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with SAP ERP 6. For multiple response items there is no partial credit given. WM & EWM Goods Movement ++ Placement & Removal Strategies + Posting Changes & Stock Transfers + Implementation Scenarios & Interfaces ++ Delivery.0 EHP4 80 180 MIN EUR 750 Notes  Professional Certifications are targeting profiles with minimum 4 . Please note this certification may have a different passing score from previous or different certification exams. Transportation and Scheduling + Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) + Handling Unit Management (HUM) + Yard & Labor Management + Reporting & Analysis + www. Exam Information Exam Code Certification Title Software Number of Questions Duration Price P_LEWM_64 SAP Certified Application Professional ‐ Logistics Execution & Warehouse Mgmt.precisetrace.   Covered Topics          IM.com | +966 3 896 9538 .com/pearsonvue | education@precisetrace.precisetrace. You are not allowed to use any reference materials during the certification test (no access to online documentation or to any SAP system). The certificate proves your detailed understanding of its functions and their integration into other SAP solutions as well as your ability to apply this knowledge practically in implementation projects.7 years of experience. Besides the recommended education courses also practical job experience is required and tested.com/education | www.Overview This certification test verifies your advanced business process knowledge and your project experience in the area of SAP ERP Procurement & Logistics Execution.

What do you need to set up. What is a valid EWM cross-docking scenario? Please choose the correct answer. You get Transportation Cross-Docking by default when you implement Transportation Management. a) O Transportation Cross-Docking (TCD) supports the transportation of handling units (HUs) across different distribution centers or warehouses. The certification exam covers a much broader spectrum of topics. a) b) c) d) e) O O O O O Create a vendor master record. so do make sure you have familiarized yourself with all topics listed in the exam competency areas before taking the certification exam.com/education | www. ERP.Integration + Sample Questions Disclaimer: These sample questions are for self-evaluation purposes only and do not appear on the actual certification exams. Create a service master record. CRM) + WM & EWM Replenshiment ++ WM & EWM Configuration ++ Physical Inventory + Cross Application . 1.precisetrace. 2. Create a work center.       Radio Frequency (RF) + Cross-Docking + Integration with other Solutions (SCM. b) O www.com | +966 3 896 9538 . Create an info record for subcontracting. Answering the sample questions correctly is no guarantee that you will pass the certification exam. when adding a new subcontractor? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question. A customer is using subcontracting.com/pearsonvue | education@precisetrace.precisetrace. Activate the new subcontractor in customizing.

Use a scheduled job for collective processing of documents due for delivery. a) O Transportation order www.c) O Pick From Goods Receipt (PFGR) supports the transportation of handling units (HUs) across different distribution centers or warehouses.precisetrace. A customer complains about wrong dates in the delivery date determination. Modify scheduling of the MRP run.precisetrace. if the handling units for inbound deliveries are created either in ERP or EWM. Which function do you recommend? Please choose the correct answer. d) O 4. They want to transport goods from their existing plant to the new one using lean SAP functionality. d) O 5. What do you have to consider when you use handling units in combination with EWM? Please choose the correct answer. A customer bought a new plant in a different city and assigned it to the existing company code. Maintain the storage condition for packaging materials in ERP.com/pearsonvue | education@precisetrace. Define in customizing.com/education | www. a) b) c) O O O Ensure that the packaging material type exists in EWM and ERP. Use wave picks and the wave pick monitor. Push Deployment (PD) and Pick From Goods Receipt (PFGR) are standard planed cross-docking processes. How can you correct this? Please choose the correct answer.com | +966 3 896 9538 . d) O 3. a) b) c) O O O Adjust the relevant transportation duration per route. Allow EWM for the packaging material type in ERP customizing.

Use a scheduled job for collective processing of documents due for delivery. a) b) c) O O O Use VL06O "Outbound Delivery Monitor".GR/GI slip". www.com | +966 3 896 9538 . Post GI via "VT12 .precisetrace. For the unit "Analysis of movement data".precisetrace.com/pearsonvue | education@precisetrace. A customer wants to reduce the effort for manual GI postings of deliveries via transaction VL02N "Change outbound delivery". d) O 7. a) b) c) d) e) O O O O O Are historical data needed? Are real-time data needed? Is Batch Management needed? Which warehouse activities have to be analyzed? Which master data are used in the current warehouse system? 8.Shipment List: Shipment Completion". What do you recommend? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question. You are designing a blueprint for a customer.com/education | www.b) c) d) O O O Stock transport order Purchase order Shipment 6. which questions should you ask? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question. who plans to implement SAP IM and WM. What would you include in a WM rollout template? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question. Implement message "WABS .

