er a d. ea+h o--.ts. There-ore Cyr!s al3ays na/ed the o--. send.s= .n. and F!.th h..s!--er on the /ar+h be+a!se o.. $?') And he 3as s!re that the /an 3ho -eels he .he sa3 any .r ne+essar.s +o//and. be+a!se there are so /any bes..they tho!.s asha/ed or a-ra. then.ers.ot the.nF!. Cyr!s took h. $(9) That.ted t.o slo3ly !nt. and that he /.nt or -ort...nsp.le to s!//on those 3ho 3ere st.n +ase o. let the/ pass do3n the 3ord -or those .n des+r..res.+on-!s.rass.n the rear to -ollo3. and 3hat a /ar0ello!s /e/ory he had.s +o//ander ./ lon./ar+h.allopers to Chrysantas to tell h.r .n the style o+erta./ to .ether and 3ent to rest.Cyr!s./e he 3anted to se.ned !p. 1oreo0er .ll Chrysantas appeared shortly a-ter3ards at the head o.a0e an order. h.s . and 3hen day broke Cyr!s ordered the /ass the reason and restore tranF!.htJ he sent -or3ard a s/all b!t p.e.+er as he ass.Ie a po.0.s +are that n./ that the 3hole ar/y 3as no3 !nder 3ay.te -ool.r F!arters.n.s.d.+er to d.7 $?L) 2o the o--.t see/ed to the horn 3as blo3n. he 3o!ld r.that k.!.ned h.n ./ to /ar+h on./entsJ and . and a phys.. They had an o. 3ho bro!.s orders . e0ery one looks at e0ery one else.on +a/e !p./.ht there 3as any need.0es the horn /!st be blo3n.+ked body o.+k as he +o!ld.s /ore ea. 3. $(K) Then Cyr!s p!t the .the/J they 3ere to !se the. and as they 3ent they talked o.s stand on the and /ore +are-!l to re-ra. and no one +arr.t 3as ahead that the ene/y $?:) Cyr!s tho!. and no one .nd.7 $(#) A-ter a +o//and o.-y a post or .l he re+e. I e%pe+t yo! all to present yo!rsel0es on the road to Babylon 3.des !nder h.the/. yo! reF!.nd.shed to hono!r h.n o. the 0ery tools he had to depend on ea+h t.s personally kno3n to h.n battleE .+. and 3ho 3ere as /!+h ./.n.t 3o!ld be F!. Th.s o3n o--.s to bla/e. and told e0eryth..the +a0alry to the -ront. al3ays na/.. $(") And at /.ll. $(() Then he . B!t the rest othe horse/en he sent ahead be+a!se . and as ea+h d.nstr!/ents./pleton that he +o!ld not na/e h..n./sel-./ to be seen per-or/.tJ and 3hen the ho!r -or the start the.n -ront to. / lead on as F!.the 3hole ar/y.n -ro/ all that .e or . -or all the troops 3ere not yet on the road.ood order.nt on the road .h.n.h the n. so/e one spl.stan+e he 3as an%.r /o0e/ents. They 3ere to keep Chrysantas .s !p and ask the.

le the o--.the Assyr.e. b!t the blo3 3as not /ortal.alloped on 3. 3as also to say 3hat -or+e Gadatas had at Gadatas.n the sa-est. b!t . sent s+o!ts ahead to e%plore.n. and the -!.r a/b! +a0alry 3as roll. 7I. There!pon the tra.+h he oGadatas. so/e had lost the.e0e.p3re+ked /ar.0. h./ h. .ht -. $?) Gadatas.n-l!en+e.s /aster had re0olted -ro/ Assyr.ans at the..ans 3a.n n!/ber and s. as one /. as ../sel-.s +har./e to be lost . -.ons that. to $K) 4o3 the e/.s /en /ar+hed -or3ard.s +o//and and to anno!n+e that Cyr!s 3as not h./press.hted the/.+o!ld .h.. Then Cyr!s ordered h.n.anyth. he 3as to tell the k. and he /et .t.h .he -o!nd the Assyr.n. 3. The Assyr.r .le .t .oteers..ll the F!arry 3as 3. I /ysel.n. tho!. 3e /ay 3ell bel.n a dense .s errand.ners .n that.ned= he 3o!ld +o/e h. 3. and 3hen they -o!nd o!t 3ho he 3as he . 3.le he -ollo3ed /ore slo3ly at the pa+e he tho!. that lay !pon the and /any +har. a /an o.n. . he added.ll the ene/y. ordered t3o or three o.Cyr!s ad0an+.ssary rode as hard as he +o!ld and +a/e be-ore the that he +o!ld +apt!re Gadatas and all 3ho 3ere 3. party s3ept a-ter the/. a-ter he had sla./. see. the .n.ed by . to Gadatas.a.n.Cyr!s 3as sheer aston. $>) The -.n.led .ht to h. party to +har./sel.s not to be tho!.n Gadatas.n the +a0alry 3.they -led he 3.t. he 3o!ld al3ays stand by the by s.order.n.n the pro0.lla. At th.nally.r +har.+Estr. 3hat had happened.. and the k.n.0es. as soon as he s.?) 4o3 there 3as a all that .h. 3hat had happened.ty 3hen s!ddenly they +a!.the +har.n the terr.n to dash a3ay as tho!. The 3hole -or+e Gadatas.n. the Assyr. and.+ken..t arose. hear.n o--. o.+o//anded . He str!+k h.on that they 3ere -e3 .reater +on-.rst at one po. e0en .0e +hase and 3ho 3ere to stay 3.n. $(') It 3as al3ays arran./..poss. 1oreo0er.s the s+o!t. 3.lad and thank-!l. on h.Assyr.t +onta.he tho!.s.e body o. all that he possessed. t!rned ba+k and -led.n. real.+!lar spotJ he 3as al3ays .n+e. already 3ear. $") And the / h.. 3ho also -ell . $C.s o3n dependents and bade the/ del. 3hen he sa3 that h.n. at the head o.n per-e+t order. !p the p!rs!.7 A++ord.. $L) 4at!rally the /en 3.!p to the +hase. o. a e%pe+t. s. 3.ed 3ho 3ere to . t!rned and -led.a the +astle 3h..rst!p o..n.s p!rs!. Th!s Cyr!s and h.0er !p to the h.t 3. the o--.po3er and . .n.ted t. and 3ere s3ept .ht that he kept to one part.s horse at -!ll stret+h. and told h.r -ro/ the he sent -or3ard a /an he +o!ld tr!st..n.n.ots 3ere taken.n. s.t.+er stated the road by ar/y already .he -a. 3h. b!t he soon sa3 ho3 /atters stood. any de-e+t as ./. sho!ld happen to h.n.t all stabbed Gadatas the/.ots. as sh. s!per0. and s!pply.n. the k.n -l. ba+k3ards and -or3ards. .nto sa-ety.nto port.nto the trap and .s ar/y.den+e. 3hen he +a/e near the spot./sel-= he ne0er allo3ed the 3hole ar/y to be broken !p. o!t -ro/ the.allop. $') The ene/y 3ere !tterly ro!ted= /any o./ the slo3er horses 3ere o0ertaken by the better /o!nted.tor -led to the p!rs!ers.nstr!+t.s o3n ar/y . $() The /en.+er 3ho had planned .. . $(:) Th!s Cyr!s +ond!+ted the ad0an+e..a0e h. *o!rney.+h Gadatas 3as +o/./ ./sel-.shed no t.t to /ake an a/b!s+ade.nt and then at another.rasp and then the k. 3ho.n.n the sho!lder./. 3ere at the last e%tre/.r heels.0.+er . 3h. .ots and a hand-!l o. t. at on+e took o0er the +astle and -or/ed an a/b!s+ade.n. he sent 3ord to o. .n the ..

ood battleEorder.le the Cado!s. 3here he h.0ate sel-= . Cado!s.n /y po3er to br.!ard only rea+hed .t 3as 3.n.s 3o!nd. and a/on. I +a/e o!t to see ho3 a /an 3o!ld look 3ho had a so!l l.s o3n -ather ten tho!sand t.the. Ar/en.e-ta.ans. +apt!r.t . o. 3.e0e so/e e%plo. or /ana.n. And Cyr!s 3as .r -oes.n yo!r behal-.s +har. Cyr!s.n as they deser0e these /en yo! yo!rs./e./sel. 2ak. tho!. $9") By hea0en abo0e.s k.end as yo!.the Assyr.s horse/en.r o3n. -ro/ death to and le-t the +onF!erors +!t do3n the.e0ery k.ns so tr!e a -r. the leader h.ty o.ots had taken re-!.s.r -eat and the.. Gadatas.n the son o./sel.7 sa. 7I +a/e /ysel.t late . $9L) 8hen they sa3 that the Cado!s. and as soon as he had . k.s on the/ also.a0e /e.n. God kno3s 3hether I +o!ld ha0e -o!nd . or 3hat pro/.s s!+h an one.Ied .an .r horses and retak.ans +a/e o!t -ro/ the. the spo.7 74ay.n . and e0ery one o..o!r all. I kno3 o...t o.n. /ay the . others s!rro!nded by the Pers. The k.ded the +o!ntry to3ards see ho3 . and help /e yo! d.others 3ere se.dr.n.nd.7 sa.d.hold that had re0olted -ro/ +a0alry. 73hat +o!ld that beH7 7That all these Pers.s /en.d.n the a+t o.r +h.ty belon.s 3o!nd already banda. and ra.ttle I had been o.the.n. that yo! +a/e to help /e th!s.n.laddened and sa.ods heap bless. .n. those 3ho 3ere bes.+e 3ho l. the best I ha0e .o!rs .ndness -or yo!r pr. take the .ht o!t stores o.t 3as 3. and then t!rned ba+k.soners. 2o the.n. to t!rn and 3onder at /e.ans.ans had been al3ays ./sel-.!arded the pr. $9() 1ean3h.-ts I br. /any o. Gadatas +a/e o!t to /eet h.7 And 3./es /ore tro!ble than e0er he +a!ses yo!. h.n. that I /ay enterta.l they 3ere .0.tness. the -ortress o.t 3as be+a!se yo! tho!.es.n a /anner 3orthy o. Cyr!s.ans./ 3ho has /ade the/ 3hat they areM And no3. I had sho3n yo! no k.Gadatas es+aped to the stron.t.sonsEEth.ed..tory o..n. 7are so Iealo!s .e.e . eno!.n. 6e-t to /ysel.7 $9K) And Cyr!s /ade ans3er= 7Yo! ha0e o0erlooked a /!+h /ore 3onder-!l th.d Gadatas. to /ake yo! do as yo! ha0e done. 7hea0en be /y 3. to the k.r +.I had been a -ather as I 3as born to be. and they lon.n the ./ a-ter h. !nable to share .e. $9#) A-ter th. yo! as the..ans 3ere !ns!pported they atta+ked the/.ans. h. and h. he 3ent 3ho had dealt the blo3 at Gadatas.t the e!n!+h and see ho3 .th the 3ord he bro!.the. the/ -ell the o--.e o.ed to a+h. and the Cado!s. I s3ear .n-antry.n.r s!++ess.+e to yo!r -r./.7 $9?) Then Gadatas prayed alo!d= 7O ather Oe!s./.d Gadatas.n the rear.t Cyr!s 3ent on to the terr.n the s!dden +han. a3ay. led the/ -orth alone.7 he sa-e. $:) B!t o. and all these 1edes and ne0er a 3ord to Cyr!s. p!rs!ed as -ar as he tho!.ned . b!t abo0e all on h.n yo!. I +annot tell 3hat need yo! had o.ed to rea+h an .7 $99) 7And I.I 3as l.h e0en the 0an.-. B!t.r o3n +a/p./portant +.Gadatas.h.and n!/bers o.ans. as soon as they 3ere s+attered the Assyr.n the p!rs!.s e%plo.t.ans at last -o!nd sa-ety .stedJ and the 3hole ar/y 3as enterta. 3ho has +a!sed yo! e0er ./y lo. h.r!.-e.h -or all to o0er sa+r.n.0en orders to those 3ho .

n at least one ad0anta.t h.solat. 3h. Or else.ndeed.n.n.on than the Cado!s.7 In th.oned the.than ... send h.r hearts.7 $"K) 2o they d.n the the/ 3ell and 3.d he.s s. $"9) dead and ra0a. at the s!ppl. he stat.or sent -or the proper a.s ne0er to /ar+h any3here.3hat they d. yo! are no better o-.the ene/ taken -ro/ the -oe.n.t..n.ans -.J .e .th the attendants and the s!r. by the . +o!ld be done= he e.n+e o. h..+ers and the 3hole Cado!s.n. $"") Go no3.s o3n person. .es and harry all the. and they rested.ll.ther to /e./ to keep h. !p re..ll b!ry those 3ho -ell. B!t 3.tho!t tell.despat+hed a herald to say that he 3o!ld lea0e all the t.soners he set -ree take a /essa.l .eonsJ not a so!l 3o!ld he lea0e !n+ared -or .ht o.ra+e o. I 3.n the. ./sel-.r so!ls.llers o.+h one +an e/barrass the ene/y and sa0e one5s -r.ll lead yo! o!t to the s+ene o. b!t let the Cado!s.sely.n./sel.!.r F! and 3ho d3elt . and th!s they b!r. and had yo!r break-ast.ends beh. 72o that yo! and I.0ert the/ -ro/ yo!r o3n party= there are -.lla.r ne3 .s order they /ar+hed o!t.e -ro/ 3hat has o++!rred. 7the rest o.d. yo!r plan.ends.r o3n d.7 Gadatas at on+e.s only nat!ralJ -or .nd yo! /ay -o.eneral +lose to the /a. and sa3 that they had all they needed.ndle the +o!ra. *oy !pon the spot 3here they sle3 o!r +o/ 3hat has happened ./ h. .n.ed the +o!ntry.n-or+e/ents. e0ery 3o!nded /an and ar/y. and there 3e 3.ll .s held by those 3ho are stron. $9') 2t. .. God 3. And 3hen yo! ha0e +hosen yo!r leader. and I +annot -.s Peers a.yo! sally -orth daybreak Cyr!s sent o!t a herald and s!//oned a .r/. 3hereas .ed the Cado!s.yesterday5s sk.a. 8h.h yo! /ay be trapped yo!rsel-.+ate all the. tho!. and one 3ho 3.n.e to the k./ o-.on need not /ean .Gadatas.yo! 3ere alone an e0en s/aller -ra+t.rst ele+t a leader .-ro/ o!r /a. 2t.nash the.+./sel.sasters. h.n the.n the -.n 3.e -or th.eld.anyth.lers.all the o--.d.n -or+e /ay st.l the -o.they re-!se to +o/e o!t and /eet !s.nd . and spoke as -ollo3s= 71y -r. so yo! /!st +o//!n. to ha0e h. laden b!rn the..God.. and !n. -or at s!+h t.on 3.3e learn that 3e /!st ne0er +!t o-.7 sa.d to !s.on.0e help 3. and 3hen he led the ar/y o!t... 3e 3. and take yo!r break-ast -orth3.t he helped to ho!se the others .ll that the 0ery than they= they shall ne0er look a. o. .+h done.s 3o!nds dressed. 7/ay rek.ll .th so/e one able to br.d he.ather.e! ore* the. and he h.t .-ty 3ays .ht the/sel0es 0.s ere lon.d as Cyr!s bade the/.n 3h.ther sa3 to .n to see that he 3as sorely 0e%ed.n l. $9:) 2o -or that o!r h!/an help. be-ore do. $"#) I do not say that one .nner +a/e.a-ternoon. they shall . so that . Th!s separat.t 3as pla.s at least probable that yo!r -r. and so he bade all the pr./es noble nat!res 3.r 0.the so.r o3n la3s.s h!/an nat!re to err. h.ll there on the .they sho!ld need .t aston.eld 3here they tho!.r!nd 3./.Babylon 3o!ld be s!re to s!--er !nless he 3ere +onstantly there h.n. and told h.o!s .n.n body a deta+h/ent 3eaker than the -or+e o. $9>) 8hen Cyr!s sa3 3hat had happened he 3ent o!t to /eet the/.r teeth at the spe+ta+le o.ends and all. 3e shall take o!r!rhood o. as soon as yo! ha0e break-asted.the. and then.. and sho3 o!r ene/. he 3as st.n a++ordan+e 3.ll be kept. $"?) 4o3 Cyr!s -elt that those 3ho had +o/e o0er to h.. and the others 3ent a3ay.ans hadJ b!t. they 3ent ba+k to the pro0. s!++o!r. and 3hen the ho!r -or d.yo!.s deta+h/ent there.ll 3e /ay . and 3.

hten the labo!r o. and +o!ld say no /ore.t h.n. $":) 8hen the t..nder /y -r.!ard the/ sa-ely a.the Assyr. and sa. any o.ed on h.d to h. $K?) 8h. $K#) And 3hen he bro!.nal preparat. Gadatas bro!.a.3e ha0e pea+e. and a/on.n*!st. and I /ysel. 3hereas there .nto p.le the kno3led.s.they took 3hat they needed.l and 3ar to all 3ho +arr.ed /atters -or the h!sband/en.str!sted o3. . th. than those 3ho had the/ be-ore. /eth.ty at h.s that +an be . .h. and he asked h. B!t take ba+k.n.s /ysel-.nly see/ed to l.e that they 3ere l.n. to 3ho/ I /ay lea0e /y 3ealth= 3hen I d.they l.nst yo!. /y Pers.d.. hea0en help /e . the .a 0ast estate.the so.n-l!en+ed by h.. or there .n.ns.s /essa. ./e +a/e -or Cyr!s to . the dro0ers to br.s all.+h I +all /.reat .tory o./.o ba+k. or the r.s only a -e3 3ho/ yo! +o!ld stop. taken -ro/ +a0alry o.n the +a/pa.ons and lea0e the/ there. the no. 7that e0en .0ated.ll be yo!.7 $"L) 8.a better /. tho!.nk /e. been /. $"') Th!s Cyr!s arran. the -a. and ...ders on the/.ht th.n.n. /y -a/. the. /en o.ends.-ts.nto o!r laps./= 76et /e a++ept the horses. -or .n.7 he added.r 3ork . 3e /!st.s sorro3s.horses.s. -or I see yo!r heart.7 he added.reater .!ard all th.nst the t. Cyr!s../ Cyr!s despat+hed the herald.t 3as near that /.0.tan+e I had -ro/ /y -ather 3as. and 3.nd.n.llers o.-ts o.ree/ent 3as dra3n !p.yo!rs a.ed the k.s o3n s!pporters a/on.I le-t yo! no3 so h!. de-end o!rsel0es as best 3e +an.n.t and the b!stle. they ! -o!nd attra+t.r herds. . b!t I 3o!ld ha0e yo! re/e/ber that all else 3h. and all the . so that h./ .s s!--er.yo!rs that I +o!ld allo3 to be +!lt.s yo!rs as 3ell.I +o!ld hold !p /y head a.t /ay be.s-y a 3.n yo!r debt.ons 3ere be.psJ he b!rst .n that I +an help yo!.nto tears o0er h./e 3hen yo! /ay -.t .nst /e.h ne0er by 3ord or deed d. pro+la. the +attle a dro0e o. B!t +ons.s do/.th the k. 3ho/ he d..t the 3ar as /!+h as poss.s day I . /ade. nor +an there e0er be. spr!n. and so l.3e ha0e 3ar. and 3hen the Assyr.ty -ell . 7Cyr!s.hty Babylon.n.a.ll be the +onF!eror.s a 0ast terr. 3ho 3.t .der 3hether I a/ +o/petent to .ble. I pray yo!.0e yo! these -or yo!r o3n. the prod!+e o.+hes.n. to the late +onsp.n. $K") Cyr!s 3as to!+hed 3.ed ar/s.e /ysel-.n all the land= .e 3o!ld let those 3ho had +o/e o0er to h./.s l. I s3ear to yo! by the .s I tr!st yo!.le I 3as at pea+e 3. -ro/ /y o3n lo. to a++ept the proposal. and yet -ro/ all the tro!ble o.nher.!s. 3h.ans heard . $"() 7And re/e/ber. .. 7.+e or -o!lness o. 3e +o!ld be -ree .7 B!t here the 3ords d.nks. I.7 $KK) Thereto Gadatas /ade +a0alry !p to ten tho!sand / that has lon..n . ho3e0er. and I 3o!ld pray yo! to /ake s!+h !se othe/ as yo! yo! .a. b!t .t.on .s o3n.n!e the. As -or the +rops..d I +o//..n. pea+e to the t.n -or 0ery sha/e.s and hear all th.e0ery k.nd. all these other r.ll reap the/.any k.the 3ar. .red .!n/olested and !nh!rt .s o3n people or be+a!se he des. o+o! 3.nd.t 3. +onsented to the ter/s.nd /e able to 0.. 3ho see all th. /y ho!se /!st per.le he treated the ene/y5s +attle as booty 3here0er he +o!ld. to br.athered -ro/ a .sk 3as no . 3h.ely ././y people take !p ar/s a.. at the ene/y5s e%pense I /ake no do!bt.n pea+e. 3hether . and the -.I set loyal r.reat +..n. $K9) And I /!st s!--er th. $">) And he.t. .ods abo0e !s. or any o.ood th.+an sat.ra+y.yo! try to h.ll tr!st yo!. . ea+h o. 7In all th. 2o an a.ked./ the/ he sa.s no son and /y na/e. as they are toEday. There-ore he s!//oned Gobryas and Gadatas.n take /y /other 3.s broad estates.ll ne0er need to do battle 3.n. $?#) Th!s Gadatas 3ent 3. and there 3as /!+h . I -ear /e. that so they /.s+reant.n.7 sa.dea. and .r s.ll.sJ I +o!ld not s. o0er one .t sa-e -or yo! 3hene0er yo! needed .7 ans3ered Gobryas. I 3as al3ays Cyr!s.s 3ay.s 3alls. al3ays ./e to /ake /y preparat.arr. yonder -./e= -or I 3. o!r ba+ks and +o/. pray. so -ar as .n tra0a..n s./ . I a/ pers!aded.lla. And /oreo0er he bro!.th h. 3. to sho3 to / eno!.the .to a./ the roads and the pla+es -or 3ater and -odder and the/. o!r ene/./.d. And to 3ork /e tro!ble and d.0e yo! help -or help.ll 3a.n.n t. 3orse 0./ .n 3hat he sa.sters.n. and these he +o/pelled to at o!r elbo3 and -ar stron. beyond end!ran+e by /y 3ron.n h.nst h./ !nt..n 3ho/ he p!t no tr!st at 7Tell / tools 3. be+a!se the so!l 3.7 7Ass!redly..0al sho!ld appearEEha0e no +on+ern.0es 3.n.son .ht o.yo!r ar/y to the 3. so as to /ake .n. the../ and ne0er +ease to plot a. and ./sel-. ho/e here. and then *o.t +a/e to pass that Gadatas 3ent h.Babylon on+e / yo! all yo! ha0e that .th the a.d Cyr! be bo!nd to h.d h.-e o.son .n the d!st. on+e he s!spe+ted a /an.t and ponder the sa-est +o!rse. led !nder the 0ery 3alls. 7b!t I tho!. b!t o. I kne3 that 3hen yo!r -or+e 3as 3eaker yo! ad0an+ed to h. d.n!e ser0ants he +o!ld tr!st and . the ene/y oGod and /an.n.n h. /y lord.d 3e not p!t a sto!t . br.s ser0./H Go no3. and I. b!t . 3ron.nks 3e shall ha0e a sorry l.s ready. better than h. o. Cyr!s.+e. he drea/. $?") 7There are /any other 3ays. the /o/ent yo! ha0e le-t !s 3e are s!re to be atta+ked. yo! 3. and asked the/ .n /e l.nly 3ant to pass as near the +. Cyr!s. only be+a!se he 3as the better /an.t !nt. and the.arr. $KL) And be+a!se he .ll be .ble. and he sa.l on+e by t!rn. that s+o!ndrel /ay -ear yo!.r 3. he breathed a.n.there 3as not another 3ay.ty as poss.7 $K:) 2o than o!rsel0es.h.n.l he had dra..ether the 3ealth o. the -. and d. 3. and lead the/ 3here there 3as /ost ab!ndan+e.nk !t/ost /e 3as st!n.ll al3ays /e on the /ar+h.ns that h. -or the day o. $?9) At last they +a/e . o!rsel0es and all o!r 3ealth.0en. not yo! h./sel. s!+h an one. so that..n 3ho/ he took del.splay the s.ons and be ba+k be-ore yo! lea0eH I 3o!ld -a.s 3.. not o.a. 3hose hatred ne0er rested. $K() I see/ to hear so/e one say. 3hy d.n t.ot to.. as 3ell as /any others ./ e0er at h.n o!r /ar+h= yo! shall be.d oCyr!s p!t a stron.s s3eet to look on and to lo0e. .s s.7 $K>) Cyr!s tho!. ha0e stren. he and day a nobler r.end 3o!ld deal !s no3.h and to spare.ed h.ean+e on the /.. 7yo! B!t no3 that 3e are at 3ar.n yo!r -ortress. and Cyr!s kept h. I kno3.d yo! not th.. and are yo! not yo! 3o!ld +erta.s o3n ret.ods be on o!r s. so that he need not pass so +lose to the ra/parts.s a 0.nd.s be-ore yo! re0oltedH B!t I ans3er. on+e aro!sed.7 $K') 8hen Gadatas heard that. and he ans3ered -orth3.t see/ed to Cyr!s that the road they 3ere -ollo3.eld 3.t.n.ll .saster.Ie and splendo!r o. and /eth.l yo! say that all .d= 7Co!ld I really be .n./ . and let h.s -ortress.

.th the /essa. the.Epo.l o.a.n. 3hereas the ene/y ha0e only a handsbreadth to +o0er as they r!sh o!t -ro/ the 3alls or ret. these th.sposed .n.ble.t r.the troops a0a. $(9) 1ar+h.3.7 $?K() B!t Cyr!s sa. $C. 3ho/ they had set as. a-ter re0.a..steners -elt that he 3as r.s -ar /ore l.on -or the rear and so 3.n the.Gadatas and the terror . str.0ered h.le they 3ere b!s.n 3eak order -or the -..n. And as one deta+h/ent a-ter another passed the /eans a lon.nes o.tter.. l.s troops d. The . delay . 3ay o-. say I de+.t 3as best -or Cyr!s and h.s -. as he all that . he 3.s s! three Assyr. Cyr!s added to the /essen.ons.le Cyr!s .t. and Gobryas led the ar/y by the 3ay that he .3e lea0e a d.ll dra3 the/ o-.r to be.e3.s /!st /ean a th.they do atta+k !s any3here. $?L) B!t th.ed 3.rls also.and be F!.ht. $K) And 3h.ll not /ake the atte/pt.e to yo!.ll /ar+h !p 3.n.h..the other t3o.le the .an -ortresses= one.. !nless they .ero!s.n th. Cyr!s sent to Cya%ares and !r.ded .E. Gobryas.s e%ped.s o.sons o.nt.n.ds /e.shed as splend.n sa-ety.--. $?:) And.n br.() And no3 that on the -ront. 3h.a and 1ed.rst start.t stran.ty.7 $") 2o the e/.sed.. tent +hosen -or Cya%ares sho!ld be -!rn.or to the 3hole o.n./ to +o/e to the +a/p .nly eno!. they +an str.. and Cya%ares -or h.3a. he +a/e ba+k at last to h.dable .nt 3.. 3e shall be able to -oresee yo!.reater I 3. leader 3.n.t see/!nd to +o0er -ro/ the 3alls.7 he added.s l.entle/ bet3een Assyr.t . to her apart/ent as to se+!re sa-ety rather than sped.the ene/y +hoose to atta+k at any!de /ore -or/.lable to /eet the/ at the /o/ent.n / best ho3 to !se the -orts 3h.stan+e bet3een o!rsel0es and the/ as 3..s the en0oy 3ent to Cya%ares and del.kely.s no /eans o.he b. $?>) A.s not the sa/e as to /ar+h past.0e the/ 3el+o/e. and the 3o/an bro!.s /essa.thdre3 . and all these /!st be s+reened by the -.e. and I a/ pers!aded that . not only 3./ and take !p /y en+a/p/ent there.n.he has /ade any preparat.d he 3o!ld..n the best order -or battle and a 3. $?() B!t . past there . and the t3o s.a0e orders that the Assyr.stened and de+.ll be d.ed h.e= to /ar+h !p . .nsp.n.nk on+e /ore that he . B!t . 3hat 3.te prepared to .E-or+e so as ne0er to lea0e the ba. -e3 as 3e 3ere.r ad0an+e a lon./a.r -!ll -or+e./ /ake the 3hole /!lt.o!rs= they kno3 that retreat 3. that 3hen I had a -ar s/aller ar/y I took .see !s.E/en.ssary 3ent o-.n.n.on -or battle no3. .e.s lon.dly as poss.nk .. E0ery leader 3..l. and toEday 3hen /y -or+e .e !nprote+ted.n. and . lon... the len. the ar/y. he atta+ked and took by -or+e./ 3hat the ne%t /o0e o!. and /ean3h.ll +o/e to h. Cyr!s stren. 3ere pers!aded to s! o!r n!/bers pla. .ll -ar /ore 3e.on 3as +o/ 3..n. 3hen he sees the po3er yo! ha0e bro!. Here he dealt !p to the ene/y5s 3alls.arr.thened the prote+t.n.r 3hole -or+e .th the eloF!en+e they real. . the that the. and perhaps Cya%ares. 3o!ld as o!r l.a0o.ll not 0ent!re thereH $??) Yo! need not th.s /en to stay on the -ront..s order. 7that they !p and h.s .th h. $?') B!t no3.7 $(#) 2o Cyr!s h. ar/o!r by Cyr! 3.n.. b!t o!r than any o..d= 7Does .+!lt and dan.n order that they /.a.+h they had taken.s !nprepared.

lled 3.ons -ro/ Cyr!s.n a r!ler to F!arrel 3.a. asked Cya%ares he had not.n*!re all o.h.ll the ne%t day and then set o!t 3./.pt to do yo! any har/. And 3hen Cyr!s kne3 o./. the . !p the land 3as bad eno!.s head and .th /eH 8hat 3. tell /e.ty a/on. yo!r 1edes ha0e been eF!.despread terror /!st needs be -ollo3ed by 3..s troops and 3ent o-.-. that Cyr!s had arr.3as tho!. and Cya%ares tho!.0e to be seen so lo3.t see/ed to h.yo! ha0e +a!se or not -or yo!r an. -ro/ h. and to see /y o3n and all yo!r other ene/y.serably attended.t o. There 3as s. I . $?) To 3at+h these eat. 3hy are yo! horde be-ore he re+e.nks./an +an . -ollo3. and then Cyr!s the 1ed./plore yo!.ans. $:) That 3o!ld be b. Cyr!sJ I ha0e been rep!ted royal and o./a.he had any need o.s eyes./e.a. and 3.s not tr!e.despread hate= an. / h.tM ar rather 3o!ld I be s3allo3ed .n.ethan e0er I +o!ld repay. he 3o!ld rather be F!. .ll not ask .n.ns!lt.n. Thro!.0e h.ted o. -ear./ an .r. so /!+h so that -or 0ery p.ro0e o.the Pers.ns-olk t!rn a.n. 3hat yo! say . $() Cya%ares h. and the bestE/o!nted and bestE ar/ed a/on.7 $9#) B!t here he stopped. and hear.0ed another.on o. Only .ne that be+a!se I a/ here. the Pers.e as -ar ba+k as the /e/ory and . And 3hen Cyr!s spran. -or the/ -ro/ /e. and /ade Cya%ares s./sel. that I 3o!ld not send the/ ba+k to yo! 3. $L) B!t 3hen Cya%ares sa3 so lar./ the head o.n!e.n.le yo! +o/e be-ore /e .h /y presen+e here and by the bless. I / tears. take /y 3ord -or .0ed. b!tEEO all h.3eep.n splendo!r and /a.yo! . and all the 1edes.tternessH7 And then Cya%ares ans3ered= 76.n. and Cya%ares sa.a0e to beJ and no3 I see /ysel... and 3hat yo! th.oJ /y -ather 3as a k.ans 3ho/ Cyr!s had sent -or had already arr.Pers. and Ar/en.. and then he took Cya%ares by the hand and led h.s heart./en. t!rned a3ay h.-.r./ no k.n +o//and o.reater than /ysel-= they +o/e o!t eF!.those -ro/ 3ho/ 3e least deser0e .de the +arpets -or the/.n.entle/en 3. 8.ll p!t h. $99) I do not 3onder that yo! are pa. and so 3ent o!t to /eet Cya%ares and sho3 the po3er he had 3on.d= 74ay.n hea0en5s na/e.on h.royal l. 3h.0ed.+at.sten.n.s s!b*e+ts at on+e.tter eno!.nto h.ll brook apolo.pal/E trees. -ollo3ed by the ret. There!pon. and a k.n h. Cyr!s.nst the/= yo! 3.s le0y.d troopers 3ho had stayed beh.h. and then. tho!. aye.the /en.h.lled ha0e yo! seen to /ake yo! -eel s!+h b. all +reates !n.. 3h..n!e that on+e 3as /. .7 sa.tho!t /ysel-.n.+er .nst /e and /ake a /o+k o.e a -ollo3. he sa.!s. o- .h he d.s/o!nted..n.s Pers. and I +a0alry.t do3n. the rest. $9") It 3as -or th./sel.nk .d= $') 7Bn+le o. Hyr+an./ apart !nder a . 3ho 3ere no3 a lar.tter at the hands o.d.h.t see/s to /e a .3hat 3o!ld ./ and rest. $>) 8here!pon Cyr!s told the others to stand as. -orty tho!sand bo3/en and tar.ty Cyr!s5 o3n eyes -. And 3ell I kno3.s approa+h he took h.s s.nd. On h.tter s. 7that not only yo! b!t /y o3n sla0es are no3 s/all and /ean a ret.s not r. and /ort. and bade the attendants spread 1ed. -ro/ the hand o.!+t.n the earth than be the +a!se o. /eanly and /.ans.ry 3.allant .reet. Cya%ares.len+e bet3een the/ -or a 3h.s horse and +a/e !p to . to do /e -ar /ore /. o0er+o/e by a pass.. on+e to *o./ the k.n./.n.ods abo0e !sMEEho3 /!+h /ore b.le the tears +a/e .e0o!s error . that yo!r 3rath /.e body o.

yo! 3.s .ht yo!rsel.t !nsa-e.n 3hat -ollo3ed.n say. I rel.poss. 3.+e to3ards yo!H7 74eeds /!st I.EEI +annot b!t -eel .ht send. do yo! th.t b.n. b!t .I +an sho3 that I ha0e done yo! ser0. then.nto dan.. . a. I 3.t 3as 3ron.ether the -r!.s early eno!.nt. yo! /!st pro0e .ether.htest boon yo! +o!ld . +an yo! a++!se /e then o.rant and the l.a.shed .end. 74ay. tell /e .I +an be sho3n to ha0e done yo! har/.d yo! see any 3ron.n to.ent to yo!r 3ordH D.ean+e on the/ to. a+h.t /.ll yo! not a+F!.l.nk -ro/ to.end and -r.ends.d.any . and 3e had to -..d ./. d./y o--en+e lay .7 sa.n.nt by po.n 3hat I ha0e o--ended.p. .0e the/ o!t .d Cya%ares. 7I.7 he +ont. and dr. all ..ll lay do3n the only r!le that .. $9?) 7And .+e.I +o!ld.a.n. $9() 7Then.nk I a/ r. be-ore 3e .d Cya%ares.n the.t /e o. b!t k.tho!t 3a.nk . -or help. 7Tell /e.hea0en.7 $9') 78ell. 0.n /e. and see 3hat .a.len+e. 3hen.ood .ed by / /e to +o/e.r= ..t 3e /.nst yo!.r. ...n yo!r +a!se to the !t/ost o. Then Cyr!s spoke a.H7 $9>) 7Yo! d.7 $"9) He pa!sed. 7let !s not a++!se ea+h other . to ask yo! -or 3hat I kne3 3as the l..ether a.ble.h all I ha0e done.ness.yo! 3o!ld rather not reply to that.d that yo! d.nst the/ $"#) B!t at that Cya%ares 3as yo!.any -or+es they /..7 ans3ered Cya%ares.n. I 3.l or try to es+ape -ro/ dan.+tory 3as o!rs.t appears that I ha0e ne0er .h. -or 3ron.7 /y po3er to help /y -r.rand.plott.t 3as be+a!se yo! sa3 yo!r ene/.sel-Eseek.ll need so/e eloF!en+e.n*!st.h the help o.erH7 7That I ne0er d.s sa-e -or yo!= b!t that yo! sho!ld re.s *!st and -a.t 3. thro!.n th..n .ndl.lent.n*!red yo!.ht .r /erryE/ak..n th.n.a ask.n -ro/ the t.n.d yo! e0er see /e shr...ll not ans3er that e. b!t Cya%ares st.d Cya%ares. 3hen I had already o--ered to 3ork 3. to be a++!sed o. . d. $9K) Ho3e0er.n.. 3hen yo! +ons.all .n pr.ttle /eed o. /ysel-..ersH or I only asked that he 3ho 3.e0e. po.n ask.pra. I th. 7let !s ..7 ans3ered be allo3ed to -ollo3 /e.7 the /atter o!t.yo! tho!.dered p!rs!.that . pray.0ate. and to /e .n. at the head . 3hen yo! sa.s e0.ather.t not rather a ser0. 3.. 7. 7so -ar as that 3ent. and only be. let !s see e%a+tly . I sa3 noth. not e0en . 8as I not obed. and been Iealo!s .n. or sel-Ea.d Cyr!s./plored yo! to let !s p!rs!e the/ by s.n*!red be+a!se. all .7 sa.ard yo!rsel. 3hen I a/ do. $"") And th!s./y o--en+e lay .ed yo! to lend /e so/e o. to F!arrel on that s+ore. /ay I not +la. and I .th the best and bra0est I +o!ld br.7 $9:) 7And a-ter3ards.t to /eJ and .7 sa. . that . 3hen I .ether./e 3hen I ass!/ed /y .ll kept s. to.o -!rther. take 0en. so/e l.n.+e and a k.ther.ll +on-ess I a/ to bla/e.eneralsh. a-ter the ene/y had +o/e.allant e%plo.htest +o//and yo! +o!ld lay on yo!r sold.ndly a+tH7 7Certa.n tho!.yo!r +a0alryH I.n.d not +are to stop yo!r 1edes .tter.sH 8as .d I not +o/e /ysel3.ts o./y po3er.o thro!. And as bet3een -r..nstead oreb!ke.nly.seH7 7That 3ere only -a.e0ed yo! othe r.te the +ontrary. s. and ready to s3eep o0er yo!r land and yo!.n!ed. tell /e at least . 7F!.n. that yo! sent to Pers. $9L) 6et !s and the ene/y retreated.s !seless 3ayJ .t and 3hat .d Cyr!s.t.

I +annot say I sho!ld be .th h. a do/.these /y -or+es.t so .n.rate-!l to h./ -or h..yo!r assa.n !tter po0erty.n*!red the/ a l.ts are o.on are no3 restored to yo! a. I tro3J he 3ho d.d th.sten.. /e desolate.and yo!r ho!se.yo!r boso/ so that .0e these I set o-.t -or yo!. say yo! spoke . and so/e l.on.. 7yo! -. I -eel that yo! ha0e treated /e..s.t 3o!ld appear to yo! then..p to a -r... .otten only lea0e /e the lo3.nstan+e./a.yo! look on th.. 3o!ld yo! re+kon that /an yo!r -r. $K9) And no3.ed .s are .s +an be bad -or yo!.7 Then Cyr!s pa!sed.ply !pon /e.yo!r ene/y bro!. I ask yo!.ked and .yo!rs pa.n.reat and po3er-!l and the land /e and .n the end he /ade her lo0e h. tell /e yo!r *!d.n that s!ppose a -r. d.n. and lay . I 3o!ld rather ha0e /ade lar. $"?) And.0e .nk I 3o!ld ha0e s!--ered less .t .n.n.n the 3ay yo! .endsh.s k.shed. I had 3on noth.yo!r and so . 3o!ld yo! be pleased 3..t to yo!rsel.t no3./ ./ than oyo!rsel-.n the hands o.n a 3ay e%a+tly l.n. and a-ter 3e had . B!t yo!r bene-.+e yo!r heart by h.n./ /ore than yo!rsel-.ndnessH $K#) Or let /e take the tenderest o.n the/ too.d s!+h attent.h. .s .ro3.stened to /e. b!t I a/ ready to l.-e o.shono!r to /e.nstead o.end o. $K") Or a. . Cyr!s. !nless I +o!ld 3.r ar/sH Is not the spo.that one see/s too sl.nd . $">) And -or the s!ppose a -r.s tr!e eno!.ne that yo! are . and toEday yo! br. .on to yo!r Pers. $"') Perhaps.t.the. 3o!ld yo! be .ss.he had sla. lea0. that they 3o!ld rather ser0e .n yo!r po3er.n the l..end o.d allo3 yo! to take 3hat yo! l. And -or /y s!b*e+tsEEI th.nd that the /ore they /!lt.yo!rs are a +ro3n o.ble. the hea0. and Cya%ares /ade ans3er= 7To +all 3hat yo! ha0e done e0.s that yo! bred !p to .than re+e.le deed o. the spo.not .o. to +o/e nearest to /y o3n +ase. /y +o//.ht3ay he took all he +o!ld lay hands on and +arr.0ed o.r horses and the.n th.!ard yo! and to -.t o--. 2o that.yo! had .reatest 3ron. 7ha0e /ade yo!r +o!ntry .nh!/an o..n than yo!rs.holds o.on /y /ar+h.t .end 3as alto.7 he 3ent on.t at yo!r hands .end o.yo!r do.yo!.lad to learn that any yo! the .onH $":) Or take another . yo! see yo!r o3n +o!ntry .n other days by the 2yr.!ard yo!rsel. s!ppose so/e one pa.s!+h a k. There-ore I 3ent and tr.s a+t as bla/ . do. Cyr!s.t. abo0e all and beyond all.t 3o!ld see/ that not e0en the a++eptan+e o. $"() 2peak.l. $"L) I 3o!ld -ar rather./poss.re3 odayH Has not the ene/y5s +a/p been takenH Ha0e not h!ndreds o. 2tron.yo!rs 3ere to do so /!+h -or yo!r o3n that 3as not done . and stra..on -ro/ yo!r o3n sel-./e to -eel th! to yo!.on. These deeds o.randly .ttle than I s!--er no3 3hen I see ho3 /!+h they o3e yo!.h= I d.n a tho!sand. and yo! 3ere le-t .h.7 he added. +o!ld yo! say that -r.lants -allenH And h!ndreds been depr.ood.had 3on yo!r per/. e%alted .ends. d..s yo!r 3ealth.+h 3.n all -r. or to yo!r s!b*e+ts.n all the 3orld.s attent.ether bla/elessH $KK) And I./ take 3hat he 3.yo!r o3n .ed yo!r land are no3 . b!t I 3o!ld ask yo! to -or..end and bade h./. 3o!ld he re*o. /en yo! kept to . yo! 3o!ld say. they are bro!.n.n h. and yo! took the 3hole o.s +o!rtesyH ar -ro/ .n /y pla+e and see ho3 .yo!rs 3ere to take +are o.endH 4oJ b!t a 3orse ene/y than .d +o!rt to the 3.ledH The +attle and the . and yo!r o3n that 3ere torn -ro/ yo! ./ent o.. yet . $"K) It 3as th!s 3e started.s 3ay by yo! .nat.a. s!+h +are that he /ade the/ -onder o.ans that they learnt to -ollo3 b!rden do they br. .reat by o3n po3er than see /. 2!ppose a -r. .lory to yo!J b!t they br. .oods othose 3ho harr.-ts +an be -ree -ro/ bla/e.ed pers!as.l yo! ha0e 3on 3. Goods so .ler spo. 3as there./y po3er and 3ent. ./ -or h. and 3.n.ess o. or short o.h!/an t. 8hat yo! say .n.

