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In partial fulfillment of the Requirements for the award of Degree of Master of Business Administration

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CHAPTER 12 INTRODUCTION TO THE SUB!ECT 232 THEORETICAL FOUNDATION 1.1.1 1.1. 1.1." 1.1.' 1.1.( 1.1.+ 1. History of Indian Feed Industry Introdu!tion to Feed Industry #he li$e %to!& Industry of India Ingredients in Animal Feed )ses of *ompounded Feed Future of Indian Feed Industry

,I#-RA#)R- R-.I-/

CHAPTER 4 + INTRODUCTIONS TO THE OR ANI5ATION +32 OVERVIE) OF INDUSTRY .1.1 History .1. ,andmar& .1." Ma0or players



. 2la!e9 !a%an#@ar *Sa@i% /umar.A.5. Reg3 No3 +.-.? su3mitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Masters of Business Administration to .+.6 2R5F-%%I57A..STUDENT DECLARATION I here3y de!lare that the pro0e!t report entitled4 >BEHAVIOUR OF DAITY FARMERS IN ADOPTION OF COMPOUNDED CATTLE FEED * ODRE! A ROVET. )7I.4 is my original wor& and not su3mitted for the award of any other degree4 diploma4 fellowship4 or any other similar title or pri8es.B- .-R%I#6 5F phagwara.

BCerti'ie#C1 Dr Par#eep .-R%I#6 5F 2hagwara..SUMMER TRAININ CERTIFICATE #his is to !ertify that the pro0e!t report entitled4 >BEHAVIOUR OF DAITY FARMERS IN ADOPTION OF COMPOUNDED CATTLE FEED * ODRE! A ROVET. )7I.5.. Reg3 No3 +.+.6 2R5F-%%I57A.A. Sa@i% /umar has wor&ed under my super$ision and guidan!e and that no part of this report has 3een su3mitted for the award of any other degree4 diploma4 fellowship or other similar titles or pri8es and that the wor& has not 3een pu3lished in any 0ournal or maga8ine.AB H-AD .? su3mitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Business Administration of .-.

2ro0e!t assigned4 To Mea(ure t@e Con(umer Be@a$iour o' #air& 'armer in a#option o' Dompoun#e# Datt%e 'ee#3 Required a lot of e:tensi$e study4 as I did a lot of study of feed industry at $arious produ!tion plants of 2un0a3.odre0 Agro$et. It ga$e me a great deal of e:posure and pra!ti!al e:perien!e. I was really fortunate of getting an opportunity to pursue my %ummer #raining in reputed4 well esta3lished4 fast growing and professionally managed organi8ation li&e .odre0 Agro$et <hana. %ummer training is an integral part of =Master in Business management> !ourse and it aims at pro$iding a first hand e:perien!e of industry to students.PREFACE #his pro0e!t is the result of si: wee&s training at . . #his pra!ti!al e:perien!e helps the students to $iew the real Business /orld !losely.

AC/NO)LED EMENT An indi$idual !annot do pro0e!t of this s!ale. I ta&e this opportunity to e:press my a!&nowledgement and deep sense of gratitude to the indi$iduals for rendering $alua3le assistan!e and gratitude to me. I ta&e this opportunity to than& all dealers4 !ustomers who spared their pre!ious time to pro$ide me with $alua3le inputs for pro0e!t without whi!h it would ha$e not 3een possi3le. uru Har Sa@ai. who was a real sour!e of help and assistan!e to me during the !ourse of pro0e!t. I e:press my sin!ere than&s to my pro0e!t guide Dr RaEe(@ Verma. a((i(tant Pro'e((or for his generous support4 !onstant dire!tion and mentoring at all stages of training. who pro$ided me an opportunity to underta&e a pro0e!t4 whi!h ena3led me to intera!t with dealers4 !ustomers of !ompany to ha$e 3etter understanding4 pra!ti!al e:posure of industry. I am grateful to Dr Par#eep /umar. . I am also inde3ted to Mr3 /api% /umar *AgenD& Ho%#er. #heir inputs ha$e played a $ital role in su!!ess of this pro0e!t. I firmly 3elie$e that there is always a s!ope of impro$ement. I wel!ome any suggestions for further enri!hing the quality of this report.

I also found that there are some !omplaints a3out . #his is followed 3y literature re$iew followed 3y the o30e!ti$es of the study and resear!h methodology. 5ne of my o30e!ti$es was to study the 3uying 3eha$ior of dairy farmers li&e 3efore pur!hase 3eha$ior and after pur!hase 3eha$ior4 for this I ha$e made stru!ture questionnaire and interpretation for the same has 3een done and also in order to ma&e it more effe!ti$e I ha$e used ta3les and 3ar !harts.E0ECUTIVE SUMMARY #he o30e!t of this management training of mar&eting imparted is to pro$ide us an insight into the methods4 3oth !ulture and the ground realities of an industry.odre0 Agro$et ?<hanna@ from "th Aune4 BBC up to nd August4 BBC for a period of + wee&s.odre0 feed 3y the !onsumer and same has to 3e loo&ed upon. #hen !omes real part of the study in whi!h I ha$e written all what I had learnt there in the 3an& a3out the $arious !omponents of wor&ing !apital management. I found that tara feed has more demand than . #he first few pages tal& a3out the introdu!tion of the su30e!t and also of the organi8ation. I was allotted the duty to sur$ey rural area in order to &now farmers 3eha$ior towards different feed 3rands.odre0 were to &now the mar&et $alue of . And I was allowed to $isit to agen!y holders for the !olle!tion of information required for the analysis of the gi$en wor&. I also found that !onsumer has a good per!eption toward #ara than . Another o30e!ti$e was to study the per!eption of dairy farmer that how they per!ei$e different feed 3rands when they loo& of at pri!e and other ser$i!es4 for o3taining the information I went to $arious farmers personally and I am a3le to &now a3out $iews and their e:pe!tations.odre0 feed in the area. #he o30e!ti$es of the study whi!h I undertoo& in . I undertoo& my training at the . I ha$e studied a3out all the mar&eting aspe!ts and all other e:penses of the !ompany. #his report is the refle!tion of what I ha$e assimilated during the training period at . As from my all study4 I ha$e !on!luded that . Another o30e!ti$e of my study was to study the a!tual results gi$en 3y different feeds 3y ha$ing a !omparison study of quantity of mil& gi$en 3y !attleDs4 for this I ha$e made stru!ture questionnaire and interpretation for the same has 3een done and also in order to ma&e it more effe!ti$e I ha$e used ta3les and 3ar !harts. #he last part !onsists of findings4 re!ommendations4 limitations4 !on!lusion and 3i3liography.odre0 Agro$et.odre0 feed and its !ompetitors4 for this I ha$e used the statisti!al method of *hi %quire and presenting it in $ery effe!ti$e manners 3y ta3les.odre0 and it is fulfilling their e:pe!tations.

#he study re$ealed that mar&eting is the area whi!h seems to 3e negle!ted 3e!ause the !ompany produ!ts were in great demand. As we !ome to &now that some farmers who ha$e $isited to . . A!!ording to me from $arious reasons the 3iggest reason of non-awareness is less manpower for mar&eting and less ad$ertisement of the produ!t. .ess emphasis is 3eing gi$en on mar&eting resear!h4 whi!h pro$ides the !ompany with the information regarding the mar&et 1 its dynami!s. #hus .odre0 should spend a lot of money in order to !reate a good 3rand image and awareness of the produ!t to !onsumer.odre0 feed has not !apture as su!h mar&et as in other !ities or states.. 5ther 3rands that is more prefera3le than .odre0 Adhar helps farmers in pro$iding awareness a3out $arious agri input and also pro$ide $arious ser$i!es li&e 3an& loan et!.odre0 feed users e:!ept some 3ad sto!& and loo&ing for a good and loyal relation with the !ompany. #he !ompany should !hange its stan!e from produ!tion oriented to mar&eting oriented.odre0 Adhar are $ery impressed 3y ser$i!es and $arious features pro$ided to farmers. A!!ording to me .odre0 Adhar is on the main road of Fero8epur to Fa8il&a that !om3ine all the $illages together. 2resently the !ompany seems to 3e depending on depot sales 3ut dire!t sales mar&eting and sales through agents are the other a$enues a$aila3le to the !ompany. It has 3een in some !ases that agents are not fully satisfied with whate$er gets from the !ompany4 in monetary terms or in any other forms of non finan!ial in!enti$es. #he !ompany should de$elop a .odre0 due to good ad$ertisement strategies used 3y them. More emphasis is 3eing gi$en to the produ!tion side in the !ompany rather than to mar&eting side though mar&eting and sales a!ti$ities are responsi3le for earning re$enue for the !ompany. 2eople are e:pe!ting more good results from . .odre0 feed. Hen!e the !ompany may !on!entrate on dire!t sales mar&eting through personal selling or mar&eting representati$e follow up with industrial !onsumers.odre0 !an also thin& a3out some good mar&eting strategies that !an implement in the area.odre0 has got first pla!e in Indian feed industry4 3ut in the area a $ery few people are aware a3out . Howe$er the s!enario is !hanging4 whi!h ma&es it ne!essary for the !ompany to esta3lish a full-fledged mar&eting department. Instead of . It is also a sour!e of ad$ertisement.odre0 feed. 5$erall I found farmers satisfy with the quality of . 2rodu!t promotion is an area whi!h required to 3e geared up.odre0 Adhar !an 3e a good sour!e of !reating a good relation with farmers. I thin& the 3est pla!e for .

#he !ompany is ad$ised to formulate a promotion mi: &eeping in mind a !hanging s!enario of mar&et. #o 3egin with4 the !ompany may ad$ertise the produ!t and the !ompany 3rand in industrial 0ournals li&e =Indian Feed> 1 in future introdu!e sales promotion through additional agents and personal selling staff whi!h would !onstitute a proper mi:.odre0 will not only help me in my future in mar&eting field 3ut also in my !urrent studies. .mar&eting information system4 at present through its depot managers and e:isting agents further with the help of personal selling staff. *ompany should pro$ide food and %tephen to the trainees. #o 3egin with4 the !ompany may ad$ertise the produ!t and the !ompany 3rand in industrial 0ournals li&e =Indian Feed> 1 in future introdu!e sales promotion through additional agents and personal selling staff whi!h would !onstitute a proper mi:. #he !ompany is ad$ised to formulate a promotion mi: &eeping in mind a !hanging s!enario of mar&et. I hope that my e:perien!e at . *ompany should pro$ide food and %tephen to the trainees.


