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Election Questionnaire
leas, Political party: "emo$rati$ Name: "ennis N% LoConti Age: &'

Date questionnaire completed: April 11, 2014 Office sought: Lake County Court of Common !eneral "i#ision

Date of birth: "e$em(er 11, 1)&*

Place of birth: Cle#eland, +hio

Home address: *'1) N% ,eather(y "ri#e, -entor, +hio 440*0 Length of residence in that community: 1. years !itter: /Lo$ontifor0ud1e

"aceboo#: "ennis N% LoConti for Lake County Common leas Court 2ud1e $ampaign %eb site: http344www%lo$ontifor0ud1e%$om Occupation: Attorney at Law Employer: Conni$k 5 Asso$iates Co%, L% %A%

&usiness address: Northpoint Tower, 6uite 1'207 1001 Lakeside A#enue, Cle#eland, +hio 44114 Elected office e'perience: None Non(elected office e'perience )boards* etc+,: Ar$hite$tural 8e#iew 9oard City of :u$lid 2anuary 1).. - 2une 1))* Last osition3 Chairman "emo$rati$ re$in$t Committeeman - re$in$t L, City of :u$lid ast ,ard Leader - ,ard 4 City of :u$lid ast resident of the :u$lid "emo$rati$ Cau$us ;:u$lid<s "emo$rati$ Clu(= Education )Please only list schools you-.e graduated from and list degrees if applicable,: !raduate of :u$lid 6enior Hi1h 6$hool > 1)'4 !raduate of Cle#eland 6tate ?ni#ersity > 1)') > 9%A% 9usiness Administration !raduate of Cle#eland -arshall Colle1e of Law > 1).2 - 2uris "o$tor

/arital status: -arried

Name of spouse: "e(orah A% LoConti

Name and age of any children: "awn -% LoConti ;A1e - @*= "ennis N% LoConti, 2r% ;A1e - 2*= "iana 2% LoConti ;A1e -24= Organi0ations: +hio 6tate 9ar Asso$iation Lake County 9ar Asso$iation Cle#eland 9ar Asso$iation 2ustinian Aorum Araternal +rder of :a1les, ,i$kliffe, +hio, Aerie No% 40.* 1hould you be elected* !hat are three specific areas you-d li#e to change* address* impro.e or further research* and ho! specifically !ould you go about it2:

3+ "ru1 and Al$ohol addi$tion pro1rams.

The $ourts are seein1 a serious in$rease in su(stan$e a(use related $rimes% ,e are $urrently losin1 many li#es to heroin o#erdoses and many of these indi#iduals are dyin1 (efore they e#er 1et arrested and (rou1ht (efore a $ourt% These are diffi$ult $ases for 2ud1es and other $ourt personnel (e$ause while empathy for su(stan$e addi$tions is a lauda(le and ne$essary $omponent of the 0usti$e system, there are also #i$tims left in the wake of the offenders< addi$tions% Aamilies are emotionally dama1ed and theft (ased $rimes a1ainst (oth family and stran1ers to support addi$tions are a $ommon o$$urren$e, as are more serious and #iolent offenses. ,hile lo$kin1 offenders up mi1ht seem to (e the fast and easy solution, this is a solution at the end of the time-line for many a(users% B would seek to help de#elop more pre-emptory pro1rams to edu$ate youn1 people and also inter#ene early in the time-line in order to $at$h and pre#ent the tra1i$ results of dru1 and al$ohol addi$tions and offenses% -any Common leas Courts ha#e also esta(lished su$$essful "ru1 Courts that reCuire re1ular attendan$e (y defendants with a$ti#e $ases% 6u$$essful pro1rams $an help sa#e li#es, pre#ent indi#iduals from (e$omin1 repeat offenders in $ourt $ases and pre#ent many mem(ers of the pu(li$ from (e$omin1 #i$tims of $riminal a$ti#ity . Lake County has a #ariety of 1o#ernment (ased and pri#ately owned entities that $ould (e (rou1ht on (oard to assist with these pro1rams%

4+ Hi1h 6$hool edu$ational pro1rams on laws that impa$t youn1 adults.

-y years of speakin1 to students in our s$hools and my work with the -o$k Trial teams has tau1ht me that our youn1 people are often i1norant of serious le1al issues that $ould affe$t them as 0u#eniles and as adults% This in$ludes $riminal laws that they will fa$e for $ondu$t they do not fully understand the $onseCuen$es of, as well as their le1al ri1hts in a #ariety of $i#il law related matters% The (est path to a pu(li$ that understands the law is throu1h edu$ation and this $an (e a$$omplished in our lo$al s$hools% 6ome of our hi1h s$hools ha#e a law $lass, (ut those are ele$ti#e $ourses and are taken (y

only a few students% B would seek to in#ol#e our s$hools with lo$al attorneys to de#elop a (roader (ased pro1ram of edu$atin1 our students a(out spe$ifi$ laws, the ne1ati#e impa$t their $ondu$t $an ha#e, and a #ariety of $i#il law issues that they ha#e a 1ood $han$e of en$ounterin1 as youn1 adults after they 1raduate, enter the work for$e and (e1in families%

5+ "ru1 Court and -ental Health Court.

