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it’s him! Whether you are a PT or you’re looking for 50 . look no further. products and go-to fitness businesses. The 2014 Australian Fitness & Health Expo is set to be huge!” 114 CODE OF ETHICS FOR PTS Editor and Publisher Michael says: “The Sandhill Warrior has decades of experience as a fitness professional. so if anyone knows the ethics PTs should have. these tips are beneficial for all!” COVER STORIES 32 72 56 84 28 84 THE SECRETS BEHIND DISTANCE RUNNING Assistant Editor Olivia says: “I always knew African runners were extremely talented but after reading this it amazes me just how far ahead of the rest of the world they really are! Definitely a worthwhile read!” 89 EXPO GUIDE Advertising Executive Mat says: “If you’re looking for the latest fitness trends.inside WorldMags.

net . MY PLACE Running has taken Richard Bowles to unimaginable places. 72 BURN FAT FOR HOURS Become a fat-burning machine in just 30 minutes.WorldMags. products and businesses for you to check out at the Australian Fitness & Health Expo in Melbourne. WorldMags. BONUS! EXPO GUIDE P89 We’ve put together 18 pages of the latest fitness trends. 84 THE SECRETS BEHIND DISTANCE RUNNING What’s the secret to East Africa’s marathon domination? 80 ALTITUDE TRAINING Looking for a new exercise high? INSPIRE 42 STRENGTHEN YOUR RESOLUTION MUSCLE In Australia. as few as 3% of people reach their fitness goals – how are you going with yours? 130 WHY I RUN EAT 16 ARE SUPPLEMENTS RUBBISH AND TOXIC? What scientific substance do supplements really have? PROFESSIONAL 114 CODE OF ETHICS FOR PTS 118 CREATING A SUCCESSFUL ONLINE BUSINESS 120 TRAININGOVERWEIGHT AND OBESE CLIENTS 122 PTOTY 124 BEYOND FITNESS 126 CLASS OF 2014 128 CEC QUIZ 54 THE ART OF DISCIPLINE Why do some people have an “I’ll never be able to” attitude while others never give up? 38 SLIM PICKINGS Write To Us & Win!>P10 PLUS TRAIN 32 NO TIME TO LOSE Speed up fat loss with supersets. 88 BAD HABITS Feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day? Time management is the key! 62 FAT: MAN V NATURE Nature’s most impressive superfood: Incha Inchi. 64 SIX ESSENTIAL MOVES – PART II Become an expert on our second movement – the lunge. physically and mentally. 56 GUT HEALTH AND EXERCISE PERFORMANCE Do you tend to get the flu after intense exercise? We could have the answer. 70 MY RUNNING. delicious recipes to keep you trim this autumn. CARDIO 44 LACTIC ACID How much do you really know about lactic acid? 8 10 12 14 22 26 78 OUTBOX INBOX ANATOMY 101 MEET THE TEAM WISE WORDS 2 OF US FITLOSOPHER + 46 TO STRETCH OR NOT TO STRETCH? That is the question.

com. motivator and a key player in their support system.WorldMags. but knowledge alone isn’t enough. WALK BEFORE YOU RUN EARN WHILE YOU LEARN INDUSTRY LEADING INDUCTION PROGRAM To find out more about becoming a Personal Trainer at Fitness First visit fitnessfirsters. Fitness expertise and a strong knowledge of how to train is a PERSONAL TRAINER CAREERPATH The Fitness First PT Career Pathway is a revolutionary induction and development program built to provide new Personal Trainers with the WorldMags. It’s about inspiring our members to go further in life. We’re looking for people who can build real and lasting connections with members – People who understand that it’s not just about getting results. JOINTHEREVOLUTION WE BELIEVE THAT MACHINES DON’T MOTIVATE PEOPLE…. knowledge and networks to start and run their own successful . which means being their mentor. WE DO That’s why we’re leading a fitness revolution to have only the BEST personal trainers in the business.

c o m . I wanted to chat about what is going on globally in the wellness segment. I guess the point is that we are lucky to be part of an industry that is in growth.000 likes every day! Same for our Clean Eating Facebook site! We can reach 500. FITmedia (and now Muscle Up Media) has stretched its wings and joined the growth possible via the internet on a global scale. au WorldMags. like many firms. many small Aussie firms have grown and taken their ideas internationally with success. these players will dazzle us with new products and services and as the industry grows we will see some of the ideas boom. and merging digital platforms! Oh. ours is the only 100% Australian publication and it showcases why Aussies are doing so well on the international scene! I urge you to buy a copy. and some do a great deal of damage along the way. but for now print is the preferred vehicle for good content in our industry . Looking at our social media reach we are continually delighted! Our Oxygen Facebook page grows at 3. social networks. too? I get asked every week “which is the best angle for reaching and creating clients?” The answer is easy . We now have six titles and with them we have tapped into the world scene by licensing international publications like Oxygen. Through good strategies and relationships.000 people who opt in to our pages at the click of a button. For our brands. now manage print production. We have signed overseas contributors where necessary and we now are exporting our Aussie brands both in print and digitally. We. though. video production. and if you are a savvy business person it is easier than ever to create a brand and see if the world is ready. Like many other firms across the globe.000 regular visitors. We have lured international visitors to our shores to be on our expo stands. Gone are f you can excuse my corny play on words. however. I am about the days when a publisher produced a great mag and then relaxed. I see so many people attracted to this industry and launching businesses with some amazing successes along the way.outbox WorldMags. did I forget mobile devices. I am encouraged. I also see those chasing fame and a quick buck. Muscle Up just launched a mag called Men’s Muscle and Health which goes headto-head with some well-known men’s mags. They come and go. Our combined website pages reach 100. Our goal.000-4. online promotions. it really is world class. Clean Eating and now The BOX. It seems everyone has an angle and a voice which only adds to the “everyone talking and no one listening” modality of social a mile! Getting back to the ‘wellness of wellness’. We have included pages of new products in the magazine and we are always thankful for the companies that support us with advertising and TheWellnessofWellness I to head to the US and take in the latest at the IHRSA conference in San Diego as well as getting swept away by the craziness of the Arnold Classic in . I won’t be the only Aussie there as these events attract their fair share of visitors including many fitness leaders from Down Under. however. remains to be the most reliable and well researched fitness magazine available! In Fitness Michael Henry CEO FITmedia Photo: Dallas Olsen 8 AP R IL/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u lt rafi t ne ssm ag. photography and design. As we hit expo time again. to be doing business with many firms that I met with 15 years ago when I got involved in Ultra FIT mag.print! And that is a whole story in itself! I have never had a fitness model or writer contact me and ask to be in our digital mag or on the cover of an iTunes version! But daily we have dozens of offers to get in our magazines especially on our print mag covers! If this ever changes I will let you know. that growth has to offer quality! The industry now has fewer barriers.

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calorie. Keep up the great work! 2014 is going to be the next phase of transformation. fat calculation and more. Fear does not live here any more! Manola Wow. sports fan and nutritionist Hi Regular Reader. Marcus Bondi (your other expert) claims that a glass of water and a small piece of fruit is enough for breakfast followed by regular lunch and dinner (no snacks mentioned). This is also supported by other journalists/specialists in this edition. let us know and we’ll see what we can do.aussiefitsport.I can’t wait to turn the page but hate it when I get to the last one. We certainly thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and appreciate your point of view. Regards. Valued at RRP $199. If you send us your feedback. that approach works specifically for him and he has had undeniable success in his chosen discipline. It’s great to hear you’re enjoying the mag. c o m . For those who are not quite sure. No one body is the same so a great deal of the information provided about health and fitness and what works best is about learning what works best for you.and only him! As I don’t know anyone that trains hard and sensibly that can exist on the meagre amount of calories he is suggesting. and the winner will receive a Pulse QT Strapless HRM Pedometer. even if it frightens me. speed. As they become more familiar with their own bodies. It’s motivation on your wrist – measures everything This strapless Pulse QT Strapless HRM Pedometer measures ECG accurate heart rate.. Yet. LETTER OF THE MONTH Hello. I will be mentioning you everywhere – thanks! Dave Hey Dave. E-mail us at editorial@ultrafitnessmag. And we’re now rewarding you for your ideas and comments …. In his article regarding ‘six packs’ he encourages no breakfast at all. As Marcus Bondi stated in his six-pack feature. I relate to a lot of your articles and every page is just fantastic .net . Oh well. especially breakfast. I am writing to express my dismay and confusion at an article that completely contradicts the previous one and also your experts giving completely different advice: Your expert Jon Davie starts his interview by telling us we don’t need to starve ourselves to be lean.99 www. Manola! What an awesome attitude! If you need anything to help you become more focused and or tips to help you kick butt in the next phase of your transformation.or a dietician to help them understand what is right for them. As we mentioned in the article. steps. it’s crucial for us to hear regular readers’ thoughts. Thank you for your amazing articles in every issue that keep me focused and challenge me to try something new. which is surprising advice from an ‘athlete’.com. To ensure we keep delivering the best health and fitness . each issue we’ll choose our favourite letter. the more they will understand what works best for them. we always recommend seeking the advice of a professional nutritionist – such as yourself . I humbly encourage you to have all your journos on the same (sensible) page. it enables them to experiment with different foods and exercises at various times while paying particular attention to how their body reacts and feels. The UltraFITNESS Team 10 AP RI L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u lt raf it ne ssm ag. perhaps this is what works for him . They are the best people to judge whether that approach is suited to them or I will fight this battle and be fitter and stronger because I am choosing to make my life a priority. Given his inspiration is himself (his words). Our biggest hope is that by providing our readers with a variety of options. au Write to us & win It’s great getting so many letters from our readers. Maybe you could check that out to fill the void between issues. Can we make this great mag weekly? I read it on day one and have to wait two months! Seriously great work team.inbox WorldMags. Regular reader.. We’ve got a new mag out called Men’s Muscle and Health which comes out in alternative months to Ultra Hey UltraFITNESS team I am addicted to this mag. And finally a clear explanation of metabolism is written which highlights the importance of regular food intake. he performs at his best on little to no breakfast and as you have rightly pointed out this approach may not work for others. All it does is discredit your otherwise great magazine.we’d love to hear from you! WorldMags. Good luck! What are you struggling with? Do you have an article you’d love to read? Maybe you want more or less of something from us here at Ultra FITNESS. Kind Regards. I will read it again.

with our exclusive Printed Leggings brought directly from Rio! STAND OUT IN THE CROWD VISIT US AT FITNE SS EXPO MELBOUR A P R I L 4 TH N E – 6 TH FOR EXCL USIVE OF F E R S! STAND N O K18 Loved by Everybody! .

le in anly) an e job do availab to get th gripper. that is eavy. Jason Breeze (exercises) 12 APR I L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u lt raf it ne ssm ag.5kg ld have great oast comfort a rove that r u b p (light. ig th m it p streng end’s hand for rs ri g r u o ri pe ey increas shing your girlf ir of hand grip d up) an ru pa mean c stead.95 ions: 3kg pm ty. The m st and forearm two surefire m th se wri se you find d some hand. FOREARMS ea ys to ave a w If you h time to find wa doesn’t e at b h t T h . Bett r forearms in o sho anufacturers strength and thods e (extra-h is easy). ou you’re n engthening y master at hom for str the Grip EXERCISES ≥ALTERNATING REVERSE DUMBBELL CURL ! HIkS T P . au WorldMags. Molly Borman/illustration (anatomy).net . or half-m p strength if tance. In tens ri ri e G o e re ri h e th T p su d 5kg ne. er yet. (h d nd resis gri is a han pansy). buy a aster ($19. try the the gym and u so buil t a wuss.anatomy WorldMags. o eavy . c o m . I e GR k handsha WRIST EXTENSORS ABDUCTOR POLLICIS LONGUS WRIST FLEXORS (opposite side) ≥WRIST ROLLER BRACHIORADIALIS ANCONEUS Jean Héguy/photo.

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The body is a complex thing.ultrafitnessmag. It is not a substitute for professional or medical advice. Amanda also has a degree in marketing. She is a health and performance coach. Two weeks later he began New Zealand’s SUBSCRIPTION 6 issues (1 year) $40 NZ$59 12 issues (2 years) $80 NZ$109 Overseas airmail for 6 issues $99 Cheques payable to Ultra FITNESS mag PO Box 3223 Nerang BC QLD 4211 Subscribe online at www. RICHARD BOWLES S Richard Bowles is an Australian adventure runner. The best thing about the activity of running is that you can do it anytime of the day. In 2012 he became the first person to run the entirety of the Australian Bicentennial National Trail. For two decades Amanda has been achieving high-level sporting feats. Amanda Allen is a two-time CrossFit Games Athlete. She has completed several When Richard is not running he is inspiring and educating others through his motivational speaking and distance coaching and consultations. Positive . c o m . Level 2 sports coach. of never settling for less than their highest potential. All rights reserved. including the 2013 CrossFit Games World Champion. progress and rewards come from working hard at everything in every moment of every day. yet do nothing to change it. In between that I’m helping others achieve their running goals. Otherwise zip it! What is the most important lesson you’ve learnt about health and fitness? I have learnt lots and continue to If I’m not running across a mountain range somewhere around the globe. what would it be? Run of course! That’s my job. Over his five-and-a-half month journey he ran more than 5. What is your pet hate? Excuses! People that moan and complain about life. Cert IV master trainer. 14 AP RI L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u lt raf it ne ssm AVERAGE CIRCULATION NUMBER OF 33300 PUBLISHER Michael Henry FITmedia michael@fitmedia. The opinions expressed by the authors do not necessarily reflect those of the editor or publisher. STOP annoying me and do something about it. If I get too scientific in my approach to health. The bottom line is: you have to believe you’re worth putting the work into and then you have to do the work that others will not. Cover price is recommended price only.Getting to Know Our Experts WorldMags. Her passion lies in helping others discover the magnificence of radiant health and optimal performance. sports groups and schools. SUBSCRIPTION & READER SERVICES Phone: 1300 80 75 80 Email: AMAN NDA ALLEN At 43.300km . then I’m speaking about it to a mixture of corporate ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY CONSULTANT Donal Carr www. fitness and wellbeing. Level 2 CHEK exercise and lifestyle coach. And the great thing about simplicity is you don›t have to learn it. To find out more visit www. cycling and canoeing. food and thought. ABN 84 002 908 447.054km Te Araroa EDITOR Michael Henry or for any omissions in the information given is expressly Ultra FITNESS mag is distributed by Network Services Nothing in this magazine can be reproduced without the permission of the and I’m learning new things every week! I guess if I was only able to choose one it would have to be running for sheer freedom and pleasure of being outdoors and running with my dog Pepper. I would be lost without that joy in my life! What is the most important lesson you’ve learnt about health and fitness? Every one per cent counts. They say an overnight success is 10 years in the making. writer and soon-to-be author with her first book ‘CrossFit – The Time of My Life’ due for release soon. ©Ultra FITNESS mag 2014 Published by Australian Workout Publications Inc PO Box 880 Newport Beach NSW 2106. Level 1 Reiki and a Diploma of massage.the equivalent of 126 marathons. The key to health and fitness is to not make it complex like the body . All liability arising directly or indirectly from the use CREATIVE DIRECTOR Andy Quilty ADVERTISING EXECUTIVE Mathew Hambrook 0414 157 307 Direct (07) 5503 0202 adsales@fitmedia. it continually adapts and needs different stimulations for operation through exercise. If you could only do one Level 1 Hatha Yoga. I believe this is true in the attainment of extraordinary. professional speaker and endurance coach and consultant. including state and national titles in triathlon. YOU are the only one that can change ANYTHING in your life. speaker. Level 1 CrossFit coach. anywhere in the world with no special equipment or team. This magazine is intended to give general information ASSISTANT EDITOR/ENQUIRIES Olivia Amourgis editorial@ultrafitnessmag. lifelong health and fitness. and operations and logistics. au WorldMags. It is one of my most favourite things in the whole it simple. what would it be? That is the most impossible question! Doing CrossFit I do hundreds of movements and combinations of movements every month. things never seem to work out. If you could only do one exercise. What’s more. anybody can do it. What works for me one week doesn’t necessarily work the next. including Cert IV Holistic Psychology.placeofchi.richardbowles. You don’t even need any special talent. .net WorldMags.

net Photo: shutterstock 16 AP RI L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u lt raf it ne ssm ag. c o m . au WorldMags.

and even in person state that these ‘fat burners’ reduce body fat. These two gurus have been chosen by a biomedical advisory board of esteemed scientists and doctors.especially in the context of green tea extracts . “Dr Erica Hawley. also called Citrus aurantium . has been shown in studies with women and men to increase the rate of calorie and fat burning for a period of a few hours (1. “related to supplements containing bitter orange and green tea extracts. flipping through the TV channels and you landed on a live show entitled. relative to the placebo group.but disappeared by 12 weeks.” Dr Grace Braun (anti-supplements) begins. c om.” Their responses to live and virtual studio audience questions are aired [scientists are seated in chairs. a position. The only evidence that really supports any benefit of green tea extract supplements was a study performed in overweight Thai people over a period of 12 weeks (7). Nutrition.the fruit used to make traditional British orange marmalade . Significantly greater fat loss and waist circumference drops. doesn’t fancy them . Even being agnostic or apolitical. and another scientist who. as a group. Martin. and in brewed beverages like coffee and tea. Dr Braun. What if you were horizontal on your lounge. “A few studies with dried bitter orange extract. rebuttal!” “Dr Braun offered an accurate overview of the evidence . Caffeine alone. Even one study (5) that was sponsored by the marketer of the leading bitter orange extract showed no “L weight loss.have also reported modest increases in metabolism over a period of a few hours.against one another.” the host announces.WorldMags. would we not expect persons who receive and use a $100 gift card to a global café chain to achieve a new svelteness after one month of imbibing a few cuppas every day? Caffeine does not reduce body fat. despite increasing calorie and fat burning over a few hours.” Dr Hawley responds. have more divergent (and often aggressive and even violent) opinions than a Geneva Convention could align. we all are anxious for your reply… er. WorldMags. “Rather than waiting for our audience to wish me to belt up. But you rightly asked for FAT LOSS. Would you change the channel or pack your esky with enough to last for two uninterrupted hours? BY ANTHONY L. Why care about a 3-4 hour fat burn if your waist size is locked onto 44cm after a month?” “Thank you. silhouetted. and even some of my scientific colleagues bundle studies using green tea BEVERAGES with studies testing green tea EXTRACTS in supplement form. “Fat ‘burners’ are ingredients and products that claim to increase the burning of fat in the body. All of the placebo-controlled studies that have been performed to date with green tea extract (2) and bitter orange extract pills (3-5) have not shown significantly greater fat loss.journalists. audience begins to roar].” says the host. promotions. and supplements. such as green tea and bitter orange extracts. marketers of brands. is: Do fat burners.” “Mr. granted that body fat measurements were not reported (5) . A number of companies in their advertising. one subscribes to a belief of not believing or of being wholly disinterested and distanced. really work for fat loss? Okay. it is my pleasure to host our first of three episodes of a show we have received many requests for. ‘Supplements are Rubbish and Toxic’. I’ve been emphasising the word supplement because .net ul tr af i tn e ssmag.” the host exclaims.or lack thereof. labels. “Our first question from Mr A Martin in Noosa. If caffeine alone was indeed a fat loss Like religion or politics. websites. let’s have you respond first. Dr. like tablets or capsules.2).and make a purchase while holding an evangelical burning candle of hope . FISSN adies and gentlemen. Many make the leap of faith . MSC. ALMADA. let’s say. thank you for framing your question as you scientist who is pro-supplements. diet. or even a forceful opinion. when consumed in adequate amounts. Grace Braun.that fat burning equals body fat loss. “let’s start!” [Lights begin to incrementally illuminate the faces of the scientists. “A show that pits two experts . were seen after eight weeks . every adult has a perspective. au | A P R IL/ M A Y 2014 17 . faces unseen].

Catechin. Hursel R and Westerterp-Plantenga M. fat oxidation. Am J Clin Nutr 2005. I assert that the possible benefits of a proper green tea beverage or green tea extract merit further investigation and may be a dinky-di weapon of modest fat mass reduction.45:883-91. Am J Clin Nutr 1980. exploring nutritional supplementation and foods in healthy. that green tea beverages enriched with a green tea extract may offer modest help in losing fat weight. depending on one’s perspective. et al. However. et al. et al. 12. 7. 5. Caffeine and coffee: their influence on metabolic rate and substrate utilization in normal weight and obese individuals. Green tea catechin consumption enhances exercise-induced abdominal fat loss in overweight and obese adults. 11. and glucose tolerance in healthy humans. 4. Various studies have been conducted with green tea beverages and shown weight and fat loss. He has been a coinvestigator on over 25 research publications. obtaining his MSc from the University of California. et al.the dry form found in pills . et al.4: 129-40.” Anthony L. and not engaged in an exercise program.81:122–9. 2. Nagao T.does not seem to be effective in producing fat loss. et al. No effect of 1 or 7 d of green tea extract ingestion on fat oxidation during exercise.” endures. diseased. and not Asians . 10. we do NOT know if either the beverage or the capsules would produce more vigorous reductions . the results appear to reverse. “A recent study showed that among lean and exercising males. compared to a flavoured and sweetened placebo beverage that contained the same amount of caffeine as the tea beverage (10). et al. and athletic populations. et al. Kaats GR.15:1473–83. drinking two cans of a green tea extract-enriched fruit beverage twice daily for seven days did NOT increase fat burning during exercise.compared to a caffeine placebo . and that green tea extract capsules may help in fat burning during exercise. et al. FISSN is trained as a nutritional and exercise biochemist. Food Chem Tox 2013. even ‘targeted’ fat loss around the mid-section (8-10). Venables MC.” Dr Hawley continues. References 1.and caffeine-rich teas for control of body weight in humans. Am J Clin Nutr 2013. Stohs SJ. and the virtual audience around the continent. Effectiveness of green tea on weight reduction in obese Thais: A body fatness among persons who are not overweight but are exercising.who may have a different biological response to green tea ingredients. 8. Randell RK. 3. J Nutr 2009. despite the caffeine dose in the tea beverage being 120 milligrams (compared to 10 milligrams in the placebo beverage)(11). Nagao T. MSc.87:778–84. due to their millennial exposure to them . 33:989-97. This was not a tea beverage. et al. 18 AP RI L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u lt raf it ne ssm ag. Obesity 2007. Am J Clin Nutr 2008. Acheson KJ. but rather a fruitflavoured and sweetened beverage to which a green tea extract was added. Med Sci Sports Exerc 2013. 6. A review of the human clinical studies involving Citrus aurantium (bitter orange) extract and its primary protoalkaloid p-synephrine. Ingestion of a tea rich in catechins leads to a reduction in body fat and malondialdehyde-modified LDL in men.2008:486–91. He is the CEO of Vitargo Global Sciences.139:264-70. Maki KC. I would offer to the audience here in the studio. Berkeley. One of the first studies to be conducted in Caucasians. Auvichayapat P. Physiol Behav 93. “Adding in “For whatever reason. An earlier study by the same British University laboratory supplementing with green tea extract capsules showed a boost in fat burning during cycling exercise. and fat loss in the mid-section. Hodgson AB. Maybe one of the supplement or tea companies will sponsor such a study.” Dr Hawley “I ASSERT THAT THE POSSIBLE BENEFITS OF A PROPER GREEN TEA BEVERAGE OR GREEN TEA EXTRACT MERIT FURTHER INVESTIGATION AND MAY BE A DINKY-DI WEAPON OF MODEST FAT MASS REDUCTION.9:527–38. He was the co-founder of EAS in 1993. The effect of green tea extract on fat oxidation at rest and during exercise: evidence of efficacy and proposed mechanisms. Green tea extract ingestion. green tea extract . Adv Nutr 2013.55:358-62. relative to a placebo (12). “whereas green tea beverages enriched or fortified with a green tea extract DO. au WorldMags. An evidence-based systematic review of bitter orange (citrus aurantium) by the Natural Standard Research Photo: shutterstock . 9. A 60 day double-blind. a company that introduced creatine monohydrate and evidencebased sports nutrition to most of the world.showed that a green tea beverage (one 500ml bottle/day) produced greater weight loss.10:391-431. placebo-controlled safety study involving Citrus aurantium (bitter orange) extract. controlled trial. Int J Med Sci 2012. Ulbricht C. These persons were overweight and obese. J Dietary Suppl 2013. Almada. This is where a detailed review of studies yields jewels or rocks that are often overlooked. LLC. A green tea extract high in catechins reduces body fat and cardiovascular risks in humans.98:1682S-93S. et al. marketers of a patented starch extract carbohydrate. c o m .

financial situations or needs. For full details of the terms. Marsh Advantage Insurance can arrange cover for a wide range of activities run at your gym or studio. Marsh Advantage Insurance Pty Ltd (ABN 31 081 358 for more information REMEMBER. so tailor your insurance to . refer to the specific policy wordings and/ or Product Disclosure Statements available from Marsh Advantage Insurance on request. WE CAN ALSO ARRANGE INSURANCE FOR INDIVIDUAL FITNESS PROFESSIONALS. conditions and limitations of the covers. Contact us for a quote today Phone: 1300 026 067 for a quote on your gym or studio Visit: marshadvantage. AFSL 238 369. Plus. our staff have been working with the fitness industry for over 10 years so we understand your insurance needs. This material contains general information only and does not take into account your individual objectives. and may not suit your personal circumstances.) arrange the insurance and are not the insurer. 13/0020 WE’RE AS FLEXIBLE AS YOUR BUSINESS We know your business is

au WorldMags. It’s not all about your sweet tooth. WorldMags.turn you into the Goodyear blimp. you can still get your sweet-tooth fix with these four protein smoothies. cipato H n so rin By El abrina P and S MD. protein smoothies are a great way to get power-packed nutrition with relatively few calories. yoghurt if desired and various other fruits or juices. While you’re probably used to whey protein. there are other options to increase your selection .and it’s wise to have more than one so you can rotate them. (This reduces your risk of developing food reactions. But there’s no need to get as angry as Master Shake from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. ice or mix • 1 medium banana • 6 medium strawberries • 1 tbsp flaxseed oil • 2 tbsp protein powder (whey) Optional choices: Rice milk instead of juice.N I E T O R P WER PO 4 aas. courtesy of Cory Sorensen . c o m . though.and will .net t’s inevitable that continued consumption of McDonald’s milk shakes can .) You also I 1 STRAWBERRY-BANANA FRUIT SMOOTHIE Makes 360-540ml • 120ml orange juice • 120ml water. CALORIES: 395 FAT: 15 grams CARBS: 48 grams SUGAR: 20 grams PROTEIN: 20 grams 20 AP RI L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u lt ra f it ne ssm ag.

2 THE ULTIMATE TROPICAL BLAST Makes 300 . rice. The amounts can be varied to make more or less. All of these recipes make 240 . au | A P R IL/ M A Y 2014 21 . rice. while berries (such as blueberries) -available organic and frozen year . fresh or frozen chunks • 1 orange. literally takes a few minutes to make your drink up. fruits and powders.WorldMags. mangosteen and more). plain • 2 tbsp protein powder (whey) or chocolate Optional choices: Carob powder instead of chocolate. 1/2 cup raspberries and added water. 4 INSANE CHOCOLATE Makes 240 . Enjoy the varied colours and tastes and make your “power shakes” a staple of your healthy diet. pomegranate. (Refer to optional choices for other substitution ideas.offer lots of protective antioxidants with few calories. Currently available protein powders include whey. Gather up the ingredients you want . peeled (with seeds. c om. milks. Here are four protein-based shakes to begin your smoothie magic. some green powder (with various algaes that are rich in amino acids and nutrients) and the newer “red” powders (which are extracts of antioxidant fruits like blueberry. The base liquid can be water. fresh or frozen • 1/2 cup pineapple.540ml drinks with varied amounts and options. so you can use this or the recommended amount of two to four tablespoons. use organic products as much as possible for juices. 3 POWER BERRY PLUS PROTEIN SHAKE Makes 240 . which are high in omega-3 fatty acids. CALORIES: 616 FAT: 16 grams CARBS: 113 grams SUGAR: 56 grams PROTEIN: 23 grams CALORIES: 279 FAT: 5 grams CARBS: 35 grams SUGAR: 12 grams PROTEIN: 23 grams CALORIES: 367 FAT: 7 grams CARBS: 51 grams SUGAR: 36 grams PROTEIN: 28 grams WorldMags. cover and turn on. acai and goji berries. soy.360ml • 120ml orange juice • 60ml water or ice • 1/2 cup blueberries. almond or oat) and orange. Use additional water and/or ice to blend and achieve the thickness you like. You can also use flaxseed or hempseed oil or freshly ground seeds. frozen • 1/2 cup raspberries • 2 tbsp protein powder (whey) • 2 tbsp flaxseed meal Optional choices: Banana for thickness and other juices or in-season u ltr af i tn e ssmag. run until smooth. Of course. if organic) • 2 tbsp protein powder (whey) • 1 tbsp flaxseed oil Optional choices: Coconut milk instead of juice and papaya or other tropical fruits.) Place all ingredients in a want to keep the sugar content in your shakes low and add some flaxseed oil or fats to the protein and carbs to slow the absorption of sugars. Most protein powders have a proposed scoop amount for a 240ml smoothie. milk or its variants (such as soy. apple or other juices.360ml • 120ml chocolate soy milk • 1 tbsp organic chocolate chips • 1 medium banana • 2 tbsp non-fat yoghurt. The supplies you need to include are protein powders. you also want some fresh fruit: bananas will make your drink rich and smooth. hemp and egg. These protein shakes can be incredibly palate-pleasing and filling yet light and energetic enough to support exercise and workouts.480ml • 240ml orange juice • 1 medium banana • 1 cup mango.round .

au WorldMags. . c o m .wise words WorldMags. But this Queenslander’s heart lies where her father’s used to: on a bike. encouraging her to explore other athletic Photo: Barry Alsop Eyes Wide Open Images f o s d r o W wisdom s ’ e f i l m fro s r e v e i h ac SHARA GILLOW Shara’s father David repeatedly warned her that cycling is a tough sport. and there was no stopping her from following in his footsteps to become an Olympic 22 AP R I L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u lt raf it ne ssm ag.