B million tonnes4 whi!h represents only ( per!ent of the total potential4 and feed e:ports are not $ery high.I3I THEROTICAL FOUNDATION 23232 HISTORY OF INDIAN FEED INDUSTRY #he Indian feed industry is a3out "( years old. In India4 most resear!h wor& on animal feeds is pra!ti!al and fo!uses on the use of 3y-produ!ts4 the upgrading of ingredients and the enhan!ing of produ!ti$ity. #he feed industry has modern !omputeri8ed plants and the latest equipment for analyti!al pro!edures and least-!ost ration formulation4 and it employs the latest manufa!turing te!hnology. #he quality standards of Indian feeds are high and up to international le$els. #he poultry industry is now growing in importan!e. Raw materials for feed are adequately a$aila3le in India. #he poultry se!tor was not de$eloped at that time and was restri!ted to 3a!&yard produ!tion4 with the desi &ept mainly for the produ!tion of eggs. #he per !apita !onsumption of mil&4 eggs and 3roiler meat will grow. 2323+ INTRODUCTION TO FEED INDUSTRY Feed manufa!turing on a !ommer!ial and s!ientifi! 3asis started around 1G+( with the setting up of medium-si8ed feed plants in northern and western India. It is mainly restri!ted to dairy and poultry feed manufa!turingE the 3eef and por& industry is almost non-e:istent. #oday4 the Indian feed industry is worth appro:imately Rs '( 3illion that is a3out )%H1 3illion. #he !ountry has entered into a period of li3erali8ation and this is 3ound to influen!e the li$esto!& industry. 23236 THE LIVESTOC/ INDUSTRY OF INDIA IndiaFs animal wealth is quite large in terms of its populations of !attle4 poultry4 sheep and . #he Indian feed industry is undergoing a $ery e:!iting phase of growth for the ne:t de!ade. #he industryFs produ!tion is a3out ". Feed was produ!ed mainly to !ater to the needs of dairy !attle.

. B.oats 2igs HorsesIponies Mules Don&eys *amels 6a&s Mithuns Tota% %i$e(toDF B'. India has one of the largest populations of !attle and 3uffalo in the world.1( 8A. TABLE 2 Li$e(toDF t&pe Popu%ation (millions) *attle Buffaloes %heep .G 1. #he remainder of the !attle population is of a non-des!ript $ariety and a si8ea3le proportion !onsists of 3ullo!&s.C B.C B.B+ B.C 11(.B million tones per annum4 and the dairy industry is spread a!ross the whole !ountry." 1 . Re!ently4 aqua!ulture has also 3een growing in importan!e in India.B B.goats4 !amels4 horses and pets. In a total of CC million head4 there are 1B million !ross3red !ows4 1( million good mil& !ows of lo!al $arieties and "+ million 3uffaloes of good mil& $arieties. (B.3-B Dair& Datt%e /orldwide4 India is num3er one in mil& produ!tion4 at JC.( C'.

B 1B.B 1(.B JC. #he 3uffalo 3reeds are unique to India4 and produ!e mil& with a fat !ontent of J to C per!ent. Mil& is seen as a health drin& and a $ariety of Indian sweets are prepared from mil&.B 'B #he !ross3red population is either Aersey or Holstein-Friesian4 !rossed with lo!al !ows.B "+. *ross3reeding was a natural solution to upgrading the mil& yield in the a3sen!e of high-$alue imported $arieties of pure3red animals.( 'B 'B 1.TABLE + Catt%e an# pou%tr& in#iDator( Dair& *ross-3red !ows millions! Impro$ed !ows millions! Impro$ed 3uffaloes millions! Mil& produ!tion million tonnes! 2er !apita !onsumption g"day! Pou%tr& *ommer!ial layers millions! *ommer!ial 3roilers millions! %to!& 3reeders millions! -gg produ!tion #0$! 2er !apita a$aila3ility eggs"year! 2oultry meat produ!tion million tonnes! 2er !apita a$aila3ility g"year! 2oultry feed produ!tion million tonnes! Annua% groGt@ Dairy industry . . #he i!e!ream mar&et is growing.B 1 BBB G.ayer industry Broiler industry (K +-JK 1BK 1(B +(B +.

+ million tones per year.rowth in the mil& se!tor has o!!urred mainly through !ooperati$e efforts. Pou%tr& *ompared with the rest of the li$esto!& se!tor4 the poultry industry in India is more s!ientifi!4 3etter organi8ed and !ontinuously progressing towards moderni8ation. *ooperati$es started 3y supplying mil& !olle!tion !entre4 where mil& was !olle!ted from $illagers in quantities as small as 1 liter4 and gradually started to pro$ide other ser$i!es to farmers4 in!luding edu!ation4 artifi!ial insemination4 $eterinary health support and feeding. #he small farmers 3e!ame prosperous4 loan fa!ilities were made a$aila3le through 3an&s4 and mem3er farmers started to share the profits from !ooperati$es. Almost all $illages ha$e a num3er of !attle4 3ut there are only a few organi8ed dairy farms. #he 7ational Dairy De$elopment Board ?7DDB@4 whi!h has e:!ellent fa!ilities for resear!h on 3reeding4 nutrition and health !are4 has played a pi$otal role in setting up !ooperati$es. #hey ha$e modern mil& pro!essing plants from whi!h they produ!e and mar&et pasteuri8ed mil&4 3utter4 3utter oil4 !ho!olate4 i!e-!ream and mil& sweets4 whi!h are $ery popular with Indian !onsumers. Although these figures are low in !omparison with those for de$eloped !ountries4 the industry has great potential to e:pand 3e!ause "B per!ent of the !ountryFs population ?a3out "BB million people@ is de$eloping e!onomi!ally and the . Indi!ators are gi$en in #a3le . #oday4 the feed produ!tion from !ooperati$es is a3out B. India has 1(B million layers and +(B million 3roilers. *ooperati$es also set up their own modern !omputeri8ed feed plants. #he 3roiler industry is growing at the rate of 1B per!ent per annum.Farms are lo!ated on the outs&irts of !ities and within !ities. It is unli&ely that India will see the ad$ent of large4 organi8ed dairy farming in the near future. In India4 dairy is not so mu!h an industry as a smallholder farming a!ti$ity. Breeding and feeding management has impro$ed through edu!ation4 training4 !ompetition4 e:pansion and sur$i$al instin!ts. /ithout 7DDB and se$eral of the e:isting dairy !ooperati$es4 the mil& se!tor in India would ha$e suffered. Annual per !apita !onsumption of eggs is 'B4 and that of 3roiler meat is 1 BBB g. #he dairy industry in India is e:pe!ted to grow4 3ut growth will 3e restri!ted to indi$idual small farmers. . India is the worldFs fifth largest egg produ!er4 with a total produ!tion of 'B 3illion eggs per year.

Although the ma0ority of the population is Hindu4 there are si8ea3le minorities of Muslims4 *hristians4 %i&hs4 Buddhists4 Aains4 2arsees and others. #he ma0ority of people disappro$e of por& !onsumption4 may3e 3e!ause of the la!& of s!ientifi! management on swine farms.demand for poultry produ!ts is therefore li&ely to grow. #hus4 most states in India ha$e 3anned !ow slaughter and the 3eef industry is therefore non-e:istent. goat( an# Dame%( #he sheep and goat se!tor is mostly in the hands of nomadi! tri3es and no signifi!ant s!ientifi! hus3andry4 rearing and management pra!ti!es are implemented. SGine India is a multilingual4 multira!ial !ountry whose people hold $arious religious 3eliefs.u0arat4 3ordering 2a&istan. India also has a large tri3al population and is a plural so!iety in whi!h the sentiments of ea!h so!ial and religious group need to 3e respe!ted for harmony and pea!eful !oe:isten!e. *amels are reared 3y indi$iduals who feed them lo!al ingredients. #here is4 howe$er4 a fairly good disease diagnosis and treatment system4 with modern medi!ines and $a!!ines. Most of the !ountryFs !amels are lo!ated in the desert area of the western part of India4 in the states of Ra0asthan and . *urrently4 it is growing at the rate of 1B per!ent in 3roilers and + to J per!ent in layers and is going through a phase of integration in 3roilers4 whi!h is li&ely to !hange the fa!e of the industry. #he poultry industry has witnessed se$eral ups and downs in the last ( years as a result of unplanned growth and a la!& of go$ernment regulation. . #he poultry industry is $ery modern4 with pure-line 3reeding4 the latest $a!!ines and medi!ines4 en$ironmentally !ontrolled poultry houses4 up-to-date pro!essing units4 the latest management pra!ti!es4 !hi!&en pro!essing4 e:ports of hat!hing eggs and e:!ellent feed quality. Resear!h on 3reeding and nutrition is 3eing !ondu!ted at resear!h institutes and agri!ultural uni$ersities. #here is a la!& of s!ientifi! management pra!ti!es4 geneti! studies and s!ientifi! feeding pra!ti!es in !amel rearing and the industry sur$i$es mostly on the 3asis of lo!al4 long-esta3lished &nowledge of feeding and 3reeding. Although the phenomenon is new4 it is e:pe!ted that there will 3e $ery rapid !hanges towards integration as more farmers find it in!reasingly diffi!ult to run farms with marginal profits or negati$e margins. S@eep.

#he feeding of pets is howe$er4 left to the household. CaFe( an# mea%( *ommonly used !ommodities of this &ind are soy3ean4 groundnut4 rapeseed4 and sesame and . #he Indian pet industry is in a nas!ent stage4 with the main fo!us 3eing on dogs rather than !ats and the emphasis on 3reeding and training. Hor(e( an# pet( #he Indian equine industry goes 3a!& more than (B years and is !onsidered modern4 s!ientifi! and $ery well equipped in terms of e$ery aspe!t of animal hus3andry pra!ti!es. #he feeding of these $alua3le animals is mostly at the farm le$el under the super$ision of e:perien!ed people following traditional pra!ti!es. 23238 IN REDIENTS IN ANIMAL FEEDS India is !urrently self-suffi!ient in li$esto!& feeds and does not depend on imports. In many !ities4 animal health !are systems are run 3y qualified $ets with well-equipped fa!ilities su!h as L-ray ma!hines4 surgi!al fa!ilities4 imported $a!!ines and the latest drugs. Instead4 the !ountry e:ports large quantities of sol$ent e:tra!ted meals4 whi!h are a ma0or sour!e of foreign e:!hange earning.%wine reared on the streets are $ery unhygieni! and 3uyers are always suspi!ious a3out the sour!e of por&4 so there is no organi8ed por& industry. /hat inno$ation there is tends to 3e !losely guarded 3y the !ompanies !on!erned. Cerea%( an# grain( Mai8e4 sorghum and ba%ra ?a type of millet@ are !ommonly used in animal feeds. %ome !ommer!ial preparations are a$aila3le in the form of dog 3is!uits4 !hews4 et!. Regular dog shows are held 3y enthusiasti! dog owners to in!rease awareness of the rearing of good-quality pure-3reedsE dogs are a sour!e of pride for households. /heat and ri!e are mainly retained for human !onsumption. #he equine industry is spread a!ross India and is restri!ted to horse ra!ing. 5ne of the reasons for this !ould 3e the high !ost of !ommer!ial pet food.4 3ut dogs are fed mostly on home-!oo&ed food. Imports of good geneti! material are quite !ommon in this industry.

