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1. Org ni! ti"n M n ge#ent
HR Structure Company details Enterprise Structure Company Code Personnel Area Personnel Sub area Personnel Structure Employee Group Employee Subgroup Org ni! ti"n l Stru$ture Organizational Unit Job Position

%. Pers"nnel A&#inistr ti"n
Pers"nnel A$ti"ns Hiring Hiring process In o types used or !iring Organization assignment Purpose o org assignment In o types used or !iring Promotion Promotion"demotion In o types used or !iring
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Ti#e M n ge#ent %e ine Holiday Calendar %e ine &actory calendar 'or( sc!edule rule %e ine )or(ing times %e ine brea(s %e ine daily )or( sc!edule %e ine period )or( sc!edule %e ine )or( sc!edule Absences %e ine lea*es %e ine counting rule %e ine +uotas %e ine deductions %e ine (.. #ermination Causes o termination In o types used or #ermination $umber ranges Regular employees #rainees Integration '. P )r"ll Payroll area Purpose 'age types Compulsory in o types Additional in o types Customer speci ic )age types Pay scale structure Pay scale type Pay scale Area Confidential Document Page 3 of 29 .

. Re$ruit#ent Purpose Recruitment process $umber Ranges . Pay scale group and le*els Pay roll accounting area Period modi ier Remuneration statement Integration *.edia And Instruments 'or( orce Re+uirements and Ad*ertising Sources o Applicants Status o t!e Applicants In o types used Integration Confidential Document Page 4 of 29 .

A# Registration1 Confidential Document Page 5 of 29 ./A I$%US#RIES 0#%123 is !a*ing its corporate o ice at 4an5ara Hills2 Hyderabad1 #!e Company !as manu acturing acility at 6a(inada and R 7 % unit at 'argal2 Hyderabad1 All t!e locations are co*ered under .-A INDUSTRIES LIMITED #!e Company -SRA. "rg ni! ti"n stru$ture + SRAVYA INDUSTRIES LTD CORPORATE OFFICE (HYDERABAD) FACTORY (KAKINADA) SRA..


e-. PLANT OFFICE STRUCTURE PLANT ELEC VP (M " HR INANCE LA' M"RM MECH& "RR A012 S"M INCHAR"E ASST M"R A))*&-e) "M 4UNI#AR D"M D"M )+./)oD"M E3e) a))*) AM AM o..e-a*- Confidential Document Page % of 29 .


anager .e /"ll"0ing is t. T.anager .anager $o1 Positions 9 8 .aterial mgt Confidential Document Page 9 of 29 ..anager .ice president Senior . &inance dept = .ice president General .anager >onal . : .ar(eting 9 .anager Area .anager Senior . %epartment name 4O% S1$O 8 Positions 4oard o directors Sr1General . "/ $"rp"r te "//i$e.e strengt.anager General .anager %G.anager Regional .anager General .anager Asst .ice president General .anager . : 8 : : : < 8 : = 8< 8< 8 8 8 8 : Human resource . Asst .anager .anager Asst .

MANPO1ER STREN2TH OF FACTOR.+ S1$O 8 : .ec!anical 0ab Inc!arge 0ab Assistants Helpers Production mgr Operators Super*isors In c!argers Senior Electrician Asst Electrican Juniors Assistants Buality mgr Assr mgr E?ecuti*es Confidential Document Page 18 of 29 . = A 8< :@ 8 8 : = Production 9 Electrical < . %EPAR#..E$# Human resource &inance dept 0A4 POSI#IO$S .anager Administrators E?ecuti*es Asst mgr E?ecuti*es $U.4ER 8 : = : = 8 8@ 9 8 := 8: .

. HR Stru$ture #!e ollo)ing organizational de initions !a*e been identi ied as per SAP and implemented at Sra*ya Industries 0imited Enterprise Stru$ture Company Code S1$o 31 Company Code SIL #e?t Sr 4) In&ustries Li#ite& Personnel Area S N" @8 @: PA C"&es Pers"n l Are 8@@8 Corporate o ice 8@@: Plant Personnel Sub Area Confidential Document Page 11 of 29 .

