Name in full Karen Joyce Anders
Apart^^dn Pn.qf.Pjl

l^au A3, 19 n

Complete address on field

Texcoco. Mexico


Complete forwarding address

M?'M Tbomas J. Anders
11709 Larimore Rd.

St. Louis, Mo.63138 Name and address of Livinglink church or churches:
Florissant Christian Chir^ch


890 Lindsay Lane







Names and addresses of other sponsoring or endorsing churches:

Parkwood Christian Church

0'Fallen Christian Church

, 3111 Parkwood Lane


* Route #1 Box 6.55

Pit.Maryland Hej^hjs, Mo ^^^^63043



Please send along with this form copies of recommendations from churches which will encourage other churches to support your missionary work. There are churches which will not allow a visiting missionary to speak unless a church recommendation can be shown. Since it is impos sible for any one person to know all Christians in the world, this recommendation by a respon sible New Testament church is a vital help in persuading others of your worthiness and the value

of your mission. Mission Services stands ready to help you inform HORIZONS readers about your church recommendations. Since the church is sending you to the mission field (Acts 13:1-3) and will help provide the necessary needs on the field, naturally the church should share the credit in your missionary ministry. One of the ways that the church can do this is to share their conviction regarding your missionary ministry with others. Certainly, their words will help convince others regarding the worthiness of your work. Please help MISSION SERVICES to spread your news through HORIZONS. Packets and Slide library by sending your church recom mendations as soon as possible. Thanks. Send what you have now, and the others later.

Recommendations by Christian Leaders: (List names and addresses here and enclose a copy of






each letter, th^kp.)


Philip Emanual
15 Olvera Circle




zonetllStateZ^l— p.ty FlorissantMo.

dvVccff^ i"o

Name and address of hometown newspaper,

Baden Newsoress

846 Muriel St. Baden Mo. 6314? Name and address of other papers which might carry stories of your work:
North Countv Journal

Globe Democrat
l^th and Delmar Mo.

9320 Lewis $ Clark Blvd.




St. Louis,
y- one.


Place of TtTRTH
Day of birth.

St. Louis. Mo.

^Month. Dec* Vpgr

n^to Jan. 17. 1Q60

Where baptised? Fourth Christian Church

nity St. Louis » Mo

^ Rtato


On an extra page please describe any details regarding conversion which you might care to





Where married?

Date of TnanriagQ Who solemnized your wedding?

List children by full name giving place, day, month, and year of birth: (If your children have been adopted, please indicate.)

Place of their birth

day, month, and year

Please list places of previous Christian service and what service you did. Give approximate dates:

(Lh nsi
Ninos de Mexico



June thru Aug, 1969

/4vq)^ \i\f (lhns^iGr\

j'eadh er


4av?el t ^rciel "j^re-So-Koo I

-/-eacth er C iIp/c ^

3u0 e - J cl /
{J^u.n « i

.^r&g cKurcLh ey
Name of school


p.l/S'^/cn '^p^tdr
Number of years
Mo Florissant,


SCHOOLING (high school and later):

Degrees and date grante^^^
high school diploma —

Hazelwood Sr. St.



Louis Christian College

of Bhristian
teachers certificw^ ate

Univ, of Mo>~St. Louis.

St. Louis. Mo.


What things influenced you to become a missionary? What is your purpose? What do you hope to accomplish on the mission field? Your own story in some detail might be influential in leading others into fulltime service (Use an extra sheet if you need more space):

I have known Merlyn and Wanda Beeman the found-rs and directors of Ninos de Mexico since before they went to the mission field. And when

they were making plans to start the home I became interested in working with them. I love children very much and have prepared my life to
teach'.tham whether in public schools or Christian school. I hape to
teach these Mexican children about God and His love for them and to

prepare them to teach others about this love, after they have grown
as well as now. The children of today are the future of tomorrow

and if today's children aren't properly trained in the ways of Christ
there will not be any future generations to teach. But before you can teach them about teaching others you must care for their physical
needs as well, a necessary part of living.
Describe briefly in outline form the nature of your daily duties on the field:

I will be working with Merlyn and Wanda Beeman in caring for these children, supplying their physical as well as spiritual needs. I hopeto teach the girls sewing and other useful things to prepare them
for the futaire- I will love all the chilHren and will see that they are prepared to the fullest to start life on their own when

they leave the home. My work will also involve many household jobs;
such as cooking, washing, ironing, house cleaning and other such'

mvflngPliRt, Bible College Tpflobpr

MlsiioSiify-i^ttf^ 50.
PubliOfr,.School Tpflnbpr.
Music teacher. N u r s e S o c i a l worker.