Fee#( o' anima% origin Meat-meal4 fishmeal4 3one meal and di!al!ium phosphate of 3one origin are the !ommon raw materials a$aila3le for animal feeding. #hey in!lude wheat 3ran4 ri!e 3ran and oil-e:tra!ted ri!e 3ran4 tapio!a4 guar meal4 safflower meal4 mai8e gluten and molasses. 2oultry feed is enri!hed with all of these and all of the B !omple: $itamins. #hese shells !ome from pulses9 horse gram4 3la!& gram4 mung 3ean and pigeon pea.sunflower meals in poultry feed. #his was not out of fear of any 8oonoti! pro3lems 3ut the result of deep-rooted 3eliefs that the !ow is sa!red and must therefore 3e $egetarian. Popu%ar "&1pro#uDt( %ome 3y-produ!ts are $ery nutritious and palata3le to !attle4 and these produ!ts form the 3ul& of !attle feed. #he quality of fishmeal is also $ery poor. It is interesting to note that4 with the e:!eption of some 3one-3ased di!al!ium phosphate4 the Indian feed industry does not use materials of animal origin in dairy !attle feed. In !attle feed4 in addition to these meals4 others su!h as !ottonseed and !opra are used as premium ingredients. *al!ium and phosphorus are also in!luded. #oday they are ne!essary in any . Fee# a##iti$e( an# (upp%ement( Feed additi$es and supplements ha$e played a $ery important role in enhan!ing the performan!e of dairy animals and4 e$en more so4 poultry. Minera%( an# $itamin( *attle feed is ne!essarily enri!hed with $itamins A and D"4 and tra!e minerals su!h as iron4 8in!4 manganese4 !opper4 !o3alt and iodine. Fishmeal and meat-meal were popularly used in poultry feed4 3ut the in!reased produ!tion4 impro$ed a$aila3ility and 3etter awareness of soy3ean meal has led to its repla!ing fishmeal and meat-meal in most poultry rations. 7ow e$en the use of 3one-3ased di!al!ium phosphate has 3een 3anned and mineral-3ased di!al!ium phosphate is used instead. It should 3e mentioned that farmers ha$e fa!ed produ!tion pro3lems owing to the 3a!terial !ontamination of fishmeal and meat-meal. A spe!ial mention should 3e made of Indian !attle feedFs unique use of hulls or shells4 popularly &nown as &hunis in the lo!al language.

feed formulation and essential for the formulation of a 3alan!ed diet. FarmersF low le$el of edu!ation and strong traditional 3eliefs mean that there is generally little awareness of !ompound !attle feed. A num3er of these produ!ts are imported from de$eloped !ountries. A further ( per!ent of mil& produ!tion . #he share of !ompound !attle feed manufa!tured 3y the industry4 in relation to the o$erall potential4 is low for the following reasons9 •#he !attle population is fragmented and spread o$er large parts of the !ountry. #he additi$es and supplements used are anti3ioti! growth promoters ?their usage is not 3anned in India@4 pre3ioti!s4 pro3ioti!s4 en8ymes4 mould inhi3itors4 to:in 3inders4 anti-!o!!idian supplements4 a!idifiers4 amino a!ids4 3y-pass fat4 3y-pass protein4 non-anti3ioti! growth promoters4 mil& 3oosters4 antio:idants4 feed fla$ors and her3al preparations of Indian origin. •More than (B per!ent of the !ountryFs total mil& produ!tion !omes from a $ery large num3er of low-yielding !ows and 3uffaloes. It is only in the !ase of highly produ!ti$e animals that !ompound feed has 3een a3le to show its real potential and the importan!e of te!hnology has 3een demonstrated. 2323: USES OF COMPOUNDED FEED In India4 the term M!ompound feedM refers to feed that is nutritionally 3alan!ed and has 3een manufa!tured using the fa!ilities of an analyti!al la3oratory and under the super$ision of nutritionists. Instead they !ompromise 3y using su!h feed in proportions of ( to +B per!ent4 ma&ing up the 3alan!e with their own formulations. Catt%e 'ee# *attle feeding pra!ti!es are $ery traditional. #here are also a large num3er of small-s!ale feed mi:ers who produ!e feed for lo!al !onsumption. #he produ!ti$ity of the !attle is limited 3e!ause of their poor geneti! ma&e-up4 so high-quality !ompound feed ?industry feed@ may not ne!essarily generate a signifi!ant impro$ement in produ!ti$ity and this has hampered growth of the !attle feed industry 3e!ause most farmers are relu!tant to use !ompound feed fully. Farmers !hoose their own ingredients and prepare their own formulations4 3elie$ing that 3y these means they are a3le to pay more indi$idual attention to their !attle. %u!h feed is termed Mself-mi:ed feedM or Mhome-mi:ed feedM.

Homemi:ed feed is $ery frequently used for 3uffaloes and low-yielding !attle.!omes from 3uffaloes and only the remaining ( per!ent of the total is produ!ed 3y !ross3red and impro$ed !ows. Although the annual growth rate has slowed from sometime 3etween B"B and to 1. #hey are mi:ed with energy sour!es su!h as mai8e4 sorghum or 3a0ra to prepare poultry rations. *ompound feed has4 howe$er4 made a ma0or !ontri3ution to 3roiler feeding. 5ne is ready-made and in the form of mash or pellets. #his is an e:ample of e:!ellent !oordination among instrument te!hnology4 formulations and use of feed additi$es and supplements. In the !ase of layer feed4 !ost is the main !onstraint in using !ompound feed. 2323A FUTURE OF INDIAN FEED INDUSTRY At the 3eginning of the twenty-first !entury4 India has a population of 1 3illion people.D2@4 after agri!ulture4 and a!!ounts for G per!ent of the total.C per!ent4 the 3ase is so 3road that !hanges in population dynami!s are not per!epti3le. *onsumption is li&ely to in!rease as follows9 per &apita mil& from 'B to '(B g per yearE per &apita eggs from 'B to 1BB per yearE . *ost is a less important fa!tor 3e!ause the performan!e impro$ements are greater than the !ost in!reases and the 3irdsF life !y!le is short. #he li$esto!& industry in India is the se!ond largest !ontri3utor to gross domesti! produ!t ?. •Industrially manufa!tured !ompound !attle feed has pro$ed its $alue for !ross3red !ows and 3uffaloes 3ut not for low-yielding !attle 3e!ause of their geneti! limitations. An inno$ati$e4 high-$alue !ompound feed !an result in in!reased num3ers of eggs4 3ut the ris&s are too high 3e!ause of the 3irdsF long life !y!le. #he se!ond is in !on!entrated form for mi:ing with an energy sour!e. #he population may sta3ili8e 3y B'B if all se!tions of so!iety support family planning wholeheartedly. Pou%tr& 'ee# 2oultry feed is di$ided into layer and 3roiler feed. #he Indian e!onomy is growing at the rate of + to C per!ent per annum. #wo types of poultry feed are prepared. #he pur!hasing power of the middle !lass is growing ?the middle !lass a!!ounts for appro:imately "BB million people@ and food ha3its are also !hanging. *on!entrates are protein sour!es4 3alan!ed in amino a!ids and !ontaining $itamins4 minerals and feed additi$es.

and per &apita 3roiler meat from 1 BBB to BBB g per year.arious li$esto!& industry asso!iations ha$e ta&en issue with su!h imports in an attempt to prote!t their mem3ers. #he go$ernment is opening up imports in a phased manner4 and it is e:pe!ted that this pro!ess will 3e !ompleted 3y April BB". #he !hanges 3rought a3out 3y the li3erali8ation pro!ess will 3e slow 3ut !ertain. will 3e introdu!ed and4 depending on the su!!ess and . A pro!ess of li3erali8ation was set in motion 3y the go$ernment and has 3een implemented for the last eight to ten years. . Mil& is $ery popular in India. If the li$esto!& industry is affe!ted4 the feed industry will also 3e affe!ted. #he population of !ross3red !attle and 3uffaloes is also growing. *old !hains4 3randed !hi!&en4 !hi!&en !uts4 et!. In $iew of the e:pe!ted rise in per &apita !onsumption of !hi!&en meat4 eggs and mil&4 li$esto!& produ!tion and produ!ti$ity will grow.o$ernment of India has raised the tariff on all poultry and poultry produ!ts from "( per&ent to the /#5 3oundary le$el of 1BB per&ent. In the meantime4 a3out G"B items4 in!luding agri!ultural produ!ts4 will 3e open for import under open general li!ense from April BB14 ma&ing it possi3le to import dressed !hi!&en4 mil& and mil& produ!ts. #he poultry industry is de$eloping towards $erti!al integration and a few multinational !ompanies ha$e already entered the Indian poultry 3usiness. #his would mean esta3lishing $ery hygieni! and s!ientifi! pro!essing units. #he !ountry has adopted a model that lays midway 3etween li3eral and pu3li! se!tor produ!tion4 3ut growth has 3een affe!ted 3y the poor performan!e of most of the pu3li! se!tor units4 rising go$ernment !osts and fis!al defi!it4 and the e!onomy has suffered. #he . A ma0or !hange is o!!urring in India on the e!onomi! front. Although the li$e 3ird mar&et !urrently a!!ounts for a3out GB per!ent of the total mar&et4 it is e:pe!ted that the !onsumption of dressed !hi!&en will grow in the ne:t fi$e years4 from the e:isting 1B per!ent to ( per!ent or more. #he dairy industry4 whi!h is !ooperati$e3ased4 is growing with the in!reased !apa!ities of mil& pro!essing units. #his has !aused India to open up and in$ite in$estment from multinationals4 li3erali8e imports4 redu!e go$ernment e:penditure and remo$e pu3li! se!tor 3usinesses. India has entered into an agreement with its trade partners under the /orld #rade 5rgani8ation ?/#5@. It also means that the days of nationali8ation4 unne!essary go$ernment !ontrols and restri!tions will soon 3e o$er than&s to progress in the !ountryFs e!onomy. It therefore appears that there will 3e a le$el playing field.