Numerous $ounties in +hio ha#e set up su$$essful "ru1 Courts and -ental Health Court do$kets to address offenders whose $riminal a$ti#ity arise from dru1 addi$tion or mental health issues, or (oth% These spe$ialiDed $ourt do$kets maintain a 1reater Ehands onF approa$h (y the Court to address and monitor the offender<s $ondu$t with the 1oal of reha(ilitation% Lake County 2u#enile Court and the -entor -uni$ipal Court are amon1 $ourts that ha#e implemented su$$essful pro1rams of these kinds% B would like to resear$h the potential for these spe$ial do$kets in the !eneral "i#ision to help deal with the rise in dru1 a(use $rimes and mental health dri#en a$ti#ity% ,e also ha#e a population of Geterans whose ser#i$e to our Country has resulted in unfortunate emotional dama1e and often shows itself in $ondu$t that lands them in Court% :ffe$ti#e spe$ial do$kets $an (e utiliDed to address these issues in a manner that respe$ts the 1reat sa$rifi$e these military #eterans ha#e made and work to help them on the ri1ht path% :mployment opportunities are often a (i1 part of the pro(lem fa$ed (y offenders workin1 to deal with dru1 dependen$y and mental health issues% A partnership with appropriate employers to pro#ide opportunities at a point in the re$o#ery pro$ess $an make all the differen$e in the su$$ess le#el of indi#iduals who are re$o#erin1 from these pro(lems% These pro1rams and spe$ial do$kets $ost eHtra money and (ud1etin1 is often a (lo$k to ha#in1 them, so the enlistment of our other ele$ted offi$ials to lo$ate and o(tain adeCuate fundin1 will need to (e sou1ht% 6u$$essful dru1 and mental health do$kets will help eli1i(le parti$ipants to a#oid in$ar$eration and 1et help that they may need, while a#oidin1 the lastin1 sti1ma of (ein1 lo$ked up and the immense $ost to the pu(li$ of a 1rowin1 prison population% %hether for past accomplishments or future goals* !hy should .oters elect you2 B am an eHperien$ed trial attorney with @1 years of eHperien$e handlin1 the numerous types of $ases that will $ome (efore a !eneral "i#ision 2ud1e on the Common leas Court% -y eHperien$e in$ludes serious felony $riminal $ases of homi$ide, rape, ro((ery, (ur1lary, felonious assault, kidnappin1, dru1s, pu(li$ $orruption, $hild endan1erin1, and $hild a(use% B ha#e eCually stron1 eHperien$e in $ompli$ated and in#ol#ed $i#il $ases that in$luded employment dis$rimination4wron1ful dis$har1e $ases, a1e and 1ender dis$rimination, produ$t lia(ility, personal in0ury, li(el4slander, and #arious (usiness lawsuits% -y eHperien$e has in$luded representin1 $lients as plaintiffs and as defendants in lawsuits, 1i#in1 me (road eHperien$e in issues and $on$erns to (oth sides of a $ontro#ersy% Bn 1))2, B was $hosen (y the ?nited 6tates "istri$t Court for the Northern "istri$t of +hio to ser#e as a mem(er of the newly $reated A"8 anel of :arly Neutral :#aluators, -ediators and Ar(itration anelists%

B (elie#e in the rule of law and our Constitutional 8i1hts% :#ery $itiDen who $omes to $ourt should lea#e feelin1 that they ha#e (een afforded their ri1ht to (e heard and to present their ar1uments, win or lose% A 2ud1e is the 1atekeeper and safe1uard for e#ery indi#idual<s le1al ri1hts% ,hen ele$ted as the neHt Lake County Common leas Court 2ud1e B will work hard, (e fair and impartial, uphold the laws of our 6tate and lo$al $ommunities, and prote$t e#eryone<s Constitutional 8i1hts% B also ha#e a stron1 $ommitment to our $ommunity and (elie#e that in#ol#ement in $ommunity a$ti#ities helps (uild a stron1 and prosperous pla$e for e#eryone to li#e% 6in$e o(tainin1 my li$ense to pra$ti$e law in 1).2 B ha#e #olunteered to speak to students at #arious s$hools on le1al topi$s and ha#e used my trainin1 and eHperien$e to (etter edu$ated youn1 people a(out the law% B (elie#e that it is important to (e an a$ti#e #olunteer in the $ommunity and to use my time, edu$ation and trainin1 to (etter the li#es of youn1 people% B spent many years as an adult leader in the 9oy 6$outs, ser#in1 ei1ht ;.= years as the 6$outmaster of lo$al -entor on the Lake Troop 1'&% B worked hard to tea$h and (uild $hara$ter, patriotism and responsi(ility to my 6$outs to help them 1row into responsi(le adult $itiDens% B am proud that fifteen ;1&= of those youn1 men (e$ame :a1le 6$outs while B was their 6$outmaster% 6in$e the 200)-2010 s$hool year, B worked with the -entor Hi1h 6$hool -o$k Trial Team and ser#e as the Le1al Ad#isor4Coa$h% -o$k Trial is a le1al (ased $ompetition team that reCuires students to present witnesses and ar1ue a le1al trial to a panel of 2ud1es 0ust like real lawyers would do in $ourt% -y teams ha#e ad#an$ed all the way throu1h the "istri$t and 8e1ional $ompetitions to $ompete in the 6tate Ainal 8ounds in Colum(us, +hio twi$e durin1 this time period% Golunteerin1 to help our students is a rewardin1 eHperien$e and the most effe$ti#e use of my spare time% ,hen ele$ted as the neHt Lake County Common leas Court 2ud1e, B will work to further implement these 1oals on a hi1her le#el, where my position of trust and authority would further ser#e to ad#an$e the li#es of our $itiDens, youn1 and old%

N+T: T+ CAN"B"AT:63 lease (e aware that this Cuestionnaire will (e pu(lished%