A customer wants to implement FIFO under consideration of the field "Certificate Number". Copy and change the report of transaction LI04 "Print inventory list". How is this possible? Please choose the correct answer. Define a standardized cut over scenario for bins and stock. a) b) c) d) O O O O ORDERS ' WHSORD ' WHSCON ' DELVRY WHSORD ' WHSCON ' ORDERS ' DELVRY ORDERS ' WHSCON ' WHSORD ' DELVRY DELVRY ' WHSCON ' WHSORD ' ORDERS 10. Implement Business Add-In "LE_WM_ INV _WM_IM".precisetrace.precisetrace.com/pearsonvue | education@precisetrace. a) b) c) d) O O O O Maintain the "Define default values" for each storage type.com/education | www. A customer wants to display the batch number on the physical inventory list. Define a single standard for electric powered forklifts. Define standard transportation durations in the route settings. 11. a) O The user exit "own stock removal strategy" allows combining FIFO www. 9. Maintain a transaction variant for LI04 "Print inventory list". How do you ensure this prerequisite? Please choose the correct answer.a) b) c) d) O O O O Design reusable customer specific putaway or removal strategies. What is a typical IDoc sequence for a comprehensive outbound scenario with picking from an automatic warehouse system? Please choose the correct answer.com | +966 3 896 9538 .

What is a key prerequisite for an interleaving process? Please choose the correct answer. Implement a 2-step picking process. Implement Task and Resource management (TRM) for pick-up and drop-off points. This requirement is fulfilled by an SAP standard stock removal strategy. The pallet identification number should not be changed. The user exit "enhancement at the end of transfer order generation" allows you to combine FIFO standard strategy with the selection of the certificate number. Implement storage unit management for the automatic high rack storage type.com/pearsonvue | education@precisetrace. c) d) O O 12. The putaway and the picking transfer order must refer to an inbound or outbound delivery. The putaway and the picking transfer order must have the destination b) O c) O www. a) O The putaway and the picking transfer order must belong to the same queue.precisetrace. To reduce the amount of empty drives in the warehouse. It is not possible to pick partial quantities inside the aisle.com/education | www. b) O Within the user exit "own stock removal strategy" you have to develop both FIFO and the selection of the certificate number. c) d) O O 13. the customer wants to implement a double move (interleaving) process. The customer wants to move goods from the GR (Goods Receipt) area by fork lift into an automatic high rack.precisetrace.standard strategy with the selection of the certificate number.com | +966 3 896 9538 . a) b) O O Implement storage types for identification point and pick point. What do you recommend? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

com/education | www. optionally. They want to use AII (Auto-ID Infrastructure) and PI (Process Integration) to connect to the RFID devices. Which transactions should you check to analyze the stock situation on interim storage types? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.precisetrace. in a device management software 15."Material document list" MB52 ."Display transfer orders/material" MB51 . in a device management software In NetWeaver and. a) b) c) d) O O O O LT24 .precisetrace."Display warehouse stocks of material" LS26 . optionally. Where do you detect an error? Please choose the correct answer."Warehouse stocks per material" 16.com | +966 3 896 9538 . in a device management software In ERP and. www.com/pearsonvue | education@precisetrace. optionally.and the source storage bin in the same aisle. in a device management software In PI and. Your customer has prepared a workshop for EWM. a) b) c) d) O O O O In AII and. Where are the RFID devices controlled? Please choose the correct answer. d) O At least one transfer order in the pair of picking / putaway must be assigned to a queue. The team members present their planned basic setup for EWM connectivity. Your customer wants to integrate RFID in the existing ERP processes on the NetWeaver platform. Please choose the correct answers. 14. a) O You have to assign a warehouse number to the corresponding EWM warehouse number in ERP. optionally. More than one answer is correct.

You activate the relevance for EWM in the warehouse number in ERP. Implement a replenishment strategy in material management with automatic handling unit creation. A customer wants to implement a WM replenishment scenario for their raw materials.b) c) d) O O O You have to define the name of the "own business system" in EWM.com/education | www.com/pearsonvue | education@precisetrace.precisetrace. Which master data will be distributed via the CIF interface from ERP to EWM? Please choose the correct answer. A customer has established a picking area. a) O Implement a replenishment strategy in warehouse management with automatic transfer order creation. b) O c) O d) O 19.com | +966 3 896 9538 . How can you set a KANBAN container to status "full"? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question. How can you ensure that stock is always available? Please choose the correct answer. a) b) c) d) O O O O Material master Storage bins Storage types Packing instructions 18. www. Implement a replenishment strategy in material management with active availability check. You have to assign a plant-storage location combination to a warehouse number in ERP. 17.precisetrace. Implement a replenishment strategy in warehouse management with control cycle and production supply area.

