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1, 2012/13) Assignment 1: Group Project “Computerization of a Manufacturing Company” (Deadline: 6:00pm, Friday - 02 November 2012) Scenario
You are a new IT consultant recruited by a local manufacturing company which has been running business with many local and overseas customers and supplies. After working with different functional units of the company for a while, you have observed that the flow of information and logistics management between the company and its partners (i.e. the customers and suppliers) are not yet optimal. For instances, staff of production lines spend a lot of time in making phone calls to check the inventory stock and the delivery schedule of the raw materials with their suppliers. On the other hand, salespersons and customer services need to answer lots of queries from their customers regarding the shipment arrangement, delivery status as well as warranty issues of their finished products. After acknowledged by your supervisor about your observations and concerns, you and your colleagues in the IT department are invited to draft a proposal and present to the senior management on how the company can benefit from computerization of their daily business operation with suitable information systems.

• • To conduct research on relevant information technologies/systems relating to the given scenario in business environments. To think critically and creatively in the comparison and evaluation of various information technologies/systems with respect to their features and applications with the aim of producing appropriate recommendations satisfying the requirements of the given scenario. To communicate and present clearly, concisely, effectively and attractively your proposal using office tools Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint. To manage your group assignment efficiently and effectively in team work within the given schedule.

• •

1) 2) It is a group assignment. Students need to form their own group with 5 to 6 members, all from the same lecture class with one member being the group leader. After the group formation, group leader should e-mail their class lecturer about their group member information with the completed member list submission form, on or before 6:00pm, Friday - 05 Oct 2012.

CCN1007 (Semester 1, 2012/13)

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Each group has to decide on which manufacturing industry to work on and prepare a proposal file in Microsoft Word format (.docx) and a presentation file in Microsoft PowerPoint format (.pptx) with the following information: At the beginning of the proposal and the presentation slides, the followings should be included: Cover page, which includes: − The title of the proposal; − Student FULL name (in a way that appears in the attendance list), student ID number, class number and tutorial group of all group members; with the group leader being highlighted (such as by ***). Table of content page The proposal should be concise and precise, with a maximum of 15 pages of the Word document excluding cover page, table of contents and references, and the file size should not be more than 25 MB in DOCX format. In your proposal, it should contain the following major sections: Introduction – The background information of this proposal should be reported, together with any possible assumptions which may subsequently affect your decision and recommendations; e.g. the type of manufacturing industry and size of company, or any other assumptions about the kinds of activities the company will have with their suppliers and customers …etc. You should also define clearly the scope and the problem of your project in this section. Methods used to tackle the project – You should report how your group tackles the project and where your group search for the information needed. Findings – Identification of the information technologies/systems appropriate for business computerization of the company should be reported in this section. Based on the type of manufacturing industry assumed, you should identify as many suitable information technologies/systems as possible for the company. (Hint: You should also try to apply various concepts/knowledge learned in class as far as possible.) Explanation and justification of recommendations – Descriptions of the unique features/functions of the recommended technologies/systems, and explanation on how they can help computerize the business operation in order to achieve better competitive advantages for the company in the long run. Conclusions – summary of the recommended information technologies/systems for the company. Application of the information technologies/systems recommended in different scenarios can be used to help for illustration purposes. Work distribution – List of the distribution of work among your group members and a short self-reflection message of each group member upon completion of this project. References – List of reference sources (e.g. Web sites, textbook chapters …etc.)




Although you are not required to carry out a real presentation, you should prepare the presentation slides as if you are going to have one in front of the senior management of the company. The presentation should be a summary of your proposal with a maximum of 25 PowerPoint slides excluding the cover & table of content slides; the overall file size should not be more than 50 MB in PPTX format.
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CCN1007 (Semester 1, 2012/13)

Submission Procedures
1) The group leader must submit the completed Word file of proposal (with 15 pages max. & not more than 25 MB in DOCX format) through Moodle on or before the deadline (6:00pm, Friday - 02 November 2012). The group leader must submit the completed PowerPoint file of presentation (with 25 slides max. & not more than 50 MB in PPTX format) through Moodle on or before the deadline (6:00pm, Friday - 02 November 2012). The group leader must submit hardcopies of the proposal and presentation (4 slides per page) through the pigeon hole of their class lecturer on or before the deadline (6:00pm, Friday - 02 November 2012). Finally, each group member must also submit the completed Peer Evaluation Form through Moodle on or before the deadline (6:00pm, Friday - 09 November 2012).




Note: All submissions must be in ENGLISH, except for specific items that do not have any English title.

Grading Criteria
Group basis (80%) Main content of the Proposal: (50%) [1] Conformance to the specifications (e.g. number of pages & sections) [2] Formatting techniques (e.g. page/section breaks, tabs, bullets, header/footer) [3] Text & Image/Graphics treatment (e.g. font/density of text, layout of content) [4] Use of Tables/Charts for organization of information [5] Identification, explanation and justification of recommendations [6] Overall view of the proposal (e.g. style consistency, page numbering, use of language, reasoning, content clarity, etc.) [7] The handling of reference works Main content of the Presentation Slides: (30%) [1] Conformance to the specifications (e.g. number of slides & sections) [2] Formatting techniques (e.g. master slide, bullets, etc.) [3] Textual effect & Image/Graphics treatment (e.g. word arts, background, etc.) [4] Use of Tables/Charts for organization of information [5] Animation/Multimedia treatment (e.g. slide transition, visual/audio effects) [6] Overall flow of the presentation (e.g. style consistency, page numbering, use of language, reasoning, content clarity, etc.) Individual basis (20%) Quality of the portions of work responsible by yourself Peer rating by group members

5% 5% 5% 5% 20% 5% 5%

5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5%

10% 10%

Important Points
Plagiarism will be penalized severely. Marks will be deducted for assignments that are plagiarized in whole or in part, regardless of the sources. 10% of the marks will be deducted for each day of delay in submission.
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