The seamless illimitable interest in technical research and development has a profound impact in appealing me to pursue MS Degree in Computer Science. A good performance in physical sciences and mathematics at high school and pre-university level laid solid foundation to choose engineering as an avenue for learning.
Computer Science is a field intoxicated with change. It is this novelty in Computer Science which fascinates me. Some of the most exciting

developments today are taking place in the orld of computer science and ! am open to actively contribute to it. ! have" therefore" decided to pursue active research in Computer Science as my indulging career. ! believe it ill also serve to give direction to my career goal as a research professional at a commercial research-oriented organi#ation. EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: ! as able to secure admission into the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, calicut because ! stood $%th among nearly &'("))) students" ho appeared for the Common *ntrance Test of our state. ! have a keen desire to take up a career in research" and have al ays been on the lookout to do something other than the regular course ork. As an undergraduate student in the Computer Science and *ngineering Department of one of !ndia+s reputed *ngineering Colleges" the ,AT!-,A. !,ST!T/T* -0 T*C1,-.-23" Calicut ! have had an opportunity to gain an insight and a fair depth of kno ledge in different and diverse areas of Computer Science. As a part of our under graduation" e had to do a mini pro4ect. ! have implemented a decentrali#ed NETWORK FILE SEARCH as my mini pro4ect. This search engine searches for a file among the shared folders of all the users connected to the net ork and lists the file on the user side. /nlike the commercial search engines available on the internet" the load of searching is not concentrated completely on the user side5 it is distributed among all the computers on the net ork. Moreover the search can also be limited to a set of selected hosts on the .A,. !t is this pro4ect hich provoked my interest in net orking and also made me a are of hat net orks are capable of. As my ma4or pro4ect ! implemented a fully functional COLLABORATIVE SPAM FILTER USING A CENTRALI ED INCREMENTALLY LEARNING SPAM RULES DATABASE. -ur implementation of the spam filter incrementally learns" and adapts itself to the changes in the concept of a spam and ill eventually be capable of filtering ne variety of spam. -ur implementation is mainly aimed to be used in an intranet or an organi#ational level. These pro4ects gave me better insight into the implementation of mail servers and some other net ork based applications. As mentioned above" my pro4ect ork and my courses

-7S3S !ndia 7vt .have given me plenty of exposure to net orking and ! feel that ! have sufficient motivation and aptitude to ork in this field. After completing undergraduate studies" ! strongly felt the need to be more familiar ith different existing and emerging technologies and in an attempt to gain further exposure ! decided to ork for some time in the industry before pursuing my graduation. This lab gave me a better exposure into various aspects of compilers. This ork gave me deeper exposure into C" C:: programming and into internals of the above mentioned platforms. ! feel that the research facilities at your university provide an ideal environment for intellectual development in my chosen field of interest and ill help me attain my career goals. Since ! am also interested in programming" ! am presently orking at S3. These ould be best suited to my needs" interests and ould act as a catalyst to get the best out of me. ! ould be thankful to you" if ! ere allo ed to pursue my graduate studies ith financial assistance at your institution. /sually e port products from linux to suse" aix and sparc platforms. 6e had Compiler construction as one of our labs. .td. !n this lab e ere asked to build a compiler ith a limited set of functionalities. ! port8operating system port9 products from one platform to other platforms.