April 2, 2014 To Whom It May Concern: This is to certify that LEX E!

IEW" A#$ "EMI#A ", I#C% &ill 'e con()ctin* its 2014 'ar re+ie& from May 1,A)*)st -1, 2014 at the West !isayas "tate .ni+ersity Conference oom, /ometel 0l(*%, La 1a2, Iloilo City% This certification is iss)e( )pon the re3)est of o)r re+ie&ees for their application for lea+es% "i*ne(,

/EA 0% 1E4A5L6 1anay Coor(inator, LEX E!IEW" A#$ "EMI#A ", I#C%

LI"T 65 2014 0A

E!IEWE " A#$ "C/E$.LE

1olitical Atty% "amson Alcantara,La'or la&s,May 1,-, 2014
ATTY. SAMSON S. ALCANTARA obtained his Bachelor of Laws degree at the Manuel L. Que on !ni"ersit# School of Law in $%&' and (laced )rd in the Bar *+a,inations. -e is a reci(ient of the Outstanding Abrenian Award in .//& and the Achie"er0s Award gi"en b# the MLQ! in .//'. 1n .//%2 he was na,ed as an Outstanding Alu,nus of the MLQ! School of Law.

3rof. Alcantara started teaching in $%4' handling 3olitical Law and Labor Law sub5ects. 3resentl#2 he is a facult# ,e,ber of the !ST 6acult# of Ci"il Law2 MLQ School of Law2 3LM College of Law2 and a bar re"iewer in se"eral law schools. -e is the author of 3hili((ine Law and Social Legislation2 Re"iewer in Labor and Social Legislation and Statutes.

Atty% #oel Tiampon*,7)ne 28, 29 an( 2:, 2014
ATTY. NO*L T. T1AM3ON7 obtained his Bachelor0s 8egree in Social Science 9Magna Cu, Laude: fro, ;est <isa#as State !ni"ersit#. ;hile he was wor=ing at the -ouse of Re(resentati"es2 he finished his Bachelor of Laws at Manuel L. Que on !ni"ersit#. -e then beca,e a Legal Consultant of Congress,an Niel Tu(as at the -ouse of Re(resentati"es *lectoral Tribunal and was later hired as Chief>of>Staff of Congress,an Nereo ?oa@uin of Laguna. Att#. Tu(as is a (racticing law#er and a (rofessor of law at MLQ! teaching Constitutional Law2 Ad,inistrati"e Law2 Land Titles and 8eeds2 Legal *thics and Legal Research. At (resent2 he is the consultant of Re(resentati"e Bai Sandra A. Se,a of Maguindanao and Cotabato Cit# and the 3olitical Affairs Officer <1 of Congress,an Tu(as2 ?r. of 1loilo.

La'or Atty% "amson Alcantara,May 1,-, 2014 Ci+il Atty% hett "erfino, -r( placer 1;;9 0ar

ATTY. R-*TT *MMAN!*L C. S*R61NO obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Sociolog# fro, the !ni"ersit# of the 3hili((ines>Los BaAos2 while his Bachelor of Laws degree fro, the Manuel L. Que on !ni"ersit# where he was the reci(ient of two awards na,el# ?ustice Car,elino Al"endia 6oundation Award in Co,,ercial Law and ?ustice Arsenio 8i on Award in











-e wor=ed as Court Attorne# <1 in the Office of Senior Associate ?ustice 6lerida Ruth 3. Ro,ero of the Su(re,e Court. After which2 he transferred to the Office of Associate ?ustice A.R. Melo. Concurrentl#2 he was a writer in 6a,il# Toda# (ublication where he gi"es legal ad"ice on issues concerning the fa,il#.

Att#. Serfino is a (rofessional lecturer of Ci"il Law sub5ects in se"eral law schools na,el# Manuel L. Que on !ni"ersit#2 !ni"ersidad 8e Manila2 3ol#technic !ni"ersit# of the 3hili((ines and !ni"ersit# of Manila.


a)l !as3)e2,Cre(it Transaction

Ta< Local Ta<ation,Atty% Carmencita $a'), May 19,1;, 2014 Atty% !ir*inia Lim,=eneral 1rinciples, eme(ies an( 7)ris(iction,May 14,18

<1R71N1A ?*ANN1* 3. L1M obtained her Bachelor0s 8egree in Business Ad,inistration and Bachelor of Laws in Manuel L. Que on !ni"ersit# and co,(leted her Master of Laws in Ta+ation in the sa,e school. She finished her 8octor of *ducation and Master of Su(er"ision and Ad,inistration in St. Louis !ni"ersit#.