” says Shara. c om.who is based in Italy for much of each year . Lunch: Carbohydrates: pasta with a salad. she championships. “They’ve got to have passion. and a bowl of porridge. Shara . When asked the most important lesson she has learned from her coach. and has her sights set on the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. 7pm: Carbohydrates and protein – e. YO ARE THE ONLY PERSON YOU TH THAT IS GOING TO KNOW EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL ON THE DAY. it became a profession and just two years later she made her first appearance on an Australian team. in just her second professional year of the sport.” says Shara. WHETHER YOU CAN PUSH YOURSELF ANY RY OU MORE OR WHETHER YOU NEED TO BACK OFF.WorldMags. I want to finish it and do better at it. I think the way that he [Martin Barras] goes about the training and writing the program. road world has only improved. “You are the only person that is going to know exactly how you feel on the day. but more than anything. In 2014. “You’ve got to use your head a little bit as well in that respect. whether you can push yourself any more or whether you need to back off.” Shara admits that at times she questions parts of her training. taking out third in the Overall Young Riders Classification at the prestigious Giro d’Italia Internazionale Femminile. seeds and some plain yoghurt.currently holds the Australian time trial title and shares the Australian record of three in a row with Kathy Watt. he always gets so excited and he’s so enthusiastic about the training that it spurs you on and actually makes you have belief in the program that he’s done for you. au | A P R IL/ M A Y 2014 23 .” Shara is currently training for this year’s Commonwealth Games and world championships. Breakfast: Two pieces of dark bread with two or Snack: Energy bars and/or gels during training. zucchini and fresh fruit cut up with some rice crackers and nuts. And by 2010. the then-22-year-old was already etching her name in international competition. Shara was second in the U23 time trial Australian road championship. or two or three salad u l tr af i tn e ssmag. Shara aims to break that 20-year record by making it four on the trot. guided by her coach of three years Martin Barras. “Once I start something. so keep your eyes peeled for Shara Gillow in the individual cycling time trials and road races! MY DAY ON A PLATE> three eggs. her answer was simple: trust and respect.” says Shara. ribeye fillet with pasta or brown rice and lots of salad and/or vegetables. that’s for sure!” Through hard work and sheer determination. Snacks: Carrots. a bowl of fruit with nuts. WorldMags. “But it comes down to trust and A t 20. but only because she has come to understand her body so well due to time and experience. the 27-year-old is fiercely making her mark in cycling. In 2009. finishing 8th in the time trial at the From there.g. “I’m very determined and dedicated. Shara believes a trainer needs to have passion.

T S A P30 U E SE AND ST .net WorldMags.

visit: Contact us on: For more lesmills. or 02 6282 8192 .au/smarttech

inspire .net before now after 26 A P RI L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | ul t raf it ne ssm ag. c o m . au WorldMags.

22 WorldMags. Wayne started his training and nutrition program and to date has lost 30kg. clean up his nutrition and start a structured training program. I believe. As most trail runners u l tr af i tn e ssmag. has played a major deciding factor in his outstanding race results. By teaming up with Matty Abel mid-way through the year. He recently ran his enduro race in which he completed 99km in 12 hours. more importantly. I have changed both mentally and emotionally in the past few months in that I now enjoy every aspect of running completely. nutrition and recovery. Matty also had me focus on correct running technique. being on the road all day meant I tended to skip meals and get junk instead. 2014. au | A P R IL/ M A Y 2014 27 .WorldMags. he helped me to focus more on achieving actual tangible results rather than just the ad hoc running that I was doing. he’s inspired family members and fellow friends to change their lives for the better. commitment and passion which. Doing this saw me make some significant increases in my running ability and I lost weight a lot faster than the previous half of the year. It was a rather slow start and progressed through the year with some minor results. It was a 12-hour enduro running race in the first weekend of January. Sometimes as a personal trainer you have to be upfront with people. It is no longer a thing I have to do but more a passion that I can’t wait to do. From that moment. Matty’s training programs have given me more life and have also enabled me to be a lot more focused and ambitious at work. I told him he had to drop weight. At the beginning of 2013 I weighed 115kg and decided to make a change by running. Firstly. I took Wayne under my wing as I saw he had a lot of potential and passion. OF US 2 22 TRAINER: MATTY ABEL 22 Wayne came to me in mid-2013 for advice regarding a challenge he had set himself later that year: a 56km off-road trail run in Adelaide. my eldest child is turning four and I am thankful to Matty as I can now run around with and keep up with the little tacker longer. strength training. we endured many physical and mental challenges during the race which led us to the conclusion that we needed to sit down post-race and evaluate what needed to be done to make his next race a success. I can now use all of the extra energy that comes with continuous exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Our journey together has been phenomenal! Wayne has given 100% of his energy. As a successful trail runner and personal trainer. Losing 30kg has enabled me to regain some of my life. I told Wayne that his lifestyle had to change if he wanted to commit to the challenge of being a race runner. we ran the Yurrebilla 56km race together after only a short three weeks of training. In September. At the time it may not be what they want to hear but down the track they will be forever MATTY’S TRAINING PROGRAMS HAVE GIVEN ME MORE LIFE AND HAVE ALSO ENABLED ME TO BE A LOT MORE FOCUSED AND AMBITIOUS AT WORK. I am looking forward to seeing his achievements in 2014 as he inspires others to challenge themselves to do something they never thought was possible. c om. I believe I made the decision before it was too late. CLIENT: WAYNE CALVERT Age: 38 Occupation: Senior Sales Manager My previous lifestyle consisted of frequent visits to the fast food drive-through.

y r r e P t s o m the e l b a t e mark n i e t e l ath a i l a r t Aus Few in the mainstream media would have anticipated .WorldMags. 28 A P R I L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u ltraf it ne ssm ag. au Photo: Adidas WorldMags. c o m . but a glimpse at her laundry list of achievements illustrates exactly why international magazine SportsPro has proclaimed Ellyse Perry the most marketable athlete in t e e m e W Ellyse .

I don’t think you ever reach the point where you are truly the best you can be. I feel extremely fortunate! ELLYSE’S TOP 3 TRAINING TIPS: Consistency . walking instead of driving. Variety . au | A P R IL/ M A Y 2014 29 . Tell us a little bit about your background – were you always very sport-orientated growing up? The strongest recollections I have of my childhood are playing outdoors. Just letting this play out and being able to adapt to things as circumstances change makes a lot of things easier to deal with. down at the park. soccer. How have you learnt to cope when things don’t quite pan out the way you had hoped? Part of the reason I love being involved in team sports is that you share everything with your team-mates. the highs and the lows. striving to improve her performance and continually looking to build on her successes. but I believe that choosing the stairs instead of using the lift.combined with some incredible support and coaching from various people . c om. golf. I think doing that . Discover why Ellyse Perry was always destined for a meteoric rise from the quintessential Australian girl-next-door to one of the brightest athletes in u ltr af i tn e ssmag. One month later and she had secured her which has enabled me to continue to play two sports that I love. There is always something fresh to learn or experience and I think that’s what makes it so great to be involved and provides the motivation to keep developing new skills. especially when it is often quite a long road to get there. Having said that. cricket. rather than trying to build up from scratch. Mostly for me. those challenges have been associated with various parts of the sports I play .Doing a variety of training rather than just the same program all the time is really important for your mind as much as your body! Disappointments in life . swimming. but they are challenging in a really enjoyable way. Throughout your sporting career.led me to a position where I was able to take something that I really love and turn it into a career. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have some wonderful support from people A t the age of 16. rather than focusing specifically on an end goal.and sport . It certainly helped me in the early stages of my career making the decision to continue to play both. Ellyse has defied any and all notions that she should stick to one sport by continuously excelling at the highest level in both. in their chosen careers. Ultimately. tennis. Ultra FITNESS magazine discovers a humble but ambitious athlete. making 90 not out from 95 balls (after taking a crucial wicket earlier in the day). hockey and touch dual international status after being selected for a spot in the national soccer team. This was demonstrated emphatically during a one-day international against England earlier this year where Ellyse guided Australia to victory from a seemingly hopeless position.are inevitable. Since then. however. athletics. big or small. It’s important to build a base that you can work off. My parents were both involved in a lot of sport and I think they transferred their enjoyment of activity to my brother and I. basketball. what has been your proudest moment? Having the opportunity to represent my country in two sports I absolutely love has been a huge highlight for me. or adapting to the way an opponent is playing against you. around our neighbourhood or when I got a little older playing with my local sports club. What has been the most challenging for you. whether it was in the backyard with my family.whether that’s becoming better at a skill I’m not particularly competent at.I don’t really have any evidence to support this. I just truly enjoyed being involved and so I would take every opportunity to try out for a new team or play in another tournament or competition. Incidental exercise . I’ve found the best way to do that is to find enjoyment in the whole journey. Did you naturally move into competing at a professional level or was it something that you had your eyes set on when you were younger? I never really actively set out to play either sport at the professional level. cricket or soccer? Both sports are challenging. makes a big difference to your fitness. I think the biggest challenge is knowing exactly what you want to achieve and figuring out the best way to do that. Ellyse became the youngest person to represent Australia at senior level in cricket.WorldMags. When things don’t go right I always find it helps to ease the disappointment and move on to the next task by going through things with team-mates and WorldMags.Keep working on your fitness and maintain it. choosing active things to do with your friends etc. What were the challenges you had to overcome to become a professional athlete? I think everyone faces challenges. squash. We tried every sport imaginable as kids.

taking the things you’ve spoken about and want to improve. and working on them in training. there are far more important things in life. but it’s important to have an environment that encourages everyone to contribute and express their opinions.Off Friday .Field session Tuesday . even if you are unsure about it. what do you believe is the most important thing players need to remember when playing as a team? It’s fairly simple.” What advice do you have for athletes out there trying to make their mark in their preferred sport? Make the most of every opportunity you are presented with.Match Sunday – Match Soccer Season: Monday . For the moment. and it is obvious she’ll have more to add over the coming years. Putting things in perspective also helps.Skills (bat.WorldMags. Then. though. Ellyse’s focus is on defending Australia’s cricket title at the T20 World Cup in March and April and continuing to enjoy every moment of what she DIET Breakfast . 30 AP R I L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u lt raf it ne ssm ag.Fruit and yoghurt.Recovery “I don’t think you ever reach the point where you are truly the best you can be. Comparatively you can achieve a lot more working as a team than you can by yourself. running Thursday .Skills Wednesday . It almost becomes a reciprocal relationship where you want to do well for them as much as you want to do well for yourself. on and off the field. Being open and receptive to their feelings and ideas is really important. protein balls or a shake. sushi. that her sights are firmly set on continuing to represent Australia for a number of years to come in cricket and soccer. During your training you’ve no doubt had coaches – perhaps personal trainers as well – what do you believe the most important values a coach/PT should possess? An understanding of the individual athlete is imperative. Having hosted reality television show Football Stars of Tomorrow. Recently. gym or a match Saturday .Skills. Ellyse already has media personality on her list of accolades.Field session plus extra running Wednesday . just knowing that each of your team-mates may experience or see things a little differently to Photos: Adidas .Skills Friday . Ellyse has been discovering life on the other side of the camera. She ensures us. signing with the Australian media company to cover a variety of sports. It’s really great when you come across a coach who you relate well with and you enjoy training with. most importantly.Bircher muesli with fresh fruit and green tea Lunch . playing sport is a joy and a privilege and whilst no one enjoys losing or a ‘bad day at the office’. the young sportswoman is taking her own advice by making the most of an opportunity presented by Fox Sports. It’s amazing how often things you don’t think much of make such a big difference to the way you see and do things. what their strengths/weaknesses are and also the most effective way to get the best out of them. Both soccer and cricket are obviously team sports. field). To me. gym/recovery Tuesday . TRAINING Cricket Season: Monday . Fittingly.Field session plus extra running Thursday . bowl.Salad with protein Dinner – Meat (fish/chicken/pork) with veggies Snacks . c o m . au WorldMags.Game Sunday .Field session Saturday . gym. crackers with light cheese or natural peanut butter coaches.Skills. I’ve always found that going back to simply training hard and proving to yourself that you are capable of doing what you want to do is the easiest way to deal with disappointment.

Jiu Jitsu and Bodybuilding competitions PRE-BOOK ONLINE AND SAVE $5 At fitnessexpo. Enter promo code UFM COMING TO MELBOURN E ! APRIL 4TH APRIL 5-6TH [INDUSTRY ONLY] [INDUSTRY & PUBL LIC] MELBOURNE CONVENTION & EXHIBITION CENTRE IN ASSOCIATION WITH: Be inspired to stay fit. look good & feel great > Over 250 leading suppliers > Free group fitness classes > Celebrity appearences including Michelle Bridges > Nutritional advice and training tips > Live .WorldMags.

you’ll superset antagonist muscle pairs: chest/back. What’s more. research shows that a muscle is stronger when it’s stretched beforehand (meaning that by supersetting opposing muscle groups. and your rear delts are worked in the dumbbell row. You’ll not only burn more overall calories and elevate your heart rate. as each muscle group has already started the recovery process when you’re working its antagonist. Doesn’t include warm-up set(s) if necessary. being sure to not overstretch your shoulders. 2. Rest only after you do both exercises. you’ll actually be stronger than if you’re doing straight sets). MA IF YOU’VE GOT only 20 minutes to train and your goal is fat loss. 3. au WorldMags. you’re doing the same weight with both moves of the superset. (Your front delts get worked in the chest press. then repeat two more times before moving on to the next superset. Choose a weight in which you reach muscle failure by the target rep. each exercise pairing involves the same equipment. Lower the weights along the same path. 2 Strongly press the weights up and together in a smooth motion just short of locking out your elbows. chewing up more calories via increased volume while inducing a deep muscle . BY BILL GEIGER.) Each exercise pairing is done as a superset. 2 NO TIME TO LOSE Superset opposing muscle groups with this fast-paced workout to speed up fat loss. 1 Flat-Bench Dumbbell Press 1 Lie back squarely on a flat bench with your feet spread wide for balance. the key is to keep things moving. but if you have strength imbalances or the weight is too light on the second exercise. Do as many as you need. Note: The next time you do this workout. Ideally. meaning that you do an exercise for each body part in back-toback fashion with no rest until you complete both moves. but also get the added benefit of post-exercise afterburn: you’ll continue to burn more calories throughout the day because of the boost in your metabolism. Choose a resistance in which you approach muscle failure at 12-15 reps. c o m . Robert Reiff 20-MINUTE “FULL-BODY SUPERSET” WORKOUT EXERCISE1 Superset 3 Superset 2 Superset 1 GOAL: FAT LOSS TIME: 20 MINUTES METHOD: SUPERSETS SETS2 REPS3 3 3 3 3 3 3 12-15 12-15 12-15 12-15 12-15 12-15 BODY PART Chest Back Quads/Glutes Hams/Glutes Biceps Triceps Flat-Bench Dumbbell Press One-Arm Dumbbell Row Dumbbell Lunge Dumbbell Romanian Dead Lift Standing EZ-Bar Curl Skullcrusher 32 AP R I L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u lt raf it ne ssm ag. which improves your cardiovascular health. Make sure that you keep your rest periods to a minimum after each superset—no more than 30 seconds. you may have to use another weight. simplifying the superset process and ensuring that you keep rest intervals to a minimum. Hold a pair of dumbbells with a palms-forward grip just outside your shoulders. One muscle group has time to recover while its antagonist is working. To keep you from having to race around the gym wasting time. but never take warm-ups to muscle failure. flip-flop the exercises in each pairing to work the target muscles in a slightly different way. quads/ hamstrings and biceps/triceps. a target that not only builds a degree of muscle but also keeps your heart rate elevated.workout WorldMags. then immediately begin the second move in the pairing without resting between sets. To help speed your workout along. Do the first exercise.

knees unlocked and feet fairly close together. strongly pull the weight into your side as you pull your elbow as far back behind the plane of your body as possible. Stand erect. 2 Dumbbell Lunge Stand erect. raising your arms so that they’re perpendicular to your torso.WorldMags. 2 1 Standing EZ-Bar Curl 2 1 Grasp an EZ-bar with an underhand grip about shoulder-width apart. keeping a slight arch in your lower back and knees unlocked. with a palms-down grip just outside your thighs. 2 From a stretched position. holding a pair of dumbbells by your sides with a palms-in grip with your chest out. with your chest out and shoulders back. 1 Skullcrusher 1 Lie face-up on a flat bench and take an overhand. Grasp a dumbbell with a neutral grip and fully extend your arm. 2 With your upper arms locked in position as best you can. 2 Contract your biceps to curl the bar up to about shoulder height. Smoothly reverse direction and press back in to a full arm extension. shoulders back. pushing your hips rearward as the weights travel down the front of your legs to about mid-shin level. Stop before your lower back starts to round. ensuring that your elbows stay pinned by your sides. co m . making sure that you control the downward motion. Do both sides for 12-15 reps. 2 Bend over at the hips. Open up slightly at the shoulder while maintaining your body’s “square” position. Your trailing knee should never touch the floor. Keep your elbows locked by your sides throughout the move. 1 WorldMags. Press strongly back up off your forward foot until you’re standing again. back slightly arched. Then immediately go right into the flatbench dumbbell press. Do 12 reps. shoulder-width grip on an EZ-bar. allowing it to hang at arms’ length in front of you. Keep your back flat and head forward. reverse direction and press your hips forward to rise back up. Do 12-15 reps. knees unlocked and feet about hip-width apart. Lower with control just short of a full extension. pushing the same-side foot back. then take a step with your opposite foot. bend at the elbows to allow the bar to approach your forehead. After repeating the sequence for 12-15 reps. with your chest out. 1 2 Dumbbell Romanian Dead Lift 1 Stand erect. immediately do the dumbbell romanian deadlift. 2 Take a fairly long stride as you step forward. Grasp a pair of dumbbells and hold them at arms’ length. Push the weight forward as you lower it. a u | A PR IL /M A Y 2 014 33 .net ul tr a f i tn e s s m a g . then lower your body until your forward knee approaches a 90-degree knee bend. a slight arch in your One-Arm 1 Dumbbell Row 1 Position one knee on a flat bench with your same-side hand supported at the top of the bench for stability. Do 12-15 reps and go right into the skullcrusher.

glutes and hamstrings are activated to stabilise you. When it comes to the strength moves. Photo Credit: Dallas Olsen Model: Melissa Pegg Hair and Makeup: Stacey Hutson hroughout this workout. Supersets essentially double the workload on the working muscles. allow some time to cool down and stretch. we’ve incorporated the granddaddy of all chest moves – the push-up – with unique strength exercises for a fast-paced workout that shapes and strengthens your arms and shoulders. Now. You are working your body from head to toe: shoulders. and of course. or light cardio and light resistance warm-up. while your abs. and building it up can actually have a huge impact on your metabolism. if you add muscle to your body. All the while. but then the magic happens. you’ll come out of it a chest-training fan for sure! Do each pair of exercises with little to no rest in between before taking 60 seconds between supersets. chest and triceps work to move you. au T LET’S DO IT! Try this plan once a week for a . and the higher your metabolism increase will be. The more muscles you use at once. your chest is also a very large muscle group. Intermediate and advanced: Do each superset 2-3 times. • • WorldMags. • All levels: Ensure you do a 10-minute dynamic stretching warm-up (bodyweight squats. and having strong pecs is especially important for women. stronger. giving you the opportunity to make your muscles twice as strong. including your back. the more calories you will burn. your muscles rebuild themselves – this time. Afterwards. Not only are they a great support for your upper body. you need to fuel them with calories to maintain them and that high Love it or loathe it. let’s change your view of it from simply a chest-building exercise to a full-body one. Push-ups should be pushed out until failure. c o m . your chest. you’re burning fat! Supersetting is a great way to change the shape of your body due to the stress it has on your muscles.PUSH YO WorldMags. So. before you turn your nose up at the idea of doing a push-up. remember.). arm swings etc. Beginners: Do each superset once. use a moderately heavy weight and do 8-12 reps. Microscopic tears form in the fibres. breast and shoulder girdle. chest training is essential. 34 A P RI L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u ltr af it ne ssm ag.

swapping sides each time. Repeat. anterior deltoids. pushing the barbell toward the ceiling. Get a training partner or someone nearby to pass you the loaded barbell you prepped before you got into u ltr af i tn e ssmag. ACTION: Perform a push-up.OURSELF WorldMags. bring your left knee towards your chest. Your feet should be about hip-width apart on the floor with your hips lifted. squeezing your butt. au | A P R IL/ M A Y 2014 35 . widen your grip to make the movement more stable. as you extend your arms and push your body back up. abdominals SET-UP: Get into a push-up position on the floor. Tip Keep your hips as low as possible so you use your abs to bring your leg forward. Tap your foot with your right hand before returning to the start position. TARGET MUSCLES: Pectoralis major. WorldMags. c om. your hands should be slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. lower the weight back to your chest. ACTION: Extend your arms up. Tip If you’re using an EZ bar. abdominals. Hold the barbell over your chest with your hands directly above each shoulder and your arms bent. triceps SUPERSET 1 Foot-tap push-up Supported barbell press TARGET MUSCLES: Pectoralis major. In a slow and controlled manner. glutes SET-UP: Place your upper back on a broad bench. anterior deltoids. and repeat.

hold a light to medium dumbbell. Alternating stability-ball flye TARGET MUSCLES: Pectoralis major. She believes in balance and moderation in her diet. In each hand. Contract your glutes and hamstrings for better stability. but keep your elbows soft. and repeat with the other arm. Lift one foot off the SUPERSET 2 Scorpion push-up TARGET MUSCLES: Pectoralis major. alternating legs each time. She doesn’t cut food groups and loves her carbs for endless energy! 36 AP R I L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u lt raf it ne ssm ag. anterior deltoids. your feet should be shoulder-width apart. . Don’t allow your hips to sag or rise. glutes SET-UP: Get into a push-up position with your hands slightly wider than your shoulders. Tuck your tailbone under. Melissa has been working out for years but only started weight training in 2012. hamstrings. PUSH-UP POINTERS • • • • • Keep yourself in perfect alignment: ensure your body is in a straight line from your head all the way down to your toes. Keep your head and spine neutral by directing your eyes down and slightly forward. ACTION: Perform a push-up. Lower. abdominals SET-UP: Place your upper back on a stability ball. Melissa’s fitness goals for 2014 include joining the Army Reserves and going trekking in Nepal. Melissa Pegg This 25-year-old from country Victoria who now lives in Brisbane is currently completing a PhD in family psychology. c o m . She competed in her first fitness modelling competition in September last year where she came first in her division. ACTION: Contract your core for support as you bring one weight above your chest in an arc-shaped movement. or try doing the exercise with both arms moving together. as you do this. Straighten your leg back out as you extend your arms.WorldMags. Tip For F or m more support. This will ease lower back strain and prevent a pelvic tilt. push your toes up against a solid object or wall. Tip Turn your core on as much as possible to stop Turn your body from tipping with your leg in the air. your hips lifted and your feet firmly on the ground. abdominals. bring your heel toward your butt by bending your leg. just slightly. au WorldMags. Your arm should remain straight with a slight bend in the elbow the whole time. Exhale as you extend your arms. spread your arms out straight to the side. and inhale as you lower your body down. for a healthy mind and body.

FLAWLESS 32 COUNT PHASING PERFECT TRANSITIONS BETWEEN SONGS EXCLUSIVE OPTIMISED ENERGY RECORDING Order now from yesfitnessmusic. hold a medium-weight dumbbell directly above your chest. latissimus dorsi SET-UP: Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the If you’re doing it correctly. lower the dumbbells over your head in an arc-shaped movement.WorldMags. abdominals SET-UP: Get into a push-up position on the or mail your order to: PO Box 140.COM.ones with hexagon-shaped heads are SUPERSET 3 Dumbbell push-up TARGET MUSCLES: Pectoralis major. palms facing in. In each hand. Extend your arms and repeat. in each hand you will need to have a dumbbell . Tip If you’re If yo new to this move. ACTION: Perform a push-up. anterior deltoids. Your hands should be slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and your bodyweight evenly supported between your toes and hands. keep your elbows tucked tightly to your body – don’t allow them to flare out. start with 5 or 7kg weights. YESFITNESSMUSIC. Return to the start. you will feel a stretch in your . and repeat.AU ALL 100% PPCA TARIFF FREE HEAPS OF BRAND NEW RELEASES FOR ALL CLASS TYPES CD & DOWNLOAD ON SALE ACTION: Moving your shoulders only. QUALITY FITNESS MUSIC FOR FITNESS Tip INSTRUCTORS Enhance Enh nha this movement by placing your hands on two exercise steps and lowering your chest below the surface of the steps. Come on down and check out the complete catalogue on stand K1 at the 2014 Australian Fitness Expo 4th-6th April Straight-arm dumbbell pullover TARGET MUSCLES: Pectoralis major. this time. Remember: don’t lower the weights any further than what feels comfortable. Manly NSW 2095 or order by phone: (02) 9976 3044 or fax: (02) 9976 5545 WorldMags.

c o m . au WorldMags. delicious recipes from Rocco Sorace’s cookbook Eat Your Way We’ve got another day covered for you with more . You’ll be licking your lips and losing those hips this autumn! BY ROCCO SORACE Slim Pickings 38 A P R I L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u lt r af it ne ssm ag.

finely chopped 1 garlic clove 150g mushrooms. Add the chopped mushrooms and zucchini and cook lightly. 3.8g (Saturated 1. Heat the olive oil in a heavy non-stick saucepan. A serving of nuts is about ⅓ of a cup or 30g. Sprinkle on protein powder and berries.4g (Sugar Breakfast – Protein Oats Serves 1 Ingredients 40g rolled oats and barley 50g organic low-fat yoghurt 1 tbsp natural vanilla whey protein 40g blueberries Directions 1. herbs.6g (Sugar 5. chopped 1 zucchini. Serve with a salad of your choice. vinegar. ul tr a f i tn e s s m a g . stirring over medium heat for one minute.2g) Carbohydrates 2. Whisk the eggs. chopped 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar 2 tbsp Parmesan cheese Pepper Directions 1. finely chopped 4 organic eggs. basil and parsley).1g Fat 5. Cook over low heat with lid for 20-30 minutes.2g) Sodium 44mg Snack Tip Nuts: Remember portion control when snacking on nuts. pepper and parmesan cheese in a bowl and add mixture to the fry pan. for example 20 almonds or 20 hazelnuts.2g) Carbohydrates 31.2g) Sodium 293mg WorldMags.WorldMags. Lunch – Mushroom and Zucchini Frittata Serves 2 Ingredients 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 1½ onions. co m . a u | AP RI L /M A Y 2 014 39 . Nutritional Information (per serving) Energy 624 kJ (149 cal) Protein 20. 2. Place yoghurt in a bowl topped with oats and barley.2g Fat 4. Nutritional Information (per serving) Energy 900 kJ (215 cal) Protein 15. Add onions and garlic. 4. lightly whisked 1 cup freshly mixed herbs (e.g.8g (Saturated 1.

4g) Carbohydrates 4.8g (Saturated 2.1g (Sugar 2. Remove and cool. chopped 2 spring onions 4 basil leaves. ! Super Quick This dessert takes only 5 minutes to prepare but has a wow factor when you plate it 40 AP RI L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u lt raf it ne ssm ag.9g (Sugar 1. Add the vegetables. 2. 5. zested 1 tbsp apricot jam. 2. 3. Spread ricotta mixture on top of cooled rounds and top with sliced strawberries. 4. stir fry for a few more minutes.2g Fat 3. warmed A hint of hazelnut oil (optional) 2 large strawberries Mint leaves (optional) Directions 1.9g Fat 3. Preheat oven to 180°C Cut mountain bread into four rounds. chopped 1 bunch of broccoli ½ cup red capsicum. In a medium bowl prepare noodles. and most importantly taste great. His work aims to help people understand that healthy eating can be convenient.6g) Sodium 235mg Nutritional Information (per serving) Energy 360 kJ (86 cal) Protein 7. Spray pan with oil and set over medium heat.4g) Sodium 153mg Rocco Sorace is an Australian-based inspirational Pilates fitness trainer. 4. goji berries. cut into small pieces 2 tsp green chilli paste ½ cup spinach. Add one whole cherry and fresh mint for decoration and dust with a little icing sugar.94. chopped 1 lemon.9g) Carbohydrates 1. and bake for 3-4 minutes until crisp. DVD presenter. vanilla. Serve and enjoy. author and home cook. insert into large muffin tin with the folds running up the edges. be the first to tell us how much a single serving of nuts is by writing to admin@ultrafitnessmag. c o m . valued at $24. simple.5g (Saturated 0. Nutritional Information / per serving Energy 812 kJ (194 cal) Protein 32. lemon zest and warm jam together. WIN! To T o win a copy of Rocco Sorace’s book Eat Your Way Slim. Mix low-fat ricotta. Stir fry until cooked. stevia. Add chicken and stir in green curry paste. Directions 1. 3. and rinse with hot water for one minute.WorldMags. Turn off heat and garnish with basil and . chopped Dessert – Cherry Baskets Serves 4 Ingredients 2 mountain bread organic wraps 250g low-fat ricotta cheese 1 tsp vanilla essence 1 tbsp stevia Small handful of goji berries 5 Dinner – Basil and Chilli Thai Chicken Noodles Serves 2 Ingredients 1 pack SlendierSlim wok-ready noodles Extra virgin olive oil spray 200g organic chicken breast. cherries. Add hazelnut oil if desired. Serve with some lowfat vanilla yoghurt. au WorldMags. drain liquid.