.E E.E E.P0O/EES A EMPLO-EE SUB 2ROUP S8 S: P8 E8 R8 EMPLO-EE SUB 2ROUP TEXT Salaried 8 Salaried : Probationers"trainees E?ternal consultant Retiree Org ni! ti"n l Stru$ture Confidential Document Page 12 of 29 . COMPANPERSONNELL AREA TEXT PERSONNE SUB AREA HR OP CORPORA#E 4ana5ara !ills H/%ERA4A% S% &I &I$ HR P0A$# 6a(inada P% .P0O/EE Employee Subgroup EMP 2ROUP EMPLO-EE 2ROUP TEXT AC#I.A$ RESOURCES PRO%UC#IO$ S#ORES"PURCHASE BUA0I#/ CO$#RO0 Pers"nnel Stru$tures Employee Group SNO 8 EMPLO-EE 2ROUP CODE A EMPLO-EE 2ROUP TEXT AC#I. BC PERSONNEL SUB AREA TEXT HU..A$ RESOURCES OPERA#IO$S SA0ES 7 %IS#RI4U#IO$ &I$A$CE &I$A$CE HU.

I$IS#R#ORS SUPER.GR AS.A$AGER >O$A0 .A$AGERS . SUP I$ HEP JO4 #/PE #ED# 4OAR% O& %IREC#ORS . EDC OPE A%. 8= 89 8< 8E JO4 CO%E 4O% .ES OPERA#ORS A%.A$AGERS ASS# .GR $O1 POSI#IO$S 9 *ice president !r C11118 sr mgr recruitment C8 sr mgr tra 7e* mgt C8 Confidential Document Page 13 of 29 .A$AGER GE$ERA0 .ES .. SR. >. S1$O 8 : %EP# $A. S0 $O 8 : .A$AGERS SE$IOR REGIO$A0 .ISIOR SHI&#I$CHARGE HE0PERS . AR.ICE PRESI%E$# SE$IOR . = 9 < E A F 8@ 88 8: 8. G.A$ RESOURCE POSI#IO$S 4OAR% O& %IREC#ORS .RS .E%ICA0 REPRESE$#A#I.ICE PRESI%E$# SE$IOR .E 4O% HU. .P S.A$AGERS REGIO$A0 . RG.A$AGERS AREA .A$AGER EDCU#I.

1 PERSONNEL ACTIONS+ %. .GR EDECU#I.GR .A$AGER ASS# .gr1 inance C8 .ES .1.grI #raining mgr payroll asm recruitment asm ir e?e recr e?e training e?e payroll C&O C1 18 sr mgr G inanceH C8 sr mgr GaccountH C8 general mgr inance C8 %G.GR GE$ERA0 .GR EDECU#I.1. C1 . GE$ERA0 .ICE PRESI%E$# = .GR . C.ICE PRESI%E$# SE$IOR .GR *ice president CC11118 zonal mgr $ort! III8 zonal mgr Sout! IIII8 PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATION %.gr account C8 asst mgr C11< e?ecuti*es IIIIIII 8: C8 C8 C8 C8 C8 C.6#G >O$A0 . C8 .A$AGER ASS# . &I$A$CE .1 HIRIN2 %.1 INFOT-PES USED FOR HIRIN2+ Confidential Document Page 14 of 29 ..ES sr mgr payroll C8 general mgr GrecH C18 general mgr GpayrollHC18 mgr recruitment .

S$O I$&O #/PE OPERA#IO$ I$&O #/PE #ED# 8 : .E$#J S$O 8 : . = 9 < E A @@@@ @@@8 @@@: @@@< @@@E @@@A @@@F @@8= I$S I$S I$S I$S I$S I$S I$S I$S Action Organization reassignment Personal data Address Planned )or(ing time 4asic pay 4an( details Recurring payments and deductions %.1 ORA2ANISATION REASSI2NMENT+ :1:1: I$&O#/PES USE% &OR ORGA$ISA#IO$ ASSIG$.. = 9 I$&O #/PE @@@@ @@@8 @@@< @@@E @@@A OPERA#IO$ COP COP COP COP COP I$&O #/PE #ED# Actions Organization reassignment Address Planned )or(ing time 4asic data Confidential Document Page 15 of 29 .

