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Welcome and Introduction
Just like the Scout Motto we want all participants of the Adventure Trek program to Be Prepared. This guide should provide you with a description of the program features and how to prepare for your week of adventure. If you are a leader, this guide should provide you with great information to share with your local unit and make you aware of what participants will gain throughout their week on the trek. If you are a participant, we hope that you gain advanced knowledge of teamwork, aquatics, and nature. This trek may just prove to be your favorite camping experience!

Trek Overview
The Adventure Trek program will operate from base camp, Camp Tuscarora, in Four Oaks North Carolina. The week long trek will lead participants out of camp and return by week end. Most activity will take place starting on Sunday afternoon at the Tuscarora Council’s Kerr Lake property. Local partners such as the Smithfield Recreation and Aquatics Center and Howell Woods Environmental Learning Center will host other sections of our trek. The trek will head east to the coast and will end back in base camp by Friday afternoon. Along with focusing on the traditional aims and methods of Scouting, participants will engage in various team building exercises and personal development activities throughout the week that will help them grow both as individuals and Scouters. The group as a whole will constantly be traveling, so participants are encouraged to prepare as though this were a week-long backpacking trip to increase mobility and equipment capacity with vehicles. Scouts will participate in activities that will cover requirements for many different merit badges and awards. Some of these will be awarded at the completion of the trek. Overall, the goal is to have an exciting and fun-filled week where all participants can walk away more knowledgeable, inspired, and prepared for their future.

Participant Requirements
The following are eligibility requirements for youth and adults. 1. Must be a registered Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, Venture Scout, Sea Scout, or Adult Leader. 2. Participants must be fourteen (14) years old by the week attending the program. 3. All participants must pass the BSA swimmers test 4. Must have a current completed and current Medical Health Record parts A, B, & C, signed by parent or guardian and doctor. 5. Completed Activity Control Form and Waiver. 6. Completed Code of Conduct. 7. All fees submitted before attending.

Registration and Fees
Registration may be done as a unit or as an individual participant. No participant will be considered "Registered" until a $90 non-refundable deposit has been submitted with their registration form. The table below illustrates the payment structure and deadlines to register for this program:
First Payment Second Payment Third Payment Total $90 $100 $100 $290 Upon registration submission On or before March 28th On or before May 30th By May 30th

Complete the registration form and submit along with any payment to the Tuscarora Council office: Tuscarora Council, Boy Scouts of America Adventure Trek PO Box 1436 Goldsboro, NC 27530 Make Checks payable to: Tuscarora Council, BSA For more information on the program or how to sign up contact Scott Hagler, Camp Director at 919-734-1714 or scott.hagler@scouting.org. See the council website for more information on the camp and directions to the Kerr Lake property at www.bsanc.org/camps.

Medical and Swim Checks
As customary with the typical BSA Summer Camp Check-In procedures, all participants youth or adult will be required to submit a current completed BSA Annual Health and Medical Record Parts A, B, & C upon arrival at Camp Tuscarora. It is extremely imperative that this form is truthfully and accurately filled out and all information is up-to-date. Due to the higher physical requirements of this program, both the base camp and program leader must be made aware of all conditions or special needs that can affect participant's abilities and overall health. Special dietary needs such as peanut and food dye allergies are very common and can be accommodated. Please notify the Camp Director in writing at least two weeks prior to your arrival. Be specific on allergy and possible substitutions. Also, personal medications or EpiPens are required to be visibly presented to staff and specific instructions for safe storage and administration will be discussed upon check-in. Safety is our top priority of the staff for our youth, but we can only do our job to the best of our abilities as first responders if we have all necessary information. *Only BSA physical, Parts A-B-C, will be accepted. No sports or other generic physical exams. Also, as part of the check-in process, all participants will be required to take the BSA Swim Test at the waterfront area at Camp Tuscarora. Due to the high physical requirements of this program and the majority of its activities being water related, all participants MUST pass the Swimmers test (Blue) prior to leaving camp. As with the Health Forms, anyone who absolutely can not pass this requirement should speak to the Camp Director to discuss other options.

Sunburn can be dangerous as well as uncomfortable and can ruin your trip. Not using sunscreen and trying to have a tan when you return is not a good idea. Use a good non-oily sunscreen (SPF 30+) to cover all areas that are easily burned. Do Not bring sun tan oil.

Firearms and Liquid Fuels
Personal firearms and fireworks are strictly prohibited. Liquid fuel lanterns/stoves are restricted for adult use only and not allowed in tents under any circumstances.

The use of any tobacco product by a youth is prohibited. Adults are prohibited from smoking in any location where they can be observed by youth.

The use of alcoholic beverages and/or controlled substances at camp is prohibited

As Scouts it is appropriate to travel to and from camp in field uniform. It will not be required to wear field uniform during activities on the trek after leaving base camp, but Scouts and adults should have at least one uniform to wear while traveling. Field uniform is the appropriate attire for the Friday evening closing campfire program. Trek crew members will be recognized there.