Once you are established you can continue to refine your skills and knowledge through our range of accredited professional development courses. “I have trained and mentored many prospective gym instructors and personal trainers over my 11 years in the fitness industry. Newcastle 1300 232 348 www.” . Visit us at the Australian Fitness & Health Expo Stand FITNESS CAREER PATHWAYS Personal Training Courses (Certificate III & IV in Fitness) Guaranteed Interviews Career Support for Graduates Professional Development Courses (Fitness Australia & Physical Activity Australia accredited) Australian Fitness Academy is committed to providing students with a rewarding career in the fitness industry through the highest quality education and career but a recent student was fantastic .Director. We view the initial qualification as just the first step in your fitness career.WorldMags. Throughout our 20-years of operation we have set up extensive networks and can guarantee our students receive job interviews. Happy Life.the best work experience person I have encountered. Much of the success of our experience with this student can be attributed to the fact that the Australian Fitness Academy’s program ensured that the student actually studied and experienced all facets of the fitness * Guarantee is for students who demonstrate an outstanding commitment to their studies. The program was extremely thorough and made the student aware of the rigours involved in being a successful gym instructor or personal WorldMags.* Our qualifications set you up for success in the industry and you have access to ongoing mentor support from our team of fitness experts. .

but what I want to know is how that New Year’s resolution of yours is going? If you’ve kept it up this far. Photo: shutterstock . congratulate yourself on your awesomeness. stop congratulating yourself. you will not take that one way trip to pity city! BY MARCUS BONDI 42 A P R I L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u lt r af it ne ssm Strengthen Your Resolution Muscle Wow! How time flies! We’re almost four months into 2014 already. You will not weaken. You will not fall under the resolution failure statistic. au WorldMags. c o m . because you still have a lot of training to complete to become even more awesome.WorldMags.

you must continue to challenge yourself and take real action in your life. Do something you wouldn’t ordinarily do so you will remember the moment. let’s examine some effective techniques to keep us going stronger. Especially if you do one more rep or finish one second quicker. Always try to ‘better’ your last performance. Start a training blog so you can set goals and document your progress. It’s a simple and effective process as long as you encourage your mind to commit to the prescribed actions. every completed session is a genuine win for your mind and your o succeed in your ‘happy success journey’. It sounds simple. CELEBRATE YOUR DAILY WINS Celebrate your training ‘wins’ every BE SPECIFIC If you want to succeed in anything.WorldMags. but don’t go for the impossible! Ensure your goals are realistic and achievable. For more information. You will create genuine personal pride and self-esteem. If you are too unclear when formulating your goals then it will be difficult to know when you are making achievements. But be careful.8 metres in 60 seconds. Book in a massage or go have a spa or sauna. Close your eyes and imagine yourself performing your favourite exercises in intricate detail. longer. Punch the air after your session and yell “YES!” You are also entitled to think very loudly in your mind ‘I am so freakin’ awesome!’ You may also think this and even verbalise it in the shower every morning. Marcus Bondi is an ambassador for Aussie Bodies and trains at the spectacular Bondi Beach cliffs with a top team of Olympic wrestlers. you must visualise every aspect of your training. order for you to know when you have got there.marcusbondi. so long as you stick to your plan! With each passing day of training success. now that we are all on the same page u ltraf i tn e ssmag. Now go for it and discover how wonderful and satisfying life can be when you take control! At 44 years old and 83kg. www. au | A P R IL/ M A Y 2014 43 . The best time to do this is at night as you lie in bed before you go to sleep. WIN! By staying true to your dreams and completing your training program you will be the winner. Celebrate all your hard work so far by doing something special for yourself. Marcus Bondi broke the Official Guinness World Record for the 5m rope climb .27. simply watch any Olympic gymnast before they begin their floor routine. Marcus Bondi’s strength training techniques have been utilised by Olympic gymnasts and special forces units all over the world. but it actually takes mental ability and dedication. Your goal should describe your desired end point. you must continuously assess and reassess your milestones. move and technique they are about to perform. But don’t just take my word for it. This needs to be very clear in WorldMags. every pushup. T BY STAYING TRUE TO YOUR DREAMS AND COMPLETING YOUR TRAINING PROGRAM YOU WILL BE THE WINNER. praise yourself! BE REALISTIC Go for gold. You must be able to measure the progress you are making. the truth is that they have already visualised it to perfection thousands of times before. capability at the time. MMA fighters and boxers. His key training elements focus on extreme outdoor training with high intensity and high endurance tolerances. you can actually see them thinking and visualising every single element. this is priceless. just check with yourself that your plan is possible. Of course. Test how many ‘push-ups’ (or any exercise) you can do in your mind before you lose focus. creating rock hard psychological capital that will accurately inform their every muscle. you will make it happen. what does your gut feeling tell you? How could you change the way you are working to ensure greater effectiveness? Remember. Actually visualise yourself doing many push-ups or squats – see and ‘feel’ every millimetre. Don’t be timid. You must be very precise about what you want to achieve. being vague is never okay. Ask yourself: How am I progressing? Who else can you consider asking for feedback? Can you ask a friend or family member to check in with you? Listen to your instincts. You may need to adjust the method you are using to work toward your goals. In training to break various world records I always graphically visualised every aspect of the task ahead of me. And YOU CONTROL YOUR ATTITUDE! Okay. Your attitude controls your training discipline and results. c om. especially in regard to the most difficult elements which seemed beyond my physical MAKE IT MEASURABLE Size matters. this is not your excuse to water down your ambitions. but yours for the taking. VISUALISE PERFECT PERFORMANCE Accredited sports research has shown that athletes who visualise the details of their specific physical goals perform much better than those who don’t! To really fortify and multiply your progress and achievement at every level. You can and you will do it. Every step.

Swedish research(1) showed that lactic acid could not only be the most natural way to prevent cancer of the bladder. 44 A P RI L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u ltr af it ne ssm ag.WorldMags. W .net We’ve all felt it but do we really understand what it is? BY AURÉLIEN APPORT hen it comes to lactic acid. au WorldMags. Unknown to many. training partner or coach can become confusing. it can rapidly stop pain due to buccal ulcers and it can be directly transfused into a patient during certain surgeries. as well as in the medical industry. but also skin cancer. so it’s time to clear up some of the most common misconceptions. In 2008. a simple discussion with a friend. c o m .net Photo: shutterstock Lactic acid is not only present in our body but also in all dairy and wine. It’s frequently used in food products as an additive (E270) or flavour enhancer.

A. The Journal of Physiology: pp 763-770. the better your recovery will be.from 30 seconds up to two minutes . Exercise-Induced Metabolic Acidosis: Where do the Protons come from?. not causes acidosis!(5) Lactate causes soreness.full?sid=2b240dba4882-487b-b65d-0c2eda5bad0c 2. McKeena et al. Robergs. University of New Mexico. copyright. strength and conditioning. Mars 1983. Now located in Bondi. American Society for Clinical Nutrition. pp. Lactate (as we’ll call it from now on) is a waste product of anaerobic metabolism – this is also false. a diminution of different chemical reactions who furnish energy to the muscle . Physician and Sportmedicin. 5.(4) Lactate doesn’t create muscular acidosis. A depletion of phosphorylase and phosphofructokinase will provoke the failure of major energy production processes.abstract 7. 4. make your sessions any easier or reduce the soreness the following day but it’s always good to know who the guilty party is and isn’t. ‘Lactate et Exercise: Myths and Realities’. He has a black belt in Judo and Jujitsu and is a certified personal trainer and coach. Larsson. soreness comes from free radical damage. power lifting and tailored nutritional programs.(6) correlation between lactate and soreness.1113/ University of California San Diego School of jour/0102/rar. It’s this uncomfortable soreness that makes you walk like a penguin after a leg session or when your PT pushes you out of your comfort zone for your sake! an energy system called ‘anaerobic glycolysis’.C. Olympic lifting. and dairy intake in relation to bladder cancer risk in a prospective study of Swedish women and men. & Coggan A. Fatigue is the result of an exhaustion and failure from the energy production chain. Elite athletes’ workouts include sessions to delay and support the muscular content/17/1/17. J. 130-131. Lieber. The burning sensation felt in intense efforts such as a 400m run or super-set during weight training is due to proton release. issue 3. The liver can also transform it into glucose through the Cori ul tr a f i tn e s s m a g .115352/full?doi=10. Give it a try! So. http://www. the muscular fibre efficiency will decrease after many repetitions or intense tension. Before we go any further into what exactly lactic acid is and what it does.Berkeley 8.1 113%2Fjphysiol. ju-jitsu. The acidosis isn’t the only factor that creates muscle fatigue. Chatham. L & Leger. But An Energy Source and How To Use It’ 2006. To recreate a high intensity exercise. The 5km run will produce a higher level of lactate in your body but you will most likely have more soreness. Lactate is responsible for muscle fatigue. specialising in martial arts.htm 3. Lactate – the forgotten fuel!. though.sportsci. It is during this process – where the body transforms glucose into energy quickly . glycogenolysis and glycolysis. judo.when pain and acidosis appear . Aurélien trains clients outside. 2006.that lactate is produced.physiology. chraneclinicalanswers. who appear between 8 and 72 hours after training. F & Parker. produce a very similar substance called ‘lactate’. vol 11. S. A 2008. More precisely. a u | AP RIL /M A Y 2 014 45 . Coyle. L 2001. This combination provokes the sensation of fatigue. yoghurt.%2C+2007%29> 10. WorldMags. The accumulation of protons increases the acidosis and can affect the muscular contraction.M. So what exactly is this ‘lactic acid’ or ‘lactate’ as we now know it? Strenuous exercise .com&originUrl=%2Fadvanced%2Fsearch%2Fresults &searchTextForCCA=&queryText=McKeena+et+coll.and from the nervous system which transmits order that becomes less effective. 1984.(2) 2. and Bailey S.63-76 < http://www. WRONG! It doesn’t cause postworkout soreness.2006. http://www. weight loss. F.physoc. the result is ATP + water + lactate. D 2004. philippelefevre. Ghiasvand.wiley. E.pdf 6. Robergs. The Journal of Physiology.L & Friden. That’s why lactate is often considered waste because it arrives at the end of the production chain. Sports Medicine. Davis J. Possible mechanisms of central nervous system fatigue during exercise. G. J 2002. however.115352&simpleSearchError=Invalid+query+syntax %3A+Error+near+%222007%22& let’s get some common misconceptions out of the way: 1.(10) What about DOMS. and has been doing so in various countries around the world for 15 years. http://ajcn. Our muscles produce lactic acid during exercise . there is no Aurélien Apport is a French elite athlete and international judo competitor with over 25 years of practice. Shwane and Al.nutrition. In this case muscular fatigue and acidosis level have to be separated(9).. including the heart and brain as energetic substrate (7).jaaos.(12) Take the example of a marathon and a 5km run. Biochemistry of exerciseinduced metabolic acidosis.pdf> 9. pages 124-127. J-E & Wolk. It’s actually an intermediate link between anaerobic and aerobic metabolism.(11) you ask? DOMS appears 8-24 hours post-workout. stiffness and muscle fatigue after a marathon.preparationphysique. R. Cultured milk. at their homes or in the gym. www.2006.they do not. during your next session . Hakan Westerblad et al 2002: http://physiologyonline. They do. It’s used by different organs. co m .C 2002. (3) 3. muscular micro-traumatism or inflammation. C. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise.WorldMags. R. R. The better your aerobic level. R. The University of New Mexico. DOMS: Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness. References 1. Johansson. kickboxing. as well as to increase their capacity to recover and reproduce the same effort in a short time. Morphologic and Mechanical Basis of Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness. Cazorla. Lactic Acid Not Athlete’s know better than to blame ‘lactic acid’! It will not stop the burning sensation. 54. 5. But the lactate has a life after its production. Aurélien trains both general fitness and high level 4. <http:// onlinelibrary. Post-workout the lactate is eliminated from the body within two hours with a passive recovery and in 30 minutes with an active recovery such as a walk immediately post-exercise (8). enzymatic unbalance.A 2001.full 11. The lactate production retards. Lactate is not dangerous for our body but it does accompany the muscular acidosis. S-O. ‘Is lactic acid related to delayed-onset muscle soreness’. Effectiveness of carbohydrate feeding in delaying fatigue during prolonged exercise. University of California . 12. STAPS. it’s recommended to have appropriate resting time between sets.

au WorldMags. c o m .net .net To Stretch Or Not To St re t c h ? 46 A P RI L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u ltraf it ne ssm ag.WorldMags.

taking nutritional supplements and getting plenty of rest all fall into this category. Vigorous warming up can decrease performance in endurance sports. in particular. and there are countless anecdotal views for and against.5cm. she found that athletes performed their exercise significantly quicker when they undertook a warmup similar to the workout that followed. There is no question that athletes can benefit from nonspecific and specific warm-up to help improve athletic abilities and performance. Dr Melvin Williams’ book Ergogenic Aids in Sport outlines the facts on warming up: • • • Athletes in high-intensity. and long jumpers up to 10cm. They offer the added benefit of injury It has been a long-argued question.04 seconds. and the striking time decreased by 0. • • • WorldMags. Research and experience shows that flexibility and warming up are essential components of all sporting performance and fitness programs.” author of Facts and Fallacies of Fitness Dr Mel C Siff said. performance optimisation and enhanced time to recovery. eating wholesome foods. indirect warm-ups can interfere with sports requiring motor skill. designing a program that fits your individual needs. both in coordination pattern and intensity.WorldMags. strength and explosive output. c u ltr af i tn e ssmag. Direct warm-ups (using activities directly related to or similar to that of the sport) of moderate intensity and duration before explosive sports enhances the performance of trained athletes. but not necessarily of untrained athletes. Strenuous. training consistently.” etting considerably stronger and staying that way is largely a matter of taking care of the details. “Thus. BY AMANDA ALLEN The right kind of warm-up and stretching can give you an edge. Dr Siff advises for the warm-up to include movements similar to the specific exercise that is going to be performed. Indirect warm-ups (using activities not directly related to the sport. Selection of a suitable warm-up depends on personal experimentation with various methods. reduce predisposition to injuries while simultaneously meeting the need for increased range of movement. warming up and stretching was found to enable muscles to execute power and speed. “An active warm-up which includes intense exercises is an effective means for successfully executing speed-strength exercises and explosive exercises. short duration events such as weightlifting and shot putting can improve performance by warming up. G Through Dr Siff’s research.02-0. The punching strength of boxers increased an average of 400-700 Newtons. speed. Most of all. as well as endure heavy loads without injury. such as cycling and stretching) can often enhance performance if kept at a comfortable level. it was found that women basketball players increased their jumps from 1-4. au | A P R IL/ M A Y 2014 47 .

and facilitate recovery. If you experience pain during a stretch.” In addition. and then continue to hold in that more comfortable position for the desired count. cyclist and canoeist. to increase muscle temperature. This provides a highly particular warm-up and neuromuscular preparatory phase. It may be sufficient preparation if someone is about to walk or go on a slow jog. you’re doing it wrong and need to change your approach to the discipline. Because many stretching and warming-up movements are closely related. it should be soothing. After you finish your workout. The body’s energy system depends on those enzymes and. they have also warmed it up . yoga teacher. veins and capillaries deliver nutrients and carry away waste products more expeditiously. au WorldMags.” Warming up is just what the name implies: doing an exercise that helps to elevate your body’s core temperature. until they’re released. the energy system will not function properly. they activate the stretch reflex. CrossFit coach. This is why an athlete feels sluggish at the beginning of a workout if they have failed to warm up properly. they have also warmed it up .45 seconds to a full minute. There is the confusion about how warm-ups and stretching benefit the athlete. With the muscles warm and flushed with blood. Amanda is a peak performance and health coach. That brings us to the stretch reflex. She has qualifications as a CrossFit coach. Warming up activates the enzymes responsible for the many chemical reactions that occur during physical exercise. allowing more oxygen to go where it’s needed. If any of your stretches hurt.WorldMags. Whenever someone forces a stretch. “There is the confusion about how warm-ups and stretching benefit the .not true. Some recommend holding a static stretch for 20 seconds. It’s a built-in safeguard to keep you from doing harm to the muscles by overstretching them. This needs to be done before anyone proceeds to more strenuous physical activities. it should be soothing. Ease off a bit and allow the stretched muscle or muscles to relax. Stretching should not be painful. never forced. A specific warm-up relies on the actual exercises of the training session performed easily with lighter loads. Chek nutrition and lifestyle coach. An effective warm-up routine need not be complicated . and also WOD Magazine. and facilitates recovery . Merely stretching your hamstrings before squatting is not enough. Many are of the opinion that if they do some stretching prior to a workout. personal trainer and wholistic psychologist. corporate speaker. it’s often assumed that they do the same things for the body . A slightly higher temperature creates positive pressure between the muscles and bloodstream. She contributes articles to The RX A general warm-up uses a wide variety of actions to prepare the body as a whole for exercise. reduce the risk of injury to your muscles and joints. a warm-up routine helps the body deliver more oxygen to the muscles. If any of your stretches hurt.the simpler the better. but I believe longer is much more productive . it is the ideal time to focus on static of the keys to making steady progress.another misconception. and writer. Both warming up and stretching are free . An elevated body temperature enhances the entire cardiovascular system by helping the arteries. “Stretching should not be painful. you’re doing it wrong and need to change your approach to the discipline.not true. Obtaining a fuller range of motion by warming up and stretching appropriately will aid you in having a more productive workout. c o m . the online CrossFit newspaper.” Photo: Joel Vogler 48 AP R I L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u lt ra f it ne ssm ag. they are two different activities and provide very different benefits. but not even close when a 100kg squat is on the agenda.all you have to do is supply time and energy. It helps to alleviate muscle and attachment soreness. stretching right after a session is the perfect time for this discipline. and to stimulate the right pre-exercise mood. that’s the stretch reflex checking in and telling you to back off. While both are useful for every athlete. Static stretching is done gently. Haemoglobin is responsible for transporting oxygen to the working muscles. reduce the risk of injury to your muscles and joints. Many are of the opinion that if they do some stretching prior to a workout. and facilitate recovery. and it’s able to do the job more effectively when the muscle fibres are warm. She is also a former state and national level triathlete. it is a case of moving through functional full ranges of movement where you are mobilising across a joint rather than ‘stretching’ a muscle. She is an inspiring and motivating woman in a peak state of health and fitness! “Obtaining a fuller range of motion by warming up and stretching appropriately will aid you in having a more productive workout.

net .

net Cory Sorensen CALORIE COUNT: 450 PROTEIN: 38 GRAMS CARBS: 21 GRAMS FAT: 24 GRAMS SAT FAT: 9 GRAMS TOTAL PREP TIME: 10 .2or3 Shake Dinner1. cook until cheese melts. Add ham mixture and cheese. Add ham and capsicum. Breakfast1or2 Snack1 Lunch1.m.5 GRAMS TOTAL PREP TIME: 5 MINUTES BREAKFAST BREAKFAST BREAKFAST BREAKFAST BREAKFAST 2 EGG SCRAMBLE INGREDIENTS: • 55g diced lean ham • 1⁄2 cup chopped green or red capsicum • 2 large whole eggs • 1 tbsp non-fat milk • 1⁄4 cup shredded low-fat cheddar cheese • 1 slice whole wheat toast INSTRUCTIONS: Heat a pan sprayed with cooking oil over medium heat. 7:45p.2or3 Snack2 AMAZING ABS MEAL PLAN Better food variety than ever before BY NEVA WorldMags. 3p. Your eating schedule may be different. Eat your last meal no later than two hours before bedtime. LD ENVIABLE ABS . MS. So grab a notepad. 6p. remove and set aside. buy your food and start your journey. visit your local supermarket. about one OUT OF BED Eat breakfast within 30 minutes of getting up. RD.m. BUT AB EXERCISES ALONE WON’T CARVE OUT THE DREAM SIX-PACK. scramble in pan until nearly done. but try to stay within these guidelines. c o m . 7a.WE ALL WANT THEM. au WorldMags. Whip together eggs and milk. 10a. This detailed plan has everything you need to fuel your gains. Not only will you have abs to show off but you also won’t be caught in the kitchen . Serve with whole wheat toast. write down your grocery list. Cook until capsicum are soft. and space your meals every two or three hours after that—this includes the snacks and shakes listed.m.m. MINUTES 50 AP RI L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u lt ra f it ne ssm ag. 1p.m.there’s a winwin for you! BREAKFASTBREAKFAST BREAKFAST 1 FIBRE AND FRUIT FEAST INGREDIENTS: • 3⁄4 cup shredded wheat • 1⁄4 cup low-fat muesli • 1⁄2 banana • 1⁄4 cup raisins • 1 cup non-fat milk INSTRUCTIONS: Combine all ingredients in a bowl and enjoy! BREAKFAST BREAKFAST BREAKFAST CALORIE COUNT: 450 PROTEIN: 16 GRAMS CARBS: 98 GRAMS FAT: 3 GRAMS SAT FAT: 0.m.

spread on bread and top with lettuce. Serve with plum. Have orange for dessert. walnuts and dressing. broken into small pieces • 1⁄2 cup grapes INSTRUCTIONS: Toss lettuce with roast beef.LUNCHLUNCHLUNCHLUNCHLUNCHLUNCHLUNCHLUNCHLUNCHLUNCHLUNCH LUNCH 1 TURKEY PASTA SALAD INGREDIENTS: • 55g dry whole wheat rotini or corkscrew pasta • 1⁄2 cup diced leftover turkey breast (from Dinner 1. WorldMags. a u | A PR IL /M A Y 2 014 51 . drained • 2 tsp light mayonnaise • 2 slices whole wheat bread • Lettuce leaf • 1 medium plum INSTRUCTIONS: Combine tuna and mayonnaise. celery. vegetables and cheese. LUNCHLUNCHLUNCHLUNCHLUNCHLUNCHLUNCHLUNCHLUNCHLUNCHLUNCHLUNCH LUNCH 3 FIESTA SALAD INGREDIENTS: • 2 cups lettuce. shredded • 55g lean roast beef • 1⁄3 cup canned black beans. CALORIE COUNT: 300 PROTEIN: 12 GRAMS CARBS: 61 GRAMS FAT: 4 GRAMS SAT FAT: 0 GRAMS TOTAL PREP TIME: 5 MINUTES CALORIE COUNT: 500 PROTEIN: 40 GRAMS CARBS: 53 GRAMS FAT: 16 GRAMS SAT FAT: 9 GRAMS TOTAL PREP TIME: 10 MINUTES WorldMags. drained and rinsed • 1⁄4 cup each diced green capsicum. page 52) • 1⁄4 cup shredded low-fat cheddar cheese • 1⁄4 cup each sliced carrots and celery • 1 tbsp chopped walnuts • 2 tbsp light Italian dressing • 1 medium orange INSTRUCTIONS: Cook pasta according to package directions. Top with SNACKS SNACKSSNACKSSNACKS CALORIE COUNT: 500 PROTEIN: 43 GRAMS CARBS: 59 GRAMS FAT: 13 GRAMS SAT FAT: 5 GRAMS TOTAL PREP TIME: 15 MINUTES TUNA SANDWICH INGREDIENTS: • 55g water-packed tuna. Spread bread with mayonnaise and layer with cheese and roast beef. co m . muesli and blueberries in a bowl. YOGHURT CRUNCH INGREDIENTS: • 1 cup light vanilla yoghurt • 1⁄3 cup low-fat muesli • 1 cup frozen blueberries. carrots. sour cream and tortilla chips. onion and tomato • 1⁄4 cup low-fat cheddar cheese • 1⁄4 cup each salsa and low-fat sour cream • 4 baked tortilla chips. cheese. Toss pasta with turkey. drain and cool. CALORIE COUNT: 300 PROTEIN: 22 GRAMS CARBS: 42 GRAMS FAT: 7 GRAMS SAT FAT: 1 GRAM TOTAL PREP TIME: 10 MINUTES SNACKSSNACKSSNACKS LUNCHLUNCHLUNCHLUNCHLUNCHLUNCHLUNCHLUNCHLUNCHLUNCHLUNCHLUNCH LUNCH 2 SAVOURY SOUP AND SANDWICH INGREDIENTS: • 1 packet instant tomato soup • 2 slices whole wheat bread • 2 tsp light mayonnaise • 2 slices low-fat cheese • 4 slices lean roast beef • 1 medium pear • 2 vanilla wafer cookies CALORIE COUNT: 500 PROTEIN: 20 GRAMS CARBS: 80 GRAMS FAT: 15 GRAMS SAT FAT: 5 GRAMS TOTAL PREP TIME: 10 MINUTES INSTRUCTIONS: Prepare soup in microwave according to package directions. Have grapes for dessert. beans. thawed INSTRUCTIONS: Stir together yoghurt. Have pear and vanilla wafers for ul tr a f i tn e s s m a g .

Place apple in a microwave-safe casserole dish. onion and almonds. Combine honey and mustard in a pan and heat. about one minute. Combine spinach. serve over pork chop. DINNERDINNERDINNERDINNERDINNERDINNERDINNERDINNERDINNERDINNERDINNER DINNER 2 PRAWN STIR-FRY INGREDIENTS: • 1⁄4 cup uncooked brown rice • 1 tsp vegetable oil • 1⁄2 cup each chopped broccoli. Drain. CALORIE COUNT: 500 PROTEIN: 32 GRAMS CARBS: 65 GRAMS FAT: 14 GRAMS SAT FAT: 2 GRAMS TOTAL PREP TIME: 20 MINUTES DINNERDINNERDINNERDINNERDINNERDINNERDINNERDINNERDINNERDINNERDINNER TOTAL PREP TIME: 5 MINUTES DINNER 3 HONEY-MUSTARD CHOP INGREDIENTS: • 1 medium potato • 1⁄2 tsp vegetable oil • 110g boneless pork loin chop. CALORIE COUNT: 250 PROTEIN: 15 GRAMS CARBS: 33 GRAMS FAT: 9 GRAMS SAT FAT: 2 GRAMS TOTAL PREP TIME: 5 MINUTES INSTRUCTIONS: Pierce potato with fork and cook in microwave. blend until smooth.5-2 HOURS TO COOK IN THE OVEN) CRANBERRY ORANGE SMOOTHIE INGREDIENTS: • 1 cup light cranberry juice cocktail • 1 1⁄4 cups orange sections • 1 cup light vanilla yoghurt • 1 tbsp non-fat dry milk powder INSTRUCTIONS: Combine ingredients in a blender with ice and blend until smooth. 4-5 minutes. Coat a pan with cooking spray and oil. CALORIE COUNT: 500 PROTEIN: 32 GRAMS CARBS: 58 GRAMS FAT: 17 GRAMS SAT FAT: 4 GRAMS TOTAL PREP TIME: 20 MINUTES 52 AP R I L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u lt raf it ne ssm ag. onion and pepper in a small saucepan.SHAKES SHAKESSHAKESSHAKES WorldMags. celery. 1cm thick • 1⁄8 tsp each salt and pepper • 1 tbsp honey • 1 tsp Dijon mustard • 2 cups raw spinach • 2 tbsp chopped onion • 1 tsp chopped almonds • 2 tbsp light Italian dressing CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER SHAKE INGREDIENTS: • 1 cup non-fat milk • 1⁄2 banana • 1 tbsp peanut butter • 1 tbsp sugar-free chocolate syrup • 1 tbsp non-fat dry milk powder INSTRUCTIONS: Combine ingredients in a DINNERDINNERDINNERDINNERDINNERDINNERDINNERDINNERDINNERDINNER DINNER 1 CLASSIC TURKEY INGREDIENTS: • 110g skinless roast turkey breast • 1⁄3 cup salt-reduced chicken broth • 2 tbsp chopped celery • 1 tbsp chopped onion • dash pepper • 3⁄4 cup herb-bread stuffing mix • 1 cup green beans • 1 medium apple. au WorldMags. add stuffing mix and toss lightly. about seven minutes.5KG TURKEY BREAST WILL TAKE 1. To prepare stuffing. toss with dressing. Cover and cook for five minutes. until browned. Trim fat from pork chop and cook in a pan. 3-4 minutes on each side. CALORIE COUNT: 250 PROTEIN: 12 GRAMS CARBS: 53 GRAMS FAT: 0 GRAMS SAT FAT: 0 GRAMS SHAKESSHAKESSHAKES INSTRUCTIONS: Cook turkey breast according to package directions. 2-3 minutes. boiling water. heat to a boil. add prawns and stir-fry for another 2-3 minutes or until prawns are pink. c o m . carrots and yellow squash • 110g raw prawns • 1 whole wheat roll INSTRUCTIONS: Cook rice according to package instructions. Cover and microwave until tender. heat over medium-high . Serve over rice with a roll. 2-3 minutes. cored • 1 tbsp raisins • 1⁄4 tsp cinnamon CALORIE COUNT: 540 PROTEIN: 43 GRAMS CARBS: 71 GRAMS FAT: 11 GRAMS SAT FAT: 3 GRAMS TOTAL PREP TIME: 20 MINUTES (A SMALL 2-2. combine broth. Fill centre with raisins and cinnamon. Add vegetables and stir-fry. Cook green beans in lightly salted. .

net Self-discipline by definition is action-oriented. BY KORI L. and to struggle or fight forcefully. au WorldMags.S. It certainly wasn’t always easy.. c o m . Through suffering you dug deep enough each day and exerted whatever energy you could to stay positive and mentally tough. but you were unwavering in your pursuit. PHD(C). you failed in some way along the course. In essence. LCMHC . to endeavour. and you may have questioned the reasons you were making the effort. M. to contend.THE DIET DOC AND PERFECT PEAKING WELLNESS DIRECTOR 54 A P R I L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u lt raf it ne ssm ag. Think back to the circumstances of your life when you’ve known what you want and you took the steps necessary to get there. PROPST.WorldMags. you persisted. you competed with obstacles that threatened your ability and motivation to . No matter how you got to your goal. but you kept going. powerful and inspired! Webster’s dictionary clarifies self-discipline and goal striving as the exertion of much effort or energy. negative emotions. and fatigue would have had you quit. when the doubt.