23+ REVIE) OF LITERATURE Do%"erg *2HH:. Indian agri!ulture will also use 3iote!hnology and geneti!ally modified organisms ?. #hird ur3an !ities ha$e a rapid population growth4 whi!h lead to more demand of mil& and 3eef. IFAD has de$eloped !onsidera3le institutional s&ills in e:e!uting rural de$elopment pro0e!ts4 whi!h ha$e had a .M5s@ to support the feed industry4 whi!h is entering a $ery e:!iting phase of growth for the ne:t de!ade. At the root of all these de$elopments will 3e the s!ientifi! de$elopment of feed manufa!turing te!hnology. First are those farmers ha$ing $ery little land for there feed resour!es4 as they ha$e no mu!h money for in$estmentN %e!ond the e!onomi! situation of these three !ountries in not well. #he Indian feed industry will in!reasingly use 3iote!hnology4 more s!ientifi! formulations4 new mole!ules and natural and her3al produ!ts to impro$e animal produ!ti$ity. #he ne:t de!ade will see signifi!ant !hanges in restru!turing4 mergers4 a!quisitions4 amalgamations4 0oint $entures4 di$ersifi!ation4 integration and effi!ient ser$i!e !hains4 e!ommer!e and use of the latest information te!hnology in glo3al tenders4 trading4 e:portIimport and other !ommer!ial a!ti$ities.!onsistent quality4 !onsumer preferen!e for dressed meat will grow. des!ri3es the three ma0or pro3lems.

%hrin& is weight lost 3etween the times you put it up and the time you 3egin feeding it. A fairly easy program for feeding straw with some alfalfa is to 3egin feeding (K hay and J(K strawE then when !ows are within +B days of !al$ing !hange to (BK hay and (BK strawE and finally when they 3egin !al$ing !hange to J(K hay and (K straw. Me@ren *2HH-.mainly for mil& produ!tion. 5ne question that frequently !omes up is the $alue of straw $ersus alfalfa hay. tal&s a3out the quantity of feed one need to feed their animal. /ithout .positi$e impa!t positi$ely on the rural poor. -arly weaning their !al$es allows them to gain weight rather than produ!e mil& for that young !alf.. %traw may 3e selling for H+(. /e then estimate how mu!h ea!h animal will eat daily. Me@ren *2HH-. Fa!tors su!h as in!reased in!ome4 population growth4 and e:panded ur3ani8ation will all result in an in!rease in demand for animal produ!ts in the future.BBIton and hay that we pur!hased !ost H1 BIton. First and se!ond !alf heifers are always !andidates for early weaning of their !al$es. tal&s a3out the limit feeding as a way to feed early-weaned !al$es when $ery few options are present. *hoosing the right supplement !an ha$e a tremendous impa!t on !ost and amount 3ought. des!ri3e that we !an sa$e a lot of money if we ha$e a deep &nowledge a3out the ingredient and their nutrient that !an 3e used for feeding your animal. *ows that are old or thin and heifers might 3e fed the J(K hay and (K straw from the 3eginning so that they !an gain weight and remain a healthy and produ!ti$e part of the herd. <nowing what nutrients are in your feeds !an sa$e thousands of dollars in maintaining produ!ti$ity of the herd and in pur!hasing the !orre!t supplement to mat!h the needs of the !ows. -$en with a supplement4 gains are only B. If you run the $alues per unit of protein and per unit of #D74 the straw is not a good 3uy for protein.( l3 daily. /e use "K of their a$erage 3ody weight to estimate daily dry matter inta&e. #his would imply that in!reasing areas of fertile4 irrigated4 agri!ultural land would 3e used for feed and fodder .. 5ne way to estimate feed use is to determine how mu!h net feed is a$aila3le. Redu!ing the feed 3y the per!entage of shrin& does this. Me@ren *+..

%ome farmers feed their dairy !al$es loo&s nothing li&e motherFs mil&.B@ states the !attle disease B. #hey also are a3le to eat when they feel hungry.D goes far 3eyond those few head. and Hay in the p. %!ientists ha$e long said it is at least possi3le that 3lood !an transmit the human $ersion of mad !ow disease.D has surfa!ed as a profit &iller in many feedlots a!ross the !ontinent. /hen feed isnDt mi:ed properly or fed in a timely manner4 we !an see 3loat and a!idosis. #he diagnosis last month of a !ase of the 3rain-wasting disease in a /ashington state !ow has 3rought renewed attention to the issue. Mi:ing hay and straw in a feed mi:er and feeding this mi: to the herd. /e !an mi: in many forms li&e feeding straw in the a. #he feed !ost will 3e $ery attra!ti$e 3e!ause the !al$es will gain quite effi!iently. #here are relati$ely few !attle in the national population that are persistently infe!ted ?2I@ with the B. #here are many different strains of the B.8. B. A !reep feed !ould 3e !onsidered mi:ing4 3e!ause part of the !alfDs diet !omes from the !reep and the remainder !omes from mil& and grass.D is a $iral disease thatFs 3een around for a long time. S@erman *+.. #he reason 3lood produ!ts are unsafe is that 3lood has 3een shown to transmit the disease.m.supplement4 they will lose weight. ItFs 3rown and is deri$ed from !attle 3lood. #he B. Howe$er4 the a!tual impa!t of B. In the quest for minimi8ing !osts4 B.D $irus !an sometimes affe!t the !ells in the 3ody that help with 3lood !lotting.. 6ou must ha$e enough 3un& spa!e for e$ery !alf to eat at the same time.D $irus4 and e$ery one is !apa3le of mutation. des!ri3e that all the ingredients of feed should 3e mi: properly in order to ma&e it perfe!t or nutrient in e$ery 3ite. e:presses to !hange the 3eha$ior of farmers a3out !al$es feeding.. Feeding straw on Monday4 /ednesday and Friday while feeding hay on the other days of the wee&. Lo$aa( *+. PeDF *+. In the )nited %tates4 people who spent signifi!ant time in the )nited <ingdom and -urope are not permitted to donate 3lood. %tudies !ondu!ted in the feedlot ha$e found that !attle want to eat at the same time ea!h day.8. Ideally4 !attle eat or are fed a diet that has all of their nutrients in e$ery 3ite.D has 3een studied. .m.D $irus.

. #o feeding all the straw the !ows needed would meet the needs of the !ows for energy and protein. %e!ond that it !an !ontain no artifi!ial ingredients. #he feeding dire!tions !an 3e used to estimate how mu!h feed your animals will eat for any length of time. #o 3e la3eled natural the produ!t must meet three !riteria. #his is true whether the feed is medi!ated or not. #hird that it !annot !ontain preser$ati$es. Any single one of them !an ma&e a 3ig differen!e in what the !attle will eat. des!ri3e that we should feed a mi: of straw and alfalfa while the !al$es were still on the !ows. /hi!h feed you using are !ontain all nutrient that required for the health of your !attle.B. Hopefully the person feeding the animals doesnDt for!e them to eat moldy feed rather than star$e. #his arti!le tal&s a3out feed tags. Ha%e& *+.rass and forage will 3e the feed sour!e !onsumed for the lifetime of the ruminant animal with the e:!eption of mil& !onsumed prior to weaning. Before you 3uy and start feeding something you &now little or nothing a3out do some in$estigating li&e does the feed ha$e natural to:ins su!h as nitrates4 molds4 muster feed4 !ottonseed4 and wheatN 6ou must ta&e !are of $arious su!h questions li&e is it e:!eptionally high in a nutrient or se$eral nutrientsN Does it need to 3e !o$ered or put in a tan&N Me@ren *+. #his !an 3e used to find out where and when it was made.. Me@ren *+. .A. #his means that !ows must 3e fed organi!ally grown feedstuffs the last three months 3efore the !al$es are 3orn. A musty or moldy odor will ha$e an ad$erse effe!t on inta&e. #he manufa!turer used their lot and 3at!h num3ers to identify the feed that was su30e!t to re!all. If a manufa!turer has more than one produ!tion site4 they use these num3ers to identify the plant. A feed re!all is a !omple: pro!ess 3e!ause the produ!t may ha$e 3een sent to distri3utors4 who in turn deli$ered it to feed stores4 who sold the produ!t to the final !onsumer..Me@ren *+.B. #he lot num3er refers to a single formula. %ometimes the lot num3er is 0ust the date in re$erse order.A. des!ri3es that animals for slaughter must 3e raised under organi! guidelines from the last trimester of gestation until pro!essed.. All feed tags ha$e a lot and 3at!h num3er on them. Better yet4 drin& a glass full and you will soon dete!t a strong 3itter fla$or that we thin& of as Osweet to the tasteD4 and that !attle !onsume readily. des!ri3es a3out ingredients that !ontain different nutrients. . Feed inta&e of !attle is !ontrolled 3y a $ariety of fa!tors.


odre0 ga$e up law and turned to lo!& ma&ing. 2iro0sha laid the foundation for the .odre0 towards 3e!oming a $i3rant4 multi-3usiness enterprise. His 3rother 2iro0sha . Ardeshir went on to ma&e safes and se!urity equipment of the highest order4 and then stunned the world 3y !reating toilet soap from $egeta3le oil.INTRODUCTION TO OR ANI5ATION +32 OVERVIE) OF THE INDUSTRY +3232Hi(tor& #he *ompany !ele3rated its !entenary in 1GGJ. In 1CGJ a young man named Ardeshir .odre0 !arried ArdeshirFs dream forward4 leading .

sprawling industrial garden township ?I%5 1'BB1-!ertified@ now !alled 2iro0shanagar in the su3ur3s of Mum3ai.odre0 .odre04 a lawyer 3y profession and a staun!h nationalist4 3elie$ed that India !ould attain freedom only 3y 3eing self-reliant.odre0 7ame displa!ed well-esta3lished foreign 3rands from the Indian mar&et. .  1GJ1 %tarted as Animal Feeds di$ision of .odre0.odre0 -mpire. His dream had 3e!ome a huge mo$ement4 whi!h was !arried forward 3y another 0ust as !apa3le . #ime and again4 with the laun!h of e$ery new produ!t4 Ardeshir .odre0 !hanged per!eptions in the Industry 3y adding e:!iting new dimensions. Be it the manufa!ture of the finest range of se!urity equipment or soap from $egeta3le oils4 the world was thrilled and stunned too. T@e Beginning #he 3eginning of the .o!&s !ame to 3e &nown as a sym3ol of self-relian!e4 trust-worthiness4 asserti$eness and progressi$eness for a new generation of Indians.odre0 .odre0Fs own 3rother 2iro0sha . T@e o#reE Name #he .td.odre0. In doing so4 India would o$er!ome e!onomi! degradation. #he name F.odre0F engra$ed into the shiny metal of the . #he man4 who did so4 was Ardeshir .odre0 tou!hes the li$es of millions of Indians e$ery day. . Its founder4 Ardershir . #o them4 it is a sym3ol of enduring ideals in a !hanging world.roup !an 3e tra!ed to IndiaFs freedom struggle. He laid the foundation of the .odre0 Industries . +323+LANDMAR/ InDorporation -sta3lished in 1CGJ4 the *ompany was in!orporated with limited lia3ility on Mar!h "4 1G" 4 under the Indian *ompanies A!t4 1G1".

