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fprintf(' \t \t \t \t \t \t \t \t isolated footing design \n'); fprintf('method of solving is by LIMIT STATE METHOD (LSM) \n'); l=input('enter length of column section (mm) = '); b=input('enter width of column section (mm) = '); C=input('grade of concrete =M '); T=input('grade of seel(fe250/fe415/fe500) =fe '); P=input('load from column(KN)= '); q=input('safe bearing capacity of soil(KN/m2)= '); fprintf('SIZE OF FOUNDATION \n'); fprintf('load from column = %f KN \n',P); fw=0.1*P; fprintf('foundation self weight = %f KN \n',fw); tl=P+0.1*P; fprintf('Total load = P+0.1*P = %f KN \n',tl); A1=tl/q; fprintf('area of footing required = %f m2 \n',A1); A=round(A1)+1; fprintf('area of footing provided= %d m2 \n',A); y=l/b; B=sqrt(A/y); L=y*B; fprintf('width of footing section = %f m \n',B); fprintf('length of footing section = %f m \n',L); w0=P/A; fprintf('net upward soil pressure = %f KN/m2 \n',w0); wu0=1.5*w0; fprintf('factored upward soil pressure = %f KN/m2 \n',wu0); fprintf('\n CHECK FOR BENDING MOMENT \n'); fprintf('Assuming 1m strip at critical section \n'); Muy=(wu0*(L-(l/1000))^2)/8; fprintf('factored moment at face of width of column = %f KNm \n',Muy); %calculations if(T==250) k = 0.53; elseif(T==415) k = 0.48; else k = 0.46; end j=(1-0.42*k); Q=0.36*C*k*(1-0.42*k); d=sqrt((Muy*1000000)/(Q*1000)); d=round(d)+1; fprintf('depth required for footing = %d mm \n',d); cover=input('effective cover (mm) = '); D=d+cover; fprintf('Total depth of footing = %d mm \n',D); % check for one way shear fprintf('ONE WAY SHEAR \n'); O=(L-(l/1000))/2-(d/1000); % maximum shear force V=wu0*1*O;

tvpc).D).tvp. D=d+cover. depth failed against shear \n'. tvpc). ra=2*((l+d)+(b+d))*d. npf=(P*1. end while tv>tc d=d+1. fprintf('punching shear stress acting at section d/2 from face of column = %f N/mm2 \n'. else fprintf('depth is safe against punching shear \n'). end % area of steel provided Asty=(Muy*1000000)/(0.5-wu0*((l+d)/1000)*((b+d)/1000))*1000. npf=(P*1. ra=2*((l+d)+(b+d))*d.tc).tv). fprintf('area of steel to be provided = %f mm2 \n'.5-wu0*((l+d)/1000)*((b+d)/1000))*1000.87*T*j*d). tvp=npf/ra. while tvp>tvpc d=d+1. tc=0.11/14/13 5:10 PM C:\Users\himanshu\Downloads\isdftng.25*(sqrt(C)). fprintf('permissible punching shear stress is = %f N/mm2 \n'.d).d).14*dia*dia). dia=input('diameter of bars to be provided = '). tvp=npf/ra. tvp).tc) if tv<tc fprintf('depth is safe against shear \n'). % checking of punching shear fprintf('CHECK FOR PUNCHING SHEAR \n').Asty). tvpc=0.tv. tv=((V*1000)/(1000*d)). fprintf('permissible shear stress in LSM = %f N/mm \n'. V=wu0*1*O. n=(Asty*4)/(3. D=d+cover. end fprintf('effective depth of footing provided = %d mm \n'. if tvp>tvpc fprintf('as tvp = %f N/mm2 > tvpc= %f N/mm2 . O=(L-(l/1000))/2-(d/1000). fprintf('shear stress acting at distance d from face of column = %f N/mm2 \n'. Asty=B*Asty. depth failed against shear \n'. fprintf('depth has to be revised \n'). else fprintf('as tv = %f N/mm2 >tc= %f N/mm2 . fprintf('revised total depth of footing = %d mm \n'.28. end fprintf('revised of effective footing = %d mm \n'. . fprintf('total depth of footing provided = %d mm \n'.m 2 of 3 tv=((V*1000)/(1000*d)). fprintf('depth has to be revised \n').D). n=round(n)+1.

dia2). n2=(Astx*4)/(3.Astx). n3=n2-nc.dia). n2=round(n2)+1. disp('design completed'). fprintf('provide %d number %d mm diameter bars in each side band along length \n'.14*dia2*dia2). Astx=L*Astx. dia2=input('diameter of bars to be provided = ').nc.11/14/13 5:10 PM C:\Users\himanshu\Downloads\isdftng. nc=round(nc).n3. fprintf('provide %d number %d mm diameter bars in central band \n'. nc=n2*(2/(1+y)). Mux=(wu0*(B-(b/1000))^2)/8.dia2). fprintf('area of steel to be provided = %f mm2 \n'. . Astx=(Mux*1000000)/(0. fprintf('factored moment at face of length of column section = %f KNm \n'.m 3 of 3 fprintf('provide %d number %d mm diameter bars along the length \n'.Mux).87*T*j*d).n.