Confidential Document Page 16 of 29 .CALENDAR IS DERI.ED AS FALLO1IN2.anagement t!e employeesK payment #rigger trans er rom Personnel %e*elopment Personnel %e*elopment Ti#e M n ge#ent THE PUBLIC HOLIDA.1: I$&O#/PES USE% &OR PRO.. = I$&O #/PE @@@@ @@@8 @@@E @@@A OPERA#IO$ COP COP COP COP I$&O #/PE #ED# Actions Organization reassignment Planned )or(ing time 4asic pay %. I$&O #/PE @@@@ @@8= @@89 OPERA#IO$ 0ISF 0ISF 0ISF I$&O #/PE #ED# Actions Recurring Payments 7 deductions Additional payments IntegrationJ Personal admin is completely integration !r components o t!e sap system1 %esired &unction #rans er applicant data )!en !ired to Personnel Administration1 Automatically incorporate ne) employees in t!e organizational structure o t!e company Re+uired Application Component Recruitment Organizational Structure #rans er employee compensation directly to Compensation .O#IO$J S$O 8 : . PROMOTION+ :1.( TERMINATION+ :1=1: INFOT-PES USED FOR TERMINATION + S$O 8 : .

1"r5 s$.. 8 : . = C"&e GE$0 S&#8 S&#: S&#. = 9 < E A F 8@ J D te January 8st January 8=t! January :<t! .@ @<J@@ 8=J@@ ::J@@ T" 8EJ.@ 8=J@@ ::J@@ @<J@@ Confidential Document Page 1% of 29 . N". S l.ay 8st August 89t! October :nd October %ecember :9t! optional H"li& ) $e) /ear %ay Pongal Republic %ay Ugadi 0abour %ay Independence %ay Gand!i Jayant!i %usserra! C!ristmas Ganes! c!aturd!i Sl N" 8 : .arc! .e&ule Te6t General S!i t &irst S!i t Second S!i t #!ird S!i t Fr"# @AJ.

aternity 0ea*e Paternity lea*e Confidential Document Page 15 of 29 .e&ule Te6t General S!i t &irst s!i t Second S!i t #!ird s!i t Fr"# 8@J@@ 8:J@@ 89J=9 @EJ@@ 88J.@ 8<J@@ :@J@@ :.. Peri"& 1"r5 s$. = S$.J@@ T" Ti#ing P i&8Unp i& Un Paid1 Paid Paid Paid 8@J89 8:J. Sl N" 8 : .e&ule Te6t P'S General S!i t P'S &irst S!i t P'S Second S!i t P'S #!ird S!i t Bre 5 S$. = 9 Counting RulesJ Sl $o1 8 : .J89 1"r5 S$. = C"&e P'GE P'S8 P'S: P'S.e&ule Rules S0$o Code 8 %'SRCORP : %'SRP0#S 'or( Sc!edule Rule #e?t 'SR &OR CORP 'SR &OR P0A$# A7sen$es Sl $o 8 : . Bre 5 S$.e&ules Sl N" 8 : .J=9 @.@ 8<J@@ @EJ89 88J=9 8<J89 :@J89 :=J@@ @. 9@@= Absence #e?t Casual 0ea*e Sic( 0ea*e Earned 0ea*e . = 9 Counting Rule Code 9@@ 9@8 9@: 9@.e&ul e C"&e GE$0 S&#8 S&#: S&#.aternity 0ea*e Paternity lea*e Absence Code 9@@@ 9@@8 9@@: 9@@. 9@= Counting Rule #e?t Casual 0ea*e Sic( 0ea*e Earned 0ea*e .

= 9 In/" t)pes Confidential Document %eduction Rule Code 9@@ 9@8 9@: 9@. 9@= %eduction Rule #e?t Casual 0ea*e Sic( 0ea*e Earned 0ea*e . = 9 9u"t T)pe C"&e 9@ 98 9: 9..arried male employees are entitled or = days #!e birt! certi icate or !is son"daug!ter obtained orm t!e nursing !ome1 De&u$ti"n Rules Sl $o1 8 : . A7sen$e 9u"t s 9u"t T)pes Sl N" 8 : . 9= 9u"t T)pe Te6t Casual 0ea*e Sic( 0ea*e Earned 0ea*e . Buota #ype Code 9@ 98 9: Entitlement E days 88 days :8 days Remar(s /ear starting rom 8st January to .aternity 0ea*e Paternity lea*e Entitlement or t!e Buota #ypesJ Sl $o 8 : .aternity 0ea*e Paternity lea*e Page 19 of 29 .@ days be ore deli*ery date or as per ad*ice1 S!e s!ould gi*e a sel Ideclaraation letter stating t!at s!e !as not )or(ed during t!is lea*e any)!ere1 . F: %ays1 9 9= = %ays1 .8st %ec1 'ill not be carried or)arded to t!e ollo)ing year2 i not a*ailed2 )ill be enc!ased2 Sic( lea*e eligibility is or t!e employees )!o are not co*ered under ESI act 'ill be carried or)arde to t!e ollo)ing year2 89 P!ysical )or(ing days 8 E10 At least r E9L rom !is date o 5oining1 #)ice in a year )it! not more t!an E days #!e entitlement or Els )ill be as or ne?t calendar year = 9.arried &emale Employees are eligible1 At least one year o ser*ice )it! company1 4e ore proceeding s!ould in orm to H1O1% and H1R %ept1 proceeding on lea*e2 could ta(e rom .