All swimming attire should be modest. Board shorts will be appropriate for men, all swim suits should have liners in them. For women, bikinis are not appropriate, one-piece swimsuits and modest tankini suits are considered appropriate.

Telephone and Electricity
The trek program will take place in remote areas that will not have access to telephones and electricity. For this reason, those needing to operate devices such as a cpap machine will need to make arrangements to bring a battery pack. Trek staff member will utilize cell phones in order to maintain communication with base camp.

Conduct Policy
Closely related to safety, both mental and physical, is our program's code of conduct. Each participant will be required to read and sign a full value contract on expected behavior and conduct prior to leaving base camp. See the Code of Conduct in this guide. Due to the traveling aspect of this trek and the fact that we will be in open view of the general public at times, it is imperative that we are constantly ensuring our words and actions are conducive with BSA policies and we are on our best Scout-like behavior. There will be a zero-tolerance policy for breaching this contract that addresses bullying, illegal substances, foul language, and several other key areas. The staff is prepared, at any time, to remove any individual from the program that refuses to abide by this code of conduct, or insists on causing issues for the entire group. Just as no one individual should be held back for the actions of others, all participants will be held to the same level of expectations in regards to their conduct while on this trek.

Tentative Daily Program
Sunday: All participants, both youth and adult volunteer staff, are expected to arrive at Camp Tuscarora between 12-2pm to begin health checks and swim tests. Since we are traveling from Camp Tuscarora to the Council's Kerr Lake property, this period of time will be brief and is to be only used for covering these two preliminary requirements. Once all youth participants are present and have fully passed both requirements, the entire crew (2-3 vehicles towing all equipment and participants) will depart Camp Tuscarora at approximately 3:00 pm for Kerr Lake. Approximate arrival time at the Kerr Lake property is estimated to be between 5:30-6:00 pm. Once there, everyone will be briefed on camping arrangements, Safe Swim Defense, Safety Afloat, safety concerns, and the agenda for the rest of the evening. The rest of the day will be spent making camp and meal planning, preparing the equipment needed for Monday and Tuesday, and various program events to become familiar with the group participants. Monday: This day will be filled with aquatic activities such as kayaking, canoeing, swimming, standup paddle boarding (SUP), water sports, boating, and sailing. The group will be divided so that everyone will have a chance to participate in every activity, if they choose to do so, as well as time to enjoy the beautiful lake. This day will not be entirely fun and games; there will be various learning opportunities, conservation projects, and trail work that the youth will participate in as well. This day will be used to initiate work on many of the requirements for Motorboating, Water Sports, Backpacking, and Wilderness Survival merit badges. All food supplies will be taken care of, but cooking and sanitation will be done by crew members within the assigned camping areas. Tuesday: This day will be to resume/complete all of the activities initiated on Monday. Though the schedule may vary to accommodate weather, instructional class size, or other circumstances, all of the activities mentioned under "Monday" will be continued or completed by the end of the day. As throughout the entire week, any "down time" will be filled with various team building exercises, patrol style competitions, and overall bonding experiences. This will be the last full day at the Council's Kerr Lake property. Wednesday: We will be up and off to an early start in an effort to offset the travel time of the day. After breaking camp, securing equipment, and a final sweep of the property, the Trek Crew will travel to the Smithfield Aquatics and Recreation Center (SRAC). The majority of the day will be spent working on BSA Scuba and BSA Snorkel and Scuba merit badge. The morning hours will consist of classroom instruction and the afternoon for in-pool instruction. We plan to be done with all SRAC activities by 4:00 pm. Once all crews are packed and ready, they will head east to Atlantic Beach where they will set up camp at the Fort Macon Coast Guard Station. Thursday: The crew will spend the day touring and learning about the operations and function of the Fort Macon Coast Guard Station. They will get the opportunity to go out on one of the vessels used at the station. If there is time in the afternoon the crew will cruise the Inter-coastal Waterway by kayak and paddleboard. If they are lucky they will get to see the Shackleford Banks Horses or catch some waves on a board.

Friday: The crew will break camp that morning and complete tours of the Coast Guard Station and Fort Macon. They will have one more opportunity to get back on the water before heading back to base camp. Upon arrival at Camp Tuscarora, the Trek Crew will make camp in their designated area. That afternoon they will work on Welding merit badge activities. Later they will prepare a final dinner together, fellowship with other Scouts, and participate in the closing campfire. Saturday: The trek crew break camp will participate in the final flag ceremony of the week with the rest of camp, and then check out with their Trek leader before departing.

Be Prepared
Even though we will be camping in the same areas for parts of the trek each participant should treat this as though it were a backpacking trip in regards to your pre-trek preparations. Activities can be physical and can be demanding on your body. Proper preparations such as daily walking and exercise as well as swimming activity if able can reduce the stress while on the trek. Take note of normal weather temperatures and UV rays for June and July when assembling your gear. Extreme weather conditions such as heavy rains and wind can also be a factor during the summer months in our area. There will be a variety of skills used while on the trek, many of which may have been learned at camp in previous years. Take time to review those skills and check on the new ones in the activities listed in the sections to follow. This will make for a better trek experience.