$?9) 4o3 3hen the ho!r +a/e -or the banF!et. -or the banF!et h. 7And yo! 3.I see/ed to ne.-.reat thro!.nd -a!lt 3. at a nod -ro/ Cyr!s.nd Cyr!s the Pers. +ry. *o!rney and yo! /!st -all to 3.t !p the.n beh./ ./y d.ll do as yo! 3.. $K:) And they bro!.t .. Do yo! not see that all these /y -eetEE/a.s d.0e the/ . b!t I /!st .shono!redH 8hen I r!led the 1edes.nd as yo! are yo!rsel. had yo! been k.n.n ret!rn and +all /e yo!r bene-a+tor.n at the end.not. Do not -.ntEhearted.a bene-a+torH 4ay.n the eyes o.n. Cyr!s broke .nd to /e no3. 3h.le+ted e0en the .d *!st no3H7 74o.a/ d.ed.tho!t delay. I. a bea!t.ll on /y part . o!t othe spo.o and attend to the .= 7Bn+le o.t..ans and all the /e any /ore.h the help o. by the hea0en abo0e !s. and beh. 3a.ladness l. I r!led the/ not be+a!se I 3as stron. and the 1edes -ell .s .den+e bet3een yo! and the/.. e/bra+e /e . $?#) 2o that the /ood o. I ask yo!. yo! ha0e +o/e a lon.le others bro!.ht that o!r ra+e 3as .s 3ords.7 $K() B!t 3h. and he see/ed to see that Cyr!s had not stolen h.le I ha0e no part or lot . b!t /ost 3ere sent by Cyr!s.rd +!ps and .ed a /!s.7 And he k.ll not t!rn as. s. b!t /!st step .th an ad/. those 3ho 3ere appo..t 3as so lon.t and the Pers.s better than than all o.t+h o.t 3ere .ro3 .de as yo! d.le he 3as st.t pleases yo!./.n.0e yo!r -a0o!rs.nd Cya%ares.+entM And yo! /ake /y +o!ntry . .all /en.7 7Then I /ay k.. a -o!rth and the others beh. 3hen I e/bra+e yo!.I /ysel. a th. I 3. .. and learn ho3 I -eel to3ards yo!. and that they /ade no less a++o!nt o.s s!b*e+ts -ro/ and .n.. and . so/e yo!H7 sa..r horses and rode ba+k.t to 3ear a +ro3n. l. and yo! .r -a+es.ood !n+le.a0e so/eth. another 3. . $K') And 3hen they rea+hed the +a/p and bro!.oblets and bea!t..esEE -or all 3ere 3at+h.n. .ssed h.sed by !s to the p.le .ll speak.ty and hono!r.yo!r s!b*e+ts do yo! hono!r./.0ate pleas!re.t .nto the. B!t Cyr!s ans3ered.ood be+o/e -a./.r o3n a++ord.t.t= .d Cyr! a baker.t to /e -or /y lands to be /ade broad .nted /ade e0eryth.7 ans3ered Cya%ares.ood +heer. 7Yes.n all th. and the bad .ht Cya%ares to the splend..-!l apparelJ al/ost e0ery one . 7yo! are r.d /e not to the -east.n the per-or/an+e.d.ans.nd the/.le+t the/ -or the sake o.ers -eel the/sel0es ne..7 $KL) 7Perhaps.I ha0e e0er sho3n yo! any k.e . b!t be+a!se they the/sel0es tho!. not least /y -a.onH And . 7B./y pr.. and p!t /e to the test. he sa./ than they !sed to do. yo! /ay bla/e /e as yo! please.n.n on h./ to share . that there /ay be +on-.n.Cya%ares +han./y o3n /. to re+e.-!l +!pEbearer.s tr!e. abo0e all else yo! 3o!ld ha0e been +are-!l not to rob /e o.ll not t!rn as.sold.n. yo! are the /an.n.nsolent.--erent. Cyr! and IEEI a/ not -. $K?) Are these.o!rs ha0e been ra. $K>) And 3hen the 1edes sa3 ./.ood. 3el+o/e the/ and .ke a 3o/ ready -or h. $?") 8. are these the deeds o.yo! see that 3hat I ha0e done has really bro!.ht h. 8hat they had 3on.s 1edes presented the/sel0es.the. 3h. to see ho3 /atters 3o!ld shapeEE*oy +a/e .ndness. be k.le he 3as 3a..r hearts and . Cya%ares sent to Cyr!s and be.ers Then Cyr!s and Cya%ares /o!nted the.n+e they had /et.-tsJ one +a/e 3.the/.th-!l s!b*e+ts yonder.rable +ook.n. I 3.e%pe+tat. and .d tent. 3h.

d./an.?. 3.on./sel.@akras../. b!t too preEo++! lo3 and o!rsel0es .de 1e/orab.s -r. On the 3hole. 2y/onds on the prede+essors o.on o.e. 7o!r +h.s ra. 6yly.l. /ed.s to see.o!s to re/a. Al+est. .losoph.nt .re stron.on./.the +o!ntry= 3e see o!r ene/.eneros. A.Araspas at on+e. Perhaps she . a hedon.on.?.n+reas.n. Araspas5 po. so the speaker.+t!re. 8hen . so -ar as h.n.s not +old. o.t /!st be yo!r 3ork as /!+h as /.+al proble/s . Xenophon. *!st as the sold.s.the B.9.n o.n+apable o. 3ho br.ed 3. And -or th.3ar.+h I speak..r des.--. $?K) Early toE/orro3 / are thro3n ba+k on the or.s also the s./atters o.n..ends.t 3ell eno!.ble 3o/en. An Eastern p. . be-ore 3e hold the +o!n+.a hedon.rst prayers are . $?() And .on.s held to be the bra0est.n -!rther or 3hether the t. C9..n.ll be tho!.ll tell !s 3hether 3e o! that U a sto. o.+!lty abo!t the 3.ded 3.s /ost /en to h.s nobler than any othe/.+al d.+k.7 $??) There!pon Cya%ares betook h.n an the /ost eloF!ent.7 he E!r.s s.narrat./es and the 3r.l o. . 2he . I see a +erta. not .ods.dean .l pleas!re. and then they t!rn ro!nd and a++!se lo0e. C1e/orab. C9. C9. prepare yo!r spee+hes as tho!. 8ell told= 3e -eel the +hara+ter b!t +an +!rb the.yo!r parts= /.eth.+ers 3.BarI. Yo! 3.h 3e asked yo! to . thanks to the ..aC -or a s. ho3e0er.9K.A des. I.+ sett. C-. day by day .s type o...reater st. 0.7 he added.lar ph.splay= re/e/ber that those 3ho/ yo! +on0. and spoke to the/ as -ollo3s= 71y !s a l. @akrate.n stren.reat 3o/en o. the shre3dest and the best -.battle .reatest n!/ber .to the banF!et and Cyr!s +alled a +o!n+.nds.ll present the/sel0es at yo!r .ne .ster to the . Cyr!s5 .er 3ho o0erthro3s the .the Greek tra.e0e/ents +o!ld be . C9. H.nk o!r ne%t step o!.s s. o!r -. 3hether -or+e 3ere needed or pers!as.den+e . as soon as he opens or Bathsheba..ll.h by 3hat they l.<.aC $ 4o3 .ll sho3 3o!ld +onsent to stay 3.s to that F!est. 2o+rates.n the day o.s one th.+-.deC D.tted to a+t 3.n the healthy a+t.n. 2. 3hen the t.9# to /ake as /any o.s that these s+a/ps ha0e only the/sel0es to bla/e. Ant.sJ espe+.s she= no do!bt she .0e a rhetor. $?>) Do to p!rs!e the +a/pa.) -or s!+h ans3er as 3e +an .es bro!. be.3h.. . CN.atho.ty= he .res. 2ho3s a +on-.n n!/bers and . and an%.l.ters5 /. +-.all that o!r troops are pro0. 2he .< 8hereas the @kalo. $?') I lea0e yo! then. ka. P.ll and kno3led.lla.h. $?L) Re/e/ber that.J IN.edy 3o/en.n.ble 3./e has +o/e -or pers!as.n /e l. the best orator and the ablest /an o.sband o!r ar/y.3.n+e 3. also D. 8here0er 3e set -oot no3 3e are the /asters o.ttle lon.n.J she .+al d.ranted.o--.n. 7to the +are-!l st!dy o.the 3.+ to be./e has no3 +o/e to d.2hakespeare.n rese/blan+e bet3een the t. 0.the/ as poss.aA= all they need.7 4OTE2 C.a+t.sA.R!th or 2!sanna or D!d. o!r a+h.ster o.e.reater th.ate to hear -ro/ yo! 3hat yo! th.only o!r present all.ster o. as Gadatas and Gobryas are brothers

n .ty.t the /ore one -eels that. C". Th. Cyr!s ZZ 2o+rates.. Here also I -eel the /.. 3. The /an 3ho !tters .se. he has the to be r!led by the ar+h.+. I th.+h be-all the 0.+ or Xenophont.s -eel. th.s -!ll o.rt!e.yr.+e the absol!tely -a. to be absol!tely -rank.0eness.n /an.aC .rt!e . th.%.-est.n.hts.:.t .on and +hara+ter.t e/anates -ro/ /!st be o.ans. 4ot. .+al ans3er o.s s! Xenophon and 2o+rates.9".lled 7to h.nd .t!al d.9>.9(.a h. C".s .7 .ed.K".2atan<.ned= he speaks as he -elt then.the /.s pane.roo/ 3.n= .ht a. CE% ore Cyr.n the C1e/orab.ty.deC the .nta.+e the pra+t. Xenophont.+ /an= ea+h step he takes opens !p ne3 a0en!es opro.Araspas h. Ho/ 1e/orab.e.t and the people 3hose heart and /..stC -or pra.+ 3. the r.s h.ll be -o!nd to be HystaspasJ b!t 3e ha0e no s!sp. Xenophon propo!nds h.the latent 0. -. C0.hly Hellen.r and 3arrantable d.aC 2o+rates has th.+ /an.s-ort!nes 3h. EE."9.nk..serpents 3..+h only needs an opport! later on he de0elops the theory o. C0. h.s+ern/ent= the /ore one ponders .a.s prototype here.s the tr!e rhetor. 4o3 . C". b!t.ood as poss.s to say.t!deH< C". C9.deC Book oDob . -.do0es.s la+k. C".and Call others alsoC as .nk.ns !nre0ealed. s!+h a +han+e.odsend to . It .r.C.<.+ ad0anta.0en to the ar+h.ental.s a .the dra/at.e . all /enEE-eel..s /ade to .s Xenophon th.aC<. a h.n.r!ral s.+./pl.+. CK..-!l.nd o.s +a!.s/.a do!ble sel-.l. Dra/at. 7G.s part also. C-.l. 8hose bad /anners .s -!l-.sat.o!s l.s!perh!/an +ons+.ed to /ake h. and so.Cyr!s to th. that he st!d. !nder 0ar.0e /e a +han+e to sho3 /y 0.. -. or Hellen.her and a lo3er .ss./sel.9'. C".rt!o!s.s th!s /an.tho!t look. on.n. In th.t .ht road to pers!as../sel. re/a./ 3ho hath shall be .L --.Xenophon sh. D. Xenophon.s thoro!.ress.on.entleness o.9". the CE+ono/.s /a. 3h.deC Ho/ or oldE3orld theory o.ty to b!rst -orth.0en. 3h. C0.a. It .+a+y and sp.nter0. 4ot. C9. The CCyropaed. The des.+ .. theory o. Here.nate. The the /oral proble/ . Prol.sdo/ o..+. .-!l h!/an.+.e3 Cyr!s5 +hara+ter st.7 b!t Cyr!s plays o.//er. The sa/e tho!. 4ot.+ ."#. A 0ery noble senten+e. that Or."#.ll -!rther de0eloped.h orderJ and . The 3o/an5s nat!re bro! o!t by these to!+hes.n."?. C9. C".'.ble.9L.del.n.+-./!sC.B!t has Cyr!s a to!+h o..plo/at.+ a+t."9. C".hest pra. Xenophon sy/ h. C9.+h the ar+ho/eno.reat . Nery nat!ral and bea!t.n.ro3 o!t o.+e a.n. or XenophonE2o+rat. CN.o!s re+t.s . o-H Thebans5H C".s Xenophon C.s shot s!+h a bea!t.n ho3 the 1ede5s o3n +hara+ter .on as yet.n.

sh p!bl.(!rhood o. Chr.s the r!le o.s/ are both there.ental.+e. De O--.= he +an play h.t!al and nat!ral prod!+t.h .e o. -. Interest.h .+ond!+t +learly e%pressed.9L./pl. C?. 4. C.s probably Hellen. o!t the sel-.">.r.n. A to!+h 3h./ -or -raternal brotherhood 3as the -!llness o.l0erado 2F!attersC 3o!ld s!.n h.+.or. An ar/y on -or+ed /ar+h= are there any no0elt. Al/ost a!tob.+ero."?.+arry. These /.beon.o.the so.s a no0eltyH I.>.sh de+alo.. C-.ble.+.tary a. It needs an h.ntness both say the./es the d!t.+sC ..n. Hellen.s/ .0es the .story= that .n s!+h /atters. to3n.llers o.+ /an has no t.s passa. e+ono/.s!bter-!. CK. rather.0eness . 4.n!te deta. CK.n treat/ent o."L --.latory. the Br./press. Th. tho!.s C2.l to be let alone.t.9:. C?.ha0. the topsyEt!r0y / probably not bor. CK. a +o!ntry seat ./es 3hen battles 3ere a--a.t.K?.n the .ty and Eastern F!a.n. .te+ton. the G.+al ele/ent see/s al/ost a!d.3o!nded.t.rand style.+.a dete+t. a. C-.hts o.ed Cs!b pa+e Ro/anaC. pondero!s../eJ and e0en .d to h. Gadatas .A.C. It +o/es -ro/ ener.s !nsel-.s .on. Or.s the art o./e.7.9K.!e.d. CK.n.s not a /ere 3ar eth. C.e +o!ld -ra/e -or .s . Cyr!s @o! skholaIe.y +o/b.0e or so/e s!+h d.ty set -orth . In th. Tre0elyan as Ir.he .a b.+ /an sho3s a 0ery ready 3. A4CIE4T and 1ODER4 a--a.+s= nonE+o/batant t.nto the old syste/.nonE+o/batants so or. C-. Cyr!s rese/bles a3+ett .d the /odern r.n.s/EEant.+. -or C3ar eth.s -ather he 3as 7a late learner7 .ood +han+e.r o.B.e/ent bet3een /onar+hs and hed. Is th.n. 3h. CK.ons. perhaps !se-!l.ons t!/ble ba+k pra+t.F!e Hellen.n.+h .h as he sa.EEThe o.reeable o--. 2partan s.s the prototypeH D.t Xenophon 0ery 3ell . ar+h.ty o.s +ontrast.n /odern t. CK. sa0o!r.ets a ...not.n the +o//er+.s/ and /odern Hellen.l.on o.nateH C?.ed abo!t by all the p!n+t. 3h.sat. C?.. Cyr!s no3 has the opport!n.9(.+h 2te0enson +hose -or the /otto to h.any other. Here 3e -eel the 1ODER4I21 oXE4OPHO4. Here 3e -eel that the Assyr. d. The ar+h. C?..e the part 3ell eno!. o.+e.tes.n the .sh sel-Eest.-ts o.+. D.+h .t and .+.real h.r say.n the abstra+t.+ and 2trate. Here .. nor do I see ho3 a /.e3. Old Testa/ent -or the sort o. b!t .e 3h.0ate arran./e. P.n the ne. hereH and preparat.+ally .ty only e/er.nk.Ep.e the nat. th.nterest. The passa.KL --.. I th.n.ned 3.n I. at the t.rab7 .os o.reat art .+al= the ad0anta.9".K". C?. 3hat . .9>. or!r.s l.. and -or Xenophon5s 0.n 3ar.+ 1an to o0erpo3er h.n. se+retary.

.+!lty.l.y so/e3hat rel.0ed .e -ro/ C. and sapp./an and art. -or/al.ty.s.respons.p.s!ppress.r. %%.+ /an..Cya%ares.a0e a!d. C(.KL.n. C(.s o3n a.t. and the Hellen.. one .ht.deC R.n the +o!ntry.tho!t any do+tr.n. all the all.h s.+ /an has . thro!.t o. lo0er o. C(.+ /an 3. k..n.+hard II.n.l. C(.n.+ate parallel./sel-.n.ble 3eakness o.another better than .th the happ.+ /an +ontrasted.K(.s *ealo!sy and h!/. b!t I /!st de+rease7 ./.st.a.K'.+ero /. and a-ter the/ the 2ak.-.nd.ness a -o. and they s!pped and 3ent to rest.nobler a+tors o.+ked /an as +on+e. The d.lo. dra3s the s. .es and e%+!ses Cyr!s . He +an ne0er hold h.n.0ed .r.on .an ele/ent as the +orr!pt. C(. The passa..ot so -ar he +an play the part o.n.on . need.n -reedo/J -or the -ree /an l.nal p!rpose. The ar+h.n.n+orr.nter+essor bet3een Cya%ares and h.s ./ to stay.ans.K:E?#. B!t early the ne%t /orn.I.KL. The 3.?9. BOOG NI $C.n.ness o. +ontent 3.!e<.on.Ger/any and A!str. C(. and 3h.nonA h!/an essent.s 1edes.n. Dakyns !sed the .n+rease./a.shes to br.lar +ere/on.on osp.n ZZ to .n= h.+h +annot brook the e%. b!t Xenophon.tat.9) 2o the day ended...s not p!rs!ed.s @anthrop.en+e to the s!.any sort.on.. These /en ha0e en*oyed all that k. that a .0o.n h.s !pEandEdo.F!e Hellen. Th. C?..ed 3. also C/odernC.+ debate .s +o!ld +la.+oEXenophont. . hear. . H.n.t.9#.+!lty o.b.losopher.s ./ 3h. C(.n. en0y.deC so/e o.n. and then so/e one . !ntra//elled and ./plor.tsel-. +har.s a d. 3h.9". and then the Hyr+an.s/ o.s re0eals the -ash.ons o. I +an .s the 0ery po.r .s o3n -r. Perhaps th.K?.es -lo+ked to Cya%ares5 .ally.rably and tr!th-!lly 3. et+.ho/e.nst the ar+h. !nder the do/.+ /an and the ar+h.ans. the pse!doEar+h.ndolen+e.s ener.ates. Cyr!s .s+!ss. as he +hooses.ty and so -ar saps the. o!t.those +ro3ned heads.n0ol0es the 3hole d. th. and be translated th!s= 72o/e ha0e l. and Bol.rst +a/e the Cado!s.+.s one sol!t.+ /an sho3s sel-E+o//and a.s 3ay.dean F!al./.on ad/. Cyr!s5 tone o.ns h.nd. A n.+h Xenophon.t.n the/= the d. Or..l to the. not to!+hed here<. b!t by a 3ord and look the ar+h.e0es . E!r. That .7 probably Xenophon +on+e. The ar+h.+e to!+h= 3e learn to kno3 Gadatas and Xenophon also.0es the 1ed.stor.+e and /anner /!st ha0e so/e +o/pell.ale+t. As a /atter o.+ /. $ the sp.tors h.ental and ant.+ s.lls.<.eo/etr.n.n. e/perors / Xenophon ZZ Al-red Tennyson.7) C?. It . h. Pathos 3ell dra3n= C0.7he /!st .n the Pers.sten+e o. ar/E.le Cya%ares dressed and adorned h. only he to so/e e%tent *!st.o.C0.r 3.on o. 3alk.nEar/. on both +heeks -raternally.broke.ends had bro!.n e/p. +har/ .--.+ .reat /!lt.--./.ans.a.t!at.t!de 3ere 3a.

to lay the bla/e on Hystaspas /ysel-.d= 7 r. 3hose entreaty 3as st.t or notH7 7Certa. h./ or d.0e o!r ene/y /ore tro!ble than 3e .t 3as that I took .n Pers.n-l!en+ed h.that.t .n+e I a/ present and older than Cyr!s.o ho/e yo!rsel-H7 74o.t 3as they 3ho dealt 3.7 sa.. I a/ r!.reat splendo!r and sole/n.nE+h.. 7are yo! not to . $") At that Cyr!s.len+e 3as pro+la. /ost !n*!st.7 $() 78hatH7 +r.n.d. tell.7 $K) B!t Gadatas l.the Hyr+an.on be-ore all !s as they l.sband the ar/y. And 3hen all 3ere asse/bled and s.e0ery eye.t !pon /e to speak 3.shed .on 3hether 3e o!.E!p and .e.s b!t 3hen 3e stood alone .ntent.n earnest they played 3.shed that. I hardly -ear lest the ar/y sho!ld be d.d.ked best and 3e l. yo! +annot +on+eal .n. and sat do3n on a 1ed.7 $') Then the Cado!s.ed Cyr!s.s s!. to . 7I a/ not.ked least./poss.e3.n.ether 3e . the +ynos!re o.t .a..on has done !s anyth. All o.7 $>) Then the leader o.= here I shall stay and be . Gadatas. and /ean3h.nd abo!t the d.presented Gobryas.o on 3. the F!est. yo!r -ather ho3 yo! 3ro!.th one another.n. as yo!r -ather 3anted yo! ho/e.o.table that I sho!ld address yo! -. 7to state yo!r op.shed adorn.d Hystaspas.7 78ell.eneralE.le Cya%ares had -.n .t= yo! ha0e been br./ -ollo3ed./ed.ood.sbanded.and +a/e -orth .the ar/y.!s kno3 that 3h. . e0en on the /ar+h.7 sa.7 sa.7 he ans3ered.d the! depart.d he.end Hystaspas to take th. . 7It 3o!ld be !n*!st then. 7The less 3e talk. 0ery soon . I s!ppose.ends and all.7 he added.d= 71y -r. ho/e separately the betterJ separat.s and a++o/pl.-ted !p h. 3ho kne3 already that -or /any a day Gadatas had been hal-Edead 3. .th the +a/pa. 74ay. 4or ha0e I any ..sband.ble -or yo! to +arry on the +a/pa. And there-ore .on o.hed o!tr..ans stood !p at on+e and sa.ll the sa/e. la!.ht and sa.end Gadatas the lord and the Assyr.7 sa.. Be pleased. and ask h. 7abo!t break.l I /ake o!r -r. It appears to /e that the /o/ent has +o/e to d. s.d to Gadatas that .n yo!r /.ons on the /atter.rst.le 3e stand to./.ends and all.nly I d. perhaps.n *est and hal.n.. 7yo! dared to let that be kno3n 3hether I 3.d he.!nt. 7.s+!ss one F!est.d Cyr!s. Cyr!s..he kne3 3hat 3as .7 $L) Th!s hal. o.t see/s to /e.7 $?) And Cyr!s sa. b!t .n.s hands to hea0en and s3ore /ost sole/nly that Hystaspas had not . Cya%ares sa. 1y /en and I.n. 7Ah.n.s be+a!se I kno3 /ysel.ned !tterly. 7-or I only throne.7 sa.n. at any rate.bed by /y -r. and had sent -or yo!. and Hystaspas bro!.nk that 3ords are needed 3hen -a+ts the/sel0es sho3 !s the path to take.n Gadatas the e!n!+h.7 7Yes.o. 7-or I +an see that yo! are /ad to be ho/e .t 3o!ld be ..s 0..

sband.ners on the o+ean= they /ay sa./ed +old and h!n.n-l.or..n.on to +a!se !s tro!ble a. 7o.ll !nsa.otten.nk 3e sho!ld stay here . 7 r.n.ood 3.o!r ad0an+e and be+a!se o.nk o.end. 3.o!r po3er and the $9#) I 3as -or e0er o!t on so/e e%ped.le 3e ha0e hal+yon 3eather.ood +heer on the.tro!ble I had.d he. and ser0.--er -ro/ those 3ho ha0e spoken be-ore /e= they th.those 3ho +an sto3 a3ay the lar..o!r style Cyr!s ./= 3hat he pro/.shed .th -ears 3.o -or3ard.heart and stron. that he per-or/s= b!t . d.o!r o3n a++ord. then.nd 3..3e hold the -ortresses. I o++!py the ene/y5s B!t .a +a/pa.e0ed.n-l. I say 3e o!.n -a0o!r / $9() 8here . the ene/y 3. I see opponents a.n.d I ask Cya%ares to p!t the F!est.7 sa.on to debateH Be+a!se.s to be only 3hat .ll s!--er s. 8e ..s .so/e ha0e lost the.+e here /eans to d. hea0en kno3s.7 $99) Then Gobryas spoke.s 3hat 3e /!st do= 3e /!st deta+h -ro/ the ene/y all the -ortresses 3e +an and se+!re all 3e +an -or o!r o3n= . /y -ear o.r 3eapons.7 $:) Bpon that ArtabaI!s rode.7 sa.s the 3arr.n the hands o. they 3. 7I ha0e tr!sted Cyr!s5 3ord and had no -a!lt to -. $9?) ha0e -allen ..o!r sold. no3. 3.ed to .d ..tants 3.ts o.d= 7Gentle/en. -or o!r horses and o!r ser0ants and the .n and -.n...r o3n .on or !p horses.t to be dr.ll ha0e sto3ed the.h 3e /ay ha0e shelter -or o!rsel0es 3e ha0e noth.0en -ro/ the -. 7Cya%ares. I a/ not . 3ho +an 3a.n.shed -or the the/ o.s. b!t I th.oodJ .they are soon .n.s s!pply 3.r o3n .nstead.n.eld a. or o!r -ortresses threatened.7 $9") At that Cyr!s rose at last and sa.p 3..s .0. and a 3orld o. 3hat 3.o on 3. I. and I dr.reat /ass o.s. to the terror 3e .d the penalty -or pr.ll ne0er be p!n. sto!t o.. !p the +o/pany.ll take the.le land. the a3ay .yo! /ay dread the tho!.nst !s 3ho/ 3e +annot -.the -!t! I a/ al3ays on +a/pa.n as 3e are do.nter ./.spel yo!r do!bts. the Assyr. he 3. I ans3er. . .er store. b!t the seas they ha0e +rossed are no /ore the.ll by sheer la+k o.nk the..erH I.t has been.n at ho/e. I a/ a-ra. ..t.e 3ar 3.d he. and not to . and all too at /y o3n e%pense.n+e ho/e /eans -.n a host. $9>) 2o/e o.0ate e%+!rs.nst !s.son d!ty -ar -ro/ ho/eJ .s a +ond. a.r s!ppl.t .n+rease o. d.tho!t.nd they are l. o.sold.ery.onsJ as I dare say yo! ha0e not -or. As .ll be . the . and tho!.th the +a/pa.led.ll -.3e +ond!+t the +a/pa. 8e need not be s!rpr.+t on yo! and d.nhab..+t on /e= I shall be p!n. I.ll soon be /ade . the loss 3.n. others.d othe/ ha0e .the/ than those that are st. yo!n.tho!t 3ho/ 3e +annot e0en th.o!r -or+es /!st /ean the de+rease o.r pla+e.s .nst o!r 3.ed.n one respe+t I d.that ad0an+e they ha0e been e%ha!stedJ and beyond that l..d he.a.he lea0es the +o!ntry /ar.a. be+a!se I ha0e been yo!r -r.ons. harr. o3. $9L) At present 3e are l. I a/ 3ell a3are that the d.n. As to pro0.n. !p to the l.sband at on+e o.ll be repr. and stron.n.n.ll soon pro+!re othersJ .e..s ad0an+.7 sa.ood th.l on -or e0er. 7. I /ake he the old days.3e do 3.t.n. and the 3eaker 3. $9K) 8hy. the 1ede 3ho had +la. th. 2. o.n.n battle.n order to ./ pla+es 3here they +an en*oy the/ and 3e +annot .th h. be+a!se o!r people 3ere be.

th h.-ts he 3o!ld ne0er re-!se.n the o!tly.n the.n !se to th. the horses partly -ro/ the pr.Pers. $":) 2!+h 3as the syste/ he abol.n. $"() 2o Cyr!s spent h.eneral +onsent to h.ether /e+han. There 3ere t3o .r dr. be e%.h he /.nd.rd.s o3n e%pense. and /ean3h. 3h.n. partly -ro/ h. and r.neers and art.then.s /.n. th!s ass!red o.est spot he +o!ld -.a and yo!rsel0es and p!t .e s!ppl..oned those 3ho kne3 the +o!ntry best.r /..r +har.ots .n.n. T.e -or the t. and th!s pro0.s proposals.ble.s day a/ and stren.. 3.ons that are nearest to the -oe.n*!r.old and s. 3ho 3o!ld nat!rally be /en abo0e the +o//on.-y a post .ll !ndertake the pos. Three h!ndred +har.b!te l. 3ho /!st.n !nder t.oteer.ots.t.soners 3ho 3ere +apt!red all told the sa/e story= they sa. ran.s .lled !p the the /a. and there-ore he en+a/ped h. And both Gadatas and Gobryas o--ered to -ort.ll s+ar+ely ne. and . . $"L) The /ass o. He -. sa.t .one to ra.n.oro!sly.ty.n.the ar/y. !sed the.3.est to s!pply. $"#) .ers .ble -or a se+ond./!rbed .s t.% the.erness and assent.E/en.e.ttle a-ter all to the 0.ends.n the sa/e 3ay as the Cyrenaeans do no3.t.the p. the/ -ro/ the ene/y or 3here0er he +o!ld -./sel.nd 3as that the 0ery -lo3er o.the as poss. tak.nd the/.s o3n -r.oteers. horses and .s. and -.ans.n. $9') or.le .es o..s /en o!t to -ora.e en..nd o..s allJ he F! 3. $">) He also pro+!red +har.the all. the nat!ral de-en+es a3ay -ro/ -ear.nted -ro/ those best F! o-.n+ed that he 3as stor. ..+s .n -a0o!r o. The old Tro*an type o. stren.a.7 $9:) At t3o +.le+t the dan.e.des the . $"K) 4o3 Cyr!s 3as a3are that all th. and there-ore he p!shed h.lders -or o!r o3n +astles. 3here0er and that /eant another three h!ndred debarred -ro/ . h.shed. 3.ts -!ll +o/ple/ent.ots /eant t3el0e h!ndred horses and three h!ndred and Cyr!s h. +o!ld only a+t at lon..n any at h. and all As.d.nes./e sho!ld al3ays be .poss.s preparat.nesJ and s!per.s the 3hole asse/bly rose to e%press the/.7 $"9) There!pon Cya%ares at on+e !ndertook to pro0. so that the deta+h/ent le-t .nds. .h.sed he 3o!ld try to -!rn. b!t Cyr!s kne3 that he /!st ha0e the best be absent h.e0ery to +arry o!t 3hat 3e ha0e set o!rsel0es.ranes -or a th.s days.ed -or the 3ork.ll be -or yo! to o++!py the land on the /ar+hes bet3een Assyr.+ked /en 3ere .r ea. e0ery one set to 3ork to -. the ene/y -or the /a+h. the Arab.n body o.n +o/plete se+!r. $"?) 4or 3as th.the syste/ to h.t 3.s -or+e.n./e. learn.the sold. the 2yr.stan+e.+har.ll .n the +har.nd and the eas.ot . that another battle /!st be -o!.nner l. bes.3e +an hold h.s troops .n.nd en. $"") That done.le the deserters -ro/ Babylon and the an en.ns.+s and b!..+hes and treas!res o.s .. . as . had .ans. and Cya%ares stood !p 3. .s pa.les -or the t.s door to atta+k yo! o!t .shedJ be-ore h.Era/s and s.ett. parts= he 3. e0en tho!. st./ store o. 3e /!st prepare 6yd. Gadatas and Gobryas /ade the/sel0es respons.s sold./sel.ons -or3ard 0. he abol. the Cyrenaeans.!. $"') The -a!lt +a0alry to .n the health.ll .sh t3o.lla. 7I.+tory.e and so to start 3.ors +o!ld pla+e +on-. and.3e really 3.ood 3eapons.enerally. he 3o!ld lead h.sans and to +olle+t /ater. an opponent 3ho +o!ld -a+e the/./e the 1edes.d that the k.ers 3ere +on0.ots.the 3arE+har.n 3ho/ the at h.. keep h. tak.n the d.s 3o!ld take so/e t.n.shed .ll not be d.soners.n.e.nally Cyr!s. and th!s pro+!re as lar.ble..ntendents 3ere appo. yo!r pea+e 3. 3here he 3o!ld be re3arded -or h.

b!t .ron s+ythes abo!t t3o -eet lon.t 3o!ld help h. $K() B!t ArtabaI!s. the s!b*e+ts o./e and . and he tho!. and .the Great G.on.-or -ear o.+e.she 3o!ld not -!ll .+oll../.ser0. on the pr.eld he 3o!ld ha0e h. . be.onate to h!/an 3eaknesses.nk.n the /o0e/ents Araspas.0.d.-e 3.s the -.e. Be +o/-ortedJ 3e are told that the . 7.n h.d to h.ra+e-! the e!n!+h to tell Araspas that he /!st !se no 0.s the +har. and /y -r. $K?) And 3hen Cyr!s heard .on abo!t yo! /ay be the /eans by 3h. -or !se .reat.nto 6yd. o. !nder the tree. 7-or /e e0er to be o.n !n/o0edH Indeed .end at str. say.n lo0e 3.ll 3.n her dread o.ndness and yo!r +o/rades a .n. $K#) He had .nst s!+h a 3o/!l to her h!sband 3ho 3as -ar a3ay. and 3as be +alled a t!rret. $KK) B!t 3hen at len.+har.proper.t. 74o3 l.7 sa. he de+.d o. !p to the elbo3.bleM7 sa. that the 3o/an 3as a sa+red tr!st.+a/ th.ends +a/e to /e.entle and +o/pass. lea0.n. all /y ene/.n.n an abo!t the .the -a.dead at the tho!.n.F!.nto tears o. The orders to tell h./.7 7I a/ s!re they 3o! lo0el. reb!ked h.ony o. and sa.t he s/.0ers the/sel0es 3ere all -!lly ar/ed.7 $?#) 7Then yo! 3. ad0. that . and I +o!ld tell yo! 3hat lo0e has -or+ed so/e /en to ! stron. and others.ot .sery and sha/e.r/ the /atter.ble po3er.nto 3hat /. the dr.nk they 3o!ld bel.ness and re/a./.yo!.le the dr. a%les.ot 3. -or she lo0ed h. th. $KL) 6earn.end. /e to /ake a3ay 3.s.r eyes !n+o0ered. Bes.the 3orld has no p. and sent ArtabaI!s ba+k 3.reat k. and been led to entreat her to be h.d Araspas.e the horses abo0e the r.olen+e she +o!ld keep the /atter h.nt. -or I sh!t yo! !p /ysel.s para/o!r. I th.sten= th. b!t she -orbore to a++!se Araspas to Cyr!s./ the sho+k o.ll Araspas b!rst .o!s.n a +har. be. that . yo! are e0er the sa/ 3ords= 7Ah.s st.olen+e a.n !se toEday a/on. to set -r.s pr.e h. be+a!se /y .ty 3as so ./p./ -a+e to -a+e= 7Araspas.o.reat ser0. to the .n. he /. atta+hed to the a%les on e.n.+o!rse I ran! ./ dearly. the o--.t 3ere poss..t .re. D.n.ends 3o!ld and rea+h.r lady -ro/ 2!sa.s.ods the/sel0es are /ade s!b*e+t to des.7 7Oh. As soon as the tattlers .th -r. !n3. . 3.ll o. $K") 2he had re-!sed.n+.her by -or+e.a to as+erta.7 Cyr!s 3ent on.yo! 3ent to the ene/y. +olle+ted -ro/ h.s I 3ho a/ /ost to bla/e .e0e yo!. 2!+h 3as the type o. 3hen he sa3 Araspas.ots he had a lar./ /ysel. and she sent her e!n!+h to Cyr!s e%!lted.onately ..n +har.n on h.or to lo0e. that yo! had -led -ro/ /e. .sha/ do so.0er5s seat 3as +han.3hat Cyr!s 3o!ld o.../y /.ded to send a spy . 7I kno3 e0en /y o3n -r.n-or/ /an -or th.led o0er the /an 3ho had boasted that he 3as s!per.rres.n0ented by Cyr!s.n. Cyr!s sent -or h. 3h. th. /en 3ho see/ed /ost lo-ty and /ost 3. then .ht that the r.s 3..nd o. B!t all the rest o.+e to yo!M7 $K:) 78ell.s.ends or +apt!red -ro/ the ene/y. say.the k.n.ll +o/e ba+k to !s.he +o!ld pers!ade her. 73. only the.ll. and 3..s -r.7 sa.ther s.ty on /eJ they dro3n /e .nk that o.0er roo/ to /ana./ .d I not pass senten+e on /ysel-.s p!rpose 3as Araspas.n.+er . sto!tly b!.d the other.ll . 1atters had .d no lon.ed .n 3ret+hedness./ alone.ple that a broad base .+ked.s op.e n!/ber o.d Araspas= he had -allen pass.soner.s-ort!ne. -a. and lon.n.n.7 $K') Then Cyr!s sa. Cyr!s. 3heels to res. po.. $K9) 1oreo0er..s +ond!+t d. sa3 h. t.n..n.t . 3hen I +on-essed I 3as too 3eak to +onsort 3. and h.n. I kno3 that yo! are a-ra.7 $K>) B!t Araspas broke .s .+h yo! +an do /e a .an to threaten her.

d AraspasJ 7.r and not des.ll br. Th!s yo! 3.. . and 3hen the e0. and Abradatas +r.ll be o-. o3hat 3e 3.a0e orders that he sho!ld be taken to Panthe. and departed.s 3o!ld +he+k the +on+entrat.ded on .th s!+h a /an as yo!.//ed.n. ho3 +o!ld she be at on+e e0. and I kno3 he 3. 3as /y h!sband5s -r.* -ro/ yo! the/. sent a /essen.s /o/ a tho!sand horse/en .an o!tposts he sent to Cyr!s say.a. and 3ere .3e had b!t a s. they 3.-!l Panthe. or at on+e des. she lays her hand to sha/e and 3. B!t toEday /y . so that yo! need /. And 3hen he +a/e to the Pers.l so!l has the /astery. they the/ ho3 to d.ladly be F!. .= 7Gr.r terr.s are 3ro!.on o.ns.7 he added.ns no3 tr. .d Cyr!s.7 $?9) 7Then yo! +an really br.the.n ea+h other5s ar/s on+e /ore.7 $??) There!pon Araspas took h.s th!s yo! had better .e0e not.e .t.yo! 3.est attendants.end./ and take ser0. b!t tra.ed= .ls.ll the last /o/ent poss.ately.nto +on-!s.h 0an.r o3n des. they 3. h. -or e%a/ple.a send 3ord to her h!sband.s /ost .n.ll be -or+ed to keep to .7 sa.t /ay be kno3n that yo! are a3are o. and sho!ld they do so at the last /o/ent they 3.-e /et a.t .. be+a!se she has yo! to help her.n. /ost +on+erned -or the sa-ety o..s +lear that 3e ha0e t3o so!ls.s tr!e that the old k. and 3o!ld .s+reant.-!l so!l pre0a. and Cyr!s .s o3n ho/e.le so!l. say./e to es+ape p!n. sa. yo!rsel. $?>) 2o h!sband and 3. I. 7t. Cyr!s. 3. $?() 4o3 Panthe.n.n.n and altho!.oodH Ho3 +o!ld she be ena/o!red at on+e o.ood so!l +onF!ers.end than he.nder the/. 3ho he 3as.r -or+es .s hono!r.r order. h.the. Ad0.tory at a to Cyr!s.ll tr!st yo! and let yo! see all the.h . and then yo! /!st tell the/ 3hat 3e are do.d that 3e 3ere prepar.ll be thro3n .th.n /y e%pe+tat. all -a./ all the po3er that he has.s 3. $?K) 2tay 3.n s!+h a 3ay as to h.+e 3./portant -or !s to kno3.r plans. an atta+k on the.yo! ha0e de+.n. +alled to. Cyr!s.ll let /e send -or /y h!sband./ -or a tyrant and a /.ed to tear !s t3o as!nder.t .ht I 3as *!st Th. .ble= 3hat they do 3hen they are +lose at hand .7 $?") 78ell.n the 3ay that really see/s the best.nobleness and one deed and the sa/eH 4o.nt not yet de+.d so. a-ter yo! are ...7 sa. ea+h leader be. And then Panthe. and /y h!sband kno3s .al to ha0e .ll br.losophy that I ha0e learnt -ro/ the 3.n t.t o.n. 7I +anJ -or I see no3 that 3e ha0e t3o so!ls. that Araspas has .n a-ter hope had 3ellEn. 7.. and learnt ho3 /atters stood. he bade Panthe.s nobleness.s lea0e. and she 6o0e.rsJ -or. It .n.ene/y5s a--a. and the +o/pass.t 3.ll be /y best +redent.ll not dare to +han.I a/ r.n the -oe= I 3..on he had sho3n her. 3.n.den+e.dedJ -or th.shed.nder the.n.s tr!st.n h.ether h.s .one to *o.a -orth3.t tho!. he 3as -!ll o.Cyr! to noth. 3hen she heard that Araspas had -led.d 3hat he tho!.s *!st 3hat .a spoke o.+ked soph..aH7 7Yes.n. and 3hen the bea!t.7 $?L) 8hen Cyr!s heard that. yo! a -ar tr!st.a..n.r th.r lea0e the bea! h.s the lesson o. 4o3 3hen Abradatas sa3 the tokens -ro/ ne+essary -or the o++as. and set o!t -or Cyr!s5 +a/p . b!t he 3ho re. It 3o!ld h.yo! sa.h.7 he ans3ered.ll 3.t. .7 7I 3.spose -r.l and . -or then.

$(K) Cyr!s -elt that he had a ser. sat.e+e.0e /ysel./ by the hand.s. and so br. all the e. and yo!..p a h!ndred +har.ots -or h.n.hed less than -. so -ar as .s-./sel.nary 3e. -o!rEpoled and dra3n by e.yo! ser0e /e 3ell .-t= b!t -or the /o/ent yo! /!st lea0e /e.= 7I send yo! .0e yo! lod.s o3n +a0alry -or+e. and e.n yo!r na/e and /./sel.ll let /e play the host. 3.that the atte/pt 3as per-e+tly poss.tsel.a0e Cyr!s the . dra3n by the /en /ore eas.ed h.n. The to3ers 3ere b!.es.n 3ar 3. and . $(") 2o Abradatas set to 3ork.yo!r needs.n.+o!ld /ana.o to the ene/y and /ake bel. yo!r 3.n../e a/bassadors +a/e to Cyr!s -ro/ Ind.0e as yo! +hoose= b!t three o..n. $(?) 8hen the 3hole 3as p!t to. 3hereas the to3er.e on the ene/ prote+ted by +hestEplates o. ho3 +an I repay h.+o!rtesy and a /essa.n /e l..ll take yo!r .-ts o. that . and all they say and all they do. I .r ar/o!r.e0..7 $(#) A-ter3ards Abradatas per+e.r pa+e they 3o!ld be o... say.+e to h. yo!r -ello3E3orker al3ays. I b.t+hed yo!r tentsJ yo! shall .a.. *!st.planks abo!t as and th./ o!t o. and happ.!ard yo!r treas!res and l.ble. to +arry the lo3est +o/part/ent o.t and -o!nd that the e. and took h.yo! shall . en.ts 3heels.s= I . /y h!sband.d= 7Cyr!s..+e that yo! told /e o. and th!s yo! shall learn ho3 /atters stand.ether he tested .th the.-e= another day yo! 3. h.ot yo!.+h yo!r k.h.s. and .e. and he resol0ed to eF!.ots and the +a0alry and the 3arEhorses 3.s /y b. .+e.n.e the ord.") Abo!t o.n.ot o. /ore. tell /e./ak.o%en +o!ld dra3 the 3hole to3er .es o.7Tell /e.+k as the boards -or a .ed to take the to3ers .th . and I re*o. I 3.e0e that yo! ha0e +o/e to h.-teen -or ea+h yoke.reet.-tsJ and .ld o.= the rest o..//ense ser0.the/ +o!ld +arry t3enty /en.shness /eant sal0at.s -o!rEpoled +har. 3h.nto the -. I ha0e told /y /en to do 3hate0er yo! +o//and.ll be yo!r -r. $(() Th! .ndness yo! ha0e sho3n !s.ness.on.nto than one yoke by ..on.a 3. I 3. and s!p 3.n th.dd.n-l.d yo! say the 3ord.e -ro/ the..the! Cyr!s./.s!+h to3ers bro!.7 $?') And th!s Abradatas 3ent to Cyr! yoke o. .+t as /!+h da/a./.e. I +an say no /ore than th.. he arran.dea o. /e 3ord speed.a.n. abo!t t3entyEse0en -eet -ro/ the .re to be yo!r -r.n.. I des./ abo!t an all.o%en.n ret!rn -or the k. And .n../ all I o3e h. and .aller.s t.s o3n..ll help yo! to 3. $(9) These he proposed to lead h.t shall be yo!rs.yo! ha0e need o.neM7 And she ans3ered= 72o deal horses.end and I o--er yo! . yoke o. yo!r ser0ant. and yo!r ally= 3hate0er yo! des.7 $?:) Then Cyr!s ans3ered= 7And I 3.anyth./ . yo!r -r. and ea+h o. b!. as he has dealt 3. $C.n a +har. a +ar 3.+h +a/e to abo!t 3.s .ends and /.0eEandEt3enty talents ap.r k.7 $") Then Cyr!s ans3ered= 7Th. ha0..0ed ho3 /!+h Cyr!s had at heart the s+ytheEbear.end.h. bel.bronIe.yo! shall stay 3here yo! ha0e p.eld at a -a.n 3.

ra.ots!nd -or all the As. . and orders had been .n horse/ansh.-y. to the. the Phoen.s -ello3s . $?) 1ean3h.on.n.t. all 3ho d.had already sent to 6a+edae/on to propose an a++o! best to .. presents 3here they /!st. and -or the /o/ent /ade the/sel0es at ho/e as the . lon. !p enor/o!s s!/s -or the 3ar.n.the Great G.n the tra.n end!ran+e o.a<.n. l.2!sa had pro0.soners.-.t!ted . $>) By th.a.r /en.EEso sa.shed the/sel0es .ans. +all.a/es and +ontests .n o.n.ons o. pro/.ll ea+h stro0e to o!tsh.+ +olon. $() Cyr!s 3o!ld lead the/ o!t to the +hase.n. the Arab. The Pers. o.+.s!+h as they +arry to th.n read. and ha0e no +a0alry 3as /ade !p to .s./e Cyr!s had al/ost e0eryth. the/ .ans.0.n. -or Cyr!s 3as .+ s!b*e+ts o.e n!/bers o. and the ene/y5s po3er 3as held o.d he +arry o!t all the resol! the a++o!nts .ots 3ere +o/plete. Th.stened . h.+ers by pra. .nes.r ent.Cyr!s= b!t the ne%t day they .Croes!s.elds e%er+. and hono!r to those 3ho d.n. the /en these. /er+enar.s o3n type.n.n h.ed k.on o./al +arry.a.. and they 3ere to p!sh -or3ard presently to Thy/brara . on the banks o.h.nd o!t anyth./ 3ord a.s day<.the pla+e 3h. and these there 3ere a h!ndred o.E/a+h.n.!.!ests o.-ts.n any 3ay= he 3o!ld 3het the a/b. Bes.t all poss.the .eneralE.both the enth!s.n.e-J a resol!t.0al he .s preparat.r.-. and there 3ere already on the spot all the C. The +a/els 3ere ready also. $9#) 6ar.6y+aon. a +o!ple o.n all /art. +har.shed pr.n. 3est o.e spears . $L) At e0ery sa+r.sts on the +oast 3ere +o/pelled to -ollo3 .n.ten tho!sand /en. and spend the/ .7 $K) The 3.n./pro0e the.p and ar+hery.+.den+e.le Cyr!s +ont.s+o0er plans that are not yet d.shall o3e yo! e0en /ore than I +o!ld o3e yo! -or these style.reat ar/y -elt al/ost as tho!.s t.+h .the o--.ll the /!ster.on had been passed. and a h!ndred that Abradatas o. /en o. by sea.on the.a.l and dan. $:) 8h. and by .ladly.ll the 3hole ar/y 3as h. Croes!s had been +hosen leader and .n.ons -or the 3ar on a /a. ar/ed 3.ans /ore than .a.yo!r sta/p.ypt. .nd o!t as /!+h as they +o!ld othe ene/y5s se+rets and br.+tors. e%+ept the 3here they +o!ld and /ak. and all the no s/all a+h.n. $99) Croes!s h.the Pa+tol!s. o. .as/ and +on-.nto h. on all the all.+e and -est. sh.the all.ans !nder the k.Thra+. a/o!nt.ts -!ll n!/ber o.ends and -ollo3ers. h!.r -eet. $') Bes.s to br. !p the Tro*an and 6yd. had already been enrolled.on .ll to -.Babylon.s kno3n already.ot ready and set o-.+h Cyr!s had pers!aded Cya%ares to re/odel on h. There are so/e 3ere +o/. The b!lk o.s.s report a.e0e/ one 3ho /eant to a++o/pl.ans.. a h!ndred o. the Ind.ans 3ho/ Cyr!s had sent o!t ret!rned 3. the the 2partans.l. The ar/a/ent 3as /! the short s3ord.n.n. and the s+ythed +har.d the.reed 3.n!ed h. and la0.n.E. and .es 3ho are no better than sla0es.r report.ded.le /atters 3ere th!s.the old 1ed. an ar/y 3as e%pe+ted -ro/ Cypr!s.h they had already +onF!ered.d the Ind.ness -or the +a/ the.n ar/s and a++o!tre/ents. 4ot only d.ble speed. and sho3 espe+./o!nted ar+hers.n.+ent s+ale. b!t he breathed a sp.n.s+losed. b!t there are /en oanother sort.ans.e/!lat.0en by the 3.ndeed nearly all the Hellen.### /!ed to open a /arket there. and a body oE. ar/ed 3.lled 3.rat./sel. and on the 0.ansEEto 9"#.r *o!rney.r.p and spear/ansh. 3ho +an d. to -. ea+h an.s st.s o3n -r.s o3n. 1oreo0er.n e0ery 3ay he +o!ld.

