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Monday, August 1, 2005
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By Tosha Johnson


eterinary Medical Laboratory, Inc., a diagnostic laboratory that has been in business for over twenty years, was purchased by sisters, Joanie Wensley and Reanie Marchand, along with Reanie’s husband, John, five years ago. The sisters bought the business with the idea that Joanie and her husband, David, would manage the laboratory and grow the business. Joanie and David Wensley have been operating Veterinary Medical Laboratory Inc. out of their home in order to allow them to be readily available to their clients after hours. It also allows them to ensure that they are able to continue meeting their high standard of a consistent 24-hour turn-around time on EIA test results. Of course, according to Joanie and Diagnostic Laboratory: David, they are always looking for Veterinary Medical Laboratory, Inc. new opportunities that will allow P.O. Box 5458 Austin,TX 78763-5458 them to maximize their in-house Phone: 512-476-6694 David Wensley and Joanie Wensley capabilities. Their vision for Veterinary Medical Laboratory is to eventually expand their staff and services Staff: to tests other than EIA. David feels that the exposure they gain through GVL Joanie Wensley: and the efficiencies GVL’s system provides for them is helping them down their Owner and Certified EIA Technician path. David Wensley: Veterinary Medical Laboratory, Inc. came on with GVL in January 2005 Assistant Technician because they had clients request they do so. After researching the idea, David Reanie Marchand: and Joanie decided it was an investment in the future. Currently, Veterinary Owner and Certified EIA Technician Medical Laboratory provides EIA testing services to 130 practices in total, 11 practices that are on-line with GVL. Of the 11 on-line clients, six of them are Testing Capabilities: significantly large accounts for them. David and Joanie hope to get all of their Equine Infectious Anemia clients on-line, however not all veterinary practices have the internet. Right now, Veterinary Medical Lab, Inc picks up samples from the post Test Resulted Through GVL: office twice a day. David also picks up samples from the clinic for practices that 1540 = 8 Months of Tests Total are in the area. David said there have been days when he’s driven 100 miles one way to pick up samples. David and Joanie pride themselves on catering to the clients and hope to continue to do so in all the years to come. Since coming on-line in January, the Wensleys have found GVL’s system to save them huge amounts of time, money and paper. While they realize the benefits of GVL’s system will be much more obvious the second year for their clients, they still feel it is a good investment in their company. David and Joanie are looking forward to next year when their online practitioners won’t have to enter all their clients information again and time savings really kick in. Because they realize that having the information already stored and easy to access is a significant benefit to their current on-line clients, David and Joanie encourage their other clients to come on-line also. The working relationship between the staff at GVL and Mr and Mrs. Wensley, according to the Wensleys, has been very helpful and positive. David and Joanie took the opportunity to grow with a new system and be a leader in Texas and it’s working for them. We at GVL, have heard nothing but positive feedback about the services and professionalism that Veterinary Medical Laboratory, Inc. offers from on-line clients. We’re extremely proud to have David and Joanie as clients and appreciate their skills and efforts in moving the animal industry forward by taking the initiative to recognize the need for our system.


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