 /e shall en!ourage an open atmosphere4 !ondu!i$e to learning and teamwor&.  1GG" A!quired )ni!orn Biote!h a #issue *ulture 3usiness.odre0 Industries . ?7ow a 1BBK su3sidiary of .  /e shall a!hie$e this o30e!ti$e through !ontinuous impro$ement in quality4 !ost and !ustomer ser$i!e.odre0 Agro$et .5.  BB1 A!quired Hindustan )nile$er Feed 3usiness ..odre0 3rand and our !orporate image of relia3ility and integrity.DM5H)R F55D% 1 F--D% .  1GGJ A!quired 5il 2alm 2lantation 3usiness of .#D. +3238 • • • ODRE! VALUES *ommitment to Puality *ustomer 5rientation Dedi!ation 1 *ommitment .Real . 5ur o30e!ti$e is to delight our !ustomer 3oth in India and *hi!&en . /e shall stri$e for e:!ellen!e 3y nurturing4 de$eloping and empowering our employees and suppliers.imited@ +3236 ODRE! MISSION  5ur Mission is to operate in e:isting and new 3usinesses4 whi!h !apitali8e on the .odre0 Agro$et 3orn as a separate !orporate entity e:panded into *hemi!al 2esti!ides.  1GG( Foray into 3randed !hi!&en.  1GGG A!quired India 2oultry Farm 3reeding and hat!hery 3usiness to 3e!ome an integrated player. 1GC' Di$ersified into Agri!ultural Inputs  1GG .

odre0 Mar& fed 2er!entage of Demand J(K (K 1BK (K 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Percentage of Demand Godre' (ark fed Local Brands( Goka P4 !"ard# $la etc% &ara FI C 2 +3+ PROFILE OF THE COMPANY . TABLE 6 *ompounded feed Brands .o&a4 2'4 *hardi <la et!@ #ara .• • • • • • Dis!ipline Honesty 1 Integrity 5penness 1 #ransparen!y Respe!tI*are 1 *on!ern for 2eople #eam wor& #rust +323B MA!OR PLAYERS AND THEIR MAR/ET SHARE #hat is a pro:imate $iew a3out demand of all *ompounded feed.o!al Brands ?.

odre0 %oaps ..odre0 Agro$et was formerly a di$ision of . In its 0ourney of growth4 .oldmohur Foods and Feeds .e$er4 a )nile$er su3sidiary in India4 in BB1. #he a!ti$ities of the !ompany are $ast9 *ompound Animal feeds4 Agri!ultural Inputs4 Integrated 2oultry Business4 5il 2alm 2lantations4 2lant Biote!h4 Retailing of Fresh Farm 2rodu!e in ur3an areas4 and rural retailing of a wide range of produ!ts in!luding Agri!ultural inputs. #his !entre is de$oted to de$elopment of inno$ati$e animal feed produ!ts.odre0 Agro$et has set new standards of !orporate performan!e4 relia3ly deli$ering quality produ!ts and ser$i!es to all its !ustomers at !ompetiti$e pri!es.odre0 Agro$et has re$enues !lose to Rs 1BBB *rores ?)% H (B million F6 BBJ@.imited from Hindustan .e:emplify this !onfiden!e.odre0 Agro$et feels !onfident to ta&e on glo3al !ompetition and has started ma&ing its presen!e felt in the international arena too.oldmohur Foods and Feeds . 5$er the years4 the !ompany has de$eloped and nurtured a !lose relationship with farmers.oldmohur Foods and Feeds .imited 4 . #oday4 .odre0 *hairman .imited en0oys strong 3rand equity due to its poultry and !attle feed 3rands.odre0 Agro$et together with its su3sidiaries has manufa!turing fa!ilities spread o$er 'B strategi! lo!ations and a networ& of o$er 1B4BBB distri3utors4 dealers and *1F agents. .imited ha$e a state-of-the-art R1D !entre in Bangalore named FA7I*F ?Animal 7utrition Inno$ation *entre@. . It was set up as a separate !ompany with fo!us on the Agri-se!tor.imited.imited and . . 2ro$iding them with inno$ati$e 2rodu!ts as well as edu!ating them on world-!lass farming pra!ti!es. Boar# o' DireDtor( • 7adir B.roup of Bangladesh for poultry and feed operations in Bangladesh4 and a!quisition of !ontrolling sta&e in Al-Raha3a4 whi!h runs 3roiler farms in )A. LOBAL FORAYSC Ha$ing su!!essfully grown to 3e the leader in many segments4 .oldmohur Foods and Feeds .olden Feed 2rodu!ts . A 0oint $enture with A*I . #ogether with its su3sidiaries ..odre0 Agro$et a!quired .

odre0 Real .odre0 3e!ame the first !ompany in the world to de$elop the te!hnology to manufa!ture soap with $egeta3le oilsE that spirit of inno$ation has !ontinued throughout the organi8ationDs history..ood *hi!&enM.odre0 Agro$et .odre0 Balram %ingh 6ada$ -:e!uti$e Dire!tor 1 2resident Dr. #oday . First *ompany in India to retail pro!essed fresh !hi!&en4 under the 3rand name M. . . First *ompany in India to retail fresh fruits and $egeta3les under the 3rand name =. *houdhury 7isa3a A.odre0 7atureDs Bas&et> First *ompany in India to set up rural ser$i!e 1 retail !hain for !omplete Agri-solutions under the 3rand name =. %tarted in 1CGJ as a lo!& manufa!turing !ompany4 the .• • • • • • • • • Aamshyd 7. Du3ash <a$as 7. . Anao&ar .imited is an Rs 1BBB *rores !ompany.odre0 safes were the only se!urity equipment whose !ontents were unharmedE an equal le$el of produ!t quality !ontinues to 3e e:pe!ted .odre0 Ardeshir B. #hrough the !onsistent appli!ation of this !ommitment and a !entury of ethi!al 3usiness !ondu!t4 . %udheer .i0ay M.odre0 has earned an unparalleled reputation for trust and relia3ility. In 1G"B4 .odre0 is deli$ering !onsumers e:!iting inno$ations a!ross a spe!trum of 3usinesses.odre0Ds su!!ess has 3een dri$en 3y the !ompanyDs !ommitment to deli$ering inno$ation and e:!ellen!e. Manufa!turing fa!ilities spread o$er 'B strategi! lo!ations. 2etigara Amit B.odre0 Aadhaar>. In the 1G'' Mum3ai do!&s 3last4 .odre0 +36 HISTORY OF ODRE! A ROVET . Its networ& is o$er 1BBBB distri3utors4 dealers and *1F agents. #he !ompanyDs pursuit of e:!ellen!e is equally well esta3lished and enduring. .odre0 . *rishna #anya A.roup is today one of the most a!!omplished and di$ersified 3usiness houses in India.

+38 RECENT ACHIEVEMENTS AND MILESTONES %trategi! tie-ups and a!quisitions ha$e 3een a way of life at . In 1GGJ4 . #he +BBB *rores .odre0 .odre0 3rand name.roups in India4 deli$ering quality produ!ts and ser$i!es to its !ustomers at !ompetiti$e !osts.odre0 Agro$et . Meaningful allian!es and useful a!quisitions ha$e 3een pro$iding impetus to its growth.( Billion@ . #oday . A re!ent estimate suggested that 'BB million people a!ross India use at least one .F6 BBJ ?)% H1. #oday4 the name . It has a well-esta3lished presen!e in $aried 3usinesses ranging from foods and !onsumer dura3les to real estate and information te!hnology. #he group has more re!ently entered the real estate and information te!hnology se!tors4 and management $iews these as a$enues for enormous growth.g. #his translates to the organi8ation deli$ering outstanding quality and $alue in e$erything it does.odre0 produ!t e$ery day. +3: PRODUCT RAN E OF THE ODRE! A ROVET .roup is one of IndiaFs largest professionally run pri$ate se!tor groups.from e$ery produ!t 3earing the . .odre0 !ompleted 1BB years of ser$i!e to the nation. .odre0 is synonymous with Puality 1 #rust. It is amongst the most admired Business .odre0 management understands that the !ompanyDs greatest asset is the trust and faith that !onsumers ha$e reposed in it4 and re!ogni8es that the !ompany must !ontinue to earn this trust.oldmohur Foods and Feeds ?Animal Feed@4 to India 2oultry Farm ?2oultry@4 <rithi&a ?5il 2alm 2lantations@4 and Higashimaru ?Mar&eting of %hrimp Feed@. %trategi! in$estments ha$e 3een made in 3usiness4 whi!h ha$e a strategi! fit and whi!h !omplement our 3usiness e.odre0 is a leading manufa!turer of goods and pro$ider of ser$i!es in a multitude of !ategories9 home applian!es4 !onsumer dura3les4 !onsumer produ!ts4 industrial produ!ts4 and agri produ!ts to name a few. #he a!quisition of 3usiness has 3een in different segments ranging from . *reamline ?Diary@4 2ol!hem ?Bio-te!hnology@.odre0Ds ethi!al and $isionary pra!ti!es ha$e allowed the !ompany to su!!essfully e:pand into a num3er of 3usinesses.imited.

Its produ!tion fa!ilities are spread o$er 'B lo!ations a!ross the !ountry. %tarting from hum3le 3eginnings of a single feed mill in Mum3ai4 it has grown into the largest produ!er of !ommer!ial Animal Feed in India4 with a strong presen!e in Dairy Feed4 Aqua Feed and 2oultry Feed se!tors. Despite the $ast geographi!al and !ultural di$ersity of India4 .a highly !reati$e and effe!ti$e demand !reation model that guides and pro$ides !ustomi8ed solutions to help !attle farmers in!rease mil& output and also mar&et the end produ!e.odre0 Agro$et the leader in this 3usiness. 1 in !attle feed 1st to mar&et poultry feed in !rum3 form 1st to mar&et poultry feed in pellet form 7o.odre0 Agro$etFs su!!ess in the li$esto!& se!tor is 3ased on a single guiding prin!iple whatDs good for the !onsumer is good for the 3usiness. 1 in !ommer!ial 3roiler feed %tate-of-the-art R1D !entre FA7I*F %trong 3rand equity for poultry feed 3rands INTE RATED POULTRY BUSINESS . . A great e:ample of this philosophy in a!tion is Manthan . /e& Hig@%ig@t( • • • • • • 7o.odre0 Agro$et has a ri!h e:perien!e of o$er " de!ades in the 3usiness of Animal Feeds.odre0 Agro$et has managed to de$elop quality feeds appre!iated 3y farmers a!ross the !ountry. #his !an only 3e attri3uted to its strong grass root le$el understanding of India.ANIMAL FEED DIVISION . %u!h su!!essful initiati$es ha$e not only 3enefited the farmers4 3ut ha$e also made .