An individual who can manage his emotions can delay gratification in order to focus longer on one step toward the bigger goal.The Evolution of Fitness. ul tr a f i tn e s s m a g . What if they anticipated the journey to be a roughand-tumble excursion? Would it make a difference in the level of persistence exerted? This is exactly what one researcher from the University of California has shown in his studies with children regarding teaching and learning. aren’t we missing the boat? So what do you need to be the steadfast. .” attitude. motivation. (2006). These are the qualities of self-discipline. They expected to struggle! They understood struggling as an opportunity to test their mental mettle.expect to make mistakes and will persist longer at a given task before giving up. graduate. References 1. he discovered how differently the children responded to the learning process. fortitude. and poor role modelling? The masters of self-discipline are the ones who struggle and keep going. and selfdiscipline. author of the PeakofMind blog. Goals are the truest form of human aspiration that ignite the passion to discover a dream and do not happen on their opposed to being born with brains or without . mentally tough. delay gratification and develop a measure of emotional management skills. or believe they “just don’t have what it takes” versus the “all-in” folks? Do the individuals who achieve permanent S weight loss success . fit body. intelligence and the right answer versus what it takes to achieve the goal.. time. coming from single parent o what makes the difference between those individuals who adopt an “I’ll never be able to. but if we focus only on academics. however.despite the fact that 98% of individuals who lose weight gain it back within 3-5 years . He was interested in comparing them to the approaches often implemented in the US. Academics and intelligence are important. In turn. delay gratification and develop a measure of emotional management skills. Her studies demonstrate that children who believe their achievements come from hard work and effort . and WNBF professional figure. Kori is best known as the Wellness Director of The Diet Doc. and is often unrewarding • Delayed gratification • Follow-through • Self-control • Behavioural flexibility • Curiosity • Perceiving hardships as opportunities for personal growth • Anticipation and planning • Emotional management skills Many of these traits are related. Joe’s Perfect Peaking. Dweck.. they are the ones who don’t expect to get something for nothing. a researcher at Stanford University. behavioural flexibility allows the dieter who has been exercising daily in a gym to anticipate how she might work out when on a business trip. LLC and Dr. and weight loss/nutrition consultant. for example. New York: Random House. feels pointless. Yet. Growing up is our prime time for learning how to self-soothe. writer. Each of these characteristics is a factor of self-discipline. Attainment is determined not by ability.WorldMags. Growing up is our prime time for learning how to self-soothe. determined. Carol Dweck. self-disciplined individual? • Persistence when the task is boring. and perseverance toward the goal that makes the difference. certified personal trainer. but instead by hard work. mundane.1 Repeatedly we see that it’s the work. The attachment theory states that kids need a nurturing relationship and environment to grow up in the early stages of development. Jim Stigler travelled to Japan to learn about their teaching methods. Attainment is determined not by ability. and self-discipline.The New Psychology of Success: How We Can Learn to Fulfill our Potential. Each of these characteristics is a factor of self-discipline. who fall apart and pick up the pieces. but instead by hard work. . As a graduate student. low incomes. Inc. motivation. and move forward. managing editor of Alpha . developed the theories of growth and fixed mindsets. C. co m . a u | AP RI L /M A Y 2 014 55 WorldMags. and start successful careers despite what would appear all odds being stacked against them. look for alternatives. motivational speaker. and solving problems meant being able to withstand the emotional turmoil experienced during perseverance. While there. and bodybuilding athlete. fortitude. health coach. she is also a clinical mental health counsellor. effort. many people expect the journey toward their goals to be easy and believe that something must be wrong if they can’t skate through the process without trips and stumbles.know some secret that deludes the rest of us? Who are the kids in our country who go on to uni.

causing gaps to develop between the ‘tight junctions’ (TJs).1. the school of thought has been that athletes experience reduced performance and fatigue simply due to ‘overtraining’. this is not always the Photo: shutterstock Do you find that you come down with a cold following intense exercise? Or that your athletic performance is compromised by digestive issues or training in a new climate? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions. you may not be aware of the impact it can have on the digestive system. c o m . This can trigger an immune or inflammatory reaction. taking a specific probiotic blend may be worth looking into. complex structures that lie between the epithelial cells of the intestines. reviously. and activating a range of systems involved in cell signalling. au WorldMags. potentially disrupting the functioning of cells and organs. as emerging research implies that poor gut integrity can also play a role. Heat stress can encourage inflammation and swelling of the intestinal lining.WorldMags. While you probably know that exercising in a warm climate can encourage dehydration and muscular issues. GUTHEALTH ANDEXERCISE P : P The Surprising Link BY BELINDA REYNOLDS. Gastrointestinal hyper-permeability involves weakening of the gastrointestinal walls which consequently enables the harmful bacteria. or partially digested food particles to crossover from the digestive tract into the bloodstream. BSC NUT&DIET (HON) 56 A P RI L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u lt r af it ne ssm ag. . bacterial toxins. 2 A potential result of this is gastrointestinal hyperpermeability. also known as ‘leaky gut’.

the probiotic treatment also seemed to improve heat tolerance. this is not an opportunity of which we all have the In the initial stage of damage to the intestinal walls. incompletely digested food undergoes fermentation. University of Tasmania. This was confirmed upon looking at intestinal permeability markers and the amount of lipopolysaccharide (LPS) in the bloodstream. This was followed by a three-week ‘washout’ period (allowing for probiotic elimination in the treatment group). randomised crossover methods) demonstrated the potential benefits of probiotics on athletic performance in 12 trained male runners. the runners on probiotic treatment had a decline in gastrointestinal permeability. And if that were not enough. immune markers and systemic inflammation. Benno Y. She has been involved in the complementary medicine industry for nearly 14 years . Kankaanpaa P. however. infant and child health have evolved as subjects particularly close to her heart. School of Human Life Sciences. et al. digestive enzyme production is compromised.nine of these working for BioCeuticals. Belinda’s greatest passion is assisting practitioners in developing their knowledge by presenting new research in the area of integrative medicine.5. For more health articles. Upon taking the multi-strain In: Salminen S.and postnatal. Our athletic performance largely depends on good all-round health and a threshold for unfamiliar climates. c om. Understanding the mechanisms by which probiotics inhibit gastrointestinal References: 1. von Wright A (Eds). Briskey D. Ideally. Probiotics: effects on immunity. Athletes receiving probiotic treatment could run for 14% longer than placebo participants. Gregorio GV et al. Lactic acid bacteria in health and disease.WorldMags. Vitetta F. The remaining six runners were administered a placebo. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2011. 2011 (unpublished report). 4. Gahan CG. McNabb WC. et al. prior to competing in a hostile climate. with an involvement in Marketing and Product Development. et al. Now a mother of two. Ulluwishewa D. When choosing a probiotic. 100 minutes of daily exercise in the new climate is also required.3. 2nd ed (pp.4.6 And due to their involvement in regulating pro. 7. 1998. Educator and Writer. Allen SJ. 6. Hill C. Recently. Sutas Y. As intestinal permeability progresses into the advanced stages. see your healthcare practitioner. Wells JM. Lactic acid bacteria: microbiology and functional aspects. Peake u ltr af i tn e ssmag. Isolauri E. and may include: • Headaches • Migraines • More severe food allergies • Worsening digestive problems • Chronic fatigue • Painful joints 40% humidity. Before and after probiotic or placebo treatment. If symptoms persist. providing a ‘feeding ground’ for undesirable bacteria which can then proliferate and extend the degree of inflammation. What can we do to reduce our risk of or potentially prevent leaky gut? One important measure may be to take a high quality probiotic.56:115. Martinez EG. Speak to your healthcare practitioner for more information about choosing the right probiotic. Lim F. placebo-controlled. et al. they also may improve their performance under hot conditions. as a Practitioner Sales Consultant. the lactobacilli and bifidobacteria species are the ones to look out for as they encourage an acidic environment in the gastrointestinal tract via their production of short-chain fatty acid (SCFA). The symptoms stemming from this are hard to dismiss. Outside of this Belinda has spent time working in hospitals and lectured at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies. Corr SC. Probiotics for treating acute infectious diarrhoea. au | A P R IL/ M A Y 2014 57 .(11):CD003048. a high-quality Tasmanian study (with double-blind. 3. Adv Food Nutr Res 2009. the intestinal cells and TJs undergo degeneration.7 For one month. Anderson RC. Cochrane Database Syst Rev 2010. Deighton MA. Shing CM. Probiotics can stimulate the immune system and synthesise bacteriocins. gastrointestinal microflora also influence intestinal and systemic inflammatory processes. Regulation of tight junction permeability by intestinal bacteria and dietary components. Belinda Reynolds graduated with an Honours Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics in 2003. Remarkably. 2. Salminen S. make sure to always read the label and use only as directed. after which participants swapped treatments for another month. six of the runners were administered a daily probiotic consisting of nine strains and 45 billion colony forming units (CFUs).108 Suppl 1:4607-14. levels of LPS post-exercise had declined. Meijerink M. Australia’s leading provider of practitioner-only nutritional and therapeutic supplements. When taking supplements.can play an important part in maintaining intestinal integrity. J Nutr 2011. which may include: • Gas • Bloating • Constipation • Diarrhoea • Stomach cramps • Indigestion • Food sensitivities These digestive symptoms are often ignored. Subsequently.and antiinflammatory cytokines. However. Am J Clin Nutr 2001:73(2 Suppl):s444-50. if treatment is not sought inflammation is likely to worsen. 5. Team Leader.211-53). Groundbreaking research has revealed that not only may certain probiotics improve the general health of athletes. Billions of microflora . pre. Presenter. both of which indicate how much harmful bacteria have leaked from the GIT.the beneficial microbes of the gut .141(5):769-76. Rossi O. substances that serve as natural antibiotics. alongside the first stage symptoms of leaky gut. resulting in the formation of larger gaps in the intestinal lining. Epithelial crosstalk at the microbiotamucosal interface. you need one to two weeks of exposure to that climate. athletic performance was examined under conditions of 35C heat and WorldMags. in which participants ran on a treadmill at 80% of their ventilatory threshold. go to www. New York: Marcel Dekker. Response to exercise in the heat following a period of probiotics supplementation. A high quality probiotic may just be the solution we need for the digestive and immunosuppressive symptoms that can occur with high intensity exercise in the heat.

so he would meticulously “It’s easy to see how a set of 25 reps seem pretty straightforward: if you’re plot each vigilante mission by leaving would require a longer rest period because lifting heavy. University conducted a study using Most people simply rest until they 16 trained male bodybuilders to test “feel” ready to get back under the bar. with the same rest protocols between leader. Both workouts were performed for “Hannibal” Smith. rest longer. you should duration . some tend important it is to improvements in strength to think it’s simply factor in as many and overall body composi. UltraFITNESS has all the new research to show you how to break right. enough and how much maybe a little less. variables as possible tion if you are as strict with while others like to when setting goals wait just long enough your rest periods as you in the gym. you For those who are looking to get bigger results.the list goes more. au WorldMags. putting you in a it comes to your physique? If you’re position to lift more weight on the next.start taking your rest periods more seriously. was that subjects were able to complete episode of the long-running show. workout Eric Blais (illustrations). if you want to see your physique sets. But even aim for a certain time period: two or these iron-wielding colonels of the gym three minutes . if you’re But how much rest is an intermediate. intensity.train WorldMags.and your gym time . At the end of each victory cigar in the fastest time possible. During the first minutes between them know when they’re ready for the workout. the history books on rest plan to fail.and lowwould simply say “I love it when a rep ranges over five sets when resting plan comes together. are with your other workto catch their RESTING T REACH YOUR POTENTIAL To get the most from your physique . no less. exercise selection. Hannibal’s military training two-minute rest periods offering similar taught him that if you fail to plan. two or three minutes of the cable crossover and overall body composition if you are rest between sets. cardio strength-and-mass approach. subjects did five sets sets for strengthnext set. Newer research on rest is too much? But advanced periods shows that you trainers know how stand to make more drastic Well. with with chest workouts. he read on. probably a lot. how much do you leave to chance when muscles can recover more completely from the last set. volume. Colonel John So. and stronger. they did five sets of 25 reps he A-Team’s cigar-smoking are about your other workout variables. The rationale nothing to chance. c o m . was a lover plan come together in a way worthy of a three weeks. What researchers found of completion. a beginner. the impact that rest had on Rest for two or three figuring that their muscles will just let strength. By Eric Velazquez as strict with your rest periods as you workout. In a second 58 A P RI L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u ltraf it ne ssm ag. shows that you stand to make eight-rep max (8RM). including moves like more drastic improvements in strength one. that many sets (five) and reps (25) tap into is that with each passing second. Newer research on rest periods. Cory Sorensen (opposite page) . routinely fail to take one big issue into Researchers at Arizona State consideration: rest.a matter of instinct. Weight. of sharpening your exercise order. with REST FOR STRENGTH music. on the bench press using their mass training as though. more total reps for both high. But in the interest out variables. your Where are we going with this? Well.” Cue the theme for three minutes between sets.

c u ltraf i tn e ssmag.WorldMags. au | A P R IL/ M A Y 2014 59 .net WorldMags.

Again. burn more calories during a workout. That’s probably not a foreign concept to you.your which will absolutely burn more Greater increase in postbest bet may be to keep the weights heavy calories than someone who rests for workout metabolism (six.” says Jimmy Peña. longer than 12RM sets. but the next one may be. which puts you in a prime pump sets they get before striding on rest periods can be as important as any stage. weight loads. which is primarily responsible for moving a weight from A to B for reps. “Shorter rest increases the important to you .to eight-rep range) while using rest several minutes between the same Less time spent in the gym periods as close to 30 seconds as possible. loads raised metabolism higher and for “The creatine phosphate (CP) system. it’s probably okay to linger a bit longer between sets. contributes to fat-burning more than light. longer rest may equate to greater strength and more reps at a given weight. Basically. we’re guessing it is . au WorldMags. “But in the strength or hypertrophy rep ranges. FAT LOSS calories than when they rested for three strength at a maximum. this hammers home the point that if strength is your main concern. so you may fail a rep or The College of New Jersey. meaning more muscle on your frame.WorldMags.” IDEAL REST*: 30 to 60 seconds So if your physique’s appearance is minutes. That’s why you’ll rarely find Several studies have shown that shorterany Olympia competitors tinkering with rest protocols allow for a greater release of light high-rep sets. GOAL: SIZE. REST TO GET LEAN (AND BIG) REST PERIODS: A QUICK GUIDE It may go against everything you’ve ever come to know and love about moving big weight.” says Peña. include compound Not only do heavier movements like the dumbbell squat weight loads keep your muscles looking fuller and For those who are worried that they might rounder but they also have more of an not be able to lift as much weight on impact on overall metabolism than lighter successive creatine phosphate. especially in workouts that rest periods. *Between sets 60 AP R I L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u lt raf it ne ssm ag. STRENGTH which has been shown to promote both But that in-gym calorie difference IDEAL REST*: 2 or 3 minutes strength and size. In a study from Greater increase in total strength sets together. other element of Plus. high-rep sets. two or three minutes is plenty of time to recover and get in for your next set if you expect to get more reps. “This is similar to rest-pause training.and if you’re reading total work and time under tension.” says Peña. let us put your mind at ease. especially because volume is key to growth. That means that heavier training. even if the latter can is rather quick to replenish. your body’s power-producing system A study performed at the your workout is perfectly primed to handle this type of Norwegian University of Sport and lifting without you losing much in the way Physical Education showed that 6RM of weight or . but if body composition Shorter rep schemes have shown is also a goal of yours. position for gains in muscle and strength.” Another hard-hitting study published in The American Journal of Sports Medicine showed that subjects training with loads at 50-90% of their 1RM using rest periods of 3-5 minutes between sets showed increases in greater absolute strength. an increase in you need to shorten your metabolism. number of sets. men who Leisurely workout pace two sooner. INCENTIVES: Greater release of growth hormone UltraFITNESS. MS. but this is a great way to rested just 30 seconds between sets keep burning calories while keeping on the bench burned over 50% more GOAL: STRENGTH. CSCS. over the long haul. c o m . except for the quickBeing strict to your growth hormone. anaerobic glycolysis and oxidative pathways. You won’t be able to can be equalised by observing a INCENTIVES: More total reps replenish CP fully if you string enough shorter rest period.

it is low in fat and full of vitamins and minerals. This is where creatine comes in. but if you train heavy with short rest periods. and is a qualified PT and surf lifesaver. the slightly leaner breast meat or the rich and tender dark meat can be transformed into a number of different with less fat and more taste.) about to complete a Masters Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics.the collective name for adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and creatine phosphate (CP). It’s easy to see how the excellent taste of turkey can be incorporated into your weekly meal plan without hassle. She is passionate about THE REST OF THE REST It doesn’t hurt you to rest longer in the gym. And if you are in a hurry. even if you are not a master chef. it can be even more valuable. Turkey breast can be marinated in herbs and spices and baked to be served with roast vegetables for a comforting and easy midweek meal. Harriet loves getting in the kitchen and experimenting with new recipes! For lean and healthy recipe ideas you can share with your clients. there is no easier way to put a new spin on some old favourites than by using flavoursome turkey meat. fitness and wellbeing. meaning more power on successive short-rest sets. But. The main reason most guys don’t train that way is because they are worried about compromising strength. Available now from Coles WorldMags. When she’s not in the gym. the primary fuel source for muscles is phosphagen . But it can only help you cut your rest periods. You will be surprised to know that the darker meat of turkey only contains a few more grams of fat per serve than the white meat. this energy store replenishes very quickly . newer research is showing that creatine hydrochloride is absorbed much better by the body . With any form of creatine. As a set wears on. So if it’s change you are after and health you are conscious of. transformed into a tasty version of Chinese san choy you stronger for longer periods during each workout.about 50% better than creatine monohydrate . but if you’re interested in using shorter rest periods to sharpen your physique. phosphagen falls off. turkey is easily enjoyed a number of ways and with a multitude of flavour combinations. depleting completely in about 20 seconds and sending your body on the hunt for glycogen to complete the set. turkey steaks make for a quick and easy post-gym meal with some sweet potato mash and steamed green veggies. visit steggles. doesn’t it make sense to do everything within your power to reach them? Let’s TalkTurkey… The old saying goes that variety is the spice of life. luckily. either choice is going to be good for you. The versatile turkey mince can also be used for Asian-inspired meatballs. so when it comes to cooking with turkey. making it a beneficial choice for your health. If you’re mainly concerned with getting bigger and stronger.also in about 20 seconds.and post-workout. or made into a lean and mean version of bolognaise. your phosphagen levels begin to wane. the recipe options are many. though. but it certainly won’t take away from your climb up the pounds pyramid or your quest for a longer stretch of the tape around your arms. So when looking to shake things up in the kitchen. Greg James (dumbbell) CREATINE: MVP OF SHORT REST Creatine should be part of everyone’s supplement stack. you should aim for a dose that delivers 3-5 grams both . It may mean getting home from the gym a little bit later. You may not get as strong as fast as longer-resting lifters. Harriet is a qualified nutritionist (BNtr. As a white meat.WorldMags. Since the power to bang out reps is explosive in nature. then it’s still the way to go.ultimately giving you the physique you’ve always wanted. Supplementing with creatine keeps this fuel source peaked longer. And with the many cuts of turkey now available. Rest shouldn’t be an afterthought when it comes to constructing a serious workout plan. your body will respond with new muscle and less fat . turkey should be at the top of your shopping list next time your hit the shops. As intent as you are on reaching your training goals. Eating healthy no longer means tasteless and boring thanks to turkey. To add to its culinary appeal. Depending on your personal preference. While any form of supplemental creatine will be beneficial. As you complete more sets.

Fat: Man v Nature
Over the past few decades, certain types of food have come in and out of fashion. Everyone was taking Vitamin C 20 years ago, then Vitamin E, and now it’s Vitamin D. When it comes to protein, soya protein was once touted as the best and now it seems to be whey protein. With carbohydrates, whole grains and breakfast cereals were the bee’s knees and now they are passé. And finally fats… the controversy just doesn’t seem to stop. We can get our fats from three main sources; animals, fish and plants. But is it polyunsaturated we should be eating, or monounsaturated? Are saturated fats bad, and what about the omega-3s and 6s? Should we be taking fish oil capsules for our EPA and DHA, and what should we eat for GLA and DHEA?
62 A P RI L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u lt raf it ne ssm ag. c o m . au

Nat u res Mo st I mpress i ve Super fo o d – I nca I nchi

Photo: shutterstock “DIET IS KEY WHEN IT COMES TO
s a nutritionist, it’s hard enough to keep up with all the latest food fads, so for someone who is not constantly checking the latest research it must be a nightmare to decipher what appears to be right and wrong. I find that if you have a philosophy about your food and nutrition then it will help you make the right decisions and not be swayed by marketing and advertising, but by common sense. Fats are very controversial at the moment, so let’s take a look at what they are and where they come from. If we look back to a time before the mass production of animal, fish and plant products, the fat in our diet varied. For instance, in the summer when the herd animals were grazing on the sweet grasses, the fat surrounding and within the muscle meat was very high in saturated fat, then in the winter the meat would become very lean as the grass grew scarce and less sweet. How much fat in your fish depended on where you lived; cold water increases the fat (omega-3), while temperate waters decreased the fat and oil. Plants also varied in their fat content because they were seasonal. Avocados, nuts and seeds (polyunsaturated fat) were more a winter harvest. Fats were not constant in our diet but varied depending on the seasons. The Paleo food community believes saturated fats are the best and that some polyunsaturated fats cause inflammation in our bodies. Conversely the western world nutritional guidelines say that polyunsaturated fats are better and saturated fats should be avoided at all costs. But if we look at our natural diet, we’ve been eating both types of fats for thousands of years, and both are beneficial to our health. Having said that, there is a caveat. Fats made by nature are the healthy options; man-made, highly refined fats are the ones you need to stay away from, including margarine, hydrogenated vegetable oils and fats, refined and genetic modified oils like canola and soya, as well as highly purified and refined oils like rice bran and grape seed. Polyunsaturated fats, omega-3 and omega-6, are called essential fats. In other words, we must eat them in order to be healthy. These fats can be found in plants as well as animals. Inca Inchi is a Peruvian nut native to the Amazon. When cold pressed into oil, Inca Inchi contains the highest level of essential fats of any plant-based oil, with 86% essential fats, 48% of which is omega-3. Including this wonderful oil in the diet ensures that you are getting your essential fats every day. These fats have many roles in the body including cell structure, manufacturing of components that the body requires for communication, storage, and transport. They are also important in brain function and play a key role in decreasing inflammatory process and thereby decreasing the chance of disease. Fish also have omega-3s in the form of EPA and DHA, but these are not essential as the body can make them from the essential fats we consume. Fish oil has become the supplement of choice for many but it may not be as good as everyone thinks. The fish oil industry can be unsustainable and is often produced unethically. It takes 5kg of fish to produce just 1kg of fish oil. With fish stocks dwindling in many places, and the fact that much of our fish oil is extracted from farmed fish, the oil is often not of a good quality.


Fish oil is also expensive to produce and often other oils are added to maximise profits, thus diluting the quality further. The oil is also often put into gel caps that may contain dubious ingredients which are not regulated and often unlisted on ingredients lists. Flavours, artificial sweeteners and colours are also sometimes added to disguise the taste of the fish oil. The reason we eat fish oil is for the EPA and DHA; it has been touted as being anti-inflammatory, but with all the processing and additives the downfalls may outweigh the benefits. Eating a plant-based oil with essential fats like Inca Inchi oil along with a weekly portion of fish (calamari, salmon, prawns etc) and eggs which are high in DHA, give us all the omega-3, EPA and DHA the body requires. Even without fish, a diet rich in real foods means the body will make the EPA and DHA it requires for health. Diet is key when it comes to eating fats; it’s madness to eat a junk-food diet filled with inflammatory foods while consuming fish oil to dampen the body’s inflammation. Inca inchi has very little saturated fat - it is mainly unsaturated an oil that should not be heated. It should be kept in a dark bottle and a cool place so that it does not oxidise. When you heat this beautiful oil you destroy the fat-soluble vitamins as well as oxidise the omegas which cause inflammatory processes and free radicals to form, resulting in accelerated ageing. Inca inchi is perfect for making salad dressings, putting in smoothies, adding to pestos and making mayonnaise. It is a food, not a supplement. After all, it is food that should be our medicine. As for cooking, use a saturated fat as these are not light or heat sensitive and do not oxidise. Coconut oil, butter, ghee and lard are wonderful cooking fats. Visit; they have both the inca inchi and coconut oil in stock to fill your cold and hot cooking needs.

Nutritionist Cyndi O’Meara uses her knowledge and experience to better educate consumers on the prominent health issues within society today. The author of the bestselling book Changing Habits, Changing Lives encourages others to build healthier habits through a better understanding of health and nutrition. O’Meara often raises the confronting issues of cancer, drugs and diseases, and emphasises the importance of understanding food labels, the effect of medication and avoiding ‘diets’. The passionate and down-to-earth speaker has completed a Bachelor of Science, majoring in nutrition, and postgraduate studies in areas such as human anatomy and physiology. She empowers her audience to overcome their health issues through simple changes to their lifestyle, enabling them to live healthier and happier lives.

u ltraf i tn e ssmag. c om. au | A P R IL/ M A Y 2014 63

64 A P RI L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u ltraf it ne ssm ag. c o m . au

Photo: Dallas Olsen

In this article we are looking at the second of the six core exercises that make up the seven primal patterns. These patterns were identified by holistic practitioner and fitness expert Paul Chek in his Primal Pattern™ Movement work.

Eventually. monitor you and make sure you are ready for this advanced lunge movement. After they’re proficient with these movements I then allow them do the lunge pattern. our bodies are a matrix of interconnected muscles. I would then only allow them to do the squat and bend movements. bones. after a week of doing that they can start stepping forward and back (this is a great exercise for those clients who like to feel the burn in their legs). I always screen my clients to see if they are capable of performing them correctly. Exercise is really is all about movement. and the movement we’re targeting in this article is the lunge. I start my clients off on a static lunge. joints. just moving up and down or a single-leg reach or toe tap. u ltr af i tn e ssmag. Then. Only after doing this for a week do I move them to my favourite lunge. or back. hip and/or back. WorldMags. and other tissues and organs all working ESSENTIAL MOVEMENTS PARTTWO: LUNGE Note on preliminary screening: Although the lunge is a part of everyday life . hip or postural issues then we work on eliminating these first.when we pick things up from the ground we’re engaged in lunging – it is also unfortunately common for people to have weakness and imbalances in their performance of them. the multi-directional lunge that I am showing you today. This can lead to making compensations in form that can result in injury to the knees. A s we discovered in Part One. c om. flexibility limitations.WorldMags. au | A P R IL/ M A Y 2014 65 . they move to stepping back into a lunge. From all of the above I think you can see why I must stress that it is important that you have a Chek exercise coach or a PT who knows how to screen the body. If they have any core stabilisation problems.

au WorldMags. When stepping into this lunge at 45 degrees it is important that you use a mirror to watch your body alignment and avoid allowing the foot or knee to rotate inwards. pelvis. hip. Note: Don’t overstep your Photo: Dallas Olsen 45 Degrees Forward . always step back to the centre. The multi-directional lunge is one of the best exercises for reshaping your glutes and legs. c o m .net This exercise (shown to me by Paul Chek himself) works the muscles around the hips. 66 A P RI L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u lt r af it ne ssm ag.west and then the right will be in the centre of the compass. Step Forward – North Engage your pelvic floor and draw your navel in towards the spine. THE MOVEMENT: The movement is like stepping your way around a compass. Step into the forward lunge position with your left leg. keeping your hips and shoulders parallel with the horizon. so keep your step small the first few goes. including during sport. Make sure you look at how the heel is up on the back foot and look at the rotation in the hips. back and legs in all three planes. This means it is a very functional exercise accustoming the body to move in all the directions we do on a daily basis. and this variation in particular is great for anyone who plays ball sports. if you start by standing in front of a mirror to check your form.MULTI-DIRECTIO WorldMags. but the same pattern is done for the right leg too. It helps. Training Tip: The back. making sure not to bring rotation or side flexion into the movement. This also acts as a great warm-up. knee and foot alignment is vital here so that you don’t impact your joints and connective tissues. too. You may find this movement far more difficult than a standard lunge as it requires a lot of stability in the core and lower back. so when you’re actually performing them always alternate (do the left 45 then the right 45 and so on).North-East Your left leg will go south . . Think of the bar as an extension of your shoulders. Do one set without weights to familiarise yourself with the movement before adding any weight. In this article we will only cover the left leg stepping through the five spots. sports with lateral movements and/or combative sports.

As you can see in the Back 45 Degrees – South-East As you step back. keep it level with the floor. facing north the whole time. Photo: Dallas Olsen Although the lunge is a part of everyday life… it is also unfortunately common for people to have weakness and imbalances in their performance of them. hip and/or back. if using a bar.South In this one we just step back and keep the body upright as we reach our leg behind us. Back . make sure not to over-step your flexibility. WorldMags. Keep your body alignment forward. This can lead to making compensations in form that can result in injury to the u ltr af i tn e ssmag. We then land on the ball of the foot.ONAL LUNGE 90 Degrees Side . au | A P R IL/ M A Y 2014 67 . you need to keep balanced. c om. keep the core on and work within your own levels when it comes to weight. keep the hips parallel with the horizon and.West Your left leg steps to the side. WorldMags. Don’t put your heel down. Do this by keeping most of your weight on your front leg and only reach your leg back to touch the floor. you keep your hips over your ankles and sit back . As before.a bit like a squat.

net . As you pull that leg towards the front leg. This works best for most people. For information on Paul Chek’s tour here in May 2014 please go to www. e Sherpa cultu re WorldMags. reach back into the lunge again and repeat the movement with no pausing.E. He has 22 years of PT experience and is the director of the Place of CHI. Donal Carr works with clients to achieve their goals with the C. A SERIOUS HIGH ALTITUDE KILIMANJARO ADVENTURE DARE TO LIVE THE DREAM BASE CAMP EVEREST ions oric Volcanic format Stand on the prehist ia plains of Tanzan View the wild African dream!! Achieve what many Camp at the base of the o f the “EVERE View the mo ST BEAST” untain adven turers tackle Experience th th e summit. On STRENGTH STRAP SINGLELEG LUNGE THE MOVEMENT: The full name of this exercise is ‘singleleg lunge with foot in loop’ and it is a sensational addition to the traditional weight-based lunges. Place one foot in your foot loop by reaching back from a lunge position. and if you master that you can add weight with a vest or even dumbbells. you push your front leg off the ground and hop I recommend working towards 2-3 sets of 10-20 reps on each approach to rehab and sports conditioning. Start by adjusting the strength strap’s length so that the loop is knee height when the strap is hanging straight down.H.placeofchi.CHI-3 WorldMags. For more information on CHI3 Strength Straps contact donal@placeofchi.