precisetrace. a) b) O O Activate YM for the warehouse number in the EWM customizing. Use KANBAN Board (e. PK13N). 20. c) d) O O Solutions 1 a) Correct 1 b) Correct 1 c) Incorrect 1 d) Incorrect 1 e) Incorrect 6 a) Correct 6 b) Correct 7 a) Correct 7 b) Correct 8 a) Correct 8 b) Correct 9 a) Correct 9 b) Incorrect 10 a) Correct 10 b) Incorrect 2 a) Correct 2 b) Incorrect 2 c) Incorrect 2 d) Incorrect 3 a) Correct 3 b) Incorrect 3 c) Incorrect 3 d) Incorrect 4 a) Correct 4 b) Incorrect 4 c) Incorrect 4 d) Incorrect 5 a) Incorrect 5 b) Correct 5 c) Incorrect 5 d) Incorrect www.com | +966 3 896 9538 . Confirm a posting change notice. Activate the Enterprise extension for SAP Global Trade Services ( GTS ). Activate the Enterprise extension for SAP Lean Planning and Operations ( SAP LPO). Create a transfer order.precisetrace. Activate YM for the warehouse number in the ERP customizing.a) b) c) d) e) O O O O O Use RF transaction (PKRF21). What is the prerequisite for using Yard Management (YM) in EWM? Please choose the correct answer. Confirm a transfer order.g.com/pearsonvue | education@precisetrace.com/education | www.

com/education | www.precisetrace.precisetrace.com/pearsonvue | education@precisetrace.com | +966 3 896 9538 .6 c) Incorrect 6 d) Incorrect 7 c) Incorrect 7 d) Correct 7 e) Incorrect 8 c) Incorrect 8 d) Incorrect 9 c) Incorrect 9 d) Incorrect 10 c) Incorrect 10 d) Incorrect 11 a) Correct 11 b) Incorrect 11 c) Incorrect 11 d) Incorrect 12 a) Correct 12 b) Correct 12 c) Incorrect 12 d) Incorrect 13 a) Correct 13 b) Incorrect 13 c) Incorrect 13 d) Incorrect 14 a) Correct 14 b) Incorrect 14 c) Incorrect 14 d) Incorrect 15 a) Correct 15 b) Correct 15 c) Incorrect 15 d) Incorrect 16 a) Correct 16 b) Incorrect 16 c) Incorrect 16 d) Incorrect 17 a) Correct 17 b) Incorrect 17 c) Incorrect 17 d) Incorrect 18 a) Correct 18 b) Incorrect 18 c) Incorrect 18 d) Incorrect 19 a) Correct 19 b) Correct 19 c) Correct 19 d) Incorrect 19 e) Incorrect 20 a) Correct 20 b) Incorrect 20 c) Incorrect 20 d) Incorrect www.

which are subject to change by SAP without notice. No extra help of any kind is allowed. Changes to Test Taker Information www. and is then entitled to destroy the documents. computers. SAP reserves the right to limit the validity period of a release-dependent certificate.com | +966 3 896 9538 . Assessment and Results     The examination is evaluated automatically in accordance with general rules defined by SAP. All scratch paper is collected and destroyed by testing center personnel at the end of the exam. Successful candidates receive a unique certificate. If the candidate arrives more than 15 minutes late. Candidates must confirm electronically their acceptance of such storage and processing before admission to the examination. The candidate must complete the examination alone and independently. if necessary. Scratch paper will be provided by testing center personnel for use while testing. photographed or otherwise reproduced in whole or in part or made available to others in any form. copied. by receiving a score report. that is to say examinations cover and certificates are valid in respect of a particular software release. Appeals must be lodged within three months after communication of the result. SAP is not required to review appeals lodged after these three months. SAP may offer a delta-certification test to upgrade an existing certificate for a particular release to a subsequent software release. Examinations and certificates are release-dependent. books. The examination is timed and the examination time cannot be interrupted or extended. personal organizers.SAP Education | PreciseTrace Education Cancellation Policy Examinations. The validity of a certificate expires no later than the date at which SAP ends support of the release in question. At least two forms of identification.com/pearsonvue | education@precisetrace. SAP will define the releases for which examinations will be offered and their validity. including a government – issued photo identification. what certification a candidate holds and whether a candidate can be admitted to other examinations. Both forms of identification must contain your signature. Possession of the certificate for a back-level release does not entitle a candidate to admission to a delta-certification test. it is at the discretion of the testing center personnel whether the candidate can be seated without disrupting the other exams in progress. if successfully passing their certificate or other feedback. Candidates must follow the proctor's instructions.  Examination Rules         The candidate must arrive at the testing center at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled test appointment. bags. Delta-certification test candidates must hold the certificate for the current release. cameras or calculators into the testing room. The examination questions and tasks are protected by copyright and must not be written down. The candidate is not permitted to bring papers. Personal Data       SAP will define and publish the scope to be covered by each examination.precisetrace. have to be shown to the test center personnel. SAP reserves the right to include in delta-certification tests topics of general knowledge and importance as well as topics specific to the new release.precisetrace. SAP may also inform others of successful candidates' certification. SAP or its subsidiaries store and process personal and examination data in accordance with the applicable statutory data protection provisions for the purpose of managing the Global Certification Program. SAP will hold the results of the examination in a database in order to be able to ascertain. cell phones. SAP will define and publish the format and duration of the examination. SAP may also use the data held to provide targeted information to certified candidates and to enable candidates to retrieve specific information. If a candidate disturbs the examination or breaks any examination rule that candidate will be excluded from the examination immediately. Candidates are informed of their result.com/education | www. which is subject to change by SAP without notice.