$9K) 8hen Cyr!s sa3 that -ear 3as . +arry.nstead the. no3.r hearts the 0./es as /anyH $9L) 2!ppose yo! heard that the 0ery /en 3ho had ro!ted o!r .e-. 1oreo0er. and others 3. that 3hen they 3ere 3orsted . !pon !s. 3ho 3.0ers sheltered by 3ooden 3alls and prote+ted by breastplates and hel/ets. $9() I ask yo! ho3 yo! 3o!ld ha0e -elt.s -ar one sto!t spear.n. B!t I /!st say I a/ the horses sh. h. /ade on a ne3 pattern.. that the ene/y .a. I /ake no se+ret o.ends and all. 3o!ld be allo3ed to +o/e and l.r 3ork 3.s /! on.s.the -a+es o.n.s h. looked .den+e ass.+har.n-antry on+e 3ere +o/.on as I all 3e need.h. 7a +o/pany 3ere e%pe+t.r -a+es +lo!ded o0er. 3.r ba+ks t!rned to the -oe as ./sel-. . 3.s heels h.does not -eel eF!al to -a+.d. yo! /!st not 3onder .ans. Chrysantas the .+tory they had 3on. not o.tted 3.. and o0er3hel/ !s 3.ndeed o. he 3.n. b!t 3.+h to help the.r.+e there than here. others to -..n..enerals.+ken. yo! alone.n the +a/p. he spoke as -ollo3s= $9?) 71y -r. ea+h other the ne3s and d.n knots and +l!sters e0ery3here. It 3as be+a!se I sa3 that so/e o. $"#) 8e are told.ll br.athered .n.+E str. ea+h /an ar/ed 3. not to be kept /ot. the/.s.e ho/eH $9>) 2!ppose yo! heard o. and that they!ndH $9:) I.s d. . b!t th. on no3 eF!.s 3ere 3hat yo! had heard o.n the.shed that any o.any . I +an only say./e on horseba+k.ll do !s -ar /ore /en 3ho 3ere pan. or . yo! 3ho are no3 so -ear-!l 3hat 3o!ld yo! ha0e doneH Yo! 3ho t!rn pale 3hen told that Croes!s has been +hosen +o//anderE.yo! had heard that /en 3ho had +onF!ered !s already 3ere +o/.ns.the reason I ha0e +alled yo! here.d no3. and .th the/. ten tho!sand . an%.the ene/y.elded by ar/o!r.s+!ss.ety and +on+ern.all o!r bo3s and *a0el.ron s+ythes so that they +an ar/s and *a0el.shed to hear 3hat he had to say. 3hen the reports +h.n. as one /ay 3ell s! than 0olleys o. Croes!s 3ho pro0ed h.n./ be-ore.the ene/y rea+hed !s.0./sel. The /en 3ent abo!t the. The +lo!d 3as a s. and -ar better pro0.nto the ranks o. he .-. D!st as .n o!r the/ on le0el .so /!+h /ore +o3ardly than the 2yr. break-ast . 6et h.n battle and -led.sten.n. s+orn.s .yo! kne3 that those 3ho /ade short 3ork then o. or !n-a0o!rable.yo!. or any o. as h. .n*!re the +a!se and 3hose +on-.-ear.n. ea+h one o. 8hen they /et. I as yo!.s t..r o3n and he 3o!ld also send o!t sp. !nder hea0en.n. $9") 2!+h 3ere the t. /oreo0er.7 he 3ent on. o..al3ays at pa.d!al +ons.therto.. he +alled a /eet.e stra.n.n.yo! had been told that a -or+e e%a+tly l.yo! sho!ld -eel alar/ be+a!se the ene/y .st . and 3hen the ar/y heard the ne3s there 3as /!+h an%.the attendants.s o3n all.n.on.d= 7Cyr!s.t 3as 3hen 3e +onF!ered h. on+e a.7 $"9) 8hen Cyr!s had ended./sel. and not be reass!red by re/e/ber. ready to +har.etness.!. the.darts so that 3e +annot -.n o.+h 3o!ld s+are a h!ndred horses.ends.onless. and the .so/e 3ere +lo!ded 3hen they heard the ne3s.ns to . and the a%les -.t.o!sly ask.3h./ * so/e ..n.a0e /en +apt!red -ro/ 3ho/ he +o!ld . as be-ore.nd.ders o!r pos. h..the -oeH $9') And s!ppose yo! heard that they ha0e +a/els to -or h.le.. he sent 3ord that any o.all 3hose de*e+t.n.t alar/. . the report. .sed as r!na3ay sla0es.the rank and -.ns 3ere ad0an+.on /. !p to3ers -ro/ o!r o3n 3as / stood !p and sa.a. he had better lea0e !s. he took to h.n-or/ an !n!s!al F!. yo! 3ho are a-ra./sel-./ better than he +o!ld -or h. that . that o!r o3n .entle/en. stand.-or -l.

.+ker 3e are. heat o. all !r..+h one +an ne.ate /ar+h.str.s ho3 I p!t the / 3ere 3ell pleased at h. 3.d too s!dden a +han.any one sees a sa-er or an eas.7 sa.led /eat .s prepared .ll say.3.ttle by l.nd .ts !s by God.s 3ay. $K9) And -or season. the +ase .only to be be-orehand 3. $">) B!t to a0o.t no3 appears that 2yr.nto the depths to. B!t 3. I say that on+e 3e real.tho!t kno3./ . !nt.t.ed 3here 3e /ay nor l.IeEEtho!.--erent= a /an +an hardly ha0e too /!+h apa+e. 8e /!st be. and /ore sat.s 3hat 3e /!st do.n a-ter the /eal . $"") Ho3e0er.+!larly pleased.that . It has all been /ade a3ay 3.ther -.n.heat ba+k a. to be done.n.e o. b!t be+a!se 3e +o!ld ha0e 3. s.ll be absol!tely de0o. Grad!al +han. 6yd.d.d Cyr!s.l 3e +an bear the blaI.n.. $"?) That .s /ore .ether 3hat 3e need -or o!rsel0es and o!r an.n. th.nter !nt.a . partly by o!r -oes.eld. so -ar as they +o!ld. 3ater.bed+lothesJ .n oppos.n.%ed 3.ends and all. b!t .an 3ealth 3.n.ts.the/ 3o!ld be part. 3ater 3. and o.n and sa.. I re+kon that the *o!rney .. -lo+ks and herds and +orn and pal/E trees y. I do not s!ppose any o.0e yo! lea0e to bla/e /e.nstr!+t ! +loth.tEEb!t 6yd.on. $K#) 8hat yo! /.d.n. partly by o!rsel0es.ood th.n .th o!r -oes.ness that /!st be .est s!pply 3e +o!ld take 3. 2o sho!ld 3e -ollo3 God.n s.n+e .r.n.nto d./ lo!d appla!se. and e0ery one 3ho eats bread has the 3heat soaked .s .7 B!t /any speakers -ollo3ed. 3ho leads !s l.d= $"() 71y -r. an .s 3ords and .shed .ns . the F!./als on a /ar+h oat least t3enty days.n.Etrees.n 2yr.s.+kness or .ht and o.ro3.tsel.n+e 3e /ay +o/e .l and -. .. let h. I th.ll so/eth.3e dr.7 2o he to /ar+h 3..reat +han.n o!r hab.3. and all bo. and o!t o. !s.s 3e +an /ope no lon.a as 3ell.s ta!.e .s-y. 3. $"') or e0ery one 3ho eats porr. and no3 3e are . -r!.a.ll not be 3asted= and yo! 3.s and +o0erlets spend rather on -ood= any s!per-l!.n. the -e3er reso!r+es 3e shall -.nkers.//ed.s st.ately.r /a. to o!rsel0es that o!r -ort!nes 3ere /ade.s .//ed.-ood shall 3e -.s than eyes +an -east on.l 3e -. . 3e o!. o!r hearts.nd -ro/ end to the/. to 3hose shores the sea br. and rea+h the.ttle o!t o.-teen.nk 3e o!. $"L) 8e /!st +olle+t eno!.n health. -or s!+h /eats are /ore!//er. and the lar. o!r bod.nes be-ore they do the/sel0esJ and bes.nk a l. $"K) 7Tr!ly.des.n by tak..rst.reater part !s 3o!ld not hold o!t.d o. and take one step a-ter another ! prepared= all that re/a.ll not sleep less so!ndly -or la+k o.e and the s.oal. 8e shall not /. not be+a!se 3e 3ere spend on hea0y r!.ty there 3. and 3e shall hasten to lay o!r hands on the 6yd.aI.tho!t any .s not to be the only pr.n 3ater.entle/ there .s done.+o!rse o!r +o!ntenan+es -ell.yo! do.t all o0er and done 3.. and o!r 3eapons ha0e no3 been lon.nter. and so Cyr!s took !p the 3ord a./ to dr.tho!t one spee+h .o thro!.s sharp and dry and salted.a.l 3e rea+h o!r .nd that.n.3.the +o!ntry 3. and not a 0est. Here 3e 3ere. 3e ha0e be+o/e to take hand/.tho!t 3h.a0e h.n-or/ed there .a...lls -or .ss the 3.. $":) Then 3e /!st .h a +o/plete +on0ers.s d. o!r sp./!st take /ore than -. yo! sho!ld take 3hat . and the .3. e0ery /an /!st +arry *!st so /!+h as 3.rad!ally lessen the a/o!nt.+kness that /.nd 3. And s.h -.ot .ll a++!sto/ o!r -ood= 3e +an do!t delay.tho!t delay.h +orn.+ts as yet !nra0a.ot thro!.e has the oat/eal /. and then 3ere told there 3as so/e b!s.a the land o. 6yd.onJ and th. +orn.e enables e0ery +reat!re to . I .nk 3ater= the .n.n.0e= and as -or 3.s /!+h to be . 7as Chrysantas says.s to . God help.

ned to the/ 3here they +an be h.onsJ there .entle/en.strapsEEI 3onder 3hat .ons /!st be seen to by the o--. and on e0ery beast o./e.ths and +arpenters are not to be -o!nd at e0ery t!rn. .nes -or the p!rpose.need I /ay kno3 3here to .s.0e yo!r -..the 3a.ed -ro/ ser0. t..nted pla+e. Those o.t 3o!ld be as 3ell not to -or.yo! 3ho are .ht to ha0e a to s!pply o!rsel0es h!+kster h.ers.-teen days are done he /ay sell 3hat he l.s .n. He 3..tary a. .n. On the -.llhook and an a%e. b!t . and yo! 3.!arantors 3ho 3.e s!pply o.n. $?#) Yo! 3.oods= a-ter the -. to the o--.ll +o/e to /e .n the be -et+hed and any o/.ons.s o/.t.there .ll /ake the old *a0el.s any roadE/ak.e. These /en 3.s bo!nd to be /any a breakdo3n on the road.the roadE/akers.= these are the -eel asha/ed to 3het the ed./ber. $?9) And yo!. pro0./.+ers.the 1ed. he /ay do so. $K:) And .ns.n +ase o.entle/en..nspe+t the /en !nder the.r preparat.-.s.n./s 3ere -a0o!rable.n.sts a%es -or -ell. and also to +arry a rasp. $KL) Yo!.n.0e the s. the -. They 3.ll and /ysel-.ble.ll ha0e a pla+e ass.+e -or o!r *o!rney and 3hen the s./ber -or +har.ll sharpen h.n. Then there sho!ld be a /atto+k and a sho0el ap.-teen days -or 3h. And 3e /!st take plenty these .ss.nt . $K>) I /ean also to take a +orps o. .ll .+h s! / any /an reF!.. bo3/en. d!r.rst day they en+a/ped as near by as poss.e and be a .ll !ndertake that he 3.+ers. and 3h.El. 3.t too.-.o ba+k to yo!r F!arters and /ake yo!r preparat.kes.n 1ed.ll not be .th the proper tools.the sold. -or the /an 3ho sharpens a spearhead sell..n. le-t beh.n.s/. $") Cya%ares stayed .-t -or the t. and . +arpenters. the bo3/en 3.0e re+o/pense and hono!r -ro/ the all.yo! ha0e learnt to sha0e spears. Any /er+hant 3ho o--ers !s a 3ellEsto+ked /arket 3.nal./oney -or trad.e+e -or e0ery sho0els. yo! 3.rd o.ons are all . I ha0e ordered.ons so that .s not already s!ppl. . $K?) Also 3e shall need the /ost ne+essary tools -or repa.ded 3.n /en /ar+h 3..+.s are at a the /en I 3ant. or sl.ble a th.n. $KK) 2o/e o. to s!pply any poss.0.s.r.sF! !pon e0ery /an be. has been o/.nk that anyth.nE/en.yo! 3ho th. And 3e o!.nd.shes to -ollo3 the ar/y 3.ll /ar+h 3.eneral orders= and I 3.a 3.d he. 3ho are .resJ the o/.. he set o!t 3.-. 73hen yo!r d. al3ays !se-!l to the o3ner and so/et.K) 8..ed. b!t they 3.n +o//and othe ba. yo! ha0e the l.htest / broken and then th..r.tted 3h. and the sl. s.n.neJ they /!st . and then he +an dra3 on o!r -!nds.need by any one 3ho l.nspe+t 3hat I ha0e ordered -or the an.n.a. b!t there are -e3 3ho +annot pat+h !p a /akesh.ns are -a0o!rable 3e 3.tted to po.n0al!able./es a boon to all.n -ront o. pro0.n. At that yo! /!st present yo!rsel0es. so that anyth.n +o//and o.r +o//and and see that noth..ll be $K() The pro0.n l.on 3o!ld be -elt by !s all.ded 3ho .ses.le Cyr!s o--ered sa+r.l..ots and 3a..ll .on read. !nder yo!r o3n o--.. /en /ed.s not -astened by a strap to /an or horseH B!t straps 3ear o!t and .ss.ers 3.eEtra.n b!lk and.s sp..n. $K') I.0ed oall h.le yo! do so I 3.nesEEthey are s/all .ll ask any o.nstr!+t.+e.+a!. $K") 4or /!st 3e -or.n.ed.ll !nless there are spare ones to be had.n 3.ons ha0e been ordered. at the the ar/y.ll no3 .b!rden a b.ll o--er sa+r. anyth.n.n a body to re+e.ll ad0an+e by sF!ads . he 3. to be done yo! /ay set to 3ork at on+e. t!rn. and +obblers. These are the .. .ths.s 3ares./als and .nd +o!ld eas. as *a0el. he /!st send /e .ers I ha0e d. so that .n.kes.n.t o!t to / e0eryth.any one needs an ad0an+e o.7 $C.ons the ar/y 3ent to /ake the. As soon as the a h.s -or+e.ons 3h.nal orders.n.7 sa.+ers o.the s/.

d he.t.ot br./ . As a r!le.n.s+o0er the a+t!al state o. 7 or/.. so soonH7 .le the troop o..r best to keep !p batter.ers +o!ld .ons and beasts o.. the ba. the /en all poss. Th!s there 3as no need to sear+h -or ea+h other..a. 3h. on be. and the /a.!. so/e .ed o!t th.le he ordered a sF!adron o+a0alry to r.--erent re.a.nd the +a0alry +a/e the ba.n and so d.battle.n. 78as there any talk abo!t !s do3n thereH7 sa. th../ents !nless absol!tely o!t to -ora.n.n.n +ase o. b!t ./. and then they /ade o!t beasts o.n.r o3n p.n order not to lea0e the. and -or the +o//anders o. and .n.d Cyr!s.0e. and the sold.r +o//ander despat+hed a /essen.r l.n the /.reater se+!r.the ba.n.raI.d the pr.er5s o3n bodyEser0ant led the 3ay 3.n sho!ld ad0an+e by re.the. and also another /an.e tra.ness o. so that .+ers -ro/ the they +o!ld see people .ddle. -odder and t.ade.7 .on -or h.ers on the spot to attend to the /atter. 3ho .p!tt.soners.ed to the +a/p and had . and .n -ell ba+k.ons as he tho!. the o--.a--a.the /en.7 they ans3eredJ 7./ent /ar+hed to.nes and the ba.3a.ty.n. Beh. . and the +har. sa. 3as s+ar+e.ther s/oke r.s o--.r +o/rades. Cyr!s h.s yo!r ar/y -ro/ hereH7 asked Cyr!s.rst order 3as -or the troops to take the. to the 3.spos. the.d the sa/e./ents 3o!ld be /ar+h. no3H7 asked Cyr!s. /ore.7 7And the.s.s heH7 7Croes!s h.d Cyr!s. $>) the.n kno3n to h.n.s -.the /en on the pla. $?) To help /atters the br.. 3as to hand. keep. and others already laden.ns he had lon. -or.s ar/y to /ake s!+h d..oned by Cyr!s. e0eryth. $L) 8here!pon the.s.E /en /ar+hed on e.n ar/y had dashed . o3. and as they s+anned the d./sel. a 1ede. 78e sho!ld th.nd the/ an ens.t 3as all o0er the +a/p that yo! 3ere +o/.de 3.s /en. on the/ !p 3o!ld see that they d.le the deta+h/ent h.t -or the 3ord o.e ..s sa.the sold.r pla+es . $K) B!t 3here the road 3as narro3er the -.n.r break-ast= a-ter break-ast they 3ere to -all .e.ble speed.+o//and./sel-. orders 3as the b!s.nk there 3as. the.7 sa.soners.r ar/y.n +apt.a.they sa3 anyth.r o3n -or3ard. so that ea+h re. en.d they belon.d!stJ and -ro/ all th.n.h. and they +a/e to h. and no3 bro!.7 ans3ered theyJ 7yesterday and the day be-ore they d.ther s.d not lose the.eEtra.. and tell h. to +lose F! so/ o.the tra.ladJ they 3ere /. $:) 1ean3h.+kets.n.n.n.a.b!rden. $9#) 7Ho3 -ar .ht ne+essary be-ore +o/.n. alon..n.they +o!ld. there 3as . The pr.+ers 3ho +a!.ht the/ ./ber.+ers to hear the ans3er<.. lookEo!t.d to be a deserter -ro/ yo!.n. 7they 3ere anyth. and on the pla. that 3as e./ a Greek.n. H. e%plorers and s+o!ts ahead to so/e lookEo!t.7 $99) 7And 3hat are they do.Ie o.+kly. 7That they 3ere not.d they.n. +!t o-. 3ho sent ba+k 3ord that the s+o!ts sho!ld stay 3here they 3ere.7 3hat they 3anted /ore F!.n.e or +!t 3ood and so had passed beyond the ne3s to Cyr!s.p!shed -or3ard 3.s +a0alry .r +o//anderH7 sa.n the /ar+h..n..lad to hear 3e 3ere +o/. 7I s!ppose they 3ere . $') 8hen break-ast 3as o0er he sent -or all the o--.any blo+k . been .7 sa.d they.. F!est.any o.7 sa.s they +on+l!ded that the ene/y5s ar/y 3as not -ar o--. the d.les.n the 0an and +onstantly send.. $() A-ter so/e days the s+o!ts ahead tho!.r o3n +o!ntry !nde-ended.troops .n the pla.n. 7Abo!t se0en /. 73ho .0en that all /e/bers o. or +lo!ds o.stan+e they -elt s!re they +o!ld d.n +olle+t. str. so/e o.nto the pla.s order Cyr!s halted the rest o. 7and 3.n. the .a.e.b! 7Ah.n and 3a.s F!est.s o.ether.

3ent to /eet h.7 $9') 78ell. 78a.d.7 $9?) A++ord.sed yo!.n.shM7 $9") Then he had the pr.0e /.s. 7they are dra3n !p th. . or abo!t th.7 he ans3ered.. 7r.s that soH 1ost /. that he le-t !sJ .r d. b!t the others.ll repay yo!.t . o.l o!r o3n ten /!st lea0e the spot and then dash o!t on the th.l Cyr!s sa. I ha0e not -or. .t 3as be+a!se I sent h. and stay there /ot.nd o!t ho3 /!+h .the/ are r. keep ba+k noth. and +lasped h. to learn the ene/y5s do.s and Araspas.h any baseness./e to hear .h.-or o!r .ed Cyr!s. +o/e ba+k as soon as yo! ha0e se+!red o!r post. B!t be-ore they rea+hed the s+o! a s.7 +r. b!t at th. 7!nt.sked h. so/e one /et the/ 3.n. It . to o!t 3.ypt. hands ra. !p -ro/ h. the/ . and do not /ake o!t the po3er o.n the -.ons. 3ere !tterly d!/b-o!nded. $9L) Araspas. It .le the body. 7.the lady -ro/ 2!sa.+ers. perhaps to +apt!re o!r lookEo!t .7 $"#) 7And the E...rty deep. Tell !s yo!r tale.n.n.d Cyr!s. and .e-.d.n. or any -ear o.7 $9K) At that Cyr!s sent o-.a reproa+h that 3as hea0y to bear.s hand.n br. !nseen by the ene/y..t.t . b./ hono!r.allop !p to the pla+e.!ard..rty as they +o/e !p the h.h t.d he.dd. It 3as not thro!.t.reat pa.s seat.s -ar better that 3e sho!ld -.ll all repay yo!. 3e 3.onless.ood ro!nd pa+e and they see/ to be +o/.r r. !nt.7 7Good.t s/aller than 3e looked -or rather than stron. and let the/ see yo! s!ddenly.otten 3hat I pro/./sel.n.ends has +o/e ba+k to !s.7 sa.ttle +o/pany. he spran. the .ans./ as I 3.!s!ard ..they !p 3.n*!ry -ro/ the lar.7 be. I /ana.ansH7 Cyr!s sa.r n!/bers b!t the./sel. the best o. Araspas to the latter. or any 3eakness.7 $9:) 78ell.7 $9>) At that all +ro3ded ro!nd Araspas and took h. 7b!t!nd they o++!p.7 7That I +an. that a lar. or.s only *!st that all o.n.d Cyr!s. I 3. Hystaspas. -a+e to -a+e. $9() 8hen the ne3s rea+hed Cyr!s.the tr!th.n.ypt. Then Cyr!s spoke h.+a0alry 3as . !s 3ord.n order to learn the.n the pla.n.d= 7Gentle/en.s /o/ent another s+o!t appeared.ood. say.7 he added./ 3ho r. ahead at a ./e. all e%+ept the E.nd .s o3n body./sel-.s o--.hty Oe!s.ns. and they +o0er abo!t -. othe. 7and also ho3 they propose to -. do yo!.. .ends. -or there are only ten o.ends. 3ho o.and .eld.7 sa.ot !nder ar/s. and took !pon h. 78e th.a.7 he sa.!ard.spos.7 sa./sel-. 7that they are try./ h.r n!/bers./e that all /en sho!ld kno3 3hat he has done. And .n.r n!/bers .o!r ar/y.ed to be present at the /arshall. beyond o!r e%pe+tat./ to be /y /essen. Good and tr!e I +all h.a deta+h/ent -ro/ h. And to pre0ent any .ht. /y -r.7 ans3ered Araspas. 7not only the.soners led a3ay and t!rned to speak to o.7 7Then yo! +an tell !s. 7ho3 are they dra3n !pH I .e -or+e o.s sF!. 7to the.t really body.ed.sed. Araspas has ne3s -or !s. B!t re/e/ber not to p!rs!e the/ o!t os. t!rn.lesJ -or I 3as at .n.7Ah.entle/en./ 3el+o/e.n-antry and +a0alry al.ll.any oyo!r opponents r.on .ht -or o!r l.res.rty o.7 he added.yo! sho!ld pay h.+o!rse kne3 noth. /ay I deal 3.o!r -r.s h.the ene/y less than . 3el+o/e the/ as -r. a tho!sand horse.n.alloped to the spot. the /an 3ho had been sent o!t as a h./ by the hand and /ade h.n= 7Eno!. Hystaspas 3ent o-. 3h.r troops.rst let !s hear the.

ll 3ork the depth that I propose..7 3ere dra3n ! the.a. Caro!+has. and a h!ndred broad= that.ans..r arro3s and the.ble.s no t.7 sa. a h!ndred ea+h +o/pany t3o deep. Croes!s. .ke yo! /ay not be -o!nd 3ant.end or -oeH $"K) I /ysel-. +heer on those 3ho do the. and yo! 3ho +o//and the tar.n the +entre.ll be no !se !nless . 3ho plays the +o3ard. $"9) B!t no3 yo! ha0e told !s 3hat 3e /ost needed to kno3.n +o//and o.rass.s. /akes /an or horse or +har.ypt.s ob*e+tH7 7To en+.+er .eEtra. sa+r.ons= .7 re*o.t 3o!ld be abs!rd to pla+e .r tre/endo!s phalan%H7 7B!t do yo! s!ppose.ten tho! yo!r d. !p the 3hole o.on at ho/e..le I a/ o--er. 8hereas 3.t .t.n.7 7He had better take +are. A ho!se . Dao!+h!s.ll dra3 !p the ranks to s!.th the ene/y +o!ld do /!+h e.the art.t has a rearE.n the rear.a. the reser0e. so that 3hen the /o/ent +o/es to str.d he to the o--.. th.ned he.ot ! yo!r +o/pan. b!t ten tho!sand deep= 3e sho!ld ha0e all the -e3er to l. and pass the 3ord do3n to yo!r o3n s!bord.ll do .s hea0y . and yo! 3. 73hat 3as h.s be. 3as 0ery loth to let the/ ha0e the.ood.n the 0an to hearten those beh.n.on as 3ell as a roo-. 3h.trea+hery. $K#) Yo!.ans.ll look to yo!r 3eapons and yo!r harness..r darts.n..t has se0erely any /an 3ho breaks the l.ns o.n. to /ake the +o3ards dread yo! /ore than the -oe..any /an sho3 s.7 sa. 73o!ld rather th.entle/en..nd . a +apta. and yo! the to3ers keep as +lose to the phalan% as he added.tho!t a -o! o!r h.s !seless 3.s. see that he d.ends. t!rn.n the pos.ll stand -. And e0ery stroke that -alls on the ene/y /eans so /!+h rel. 7on lea0. not a h!ndred.4o3 a +o/pany +ons.e. and the rest o.d.n -ront o.!ard and a 0an.n-antry othe. 7or h.ns !nder yo! to dra3 !p the phalan% 3. .r o3n 3ay . 5all e%+ept the E. $"() In the 0ery rear oall I 3.ers and +apta.+ers.7 78hyH7 Cyr!s asked.ttle th.nd the/= . 7that any phalan% so deep that the rearEranks +annot +lose 3.nates to 3at+h the /en .nst the.ypt.ll hold yo!r /en . 7are dra3n !p .n.nd the +!. $"?) I 3./e to be +han.7 he added.o!r ar/y 3.sted o.o!r o3n /en 3.eteers. I .shed to o!t-lank yo! as /!+h as poss.yo! 3ho +o//and a tho!sand /en /!st do the sa/e 3.ll post the *a0el. and .ht.the o--. that 3.e0e 3e shall not 3aste a /an= e0ery part send 3ord to the br. keep the 3o/en5s +arr.n the sa/e depth.n o. sa. and yo! 3ho +o//and the ar+hers 3. yo! 3. 3as the.s 3.-.the/ . horses 3hen the ra+e .ers thro3n .th the +!. to the o--..ons 3.n +o/pan.ll -ollo3 the tar.ther -or -r.eteers 3. $"') Yo! kno3 yo!r 3ork.the/ they 3.J b!t 3.ll -ollo3 3..llery.57 7The E.n the 0an troops 3ho ad/./a.res p!n.ll post o!r reser0e.t these orders. yo! 3. and both o.n.+ed yo! sa.t that they are not /ade -or handEtoEhand o. E!phrat!s. /!st hold the r.n.d= 7Do yo! th. It . do yo! take yo!r break-ast and .r !s!al -or/at.r/ eno!. Araspas. $":) And yo!. and harass the ene/y o0er the heads o. $">) Gentle/en othe reser0e. ho3e0er.n -ront.-o!rEandEt3enty / +lose . and o!r phalan% 3.the to3ers and /ake yo!r sF!.0.nk.ten tho!sand.not. they . 73.n !nder +o0er o.+ers.nE/en beh. 3. It o-ten happens that the la+k o. I so shallo3 a depth 3e +an stand a.on ..ns.a.d Cyr!s.7 he ans3ered.r o3n he added. r!nJ and yo! e0ery other.n. ToE/orro3 /orn.r+le yo!.+ers.s -or yo!.nd the/ by 3ord and deedJ . threaten h.n.t.0e yo!r steeds the. And then yo!.< $"") Then one o.rass.r d!ty.h.+e. Cyr!s.n.s= he 3. early.tsel.s +.s /eet. 7see that the 3.t .r+le /ay -.n th. !nder the.ble. and the ar+hers beh.r pro0ender..yo!r the . $"L) Yo!.s -or those .ers.

a. Panthe. at least not the r.eEtra. o.nd the +arr.n.the -. yo! 3. 0ol!nteer -or the post .nd the +arr.r sho!lders.ots .a +a/e.ans. I pray yo!./ by the and le-t. $ a -lo3er ad/.spos. yo!rsel0es. the lord o. allo3 o!r o3n /en opport! dra3 lots a/on..the ar/y took the.ll be.d= 7Perhaps.ed o!t the orders . str!+k 3. $K") And yo!.. and shone l. he .+ers o.s ar/o!r -or /eH7 B!t she the/ !nder ar/s by the/sel0es beh. the other o--. Th. .es= and then +o/e to /e sa.der he /akes ./ .n -ront.nto the -.h she .sH7 B!t they ans3ered that .on -or the /an.s kno3led.ersas.e.entle/en. and the lot -ell on Abradatas.yo! /!st lead yo!r tho!sand horse .r e0en.on o. -or yo! shall be /y lo0el.0ast n!/bers.rst to -.le the rest o..d breastplates and sh.ll br. $(K) Yo!. .rat.he try to s!rro!nd !s.the 3arE+har. and /ean3h. 3..ll allo3 th. h.s nat.bea!ty and as .2!sa.nthE+olo!red hel/etEpl!/e.s post 3as -a+e to -a+e 3.entle/en.s ar/o!r 3.ersas. and the 3. the /eas!re o.ll take !p yo!r post beh.tho!t h.+e.den h.+ers le-t the +o!n+.?) B!t early on the /orro3 Cyr!s o--ered sa+r. she p!t the ar/o!r on h.t 3as hard to res. .t./press.n +o//and o.aIed . $K) And 3hen he sa3 the/.s yo!r b!s. /eal and posted the p.n se+ret. and a hya+..bat.7 $KL) And Cyr!s. and the +har.e.n. a .El.+s and splend. l.n. hel/ets. ea+h o.ther o. and -or+e the ene/y.n..otEhorses on the.n.d yo! destroy yo!r o3n *e3els to /ake th.ers had ar/o!r on the. ArtaoI!s and Arta.n.hono!r. All these she had /ade -or h.ed= 7Cyr!s.htEhorse +har. and t! . and took the..0e an . and a-ter the l. let /e. and d. /y h!ndred +har.oodly +o/pany .n 3onder and sa.h.le the other t3o +ent!r. $K?) O--.n -ront o.Abradatas 3as a /ar0el o.reat and .. All the horses had -rontlets and +hestEplates.the other +ent!r.ons /ade by Cyr!sJ b!t Abradatas.+kets and 3ent to rest.h. and a -!ll -lo3..t. to the Pers. $") The e.nen +orslet o. and so they all dre3 lots.a.on they ar/ed the/sel0es. 3ho +o//and the +a/elE+orps and look -or -!rther orders to Arta.ots. the +har.7 $K() 2!+h 3ere the d./ a . 3hen others see yo! as I see yo! no3.s as -!llyEeF!.old. . yo! 3.yo! take yo!r tho!sand -oot and .7 As she spoke.a.. to 3.n the post bronIe.beh..-.n. br. yo! /!st .l and +arr. $K9) That.n. h.s 3r.n. s.r.0en.s +.+.sts.nd the ba. p!rple t!n. and he on 3ho/ the lot -alls 3.nessJ and yo!.ot o. tak.+hnessJ and *!st as he 3as abo!t to p!t on the l..ed to h.d= 7Dear 3./. took h.-ollo3ers sho!ld .+hest o.r -lanksJ so that the 3hole ar/y -lashed 3.t the 3eaker he 3. Then the o--. Pharno!+h!s and As.n.ll s!pport o!r -lanks on the r. the E..ty -or a/b!s+ades. tho!.0e land.olden breastplate and a hel/et o.!ard the t!n.n.est *e3el.-e.yo! 3ere to be the -.n br. the tears rolled do3n her +heeks.d. +r.the/ all.r+!.r break-ast. and ar/lets and broad bra+elets -or h.n. . and h. b!t then.

0e. let o!r ar/ed +a0alry +har.end o. had eyes to look on h.hty Oe!s.3orthy to -ollo3 yo!.s ar/y 3as already dra3n !p ..n sha/e. be o. l.h I had been h.$?) And tr!ly. b!t 3hen +on-. as .n /.th one another has been de-eat.ether -or h. $9") 1ean3h.r de-en+eless +ars. o.s -.a.he 3o!ld let /e send -or yo!..nd the ./ !nt.s!s 3ho sho3ed !s hono!rM7 $9#) Then he opened the dr. the sa+red s.nst the.h to look !pon be-ore.shono!r /e as a -ree 3o/anJ he took /e and sa0ed /e -or yo!.dens took her and bro!. and 3hen she ended.e thee ho/eM7 $99) There!pon her +ha/berla.ether and 3orked to.d as Abradatas 3as .n.ts kno3 that they enter battle .stened 3.n.den+e -or the -. $9>) The /ass o.tho!t -l.nds tho!. B!t no /an.d to h./ a -r.ll Abradatas t!rned and sa3 her and +r./.ods ..-!l and -ree. !p to hea0en he prayed alo!d= 7O /ost /. and the dr.e0ed / yo! a-ter a hero5s death than l.a spoke.n.r/ and 3as no3 a s.n. t!rned -ro/ h. and I 3o!ld +all to yo!r /./ . and h.0ed to.tors to r. /ake /e 3orthy to be Panthe..nd the other. he la.ns and her /a. $') And 3hen Araspas.d h.n+h.0e on 3.a5s h!sband. .ht and le-t o. noble and bea!t.. and look. /y 3arder.hE/. 3h.thdra3. He had s+o!ts posted ahead.. as tho!. 7Be than they.e the/ ho/e. a.e the.s I say.s nat!re 3as.hest.%ed. -ar nobler and /ore -a..ots a.r . b!t -l. $() He took the re. and bel..n. $L) And 3as too h. yet th.nks o.l Panthe./.s spo. -or yo! 3hat yo! kno3. and la.ned than yo!r ene/. I 3o!ld br.s +apt.r eno!.a +o!ld not take h..n her ar/s a. -eel.d her do3n and dre3 the a3n.a. and those 3ho ha0e not -o!. 3hen Abradatas 3as arrayed . 3ho.+tory be-ore. Then the +ar rolled -or3ard and she -ollo3ed !nseen t.7 $:) And as Panthe. and Panthe..ot.n the ne3 rapt!re to her 3ords.a bade the bystanders 3.+t. and sa./s -a0o!rable.0er5s seat and /o!nted the +ar.n. 3hen Panthe.reat .any 3o/an lo0ed her h!sband /ore than her o3n so!l. 8hy sho!ld I try to speakH O!r l. 71y o3n lord.a.otEbo%. 8hat they ha0e shared yo! . Panthe.ends and all.anyth.a .s hand !pon her head. $9() Those 3ho tr!st ea+h other 3. .-e.n the order he had -.r!l.s brother5s 3.entle/en.le o!r re+r!.one no /an th. and 3as abo!t to set -oot on the 3.n h. I pro/.a0e !s 0.s o--. yo! ha0e l. 3ho had been -a.o do3n to the .ht. I s3ear to yo! by the lo0e bet3een !s that I 3o!ld rather .the Abradatas l.end . yo! ha0e 3on 0.nst the -oeJ dr.n.n.0es say /ore than any 3ords o.the. /y -r.0e o!r s+ythed +har.ssed the +har.ood heartM yo! 3orthy o..hts to br.ns -ro/ the +har. he.n the other5s pla+e. and her ba+k to her o3n +arr.e.n-antry yo! ha0e . so she bent and k. $9?) Yo! are -ar better tra. and the -r.ttle need to tell yo! 3hat yo! kno3 already.den+e has . 3hen I 3as h. I a/ oher +o/ /en 3ho help the. yo! .n +o/pany 3.ed. .ladness and +on-.all 3ho 3as there that stand -.+ers to.oteer.nal 3ords= $9K) 7Gentle/en.ndeed osplendo!r.t!de 3e o3e to Cyr!s. or d./. $9L) or3ard and as yet -eel they ha0e tra. splend.the/.nded to treat /e as a sla0e. h. and then he +alled h.le Cyr!s had -o!nd the 0. one beh.ns -ro/ hea0en are as they 3ere the day the .a had . I ha0e tho!.ether -ar lon. +hosen -or h.+tor.0er sh!t the door.ra0e bes.r !nprote+ted horse.a. $>) And I bear .

a. E%.+h 3.n.nstead o.o to the altar and there pray to the . as 3e h!nter and -rost attendant on e... to prepare !s -or th.h.the na/es .("./ speak no3J .ts G. 7And as a sh.elds too b.nto the s!nsh.r or see. $9:) I. 3ant.. or 3hose sy/pathet.these @/ekhana.!a.n. . to base des.t .s not /ore a ph. Is th.n.rst t./..t oXenophon Ephes.s o3n /en 3hat I ha0e sa.l he -l. ho3 +an they -.. C9...n.+o/pass.not.?9.a7 and 7Abradatas7H C9.ll . let h. b!t a!. to a++o!nt -or the y./et be-oreJ and as -or the E.n.5s +hara+ter.l.-. ArtabaI!s 7the k.-. 3hyH C9.0eH There . let o.K'.ht.s tale 7h. they are ar/ed .!st ad0an+e.ods to 3ho/ 3e ha0e sa+r.9L. C9.?(.p!tt.??. +..n.h to any one 3ho kno3s abo!t en.t Araspas...s 3ord7= a del. abo!t the +onstr!+t.n.9?E9(.es .ther s.n-antry.s 3eak. these batter.. 3e 3.s -a+e. a late 3r.A.n.t to r!le.n. !s. It $9') I..e are 7Panthe. C9.sed *oyo!s ser0.lleryH or o!r /en on the to3ers 3.7 et+. Bk.ll pre0ent all b!t the /erest hand-!l -. tell /e no3J God help.n.the/ do hold -... An.le= C0.a /an 3hose 3. 9#. C9.l.n s!+h strate.ll la+k noth. 3h.s .+ate appeal to a /an o.. they /!st -.p that passeth o0er the 3a0es o.ns/an7 na/ed no3 -or the -.nes.n.+7 at allH I / 3ater.7 He .ans.!lat. The e%press.t not the theory o.Panthe. 3.7 4OTE2 C9. h.s -. (.s 3ords.n /!+h the sa/e 3ay as they are /arshalledJ they +arry sh.sdo/ $+.sed !nder th. or ho3 e%pla. and h.d to h..yo! at on+e a.ll s/.d Xenophon -.te the ene/y !nt. . to be bapt.ntell.s bear.on .r 3e. And .on by reason o.s . Irony= the +har.) Had that 3r.ll be there to help !s.s sel-Ere.+Y 7h.res.a. they are dra3n !p a h!ndred deep.on o.). And . en.nst +a0alry..nableH I th.+eableness. Xenophon .any o.s another 3ay o. they 3. C9.t3o so!ls./etaphor= 3.aC. C9. b!t . $"#) 6et ea+h /an say to h. 2pee+h -!ll o. Ho3 a -a!lt /ay be t!rned to a++o!nt= Hellen.e oo!r +a0alry. Anthe. .+ed. l.n.the b!tt or the .ter o. to let the/ st.hono! speak o.nto the des+r.s betrayed .nk there ..s the sho3 the /en he r!les that he .8.shes to say anyth.!sC.r/. C9.lanthrop..ots that are to +ost Abradatas h.ble eno!.s +lo!d o.nter stalk. .99.on -or h!/an 3eaknesses. Theory o. RR 9:E"'./e.deC Book o.+ stool orepentan+e. Is that a sl.nk he . be-ore.s. !s ba+k by . 8e . .any /an 3.on.s headH 8hat lan.ro3 -onder than e0er o.n h.-e herea-ter. It s!.s anyth. C-.deJ a stealthy. *!st as 3e /...(#.:.. to .rst 3. A happy s.ny .n.losopher than a 7ph.stor.eld. and Abro+o/asH $CXenophon Ephes.nes..thstand o!r steel and the +har.nd or hear any s!+h story +!rrentH 8hat . All 0ery 3ell.p.ypt. and then -all .!s. and t!rrets o. d..any.h.n C1e/orab.+ /atters..ter any e+ho o.+ nat!re has been de0eloped at the e%pense o.n h. let the/ see the -earlessness .a.s .pt.they +o!nt on -or+.s -!ll o. b!t the a!thor hasn5t told !s anyth..

/esE repeated re/ark s!rpr.n.n.r. The ar+h.ypt.n any D. C-.e/ent 3o!ld . Prototype.t. I ha0e a sort o. +a0alry and . .en./pro0e/ents a/o!nt.ness and e+ono/y o. the Pers. et+.0e ad0anta./a. a 3r.ed on h.a. III.t dra/at.< CK. Ho3 to . 0.s re+all..on.sC.. .0e !p 3.s!tlers and 3o/ . Ho3 F!.d.s ..ter takes !p h.a7 U Assyr.K>. the.h. Xenophon no3adays on the relat. or -eel. all yo! bl!eEr. /o0e/ents= 0. CK.+al. C?EL are a red!pl. Bk.ans and the.. The ad0anta.+ken hearts. B!t no do!bt the arran. to the harder sp.notably .oes. C".t.9EK.+ /an +an by a 3ord o. 72yr.A. *!st be-ore h.nd the Greek +a/ $C".bred /en .an+e.e.. ":.+es the present nat!ral ."L --.n . not !nnat!ral .es.+aC<.s t.ter l.n . then. the 3ealth. as -ar as the ar/y .the ene/yH CK.reat +a0alry d. 4ot.e e0en o. Is . h. to a +o/plete re0ol!t. ha0e to dr. C".) C".stsM Xenophon.sC the ar+h.s .ndred. and 3aste h.n.+ /an and +onF!eror.9(E9'..olX to!t./ent to the ar+h.a and the ad*a+ent +o!ntry..I..n."9. Cyr!s t!rns th."".opes.?.a.s pen a-resh a-ter a +erta. b!t Cpro tantoC ta!tolo.s !sed loosely.s.n th. $2ee CHellen. One 3o!ld l.d .0. ho3e0er. or only .>.. that here the /e.n CHellen.nterest.r pos.n. 4o prototype there. At C!na%a.s +lo!d."(.!lated. The 1ed.. p.s last +a/pa.t!al .r k. A sl.+H 2partanH CK.sed Hellen. the s+o3l or s!lk o.t. 8hyH the art .9K -oll.0e as opposed to!s d.+at.s. 72yr.0e ba+k the .+kly the ar+h.n-antry..+al bas.e3 o.the bro3.tnessed th. 2e/. Xenophon has /ore than on+e 3.the less stal3art /oralE-.ans to play. C". 9#. 2ee belo3 C. the Assyr.0e the ene/y pa! a++o/pan.n+.tated the ad0an+e on Pers.the bayonet and the s3ord..a. Cyr!s C. Th./e .+ /an passes onM C-.0en to the E. -.9:.ans.0e all.) .s .s /o!th st. P.ned as an ... no0el .n.9?.stor.+e 3as re. CAnabas. A re0. a +lass on orbes.n to ne3 a++o!nt. .K#.nter0al. Th.he 3ere le+t!r.p.stan+h. o.n ar/s and atta+k e--e+ted by Cyr!s.. C".9>.+sH CK. 3o!ld ha0e been 0ery .la!s /ed. D.7 The 3ord .n.the . Hy.d H.n+l!d.ypt. Does any learned Ger/an kno3H 4ote the orderl.n. do yo! s! to kno3 ho3 the pr.a. or 3hate0er . ba+k the bread that 3as +ast !pon the 3aters.dea. He sa+r.t all.+ to /ake Cyr!s speak .n E. C".t be.ntent. $Xenophon.onalH< apos. 3hen A. I.9:.sten.ans br.n.on o.ent hea0e o.on.ndeed.ll the -l!tter and .+e the part .n.n.s 3ay as .et beh. +.s. 4o3 l.bbon..on .+ /an. C".r /erely d.s o. Is .deal.n o!tE-lank.terrorEstr.) C".0. 8orks II.

n.n th. 4ot. shar. and he po!red o!t the l.ther -lank 3as an .olden ea.ders. borne alo-t on a lon. 3.t and h. $K) As he sat on h.s r. O Oe!s /ost h.the only !nkno3n F!!nder ran.. spearEsha-t.+s.stan+e -ro/ the..n the -.9K --.+a0alry and Arsa/as on h. 1ean3h.n.n.+ornelE3ood or /ore.0e.E.ans Cyr!s halted the ar/y thr.the Pers..n.ans on e.>.th Chrysantas on h.ll +ost Abradatas and other . .e3 o. only the ar/s o. 78e 3.ans +o!ld see ho3 /!+h they o!t-lanked the Pers.en+o!nter bet3een +a0alry and .n -!ll s.ans the/sel0es be atta+ked on e0ery s.s horse and bade those abo!t h.9) 2o they prayed to the .n-antry . orbes. and braIen hel/ets pl!/ed 3.h. C?.an to see the ene/y ad0an+.a0e no s.kes a ne3 note and sets !p a ne3 / o. Be-ore they +a/e . As del.<. the .ther s.s day s!+h .s abo!t t3o /.+-. As soon as both ar/.C?. +hestEplates.s break-ast 3here he stood.s /en 3.ods and 3ent to the.n. and so he /o!nted h.n.+h 3. $?) And the 3ord 3ent do3n the l. and h.s the standard o. not to speak o.n.res bro!.nto the d.olden 0arn.J he led stra.d to Chrysantas= . .+e.n. and then drank.n the respe+t -or 3edded 3o/anhood.7 The standard 3as a . and to they stood ro!nd the sa+r.. And he took h. Also note Xenophon5s enth!s.stan+e.bat.n.. a /.nsp.a. the d!e o--er... and he +r.t.+ str!.le 3h.the bra0e o!tspread 3.n -!ll 0. and the le-t. 2!danese Arabs<.ty< str. and the Assyr.n o.s -lashed l.t.n re-eren+e to the ne3 ar/.ea+h other. !s -or the tra.Epo. C?.ht on as be-ore.o. short a .n.r pla+e.r. The. 4ap. /o0e/ent.r sho! at on+e. Then he s!ppl.n../ -ollo3.n order to prepare an en+. prepar.ans . and p!shed o!t a +ol!/n on the r. o!t on the r. 3hat he had 3.ypt.e+e.s st. as .th all 3ho needed .ll -ollo3 k.r+l.on and prayed.+ate as any /odern . all obronIe.n-antry. .th 3h. to be s+arlet t!n.+e.s.//ense d.nt 3here the Assyr. and a lan+e o.ood /en dear. 3here he /eant to .nes. they be.+e ho3 .th the E. and ar/o!r -or the. In one th..n.nk to Cyr!s and . so that the Pers. Croes!s halted.pped as he .an -or+es /. and the odds o. BOOG NII $C.n.s sta-.the Assyr.ed. breastplates o.n. and . $() And 3hen they had .!ards -or the r../.. a peal o.e+es ser0ed as le.rr.+h . 8e are /ore and /ore ena/o!red o.le he not.stopp. $") All h.res 3ere eF!.ans had p!shed o!t on e.".ht. a-ter /ak..s le-t 3. and the sho! 3as +o0ered 3.hM7 2o he set -orth 3. $L) Cyr!s sa3 +entre. et+..bronIe.n. 7Eyes on the standard and steady /ar+h. 3h.n.+ed that the t!rn. and he sa.Cyr!s d.s leader and helper . spee+h Cyr!s by -ood and dr. b!t .--ered -ro/ the rest= the. and the sF!.s steed. 3ere .s sF! at the head o.s to +o/e.r horses had h.od o.+ated Oe!s..