1 P )r"ll (. = 9 < I$&O #/PES 3333 333: 333< 333= SAP In o type @@@E :@@8 :@@9 :@@< @=8< :@8@ .%.IOUS E.P#IO$S Confidential Document Page 28 of 29 .IN2 TIME BASIC PABAN.%.1 T. DETAILS In o type #e?t Planned )or(ing time Absences O*ertime Absence +uotas #ime Buota Compensation Employee Remuneration In o (.% A&&iti"n l in/" t)pes /"r $ l$ul ti"n "/ p )r"ll is + S.P0O/. 9A8 9A: INFO T-PE TEXT PRE.E$# #AD %E#AI0S HOUSI$G GHRA " C0A " COAH EDE. I1# 1#ED#S ACTIONS PLANNED 1OR.e $"#puls"r) in/" t)pes /"r $ l$ul ti"n "/ p )r"ll is + (.1 P )r"ll S1$O 1 Payroll area P )r"ll re /"r SIL code PL % 1 ge T)pes As a part o Payroll only Eig!teen types o )age types are ta(en into consideration at SI01 (.NO INFO T-PE 8 9A@ : .1.S1$O 1 % ' ( Sl $o 8 : .

U$IRA#IO$ S#A#E.48@ .. = 9 < E A F 8@ 88 8: 8.E$# %E#AI0S GSECAAH PRO.:@@ .E/A$CE I$CO. 9A= 9A9 9A< 9AE 9AA 9F@ 8A9 9F8 :<E :@8@ CAR 7 CO$.E$#S PERSO$A0 I%S $O.E$# A> ACTIONS 1A2E T-PES SAP MODEL 1A2E T-PES + S.:.P RE. REI. 8= 9A.I%E$# &U$% CO$#RI4U#IO$ O#HER S#A#U#OR/ %E%UC#IO$S 0O$G #ER.@ .E/A$CE A00O'A$CE CI#/ CO. O#HER SOURCES SEC#IO$ A@ %E%UC#IO$S I$. A00O'A$CE 4ASIC PA/ ARREARS O#HER ARREARS B.I$A#IO$S O&& C/C0E PA/. = 9 < E A F STANDARD 1A2E T-PE .@ 9@=@ 9@9@ 9@<@ 9@E@ 9@A@ 1A2E T-PE TEXT 4ASIC PA/ H1R1A CO$.:.4URSE.@ .PE$SA#OR/ A00O'A$CE A%%I#IO$A0 PA/ SPECIA0 PA/ U$I&OR.::@ .E &RO.ES#.E$#S E.P8@ .ER SPECI&IC 'AGE #/PE #ED# Confidential Document Page 21 of 29 .P8@ .48@ CUSTOMER SPECIFIC 1A2E T-PE 9@@@ 9@8@ 9@:@ 9@.NO 8 : .INFOT-PE IS MUST 331( + S1$O S#A$%AR% 'AGE CUS#O. RECURRIN2 PA-MENTS AND DEDUCTIONS.

