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Starkville School District

Rigor, Relevance, Relationships. Every Student. Every Day.

Eight strategic goals we must courageously pursue

Approved by SSD Board of Trustees 6.11.13

Goal 1 Accelerate achievement in academics, arts, and athletics for every child and close achievement gaps so every child graduates college/career ready. *Become a highly-rated district that includes highly-qualified, effective teachers, latest technology, an increased graduation rate, reduced dropout rate, and closes the achievement gap. *Engage students through differentiated instruction and opportunities to excel in academics, athletics, and arts to be college/career ready. *Enhance offerings to expand and challenge the intellectual capacity of our students. *Expand early childhood education opportunities. *When funding is available, consider teacher assistants to support instruction and student achievement for youngest students. Goal 2 Ensure every class in every school has an effective teacher who is led by an effective principal served by quality support staff. *Establish a teacher mentoring program for each school. *Recruit and retain the best and brightest teachers. *Emphasize student/teacher-centered focus and learning environment. Goal 3 Initiate and expand innovative partnerships with the community that engage students. *Increase collaboration with MSU, EMCC, industry, and faith-based communities. *Identify resources technology, facilities, physical, virtual and community to improve classroom instruction. *Strengthen parental support for teachers and staff. Goal 4 Establish a culture of pride, trust and respect in schools that fosters a safe and secure learning environment. *Maintain consistent discipline to ensure a safe and secure environment. *Continuously evaluate security and safety procedures. *Continue to promote academic and extra-curricular achievement.

Goal 5 Maximize performance utilizing data-informed and evidence-based decision-making. *Align all goals and targets throughout the district to the Strategic Plan. *Establish and refine key performance indicators for every department/school. *Establish a district/school performance-review framework. *Evaluate program success on student outcomes. *Review tests and assessments to ensure these add value to the teaching and learning process. *Communicate student outcomes in understandable terms in every grade to parents and the community. Goal 6 Increase technology access and integration to support inspired learning and teaching. *Continuously update technology, infrastructure, and facilities. *Complete a district-wide technology plan. *Teachers participate in on-going technology integration training. *Maintain teacher access to up-to-date technology resources and equipment. *Create a teacher technology orientation. *Create a classroom standard for all regular education classrooms in the district. Goal 7 Maximize facilities to promote an environment that enhances learning. *Ensure consistent and quality signage across the district. *Keep all school grounds well-kept. *Mow, fertilize, trim regularly. *Keep all school grounds free of debris and trash. *Ensure facilities are well maintained. *Protect electrical, HVAC, and technology infrastructure. *Maintain a long-term vision for facilities. Goal 8 Communicate proactively and transparently to strengthen public trust, culture of high engagement, customer service and cultural competency. *Develop a bold marketing plan clearly identifying SSDs strengths and defining our message that SSD is the best choice for families. *Proactively market the strength and diversity of SSDs academic, artistic, athletic and extra-curricular programs to competitively position SSD as the preferred K-12 option (i.e., utilizing social media, redesigned website). *Involve parents and children from birth through school age and encourage them to be a positive voice for great things happening in the SSD. *Organize a network of SSD supporters to share the positive message and assist the districts efforts to recruit families.

MISSION To provide every student with an education that is rigorous and relevant in every classroom, every day, preparing them to be college/career ready. VISION An excellent public education that is critical to our communitys quality of life and a thriving economy. VALUES Honesty/Integrity Respect/Responsibility/Relationships Transparency in Communication Dedicated Faculty and Staff Diversity Quality Instruction in a safe environment Opportunities to Excel in Academics, Athletics, and the Arts Parental Involvement Fiscal Responsibility Lifelong Learning