Right from 3reeding4 hat!hing rearing of 3roilers to pro!essing and mar&eting of its 3randed !hi!&en F .odre0 Real .odre0 Agro$et set up Integrated 2oultry Business ?I2B@ in 1GGG with a $iew to organi8e the !hi!&en pro!essing industry and gi$e it a professional and modern approa!h.ood *hi!&en. /or&ing with o$er 1BBB farmers o#reE Rea% oo# C@iDFen9 In May 1GGG4 .It is foresight that led the way for . ContraDt FarmingC Has operations spread o$er %outh and /est India. .ood *hi!&enD Integrated 2oultry Business has turned out to 3e one of the &ey di$ersifi!ations of .odre0 Agro$et en$isaged that poultry farming would e$ol$e from a 3a!&yard 3usiness to a !onsolidated4 $alue added 3usiness. . . #oday4 the !ompany !o$ers the whole spe!trum of the poultry 3usiness.odre0 Agro$et. .odre0 Real .odre0 Real .odre0 Agro$et introdu!ed the Indian !onsumer to the !on!ept of pro!essed fresh !hi!&en 3y laun!hing . From 3reeding to retailing ran#parent FarmC Is lo!ated at Bangalore and has an in-house la3oratory that follows glo3al standards for 3io-se!urity4 sanitation and management pra!ti!es. Parent Bree#ingC 5$er B parent 3reeding farms in south and west India HatD@er&C Has state-of-the-art fa!ilities4 !atering to 3oth domesti! and international mar&ets. It has the support of world-!lass infrastru!ture4 professionalism and the relentless pursuit of pro$iding the Indian !onsumer with superior quality produ!ts.odre0 Agro$et in the Indian poultry industry.ood *hi!&en has o$er the years4 3e!ome a popular household name a!ross $arious !ities in India.

#oday4 the di$ision !an ta&e !redit for !reating many unique and inno$ati$e agri!ultural solutions that !o$er the entire range of agri!ultural !rops. Its primary o30e!ti$e was to mar&et plant growth promoters de$eloped 3y the !ompanyFs $ery own inhouse R1D Department./e& Hig@%ig@t( • • • First to gi$e the poultry industry in India a professional and modern approa!h. #he !ompany also pro$ides farmers with te!hni!al ad$i!e and ser$i!es. #hereFs 3een no loo&ing 3a!& sin!e then.odre0 Agro$et .argest mar&eter of unique inno$ati$e agri!ultural produ!ts OIL PALM DIVISION .imited was started in the year 1GGJ. Has world-!lass farms and state-of-the-art pro!essing plants A RI1INPUTS #he Agri-Inputs di$ision of . /e& Hig@%ig@t( • . A te!hni!ally qualified field for!e wor&s with the farmers4 !ondu!ting method and result demonstrations to edu!ate them on ma:imi8ing farm produ!ti$ity. *o$ers entire spe!trum of the poultry 3usiness4 from farm to plate. #hese produ!ts4 while impro$ing agri!ultural produ!ti$ity and profita3ility4 !ause 8ero -minimal damage to the en$ironment.

oa and <arnata&a. 5$er the years4 . 5il mills ha$e 3een set up in Andhra 2radesh and .odre0 Agro$et has put together a dedi!ated e:tension team that helps oil palm growers impro$e produ!ti$ity.oa. .In order to 3ridge the widening gap 3etween demand and produ!tion for edi3le oils in India4 5il 2alm Di$ision was started in the early GBFs. . 5il 2alm plantation a!ti$ities ha$e also 3een ta&en up in .odre0 Agro$et has de$eloped +(BB he!tares of oil palm in the %tates of Andhra 2radesh4 .argest produ!er of palm oil in India Dedi!ated and trained team Fa!tories in Andhra 2radesh and .odre0 Agro$et has set up one-stop shops pro$iding farmers with seeds4 fertili8ers4 pesti!ides4 te!hni!al guidan!e on !ulti$ation and 1BBK 3uy3a!& of fresh fruit 3un!hes.oa %upported 3y 3est quality seeds 1 1BBK 3uy3a!& of fresh fruits . /ith su!h a strong !ommitment to de$elopment and ser$i!e4 it is no wonder that Agro$et i( to#a&. t@e %arge(t pro#uDer o' pa%m oi% in t@e Dountr&3 o#reE /e& Hig@%ig@t( • • • • .u0arat4 5rissa and Mi8oram.

odre0 2lant Biote!h Di$ision is engaged in mi!ro-propagation of plants through tissue !ulture.PLANT BIOTECH DIVISION . 2hase "9 2ost-har$est and mar&eting9 #he !ompany pro$ides mar&et intelligen!e on produ!e mar&eting in different parts of the !ountry. It is also a!ti$ely in$ol$ed in !ontra!t resear!h on another !ulture4 seasonal $ariation4 produ!tion of se!ondary meta3olites through plant !ell !ulture and geneti! engineering. Its also pro$ides te!hni!al guidan!e ranging from resour!e analysis to !rop produ!tion and produ!e mar&eting. It also e:ports foliage4 flowering4 fruits and medi!inal and oil 3earing plants. 2hase 9 2lanting to har$est9 A wholesome !rop !ultural pra!ti!e is pro$ided. 2eriodi! $isits are !ondu!ted to monitor the !rop and ensure full produ!ti$ity. . #he Di$ision has four growth rooms !onforming to )% !lass 1BB4 'B laminar airflow wor&stations and a large en$ironmentally !ontrolled fully automated greenhouse for hardening tissue !ulture plants. #his guidan!e is pro$ided in three phases9 2hase 19 2re-planting9 #he *ompany !arries out resour!e analysis on soil and water and pro$ides ad$i!e on !limati! suita3ility to the !rop.

%in!e then . #hey also retail quality produ!ts of leading !ompanies.o#reE Aa#@aar #he first .odre0 Aadhaar *entre was started in De!em3er BB" in Man!har4 2une Distri!t.odre0 Aadhaar *entreDs ha$e 3een set up a!ross the !ountry in the states of Maharashtra4 . Aadhaar !entreDs also a fa!ilitate !redit to farmers and pro$ide a platform to sell their produ!e.odre0 Aadhaar4 to pro$ide !omplete agri!ultural solutions to farmers . #hese !entres pro$ide $alua3le te!hni!al guidan!e4 soil 1 water testing ser$i!es. /e& Hig@%ig@t( • . #o farmers4 itDs a !omplete solution under one roof.u0arat4 2un0a34 Haryana4 Andhra 2radesh4 #amil 7adu4 5rissa and /est Bengal.

o&handwala4 7orth Mum3ai. /e& Hig@%ig@t( • 7atureDs Bas&et4 a first-of-its-&ind4 one-stop retail outlet for fresh farm produ!e . Many more outlets are in the offing in different !ities a!ross the !ountry.NATUREIS BAS/ET 7atureDs Bas&et is the first-of-its-&ind store selling a wide range of $egeta3les4 fruits and her3s4 3oth lo!al and e:oti!. #he first 7atureDs Bas&et outlet was opened at Bhula3hai Desai Road4 Mum3ai. #wo more 7atureDs Bas&et outlets ha$e opened at *uffe 2arade4 %outh Mum3ai and .


 #o study the 3uying 3eha$ior of dairy farmers li&e 3efore pur!hase 3eha$ior and after pur!hase 3eha$ior. %e!ondary data is !olle!ted from go$t. . It is o3tained from respondents with the help of widely used and well-&nown method of sur$ey4 through a well-stru!tured questionnaire.632 OB!ECTIVES  #o &now the mar&et $alue of . It is the 3a!&3one of any study. 636 RESEARCH METHODOL Y 63632 SOURCES OF DATA i) Primar& #ataC 2rimary data are those4 whi!h are !olle!ted afresh and for the first time4 and thus happen to 3e original in !hara!ter.  #o study the a!tual results gi$en 3y different feeds 3y ha$ing a !omparison study of quantity of mil& gi$en 3y !attleDs. %e!ondary data either is pu3lished data or unpu3lished data. pu3li!ations4 0ournals4 maga8ines4 finan!ial re!ords4 we3 sites and annual pu3li!ations of the !ompany. 63+ SCOPE OF THE STUDY #he s!ope of study was not limited up to one F--D Industry 3ut it also !o$ers the sur$ey of the sample that represents the whole population. In this !ase one is not !onfronted with the pro3lems that are usually asso!iated with the !olle!tion of original data.odre0 feed and its !ompetitors. ii) SeDon#ar& #ata9 %e!ondary data are those whi!h ha$e already 3een !olle!ted 3y someone else and whi!h ha$e already 3een passed through the statisti!al pro!ess. It is done in order to &now the !ustomers awareness of feed Industry. In this study se!ondary sour!e used is Ge"(ite(.

-$ery respondent has his different $iewpoint a3out the topi! and they fill the questionnaire a!!ordingly.shown through Bar Diagrams and *harts whi!h helps me out in easy and effe!ti$e presentation and hen!e results are 3eing o3tained. 63638 METHODOLO Y 9 PRESENTATION OF DATA #he data so !olle!ted is than !oded in the ta3les to ma&e the things presenta3le in more effe!ti$e. #hese in!lude those farmers who ha$e diaries are ta&en to 3e !onsideration. #he results of $arious statisti!al tools that is *HI %P)R. #he sur$ey is !arried out on (B respondents • SAMPLIN UNITC 1 It indi!ates who is to 3e sur$eyed. In this pro0e!t sampling unit is all the farmers4 dairy farmers4 feed 3uyers4 et! of Fero8pur • SAMPLIN TECHNI<UE9 For the purpose of resear!h random sampling is 3eing used. Randomly we !at!h the different people from different areas of Fero8epur Distt. 63636 SAMPLE PLAN • SAMPLE SI5EC A sample of minimum respondents will 3e sele!ted from $arious areas of Fero8pur. An effort has 3een made to sele!t respondents e$enly. #he entire respondents are !hosen randomly. #he resear!her must define the target population that will 3e sampled.6363+ SAMPLIN AREA %ample is ta&en from F-R5Q2)R DI%#RI*#. .

