Timestamp HS Course 4/15/2012 10:41: Indian national 22 movement 4/15/2012 10:43: war and peace in 43 west asia

Name of Professor suresh babu

Course Feedback history course.. anyone interested in putting peace can opt for this


4/15/2012 10:46: 35 science fiction

s mohan

4/15/2012 10:50: 10 HS5080


Outlines of indian society and culture 4/15/2012 10:53: from historical 10 perspective sheerin mirza

4/15/2012 10:57: 27 HS1110-French


4/15/2012 11:01: 12 Lit n Value


Grading i kept one day proper fi8 and came out with A Very peaceful. S/A/B very interesting course. learn a lot about the course. if u make a good history of Palestine, rise of Islam etc term paper, u get A or S normal level grades.. this crse is not for grades.. u can learn only punctuality in this course.. nothing more.. put this crse after all the peace putting crses are very very strict prof.. u can't get into his class if u over.. NEVER PUT r late by 1min even if u have proper reason.. SONIKA GUPTA'S CHINA very strict with attendance.. boring english AND ITS stories course.. no fiction at all.. exam will be CONTEMPORARY pack level WORLD... NEVER... Course is mainly related to development of human rights right from the beginning and the view of rights according to different philosophers. Its a 4 credit course and our prof tabraz is peaceful. We don't have quiz 1 but had quiz 2,presentation, End sem. Attendance is Grading is peaceful . Being peaceful. on avg fetches B grade. Depends on the taste of person or me it was a pathetic course wid lot of mugging coz i felt asleep in classes but for some of my friends it was a peaceful course since they were conscious in class. peaceful If you already know french, you can take this, put peace and easily get an S grade. Otherwise also it is an interesting course to learn. Just that you need to revise every once in a while, to keep up. The prof is peaceful, gives The quiz/endsem papers are quite easy, she just decent grades. Only that asks whats taught in class and the textbook. It shes kinda strict for would be mostly fill in the blanks type questions. attendance. u can put S A B if u hve Feminst prof good English and good pure english literature course. you'll get to read presentation skills and you extracts of some of the most depressing novels. have to write a lot in the she is strict abt attendance. exams.


HS Course

Name of Professor

Course Feedback Course is really good. You will actually learn French. Only thing is she doesn't make you talk enough to get fluency. Very peaceful prof. Attendance is required. A good Course I should say. If one is interested in literature they should definitely take this. You will have a good idea of the literature philosophies. And the professor is just awsome. Open book exam. Characters and tones are a pain. Class is lively. Attendance is light, but very difficult to put grades without attending classes. prof doesnt care about attendance. That said, u wont be able to score well if u do not attend classes. quizes are 20 marks each, with just 1 question to answer. endsem may have 3-4 questions. so you need to write pages and pages. on a whole, easy course with most of the syllabus relating to the sci and technology development in british era.(eg. trains, telegraph, medicine, surveying etc.) Course is very interesting. On the daybefore the quiz she discusses some important topics and the exam questions will be directly from those topics. Only you should study them. Some amount of mugging required. The course is simply amazing. It's a relief from the regular core courses. The prof makes the course fun, interactive and a pleasure to be in. You can look forward to going to the class. Basically, you do about 10 SF stories the whole sem and critically analyse them. The only thing you need to be careful is about your attendance and punctuality. Even if you are a minute late, he marks you absent. And 85% attendance, IS a compulsion in his course. No assignments are given, so peace :) The course is very interesting and professor is very good. If you go to class and listen everything, you can get S easily by spending only 3-4 hours before the exam. It will give U basic knowledge of the Economics.

4/15/2012 11:08: 32 French - I and II


Grading very peaceful. Most of the learning will be done in class. Can easily put A and with a bit more fight even S. Grading was peace. If you put decent effort you can easily score an A. Everything from S to E. If you work a little, very easy to get S/A

4/15/2012 11:10: 08 Shakespeare 4/15/2012 11:17: 58 Chinese I

J. Tripathy

Mugur Zlotea

4/15/2012 11:18: modern science in jhon bosco 15 india lourdusamy

gives lots of Ss and fews Es too.

4/15/2012 11:18: Consumer 34 Psychology


Since I haven't been graded yet, I can't comment about it.

4/15/2012 11:20: 15 Svience Fiction


Very peaceful grading. More of an S,A,B course. If you're decent at writing, without any effort you can put an A.

4/15/2012 11:21: Principal of 08 Economics


Grading is very easy and U can easily get A and with a little fight, S also.


HS Course

Contemporary 4/15/2012 11:21: Issues In 27 Development

4/15/2012 11:22: 03 German 1 and 2

4/15/2012 11:22: 34 Science Fiction

Contemporary 4/15/2012 11:23: Issues in 55 Development 4/15/2012 11:24: Consumer 47 psychology

4/15/2012 11:26: Literature and 10 Values

Course Feedback It was good course, though it will be very vague till the end. The project given in course is the most important and teaches a lot. Rest, u will have a lot of submissions and deadlines. Make sure your class rep is in good terms with her, and let class remain in unity, then deadlines can Binitha Thampi get extended! He teaches very slowly and steadily which is necessary for learning a foreign language. Grading will be ok provided you attend his each and every class and practise.This course cannot be mugged at last moment.Take it only if you are genuinely interested. P.S. junta going for DAAD in future can find this Stephen(foreign prof) useful Very well structured course. Prof is very encouraging and the classes are interactive. Course is very interesting too, even if you don't like Science Fiction. Attendance is VERY STRICT. Being in class on time before it starts is a must. Even if you are a minute late, he won't let you in. However, all this is worth taking a S Mohan class with Smo. A VERY painful course. You need to keep taking notes through all the courses. Moreover too much course work for an elective. She expects you to do 3 article reviews, 1 book review, 1 blog of 3000 words and give a presentation on a Binitha Thampi contemporary issue topic. Peaceful, just mug up important topics before the exams, useful if you are interested in Maya marketing or consumer behavior Very interesting course. Swarna is an awesome prof and loves student interaction. Wide range of topics also covered. If you want to enjoy the course, take it only if you like literature, reading, and class interaction. Even if you don't the course is relatively peaceful but it might not be what you are looking for. Attendance-wise peaceful but she gets pained towards the end of the sem when people start slacking off. Presentation will be there, but you have a lot of freedom with it. It counts as quiz 2 so no slacking off allowed there. Regardless, it is also R Swarnalatha interesting.

Name of Professor

Grading you need to be good at both the presentation and end sem for good grades, because grades can get random otherwise if u rely on either.

A and B Normal. Smo is not benevolent with his grades, but if he really thinks you deserve it managing an S or A is not hard. Interaction in class counts for a lot.

Painful. Loves giving c's and D's. Painful to get an 'A', forget 'S' peaceful, can easily score B

Quite peaceful. Very normal with her grades, doesn't shower them on you but doesn't hold them back either. Once again, class interaction counts, and if she is impressed by you she won't hesitate to give you a good grade.