You should also get used to intakes of short bursts of fluid while walking uphill to prevent dehydration which is the main issue many trekkers face. FINAL TRAINING STAGE The final three-week stage of intensification is based around hiking the steepest hills carrying the full load of 12-15kg. until you reach 12-15kg. a u | A PR IL /M A Y 2 014 69 WorldMags. Walking over uneven ground up and down hills carrying a backpack should be the main content of your training.” Whether you are trekking Mt Kilimanjaro. co m .advertising feature WorldMags. It also allows you to increase your training intensity without overtraining or burning out. all of these adventures are based around walking up and down mountains. If these aren’t available to you. Start with 40-minute walks 3-4 times per week. it really requires a lot of specialist knowledge. they will take the strain off your muscles and joints. Shane Goodwin. train during the coldest times of the day and vice versa for hot. don’t overextend yourself. especially on steep descents. Your route should mainly consist of uphill and downhill sections. and 1-2 longer walks on weekends of around 1-2 hours. short walk with no pack. Add 2-3 resistance training sessions to the first three stages of your training routine. director of Escape Trekking Adventures. hile you don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to complete the adventures. be it running. should be done for three weeks. Just remember to train hard to enjoy your adventure and where the mind goes… the body will follow! ul tr a f i tn e s s m a g . resting pace. Another tip is to use hiking poles. Walk a little further each session and increase the pace a little each time.to4-hour sessions. Kokoda or Everest Base Camp. however. use stairs and lots of them! STARTING POINT Begin with just carrying 5 litres of water in your bag and progressively build up the weight in your pack by 1kg every four Howdoyoutrainfor extremeadventuretreks? “My PT has set a program that she thinks will do the job. A three-month training period is recommended. SECOND TRAINING STAGE The second three-week stage of the build-up should be based around HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) of 30 seconds flat out and one minute at a 7-hour walk. To start with. humid treks. Finally. One weekly walking session of around an hour should also be maintained to keep up your pack fitness. cycling or . STRENGTH TRAINING Resistance training – specifically functional . you do require a strong cardiovascular system and endurance. If you are completing a cold weather trek. in the week prior to your adventure you should do one slow. called the building blocks. some at also required to enable your muscles (particularly legs) to cope with the pressure they must endure while trekking. she has never done anything like this. Each week should include at least one 5. But remember: choose something you enjoy. has been training for these types of treks for years. W THIRD TRAINING STAGE This three-week stage requires you to build upon all of your combined training with 2-3 walks per week and 1-2 sessions of swimming to maintain your cardiovascular system. FIRST TRAINING STAGE The first stage of training. Your walks should be a minimum of one hour and increased to 3.

From s s o p t h g u o th r e v e n I s ken me place ta y ll River ra e te e li tr s a in h a D g d in n te n s u fe R n -i e il d o al to the croc p e N f o s k a e p m 0 s of Israel to 0 e p . running has always led me places. had no real life goals in life and was part of ‘the system’. not in th xi e ’t n o d t a New Zealand’s mountain th s e c la p g My Running. I wanted something more. PLACES around the globe From my first 5km fun run to covering 5. o e e m g f o e id s ces on the in la P y.0 a 6 c s d the n la rt e s e d d ri a .I never would have made that coffee shop my local if I hadn’t found it on a detour during a run. I was a chubby. but it’s taken me far beyone st. money-focused salesman. au . Lush rainforests in far north Queensland with their beautiful green ancient trees and exotic wildlife.WorldMags. biblical and historical places .330km along the world’s longest marked trail. but something told me that running was going to take me to a new place. Even in the early days it had me exploring my local suburb. I’m talkin o ti a n ti s e es I never d c l la a p ic e h p m o ra s g . snow that’s waist deep upon the mountains of New Zealand’s gigantic peaks. across d in far North Queensland avalanche zones. places with a sense of community sharing a common goal of reaching the finish line. a w y f again. c o m . Israel’s arid Negev desert with stretches of sand and rock as far as you can see and that sense of peace being in the holy land. My Place ible. 70 A P RI L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u lt r af it ne ssm ag. It all started with me not being happy with where I was in my life.through old cities and villages. I didn’t know what at the time. but running has really outdone them all. Running takes me to events. be it for a PB or for fun. I would regularly stumble upon places that I would have otherwise missed . n o a s d th rl p o e w d e e id th ts in ou e b to it rs I can’t wa e th o d n a to k c a b o g to want BY RICHARD BOWLES In the first PLACE In my lifetime I’ve travelled the globe extensively.

running takes you through it all. birthday parties and business events. Put in my PLACE And so. shadows from birds soaring overhead. walls that show others what we want them to see instead of the real us. There is always something to be learnt through running. From the bluest of blue skies to the richest green pastures. c om. the more layers I can access in the deeper me. I never know what it is at the time. It opens doors that on the surface I would rather keep shut. The flip side.richardbowles. for better and worse. is the spectrum of colourful happiness that running gives me. Light reflecting off rock formations.WorldMags. knowledgeable and strong. To find out more visit www. and where there are places there are people. You might say I live and breathe it. it seems that through suffering I become a better person. Though it’s brutally painful at the time. flowers that sway in the wind. Mental PLACE Running has keys to the inner parts of me. Richard Bowles is an Australian adventure runner. but what it has really opened up is my heart. When Richard is not running he is inspiring and educating others through his motivational speaking and distance coaching and consultations. the more layers I can access in the deeper me. The list goes on and the places it leads us are unlimited. These places are enhanced when rising above the plateaus of darkness. New friends have been made. That’s why I love ultra-distance so much. I run. invites to BBQ catch-ups. running has certainly helped me find my place in the world. and that’s a place where running has truly taken me. I run a business about running. leaves that glisten with raindrops. In 2012 he became the first person to run the entirety of the Australian Bicentennial National Trail. old places.the equivalent of 126 marathons. I talk about running. PLACES of beauty I have seen the most beautiful sunsets painted with all manner of rich scarlet reds and ochre yellows to complete a day’s running. there is an equally contrasting bright place. the further I go. but somehow it has improved me and I’ve become a better contributor to this world because of it. running brings me here. Running has opened up my eyes. I coach running. Over his five-and-ahalf month journey he ran more than 5. more understanding. Running has keys to the inner parts of me. For every dark place I may visit through the relentless pounding of the ground. however. From running alone I sit here the man I am today from.054km Te Araroa Trail. the further I go. and my best friend. There are running partners and their favourite places to run. au | A P R IL/ M A Y 2014 71 Photo: Jessica Parker . Running has this huge knock-on effect whereby you run and meet more and more people. I write about running. old friends inspired. it breaks down barriers that we put up for the rest of the world. but through the simple act of putting one foot in front of the other I somehow let those inner demons u ltr af i tn e ssmag. It’s worth every painful step and memory to reach these WorldMags. professional speaker and endurance coach and . Two weeks later he began New Zealand’s 3. Either way. I met my girlfriend through running. only to witness it all again with a sunrise that lights the sky in reverse for the next day of People’s PLACE There are new places.

72 A P RI L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | ul t r af it ne ssm ag. c o m . When you perform moderate-cardio activities. in the gym or outdoors By Steven Stiefel Photography by Cory Sorensen You probably don’t look forward to your cardio sessions. How to make your cardio sessions more successful for your goals. depending on your cardiovascular needs. That’s the simple part. improve your health or simply have a better-looking body. cardio is a necessity. easy-to-moderate cardio sessions. If that’s the case for you. your body burns energy. however. whether you train at BURN FAT FOR HOURS Three 30-minute cardio programs to help you burn more body fat for longer periods of time.” says Angelo Palumbo.that’s why you see marathoners and triathletes carb loading just before an event and sucking down Goo and Gatorade during the event. There’s no substitution. au WorldMags. This means that many of the calories that you’ve recently taken in will be burned before they can be stored as body fat. But most guys who are plodding away on a treadmill are trying to reduce their body fat. as well as maintain or add to their muscle mass. you should consider making some changes to your steadypace. your body will also burn stored body fat. an IFAand ISSA-certified trainer. “In addition to your recent energy intake. But if you’re hoping to blast fat. explaining that the body burns fuel in many different ways. is a little more scientific. whether they have a little excess that obscures defined abs or a full-on belly.train WorldMags. Taking in more calories before exercise can be beneficial for performance athletes who want to fuel activities for long periods .net . u ltr af i tn e ssmag. c om. au | A P R IL/ M A Y 2014 73 .net WorldMags.

But Palumbo explains workout as you adapt to the intensity of the workouts. making them immediately target muscles. fish or cottage cheese. they go with your cardiovascular system rather than with your directly into your bloodstream. A good jogging pace. chicken feel your heart beating. your body will preferentially burn more body fat and spare muscle tissue.) left to burn body fat through cardio is during workouts. Intense cardio revs up your body’s metabolic rate much PUTTING IT TOGETHER higher for longer periods of time than steady-state cardio. Now that you understand these key strategies for making And you’ll burn much more body fat in the hours after you sure that you maximise fat-burning. you’ll be those fat stores much sooner. The available for use as energy. at the very When you implement the following strategies. emphasise reaching failure take in carbs. And your body will tend While fitness levels vary widely from one person to should leave you huffing and puffing to burn off these calories first before another. to mix and match these workouts (or individual exercises) to get even better benefits over time. drop back to 3-5 until your 9–10 VERY INTENSE EXERTION This is your heart rate and breathing feel comfortable Make Your Cardio Sessions More absolute maximum effort. 7–8 INTENSE EXERTION Your heart is pounding workouts. enhanced strength and muscle growth . You won’t be able to last and then take it back up to nine or 10 Intense The more intense your cardio long and we don’t advise you push to this level with again. approval before exercising at intense or very intense reducing their perceived exertion (see One of the best times of the day exertion levels.that holds true even and outdoors . You you can still talk Photography by Cory Sorensen . particularly in the form of sugars. Having more muscle mass helps burn body fat over time. body to burn stored fat instead. A moderate to brisk walk. exercising up to levels 5-8 for sustained can have a no-carb protein shake or 5–6 MODERATE TO INTENSE EXERTION You can periods when you could be burning even consume whole foods like eggs.the you can burn even more body fat. but you should still be able to more body fat by taking it up to nine breast. you’ve maxed out at a perceived exertion drop some kilos through cardio. the following ratings of perceived exertion rather than collapsing from the weight. VERY LIGHT EXERTION You may feel a slight Intense cardio revs up Remember: you haven’t eaten since the increase in your heart rate over resting.WorldMags.” suggests Palumbo.” says Palumbo. the more body fat you’ll ultimately any regularity. One 240ml glass of than 30-120 seconds.or.following your workouts. If so. Not only will you get the recommended perceived exertion levels so that you get the benefit of sustained fat-burning but you will also encourage best fat-burning results from these short. you casual walk. Having more muscle actually improves your rate of metabolic burn while at rest. Even a carry on a conversation. ramp up fat-burning for sustained burn. but than steady-state cardio. Note that you should have your doctor’s That’s why many exercisers back off. may need some calories to get through longer periods of time your workouts. sessions . in fact . gym frame after performing leisurely cardio . we’ve intensity cardio work can be hard two hours before you perform cardio given an activity that correlates to each level for to sustain for long periods of time. the “Rate Your Effort” sidebar.hours. Once which you don’t need if you’re trying to expenditure. rely on protein 3–4 LIGHT EXERTION Your heart rate increases. or 10 for short bursts of high-intensity tablespoon of natural peanut butter interval training (HIIT) in your cardio will do.that implement these principles. check out the three finish intense cardio than you will during the same time 30-minute cardio workouts . A your body’s metabolic rate much higher for running on each for the home. the key able to perform more-intense exercise to achieve the Include Interval Training Highis to avoid taking in carbs for up to same level of perceived exertion. Eventually. it taps into your fat stores. make sure that you’re hitting . Feel free if you perform leisurely cardio for a longer time. 1–2. Sprinting.a technique that allows your most people. c o m .3 grams of carbs. of 9-10. Because of this. with or without dietary fats. you have to then back off significantly until your skim milk has 12. so your body is literally effort is sustainable for very long periods of time. To guide you. performing cardio Add Resistance to Your Cardio A lot of people tend to circuits up to five days a week. you’ll burn more body fat from more intense cardio than you will from longer periods . but this night before. You may only be when you first wake up because you PERCEIVED EXERTION have little glucose in your system. morning cardio.” says Palumbo.” says RATE YOUR EFFORT weighted circuit moves in our workouts Palumbo. sessions of leisurely steady-pace cardio. As your fitness level improves. “When you perform resistance Cut the Carbs Before Your Cardio Workouts “When you training as part of your cardio. reduce exertion to slow your heart rate and energy heart rate recovers. 74 A P RI L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u ltr af it ne ssm ag. You can also increase the think of weight training and cardiovascular workouts as two number of circuits that you’re performing during each entirely separate forms of training. “One technique for using But avoid drinking milk before your and this level of exertion isn’t sustainable for longer HIIT is to go all out for 30-90 YOUR FAT LOSS STRATEGIES least.or working toward . HIIT has been shown to really is. intense workouts. au WorldMags. “Over time. Just that by adding resistance to your intense cardio sessions. you’ll retain more of the muscle that might have been burned off from cardio. To get to apply to all.

striving to complete each rep with good form (you can check out your positioning in a mirror if you have one available). and jump your feet back until you’re in the top of a push-up (3). a u | AP RI L /M A Y 2 014 75 . Land in the starting position to complete the rep and complete the rest of your set. placing your hands on the ground (2).” says Palumbo. WHAT YOU NEED A jump rope and a piece of cardio equipment (treadmill. BURPEE: Perform this classic military/sports drill for at least 10 reps. Palumbo explains that you do the following: Start in standing position (1). Rest for 30 seconds and move to the next exercise. hold this peak for as long as you can . holding it for as long as you can.your peak duration will vary with your conditioning. but it should last for at least 30 seconds. Jump rope as fast as you can for 30-90 seconds. CARDIO EQUIPMENT: “Adjust your bike or treadmill at a level that allows you to reach a perceived exertion level of nine or 10 by the end of three minutes. Then. depending on your conditioning level. Perform a push-up (4) and jump your feet back to their starting position (5). co m . If you have any of the equipment from the gym workout. stretching your hands overhead and holding your abdominals tight (6). stationary ul tr a f i tn e s s m a g . you should work up to a perceived exertion level of nine or 10. Jump up. Rest for up to 30 seconds. Allow up to about 30 seconds between sets in your circuit for your heart rate to recover.) WARM-UP Do a 5-7-minute warm-up on your home cardio equipment at a perceived exertion level of 3-5. Do three rounds of the following circuit. etc.WorldMags. feel free to add these moves to your home circuit. then move on to the next exercise. We’ve assembled a minimalist workout. but it requires a piece of cardio equipment. To perform a burpee. HOME CIRCUIT CIRCUIT 1: HOME CARDIO BURN This 30-minute workout is designed for someone who prefers to work out at home . SPEED ROPE: “Jumping rope is a great cardio move to perform at home because you get a lot out of a little space. Squat down. shorten the length of time between sets within circuits. As your conditioning improves.” says Palumbo. too. Regardless.or for days when you can’t get to the gym.

front of foot on the steps. Walk back down. Step with your left (upper) foot out to the side. bring your right (lower) foot close to your left and immediately step the left foot up the hill. perform the following circuit three times: 1) Walking single stair step. LEFT INCLINE SLIDE: Position your body so that it’s turned 90 degrees from facing uphill or stair top (your left shoulder in that direction). whole foot on the steps. With this circuit. making sure that you reach a perceived exertion rate of nine or 10. Make sure to focus more on your perceived exertion level than on making it to the top of the incline. whole foot on the steps. 5) Running single stair step. OPTIONAL OUTDOOR CIRCUIT: If you don’t have access to a hill but have INCLINE SLIDE 76 A P RI L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u ltr af it ne ssm ag. RIGHT INCLINE SLIDE: Return to the starting position. Stop when you can n no longer maintain your peak exertion level. turn 180 degrees (your right shoulder facing in the direction of travel) and perform the same motion with the opposite side leading. OUTDOOR CIRCUIT Perform the following circuit three times with no rest (other than the brisk walk back to your starting position from the top of the incline or the stairs). up the hill. Walk down the hill or steps normally. INCLINE SPRINT: Run up the incline (or stairs) as fast as you can. INCLINE BACK PEDAL: After walking back down to your starting place. au CIRCUIT 2: OUTDOOR CARDIO BURN Sometimes it’s great to just get outside. Your perceived exertion should top out at about . Walk back down the incline or the stairs. front of foot on the steps. 2) Walking double stair step. taking a total of 5-7 minutes. Find a rhythm that allows you to move uphill or up the stairs as fast as safely possible. INCLINE SPRINT INCLINE BACK PEDAL access to a long staircase (50 steps or longer). 3) Walking single stair step. run up the hill backward (or walk up the stairs backward). reaching a perceived exertion of nine or 10. Walk back down.WorldMags. Focus on getting your exertion rate up to nine or 10 (making sure that you don’t run into anything or fall). you don’t need to rest between sets because this workout builds in recovery with a fast-paced walk back to your starting place. 4) Walking double stair step. WHAT YOU NEED A nice day and an extended incline or a long set of stairs WARM-UP Jog up the incline and walk or jog back down two or three times. c o m . With minimal equipment. Try to raise your perceived exertion to nine or 10 for as many sets as possible. you can perform an intense cardio session that employs the fat-burning strategies we’re recommending.

Take one step forward and lower your body until your trailing knee is almost touching the ground. not your target muscles. Using the power of your legs and maintaining the natural curve in your spine. not failing due to muscle fatigue. The goal of this move is to get your heart rate up to burn fat. drive upward until you’re in the standing position. Your front knee should not extend beyond your front foot during this phase of the movement. WEIGHTED JUMP ROPE: “If your gym has a weighted 500g or 1kg rope. You should curl the dumbbells in a standard biceps curl as you lunge forward. WALKING LUNGE WITH BICEPS CURL: Palumbo says that you should use the same dumbbells for this move. place the dumbbells on the floor. as needed. a barbell rack. WorldMags. says Palumbo. not build muscle mass. co m . Perform reps until you have reached and sustained a perceived exertion level of nine or 10 for as long as you can. Don’t rest between reps. a set of dumbbells and a medicine ball WARM-UP Perform a 5-7-minute warm-up on a treadmill or stationary bike at a perceived exertion level of three to five. hold a medicine ball as if you’re going to make a basketball pass. CIRCUIT 3: GYM CARDIO BURN THE CIRCUIT Perform the following circuit three times. While this workout uses weights. making sure to catch the ball as it bounces (usually only a few centimetres off the ground). a u | AP RIL /M A Y 2 014 77 . performing them until you can no longer maintain an exertion level of nine or 10. striving to take your perceived exertion back up to nine or 10. the goal is to push your cardiovascular system. WHAT YOU NEED A gym with a weighted or regular jump rope (you can bring your own). Once that is no longer sustainable. to allow your heart rate to recover. Return to the standing position. For each move in the circuit. end that exercise. MEDICINE-BALL SLAM: With a wide stance.WorldMags. reaching a perceived exertion level of nine or 10 by the end of the set. you should strive to hit a perceived exertion of nine or 10. Slam the ball downward as hard as you can as you squat down. These moves should leave you huffing and puffing. If your gym doesn’t have a weighted jump rope. To perform the move. resting between sets for up to 30 seconds. DUMBBELL DEAD LIFT: Go with a weight that allows you to perform at least 15 reps with perfect ul tr a f i tn e s s m a g .” says Palumbo. Allow 30 seconds for your heart rate to recover before moving on to the next move in the circuit. Return the weights to the ground. Squat down and grab both dumbbells with an overhand This 30-minute workout should include peaks and dips in exertion. perform three minutes with a regular rope. perform up to 50 revolutions.

c o m .the fitlosopher 9-OUT -OF-10 78 A P R I L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u lt r af it ne ssm . au WorldMags.

as regular readers know .it is very difficult for anyone to make lasting changes. try Googling ‘fat loss’. John often gets his clients to do no more than take fish oil and a multi-vitamin for three weeks with no other changes. THIS JOURNEY TO BE THE BEST WE CAN BE. time and again I’ve ended up stumbling across and reading articles by John as I’ve researched IF. Coincidently. requoted. this journey to be the best we can be. more than 98% of people who attempt fat loss without a coach fail.WorldMags. and let me know. But there is one thing you can do to sway this terrible statistic substantially in your favour (this is not a ploy to get you to take on a personal trainer by the of the teachers is John Berardi. au | A P R IL/ M A Y 2014 79 . and do it for 30 days before making another change. so I am specifically leaving that very sensible idea out). but are not nearly certain about.I love using musical references and number nine actually has something else fascinating about it. There are many others. Your feedback to me just might encourage someone else to make the change they need to make. take it back a step. for instance. This is a principle that applies whether we are talking law. BY MARTIN HENRY f you are at all like me and have an interest in all things fitness. but the initials are PTA!) and . but we’ll get to that in a moment. In fact. In John’s opinion. eating a good breakfast every day is something you think you may do. you may be able to commit to a whole lot more. Didn’t know you were looking for a number at all? Well you are.” How big or small is the change? Only you can decide that because the idea is that you examine yourself and find out what you can really commit to. But it’s what he said in one particular area that has really interested me and I think holds something important for all of Although Meatloaf thought the magic number was two-out-of-three. so the first idea to sift the good info from the rubbish is to note when a person or organisation’s name comes up in several different sites and forums. used and discussed in many different places. but perhaps another time). If they’re being quoted. Even if you refine it to… hmm. (By the way . how do you give yourself a shot at actually using the information? Well. won’t you? We’re all in this together. Oh. I’m currently doing a personal training course (no free plugs. I Photo: shutterstock John says that with all the information out there and all the differing strategies .commit to whatever changes you know you will still be doing in 30 it happens . theology or fitness. you would know that researching it on the net leads to an absolutely bewildering amount of information. Of course. So what is this ‘thing’? It’s simple: Choose only to make a change that you know you have a nine-out-of-10 chance of complying with. let’s say ‘fat loss for men over 50’. The Beatles recorded themselves saying over and over “number nine” which when played backwards sounds exactly like “turn me on dead man”. how do you get information that you can trust. you will get no less than 172 million options in one-third of a second. and it is going to help you immensely. the number you’re looking for is nine. you still get 63 million! With all that material to sift through. but I mention John as he fits the profile of a trustworthy source. having immersed myself in a pet project for the past eight weeks. Martin Henry is a former editor of Ultra FITNESS and someone who has combined a lifelong passion for fitness with degrees in law. “WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. There is more to that story. but that is the whole point . I have a couple of key ideas for you.about the number u ltr af i tn e ssmag. a business in retail and one-on-one coaching. and not end up completely confused? And at the end of all the research. I’m here to tell you that after extensive research. For instance. Okay. of course. there is a good chance that there is some substance to their message. HIIT and other such protocols on the web. one of which is .of course . WorldMags. If. c om.

AN APPROACHTONEW ENVIRONMENTS WorldMags. au 80 A P RI L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u lt r af it ne ssm Photo: shutterstock .ALTITUDE TRAINING. c o m .

endurance and flexibility training. Typically. The mask system is certainly a tool that will have you training like a professional. You can purchase portable mask-based equipment for around the price of a quality treadmill. Ponsot and others studied two groups of distance runners. strength. it has been popular amongst cyclists and endurance runners.5% O2 (simulated 3. The ability to provide people with an increased metabolic rate workout without heavy load or extreme effort may challenge your current thoughts on HIIT. Aspetar Sports Medicine Hospital and leading NRL and AFL clubs. Altitude training then becomes hugely appealing to anyone who is sedentary. it has become more convenient and far more cost-effective to use hypoxic (low oxygen) equipment that simulates real altitude. muscles and other organs can all If you’re a fitness enthusiast or trainer who has been searching for the best exercise program to fit your needs. U WHY ALTITUDE TRAINING? When the human body is in an oxygen-reduced environment (such as high altitude). Such elevation masks have the appearance of biohazard gas masks and work on limiting the supply of air. New South Wales Institute of Sport. No doubt high intensity training has earned its place. gym or trail. not to mention changes in intensity and time. Altitude exposure triggers release of the protein Hypoxia Inducible Factor-1 (HIF-1). Several sporting organisations now take advantage of simulated altitude environments. Considering a change in environment may be the stimulus you need to enhance your current training program. c om. which can help to improve the body’s efficiency and have a positive impact on combating obesity at a cellular level. including the Australian Institute of Sport.most of us will still exercise within our regular park. altitude training is becoming an accessible solution to realise physical improvements fast. WorldMags. if not dominance in the current fitness market. the other at 14. au | A P R IL/ M A Y 2014 81 . it is stimulated to adapt by enhancing the ways it uses oxygen to produce energy. One factor that can be overlooked is environment and .despite changes to programs .1 More recently. Whether for sport or general fitness. but imagine if you could realise similar results by overlaying a different environment and removing the high intensity. This is very different to an altitude generator that provides a consistent flow of fresh hypoxic air through the mask – allowing you to exercise safely without fear of carbon dioxide build-up. HOW DO I GET STARTED? Altitude training equipment is not out of reach for any individual. not to confuse a portable low oxygen/ altitude generator with ‘elevation masks’. It’s important. Many of the OricaGreenEDGE cycling team use it abroad and it’s perfect for use with most ergos. though.2 Perhaps the greatest use of altitude training and the largest opportunity is not simply related to sports performance. The simulated altitude group increased VO2 max and time to fatigue at VO2 max velocity. there has been evidence for the benefits of altitude training to deliver significant strength and sprint ability gains. injured or after time-efficient results. And while many sports organisations still run altitude training camps abroad.3 This can reduce the mechanical loading on the body.200m altitude). Training included lower and higher intensity sessions. chances are you’ve tried many u lt r af i tn e ssmag. lungs. with no such changes in the sea level group. athletes can exercise at a lower intensity for a given stimulus. Dufour. Due to the increased metabolic effect of hypoxia.WorldMags. BY DAVID CLARKE sed by elite athletes for many years. altitude training has been used to improve cardiovascular endurance and performance. one training at sea level. we all play with combinations of speed. Hence. Consistent exposure to altitude training helps the body adapt and use energy more effectively – the heart. A 2013 published study on cyclists led by the University of Lausanne showed power increases of seven per cent plus a 38% improvement in number of repeat sprints completed at maximum workload after only eight simulated altitude training sessions at 3.000m.

this low rate of exertion is enough to stimulate a drop in your SaO2 and initiate changes in the body. He has worked with elite sporting teams and organisations for many years through his involvement with both sports beverages and altitude training solutions. Ponsot.500m simulated altitude. A. A 2010.P. and for most feels like any other environment until you begin to work out. Br J Sports Med 3. In addition to his commerce degree. Engeli. ‘Hypoxia increases muscle hypertrophy induced by resistance training’. S. Contact David Clarke at education@ats-altitude. E et al 2006. Nishimura et al recorded significant muscle hypertrophy and muscle strength gains after a group completed four sets of arm curls at 70% 1RM in simulated altitude for six weeks. After an acclimatisation period you can expect to exercise with greater intensity and really challenge your body. A typical workout could be anywhere between 2. no such changes were apparent in the group training at sea level. For most.4 Again. A & Uchida. And while consistent exposure is best. S. au WorldMags. S. Elevated heart rate is an immediate response when at altitude. many facilities offer trial packs to get you started. Dufour. Int J Sports Physiol Perform Bringing the mountains to you. Girard. ‘Advancing hypoxic training in team sports: from intermittent hypoxic training to repeated sprint training in hypoxia’. a change of environment may be just as valuable as a change in www. all public altitude facilities will initiate a baseline assessment to determine the right program for you. Expand your altitude training to strength or plyometric work and you’ll certainly challenge the body. David Clarke is Director of Sales and Marketing at Altitude Training Systems. David is a qualified personal trainer and altitude instructor. Luft. So when you’re next looking to step up results. Sugita. Expect this to be at a reasonably low intensity to begin with. FC & Jordan. Kato. Haufe.WorldMags. GP 2013. Sudo. Med Sci Sports Exerc 4. Fukuda.ats-altitude. Wiesner. c o m . There are now a growing number of public fitness facilities that are taking this one step further with fully integrated altitude rooms. M. A. As with any fitness program there are at-risk groups who might require special protocols or GP approval before starting. and this is consistently measured in room along with your blood oxygen saturation level (typically expressed as SaO2 or SpO2). 82 AP R I L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u lt ra f it ne ssm ag. R. ‘Influences of normobaric hypoxia training on metabolic risk marers in human subjects’. O & References 1. J Appl Physiol 2. Nishimura.000m and 3. ‘Exercise Training in Normobaric Hypoxia in Endurance Runners’. J . For those looking to train in this new environment. S. The room allows for training as normal without the need for a mask system. .net WorldMags.

Boston. It seems these two East African nations share more than a Photo: shutterstock . Berlin. London. In fact. Chicago and New York The Secrets Behind Distance Running African long distance runners seem a class above the rest of the world. 17 of the 18 are from Ethiopia or Kenya. but what exactly is the secret to their domination of all major long distance racing? In 2013 African runners dominated all six world major marathons with Kenyan and Ethiopian athletes winning the Tokyo. BY MICHAEL HENNESSY 84 A P RI L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u ltr af it ne ssm ag. c o m . of all the top three male finishers (across all six races in 2013). au WorldMags.
his amazing trend, however, is nothing new. The East African nations won all five world majors (before Tokyo was added) in 2012 and, remarkably, Kenyan athletes alone won all five world majors in 2011 in new course records. But it is much


more than a 21st century trend. East Africans began to rise to prominence in the 1980s after early trailblazers such as Ethiopians Abebe Bikila (gold in the 1960 and 1964 Olympic marathon); Mamo Walde (Olympic gold (marathon) and silver (10,000m) in 1968); and Miruts Yifter (dual Olympic gold in 1980 in 5000m and 10,000m) had Olympic success. These early stars of East African running spurred generations to come. The great runner Haile Gebrselassie recounts watching Yifter sprint to victory in the 1980 Moscow Olympics as a pivotal moment in his desire to run for his country. Despite terrible war and famine ravaging parts of Africa for decades, these two nations emerged stronger in athletics in the 1990s with superstars Paul Tergat (Ken) and Gebrselassie (Eth) dominating. Gebrselassie set 27 world records alone before his recent retirement. Many have speculated about genetic advantages, the long hill run, secret dietary nutrients or the advantages of altitude training but none of these fully explain their incredible success.