+!tt.n 3ealth and -a/e and -reedo/ and e/p. that those 3ho 3at+h yo! 3.n th./ be-ore.n yo!r pa+e. they 3.nk the /o0e/ent 3.n. .nks. e0ery3here at on+e.. 7Clearly..s are stron.n./ -. the o. Abradatas.s are 3.ness to +o/e.7 he sa. 3e +an ne0er reproa+h the . slo3ly.leH7 7Yes.ends.r 3.7 $99) And to others. and do yo!. the pr. 71y -r. . Yo! all o!r /en.sH as 3ell. 3here I propose to *o.r 3.sed at .ots as poss.d= 7God has re3arded yo!.d 3e shall atta+k. all looks 3ell eno!.ll be lo!d eno!. 7they are a-ra.n.they had ad0an+ed . He 3ho lo0es h.nt. keep.ll not let yo! bear the br!nt alone. $9#) 2o he spoke.n-antry. o!r -r.te ea+h other to a /ore . and 3e are on the 0er.7 sa. and then ad0an+e at on+e on e0ery s. and the +ra0en5s. a++ord.rst r.o!r.the.r +entre.ood /en and tr!e. t!rn. 71y /en.7 and 3ent the ene/y.ood eno!.t= .a/e= the 0.d Chrysantas.ll dash o!t !pon the/= s!+h 3.on +o/es.Ies .ods a.h= b!t the state o.e o.7 $') 78ell.7 sa.r the paean and then yo! /!st F!.7 7D!st so.n. -. 3hat need I sayH Yo! kno3 the bra0e /an5s part . he only sa. and they tak.s day all .le /ysel-. and those 3ho -ollo3 yo!.s st. 7Oe!s o!r sa0.n battle. as +lose to the +har. step -or step./. and Cyr!s h. I 3.ll 3heel ro!nd.d.n o!r hands.+es /y heart.7 $9L) And Abradatas ans3ered= 7E0en so. . Chrysantas.nk.ll /ake -or the. . 7. and Abradatas . Cyr!sJ and yo!r +a0alry.s battle .7 and to others.7 sa.n.oteer and +a/e !p to h.+tors p!rs!e and s/. to Arsa/as. /e.a day.le +ol!/n. and 3.ll be h.rst rank a/on.r +entre .a.ots and the +!.ll ha0e no d. 7Yo! kno3. I th.n.n. yo!r pa+e -ro/ /e.rass.n 3.7 $>) 78hy are they do.e3 o. and others .o!s -east than -or h.7 sa. 7Yo! ! !s here.ll kno3 3hen 3e ha0e +losed 3.athered ro!nd -ro/ the .allant hearts are b.r an. and -or all o!r happ.ll ra..s ordersJ yo!r d!ty . 7Gentle/en. $9") 6et !s sho3 o!rsel0es .th yo!r . 7To yo!.s o3n so!l let h.7 ans3ered Chrysantas. I do. God help..e3 o. As he passed bet3een the +har. 7and -ro/ o!rs too.h the ro!t by the F!.te and slay. /eth.a0e the re.entle/en.ers 3ho had -o!..stan+eH7 7Do!btless. And.n. I shall be 3.r 3.%ed the.n.n to!+h 3. ro!nd the ar/y to see ho3 th. 7ad0an+e 3.s are . that th.ots there.7 3ent on Chrysantas.n.7 $9K) Or a.seH7 7Yes.s +har.s .n.on. and e0ery k.on./ 3. And yo! 3.n 0.ll be Pers.le the.n.ots. the look on yo!r -a+es re*o.n battle.nes.h.a+t. 3hen the /o/ent -or a+t. At the sa/e /o/ent Abradatas the +o3ards lose the/ all.s too -ar a3ay -ro/ the.d.ll not -or.h. $:) 8hen I rea+h the po.ers.o!r -lanks tro!bles /e= the ene/y5s 3. 7as soon as the.s +on-!s.t .n.3hat they +an see. thatH7 asked the other.t . b!t -or all that 3e ha0e 3on ere no3.ends.d Cyr!s. /y 3ay thro!.ends.d Cyr!s.+kest road I +an. he 3o!ld say to so/e.7 Or else.s . .ra+e.te o!r -lanks.t see/s to /e they are dra3. and stret+h -ar= he has +har.n= toEday they ha0e p!t all bless. the.n0.s day they /ay -east the.ans.entle/ /e= -or I 3. +an 3e .ddenJ th.s . 7ho3 +an they s!pport ea+h other at s!+h a d. . Do yo!. Th!s 3e shall -all on the ene/y at the he. 7and I a/ s! bes.r an. and Oe!s o!r leader.ll so/e 3ay o--.s not -or the 0.d Cyr!s.ble.n a s. /ar+h bes.n-antry and the +har.n.ns to h.h .s 3orse -or the/ than . I 3.s to -ollo3.nd o. yo! and yo!rs.7 yo! also.n.s are oppos.7 7B!t. he halted. 7do yo! th.d Cyr! !s 3h.7Do yo! see 3here they ha0e and so set !s -.+tory o. Yo! hold the -.he /et sold.s.3hat they +annot.7 $9?) B!t .7 $9() And 3hen he +a/e to Abradatas. b!t. and sent the 3at+h3ord do3n the l. to yo!r prayer.

l the last has y.n l.-t !p the.e/! 78hen yo! see the/ ro!ted. l.+tory.ntend to s!pport yo! /ysel-.n +!tt.+h to oppose h. as yo! see.r ranks than . Breathe a sp. a.yo!= take the/ .n. here to keep the /en 3here they 3ere.the Pers. 1ean3h. -or that . be s!re to dr. . B!t set so/e one to deal 3. do not atta+k !nt.yo! are +a!./e. 2o that -or /ysel-.7 2o /!+h o.d to h. at yo!r -!ll stren.n +o//and o..nstant do yo!r best to +har.7 $9>) 74ay.oned.ersas and Pharno!+h!s.nto the/.s +har. at that . yo!r -ront and prepare yo!r /en -or the +har.ots and sa. and as he +a/e to the -lank he 3ent !p to the o--.ll say noth.t 3o!ld be a p. Hystaspas.n.n the sa-est pla+e o. tho!. o-.s .table as 0alo!r.n and a.ll the ene/y on o!r r.e.otE-or+e.the +har.n.t that I a/ there.7 And Cyr!s ans3ered. thro!.elded./. atta+k 3e /!st. Abradatas /o!nted h. are +losed by +a0alryJ h!rl yo!r +a/els at these..n.those deta+h/ents that yo! .s 3ell 3.a.n.ot and dro0e alon.ndle the.te.r. none hal. 3here the t3o deta+h/ents 3ere 3h. and told Arta. .3e are F!. as a s. I /ean to rel.s 3ork to test yo!r pa+eM I. 3here they are 3eakest.all./sel.r hearts by yo!r the. then set !pon those . else the -ello3s on o!r -lank= .ll be sla! a la!.th that he passed on. the.a. God 3.o 3ell 3.+er .7 sa. I .n. And 3hen yo! hear /e -all on the 3.ll. to 3h. 7B!t 3hen. Abradatas. B!t yo! yo!rsel-..7 ans3ered Cyr!s. B!t re/e/ber. $9') And 3h. Be ass!red .n.on.e by yo!r looks.n.l yo! see the ro!t o.s so pro-. a tho!sand horse and a tho!sand -oot. so lon.nes.s t.+h e0er o.s the /o/ent 3hen yo! 3. to the/ /ysel-. The.7 $9:) A++ord.n. I +on*!re yo!. 3h.d yo!.a.nd the ene/y 3eakest and yo!r o3n /en stron.rst.r +o!ra.7 he sa.t .t o.I had not 3on by lot the post I hold.rants the 0.d Cyr!s allo3 h.htered -.le 3e ha0e noth. ha0e no +on+ern -or the +a0alry.s on the -.le -oe/an .d.7 he added.r heads..le Cyr!s 3ent on to the le-t 3here Hystaspas 3as posted 3.!s God .r leaders.the.ll be -ar sa-er on+e o!ts.h= 76ea0e .le there .le yo! ad0an+e .n -ront o. and then /ake yo!r r!sh. 7I a/ . the l.e0e o!r !s all /en 3. I sho!ld -eel asha/ed to be here ..ty -or the/ to be .ht alon. to /ake the/ pro0e the/sel0es the -lo3er o. !nt./= 7Good.on the e0e o. 7yo! /ay take .the +har. d./es.nes to do as Cyr!s bade.a+t.est.h he 3as the last /an to boast at other t.n./ and sa.+k eno!.7 $"#) And Hystaspas ans3ered 3.7 $"9) 8.n -lank.h yo!r opponentsJ yo! 3.d= 7Hystaspas.3h..n. and he +alled to h.on ..7 $"") Then he 3ent on to the rear and the +arr. 7yo! see /e +lose!s 3.r l. 7.e stra.t to !sM 8e5ll see to the /en oppos.o.

stant 3.nd h. -or they atta+ked .ttle br.s d. and .th h.+k la. 3ho 3ere st.ends. /ade h. The Pers. -o!l o. a/on. 3ere +a!. po!r.t no lon. -or/at. h./. There 3as deep s.a. Abradatas 3as thro3n o!t and so/e o. see.s o3n +har.the E./e Croes!s.s /en had +har. and there they 3ere +!t do3n and -ear.e.n l. By th. the 3elter. had the s.nst Cyr! all h.r ar/s beneath the hoo-s and 3heels. and they +o!ld b!t +har.hter and destr!+t.ther and the -oe 3ere .n terror. .ans stood -.7 $"K) Th!s.nd the -or+es othe ene/y all ro!nd .r -lanks 3ere bloody 3. o!t on e.ed and shaken the ranks. and -o!.s +o/pan. /o!nds.on A short str!. and dro0e stra.ypt.ons +o!ld /ake no -!rther 3ay= there 3as not a .s t.ns. o.ots. the other +har.s r!sh shared by h. o!t !nto the God o. on e0ery s.s r. s3eep. -ar o!tE -lank./sel.. /y -r.h. 3hat has o-ten been sho3n else3here 3as sho3n here. +har.h the/.ypt. .the E. the .! h. 3. and 3heel ro!nd 3here they 3ere./. H.-t and steady./ -ollo3ed.s +a/els -or3ard as Cyr!s had ad0.sed 3hat they had to -a+e.and yo! /ay be s!re. $"?) A tre/or ran thro!. hard the/.ht -or the ene/y5s -lank.est .oad..nal ra. rear.s +o/rades 3.Battles. s3!n. 3hen the /o/ent +a/ Abradatas and l.a0e the 3ord they s3!n. that o. and +har.bable +on-!s.spos. and +r!sh the/ and the.t 3as +o/pletely en+losed.ap thro!. $":) And no3 Abradatas +o!ld 3a.le sold. and then Cyr!s.ots dashed .. bel.n. stra.E/en.ersas. be.n.n.reat .t d. and th!s three +ol!/ns +a/e at on+e a.nalled -or the/ to +har.s o3n troops 3ell .on.le. dealt sla!.r -. at the ene/y.s -ront and one on e. $K9) 1ean3h. so that /any. to take !p the. and +losed 3.n pos.n.t.ll +!t a +o/.+a/els !pon horses.n.7 he sho! and +ar.n body o.ther hand. on to /eet the/.eteers.ons the stron.s brothersE.n a lar.h the 3hole ar/yJ . -ro/ the +har. b!t else3here the the battleE hy/n and .o /ad 3.alloped o-..n.nes on e. ro!nd to +on-ront the and they 3ere /any.d ranks o. At the sa/e /o/ent the 3arE+har. h.. that Cyr!s had .s .t. s3. +a0alry and hea0y . o0erthro3 the/ by the sheer 3e. 8hen they 3ere .te the Pers.ed 3. $">) Arta. h.ots.s /essE/ates +har. 3here he h. and Cyr!s s3ooped -or3ard at the head o.all stron.oteers the .de e%+ept the rear.n. he s. halt.h the ranks as they real.sed -or the/ to stop the.ed a3ay the 3arE+ry ran.s +a0alry.ans. that the +entre.n hand.dst o. one -a+.nstantly..r ad0an+e.n-antry beh.on 3here Abradatas and h.n a-ter the/. they and le-t. E0en at a d.. -ly..ypt.3as /ar+h. -ro/ these.ons / by the +har. /en and 3eapons 3ere +!t to shreds.-r.n.n.n.ll !ns+athed.ans.ll the. to the .ood steeds -or3ard t. And 3here the s+ythes +a!. stra.sed.len+e thro! a l.h the E.t th!ndered thro!.a.!s. $K#) B!t Abradatas dro0e on thro!. $"') 2o that Arta. had easy 3ork 3. ro!nd and p!rs!ed the -ly. b!t the others. There they stood. tar. the. h!rl. 7 ollo3 /e.n o. /!st be nearer the ene/y than the d.ers 3here they stood.ldered /asses. And then. and the ranks broke and -led be-ore h. so/e not e0en 3a.n..d 3. be..r opponents..nEar/s and h. 3hen they sa3 that the sol.ther -lank.s a band o..ot to 3ork.s +o/rades on e. and /any. 3. ar+hers.ots ro+k.stan+e the horses +o!ld not -a+e the +a/els= they see/ed to .e0. the +har. Cyr!s rode ro!nd the head o./.. /o0ed stead.t. e0en be-ore the -.nto the / the ene/y5s be3. na/ely.r/.n. $K") In the /.n.s the stran.e.ersas.le the .h. $"() 4one the less. 3ere +!t do3n by the -or+e./ /en.t.ots.ans.e the s. $"L) And as .th the/ then and there.ndes+r.ots -led be-ore the/ .h the host. . The ene/y5s +har.e e--e+t o.nstant Cyr!s . 3a0e on another= s!+h . r.ed.n.ypt.n-antry. and -all. h.n.e on the le-t.+ +ol!/n.

ro!nd 3. and no3here any 3ho st. p!rs!ers and p!rs! ro!nd the/. see.ther he dashed.n.+k 3as the sla!.ll the E. and there he /o!nted one o. b!t he kne3 he +o!ld +he+k the ene/y5s ad0an+e /ost F!. b..on -or .ll they +a/e !nder +o0er o.e sh.s +a0alry.ers 3ho 3ere or by no3 Hystaspas 3as on the .ypt.on rea+hed .r l. all to. deal.n o..-t s3ord. darts. and th.r n!/bers and the.nd a r.those 3ho had betrayed the/. $K') Then 3as seen 3hat!nd.s day. They no lon.n. These. 3h. h. and st. 3hat had happened.n. .ans.//ensely sto!t and lon. !!nd and kept !p the -.n.r/.ypt. dre3 o-.t ..ble +ry the /en dashed -or3ard.the -oe st.. 3arr.s sold. and sho!t.ors.n. +onF!er.. Then at last a se+ond sho3er o..blo3s -ell on the E. To see the Pers.r spears 3ere .s /en.e the E.llery. and see . +onF!erors and +onF!ered.ans +o!ld not dr.the -.n.ble that 3e +an be sa0ed and yet keep o!r rep!tat.the -.r .r enor/o!s sh.elds.ts he.r 3ay -or3ardJ and the Pers. 2t. and sat do3n !nder +o0er o.on than +orslet and b!+kler.e+es -or the sake o.r d!ty.ll.3e sa0e o!rsel0esH7 .allantryH And they ans3ered.eld lo+ked .ll stood -.n.le 3. $K?) 2h.$KK) There -ollo3ed a desperate str!. and 3o!ld not let another /an l.7 7B!t e0en so.ypt.ded the thr!st the. ea+h other and +all.ans 3orsted!nd and been ready to -.nt they /ade the/ do the.t poss.n.eld not only .n. $?9) Cyr!s.ether.rr.n. The +har. -or 3e o!rsel0es ha0e seen that yo! alone ha0e held yo!r .blo3s.l.0e the/ ba+k. and lo!d the d.s the +on-!s.ts as they 3ere. blo3 -or blo3. 3. 72!rely yes.r pos.n. and s!--ered hea0.+lash.ots.n. b!t thr!st and blo3 3. h.h.ll Cyr!s 3o!ld not allo3 the/ to +har. that /en so bra0e sho!ld be done to death.n the rear.n one +haos o.s -or a leader to be lo0ed by h. $KL) At th. be+a!se o. on the horse he sa3 the E. on the . and Chrysantas also.t 3as -ro/ the sho!lder.a0e reared at the blo3 and Cyr!s 3as rear. s!+h as they +arry to th.n.ans had the atte/pted to a+t. An E..r+le beh.0es and keep the.ypt.r rep!tat.shedH7 $?") And Cyr!s sa. the l./. 7Is .ypt.ed o!t that the ene/y had taken the/ .allop.s troops -ollo3.n the belly. . horses and /en and and as the hoo-s str!+k h.nE/en 3ere to play on the/ -ro/ o! to h. +!tt.ypt.s 3ay thro!. ahead. $K>) The E.nes to the art.d the E. One o.t.ll held the..ods. as . 7ho3 +an 3e a+t .ypt. At th. 3eapons and 3h. they thr!st the.hter.n ad/. -or/ed the/sel0es . 2tep by step they . +a0alry and .on 3as /. and there they /o3ed the/ do3n.nE/en= at the s3ord5s po. 8. $K() ro!nd to the.eld.they 3.on and p.shed to be +!t to p. t.r o3n art.s o3n opponents.the ar+hers or the * o.s o3n +har.e.s 3ay b!+klers borne on the -orear/ only./ he stabbed the +reat!re . or sa0e -ell !nder Cyr!s5 horse.ans.n hono!r .le the reser0es 3o!ld allo3 no blo3.ans thr!st -ro/ the. and the h!. $K:) And as Cyr!s spran. Then he sent the/ a herald ask. phalan%= the ar+hers and *a0el. thr!st 3.r 3eapons.on !ntarn.h.nto lan+e and spear and s3ord.aI.s /o/ent Cyr!s appeared.n-antry str!.th a h.steel.+kly by . sa0e only the E.d. o.nto a +. The.the.a0e /ore prote+t. $?#) B!t he sa3 the pla.n sore stra.n. .7 sa. and there they -ell !pon the/ and s/ote the/ as they 3ere .res leapt do3n and set Cyr!s on h. Then he /ade h.r sF!. +r.ypt.the.n.any o. sl!n..hter. b!t they s!--ered.ans.the to3ers to take a s!r0ey o..-ly.n.h h. and 3heeled ro!nd !nder a stor/ o.

nspe+t the +apt!red +.s en.n.bes h!rr. 3ho had sh!t h./b the -ort.r -ello3sJ b!t no3.s.ood -a. At daybreak Cyr!s entered the +./sel.n.n the /anner that Cyr!s +a0alry 3as held to ha0e done the best.ns.s st.ld. Here he -o!nd the Pers.s /en took the. lands and +.ately he s!//oned the. $") 8hen day broke Cyr!s /ar+hed stra. +erta. the ene/y 3on the/sel0es reno3n..ll ar/ed .hter. 7ho3 3. $?>) H. and 3hen he +a/e be-ore the +.7 sa. /eal and posted the. and be+o/e o!r -r. $?) As soon as . and Cyr!s le-t a .r r./sel. And so they +a/e to ter/s.ed darkness had already 7yo! +annot be s!rpr.t. . Croes! /e.h -or the assa!lt and o.. b!t the Chaldaean F!arters 3ere o. ser0. $?:) It 3as a !se-!l ar/ !p.ends.ssa and Gyllene and Gy/e on the +oast. k.s o3n !se or on +a/elEba+k. so lon. they sa. B!t Croes!s and h.s ladders. B!t the -ollo3. he sent a s+al.a.r e0en.ll e/ployed by the re. -or the /en had r!shed do3n to p. 3h.r des+endants.ll yo! treat !sH7 7As yo! treat !s.0en to the s+ytheEbear.a0e orders that not a /an 3as to lea0e the 3ho had ser0ed as a sla0e to one o.n the sla!.ed o!t on Cyr!s.ot o!t h.d they.d 3as to s+are the horsesJ the.the troops !nder Cyr!s the Pers. party o...!ard ro!nd the b!.s /atter 3as arran.0er by 3h.s pala+e. as the 3ar lasts.s+.r old pos.n. .s day they are st.3e be+o/e yo!r -r.7 $??) Then they asked h.n.+kets and 3ent to rest.ned -ello3s se.s.yo! +hoose to stay 3. to -.7 $?K) 7And .those at 3hose s.. I /eant to /ake all 3ho ser0ed 3.entle/an 3o!ld drea/ o.s ar/y and en+a/ped at Thy/brara.n store -or yo!..s ar/y -led . +r. I//ed.ll that .n.ll +alled the +.n. and 3ho kne3 a 3ay do3n to the and 3o/en and ser0ants. n.n.or.3ent to .the k. Yo! kno3 3ell eno!.ypt.. $C.eEtra.on -led -ro/ the 3alls and h.arr..allant .n. all they d.lla.ll held by the./ yo! -o!. the best oe0eryth.nt.ots.n per-e+t order.n.+at.s en.h.n the .t be+a/e +lear that the!l s!b*e+ts o.7 he sa.r o--.the E. 8hen th.d. they 3ere +ontent to a. $?') As -or the +a/els. so /!+h so that to th.s ar/y at on+e.+ers.7 he sa. 7to ha0e !nd.ans alone a/ +a/e abo!t that the.ed a3ay ho/e3ards !nder +o0er on.breed. 3h.!p . and Cyr!s . 7and the treat/ent shall be .. so/e . $() Croes!s.d 3here0er they +o!ld.ans and Chaldaeans to +l. and th.a. +har.r des+endants are to th..7 7And 3hat 3.e the to3n.ans..ree. b!t no .!.n the +.7 ans3ered he.nes as tho!.ht ha0e destroyed yo!.ans 3. st.sed . 7all that 3as .tho!t e%+ept..7 he -or 2ard. bes.s en.-. and took and .r p.on a/on.ty and ..3ar .tadel he set !p h.7 sa.d.he 3o!ld e%+!se the/ -ro/ one d!ty.the .nly.sed. or not a horse 3o!ld +o/e near the +a/ as -ast and as -ar as they +o! 3as a Pers.ans keep.d. And so they ret!rned to the.. +a/els -or h.son .n.n.7 ans3ered Cyr!s= 7only s!rrender yo!r ar/s to ! /e the en0y o.s...h.n.yo! en+o!nter .nst Croes!s. and 3ere ne0er to!+hed the/sel0es by the ene/y5s +a0alry. and Cyr!s dre3 o-.!ard . the The .n haste to 2ard.ood. none o.ood treat/ent beH7 they asked on+e /ore.ends.ends o.e/ent the $?() Th!s .ons at the steepest po.le he h. and the other tr.a0e pled.") Then Cyr!s and h. and o. the also 3as .n.t.a0e the/ +.d Cyr!s= 7better pay than yo! ha0e had.nter.+e a. all the 6yd.+h one +o!ld . $?L) In th.ders +o!ld take no part .es o. and bade the/ lea0e h. 3as the only leader 3ho kne3 the/J -or the rest.h pra.hts had been taken.t. $L) 7I +o!ld ne0er end!re. and 3hen pea+e +o/es.s day -a.7By betray..+h are st../en 3ho +hose to sa0e yo! 3hen they / h.the.

t 3o!ld be !tterly destroyed.ent re+e. or . Th.t had been the/. then.ll.s +.ll o0er-lo3 on+e /ore 3.ent to /e -or lon.od -or all I 3anted I /!st needs p!t h.odhead.ll not be yo!rs toE/orro3.ll hand .7 sa.n the /ost +on0en.s.l to yo! l.n all th. and th!s /!st I sal!te yo!.t o0er to those 3ho stayed and .s Cyr!s h.s sa.ers see that that the 3ealth and bea!ty. 7b!t. It 3o!ld /ean .s.n noth.n. I.-!l . see.ers.a.7 he ans3ered. 7to /y o3n treas! one stron.7 $>) ear -ell on the Chaldaeans at th.7 ans3ered Cyr!s= 73e are both o. O Croes!s. And tell /e no3.ood -or /ysel-.7 $') 2o the Chaldaeans d.ood th.endH7 7I sho!ld be /ore than .d= $9() 7And no3. Cyr!s.. and the -a. Ho3 d. $:) That done. /ore. tr!th to say.ent F!arter othe yo! need not de+. all 3.sten.7 $9>) 7Be+a! .ht to h.n. a-ter Babylon.7 7Ho3 +an that beH7 sa.t.the..t h..s bro!. nor the. Then Cyr!s /ade h.n.7 ans3ered Cyr!s= 7I see that /y sold.l and en+o!ntered /any dan.ty o0er to pl! Cyr!s.7 $99) 76. He ans3ered that he had no need o.s Croes!s ans3ered. and let yo!r . and then he sa.ll br..r re+o/pense.n all th. troops en+a/p .n there .est +.he +o!ld speak the tr! /eans re3ard. 7.n.-. 7no /an o.I +an anno!n+e s!+h ter/s.n. by the.ll. Those 3ho are do!bted +annot lo0e . yo! 3.t to /e= -or yo!r 3ords see/ stran.l. !rther. $9K) I pro/.hono!r +o!ld end!re. 73o!ld yo! be /ore 3. that .n .0ed all /anner o. to .d Croes!s.n! !s. yo! 3. and /oreo0er I kno3 -!ll 3ell that .ed= 7Ha. I bel.s+.ers ha0e end!red /!+h to.ty . Yet I a/ !n3.nst e0eryth.7 $9L) 7I +o!ld 3. I kno3 not ho3 I +an keep the/ obed.lad.0e the/ th./.er than yo!rsel0es on yo!r 3ay ho/e.ldren /ade a3ay 3.s.n. 72!--er /e then to tell 3hat 6yd. /y lord and /asterM ate has . to see . and 3hen he +a/e .yo! sa+k .a0e orders that Croes!s sho!ld be bro!./ to lay as.r break-ast there. and /e as a -r.H It .7 he added.d /atters .nn. and they .ntreated h.r posts and take the. 3e kno3.r labo!r.nstead 3.s a.s not one treas!re belon.d Croes!s. to ad0. tell /e one th..ll be 3ell 3. I ha0e a+ted .7 To all th./sel-..n. let be the at on+e. 7E%pla.ts r!.lla.n the /ost. 7to do yo! any ..7 sa.ll.ty shall not be sa+ked.e .ll destroy the +ra-ts .7 he +ont.tle -ro/ no3 hen+e-or3ard.s day year.d that yo! d.o bet3een yo! and the ora+le at!l and obed. 2end -.. on th.n.n all As.ke3.e0e . yo! 3. B!t .n ./y o3n /en 3.a. o. and told the/ to stay at the.7 $9") To th.they 3.n..d /!+h re0eren+e to Apollo and obeyed h.ndeed.0en yo! that t.d as he bade the/./ to the test.t.n the -..rst pla+e. Croes!s yo! .n.7 he added..all lo0el.n./y sold.n. and no3 they are pers!aded that they ha0e taken the 3ealth. he .er and 0o3ed they 3o!ld .s +ostly and bea!t. 7B!t .sh to appease /e. I kno3.7 he added.n 2ard.ans I please that I ha0e 3on yo!r pro/.r 3o/en and +h.rst.. $9?) Ho3be.s. 7yo! 3.nto h. -ro/ the be.ness.!ards take so/e o. the . . I 3o!ld not ha0e the/ +heated o.tadel./.s an./ . that . I a/ +erta.n pl!nder the 3orst 0. the +. are the 3ellEspr.!s /en. to /an or 3o/an that 3.0e ba+k all the booty they had taken.t and see 3hat .n.!arded the +.s presen+e.n ret!rn that /y /en 3.ns to yo!.7 $"#) 7All ha.

I 3as +o/-orted.. -lattered by all 3ho sa. B!t battles and 3ars I /!st p!t o!t o.r +ha/p.7 sa. I +an be happy no3H I ask yo!.ht be born to /e.-or they tell /e yo! ha0e da!.5 7And 3hen I heard the ora+le.n.n ret!rn. as I dee/ed.r leader. he +a/e to /y help and sa0ed /.n.yo! 3.ends and yo!r attendantsJ they are yo!rs on+e /ore.d they sho!ld be born.a. $"9) I sa.t .n 0alo!r and 0.s ne. 73ho 3as . I .-e lon.e. the .hters .able to -.-e o. by +o!ntless sa+r.s I d. a.n. And I. +a*oled by those 3ho be. a.l. yo! 3ho are spr! /e no *oy..h.n happ.the .+ated by /y 3ealth.ods abo0e !s.e0e that the -.e to br. $"() B!t no3 at last.ness .-e.d not Ckno3 /ysel-C.n all the 3orld./ abo!t /y +h.rst he 3o!ld not so /!+h as ans3er /e.rt!e -ro/ yo!r yo!th. and pro/.e. te/pted by the .r k../ /any an /y lot a-ter /y son5s deathJ b!t 3hen the Assyr.l0er. b!t I sent h.old and so/e o. and . And yo!rs .7 $">) 74o3 by the .nst yo!.es.d that .a royal l. and that I 3o!ld be the .. and he ans3ered= 75Gno3 thysel-.nk that. and the noblest per.. kno3. And tell /e.n that he !ttered no l. tra. And so I resol0ed to +ons!lt h.s 3.-.s had /et to./ 3hat I /!st do that sons /.ods.reatest r!ler .n the +ares on 3h.hters<.de -or /e as I pro0. 3h.ll abo!t yo!r ans3er= .0e yo! ba+k at on+e yo!r there-ore..the/ 3as d!/b h. One pers!aded /e to /ar+h a.le IEEI bel./sel-.n+apable o. O Croes!s.ned .ne and /e.h. and at last he ans3ered /e 3hen I asked h.n to the . 1eth. 2o/e o.od= 3hen I Ckne3 /ysel-C . or th. and that all the.0e.ated h.n. $"") 2o I tho!.-e. /y l!%!r.shed.nst yo!.ness and I p.noran+e o. Croes!s.h the th.-e that all /en +alled the happ.sed /e happ.t that l.berate.ty yo!.nk the ..d the l.nst yo! I en+o!ntered e0ery dan.all /en ha0e .n the -lo3er o.p as tho!.7 .7 $"') 7And 3ho. he kne3 the/ all.s d!ll .s yo!rs to .. /y so-test *oysJ b!t . $"#) And so they 3ereJ . .n.nst the .7 +r.7 $"L) Cyr!s ans3ered./e to del.s -reedo/ and h.n 3ar and battle and str. Happ.I 3o!ld b!t lead the/ they 3o!ld obey /e to a /an.ness shall be th.the. yo! 3.ness -or the rest o.s./y an+estors to re.d to /ysel-.. and I /!st needs send to Apollo a.0e /e t.d Croes!sJ 7she shared all /y .od and asked h.n.a.n. /ysel-. Yet I 3as sa0ed.a. I ha0e no +har..0e . 7no3 I Ckno3 /ysel-C.0e the /e. so/e o.. I !ndertook the .ht /ysel. and I kne3 that they 3ere r.7 sa.s 3hole l..d Cyr!s.d 3ere stran./ ho3 I +o!ld l. $9') And yet he stood the testJ -or tho!.hbo!rs a /an /ay kno3 and others not= b!t e0ery one +an kno3 h..od 3.s to I see I a/ *!stly p!n. as I 3as at pea+e I had no -a!lt to -.n yo!r po3er to ans3er best. 7yo! need take no -!rther tho!.ded -or her 3ho/ I lo0ed beyond all others ..a.ldren.s +ro3n on the sel-Esa/e day.ness .nks.ed /e to be the.ed Croes!s./.tasks !pon /e.a.a.n.n.eneralsh.7 he +r.nto%.n the 3ar.ood He!es -ro/ Delph.3arr. and send thankEo--er.t . +r!shed by these sorro3s.nd 3.nd yo!r -or/er happ.0es. -or I d.ll st.n the 3orld.t.nessH7 71y o3n 3.r do!bters. and yo!r -r.yo!r po3er. -ro/ the seed o.-ts they sho3ered on / a.shed .ll speak tr!thH Do yo! th.+es. and happ. be+a!se yo! o. On+e a.ether and +hosen /e -or the. and I prop.od has la.h I 3ere born to be the /onar+h o.. $"?) I tho!. and I 3as /any lea. b!t they bro!. born o.0ed that l.ll do -or /e 3hat yo! say.htest o. I bear .n 3on h.est o. she had no part or lot.on ./y days.s yo! those *oys 3ere based. . $"K) B!t a-ter3ards. 7G.s.-e and yo!r da!. O Cyr!s. I shall l.a. I +a/e to no har/.n /.ed.t at yo!r o3n table as yo! !sed to l.n tr!th so lon. sent a.the 3orld.0e. $9:) At -.rst o. do yo! th.

th h. so that they +o!ld re+e. the tears ran do3n the/.t bes.s +heeks and he +r.s 3.n.ons.ra0e.nd to hono!r the dear -r. s3er0ed be-ore the. and has bro!.s dead= he -ell .rat.!l -r. Cyr!s.r -lo+ks 3here0er they heard he 3as...s head !pon her knees./ be+a/e a -a. I 3as a -ool= I !r.ra0e.s body and la. I kno3. and sa.n .r proper share at any +on0en. 4o3 he has -allen. he ne0er tho!.r treas!res and others to re+e. and -or yo!rs too. and the horses dr.0e be !se-!l or perhaps be+a!se he -elt .-.$":) And as Cyr!s l.s -r.d= $9#) 7It .ra0e -or the dead /an !pon a h.h. $:) And 3hen he sa3 that.s ba+k.n. the 3a.t . 3ho !r.ns and her attendants are d.-e has -o!nd h.s 0alo!r= and I.0e !p the.n the battle. b!t the hand +a/e a3ay 3.ed= 7O noble and loyal sp. I kno3.yo!rs.ons.ssed!nd and the dead /an ly.n +o--ers. 3. 7All th. I l.r +lose array.s sorro3 .a sobbed alo!d and took the hand -ro/ Cyr!s and k.s sF!. do to sho3 h./.7 he -. ha0e yo! ..s no3here to be -o!nd.rst they 3ere to set he /.s o3n +o/ they rested.ther be+a!se he tho!.tho!t a sta.ods all that the Pers.b!t. to the pla+e o.or 3ho had -allen. and -or the -!t!re 3here0er he 3ent he took Croes!s 3.t that. and -ollo3 3. ha0e any o.r. $() Her +ha/berla. 3..t!de.h and leapt !p and spran..d= .ht ./e.s. .s o3n sa-ety.the sF!. and then he sa.d.. $') B!t 3hen he sa3 Panthe.t.3hat he /./ so to bear ra.0e on to s.ts pla+e.str.7 $K) Then one pr./. has p!t her -a. $>) He bade Gadatas and Gobryas take 3hat *e3els they +o!ld a tho!sand troopers at h.. 3e.d= 7Tell /e..ent t.stened he /ar0elled at the /an5s +ontentedness oso!l.7 $99) And Cyr!s 3ept s.0e all the 3ealth that Croes!s bro!. $C.t 3as sa-er .res /ade ans3er.lently -or a 3h. they say. -ro/ !sH7 Then he took the dead /an by the hand. and she.the Pa+tol!s.d .t here to the banks o. there.d .the herds.ends and .t and la.n her o3n +ar. b!t only -or the ./ent on h. and he.h.+e on the .sorro3..end and bra0e 3arr.nto the E.. B!t the ne%t day Cyr!s +alled h. Cyr! on+e o.ypt.t had been ha+ked by an E.ed h. d.ed h.ons by lot to take 3. perhaps as /!+h. $") 2o they set abo!t the 3ork./ and her *e3els. that he /.ether and told so/e to /ake an . and then store the rest . a . the +attle..s . as best she +o!ld.ests tho!.s seated on the .allop. he . e.K) 2o -or that n.7 $L) Then Cyr!s s/ote h. all b!t h.s all l. and h.res and sa. Then Cyr!s +alled so/e o..s all speed= and he bade the keepers . he s!--ered -or /y!nd 3.ypt. B!t 3hy sho!ld yo! see .ll. 73e hear that h. and she . .n0entory othe.s o3n= .n.enerals to.end o.s hand !pon h. to the/ on the /ar+h.s th. $?) And blade. and pa+k the/ on 3a.tH7 And presently she sa.a seated on the . 71y lord.yo! seen AbradatasH I 3onder that he 3ho !sed to +o/e to /e so o-ten .an ranks= the rest.n !pon h.

a had done he r!shed o!t . a Pers.+h apparel. $9L.?) A-ter th. and a /.ll ra. to ./.+he0er she sa./ent o. a /an o. I re0eren+e yo!r +hast. she sat do3n and 3ept .sh to .th her and she sa.s ar/y and /ar+hed .len+e. . ready to one another.sten to h.ed b.n.*e3els and r. And 3hen the three +ha/berla. and 3. yo! per+e./ .+tory.stress had b.d= 74!rse. $C.-. Then Panthe.Era/s to o0erthro3 the 3alls o.yo! 3.t a+ross her the nat.n e%a+tly the sa/e 3ay.3.d b!t 0e% her /.o0ern he 3as the.thal a person o.7 $9K) And Panthe./ an ar/yJ and the C. he looked 3. en. and 3ept -or her and 3ent!nd *!d.tterly.7 B!t she /ade her n!rse stay 3.s /on!/ent= .ns sa3 3hat had happened they dre3 the. I 3.ll .a0e h./. and the dead /an .t shall be a royal oneJ and 3e 3.lled the/sel0es.a ans3ered= 7Be at -ro/ yo! to 3ho/ I lon.7 $9?) There3.a bade her +ha/berla.ty and yo!r nobleness.sJ only he e%a+ted tr. /.th store o.d..s heart the 3o/an 3ho had lost so bra0e a h!sband.ts a hero. and dropped her head !pon her h!sband5s breast and d. there 3here she had b.r o3n s+.r -r.n.s-.s. b!t she +o!ld not /o0e her.stress. p. and I 3. $9() And 3hen Cyr!s heard 3hat Panthe. +o0er !s 3.d. /en say..0.r 3alls to the detr. 9>) And 3hen Cyr!s +a/e to that pla+e o. and 3hen she sa3 that she d.7 or no3 Gobryas and Gadatas appeared 3.sorro3.s 3ere -ort..dJ 7/any hands 3.-ts that I ha0e bro!.s lea0e that the others sho!ld not real.nto Car.o. 7I ha0e 3ept o0er h.0e h. 3here he 3as ha0. that had been ready -or her so lon.sed abo0e the/.s 3onder and re0eren+e on the 3o/an.l.n s. b!t .t 3as to lead yo! 3./. to lea0e h.nn. 7yo! shall not be le-t Cyr!s took h./ent and a sto!t sold.76ady.n.!s took h.s the Car. 7He shall not la+k -or hono! satrap to .her and 3ent.otes 3ere 0ery ready to ser0e !nder h.3as !n3. he told 3h.+e as one +loak as her /.de 3as plead..ns stand as. 7-or th!s. 3here he 3as /et by the /en o.ra0e.n the ho!r o. I 3.!s. Cyr!s h.0e k. $") That 3as 3hy Cyr!s ne0er sent a Pers.llery /ade and batter.those 3ho 3o!ld not l. be+a!se the.d to those 3ho lay there dead. Cyr!s.ll take the/ . B!t he sent Ado! end 3as the noblest and the -a./.0e.n the sa/e +loak.0e yo! a . He .ty.thersoe0er yo! +hoose.dden her.ll.ed .nes o.!s treated ea+h ./.r opponents. Ado!s. and dre3 .n all the 3orld be-ore.-e. than had been seen .rest that +o!ld be= he d.end.7 And the n!rse entreated and beso!.dden the/ stand.o.+. b!t she +o0ered the t3o 3.n.ll o--er s!+h sa+r.n.s .art.-.tars and k.ed.s 3ay and sa3 that all d!e hono!r 3as 7!nt. that he tho!.tar..ans and Cypr./sel.r d3ell. taken -ro/ so s3eet a 3.ed the. . ne0er to see her /ore.a took the s+.he +o!ld sa0e her.r +ase 3as *!st.ther C. 3hen I a/ dead. h. Take these ./ as I 3o!ld.ll b!t tell /e to 3ho/ yo! 3.+.!ard.b!te and and adorn h.ed troops 3hene0er he needed the/.a or Cypr!sJ he 3as al3ays sat.7 Cyr!s sa.n h.7 he added.both part. 3ho 3ere al3ays at 3ar and str.n. -ro/ h.l.-e 3. $K) 2o Ado!s. Then Panthe. And the n!rse +r.a. lady.hty sep!l+hre 3as ra. $9") And yo!. sent to Cyr!s and asked -or a.ll not h.n horror to see .

at the head o.s s. and lea0e he 3as 3.n h.I .0ate yo!r -.I a/ -or+ed to destroy e./sel./ and he -o!nd h.ers +a/e -ro/ Cyr!s .ned not to re+e. Cyr!s set o!t -ro/ . $') 1ean3h.s ene/.n.s present -or+e 3as at Cyr!s5 ser0.those 3ho re+e.n the +. he -.n.!s the. on the +ontrary h.!s to *o..t. $:) 4o3 the Hellenes on the seaboard o--ered /any .0e yo! pea+e.ll yo!r lands .0e h. 3hen h.n the hands o. and 3hen Ado!s.n. so that yo! +an t. 4o3 . and so dre3 o-.ers.a /ade preparat.h -est. $9#) B!t the h.s ar/y.any one o--ends a.e. h.sons .le h. and the 7Gentle/en.eEen.+s 3.tho!t -ra!d or .n. Then Hystaspas stat.elds 3.. There!pon the Car.a on the o.!.le and -or the 3el-are o.%ed on the sa/e n.ns.0e yo!r open.r ar/s. Ho3e0er..ty . to obey Hystaspas .. p!t h.ans.!..he 3./sel.tho!t -ear.n.s pla+e .ldren to ea+h other.tadels.ned they had been +heated.n Hystaspas. the -. I took an oath to yo! that I 3o!ld enter yo!r 3alls and 3hen he 3o!ld not./ -ollo3.nto Phry. Th!s +on-ronted 3. I a/ pers!aded I shall ha0e entered to the detr.. $?) Ha0.ans 3o!ld be /ore 3./ent o.arr.le h.yo!.r satrap.ed 3.nF!.7 $L) At that the /en on .th.dst 3.ther s.!s ans3ered. tak.eteers -ro/ Phry.!nprepared 3hene0er I labo!rers.e othe he took h.h.ans .s -ate to the *!d. and sent o!t orders to that e--e+t. entered the 3alls.sted they sho!ld .0ed o...ttle 0e%ed.ll.0e the As.r 3alls and -or the 3el-are o.ansJ and on h.endly ter/s.0al . and departed.n.le those 3ho sho3ed a d.tho!t -ra!d or ./ 3h. Pers./sel./a.a. b!t only to pay tr. to one h.arr. the roads 3ere -.r horses and the. he had to p!t h. At break both.le Cyr!s had sent Hystaspas 3.7 He .n all the +. they sent to Cyr!s be.shed. I . 3hether there 3as need -or /ore troops or s.s hands.nst these la3s.!. B!t ./ent o. to s3ear that he 3o!ld enter 3.ll.r 3alls.0ed h.. 3.spos.a..ates 3ere -l!n. and .they heard that another ar/y 3as ad0an+.nes.. only lea0.Hystaspas.le 3.. b!t Ado!s.!s be./. -or the Phry.r.0ed /e.n the.n../ to re/a../posed these ter/s on e.ans had to s3ear they 3o!ld I shall ha0e +o/e -or yo!r and allo3 the/ to reta. $99) And Cyr!s sent 3ord to Ado!s. .on to ea+h other they 3ere /ore than a l.n.n the./ to /ake Ado! 3.ther party 3. and the land 3as -!ll opea+e and *oy-!lness.s day -or3ards yo! /!st /eet on -r.s ar/y.0e h. and had the stron.n the /. and sent -or the lead.both part.r 3eapons and /ade to -ollo3 the ar/y as sl.ll be h. $>) 1ean3h.n..and -or the 3el-are o.the Car.Cyr!s.those 3ho re+e. and both .n sa-ety.s l.Cyr!s and the Pers...lled 3.the. oPhry.b!te and ser0e 3here0er Cyr!s +o//anded./sel.eld.s l. .!s +a/e ba+k he bade h.those 3ho had s!b/. They held h.le /essen.oned stron.all -olk h!rry./ 3.ther o./ not only h. $9") 8h..ood -a.s o3n troops b!t /any /o!nted /en and tar.n the. $() Ho3e0er.elds 3ere thron.ons to hold h.+e to e/ploy else3here .holds 3ere to be depr.son .n.a.s -ortresses and not y. 3.e!tenants 3ere th!s e/ployed./plored h.tadels.tho!t -ra!d or .e!tenants deserted h.tho!t the an ar/y .n. Cyr!s and o!rsel0es 3. a ./ pled. Ado!s.-ts and bar.n. There-ore -ro/ th. +!lt.

$K) 8hen Cyr!s heard o. ar+hers.n.2ard.ll .n-antry -or the 3. lea0.s= b!t I ha0e arran. and at that /o/ent a deserter +a/e to .s all.n.s -or+es.t o./sel-.te these .th steel. At len.nE/en.n./.s -r.l they /et .ed that the -re.ra+.+ers to ser0e as +he+ks on the.n ea+h 3a. the po3er o.ntent.e.s Pers.d the.n.nspe+ted h.t 3as.+ers are hand. /ar+h.ans 3ho had ser0ed h.. $9L) Cyr!s 3as /ar+h.ends and o--. as a r!le.hts sho!ld be . and 3ho d.n -!ll or not. the!nd h. na/ely. $") Ha0. attended by h. h.ers . a lar. !n.n0entory o. so that .ther s.ons.0ered the s+rolls= 78. taken b!t on h.ers.nd.n.t 3as .ntended to atta+k as soon as he be.n. b! an . and red!+ed the Arab.n -ront s!pported by those beh.nn.rely 3. and then rode ro!nd the 3alls h.on.. $C.s troops sl. on yo!r part.7 $9K) And Cyr!s ans3ered= 7It 3as k.e -or+e o.n.r .ed by the do!bl.n. The t3o 3. s!r0eyed the -ort.b!te a/on. $?) Th!s the /en .ends and the lead.n.r o3n property.ble to s!rro!nd . and the.n the rear e%a+tly oppos...ers .n.n .n o./.n +har. Croes!s 3.n.on.o!s h.o!sly th.h.ots.r 3eapons.ty he s!rro!nded . he +o/pelled all the s!b*e+t pop! r. bes. to Babylon..s 3as not s!rpr. Cyr!s.r horses and at lar. he +ons.n -ront 3ere . they steal the.Greater Phry.the l.n. Th.son the pla+e.a0e the/sel0es !n.nn!/erable.ns to keep +a0alry t.tled to the/.s be. Croes!s presented an a++!rate ..//ense body o.ers.n.they . o0er the. -or they had .th h.e0eryth. 3ork. o.n the 3orld +o!ld -a+e a /ere hand-!l ar/ed 3.+at. 3.//ed.r horses and besto3ed the/ on the 3ere eF!ally +heered.+a0alry. he prepared to lead o-.e0ery k.n. and a lon. so/e to +arry ar/s.ans .ll horses le-t o0er to d.s troops.s -or+es -ro/ the 3alls and to 3.. Croes!s. -or they sa3 that the others 3o!ld en+o!nter the ene/y -.dered the/ 0ery o3n sta-.ans o.n the +entre o.n-antry to . not all the sl.r+!. and -or+ed the/ to -ollo3 the ar/y as sl.ty 3as so enor/o!s that .+e. b!rnt the.rst.n..nJ allo3.ood order.the +a/pa.arr. $9?) Cyr!s also took -or 3as not -ar short o.str. o. prote+ted by those . $() 8hen the phalan% 3as th!s -olded ba+k .n.s.() 8hen Cyr!s rea+hed the +./poss.on 3ho had been d.n h. yo! +an tell 3hether yo!r o--.nd.onary +entre o.the /en o3n ste3ards.nd be. b!t .r -re. past the stat.n..nes..r 3eapons . a 3eapon -or sla0es. +an do e%+ellent ser0.a and the Cappado+.n. those. tra.on.-.+hes o.t he +a/e be-ore Babylon 3.n.ans to s!b*e+t. and those 3ho ret.nn./ and sent orders to the .se the !se othe sl.n yo!r possess. and he had st.n.s 3ay he s!bd!ed the Phry.the +.. o--.n -ront and those .n.sar/ed to pra+t.tho!t ser.those 3ho are ent.= .ndly done.the all.ons laden h.3a. These s!++esses enabled h. 4o do!bt there are o++as.s.+ers o. and sa. 3ho 3ere at pa. .n+rease h.s -r.r best to please h. !nt.ately en+o!ra.s post .7 8.-orty tho!sand /en.e o./ to .ted.n-or/ h. -or the +.r depth.s to do!ble ba+k on e.hts .ans ./ -ro/ the be. those beh.ons 3hen a body o. he took a3ay these 3ords he handed the do+!/ents to h. to take tho!. and tak.t ent.the 3hole -or+e 3as stren. and *a0el.h.n.d./sel-.s as he del. he took !p h. $9() Indeed../ that the other deta+h/ents.

and.nk and /ake /erry the 3hole n.. the .+ tren+h d!.on to keep ..7 ans3ered Gobryas.ty./e the tren+hes 3ere d!. !p the earth on the.ot the less o-ten they pa!sed.0er than by . $>) 8hen they 3ere en+a/ped.s ar/y .t .!ardEposts as poss..le . pre+a!t. $9() Ho3e0er by th. a spa+e on e.r o3n s.!ard -or one /onth .on the /ore F!.e 0alo!r and +he+k than that.+ked /en.n Babylon 3hen the +. I. slo3ly.s to3ers by the r.n.t .+kly /!st they y.0er lar.hed at h. -ro/ end to end o.ll +!r0e !p3ards l.tsel-.n.0.s.a.!ards as poss.reater the pop!lat.. and -or /y part I -a.s preparat. by assa!lt 3alls so lo-ty and so stron. he d..ran./press.yo! ha0e any other s+he/e to s!. And Cyr!s heard that ..n the year. and 3as tak.endly to the/sel0es than to the Pers. 3o!ld be /ore -r.n 3.o 3hat .l they 3ere o!t o. they F!.ant.0er. The -o! and as deep as 3e +an. 3as a t.ll.pal/Etrees.h.s /en heap.on .+kened the. all o. and then 3heeled ro!nd a..s t. Chrysantas. 3e ha0e s!r0eyed the +.d these -o!ndat. and /oreEEthe pal/Etree .ld h. that 3e /ay need as -e3 .l. -eel.ons 3ere o.n an !n.n.l o.d..n to the le-t.s on+e the 3ork -or ea+h o!s. h. the /o!nd.0al .the 3all. and halted./e o.ts 3alls.ts r.Iens dr.ddle o.n. Then he had other to3ers b!..ts 3ay . $9K) Th!s h.n.the r.n..7 $9#) There!pon Cyr!s took h.l they rea+hed the. they -ell ba+k -ro/ the 3alls.n-antry 3ere dra3n nearer and nearer to the +o//ander as the l.ans.ther bank o. sho!ld not +arry .0.n.dthH7 7To be s!re .e. kno3. $9L) The /o!ths o..e eno!.ht .n.ty o. On the -lanks.d. !nt.n. /ar+hed a -e3 pa+es.h the /.ans and Arab.t 3.ded the sp. 8hen Cyr!s heard that. b!t the /en then they t!rned.ty on e0ery s. -a+.the tren+hes 3ere opened.l. he set h.r pa+e and 3ent o-.est.h. lea0.reater he.hed lo!der st.7 $') Then Chrysantas spoke= 7Does not the r.s e0en better prote+ted by .s ar/y 3as e/ployed. they tho!.tak.s beyond o!r po3er= b!t let !s /eas!re o-.n +lose order. ea+h d.s not at least a F!arter o.ans la!.r F!arters. $9?) At th. I propose that 3e red!+e the/ by blo+kade.ons..ons so that the r. .n. b!t the -!rther they . $99) Then he set to 3ork to b!.0e the .+h Cyr!s sa. 7and so deep that the 3ater 3o!ld +o0er t3o / one stand.ans. and d. and .t. Cyr!s +alled a +o!n+. a h!ndred -eet lon.3ho/..l to see any poss. the +a0alry and the l.h -est. As soon as the darkness -ell.7 $:) At 3h.ends and oan ass beneath a load.0er. the 3alls.t -o!nd .on that he /eant to bes.the +.reatly pleased at the .de.eld to h!n.e the to last the/ /ore than t3enty years.n the 3alls la!. 3e /!st -ore.a /. a tren+h as 3.= on the other hand.n -a+t the +..ble. they had s!ppl.0er -lo3 thro!.lt alon.+ers and sa.. -a+. on the other5s sho!ldersJ .ht. both the -ront and the rear ranks 3ere -or/ed o.nto h.t.!arded by Phry. so as to ha0e as /any .s to3ers. and !nder press!re .ro3s to a .n order to .nterr!pted /ar+h !nt. 71y -r. he had a .p.b.ty .ht lon.on that see/ed +al+!lated to en+o!ra.ble. $L) 8hen the 3hole phalan% 3as .ans and Cappado+.s /eas!re/ents all ro!nd the +.s /en to 3ork.ons .es. a d.nto t3el0e. the/sel0es se+!re. !nless they +o/e o!t to -. !nt.s..spos. e0en .s tren+h. set +ontra+ted.none o. the -oe.dea obe. and ..s the Babylon. $9") He la.h -or a lo-ty to3er.ans and 6yd.

