Lesson Plan Number

Subject: ____Religion___ Year__ Topic: ___The Story of Moses and the Israelites _____ Year Group: ____2nd

No. of Students: ___19_____ Date: __05/02/14____ Time_11.20am__ Length of Lesson: _____40mins___ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. KEY CONCEPT(S): What Key Concept(s) (ideas) will I teach in this lesson? o Piecing together the story of Moses and the Israelites

______________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. LESSON AIM(S): What am I going to teach? I will do a quick recap on the story reminding the pupils of key events and asking questions. The pupils will then in teams retell the story through assessment which is in the form of a Table Quiz. ____________________ _________________________________________________________________________ 3. LEARNING OUTCOMES: At the end of this lesson, students should be able to…. o Verbally contribute to retelling all what we have learned o Retelling Moses Journey through means of written assessment ________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. ASSESSMENT/EVIDENCE OF STUDENT LEARNING: How will I know that the learning outcomes are being achieved? 1. Key concept two will be assessed by:   The verbal retelling of the story using literacy links and Pictures The written answers in each round of the Table Quiz

______________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. PRIOR KNOWLEDGE: What prior knowledge do students have about this topic?  The pupils will be able to identify elements of the story of Moses as this has been the topic of focus for the last five weeks.  The pupils have completed many assessments and recap sessions on the topic of Moses  The pupils have watched video clips and heard songs related to the story  They all should have some understanding of the story but some pupils may find it difficult to piece all the events together in one assessment.

TEACHER ACTIVITIES: What activities will I use to facilitate the teaching of EACH Key Concept? How much time for each activity?

Key Concept 1: Piecing together the story of Moses and the Israelites (40mins)  I will ask questions orally to see if the children have understood what they have read in the extracts, seen in video clips, heard in conversations and listened to in songs. I will use the literacy props to assist weaker pupils who find large volumes of information hard to process.  I will also take this opportunity to ask the pupils where can they see themselves in the story and relate it to their lives.  The pupil will then be handed out five rounds of questions.  Before each round I will explain the directions, read through the questions orally ask if everyone understands and then get the pupils to complete the assessment activity.

6. STUDENT ACTIVITIES: What activities will the students be engaged in to understand EACH Key Concept? How much time for each activity?

Key Concept 1: Piecing together the story of Moses and the Israelites (40mins)  The pupils will be assessing literacy props and answering questions on oral recap of key events.  The pupils will take a silent moment to think of where they can relate their own lives to that of Moses.  The pupils will be getting into teams of four and thinking of a team name  The pupils will listen to direction and complete each round of questions

8.QUESTIONS: Please list lower and higher order questions that are linked to each Key Concepts. (A minimum of six questions specifically related to the key concepts

1. Key Concept(s) Teaching Key Concept 1

6. Teacher Activity Give direction about class Orally recap on the story focusing on key events.

7. Student Activity Listening to direction Answering questions Contemplation/feedback

8. Questions
                  Who have we been learning about? What happened to him as a baby? Why did this happen?(HO) Where did he grow up? Was he born an Egyptian or Israelite? How do you know?(HO) Why did he kill a man?(HO) Where did he go? What is a Burning Bush? Why did God speak to Moses?(HO) Did Moses trust in God?(HO) How would God protect Moses? What happened next?(HO) What did Moses do?(HO) Why did Pharaoh not listen to Moses? Why did another plague follow?(HO) What does Passover mean?(HO) What does Exodus mean?(HO)

Piecing together the story of Moses and the Israelites (40 mins)

Ask questions to piece together the story Pose question of where Pupils find themselves in the story Given direction to get into teams of four Explain the rules and workings of a table Quiz Hand out booklet and read out loud all questions to check for understanding Monitor Table Quiz assist if needed and take up sheets after every round.

Listen to direction Get into teams of four Listen to rules of activity Listen and assess questions Complete Questions Hand up sheets

Think......How can this character of Moses relate to our lives?(HO)

______________________________________________________________________________________________ 7. DIFFERENTIATION: How will I differentiate the content knowledge of this lesson so as to include all learners in a mixed ability class?

o Having spent time learning about the pupils I was aware the level of literacy for some pupils needed some attention in order to fully understand concept and for learning to take place. With this in mind I differentiated content and took time with pupils to identify words by using literacy aids. o I will use different methods of assessing pupils in the table quiz from filling in blanks, matching exercise to cloze sections. This will allow differentiation during team answers and hopefully engage all learners. o o I will also assist weaker students with “Helping Hand” time for further Understanding.

______________________________________________________________________________________________ 8. RESOURCES: What materials/resources will I need/use? Mullally, K 2006 Pathways to God 2,Gill and Macmillan, Dublin, white board, markers, original activity sheets, Literacy Aids.. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ 9. LITERACY & NUMERACY: What are the essential aspects of literacy/numeracy in this lesson?

I am putting into action an assessment for both content understanding and to raise the level of literacy. The pupils are been assessed both on numeric’s and literacy and I am hoping that this will assist in the quest to raise literacy levels.