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For Immediate Release Date: April 23, 2014 Contact: Phone:
Liz Martin (315) 671-6408

Excellus BlueCross BlueShield Issues Last Call for Forgotten Funds
More than 10,500 New Yor !tate in"i#i"$al! an" %o&panie!, in%l$"in' h$n"re"! a%ro!! (entral New Yor , ha#e )or'otten a*o$t &ore than +1,45 &illion in %he% ! i!!$e" *- ./%ell$! 0ealth 1lan, in%l$"in' *- it! ",*,a,, ./%ell$! 2l$e(ro!! 2l$e3hiel", 4he!e %he% ! were i!!$e" to &e&*er! an" pro#i"er! in 2010, *$t were ne#er %a!he", 5) the )$n"! aren6t %lai&e" *- the en" o) A$'$!t, ./%ell$! 2l$e(ro!! 2l$e3hiel" i! re7$ire" *- law to t$rn the &one- o#er to the (o&ptroller o) the 3tate o) New Yor , 84hi! i! &one- that wa! pai" )or %lai&! or re)$n"e" pre&i$&!, 5) the &one- re&ain! $n%lai&e", it will 'o to the !tate,9 !ai" (hri!topher (, 2ooth, pre!i"ent an" %hie) e/e%$ti#e o))i%er, 85t ri'ht)$ll- *elon'! to o$r &e&*er! or pro#i"er!, an" we want to &a e !$re the- ha#e one &ore %han%e to %lai& it *e)ore it 'oe! to the !tate,9 A %o&plete li!t o) the na&e! o) people an" %o&panie! with %he% ! to %lai&, alon' with in!tr$%tion! on how to %lai& tho!e )or'otten )$n"!, i! a#aila*le online at e/%ell$!*%*!,%o&:)or'otten)$n"!, .a%h April, New Yor !tate re7$ire! health in!$rer! to print a le'al noti%e in%l$"in' a li!t o) na&e! o) all in"i#i"$al! an" %o&panie! that ha#e *een i!!$e" three--ear-ol" %he% ! whi%h ha#en6t *een %a!he" in a )inal atte&pt to lo%ate people who ha#e &one- to %lai&, A printe" le'al noti%e will r$n in the 4h$r!"a-, April 24, i!!$e o) the Watertown Daily Times an" !o&eti&e thi! wee in other "ail- or wee lnew!paper! a%ro!! New Yor !tate, Mo!t o) the )$n"! that ha#e -et to *e re"ee&e" were allo%ate" to ./%ell$! 2(23 &e&*er! an" pro#i"er!, who &a- not ha#e %a!he" the %he% ! )or a n$&*er o) rea!on!, 4he &e&*er &a- ha#e &o#e" an" not le)t a )orwar"in' a""re!!, the &e&*er &a- ha#e "ie", or the &e&*er &a- ha#e )or'otten to %a!h the %he% , 4o %lai& a %he% prior to A$'$!t 31, %$rrent health plan &e&*er! %an %all the phone n$&*er li!te" on their &e&*er i"enti)i%ation %ar", ;or&er &e&*er!, or tho!e %allin' on *ehal) o) the e!tate o) a )a&il- &e&*er, %an %all ./%ell$! 2l$e(ro!! 2l$e3hiel" at 1-877-757-3850, (he% ! will not *e &aile" to %lai&ant! $ntil a)ter A$'$!t 31, <<<
Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, a nonprofit independent licensee of the BlueCross BlueShield Association, is part of a family of companies that finances and delivers vital health care services to about !" million people across upstate #ew $or%! Excellus BlueCross BlueShield provides access to hi&h'(uality, affordable health covera&e, includin& valuable health' related resources that our members use every day, such as cost'savin& prescription dru& discounts and wellness trac%in& tools in our Step )p pro&ram! To learn more, visit excellusbcbs!com!

333 2$ttern$t =ri#e  3-ra%$!e, New Yor 13214  www,e/%ell$!*%*!,%o&
A nonpro)it in"epen"ent li%en!ee o) the 2l$e (ro!! 2l$e 3hiel" A!!o%iation

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