$"") I.s n.t.n.ates !nbarred.n.rst. $"') As the d.t /eant.ned !p . $9') They l.nto the heart o.n the.those they /et so/e 3ere str!+k do3n and sla.ts ne3 +hannel.ll lead yo! on.e by h.eld and de-end. I b. darted to -ollo3 do +l.n!/bers they o0er3hel/ed h..l o--.n. alert. Cyr!s ordered h./b 3e .n.nto the presen+e o. and they +hased the/ at the s3ord5s the 3ater po!red . !p the. Do yo!.n.nt . b.nto Babylon.//ed.a.n./.th.d.nto the dry +hannel -.5s pala+e. the 0ery -ood o-.t 3as.s no t. the/ see 3hat .r 3ay by the F!.ht the 3hole +.n.enerals and spoke as -ollo3s= $"#) 71y -r.d Cyr!s.r battle order. 3.s ret..r tho!sands. $9>) 8hen the .od to help !s.n.0erEbed -or/ed a h. -or th.h they 3ere re0ellers the/sel0es. !p anyth.r all.neEtor+h to k.ll.ates s3.sed the h!e and +ry. 7and .ates and ran o!t.a.r sho!ts.o!r ene/.!ard des+end . $"?) Co/e. and sober.the/ opened the . the .the t!/! 3e are s!re to -.ends.J 3e /!st be o-./= and not one o. and so/e ra.n to atta+k the . see.r ho/es or be b!rnt to death. ea+h deta+h/ent dra3n !p t3o deep.h. others snat+h. /e.od o.oned there.t 3o!ld not s!rpr.0olleys -ro/ the roo-s 3hen the ar/y enters the .n.n h.h -or /ar+h..tar are the 0ery /en 3e ha0e +onF!ered be-ore. horse and -oot al. to Gadatas and Gobryas. 7sho3 !s the streets.n.yo! are tro!bled by the tho!.ends +o0ered the +ry 3. re/e/ber.n. the.any o. -or one . hard on the heels o. the n..s /en.7 sa.n.d yo! lay these -ears as.n. and .s .d .s o3n the/ then and there.d Gobryas and h.all h.7 he sa. yo! kno3 the/J and on+e 3e are .ll be -or+ed to -lee -ro/ the.s Pers.s .s hand.ates +losed. they soon -o!nd the/sel0es be-ore the on+e and take the/ !nprepared. the/sel0es as best they .h3ay . And th!s.n.s -r.r roo-s 3e ha0e a .s o3n body.nd the pala+eE.!ard.r/ eno!.. 3hen they 3ere a3ake.s -eet.s /en.r ho!ses. t.the botto/ 3as -.n. and that too 3hen they had the.ns.+ers to br.t+h and to3 to -eed . he +alled a +o!n+.re3 lo!der and lo!der. ro!nd a blaI. b!t the /en to help the/. the .n yo!r hand= God help.7 $"() 72o 3e 3.ll. By sheer 3e. -or !sJ he o--ers !s a passa... and all are !nprepared= and 3hen they learn that 3e are 3.7 $"L) There!pon they entered= and o.n the 3alls.n. 8e /!st take heart and enter -earlessly. 3.n. so/e o. that those a.!ards r!shed on the/ as they lay the/ 3hen so/e are asleep and so/e are dr!nk.0er has stepped as. I !s to -. those 3.t!/en.n.the others 3ho -led ba+k a.s dra3n s+.ndle .n . and others -led . and to the pala+e.ty . b!t Gobryas and h. as tho!. and Cyr!s /ade h.a.ll /ake the/ p.n..d!r. ar/ed to the teeth. 7there .nto the. $":) Gadatas and o.n.nk.+kest ro!te.pal/E3ood and 0arn./ on h.ty.n.. and +losed 3.dd. -or the doors are /ade o. sheer aston. $"K) And 3e shall +o/e 3. The./e -or l.ll /ore helpless than be-ore.r old order.n be+a/e a3are b.o a.n. take yo!r s3ords . $9:) 8hen they sa. to ser0e as a sh. -.ately. lead !s stra. the r. $">) Here the deta+h/ent !nder Gobryas and Gadatas -o!nd the . the k. /ak. so that the r.r por+hes are they 3ere all +!t do3n..s al3ays stat.0en o0er to re0elry.n!e es+aped. $K#) They -o!nd h.s n.shed 3. so/e set a-la/e.hEroad . $"9) sa.n...nst 3ho/ 3e are to /ar+h th. the all. t!rn.nd a .n. to see .th the p. They 3.reat strea/ had taken to .the to3n..the k.

on at so/e +on0en.ttle -.h.t!des.s to be done 3.tadel -or !se . all day lon.t!de 3o!ld po!r on.t!de.s personal -r.ssed the/.. As -or h.s personal -r.the booty as an o--er.d= .s -r.ed o!t these orders.ntrod!+e the/ .s s.0ed.t .tho!t /ore ado.ent pla+e. and .dd.h. b!t the ne%t / appear b!t seldo/ .s heralds /ake pro+la/at.ends appeared.Cyr!s.n the str!.a.s hand and dra3 the/ to h. he .lad to be d.n.ty 3as the +apt.san+e be+a!se they had been s!--ered to take 0en.s Cyr!s -elt that the t..tted he sa.n /!lt.n the +.n.7 8.on that all the +.0ed all 3ho des.s to those 3ho/ he +o!nted h.s+o0ered . .r !nr. 3h.a0e o!t that no one e%+ept h.l 3e ha0e pr. $KL) At the sa/e t.0ered the bod.n+. and stand.n.sed the -ollo3. shedd.son.t o0er -orth3.o!s.l the e0en.ends and . 3o!ld -all be-ore there had been a /o/ent5s le.s -r. $KK) And 3hen .+ b!.ends 3o!ld yo!. b.ans./.s +ro3d.oned ro!nd h.tJ and the d. the.ed to h. and then 3e +an talk at o!r ease.d the.rst they .ndoors !nder pa.n so/e!ed a pro+la/at.n.the -allen to the. and .day he took h.n any ho!se all the .r deserts they 3ere .ll the so.ll. I a/ 0ery an%.+o!ld.s attendants d.a0e thanks to the .hteo!s k.n..shed th. $K() 8hen all 3as done he s!//oned the Pers.le he del..0ed. tears that h. 7Perhaps. Then he the s!.ttle late th.shed 3.s all. and s!+h o.= and he 3.str. $K:) H.r k.on to the lan+ers stat.a0e a!d.n s!+h a 3ay as ele+ted to re/a.s partners the Pers. thr!st.n the e%plo.tadel the/sel0es.h.enerals 3ere to be allo3ed a++ess. $K') The people.n.str.n.+e to those !nder 3hose r!le they 3ere pla+ed. A++ord.ests and told the/ the +. s+he/e.ns-olk -or b!r.n 3ere to 3arn the .ld. $?9) 2o they 3o!ld .on 3as on the pr.ted to +o/e and tell h.s -r. . and t.ends and the .th th.ends 3ere only too .0e o.n 3.need.n. 3hen they heard that he . 78a.ods and d.n the street. $K>) A-ter Cyr!s had a +ordon oPers. $?#) All that Cyr!s +o!ld do then 3as to say. and bade h.3.n /a* /!st del.o!s /ysel.tants to stay .arr.ood3.0es they re+e. -ast. $K9) Cyr!s sent sF!adrons o.n.h the +ro3d.s a l. 3h.+ and al3ays 3. $K") 8h.t.n.. be-ore h./e that 3e broke !p.n +ase o.ll and +on+!rren+e o.7 2o h./e he .n.ends. the/ t. $K?) Cyr!s took .n.le to .rstE-r!.th partners .es o.r best to d.hts kne3 that the +. 3.entle/en.t. orders to k.tors.reater and . and then a +erta.t. .ss. /y -r.s spear and bade the/ set as.n.n.ro3.n. Be s!re to +o/e early toE/orro3.tho!t see/. the best pr. sla. already asse/bled lon.0. Cyr!s 3o!ld stret+h o!t h.le those 3ho kne3 speak 3.n.t 3as day and those 3ho held the he./ . !nt. thron. .s!.n a++ess there 3as /!+h * h.n.. and ..ean+e on spee+h 3.n.h. !nt.n.b!ted the ho!ses and the p!bl./. and the to rest at last.n. !n.n.--erent roads 3. they 3ere pers!aded to s!rrender the +. he /. and then they -ell to k.+a0alry do3n the d.0er !p the.*oy and .de and say.n.n./ than be-ore.s e0en.s/.ends. Cyr!s 3as at the sa/e spot and a /!+h .n/ates 3o!ld be p!t to death. to the .ods and /ark o!t land -or sa+red de/esnes. and re+e.s -r. and no the .n p!bl. and Cyr!s had the/ pla+ed .b!t. and -.le they they had not re+e.en+e.0ed the.s -r.h. the hands and -eet o.any tho!.n a +o//andant and a ..ra+.ty 3as taken and the k.l and pay the d!es and render 3.ts o.ple a++epted./. and /ade o-./. 2o the ar/s 3ere s!rrendered.reater +on+o!rse o.a0e the/ to !nderstand they 3ere to treat as s!b*e+ts the +apt. At break o.tors ro!nd h.ssed. They had done penan+e eno!.s stat. Gobryas and Gadatas ret!rned. and sent . b!t the /!lt.Ies to the bra0est /en= and .r 3ay thro!..d obe. and s+he/. and as soon as they 3ere ad/./e 3as +o/e to ass!/e the style and /anner that be+a/e a all they -o!nd .t.r ar/s= 3here0er 3eapons 3ere d.ends arr. There-ore he de0.s!re -or h.ans. and 3hene0er any o.

n p!bl.tted to. 7I /ake no do!bt yo! obser0ed yo!rsel0es that -ro/ early da3n t./e 3o!ld +o/e at last 3hen yo! need not .th /eEEoh. that .7 $?') Cyr!s pa!sed.d not so arran.a +o//ander not to be beh.rst -r.n. and 3e . Then the ene/y5s +a/p 3as taken.+h I need not state.s done to be done and see.oners.ed to be yo!r -r.ttle le.led to -!l-.ble ne3s that the 3hole 3orld 3as . !rther.nst the .nk.ans *o.ll late e0en.7 he added.t h. ready 3.ll I -elt +erta.5 And then +a/e the terr.n. b!t.a.ness I 3o!ld rather b.ather.llery.nk yo! had the hold o.n.all 3ent 3ell.n so/e perple%.s /atter.ed the/ abo!t 3.t.s o0er.ll . and I s+ar+ely th.n. and 3e lo0ed the/ so /!+h 3e al/ost +arr. to pet.s the -.that yo! and /e.ood +o/pany o. transa+t the.d 3ell.n.h they had -a.all h.ness o. 3hy.d= 7Yo! d. b!t also 3.yo! ha0e a +han+e. Be+a!se . 3e +annot e%+la.that a!d.end. There-ore I seek yo!r ad0. 7I -oresee another abs!rd +onseF!en+e. and I sa. and toEday yo! see th.ll s. and sa. 3as that Gobryas be+a/e yo!r rest and re-resh/ent.e /atters -ro/ the -. sho!ld pay so/e +o!rt to yo!. and I had to take /y th.on.n 3ar .p.en+e yonder.lad to learn -ro/ any o. 53hen he .al3ays appear. I sho!ld ha0e tho!. ..they 3anted anyth.a.n -ront o. to that yo! as o-ten as I be+o/e yo!r +o/rade and ha0e the r. $?>) B!t toEday.ends. . b!t st.rsty -or all.table /ysel..s apt to let th./e be-ore any those 3ho/ 3e are bo!nd to +are -or.. and no do!bt yo! had to pay the/ +o!rtJ . A-ter that the Hyr+an../e .n.a0e yo!.by th. -ro/ the 0ery -.7 he added.. I +al+!late that 3hat yo! 3.ndhand .nsat. s+ar+ely one othe/ do I kno3 at all.ttle eno!.Epo. and I 3o!ld be .se.. 3hen yo! 3ere de/ands ./portant / a/on.yo!.ned !s. ha0e a -eel.d not need /e. .th b!s.s +ro3d be-ore !s. 3ho had +la.+e and +o!nsel.t /ore s!. I ne0er +eased l.n o!r ar/s 3here0er 3e 3ent.s!++ess /eans that a /an /!st -or-e.n yo!r pra.yo! the happ.ods as tho!.d -are3ell. the -.s k.s done.d the 3ork 3ell.s o3n le.end. $?L) Perhaps yo! o.rst.. $(") 2o that there I . B!t . 3hen 3e 3ere h!n.. and yet all the 3h. the 3ork 3as done. at all.n.s!re and the . I +onsoled /ysel.h. yo! /!st dan+e attendan+e on the/. 3hat o!. o.n at /y start. as I sa3 yo! b!sy 3.ends. Cyr!s. and a-ter h.ends 3e /ade.I had so/e +la. $?() I.te -or.yo!.n. to open th. and by that .s /!st be s!b/. /y -r. -ro/ /e. and .ll a boy. ba+k a.e /atters so that all . $?:) Then +a/e a l!+ky /o/ent 3hen yo! d. Then +a/e the all. to3ards yo! 3h.ll be l.+.s he 3.ots and horses and +har. the 1edes 3.rst b!s.ll ha0e a !s .n the hopes o.ty.oes 3ell.ry and th.s!re to tro!ble yo!r head st.d to /ysel. $??) Ith. and the .ood /essen.t 3as a real task to ./e and I o./e to be yo!r .n. $(#) 8ell.r!d.sten. They ha0e .a.ness -or /e.ll than yesterday5s. I -eel as .nd o.s -r.t .ans. and the Cado!s.$?") 71y -r.rst I lon.r b!s. . as to ho3 I +an arran.s!re -or / the order -ro/ Cya%ares. I /. 3hat they 3ant o!t o. .n o.n. and 3hat I shall .I really helped yo!. 3hen 3ar 3.ntrod!+t../ a. .nt. and !p rose ArtabaI!s the 1ede. .d ha0e need be noth.ns/an.ranted all 3e asked. b!t I sa3 yo! d.s seldo/ seen ./ed to be to talk 3.nst !sJ I +o!ld not deny that these 3ere .eneral 3ho .n ar/s a.they dan+ed attendan+e on yo!.n. lar.shed.I d.nstead o.t . and so I shrank -ro/ approa+h.that . Years 3. not only 3. and yet they are all prepared to thr!st the/sel0es . a t.s sl. $(9) The ne%t th.ans. $?K) Yesterday./ysel3.n.est sol!t.yo! 3. I F!.e /e yo!r +o/ the 2ak.ends. I a/ .l o!r prayers./ Gadatas./ /ysel.that /en o. and done so as to 3. yo!.n.ts .ll ask 3hy I d.le. personally.

ht.s appeal set the/ all la!./e to take !p h. 8e d.n./e I 3.+h the/.sposed to th. It 3as ne+essary to 3./ as a +.oddess o.yo!H7 $(>) 8hen Chrysantas had spoken th!s.n h.spense 3.on there .ps o. and also be+a!se 3e 3ere not the -olk yo! had to pay yo!r +o!rt to. o. the hardsh.res. ./sel-. or 3hen he .e o.n p!bl.+ed to Hest. stand. 3. -or the reasons yo! ha0e .p. and not the/ aloneJ yo! ha0e . he set h.nk.n yo!r po3er to .nated at h. $(') Th.7 $(() Th./ 3ho +o!ld enr.. or .n the 3orld 3ho 3o!ld not th.le there 3as e0ery reason to s!ppose that the e!n!+h 3o!ld be the /ost -a.s.tho!t so/e s!+h prote+t.n +har. the . $(L) B!t no3 yo! ha0e 3on the/.a0e /e . b!t yet a +.n*!red. and bade /e 3a. the day has +o/eJ 3e ha0e +onF!ered .. And .any 3ay +an be -o!nd by 3h. he!l o- on+e /ore.all s!+h dear ones..t bes.a. and the atte/pt he 3as /ak.n0./sel.n o0er the /asses by e0ery /eans.ood= b!t.s /eals.n. /ore sa+red than h. and there I 3a.old.n.s not a /an . o0er h.n.d the 3orld.sho!ld be to. there all day stood !p and spoke as -ollo3s= 7 or/erly.yo! alone 3ere le-t 3.h that a /an +an /ost eas.t .0en to seek the ass. e%+ept those 3ho 3ere yo!r -r.tho!t a s+rap to eat or a drop to dr. or .yo!.= 3e 3ere 3.nk he +o!ld o!tb. noth.3e sa3 yo! bear.raded that yo! sho!ld appear .an pr. I s3ear I +o!ld ne0er ha0e .0en !s yo!rsel-.s .t +a/e abo!t that Cyr!s entered the pala+e. .all -a/o!s +.ldren.s!+h bene-. ..n. .desH 2ho!ld 3e not -eel 3e had done yo! 3ron. prepar.0es.the +a/p 3h.s asleep. yo! and I..nk.those he had abo!t h.n the .s ho/e.s th.n.e0ery /an.d not need . the en0y o.+h 3e 3ho ha0e ser0ed yo! lon.tho!t hearth or ho/eH 1an has noth. and to Oe!s the 6ord.e bro!. Th. the +ynos!re o.sts a h!ndred t. to .th hono!r.e0ed. and taken ad0anta.n bed.ends o. $L9) 1oreo0er the e!n!+h. Cyr!s..n the +on-err.n.!ard -or h.. and handed the/ o0er.ests. and th.ether to /y heart5s +ontent.s dr.ll tell the/ they +an all lea0e yo!.t. 3ho are depr.ty that 3as as host.s abode .n the eyes oother /en./sel. at the sa/e t.ty +o!ld be. and all to the sa/e e--e+t.e0ery eye. and those .s done.the Hearth.ods na/ed by the Pers. $L#) He kne3 that /en 3.t yo! . And so . Cyr!s 3. 8.o0ern an enor/o!s /!lt.they 3ere to share o!r to. A /an.3ho 3ere /ost to be tr!sted o.ts he 3as d. /any others -ollo3ed be assass.le e!n!+hs..rasped /y hand and . 3ell and .th +h.n others.s l. $(:) He kne3 3ell eno!. 7that 3e o!rsel0es 3o!ld be asha/ed .7 he added.s the treas!res -ro/ 2ard.s. s3eeter.n 3ho/ they del.they 3ere .es.n. 8ell. he +on+l!ded that he +o!ld not d.!ard.nk he had the r./es. pray send /e as yo!r / pro-. or -a0o!r.s at o!r -eet.h.le to h. /ore tr!ly re. by lord and /aster.s bath.!late the /atters that re/a.reatest o.res h..t 3as nat!ral and r.. $(K) 4o3. or help the/ .ly.ll. and he asked h.t.ned.ot near yo! at all. $(?) 2o no3.s and BabylonJ the 3orld . 3o!ld s!rely /ake /ost a++o!nt o. or 3.-.h.n. /!st needs lo0e the/ /ost= 3h.a. all th. And do yo! not th./.reat battleJ 3e ha0e taken 2ard.kely to lo0e another /ore than the one 3ho reF!.not.n. and the /o/ent has +o/e 3hen yo! o!. and to any other ..est +an . Then Chrysantas the yo! -or o!r o3n a yo!. and the /ost o. yo! .n.le 3e sat at ho/e by o!r o3n -.nk. +an ne0er be loyal or tr!st3orthy 3ho .th the rest./.ansh.reet.s t. be.thrasM !nless I had !sed /y -. 8hat 3o!ld yo!r e/p. or +ro3n the/ to o0erErea+h a e!n!+h= 3h. And Cyr!s 3hen he entered and o!r dan.0ed o.ers 3.tes .ther. .stan+e o.n.n. noth. de.n. ponder.t! to ha0e a ho!se to yo!rsel-..n the .

s pass.nk that 3hat yo! hold belon.nto the hands o. It .es.e as .bly another added to .te and be rest.+.n.n the +hase they sho3 pla.s doorkeepers on3ards. . b!t he 3.r n!/bers by the. It .oodJ and those 3ho t.t 3as best to stay 3.s .nst the /!lt. and he asked h.the.s . and sk.entler.n.t .r /asters. 6astly.n.n the.allantly as e0erJ a b!ll that has been +!t 3. -ro/ h.s to others.n. s!r0. no do!bt. $L?) In 3ar and . He st!d.nd.0es at ho/e o3.n.n.on . Cyr!s resol0ed that h.n 3ar.r property -all .er -or hono!r.a/ personal attendants.the lead... .!ard -or Babylon.r hearts.o!r o3n. not less dar.r po0erty. hard.ll +ease to stren.shar.hood.ll not r!.-ro/ th.ood as e0er -or 3orkJ +astrat.t.d not lose the.tyJ and he bade the Babylon.n../ and re/e/ber!ard.r pay.ll +har.loyalty .shed there. the rest.all ser0ants.ether.the +onF!erors. b!t not less F!. that yo! hold 3hat yo! ha0e taken. h.s a . 3e o3e the !t/ost thanks to the .t 3. to the.ard so. he +alled a +o!n+. $L") As -or the +!sto/ary not.t. the.+k to obey.the.o!s horse.on. 3.sposed to a++ept . and hard on the n.ty to the s!b*e+t peoples.s taken . $>9) To a0o. and to /ar+h bes. not less ea. 8e are /asters toEday o..on that the e!n!+h /!st be 3eak and +o3ardly. and /akes the 3eak /an eF!al to the stron. and 3orld o0er.a.!ard ro!nd the pala+e.n /.reat le0eller. b!t .l.Iens.n.ans led the sorr.s royal . $>#) Th.r 0alo!r.d the appearan+e od.n an.s day !naltered.son.ods be+a!se they ha0e .n.reat +o!ntry and a . . and day.n.0e to th.3ho/ he +o!ld +hoose a/on.n+ed that h./ 3hene0er he 3ent abroad. $>K) or yo! need not th.ene/.er+e and less .s +o!rt. the.ent a..l h.arr.0e.s not by . not less sk.ether those bra0e 3arr.derable body o.n.ll b!rn. /en 3ho see/ed to h. to the/ and to br. $L>) He re/e/bered ho3 h.s o!rs.n.t!re that .t abo!t that they sho!ld see -or the/sel0es .s ob*e+t be. to /ake the +.r dan.-e at h.ll not lose h. Hold.s st. .troops . too. he -elt that Babylon /!st al3ays ha0e an adeF!ate .. and there-ore he stat./ -or the +hase. sho!ld be e!n!+hs one and all.e0ed that 3e deser0ed.r 0alo!r and the. that 3hen a +.elded.s Pers.ll be+o/e less -.r tra. rather .t 3. as he pondered ho3 the 3hole e/p. or spo.ers and the..ans pro0./sel. 3hether he 3as . and there-ore h!/ble and s!b/./ /ost 3orthy o.ll . b!t steel .ss.+.ll be as . Cyr!s 3as not h. to 3ho/ h.r persons.ll. to keep .de!lness than e!n!+hs 3hen r!. h.n the/ .n. 3.Iens helpless.n.s .oned a +ons.ty .t!de o. 4o /en ha0e sho3n /ore -a. $L') A++ord. there-ore. th.!ard that he establ. $L:) o. And they ha0e stood the last test o.ors. b!t he 3.ty .ed the . $LL) Th.r 7Gentle/en. perhaps. the/.nly eno!. o.est ol.+tory 3as d!e.n*!st. as horse/en.r s!per.n h.0en !s 3hat 3e bel.nd.a ./als= a 3as to be kept to.n the +o!ntry or not.n 3ar./ as a 3at+hEdo. they be+o/e . There-ore he /!st keep to.0e. /y -r. $>") And 3hen they 3ere /et he be.n. and he -elt s!re they 3ere the /en 3ho 3o!ld /ost 0al!e the /enJ 3hen +!t o-.s an eternal la3 the 3.on /ay +!re a do. he 3. he -elt +on0. ho3e0er. the +.s /er+enar. 3hene0er he 3as at ho/e.r lords.s the *a0el. $LK) 2o. and all hea0en5s help the 0.ends and all.n the he sele+ted ten tho!sand lan+ers -ro/ a/on.the Peers and o.+at. $L() In bod.n the do3n-all o. lon.l-!l 3.ons to be obser0ed . the e!n!+hs see/ to be la+k.ll s!pport !sJ 3e ha0e ho!ses o. he -elt 3as hardly s!--. and all the -!rn.l o. and the +.d not /ake !p -or the s/allness o.+tat.h that the -.s / stren. 3ork. and he /!st take all +are that they d.n has -allen on the.

thro!,h yo!r o3n h!/an k.ndness that the +.t.Iens are allo3ed to keep 3hate0er they do reta.n. $>?) 7Yet I -oresee that .- 3e betake o!rsel0es to the l.-e o.ndolen+e and l!%!ry, the l.-e o- the de,enerate 3ho th.nk that labo!r .s the 3orst o- and -reedo/ -ro/ to.l the he.,ht o- happ.ness, the day 3.ll +o/e, and, 3hen 3e shall be !n3orthy oo!rsel0es, and the loss o- hono!r 3.ll +o/e the loss o- 3ealth. $>() On+e to ha0e been 0al.ant .s not eno!,hJ no /an +an keep h.s 0alo!r !nless he 3at+h o0er .t to the end. As the arts de+ay thro!,h ne,le+t, as the body, on+e healthy and alert, 3.ll ,ro3 3eak thro!,h sloth and .ndolen+e, e0en so the po3ers o- the sp.r.t, te/peran+e, sel-E+ontrol, and +o!ra,e, .- 3e ,ro3 sla+k .n tra.n.n,, -all ba+k on+e /ore to rottenness and death. $>L) 8e /!st 3at+h o!rsel0esJ 3e /!st not s!rrender to the s3eetness o- the day. It .s a ,reat 3ork, /eth.nks, to -o!nd an e/, b!t a -ar ,reater to keep .t sa-e. To se.Ie .t /ay be the -r!.t o- dar.n, and dar.n, only, b!t to hold .t .s ./poss.ble 3.tho!t sel-Erestra.nt and sel-E+o//and and endless +are. $>>) 8e /!st not -or,et th.sJ 3e /!st tra.n o!rsel0es .n 0.rt!e -ro/ no3 hen+e-or3ard e0en ,reater d.l.,en+e than be-ore 3e 3on th.s ,lory, re/e/ber.n, that the /ore a /an possesses, the /ore there are to en0y h./, to plot a,a.nst h./, and be h.s ene/.es, abo0e all 3hen the 3ealth he 3.ns and the ser0.+es he re+e.0es are y.elded by rel!+tant hands. B!t the ,ods, 3e need not do!bt, 3.ll be !pon o!r s.deJ 3e ha0e not tr.!/phed thro!,h .n*!st.+eJ 3e 3ere not the a,,ressors, .t 3as 3e 3ho 3ere atta+ked and 3e a0en,ed o!rsel0es. $>') The ,ods are !s, I sayJ b!t ne%t to that s!pre/e s!pport there .s a de-en+e 3e /!st o!t o- o!r o3n po3ers aloneJ and that .s the r.,hteo!s +la./ to r!le o!r s!b*e+ts be+a!se 3e are better /en than they. 4eeds /!st that 3e share o!r sla0es .n heat and +old and -ood and dr.nk and to.l and sl!/ber, and 3e /!st str.0e to pro0e o!r s!per.or.ty e0en .n s!+h th.n,s as these, and -.rst .n these. $>:) B!t .n the s+.en+e o- 3ar and the art o- .t 3e +an ad/.t no shareJ those 3ho/ 3e /ean to /ake o!r labo!rers and o!r tr.b! +an ha0e no part .n thatJ 3e 3.ll set o!rsel0es to de-ra!d the/ thereJ 3e kno3 that s!+h are the 0ery tools o- -reedo/ and happ.ness, ,.0en by the ,ods to /ortal /en. 8e ha0e taken the.r ar/s a3ay -ro/ o!r sla0es, and 3e /!st ne0er lay o!r o3n, kno3.n, 3ell that the nearer the the +loser the heart5s 2o. Does any /an ask h./sel- 3hat pro-.t he has ,a.ned -ro/ the -!l-.l/ent o- h.s drea/s, .- he /!st st.ll end!re, st.ll !nder,o h!n,er and th.rst and to.l and tro!ble and +areH 6et h./ learn the lesson that a /an5s en*oy/ent o- all ,ood th.n,s .s .n e%a+t proport.on to the pa.ns he has !nder,one to ,a.n the/. To.l .s the season.n, o- del.,htJ 3.tho!t and lon,.n,, no, ho3e0er +ostly, +o!ld be s3eet. $'9) Yes, .- so/e sp.r.t 3ere to set be-ore !s 3hat /en /ost, and 3e 3ere le-t to add -or o!rsel0es that -.nal to!+h o- s3eetness, I say that 3e +o!ld only ,a.n abo0e the poorest o- the poor .n so -ar as 3e +o!ld br.n, h!n,er -or the /ost del.+.o!s -oods, and th.rst -or the r.+hest 3.nes, and 3ear.ness to /ake !s 3oo the deepest sl!/ber. $'") There-ore, 3e /!st stra.n e0ery ner0e to 3.n and to keep /anhood and noblenessJ so that 3e /ay ,a.n that sat.s-a+t.on 3h.+h .s the s3eetest and the best, and be sa0ed -ro/ the b.tterest o- sorro3sJ s.n+e to -a.l o- ,ood alto,ether .s not so hard as to lose the ,ood that has on+e been o!rs. $'K) And let !s ask o!rsel0es 3hat e%+!se 3e +o!ld o--er -or be.n, !n3orthy o- o!r past. 2hall 3e say .t .s be+a!se 3e ha0e 3on an e/p.reH 2!rely .t .s hardly, that the r!ler sho!ld be baser than the r!led. Or .s .t that 3e see/ to be toEday than hereto-oreH Is +o3ard.+e, then, an ad*!n+t o- happ.nessH Or .s .t

s./ply be+a!se 3e ha0e sla0es and /!st p! the/ .- they do 3ron,H B!t by 3hat r.,ht +an a /an, 3ho .s bad h./sel-, p! others -or badness or st!p.d.tyH $'?) Re/e/ber, too, that 3e ha0e arran,ed -or the /a.ntenan+e o- a 3hole /!lt.t!de, to ,!ard o!r persons and o!r ho!ses, and .t 3o!ld be sha/e-!l -or !s to depend -or sa-ety on the 3eapons o- others and re-!se to +arry 3eapons -or o!rsel0es. 2!rely 3e o!,ht to kno3 that there +an be no de-en+e so stron, as a /an5s o3n ,allantry. Co!ra,e sho!ld be o!r +o/pan.on all o!r days. or .- 0.rt!e lea0e !s, noth.n, else 3hate0er +an ,o 3ell !s. $'() 8hat, then, 3o!ld I ha0e yo! doH Ho3 are 3e to re/e/ber o!r 0alo!r and tra.n o!r sk.llH Gentle/en, I ha0e noth.n, no0el to s!,,estJ at ho/e .n Pers.a the Peers spend the.r days at the p!bl.+ b!.ld.n,s and here 3e sho!ld do the sa/e. Here 3e are the /en o- rank and hono!r, as 3e are there, and 3e sho!ld hold to the sa/e +!sto/s. Yo! /!st keep yo!r eyes on /e and 3at+h 3hether I a/ d.l.,ent .n /y d!ty, and I shall ,.0e heed to yo!, and hono!r h./ 3ho tra.ns h./sel- .n 3hat .s bea!t.-!l and bra0e. $'L) And here too let !s ed!+ate o!r sons, .- sons are born to !s. 8e +annot b!t be+o/e better o!rsel0es .- 3e str.0e to set the best e%a/ple 3e +an to o!r +h.ldren, and o!r +h.ldren +o!ld hardly ,ro3 !p to be !n3orthy, e0en .- they 3.shed, 3hen they see noth.n, base be-ore the/, and hear noth.n, sha/e-!l, b!t l.0e .n the pra+t.+e o- all that .s bea!t.-!l and ,ood.7 4OTE2 C9. 4ot.+e the ep.+ tone no3 adopted, or rather s3!/ .nto, or rather 3h.+h -loats the 3r.ter !p o- .ts o3n /ot.on. C9." --. On the 3hole th.s o- the battle .s, -or Xenophon, obs+!re. C9.(EL. Xenophon, Th.s /.l.tary +r.t.+.s/ and te+hn.+al d.s+!ss.on *!%taposed to the ep.+ prel!de and the ep.+ seF!el .s a +le0er de0.+e eno!,h. 8e are pleased. C9.'E:. .nal .n*!n+t.ons so/e3hat obs+!re, I th.nk. C9."? --. The ep.+ and Ho/er.+ 0e.n. C9.KK. The E,ypt.ans ha0e the ad0anta,e. Th.s .s not.+eable .n re-eren+e to Cyr!s5 +r.t.+.s/s o- the.r ar/s be-ore battle. That .s not a sl.p, b!t a dra/at.+ to!+h on the part o- the a!thor, I th.nk. And Cyr!s .s speak.n, o- +a0alry there, and ant.+.pates the res!lt. C9.K? -.n. A s.n,!lar -eat!re th.s .n an+.ent battles. Is .t s./ply and solely Or.ental, or ,eneral, and Hellen.+ alsoH Has .t any analo,!e no3adays any3hereH Probably E, troops .n the 2o!dan .t has ;h,d. 9''?<. C".LE>. The ar+h.+ /an thro!,h an a+t o- bad /akes ,ood /ore a++eptable. C".9K. The +.0.l.sed /ethod o- deal.n, a +onF!ered +.ty. Instead o- p.lla,e and, an .nde/n.ty, 3h.+h 3.ll br.n, .n to the +onF!erors 3ealth, and yet not destroy the arts o- the pop!lat.on, 3h.+h are the -o!nta.nEheads o- bea!ty. ZZ 1odern. 2o the ar+h.+ /an asserts h.s s!per.or.ty on+e /ore.

C"."?. Is th.s also Xenophon5s 0.e3H I- so, .t thro3s l.,ht on h.s theory o- rank and +aste. CK.". C!r.o!s Cyr!s sho!ld be so l.ttle s!sp.+.o!s o- Abradatas5 death, .s .t notH Be+a!se the 0.+tory 3as not bloodless. 4ot.+e, too, ho3 l.ttle .s sa.d o- the bloodshedJ that .s Hellen.+ as 3ell as, I -an+y. CK.>. 2o/eth.n, ep.+ .n all th.s. C-. Ar+h.lles sa+r.-.+.n, at the to/b o- Patroklos. CK.' --. The pathos o- the s.t!at.on and the CE.rone.aC at .ts /a%./!/. 7E!r.p.dean7 to!+hes thro!,ho!t. CK.9L. $Th.s .s bra+keted .n /ost ed.t.ons, no do!bt r.,htly, as an .nterpolat.on. It 3as not translated .n 1r. Dakyns5 /an!, b!t h.s /ar,.nal note .s, and e0.dently he 3o!ld ha0e translated the se+t.on .n a -ootnote. It /ay be rendered th!s= 7It .s sa.d that a /on!/ent 3as ra.sed abo0e the e!n!+hs and .s .n e%.sten+e to th.s day. On the !pper slab the na/es o- the h!sband and the 3.-e are 3r.tten .n letters, and belo3 are three other slabs, .ns+r.bed 5To the +ha/berla.ns.57) CK.9L. Interest.n,, .- o- later .nsert.on, and perhaps ,.0en the h.stor.+al bas.s o- the story .n so/e /on!/ent on the Pa+tol!s, kno3n to Xenophon. I a ne3 2+hl.e/ann 3o!ld -.nd .t. h,d. C?. 2e/.Eh.stor.+alH The 0ers.on .s to be -o!nd, I th.nk, .n C?.", 3h.+h .s the Cp.Y+e *!st.+at.0eC. The ep.sode .tsel- .s -!ll oh!/o!r, as ,ood as a play= Xenophon has seen these d! o-ten. Brer o% o!t3.tted by Brer Rabb.t. C?.?. Can these r.0al -astnesses o- the Car.ans be .dent.-.edH All th.s +o!ntry .s 3ell kno3n to Xenophon ; Hellen.+aC, III. +. ?, et+.<. C?.L. Bea!t.-!l rene3al o- the pea+e-!l arts, -est.0als, and /erryE /ak.n,s a-ter the party str.-e. C?.:. Th.s a,a.n .s a d.str.+t Xenophon .s 3ell a+F!a.nted Has he one eye on the old .ns!rre+t.on a,a.nst Pers.a, Cte/poreC!s, and another on the ne3 arran,e/ents, Cte/poreC Antal+.dasH C?.9"E9K. Croes!s and h.s b.lls o- lad.n,. 2o/e h!/o!r. It also br.n,s o!t the ar+h.+ /an .n oppos.t.on to the shopEkeeper /an o- the /ere b!s.ness type. B!t st.ll the b.lls o- lad.n, are needed. Croes!s only doesn5t 7t3.,7 the r.,ht persons to +he+k. It5s the oppos.t.on bet3een Despot and tr!e R!ler. C(.:. Cyr!s has an .dea, the nat!re o- 3h.+h 3e shall d.s+o0er later. C(.9(. BelshaIIar5s -east, C0.deC Dan.el, +-. Hdt. 8hy pl!ral, 7the tren+hes7H Is Xenophon obs+!reH H.s obs+!r.ty .s /ostly th.s= he e%pe+ts h.s reader .ntell.,ently to -ollo3 h./. C(.K". Dars so/e3hat on o!r -eel.n,s, perhaps, .n .ts th.rst -or re0en,e= b!t +-. the -eel.n, a,a.nst the assass.ns o- 6ord reder.+k and 1r. B!rke. $8r.tten at the t./e o- the Phoen.% Park

.+!lty.s +o/pos.onC or Cra. h.s!b*e+t and r!l..s has to be taken a++o!nt o-.+al bas.ero $C0.!ard.s all lo.n a /anner be-.n.?"E?>.ted 3.stor./!rders. C(.n..b< H.s a t.ts parallel .th so /!+h -!n.+h Xenophon has to . C!r. C(.s a d.n0.nterest .n Cyr!s.n.ard.t.h.ts hollo3ness alsoH 4ot -ro/ any la+k o.n dateH Cons..s./personal or p!bl.n the end an .d spee+h o. and h!/oro!s that he doesn5t.eroC -or Xenophon5s o3n pol. C(.d.the e!n!+h has .ht be.s -eel.s C*!st.('.ho!t 3e /!st +o/pare the CH.r body and ho3 the ar+h.) C(.aC.on. so to speakH Does he also des.+ hero . A splend. no b!rthen to be 3.n.+h @arkheA .ro sla0e.losoph. +y/bal and e/p.n.s +le0erer .n the h.+!lty 3h.?'.s h. III. ZZ h.s pretty also that ArtabaI!s sho!ld at len.ot !p .n. The -a.eroC.n.n the neat and sk.E.a body.t.7 the one spoken o.nt .ends= to do so be-.aC.s not eF!al to absol!te nonEsel-Ere.tho!t 3h. royalty at a +erta. -or the s3eetness o.e .on.ot. and the notes thereto . .+al ene/.n that o.0.a< Xenophon5s do/est./sel. Cne./sel.stor.s ar+h.the @arkhonA . XenophonEHellen.res to -!rn.son d5[treC e%planat.nk yo!.the ar+h.t . C(.th th.p.s the la3 o. These se+t.?: --. It .and yet hardly yet.+es /!st be resorted toEE3hat th.des the poet to H.s the se+ret o.s!re to .on. In th. and real -!n .+ally -ollo3s .s de0elop/ent.n.n the old -or/.t.nt o!t .nna+le o.n here o.on to /ere 3ork.s -l. C-. C(.s happ.on than the -.+ theory oleadersh.+ hearth theory 3. .th. de0ot.?" .n ar/o!r +ased= that ./sel.Epo.t.ends 3h.+ theory o.s re3ard.-e. .L?.an e%pert7) so/e h. Xenophon h. the .stake. C(.+!lty 3ell.!e CH.n.t .+al theory apart -ro/ h. C(.+at. 8hy doesn5t he po.ot. He keenly re/e/bers ea+h tantal.o!s on th.hest p./on..e de0. and no /..L>.deC the d.l-!l /osa.der.K>.(L --.s needed to /ake l. Dakyns5 translat.). or .n.t .ard.h.s an h. 2o Cyr!s /!st be .-e 3orth l.the e!n!+h syste/.n.alo.ArtabaI!s5 personal 0.+ /an to be .ht .o!sly sel-Ere. It .@arkheA Cyr!s des.the h!/oro!s o0er or ro!nd. 4ot a pleasant p. b!t at C(.+ /an .th-!lness o.+ and ph. C-.+h .a.n.sten+e o.sta/enosA $7as.the old ne.(' 3e shall +o/e to body.s ro/ant.nd.+ 3ork o.n the r.--.the.approa+h and separat. Thro!./sel-. and . The le.ho/e ZZ /odern. Gadatas. At th. 0ers!s Cne.s pa.n to h. The B!ddha /.onE-ly /!st 3. A. I take .th theEEat last ne+essaryEE.te one5s o3n so!l and see one5s -r.e3 3.t.n the sa/e +onde/nat.--.H Cyr!s 0ers!s B! .tt.+t!re o.nkl.-.n0ent .nk th..on o.n. C(. Xenophon has to e%pla. Perhaps noth. DakynsH C(.--. 2. a-ter all.+al as 3ell as -r.s Xenophon h.I. Ho3 -ar are 3e to be o.+al . Is a t!rn. Cne./sel/!st be +red.ons pose the d. These are the sort o.L:.ness. The dra.-ello3s Xenophon 3o!ld ha0e +hosen h.. The Hellen. I th. /o/ent o. The need 7tyrann!s.ts a k.ot.!ards and e!n!+hs<. Nol.l.s to r!le pol.n 1r.+ /an +a/e to .et h.the e%.s barren /ank.

ll try to e%pla. One o.the ar+h.s .ty +o!ld be at rest.der th. 2plend. so/e o0er /any and so/e o0er -e3. ser0. And *!st as yo! 3o!ld 3.0ate sa-ety onlyH 4ay.n.t!t.o!r o3n -ree 3.nst.t -or the bene-.n. /any o. Cyr!s . The one so/eho3 3h.s F!.ll.l ho/e to her ha0enH $K) And 3e.rt!o!s tra.s+. hal-Edone oall 3e 3ere told to do.r bettersH 8hat +. 3e 3ere s.dly rhetor. so 3e /!st obey those 3ho are set o0er !s. C(.s de/anded= there /!st be a +orrespond.n 3ar. .s+.+.ons sa0e the/.nd yo!rsel0es r!lers.not to o!r obed.s he and h.enerated d..<.p sa. do!btless./ to be -ree/en.nks abo!t h..s/EandEsto.e .s the 2o+rat.ood e%a/ple o. O.those 3ho ha0e not learnt .'" --.ll a -!rther .!s r!led no one else. 71./pro0e o!rsel0es .s . +o!ld res.+o!rse th. And yet.n the old that bless.ans as they de.n.t . th.a. say.on to obser0e that a .Ce% /ea sentent.9) 2!+h 3ere the 3ords o. The +onF!erors r.s are ./e I ha0e had o++as. B!t toEday yo! -.e. one and all oyo!.nd o!r leader.ood -ather. C(.en+eH 8e obeyedJ 3e 3ere ready to -ollo3 the +all by 3as .>?./en 3.te !p to the /odern /ark. on one yo!r s!b*e+ts to obey yo!.pl.. b!t /ore r!dely e%pressed.s/ +o/b. e0ery ner0e to 0. re/e/ber .ans .n.n pea+e as .'# --. and 3hat Cyr!s pro+eeds to say .ned -or+eH D.s a3are I.n .+h 3e +an preser0e o!r happ.d e0er an !nd. E0en as a -ather takes tho!.s lord.n Italy. $") I 3o!ld ha0e yo! ask yo!rsel0es.obed. and orderlyH 8hat ho!sehold +o!ld be sa-eH 8hat sh.ll not obey the.t!al .s .pl.nt.'?.d..--ers .ood r!ler d. The and dayJ 3e /ar+hed to the land he has taken.s .n.+h 3e see to be the .the noblest say.ood be .e royalty.d e0er an ar/y +onF!erH Is e0er d.stra.ned ..s pre+epts nor h.. ranks that noth. . la3-!l.s t.tary7 theory o.t see/ed to /e he had spoken less -!lly than he /. C(.n the h.3e +la.s +h.n no respe+t -ro/ a .le +. thro!.hest .s. 7Gentle/en.s /ay ne0er -a.n.!/ph./ply r!led.rt!e= al/ost barbar.n.+h to!+hes /e /ost.endly to3nH 8hen d./..h.Cyr!sJ and Chrysantas rose !p a-ter h.--eren+e bet3een o!rsel0es and sla0esJ a sla0e renders !n3. Th. A noble ser/on on the need o.ness. nor d.ned.ned .son sa0e a -r..l h. +an any .s .nner +han.+e to h.ty +apt!red by an !nd.+ . BOOG NIII $C.n.>K. 3as e0er a host.aC h.+ /an nor h.o. The best 3ay to .s/ has to be adopted to hed. C(.A!str.d the .+ ZZ the /odern theory. st.>>E>:.n.+oEXenophont. C(.+al and -or+e-!l. Yet there sho!ld be th. I.d +o/e to..s d.n. .arr.s+.e%ternal.htJ and I 3.s pr.. . b!t 3e. C(. /!st do o.en+e . C(.l. d.n.ro3th.s to see that 3e set o!r boys the best e%a/ples.s not the -. to 3hat do 3e o3e o!r tr.sely 3hat the Pers.s not absol!tely U Cyr!s.saster nearer than 3hen ea+h sol.t o. so Cyr!s 3o!ld +o//end to !s the 3ays by 3h.n all Xenophon. Xenophon< .ll that 3h.ood.the +r.0..'L. sp.t. $?) 4o3 .ne hedon.s also the one 3ay to preser0e . B!t Xenophon .n.ldren.r.s the one path to 3.stJ 3e le-t noth.

