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Discharge Planning

Remind patient to religiously take the discharged medicines as ordered.
Spironolactone 25mg 1 tab BID
Cefuroxime 500mg every 8hours PO
Captopril 25mg 1 tab TID
Ranitidine 50mg every 8hours IVTT
Furoxemide 40mg IVTT every 12 hours hold for SBP less than 90mmHg

Encourage significant others to provide a peaceful environment conducive for
fast recovery and healthy living.
Advise significant others to keep surroundings clean and stress-free.
Advise significant others to reduce environmental destruction as much as
possible so that the client could have an undisturbed sleep.
Advise significant others to provide a well ventilated environment.

Encourage patient to have a lifestyle modification to reduce symptoms and
____ the underlying cause.
Encourage patient to abstain from drinking alcohol, smoking and to avoid or
limit caffeine intake.
Advice patient to have a regular check-up with his physician.
Encourage to have an adequate rest periods by decreasing stimuli.
Schedule activity to maximize sleep periods.
Encourage client to have regular exercise individually in a structured
rehabilitation program under a physician’s guidance.
Encourage patient to avoid significant labor and emotional stress.

Health Teachings:
Teach stress management techniques as indicated, including appropriate
exercise program.
Encourage patient to have a weight loss plan to fit his lifestyle.
Teach patient to set a realistic goals and create a personal action plan to
achieve successful weight reduction and control for life.
Discuss with the patient the side effects of the drugs taken such as blurred
vision, arrhythmias, diarrhea, and headache, loss of appetite, hypotension, nausea
and vomiting.
Encourage patient to monitor his weight daily to increase detect fluid
retention (do this at the same time each day).