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Soulbound – Pitch Document 2014

Take on the character Felicity Anderson in our 3D, Third Person, Action Adventure Game Soulbound. You’ll travel from ancient Aztec Temples deep in the Amazonian Rainforest, to the Shaolin Monasteries in the Chinese mountains in search both past, and present civilisations for their own unique methods of Soul Restoration.

Game Play & Mechanics
As you travel the world; you’ll be able to traverse the Physical & Spirit World at specific areas in the world known as “Rifts”. Many ancient civilisations knew of these Rifts and built their temples and places of worship upon them, while others saw them as abominations, and condemned all who can move through them. Tackle fearful citizens, vengeful spirits and powerful monsters as you fight your way through both the Physical & Spiritual world to find the rituals and clues that’ll help you restore your own Soul. Making use of a series of special abilities bestowed upon you by your curse, you can heal your wounds, blast your enemies or scare those around you. Special Abilities & Power Ups

Soul Blast – 20 Soul Energy (20 second Cooldown)
Blast your foes with powerful soul energies, causing moderate damage and stunning them for a short time. Creatures with the “Weakened Soul” effect take double damage. Upgradable: Tier I, Tier II, Tier III & Tier IV

Mend Wounds – 35 Soul Energy (5 Minute Cooldown)
Call upon the helpful spirits of the Spirit Realm to aid you, and mend your wounds. Effect increased when near a Rift. Can be cast while stunned. Upgradable: Tier I, Tier II & Tier III

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Soulbound – Pitch Document 2014

Death & Resurrection

As the enemies of both the Physical World & Spirit World becomes too much, you’ll find yourself nearing death, but your Spiritual Powers allow you to defend yourself from the Spirit Realm. As you fall, monsters will still attack your body, and you’ll need to defend yourself. As you do, you’ll slowly regain in power, allowing you to resurrect yourself, and return to your adventure. Perish though while in the weakened Spiritual state and you’ll find yourself being force to start from the nearest checkpoint. Monsters & Enemies

You’ll be facing off against mythical creatures, terrifying beasts, angry citizens, sceptical religious followers and much more. Each comes with their own skill set, weaknesses, strengths, and personalised A.I. Systems. Watch as some creatures overcome obstacles to reach you, or others lure you into traps and ambushes. Some monsters will sacrifice their Spiritual Strength to empower their Physical Form, and so can only be defeated in the Spirit Realm, and vice-versa.

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Soulbound – Pitch Document 2014
Finances & Investment
Soulbound will be operated by a small, niche but extremely professional team meaning that the concept of the game, from start to shipment will not suffer, and also allows us to maintain fairly low costs. We’ve assessed various multiple income streams for the company, and have decided to split the investment portfolio down into three income areas: Publisher Investment: Potential Crowd Sourcing: Potential Solent Local Enterprise Fund: Total Investment Portfolio: $200,000 $50,000* $65,000* $320,000*

Expenses: We’ve developed our expense plan to allow for flexibility, and to use services that can be cancelled / renewed when they’re needed. Services such as Office Space or Adobe Creative Cloud all have immediate cancellation options, and offer great value for money. Office Space: Computers & Hardware: Adobe Creative Cloud: Other Software & Services: Development Kits: Salary & Wages: Online Services (Hosting, etc…): Contingency Fund: $450 per month (Portsmouth Technopole) $35,000 $1,500 $2,500 $10,000 $250,000 $35 per month $15,000

Income Model: Sales of Soulbound will initially be supported by the Xbox Arcade & PlayStation Network to reduce fulfilment house costs and expenses, and also to be open to a wider range of customers. Later in the year we’ll also launch our PC Version which we plan to be shipped via Steam. Soulbound Xbox Version: Soulbound PlayStation Version: Soulbound PC Version: $30 $30 $30

At an investment of $200,000, units selling at $30 and an expected 35% return rate on investment per unit, it’ll require just short of 20,000 units sold to make a return on your investment, and cover the costs of the Stores taking their cut. Beyond 20,000 units we’ll be looking at earning a profit. Future Updates, Expansions and Paid-Downloadable Content (p-DLC) are all areas that we may also look to when looking to further develop the Soulbound universe, and to ensure a continued cash flow for Voodoo Gaming.

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