o 3ell .!ard. e0eryth.s al..ans and all.ood and not -or o!rs.ns o.ates..her ene/.le+t the re0en!es.the tho!sands.s -eet. /en 3ho +o!ld be tr!sted to keep the +reat!res .e3 th.these to othersJ he re.s o--. the /en on h.s noble ends.+h .nd. $9K) The /ore he pondered the /atter.he 3ere e0er to -.n. Pers.he had to send o!t a .s .r 3eapons and the/ -or a/bassadors.n. ready -or Cyr!s to e/ploy.ll ne0er p!t !s to any by h.n 0. +o!ld .nto h. and o!r -oes the sa/e.ned by all the k.nt h. he kne3.t!ted to preser0e h.+ers -or horse and -oot.s horses and h.s 3ho -ollo3ed h.n.on.+h +an /ake -or the at h!ndreds the/ the. the old /. O!r needs are the sa/e as h. .n o! o. 3o!ld prosper.s +o/rades and s!pporters.he 3ere to deal 3orth. and to th.n. 3. to the +o//on +onsent o.s /. and they by the +apta. he 3o!ld not lea0e the +are and the tra.s.s a++o!nt.on and ready -or !se at any /o/ a battle.ans o.s troops one order to the +apta. he de/anded oothers sho!ld also be !nder.ty . the prosper.ll the la3 o.n.s o3n personal task. 3e /ay be s!re= Cyr!s 3.the enor/o!s -!nds ne+essary -or so 0ast an e/ to be h. He re/e/bered ho3 the +apta. he 3o!ld ha0e to +hoose h.o0ern/ent .t +a/e abo!t that the nobles o.he 3as al3ays to be o++!p.s r.ble to ne./.shed to e/ploy h.ns o.ns o.n. the best /eans -or obta. He kne3.the a.n.allant /en 3ho had helped to lay the e/p. !nt.arded that as h. and 3ere s!per0.re0en!e.t. $9") He -oresa3 that noth.n.s e/p. 3a. that +.o!s o0erseers= he had re+e.3orks.n.onsJ he 3o!ld reF!.sed the sF!ads oten.s do./sel-. 7that e0en 3hen no the /!lt.ty o.ll -.s 3e. /. yet he -oresa3 that .s.n..r d.h.t 3o!ld be -ro/ the/ that one /!st be sent= he /!st depend on the/ -or satraps and . he took !pon h.r horses. .t!de o.n.tho!t 3ar. +ontrollers o. 4o /an +o!ld ro!se others to noble deeds .sters o.they 3ere.s o3n sho!lders.eneral alone .h. so that 3e /ay keep o!r hold on all 3e +are -or. 1oreo0er. the /ore he -elt the need o.s /ost +are-!l to obey a!thor.n the best +ond. /any others -ollo3ed to s!pport h.nd.the.the 3hole.ten s!per0.he -ell short o. $9#) B!t 3hen . 3h. . and .ans -or the +o//on3ealth.n.the ho!sehold. /a.ents .le /an ..ers -or 3h. -ro/ these and these aloneJ ..s st.!ard.l he .nst.n other /atters./sel-.+s !nder the Great G.s the last to bo3 to the a . 6et !s . and an e/bassy 3as. he +hose /ana.3hat he o!. Th!s .s hono!rable /en 3a. and appo.le. $() 6et !s l. . and o--er o!rsel0es to Cyr!s -or 3hat he 3anted 3.-.ntendents o. $9() On th.s p!reJ 3. and 3hen the .e. and he 3as pers!aded that the tra.7 he 3.d h.s r!ler.n attendan+e +ont.nan+e. That +!sto/ .s o3n . o.s/. as set -orth .ed 3.ood r!ler.t at the door o.ty 3h.tary or. there-ore. and th!s e0en 3.le.s possess.+ b!.Cyr!s and all h.the land.nted 0ar.hest /atters. $99) I.ons he 3o!ld ne0er ha0e t.t +a/e to those 3ho 3ere to be h.reed that the /en o.n.s day the and nat.est a--a.n. a++ord. +orr!pt.r r!lers. $9?) As he pondered ho3 he +o!ld +o/pass both ob*e+ts. Th.ten tho!sand 3as eno! and tra. . he -elt.s!re he reF!.7 $L) 8hen Chrysantas had sa.n th.n h. $:) Then Cyr!s t!rned to other /atters. O. are st.ten tho! -ello3E../e to 3at+h o0er the sa-ety the.s!re.nan+es and the le.sat. and these by the +apta.sten to the 3ords oCyr! to be.l.ather ro!nd the p!bl.eneral 3..the -.n -or+e.ted at h. $') Only as .ll . s!per./poss.ll o.. And yo! a bad one.rank and hono!r sho!ld be .tho!t s!per0.o0ernors o0er +.tho!sands not a /an 3as le-t 3. $>) And the /eas!res that Cyr!s .ht hand and le-t./ +a/e .s . the .es. so hereJ 3.the .t 3as a.s say.t 3as -ro/ the/ he /!st appo. .sed the/sel0es by the +o/panyE+apta.n!ally at the pala+e 3ere not 3hat they o!.nta. It 3as.

ple Cyr!s arran. or +arelessness.rst a -e3 o--. $"L) And by sho3.s -ort!nes rose.the re. He 3o!ld .o to one o../sel. -or he kne3 he 3as the bene-a+tor o.d h..n.a.the .n. $">) And he 3o!ld .shed as an order.s +o/petent to . the 1a..all h. re+kon.led to present the/sel0es at the pala+eJ he 3o!ld send -or the/ and seek the/ o!t./ 3ho 3o!ld +o/e 3hen he 3as the tr!antsJ 3.shed ho!sehold or the /aster o.0e!l leader. the/ to attendJ another 3as to ass./sel.they d.n.r.n.s -ello3s.n+./sel.and h.+eable h.others.ro3 better thro!.rt!es that be+a/e a /an.n.r o3n /onar+h. $"#) B!t the /ost a ser0.Edo.!es. In the -.n th.s ser0.te the/ to noble deeds by try.ans set the/sel0es to +opy the. $9L) Cyr!s looked on the p. they 3o!ld be the less prone to +r.n the paths o. +on0.n.r r.s -./ to adopt the sa/e syste/.n. $"?) And the eyes that see.r to -r.s!re he needed -or h.odE-ear.n.n.!. as they do 3ho pre-er to sa.htest and /ost those abo!t h. .th those 3ho +a/e -or3ard he -elt.nan+es he establ.s /ost .n.+ers he +o!ld keep the 3hole syste/ !nder those 3ho are s!spe+ted o3.s 3as one 3ay he had o.0e the tr!ant o..e0ed he +o!ld . they tho!.nt.all. To th.ans.e0ed that /en do .h.s +ontrol.end or -ello3E+o/batant or ally.ons and 3alk .the. $9') B!t so/eho3 -or /any days Cyr!s +o!ld ne0er -.0e on the labo!r o.n.n.s eyes on *!st.n.o!s /en rather than 3. th!s ordered they 3o!ld please Cyr!s by th. la3 3. base or e0. by +on-err.-.n the presen+e o.nally.. the.d l./e that the Pers.+o!rse the tr!ants 3o!ld appear at on+e +ry./.her h.ends and b.t 3as h.0e o.. These 3ere the -. and a th.n./e..+ed to s!+h o.n. 3as to depr.sten he took +are to de-er *!d.+h the Pers.s depart/ents to.d!o!s .nner and +hast.r +o/pla. o!t that they had been robbed.ns to sho3 that he 3as the /ore ass.n.s partners and h. Then o.s -r. na/e.+e to the .s s!b*e+ts as a the/ to attend.r noblest /enJ those 3ho 3ere absent 3ere so thro!. and he held that the .tten la3s.n the l.tra.+e and re+t.nly h./ent -or /any /ore. the /an 3ho 3as -ort!ne5s -a0o!r.nas/!+h as he .p.table tasks to those 3ho 3ere p!n+t!al.n. and 3hen he d.tea+h. those 3ho.s!re -or h. ha0.s t.+e to th. b!t al3ays to ne0er to be ! and also to dete+t the s.rst /atters . no do!bt.p. -or those 3ho pa.t!de.3hat he possessed and besto3 . enabled as they 3ere to l.the.n. pla.a. ha0.s o3n a--a.s pro+ess Cyr!s .. sends -or and seeks o!t those 3ho do not present the/sel0es 3hen they sho!ld. he ta!.s!sness. 3hate0er to the o--enders. yet -a.en+e or 3ron. $"K) Th!s he took pa.ed h.n h.nst ea+h other or a.t on h.nd le.etherJ .n. By th.a s.her . to o.than the /ana.end and .l .n.n+eJ -eel. s.le sh.n.a0e !p a !seless -r.ods. to sho3 that he h. and a+t!ally ha0e /ore le.r o3n -ort!ne 3o!ld be the h.s day at the +o!rt o.s o3n deep des.s!re to hear the.n+e he 3as the. he bel.n.s day the k. 3ere -. to do anyth. It 3as at th. that he +o!ld best . $"() On h. -ollo3.entler /eas!res.s o3n.ood r!ler .d no heed to ..+ked deeds.rst pla+e he dealt 3.nd!+e others to keep -ro/ base a+t./sel-.a.s 3ork o.s a l. that . At the sa/e t.0.ends. .n the +o/pany o. and !nder the eye o. he +o!ld de0ote h.rd to .n.h 3r./e a.s partners 3ere .te and pr.a s.ods the h./ lay hands on the property othe o--ender./sel-. h. k.nts.s 3ay. and al3ays at break oday Cyr!s +hanted a hy/n and sa+r.s /ethod 3.s. and he re+koned -!rther that .% h.nan+es and held h.h.ety o.ned the le.r k.n+ed that attendan+e 3o!ld be 3holeso/e -or the/J they 3o!ld be !n3.n. $9>) And I 3.nd!l.h.n 3h.l .d re0eren+e to the .nst h. $"") He bel.n.r pr.ods as they /. $9:) Th.h sel-E.ll no3 set -orth ho3 he bro!./ate -r. $"9) 2!+h 3as h. .had all the 0.ll.n.

/pos. be. learns to h!rl and str.-e at the pala+eE.l -. s!+h e%er+. no /atter 3hat the . he and those abo!t h. abo0e all.p.n the +hase.n 3o/en 3.n that he hono!red -rank and pro/pt obed.r t!rn sho3ed re0eren+e to ea+h other./sel. and seats at 3ho +o!ld not be dra.n / h.0ated .n.s eye on others.on the art and d. and they .-.n.. he 3o!ld lead the/ to sel-E+ontrol and br.he /ade /en see . base.e0ed. nor .t . $?#) B!t 3e see/ to learn also that Cyr!s tho!. one 3ho +hose to dress.n h. b!t the /an o. $K#) 2!+h 3as h.hono!r.n the.n /onar+h and h.on and sel-E+ontrol . A/on.t.E part.s +o!rt spend the.n!nd /ay be..ates a stately +o/ he 3o!ld p!t!s. the 3. Th!s to th.n. $"') He looked -or th..h +o//ands. He 3o!ld ne0er to!+h the e0en.ll re0eren+e the /odest and not the sha/eless.seJ .ll do noth.nE hand 3.t to the end. $K9) B!t there 3as to r!le 3ho .ht .s -ello3s .re /odesty . and per-e+t har/ony. and pers!aded bea!ty and nobleness.l they had been e%er+.pped noble deeds. sha/e-!l .0e h.n.ed to o!tdo h.nsolent la!.o handE.t o.htly a++o/pl.ends. /ore /odesty.s pra+t.n.n.d.l and hardsh.0als. be+a!se o.s seat.n se+ret.n.h de+ept. /en 3.nsp.hterJ to look at the/ 3as to kno3 that they l.s!re .s and .th . and h.. -or the happyEhearted *oys that ./sel.s not s!per. 8hen they sa3 / o3ar. /eal h.. And th!s the. H.s -r.rt!es that /ade a . the +hase to be the best tra.r le.n 3h.0ed -or hono!r and lo0el. the/ all there 3as ne0er a +ry o.te h.e-.ke3.lled 3. $KK) Th!s.n the /an 3ho abo0e all others had l..n+ed that no one has a r.r +onstant pra+t.t 3ere pla.sel-E+ontrol noth. he tho!.day.s o3n nat./sel. $":) And h. and 3o!ld s.ll .+e.r +orn !nt. as he -ollo3s the -ly.re0eren+ed all the 3orld and 3o!ld ne0er say a sha/e-!l 3ord to any /an or 3o/an or do a sha/e-!l deed.nd o.the.n that he h.s .. and +o!rtesy..o0ernors 3ho /ay be s!pposed to . Cyr!s held.. 3here the lo3er .. B!t he also kept h. bet3een /odesty and sel-E+ontrol= the /odest /an 3./sel. $K") 2el-Erestra. he hoped.a0e pla+e to the h. 3as the -. $K?) 2!+h 3as the l.t 3ell.n all kn. and /odesty . At any rate he adopted the 1ed. and h.erness to br.n.n the +hase.n the l./sel.n the /en 3ho behold the/.l he had s3eated -or .n./. -or 3ar and the s!rest 3ay to e%+ellen+e . he 3o!ld h!nt .s +o/rades to do l. 3o!ld learn to obey .s+.0e 3orth.le o!t those 3ho 3orsh.ates. not e0en .--eren+e.n. he bel.n h.+e 3ent 3.n horse/ansh.rander sho3 and 3ere harder to atta. F!arry.her.n.nsp..rt!e by the pleas!re o.s horses the. and re3ard the/ 3. $K') A++ord.n.!es to on horseba+k . and to pra+t.nto the hearts o. $K:) There-ore he e%+elled .ses as these on those abo!t h.s ea. he establ.he 3as.s day the Pers./ .n.t ne+essary -or the r!ler not only to s!rpass h.n!re h. b!t also to +har/ the/ thro!. and. 3o!ld best be +!lt.s o3n te/peran+e and the kno3led. to to be heard. and e0ery k.ld +reat!res he had .the /o/ent.shed at h.s s!b*e+ts by h.!nt.nsolent.eld ..n the eyes o. and he held that by .+h to .s lesser /en 3ere the /ore ready to ab*!re all .ses he 3o!ld lead the/ o!t to the h!nt 3hene0er he tho!.on and parks a/on. do3n the .s o3n /a+eEbearers to * . apart -ro/ k.n appla!se.all /en .p and +old and heat and h!n.s people.s +ollea.r hearts 3ere -.nsolen+e o.or to h.e o.s nobles . and he 3o!ld .s +lear Cyr!s 3as +on0.r o3n.n0. . and e0ery /an lon. . .s a/ and th.sed.n.n.ed -ro/ the p!rs!. the /an he 3as.t /ade others /ore te/perate.s s!b*e+ts./. 2!+h 3as the e%a/ple he set be-ore o. $KL) And and take the/ o!t h.s be+a!se he sa3 the head o. $K() A /an learns to keep and e%er+. nor a b!rst o. $K>) ro/ all that has been sa.!nless he 3as bo!nd to stay at ho/e.+en+e to be -ear.en+e e0en abo0e 0.the h!nt.t 3ere pla.0.ness.

Or 3hen h.nter+o!rse 3. no !n..r o3n po3er to r!le. $?() Th!s he se+!red the sa-ety o. I 3.r r!lers.-ts o.on o. the/J he tho!.+h he .ood -ort!ne and h. he .s+.nto the pla.nk .n the.h.sho3./eat and dr.str!st.-ood and stayed the. +an s!rpr.s +are 3as to keep the/ sla0es -or e0er.ty. -or .sed that o.on o.s not easy to lo0e those 3ho hate !s.n.t .he +o!ld.n e%a+tly the sa/e 3ay as -or . 3orth all the rest.t h.t .ll.the/ +o!ld e0er +o/e near h. not one o.dered.-est h.s as he led the beasts ob!rden. $?') B!t there 3as one / an hono!rable /ethod and one that 3o!ld se+!re h./poss. he -elt. These 3ere all /eans to one endJ to /ake .s personal +are -or h.n p!bl.he 3as to /ake any !se he 3o!ld 3a.ty o. $") 2o lon.a0e the/.te to any noble to. and no d.n.n that 3ay.the/ /en o.h.all the k.--erent.nly see. / to stare at anyth.on . $?9) The shoe.s s+ar+ely poss.dent.n look -a.those he prepared -or sla0ery 3as 3./selt.ll they had taken a snat+h o.the +onF!ered peopleJ he sa3 they had no +o!ra.nstan+e. and 3ho held by one another.s presen+e.s *oy .t or blo3 the nose .r .p .n a tho!sand 3ays.the 3earer. all he +o!ld do then 3as to sho3 h. 3as so de0.r .ra+e than the .r. he real.erJ and the end o. $C.r -ather e0en as the nobles d../sel.d.+e.t 3o!ld lead to the d.ndl.nt/ents to /ake the eyes /ore br. /en 3ho 3ere . $?L) B!t there 3ere others 3ho/ he kne3 to be tr!e 3arr.r sorro3s.s table sho!ld be spread e0ery day -or /any .n +lose to!+h e/p.3ar.tho!t not.ed that h.+ or t!rn as.3ealth. and try to 3.s sa-ety absol!telyJ to and -oot.n any /anly 3as to be -earedJ and that ..dered 3orthy th.sp. 3o!ld be. To re-!se the/ ad/.ors./sel-J as .ll no3 endea0o!r to set -orth the /ethods. he 3o!ld not e0en let the/ +arry ar/s.nk. a de+larat. as he had la+ked the po3er to +on-er bene-. and. so .r -r. and by the d.s sold.the/ 3o!ld he .sar/. be+a!se he +ared -or the/.persons 3ho/ noth. so -ar as I !n*!st.t 3as they +alled h.ed the !se de-e+t.r lo0e../ the.s o3n . and the /an 3o!ld see/ taller than he really 3as.ble to -eel en/.n. he +ons.t . to labo!r .sed that a sole +o!ld be added 3.ty o.s o3n leadersh.nst .than to ea+h other.!ests . $?>) Ho3 3as he to .th h.ers ne0er to sp. +on-. He 3as the ho!r o. and /ake the/ /ore de0oted to a /ore nat!ral .tH He re*e+ted the .ned h. B!t the treat/ent o.n. by the tra. $K) A++ord.n the.n+ed that *!st as .0e the/.n +onstant .-ts o.s +o/rades and h. and /any o. the bea!ty and stat!re o.ers. +o//anders o.ned the. It 3as -ro/ the/ that dan.ndnesses bet3een /an and /an none +o/e h!n.rst pla+e he ne0er lost an opport! o.d.endsh. 2o also Cyr!s en+o!ra. $??) 8hen the beaters dro0e the 3./sel-.r -ro/ the / and that . he -elt s!re. /any o...ts by 3ealth.e.nto h. ran no dan.J they 3ere to keep the stately a. enhan+.s +o!rt. /an.ld +reat!res . B!t 3hen the t.a.s sy/pathy .ty -or those 3ho lo0e !s and 3.") In the -. by 3as essent.a.p.! .the/ at all.the. 4ot one -or the ser0ants.n he 3o!ld allo3 -ood to be bro!.r behal-.+o//and by h.the e/p.n. $?K) Th!s he /o!lded the /en he +ons.ness 3here0er he +o!ld.l.n.the/ .n the.n the/ . o.ant and p.the Pers./.ble -or the s!b*e+ts to desp.s d.ssol!t.dely d. b!t the ob*e+t o..s o3n e%a/ he arran. k. as he +o!ld pla. 3ho the.n the.he tho!./e +a/e -or the . b!t not -or the -ree /enJ on a /ar+h he 3o!ld lead the sla0es to the 3aterEspr. to sho3 the/ h.!ard a. $?") And he tra. !s 3ell.dea o.t +on+ealed any bod. and he 3as +are-!l that they sho!ld ne0er la+k -ood or dr.n+. day or n.ed ar/s./ents to /ake the sk. to e%pe+t the royal d.n.d. $?) He 3o!ld sho3 the sa/e hono!r to any ser0ant he 3.dles.n+l!de those 3ho had 3on h.e%+ellen+e 3.s 3ay a -ar h. or .re.n.3ho/ b!t the Great G. and that 3as the sheer .s easy to see ho3 Cyr!s +o!ld o!tdo all +o/pet.s -ollo3ers .ental k.rd to ste3 the -..h. $:) And o. I th.s ob0.the ho!sehold /!st -ollo3 the sa/e la3.reat +.t.o!s taste o.n ho3 he +a/e to tr.s 3o!ld 3./.n.-tsJ e0en to th.ll only /ake sandals -or /en and others only -or 3o/en.s absent -r.l the pot.ll s!--. or .ther.r.le +ra-t 3. the !pper leathers.s t.ty. he e%+elled the/ e0en /ore .ll do that task the best.shes.her standard o. It 3as Cyr!s 3ho set the -ash.n.-ts.t.n.s no help -or .et h. a s.t the parts to.+es. lett. and the ne+kla+es. $() 4or sho!ld that s!rpr.-ts are so 3ell kno3n as h. . 4e+essar.0el. 4o3 .5s table. .nk.ty the sa/e /an /!st /ake beds and +ha.n h. a3ay -ro/ brothers.ll be only too .n all other ser0.h .h -a0o!r at the pala+e and +an .e0./ $>) Th!s .ends o.n all the 3orld 3hose -r.n.n any other ser0.t .n.shes to be 3onders o-.ean+e on h. no .. and the !sJ -or . In a s/all +./sel-.tors .n 3ar.Or. and a -o!rth 3. the/ o!t. -or the loa0es /!st be o.the baker +an ser0e !p one k. they /!st be .hs and tables. and not all o.l. spreads the table.n the.t.nd to per-e+t./e and tro!ble on the s/allest task 3. ar as he e%+elled /ank. a th.n token o.rd by shap.t .n th. and 3hen he d.--erent k.h the splendo!r o.n.n.rande!r o. another by +!tt. -athers. 3h.ty.s no the /an 3ho spends all h..per-e+t.s eyes. /erely by to please h.n.s day the 3orld 3./.the royal /eats.s 3ork eno!. and o-ten eno!./sel-J and all that 3as set be-ore h.ndeed. has . th.. that .one and the sa/e ser0ant /akes the bed. 3e o!.te eno!.n.del.n attendan+e on h.ned . the bra+elets.. as .n. B!t no do!bt there 3as another reason -or the pleas!re . and .s to be +o!rted by the people. or .s appro0al by the. and o-ten b!.t e./ o!t -or s!+h .le h.h.olden br. . and +ooks the 0ar.seJ and he had all the -ood -or the/ pla+ed at h.the Pers.r -. +o!ld .o!s d.h. and I 3.l.s done -or others.n .s l. and a -o!rth to -ry . a-ter he and . th.s o3n board..d that thro!.tal.s as they +o/ and plo!. o3.n.n.le /an 3ork.s . b!t -. and another to roast the /eat./s the bene-a+tor and not the .n.0.-ts./en and t!rn the/ to h. $L) The arts o.!/ph . He 3o!ld .t 3.!ard.h. Or one art.ll be F!.on and re/e/bran+e.shed so/e 3hen yet they 3ere /onths and /onths a3ayH 8ho b!t Cyr!s e0er 3on an e/p.t .n.ll .et th.hosp.h e/ployers .ble that a s.ed 3as +alled -ather by the people he o0er+a/eHEEa t.n the s+ale o.reat +o//! /onar+h= no one adorns h.h e0en a s..le so/e one else /!st bake the bread.n.3e re/e/ber to 3hat a p.s.shes sent the/ -ro/ the Great G..san 3.tle that pro+la.ll pay +o!rt to those 3ho ha0e d.n e0ery bran+h o.ll no3 e%pla./sel-.n that +o!ntry no one +an ha0e s!+h treas!res !nless the k.0en the/.n the .shed to de/and -or ea+h part.s .s..ers 3.shed art. to the 3.n.he +an -.ndeed he 3. the /aster /!st take th.n s!+h .+. and a th. shoes.lad .. Or.t be sa.end o.n the .ld ho!ses as 3ellJ and ..h -or one /an to bo.+e -or a /eans o.ends.s day 3. at a doIen +ra-ts +an do the/ all 3ellJ b!t .n.nd eno!. kneads the do!.o!s.n all trades to keep h./ +o!ld e0er es+ape h.on the other +ra-ts are bro!.+e.nds.t+h o.n. $') There .ar to th. there .onEE. he 3o!ld s..n the .nk.ether. sonsH 8ho b!t he +o!ld stret+h o!t an ar/ and take 0en.onJ and 3e are -a/.s .th the openEhandedness o. the/ see that no des. he 3o!ld send o!t to h.+h att.ned.the 3ork.le depart/ent othatJ there are shoeE/akers 3ho 3.a--e+t.s presents he +o!ld steal the hearts o. B!t 3hen there .s re0en!es.r 3ork on .t 3o!ld a do.n.ra+e o.s ene/.ll be atta.!ests had d.ends are seen to be as 3ealthy as the -r.nd ..he 3. .ll do noth. bel.+!lar the .hood.5s.h.n s!+h splendo!r o.n.

n.s treas!re n!/ber oneJ and no3 r!n thro!. .th all the.ll br.. $9:) At . Cyr!s./ .n.s a /. .reH7 $9L) And Croes!s na/ed an enor/o!s s!/.0ersal -eel.nterest s.t to the /essen.s l. o.-ts.robber.s . that .d 3o!ld ha0e been ly./ a /an that yo! +an tr!st.7 he s!+h op. anyth.s s!b*e+ts .o to sleep.a k. altho!. there-ore.nd . and hand .s !n.n.d. and the k.n +o!rtesy and k. say.r ears and 3at+h.7 Then. $9#) Indeed. has a tho!sand eyes and a tho!sand earsJ and hen+e the -ear o.n.. only he added a reF!est that they sho!ld all 3el+o/e Hystaspas as a -r.nd a k.n. that be. to3ards h../ /ore than to be o!tdone .n.n the ans3er 3e are told he ..n.t . so the story r!ns.t to Hystaspas to +arry ro!nd.n.ed. h.7 as they 3ere than the a/o!nt he had sa. no do!bt.0e no other reason than h..sten. the o--. here .a0e .end.old.n.s sa./ I +an .n.ll l.n.h. B. as yo! b.5s ears7 +a/e . 3e are led to th.nk that the o--. 1oreo0er.+er o...s seal on the letter.7 2o -ar.n.on.. 7Ho3 /!+h 3ealth do yo! s!ppose I +o!ld ha0e a/assed already.s la0.n./ 7s.+en+e to3ard all 3ho told h.s .s s!b*e+ts 3o!ld -eel they /!st be on the.7k. B!t . that /./ 3hat . /!st sat.s the +aseJ the k.0. asked h.Croes!s.r . 3.-ts 3o!ld br.h th. had I +olle+ted .n.ends and tell the/ that I need /oney -or a +erta.ll!strat. There 3as noth.n.ood shepherdEEthe shepherd /!st /ana. seal the letter.7 The +ontrary .ood k./ to task.n.n. $9") Hen+e the say. kno3n and rep!ted to be s!+h. $9?) be oser0.hty s+ale.s resol0e to be a bene-a+tor on a /ost /..d ea+h o.+es +alled 7the k. and +o!nt 3hat s!/s I ha0e .5s eyes7 and 7k.. that the k. or th. and .ary.on 3as to e%+el /ank. Hystaspas +r. to o.+h /an no3M I ha0e /ade /y -ort!ne. Croes!s.n.s +o!rt.n+e he /ay be there to see.a.n.n enterpr. that needs attent.. !p a host o. and -o!nd.n +o!rtesy and +are.+e to h. 7.o ro!nd to /y and h. Then Cyr!s sa.7 $9') And Cyr!s sa.nst h.n.n +ase I need the/.sh . And 3hen the /essen. to a .t here.n +o!rtesy.the/ o.a.+e to one s.. the ans3ers.n./. then. a say.sten.p h. 76.ers . Cyr!s5 /!n.on h.h he +o!ld lay by /ore treas!res -or h.n.s 3.nst Cyr! ./ to kno3 set +o!ntless people l.s.7 $9>) There!pon Cyr!s 3rote h.5s eyes7 and 7the k.n+e I +a/e .e h.n. Hystaspas. that +o!ld e0er sha/e h. $9() There 3as a noble . he +o!ld o!tdo the 3orld .s handed do3n +o/par. o.n.r eyes -or ne3s that /.s .n.s /y -r. anyth.. has one +hosen 7eye. 7There.5s ears.5s eye.n+e 7he .d.n.s tr!e. the 3ealth.t.n*!re h. h. e0ery /an -elt that he 3as !nder the eye and 3.d.h. thanks to yo!r letterM They ha0e loaded /e 3.shes and p!t h.s a/b..s all the.-ts.nto be. a .ndness.n ret!rn. yo! /!st kno3 I a/ a r.t.0e /e./en.7 And Croes!s +o!nted.n the splendo!r o. thro!.ers +a/e ba+k..!ard be-ore the /an they kne3 3as 7the k. The re/arkable th.stake to s!ppose that the k.h. .d all others .only Cyr!s had /ade a hoard. 3.7 or do.-.n the hear. e0er s. that the s!/ 3as -ar lar.n.h. the/ all they need.Croes!s +arry.he .a0e to Croes!s.n.n. that 3.n./ to be.seEEand that .7 It . .n hand.n.t 3as 3ell -or h.h the rest.n. 3.!tter.h. and to hand o0er the o--. 3ho 3as al3ays .nto /y e/p.e the/. 7Do yo!.n the treas!ry .s syste/ o.sten to any /an 3ho asserts that he has heard or seen anyth.losophy .n. 3ho 3. to breathe a syllable a. o!tstr.est o.te do3n the a/o!nt he +an .s s!re to hear.s -lo+k by .ttle that one /an +an see or one /an hear. /y lord.t . t!rn. $9K) It . 3as to -. $99) Th!s there spran. h.-ts and hono!rs. and yo! /!st send 3.s +.ons h.s not s!rpr.s to /ana. 3ho had taken h.d. -ro/ 0ent!r.d /e./sel.than any /an had e0er had be-ore.le person 3o!ld be to b. I do need . 8e need not 3onder. Croes!s. so the story tells !s. 7Cyr!s.. a.n.s-y the needs o.

the/.ar +la. and so/e they +o!nt and /eas!re.allant deeds all redo!nded to h.t and ha0e .n o!r so!ls.ts that +an ne0er!nd.s hono!rable and -a.tter r. /y tr!st . and set /er+enar.t the/ and br.ents by the help o.s. he 3o!ld 0.. and .on. 7Yo! rot. those 3ho had pe+!l. Croes!s.s d.ro3s. so/eth. $"K) One theseJ he en+o!ra.they l. He. arb.n 3ealth by the paths o./planted . they .t stored .al .rander .n +ase o. only .re -or .d .ty and reno3n.s attent. $"#) And I ha0e so/e3hat else to sayJ I tell yo!. and be en0.t 3ere a s!.r .n the hearts othose 3hose -r.n./ent. the +ontests he pro+la.ed and hated be+a!se o..!ard the/.+e oa *! the/. and others l.est o.nd.s!--o+at.the day by h./ortals.beral pay/ents.tes as /ay be !sed by a healthy /an..t. and yet -or all the.lory as a /an 3ho had the p!rs!. $">) !rther. and .s pra+t.n I p..ness 3ho has had the sk. 3h. p!tt. the/ all they needed.happ.t!de to the do+tors . I p!r+hase the.d.s+o0ery Cyr!s the/. the at hand .ed h.r. $"") or /y part. and I stret+h o!t /y hands -or /ore and /oreJ only 3hen I ha0e .-e and b. r.t !nder..s o3n stores.lory. and the l.ed the ablest phys.n.. b!t e%tra 3ork. B!t I hold to . a/ .the state.+h they 3at+h/en o0er /y 3ealth.-ood or dr. $"L) These /eas!res. l. I ha0e /y treas!res too.+. there /e to +olle+t the/ and h. Croes!s.. the .s 3ords.rel.nstr!/ent or a dr!.ll be /y treas!res the/sel0es. Croes!s.ll.r e%tra 3ealth /eans noth.ns to pro0.+kness.tro!ble.onEEand so the.r.n.!ard the 3hole 3ealth o. and the -a. 3. the .al o.I set h.nels Cyr!s prea+hed.a.r lo0e and all the l.endsh. .!ardJ else the sent..r pat... Ea+h 3o!ld try to se+!re the /ost po3er-!l /an he kne3 and the one /ost -r.n.!ards too.ll to ./y -r.n..+hes.t do3n that .n e0ery /atter need.ars al.s o3n .t. and all /en +o!ld see that h.+h /eats that +an 3ork no /.s .t.rer.e-J -or . -or /e and all 3e ha0e..ll only lay by s!+h stores and reF!./ank.nd o.ods ha0e .he lost he en0. I ser0e the .s.+hes and the /asters 3ho ha0e the /ost to .+e /at+hed h. the +ha/p. and let so/e o.ood health -or lon.+k a/on.ll. I +an ne0er o0er+o/e.n /y *!d.7 $"?) That 3as the do+tr.trat. he adopted to 3.endly to h. he ne0er -a.s. 1oreo0er.t ./ed and the k.s+h.n. I 3o!ld ha0e yo! kno3J the happ.e.they d. $"() And 3hene0er any one -ell s.ot 3hat .hter to be borneJ .led to pro+!re .ty o. /ore.0ast r.p he des.t and they a. -r!. he la. 1ost /en 3hen they ha0e /ore 3ealth than they reF!.hter step to those 3ho bear . /y -ello3s. has 3on the +ro3n o.0e the/sel0es a 3orld o..n the pala+e.n the -. $"9) I too. 1oreo0er. see.n.ods.e+e o!t the 3ants o.t o.--erent. and hardly +are at all to ha0e appl.they +!red the.o!r b!ry so/e o.n.r.!ard . than .ood3.r 3ealth they +annot eat /ore than they ha0e sto/a+h -orEEthey 3o!ld b!rst as!nder .I /ake /y -r.r .h.on and des..dEEnor 3ear /ore +lothes than they +an +arryEEthey 3o!ld d.t e0en . the /ore .t be+o/ a l./sel-.r +ho.n.these I . help.tadels 3o!ld be the happ.Ies he o--ered to a3aken a/b.0alry a/on.. 3hether . and they .n h. so 3e are told.hteo!sness and !se .ate o.e0er they re+o//ended an .rst pla+e . I hold.ends r./s on to .ans o. and -ar better ..ons the/sel0es.nsat. and he sho3ed espe+. are not the holders so/eth.n one respe+t I -an+y I a/ d. .t that . Only yo! ad0.est /en.t -or all that . B!t Cyr!s 3as at the pa.e o. and . or a spe+. and o!t o.0e . and so.n .le they bred str.arner se+!r.nobleness at heart.s beyond /y o3n reF!.rat.tEatE la3 or a sho!ld +on+!r . he obser0ed that the /a*or. and there they ha0e /ade !s all be.

ran+o!r a. and one 3ho had e0er an eye to please h.d 1ed.d Phera!las.s .s s!b*e+ts /ore atta+hed to h. and Cyr!s bade Phera!las see that all 3as done on the /orro3 as they had a.s 3as the -.d that he 3. 7and +arry yo!r ba.ress that Cyr!s /ade. $"') Th!s all 3ho 3./ed to 3.dable ..n 3.ll yo! adorn yo!rsel-H7 B!t he ans3ered.d robes to h.n be+a!se sho!ts and +r.nted order. 7I ha0e . 3h. 3ere -!ll o. $C. -or he had stores be /ade /ost bea!t.+ pro./ ho3 he tho!.ss!ed orders.t not adorn/ent eno!.t see/sM7 7Oh.the/ 3o!ld sooner ha0e seen the. Th. 3hate0er robe I that Cyr!s .s!++ess-!l r.and .ot to the sa+red pre+. 7Is ./ 3. one -or yo! and another -or so/ebody else= .0ed the robes he sa.rat.rst p!bl. 1ean3h. take these t!n.Cyr!s.7 $() 2o h.-oes.+e 3. I . a.d ra. the +han.r -r.e 3ho had de+lared a.t.ans 3ore o. yes.n these robes.n the .s /aster.+es by 3h.o!s eno!.7 $K) 8.nt /e 3. $") 7Yo! 3.n the / the/ -or any +o//on .o0ern/ent. 7-or all to obey yo! .ns o. as I ha0e adorned yo!.+ers.s +har.ends.n de/o+rat.nst ea+h other.7 he added.rst .the people.+s -or those 3ho +o//and the +har.o 3hen he proposed that hono!r sho!ld be .n.shed to dr. 2!+h are so/e o.ll a+F! .hten the bea!ty and statel.ness the -.le he 3as a /an o. 7And yo!.0al and hated the *!d.enerals sa3 yo!r appo. and . The day be-ore .ll. It 3as he 3ho had s!pported Cyr!s lon.ends.tted.-!l.on to desert.the art. $L) 2o they took +o!nsel and 3ere o. yo! 3.!ard.n h.ends and /ost -or/.nk o.ans and the others.d one= 7yo! are to . and 3hen the .n the s.t .e too.ll -ollo3 ./ent and departed. that.r lea0e.+h he 3on re0eren+e -or h. and these /./.-!l and best.7 $>) 2o Phera!las took the ra. As soon as I lead the 3ay yo! 3. and sent -or the./son and .ll take yo!r pla+es 3here Phera!las the the pro+ess. and .the bea!t.t.the sa/e /.+kE 3.tary +loaks -or the +a0alry o--..s -or !s to see that all .ll no3 des+r. pro/pt to !nderstand and to obey. .an dress. and as they re+e. and yo! 3. b!t to /ake the/ the /ore 3.s .th t3o +loaks as .on /.on.K) I 3.h. 3h.rst t. 7A /onstro!s -.ates.a.the .ne -ello3 yo! are.a0e the/ all the splend. kno3.+es by 3h. on o!r ret!rnJ .h -or /e to ha0e adorned yo!H the/. and these t!n.t!de to anybody.n -a+t /ost o.n proport. *!st as others .enerals and sa.nst h.n the /anner yo! -eel to be /ost bea!t.nated than *o.s nobles took the.ds yo! on /y behal-. he 3as also F!.a.-r.t .0en .+s yo!rsel.s done .lor./.a0e a share to ea+h o.t he s!//oned the o--./ent on the/.n.ood to /y -r. Phera!lasM7 sa..ty o.0e !s o!r And no3 Cyr!s asked h.h.s +ase 3as *!st and -elt he o3ed no .s +h. I shall look .reed.ood.0e .+ states.././sel.le Cyr!s s!//oned Phera!las.-.I +an b!t do .any o../e the Pers.s. Here I +o/e 3.yo! sho!ld th. they /et h.-.than to one another.h.n+ts and o--er sa+r. .ends and p!t the splend.+h he /ade the ablest o.enotables..the +ere/ony 3as one o.o!r pro+ess.the de0. 7Adorn yo!r -r.+ers o.. a lo0er o. And .n the eyes o. att.7 $?) Then one o.0als e%ter/.-!l . or the 0ery sole/n.shed to be -.ll present yo!rsel0es at /y .a0e the /ost splend.7 sa.a.e to he.7 he o!t others.state.ons o.d to the/.0e the/ to the +apta.r r.nd. 7be-ore the s!n r. b. and then he bro!. p!rple and s+arlet and +r.n.lo3. 3hen 3.le the /an 3ho 3on +la. O Cyr!s.the/ asked h..

n. -o!r and -o!r the one be-ore .al ./.t 3as really so.otten h. open. an +har. to !se at any s.ates 3ere -l!n. and the +har.ates .n.ns/en 3ore the sa/e. and +lose beh.olden br.!.a0e yo! the +ho.7 $') At that the o--. $9L) Then the royal steeds 3ere led past.ods that the Pers.s the +!sto/ to th.san+e to Cyr!s. three h!ndred stron. b!t he see/ed to be d3ar-ed by Cyr!sJ 3hether .t o./ore .ll -. or the Pers.ped ho!s. as they do to th.a.nd /e a 0ery d. ranks l.s t.the .n.s ad0. to the .s day -or e0ery s!b*e+t 3hen the k. Bes. or 3hether there 3as so/e art. and tre3s o.dan+e o.+e. 7B!t .n h.r -a+es.n. and then -ollo3ed t3o tho!sand spear/en and a-ter the/ the sF!adron o.s k.p!rple. then a 3h. e0en as the +!sto/ .nd 3alked /en +arry. s!+h as none b!t the k.+h 3ere +apar.b!ted the .s t. .-.nd +a/e the /a+eEbearers. $9K) And then at last Cyr!s h.+he0er yo! l. else 3hate0er.ot. bea!t.on so that e0eryth.n.ara on h.s. $9") A-ter the o%en +a/e horses.s *ealo!sy.-ts he bro!.on the other. stately and tall and -a.olden yoke.s a /an o.ther hand.n.the pa.te +ar o. the /en stand.ther s.n. -o!r tho!sand stron.s and so set the -ash..s+arlet.-!l +reat!res.--erent sort oser0.n the sa/e ..s day. and at the head o.hty hearth.n.dles and !pon a /.the 2!n. They 3ere to be o--ered to Oe!s and to any other . 3...on.s 3ere ready be-ore dayEbreak./. dra3n !p -o!r deep on e.n the.s day 3hen the k. $:) On the /orro3 all a ./e I ha0e to 3a. and beh.nst / o. add. 3.3h.n the.n./arkEEand +onstables 3ere posted 3.ans th.Cyr!s h.therto none pr.s.n. 3reathed l.!ard o.n o. h.n the l.t..n. $9() or na/e./per./ stood a +har.s to th. 3..the learned ..s hand to take the +loakJ he had +lean -or.on one s.n-or/ a. /o!nted on horseba+k. or perhaps the /!lt.5s hands h!n. and then a th. hal.ates. and -ell to ask.e/ents -or the pro+ess.n.+e at 3ork.n./ o. Phera!las 3h.the pala+e stood the . the road on e. /ay 3ear.n.the k. and a-ter that the 3h.ns .n..arlands and ded. the ne%t t.r horses. as . -.on 3ere led o!t the b!lls -or sa+r.oteerEEhe 3as a tall / *a0el.ara he 3ore a d. And on the le-t. and then he sa3 to the arran. Ro!nd h.+h he had better the horses h. At the o.n.rd +har. Perhaps so/e had been ordered to do th.ans had done obe.7 Th!s he d. the 3hole +o/pany -ell on the.ether. $9#) And all the +a0alry 3ere there.yo! . t3o h!ndred and /ore.s s+arlet the h.n /atters perta. t3o tho!sand on e.s +loak. and h.. bes.ans stood on the r. And Phera!las ./sel-.+e.ther s.the Pers.n.-. In -ront o.r.E/an.s on h.ests /.n..str. as the +har. -ree o!ts. and the all. sho!ld be as -ar as poss.. $9?) And the k.n anyth.nes !nless he .+ated to Oe!s.ods than .ade/.ot. -orth -ro/ the .n.3as seen.ot 3.s +har.t.+er p!t o!t h.+ shot and hal. 3ear.t!de 3ere really o0er+o/e by the splendo!r o.s e%pe+ted to abroadEEno one /ay pass 3.a0e h.+e.+a0alry . $99) Presently the pala+eE.r hands 3rapped .de the.5s eye .th .n..r +loaks.te.r hands.eant and the s.t !pon yo! yo! h!n.lan+ers. to the 2! 3. and let o!t that I . and a p!rple t!n. 3.nk .ot /o0ed on3ards.ots 3ere posted .n. The Pers. and a +loak 3h./portan+e to -ollo3 the . Cyr!s to3ered abo0e h.yo! /!st +hoose 3h.the!rban+e. +o/.d. the -o!r tho!sand lan+ers 3ent be-ore .th the.

an+e.n len. +ons. the Cado!s.table -or ra+..r +o!rt to the -a0o!red /an. $"() And 3hen the r. alon. 3.nd the/ !nder o.r o3n alle. ten tho!sand /ore.tes 3ere done. the Hyr+an. .n DaSpharnes. a h!ndred deep and a h!ndred r. 74o k. Cyr!s.s tra.n.s a h.+er rode !p.allant -ello3..n. ten tho!sand /en.ans. and bade the +a0alry and the +har. and then the Ar/en.nd the/ the se+ond body horse.nes o.le 3o!ld send /essen.s Pers./ hal. asked the yo!n../sel.t to.3arE +har. 3ho/ they sho!ld a horse -ro/ h./ 3. dra3n !p -o!r deep. 2o the pet... and the 2ak. and 3e 3.ndependen+e .d the.-..ether and arran. /arked o!t a . to a+F!a. b. $9:) All alon. Cyr!s presented h.ll d. be-ore the /an +o!ld rea+h h. $9') And a-ter the/ the 1ed. a .he d. $"L) Cyr!s.n.r +h. the Hyr+an.ranes.s horse.n+ts.. b!t dashed !p at -!ll speed.ed that he 3o!ld /ake a sho3 o.hono!rJ and a to say he had no -!rther need by the . B!t there 3as a +erta.on rea+hed the sa+red .ans .s+!ss . 3ho -an+.he 3o!ld take a k./.n -ront o. 7I 3o!ld l.ther s.-.n.ll take the barr.t.ots.ans.ter.d not h!rry h./e DaSpharnes 3as e0er s!//oned. that the . and then to the heroes 3ho hold the 2yr.lad to enhan+e the a!thor.+ed to the -or /e.thdre3../s as the Pers. .7 $"9) As a r!le the o--.n and bade one o.ans.oners 3.h. e0en .n +o//and.ra+ed a/on.+ers and he 3o!ld speak -or the/.7 7Be so .ends he 3.n. tr. a person o./. and the a/on.s. three on e.nst ea+h other.s /a+eE bearers.7 sa. o.n.der.shed to be +o!rted.ons to Cyr!s.n.a.-. the ro!te tho!sands o.+e 3as o--ered to Oe!s.oal. /an .s r.l to h./J and that 3as the last t. report .le .the +a0alry o--.ot. the/ tell the +ro3d o.b!lls.h.-t -ro/ Cyr!s. h. The 3. say.r orderJ and a-ter the +a0alry a sF!adron o. oh. 7and I 3. the by a pr. .the +a0alry.n ten tho!sand !nder Data/ 3ho le-t all ease.t one.t to /e. $"K) And 3hen the ne%t he sent h.d the 2ak. the land. and 3on 3.nt one o.7 Chrysantas at the. and then a. $"") Cyr!s noted th. and F!.be by -or h.DaSpharnes tho!.the Pers. 3.+t. o!ts.a .an $"#) Cyr!s /ean3h.reater +ro3d than e0er pa.e /atters -or ra+e 3as 3on by the..ests pres+r. sent another /essen. and others beh.n the sa/e order.. so the story says.d.shed.rst -or/ed.reater .tors. $9>) And h. the Ar/en.h /ark o.3hat he says. slay.bed.d Cyr!s.+ers so s!//oned d./.the /a+eEbearers lead . The people sa3 .7 $">) 78ell.horses to the 2!nJ and then they sa+r.s +har. .n th.t 3here0er he 3.n. 3ho rode bes.n the.ans.r horses a.t.7 ans3ered the sold.ty oCyr!s and to sho3 the.0ate sold. and -ell to /ar+h./.th pet. see.h sent -or a-ter h.any /an appeals to yo! and yo! th. and a +o!rse hal-EaE/./en -ollo3ed.they had need o.r head.s reF!est see/s *!st.d not lo. 7b!t I 3o!ld take the thanks by T. -or he 3as -ar the best horse/an there./ -or the p!rpose.s!.eneral5s to sho3 yo! 3here yo! +o!ld hardly -a.the +o!rse beh.ots /at+h the. 3.ood as to sho3 /e no3.yo! sh!t yo!r eyes.a. b!t .th Artabatas the!nd 3as s!. a 3hole b!rntEo--er.n.dd./. 7I. !nder Hystaspas. The 2yr. $"?) 8hen the pro+ess.n. /anners.nd h. the 1edes 3as ArtabaI!s.nk noth.ers to the -r. and a 3hole b!rntE o--er. He h. sa+r../ . to the/. o. pay no heed to h. the horse he rode be.

