All Things Current: What you'll find in your April 23, 2014, edition

DEVELOPMENT  The long-term vision for Georgetown University and its associated hos ital has started !nfolding in tangi"le ways# as the school narrows down its s!staina"ility goals and re ares for a variety of constr!ction ro$ects% &Georgetown '!rrent# D! ont '!rrent(  The sto -and-go rocess of redevelo ing the old Grim)e *chool in the U *treet area is now l!rching forward once again# with the city ready to o en ! the "idding ne+t month% &D! ont '!rrent# ,oggy -ottom '!rrent( EDU'.T/ON  Plans for a new .ra"ic immersion school wo!ld "ring the first rogram of its )ind to the District# as well as a !"lic charter school to 0ard 1 for the first time in several years% &Northwest '!rrent# D! ont '!rrent(  'ritics of last year2s merger "etween *chool 0itho!t 0alls and the ,rancis-*tevens Ed!cation 'am !s too) their case to the D%'% 'o!ncil last wee)# "!t D%'% P!"lic *chools is reaffirming its commitment to the "lended arrangement% &all editions(  .t-large D%'% 'o!ncil mem"er and inde endent mayoral candidate David 'atania says creating a !niform school c!rric!l!m "y grade sho!ld "e the ne+t ma$or initiative of D%'%2s ed!cation reform% &all editions( ENV/3ONMENT  . local co! le has $!st cele"rated 45 years of vol!nteer clean! efforts in 3oc) 'ree) Par) "etween D! ont 'ircle and Georgetown% &all editions( OT6E3 NE0*  Planned renovations to ,riendshi Par) are set to "egin this s!mmer# rod!cing a new recreation center and laygro!nd within a year% &Northwest '!rrent(  Georgetown is re aring for its ann!al ho!se to!r on *at!rday% &Georgetown '!rrent(  O erators of the 0est End7s *hadowroom nightcl!" have once more failed to sec!re ermission to e+tend their ho!rs on holidays# d!e to long-standing com laints from neigh"ors a"o!t late-night noise% &D! ont '!rrent# ,oggy -ottom '!rrent( ON T6E M.38ET  . five-"edroom 'hevy 'hase ho!se laden with the amenities of an !r"an oasis is newly listed for 9:#5:;#<<<% &all editions( OP/N/ON &all editions(  Editorial= 0e are glad to see "!dget a!tonomy going "efore the co!rts so the iss!e can "e >!ic)ly settled%  Editorial= Overcrowded conditions at newly e+ anded D%'% P!"lic *chools oint to a fail!re in lanning% *PO3T* &Northwest '!rrent# Georgetown '!rrent(  . Georgetown teen G!ssie ?ohns# goalie at *t% *te hen7s @ *t% .gnes7 girls lacrosse team# is serving as the team7s leader%  Maret senior *teffen Davis has acce ted a scholarshi to lay "as)et"all for *he herd University in 0est Virginia ne+t year%  GonAaga7s "oys "ase"all team is sha)ing its middling re !tation with a :1-5 season record# incl!ding a 4<-: win over 0ilson 6igh on Monday% D/*P.T'6E*  Georgetown Day7s senior ran)# Mann Elementary7s field tri s to national mon!ments# and other

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