very easy if proper class Binitha Thampi This comprises of 50% of the grade. all from B to E in Jyotirmaya Tripathy take this course at your own risk. S/A course the prof has a story writing assignment provided you dont copy the Peacemax course.. Quizzes S grades and very few A are very difficult.. is very strict about attendance. Not much interesting. U need to read a lot. Virtually no much.. notes are available. write ups. Would recommend if you want to just put she pains and gives a bad Evangeline Manickam peace. was introduced later.. about various Sociological viewpoints. take this course only if you have been a literature enthusiast and have read Shakespeare a lot.. Questions for endsem (50 % weightage) Relatively straight forward course..Timestamp HS Course 4/15/2012 11:26: Computers and 35 society HS4350 Contemporary 4/15/2012 11:27: issues in modern 10 India 4/15/2012 11:28: HS2370 Intro to 26 Sociology 4/15/2012 11:31: 46 Literature and life 4/15/2012 11:32: Short Story 21 Classics 4/15/2012 11:34: 00 french 1 Course Feedback Grading basically deals with historical development of automata. Includes are given in advance and lectures mainly by Binitha Thampi along with a exactly the same are few guest lectures. in appropriate amounts. Absolute marking is reviews. Quizzes are peaceful. Endsem is easy.. krishna veni peaceful & at the same time only useful hs people will get a or b Name of Professor .. most of the dr. done. Rest all grades are given Aarti Kawlra Strict about attendance. The content is quite interesting.. blogs to write. The professor expects too painful grading.. But the teacher gives several assignments.. sufficient amounts..(Article strict. not Hardly gives S grades. commenting on other blogs.. Very difficult course. max grade c. We were taught for around 2 Very much relative. very high funda. The TA was painful and story (shes strict about attendance was slightly important but overall one that) you get a S if you are of the most peaceful courses I have ever done really give up. Anyways. Blogging.. not bad course. No quizzes are taken.. But marking is a bit course involves intensive project work .. No quizzes. grade. grades.. from what she teaches and emphasizes in class. but the asked.. you get A but obviously except story writing you won't learn but if you copy the story a lot. Getting grades is presentation). differ if Prof changes. its social effects and how computers effect life in present times. May Santosh months.

.. 30. peaceful Professor. Try choosing economics(it really helps although u may not go to economics stream) or languages or Indian National Moment(if you are interested Remember many HS in Civil services) students would be taking PROS: 4 credits.. Some Church) have influenced Science and Scientists. Although its a 4 credit So... I liked it since it taught about how governments are organised and it was something I had little Very peaceful grades are prior knowledge on... 4/15/2012 11:38: Religion and 05 Modern Science Modern Governments and 4/15/2012 11:40: Comparative 52 Constitutions John Bosco Lourduswamy Tabaraz 4/15/2012 11:41: Human Rights and 06 Justice Tabraz Contemporary India: A 4/15/2012 11:42: sociological 18 Perspective R. Can study the day before exam and ace it. Half of the couse is on History of human rights(too boring).B. even 70% this course along with you. I along with many of CONS: Boring course.Timestamp HS Course Name of Professor Course Feedback peace maxxx.. Remember that it deals with international rights not Indian rights. peaceful Tabaraz is a peaceful prof and Its a nice course. I personally felt it useless course except the small part which tells about UN.. Mostly the grades many classes gets cancelled from them(finally 2 would be A. term paper and end sem. that he grades peacefully. course last semester said then you'll find this interesting. Grading 4/15/2012 11:34: HS4040 Better 58 Spoken English Shreesh Chaudhary no quizzes no end sem.. 40 marks. Santhosh SAB S/A/B course if u interact with him in class (Read: Open your mouth to talk a lot of non sense and some sense). If he doesn't know Gen HS course he will talk about how religion you he will give you a and religious institutions (read Christianism and random grade. Very Peaceful. Doesn't even care a lot given. I would prefer this course only because you can complete 4 credits. an essay instead. You will have a quiz.. each presentation will be of 1-2 min.. only 1 quiz tech's. If you Other people who took his like to read a bit about current affairs in India. 20. there will be 4 presentations of 10. S/A/B and If you put about attendance sli fight you will get S.. people get pained with his Some junta gets pained coz the prof keeps grading. attendance would be fine. no use my friends got a B grade. . I found him classes at night sometimes. S grade is very course there will be 3 courses per week and difficult. 1/2 credit course). No quiz I..C for B.

If put off A. will not allow you to class if you late more than 5min. You can learn lots of stuff in this u should put fight.. This course equips you with a thorough if you r late by at least 1 understanding of how to write technical papers minute.. but are generally based on the readings given. prof. S if you put more its your placement sem and you already have 4.. Be active and ask questions in class... Course is good. It is a very interesting course. won't allow u in. you'll get some idea about international politics. But attendance is very strict. it's sli pain from that aspect. Very peaceful course and prof. else.. and its before exams and is not very difficult to catch with what she's regular to class you can teaching. Prof is also very good and classes are more of discussion style. But downside is that she gives a lot of readings and expects you to read and come for the next class. diplomacy etc. .Timestamp HS Course Name of Professor 4/15/2012 11:44: 41 FRENCH 1 KRISHNA VENI 4/15/2012 11:44: Indian National 54 Movement visiting prof. but still ended up putting B. A B C.. If you have a thorough fundaes of high school English grammar.. He cuts a lot of classes and isn't strict on attendance at all. gives you an indepth idea about international politics and diplomacy.. for good course.. I got raped in quizzes 5 other slightly painful courses then dont take it.. and reports... Moreover one gets to learn a new language which in itself a very good thing. So she grades leniently for B.. The course material is interesting too.. class notes will be out.. It is basically more of Grammar than any thing The prof. There is just 1 book he mentions as reference Grading is also peaced and if you're regular to class... grades. discussions Grading is not peace. Technical 4/15/2012 11:48: Communication 37 and Report Writing S. The worst you so ever has interest in learning new languages.fight. But I and a lot of my Techs so if you put sli fellow classmates didnt read regularly.. I would strongly suggest people to opt for this who Its peaceful. attendance compulsory .....A.B unless you cup sufficient for exams.Mohan 4/15/2012 11:49: War and Peace in 41 West Asia Tabraz SS Course Feedback Grading Its a very nice course and the faculty too is very helpful. S. he was like school teacher. then it is a peaceful course. very few people will get S any way not pain maxx course . can get is C. Prof is also interesting. China in 4/15/2012 11:44: contemporary 56 geopolitics Sonika Gupta HS-4050. it badly. instead of quiz 2 he gave us project. Regarding grading.... . End Sem paper was ok.

att is very strict he doesn't allow u into class after even 1 second . peaceful grading S. etc. Enjoyable if one takes an interest in literature.course is about science fiction stories Very enthusiastic and energetic prof. Looked at the evolution of English poetry in various eras.B. synthesis. Devaki Reddy 4/15/2012 12:23: 52 science fiction s mohan 4/15/2012 12:24: 49 4/15/2012 12:27: 12 4/15/2012 12:42: 12 Prof. derivation. WITH TWO QUIZZES AND END SEM. get B . You dont have to take German II necessarily but both the courses as such are damn interesting. take this if you want to learn a new language.if u know gud english then it is peaceful. gained confidence fair Awesome Professor.Stefan Balzter 4/15/2012 12:16: 36 Modern Linguistics Prof. THAT'S PAINFUL.attendance is lite. tells us about the german food and lifestyle. in some languages. course seems difficult initially. German I is quite easy. needs a lot of mugging. Wonderful course! It was a like learning and playing at the same time. YOU ALSO HAVE TO GIVE A PRESENTATION AND PROJECT REPORT. is peace. I personally loved the course. TOO MUCH COURSE CONTENT SOMETHING AROUND 2500 SLIDES TO MUG BUT YOU CAN PUT INFI PEACE IN CLASS. One would appreciate the course if one likes vocabulary. SHE WONT BOTHER AT ALL. very nice interesting course and very peaceful Grading S. you will have fun in the class. No attendance Problems :) No quiz1 Peace max!! Very easy to Slightly boring at times. he brings his guitar and teaches us german songs. the folk music. Grading is purely based on 2 quizzes and endsem. Got to know many great poets. swarnalatha Course Feedback prof.'C' NORMAL GRADING. Good. ALSO YOU WILL HAVE TOO MANY QUESTIONS TO ANSWER IN THE EXAMS. Jyothirmaye Literature and Life Tripathy consumer psychology some lady guest prof literature and values prof . It's not difficult to put an A if you listen in class and study before exams. You can get a C if u suck Not painful. The course was extremely interesting.A. blending. Mostly dealt with phonetics. but german II is relatively much difficult. gets easy as you go along.A.Timestamp HS Course Name of Professor 4/15/2012 11:50: Introduction to 05 Chinese Mugur Zlotea 4/15/2012 11:52: DESIGN 34 HISTORY-2 NEETA AGARWAL 4/15/2012 12:01: 49 German I and II Prof. NOT MANY "S" AND "A". he's such a fun guy who loves Germany and so tells us a lot about the history of Germany. origin of words.B only 4/15/2012 12:58: Human Rights and 39 Justice SS Tabraz learnt alot. in d xam u have 2 xplain about stories.