 Most of the respondents were using the feed of more than one !ompany and they were not a3le to properly differentiate among their produ!t.  Respondents were relu!tant to dis!o$er !omplete and !orre!t information a3out themsel$es and their organi8ation.  Most respondents were not maintaining proper re!ords of their feed !onsumption4 so they were una3le to pro$ide e:a!t information.  Due to human 3eha$ior information may 3e 3iased.enerally the respondents were 3usy in their wor& and were not interested in responding rightly.  Most of the respondents donDt want to dis!lose the information a3out the $arious other !ompaniesDs from whom they 3uy feed.638 LIMITATIONS OF STUDY *arrying the sur$ey was a general learning e:perien!e for us 3ut we also fa!ed some pro3lems4 whi!h are listed here9  #he mar&et of .  .odre0 Agro$et is too $ast and it is not possi3le to !o$er ea!h and e$ery dealer4 manufa!turer and seller in the a$aila3le short span of time. .

CHAPTER18 DATA ANALYSIS 9 INTERPRETATIONS . INTERPRETATION OF <UESTIONNAIRE )1* + . cattle and /0ffalos do .o0 "a1e2 TABLE 8 Option( a) 1-5 b) 5-15 c) 15-30 d) More than 30 No3 o' Se%eDte# C 1G " B .

an# t@ere are 6HJ o' peop%e G@o @a$e 21: Datt%e7( or "u''a%o(3 On%& a 'eG @a$e 2:16.7e of cattle . of Selected 3 20 .30 25 20 15 10 5 0 3o4 of 5elected FI C + a% 1+5 /% 5+15 c% 15+30 d% (ore t"an 30 InterpretationC 1 From t@e a"o$e ta"%e I Dome to FnoG t@at mo(t o' t@e peop%e @a$e 21: DoG( or "u''a%o(. anima%(3 )2* + 6"#c" t.o0 "a1e2 TABLE : Options Desi Valati No.

20 15 10 5 0 Des# 8alat# 3o4 of 5elected FI C 6 InterpretationC 1 T@e a"o$e ta"%e (@oG( t@at t@ere are on%& 8BJ o' peop%e in t@e area G@o @a$e DoG(3 MaEor part i( $a%ati an# minor i( #e(i3 )3*+ Do .o0 0se feed2 TABLE B Options Yes No No. of Selected 50 0 .

50 40 30 20 10 0 3o4 of 5elected

9es 3o

FI C 8

InterpretationC 1 I $i(ite# to on%& t@o(e peop%e G@o u(e 'ee#3

)4* + 6"#c" feed .o0 are c0rrentl. 0s#ng2

Options o!e Mi" #o!po$nded

No. of Selected 13 3%

40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 3o4 of 5elected FI C : ,ome (#: !om7o0nded

InterpretationC 1 T@e a"o$e ta"%e grap@ (@oG t@at mo(t o' t@e peop%e u(e
Dompoun#e# 'ee# t@an @ome miK3

)5* + ;eason for not 0s#ng com7o0nded feed2

Option( a) &$alit' b) #ost c) (r$st d) )*areness

No3 o' Se%eDte# C 1 ' B

8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 3o4 of 5elected FI C B a% )0al#t. /% !ost c% &r0st d% <-arness

InterpretationC 1T@e a"o$e D@art (@oG( t@at mo(t o' t@e 'armer( #on7t %iFe
t@e Lua%it& o' Dompoun#e# 'ee#3 T@e& a%(o not tru(t t@e ingre#ient( u(e# in Dompoun#e# 'ee#3

)6* + =f com7o0nded feed t"en -"#c" /rand2

Option( a) +odre, b) (ara c) Mar-fed d) )n' other

No3 o' Se%eDte# C 1B ' 1(

rice b) &$alit' c) Deli/er' d) )n' other No3 o' Se%eDte# + "G ( B . %iFe oFa. an# MaF@an Ma%ai3 )7* + 6"at . P8. Option( a) .16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 3o4 of 5elected FI C A a% Godre' /% &ara c% (arkfed d% <n.o0 l#ke #n t"at 7art#c0lar feed2 TABLE 2. ot"er InterpretationC 1 From t@e ta"%e it #epiDt( t@at mo(t o' t@e 'armer pre'er %oDa% "ran# 'ee#.

d% <n. c% Del#1er.40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 3o4 of 5elected a% Pr#ce /% )0al#t.o0 0se feed2 TABLE 22 Option( a) 0e1$lar b) Once in a *eec) (*ice in a *eed) So!e (i!es No3 o' Se%eDte# (B B B B ..o. ot"er FI C - InterpretationC 1 A"o$e D@art (@oG( t@at mo(t o' t@e peop%e gi$e( pre'erenDe to Lua%it& G@i%e "u&ing an& 'ee# pro#uDt a( A-J peop%e @a( (e%eDte# Lua%it&3 )8* + .

o.eg0lar /% >nce #n a -eek c% &-#ce #n a -eek d% 5ome &#mes InterpretationC 1 A"o$e D@at (@oG( t@at 2..50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 3o4 of 5elected FI C H a% .o0 are g#1#ng 7er cattle #n $4G2 TABLE 2+ Option( a) 1-2 b) 2-2 c) 2-3 d) More than 3 No3 o' Se%eDte# "G J .J peop%e gi$e( 'ee# to t@eir anima%( regu%ar%&3 )?* + .m0c" @0ant#t. of feed .

a% 1+2 /% 2+4 c% 4+6 d% (ore t"an 6 InterpretationC 1 From t@e grap@ it #epiDt( t@at mo(t o' t@e 'armer gi$e +18 Fg o' 'ee# per Datt%e.o0 "eard a/o0t Godre' feed2 TABLE 26 >7t#ons Yes No 3o4 of 5elected 35 15 . G@iD@ i( t@e per'eDt Luantit&3 )10* + .a1e .40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 3o4 of 5elected FI C 2.

"ut t@e& @a$e not u(e# it3 )11* + .o0 e1er 0sed Godre' feed2 TABLE 28 Options Yes No No.a1e .35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 3o4 of 5elected FI C 22 9es 3o InterpretationC 1 A"o$e ta"%e (@oG t@at t@ere i( a %arge no3 o' peop%e G@o @ear# a"out o#reE 'ee#. of Selected 15 35 .

J o' peop%e G@o e$er u(e# o#reE 'ee#3 )12* + .m0c" m#lk .o0 are gett#ng 7er co-2 TABLE 2 Option( a) 3-5 b) 5-10 c) 10-15 d) 15-25 No3 o' Se%eDte# B 11 1B .o.35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 3o4 of 5elected FI C 2+ 9es 3o InterpretationC 1 A"o$e ta"%e (@oG t@at t@ere i( on%& 6.

Fg o' mi%F per DoG an# t@ere are +6J peop%e G@o are getting 2.12 10 8 6 4 2 0 3o4 of 5elected FI C 26 a% 3+5 /% 5+10 c% 10+15 d% 15+25 InterpretationC 1 A"o$e ta"%e (@oG t@at t@ere are on%& ++J o' peop%e in t@e area G@o are getting :12.o0 are gett#ng 7er /0ffalo2 TABLE 2B Option( a) 3-5 b) 5-10 c) 10-15 d) 15-25 No3 o' Se%eDte# B "B 1" B .o.12:Fg mi%F per DoG3 )13* + .m0c" m#lk .

30 25 20 15 10 5 0 3o4 of 5elected FI C 28 a% 3+5 /% 5+10 c% 10+15 d% 15+25 InterpretationC 1 A"o$e ta"%e (@oG t@at t@ere are on%& B. an# t@ere are +HJ peop%e G@o are getting 2. Fg o' mi%F per "u''a%o.J o' peop%e in t@e area G@o are getting :12.o0 are 0s#ng m#lk2 TABLE 2A Option( a) 4or Sale b) 4or o*n cons$!ption c) 5oth No3 o' Se%eDte# 1C "B .12: Fg mi%F per "u''a%o an# ot@er( are getting %e(( mi%F 3 )14* + Aor -"#c" 70r7ose .

30 25 20 15 10 5 0 3o4 of 5elected FI C 2: a% Aor 5ale /% Aor o-n cons0m7t#on c% Bot" InterpretationC 1 A"o$e ta"%e (@oG( t@at t@ere i( a 'eG 'armer( G@o u(e mi%F Eu(t 'or (e%%ing3 A( mo(t o' t@e 'armer u(e mi%F 'or (e%%ing mi%F an# oGn Don(umption3 CHAPTER1: SUMMARY CONCLUSION .

He showed me three samples of #ara feed that was in little 3o:es.odre0 feed in the area is #ara feed. He also told us $arious !onsumers and there home towns of #ara feed.odre0 feed 3y the !onsumer. From these two agen!y holders we !ame to &now that9  #ara feed has more demand than . /e !an ha$e an idea of the quality of different feed samples 3y 0ust smelling those samples.  #here are some !omplaints a3out .odre0 feed. <apil <umar Agen!y holders of the area.odre0 feed types and !ompetitors.odre0 feed in the area. He also made me aware a3out $arious !onsumer of . After that I $isit to agen!y holder of #ara feed. He gi$e me 3asi! &nowledge a3out feed4 . .9 RECOMENDATION :32 FINDIN S OF THE STUDY AgenD& Ho%#er As I did my first $isit to Mr. I also !ome to &now that the 3iggest !ompetitor of .

odre0.  *ompounded feed does not help in in!reasing the quantity of mil& as its pri!e is paid.odre0 feed has fewer margins that are 1B-1( per feed3ag4 where #ara has a3out (-"B.odre0 feed is not good at all. It influen!es the health of !attle. :3+3+ E0PECTATIONS  Feed should !ontain more quantity of muster feed or !otton seed.odre0 agen!y holder to deli$er goods to other shop&eepers that in!rease !ost of goods.  #hey 3elie$e that the pa!&et of white powder in the . But it is the responsi3ility of . :3+ FINDIN S OF THE FARMERS :3+32 VIE)S  *ompounded feed is !ostly and animal donDt li&e to eat  It !ontain more quantity of )rea that is not good for the health of the animal  It should not ma&e animal feed hot in the summer season. *onsumer has a good per!eption toward #ara than .  #hey donDt ha$e trust in ingredients used in !ompounded feed.  2ri!e should 3e less.odre0 agen!y holder are not satisfied with the supply !hain management of the !ompany as they thin& #ara has a more good supply !hain management as when there tru!& !ame for deli$ery they deli$er goods also on those shops those has gi$en order to agen!y holder. .  5ne more !omplaint 3y shop&eeper is that .  .