Radio ministry.

Radio followup,

Christian Service Camp.
Benevolence Office work.

Name other:

Maintenance of mission equipment,


Father's name and home gHHy^gg.

Thomas J. Andpir.c;

Living-JL— Deceased,

11709 Larimore Rd.


r.itjr St. T.mi-ig
Y tin


^ a P.TirigHfln? ypg fTifi nnp.iipfltinn P ^OV t emPlOTfige*

Dpamn .


What positions of leadership has he held in the local church?

What Christian service does he now do?

Deacon and serves oiS missionary comm>

Mother's full maiden name:
Rtrppt ^^709 Larimore Rd,

Lorriane M. Me ifert Anders t.iVingr
^ St. Louis,, z nnp 38 state

x r>c>nAag^H
Mo. 6?1?8

Is she a Christian? Vpr ^

occupation if employed outside the immA l>ank teller

What leadership positions or Christian service has she rendered to the local nhnmhi? teacher^

serves on missionary comm^ S. S. secretary ^



strAAt 11709 Larimore Rd.


nit.. Florissant Mo.




• 63138
stgto Mo.

Telephone: 31iy890 Lindaav Lane ,

Where attend nhnmh?. ^lo^issant Chris'tian Churctftfyppf


What duties performed l^the ag^nt' also receiving funds. an<1 tf^King care OT are expenses ^ofh nefrifwa-rrtinp re and i;here, seeing support to the printing ofthe newsDoes the forwarding agent receive a gglflry?letter

Should money be sent to the forwarding agent nniy? yes

what form should funds be

doesn't matter

If funds are to be sent directly to the missionary on the field, please explain the details of how to do it, so we can give your explanation to HORIZONS readers and others who may inquire.
Use the remainder of this sheet or an additional sheet to supply other information which you think

might be helpful to the staff of MISSION SERVICES in preparing news stories about your ministry:


I have always enjoyed working with children in any capacity,
and after receiving teachers training at my church I started

teaching on Wednesday evenings while still in high school.


graduation^I entered St. Louis Christain College to become better
prepared to teach God's word to others, particularly in a school situation. While attending high school week one summer in caiap,

I learned of Merlyn and Wanda Beemans plans to go to Mexico and

start an orphange there.

So I decided that between by sophomore

and juniors years in college I would go there on an internship.

WhTch is what I did the summer of 19^9, and while there I fell

in love with the children and decided then^that if the Lord
would help me further, I would return after completing my
education. So after graduating from St. Louis Christian

College I entered the University of Missouri to get my state
teachers certificate, which I have now received. So am making

plans to return to Ninos de Mexico in Sept, 1973 to help the
work in whatever capacity is needed. During the four years between

by internship and my return I served as historian for the home, collecting articles about th§ beginning of the home and
its growth. I have also kept in contact with the children by

sending them birthday cards and Christmas gifts as well as

having one of them visit with me one summer.

BeccwLse of the

crowded conditions at the home^it is necessary that I find my own
housing, an apartment somewhere in t^e area; I have also purposed
a car to help with some ofnthe transportation problems. as possible after getting settled I will start Spanish As soon

lesssons in Mexico City.

Above my financial needs, which I

approximate at about $300 a month, I greatly need prayerful
support of Christians in the States.

(o 17 <A
( To introduce a new worker.
( Picture

C /Z

Po/f Al£)(/Co

July 27, 1973

by W.E.Mc)

Karen Anders

Karen tells her story:" I have always enjoyed working with children

in any capacity, and after receiving teachers training at ray church
I started teaching on Wednesday evenings while still in high school. entered St. Louis Christian College to becorae

After graduation, I

better prepared to teach God's Word to others, particularly in a school situation.
carap, I

While attending high school week one suraraer in

learned of Merlyn and Mrs. Wanda Beeraans' plans to go to

Mexico and start an orphanage there.

So X decided that between
would go there on an

ray sophoraore and junior years in college I

there I

Which is what I

did the Suraraer of 1969, and while

fell in love with the children and decided then, that if

the Lord would help rae further, I

would return after corapleting

ray education. College I

So after graduating from St. Louis Christian

entered the University of Missouri to get ray State
have now received. So, I am

Teacher's Certificate, which I

raaking plans to return to Ninos de Mexico in Septerabdr, 1973 to help the work in whatever capacity is needed. between ray internship and ray return I During the 4 years

have served as historian

for the horae, collecting articles about the beginning of the horae and its growth. I have also kept in contact with the children by

sending them birthday cards and Christmas gifts as well as having
one of them v i s i t with rae one Suraraer. Because of the crowded

conditions at the horae, i t is necessary that I

find mv own housing,

an apartment somewhere in the area;

I have also purpo^y a car
As soon as

to help with some of the transportation problems.

possible after getting settled I will start Spanish lessons in

Mexico City.

