T5 Data Centers™ Continues Success with New Major Financial Services Tenants

T5's Purpose-built Data Center Design Offers the Redundancy, Security, and Versatility to Continue to ttract Tenants !ith "usiness-critical Co#puting $eeds% Atlanta, GA, USA (April !, "#$% -- T5 Data Centers™ (www.t5datacenters.com), innovators in providing state-of-the-art, customizab e and high ! re iab e computing support environments for an! enterprise, toda! announced the signing of a new ease with a "ew #or$-based financia services compan! for space in T5%s purpose-bui t T5&'t anta data center in ' pharetta, (eorgia. T5 was chosen over other competing providers because of its robust and redundant data center design, and its reputation for e)ce ence in data center operations, and maintaining critica s!stems uptime. T5&'t anta is a purpose-bui t, Tier ***, server-read! data center with mu tip e data suite sizes and densities within its secure, bun$ered faci it!. +ach data ha suite is separated b! s ab-to-dec$, fire-rated wa s for autonomous operation, and securit! of regu ated persona financia and,or hea th information. T5&'t anta boasts over -..,... s/uare feet under one roof0 near ! 55,... of that with raised f oor. *t a so features an insta ed critica *T power oad of 1,... $2, e)pandab e to 3,... $2. T5&'t anta is 4++D 5i ver certified, offers tenants significant ta) incentives, operationa contro of their whitespace with guaranteed power and coo ing avai abi it! within the robust uti it!, and fiber-rich ' pharetta Techno og! corridor. 6T5 continues to attract discerning customers such as financia services companies and hea thcare firms that need to maintain sensitive data, and address securit! as part of their own comp iance re/uirements,6 said Tim 7right, 5enior 8ice 9resident, of T5 Data Centers. 6The! come to T5 because of our reputation for re iab e service, operationa stabi it! across our nationa portfo io, our wi ingness to customize our securit!, and power redundanc! and resi ienc!. 2ith bac$grounds in +nterprise Data Center deve opment, operations, and consu ting, T5 approaches data center design different ! b! designing the $ind of data center our c ients wou d bui d themse ves, even before we start customization.6 :ne of the uni/ue features of T5&'t anta is its power redundanc!. T5&'t anta is fed b! five separate substations0 two of them on (eorgia 9ower%s 6;i-<e i6 s!stem for mission-critica users. The =5-$i ovo t feeds from the substations are encased in concrete with an automatic transfer switch on site, de ivering f aw ess re iabi it!. Three additiona substations can a so feed the faci it! if necessar!, a though the primar! and

secondar! circuits have had a historica re iabi it! in e)cess of Tier *8 re/uirements. T5&'t anta is one of seven sites across the >nited 5tates within the T5 Data Centers portfo io, a designed with the same attention to re iabi it! and service. +ach data center is purpose-bui t to give customers tota contro of their own dedicated data ha . The T5 Critica ?aci it! :perations Team provides support from design and construction through commissioning, and be!ond. The ob@ective is to give the customer abso ute contro over Tota Cost of :ccupanc!. A&out T5 Data Centers T5 Data Centers (T5) is a eading nationa data center owner and operator, committed to de ivering customizab e, sca ab e data centers that provide an 6a wa!s on6 computing environment to power mission critica business app ications. T5 Data Centers provides enterprise and who esa e co ocation data center services to organizations across "orth 'merica using proven, best-in-c ass techno og! and techni/ues to design and deve op faci ities that de iver the owest possib e tota cost of operations for its c ients. T5 current ! has business-critica data center faci ities in 't anta, 4os 'nge es, Da as, and Char otte with new pro@ects announced in 9ort and, "ew #or$, and Co orado. ' of T5%s data center pro@ects are purpose-bui t faci ities featuring robust design, redundant and re iab e power and te ecommunications and have =A-hour staff to support mission-critica computing app ications. ?or more information, visit httpB,,www.t5datacenters.com. Contact' 'aron 2angenheim T5 Data Centers (A-5) =3=-CC.. aaron&t5datacenters.com httpB,,www.t5datacenters.com