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Hemp is a very useful plant. he reason !hy it is illegal to"ay seems an easy #uestion to ans!er Because of the effects that it causes on the $rain an" $o"y. %ight& 'rong( he reasons !hy hemp !as ma"e illegal !ere reasons that the pu$lic !ere never e)pose" to. Before 1**+ a$out eighty to ninety percent of the !orl",s paper !as manufacture" from hemp $ast fi$er. he -nite" .tates /epartment of 0griculture first propose" making paper from hemp pulp in the early 11+0,s. 0lthough pro"uction ha" to !ait until someone invente" a machine that !oul" separate the hemp pulp from the fi$er cheaply. Mean!hile2 /upont 3hemicals2 Hearst 4aper an" im$er2 an" several other companies ha" "evelope" a ne! !ay to make !hiter paper out of trees. 5ust !hen they got all their patents an" $usiness going in 11+62 someone invente" the hemp ,"ecorticating, machine. his threatene" to put all the tree companies out of $usiness2 $ecause of the fact that hemp paper is cheaper to make. 0 huge sum of capital !as tie" up in making tree pulp paper an" shipping it for sale. Most of the tree6paper companies !ere very po!erful an" ha" many connections !ith the government. .o in 11+72 they launche" a country6 !i"e campaign to put a prohi$itive ta) on hemp. his !as the first ,%eefer Ma"ness Movement, an" !hen !e $egan to call canna$is68Mari9uana8. 0t that time no one kne! that mari9uana !as really canna$is hemp. he only kno!le"ge a$out hemp that the pu$lic kne! ha" $een o$taine" from the many fa$ricate" stories. 0ll the pu$lic kne! !as that it !as 8the killer !ee" !ith roots in hell82 $ecause of the suppose"ly harmful effects that it ha" on the human $o"y an" min"2

!hich $y the !ay have all $een researche" again in "epth an" the previous conclusions of the effects of mari9uana on the human $o"y an" min"2 have all $een "isproven. Because of this most 0merican,s "i" not kno! !here their clothes use" to come from $ecause synthetic fa$rics ha" 9ust $ecome popular. he first :evi,s $lue 9eans !ere ma"e from the hemp plant. he many useful uses of hemp as a perspective pro"uct for the future2 pro"ucts such as; fi$er2 rope an" t!ine2 canvas2 cloth an" cotton2 ho! it can replace our "epen"ence on our forests for our paper pro"ucts2 an" finally ho! easily it can $e cultivate".

First of all2 hemp has $een use" since pre6history for many purposes. <n"ustrial hemp means those parts of the canna$is sativa plant2 !hich contains less than 1.00 percent tetrahy"rocanna$inols = H3>. = H3 is the psychoactive chemical foun" in canna$is sativa.> /o not confuse in"ustrial hemp !ith mari9uana. Mari9uana comes from the flo!ers of the canna$is sativa plant an" contains more than 1.00 percent H3. <n"ustrial hemp has no psychoactive properties. <n"ustrial hemp can $e gro!n as a profita$le2 high6#uality fi$er crop !ithout pro"ucing mari9uana. %egistere" see" varieties that pro"uce hemp containing less than 0.+ percent H3 even in flo!ers are availa$le throughout Europe. Farmers in the European 3ommunity have $een gro!ing hemp for over t!enty years !ithout any pro$lems relate" to mari9uana. <n 111+2 Englan" $egan to pro"uce hemp for fi$er. <n 111?2 3ana"a harveste" its first crop of in"ustrial hemp after more than fifty years of prohi$ition. he "ecorticator $egan getting !i"e attention an" it !as to hemp !hat the cotton gin !as to cotton. he invention prompte" a 11+7 4opular Mechanics maga@ine to call hemp the 8Ae! Billion /ollar 3rop8 an" Mechanical Engineering maga@ine to call it 8 he Most /esira$le 3rop hat 3an Be Bro!n.8

First of all2 canna$is is the most "ura$le of the hemp plants. <t pro"uces the toughest cloth2 calle" canvas2 !hich has $een use" !i"ely in the making of sails. <t !as the only cloth that !as foun" to resist rotting !hen coming in contact !ith !ater. 8Hemp !as responsi$le for ninety percent of ship,s sails $efore the nine6teenth century. Hemp canvas !as also the art canvas of choice of many of the greatest painters2 inclu"ing %em$ran"t an" Can Bogh. Aota$le other places hemp canvas coul" $e foun" !oul" $e the covers on the covere" !agons "uring the coloni@ation of the 'estern -...