Above ray financial needs, which I

approximate at about

^ ( Page 2 A TEACHER FOR MEXICO __ July 27, 73 by W.E.Mc)
$300 a month, I greatly need prayerful support of Christians in
the States."

Karen Joyce Anders was born December 6, 1948 at St. Louis,
Missouri. She was graduated from Hazelwood High School in

Florrisant, Mo. then 4 years at St. Louis Christian College,
Florrisant, Mo. led to her B.A. Christian Education degree. She

took 2h. years at the University of Miss^ouri in St. Louis, Missouri
and now holds a State Teacher's Certificate. The elders of her

home area recommend Karne very highly.

This letter is a sample

by Russell E. Boatman,

and Professor:" As an elder of the
am privileged

First Christian Church of Florrisant, Missouri I

to commend to Christian brethern everywhere. Miss Karen Anders.

X have known Karen for the past 10 years, both as a member of the

Florrisant congregation and as a studentCand now an alumnus) of
St. Louis Christian College. Karen's dedication to the work of

Christian missions, and particularly to her chosen field in
Mexico has been manifest and constant."

Her parents serve as her forwarding agents: Mr. & Mrs. T. J.

Anders, 11709 Larimore Road, St. Lo^s , Missouri 63138. Her
field address is: Apartado Postal Wfe-Sl, Texcoco, Mexico, Mexico.
###### ###



September — October, 1973

Number 1

Dear Christian Friends,



Greetings for the first time from the country of Mexico where Jesus is being spread to the Mexican people. Things here are getting settled now as I start a new phase of my life serving God by helping the children of Mexico with their studies in school as well as showing them the love of Jesus Christ for them and their Mexico.
As planned I left St. Louis on the 15th of September for the trip to Mexico. Traveling with me, in a car purchased for the use of transporting children different places and running errands, were my parents, Tom and Lorraine Anders; who wfll be serving as my forwarding agents. The address for any information or material is: Karen Anders, Ninos de Mexico,

^11709 Larimore Road, St. Louis, Missouri 63138;
or phone 314-741-0351 . Our trip down was one which was taken carefully, traveling through

Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas down to the
border at Laredo. There we crossed the border on



ferent from what you are familiar with in the States. ^
But after you are used to It, you start picking up

perience. The way the people drive is really dif-

Driving through Mexico is indeed a unique ex-



.9^MC Y .9 ^ i

while going up a mountainside with another vehicle
comlng down the other side of the road on what is

the form of driving . So on our trip down we only drove during the day stopping ot Saltillo and San Luis Potosi getting to the horre at 4:00

p.m. Thursday, September 20. We arrived just at mealtime, so some of the children greeted us with laughs, since my car was really loaded. But all were happy to see that we had made it safely, without getting lost once while getting through Mexico City. My father's response to Mexico City driving was "never again."

Shortly after arriving I got busy right away doing what I came down to do: that is help the
children with their studies. School had just started that week, since the teachers were

having special meetings about new books used in teaching this year. After the children received their books, homework started. School lasts from 8:00 till 1:00 each day with a lot of work done at home. All primary children must report to me each day with what ever homework they have, this is then checked for accuracy and completion. All children,
from first grade on, hove homework; sometimes the lower ones even have more than the

others.. Mexican children are just like American children —they don't like to do home
work and will try to tell me they don't have any. But I have one advantage- over them; all
the children in one grade are all in the same classroom so all have the same homework to

do. There are twenty-six children in primary school, seven in secondary school, four in preparatory school, and three in Bible College in Texas. This then leaves six children
under school age and one older boy at home. Here are some pictures of the home where fortyseven children make their home . Construction

work is always.continuing on the home to finish
• it up. Two sections on the house remain to be three sections behind the house, two
on the barn and one between the barn and the

house to'^e used as a garage and workshop. These of course, are future plans to be completed as soon
as possible when all else is done. Things

looking good

H|HiHHBBHillllHHHiH|||||[HlBH these
days. With God continuing to bless us always. Thank you for your support of my work and your concern for me. Next month I will be telling you more about what I'm doing and the schedule which we have, as well as what the children are doing in the family here. There is always something exciting going on, which really keeps you busy watching everyone and what they are dd ng . See you next
month. j.