ER #I.'.NO STANDARD 1A2E T-PE 8.9@@ 'AGE #/PE 9@F@ 98@@ 988@ CA$#EE$ %E%UC#IO$ 4US %E%UC#IO$ O#HER %E%UC#IO$S1 '.iscellaneous Pro*isions Act 8F9:1 2r tuit)+ According to t!e Payment o t!e Gratuity Act 8FE:2employer pays t!e employee at t!e rate o 89 days pay based on t!e pay last dra)n by t!e employee concerned a ter t!e completion o e*ery year o !is"!er ser*ice1 ESI+ According to t!e 'or(men Compensatory Act 8F:.A$CE I$CE$#I. C>.ISCE00EOUS PA/. ADDITIONAL PA-MENTS INFOT-PE IS MUST 331* + S.A$CES #!e basic pay di ers rom one group to t!e ot!er group1 HRA2 CCA and CA )ill be calculated based on t!e percentage o 4asic Pay1 Here )e also !a*e t!e Employee Suggestion Sc!eme )!ere all t!e employees are )elcome to gi*e t!eir suggestions pertaining to training2 cleanliness2 sa ety measures2 etc12 'e also implemented t!e Employee Satis action Sur*ey by conducting Group %iscussions2 case studies2 inter*ie)s2 etc12 Buality circles are ormed or t!e acti*e participation o all t!e employees in all t!e re+uired ields1 B si$ P )+ It is t!e minimum earning o t!e employee out o !is gross salary )!ic! is a must1 it )ould be minimum o <@L out o agreed cost to company1 #!is is to protect employees interest1 HRA+ 9@L o 4asic pay is paid as House Rent Allo)ance to all t!e employees1 C"n4e) n$e All"0 n$e+ Paid as per t!e costs incurred by t!e employee to come to t!e Company to all t!e Employees1 Pr"4i&ent Fun&+ Paid to t!e institution o Pro*ident &und on be!al o t!e Employees by Employers1 It is 8:L o t!e 4asic pay M %earness Allo)ance as per t!e EmployeesK Pro*ident &unds and .@ 98=@ 989@ 98<@ 98E@ 1A2E T-PE TEXT O. 8@ 88 8: #/PE .E$#S1 SA0AR/ A%.PG@ CUSTOMER SPECIFIC 1A2E T-PE 98:@ 98.E1 GRA#UI#/ O#HER . all employees under t!e &actory are gi*en ESI as per t!e EmployeesK State Insurance Act 8F=A1 Confidential Document Page 22 of 29 .9@@ .E" PRO%UC#IO$ A00O'A$CE1 G@:8@H 4O$US PER&OR..9@@ . 8= 89 8< 8E 8A 48@@ .%.

1 =1 91 #o determine t!e payment amount2 statutory and *oluntary deductions2 suc! as ta?es and social insurance contributions2 are e ected1 #!e deductions are calculated on t!e basis o gross *alues2 suc! as t!e total gross amount and t!e gross ta? amount1 &or t!is reason2 *arious amounts are calculated during t!e payroll run )!ic! are t!en used or subse+uent processing Pr"4i&ent Fun&+ 8:L o 4asic M %A 8:L o 4asic M %A GA1.(..&9 ".Ipension2 .&A ".&8 ".&E "..1 Pollution Control 4oard 0icense All t!e employees )!o belong to permanent cadre )ill be eligible or ESI2 P& and Employee Insurance1 #!e employees )!o !a*e completed t!eir i*e years o ser*ice )ill be eligible or Gratuity '.arc!1 St tut"r) F"r#s+ &orm 89 N 0ea*e Card &orm :9 N 'it!out )or(ing !ours &orm :9 A N Including )or(ing !ours &orm .on P& contribution Ee Ann P& contribution E%0I contri O 82@@2@@@ E%0I adm c!rgs O 82@@2@@@ P& adm c!rgs O 82@@2@@@ P& basis or Ee contrib1 P& 4asis or Er Contrib Confidential Document Page 23 of 29 . B"nus+ Pro*ide a stimulus or e?tra e ort by t!em and also )!en t!e company incurred pro its and )is!es to s!are its surplus1 De&u$ti"ns+ #!e loans a*ailed by t!e employee2 and t!e P&2 Pro essional #a?2 I# etc )ill be deduced rom pay t!at is paid to t!e employee by t!e employer1 In$"#e T 6+ #!e )ill be deducted by t!e employer and paid to t!e Income ta? O ice as per t!e rule o t!e Go*ernment at t!e end o e*ery inancial year i1e1 .&A ".&= ". STATUTOR. A N Inspector o actories or paid !oliday register &orm :A N ESI Clari ication Rene0 l "/ St tut"r) Li$enses 81 &actory 0icense :1 0abor 0icense . ".&4 Se$"n& r) 1 ge T)pes Te6t Ee P& contribution Er P& contribution Er Pension contribution Ee .&.%.&F ".OLUNTAR.&< ".AND .DEDUCTIONS + 81 :1 .1<EIP&H1 818IAdmin C!arges2 @19IE%0I c!arges and @1@8IE%0I Admin C!arges Se$"n& r) 1 ge T)pes ".