.econ"ly2 other te)tiles that can $e ma"e from the hemp plants are; tents2 linens2 rugs2 "rapes2 #uilts2 $e" sheets2 to!els2 "iapers2 flags2 etc. Hemp is softer than cotton2 !armer than cotton2 more !ater6a$sor$ent than cotton2 has three times the tensile strength of cotton2 an" it is much more "ura$le than cotton. Hemp cloth "oes not stretch out. Dne half of the pestici"es use" in the entire -... are use" on cotton. 3otton is a soil6"amaging crop an" nee"s a lot of fertili@er.

hir"ly2 the fi$er or $ast an" the pulp or hur" of the hemp plant can $e use" to make paper. he hemp stalk is compose" of eighty percent hur"s. he hur"s are the !oo"y inner portion of the hemp stalk that are separate" from the hemp fi$er. he hur"s are fifty to seventy6 seven percent cellulose2 !hich makes them i"eal for the use in making paper. 4ulp paper is softer than fi$er paper. he pulp paper !orks like glue2 hol"ing small $its of fi$er together. .ometimes fi$er is a""e" to pulp paper to a"" strength. Dne acre of canna$is hemp can replace four acres of forest2 in the pulp pro"uction. <n or"er to make paper out of tree pulp2 !e nee" to $reak "o!n a su$stance calle" ,lignin,. <n or"er to "o this2 !e must soak the pulp in po!erful aci"2 !hich contaminates the environment. 0lso the paper is often !hitene" !ith chemicals !hich are also

"angerous to the environment. Hemp pulp "oes not contain lignin an" !hitens !ith much less "ifficulty. o"ay only four percent of 0merica,s 8ol"6gro!th8 forest remains stan"ing. 'e are running out of our trees2 so !hy not fin" an alternative& 4aper ma"e from hemp is kno!n as the 8archivist,s perfect paper8 $ecause it lasts much longer than tree pulp paper an" "oes not har"en2 crack2 yello!2 or crum$le !ith age. Hemp fi$er can $e use" to make every gra"e of paper.

Finally2 ho! easy hemp is to cultivate. First of all the stalk is harveste" for the fi$er an" hur"s. he center of the stalk is hollo! e)cept at the no"es =!here the leaves are attache"> an" in the $est fi$er pro"ucing types the hollo! space occupies at least one6half the "iameter. he innermost layer or pith is surroun"e" $y thick2 short !oo"y cells !hich support the plant "uring its gro!th. he !oo"y core is referre" to as the hur"s. here are three types of fi$erE primary $ast fi$ers !hich are long an" lo! in lignin2 secon"ary $ast fi$ers !hich are interme"iate length an" high in lignin content2 an" li$riform fi$ers !hich are short an" high in lignin. Fi$er length an" the contents of cellulose an" lignin are important #ualities !hen pro"ucing pro"ucts in the cor"age2 te)tile2 paper2 an" fi$er$oar" in"ustries. Hemp gro!s $est in a humi" environment2 !hen the temperature ranges $et!een fourteen an" t!enty6seven 3elsius2 $ut it can en"ure greater temperature variations. Hemp gro!s $est !hen there is plenty of rainfall2 especially "uring the first si) !eeks. 0lthough it hastens maturity2 !hen roote" it can en"ure "ry con"itions. 0lthough !hen un"er going "ry circumstances the plant has "!arf gro!th an" re"uces yiel"s. Hemp is usually plante" $et!een early March an" late May in the northern latitu"es !hen the temperature is aroun" ten "egrees 3elsius. .ee"lings can survive a short frost of negative eight to negative ten "egrees 3elsius. Dl"er plants can tolerate frosts of negative five to negative si) "egrees 3elsius. Earlier plantings pro"uce $etter crops.

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