The current economic situation of Romania

Romania's economic situation will worsen and German analysts estimates made for our country in the next six months are the lowest in the region. ZEW index for Romania, which measures expectations of analysts, reached negative values for the first time in the last 12 months, after he dropped 32 points to -6.3.The unemployment rate fell in March to 5.92% from 6.58% in February and the number of unemployed has decreased. Analysts perception index which measures the economy in Romania decreased only by 30.2 points in October, reaching -35.8 points, according to a research institute ZEW survey.Turkey and Poland have exceeded Romania after increases of 16 points, respectively 11.8 points in October, at -15.4 and -25 points. Immediately after Romania is the Czech Republic, with -38.6 points. Regarding the current economic situation, Romania remains the penultimate position in Central and Eastern Europe, after Hungary. Index currently evaluating the Romanian economy fell by 10.3 points to 47.5 points, while for Hungary it has deteriorated by 11.9 points to 68.2 points.Indicator which measures expectations for the Bucharest Stock Exchange index recorded a decline of 8.4 points to 13.9 points, showing a worsening stock market prospects. More than half of the Romanian believes that the country's economic situation to worsen last year, 51% of participants in a survey of IRES saying that this is something worse or much worse. A percentage of 22% of respondents believe that the economic situation of Romania is the same, and 24% believe that it is slightly better or much better than last year.Impression that the country's economic situation is much worse now than before the Revolution is more pronounced for elementary and secondary educated respondents than for respondents university graduates. People who live in rural areas in proportion of 45.6% said that the country's current economic situation is much worse than before the Revolution, unlike the town, which give the same response in a proportion of 35.8%. However, Romanians are optimistic, 52% of them considering that over five years the country's economy will get better, while 11% think it will be the same, and 26% believe it will be worse.Res Currently, knowledge and concern for reducing the budget deficit are still of great importance for Romania, the more that our country faces great difficulties in the evolution of the economy. On the other hand, as an

EU member state, Romania to the condition imposed by the European Community Treaty to limit the budget deficit to 3% of GDP and public debt to 60% of GDP, up in 2012. In conclusion, although Romania's economic situation is not good, not to give up to believe that next year we may be able to get out of crisis and will be better.