% PA.91@@ =2FFF1FF =91@@ 92FFF1FF <@1@@ F2FFF1FF A@1@@ 8=2FFF1FF 8@@1@@ 8F2FFF1FF 89@1@@ F2FFF2FFF1FF :@@1@@ Pension 4asis or Er cont '..SCALE T-PE+ #!e pay scale type de ines t!e area o economic acti*ity or )!ic! a collecti*e agreement is *alid1 #!e area in )!ic! it is *alid may be determined at company or trade union le*el and o ten applies to a )!ole industry1 Sl $o 8 : '. ".* PA.&C Pr"/essi"n l T 6 Sl no @8 @: @.*.SCALE STRUCTURE+ '.2FFF1FF . @= @9 @< @E @A @F 8@ State Jurisdiction AP@8 AP@8 AP@8 AP@8 AP@8 AP81 AP@8 AP@8 AP@8 AP@8 Range end P# Amount 82=FF1FF @1@@ 82FFF1FF 8<1@@ :2FFF1FF :91@@ .*.1 PA.SCALE AREA+ Pay scale type code P0 CO Pay scale type te?t P0A$# Administration Pay scale area de ines t!e geograp!ical area in )!ic! a collecti*e agreement is *alid1 #!e geograp!ical *alidity area is determined by t!e size o t!e pay scale area1'it! in a pay scale area2 you de ine t!e pay scale groups and le*els or eac! pay scale type and employee subgroup grouping or collecti*e agreement pro*isions1 Confidential Document Page 24 of 29 .

GR SR1 . 0.GR GE$ . 0. 0.A$AGERIA0 GE$ERA0 .ES OPERA#ORS SUPER.GR >O$A0 .A$AGERIA0 ASS# .( P )r"ll A$$"unting Are #!e payroll area is an organizational unit in t!e Human Resources department2 )!ic! can be de ined or a uni ied payroll accounting area1 4ased on organizational assignment criteria2 all o t!e employees )!o are accounted simultaneously in t!e payroll run are assigned to t!e same payroll area1 Confidential Document Page 25 of 29 .EL Pay scale groups and pay scale le*els are t!e criteria used to classi y data or 5ob e*aluations and indirect *aluations1 Pay scale le*els are subdi*isions o pay scale groups S$O 8 : .*.SCALE 2ROUP ? LE.GR AS# . = 9 < E A F 8@ 88 8: Pay scale Group 4O% CEO .GR ED#.A$AGERIA0 EDCU#I.GR .A$AGER .. 0= Pay Scale 0e*el #e?t 4O% CEO"C&O"CAO .A$AGERIA0 >O$A0 . Sl $o 8 : Pay scale Area code CO P0 Pay scale Area te?t H/%ERA4A% CHI$%IGARH '.ISOR HE0PERS '.ICE .' PA. OPE SUP HE0 Pay Scale 0e*el 08 08 08 0: 0: 0: 0: 0.P SR .

ont! '.(.ont! P ) D te 8st O e*ery .anagement1 #!ere are inter aces to &inancial Accounting and Controlling1 /ou can run payroll using a combination o SAP and t!irdIparty products1 Fin n$i l A$$"unting AFI> + &inancial Accounting illustrates all business transactions in t!e enterprise using postings to t!e rele*ant accounts1 Posting to Accounting pro*ides t!e necessary data or t!e ollo)ing components in &inancial AccountingJ • • • General 0edger Accounting G&IIG0H Accounts Payable G&IIAPH Accounts Recei*able G&IIARH Confidential Document Page 26 of 29 .odi ier @8 Period modi ier te?t 8st day o e*ery mont! '..% Re#uner ti"n St te#ent+ #!e SAP System enables you to create remuneration statements or your employees1 A remuneration statement contains a clear list o payments and deductions e ected during a payroll run or an employee1 #!e remuneration statement is usually created a ter t!e payroll run2 but be ore payment is e ected1 I you per orm more t!an one payroll run in a period2 you can create remuneration statements a ter eac! payroll run1 I corrections are made2 original documents are o*er)ritten1 '. P )r"ll Run D te :9t! o e*ery .e /"ll"0ing p )r"ll re s re i&enti/ie&+ Sl N" 8 P )r"ll Are C"&e @8 P )r"ll Are Te6t Mo2*9:. As a rule2 payroll is run per payroll area1 4ased on t!e payroll area2 t!e system determines t)o pieces o in ormation or payrollJ aH bH $umber o employees or )!om a payroll accounting run is to be per ormed Speci ic payroll dates Fr"# SIL perspe$ti4e@ t.* Integr ti"n+ #!e SAP HR Payroll India component integrates )it! ot!er SAP HR components suc! as Personnel Administration and Personnel #ime .(.1 Peri"& P r #eter+ #!e period parameter de ines speci ic payroll periods )it! start and end dates1 Sl $o 8 Period .

