Now That You Have Your Report On Hamilton House Prices – Here Are Some Tips To Help You

Get Top Dollar When You Sell…
PLUS: How To Sell Your House In As Little As 24 Hours Without Even Putting It On The Mar et ! an" Laugh To Yoursel# At How Eas$ It Was%

Christina, Here’s your report on Hamilton house prices, in your area, which includes a link of all the homes for sale and sold in the last six months on your street and in your neighbourhood. This report will give you a general idea of what homes in your area are selling for today. As you may know, there can be tremendous variation in what identical homes sell for even on the same street! f you’re going to sell your house in the next six months, what you do right now can make a difference of thousands of dollars. There are some simple things you can do now to make sure you get !Top "ollar# when you do sell.

Here are three R!! services "ou ma" want to ta#e a$vanta%e o& ri%ht now'
$irst, is my R!! (Pinpoint Price) Anal"sis , where can take a closer look at your house and prepare a very specific price for your home. This price will be much more precise than the general range ’ve included here. %lus, list at the %inpoint %rice and guarantee in writing to sell your house in less than &' days. ()ome conditions apply*

Adam $rench + )ales ,epresentative + ,oyal -e%age )tate ,ealty .rokerage + &'/.012.11/3

)econd, is my R!! (Room*+"*Room Review ,) where make specific recommendations about which fix4ups or improvements you should (and shouldn’t* do to prepare your home for sale. ’ll point out the lowest cost, highest return improvements you can make to help sell your house 5uickly and for more money. Third, if you’d like, ’ll include your house in my (Silent ,ar#et) of homes that are not yet on the market. .ecause generate buyer interest from my website, advertising and marketing 6 may be able to find a buyer for your house without even putting it on the market7saving you both time and money. These three services are $,88, it takes about an hour to discuss, and can arrange a time in the evening or )aturday, whatever is most convenient for you. Take a look at the information ’ve included here, then either call me at &'/.93&.:&92 or send me an email at adamfrench; and ’ll schedule a time to get together. <ours for a 5uick and profitable sale, Adam $rench &'/.012.11/3 %.). ’ve included a copy of my !How To )ell <our House $or Top "ollar 6 FAST=# booklet...and an issue of my !>et Top "ollar# home seller newsletter (that was emailed to you*. f you’d like information on homes for sale in other neighbourhoods 6 even if they’re out of town 6 ’d be happy to prepare that for you. ?ust give me a call.

Adam $rench + )ales ,epresentative + ,oyal -e%age )tate ,ealty .rokerage + &'/.012.11/3