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APRIL 2014 Volume 1, Issue 1

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General Membership Meeting What is Bargaining?

2014 General Membership Meeting

Stewards, President and Bargaining Team Elected. On March 26, members came together at the Steelworkers Hall for our General Membership Meeting (GMM) - which is the highest decision making body for the local. The agenda included elections, health & safety updates and reports on the status of pensions. Incumbent president Nancy Pridham, was re-elected in an uncontested race, along with chief steward, Thomas Anderson. In addition, a host of new stewards were elected to serve as on-the-ground liaisons between members and the local. As 2014 is a bargaining year, the membership elected six people who, along with our local president, will represent us at the bargaining table across from management . Following the outcome GMM, the local administered a bargaining survey in order for members to help shape the priorities for the negotiating team. The survey was released on Friday, March 28th and finished on April 7th. Results will be disseminated in a demands setting meeting.


Talk Back!

GMM was held on March 26th Executive team elected. Bargaining team elected. Bargaining survey launched on March 28th.

Protecting Public Services at CAMH

What Is Bargaining?
The language in our collective agreement (CA) sets the terms of employment for both employees in the union and the managers. It covers topics such as wages, vacation, sick days and much more. As time goes on, however, members might want to improve those terms. We mainly address changes when our CA expires. At this point the union nominates whats called a bargaining team - in our case 6 members, plus our local president. The teams goal is to negotiate with management to improve the language in the CA. Before negotiating starts the union is institutes a survey to members on what kinds of changes they want. OPSEU member Janey Haggart helped launch the Local 500 survey in early April. We adapted a previous bargaining survey. Members could either complete it online or on paper copies available through stewards. Janey reported, We had over 600 respondentswhich is a record for our local. Brock Suddaby, Local 500s Union Representative, said Once the bargaining survey is completed the results will be tabulated and presented to the membership at a demands setting meeting.



About Local 500

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The Ontario Public Service Employees Union Local 500 serves member at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. We are the largest OPSEU local over 1600 members strong. Local 500 is here to ensure your that your voice is heard at CAMH and that your work is safe, dignified and enjoyable. Our contact information is below. We would love to hear from you!

OPSEU Local 500

63A Bruce Street Toronto, ON M6J 2Z2

E-mail: Website: Facebook:

Talk Back! Bargaining Edition

We talked to several members with different positions at CAMH about what they want to see in the next collective agreement. Heres what a few had to say: Currently, a contract worker has to be employed for 48 consecutive months before changing to permanent status, Id like to see that reduced to 24 months. Many research staff members are working on multi-year projects but go through the renewal process each year. It creates a lot of unnecessary pressure on them. - Research Analyst at College Street site. Provisions for part-time staffespecially around holiday hours. If you work the Saturday and Sunday before a holiday, you should work the holiday too. Support Staff at College Street site. Our costs of living are increasing, and our wages should too. Education Assistant.
OPSEU Local 500 President, Nancy Pridham

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