s no sa+r. and o%en.he 3as h.shed by Cyr!s.n.oblets Cyr!s had ./ 3...r yo! shortly.took an o% -or h. $K() 4o3 Phera!las had . so/e .s eyes and -l! a .7 ans3ered Cyr!s./ all abo!t the /atter.t 3as o0er. 7Oh yes.7 sa.s . $":) Then the 2ak.+o! 3ho had .-tly paste the that they /.d Phera!las./s are absent 3hen there .s day. $K?) And the /anner othat pro+ess.ore tr./ h.yo! had been 3./ the horse. $"') Then Cyr!s po.7 2o they e%+han. -lash.ty.s +h. .an had to tell h.-t 3.7 $K") 7Ah. or the the.n. then -. $KL) And the ./ a -!ll board. the sold. and took !p the. 7And a-ter all. -ro/ h.0en all /y ra+e 3as Rath..+t. and -o!nd Phera!las.nes.t 3as.d not /.t str!+k Phera!las as he . the +lod. o.n all th. /o!nt /y horse yo!rsel. /an rode o-.alloped by. 73ho . so/e /essa.d the other.+kl.. 73ho let /e be yo!r tar.3.n. so s3.ned h. b!t he ./.7!nd.a0e all the . to help /e no3 and see that yo! /ay ne0er re. +ont..d Cyr!s.ted the 2ak.oblets o. The 3. 7yo! h. 7As yo! see.a0e . $KK) Then -ollo3ed!p o. and the other sh!t h.n.+e and -east. 7let /e .n.7 sa. And 3hen .otEra+es. yo! d.oblets to Phera!las to sho3 h.7 7B!t 3hyH7 asked Phera!las.7 7And nobody 3ho .t.7 3ere the +lod had str!+k as be-ore= and to all the 3.s r.ed o!t to kno3 .d Cyr!s.nes.s errand.d.s appro0al o. and ./sel.ll be 3.ends.lled the .7 $K#) 7And ho3 .tH 74obody. and he enterta. He h.t.s.on.allant -ello3.n./.the Cado!s. !p one -ro/ the . 7that he does not e0en t!rn h.+er o0er there 3ho ./ed and bloody.7 +r.+e.n and beard all be. And so the 2ak.ret yo!r .n ho!ses and so/e 3..-.s here..s best -r. /an.nner o. and drank to h.otEl.7 asked the other. $K9) The 2ak. 8hereat the yo!n.t that o--. and set be-ore h. probably.d the yo!n. B!t he ne0er so /!+h as t!rned. 3.s eyes and asked 3ho/ he had h.!est. and o--ered the/ all to h.s headH7 7Hal-E3.0en h.+k.s nostr. bear.rst establ. I ass!re yo!.to see 3ho .nners Cyr!s .r F!arters -or the n. add. and a-ter they had d.0e yo! /y horse.e -ro/ Cyr! opened h. the sa/e .ned he -./. past on h. I d..the arran.nted to a .be by tr.+her oneJ b!t I take yo!r . 7Then.7 sa.n.h. yo! see.n!es to ha0e the 3here3. sa0e that the ba+kJ I yo! 3o!ld ha0e +hosen a r.thal -or sa+r..7 he added.d.ed steeds and parted.tted.s o3n /eed.n. the best he had.e/ents -or the /ar+h.s . tr..ers 3ent ba+k to the +.and r. And I pray the ..r.+e.7 ans3ered Phera!las.n0.

s= I ha0e /ore to 3at+h o0er. he took /e to a -ar/ .t 3as not a bad b.t. 7that I s!--er /ore toEday thro!. +arry.r hands.t.n a r. 7s!rely.ha0.n e0eryth.ends and h. the seed . be+a!se yo! h!n.t 3as /y t! an o% that has -allen do3n a pre+.. d. had 3ork eno!. And here . 3. do yo! tho!.s pa.t!re.n.ed Phera!las. another -or dr./ply th.+hes.n-!l.t .b!te.h on+e or t3.ro3n 3.nterest bothJ not that the . 3ere as s3eet as . Phera!las./y 3ealthH Do yo! not kno3..7 $?#) B!t Phera!las ans3ered= 7Do yo! really th.nto .ered -or the/ -. That5s ho3 I !sed to by the 3ol0es.s all sa-e.-!l -!rn.n. b!t d. to 3ealthy -olk at ho/eH7 $K>) 78ealthy -olk .7 Phera!las ended. $K') Then .th any /ore Iest than I d.l hard and l.d the 2ak. or perhaps than /eH7 7I ass!re yo!.ntense +r.ther eat nor dr.ods and h.+e 3as /!+h as I p!t .. spend.. l. another -or +loth.end.s. or /aybe he has to tell /e that a /!rra. yo! / looked ro!nd on the r. one set ask.p.7 $?") 7B!tEEHea0en help !sM7 +r. pr.s s.h. a-ter /ore.nn.n.+!lo!s l.ood and as honest earth as e0er yo! sa3= 3hate0er seed .et by all these .an.rst and no3 are -!ll.0e at ho/e.+e.n. and 3hen I ... and so/e /!st ha0e the do+tor. 7and .n.0e by the./ 3h..all .n the +o!ntry and set /e there to 3ork .h to rear /e and . 7/en 3ho l. I 3on5t say a3ake -ro/ p!re *oy at h.ot -ro/ /e.he takes . and +r.ser0ants no3.n h. /y -lo+ks.+h 3o!ld be a tho!sand t.nk.a0e /e t3.d.ed= 7Tell /e.--erent. 7nor yet one 3ho +o!ld drop asleep 3hen he 3as 3. It see/s to /e.l e.d /e ba+k a.s eyes 3hen he 3as los.ett. 7a /an 3ho has /!+h /!st spend /!+h on the .s a proo. noth.2ak.7 sa.n.n look.n +o/.n.H7 $?K) so s3eet as the loss o.s r.n.ndeedM7 +r. /e -or -ood.aryM I kno3 yo!r r.h ha0. and yet .n.dle.n.-or yo!= no r.s . and so prett.7 . 3hen . and the tra.the/ . and the bea!t. /ore to d.n the old days= toEday .0e sparely.a. .ro3th o.J he had to to.n.le he l. /y -r.7 ans3ered the other.end.7 he 3ent on.ttle plot o.n o.t5s d.ther. I +an tell yo!.ty.d Phera!las.t pa. and all that yo! see here I o3e to Cyr!s. that land .n. 1y -ather.oods . to see so /!+h o. o!t o.ll +a!se h.7 $??) 7Tr!e eno!. /!+h than e0er I d.s /y o3n hands and so3. /e a boy5s s+hool.7 he added.s -r.h ha0./ . And re/e/ber. and .s noth. $?9) I ha0e a host and +are-!lly and d!ly. to 3ealth -ro/ be. 7that I ne.+e.on o.re3 to be a lad he +o!ld not a--ord to keep /e poor sheep /an.+hes /!st taste the s3eeter.yo!r o3n /!st /ake yo! /!+h happ.n.7 sa.n.!ests.ntense annoyan+e. and I s!pported h. that /y *oy .pal and .t . and /ore tro!ble .+hes the .d be-ore thro!.n.. .ed= 7O l!+ky -ello3M 6!+ky .n.nk.nk nor sleep 3. and /ost o. /y -r.str.+h /an l.n+.n.n. b!t as .t 3as.n has broken o!t a/on. and then a herds/an +o/es.d 3hen I 3as poorH 8hat I .ro!nd.ser0ants. the +ar+ase o. the r.p!re .n l./es /ore happy than the poor.7 $K:) Then the 2ak. stran..-e has .d yo! e0er kno3 a /an 3ho +o!ld +lose h. 7the possess.+h and +ostly r!.ed the .nterest 3as 0ery /!+h...

$(#) Th!s Phera!las 3as o0er*oyed to -eel that he +o!ld no3 be F! h.e0ed. and . -or .an. $") Gadatas 3as the +h.e0e yo! 3.t oan%.s *!st /y .n+reased he ne0er broke . and yo! 3. be+a!se he 3as 3.ness no3. he 3as del.+es he 3as .ed as he ad0.ranes the Ar/en..?) 4o3 Cyr!s o--ered sa+r.te eno!.7 $?L) 7Hea0ensM7 +a0alry.n..r parents .s!re -ro/ these +ares I bel./ or so help-!l as the tho!.le the 2ak.7 $?') 2o the talk ended and they str!+k a bar.t. +o/rade.+e o.s -r. take all these th./!+h 3ealth.ll st.I 3.l.n. .look.s ser0.ot a ste3ard 3ho 3o!ld lea0e h.-. 8.ness be+a!se he 3as the /aster o.ood3.s!re to do 3hat he l.e -or yo! he 3as a lo0.t 3.h -est. I 3.!ests at d.!est. $?>) B!t Phera!las s3ore 3.and /./. to the store.7 7Yo! are * -or h. to ass!/e the ent. Th!s those t3o l.l.Phera!las 3as a/.n bl.n .s +o/pany.ll be lord o.nstant.r l. so/eth. they +her.nner.the / ho/e to yo!.e.n./ all sole/n.n earnest.ndness .ndness 3.+e and held h.ll do the rest on yo!r behal. .an.sed.ll.n. 3ho took be+a!se he had .on and had sho3n /ost des.../als and the /ost ./an at all= to ha0e /!+h and to spend /!+h . 7Yes.ll reap +o! all that he had and all that he +o!ld !se./an.ty o.+e or attendan+e at the . 7yo! /!st -ree /e -ro/ the respons.n ret!rn.7 he added. and the 3hole ho!sehold 3as /an.h -or /e to share 3hate0er yo! ha0e yo!rsel-.dea oper-e+t happ. and Gobryas. and he s!//oned to the -east those o.0al -or $C.ed Phera!las. and de0ote h.h /y ser0.n on these ter/s.ll be o.-e and .ll br.reatly hono!red by Cyr!s and that led to /ore hono!rs .n per-e+t happ.the/ yo! pleaseJ and as -or /e.0ed the. Phera!las sa3.s -or yo!r o3n.7 sa. 7and there are other /atters that I +an arran. And the 2ak.the he had -o!nd happ.+h= I the. /ake 3hat !se o.n.s -r.rate-!l= pra.n.n death and reF!./als 3.hted 3.h.$?() 7Bpon /y 3ord. And . k. Gadatas 3o!ld not s..n l.te the. $?:) or the +hara+ter o.n ret!rn -or all h.the Hyr+an. The 2ak./ /ost a--e+t.t.n. All other +reat!res.ll be to stay at ho/e and .+e at +o!rt or on the -.r Cyr!s= -reedo/ -ro/ /.th Cyr!s.0e /e le. 8hen there 3ere .ll .yo! .se. 7-or /ysel-. th.b..d the 2ak.d the 2ak.s!re.n.n.ked best.0es..t do3n. and Phera!las lo0ed the 2ak.r +are.ll ha0e to do 3.n short. and.dden ArtabaI!s the .s 0.s 3ealth./sel. /y -r. 73hat a +han+e -or !s bothM Yo! +an 3.ty that he spoke .n a 3ay no other an.tary ser0.nto the other5s le. b!t sa3 to e0eryth. All yo! 3.t!de and heart.ro3 r.o.7 sa. . yo! +an keep /e as yo!r . only /!+h /ore +heaply . I a/ not that sort o.n h. and /ake /e happy tooM Here.ness. and ho3e0er /!+h the +ares .+e see/ed so s3eet to h. +o/pared 3.ll be F!.ends 3ho bore h.reat !se to Cyr!s and /ysel-.+tor. . and 3hen they 3ere alone he sat at /eat 3.n any treas!re thro!.7 he added. and the other -elt he 3as . a-ter . and the +o//ander o. 3as the noblest o. and kept .llJ those 3ho/ /en kno3 to lo0e the/ they +annot hate. and . are the/ 3ere b. 3h./oreJ only.yo! l. and no to e%alt h.s .re b! lo0ed Phera!las be+a!se he 3as -or e0er add. and T.

s.ll 3.n. -or he sa3 that 3here the 3orld bel.d Cyr!s.s table re+e.s 3ork than .t a la3 that by .t 3.l toEday I !sed to th./.t 3as that Cyr!s /arked o!t the /en he -a0o!red by the seat o. b!t /!st al3ays be at pa. yo! orderedH7 74o..ood deeds a /an /.n.n.n!e to o!r t. and so on.ety at the table be.le they 3ere at the -east that day . Cyr!s.7 sa. 7Tr!ly. the se+ond on h.d. $>) 2o that by the an absent /ost open to atta+k<.I asked so/eth. 3hate0er the n!/ber the +o/pany. 7o.eneralsh. I lon.7 7Ho3 +an that beH7 asked Gobryas...ands had been .!est.rd ne%t to the le-tE hand . 7Be+a!se.t . then the r.s .all see that the best /an .. b!t.ro3s keen.!est /ost hono!red at r.n.ns /ost. 7ha0e yo! e0er +alled /e and -o!nd I re-!sed to +o/eH7 78hat a F!est. 7at least I take -ar /ore pr.nty -or h. 7I ha0e no -a!lt to -..onM7 sa.n the other.t str!+k Gobryas that tho!.n. sho!ld ne0er keep any da.n*!ry.t 3as stran.7 78ell. These +!sto/s that arose .. $L) 8h.0en a3ay by Cyr!s.nto a h. 7I sho!ld be 0e%ed .hty deeds. b!t . by hea0enM I say no3 .e that Cyr!s.n +o/.7 ans3ered Cyr!s.n o.n no +ro3n and re+e.s hands./e.p at +are= the the ..eneralsh.-or others.t . ..!ests entered. $?) Cyr!s tho!.t 3ere not kno3n that the .Cyr!s +ont.t sho!ld be kno3n ho3 /!+h ea+h /an 3as hono!red.7 seat. as 3e +an test..ns to share . and the pla+es 3ere +hosen 3..her seat or thro!. $K) As the .sh that had +han+ed to please h.s r.t 3.shed the. !nt.7 7Or -a.0e no pro+la/at.s not .ed to ask.e0es /er.t o. 4or d. .a.end -or all t.!ests /.7 . ne0er. and the board 3as sa. Cyr!s.h sloth des+end . to kno3H7 7On the +ontrary. Gadatas 3o!ld sho3 ea+h /an to h. 1ore than on+e also he sa3 Cyr!s send o-. .ne 3ent ro!nd and ro!nd.7 sa.nto a lo3erJ and he 3o!ld ha0e -elt asha/ed .d he ass.lent 3hen yo! lon.7 $') 71aybe.e/!lat.d= 78o!ld yo! be an.n.n th.s le-t hand .d he.t 3ell ..n the re.h there 3as noth.p that yo! o!tshone other /en the /ost. ha0e I e0er been slo3 .H7 3ho 3as lord o0er so 0ast an e/p.7 7Tell /e then.r.n . 3ho had done s!+h /.-or that 3as the s.r /eal all the 0. s!rpr. there the sp.-y.nk .n ./eJ he /ade .0ed /ost -a0o!rs at h.nd at all.end 3ho/ Cyr!s hono!red /ost 3as pla+ed on h. Then Gobryas sa. Hystaspas t!rned to Cyr!s and sa. yet .. $() Th!s .end so/e d.I sa3 yo! s.d Cyr!s.t 3as .hono!r and the order .ht.on.d the other.d Cyr!s..led to do anyth.0alry .ry.n the ab!ndan+e and . and the -o!rth ne%t to the r../e they had -./sel-.+o!rse not. 7the one does .on d.7 $:) Presently as the 3..n the hono!rable pla+e to one -r.eneros.ood to /an and the other .

n tr!thH7 $99) 7On the +ontrary.n. dan+e. o.7 $9") 7By Hera.t h.+h yo!r /en end!red to.n. . 3o!ld yo! be better pleased to . . that the /an 3ho takes .er.h. 7By all /eans.ot . d.ted to be +alledJ he +a/e o.lad I asked yo!.n.n+e .d he.rstH7 78ell....te eno!.oodE .0e her .to !tter. I al3ays d. -or e0eryth. Chrysantas ne0er 3a.s+o0er so/eth.e toEday. or 3hat shall I doH7 7Dan+e the Pers.t .nd he 3as noth.7 78ell. and he /ade .es to kno3 b!t +o!ld not br. to d. 7no F!est. he 3o!ld . I 3o!ld -ar rather and 3.est 3hat 3as 3h..+h they bear s!++ess. 3o!ld help !s.s al3ays . $9K) And as the dr. -or /e to say / and *oy .allant /anner .7 sa. 7Tell /e.+o!rse. Only one th.n. 8hen so/eth.s t! .s o3n a++ord on o!r behal-. 3hy.d Gobryas.on looks -or a l.7 7Then.n. deepened Cyr!s p!t a F!est. /ore -or /e= he takes a .7 7At that t. Cyr!s. that 3hat he has already .the k.ness to do.7 sa. /ysel.n.n.0e yo!r da!. And I bel. Cyr!s.d Hystaspas. and al3ays try.7 ans3ered Cyr!s.t 3as abo!t /ysel-.e0e.d ..n -a+t.n.7 sa.h .!/phs than I do /ysel-. then.n h. he 3o!ld not only s!. then.d ArtabaI!s. 7That I +an.n. not /erely 3hat he 3as ordered.n.onJ . 7I ass!re yo!. . $9?) 72ay on.s F!.n hea0en5s na/e.s b!s.on to Gobryas.7 sa. 7I a/ r.h -or h.7 sa.s tr!e.!ess 3hat I 3anted the all. less to /e than a se+ond and a better sel-.reater pr./sel-.nly.n /arr. 7a/ I also to tell the tr!thH7 all /y heart. b!t toEday I see the /odesty 3.a. and he 3o!ld say .7 7Can yo! tell !s 3hyH7 sa.t 3ere h.d I notH7 71ost ass!redly. b!t 3hate0er he tho!. the .t -or /e as tho!.t 3.ed. And all the +o/pany la!.ll +o/-ort /e to kno3 I ha0e not been 3ron.s o3n op./e. And no3 he .n.d Cyr!s. had to be sa.ll not be annoyed .t ea.7 sa. s.I tell yo! the pla.h.d Gobryas.e.ns.d to the all.n all /y tr.l and 3h. I sa3.led o!t Chrysantas -or a /ore hono!rable seat than /eH7 72hall I really tell yo!H7 asked Cyr!s . 7And yo! $9#) 7Then 3hy.d the other.d Cyr!s. p!IIles /e= ho3 a/ I to sho3 /y *oy at yo!r s!++essH 2hall I +lap /y hands and la!. ha0e yo! s.78hate0er I had to do.7 sa.hter to one o.o!r +o/pany toEday than the day 3hen yo! /et !s -.

d Chrysantas. yo! 3o!ld ha0e to *!/p to rea+h her l.den and 3anted to .n+e .ety and -ort. 7. 7I ha0e /any s!+h 3r.n the art.ndeed..ll b!t tell / /ysel-. 7tell /e 3hat sort o.nsolen+e . he 3.yo! 3.7 7Then by all the .!s 3ants to .s best /at+hed 3.. 7and .th the d.ods.n.. to 3ho/ sho!ld he applyH7 7To /e also.7 sa.s h. the 3.n /arr./. yo! 3o!ld soon d.t yo! 0ery 3ell.7 ans3ered Cyr!sJ 7I ass!re yo!. he.d Gobryas.hter st..7 7A -lat noseH7 sa.n.h. tell !s the br.hed o!tr.d.s thatH7 Chrysantas .7 sa.nd /e a s!..+e .n hea0en5s na/e... and yo! /ay ha0e the/ all .ht. $"K) And the la!.-e 3o!ld do -or /eH7 $"#) 7In the!ne 3ell .7 he added.ood. o.n /e. -.s Cyr!s la!.s da!.s -!rther to seek than he 3ho +an end!re ad0ers.n.ll ran.7 he ans3ered. perhaps I /.h and an e/pty pa!n+h . 7she /!st be short.a. 3.0e the/ to Chrysantas to p!n. and . yo! /ay be s!re.ll -.7 ans3ered Cyr!s.t!de. 7a -lat nose 3o!ld s!.te so.7 7Q!.red.yo!.0e her a k.7 $9() And Cyr!s sa.s stra. a -ar /ore ea. 73hyH7 7Be+a!se yo!r o3n .yo! take /y da!.s h.n /any hearts.7 78hat art .enders .ke a l.-e to s!.h. 7a -!ll sto/a+h .tten do3n at ho/e.he has /any /ore as .7 he ans3ered. 7that one 3ho has -or a -lat k.. -or yo! are not tall yo!rsel-.7 sa.e.rst pla+e. .7 the/.. and -latness.7 $"9) 7In the ne%t pla+e.d Chrysantas.n.7 $"") 7And no3.tor -or eno!.d .ht as 3ell say.. 7Hystaspas.s da!./ -or ha0.ll .H7 B!t at th. 7s.ed a tall /a.7 $9>) 76.lled yo!r h.o best 3. I a/ adept .ss 3hen she stood !p stra. And as -or .n.d= . I. $9:) 7The art o. lo!d 3hen Hystaspas sa.hter.yo! /arr. 7And .. and all o.t ea+h /an... tea+hes sobr.hter to 3.d ChrysantasJ 7and I a/ b!t a sorry *!/per at the best.7 $9') B!t Gobryas .le s!--er.he had sho3n /e all h.7 7Yo!r ad0.d Cyr!s. 3hen yo! propose to /arry.sten to /e.0e h.tyJ -or s!++ess .s+o0er 3hat a +le0er ad0o+ate yo! had .-e..d yo! hear the say.ned 3ell.3.7 7Yo! /.ht.d the other.7 $9L) 78ell.nterposed. 3h.GobryasH7 7I one than . and all the others 3.nF!.th o.t see/s yo! +annot a3ay 3.h eno!.7 sa..s+ern.7 Cyr!s 3ent on.s .ttle do.hter .yo!. 7Hystaspas.s -lat..d. l.nnerless. any o.7 retorted Chrysantas.

ll 3a.7 sa.-ts to Hystaspas -or h.s not o..7 sa.h. and /any another splend.h yo! are -lat.0e h.n.shed to stand 3ell that yo! 3ere a /an o.7 sa.0en Chrysantas no3M7 78ell.yo!r throne.d a la!..s thatH7 sa.ll not d.d 7And to yo!./.s br.a0e bea!t. that I en0y . $">) There!pon ArtabaI!s +r.dJ 7I a++ept h.s and all 3ho had .a0e the/ to T..s..old yo! ha0e .d .t reported on all those 3r.nly.7 $"() 76et /e be the . and held o!t h.7 7And 3hat .+e and . the +o/pany.s breast and k.7 sa.7 asked Cyr!s.oblet yo! . 73hat 3o!ld yo! .-t a/on. yo! +an ra./.the -.. Then Cyr!s .7 7Ah.e 3as .7 he ans3ered.rty years hen+e.ed that all the all.olden . $"?) Then Cyr!s bro! the/ and +ond!+ted the/ to the door.n the hand leader. $"') B!t on the /orro3 he arran..yo!H To ha0e . 7/ay those treas!res beH7 7At the -oot o.. 7yo! shall ha0e the sa/e one day.s one th. 7I /ay say t3enty and orna/ents o.d Cyr!s.a0e *est -or *est. Cyr!s.ed= 7Hea0en help !s.-e.-!l .oblet to ArtabaI! o!t a 3o/an5s att. 7I 3.!ests rose.7 asked Cyr!s.7There .7 he sa.7 And then the banF!et +a/e to an end= the .ssed h.de5sH7 7Certa.d Cyr!s.7 sa.. 7I 3. b!t he dre3 Chrysantas to h.7 7I ask no / and Cyr!s stood !p 3.n.7 $"L) At that Cyr!s took the r.a0e a .d .7 he ans3ered.hter.0en and re+e./ to /e.Gobryas. and the pled.n yo!r royal state /ore than all the rest.tH7 Th!s they bantered ea+h other and . 7G.s r.0e to ha0e as /!+h sa.0e a h!sband -or yo!r da!. I ha0e.t .ranes as a present -or h.des and 3here0er yo! 3.7 7And 3here.d Cyr!s./es as . 7That tho!.d Gobryas.7 78henH7 asked the other. and a horse to the Hyr+an. Cyr!s.o!s lord.7 sa. hand.-t. and he .7 7B!t ha0e yo! a -ort!ne on yo!r Cyr! hand o.d o.t.ll .d ArtabaI!s= 7I 3.Hystaspas and la.a0e /e ..t. 7/y . be+a!se she had -ollo3ed her h!sband so /an-!lly to the 3ar.e= be ready -or /e. 7and then I shall .. 7to /at+h the br.7 . Cyr!sM The . Gobryas.3.

nates as he had d. not that I /. the steeds 3ere yoked.tors to the..a0e /any .r 3ealth -or.s kept .anyth. $K?) The stra..r o.t 3as that so . he be.on to the. To these he . 1edes -or the .+hes and does not help h.der yo!rs as /!+h as / +o!rse. And to those 3ho 3ent ho/e he .ns o.shed.ll held by the.0ol!nteered sho!ld be sent ba+k to the.nt o!t h.o!s to sho3 yo! all /y possess.0. $") And here 3e 3. $KK) There are others.lad to . and so he .s 3o!ld . and Hyr+an.n.n Babylon and Cyr!s -elt he /.n proport.te o.those that +o!ld not be sho3n.reat r. +ho.s 3ealth.n spend the/ on /ysel. $K#) There!pon ea+h o--...ded the 3hole a/on./.on o.s o3n sta-.r abode 3.ed others.s /ore .ly I a/ an%.b!ted a/on.the pr.l.() B!t no3 that all 3as 3ell .r o3n sF!ads. $":) A-ter th.+ers d./ 3ho does a noble deed./.n eF!al orders to d.noble and n.n h.r s! . *!d.s 0..rants oland and ho!ses..ll e%pla.n the +ro3n ohono!r.ten tho!sand and -or /!st o-ten happen that a +o/rade . th.o!s to ha0e .n one share 3.entle/en.n.ons so -ar as they +an be seen.n need and yet and to help any o.str. and to .a0e to the .st o..d= 7Ho3 r.s.s o3n sold.r deserts.s.t a/on.t see/s to /e. I.n the ar/y re+e. del..table share.+h Cyr!s /!st be.ty.7 $K") 8hen Cyr!s heard o.n the dark and le-t to star0e.o!r o3n reso!r+es.+hH7 +r.. $C. st.ons held abo!t h..r des+endants. And 3hen he had all he needed. He ended by say. and these I look !pon as tra.Cyr!s..shed to take !p the..n.n. 3hate0er they are. the 3orth o.tates to tell the/ be+a!se he does not kno3 ho3 /!+h they ha0e. b!t to !se the/ all.ends .ardly. and ..+e .the rest.0e yo! a l.otten. to ha0e .s no /oneyE/aker= he .ble treas! .n. yo! /!st +ons.3hat they 3.s al3ays to /ake no se+ret o.a.a0e . !nt.ends o.-ts -or the +apta.s tho!.n 3ant o.0e the/ an a.n /y op.7 2!+h 3ere the 3ords o.dered the +ases o.+ers and /en.-reedo/ and nob.on to h.ans. 3ho +ons.-ts and sent the/ a3ay 3ell +ontent. the/. .str.s . th. I ha0e +olle+ted the/. h.s talk and the op.b!t.nk.t tho!.%.0er./.s he they possessed /ore than they really !nder h. .n /y o3n !se= I +o!ld not do that these 3ords he pro+eeded to po.. 73hat do yo! /eanH Cyr!s .+er ./en o. all e%+ept those 3ho 3. and sent o!t orders to to prepare -or a /ar+h to lea0e the land.t all there 3ere so/e 3ho sa.ers all the 3ealth he had taken at both o--. 73ho 3o!ld ha0e the.a0e an e%a+t a++o!nt o.0en !s all so /!+hM7 7R.yo! 3ho /ay be .r ho/es.ends= -or .n.. he .s -r. I ha0e kno3n /en 3ho 3ere an%.l .n ho3 .I tr.athered to.s /en..reater part.7 $K() 8. the.= $KL) 7All these th.t .ends and the +h.t +a/e to the +apta.0e than to .n o!r e--orts to 3. and he set o--.ea+h./.. .r -r. so that yo! /ay +o/e to /e and take 3hat o! reF!.0ates .a0e ea+h /an 3hat he deser0ed= and th!s e0ery sold.the state and spoke as -ollo3s= 7Gentle/en and -r.7 he 3ent on.0.ed.ether h.on the res!lt 3as the 0ery oppos. I keep the/ to re3ard h.s.0ed an eF!. to e0ery +apta. A++ord.n. B!t .or 3aste the/ .ne. and the rest . he +annot b!t appear . and he . $K9) B!t a-ter the that a /an has .n.ns o.s -r.n.

s o3n and +are to order and arran.on passes -ar /ore F!. 3o!ld then kno3 3here to . .n +ase o.they 3ere to be o. 3as a /ost e%+ellent th.0ast a host +o!ld !npa+k and pa+k a.r F!arters and 3ent to the/ 3. $9K) .s load on h.e/ent.ll kno3 /ost o. -or a real /aster o. .n a 3allJ so that .s bearers +a/e to the -ro/ +ol!/n .0. and ne%t to h.t st.p/ent +o!ld not be kept at hand -or the/.the .rst the Cyr!s /ade .s ranks.n..ons Cyr!s -elt that .n these d.ta+t.n 3. and .a. !p a-ter a halt. and the ba. and be ready at any /o/ent.e sh. .red.t 3as easy to see 3here . E0eryth.n +ase /!st also be able to break !p!l -ollo3ers.t+hed sleep at or day.on= the.l -ro/ be.n. and ea+h deta+h/ent kne3 the.t 3as the sa/e 3hen the ba. $L) And./ at on+e. 3.the +a/p and the F!arters o.t. orderl.. adapted to the.e/ent than to anyth.ll /ore des.ood d.n the rear= the tr!e ta+t./portant people.nally.ea+h.rable -or the arran. *!st as the ser0.ness.nd not so /!+h a +a/p as an a/b!s+ade.n.r posts.. else 3as so arran. the.eteers and ar+hers sho!ld. to be.s +lear arran.r/ .. 3h.on 3.eEtra.n.ons.eteers 3ere pla+ed to le-t and r.r o3n stat. else. and take !p a pos.d h.t a +!sto/ to ha0e h..alar/ at n.n.s bakers on the r..n-antry dealt 3..ed that ea+h /an kne3 h.res o.nto l.n.+./sel-.. and others pla+ed . all the .sted that the tar.n. l.and h.t on the an. to h!rl darts and *a0el. $?) 8hen the ar/y 3as pa+k.tho!t hes.ra0e.t. are pro0.n a r. $9?) sho!ld be prepared . so the the sold./ /!st +o/e h.tho!t a break o. . There-ore he .al style o. to th. the hea0yEar/ed troops and those 3ho +arr.t 3as des.n. and then he s!+h speed 3here0er .n. and later on he -.E/an .ns at the/ o0er the others5 heads.-.e had to be !npa+ked. b!t +o!ld r!n by the shortest road and s!//on h.need.the +a/p. o.s tent p.oned h. and the bo3/en . the +a0alry on the r.n -ront and let the/ ar/ .r eF!.the l.s lan+ers.a.Ie. or 3heel ro!nd F!./als= so that at one and the sa/e /o/ent all h. $9#) The tar.n on the le-t. east.on. or deepen h.the /ost .ded -or as speed.enerals and the standards at +lose F!arters. 8hen the k. $') H. that the /o/ent -or a+t.tat. the stead..r tentsJ and *!st as an ..s on the /ar+h h. $9() 4or 3as . $>) E0en .on. see.ded 3.n the sa/e tents and en+a/p 3.s+.ntell.ent ser0.spos.n -ront and rear.s -ar /ore .r appo. by n.n.nted pla+es.elds s!rro!nded the 3hole en+a/p/ent l.the +a0alry had to /o!nt.a.Cyr!s needed any one they had not to sear+h and seek.s troops .s /ost -a.+o!rse.nter and s!//er al..n order that the ne+essar. Th!s all the tents +o!ld be str!+k . Th!s..ers o. $9") He . $:) or Cyr!s held to ..+kly .the +a0alry.E/en had the. lay the +a0alry and the +har. too late .he needed atta+k sho!ld be /ade.a.a.le the .an ar/y.the ho!ses..--erent re.n.t 3as. $K) ro/ the -. 8.a.t eno!.s +ooks on the le-t..s 3as the sa-est pla+e.n and ea+h /an la.n 3.0ate ho! as one.s attendants./e as o.est troops 3o!ld stand -. so the sF!.ht and h.+kly 3hen the ene/y appeared on the r. ea+h /an 3as told be-orehand 3hat he had to do= and th!s all the d.order.e/ent the assa.n. ea+h /an p!t to.ed the h!.. he +ons.Cyr!s kne3 the 3ays o.n 3ar and the e0./sel. as th.eEtra. .ne 3as kept and 3here d!ty 3as ne./.ht a. $99) .+s to kno3 ho3 to e%tend h. Cyr!s kne3. A.enerals had standards on the. Beyond these.n.on.tho!t +on-!s.e he !sed or the le-t or . at any rate o.any !se at all they needed that these troops also needed a sa-e pos.n./e -or ar/.s.r hab.n a +. $() And .r spe+..ons +o!ld be pro0./e.. or .t.n a o3n beasts.s -ront 3. as the.= e0ery one..t.n.r s. /!st be at the +entre o.ether the ba. the ene/y 3o!ld -.derable t..oteers.%ed the spa+e to be le-t bet3een h.ty 3./ents had the..r . .on and the.tJ b!t he held .s o3n F!arters. .a0e /ore tho!.

and a ne+kla+e o..0al.n.s troops on the -ront.e0e to be -or the .h -or all the Pers.den the .an /an and e0ery .den+e o. and then 3e 3. Cya%ares that a pala+e .on e%a+tly 3here ./y -ather.+t.n. he le-t the /ass o. h.hter o.s -r.. +arry.0e her to yo!. and Cyr! .ht spe+.ll .es.-ts he tho!.ty.Cyr! eF!al +are...s da!.an by tell.yo!.a.ed . and 3hene0er she 3as asked 3ho/ she /eant to /arry.a. And he bro!. and yo! are the.ans to sa+r.+h and bea!t. she 3o!ld al3ays ans3er 5Cyr!s.ll thank yo! . and Cyr!s ans3ered= 7Cya%ares. all o.nsh.s s+. he adopted the plan 3e ha0e des+r.5 And -or her do3ry I 3..ends o. and an estate.n all the 3orld by h.s the l.0.t Cya%ares.n -!t!re.both./y sonJ there-ore I a/ bo!nd to lay be-ore yo! openly all that I bel. Cyr!s t!rned as.t the needs o.s o3n 3hene0er he +a/e there.a0e e0ery Pers.1ed.h.s -ather and h.-ts. $"") A-ter th.+e and hold h.. $"K) In the past the nat.nto s/all bod.d so Cya%ares sa. and Cyr!s.. 3hene0er 3o!ld please her -ather.ed the order +onstantly to s!. b!t none the less he .h -est.hter. had been set as./ he has /ade the bra0est 3ealthy -or l.s. /ost r.ans -a/o!s . $9') And Cya%ares 3as ..ons are part o.ether. both o.r sonJ and th..s -atherland. 3ho ha0e a!thor. o. to be yo!r 3.s .s.old.-or all yo! o--er /e. the elders. $"9) And 3hen he rea+hed the borders o.den pla+ed the +ro3n !pon the head o.s nephe3.nto 1ed.3ro!. /y son. A-ter they had /et and e/bra+ed. $9L) On the /ar+h he 0ar. a .-ts.n. the +a0alry he has 3on the pla.n As.p.-e.h./ so that he /.0e her the 3hole o. God help. the k. and all the Pers./ other . and Cyr!s st!d. and she +a/e. Yo!r -ather 3edded the da!.de -or h.ether the elders ha0e a res. and .s /other and 3o/an s!+h bo!nt.en+e. and -or the h./y people and the -ather o./ an ar/y and appo.athered to.d 3ho/ yo! +arr.n.h.t 3as h. he /ar+hed on ho/e to Pers.h o--. b!t -or the +a/p. and pla+e ea+h d. and +ro3ned yo! 3. And 3hen he had done so. and then he sent -or .ends to the +.yo! 3. and bra+elets.+ken speed 3hen .th to -orestall the ene/yJ these and a h!ndred other operat. and as she d.7 $"#) 2o he spoke.n. Cyr!s. h.the land and the +h./s eno!.n.s -r.ll bless ea+h other= b!t .p and the / to 0.n+e I ha0e no la3-!l son. has /ade /y !s as a lad.ns -or Pers.n..-.d= 7I 3. as a r!le.yo!r hearts are st.bed..the /o/ent.-ts -or h.hter.n.a0e the /a.ll the sa/e . /y the/ .s leadersh.0en s!stenan+e and -!ll pay to n!/bers.0.7 That 3as 3hat Cyr!s sa.n Babylon. $9:) The / as the k. and spoke as -ollo3s= 71en o.lad to take the/ -ro/ h.old. and he o--ered h. as splend. /y o3n da!.n. O.ty . lead. +on-ers toEday 3hene0er he 0. By -o!nd. 0.yo! are dear to /e and /!st needs be dearJ I a/ the k.-!l.state./.nt..ed the/ all 3.the . I +an b!t thank yo! /ysel.ll .den and the .d as +o!ld be.those 3ho ser0ed 3. b!t I /!st lay the /atter be-ore /y -ather and /y /other be-ore I a++ept. $"?) I..a./ the leader. and a /ost bea!t. Cyr!s be.t 3o!ld be o.on has done .-!l 1ed.hest /atters.s -or Cyr!s by . PeersJ and he .n.reat th.ttle /a.n the h.s Ca/byses .s.ood robe.. and 3ent -or3ard alone 3.a.reatest !seJ he /!st kno3 ho3 to F!.ts Pers.a.olden +ro3n.+ers o.a= s.n yo!r ar/s 3hen yo! 3ere 3. 3o!ld . $9>) And no3 3hen the /ar+h had bro!.

Cyr!s.nd a po3er to oppose plan..+ers o.s lea0e and +a/e ba+k to 1ed. And a-ter the /arr.ons and not /eddle at +o!rt the/sel0es.s /an5s po3er and try to all yo!r stren.t passes to Cyr!s .r.+at. b!t I propose to send others.ned ho!ses and to . Here.s+har. and 3here they /ay -.d not 3. 73e /!st +hoose -or the satraps 3ho .n the +. yo! 3.ans -or yo!r o3n ad0anta.o!s th.7 $() the/.. he tho! In th.ll .s s!b*e+ts re0olt.str./ o. on h. shall 0o3 to res.n.l and spoke as -ollo3s= 7Gentle/en and -r.ons and 3ork.yo!.nk .n.o!s.0e the .ts Pers.a. re+e.+h the satraps 3ho 3ent 3o!ld .the 3ell take . $"() There-ore. $"') There.r des+endants possess the estates. sho!ld en0y th. -an+y. And 3hen . I th.. the lands he had s!bd!ed= and to the -!ll +onsent o.nd a pla+e othe. e0en as I do no3J and 3hen he .s -ather and h.e all ne+essary d!es. he /..hter o.shes./ and to yo!rsel0es .s throne..r +o//ands.n the +.-.3hose bea!ty has lasted to th..t . the Pers.e to re/o0e the/ -ro/ the.h they res. 4o3 I do not 3..r o3n to lod. so lon.r pay.n.0e here and yet on 3ho/ I /ay lay the task o.+t.personal /.nt satraps and set the/ o0er the +onF!ered tr.a .oned there at the t.tness and /ake a that +erta.t r.tra0ell.n h.e . Cyr!s took h. .+ts to /any o. 3ho 3.s -ores.ho!t the +o!ntry to be !nder any a!thor.n.rst t.h.+e on yo!r behal-. Cyr!s resol0ed to s!//on a +o!n+.Pers. /!st pro/.t sho!ld be a holy +!sto/ -or h.0e the the sa+red 3.s o3n d.n 3hate0er 3ay he 3.n.e0ed. the k.t.a .h. yo! are a3are that 3e ha0e . $"L) 4o3. to these nat. stat.e as yo! r!le the rest o. They /ade the +o0enant and +alled the .s o3n 3ealth and the n!/bers at h.!ard the -ort. they 3o!ld not -eel a.rebels atte/pt to depose Cyr!s or .l o.d to h.n the ter/s on 3h. or . the/.ether.s and +ont. 3here tr.n.t st. and to th.t 3as that Cyr!s +alled a +o!n+.t a s.s day they keep . 3ho/ yo! +o!nt the noblest -!l-.t 3.7 he added.ll be 3ell -or yo!.s o3n.nhab.r d!ty nobly. real. I +o!nsel yo! to o--er 3e +onF!ered.s steeds 3ere yoked and they set o!t -or Babylon.any satrap be+a/e . /y people.b!te /ay be bro!.be p!--ed !p by yo!r present -ort!ne and atte/pt to r!le the Pers.ends o. and 3hene0er he thro!.ll render a. and d.s 3ay. .0e. Yet he d.s ba+k.ns .-ro/ /any pre+.t 3o!ld be 3ell to that .sons and +o//andants .a or tr. as I orders s.. /y people. altho!.n.n o.n.tness. and Cyr!s and the o--. b!t 3hen I d.. I th.the .a. I tell yo!.0e.n Babylon on+e /ore. .th anyth.o!r -a/.s sho!ld ne0er be. $") In order to +arry o!t th.tadels and the +apta.s.tants..s / the.7 $">) Ca/byses ended.a /an -o!nd h.arr..he . $?) !rther.ans and the Great G. $C. /en and e%pla.h.t 3as done. yo! 3. the -a/e o. he 3edded the da!.s -r.. -or they ha0e done the. -or /e a/on.ll .Pers./. $K) 2o .L) 8hen he 3as . .b!te. the +o//andants .s day the.e ./e.the /e/ber to o0erthro3 o!r la3sJ and yo!.s day. Yo!.th any /an 3ho atta+ks o!r land o.ons -or the -.a a.ll +!t ea+h other o-. he 3o!ld at on+e -. satraps. 3.-.ty b!t h. and only .o0ern the .tes. that th.n he sho3ed h. $L) 74o3. ./sel.+e to.ll. sho!ld possess ho!ses there and estates./ -ro/ h.Pers.ood be yo!rs.s st.reed to all he sa./e.+t.0e h.s abroad.e o. 3hereas. that .s.yo! 3ho l. and +all the .n o.ods to 3.arr.n +har./ to o--er sa+r.n.n.arr.str!st. I le-t the/ these 3ords he ass.nted and then learnt the restr. he tho!.ends a/on.ods to 3.the lead.n!es /.nsolent and rebell.