Germany . the exam of the candidate concerned will be documented as a "fail" but the candidate may retake in accordance with the SAP retake policy.precisetrace. Retake candidates may have to attempt the examination for a later release. The candidate concerned will receive written notification of the actions with justification of this action. as appropriate.com/pearsonvue | education@precisetrace. and.com | +966 3 896 9538 . A candidate who has failed an examination three times for a release may not attempt that examination again until the next release. Certification Fees   Candidates pay a certification fee for admission to the examination. Certification through SAP  Certification events are offered in different countries. The retake possibility is dependent on the availability of the exam to be retaken. all certificates that have been awarded to the candidate will be revoked and the candidate will be excluded from further examinations.PreicseTrace. Law and Jurisdiction    These Conditions of Participation apply to the exclusion of all other conditions. Successful candidates must inform the SAP subsidiary where the candidate passed the original Certification in writing of any change of address. the certificate. For test registration information contact PreciseTrace or register on line at http://www. Candidates violating the SAP retake policy may be subject to any appropriate action. These Conditions of Participation are governed exclusively by German law. for successful candidates. Successful candidates are not permitted to retake the same examination. Retake Policy       Unsuccessful candidates may retake the same examination. attaching official documents and a statement by the new employer. including legal remedies. This certification fee covers the examination.com/education | www.com/pearsonvue www. No candidate may participate in the same examination for the same release more than three times. SAP will use proper judgment and fairness in deciding whether an infringement is serious or minor. If the other party is a registered trader for the purposes of the German Commercial Code (Handelsgesetzbuch) the sole place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising between the parties out of or in connection with these Conditions is Karlsruhe . Infringement of copyright and other unlawful harm to SAP will be treated as a serious infringement of the examination rules and will result in the actions indicated above. and SAP's failure expressly to reject a change or addition will not be construed as SAP's acceptance of the change or addition. assessment. or of any other relevant change. Note that SAP training & certification offerings vary across different countries and regions around the world.precisetrace. The candidate will be requested to return all certificates to SAP without delay. that SAP deems necessary or appropriate to enforce SAP's retake policy. These Conditions cannot be changed or added to. Infringements of the Examination Rules   In the event of a serious infringement of the examination rules. Candidates pay a fee for all retakes. or of employer. In the event of a minor infringement of the examination rules. of name.

com/pearsonvue | education@precisetrace.precisetrace.precisetrace. Unauthorized use.precisetrace. SAP. or reproduction is strictly prohibited. The content of this document is subject to change without notice.Try PreciseTrace Web-Services.com/education www.precisetrace. and may be trademarks of their respective owners.com | +966 3 896 9538 .precisetrace.com/education | http://www. 2010 PreciseTrace.precisetrace.com/education | www.com/pearsonvue CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY Copyright © 2008.precisetrace.com | http://www.com/ebcc www. www.com/gridforums ORACLE TRAINING ORACLE HIGHAVAILABILITY PRECISETRACE SUPPORT PreciseTrace | ME PO Box 77135 ALKHOBAR 31952. It’s FREE! www. This document is confidential and proprietary. All other products or company names are for identification purposes only. All rights reserved. Saudi Arabia Phone: +966 3 896-9538 | Fax: +966 3 896-9539 http://www. disclosure. Oracle and all reference to Oracle and SAP Products are trademarks or registered trademarks of Oracle Corporation and SAP Inc.precisetrace.