The answer is not simple and certainly not merely a single genetic advantage as many people would like to think. The amazing performances and dominance of East African runners is due to a culture of running; high altitude training adaptations; high performance training groups; opportunity and motivational factors; and most importantly hard work and training. Every runner - or athlete of any discipline - knows nothing can replace the hard work of training, especially in distance running. Much has been made of the culture of running in Africa - and for good reason. Not only is running a means of transportation for many rural school children but it is a strong source of pride for Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Eritrea on the international stage. A sporting culture has an amazing effect for future generations. The 2012 Olympic marathon and 2013 world championship marathons were won by Ugandan Stephen Kiprotich. Uganda borders Kenya and also shares high plateaus and mountainous areas ideal for high altitude training (and living). The fertile country supports 37 million people and the recent success of Kiprotich is certain to inspire a generation of runners. For many young Kenyans and Ethiopians, running dozens of kilometres to school or for general transport is a way of life and this does develop a large ‘training base’. While it provides a strong start, much more is needed to develop a world champion. High-altitude training (as highlighted on p80 of this issue) is a crucial element in elite running training. For many East Africans living in the Rift Valley (bordered by Ethiopia and Kenya), they are born at altitude, train at altitude and develop the high oxygencarrying capacity associated with high-altitude training. This is

replicated by athletes around the world with regular high-altitude training camps, even if only for short periods. However, simply training at altitude is not enough. The high performance training groups are a key to success that is replicated around the world but not with anywhere near the calibre of athlete. Large training groups of aspiring runners train alongside the established athletes, all wanting to prove themselves or beat the world’s best. This competitiveness draws the best out of all athletes but also serves as a platform for valuable lessons and expertise to be passed on to future generations of runners. A great example of the competitiveness that drives these athletes was in the 2012 Olympic marathon selections for Kenya. Only able to take three athletes to London, Kenya controversially selected Abel Kurui and Moses Mosop (both excellent) but left out the then world record holder Patrick Makau, Boston marathon winner Geoffrey Mutai and London marathon record holder Emmanuel Mutai. In London Australia only managed to fill all three men’s and women’s marathon spots for the first time since we hosted the Olympics in 2000. High levels of motivation are essential for any elite athlete but the potential life-changing opportunity a successful running career offers is huge for athletes in East Africa where monthly incomes average US$140 (Kenya) and could be as low as US$30 (Ethiopia). The prize money for the male winner of a world major is US$130,000. For those with some potential in running it’s certainly worth the investment in time and training for the chance to provide for family and community. In case you missed it earlier, the East Africans train hard, if not harder than every other athlete around the world. Imagine having a training group where 10 other athletes are within 0.5% of the world record in your event. I can’t stress this point enough, as many people seemingly attempt to water down the amazing efforts of many East African runners with ill-informed comments such as “Oh, but they’ve got a genetic advantage over our athletes” or other insensitive and insulting cultural comments that highlight their misguided embarrassment at being beaten by athletes from a developing nation. Regardless of whether or not they’ve run daily to school or been fortunate enough to be born in running hotspots such as Eldoret or Iten in Kenya, these athletes have to work incredibly hard to make any impression in an amazing pool of talent.

ul tr a f i tn e s s m a g . co m . a u | AP RIL /M A Y 2 014 85
People are always jealous or suspicious of success - especially such a dominant reign in world sport. So studies are continually being undertaken to discover the ‘secret’ advantage of the East African runners. After all, many highly developed nations with their highly technical sport science and sports development departments don’t enjoy being beaten by a developing nation whose athletes train in seemingly rundown and outdated facilities. Current research is looking at biomechanical data, most specifically lower leg diameter, weight and muscularity to look for advantages in their stride. If only such efforts were put into studying the training methods of the Africans or, better still, developing the sport further in Africa to help promote improved health for the whole community. In fact, health promotion is desperately needed in most western countries to encourage children and adults to move more. Perhaps then our young non-elite athletes would develop further, increasing the pool of talent for potential future elite athletes, or a more active general population.

It’s not often discussed due to their incredible success, but there are distinct disadvantages for many of the Africans. Any athletes travelling to a race away from home have the obvious logistical issues of flying, recovering, finding suitable food similar to what they’re used to and other cultural nuances that separate us all. Also, many elite African athletes spend many months a year away from home and family while training in Europe, America or Japan, which each present their own cultural barriers. It’s impressive when you consider the imbalance of major events in developed countries and the continued success of these developing African nations. It would be scary to think how dominant the Africans would be if even one of the world marathon majors was held in Africa and/ or at altitude. The amazing dominance of East African runners is set to continue for generations to come as the strong culture of running, high performance training groups, growing expertise and experience, socio economic and motivational factors and, most importantly, hard work and training continues. Following this recipe, in terms of performance it looks like the sky’s the limit.

Wilson Kipsang (2:03:23) World record-holder Emmanuel Mutai (2:03:52) London Marathon record-holder Geoffrey Mutai (2:04:15) 2013 New York Marathon champion & 2011 Boston Marathon champion (2:03:02) Stanley Biwott (2:05:12) 2012 Paris Marathon champion Martin Mathathi (2:07:16) 2013 Fukuoka Marathon champion

Ayele Abshero (2:04:23) 2012 Dubai Marathon champion Feyisa Lilesa (2:04:32) Tsegaye Kebede (2:04:38) 2013 London Marathon champion Ibrahim Jeilan Debut, 2011 10,000m world champion

86 AP R I L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u lt raf it ne ssm ag. c o m . au

International elites
Stephen Kiprotich (UGA), 2:07:20 World and Olympic marathon champion Samuel Tsegay (ERI), 2:07:28 Marilson dos Santos (BRA), 2:06:34 Twice New York Marathon champion Mo Farah (GBR), Debut, 5000m & 10,000m World and Olympic champion
London Marathon 2014
London is just around the corner, and with Mo Farah making his debut it could be one of the best marathons ever seen. With probably the finest marathon field yet assembled, Farah will join an amazing list of Ethiopian, Kenyan and Ugandan stars. It’s amazing with such a strong men’s field that much of the attention is on a debutant, unproven over the distance, but he’s certainly not any debutant. Mo Farah is a dual Olympic gold medallist (5000m and 10,000m), dual world championship gold medallist (5000m and 10,000m) and hometown hero. Farah will line up for his first full marathon on 13th April against a field that contains the world record holder (Wilson Kipsang, 2:03:23), world champion and Olympic gold medallist (Stephen Kiprotich), London marathon course record holder (Emmanuel Mutai) and defending London marathon champion (Tsegaye Kebede). Add to this list Geoffrey Mutai, who has run the fastest marathon in history at Boston in 2011 (although it’s not recognised as a world record - only a “world best” due to the tailwind and net downhill course). The running talent on display in London in April is a dream come true for organisers, with many tipping the 29-year-old British marathon record of 2:07:13 to be in real danger. Mo Farah has played down expectations but his coach Alberto Salazar has strongly focused his training on the London marathon, since his half-marathon run in April last year. “I gained a lot of valuable experience running part of the course alongside the top guys last year and can’t wait to race over the full distance this April,” Farah said. “The London Marathon always attracts the world’s best runners to its elite fields and this year will be no different. I am expecting it to be one of my toughest races and a real learning experience.” Those “world’s best” he is referring to includes the six runners who have run sub 2:05 marathons: Wilson Kipsang (WR 2:03:23), fellow Kenyans Emmanuel and Geoffrey Mutai as well as the Ethiopian trio of Ayele Abshero, Feyisa Lilesa and defending champion Tsegaye Kebede. The only notable absences from this amazing field are former world record holder Patrick Makau (Kenya), and Ethiopian superstar Kenenisa Bekele who will make his marathon debut in Paris on April 6th. Bekele is one of only a few runners who has beaten Farah in recent years, and it took an amazing run in the Great North Run (half-marathon) in September last year. The finish to the race is up on YouTube and well worth a look if you haven’t already seen it! Farah is an amazing runner, possibly developing into one of the bests of all time, but will he handle the step up to the marathon? Many think so, with betting agencies in the UK holding him a favourite ahead of his more proven elite competitors. One factor against him is the strong team environment and race tactics employed by the Kenyans and Ethiopians. Having two or three runners together in the final 10km to surge and countersurge could be a telling factor for the eventual winner. Aside from this, Salazar has been meticulous in every step of Farah’s training from his cautious gradual build-up in training

volume, to his specific strength training regimes, high-altitude training camps in Kenya and many sacrifices along the way. In fact, Farah has opted out of the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games (at this stage), instead wanting to focus on his new marathon career. They don’t want to waste major championships with subpar performances or risk overtraining in pursuit of the ultimate goals. Exactly what that ultimate goal is remains a tightly guarded secret; however, should Farah put in a strong performance in London in April the possibilities are endless. Like Gebrselassie and Tergat - who transitioned from 10,000m champions to marathon world record holders - the pathway looks like major marathon wins and world record challenges. The future of elite marathon running is looking very bright. The world will be watching closely on the 13th April. Farah, however, is not the only debutant racing in London who will be a force for the future. Ethiopia’s Ibrahim Jeilan was 10,000m world champion (defeating Mo Farah) in 2011 and 10,000m silver medallist (behind Farah) in 2013. It will be very interesting to see how they both adapt to the longer road race.

Michael Hennessy is a marathon runner, Level 2 running coach, exercise specialist and the director of OUTFIT health + fitness. He has 18 years experience in the fitness industry and has completed an Exercise Science degree, Dip. Ed, Cert III & IV in fitness, Athletics Australia coaching certifications, and specialist training qualifications. He has currently completed five of the six ‹World Major Marathons›, and many Australian road and trail events. Follow Michael on twitter @OutFitHealth or contact him via or on 0412 316 916.

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Yes. c o m . But you really do have all the time you need. all the days of the past week .you need a second to regroup. . it’s often a lot of little things that happen daily. day and his d decisions have the potential to change the world. au WorldMags. If your fitness goals are not in the top 10. you want to reflect on your day . or did you u just start the day and deal with it as it cam me at you? + + + + + + Are the demands of the day too much for you? 88 AP R I L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u lt raf it ne ssm ag. or were they important. they still have the ability to call 000 if it gets really bad. Be sure to plan time for pri ur meals and workout. it just doesn’t feel like you do right now. make some promises to yourself and w write down a reasonable plan for tom morrow.if you still rem an old-fashioned pen and piece of paper pap and write down the 10 most important things you want to achieve in your life. train and enjoy balance in his life. Once you have your list. Now i it’s time to grab a fresh piece of paper. urgent and beneficial to those people or things? Did you spend your relaxation time today escaping from the world or recharging yourself with things you like that motivate and inspire you? When you spoke with others or thought to yourself. relaxing makes ill remember how. don’t set the article down until it’s done. Add the constant distraction of BAD HABITS Make time for all the demands in your life IT’S RARELY THE little stuff that derails your entire day. Number one: Break the bad habit of acting like you have an endless supply of time and energy. It’s carefully accounted for and allocated to those people and projects that are most important to your Michael Butler (man) If you answered honestly and can tie your sh hoes without a spotter. the free world will not fall apart if you shut your phone off or ignore it for the next 30 minutes.or. Yes. So.and consider the following: How much time did you spend on things or people that were not on your list? Did you deal with those people when it was best for you and your schedule and goals for the day or did they dictate when and where you would give your time and energy to them? Were the things or people that you gave your time and energy to important. sleep. If they can still call you or text least that’s how it don’t have enough desire to make this happen. he has a massive staff to help. you need some better habits. but he still has time to eat. family or loved ones that you just don’t set aside for a workout or meal when they demand your time. despite how it feels. and that is what the President and other successful men do to stay on track with respect to their goals. you can probab bly see where you have some bad habits that are robbing you of your preciou us time and energy that could be better spent on you and your fitness goals. Tuck that in the back of your mind each day when you’re faced with making a million little decisions about your time. texts. so if that’s you. urgent and beneficial to you. Treat every second and ounce of energy you have as precious commodities. put this article down. Now sit down. .inspire WorldMags. place them in order of priority from 1-10. taking into account your iorities. Time management is about developing better habits and becoming more organised. like work. You know it’s bad when you can’t get through this article without having to stop and answer or check your phone. but he still has his job to do each and d every day. better yet. emails. always looking for the good in every situation? Did you plan your time each day. Facebook. It’s time to hit the big red button and stop the presses . And. clear your you nd of the day’s clutter and put your min kout in the cross hairs so that it gets work he attention it deserves and needs to all th be successful. You just need to break some bad habits that you probably don’t even know you have. you are a busy man. turn off the TV and anything else that k nois noise and take a deep. Twitter and just about every imaginable mode of communication that makes you more accessible to everyone at any time and soon there is no time for anything else . pick up your phone and text someone that wants to go have pizza and beer with you . So is the Prime Minister. Grab breath . were you positive and upbeat. but the phone is still ringing and people still need you.

net EXPO GUIDE Are you ready for what the 2014 Australian Fitness and Health Expo has in store? We are and we know you’re going to love it! n 2014. run a personal training studio or teach fitness classes. FILEX is embracing change and will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to bring about real change in the lives of your . and even yourself! Whether you own or manage a gym. co m .com. discover and grow. participants. members. 9:30am – 5:30pm daily Where: Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre Friday is open only to those who work within the fitness and health industry and entry is free. you won’t want to miss the launch of the latest fitness equipment and classes. WorldMags. a u | A PR IL /M A Y 2 014 89 When: April 4-6.fitnessexpo. along with the latest fashion and accessories. I YOUR EXPO GUIDE ul tr a f i tn e s s m a g . watch the live sporting competitions. For more information visit www.20 WorldMags. Ultra FITNESS will be announcing the winner of our Personal Trainer of the Year competition! So come along and take part in the fitness challenges. meet the Ultra FITNESS team and check out everything the Australian fitness and health industry has to offer! It’s time to learn.

whether you are a mover. be cautious when wading through the complicated world of fitness.20EXPO GUIDE WorldMags. but others are often just fads that aren’t worth too much time. I think it’s great that being fit and healthy is gaining notoriety and importance. groover or Zensearcher! BY RITA CATOLINO A TRENDY INDUSTRY WHAT’S HOT IN 2014? 90 A P RI L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u lt raf it ne ssm ag. au Just as the fashion industry is notorious for trend-setting and flaunting the newest ‘must-have’ items for each season. similar tendencies are quickly being shaped in the fitness world. So. It is definitely worthwhile trying many of the fitness trends with proven results. a desire to purchase the latest clothing. in my opinion. so much so that various streams of philosophy .net Photo: shutterstock . c o m . We also see specific clientele willing to follow each new fad. or follow a specific regime is prevalent. The good thing is there is something for everyone.categories and sub-categories – are being created. In both worlds. adopt a particular attitude.

CrossFit CrossFit is a hybrid of many different disciplines tied into one big workout.WHAT’S HOT IN 2014? WorldMags. muscle-ups. Sessions usually include a selection of various movements put together for a ‘kick-butt’ workout. HIIT can be done with both cardiovascular and strength training exercises and its duration can last as little as four minutes (Tabata style) or as long as 30 minutes. Rita Catolino is a certified personal trainer. and so forth). The idea is to work at 100% of your output for the work ratio (usually 20-60 seconds) and either stop or continue at a slower pace for the ‘rest’ ratio. months and years of training to gain the necessary endurance – both physically and mentally – in order to perform well. She has recently started a weekly podcast Health. She is also a contributor to BodyRock TV and an Elite Sponsored Athlete with SixPack Fitness. as opposed to having a purely aesthetical goal. These races require weeks. wall balls or skipping in between. online coach. Thankfully. I decided to take up yoga more than three years ago to calm my ‘type-A personality’ or . The goal is to repeat these sets until failure. transforming those obstacles into a positive philosophy shared with those who work with her. range of motion and recovery. motivational speaker. Having to compete against others in your age category and finishing on top with the satisfaction of the sweat. The podcast’s goal is to help women navigate through the daunting world of fitness and wellness in a sustainable manner. while the extreme nature of some of the obstacles (electrocution and wall climbing. a good starting point and popular work-to-rest ratio is 1:2. wall balls) and basic equipment (kettlebells. flexibility. navy seal courses and military-style races have become the rage in many countries. There is a daily workout followed by all called a WOD (workout of the day) which is completed within a specified High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) This is one of my favourite ways to train due to its short duration and great results. and couple that with box jumps. blood and tears (literally) on your shirt is something that a lot of humans crave. It incorporates flexibility. Other trends such as body suspension (TRX). agility. Impact of Exercise Intensity on Body Fatness and Skeletal Muscle Metabolism. pre-natal. has recently regained popularity. and ropes) are all aspects of the CrossFit a Yogi would say my “pitta dosha”. The injury rate among CrossFitters is higher due to the emphasis of beating your time over proper Photo: Paul Buceta . The popularity of this sport and the gyms that cater to it are on the rise. Seeing pictures of the teams at the finish line with mud all over them and smiles across their faces makes me think of young children in the schoolyard. Impact of Exercise Intensity on Body Fatness and Skeletal Muscle Metabolism (As above) u lt r af i tn e ssmag. Rita’s clientele ranges from beginners to athletes alike. yoga (and its spinoffs: including Bikram. This is a trend that I believe will continue to grow at an incredibly fast rate. however. she decided to make a positive change after giving birth to her daughter in 2007. Inside Fitness Magazine. tyres. Tosca Reno. for her recent physique competition and subsequent win in 2013.2 The HIIT mentality is used in many group classes such as spin and aerobic classes. There are different reasons to incorporate yoga into our lives: restoration. Simoneau JA & Bouchard C. au | A P R IL/ M A Y 2014 91 WorldMags. c om. Clothing (high socks. Yoga provides me with 60-75 minutes of dedicated time to focus. provide results and make your life better in general. Research has shown a much more effective loss of adipose tissue for interval training as opposed to long hours of steady-state cardio.1 The EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) is also greater. I have tried CrossFit a few times and. 43(7): 814-818. Optimized. Moksha. I do find them intriguing and somehow unifying as a sport. Trembblay A. just make sure you are doing something that you enjoy and can commit to for the long haul. The outdoor aspect of these sports as well as the keen camaraderie are the things that make this trend so appealing to many. After fighting a family trend of obesity. and I must say I like the fact that it is performance-based. and Strong Fitness Magazine. There are also games or competitions where individuals or References: 1. move and breathe with my body without the beeping and ringing of my mobile phone and away from the long list of daily chores. Fitness should be fun. I don’t see this specific trend losing its followers any time soon. career. I believe that the welcoming nature of yoga has made its ‘trendiness’ more appealing to all walks of life. snatches. pole dancing and plyometrics have also made a name for themselves amongst niche-fitness fans. if you are using a treadmill for sprints. I believe that no matter what your goal or current fad. For strength exercises. Catolino’s philosophies and ideas have been featured in top fitness publications including Oxygen Magazine. Tough Mudders. Rita recently prepared New York Times bestseller and creator of the Eat Clean Diet. Ratios vary. meditation or simply inner peace. for example) may turn many fitness enthusiasts away. family and commitments. and is picking up popularity due to the internationally successful online home workouts of BodyRock TV and The DailyHIIT. short shorts and cut up t-shirts). teams compete and place according to their performance. you can sprint as fast as possible for 15 seconds and rest for 30 seconds. HIIT’s popularity is on the rise and slowly taking over from the long hours of steady-state cardio that were the norm over the past decade. 2. For example. although I found it to be quite challenging and exciting. endurance. 1994. CrossFitters will complete a series of movements such as a clean and press or front squat. Pilates. boxes. as well as boot camps. however. gymnastics and muscular movements in a timed manner. Obstacle Course Racing Yoga This ancient practice is not one that I would say is a trend. hot yoga. bands. allowing your body to burn more calories in the 24 hours post-exercise while trying to return your body to its preexercise state. fitness columnist and cover model. but urge people who are following this trend to watch form carefully. Olympic lifts. exercise terminology (thrusts. Although I have never tried this. precisely because of its long history. I find it to be the perfect balance between a more stress-induced ‘body-building’ routine and the daily pressures of life. strength gains. I prefer a more structured approach to resistance training where I can concentrate on proper movement. you could squat with a lighter resistance (or body weight) for 30 seconds and rest for 60 seconds.

whereas 21% work in a franchise club and 13% in a PT/Club/CrossFit studio.* 10-25% 30 Percentage of PTs who work in a privately owned single club. testimonia word of mouth are v ls and FITNESS TREND FACTS of club members belong to a 24-hour club .it s predicted grow in 2014.* 11% ant a high yield .*** of sales are predicted to be generated while you sleep if you embr ace online membership sales in 2014 .* W O RD OF MOUTH If you w 3 rd Fitness ‘Educated. after sitting at #1 for six 34% of club members would choose a PT based on referral while 72% of clubs hire PTs based on experience. c o m . Certified and Experienced ldwide Survey of Professionals’ fell to #3 in the 2014 Wor years!** Fitness Trends.*** 92 A P RI L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u ltr af it ne ssm ag. au WorldMags.20EXPO GUIDE WorldMags.

net u ltr af i tn e ssmag.*** Advice from group el rt M Àtness expehnology c e Tempest: T successful is key to a er heard of club. Nev nd virtual MYZONE a ’s about classes? It do!* time you WorldMags. Functional Fitness 9. Personal Training 7. *** Fitness Trends for 2014:** 1. predicts. 19% ARE A MIXTURE OF BOTH. au | A P R IL/ M A Y 2014 93 .Australian & New Zealand Fitness Industry Survey 2013 .net Worldwide of clubs say members prefer to get extra motivation while working out with a PT. but 49% of members say Survey of their focus is fitness while training with a PT.WorldMags.Outdoor Activities 15. Educated.Circuit Training 16. Wellness Coaching 18.EZYPAY 2/3 A B M ZU After rapid growth from 2010-2013.Core Training 14.Sport-Specific Training 19.** “CrossFit and other high intensity. Group Personal Training 10. Zumba has dropped out of the top 20 Àtness trends for 2014.Worker Incentive Programs 20.” Ryan Hogan. c om.Worksite Health Promotion 13. Exercise and Weight Loss 6. Fitness Programs for Older Adults 8.Outcome Measurements 17. High Intensity Interval Training 2.* 45% OF PERSONAL TRAINERS ARE CONTRACTORS.Children and Exercise for the Treatment/ Prevention of Obesity 12. ‘go-hard-go-home’ type training facilities will continue to grow and get further mainstream exposure. Body Weight Training 3. CEO Australian Fitness Network.Boot Camp *Fitness Trends 2014 – Australian & New Zealand Fitness Industry Survey 2014 – EZYPAY ** Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2014 . Certified and Experienced Fitness Professionals 4.American College of Sports Medicine Health and Fitness Journal ***Personal Training . 36% ARE EMPLOYED. Strength Training 5.Yoga 11.

2014 Bays 7-18 8m 19m 21m 3m 6m 24m 9m 9m 5.50m Athlete Chill Out Zone Australian Powerlifting Championships 17.50m 8m First D18 E17 2.50m 9m 3m 3m 3m Brasilfit K18 9 BJJ Tournament C16 8m 8m BJJ Tournament C17 2.20EXPO GUIDE WorldMags.50m 17.50m * Mens Fitness Crossfit H53 5.50m 17.6 April.50m BSC I51 9m 9m 5.50m Sting Asia Pacific Boxing Championships D44 F52 3m H51 6m * Reserved Crossfit H49 3m 3m 20m Cros fit 20m 9m Nature's Way 9m 12m Les Mills Stage 12m Reebok I42 A44 8m C44 19m F44 21m 9m 15m 6m J42 9m H38 24m 3m 6m 3m 3m 3m On Running 6m 9m 2m 5m 8m 8m 6m 3m 3m 3m Fisiocrem 3m Fitness Kicks / Cross Core 3m 3m 6m Seeker Import 3m Whole Meal Cafe ACPE 6m BJJ Tournament C34 8m 8m 6m 6m BJJ Tournament C35 8m 8m 6m 15m Glanbia Performance Nutrition 15m 15m Nutrition Systems F30 6m 15m REP 100 G34 3m Academy H35 Regent Sporting H33 Goods H36 3m 3m I35 Regupol 3m 9m I36 3m 3m Fly Active J36 Products K35 BSC 9 H34 Asics 9m 9m I34 3m 3m 3m 3m Austra ian ns itu e Of Kettlebells J33 3m 3m 6m 6m 9m GU Sports Gel K33 Tiger Fitness 3m K34 6m MMA Zone 8m J32 3m 3m Moving Comfort 6m 6m 3m D30 Merrell G30 G28 3m 3m Asics H30 H28 Flexi Sports Austra ia I30 J29 3m J30 Cardio Tennis K29 3m 9m 6m BJJ Tournament C26 8m 8m BJJ Tournament C27 9m 8m 6m 9m 15m 3m 3m 3m Superior Supplements 3m Super or Supplements Timex 9m 9m 3m 3m Create PT Wealth H29 Hoka OneOne 3m 3m CrankIt 3m I27 I28 Fitness 6m 3m 6m 3m 3m 3m 3m 3m 3m 6m 33m DIV BOH Seating 33m 3m 6m 3m 6m GNC Livewell D24 6m 9m F26 G25 Alive Brands J26 Juice Plus+ Oui Fitness Lorna Jane K26 6m 9 3m Musashi E22 9m 9m 3m 8m BJJ Tournament C20 8m 8m BJJ Tournament C21 F24 3m G23 RAPPD 'Strike First' 3m 3m Lifespan G24 Fitness G22 H24 3m 3m Missfit Oxyfit I21 Pearly's I24 Australia 3m 3m 3m 6m 3m J24 3m 3m K23 8m 6m 6m .net YOUR EXPo Find us HERE! Australian Fitness & Health Expo Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre 4 .50m F22 Active Outthere G21 Techno Tan 3m 3m Black & Blue 9m 6m 3m Step into Life Victoria Vivobarefoot H22 6m 3m 3m Activance Punch Equipment Fitlink 3m I22Australia 6m 6m Mat-Tastic J22 6m D20 8m Superior Supplements Boxing Tabban Muscle & Body Shape 3m 6m 3m 3m Ball Brands 3m 3m Boot Camps Australia 3m 3m 3.50m 6m 3m 6m 3m Mani Sports & Fitness Austra ia 3m 3m Promaker G18 3m 6m Ryderwear 6m 3m F18 G17 H17 3m I17 A16 B15 2m 5m E16 3m F15 6m 9m Spartan Sports F16 6m 9m 3m 3m Skins Compression H16 Garments 9m 9m Slim Secrets 6m 6m G16 3m G15 3m I15 3m 15m I16 Fit Media 6m 6m 6m F t B oCeuticals Burto 6m P lar Heart Rate Monitors J16 3m K15 3m 6m L15 nnovat ve Phys o 3 8m 8m Power J14 Music 6m 6m K14 3m 3m L13 Continence Foundation of Australia 3 7m 2m 19m 9m Derrimut Cafe 3m 3m PT 9m 9m 10m Supps R Us C6 D8 10m 6m 6m Queenax Oceania E8 9m 9m 9m Flush Fitness F8 9m 3m 3m Isagenix 9m 9m Flush Fitness G8 9m 9m 9m 9m Flush Fitness H8 15m 3m 3m Iron Tanks Gym & Fitness 9m 6m PT Academy J8 6m 6m 6m K8 Australian Essentials Institute L9 of Vision Personal Personal Training Trainers 3 3 L7 15m INBA Prep Zone Main Stage 15m 9m 9m 6m 6m 3m Koral Australia 6m 3m 3m 6m Complete Online Boxa D2 6m Omniblend 9m 6m 3m Boxa E2 9m 6m 3m F4 de Been 100% Jiu Jitsu 3m 6m 3m F5 G3 A2 2m B2 19m C2 7m Everything F2 MMA 9m Tiger Nutrition G2 9m 6m 6m 6m 6m 6m 6m * Reserved Marketing K3 3m Rock Wear K4 9 H2 3m I1 3m I2 6m J2 3m K1 Yes! Fitness Music 3m 3m K2 Reserved L1 3m 3m 3m Strength & Conditioning WorldMags.