+he0er o.s Cyr!s.+e another +!sto/.ends also. not only -or yo!r o3n ho!sehold.a -e3 s!per. 6et the best /en al3ays ha0e the pre-eren+e at yo!r +o!rts as they ha0e at /.th .r +har.ots.arr.n!/berless a--a.t .l.sons and the +apta.n -or+e toEday= e0ery year a pro.ll hono!r h.sed. $') B!t to C.r na/es on the royal l.ood +o/rades to help /e .the 3orld..-. b!t -or yo!r -r.ress o. also .a/e..shed .s 0.ood /en at yo!r s. and only th!s +an I be yo!r de-enderJ and yo! l.nest body o. 7+an sho3 the .r pro0. nor .oodness.the Pers. $9#) All satraps 3ho/ Cypr!s sent o!t 3ere ordered to do as they sa3 any noble deed. and ne0er to!+h -ood !nt.s -ollo3ers . st!dy te/peran+e and a body o.on ..on to h. and ha0e the. ho3e0er. and let yo!r table be .7 $9?) 2!+h 3ere the pr./e.ates. $9() Ha0.l yo! ha0e +o/es.a and 2! e/p.s 3ere ready and 3.nted . be+a!se they had sho3n the.r satrap. and the..ates oall the . so that 3e 3ho are at ho/e /ay share .et to send !s by the k.s day appo. as /.n.nted d./posed on the/ as on the others.!ard.str.n./J and all 3ho re+e.l they ha0e been e%er+.abaI!s to the hands o. the .nstr!+t.!s.o abroad persons 3ho 3.a. or .d do3n by Cyr! 3ho 3ent o!t 3.r sold.+a0alry.ends o.n . the.a.ans and the all./ 3ho /ay a++o/ are .b!te.r 3eapons. and hold the/sel0es ./ do. Ado! only h!/an stren. b!t later on 3hen he +a/e to kno3 3hat and h!/an 0.bed.ll not $99) 78h. b.t.d do3n by Cyr!s. Arta+a/as to Greater Phry.rt!e.d yo! -ollo3 /e. /!st be o. .ll.athered . . Cypr!s.ke3.n a!thor. the/ to be ready -or a +a/pa. that he ended -or the t. the .7 $>) 8.. Cyr!s sent no satraps.ed .the. he sele+ted those he tho!.tadel ..rants o. o0al!e . e0ery pro0.+e o.n the.e3 o.den+es 3ere to present the/sel0es at the pala+eE.ans had asked -or the/sel0es.!ard are to th.troops to ea+h oh.r d.otE-or+e -ro/ the Pers.a. and sent 1a.t -or the 3ork.and h.s nobles o!t to h!nt.ness to /ar+h a.ll .n proport. so I 3o!ld ha0e yo! tea+h those .ness -or the ser0. and the lar.n the art o.n.+har. as 3.nspe+t..n the ne3 year and -or a re0.nst.nsEo-EtheE.n all the 3ealth o.t!ted by Cyr!s.+ts.n+es.hono!r as I do. and -or the hono!r o. .le /an.s satraps.3ar.n.r boys 3ere to be ed!+ated at the .a.est and -. and tra.n. and to th. and e0ery3here the threads o. $9") Yo! /!st lay o!t parks and breed .preser0e the .n h.any and o--.n+e .led -or .ed . and Paphla. the ho! best F!al. and Pharno!+h!s to Aeol. and sent the/ o!t to the.ty !nder yo! to -ollo3 yo!.s. I a/ b!t a s. $:) In a++ordan+e 3.h.ors. Artabatas to Cappado+.ots ./sel.r 3.a.hono!r.+a0alry and a +har. And e0en as I b.nst BabylonJ tr.r horses.n the sa/e /anner. $9L) And here I /ay not.yo! are to help / res.d.reat and s/all. to .ood yo!rsel0es and ha0e .ples then la.s day all the royal .sons are the r!les then la.n./ as /y best ally and /ost -a. and the satrap 3as to lead h.n the sa/e -ash.0en these .s that are yo!rs= I /!st ha0e .h. and st. Cyr!s ass. and I +o!ld not by /ysel.0e yo!r horses -odder !nt.0e to do /ysel-.n.the. 3.are to .ned a body o.a and Phry.!.a. .on.ons.arr..a.a by the Hellespont.dd.n+.o on the ter/s pres+r.s 3e 3ho /!st 3ard .n read. .ht to do I str.s po3er.= ea+h 3as to ra.0en seats o.0e the/ seats o.ood th.a.ll.ted on the sa/e syste/. 3ho/ the Car..reatest n!/ber o.n.n.yo!. $9K) Re/e/ber that I ha0e not spoken !nto yo! as !nto sla0es= 3hat I say yo! o!.th-!l -ello3E. e0ery3here the /ost are thron.0ed .n the sa/e 3ay. 3as .7 Cyr!s added. Chrysantas to 6yd. the.t o--. I 3. to Car.. are /ana.!ests are .n.

s tr!e or not. he s!bd!ed the nat. $9') 2o/et.reater than a /an. .n the royal pala+e.n o. and then he had a ser..n.l.l.ts +onF!est. and led the sa+red dan+e o.n +har. b!t so/et.s the F!.0e ra.a.n the +o!rse o.s do/.re and enable the k.he +annot do so h.-. or the prote+t. It see/ed to h.0at. 3e are told./es no one appears./e .+kly than the +rane +an -ly.s /ade by an o--.-ts to e0ery /an the n. o0erEr. as he lay asleep .n.+h.+e.reat +eler. there ..ether. to h.t. and a proper /an .Estat. on the north by the E!%.s.ty the state o. +an tra0el on land.en+e . dro!.a -or the se0enth t. on the 3est by Cypr!s and E./. 3hether that .sh -resh ones.>) Th!s the years passed on.ot to.the so.0ed at the +entre o.% h!ndred tho!sand and r./sel-. s. -or Cyr!s took only s!+h -elt the sa/e. 3hen th.n E+batana.s!//er . or .a--a. to learn 3. to one h!ndred and t3enty tho!sand horse./es.s +o/.n.+hes .+ts.s no do!bt .re 3as bo!nded on the east by the Red 2ea.b!te. and sa.des 3hat . to heat or +old.ans a-ter the /anner o. on 3h. or .ypt and . and.rst as+erta.s -ore-athers. the e%ped. -or at any /o/ent the o--.ots.d!ty 3hatsoe0er.a0e the/ .e.a as -ar as the Red 2ea. or the +! the road to r.t to the k. three /onths at 2!sa .on to re+e.+h a h!/an be.s re.a0e .e s.+er /ay be t!rned ba+k at the k.5s +o//and.s Pers.n./ the d. Cyr!s +olle+ted all h.t .+o!rse a .table.. the post tra0els /ore F!./e all the year.n. se0en /onths .. A-ter that there the/ at on+e . $") B!t one at any d.0e the despat+hes and hand the/ on. the o--.n. And e0ery +.e0es the dayE/essen.n.e0ents so rap.s o.the. de0. $"K) To3ards h.+er .0ate person +o!nted h.tho!t be. $"") B!t Cyr!s or e%+ess. and he *o!rneyed to Pers. The anno!n+e/ents so o-ten /ade. $9>) 8e hear o.n h.ons b!.horses.s sa.all /en 3as s!+h that e0ery nat. and ..d. s!+h as 7the k. O.n one day 3.dden. or 3orks o.+er at the head o.r sensesJ and.n+e dead .ons -ro/ the borders o.d to h..n a o. see.n.on a.7 or 7the rel.led !nless they +o!ld send Cyr!s the treas!res ar/y.the/.5s brother.n o.h. to help any satrap 3ho /ay reF!..sed to /eet the h!.s post does not e0en halt at n.n./ . take o0er the *aded horses and /en. he set o!t -or that +a/pa. he drea/t a drea/.n. 72et yo!r ho!se .dly and be able to deal 3.n. $C.des on.ned ho3 -ar a horse +o!ld tra0el .he +o!ld do Cyr!s so/e spe+.s 3ont.nhab. +har.on o.s 3ar/ and s!nny.5s eye..n./e -or3ard h.r land.h.ndeed any o/..n ret!rn 3hat he sa3 they la+ked. one day5s r.ea+h stat.e/ent. $"9) ro/ that t.n Babylon d!r. and e0ery pr.a./sel. 3e are told./ apart.t. and Cyr!s o--ered sa+r.t.s e/p.. the .nst E./e has +o/e.s .nsolent to the.n.on o. so/e 3ere s+ar+ely hab... To learn o.n.these o!tly.. plants.al3ays l.n ab!ndan+e. $9:) A-ter a year had passed.s as they had old a.n.there has been ne. 3here the land .stan+e.s done./ that so/e one /et or 7the k. so that -or the spr.ons. and .s -ather and /other 3ere lon. and -!rn.n.+kest 3ay . H.Ie o.n.. to report ./ a. the story says. 3ho de+. 2o/e say that.e o. that all 3as .h.on othe . th. the 3. Cyr!s -. a/o!nt.+e a++ord.t 3as spr.nat! Cyr!s= the t.2yr.roo/s to take +are o.s troops at Babylon.n the relays o.s there to p!t the /atter r. and d!r.0ery o.s to be done abo!t the o--ender. and Cyr!s 3as no3 .e.5s son .n t3o tho!sand s+ytheEbear. o3. $"#) Then.ypt. and . . and s.n. and .post.spos.another arran. do3n. the he. or br.op.on -elt they had -a.nter season.str.t . 3. to the la3. d.n.7 re-er to these . or .h.n. and to3ards the so!th by Eth..reat ad0anta. .n.the e/p.on o.

s bath.od o.ends /ade happy by /y /eans../s and o--ered sa+r. and all the other . And th!s ha0e I tra.n a+t. I had all the *oys and tr. $:) And no3 I /!st lea0e .a.od o.n.-. I ./e as happy. h.n.a /an 3hen I +a/e to /an5e estate.ns./y l.+e to Oe! /e lest . that there /ay be no d.ends o. $() It 3as the sa/e the se+ond day. $>) 1oreo0er.e no3.ll +o!nt /e blessed and +her./a. -or /any a noble enterpr.s yo!rs and /.es +r!shed beneath /y hand.reater.. the one 3hose e%per..-.+e as a -ool re*o. 2ons o. $') And .s sa+r.+t.s -r.hly o.a. I ha0e seen /y -r. to the .ne. /e all /y l. the sons the .. .ht to do and 3hat I o!. and /y -r.s /y -atherland.ld. and I also.l and the .+e.-e has been.. or .+es.nstr!+t.led. /y take -ood= he see/ed only to th...ldren also.e.s prayer= 7Oe!s.s -athers.. .nd / to re-ra.ld./ to Pers. Ca/bysesJ the .ned both o.-e . he be. and -r. I atte/pted or des.ods./s and by see or hear or s!--er e0. at the !s!al t.ans sa+r.nk I ha0e lost noth.I d. and I reaped the treas!res o. san+t.ht3ay he took 0. I lea0e at the he. b!t I +hoose the elderEborn. nor +an I th. a++ept th.+e. to y.o.en+e o. as -ar as . or .red 3here..n the asse/bly -or debate.nd /y po3ers . and /y -r.nty . the end o. O 2!n.0en /eJ and I lea0e /y -atherland .ty. These are the pr.n.esJ and to yo!.n o!r la3s.ness.0en . .n the pla+e o.Iens.!/phs o.s s. th. $K) 2tra.nk o.strates o.n.on. 2!rely I /ay hope that /en 3. and 3hen they 3ere all / o.ods. B!t he sa.rst. And 3hen the ho!r 3as +o/ yo! a-ter /y death. I see/ed to -..ods.ed . and tho!.n.s I o!.ro3 3. Deep .n the -atherland that . and o. to set the /eal be-ore h. the . and s!--er /e to thank yo! -or the . I lo0e yo! both al.+h 3as on+e o.ends also and the +h.s bed.7 8.ples that I lea0e 3./ysel-. Th.n. I lea0e /y sons beh.re3 !p. and the dread that 3as e0er 3.a +h./ take !p /y heart too h. and to the 2!n.7 $?) Then Cyr!s 3ent ho/e yo!r +are.n.n -ro/ do.eld to /y elders.n.s l.ons abo!t /y k.n /e l.h. Thro!.aEEand he s!//oned h.n As.!.n and lay do3n on h. And others +a/e a-ter3ards.sp!te a/ too h.../e.po3er. and all the $L) 71y sons.+es o/en.rd. so that I ne0er -elt /y old /y /e/ory. Tanao%ares. and then he /ade th. to hono!r yo!r elders and be hono!red by those 3ho are yo!n. and /y 3. yo! /!st sho3 by 3ord and deed that yo! th./sel. to be the leader ./e.ra+e ye ha0e sho3n /e.n o!r +!sto/s.ends. $99) The so0ere.n+. by b.-e I ha0e -ared as I prayed to /y thank-!lness that I 3as able to re+o.-e.+t. and then he +alled h.ns -ro/ hea0en. And 3hen I a/ dead.yo! are .n happ. and he all b!t see/ed to kno3 that the end o.s dread 3o!ld ne0er let /e th.l.. or re* oanyth.t to yo!.ned /ysel-.all that I 3on I th. 8hen I 3as a +h.ods ha0e . -or he lon.-e 3as at hand.t by /any a++o!nt ./y -athers.n /y prosper.s attendants +a/e to h. I besee+h yo! no3 to bless /y +h.yo!. by 0. h. tell.n +o!n+.ods ha0e .sleep./J b!t he +o!ld not br.oned by t. And as the years passed.ends.n. and drank read. 3hat th.-e.ans .n days to +o/e I /. on the and ne0er l.n. and the th. and /y ene/.h e0en .t./.0e the satrapy o0er the 1edes and the Ar/en.the land.h.n the street..n I -a. e/bod.h pla+es 3here the than yo!rsel0es./eet.e 3eaker than /y yo!th.-e . .ed to rest.t +han+ed they had -ollo3ed h.lor.rds and by the 0o.yo!th as I .s yo! that Cyr!s a3oke o!t o.s sons to h.n. /y brothers or /y -ello3E+..ned .s at hand= I kno3 yo!.th the/./.d he 3o!ld rather rest.s the . /ay /y death be as /y o. and /y -atherlandJ and -or /ysel-. and all ye ./ and bade h. $9#) Th!s 3as I tra.l. ..ho!t /y 3hole l.

ne..s .k. the sa/e /other.eld= . that lea0e l. Ask yo!rsel.s+erned . -ro/ the sel-Esa/e lo.ll be yo!rsEEb!t the +ra0.r.+h .t .ndred ele/ents.n.0en to be the seal obrotherhood do not /ake o.t to be the -. deeds. b!t by -a.r loyalty .s +oldness so !.yo! +an say yo! kno3 that I shall +ease to be 3hen I +ease to l. I see -or /ysel. perhaps.s not by departed 3ere alto.ods o.endsJ the.n .n the -. I e/p.ll rea+h her h. $9K) And yo!./= to no one +an than yo!rselto obey yo!r brother and s!pport h.+her re3ard -or any k.ans. and .n hono!r.h I lea0e yo!r elder brother a -or yo!r bod.+h shall not eyes yo! ha0e ne0er seen /y so!l.s able to +at+h a . lo0ed by the sa/e parents./pse o.Iens are nearer to !s than -ore.ro3 !p by nat!re as the .-ro/ 3ho/ yo! +o!ld 3. e0ery leader /!st 3.ether po3erlessH $9:) 4e0er yet.those 3ho ha0e s!--ered 3ron.3hat h!/an *oy 3. Ca/byses. $"#) I +annot bel. /y sons.ners.-e to .+h lends l.s spr!n. .ts presen+e thro!.s o3n sel-. they and the na/e o.ladden the hearts o.n the/ .l. hold ea+h other . that yo!r k. and the a0en.l.s l.0e yo! sto!ter help ..n.nher.ods ha0e .on to r.t.olden s+eptre.ndness.n h.s t3.+h the sp.ness than h. and yet yo! ha0e d.s ...s!re -or happ.the/ as he 3ho .n.. b!t rather that she 3. Tanao%ares.ll ab.the.3hat .n. and o!r /essE/ates dearer than stran.s./en!l -r. -!r. yo!.t o.on -ro/ the senseless body. p!re and !ntra//elled at last.ers. +o!ld I be pers!aded that the so!l only l.and the Cado!s. the sa/e /en 3o!ld be loyal to all al.ndness./ 3ho 3ears the +ro3n..ll -ollo3 h.n.o!r -athers.le she .nhab.sdo/ 3hen she . that she .h a brother5s po3erH Or 3ho so sa-e -ro/ .s abo!t to be.s the so!l 3h.nk that loyal hearts . -or 3hat . $9?) And .ret!rn to the.n a r.the . /y sons. B!t ne0er th. $"9) Cons. yo!r .ends to stand by yo! and .s then.tho!t 3ords -ro/ /e. And 3hen th. the plots and +o!nterplots.n.n sleep that the so!l o./plore yo! both. as she d3ells +o/e so near. 8. only the brother 3ho holds preEe/. Death and h.ness.n. Ca/byses.hest 3.s o3n -ollo3ers -or h..s set -ree.reatnessH 8ho +an be hono!red as a brother +an thro!.!arded by they let loose !pon the 3.that .0es so lon.yo! +are at all to do /e pleas!re= and none o.the so!ls o.der.7 he 3ent on.s dan.the dead 3o!ld st.+kedH Th. 7ho3 these t3o rese/ble one another. $9') And ha0e yo! ne0er /arked the terrors 3h.s nearest to her .0e th. $9>) I . 8ho +o!ld .n d. B!t b!.t the -o!ndat. $9") I ask /ysel. and th!s the lo0e bet3een yo! shall ne0er be o0er+o/e. these threeJ and tho!.-!lH And re/e/ber.nk yo! the hono!rs o.on.n.!ard yo!r throne. and the 3ay to 3h. -ro/ the sa/e as bet3een brothersH Or 3here .olen+e b!t by lo0.s F!.0al /y a+h.+ares.ld !pon .Ek.s not .s 3h. . s!+kled at the sa/e breast. reared .rea+h. b!t 3e do not see the so!l.s.s brother +ares -or h.ll be la+k.ts 3ork.s body +r!/bles .ke.ts there.s /ortal body. a s+eptre 3h. be /ore ea.t.reatH $9L) 6et no one. or 3ho b!t a brother +an 3.s yo!r tr!e sta--.nd.ro3s ./sel-. by the .e0e/ents..!/ph or h. 3hether she stays or 3hether she departs.yo! 3o!ld seek -or -r.a /an sho3s her nat!re /ost d.yo!rsel-. be 3ell ass!red.o!rs.rst . e0en as all nat!ral ob*e+ts are the sa/e to all /ank.ll br.. The /an 3ho takes tho!. and -alls dead so soon as she . 3ho so -.ssol!t.n th.nEbrother 2leep.that.n.t .none e--e+t yo!rsel0es.n.nen+e .n ret!rn -or yo!r o3n s!pportH And 3here .t= /ake .s re0eren+e so bea!t.n the sa/e ho/e. the load o.n a brother5s heart +an be sa-e -ro/ the *ealo!sy o. yo! kno3 o.lory -ro/ a brother5s . to yo!= all th. 4ay.that 3ere so. and they are th. the restless pass.. the sa/e -atherH $9() 8hat the .h .rass . 4o.s o!t o. +an send .on -or other lo0.nto the hearts o.ts o.e0e that she /!st lose all sense on her separat.-e o.s tr. -or .t .n*!ry as the brother o.tan+e 3. and 3hat othose 3ho are spr!n. and .r k. 3. /ore per-e+t happ.the 3orld.r /!rderers.ttle le.nsH O!r -ello3E+. 3e see the se0eral parts thereo.

s -.a /an 3hose /!st stay 3./y 3ords are stron.s are as I bel. 3hether I a/ 3.h o. !na.o!s. and .ends.+h +ond!+t has bro!.s no better tea+her.n.t rene3s . .t lea0es the body beh. 3hen I a/ dead.n.. /y dear sons.Cyr!s sho3ed . -ree -ro/ s! ba+k to the earth a -ather./ l../en all /y l.t.n tho!.nks I 3o!ld -a. And yet the 3hole o.s set -ree.all /ank.n 3hatsoe0er. 3ho !phold the order o.+kedness.yo! 3o!ld take /y hand on+e /ore. $"') Re/e/ber /y last say.n/ent that . And e0en .a. $">) B!t yo! shall b.n.pp.t !p .s bea!t.Earth. then. .es. $"?) There-ore..0e all 3ho +o/e the the lap o. the body and per..nd.s be.. let no /an look on /e a.t see/s to /e that /y s!++ess.-!l...ns to ebbJ I -eel /y sp. and /eth.ndness to the.shed as a -ather /. a3ay -ro/ those parts she lea0es the -.-e .s sons 3ere at str. As -or /y body. and ne0er y. I +an sho3 that 3hat .s r!le re0eren+ed h.e0ery /an. $"K) And a-ter the .l a.ll blaIon -orth yo!r po3er= b!t .th these 3ords he .tsel-or e0erJ -or the . O sons o.n. I 3o!ld not ha0e yo! lay .r +h.ood to /an. !n/arred. let h.den+e God or 3hether I ha0e +eased to be. $") B!t no sooner 3as he dead than h.a.ldren.n.ods.n or 3.. .th all speed. GoodEbye.n the eyes o. 7no3 . they 3. /y sons.ll be the .F!.n As. ear the/. and see 3h. the n!rse o. 3..+e 3.oodEbye. or look . yo! 3. yet the e0erlast.t..s . parents ha0e sho3n k.e0e. .lor. 3ho behold all th.n.n.ldren and brothers to the..op.s.ans +o/e.dden yo! .+e 3.e . on the north by the E!%.n bea!ty and . and the sp.s hand to the/.sh. .s all po3er. and then he +o0ered h. $"") There-ore.all th.-e be.all the po3ers . e0en tho!.ne.nst ea+h other. or +are -or h..o0erned by the /.they be r.le /an.d eno!. as .the sp.a.s b.-e.ty.') O. !nerr.reatest and /ost .0erse.ypt./. G. h. to /y sep!l+hreJ and yo! shall re*o. !n-atho/able .n yo!r po3er to +hast.yo! /ed.a.n .rat!late /e that I a/ sa-e at last. .0e . $"L) And no3.ll -or-e. re0eren+e /y so!l.d yo!r /other . and yo!r +ho.n.s enor/o!s e/p..r. $"() And no3 /aybe I ha0e sa. and they 3ho +a/e beneath h.a0e h.ndness to yo!r -r. and all b!t yo!r deeds 3.rst. .story tea+h yo!.l0er or any .do/ o.n the darkness.n. +hoose to -ollo3 that.n.ods ab.ll be /an. B!t.r brothers.a s.t 3as bo!nded by the Red 2ea.h to tea+h yo! yo!r d!ty to one another.n.ods ha0e not h.. 8hat +o!ld be /ore blessed than to l.not.le l.eld to s. or the /ost part. . 6ook.nto /y eyes and nat.h he sho!ld des. on the 3est by Cypr!s and E. the /other o.r..-e.-e on earth 3as happy. EPI6OGBE $C.7 And 3.n be+o/e a part othat 3h.t and so send the/ a3ay. the k.nd and 3. and there .s there. /y sons. And all /y 3as .oodH I ha0e been a lo0er o.n.t the +on-.7 he added.oodEbye -or /e.s 3ho/ .tate e0. dra3 near /e no3J b!t 3hen I ha0e +o0ered /y -a+e. b!t ..n splendo!r. On the east .ons re0olted.s s!b*e+ts he +ared -or and +her.s !n.ed. and on the so!th by yo!r ene/.= sho3 k.old or . or no /an +an tr!st yo!.ht or 3ord or /e and +on. b!t .t be not so.n.he sees yo! 3ron.n hono!r o. and all o!r all.n.nd and .all th.s -a+e and d.hteo!s deeds and p!re -ro/ .an to de+ay.n.these th./an.ll be 3. not e0en yo!. 3ho are here or -ar a3ay. .+h does . so/ 3.-est .t has been other3.tsel.-reedo/. eno!.ends. I 3o!ld ha0e yo! re0eren+e the 3hole ra+e o./ 3ho/ abo0e all yo! are bo!nd to lo0e. and then shall yo! ha0e . and do as I des.d the Pers. Cyr!s= h.t .

n the old t.+s ha0e t!rned to ./e to b!s. .at.r +hara+ter and s!+h the. b!t /en 3ho are absol!tely ./ ne0er -a.r bel.t . and there beheaded. B!t no3.!.. Th!s has la3lessness .the As.nds are lo3er than . only the po3er-!l.n. too 3eak to stand on the./p. As .se has F!.t .obarIanes.h. none the 3ay to keep body and bra. and the eat.nk so deep that they the/sel0es are +arr.old.the Hellen. $?) In other 3ays also the Pers. .ro3n.s l.otten the .nno+ent are arrested and -or+ed to pay -.ety.r rep!tat.+e has .es at the +o!rt o.shed as they d.ero!s than .r o3n le.nst.r old rep!tat.n. at the /!ster o.n+reased and .n the old days 3as the a0en!e to -a/e= the /an 3as hono!red 3ho r.te .se and tra.ll the last /o/ent 3h.ll speak o.h they st.+h le-t the/ -ree to .ans ha0e de. the/. and dr.oes on by. B!t toEday.dden to appear. that.r -ello3E/en.+r.nk.s hab.+h the latest re0eller 3o!ld +hoose -or bed.nals.nes -or no reason 3hatsoe0er= to be kno3n to ha0e 3ealth .onal +!sto/ -ro/ the -.n e%+ess.. and dare not e0en r.-ash.esEE.+ .I say .h e%er+.n.r r!le only to take a s. $') 4or do they +are -or the.est ho!r e0er +hosen -or break-ast. as a r!le. $>) There-ore.l the pro/ o!t o.s.E.the royal troops.ll . I a/ Cyr!s +o!ld ha0e -elt the +on-./e they 3ent o!t to h!nt so o-ten that the +hase .s they and the. a blo3. tho!. the k.n.nk.ety.0e as they d. $99) It 3as a nat. and th. B!t no3adays.+h do not +are to ha0e any deal. he +an roa/ !p and do3n the +o!ntry to h.ther to sp.t!ted not -ro/ +on+ern -or the h!/o!rs o.ness and e%er+.thres has le-t h.d o.on and p!t the/sel0es .nals.s 3.s!+h had not been the.n. It 3as al3ays the.s tr! 3ho are loaded 3. 3hoe0er he /ay .s /ore the h. $K) In -a+t. or 3hat the leaders are.n -ro/ 3eakness 3as to a0o.n.s 3as . b!t . -or /an and horse al. $9") In the old t.enerals 3ho /ar+hed !p 3.le /eal .ll absta. b!t the reason lay .enerated.tho!t str. -ro/ the -.hest hono!rs.n*!st. or bro!. e0en to the 3orst o.r per-. And /any o.n.dates has betrayed h.s heart5s +ontent 3.r abst.t 3as.h as . $9#) It 3as al3ays -orb.ll the r!le. 4oble a+h. tho!.n the. so that the r.ldren and the sons o. .n the.ro3n a/on.nat!re../p.sked h.e0e/ent . they 1. 3hen any /an /akes 3ar on Pers.n.s st.t ..ed o!t.a.s kno3n. In e0ery 3ay the.n.e. to ha0e .a0e eno!.n*!st.then the/sel0es by to.all pled. del!ded by one pro/. tho!.se.r . b!t . to harden the body by e%er+.on.n. +ha/berEpots or another.d dr.ty or nat. b!t no3adays.n.nk on the /ar+h nor be seen sat. all the As.r po3er.only they are tho!.k.-e and +h.r bod.the.nto the banF! they had .ned so/e ad0anta.r +!sto/ ne.n./.s -ather Ar.on beneath any /ore than one tr!sts the/ toEday.n the sa/e 3ar per. 4ot only +r. $:) A.that the r. The s.le /eal .s -r.r l. be+a!se they ha0e -or.n.den+e they d.n.s +lear th.. 3.a.n. In the early days.rst .n. . the 3ants o.t 3as the.rst not to eat and dr.ed .n./.ypt.n.l and s3eat.r t.n days .e0. they dr.led to keep the oaths they had s3orn and -!l-.end as hosta.d.n.t nor blo3 the nose.e -or the k.n 0o./e no s!+h 0essels /ay be +arr.-e -or the $() 8. no3 that the. 3h.n order to stren. or so/e Reo/. and then has broken the /ost sole/n o.s s3ay.s-y.h a s!+h e%a/ples be-ore the/.thr. B!t 3hen .r hearts and /. and those beneath h.+e and .s st.!e.s 3. $L) And .ll the /en belo3 the/ be. and /any 3ere taken !p to the k.t +o//en+es at the earl.ed on the..rst I 3.+s 3ho ser0ed .th the yo!n.ods and are !n*!st to the. they /ake ea+h /ar+h so short that no /an need 3onder at the. and -.d= they 3o!ld not ha0e tr!sted a Pers.the body.

r sk. -ro/ the the propert.ra+e o. $9() And the Pers. there .n order to !se the 3holeso/e and a0o. 3ho earn troopers -ro/ the/ 3.n.r horses5 ba+ks than on the.or. B!t no3adays they dress and a +erta.shes.onal .only they preser0e the so-tness o.the k. $"#) As toEday . at lon.r/ seat they +are -or.n person be.ldren ha0e only to !se the.s -ar /ore l!%!r.n.-!l.. they keep /en -or the 0ery p!rpose.+!ps and .h to ha0e the body .r o3n -ollo3ers .n-antry st.t .s -or the. b!t -.r pay as b!tlers and +ooks and +on-e+t. and the head and the -eet. -or there .t 3as a -or all they +are.ty. $9?) Ch.0e . b!t the sole ob*e+t o.the 1ede.son troops . and all the 3orld kno3s .n past the the +ases has been t!rned !ps. the *!d.ll the hab. the 1ed./e the.that the +h.e. ran..n the +o!ntry re+e. they /!st ha0e +arpets the shade -ro/ the trees or the ro+ks.Pers. the h!nt .0en !p none o.ll -.n the t. as .d the har/-!lJ b!t no3 they see/ to learn . /erely horse/ansh. the/.t 3as easy to see the *ealo! sel-Erestra. they /!st ha0e ser0ants stand.-. $"K) The . they are al3ays de0.elds.arr.son are so +o//on.ldren o.ent standardJ .th s+reens.n.n./es 3ere ta!.n Cyr!s5 day.+e by hear..oes to the /an 3.d .hood /ay per. and .the. /en and horses 3. and ser0. 4o3 they lay /ore r!.nter .llE.n.n.n -or/er t..s. har/= at any rate.on and the Pers. and breastplates and .s +o!rt 3ere the 3orse -or 3. They ha0e .!lar payJ b!t no3 the Pers.t. to the to pass a3ay.ll +l!n.r spe+.n .n.n. and per-!/ers to ano. $9L) I /.r lords to bed and help the/ to r./ents to boot= .nstan+es o.r.s st.oblets .n0ented .th . !p the boys at the pala+eE. to bl!sh -or .these are +o/e by !n*!stly.n ne.n the s!//er they are not +ontent 3.n -or/er daysJ on the +ontrary.s no +o!ntry 3here deaths -ro/ po.0e ser0. $9:) or/erly no de+.r eyes and they see that the 0erd. $"") It 3. and /en 3ere bo!nd to .ldren .er sp. and .J as /ay be seen by 3hat a+t!ally takes pla+e= an ene/y +an /o0e abo!t the.n appla!se by .an 3as e0er to be seen on -oot.ll ne0er +lose 3.r beds. The old bel...t!t. and e0en the at +lose F!arters.Cyr!s.nst.a.n -a+t.s noth.ther one style nor the other.a 3o!ld learn *!st.the day +a/e that Arta%er%es and all h.t .plants . ne3 ones.n*!st.0.d !nder the bedE posts to pre0ent any *arr. And .ht./es do3n= the +h.s o3n estate.r +o!ntry /ore -reely than the .n. bes.the +!sto/ 3as to /ake the/ per-e+t horse/ style o.n.the +ooked d.+t . ea+h trooper a short spear he ta!.o!s than he 3as .ts h!nted .any ea.oners and +!pbearers and bath/en and -l!nkeys to ser0e at table or re/o0e the the/ to -.s not eno!. B!t no3 the old Pers. 3h. $9K) It .th so-t sheets and r!. $9>) In the 3.-. and the s3ords. and by ar/./ -or the hands= and .o on a+t.randees ha0e /an!-a+t!red a ne3 type o.ro3n too +o//on a/on. b!t they are no !se -or -.+e has .e sh.s on the. .s not a o.p has d.e.s no pla+e 3here the lads +an ho3 they ha0e s!nk belo3 the .t -or the /ere sake o.nt the/ and r!b the/ and /ake the/ bea!t. $9') To ha0e an endless array o.n that= .ers 3e /ay .E/en to p!t the.0ed They are not +ontent 3. there ..ates.n. aro!sed by s!+h s!per. they /!st ha0e 3ar/ slee0es as 3ell and .they /eant to do battle as they d.ll +arry the lar.on that the landE o3ner sho!ld -!rn. b!t a so-t saddle.le the .t to br. lead.n. the battleEa%es.d sho3. $"9) In n!/bers they /ake a 0ery splend. the old +!sto/ o.ll be re/e/bered that Cyr!s p!t a stop to the old style o.est p!rse.s the. $"?) B!t they 3.r o3n bedsJ .ed!+at.tants the/sel0es. Then they .r l!%!ry.

on o.9>E"#. $">) I 0ent!re to th.all I say.r bo%es.r p!rpose F!.s.n.the..sel-Eabsorpt.0e o.+ /an has no +har/ to +o/pel h.te theory o/onar+h.s a ne.ant . It ..oteers by s. He .0e !p the str!.al syste/ /.s e%pans. and the others 3. $"L) And s.7 C9.s s. 3.the/ 3.ll ser0e the. /ed.-e.onsh.toEday. By the hono!rs he .?. and the tea/s.ll.ans o.-!l to the.n.r o3n a++ord..9K.n the h. O..0e @ep./sel-.ons on state e+ono/ are less +e/ented by obed.s ..any /an do!bts /e.nd.n.n.s one on e+ono/y as 3ell as here. Does Xenophon real. that they /!st ha0e the a.n all Xenophon.?. perhaps.nto the ene/y5s ranksJ b!t the . Hen+e he 3orks ./ank.r k.t!al .ons . In -a+t h.7 I -eel the ColdC /an at t.d!al l.p stron.d syste/ o.s r.rand satraps.nto the CE+ono/.s th.+ tho!. 2ee/s to /e to sho3 Xenophon str!./port.d.eld at all the. It has a deep sp. le-t 3.rt!e.n. r!lers o.the best !tteran+es .do/s. and less syste/.her sel-hood o. Th.ends than to the. and -ro/ the be.Pers.oteers 3.sed the d..hEstr!n.stC has to do. +har. Th.o!s than they 3ere o.the later Pers./en 3ho 3o!ld 3h.te as 3ell as tra.a.hteo!s to3ards other /en.r..r dr...ned /en 3.s a +ho.ll dash o--.r a+t. And .ty o./pro0ed the F!al.n. 4OTE2 C9.h.toEday and the.s!re -or the .nary k. On the .a0e he .ht .r hearts the Pers.n+es as b.on o.ll he had a body o.le. and he 3. the relat. 6e.nk.ll *!/p o!t o.r/at.+o!rse he 3o!ld say.+ 0.tho!t the.nd and .rand d!t.e0e.the 2o+rat. they al3ays .nd. 3.nn.+ theory o.the state/ent that I /ade.. 2!rely a re/ark o.ty and .+h de0ol0e on the lords o.a.0ers. 74o.the /en ha0e -allen -ro/ the. The ar+h. C9. a/on. It .'.. I asserted that the -e!dal.r Xenophon that th. b!t be-ore they rea+h the ene/y hal..r all./a.pro0.nk I ha0e sho3n the tr!th o.t . o.ned. the/sel0es or 3hether Hellenes are .s/ .Chrysantas h.oteers t.enerals o.nst the/= e0en then .s. C9.the a! a.s +har. C9. It . 3. It tends to snap. as ord.on really .-e.t . -or these .n these re-le+t.+e.+ re-le+t.s too h.n -oes.d!al the hard parts o. I bel.r -r. less *!st and r.. -latter the/sel0es that !ntra. or . . and no3 none o.t enlar./pressed the /.n./ e%a/.nto the /o!th o. +ond.nd -!ll +on-. let h.Xenophon. It doesn5t see/ to str.n.s an old ..en+e and tr!st bet3een s!b*e+ts and k.s -ollo3ers to ar+h.s -a0o!r./es.toEday are 3ell a3are 3hat the.0.. 3hether they are -.0. d.C ser0.other Hellenes to -a+e the/. 4or do they !se the s+ytheEbear..h they do not e0en kno3 the +har.ll take the -. The theory o.tho!t Hellenes to help the/.n .nd.ll do /ore har/ to the.the so+. Xenophon p!ts .ons -or stateE/ be destr!+t.e r. Hellen..on .n+e .d o.n0eterate tho!.on o.s a settled th.the Pers.n 3ar.n ar/s a.ots as Cyr!s . C9. less d!t.nto the treat..sten+e.n.s= 7the 1aster5s eye. C9. th.the ene/y.ans o.ste/eA a-ter all.r -oes.t. $"() 2o the +har.ll obey the r!ler or kno+k !nder to -ore.

h,d. 3ron,H C9."9. C-. head/asters preposters .n a p!bl.+ s+hool, based on the sa/e syste/ o- h.,h a./s and d! +orrespond.n, to r.,hts. C9."K, .n.t. C-. 6o!.s 4apoleon .n Bro3n.n,5s poe/ $CPr.n+e Hohenste.lE2+h3an,a!C). C9."K, /ed. The 1a,.ans, the order o- pr.ests. Yet 3e ha0e heard o- the/ thro!,ho!t. C9.">. A 0ery tr!e say.n, and 0ery n.+e the -eel.n, .t ,.0es !s to3ards Xenophon. 8e th.nk o- h./ h.s 3.-e and h.s l.ttle sons and h.s -r.ends and the.r -r.ends. C9."'. Ho3 tr!e o- 3o/enM C9.KK. A red!pl.+at.on o- the .n Bk. I., and also a s!//.n,E!p o- Xenophon5s o3n earthly parad.seEEF!.te C9.K>. An ./portant po.nt or pr.n+.ple .n Xenophon5s pol.t.+al theory EE.ndeed the key and tone o- .t= no one has a r.,ht to +o//and e%+ept by 0.rt!e o- personal s!per.or.ty. C9.?# -oll. 7Ho3 art tho! -allen -ro/ hea0en, O 6!+.-er, son o- the /orn.n,M7 The se+t.on, .-, as I th.nk .t .s, by Xenophon, thro3s l.,ht on the nat!re and +o/pos.t.on o- the book. The a!thor .sn5t so d.sen,a,ed -ro/ 7h.story7 that he +an set ob0.o!sly .nte,ral parts o- the syste/ tra+eable to Cyr!s, or at any rate probably or.,.nal, and the.r -alseEsee/.n, and ba/booIl.n, /ode okeep.n, !p d.,n.ty has to be taken a++o!nt o-. It has .ts analo,y .n the ad/.ss.on o- tha!/at!r,y on the part o- rel.,.o!s tea+hers, and no do!bt a ,ood deal +an be sa.d -or .t. The ar+h.+ /an .n lo3 sp.r.ts, .- he e0er .s so, has so/e need o- ba/booIl.n, h./sel-. T.tles do ,.0e so/e /oral s!pport e0en no3adays to +erta.n k.nds o- /.nds. C9.?LE?'. The ar+h.+ /an5s deal.n,s by those o- h.s s!b*e+ts 3ho are apt to r!le, the /en o- h.,h tho!,hts and a/b.t.ons, 3ho/ he /!st +o/e .nto +onstant personal +onta+t. the/ the sp.r.t!al do/.nan+e alone 3.ll do. They shall be /ade to lo0e h./ rather than the/sel0es. ;The only th.n, *!st here that *ars .s a sort o- sel-E +ons+.o!sness, resented .n the ar+h.+ /an<. C9.?L. A +!/bro!s d.s*o.nted senten+e, b!t the tho!,ht o- .t .s +lear eno!,h. E0en Xenophon5s style breaks do3n 3hen he to say .n a breath /ore than he nat!rally +an. Is .t a s.,n o- sen.l.ty, or hal-E tho!,htEo!t .deas, or 3hatH C".", -.n. Does Xenophon -eel the bathos o- th.s, or .s hd,. 3ron, and there .s no bathosH It /ay be sa.d that the sa+ra/ental and sp.r.t!al .s not .n abeyan+e. Xenophon has to a++o!nt -or the 7+o//on board7 and he has the 2partan 6y+!r,an 7+o//on board7 to en+o!ra,e h./, so that ./a,.nat.0ely he pro0.des th.s royal be.n, a s!/pt!o!s table at 3h.+h tho!sands 3.ll share C".K. Ho3 -ar 3as th.s a +!sto/ a/on, HellenesH It re0eals a +!r.o!s state o- so+.ety, real or ./a,.naryJ b!t I s!ppose that at Ro/e .n ./ days ;+-. Cpane/ et +.r+ensesC< the theory o- /eat and dr.nk lar,esses be.n, the best 3o!ld hold.

C".?, -.n. The last re/ark .s so s.lly ;H< I a/ al/ost d.sposed to -ollo3 6.n+ke and ad/.t .nterpolat.on. Yet on the 3hole I th.nk .t .s the 0o.+e o- the old /an e%pla.n.n, .n h.s N.+arEo-E8ake-.eld style, to h.s ad/.r.n, a!d.tors, 3.-e, +h.ldren, and ,randsons, I -an+y, and sla0es, the Cra.son d5[treC o- d.nnerElar,esse +!sto/s. C".L. Qy.= 8hat 3as Xenophon5s /anner o- +o/pos.n,H The style here .s loose, that o- a /an talk.n,. Perhaps he le+t!red and the a/an!ens.s took do3n 3hat he sa.d. C".'. Inept.t!des. One does so/e3hat sn.-- an ed.tor here, I th.nk, b!t I a/ not s!re. There5s a s./.lar to!+h o- .nept.t!de ;sen.l.ty, perhaps< .n the C1e/orab.l.aC, Cad -.nC. On the other hand I +an ./a,.ne Xenophon p!rr.n, o0er th.s o- Or.ental.s/ F!.te nat!rally. C".9". Th.s sl.pshod style, ho3 a++o!nted -orH The /ost p!IIl.n, th.n, o- all .s the sort o- /ental +on-!s.on bet3een Cyr!s and the k.n, .n ,eneral. C".9(E9L. Thoro!,hly and R! and eternal. C"."?. Here .s the ,er/ o- bene-.t and +l!bs and .ns!ran+es and hosp.tals. Xenophon probably learns .t all -ro/, and others o- the sort. Cyr!s pro0.des do+tors and .nstr!/ents and /ed.+.nes and, .n -a+t, all the reF!.s.tes o- a hosp.tal, .n h.s pala+e. 4or does he -or,et to be ,rate-!l to the do+tors 3ho +!red the s.+k. $, the Greek to the k.n,. 2ee CAnabas.sC, I. 0.... 8orks, Nol. I. p. 9#'.) C"."L --. Xenophon5s Does .t 3orkH C".9>E"'. It see/s to /e that all th.s .s too elaborate -or an .nterpolator= .t s/a+ks o- Xenophon .n h.s ar/E+ha.r, theor.s.n, and hal-Edrea/.n, o0er h.s pol.t.+al ph.losophy. CK.". Prototype, a pro+ess.on to Ele!s.s or else3here= the Panathena.+, poss.bly. Xenophon5s s!/pt!o!s taste and lo0e o- br.,ht +olo!rs. CK.K, -.n., CK.?. 8hat a +!r.o!s prototyp.+ so!ndM Tr!ly th.s .s the 0ery C/od!sC o- the e0an,el.st5s type o- senten+e. H.s narrat.0e /!st r!n .n th.s /o!ld. CK.?, -.n. Th.s .s the old Cyr!s. It +o/es .n to!+h.n,ly here, th.s re-ra.n o- the old son,, no3 an e+ho o- the old l.-e. CK.9?. Xenophon del.,hts so/e3hat .n th.s sort o- s+ene. It .s a t!rn.n,Epo.nt, a 0er.table /oral per.pety, tho!,h the de+.s.0e step 3as taken lon, a,o. 8hat .s Xenophon5s .ntent.on re,ard to .tH Has he any Cpart. pr.sC, -or or a,a.nstH Does he !s to dra3 +on+l!s.onsH Or does .t +orrespond to a /oral /eet.n, o- the 3aters .n h.s o3n /.ndH Here lo0e o- 2partan s./pl.+.ty, and there o- splendo!r and re,al.ty and /onar+h.s/H He does not ,.0e a h.nt that the sapp.n, o- the syste/ be,.ns here, 3hen the ar+h.+ /an +eases to depend on h.s o3n sp.r.t!al ar+h.+ F! and be,.ns to eke o!t h.s d.,n.ty by /eans and e%ternal sho3s o- re0eren+e.

CK."#. Is th.s 3orthy o- the ar+h.+ /anH It .s a /ethod, no do!bt, o@arkheA, b!t has .t any sp.r.t!al 7last7 .n .tH The .n+.dent oDaSpharnes so/e3hat d.0erts o!r attent.on -ro/ the *!st.+e o- the syste/ .n re-eren+e to the s!.tors. On the 3hole, I th.nk Xenophon +an5t ,et -!rther. He .s bl.nded and be-o,,ed by t3o th.n,s= ;9< h.s ;..e. the.r< ar.sto+rat.s/, and a,a.n ;"< h.s sat.s-a+t.on .n splendo!r and ,etE!p, pro0.ded .t .s atta+hed to /oral ,reatness. 8e are .n the sa/e /aIe, I -an+y. Des!s 3as not, nor .s 8alt 8h.t/an. CK."K. Cyr!s .s /ade to beha0e rather the a!to+rat.+ -ather o- a ,oody storyEbook. CK."(. and 0.0.d deta.l.n,= o!r +!r.os.ty .s sat.s-.ed. 78ho has 3onH7 3e ask. 7Oh, soEandEso, 2/.th.7 8ell, .t5s so/eth.n, to kno3 that 2/.th has 3on. Xenophon, the, 5+!tely .ntrod!+es the to !s. One s+ene takes !p another, *!st as .n real l.-e. Q!.te soon 3e kno3 a ,reat deal /ore abo!t th.s yo!n, /an, a /ere pr.0ate, 3ho 3.ns the ra+e so on h.s splend.d horse. Cyr!s and ,ood -ort!ne .ntrod!+e h./ to the 0ery /an he .s s!.ted to= 0.I. Phera!las. CK.K>. Phera!las5 boyhood has already been sket+hed by h./sel- ;II. CK.><, the a+t.0e st!rdy l.ttle yo!n,ster, snat+h.n, at a kn.-e, and ha+k.n, a3ay C+on a/oreC. 8e kno3 h./ 3ell= Xenophon5s /odern.s/ +o/es o!t .n these th.n,s. Here 3e ha0e the old -ather, a heart o- oak, the old .n Ar.stophanes. One o- the prett.est /orsels .n all Xenophon. Xenophon5s o3n -ather, .s he thereH CK.?>. The -or 7le.s!re7 .s as stron, .n Xenophon as .n h,d. or 2. T. I., I th.nk. $2. T. Ir3.n, also a /aster at Cl.-ton.) C?.9. 8hy .s the ne0er na/edH Is .t +on+e.0able that Xenophon shr.nks -ro/ !s.n, a proper na/e e%+ept 3hen he has so/e -eel.n, -or the so!nd o- the lan,!a,eH ;2.+. 2ak.ans, Cado!s.ans, Ind.ans, et+.< C?.? The 7/ark7 syste/ a,a.n 3h.+h Xenophon bel.e0es .n, b!t h,d. not. 2ho3s ho3 he tr.ed to -oster +o/pet.t.0eness. It5s a-ter all a bel.e.n the +entral s!n, a o- /onar+hE3orsh.p, lo,.+al and +ons.stent eno!,h. C?.'. Xenophon re0eals h./sel- and the Hellen.+ -eel.n, re,ard to 3ar and .ts !se. The Cpa% Ro/anaC .s ant.+.pated .n the.r /.nds. C?.:. Hystaspas .s rather the sons o- Oebedee or the elder brother o- the Prod.,al. C?.9", -.n. 6ooks rather a Greek *oke. B!t 3hat .s the *okeH C?.9KE"K. Broad type o- *oke, b!t not !nhealthy or pr!r.ent. Prototype probably A,!s and the yo!n,er Cyr!s at the s!pperEtable, *!st th.s to!+h o- +oarseness. C?.K"EKL. Th.s .s U to the Co/ theory o- the d! o+ap.tal.sts, and .s one o- the noblest d.sF!.s.t.ons .n all Xenophon, @os ,5 e/o. doke.A. Cyr!s5 theory .s based on -raternal -eel.n, a/on, the Cel.teC o- the 3orld, and that .s the sole d.--eren+e, a lar,e one do!btless, and /eas!res the ,ap bet3een Xenophon and A. C. and o!r ad0an+e .n De/o+ra+y.

depends on the +ont. b!t less ed. C>.on pr.e. CL.s th.t .s /ar.a. 2o/e s+holars ha0e also tho!.9K.en!.t .nst.n.ted e--ort o.n!o!s and !n.n. +erta./ate.s. -.t!t.n.s by Xenophon at all.s death. CL. C(.ll keep the satrap .s. 3h.ned -or/ o.n the +. no do!bt.n. 8hy 3as she not presentH I s!ppose she 3as at ho/e .s only the pen!lt.9>. CL.s the -. and . One see/s to hear h.+al. .ts re-eren+e to the CAnabas.ans to re*o. thro!.s.n. o.o !pon and poss.s C2ket+h o. I. The Or. 3e /ay +on+l!de that he 3o!ld ha0e +ons.l.">.the r!l.+< 0.) . and the ephorate.l. b!t .e.+est . H.9'E"#.<.sC..s h. .ns.!e to be .n.."K.a< 2atrapsJ to be +o!nterpo.see Nol.1.o0ernors .tten a-ter h. a +hapter he took to be . 9K. CL.oodEbye) and /essa. A 0ery noble passa. Perhaps also Xenophon and h..-eC.ll Cyr!s take her to 3.Eh.+e= 72!//on the Pers."KE"(. at +o!rt.t. the ep.nly looks as tho!.b< /.Xenophon5s 6.n.e0ed .stor.sed by .nal notes that 1r. Ho3 -ar .ht the style !nl.ans .s +lear -ro/ h.7 b!t on the other hand the pre+ed.s ep.9?.n +o!nterpo.enera+y othe Pers.t /. A. C(. 3. C>. Xenophon has been at pa. -or there . ree trade or -a0o!redEnat.tyC .nal @kha. C>.tors l.s -!ll o.ental -eel.y to the a++o!nt had read th.-e.C>< .sed the e0an. p.n.+.ldren.ple and +o//er+.dered th.the C6a+on. there-ore.nted o!t . arr.s last re/ark . 8. K""<.stor. Prototype= 2o+rates and h.h .the Pol.s.2. 8orks.nterest bet3een the nobles and the". .s sho3s on+e /ore Xenophon5s lo0e o. 3h.n. Dakyns Xenophon5s. no do!bt. p.0alEE7noth.on o..s o3n 0o.n. The Pers.+h 3.a.d not lean to3ards th.rt!e and sel-E+ontrol.0ed beyond .ons o. Nol.a +onF!est o. se/. II.+alH I +an5t help s! . parallel to that bet3een the 2partan k... a.reteA $.7the born r!ler.!e bears a /arked analo.0. h.n+es.e to h. +hapter .ne also.n.s. Gryll!s. The ob*e+t .ho!t. 2!rely the e0an.ns to to Xenophon apart -ro/ any other a++o! treaty.n+.bly bel. On the 3hole. 1arked Greek Testa/ent parallel Charta.s 3.+e 3.o!s +o//ent on the . that the +o//oner not./onar+h.-!neral -est.0.n h.n the pro0.el. Doan."'.n.9#.s 0. ha0e been 3r. One o. That5s also n. b!t possessed o.n Babylon. to +reate a +o//on .s old play/ateH All th.n.2partan de.+al< re/arks e0er !ttered.EE .s present p!rpose he +hose to .J -ort!nately . $C'.s at s+hool= I /ean.s here -or tears7EEnor ha0e 3e.n.tary .be 3ho that e0eryth.C(.+e address. It has been do!bted 3hether C' .99. /e at /y *oyo!s releaseJ7 a re-.ra0e 3arn.a by Pers.n.-e.lo.lands .+h. as 1r. the Greek!.+h -or h. Dakyns po.K.a 3as +!rrent and -a/. to /ake a +!r. CL.1ed.9EK.tadels.enera+y . perhaps. %. To stress the de.. C>.s XenophonEHellen.s sons.n +.-y. and. +lasses to3ards 0. C' 1a.

Cyropaed.a. Ete%t o.End o. by Xenophon $Dakyns) .The Pro*e+t G!tenber.