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The Three Main Principles of Draconian Magic:

Dragon Rouge Vision. The magician is a visionary that gazes into the limitless and channels inspiration to his actions. Force. The magician strives to use the potential force that is hidden in man and in nature. Action. The magician transforms vision to reality through action Esoteric Comments to the Three Basic Concepts of Draconian Magic 1. Vision: The word dragon comes from a Greek ver which means !to see". The word can also mean !to flash". Draconian magic is the magic of clear#seeing. $ost people are living in a glass glo e which is misted over y themselves. Through the mist they can only see the outlines of the world outside. The mist reflects the image of themselves and they are interpreting the world outside through their own reflection. They are caught in !a u le of self#contemplation". $an receives information a out the other side only after having filtered it through the self. %hen we are reaching intellectual knowledge it is filtered through a num er of categories that are creating our understanding. The three main categories that we are understanding the world through are time& space and causality 'cause and effect(. The categories are creating our universe. The picture that we are receiving through the intellect and the categories is what we are calling cosmos& order and the side of light. The ideal state of perfect logical and intellectual understanding in the categoric system is what in mysticism and religion have een attri uted to the world of the gods. The world outside the glass glo e is what is called chaos and the unknown. )t is !the dark side". )t is also !the other side" or !the other" in relation to man who inside the glass glo e is the starting point for his own understanding " the one"& !the only one" or !the first". These are terms that usually are assigned to God. God or he gods are ideal images of oneself as one would like to see oneself and how one would like reality to e& in he mirror image. The other or the dark is the unknown outside. *n this man are pro+ecting fear for what is outside himself. The draconian path of clear seeing is y cleaning the glo e from the mist so that the world outside is appearing clear and in its wholeness. The draconian path also makes transcendence outside the glass glo e possi le. The vision of the world outside is the drakon#principle :"to see". ,. -orce: The vision of the world.worlds rings knowledge. /nowledge is force. 0very closed system 'which the world inside the glo e is( has a limited amount of energy. The energy and the a ility of perception are connected. This is why the draconian paths '/undalini yoga& *dinistic initiation& Typhonian alchemy etc( are focusing the inner energy to heightened perception to reach clear seeing& which will ring the possi ility to get energy from the outside. This inner force is called !the inner dragon" and the outer force is called !the outer dragon". 0verything is force and energy in different and on different levels of vi ration. The world inside the

glo e is a sta ilized system of energy in fi1ed form. The fi1ed energy is not accessi le for man. )nside the fi1ed form is a core of pure free and moving force like the lava in the centre of the earth. This is the force that the magician is using and focusing to open a crack in the glo e so that the world outside is accessi le. )n the world outside an infinite amount of force is now accessi le for the magician. The magician uses the inner force to attain a vision of the outer force. This vision creates a charge of the inner force which increases the a ility to see and access the outer force. )t demands great force to see and to see gives great force. 2. 3ction: The third principle in the trinity of draconian magic is the necessary conse4uence and result of vision and force: action. $agic is the art and science to make actions& outer and inner that makes reality of a vision. )f the vision seeking and heightened force of the magician is not used in concrete actions the magician will ecome urned out. 3ction is the necessary channel for the force that the magician is attaining through the vision of !the other side". 3ction is the e1pression of magic. Through the force of the actions the magician can make his visions real. Draconian Aphorisms The Dragon is the winged serpent. The Dragon unites the serpent with the eagle& what is elow with what is a ove. The Dragon is the four elements. The wings are 3ir. The reptile ody is 0arth. The scales is %ater and the urning reath is -ire. Thus the Dragon is the fifth element 5 the 6pirit. The Dragon is& in the form of *uro oros& the serpent that ites its own tail. The Dragon is the eginning of the end and the end of the eginning. The Dragon is eyond good and evil& night and day& female and male& plus and minus. The Dragon arises through the meeting of opposites. The Dragon is the polarity etween plus and minus. The Dragon is the sym ol of Tao 5 the 7ourney 5 and the 7ourney is the goal. The Dragon is dynamic eternity. The dark is the unknown& what is repressed from the conscious. )n the dark is the hidden treasures of the soul. )f we light a candle a shadow appears. The more we strive for light the igger shadow will grow ehind us. )n darkness we can find fear. Through confronting darkness we are confronting fear and can e free from it. )f we escape the darkness our fear will grow for what is in the darkness.