50m 3.50m * S51 AFLA 3. 3m 3m 3m 3m 2.50m 3m Zenon U52 6m 3m U53 3m 3m Kapai Puku N47 Hel oFresh Piloxing O49 6m 9m .50m 6m 3m Swift Performance Equipment 3m 2.50m 6m 12m 2.SURVIVAL GUIDE WorldMags.50m 15m 5m 6m 3.50m 6m 3m 3m m 6m 3m Austra ian Avocados Team Up Vic Health M45 M46 3m N45 3m 9m O46 P45 12m 3m 12m 6m 3m M41 3m 3m 3m Hydralyte Amazonia M42 6m 3m 3m 6m 3m 3m N42 9m 3m Blaupunkt Biofeedback Earphones O42 6m 3m 3m 3m 6m The Healthy Chef Q40 6m 6m X Pole S40 Wedderburn Scales / Tanita 6m 6m Peoplehub U40 MuscleDriver Australia m Martin & Pleasance 6m The Team Food Coach Boom N43 n titute M44 Zumba 9m 3m O44 Accomplice Accessories Luv Sum P43 Raw Blend Team Up Healthy Living & Endurance Stage P42 3m 6m U50 3m 6m 6m Sunwarrior 3m XR Slide Q48 Q46 A1 Rubber Ezideb t 3m S47 Business Advice R46 Centre 6m 3m 3m R45 3m 6m S46 Australian Fitness Supplies 9m 3m 6m 3m T grip Australia True Blue T48 T46 Gladstone MRM T49 Life & Fitness U47 FitPod Australia T47 3m 15m U44 3m U45 Listen To Your Body 3m U46 3m 3m 3m 6m 6m 3m 3m 3m 3m 3m 6m 3m 3m 6m 3m Aerobic Microphones Australia AV Media Systems Centaman Systems Big Ass ans P36 12m 6m 6m Uesaka Barbell Q31 Australia 6m 12m Altitude Training Systems 12m T39 12m BodyTastic 12m 3m 3m M37 m Icon Trading Group Vitality N37 Brands Dumbags Worldwide - Garmin 6m 6m QPEC O36 6m 6m WaterRower Q36 6m 6m 6m Flexi Group T35 3m 6m U38 T36 15m 6m 3m DEBIT SUCCESS U First Fitness L36 m Australian Fitness Academy M36 6m 3m N35 Weights 3m 3m Smart N36 O35 Orbit Health & Fitness Solutions P35 R36 6m 12m S36 3m L34 M33 3m 3m Bounce M34Foods 6m 6m 3m 3m N34 Anytime O34Fitness 6m 3m 6m 3m 3m 6m 3m 3m 3m Les Mills P30 6m 3m 12m 3m 3m 12m 3m The Retention People 12m 3m Body Bike Australia Q29 6m 12m Inbody Austra ia 6m 6m Blockout M28 Icebrandsports 6m M27 Gymstick HART Sport 3m M26 9m 3m HumanFusion N25 Soleus Running Austra ia Interloc 9m Human Lockers & Kinetics Seating 12m 9m Links 15m Modular Solutions 6m EYE Fitness 3m 15m International Fitness P26 12m 12m 6m The Fitness Generation Q26 12m 12m 6m 12m R30 Leisure Concepts Aust 3m T32 6m U31 U32 9m 6m Blue Fitness T26 U30 9m 3m HF Industries R26 12m 12m U28 6m 3m 12m 12m 6m Platypus So twa e U26 Mobi Post 3m zeMember 3m N26 3m 3m Duo Strength Training O25 M24 3m N23 Wyn Training N24 3m 3m GymMaster eDebit 6m 3m Rocktape M22 6m 3m 3m L22 3m M21 3m 6m N22 3m O21 3m 6m O22 3m 3m 3m 6m P21 3m P22 Australian Barbell Company Wor dw de Vend ng & Refrigeration 6m 3m U22 3m PTminder 3m 3m 3m m FIA Fitnation L14 6m 6m 6m 9m VIRUS Australia MMA 6m Fitness N18 FOXTEL 18m 15m M16 3m N15 Fernwood Women's M14 Health Clubs Creative Fitness 6m Marketing 3m Australia N14 6m 6m O16 JHT 15m Gantner Technologies 12m Life Fitness Australia Q12 12m 6m U20 3m 18m 18m NC Fitness Gear 3m Avanti 18m 18m Precor U18 18m 9m Ezypay 9m 6m 6m 3m 3m 6m 3m Australian Fitness Network Extreme Functional Fitness 3m 3m 3m O12 3m P11 3m 6m P12 12m 12m R12 12m 9m 12m T12 12m 6m U12 3m 3m m L10 m Eternal Cosmeceuticals Marketing for Gyms & Personal Trainers PulseTec Solutions OneF tS op iProQur 9m L8 M7 M8 3m OH Magazine N7 N8 The College of Heal h & F tness m Australian Institute of Fitness L2 6m Nu leaf Naturopathic Weight & Health N5 Specialists 3m 3m M6 9m 6m N6 O5 12m TRX O2 6m 12m12m Ironedge P2 12m 12m 12m Concept 2 Rowing M2 6m Life Fitness Australia 12m 12m Technogym Australia 12m 12m 6m 6m Global Leisure Concepts N2 6m 6m Synergy Physical Conditioning Systems R2 12m 6m Mindbody U6 FFA 6m 6m Blueant Wireless 6m 12m 12m Synergy Physical Conditioning Systems 12m 6m PaySmart 6m Q2 6m R1 9m T2 6m U2 3m General Fitness Commercial Equipment & Business Services WorldMags.50m 5.50m 3m 3m Meet & N52 Greet Power Mouthguards 6m 2.50m Blue Monster Le SlenderSlim Muesli Pasta Desire L53D M51 M52 N51 3m 3m 3m 3m 3m 3m 6m 3m Almond Board of Aus ra ia M48 O52 * Blitz 6m Q52 * Reserved 15m 6m 3m 3m 6m 3m 3m R52 5m R53 6m 9m T52 ALFA Where to find your favourite stands and all the amenities.50m 3m 2.50m N50 3m 14.50m 5.50m 2.

CEC-approved and worth 14 points! This course will be held in Sydney on March 8-9 for certified personal trainers to become qualified kettlebell instructors.30am – 5pm Price: $495 AIPT DIPLOMA OF FITNESS A Diploma of Fitness with the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers will set you apart! Gain valuable.50 / Level 4 Blue .20EXPO GUIDE WorldMags. Location: Camperdown CrossFit / Camperdown Fit. Our Diploma of Fitness is VET FEE-HELP funding approved. visit www.50 / Level 3 Red $34. 166 Parramatta HART SPORT STRENGTH BANDS Sport strength bands are great for assisted / Level 2 Green .2-DAY KETTLEBELL COURSE.5mm thick. Ultimately. Come trek with us and mention Ultra FITNESS Magazine to receive an expo special of $200 off our Australian led treks valid until April 30. SYDNEY Do you want to learn the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind kettlebell training? The Australian Institute of Personal Trainers is offering a two-day kettlebell course. providing you with new opportunities and increasing your earning potential. Kokoda or Everest Base Camp.hartsport. power development. and stretching the upper or lower What’s Hot ` EXPO EDITION AIPT . but it is a minefield out there. it requires specialist knowledge. ESCAPE TREKKING ADVENTURES Whether you are trekking Kilimanjaro. We run small group tours. Of course it’s very easy for people to look on the internet and find tours.$24. This indepth course in kettlebell training is leading its field in education for fitness and sports performance. but most importantly remember: it is the quality of the tour we offer. The kettlebell instructor course has Fitness Australia accreditation and holds the OLF’s Certification of ‘EKI Kettlebell Instructor’ (EKI). To get started.$44. this knowledge will be used to boost your clients’ . attaching to bars and benches for increased resistance. allowing you to study now and pay 96 A PR IL /M A Y 2 014 | u ltr a f itnes s m a g . Camperdown NSW Course Details: 2-day kettlebell instructor course Includes: A 60-page instructor training manual Phone and email support Free downloadable kettlebell training programmes A free monthly newsletter CECs:14 Points Date: Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th of March Time: Saturday 10am-5pm / Sunday 9. Level 1 Yellow .com . while Kokoda is a remote and extreme trek that requires diligent guidance. The course will focus on how to make your client perform and function better whilst advancing your technique and knowledge to give you an edge over other trainers. This unique industry-focused course combines comprehensive theory with hands-on practical experience.aipt. Kilimanjaro and Everest Base Camp are serious high-altitude mountain www. visit www.a u WorldMags.$ There are four differing resistance levels that cater for all ages and strength The HART Sport strength bands are 105cm long and 4.escapetrekkingadventures.50 For more information. practical experience working alongside allied health professionals and understand the requirements of training clients from special populations or those with medical conditions.

offering Certificate III. Certificate IV and Diploma in Fitness to get your career off to the best start possible with flexible online or on-campus delivery. The Magnum Breaker Bench’s greater comfort. BREAKER BENCH Incredibly beneficial for beginners and professional athletes ul tr a f i tn e s s m a g . Plus. Matrix IC3 Indoor Cycle is compatible with ANT+ the Magnum Power Rack can be customised in a variety of ways to add and exclamation point to your statement. Backed by research. these fully featured racks are proven to last in the most rigorous lifting environments. fostering and cementing positive physical habits so they’re hardwired for a lifetime. easier take-offs and increased efficiency add up to a superior solution for all users in resistance training. from toddler to teen. reduce noise and provide a handrest for spotters. available on Vet-Fee Help! Great FILEX specials available. the gold standard in fitness education. in its essence BORN TO MOVE™ is about getting our young people moving. eliminating the need for assistance to break the bar and allowing users to get into the start position with less stress on their joints. myriad entertainment options and a responsive touchscreen interface with internet and social media access. www. LES MILLS – BORN TO MOVE BORN TO MOVE™ is a series of LES MILLS programs designed specifically for young people. The Magnum Power Rack enables users to perform many . such as squats and bench FIA FITNATION Become a personal trainer with FIA Fitnation. Multiple accessories are also available for this rack. Its moulded urethane guards protect Olympic bars from damage. team MAGNUM POWER RACK The Magnum Power Rack is a very versatile piece of equipment as it offers head-to-toe training. enabling users to measure their performance providing the best fitness experience. The Magnum Power Rack incorporates integrated foldaway spotter stands. a u | A PR IL /M A Y 2 014 97 WorldMags. www. Boasting 7-gauge steel uprights and 6mm thick frames. it features something no other competitor offers: a true app interface built exclusively for the fitness environment. games. Best of all. stories. 7XI CONSOLE The 7xi console has been designed for multi-tasking gymgoers who like to be entertained and motivated while working out. adding variety and versatility to your strength MATRIX IC3 INDOOR CYCLE The new Matrix IC3 Indoor Cycle features the most geometrically advanced and stiffest frame ever. adjustable safety bars. to stimulate greater gains in strength and size. visit www. Already qualified? Branch out and apply for advanced standing into our Diploma of Remedial Massage.lesmills. Matrix 7xi utilises the best technology specifically designed for active users. role playing.johnsonfitness. the 7xi combines a brilliant highdefinition display. the Magnum Breaker Bench features an exclusive system that uses pivoting uprights to place the bar directly over the user. plus increased flywheel inertia.johnsonfitness.fiafitnation. dual-grip chin bar and coloured locking pins to make bar level changes incredibly quick and easy. co m .au/borntomove or call 02 6282 812. problem solving and the magic of music. Packed with advanced functionality. To get licensed or trained in the program. performance. enough for the most powerful athletes in the world. superior adjustment and handlebar ergonomics and the industryleading ‘PolyV Belt’ drivetrain. including pro sports facilities. fuelled by science. ring us on 1300 136 362 with code word ‘Expo’ or visit us on stand L14. BORN TO MOVE™ builds confidence and develops skills using simple moves.

net QUALIFICATION THE INDUSTRY PREFERS GET THE PERSONAL TRAINING . Limits are made to be broken… have you reached yours? Diploma courses Short courses We provide REAL outcomes for REAL fitness professionals.push your fitness career to the limit Live the DREAM! Motivate. Certificate courses WorldMags. inspire and change people’s lives for the better with the REAL educator in fitness. Call Now 1300 GO AIPT .

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DoYouWantToBe AGREAT personaltrainer?
Punctuality: Clients are paying you for a specific time slot. Be professional by arriving on time. It is very frustrating waiting for an appointment. Role model: Practise what you preach. Lead a healthy lifestyle. Eat a healthy diet and get regular exercise. You cannot expect your clients to do this if you’re not practising it yourself. Knowledge: Continually update your knowledge. Strive to absorb as much information as possible. Never stop reading, listening and learning. Subscribe to journals and publications, attend conferences and workshops, and listen to other professionals. This is your career; treat it as such or be left behind. Attention: Give your undivided attention to your client at all times. Remember that your client is paying for your time. You need to give them 100% attention for this. Honesty: Be honest towards your client. You will not know all the answers to your client’s questions. If you do not know the answer to a question posed to you, admit it, and say that you will try to find out. Sometimes clients believe trainers possess infinite medical knowledge. It is always good to have a doctor you can call with such questions. Such an alliance will benefit you, the doctor and - most importantly - your client. Record keeping: Each session should be recorded with notes. This allows you to track your client’s progress and ensure they get the results they want. This also becomes crucial when it’s time for them to renew their sessions. Print them up a certificate showing their improvements. Also make notes on important personal information such as birthdays, medications, injuries, goals etc. It is extremely important for his information to be at your fingertips.
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To be a great personal trainer is something you need to continually work on.


ere are 10 points all personal trainers need to consider, and then reconsider!

Listen: Most people like to talk about themselves and things they are interested in. In today’s busy world, people very rarely get listened to. Don’t talk about yourself; your role is to listen, not to get too involved or too personal. It is your client’s time. Keep the relationship on a professional level and at an objective distance at all times. Gossip: Don’t talk about your clients to others. Clients often tell their trainers extremely personal information, which should never be discussed with anybody. They should be comfortable knowing that what they tell you goes no further than the two of you. Respect their privacy. FUN! It is not uncommon to see a trainer with a client and the trainer looks like he/she would rather be anywhere but there. Who would want to pay hundreds of dollars to spend several hours a week with someone like this? Some clients don’t want to go to the gym in the first place and they will definitely not want to pay to train someone they don’t enjoy being around. Feedback: Ask yourself and your clients. What am I doing well? What could I improve? This process of constant feedback ensures that you are constantly improving.

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It is fixed permanently. as across! You can take groups on top of the frame. kids play games . The Queenax concept is an inclusive one. The boxing bags roll out on the rail system. or logos printed on the . all with the knowledge that the Italian engineering is designed to cope with the stresses. obstacle courses. sports-specific conditioning. and is dependant only on your clients needs.the list goes on. yoga. This takes seconds! This is just one example of clever design. anti-gravity. in any facility .indoors or outdoors . you can build directly on top. It doesn’t matter how large or small your area. either inside or outside the frame. ceiling and surrounding space. and we are proud of our association with Pavigym who offer Queenax clients a bespoke floor design to match your requirements. Queenax is modular and can be adapted to fit even the most challenging of feature Queenax is a gym concept and system that turns your training space into its own training tool. Olympic lifting. There simply isn’t another product in the market place like Queenax. Every form of suspension training is catered for and with the growth in popularity of obstacle racing you can set up monkey bar challenges unlike any other. au WorldMags. The boxing system is on rails and fixed to the frame.if you so choose . maybe run confidence training for corporate team building or use it for kids to jump down from height. suspension training. walls.advertisingWorldMags. SAQ ladders. boxing. c o m . where you lock them in place for the class. the frame is so strong. The floor is part of the overarching theme. 106 A P RI L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u lt raf it ne ssm ag. are just examples of how you can add colour and specific dynamic markings to challenge your clients. group can do both and more in the same area to maximise class participation. Conventional thoughts might be to run a CrossFit session in an area that would normally be separated from the likes of anti-gravity offer facility owners an amazing array of functional training options. Queenax believes that everyone can train using the same space. The unique modular frame system means . but Queenax multiplies your space. CrossFit. when finished you can slide them back against each end to use the space for another class. Our monkey bars go up as well Q ueenax intelligently uses the floor. maximising your space with another mezzanine floor if you want to take it to another level and take advantage of the large height space for aerial runways. In fact. circuit classes.

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au Visit WorldMags. The Elevation Training Mask stimulates the effects of high-altitude training.What’s Hot MONSTER ISPORT VICTORY HEADPHONES The iSport Victory headphones feature the super-comfortable and iconic iSport earhook design. The patent pending Training Mask helps to condition the lungs by creating pulmonary resistance and strengthening the diaphragm. President Training Mask LLC. enabling conditioning and increased lung capacity by creating pulmonary resistance whilst strengthening the diaphragm and intercostal muscles. deeper breaths and as your body adapts. your lungs will be trained to utilise the available oxygen more ELEVATION TRAINING MASK It is the old adage and we have heard it a thousand times: “It’s what’s on the inside that counts”.$129. With their powerful Monster sound and superior noise isolation. Visit www.95 | 3kg .net PROTEIN KING PURE WPI Protein King Pure WPI is the ideal whey protein isolate supplement . naturally high in amino acids. lactose. Gluten-.proteinking. strength and fat loss. This makes breathing easier and more efficient.a clean.” says Casey Danford. including the vital BCAAs. By increasing resistance you are forced to take fuller. as well as an Omnitip for maximum flexibility and fit. “It’s really simple science.$44. c o m . Ironman world champion Pete Jacobs was so excited about the effects he experienced with the Elevation Training Mask that he met with the developers in America and now has a financial interest in the company.and soy-free. junk-free product that supports lean muscle . Fitness enthusiasts will discover intense levels of pulse-pounding audio that no other sport headphones can deliver.monsterproducts. Protein King Pure WPI should be a staple in every athlete’s arsenal! 11 flavours available | 1kg .ETmask. He even wears the Training Mask while doing chores around home or replying to emails! He describes it as like “training while not training”. recovery. For further information visit www. Now there is a product that can help build the inside. users of the Victory headphones can stay focused on the most intense workouts and extreme outdoor sports without the risk of external 108 A P R I L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u lt raf it ne ssm ag.

net BABY BOOMERS.WorldMags. visit www. weight and chest measurements.99).99) and is available exclusively in independent sports stores. • Increased circulation allows you to work out at a more intense level for longer and can reduce the risk of varicose veins and swollen ankles. This results in a comfortable fit and a flattering . SKINS A200 FIERCE RED The Men’s A200 Fierce Red range is predominantly black in colour with eye-catching red highlights throughout the garment. Baby Boomers. • SKINS engineered gradient compression also reduces muscle vibration during exercise. The range features all the benefits of the SKINS A200 series: • SKINS scientifically proven engineered gradient compression enhances circulation and delivers more oxygen to working muscles to help improve stamina and aid recovery. Jennifer believes that the public is being given the wrong message by the majority of major health platforms. Compression ¾ Tights ($ ul tr a f i tn e s s m a g .99). The Silver Fox range includes the SKINS A200 Speed Crop – print and violet ($59. Compression Half Tights ($74. With over 30 years of experience as a dietician. Bellies & Blood Sugars to educate the public on why many people gain weight easily… and the best way to manage one knows what is wrong. resulting in less soft tissue damage to help you recover faster from your workout. visit www.99) and Compression Short Sleeve Top ($84. insulin resistance and weight gain. • Increased circulation allows you to work out at a more intense level for longer and reduces the build-up of blood lactate. resulting in less soft tissue damage and helping you recover faster from your workout. unhappy. For this reason she wrote Baby Boomers.000 scientific articles to understand the complexities of insulin resistance and weight gain. The book also includes a diet plan and recipes to get you started on your new life. to enhance circulation and deliver more oxygen to working muscles. weight and chest measurements. to reduce muscle vibration during exercise. For more information.99). which means you can get out and train harder without worrying about the sun related risks. manage the disease and treat it.babyboomersandbellies. • The SKINS range offers a superior fit thanks to a unique BMI algorithm taking into account the wearer’s height.despite numerous visits to the doctor .com SKINS A200 SILVER FOX The A200 Silver Fox range features all the usual A200 compression benefits: • SKINS scientifically proven engineered gradient compression. • SKINS fabrics have a UV protection of 50+. SKINS Men’s A200 Fierce Red range is available in: Compression Long Tights ($124. helping improve stamina and aid recovery. Bellies & Blood Sugars took four years to create and 1. Jennifer Elliott understands this feeling of helplessness and she can help. SKINS A200 Fierce Red range is for men who train to keep themselves fit enough to do the activities that they love and look good. co m . BELLIES & BLOOD SUGARS Sometimes we feel lethargic. Compression Long Tights ($124.skins. a u | APR IL /M A Y 2 014 109 WorldMags. insulin resistance. how to recognise the symptoms. Jennifer’s book is easy to read and is a step-by-step guide on diabetes.99). fat and .99). • Muscle wrapping. • The SKINS A200 range offers a superior fit thanks to a unique BMI algorithm taking into account the wearer’s height.99) and Hoodie ($79. For more information. Compression Long Sleeve Top ($109.

au WorldMags. c o m . MY DETAILS (block letters please) Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms Address State Postcode Phone Email I do not wish to receive any promotional material SUBSCRIBE OR EXTEND A SUBSCRIPTION FROM THIS ISSUE TO BE IN THE DRAW TO WIN ONE OF 5 SKINS COMPRESSION PACKS SUBSCRIBE NOW YES! I’d like to subscribe to Ultra FITNESS for only $40 (saving 25%) and go into the draw to win one of 5 SKINS COMPRESSION PACKS worth around $230. MY DETAILS (block letters please) Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms Address State Postcode Phone Email I do not wish to receive any promotional material Suburb Guarantee: If at any . OFFER ENDS 30 APRIL 2014 Suburb WHY SUBSCRIBE? SAVE 25% plus go in the draw towinone of 5 SKINS COMPRESSION PACKS ALWAYS have the latest fitness info at your finger tips FREE deliverydirecttoyourdoor YES! I’d like to subscribe for 2 years for only $80. guaranteeing this great rate and still be in the draw to win one of 5 SKINS COMPRESSION PACKS worth around $230. Return this form today to enter all draws and start your subscription with the next issue! Post to Ultra FITNESS. PO Box 3223 Nerang BC QLD 4211 Offer closes 30th April 2014 CALL 1300 80 75 80 and quote M0414FM 110 AP RI L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u lt ra f it ne ssm ag. you are not completely satisfied with your subscription.subscriptions WorldMags. for any reason. you may cancel and receive a full refund on all unsent issues.

net ul tr a f i tn e s s m a g .skins.99 1x Women’s A200 Speed Crop (Black or Hot Pink) RRP: $59.99 Total value: $219. This resulted in SKINS identifying 400 key fitting points to form the basis of all its 400 Series garments. The SKINS 400 fit was developed after undertaking a 3D body scan study of hundreds of amateur and professional athletes. engineered gradient compression increases oxygen delivery to active muscles and reduces blood lactate WorldMags.99 1x Men’s A400 Short Sleeve Top RRP: $119. www.98 RRP Postcode Suburb PAYMENT DETAILS I enclose my cheque/money order for A$ payable to Ultra FITNESS Magazine Please charge my Card No: Expiry date Cardholder name Cardholder signature Visa Bankcard Mastercard CALL 1300 80 75 80 and quote M0414FM SUBSCRIBE ONLINE AT www. MY DETAILS (block letters please) Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms Address State Postcode Phone Email I do not wish to receive any promotional material Suburb GIFT RECIPIENT DETAILS (block letters please)Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms Address State Phone Email SKINS400Seriesfeaturesthemostadvancedcompression Women’sSkinsCompressionPack: 1x Women’s A400 Long Tight (Black/Silver) RRP: $169. SKINS gradient compression wraps key muscle groups to reduce vibration and maintain alignment. SKINS biomechanically placed Memory MX fabric provides constant. SKINS developed a proprietary dynamic compression measuring device and used this to study athletes in GIFT SUBSCRIPTION SAVE 25% YES! I’d like to buy my friend a 1 year subscription to Ultra FITNESS for only $40 and go into the draw to win one of 5 SKINS COMPRESSION PACKS.98 RRP Men’sSkinsCompressionPack: 1x Men’s A400 Half Tight RRP: $ Perform better. so you can train harder for longer and recover faster.99 Total value: $229. This stability and support results in reduced soft tissue damage and less postexercise soreness. a u | A PR IL /M A Y 2 014 111 .ultrafitnessmag. recover faster with SKINS. SKINS scientifically proven.WorldMags. co m . By catering so finely to the body’s needs during activity. controlled compression and unrestricted movement to help reduce the risk of injury.includingSKINSuniquedynamicgradient compression. SKINS was able to create a compression first: dynamic gradient compression.

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net the BUSINESS of being fit WHEN SS FITNE UR IS YO LIFE NEXT LEVEL TRAINING for PTs and the ultra fit! CO N TE N TS 114 A Code of Ethics for Personal Trainers 118 Creating a Successful Online Fitness Business 120 Training Overweight and Obese Clients 122 PT of the Year 124 Beyond Fitness 126 Class of 2014 128 CEC Quiz ul tr a f i tn e s s m a g . co m . a u | A PR IL /M A Y 2 014 113 .WorldMags.

check.check. Both will get you there .net A Code of Ethics for Personal Trainers Cert IV achieved . c o m . Bundles of energy and enthusiasm . Client base begins to build . The only thing that can prepare you for it is mentoring from someone with those years under their belt (and listening closely). BY ROB ROWLAND-SMITH 114 A P R I L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u ltraf it ne ssm ag.TRAINING THE TRAINER WorldMags. au WorldMags. passion and personal experience in training can never fully prepare you for the challenges and trials that will come with your job. All the technical knowledge.check. or experiencing failures so you can ultimately learn the right way. Love of all things health and fitness .

It is inevitable that there will be increases in price over time... not other PTs. there is absolutely no excuse for anyone else to be butting visit: www. It could be the difference between a new client or not. I have learnt from them over my journey. react – one of the difficulties with personal training is the accumulating stack of correspondence which occurs over the course of the day while you are in training sessions. When I pulled back I was accused of not being there as a support. People have family. It’s inevitable that clients move around. your enemy is ‘un-health and un-fitness’. I am older and wiser. Unless you are waiting to hear if your wife is in labour.lots of them! But. At arm’s length – you are a PT. Lesson learnt… the hard way.. Be respectful that we are all in this business to earn a living. I made the mistake once. Have a stored text/email template that you can use to reply quickly between sessions. so avoid bad-mouthing and canvassing clients from other trainers. It is imperative that you respond to all client enquiries with a simple voice message/text/email. it will be an uncomfortable conversation. you can end up seeing someone at their most vulnerable. don’t email. It’s my pet peeve. Don’t have any conversation other than the one you are having with your client in the session. it will spell the end of the relationship. or worse still. Be aware of your role.and nasty . not a trained therapist. confused mess if you don’t draw your lines very clearly.pulsetecsolutions. Be upfront about financial costs – there is nothing worse than souring a client relationship with an invoice dispute. equipment hire etc. Software for Personal Trainers. Ensure everyone is accepting of all costs involved.WorldMags. Reply.600+ images & videos First Month FREE or ut . Connect Access over. Don’t H Your fitness solutions provider ere’s my top list of ‘ethics’ from my decades of experience – the ones they don’t tell you about! Take them as you will.. respond appropriately within 24 hours. It was difficult . Most of my learnings have come from making mistakes . GST. You must give your clients the opportunity to decline further sessions if it doesn’t meet their financial situation. when you’re one-on-one with someone.and I should never have put myself in that position. It’s a relatively small industry. It can become a very sticky. don’t text. your clients are paying you for your time. • 750+ workouts • 5. say nothing and see if they say anything after receiving the next invoice. at best. a simple acknowledgement that the message has been received and will be attended to at your earliest convenience (within 24 hours) is fine. I’ve learnt them along the way. e: info@pulsetecsolutions. Studios & Clubs YOUR 3 STEP FORMULA FOR SUCCESS Find Manage Keep Clients Mobile Apps for your Fitness Business Promote your club and engage your members with your very own App. As with all ‘service’ EE R F EMO D . anywhere Also available • Membership Key Tags • 24/7 Access Control • Direct Debit Billing • Pos Hardware • Retention Management 1300 802 377 WorldMags. take an interest in their life. anytime. friends and paid therapists for that. Be attentive – I’ve said it before: DO NOT answer your phone while you are in a session. but don’t become an emotional crutch. Pinching someone else’s client – in short: DON’T. put the increase in writing and state. with notice. inadvertently becoming a client’s number one emotional support through a tough patch in their life. when the price increase will start (not ‘as of today’!). After the initial acknowledgment. Don’t casually mention it at the end of a session. Custom designed and self-editable content. At its worst.

Don’t be afraid to redirect a client. au Rob Rowland-Smith has been involved with the fitness industry his whole life. before ‘personal trainers’ even existed. then don’t do/say/think it. Due to my teaching background. “Be aware of your role. I have an electric shaver in my car so that if it means having a second shave for the day to take an afternoon session. Just as in any job. Rob believes he was put on this earth to be a mentor in this industry. not a physiotherapist. then it happens. Be respectful of other PTs – we’re all in this together. don’t text.sandhillwarrior. If there was one thing I learnt. Being ethical really comes down to common sense and making smart decisions that will serve you in the long” Don’t strive to be something you are not – through training. I have baby wipes in the car. Thankfully. Avoid any position that will make either of you uncomfortable. you will have a little information that covers a lot of bases. Don’t be creepy – really. not a counsellor. For a long while it seemed like PTs were known as glorified womanisers (it wasn’t that long ago when you couldn’t find a female PT). people with . And yes.sorry. it was personal grooming and Dress and act accordingly – a no-brainer? I’ve spent 20 years as a school teacher. not a’s completely different to an adult client and a whole lot of fun.php WorldMags. We all make mistakes. don’t mistake the cues. just learn from them when you do. remember it’s not a competition. but don’t become an emotional crutch. c o m . in winter the water is cold! If time doesn’t allow for even that. I’m fortunate enough to have a few schools as clients.irrespective of the time of day. and even spoken about it on radio and television. corporate high-flyers. cab drivers and high-security prison inmates. Quite simply. When I show up to take a school session I am not only neatly presented. client! The point is: while it might be passable to have a ‘shadow’ at a 6pm weight session. I have made a point of accumulating professional contacts that I trust and recommend. As a teenager he was taking peers for training sessions on the beach and today has face-to-face contact with 800+ clients during summer. give your client your thoughts.TRAINING THE TRAINER WorldMags. friends and paid therapists for that.despite feeling like I have sometimes! Be respectful of your clients. By all means. present immaculately. he has built a business around fitness. schoolboy athletes. We do get to see people at their most vulnerable at times (see point two). then so be it. take an interest in their life. world champions. we’ve shaken that tag for the most part. there is absolutely no excuse for anyone else to be butting in. If I have to jump in the harbour after taking a corporate lunchtime group to be presentable when I arrive at a school session. To learn more. I try to make a point of saying hello when I pass other PTs – hope to see you out there! The Sandhill Warrior UFM “Unless you are waiting to hear if your wife is in labour. Don’t talk. visit www. written books about it. I am clean shaven . If you think there is any chance anything could be misinterpreted. but then instruct them to seek professional advice. Rob has trained people all around the world and from all walks of life. People have family. keep it clear and keep it above board.” 116 AP RI L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u lt raf it ne ssm ag. I absolutely love taking the kids . it’s not okay to turn up to a school looking like I’ve been pulled through a bush backwards . He believes that to be successful you have to truly love what you do and give others something to smile and laugh about. not a chiropractor. reading and personal experience. and in the very least I will swipe the armpits for the next victim . Lastly. don’t email. You are a trained personal trainer.

net INTERESTED IN A CAREER AS A PERSONAL TRAINER? Get the 16666A. knowledge and support to launch your dream career Certificate III in Fitness | Certificate IV in Fitness acpe.10.13 WorldMags.

