Planetary Stock Trading Source: ????

What to Look for When Trading Stock The most important factor in determining a shift in the stock market is a solar eclipse. This occurs when the Sun and Moon are conjunct with the North (Rahu) or the South ( etu) Nodes of the Moon. ! solar eclipse occurs e"er# si$ months either in Rahu or etu. !n eclipse is "er# unpredicta%le& %ut one thing is for sure '' the# cause re"erses. A Ketu eclipse causes a down trend in the market, whereas a Rahu eclipse will cause an up trend. The shift %egins to mo"e toward the following eclipse. (lanets conjoined or aspecting these eclipse points fla"or the effects. The sign (sidereal) the eclipse falls in has great emphasis on what kinds of stocks will rise or fall. ! station of a planet is of paramount importance. This will magnif# that planet)s effect. !s the planet changes direction& the planetar# effect shifts. Retrograde planets bring stock down. When the planet goes direct, the stock will begin to rise. A planet is strong when it is either stationary, or it is con unct or opposite a recent eclipse point. The planet that rules the t#pe of stock must %e identified. *or the %usiness or stock to do well& this planet must %e strong. !lwa#s choose a first trade chart that is compati%le with #our own chart. +ook for positi"e connections %etween %oth charts. SUN ,ecause the first trade charts alwa#s open at -:./ !M and 0/:// !M until Septem%er ./&0-12 in New 3ork 4it#& the Sun will alwa#s %e around the 00 th house. The Sun can %e a%out the reputation of the stock. The Sun can also represent the president or 456 of the compan#. 7f the Sun is in hard aspect to 8ranus& the stock will tend to fluctuate. 4onnections %etween the natal Sun and (luto s#m%oli9e a powerful mo"er on the e$change. 7ts price fluctuation will affect the whole industr#. MOON The Moon represents the pu%lic or masses. 7t rules food and restaurants. 7t has to do with ser"ices that care for people such as hospitals and retirement facilities. Transits to the !oon can cause erratic trading patterns . Natal charts with Moon:8ranus connections cause irregular price mo"ements. !oon"#aturn connections bring stability. MERCURY

7t also deals with an# form of tra"el& such as airlines& cars& and shipping or mail. Transits to natal . . $%&'# .enus can %ring stock mo"es resulting from agreements and mergers.enus rules o"er products that enhance %eaut#& i. !AR# Mars rules machiner# and mechanics& as well as fire& kni"es and war.Mercur# rules all forms of communication and education& including telephones& tele"ision& writing and pu%lications. 7t attracts mention in the press& and rumors ma# mo"e the stock.e. Mercur# can cause swift mo"ement in a stock. 7t adds energ# to the trading of a stock and will gi"e rise to a stock. !ars in aspect to 'ranus causes erratic changea%le stocks. cosmetics& as well as theater& painting and flowers.

Stations of 8ranus are among the %est mo"ers of stock prices& ne$t to planets. .(')*T%R <upiter rules o"er legal matters and justice& higher education& and go"ernment rulings.estock and farming.e and signifies growth. 'ranus is e+tremely . #aturn will lower the price of a stock as it passes o. ). SATURN #aturn rules o. as well as geriatrics and death. )luto0s transit can cause takeo. *t can be a stabili-ing influence or it can be depressing. 7t can also signify deception and cheating. NEPTUNE Neptune rules li=uids of all kinds& including oil& gasoline& natural resources& water& and an#thing to do with the shipping industr#. *t is e+pansi. <upiter will %ring a stock up as it aspects planets in a chart. *t rules money and se+. 7t also rules drugs& %oth legitmate pharmaceuticals and illicit drugs. 7t rules atomic energ#.ers or land. li. 7ts station will cause an up'trend when transiting a planet.'T/ (luto is monumental or e$plosi"e. 'RA&'# 8ranus rules o"er aircraft& computers& electricit# and technolog#& as well as trends and futuristic fads.olatile. *t is about control and power. This planet can %e trick# and must %e watched carefull#.