. T@e Bu&ing Be@a$ior o' Dair& 'armer( Be'ore Bu&ing9  #here are $arious fa!tors that influen!e 3efore 3uying 3eha$ior li&e quality4 pri!e4 and a$aila3ility.)R DA %H-RA should use that is good for the health of animal.#hey got su!h 3eha$ior from their friends neigh3ors relati$es and ad$ertisement  #hey also influen!ed 3y !amp arranged 3y different feed industry li&e #ara always arranged !amp in different $illages that gi$e awareness to farmers a3out $arious Agri inputs mainly feed. #hey also pro$ide tea and sna!&s to those farmers who $isit to their !amp.  Puantity of mil& de!reases and there is a pro3lem in their 3reast. Ingredients should mi: properly.  It influen!es the health of animal.  Mainly they ha$e a quality per!eption in minds for different feed 3rands . :3+36 COMPLAINTS #hese !omplaints are for a spe!ifi! period when some 3ad sto!& deli$ers  After using with water its !olour !hange into 3la!& and smelled 3adly.  .  It should !ontain minder mi:ture.

odre0 Adhar in the area that is a sour!e of ad$ertisement4 awareness and 3rand image. Finally they influen!e 3y $isit done in the industry.udhiana agri!ultural uni$ersity fest4 Mu&tsar Maghi fest that helps in ad$ertisement and awareness to farmers a3out produ!t. #hey told us that they got C-1 liter mil& 3y using #ara 3ut .odre0 !onsumers ha$e no su!h &ind of pro3lems. #hese two fa!tors play different role For e. As #ara sends a lot of 3uses in different $illages and pro$ide farmers a $isit to industry. But .odre0 has not su!h results.  #o ha$e a 3ooth in 3ig festi$al where a lot of farmers get together li&e . A'ter Bu&ing9  Mainly two fa!tors that influen!e after 3uying 3eha$ior are result gi$en 3y feed and quality deli$ers 3y farmers.  From our sur$eys we ha$e found that #ara is gi$ing a $ery good result. #hese 3ooth are arranged 3y $arious feed !ompanies to aware farmer a3out agri input. #hat helps industry to ha$e a good and loyal relation with farmers. .  A $ery few farmers are aware a3out . #hey showed them produ!tion pro!ess and ingredients used for produ!tion.might 3e you are getting good result 3ut deli$ering not a good quality means you in!rease the quality of mil& 3ut your !attle health is influen!ed 3y that.9. #hey showed them their produ!tion plants and other equipment used for produ!tion.g.  But we also found pro3lems with the health of animals those who are using #ara li&e animal started eating less in hot summer days and animal feel wea&ness it is also harmful for !owDs !hild.

odre09 .  A!!ording to me . .I ha$e found that a$erage of the farmers is getting (-1B liter mil& and ma:imum is1B-1(. Ma:imum results are more than ( liter.odre0 due to good ad$ertisement strategies used 3y them.  .I ha$e found that a$erage of the farmers are getting C-1 liter as half of the questionnaire are (-1B and half are 1B-1(.odre0 has got first pla!e in Indian feed industry4 3ut in the area a $ery few people are aware a3out .odre0 feed. 5ther 3rands that is more prefera3le than .odre0 should spend a lot of money in order to !reate a good 3rand image and awareness of the produ!t to !onsumer.  #ara9 .  A!!ording to me from $arious reasons the 3iggest reason of non-awareness is less manpower for mar&eting and less ad$ertisement of the produ!t.T@e aDtua% re(u%t gi$en "& 'ee#  Home Mi:9 . Instead of .From our questionnaire I ha$e found that home mi: results are 3etter as !ompare to !ompounded feed.odre0 !an also thin& a3out some good mar&eting strategies that !an implement in the area. . A$erage of the farmers is getting 1B-1( liter mil& 3y using home mi:.odre0 feed has not !apture as su!h mar&et as in other !ities or states. 838 CONCLUSION  As from my all study4 I ha$e !on!luded that .

It is also a sour!e of ad$ertisement.  It has 3een in some !ases that agents are not fully satisfied with whate$er gets from the !ompany4 in monetary terms or in any other forms of non finan!ial in!enti$es. #he study re$ealed that mar&eting is the area whi!h seems to 3e negle!ted 3e!ause the !ompany produ!ts were in great demand. . #he !ompany should !hange its stan!e from produ!tion oriented to mar&eting oriented. Howe$er the s!enario is !hanging4 whi!h ma&es it ne!essary for the !ompany to esta3lish a full-fledged mar&eting department. than to mar&eting side though mar&eting and sales a!ti$ities are responsi3le for earning RECOMMENDATIONS 5n the 3asis of !on!lusions drawn 1 enumerated in pre$ious pages4 an attempt has 3een made to suggest the following re!ommendations.odre0 Adhar helps farmers in pro$iding awareness a3out $arious agri input and also pro$ide $arious ser$i!es li&e 3an& loan et!.odre0 feed. I thin& the 3est pla!e for . 1.odre0 Adhar !an 3e a good sour!e of !reating a good relation with farmers. As we !ome to &now that some farmers who ha$e $isited to .odre0 Adhar are $ery impressed 3y ser$i!es and $arious features pro$ided to farmers. #hus .  More emphasis is 3eing gi$en to the produ!tion side in the !ompany rather re$enue for the !ompany.odre0 feed users e:!ept some 3ad sto!& and loo&ing for a good and loyal relation with the !ompany.  2rodu!t promotion is an area whi!h required to 3e geared up.  .odre0 Adhar is on the main road of Fero8epur to Fa8il&a that !om3ine all the $illages together.ess emphasis is 3eing gi$en on mar&eting resear!h4 whi!h pro$ides the !ompany with the information regarding the mar&et 1 its dynami!s. 5$erall I found farmers satisfy with the quality of . .  2eople are e:pe!ting more good results from .

udhiana .andless and %mall Farmers in Asia9 Resear!h Requirements4 /ritten 3y Frands Dol3erg ?1GG(@ .. %o that the students gi$e their 3est effort to ma&e the pro0e!t in su!h a way whi!h is 3enefi!ial for the !ompany :36 BIBLIO RAPHY :3632 Re'erre# BooF( 1. ".%. Hen!e the !ompany may !on!entrate on dire!t sales mar&eting through personal selling or mar&eting representati$e follow up with industrial !onsumers. (. *ompany should pro$ide food and %tephen to the trainees. <otler 2hillip ? BBJ@4>Mar&eting Management> Ma!groth Hill4 7ew Delhi :363+ ArtiD%e(  Feed Resour!es for .. #he !ompany should de$elop a mar&eting information system4 at present through its depot managers and e:isting agents further with the help of personal selling staff.4 .2..%.%.Hardeep ? BBB@4 =5uantitati$e #e!hniques> <alyani 2u3lishers4 .upta .4 %ingh . Aggarwal .4Bharwa0 .. #o 3egin with4 the !ompany may ad$ertise the produ!t and the !ompany 3rand in industrial 0ournals li&e =Indian Feed> 1 in future introdu!e sales promotion through additional agents and personal selling staff whi!h would !onstitute a proper mi:. 2resently the !ompany seems to 3e depending on depot sales 3ut dire!t sales mar&eting and sales through agents are the other a$enues a$aila3le to the !ompany. '. #he !ompany is ad$ised to formulate a promotion mi: &eeping in mind a !hanging s!enario of mar&et..

!omIpoultryIarti!lesImy!oto:insR3inders.poul$et.htm www.4 /ritten 3y Mi&e Mehren ? BBJ@ 75.ama8ines.!omIarti!lesIfeed-safety .-4 /ritten 3y Mi&e Mehren ? BBJ@ #houghts for /inter Feeding4 /ritten 3y Mi&e Mehren ? BB+@         )EBSITES www.'&ids.t$I3u88Ifeed www.!om www.!omIarti!les www. F--D% F5R *A##.feedmanufa!turing.orgIarti!lesIfeedRlaws.feedmanufa!turing.feedma!hinery.-.wind-wor&s.!omIemail-etiquette-rss-feed.!omIarti!lesIfeed www.yard3ar&er.!omIarti!leRfeed. How Mu!h Feed Do I 7eedN /ritten 3y Mi&e Mehren  *attle feed 3an allows !al$es to 3e fed 3lood4 /ritten 3y Mar& %herman ? BB'@ *attle )pdate9 B.D In the Feedlot4 /ritten 3y Bethany .netmanners.html www.arti!legimp.oregonfeed.imit Feeding 6oung *al$es4 /ritten 3y Mi&e Mehren ? BB+@ #H.feedma!hinery.DR-AD-D F--D #A.!om www.!fm www.html www.orgImehren.!omIsitesI$iewRrssarti!lesI'B www.o$aas ? BB+@ Feed Inta&e4 /ritten 3y Mi&e Mehren ? BB(@ Feed Mi:ing4 /ritten 3y Mi&e Mehren ? BBJ@ Feeding a 7i!he4 /ritten 3y Mi&e Mehren ? BBC@ .php www.

!omIfeedIJJ"1IArti!les-3y-<athleen-<rueger ANNE0URE )0est#onna#re &16a) 1-5 o* !an' cattle and b$ffalos do 'o$ ha/e7 b) 5-15 c) 15-30 d) More than 30 &26 .www.Do 'o$ $se feed7 a) Yes b) No .8hich t'pe of cattle 'o$ ha/e7 a) Desi b) Vallati &36.feedagg.

feed7 b) No a/e 'o$ e/er $sed +odre. feed7 b) No &126 .+7 a) 1-2 &106a) Yes &116a) Yes b) 2-2 c) 2-3 d) More than 3 a/e 'o$ heard abo$t +odre.o* !$ch !il.8hat 'o$ li-e in that partic$lar feed7 a) .o* !$ch !il.9f co!po$nded feed then *hich brand7 a) +odre.8hich feed 'o$ are c$rrentl' $sin17 a) o!e Mi" b) #o!po$nded &56.o* !$ch <$antit' of feed 'o$ are 1i/in1 per cattle in =.4or *hich p$rpose 'o$ are $sin1 !il-7 a) 4or sale b) O*n cons$!ption c) 5oth .&26 .rice &:6b) &$alit' c) Deli/er' d) )n' other o* 'o$ $se feed7 b) Once in a *ee.'o$ are 1ettin1 per b$ffalo7 a) 3-5 b) 5-10 c) 10-15 d) 15-25 &126 .0eason for not $sin1 co!po$nded feed7 a) &$alit' b) #ost c) (r$st d) )*areness &36.d) So!e ti!es a) 0e1$lar &.'o$ are 1ettin1 per co*7 a) 3-5 b) 5-10 c) 10-15 d) 15-25 &136 .c) (*ice in a *ee. b) (ara c) Mar-fed d) )n' other &%6.6 .

--- o* 'o$ *ant feed to be or *hat are 'o$r e"pectations fro! feed7 )ns6- 3ame+ <ddress+ !ontact no4+ >cc07at#on+ .