Gladys Ericka Galang 2012-56501 Ectodermal Derivatives The Central Nervous System STRUCTURE ORIGIN Prosencephalon Neural

Tube #u ure si e o$ Neural Tube elencephalon #u ure si e o$ Neural Tube &iencephalon 'esencephalon .ho"bencephalon Prosocoel Telocoel &iocoel Epiphysis 1n$undibulu" 2ypophysis 'esocoel .ho"bocoel 3n erior Choroid Ple-us 7asal Pla es Pos erior Choroid Ple-us /pinal Cord Neural Tube Neural Tube Neurocoel Neurocoel Neurocoel Neural Tube Neural Tube Neural Tube Neurocoel Neurocoel Neural Tube Neural Tube Neural Tube Neural Tube FATE IN THE ADU T FROG Telencephalon, diencephalon Telencephalon% cerebral he"isphere Thala"us, diencephalon, hypo halaus +p ic lobes 'yelencephalon 'e encephalon 1s and 2nd !en ricle o$ cerebral he"isphere 1s and 2nd !en ricle o$ cerebral he"isphere 0rd !en ricle o$ cerebral he"isphere Pineal body Pos erior pi ui ary gland 3n erior pi ui ary gland 35ueduc o$ /yl!ius 6 h !en ricle 3n erior choroids ple-us 'yelencephalon Pos erior Choroid ple-us /pinal cord FUNCTION Cen ral ner!ous sys e" Con rols !olun ary "uscles "o!e"en 'a(or relay s a ion $or sensory in$or"a ion on i s )ay o he cerebru"* regula ion o$ body e"pera ure and )a er balance ,isual and audi ory re$le- cen ers 'uscle Coordina ion con rols respira ion, brea hing ra e,e c "uscle coordina ion Co""unica es )i h ca!i y o$ he ol$ac ory bulbs, passage)ay o$ C/# Co""unica es )i h ca!i y o$ he ol$ac ory bulbs, passage)ay o$ C/# Co""unica es )i h he la eral !en ricles hru he #ora"en o$ 'onro, passage)ay o$ C/# /ecre es "ela onin /ecre es o-y ocin, an idiure ic hor"one, !as ocin, "eso ocin /ecre es prolac in, gro) h hor"one, leu eni4ing hor"one, #/2 Connec s ca!i ies o$ op ic lobes Con inues pos eriorly )i h he ca!i y o$ he spinal cord, passage)ay o$ C/# Produces C/# 1n!olun ary coordina ion Produce C/# E- ends o he spinal ner!es )hich are $or sensory and "o or $unc ions Passage o$ C/# Con ains lens and re ina +u er"os layer o$ cells Con ains rods and cones #ocus ligh rays on o re ina by re$rac ion #or hearing and e5uilibriu"

Cen ral Canal Neurocoel Cen ral canal The !eri"heral Nervous System Eye +p ic Cup Neural Tube 1ris Pig"en ed Epi heliu" Neural Tube Pig"en ed epi heliu" .e ina Neural Tube .e ina +p ic 8ens Epider"al Ec oder" +p ic lens Ear + ic ,esicles Epider"al /acculus 9 u riculus 1nner Ears Ec oder"

en ion o$ ubular opening $ro" e. #or respira ion >ind pipe = passage)ay o$ air /ecre es hyro-in Tube )here $ood passes hrough in going o he s o"ach >here diges ion occurs. Trige"inal ner!e :.erior E. ner!e +p ic ner!e :11.ernal Gills 8ung 7uds Trachea Thyroid Gland Di$estive System Esophagus / o"ach 8i!er Epider"al Ec oder" Epider"al Ec oder" Epider"al Ec oder" Epider"al Ec oder" Neural Cres Neural Cres Neural Cres Neural Cres Epider"al Ec oder" Neural Cres Epider"al Ec oder" . Epider"is o$ /kin 'elanophores &isappears 'ou h ca!i y 8ining o$ "ou h ca!i y The Endodermal Derivatives 8ining o$ ol$ac ory canal /"elling +pening o he e. releases en4y"es )hich are used $or breaking do)n $ood /ecre e bile. re"o!es o-in .ernal nares 1n ernal nares #acial :.111..11. rela ed o as e buds and $acial "uscles inner!a e u riculus and sacculus :sensory.up uring o$ +ral Pla e Epider"al Ec oder" +l$ac ory epi heliu" Choanal canal E. para hyroid &isappears 8ungs Trachea Thyroid gland Esophagus / o"ach 8i!er Pa h)ay o$ diges ion and respira ion Eus achian = per"i s pressure e5uali4a ion on bo h sides o$ y"panic "e"brane* Para hyroid = secre es he para hyroid hor"one Gas e-change :#or respira ion. Eus achian ube.ernal Nares 1n ernal Nares Cranial Nerves 3cous ico-$acialis Ganglion Glossopharyngeal Ganglion +p ic Ner!e Trige"inal Ganglion S%in Epider"is 'elanophores Additional Structures +ral /uckers +ral Ca!i y / o"odeu" &epression The Fore$ut Res"iratory System PharynPharyngeal Pouch E. 3udi ory ner!es :. Glossopharyngeal :1<. Pri"i i!e gu :endoder"al e!agina ion.ernal nares o pharynsensory and "o or. Endoder" Pri"i i!e gu Endoder" Pri"i i!e Gu Pri"i i!e Gu Pri"i i!e Gu Pharyn'iddle ear.Ol#actory Or$ans +l$ac ory Epi heliu" +l$ac ory Canal E. branhces o $irs branchial arch /ends signals o he brain o recogni4e )ha )as $ocused on he re ina /end branches o "andibular and "a-illary processes o$ 1s !isceral arch +u er co!ering o$ he body = $or pro ec ion agains abrasion Con ains "elanin ha gi!es he skin color adhesion 1nges ion o$ pray 8ining $or buccal ca!i y Pri"i i!e gu Pri"i i!e gu :endoder"al e!agina ion.