Peace grading.But you have to mug the answers as it is which are minimum 2 pages. useless fart. bad grading. he'll give it to a student to mark the attendance and he will allow a student even if he is 20 minutes late to the class.He'll give questions that are going to come in the exam before the exam..The course is also peace.. rape max PAINFUL as i said in feed back she is really tough mam Course is interesting in beginning but then it will become boring after quiz 1 and she is really tough mam and surely gives cup to last 5 to 10 % of class And she will give some sort of GROUP STUDY REPORT PROJECT which is really painful and she takes it very serious in grading and surely gives cup to last 5 to 10 % of class And she will give some sort of GROUP STUDY REPORT PROJECT which is really painful and she takes it very serious in grading PAINFUL as i said in feed back she is really tough mam 4/15/2012 13:04: 24 SOCIOLOGY PREMA RAJA GOPALAM Course is interesting in beginning but then it will become boring after quiz 1 and she is really tough mam and surely gives cup to last 5 to 10 % of class And she will give some sort of GROUP STUDY REPORT PROJECT which is really painful and she takes it very serious in grading and surely gives cup to last 5 to 10 % of class And she will give some sort of GROUP STUDY REPORT PROJECT which is really painful and she takes it very serious in grading 4/15/2012 13:04: 37 SOCIOLOGY PREMA RAJA GOPALAM . but a little boring.. but peaceful :) Grading The grading is also peace.Anthony Savariraj German -I Logic Stefan baltzer Satya setty He is the peacest prof i ever met.Attendance is peace. Very good course if ur interested in learning new language..Timestamp HS Course Name of Professor Course Feedback 4/15/2012 13:00: 45 4/15/2012 13:02: 14 4/15/2012 13:02: 30 aspects of westren philosophy Dr.If you are looking for a good grade without not much fight opt this course.It is a 4credit course and he'll take max 3classes per week.Even if you sleep in the class he doesnt mind.Xams ll be peace. you'll get A easily..

You will have to put in some effort. famous architects. unlike other HS courses and proper mug before quizzes). satya sundar 57 indian philosophy sethy 4/15/2012 13:14: 26 applied economics Umakanth Indian Art. Take it only if you are interested. It is a very good course if one is interested in literature..She is serious about attendance. But take it if and only if you are interested and ready to put a little fight ( atleast attending all classes. no attendance It covers excerpts from a lot of books. 39 Govt Tabrazz Course Feedback good course probably a little too much content but course is good The course is very useful. Modern Ramaa Narayanan. It's mostly about the different art movements. You get to learn new something at the end of day.Timestamp HS Course Name of Professor 4/15/2012 13:07: 37 indian art ramaa narayanan 4/15/2012 13:09: 24 German-2 Sashireka 4/15/2012 13:11: 00 design history ramaa narayanan Human Rights & Social Justice. The course might be a bit too philosophical for some people. you will get an A. But the syllabus is huge and there will be a lot to mug. Speaking about the course also its content is not useful to us in anyway. Modern Govt: Decent content. :XX:XXXXX :XXXXX decent grading. Human rights: Pain maxx. Prof Sonika Gupta. And Learning process for course is nothing logical its just mugging whole syllabus blindly which is so painful. :X :X :X lite maxx. 4/15/2012 13:12: Indian Art. Always give last preference to this course. You can put A's reasonably easily If you work hard.This is not useful in any of the fields. Decent grading Refer above I felt that course was very much painful as it wasn't in my preferred choices and didn't like it at all. examples of great architecture etc. We as IIT students are going to be in technological/financial or some other fields. 4/15/2012 13:12: Introduction to Mr. The lectures are interesting... no exams just have to speak "better english" mallus don't take this!! :P - 4/10/2012 4/15/2012 13:16: 46 4/15/2012 13:22: 56 4/15/2012 13:25: 56 Literature And Values ALL better spoken english Swarnalatha ANYONE sireeesh chowdary Grading is not very peaceful. peace max.. Effort required is not worth the credit Grading dont know Good. .

Grading is peaceful. Professor is very student oriented and with his As usual is dependent on teachings. one Presentation which does not take much time.wrt exams use can skip a few topics and show that you have mugged from the reference still get away with an A. Not an open book.Otherwise.There were about 10 S's in our A peace course with a very good prof. and classes. Also good if one has knowledge of Indian caste. Gradually picks up and is quite interesting. Preferable if one has good vocabulary. but the exam is open book. village systems. is almost non-existent and the etymology The end sem is the most interesting. Remembering characters can get study the day before the painful. imp one. Attendance ii not class. Quite a few readings to remember for end semester.Lots of class room interaction. so u will end up with anyone who have never read economics before decent grades only mainly in life. book through your answers. she will just say $1 to INR1 usually exams are pretty which suck. S requires covering all the Highly engaging. he can make it interesting. class. But overall course is good for easy. Also. a capitalist economy versus socialist economy. like mind games! She will use US economy based slides for Indian economy ie. the grammar exam.You learn year.2 manipulated in not giving a W grade if you can hrs of mugging before come up with a good reason. peace Grades are decent. just take it.You can thulp the each quiz should serve course if you have done french previously.Timestamp HS Course Name of Professor 4/15/2012 13:28: 12 HS2110 Shireen Mirza Course Feedback At the start seems a very boring course.there's a present tense by the end of the course. Less of facts and more of one's views. Grading 4/15/2012 13:30: consumer 58 psychology maya rathanasabhapathi 4/15/2012 13:31: 30 Chinese I Mugur Introduction to 4/15/2012 13:44: European 10 Philosophy Sudarshan Padmanabhan 4/15/2012 13:48: 57 POE Dr. :) SAB AWESOME best professor in institute whatever course he teaches. Not much load. Exam is half objective (MCQ) and half subjective. even if it is not interesting. good at compulsory but you would not want to miss remembering strokes. you can put S/A. He doesn't want his student to a sole assignment which by-heart any stuff. aims to build a self-thinking capability the marks in the exam and among the same. He just asks them to write are pretty simple and look what they actually think of the given question. One Quiz. . If you are attentive in The classes are fun. very high chance of ending Attendance is taken but the prof can be up with an S.You Didnt feel bored at any point. Sabita Technical 4/15/2012 13:51: Communication 13 and Report writing S MOHAN 4/15/2012 13:53: 17 French Krishnaveni Peaceful.If you have done a decent bit of French and can converse in the french previously. one needn't be too objective. you good. topics taught in class..