TRAINING THE TRAINER WorldMags. c o m . au Creating a Successful Online Business BY LESLEY MAXWELL 118 A P RI L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u ltraf it ne ssm .

find a unique quality within your business to offer clients. No matter where they are in the world. it is critical to evolve and adapt to your clients’ needs. those behind the scenes who look after the bookwork. and it is endowing as a personal trainer to know that you can actually change someone’s life . They actually do it just to maintain their healthy lifestyles! Surround Yourself with Successful People Have a Business Plan Personalised Programs Although it is so much fun. This means whether they are training at home.WorldMags. in a park or at a gym it’s always possible to achieve their dreams. who thinks of herself as ‘ageless’. It’s a fantastic feeling knowing you’re bringing the client’s favourite trainers into their lounge rooms. I have energy every day to live life to the fullest. I don’t think you realise how many people you reach until you actually advertise! Let others know you exist and put yourself out there! “It is vital to have a firm business plan in place to help track your progress and stay focused. which can help you reach your target audience. you will succeed. Also.” For more information. au | A P R IL/ M A Y 2014 119 Photo: Andrew K . fantastic. What’s more. Lesley. Lesley redefines what it means to be over 50 and fabulous.ouifitness. They feel empowered. This not only includes enthusiastic personal trainers and nutritionists. healthy and. it’s a way of life. To ensure your business grows. When I hear how some people have to pack the kids in the car to do a seven-hour drive to the shops . live the lifestyle you would expect your clients to lead. If you find the perfect balance between technology and your own unique touch. The Power of Advertising Oui Fitness has taken a natural progression and has been growing steadily for the past twelve months. It’s not hard work. Lesley has more than 20 body-sculpting titles to her name and in 2009 won the Miss USA Figure Open World Title for INBF in New York. believes the key to looking and feeling amazing is regular exercise. this way we complete each task before moving on. and build your business on that. nutritious eating and a positive frame of mind. Anyone can do it and it’s never too late to start. the thing I find that drives me most is when clients achieve their goals. Provide your clients with programs from specialised trainers to suit individual situations. no matter if the client is on the other side of the world to the trainer. Personalised programs mean your business can suit virtually anyone.and in some cases even stay the night just to get food supplies – it’s beyond Have a Unique Offering At Oui Fitness we pride ourselves on superior online training. in short. I think it’s so important that you compliment and respect each other if you have a business partner – you need that respect to be successful. c om. so we both have our separate roles. what style of fitness they enjoy most.” Flirtatious and fun-loving.and we all have something different to offer! To achieve a successful business outcome.“I love feeling strong. genuinely love helping u ltraf i tn e ssmag. Balance Between Technology and Personal Touch I believe Oui has been so successful because it offers online personal training that includes more than just a one-hour session. there is a more serious side to running a business – it is vital to have a firm business plan in place to help track your progress and stay focused. A mother of three and author of ‘Get the Body You Want’.com. My business partner David Hu is brilliant at business development. offering tried-and-true advice by a select group of high-profile personal trainers who have proven their success over time. A business plan will give you vision and a clear statement of your business mission which you will need to continuously check and update if need be. if they simply have access to the internet. Oui Fitness has clients in New Zealand and California.and more importantly their health! Draw on that. what their daily routine is. their goals can be reached with your help. visit www. where I am much more hands-on with marketing and client relationship building. Occasionally I’ll come up with spontaneous and new ideas which David tells me to ‘put in the ideas box’ for qualification and prioritisation. city and country alike. marketing and keeping things in line are equally as important. be prepared to be the best example of what you do. it’s a powerful motivational tool! Give your business a solid foundation by building an outstanding team full of people who are willing to continuously learn. Every client receives personalised training and eating programs as well as advice from their trainer . including UltraFITNESS. or what their budget is like. People are incredibly strong and can adapt to many situations with the right training plan and encouragement. It offers clients a mentor and coach to guide them through those difficult situations we all encounter while training and working towards goals. Part of the reason for our success is the power of advertising with magazines. and have knowledge and success within the WorldMags. The business plan is what David describes as a ‘road map’ and has been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals and objectives.

If there are issues that are out of your professional criteria. but it’s up to you to be intuitive and encouraging when trying to understanding a client’s weight struggles. and help yourself understand your client? Let’s start by saying that there’s no easy way about it. au WorldMags. PT: ‘When that happened to someone I knew. Sympathy is feeling sorry for your client and this brings ‘you’ into the picture when a session is a time for everything to be about ‘them’. but none of this means that you aren’t capable of putting yourself in their shoes and imagining their point of view. you need to stay with your client’s experience without shifting it onto your own. Learn to identify your client’s perspective 2. PERSPECTIVE You may have very different opinions to your client. Start a cycle of change As a personal trainer there can be nothing more satisfying than the success stories of your Top Tips for Trainers Training Overweight and Obese Clients ut how do you get to that point? What are the most effective methods you can use to help your client. AVOID: Saying: ‘I know how you feel.’ Making the client feel sorry for you. If you can’t understand your client. This is the time to make them feel strong and supported so that they can start their weight loss journey with a little confidence in their trainer and themselves. a different outlook on life. Don’t mistake empathy for sympathy. They might have identified their problem eating and exercise behaviours or they may not have. Client: ’That’s awful.e. refer them to someone qualified in that field. (I. While people often want your understanding. you risk becoming frustrated and you also risk losing your client. you’re going to need to understand who they are. and how they relate to others. why they need your help and how you can assist them. The feeling that you’ve truly engaged and understood your client and helped them make a change that has a profound and hopefully long lasting impact on their lives. If you understand their perspective. they rarely want your pity or to be made to feel that they are vulnerable and weak.TRAINING THE TRAINER WorldMags. we are all individuals with personal histories and more often than not it’s these histories that are the source for clients who have ongoing weight struggles. To be a good empathiser. Listening 3. Let’s break it down into four stages: 1. You will not be able to help your clients unless you can communicate to them that you understand what they are going through and are ready and willing to listen to them.not sympathise 4. a client’s difficulties will seem more relatable and understandable even if initially you couldn’t personally imagine the rationale behind their decision making. in fact you can only begin to empathise once you are coming from a position of understanding. I found it really hard’. If something they 120 A P R I L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u l t r af it ne ssm ag. In order to effectively help your client. that happened to me once/someone I know . Empathy is extremely important because it fosters trust from the client and the belief that you are able to help them. were you close?’) Instead. c o m . where they come from. what their struggles are. In order to understand their weight struggle you have to understand the client’s context. and almost certainly different life experiences. Learning to empathise . try to reflect their emotions by repeating part of what they’ve just said. BY KATE SWANN AND KRISTINA MAMROT B EMPATHY Once you feel you can see things from your clients perspective it’s time to start empathising. But remember: draw clear lines with your clients your job is to help them achieve their weight loss and fitness goals. or indicating that you’ve heard and understood.

This will show your client that you are listening and let them know that this is their time to talk and you are paying attention. Avoid listening with a critical ear or judgement as it is an obstacle to empathy. what their struggles are. You must set aside your preconceptions if you are to empathise with anyone. But how do we listen? More often than not we think we are being good listeners when we are not. When a client is opening up to you. visit www. including eye contact and posture Let you know they’re following you by prompting. For more information. There’s nothing wrong with letting a pause unfold and seeing what happens. otherwise you risk making them feel unheard. YourWeightLossExperts. mentally put it on the shelf and go back to it at an appropriate time to reflect or talk it over with a they need to be supported and are hypersensitive to criticism. Ask your client why now and not two years ago? What has led them to the course of action they are now taking? Don’t assume you know what a client is thinking when they start something new. It could be as simple as seeing themselves look fat in a photo or as serious as a medical warning. THE BAD AND THE UGLY As you can tell by now we think listening is the key skill to maintaining a good and effective relationship with your WIN! say triggers some of your own issues. We’ve got five copies of psychologists Kate Swann and Kristina Mamrot’s book The Ultimate Guide to Training Overweight and Obese Clients to give u ltraf i tn e ssmag. Be one of the first five readers to answer the following question and a copy is yours! What are Kate and Kristina’s four stages to effectively help your client? E-mail admin@ultrafitnessmag.WorldMags. you don’t want your client to feel alienated or judged by the person they have come to for help. avoid interrupting them with advice or information or something you think is important to say. LISTENERS: THE GOOD. Whatever the reason. Any hint that they are being negatively judged will shut them down and hinder their progress. These people are used to being dismissed or rejected and will need extra sign posts that you are here to help and not shut them down or reinforce their negative behaviour or thinking patterns. perhaps your client needs a moment to gather their thoughts. Also. Remember. nodding and asking you to explain something Don’t judge or criticise Kate Swann and Kristina Mamrot are psychologists and authors of The Ultimate Guide to Training Overweight and Obese with your answers. • • • • “In order to understand their weight struggle you have to understand the client’s context. it’s important that you pay them full attention and concentrate on what they are saying without letting your mind drift. where they come from. it’s important to keep the client focused on their reason and not let them forget why they made the commitment to exercise. but you’re going to have to learn to leave a little silence when your client is talking. c om. Here are some key things to remember when you are trying to be a good listener: Good Listeners • • • • • Are patient and don’t jump in when someone is thinking Don’t interrupt Give their full attention. Be silent but attentive by making eye contact and having positive body language. and how they relate to others. Knowing their personal reason is an important piece of information. or something they have said bears reflecting on for a moment.” SILENCE A lot of people find silence uncomfortable. Support to solve your problems rather than coming up with solutions Don’t relate everything you say to their own personal experience Are empathic Are genuinely curious about what’s going on for you Bad Listeners • • • • • • • • • • • Interrupt or change the subject Speak over you Are chronic advice givers Are problem solvers Shift their body impatiently Don’t hold eye contact or glance around a lot Say “Yes! That happened to me” or “I remember when…” Ugly Listeners Start a sentence with “No offence but…” and then proceed to offend you Desert you to do something else or talk to someone else Finish your sentences Say “I know exactly how you feel!” ASKING WHY NOW? Making a major lifestyle change and committing to it doesn’t come without some good reasoning behind it. Wait until they are finished. dismissed or unimportant and they will shut down. au | A P R IL/ M A Y 2014 121 .com WorldMags. reminding them what it is may be the only thing that helps them push through and keep going when it all gets too hard.

winning Fitness Model Novice at the INBA Female Classic Championships in June 2013. “It is very rewarding watching people grow and develop. Belinda strongly believes in practising what she preaches and wants to genuinely understand the essence of discipline and weight loss. from early in the morning to late in the evening. “I love being a part of that journey!” The exercise scientist. but she has learned to overcome this by taking a business management internship program to better understand how to cope with stressors and the importance of ‘me’ time. au SARAH TRIFOGLI For so many. personal trainer. but she fell in love with helping others and hasn’t looked back. Her dedication to her work can result in her overdoing it. c o m .” Sarah says. Fitness & Wellbeing thrives on watching people change physically and emotionally with her guidance and support. She wants to live for herself.” As we all know. “But it is so easy to lose sight of everything when it is all a thought in our minds… reassessing everything on a regular basis also helps to identify when your priorities change and what goals become more important than others. strength and conditioning coach.” The young woman never thought personal training would be a career. and she wants to spread and instil this attitude in her . Today.TRAINING THE TRAINER WorldMags. focus on who you are and not everyone else around you. UFM WorldMags. 122 A P R I L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u lt ra f it ne ssm ag. how are you meant to have fun?” Belinda says. Getting the right balance between work and rest is something that Sarah often finds difficult. Her priority is to help women embrace and love themselves for who they are. “We all have a mental image of what we want and where we want to be. Give it your all every single workout – if you’re going to work out. PTs work unconventional hours. Quit with the excuses and just get organised. someone who is willing to do whatever it takes to get results. they need to let go of the crap and accept themselves for who they are. to do this she began competing in fitness competitions. all the while encouraging them to stop comparing themselves to others and do what is right for them. offering her top three tips to everyone working towards a fitness goal: Make sure your mindset is right. push past their physical and mental roadblocks. you may as well make it a good one. to establish their aspirations and motivations. The day that you let go of what everyone else thinks is wonderful – you have to be a little selfish. and get to a place where they are happy and confident and ready to take on the world!” Sarah says. Belinda continues to push herself and her clients at her boot camps in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. “If you don’t feel good about yourself. She believes mapping out goals on paper makes you take the time to really break down what it is that you want. and massage therapist encourages her clients to write down clear and concise goals regularly. the gift of transforming people’s lives is the most rewarding aspect of being a personal Meet Your Competition for PT of the Year BELINDA CARUSI Who do you want to become? How do you want to be known or remembered? These are the questions 23-year-old Belinda Carusi puts to her personal training clients. Belinda aspires to be known as someone with no excuses. “People’s mindsets need to change. it cements that information in your mind. and it is no different for 26-year-old Sarah Trifogli. The owner of Balanced – Health.

A Cash prize of $20. Coaching session with Shannan Ponton. your trainer/employee? D Enter En Ent ter at WorldMags. 1.ultrafitnessmag.000 in prizes and the chance to be on the cover of Ultra FITNESS Magazine! This is a dream package and we want you to enter. WorldMags. Equipment prizes from premium suppliers of equipment shoes and supplements. Tell us what makes you the best Fitness Trainer in T Example: your application may include the country. and/or your amazing support even your development of innovative products or training Sponsored by Ultra FITNESS Magazine & FIAFitnation. Does this sound like you. in CASH & PRIZES Be the first ever ULTRA FITNESS Trainer of the year in 2014! FITmedia are proud to announce this prestigious award for one Australian Registered Fitness Professional who will not only win a $50.FITmedia Trainer of the year award 2014. RRP Plus you will be featured in a cover shoot opportunity & join the FITmedia editorial team in 2014 with your own writing column in Ultra FITNESS Mag! Good luck. The BEST are now looking for the BEST!!!! If you are an accredited fitness coach/ Value $20. Lindy Olsen and Jon or email us at admin@fitmedia. Fitness Professionals. Michael Henry CEO FITmedia . PRIZE POOL INCLUDES. entries will be judged on the following criteria. 4. and/or your unique training for an entry pack! Plus you will win $50.000+ FIAFitnation Gold Standard Fitness Specialist course. 3. 2. educators and specialists.000 prize pool but will go on to join our team of world-class professionals as a writer for Ultra FITNESS Mag! Ultra FITNESS Mag is looking for the best Fitness Trainer in the country! You will be judged by a panel of experts including our Editors. the c details of client success/results.

net Beyond FITNESS Everyone . it just needs to be unleashed.has changed their lives for the better.from Olympians and runners to athletes and parents .net .TRAINING THE TRAINER WorldMags. BY DANNY LIDDELL Kinesiology and our Four Survival Systems 124 A P R I L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u lt r af it ne ssm ag. c o m . Their own body knows the answer. au WorldMags.

They see a sore calf muscle as just a sore muscle and miss many underlying neural connections that help make us the wonderful beings we truly are. c om. instilling these reactions into your behaviour. Your brain automatically activates a set of neurological circuits in response to a stimulus based on previous experiences. isolating the muscles in the area of an injury such as a calf muscle and testing the muscle with light pressure to see which ones have individual neurological circuitry problems. hear. see.WorldMags. WorldMags. lymphatics. but neurological and energetic ones. A problem with any of these related muscles can put pressure on and restrict the movement of the calves. I realised long ago the power of these basic reflexes in maintaining health and wellbeing. this treatment is relatively painless and only involves correcting the circuits that are imbalanced. toes or knee joint that involves the same bones and tendons as the calves. Then it is important to consider the surrounding structures such as the muscles of the foot. Danny Liddell is a multi-award winning kinesiologist and leads a team of specialist practitioners in Bracken Ridge on Brisbane’s North and is the Principal at Kinesiology Schools Australia’s Brisbane Campus. If a previous experience involved some type of stress (emotional. there is another major underlying system that will be involved. Having worked with everyone from Olympians to babies and everything in between. taste or smell it will invoke one of these four neurological responses at varying levels of intensity. In fact. not just physical systems. or a perpetuating factor. In building these circuits we respond from one of four basic survival systems: fight or flight. H ave you ever wondered why some people take forever to recover from injury or ill health no matter how hard they try or what health professional they see? One reason may be that they “The body has many interlinking systems. environmental or other) then your initial automatic response is for the muscles to shut down for a split second while the brain deciphers whether it is an overworked muscle. causing misalignments and stress. The more times you react or move in a certain way. Danny has been one of Australia’s leading specialised kinesiologists for more than 19 years and is a senior faculty member of the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice and a neural organisation therapy are only looking at what they think is the most obvious cause. touch. let alone what they can do about them. be it physical or behavioural. They are our survival systems. digestive or other) can now be done. physical. No more pain. Your nervous system is integral in developing the patterns that you have in your life. This will show which muscles. this is the basis of neuroplasticity. With them we prosper. is the bladder acupuncture meridian which runs directly through the calves. Although quite involved. too much thinking or something more severe such as a stroke or heart attack. Advanced techniques are then used in a specific order to reset the four survival systems. but neurological and energetic ones. An imbalance in either of these could be the cause. Whether it is something you do. digestion or the limbic u ltr af i tn e ssmag. joints or ligaments are not working under stress. Without them we struggle. neurological survival patterns and other systems all affect the functioning of our calves. If your recovery from an injury or illness is slowed. Once the survival systems have been corrected some fine tuning of the specific problem (physical. emotional. not just physical systems. The energy that feeds the calves is the same energy that feeds the adrenal glands. the stronger the neurological circuit becomes. Circulation. for example. Most practitioners aren’t even aware of these neurological responses. in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). reproduction. The body has many interlinking systems. This may involve. As all of the involved systems and circuits have been addressed the body is no longer just trying to survive and will instead quickly recover leading to less chance of a recurring injury.” So what can be done to help these four survival systems? Neural Organisation Therapy is an advanced type of kinesiology used in holistic medicine that works via muscle response to reactivate or retune these four basic survival systems by using neurological bio-feedback tests (muscle stress response). specific reflexes are stimulated and the problem is resolved. there are numerous possibilities for the underlying causes of a sore calf. An example of this. Any one of these could be a major contributor to the problem. Since everything involves these responses then everything we do depends on them. Once isolated. nutritional. au | A P R IL/ M A Y 2014 125 . or if you find it difficult to achieve your goals. The outcome is that the calf and surrounding muscles now function correctly with strength and without pain. The limbic system is our primal brain that is important for forming memories and emotions.

net . CHARLES STURT UNIVERSITY 126 A P R I L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u lt raf it ne ssm ag. boxing techniques.we decided to compare the muscle activation and energy expenditure during three different types of group fitness classes. They have grown to include the use of loaded barbells. au WorldMags.and with the importance of ensuring consumers make informed choices about the type of exercise that best suits their fitness goals . and to what extent. dance moves and various interpretations of Pilates and yoga.TRAINING THE TRAINER WorldMags. making it the second most popular physical recreational activity after walking. More than four million Australians regularly undertake some form of group fitness class. these classes have not been fully scrutinised as to what muscles they activate. the energy expenditure during these classes has not been scientifically documented to give gym members an idea of expected heart rate intensity and caloric burn during a particular class type. Power or Step? Muscle Activity and Energy Expenditure in Group Fitness Classes Group fitness classes remain a popular gym option throughout the world. Although popular. according to the Fitness Australia Industry Report 2012. BY DR JAMES WICKHAM. Furthermore. c o m .net Ride. stationary bikes. With this type of information lacking .

c om. and my two fourth-year Charles Sturt University physiotherapy honours students. and also the ride class. than both the ride and power classes. Other results showed that the vastus lateralis (lateral quadriceps muscle) worked the hardest in the ride class (20. you say? Well. It should be noted that muscle activity was averaged for the whole duration of the class. Prior to this James received a Bachelor of Sports Science (exercise science) from UNSW in 1992. what did we find? The results for the energy expenditure data showed that the step class burnt significantly (p<0. trapezius and forearm flexors. when an analysis was performed on a calories/minute basis there was no significant difference between the ride and the step classes which burned 9.05) more overall calories than the ride or the power class. Particularly evident was the high activity of the gastrocnemius (calf muscle) during the step class which averaged the highest of any muscle in any of the classes at 27% MVC. probably due to the way the upper body was supported by the handlebars. and the ride class took 45 minutes).7% MHR. Participants each performed a Group Ride®. In 1995 he received a first-class Honours degree from the University of Wollongong. The Trigno wireless EMG system enabled the natural bioelectrical activity. rectus femoris. biceps femoris. if your goal was to burn calories and lose weight.62% MVC) and the power class (12. Heart rate data showed a similar trend. The Group Power® class came up trumps for upper limb muscle activity though. This is definitely vigorous activity and shows the participants were probably exercising just shy of their lactate threshold. Participants’ individual fitness levels weren’t confounding variables. and was ranked second in the step class (18.7 and 10 calories/minute respectively (the step and power class took 50 minutes. vastus lateralis. the step class dominated in the activation of the lower limb muscles. What about the muscle activity.4% of predicted maximal heart rate (MHR) and step class averaging 85. with the ride class averaging 86. and the lowest was 292 calories from a 53kg female participant. The highest caloric burn from the Ride class was 584 calories. Well. so the quadriceps group get a workout no matter which class is done. The power class had significantly lower heart rate values for participants at 73. In conclusion. or what’s called the maximal voluntary contraction (MVC). a Group Power® and a Group Step® class. WorldMags. and from the Power class was 498 calories from an 87kg male. Nick Mullen and Hollie Price. erector spinae and external oblique) in the ride class. Each participant M completed all three class types whilst their muscle activity was being monitored by 16 electromyographic (EMG) surface electrodes. having joined CSU in 2008. you may want to consider a step class as it burnt the most absolute calories of the three classes and also recorded high muscle activation from the lower limbs. The ride class burnt 445. which would also include the breaks in between the different music tracks. gathered data on 10 participants at Integra Health Club Orange. are more than adequate to provide the stimulus for increases in cardiorespiratory fitness. gastrocnemius and tibialis anterior) the step class recorded a significantly higher percentage of its maximum force.8% MHR. au | A P R IL/ M A Y 2014 127 . and their caloric expenditure was recorded by an Actiheart monitor attached to their lower chest.7 calories and the power class burnt the least amount at 326.4 calories. to be recorded without inhibiting movement. When grouping all the lower limb muscles together (gluteus maximus. the high levels of intensity (HR) being recorded during the step. and also when other muscles are being worked (like the shoulder track in the power class). it seems like it may be time to dust off those leg u ltr a f i tn e ssmag. and a PhD in 2002. From 1999-2008 James was employed as an Anatomy lecturer at La Trobe University in Melbourne. with a group mean of 500. The highest caloric burn obtained for the Step class was 679 calories from a 91kg male participant. His research interests include muscle activation utilising electromyography. don the headband and Lycra (maybe you already do that?) and get into a Step class. Dr James Wickham is a lecturer in Human Anatomy and Physiology in the School of Biomedical Sciences at Charles Sturt University (CSU) in Orange.9% MVC).7 calories. CLASS OF 2014 yself. these classes derive from the Body Training Solutions group. Dr Wickham is also a qualified tradesman (fitter and turner) and has worked part-time as a personal trainer at Integra Health Club Orange for the past five years. The Actiheart monitor recorded movement with an inbuilt accelerometer (like a motion sensor) and also recorded heart rate data. What was also evident in the results was the low core activity (rectus abdominis. Furthermore.WorldMags. since the study was of a comparative within subject type design. But before we get too carried away. with high values recorded from the middle deltoid. and a Diploma of Education (physical education) in 1993 from the same institution. and used these two variables in an algorithm to give caloric expenditure. which muscles produce upon contraction. Note that all participants were told to “exercise as hard as possible” before each class and none of them were a ‘specialist’ at any one class type. so there is no question that these classes are providing cardiorespiratory benefits. falls prevention and the measurement of energy expenditure.8% MVC) behind gastrocnemius.

Swedish research shows lactic acid a. Prevents cancer of the bladder b. Elevation masks Q6. Q4. To stimulate real altitude. Pilates and Yoga d. All of the above GUT HEALTH AND EXERCISE PERFORMANCE Q8. Prevents skin cancer c. Mechanical loading d. First Aid Provider. Lactate is an intermediate link between .TRAINING THE TRAINER WorldMags. Pre. Power class c. Les Mills Instructor and Online Blogger. Lactate b. Aerobic and anaerobic metabolism Q5. Muscle activity activation of the lower limb is higher during a. Intestinal permeability Note: Only Ultra FITNESS CEC Subscription members are able to submit quizzes for CEC points. Triggers a lower level of HIF1 d.sharonneishpt.2014 Name: Member Number: Email Contact: Phone Contact: ALTITUDE TRAINING Q1. a gym must provide a. c o m .com. Our athletic performance largely depends on a. The ones who fall apart and pick up the pieces d. Step class b. The ones who look for alternatives b.ceconline. Waste products b. Ballistic stretching POWER OR STEP Q9. Fatigue TO STRETCH OR NOT TO STRETCH Q7. Consistent exposure to altitude training a. Levels of LPS b. au WorldMags. Good all-round health c. Decreases cardiovascular endurance c. Sharon Neish is a 13-year Fitness Professional working as a Personal Trainer. Waste products of anaerobic metabolism Post completed form to: Ultra FITNESS PO Box 3223 Nerang BC QLD 4211 Prepared by Sharon Neish. Post-workout stretching should consist of a. Static stretching b. Free radical damage and inflammation d. Training boot camps b. All the above LACTIC ACID Q3.and post-muscular acidosis d. Stops pain due to buccal ulcers d. Post-workout soreness is caused by a. Ride class 128 A P R I L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u lt r af it ne ssm ag. Helps the body use energy more efficiently b. Forced stretching CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDITS CEC QUIZ CEC QUIZ 14 . Interested in joining? Go to www. Vigorous movement THE ART OF DISCIPLINE Q10. What our muscles produce c. The quality of probiotics we use d. www. The ones who struggle and keep going c. Dramatically decreases metabolic rate RIDE. Hypoxia equipment c. The Masters of Self-Discipline are a. True or False Lactic acid is present in wine and dairy.

cec program To order please call 1300 80 75 80 WorldMags.c om Suburb I do not wish to receive any promotional material PAYMENT DETAILS I enclose my cheque/money order for A$ Please charge my Visa Bankcard Card No: Expiry date Cardholder name payable to Ultra FITNESS Mastercard Cardholder signature Fax completed form to reader services on 02 9999 3385 OR post to Ultra FITNESS. This is the most convenient CEC program currently available in the u ltr af i tn e ssmag. On signup you will earn 2 CEC points immediately.ultrafitnessmag. c om. SIGN UP TODAY FOR THIS OFFER – ONLY AVAILABLE BY USING THE COUPON BELOW SUBSCRIPTION YES. giving you access to our online CEC website. You can do all your quizzes online and print out your own certificates. au | A P R IL/ M A Y 2014 129 . and the remaining 6 points can be earned over the 2 year period of your subscription .net WHERE CAN YOU GET 8 CEC POINTS FOR JUST $10 EACH??? If you subscribe to Ultra FITNESS for 2 years at a cost of $80 you get: • The magazine delivered to your door • Savings on the news stand price • Never miss another copy AND for an extra $80 you can join our amazing CEC membership program.each quiz you pass will gain you 1 CEC point. Please sign me up for $80 + $80 = $160 for the 2 year Ultra FITNESS CEC program. PO Box 3223 Nerang BC QLD 4211 OR call reader services for credit card order on 1300 80 75 80 OR subscribe online at www. MY DETAILS (block letters please) Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms Address State Email Postcode Phone ul tr af i tn e ssmag.

and the heaviest I had LIU ever been after the birth of my second child – when I decided to set myself a challenge. Even though I was at my heaviest and wanted to get fit. and there is nothing more motivating than running for a cause that is close to your heart. After running the City2Surf I have continued to train . I purchased my first copy of UltraFITNESS in April and have been addicted to the magazine ever since! You have the experts who give advice to those who have done nothing before (like myself!) to tips for those who are seasoned runners. I wanted to get fit with the ultimate goal of running the City2Surf. my first challenge was ‘where do I start?’ There was no money for a personal trainer or expensive gym membership. I had S “I THINK ABOUT JEREMY ALL THE TIME AND HIS DISABILITY MAKES ME MOTIVATED TO KEEP STRIVING FOR THE BEST. c o m . the most inspirational reason for my efforts are because of my eldest son Jeremy. how to avoid injuries. I hope to challenge myself next year by completing a half marathon.why I run DR I was just over the hill having passed my 40th AILEEN birthday a couple of years ago.many of these children will face challenges for the rest of their lives. what to eat and when. and how to challenge yourself once you had reached a goal. and the problem with running g clubs were the times did not necessarily suit my schedule e and most people in them were already very fit. For me.000 for Giant Steps. it’s not about completing an event in the best time possible. Being a busy mum of two and working part-time as a general practitioner.” set out to raise a few thousand dollars but the response from the community was overwhelming – in the end we raised over $34. it’s about setting a challenge and achieving it. I read as much as I could: from how to start out. UFM 130 A P RI L/ MA Y 20 1 4 | u lt raf it ne ssm ag. He was diagnosed with autism at the age of three and attends a special needs school in Gladesville (Sydney) called Giant Steps. The pain of all the hills was nothing when I thought about Jeremy and his friends at Giant Steps .net . o. I decided to set up a web page to raise money for the school when I ran the City2Surf.I feel so much sharper and lighter! I think about Jeremy all the time and his disability makes me motivated to keep striving for the best. au WorldMags.

net BODY BIKE Australia . We won’t be stopping you..www.right next to Les Mills Only your imagination sets limits on how far you can go o.Sydney: 02 4648 4002 .WorldMags.Perth: 0424 947 199 . Come and see us at Filex .

au | p 02 6282 8192 A N E W O P P O R T U N I T Y FO R YO U.See the program in action at the LES MILLS . For more information visit e WorldMags.

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