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April 23, 2014 Effective June 3rd, I will be opening my own leadership search and selection consulting firm, Leafblad Consulting LLC (, with the Bush Foundation as my inaugural client. My ongoing work with the Bush Foundation will entail supporting Bush Fellowship Program recruitment, internal staff recruitment and providing our MCF Philanthropy Fellows with outplacement support once they have completed their fellowships. Since I joined the Bush Foundation in Feb 2013 we’ve experienced a 200% increase in the number of Bush Fellowship applicants and enhanced the visibility of our leadership programs at the Bush Foundation. I’m grateful to have been part of the team responsible for this forward progress and very excited to continue this work together in a new consulting relationship. I’ve loved working for the Bush Foundation but it has been a longtime dream to start my own business and I’m very excited and humbled that the Bush Foundation is helping make this dream a reality by signing up as my first client. Beginning June 3rd, Leafblad Consulting LLC will be seeking to partner with other organizations who value inclusivity, collaboration, and participatory decision-making within their leadership search and selection strategies. Our prospective clients will:
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Require assistance in the expert recruitment of a new leader(s) or board members See a leadership search as more than a recruitment project Have highly participatory and inclusive organization and governance cultures Utilize “hiring by committee” or “search committee” models in their leadership recruitment and selection strategy and talent management Seek to learn, grow and develop through a leadership search campaign engagement Want a trusted partner to be their ambassador to the talent marketplace Desire a relationship beyond a successful leadership placement

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Prior to joining the Bush Foundation, I spent 5 ½ years as a principal with KeyStone Search, a Minneapolis-based executive search firm, where I co-chaired the firm’s civic practice, consisting of association, foundation, higher education and nonprofit clients. You can learn more about my leadership search and selection experience and view representative former clients at my new website, My last day as Leadership and Engagement Director at the Bush Foundation will be June 2nd. A search will begin immediately for a new Leadership Program Director. Information about the position will be made available at I would be grateful for your ideas, feedback or prospective referrals and can be reached via email at until June 2nd or via my new email address Thanks so much for making the time to read this news! Have a great day!! Lars Lars Leafblad Founder and CEO Leafblad Consulting LLC Website: Email:

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