There will be a There will be a textbook (xeroxed) given by the professor and presentation instead of she will follow it throughout.Otherwise.A. She is quite on your grammar. However the professor will She corrects paper based guide you through all of them. with minimal effort. Absurdism etc etc. She will also teach Quiz 2 in which you will using PPTs which she will distribute through the form a team (of 2 mostly) class rep.You learn a decent bit of French and can converse in the present tense by the end of the course. spellings friendly but quite strict about attendance and points you have (especially during presentation days) and covered. Attendance is taken but the prof can be manipulated in not giving a W grade if you can come up with a good reason. for beginners.Timestamp HS Course Name of Professor Course Feedback 4/15/2012 13:53: 18 French Krishnaveni 4/15/2012 13:55: 47 PoE V.. Studying 3 to 4 hrs before the exam will fetch u nice grades. Course was decent. The class. Its not an easy going course if grades are concerned. Suggested books Tough. layers of meaning.There were about 10 S's in our year. and are brilliant. Very few topics to learn. R. you will love it covered all vital points) this course.he didn't seem to bother much with making everyone learn and all that.2 hrs of mugging before each quiz should serve you good. Content is good.If you have done french previously. He read off the book.B course. Muralidharan 4/15/2012 14:00: Literature and 14 Values Swarnlata 4/15/2012 14:01: Intro to modern 57 linguistics sreesh chowdary A peace course with a very good prof. you have to write 150 The course will cover texts by great words. existentialism. The only was a term paper about 1000 words which course where u can get S hardly takes 2 days. The only considerable work we did S. She will guide you stories covered are mostly tragic and have many for this too. So make sure punctuality. You should have good writing skills as Course is interesting for those who love to read.You can thulp the course if you have done french previously. good writing own and present it to habit and a open mind to read literature. you don't put lot of There will be lots of discussion in class and she garbage but only good is very open to opinions which makes classes concise points. Grading Grades are decent. (She gave interesting. and choose a text of your You should have presentation skills. . lot of philosophical theories like in quiz. will end up with an A or B. The prof could have been better . You may have an advantage too! Peace max course. 200words answers philosophers. You do well. me 3/5 marks for 4 lines as If you really like reading novels etc .there's a very high chance of ending up with an S.

grammar spoken french quiz (in teams of 3) Very peaceful . attendance is strict. Follows insti guidelines in grading. but a little boring. 19th century in the west.P. possibility of other grades.this course you will get to learn anything then Full of maggu MA janta Social Psychology GF take my word it will be tending towards ZERO hence very difficult!! Name of Professor . (some emphasis some 7 other ppl got s in a French . Absolute grading. It is a very interactive course as the professor is excellent.She gives good grades. in effort. chance of an E. good content to learnif u r interested in design movements of the An S is pretty difficult. the purpose of a HS course and I feel it can be but we cannot rule out the Science Fiction S MOHAN tried out.1 Dr. U need to put design history ramaa narayanan if u r interested. prof is highly However. If you think that from Shubha Rangnathan. neither peace nor pain course.) In this course you get to improve your skills in writing as well as speaking. ( i and Good prof.Course is peaceful. she gives lotsa knowledgeable and flexible. Peaceful course but too much for mugging attendance .Krishnaveni on spoken french) class of ~50 ppl. I can say that it is not arbit. The problem is he is very strict with attendance. Hence you can learn a lot. Mostly you get an A or B .course and grades.2-syllabus from workbook. You get what you deserve punctuality and dressing style. put the course only As and Bs. quiz1. She is French. Its more about the history of western philosophy than the External Prof philosophy iself :-| Grading was pain. Peaceful grading Very painful course and not at all related to practical psychology.HS Course Introduction to 4/15/2012 14:04: European 20 Philosphy Timestamp 4/15/2012 14:06: 12 4/15/2012 14:14: 18 4/15/2012 14:15: 37 4/15/2012 14:16: 53 4/15/2012 14:20: 39 4/15/2012 14:21: 27 Course Feedback Grading Decent course. with If you give up. Very theoretical and each situation has only a particular answer backed by a particular theory/finding/experiment. paintings Indian Art Ramaa Narayanan etc. Cool prof! Organized a french movie screening. So only one S with a few As and several Bs. there is a French Josefa Laguerre french food items etc..It definitely serves .peace Prof has so much enthu about the course course is mostly about some temples.

blogs. S.C.You have to mug a lot for end sem. I expected that we would be studying about latest general issues of development. The teacher is friendly but strict in terms of giving grades (U..(if you like History) From exam perspective the course is PAINFUL.W. As an engineering student I found this course painful and boring.and less democratic and economical. u can get attendance is also not rigid.. Its a class of 40-50 students It has no scope for intellectual development.The issues that were discussed were not directly related to India.comments on blogs. .book reviews. We had to give a presentation for 20 marks. Course is good ONLY from the content point of view . Some theories are quite boring. by some of the greatest architects of history. 4/15/2012 14:33: 47 Design History Rama Narayana 4/15/2012 14:48: aspects of western 36 phiolosophy athony savari raj In brief the course deals with the evolution of the Strictly follows the insti design of buildings and famous houses designed grading system. thus I felt not of much use. course is peace max. If u really should be submitted which is pretty easy.There wont be any quiz for you.It is easy to observe the theories studied in class among the society(IITM too).I would suggest this course to one who reads newspaper in details. she checks each and every word written on the project.B. Instead of quiz-2 a report Grading is A.Timestamp HS Course Name of Professor 4/15/2012 14:27: HS4370(social 43 psychology) Subha Renganathan Contemporary 4/15/2012 14:31: Issues in 47 Development Binitha Thampi Course Feedback The course is a good one if you are interested in studying people. Same holds good for the exam answers. Grading Easy Grading .The content taught is quite large.while the course stresses more socially.as far as I am concerned. The course is basically for MA students.so beware.. put effort into it.but apart from above all you would need to give presentations etc.( 1500+ slides in total !!!) 2 out of 10 There will be a PROJECT that will have to done seriously. Only 4-5 guys will get S.You would be given to write article reviews.I).. Most of the theories are based on common sense.

not like normal was interesting...his city.and cities. If u don't course.. mug you are screwed.. class.and she expects only keyword like name. (!!). got an s... I OVERALL.which year number of pages written. and the end sem is interesting and was motivating for learning in the very very very easy. a. Given there are more than 20k characters in chinese you are expected to remember atleast some 300 by the end of the semester. peacefully get a S Course Feedback ..painnn. no much works. average. one term paper and an end sem.at the start it answer. If u classhours where in you need to put a little fight put some fight u can u can choose this. in the Tooooooo much of content to mug.u can put or end sem.after this course u will be knowing some thing just a day before quiz hundreds of foreign names.the marks proportionally to the movements associated with them. presentation in place of quiz-2..Shubha 43 HS4370 Ranganathan.not many s and finally a ppt and a report.. exam paper will be lengthy. had to work on the Though title seems boring.their designs.. A junta might be there.u that design came all these numbers... You can learn a Grading is peaceful but u lot if u r interested otherwise a very boring have to mug.cities . Some ma guys might be You will get insight into the field of psychology. though I don't know where the course will come in handy. If u want a peaceful course.Timestamp HS Course Name of Professor 4/15/2012 15:11: introduction to 05 modern linguistics Shreesh Chaudhary 4/15/2012 15:11: 28 Design History Neeta Agarwal 4/15/2012 15:14: Social Psychology Dr. Needs mugging a bit.. grading was peaceful.. course is very good term paper to get good and also peaceful. with jolly he gives good grades.. A VERY suggest taking it for both good grades as well as GOOD OPTION TO an interesting subject.year.GF 4/15/2012 15:20: 08 Chinse Mugruel Zlotea Grading we had one quiz. The proff was very marks.u will be learning about history where you get designers. CONSIDER..their countries.gk and cant just mug the enitre stuffs. there..grading was infi peace in the class she wont bother at all.. The course is peaceful but the thing is you need to remember a lot.. Plus some maggu Course is lengthy..etc..