• • .anagement G&II&.H RECRUITMENT + PURPOSE + #!e ability to meet personnel re+uirements is (ey or enterprises1 #!e success o an enterprise depends on suc! actors as t!e +uality and a*ailability o personnel1 #!e recruitment process consists o *arious unctions2 )!ic! begin rom creating applicant data to illing *acant position1 'e can store applicants t!at )e !a*e not deemed suitable or a particular *acancy in t!e applicant pool )!ere t!ey can be considered or ot!er or uture *acancies1 Re$ruit#ent pr"$ess+ Utilize t!e recruitment tools and ul ill t!e re+uirement Gusing t!e ad*ertisement2 5ob airsH or recruitment1 #!e Recruitment process in to t)o types1   Internal recruitment E?ternal recruitment Internal recruitment #!e !r department manages it by )or(ing in coIordination )it! ot!er departments1 Customization Ad*ertising or internal process is done t!roug! t!e ne)s letters and t!roug! internal net )or(11 E?ternal RecruitmentJ Campus recruitment and ad*isement are used to attract good +uality engineers1 Ad*ertisement and on line application are also used11 manpo)er agencies Are used or recruiting employees in t!e plants1 CustomizationJ Recruitment process begins as and )!en *acancies are created eit!er t!roug! t!e termination actions or t!roug! creation o a *acancy o a position or management 1 $umber RangesJ Confidential Document Page 2% of 29 . Special 0edger G&IIS0H &unds .

&eature $U. Range @@8IFFF 8@@@I=FFF 9@@@IFFFF Application or Internal Application E?ternal Application Un solicitant Application #ype o Range Internal E?ternal Internal Instruments #e?tJ Hindu #imes o India Srno @8 @: @..anpo)er consultants Employee Re erences Status o t!e ApplicantsJ All t!e Standard sap Status is used Status I% Status #e?t 8 : .onster1com . = 9 < E In process #o be Hired On Hold Re5ected Contract O er O er Re5ected In*ite INFOT-PES USED FOR RECRUITMENT+ S$O 8 : .acancy assignment Confidential Document Page 25 of 29 . @= .AP used to speci y t!e number ranges or applicants #!e number ranges or applicants S1$O @8 @: @.edia Press Portals Consultants Employees Instruments #!e Hindu2 #imes o India2 Indian E?press $au(ri 1com2 . I$&O #/PE =@@@ =@@8 =@@: I$&O #/PE #ED# Applicant actions Applications .

= 9 < E =@@.F Applicant acti*ities Status o applicant acti*ities Applicant personal number Employees applicant number Component Personnel Administration Personnel %e*elopment Organizational .acancies maintained in organizational management are automatically a*ailable in Recruitment1 .anagerKs %es(top1 Additional administrati*e steps are or)arded to t!e HR department *ia an automatic eImail connection1 Confidential Document Page 29 of 29 .anagement .anagers can ma(e decisions relating to t!e selection procedure or *acancies and represent t!em using t!e .anagerKs %es(top Pro*ides t!e ollo)ing e?tra unctions Easy trans er o applicant data to Personnel Administration once an applicant is !ired1 Easy trans er o employee data to Recruitment )!en an internal applicantGemployeeH submits an application )it!in our organization1 Searc! or applicants )it! particular +uali ications Pro ile comparison bet)een applicantKs +uali ications and t!e re+uirements or G*acantH positions1 .. =@@= =@@9 @8.