First Christian Church
890 Lindsay Lane
P.O. Box 891

Florissant, Missouri 63 033

mi S 4.1973

Mission Services
Box 177

Kempton, Indiana



Dear Friends,
r» -

Greetings from Mexico where things ar'e always happening, and since so much has happened this month I have to change some ideas I had for the newsletter.
The month started with a revivahwhere two were baptized into Christ; one from

the home (Dencil) and a man from town. We had a very good attendance, with the

meeting being held at the house rather than the church, since there wasn't any
electricity there.

The week after the revival was one of moving,

lieve that you

can fit twelve people into a Pinto wagon? Well, we do quite often when going to

church or out on an excursion.^ Here Iam

Probably the biggest thing which took place was, one Sunday a lady came to the home to see about getting some food for her five children who hadn't eaten in three days. While they were eating four or five bowls, we talked with her and found out that
all she had earned a day for several weeks was four pesos (that's 32^), and even here it's difficult to feed six people on that little bit. On the next side are some pictures of the kids before and after they had been given a bath, plus clothes and shoes that

fit them. There was really a big difference both in their appearance and their outlook
on life.




We decided it would be best to let the children stay during the week, while the mother looked-f-or-work, and then.when.Merlyn retvirnpd from tho N^tionf?! Missionary

Convention, we would decide whether to keep them. After Merlyn returned we had added to our family five new children, whose ages are ten, eight, five, four, and ten
months. We do ask that you remember these new children in your prayers as we help

them to grow to maturity, as well as teaching them the love of Jesus Christ for
them and how He died to save them from their sins.

One most important thing which I must do while here is to learn the language,
so that I can communicate with the people as well as the children. I planned to enter

the session of school which started November 22, but when I went to register I found
that the school was on strike and there won't be any session this month, since the

problem hasn't been solved and the holidays are fast approaching. So, hopefully, the
school will resume next year and I'll be able to enter that session. 1 do wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and hope that God will bless you the whole year through. All we have to do to receive His blessing

is to rely on Him to provide all that is needed, He'will take.,care of everything we
need in His own way.

First Christian Church
890 Lindsay Lane
P.O. Box 891

Florissant, Missouri 63 033

Mission Services
Box 177

Kempton, Indiana






December, 1973

Dear Friends,

December was a very busy month for all involved with Ninos de Mexico. The month started for

me with Spanish school starting only two weeks late. This made my days really long, since all the regular work had to be done In the morning and 1went to .school at night. But everything
worked out fine, and next month I'll be in course two.

crop. It took a while to get it done, since the boys weren't too willing to work, like most
children in the world. Everything was finally broCight in and piled up as Enrique is doing.

One of the biggest jobs which had to be done during the month was the harvesting of the corn

December was a month of additions to the Hortie in many

ways. The first took place on the 6th with the birth of an unexpected colt. What a surprise that wasl 1 Then a little
later in the monthwe had rabbits and pigs born. There were

thirteen pigs and six rabbits. Also during the month the

family increased again with the addition of Juan, the older
brother to the five we took last month. With this addition

we now have'fifty-two children in the family. There is a correction on the ages of the new children; they are eleven
months (now), two, five, seven, nine, and twelve years.
Here are the pictures of our new arrivals in the animal family. The pigs —
and the unexpected colt, which happened

to be born on my birthday. So now I have something which shares my birthday. Ail the animals seem to be
enjoying a time of
eating for or resting, any


in the States, Christmas was very diff^ in some.ways, and similar in others, to what is.done in the States, so I will have an extra page of pic tures and the story about Christmas here.

I hope this letter finds you all well and enjoying the new year which will hold many blessings for you. I do wish you all the best in the coming year and pray that God will always be with you in whatever you do. n - / • j.

CHRISTMAS here is different and the same in many respects. Christmas finally seemed to really be
here when we decorated the tree a week and a

half before. Here the children are putting on some of the final touches to make the tree just
right. The tree contained both traditional Ameri
can and Mexican beautif\jl results. decorations with the most

The next big event was Christmas dinner which is eaten on Christmas evt. 'We had turkey and alf the trimmings, thanks to several people in the States. Included inthe menu was, of course, some
rtems with the Mexican touch. But it was all en

joyed verymuch. The preparation includes every one, including visitors, whohelp wherever needed. Here the turkeys are being carved and the gravy made. You won't believe those plates, theylooked just like those back home when eating Christmas dinner. All thoroughlyenjoyed themselves. After
a short devotion It was off to bed, since dinner
/TSj •/T'i

wasn't served till 9:30. After everyone was in
bed the final things were added to gifts and the

kitchen was partially cleaned up, but most was left till the morning.