The grading was very good. The course deals with writing. Even though I knew all the concepts well.Need to be in time coz if you are late by even a minute your attendance is at stake and you will have to "disappear". strictly abiding by rules Exams are mostly essay type.. The prof.1 : 20% Presentations : 20% End-Sem : 60% End-Sem was lengthy and by-far had the largest syllabus compared to all other HS courses.or useful general knowledge.writing memos . papers.. Attendance was strict. Neither help to improve technical skills nor any quality as a person. Grading The grading was very fair and easy going. probably because of the vastness of the portion. the one in which I am not good at all(case of most of the B.Timestamp HS Course Name of Professor Course Feedback 4/15/2012 15:21: 28 4/15/2012 15:23: 59 Dr. Shubha Ranganathan (Guest faculty . Very few got B. language. teaches very well. to put things in the right perspective and personally I would not suggest this course to you. (considering my previous HS course too.tech student like most of the HS courses. Quiz . Fair Technical 4/15/2012 15:27: Communication 51 and report writing S Mohan 4/15/2012 15:28: 56 HS2110 sheena mirza Useless course for a B. He follows the Gaussian curve and gives grade according that. S and A were common grades. I couldn't score well because of the way I am writing and my weaker literary skills. although you could come in late at times. I prefer --a course which help me to improve any of my quality as a social animal. It's a useful course. Very useful course. grammar and speaking. It could have been such an interesting course had it been taken in a better way. do not take any Psychology course.No longer Social Psychology working at IITM) Technical Communication and Report Writing S Mohan The course was made very boring by the concerned faculty. deals with reports. in other words you need to have a good vocabulary. if you cant do that. But lectures were well prepared and presented well..Techs). He sticks to the time and expects you too to do the same. as you are not expected to write what you "feel" but you are supposed to write a generalized opinion and that which might be found in "books".. You will have to "mug"! Mind it. Nice course. 'contemporary issues in development' ) --exams with short answer questions would be better .

At the end of the course a appreciate the different styles of writing He follows the Gaussian and themes in science fiction curve and gives grade according that..Need to be in time coz if you are late by even a minute your attendance is at stake and you will have to "disappear". Stefan is a very peaceful prof and attention. starting few classes little boring. teaches very well. The prof.. Hard to get S unless as your HS elective you really know the subject . s. he is among the very few professors who take this course he started this course in India and has been taking for ages..though he takes it. Hard to follow up if you bunk german II where there was classes although the prof is very light on much more personal attendance. It will be like a small story overall.. videos. He sticks to the time and expects you too to do the same. He sticks to the time and expects you too to do the same. strictly Awesome course abiding by rules peace max course no attendance problem. he is among the very few professors who take this course he started this course in India and has been taking for ages.Timestamp HS Course Name of Professor 4/15/2012 15:31: 04 Science Fiction S Mohan 4/15/2012 15:31: 15 Science Fiction HS5080-HUMAN 4/15/2012 15:49: RIGHTS AND 16 JUSTICE 4/15/2012 16:55: War and peace in 12 west asia S Mohan TABRAZ S S TabraZ 4/15/2012 17:47: 16 German I & II Stefan Balzter Course Feedback Grading Nice course.b course If any one is seriously interested in history and If you decently listen to want to put peace. peacefully Not a full peace course like some of the other I got A in german I but S in HS electives. not much to read also.you can put B course.Need to be in time coz if you are late by even a minute your attendance is at stake and you will have to "disappear".a .... Stefan was puts a lot of enthu for class which includes forced to follow the having fun with some german music (prof plays absolute grading stuff so the guitar in class).. teaches very well.. This would be the best classes. The prof. some maps and 90+: S 80-90 : A and so german stories... strictly Awesome course abiding by rules Nice course. Overall very fun course to have on. At the end of the course a appreciate the different styles of writing He follows the Gaussian and themes in science fiction curve and gives grade according that.

4/15/2012 18:24: 24 HS2050 MOHAN S 4/15/2012 18:45: 52 Indian Art Ramaa Narayanan 4/15/2012 18:46: 46 German I Stefan Balztar . but listening in the class helped me put fart about the unread topics. Basically.Classes themselves are fart. Name of Professor Grading Got S. and also. else you'll have a tough time in class. just a bit of struggle and a bit of mugging Take it only if you are very good in essay writing. Stefan is a very good prof. Peace max grading. max 2 S and 3-4 A. taught me a lot about the world. But you will be RGed by the junta who already know. may be atleast a night before quizzes Generally S. A. Course is good if you want to learn a new language. provided you've paid attention in class! :) The grading is peaceful. If you read them once and are able to put appropriate fart in the paper. you can score an A.. Very very interesting. Presentation helped us a lot but generally also corrections were peaceful coz of external faculty grades starts from B to E Good grades. If you're lucky you'll get S. ramaa narayan pain max course and prof Excellent course. Highly useful for people going to management line and non-core placements but equally useful for people in core line to have a light hearted view of economics to learn the Shubha (Visiting prof) terms and jargon. take it. Attend classes regularly. solve exercises and all. you can peacefully put A. she'll give some material. So last minute mug will only get you around C.My friend had a quiz and came 5 minutes late.If you write good essays you will get good grades. no shorts. read 40% of the readings that she gave. but if you listen properly in the class. she gives ample marks.Timestamp HS Course 4/15/2012 17:49: Principles of 43 Economics 4/15/2012 18:05: 11 hs5920 Course Feedback The course was very interesting till Micro the first half but just tapered off when they started Macro. Course Content is a bit boring. is a bit pain when it comes to sleeping in the class. Prof.Also you MUST wear pants in class. A good number got B. or B if you're lucky. the prof is very sweet and peaceful in putting grades. he did not accept it. DO NOT take if you think being able to talk German is sexy and that german chics will dig you. and you have to mug them. Tabraz is liberal. but you need to do your daily bit for the course. Neverthless. Not all questions came from what I'd read. and if you're really up to it. If u want want to learn something out of it. provided you put decent fight. 4/15/2012 18:08: Human Rights and 19 Justice Tabraz 4/15/2012 18:17: 19 french 1 4/15/2012 18:18: Indian National 46 Movement Krishnaveni Bernard Sami (Guest Faculty) Very Good Even if you are one second late to class you can't come in. B course .He puts 1. I got S \m/ It's a language. The course is good. I used to listen in the class properly. Attendance is peaceful.

Many science fiction stories are read and discussed.. oligopoly etc. you can score exceedingly well.it is really interesting if u listen to the prof good and peaceful course. value of money. The professor has a sound knowledge about this topic... then this course is pain. 4/15/2012 19:03: 54 Science Fiction Mohan 4/15/2012 19:06: 45 HS 4030 4/15/2012 19:07: 04 hs4050 Introduction to European Philosophy (or 4/15/2012 19:38: something of that 14 sort) J tripathi mohan s Sli pain.monopoly. just a review of various economic models or current issues.no analysis required.. if you listen carefully and take down notes you get a B/A.like inflation. The course strictly follows a book (which should be easily available in LAN) called Prinicples of Economics by Gregory Mankiw. and the course is also easy to follow.. If you are not into reading... but attendance matters!!! Learnt enough names of philosophers to use in debates on existentialist thought for the rest of college life. properly structured rather tan being all about poetry it is a comparison between the lifestyle of 1600-1900 and literature. 3 out of 5 Antony Savuriraj (visiting) Quite lenient on grading. and some questions are more like write your opinion about something rather than direct questions. various models of competition .Timestamp HS Course Name of Professor Course Feedback The course deals the basics of economics . but we ended up taking only three class a week (:P) IIRC. costs of production. there was one mid term and one final exam as well as a term project . and presents it wonderfully right from the WWI to WWII (and holocaust) to right till the last Israel Gaza war (something which you may/may not have never come across before). . You might if you are interested in philosophy and stuff.. and mainly concentrates on Israel Palestine conflict. 4/15/2012 18:55: War and Peace in 11 West Asia SS Tabraz Grading is peaceful. if you stick to basics. but not much else. Check this book if you want to know the course in detail. The course overall is EASY to follow and score. well . Essay writing is essential during quizzes and end sems. If u like reading then this is the course for you..if u are psuede in English then u might get S. It was supposedly a four credit course.. This course deals with past (and ongoing) conflicts in the Middle East (aka West Asia). and finally federal reserve banking systems.. Attendence is also strict.. Grading 4/15/2012 18:48: Principle of 38 Economics Shuba Sethuraman (Guest Faculty) Grading is fairly good.