She is currentl# acti"e in law (ractice. She is a (rofessor and bar re"iewer in Ta+ation in St. Louis !ni"ersit#2 !ni"ersit# of Baguio2 !ni"ersit# of the Cordilleras2 6ar *astern !ni"ersit# and MLQ! School of Law. She is also an author of se"eral boo=s in Ta+ation and Co,,ercial law.

Atty% A'elar(o $omon(on,#I C Commercial 7)(*e Emman)el "il+a,Corpo $ean #ilo $i+ina, Atty% a)l !as3)e2,#e*o Atty% Min(a =ap)2,6ther commercial la&s an( special la&s Crim Atty% 1e(ro $a'),7)ne 8,:, 2014
ATTY. 3*8RO T. 8AB!2 ?R. obtained his Bachelor0s 8egree in 3olitical Science 9Cu, Laude: and Bachelor of Laws 9Cu, Laude: in Manuel L. Que on !ni"ersit# and co,(leted his

Master of Laws in San Beda College. Att#. 8abu wor=ed as an Associate Attorne# at Rebec= *s(iritu Law Office. Then2 he 5oined the Office of the 3ro"incial 3rosecutor of San 6ernando2 3a,(anga. After which2 he shifted to cor(orate (ractice2 where he beca,e cor(orate secretar# of se"eral cor(orations. At (resent2 he is a (artner at 8abu B Associates Law Office. Att#. 8abu is a (rofessional lecturer in ?ose Abad Santos Law School and Manuel L. Que on !ni"ersit#. Also2 he is a seasoned (re>bar re"iewer in Cri,inal Law in different Bar Re"iew Centers.

eme(ial 7)ris(iction an( Ci+il 1roce()re,7)stice Maria Cristina Corne>o Crim 1ro, 7)(*e Carlito Calpat)ra,7)ne 20,22, 2014
?!87* CARL1TO B. CAL3AT!RA obtained his Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts in 3olitical Science fro, Manuel L. Que on !ni"ersit# 9MLQ!:. -e is a for,er (resident of the MLQ! Central Student 7o"ern,ent and ,e,ber of the *ditorial Board of MLQ! Law Quarterl#. 3rior to his a((oint,ent as Metro(olitan Trial Court ?udge Branch 4. of Ma=ati Cit#2 he ser"ed as 3rosecutor 111 in the 8e(art,ent of ?ustice. -e also wor=ed for the Bureau of Custo,s as a S(ecial 1n"estigator Officer. -e also had his own law office2 Santiago B Cal(atura Law Office. ?udge Cal(atura is a (rofessor in MLQ! and a seasoned Bar Re"iewer in Re,edial Law. -e has also ser"ed as a resource officer for ?udges0 trainings s(onsored b# the 3hili((ine ?udicial Acade,#.

Crim 1ro an( .p(ates,Atty% Christian !illasis E+i(ence an( "pec 1ro,$ean Lope 5e'le
8*AN LO3* *. 6*BL* obtained his Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor0s degree in 3olitical Science fro, the Manuel L. Que on !ni"ersit#. Currentl#2 he is ta=ing u( his Master of Laws in the sa,e !ni"ersit#. 8ean 6eble has been acti"e in the (ractice of law since he (assed the Bar in $%CD. -e wor=ed as a Legal Consultant of the 3hili((ine <eterans Ban= and Metro(olitan Manila 8e"elo(,ent Authorit#. Concurrentl#2 he beca,e the <ice>8ean of the Manuel L. Que on

!ni"ersit# School of Law in .//'. *"entuall#2 he beca,e the 8ean in ?une .//%. -e has also been lecturing Re,edial Law sub5ects in different Bar Re"iew SchoolsECenters.

Le*al Ethics Atty% Carmencita $a'), May 19,1;, 2014

Kindly add to the reviewers Justice PJ Sandoval to Remedial law I attached certification here for you and your friends who need certification for leave applications in their jobs