Advancement Opportunities
Merit Badges
This trek is NOT designed to be a merit badge factory. However, through the course of the week, the participants will just so happen to be completing several requirements of the Boy Scout Program through their activities. Listed below are the merit badges that coincide with the trek activities: Water Sports, Motorboating, orboating, Backpacking, Wilderness Survival, Canoeing, Kayaking, Welding, Scuba Diving If any participant comes on the trek with the specific intentions of completing any of the abovementioned merit badges, adges, they must make it known to the Trek Program Leader prior to leaving base camp AND have taken the necessary steps prior to arrival of researching all requirements beginning with "Discuss", "Describe", and "Explain". A list of completed requirements will be given to the individual and/or leader upon completion of the trek.

Along with the merit badge portion of the Boy Scout Program, participants will also be involved in activities that coincide with BSA Awards such as: BSA Scuba, BSA Snorkel, SUP Award, Boardsailing BSA Award, AirHogs Scuba Patch, Paul Bunyan Award, and Tuscarora Council Adventure Trek Patch The application for each of these awards will be available upon request at the beginning of the trek. It is the participant's cipant's responsibility to keep track of the form and ensure it is filled out as requirements are completed. A list of completed awards will be given to the participant and/or leader upon completion of the trek. Any awards earned will be presented at Closing Closi Campfire on Friday evening.

What to Bring
As stated several times thus far, participants need to be prepared to travel light while still having what is necessary for the week-long week long adventure. Listed below are items that would be considered a minimally prepared backpack: Field Uniform Hiking shoes/boots Backpack 2 Water Bottles/Nalgenes (1L) Insect repellent Sunglasses with strap Backpacking tent or hammock Sleeping pad – Backpack style Matches/fire starter Towel 2 bandanas Pocket knife Rain gear Mess kit Nylon cord (rope) First-aid kit (personal) Flashlight/headlamp /headlamp Sunscreen/Sunblock - SPF30+ Tarp/Ground cloth* Pencil/Pen/Notebook Pencil/Pen/Notebook* Toothbrush/Personal toiletry items Clothing appropriate for the season/activities 2 Swimsuits Water shoes Long Pants Hat Camera* Fishing equipment* * = optional items

Please remember several things in regards to packing: Yes this is a week long, but you do not need 2 outfits per day - underwear and aquatic footwear are priorities. If you do not want it wet, find a way to secure it in a dry bag or some sort of protection - extra Zip-locks Zip never hurt. If you have other useful backpacking gear such as a small stove or bear bag, definitely bring it! If nothing else, it can always be used for educational purposes. Leave your electronic devices at home, there is plenty to enjoy without them. There Th will be no place to charge or power them while on the trek. The trek staff will keep cell phone in order to keep in contact with base camp. Firearms, fireworks, tobacco products, and alcoholic beverages are NOT allowed on the trek.

Code of Conduct
2014 Tuscarora Adventure Trek Participant Contract
Through registration with the Boy Scouts of America and participation as an active Scout/Scouter within the organization, I hereby recognize and agree to abide by the following principals as set forth by the Tuscarora Council as a participant in the 2014 Tuscarora Council Adventure Trek: I will conduct myself, in both actions and words, in a manner that will fulfill my pledge as a Scout/Scouter to the Scout Oath and the Scout Law. I understand and submit that my actions and words are at the interpretation of the Tuscarora Council staff, and that breach of this contract is declared at their discretion I understand that there is a zero tolerance policy for the possession and/or use of illegal substances and/or alcohol while I am a participant I understand that language, jokes, and conversations that are not Scout appropriate will be a violation of this contract and can ultimately result in removal from program participation. I understand that this program is a week-long BSAfunction, and I shall conduct myself in an honorable Scoutlike manner to the best of my ability at all times. I understand and agree that the Tuscarora Council staff have been trained and prepared to properly hold this program, and I will abide by any and all specific rules and regulations specifically set forth for this program. Failure to acknowledge and adhere to the above mentioned policies will be observed as an intentional breach of contract, for which any participant may be removed from the program at any time. By signing below, participants acknowledge that they have read this code of conduct and agree to abide by the expectations set by the Tuscarora Council and its staff.

Participant name (Please print):

Read and signed by:

Participant signature Date:

Scoutmaster Week Requested: June 15-21 21 June 22-28

Troop June 29-July 5

Council July 6-12 July 13-19




Name of Scout Attending 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
Adventure Fees # of Scouts x $290 = $



Adventure Trek Payment Schedule First – $90 Deposit with registration Second – $100 by March 31, 2014 Third - $100 by May 30, 2014
All fees must be paid by June 1, 2014 A late fee of $30 will be added after that date.

Make Checks Payable to: Tuscarora Council Adventure Trek PO Box 1436 Goldsboro, NC 27533-1436 27533

Total Payment $