just some 2 hrs before U can put A easily.. knowing french would certainly help you. it was interesting in my case. there wil be one quiz and one group term paper and end sem in the end. but don't really go for them.HS Course Aspects Of 4/15/2012 19:52: Western 48 Philosophy Timestamp Name of Professor Anthony Savari Raj 4/15/2012 19:55: Principles of 34 Economics Prof. The professor is a guest professor and the course was very good. Krishnaveni i forgot but its the same prof taking every sem Course Feedback Grading Peace maaxx. But one thing is. Subash S 4/15/2012 19:55: HUMAN RIGHT 37 AND JUSTICE TABRAZ 4/15/2012 20:00: 03 French I & II 4/15/2012 20:04: computers and 11 society Prof... he will give you attendance even if you go in the last 5 min.. i know must of friends did that. than C I guess. attendance is peace. read the class notes only. and in the quiz be careful about the time management as you have never written such lengthy HS paper. listening in class or not does not was 17 in Q1 and 18 in Q2 matter. wouldn't help you much in the language. And if you ever go to France for student exchange programme. you will know a lot about the as previous year papers. many stud seniors take so Awesome course but can be a bit boring by mid its a bit painful. sit in question will be the same the first bench. most of us got C Course was boring as well as painful for me. average semmish time. SAB course no W also grading is peace.. Only draw back is RG. topic can be found in the internet. doesnt correct end-sem paper and grades on the basis of quiz paper. 7/10/2012 Grading is also strict. One night fight is enough. I think languages are the only useful courses in HS apart from film studies and philosophy. course. some say the prof. to score good. it basically deals with international politics. . Only taking French I . take both French I & II or neither. not less the quiz is more than enough.

Not yet given. u ll get pained the day before the quiz. but can sleep peacefully. Litterally Literally by to mug slides. The prof is awesome.. good . But on a serious note. (ethics ) . there is decent amt of mugging grading is avg. Not many new concepts to learn. but strict attendance. Yet to have end sems.. gave a C for most students ! Decent grading but S grades reserved for people who actively participated in class interactions and have a great hold over the English language.not so bad The course was interesting with quite a few practical implications As expected If you don't mug.. Interesting.. Thoroughly enjoyed the course Typical argumentative kind of stuff. So essentially all pseud-putters & peace-putters should take this course. a classroom presentation and in the end. 4/15/2012 21:15: Modern Science in John Bosco 22 India Lourdusamy 4/15/2012 21:17: 59 Logic Satya Sundar Sethy 4/15/2012 21:18: 17 Design History Neeta Agarwal 4/15/2012 21:29: HS 2050 Science 36 Fiction S Mohan Pain course. It is the only useful course in HS apart from film studies & languages. but just have slides.. u can go at any time to class. Prof doesn't teach that good but the contents of the course are very interesting. Sudarshan Padmanabhan 4/15/2012 20:08: 16 Indian art 4/15/2012 20:45: 41 social psychology ramaa narayanan shuba ranganathan 4/15/2012 21:04: 49 Indian Philosophy 4/15/2012 21:14: Indian National 37 Movement Satya Sundar Sethy Bernard Sami Course Feedback Grading I would strongly recommend you to take this course. she made us do a project.. not so involved. Aristotle and all that shit. Stories are well chosen and the prof goes out of his way to make the class lively and fun. You have mug all the course. Attendance is peace. It's all about mugging. Peaceful Liberal in quizzes. not so boring. . Even though the prof was friendly. Redundant course. Fabulous course. 7/10/2012 course is ok.Timestamp HS Course Name of Professor Introduction to 4/15/2012 20:05: European 41 Philosphy Prof. Good to do.. If you are not already an SF fan you are bound to become one after taking this course. Highly informative S. He is a little wired up about attendance and punctuality though. Most interesting course the HS department has to offer.. Really interested in Indian philosophical love mugging.. its a rod. heart. A must do course for all future Engineers.. you will get at least some amount of idea about their works. you get an schools? This is for you. The more fart you put in the exams the more marks you will get. if you are interested in Plato. apparently its philosophy.

More Literature and existence. grades principlies of good course but the prof doesn't teach well you worst economics murali daran have study all by yourself gave many E's and U's grading is peaceful .B course. Interesting parts 25% book review Humanities in were the presentation making and book review. the clases are never boring. Santhosh is also a good guy. S. She also discusses few important topics the day before exam and they will easily put u through. lots of interaction and work engaging. and "Criminals and grading is quite rational crime in society" is very interesting. She takes ur suggestions on what type of questions v want for exams. Some of he questions discussed are very fascinating especially (but not necessarily) if you enjoyed reading novels by authors like Ayn Rand and George Orwell. standard Gaussian..Timestamp HS Course Name of Professor Course Feedback Awsum course n awwwwsum prof. u vl luv it if u take it. so attendence is peace is very important A good course if you are a card carrying bibliophile. Max Weber to name a few. Very Sincere and enthusiastic to say the least.putting fight only on the night before exam could get u indian philosophy satya sundar shetty course is pretty dry an a or b easily. Prof. Emile Durkheim.Maya attendence is calculated. Grading 4/15/2012 21:34: 17 4/15/2012 21:34: 45 4/15/2012 21:42: 33 4/15/2012 22:10: 55 4/15/2012 22:14: 28 4/15/2012 22:51: 40 She gives such a homely feel that u would never want to miss her classes. Among the better HS courses. 25% presentation Technological Age Professor Evangeline which made us read books after a long time! 50% end sem . You will be taught about interesting theories about society propounded by Karl Marx. Lot of A's in our Introduction to dispassionate and rational perspective. It will class and one or two S sociology Santhosh certainly help you to broaden your thought.. more willing to view events from a deserve. Sociology broadens your view and makes you You will get the grade you less bigoted. Learning poems was boring. and certainly not eccentric. In one line. consumer and the best part is that she doesnt know how but mugging before exam psychology Dr. As an application. Some of Durkheim's work on "Suicide as a social phenomenon". he made us write an essay on the merits of reserving seats for backward castes in higher education. Provides a birds eye view of different schools of English literature and forces you to think about the nuances of your being and Nothing to say here. A welcome break from all the PMT or less follows the Values Swarnalatha grilling..A.

!! . Would help in overcoming certain basic mistakes in the usage of technical terminology.Timestamp HS Course Name of Professor 4/15/2012 22:56: Better Spoken 47 English Shireesh Choudry 4/15/2012 22:57: Better Spoken 19 English Shireesh Choudry 4/15/2012 23:30: 29 4/15/2012 23:41: 25 HS2050:Sci-Fi: An appreciation S Mohan Principles of Economics Dr Sabita Acharya 4/15/2012 23:43: 43 Science Fiction Dr S Mohan Technical 4/15/2012 23:47: Communication 25 and Report Writing Dr S Mohan 4/15/2012 23:57: 03 logic satya sunndar setty Course Feedback Will definitely help.. You will do a selection of short stories by famous science fiction writers.. Peace max course. A course.. presentations etc. B at extreme stages. she gives marks to those who write more. Can improve in the presentation skills and the accent in English. A little boring but might be useful in the long run dont even think about taking this course. the worst prof in insti. but if u attend all the classe and smile at the prof u will get S. !! she says classes are compulsory but they r not. More than the English aspect... Peace max course. Exam is completely only for about 5 min for whole semester.. Useful course as it gives basic introduction of Economics. quizes are arbit.. the classes tend to veer towards a philosophical aspect. A course.. Will definitely help. and relies heavily on class participation. And the prof is just superb who will make the course interesting even to those who usually dont like this particular genre Gets one acquainted about the ways to write technical papers. Decent Not painful Not Painful U industrial 4/16/2012 0:46:00 psychology i dont remember peace course take it. but fart maxx how can i say. You will need to be sufficiently good at essay writing... :) Grading would be centered around the A-B boderline. is necessary One would absolutely love it if interested in Science Fiction.. Can improve in the presentation skills and the accent in English. The cuppers like me too follow the course. fart maxxx.. But you will enjoy the course. Grading S. Exam is completely only for about 5 min for whole semester.... which I feel. The classes were really entertaining and left me deeply thinking about several issues with relavance to today's world... u expect something but u wont get it.The prof is very strict about attendance though. end sem are not over yet... And you are guaranteed to get it if you fill it as a first option.... Very few S grades. The cuppers like me too follow the course. S. Excellent course. reports.

