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Redefining large: AOC launches 28″ MVA monitors
Dubai, UAE – 2 rd A!ril 2"#$ – %is!la& s!ecialist AOC launches its first t'o 28( )*#+# cm, monitors+ -he m28*"Vhe and m28*"V. feature e/tra0large #1:2 MVA !anels 'ith 3ull 4% resolution, 'ide 5ie'ing angles and high luminosit&+ Rich colours, high contrast and fast res!onse times ma6e these t'o dis!la&s ideal for 7oth !rofessional needs and entertainment such as 5ideo games and mo5ies+ 8oth models come 'ith an e/tensi5e arra& of in!ut o!tions and other features, 'ith the m28*"V. e5en 7oasting an additional %is!la&9ort connector and stereo s!ea6ers+

Brilliant colours at 28 inches: the m2870Vq

Perfect colours at an impressive scale :ith the t'o ne' models from its Value ;ine, the m28*"Vhe and m28*"V., AOC enters the &oung mar6et segment of 28″ )*#+# cm, dis!la&s+ -han6s to MVA !anel technolog&, the e/tra0large #1:2 'ide screen monitors offer rich, 5i5id colours and a su!er0high contrast of """:#+ -his ma6es them !erfect for demanding !rofessional tas6s such as design !rogrammes re.uiring high colour fidelit&, e5en at 'ide 5ie'ing angles of u! to #*8<+ :ith a fast res!onse time of onl& = ms, the t'o 3ull 4% dis!la&s are also ideal for fast0!aced entertainment such as gaming and mo5ies, 'hich trul& come to life on the large 28″ screens+ E5er&da& office tas6s such as handling large s!read sheets and !rogrammes 'ith multi!le 'indo's !rofit from the huge screen real estate as 'ell+ >n all of these cases, the high luminosit& of "" cd?m@ allo's for clear images e5en in en5ironments 'ith 7right am7ient light+ A 7road arra& of connectors and features

Press Release
8oth models come e.ui!!ed 'ith %0Au7, %V> and 4%M> connectors, allo'ing for 7oth analogue and digital in!ut+ -he m28*"V. 7oasts an additional %is!la&9ort connector and stereo s!ea6ers+ A num7er of cle5er soft'are tools im!ro5e the user e/!erience e5en further+ :hile Be0Aa5erC and BEco ModeC use intelligent !icture modes to decrease energ& consum!tion, i0Menu allo's for the monitor settings to 7e con5enientl& changed 'ith the mouse+ -he !rogramme BAcreenDC lets the user ta6e full ad5antage of the large 28″ screen real estate 7& di5iding it into u! to four indi5idual !anes, accessi7le through 6e&7oard shortcuts+ Sustainability and service 8oth models em!lo& energ&0efficient ;E% 7ac6lights and fulfil strict sustaina7ilit& certificates such as -CO 1+" or Energ& Atar 1+"+ AOC grants a &ear 'arrant& on its monitors+ -echnical s!ecifications Model ;ine 9anel siEe As!ect Ratio 8rightness Contrast Ratio %&namic Contrast Ratio -&!ical 9i/el ? %ot ? 9itch %is!la& Area Vie'ing Angle Res!onse -ime Colour Acanning 3re.uenc& 9i/el 3re.uenc& Ma/imum Resolution Recommended Resolution Colours 4%C9 com!ati7le Vie'ing angles -ilt A!ea6er m28*"Vhe m28*"V. Value 28″ (71 1 cm! 1"#$ %&&cd'm2 (&)#1 %&&&#1 (*R! & %2(+!mm , & %11(+!mm , & %11(V!mm & %2(V!mm ($7 8$(+! , %%" %1(V! 178(+!'178(V! (*R≧ 1&! ( ms -lac. +# %&/8% 0+1 ' V# (&/7"+1 128 ()+1 1$2& , 1&8& 3 "& +1 1$2& , 1&8& 3 "&+1 1"47) 5es 1786 (+'V! (*R≧1&! /('72( 8o 29

3or further information: Vistar *ommunications P: -o, 127"%1

Press Release
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