RENTAL AGREEMENT This Rental Agreement is made and executed at Bangalore on this 06-04-2014 by and between at Bangalore :Shri

CHINNAPPA, residing at 25/5, Subash Street, Udaya Nagar, A.Narayanapura Extn. Bangalore-560016(hereinafter called the OWNER of the ONE PART & Shri PRABHU KUMAAR, aged about 23 is S/O Shri S.Velumani, Residing at 90A,Green Park Avenue, Kalapatti(PO), Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu- 641035,hereinafter called the TENANT of the OTHER PART.

Subash Street. The painting charges will be one month’s rent at the time of vacating the schedule premises.CHINNAPPA) OWNER . SCHEDULE All the piece and parcel of the premises situated at 3rd floor. the Lessor has agreed to let out the schedule Premises for monthly rental basis for the under mentioned terms and conditions. WHERAS the rent for the schedule Premises is agreed by both the parties is Rs. Udaya Nagar. The Lessor and Lessee agreed to serve one month’s notice in advance to each other in case of intention to vacate the schedule premises.Narayanapura representatives. IN WITNESSES WHERE OF THE LESSOR AND LESSEE HAVE AFFIXED THEIR RESPECTIVE SIGNATURES TO THIS LEASE AGREEMENT (RENTAL AGREEMENT) ON THE DAY. (PRABHU KUMAAR) TENANT WITNESSES: 1. Udaya Nagar. (G. The Lessee has approached to let out the schedule premises for residential purpose on monthly rent.. 3. at the time of vacating the schedule premises. 10. A. due to any damages caused to the schedule premises for Lessee staying period.e.The Terms Owner and Tenant Shall mean include their respective heirs. The Lessee shall keep the schedule premises in good and tenantable condition shall not sublet or under let to any other persons without consent of the Lessor. 6. Subash Street. and the Lessee shall pay the monthly rent on or before 5th of Every month to the lessor. 40. IN WINESSES WHEREOF both the Owner and Tenant have affixed this rental Agreement on the date. The above said Security Deposit Amount has to be repaid by the Lessor to the Lessee herein on the day of Vacating the schedule premises i.000/-(Rupee Forty Thousand Only) to the Lessor as security deposit amount. 2. with electricity and water facility. Bangalore-560016 which more fully described in the schedule hereunder. month and the year first herein – before mentioned in the presence of the below mentioned witnesses. assigns etc.) WITNESSES AS FOLLOWS: Whereas the Owner is the Sole and absolute owner of the house premises situated at 3 rd floor.4300/-(Rupee four thousand and three hundred Only) per month. Whereas the Lessor is at Liberty to deduct any rent balance. and the lessor acknowledges the receipt of the Security Deposit Amount. NOW THIS AGREEMENT WITNESSETH AS FOLLOWS: 1. The Lessee shall pay the electricity charges to the concerned authority. The Lessee shall use the Schedule Premises for residential purpose only. after expiring of the stipulated period or before the expiry of the said period. electricity charges. 2.NarayanapuraExtn.MONTH AND YEAR ABOVE WRITTEN AT BANGALORE. Bangalore-560016 constituting of one room. WHEREAS the Lessee has paid a sum of Rs. 9. 25/5. 25/5. 5. The Lessor has reserved all rights to evict the Lessee if he fails to pay rent for continuous three month period. 4. A. The advance amount will not carry any interest. 7. WHEREAS both the Lessor and Lessee covenants that the tenancy of the schedule premises commence from 6th day of April 2014 and for a period of 11(ELEVEN) MONTHS. 8.