. the grading will be n+1 grades that is 3 grades.. Little weird. lectures filled with innuendos.most of them highly philosophical n feminist. all your other course grades are incremented by one!!! Worth the risk?? :p Good 4/16/2012 14:42: 58 Science Fiction Mohan S Ability to write essays bringing in your own perspective and showing enthusiasm in class definitely pushes up your grade.. u wont b able t luk @ d board unles u r vry much interested in history. a lil bit painful... If you're actually interested... You learn a lot about chemicals like their naming. Stories reflect how science fiction is used as a platform to address issues from other domains. Mug for a day . it was the first time she was doing the course. Witty prof. formulae.. Very interactive class. different forms of literature. were shown in class. Grading if u put peace den u ll end up wid C. Very peaceful. 4/16/2012 14:43: Computers and 29 society aarti kawlra 4/16/2012 14:46: 30 lit and values 4/16/2012 15:04: 35 French swarnlatha Krishnaveni arbitrary. Grades are A/C/E..Timestamp HS Course Name of Professor Course Feedback boring maxxx course it is.S. some topics were interesting like gaming. hackers n videos etc... he pains alott regardin attendance n discipline..none got S for some reason.. Very easy course.lot of muggin and writing. Need to be very punctual to class.. gradin depends on ur behavior in d clas Since most of the people will be in the 2nd grade of college.. putting fyt MAY giv u A or B . Proper HS.expects lot of work . from religion to feminism to urbanisation. But if you are the highest in the course.. and no shorts allowed. you can learn quite a bit. Lot of applications for Shaastra and Saarang(double meaning)! Good Discusses about 12-13 carefully selected short stories by a wide range of authors. Prof is very friendly. . when i took..A is possible if u do sufficient work for those who r good in english writing...most of it boring if u r not into literature. Easy for those who learnt formula making in school. there was lot of arbit content in the course..very strict in attendance and attentiveness in class.Not tough.. A is very peaceful. but others related to comp history was boring. All the cgpa greedy people there are no S grades given in the course.lot to mug and write..need to be extra creative for S. i wd nt suggest u take dis course 4/16/2012 10:44: Indian National 07 Movement Bernard Sami 4/16/2012 11:03: Chemical 39 Engineering 4/16/2012 14:38: 06 HS4320 Somnath Roy Umakant Dash Awesome course.

Quizzes are 40 marks each and end sem is 120 marks. she'll allow at last. It's a wonderful course. If u do the least min work *Good English is pre-requisite to enjoy this stuff required to do u may end (U know all that Shakespeare and other foreign up with a B or C. she loves grammar and teaches it even in French II (but she wont accept). If you are not interested. to remove quiz II and instead have a project. I never thought art and history could be this interesting. At the end. Portions Grading is relatively comprise mugging some chapters from this book peaceful. in this course. Grading 4/16/2012 15:39: Literature and 59 Values Swarnalatha 4/16/2012 16:17: Consumer 28 Psychology Maya Ratnasapapathy For those who like novels. well S. well where else can u Good. The course has a few nice points. If you listen to classes and put fight before the exam. Grading was done according to the rules. There is nothing you learn to design.. However. All in all.Timestamp HS Course Name of Professor Course Feedback This course is very interesting if u are a guy/girl who is too much into novels and books. very knowledgeable. for the exams. well. A for sure. you'll not get less than B.. else don't even think about it. Attendance is somewhat strict. Don't ever ask the prof. for endsem :P Load was heavy. friendly. If u show writers ) interest. You are not going to learn any spoken french. u need to mug a decent amount. Half of the class would already know french :-) . she'll pain a bit. get credits for doing your hobby. You will get pained with projects. but if you mug you can get good grades. K. don't put. But. friendly and flexible. The prof is very much enthu about the course material. but ok. not a very there is a LOT to mug. you will be able to appreciate the pain taken to design an object. She is strict about attendance. beware see if you are interested. Extremely long.Last minute preparation gives you B. is strict with the rules. But she loves teaching. If you can mug called "Consumer Behavior" by Leon G. Also. Prof is peaceful. Krishnaveni 4/16/2012 19:27: 43 Indian Art Ramaa Narayanan The prof. 4/16/2012 19:06: 50 Design History Ramaa Narayan 4/16/2012 19:16: 13 French Dr. Attendance. good option unless you just want the grade are WHOLE book will be there some God at mugging. You only learn the history of design evolved with changing face of the world. Might want to go read the book to A/S. . but it is not worth it. This course was a relief from my core courses. Peaceful. we deal mostly with temples and stuff. you will definitely get Schiffman.

Very peaceful guy. 4/16/2012 19:50: 17 Indian Art Ramaa Narayanan 4/16/2012 19:53: Modern Science In Introduction to 28 India modern linguistics 4/16/2012 19:53: 31 Sociology Prema Rajagopalan HS2040 (Indian 4/16/2012 20:14: National 29 Movement) Bernad D'Sami (External Faculty) More about Temples and paintings. I'm hoping. Very peaceful guy. Attndnce is peace but course is pain. it's sort of peaceful to deal with. Grading is little bit pain. Course is slightly gen. Unfortunately. to an extent. he doesn't remember too many people's names. Strict at attndnce. Peaceful Peaceful There is a lot to mug before exam. Class notes are sufficient. Grading Not sure yet. He'll expect you to do a term paper which requires some shag. This course is very interesting though requires little bit mugging. but reasonably peaceful.. Quizzes are N peace. i got 19 . Please dont put even though u have enthu in Sociology. it's sort of peaceful to deal with. but reasonably peaceful. If u listen classes and put fart she will give peace marks. Expected to be Pain maxxx. If you are good at mugging u can put decent marks but not grade. Professor is n flexible. Peaceful.. . grading is decent. Stud. Stud. At the same time. Never be late to class. Group Study Report is painful. she is very enthu and friendly.5/25 in quiz 1 and 23. The lectures were too good.Which she considers seriously for grading. instead there was a project which required 3-4 days work. The grading is peaceful(SA-B). Not sure yet. not too much in it. not too much in it. There was no Quiz II. LOL prof.5/25 in quiz2 but ended up with B. At the same time.Timestamp HS Course Name of Professor 4/16/2012 19:47: Modern Sceince In John Bosco 11 India Lourdusamy 4/16/2012 19:47: 33 4/16/2012 19:49: 24 4/16/2012 19:49: 47 Modern Science In John Bosco India Lourdusamy German 1 German 2 Stefan Balster Stefan Balster Course Feedback Professor is n flexible. If he knows your name you'll mostly get an S. I'm hoping. Studying a day before exam could easily fetch you A/B. Course is slightly gen..

all famous poets: 1.yes a total of 10 poems! We did not study any novel/long story at all. We studied the following poems. Its not a very heavy course. the poems are actually well chosen. Alfred Prufrock. Most of the course we did poems . There were absolutely no homeworks. written assignments or presentations. Sailing to Byzantium. by William Shakespeare 3. haven't taken my end-sems yet :) -Siddhant Saraf grading is peaceful. Prof. An Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard 5. 4/16/2012 20:16: 40 4/16/2012 20:42: 46 HS4030 Literature and Life Jyotirmaya Tripathy principles of economics prof. by W. they score good in exams :p Grading Professor is pretty strict in checking answer sheets and is very demanding in content and form. B. Auden 10. by W. We also had the short play 'Doctor Faustus'. Subhash . Kubla Khan. Yeats 8. by Christopher Marlowe as a reading assignment. A Valediction Forbidding Mourning. we did study two short prose pieces. so don't be disheartened if you get 16 out of 25 in a quiz. He gives less marks to all. My Last Duchess. by T. However. S. . by two obscure authors. by John Keats 6. He is very knowledgeable. Peace ! Beware of by HS junta. but was not discussed in detail in class. The Unknown citizen. by John Donne Though the course had an overload of poetry. The Love Song of J. Sonnet 65. by Coleridge 7.Timestamp HS Course Name of Professor Course Feedback The first thing you must know is that this course is *wrongly named*. an Ode on a Grecian Urn. He is also strict with the attendance. and you can get decent grades if you just listen attentively in the class. Tripathy is also kinda fun and is an interesting speaker. Can't say anything about the grades. its actually a pretty decent score. Eliot 4.Siddhant Saraf u will get to learn a lot. by Robert Browning 9. On His Blindness. by John Milton 2. H. He is strict and does not tolerate coming late or sleeping in the class.