/"all in es ine &isappears 8arge in es ine Cloaca 3nus &isappears The &esodermal Derivatives / ores bile 'ain si e o$ diges ion Nu rien s s ored in he egg #ur her breakdo)n o$ indiges ed "a erial by bac erial ac ion and )a er absorp ion Tube )hich connec s he large in es ine and he anus E.isceral pericardiu" Pleuroperi oneal ca!i y Parie al peri oneu" . s ernu" and ribs 'uscles opera ing he splanchnocraniu" /uppor s he $loor o$ he craniu" 2ouses he brain and audi ory organs and par ially surrounding he eyes and ol$ac ory organs /uppor s he pharyn'o!es and s abili4es laryn.isceral Peri oneu" Pri"i i!e Gu 3rchen eron Endoder" 3rchen eron Pri"i i!e Gu 3rea o$ blas opore Chorda"esoder" Gallbladder &uodenu".isceral skele on Par o$ !isceral skele on &isappears and is replaced by "esonepric kidney "esonepric duc Coelo" /o"a ic 'esoder" /planchnic 'esoder" /o"a ic 'esoder" /planchnic 'esoder" Pericardial ca!i y Parie al pericardiu" . Epi"ere :"esenchy"e. Epi"ere 'eso"ere 'eso"ere . skull.rudes ga"e es and $eces 3-ial suppor Epi"ere :"esenchy"e.isceral 3rches 2ypobranchial Car ilage &esomere E(cretory System Pronephros @idney Pronephros &uc Hy"omere Coelom Pericardial Ca!i y Parie al Pericardiu" . ches and back. includes he !er ebral colu"n. connec i!e issue layers o$ skin 3-ial "uscles 9 "uscles o$ he back 3-ial /kele on 7ranchio"eric "uscles #loor o$ chondrocraniu" Chondrocraniu"% in ranasal pla e Con ains chro"a ophores )hich gi!es he color o$ he $rog /uppor s he body /uppor s he head. Epi"ere :"esenchy"e. Epi"ere :"esenchy"e. Epi"ere :"esenchy"e.and hyoid #il ra ion o$ urine connec s he pri"i i!e kidney body o he cloaca and ser!es as he anlage $or cer ain "ale reproduc i!e organs /urrounds he hear /epara es he )all $ro" he ca!i y i sel$ /epara es he hear $ro" he pericardial ca!i y* pro ec s he hear and holds i in places 7ody ca!i y surrounding !iscera /epara es )all $ro" he ca!i y 2olds and pro ec s he !isceral organs* Epi"ere :"esenchy"e.Gallbladder 'idgu ?olk 2indgu Cloaca 3nus Notochord No ochord E"imere S%eleton and &uscles &er"a o"e 'yo o"e /clero o"e 7ranchio"eric 'uscles S%ull Parachordal Car ilage Prechordal%Trabecular Car ilage 'isceral Arches .isceral Pericardiu" Peri oneal Ca!i y Parie al Peri oneu" . Epi"ere :"esenchy"e.isceral peri oneu" and s"oo h . &er"is.

"uscle o$ gu Aortic Arches E$$eren 7ranchial .ernal caro id. 2nd. pul"onary arch &orsal aor a Truncus ar eriosus Conus ar eriosus . Augular !ein = drains blood $ro" he ongue and lo)er (a) subcla!ian !ein = drains blood $ro" he en ire $oreli"b 'a(or drainage channal $ro" caudal par o$ he body /upplies blood o he ail 1 drains he ail Gas e-change Other !arts o# the Circulatory System 3n erior Cardinal .supplies blood o he brain and deep head s ruc ures* branchial = supplies blood o ar" e.igh le$ a riu" .ein Caudal 3r ery Caudal .supplies blood o ongue and $loor o$ he "ou h* branchial = supplies blood o ar" /upplies blood o he lu"bar%back region.ernal caro id.ecei!es lo) o-ygen blood $ro" righ !en ricle and o-ygen rich blood $ro" le$ !en ricle /er!es as a base $or all ar eries 8e$ a riu" .ein /inus . pul"onary arch E.0rd and 6 h branchial !essels.ein /planchnic 'esoder" .en ricle Co""on Cardinal .essels 3$$eren 7ranchial .essels &orsal 3or a Heart Truncus 3r eriousus 7ulbus%Conus 3r eriosus 3 riu" . 0rd and 6 h branchial !essels.enosus /planchnic 'esoder" /planchnic 'esoder" /planchnic 'esoder" /planchnic 'esoder" /planchnic 'esoder" /planchnic 'esoder" /planchnic 'esoder" /planchnic 'esoder" /planchnic 'esoder" 1n ernal caro id.en ricle 3n erior !ena ca!a and por ions o$ pos ca!a /inus !enosus Augular subcla!ian !ein Pos erior Cardinal .ein Gill Capillaries /planchnic 'esoder" /planchnic 'esoder" /planchnic 'esoder" /planchnic 'esoder" 'os degenera e re"ains $ro" he pos ca!a &isappears &isappears &isappears separa es he organs $ro" he ca!i y in ernal caro id . kidneys and urogeni al sys e" .recei!es blood $ro" he organs o$ he body righ a riu" = recei!es blood $ro" he lungs Pu"ps blood in o conus ar eriosus En ers he an ero-la eral o$ he sinus !enosus 1ncorpora es he sinoa rial node )hich con rols and regula es he hear :pace"aker.