peace. A very standard course and peaceful and logical too. who knows french well. Grading is absolute not put any W's. just listen to peace. Timestamp HS Course Name of Professor Course Feedback 4/16/2012 22:39: Introduction to 59 Indian Philosophy . Mohan peacefully rape quizzes good in english though) Peaceful grading. Mug them few hours before exam and you are done for an A.. Given standard chapters and slides.you 4/16/2012 21:44: can enjoy the course as well! (No learning! 27 Short Stories Avangelina wastage of 3 credits) S or A mostly Decently peace course. Else B.. you like global politics and west asia history If you have a good including Jerusalem.. Professor is very people who knows french peaceful and explains everything well. mugging required. Very helpful course from placement point of SAB 4/16/2012 21:49: view. with The course is interesting to learn the phonetics many people ending up especially..direct answers from the book more in the class for S If you put write effort you end up learning you will get Rged by descent amount of French. B minimum if u 4/16/2012 22:10: classes (he'll make sure u do that) and u can know the stories (must be 34 Science fiction S. But you will get Rged by people as far as i know.. otherwise. The with A and S. a very interesting course.. interact 57 Psychology Maya Peaceful course. but lot of Course is very boring. A is there for u! strict about attendance. little preparation.most famous course of insti for putting peace and getting an S or an A. The prof tries making it interesting. 4/16/2012 20:48: Consumer A with little fight.Grading Grading is very good. You will get to learn a lot of new and if u don't put too much 23 POE Shobha crucial things. tolerance for latecomers is 5min if he's in a good mood that day. she will well. Israel palestine etc... Bs Peace in life. Sreesh Chaudhary writing articles good term paper. which gives a good exposure to with S if they have a very 58 modern linguistics Dr. Not memory and english u can 4/16/2012 21:46: War and Peace in much fight. and very interesting if SAB. decent fight one day before exam is easily secure A with very 48 WA Tabraz enough to get a good grade. but to no avail ! Satya Sundar Sethy He gives marks leniently provided we cover all the points. Krishnaveni you want to learn it sincerely. highly interactive lectures there's practically nothing to mug...Take up the course if and very few Cs and most 18 French Mrs.. The course is not heavy either... And there will be lot of But you will hardly find a D 4/16/2012 21:31: people who knows french. People with student also gets a chance to write a term paper average marks can end up 4/16/2012 20:43: Introduction to at the end.

and I was enthu enough to take Chinese 2. Absolute. Getting S is Shubha Ranganathan course next Sem.not strict not lenient Decent R Santosh 4/17/2012 18:14: HS4370 Social 06 Psychology 4/17/2012 18:48: 39 Science Fiction Peaceful. though: you will need to put some fight to learn characters and tones. and neither is attendance. its like a story. \m/ Lot of junta put S and A. Do not think that course will help you really understand the psychology of person or something like that. and mug I am not sure whether they will be offering this before exam. and prof is permissive krishnaveni. But on the whole. No worries about exams Grading It is not difficult to get an S/A. Easy to get A.Timestamp HS Course Name of Professor Course Feedback 4/16/2012 22:49: 51 4/16/2012 22:51: 49 4/16/2012 22:53: 20 Chinese I Modern science In india Western Philosophy Contemporary 4/16/2012 23:06: India a sociological 59 Perspective 4/17/2012 15:04: 22 french Mugur Zlotea JB Lourduswamy Not Sure Classes are fun and the prof has a lively sense of humour.k and flexible. You can't sail through this course with zero studying. Easy to learn In exam there will be question askd abt grammar.. Listen to class . it's a good place to start. it was a good experience. It the course in which many Psychological experiments will be explained and all will have the common result ( you can tell it by common sense). tough. Otherwise also. Characters are a bit of a pain. if you like reading Asimov or Clarke.. Peace max but highly boring. Peaceful. Note that S Mohan covers S Mohan only short stories for the entire course. Only 1 assignment in 1 semester. Just sit through lectures. A++ Peace full course and a lenient Prof. French words are pretty much similar to English.Vocabulary and 5-6 sentences about some arbit topic like what did you do last week? etc. Not advised Very Peaceful course. . Interesting. But exams are not very painful. Fair. Extremely fun. No strict 85% attendance rule. An amazing course. sly level :P 4/17/2012 20:05: French 1 and 34 French 2 Krishnaveni K Easy to score. but you can't do it without any studying. This course is enjoyable. which is tough.

novel reading.Timestamp HS Course Name of Professor 4/17/2012 20:17: Science Fiction 30 Writing S Mohan 4/17/2012 21:04: 42 eureopean eunion stefan baltzer Course Feedback Reading and analysis of Science Fiction stories. Professor is a stud! One of the best in HS Dept.You need not worry about grades but for W grade as you got to be cautious about attendance. By decent i mean 'B'. 4/17/2012 22:20: 56 Science Fiction 4/17/2012 23:33: indian national 22 movement S Mohan sorry i dont know his name. lot of peace and your perspective about movies will change.:) just one endsem.. Friday 8 am class is really painful as you got to be punctual. Peaceful 4/17/2012 21:47: 07 Science fiction S Mohan Peace max grades. boost your grade . Being active in class will be helpful in putting a nice grade. You will get to presentation...i don't think freshies have this in their electives this time.. It basically is a discussion of short famous science fiction stories .I lost 6 such classes. Environmental 4/19/2012 21:44: Resource 22 Economics Muralidharan . one screenplay/short film. endsem. This is really an interesting course for those who like debating. He will not let you in if you more than 4-5 mins late and <85% attendance is not tolerated. he is ok. just go for it it was a good course. All you need is basic english to get a decent grade in this course. it was not that hard.some guest prof Grading is not very bad. one presentation on any movie. Grading Grading is peaceful.. He is very good at teaching but strict with discipline and time. Not very harsh. peaceful 4/17/2012 21:09: 23 Intro to film studies aysha iqbal 4/17/2012 21:42: 43 German Stefan Baltzer she doesn't give good grades. Good for those who are interested in languages 1st point that every student who took this course will tell that Prof is psycho. midsem and learn the basics which is very essential.and interested in watching SF movies.The only issue that may come up is the strictness of the professor... Participating in Examples are given in the environmental the class will definitely context.proficient in English etc.. Very peaceful course if you love reading and writing.. but no quizzes. We had a A good first course in economics.... The prof isn't that great. The course was pretty decent in terms of content. Workload was not much.. awesome course.. He wont allow you to class even you are late by 1 minute and very strict about attendance.

A" course ...Timestamp HS Course Name of Professor 4/19/2012 23:09: 07 Fiction 11/7/2012 21:45: 11 german1 Srilata frenzeska lindhout Course Feedback Grading Honestly. very peaceful. Good course if you like reading the classics.. Jane Eyre. Participation in Otherwise the class will seem boring... I am not a big fan of classic literature. very less work to do in this course.. Decent. . We had a presentation on a novel of our choice.. a few short stories.. books by Dickens. "S. class helps.interesting. P&P. You will be studying all the classics.prof is friendly.those interested in languages find this v.