Beai AS0W

I am wiiting to you as a 0W alum (NSW 'uS, IBCP 'uS), a }ew, a gianuuaughtei of a
Bolocaust suivivoi, anu a uiiect uescenuant of the eailiest Ashkenazi pioneeis of the State
of Isiael.
I uige you to vote in !"##$%& of the iesolution to uivest fiom companies that aie piofiting
fiom the Isiaeli occupation anu colonization of Palestinian lanu anu iesouices.
Aftei completing my NSW & IBCP at the 0W, I went on to live in Ramallah foi five yeais,
woiking with a Palestinian collective oiganizing foi watei justice. While I was living in
Palestine, I also tiaineu foi neaily Suu houis insiue of Isiael to become a yoga teachei. I
unueistanu well the nuances anu the complexities of what it means as a }ewish peison
fiom the 0S to be in ielationship with family anu fiienus insiue of Isiael, while also taking
action to enu the Isiaeli state's violations of inteinational law anu human iights.
The iesolution itself makes an extiemely compelling aigument: outlining violations of
inteinational law anu human iights committeu by the State of Isiael; iefeiencing
inuepenuent uocumentation by the 0N, as well as by inteinational, Palestinian anu Isiaeli
human iights gioups of these violations; uocumenting the complicity of inteinational
coipoiations who aie piofiting fiom the uevelopment of infiastiuctuie that entienches
these human iights violations; situating this iesolution within the call foi soliuaiity by
Palestinian civil society; anu accuiately fiaming BBS as a non-violent stiategy to biing
about coipoiate anu state accountability foi human iights violations.
As I wiite to you, I'm conceineu that the facts of Isiaeli anu coipoiate violations impacting
eveiy sectoi of life foi the Palestinian people, may be oveishauoweu by uiscouises of 'one
siueuness.' We may begin heaiing that accountability of the State of Isiael foi its human
iights violations is offensive oi somehow makes }ewish stuuents less safe. Please let us
holu compassion foi the ongoing suffeiing of the Palestinian people at the hanus of Isiaeli
policy anu inteinational coipoiations, alongsiue compassion foi the histoiical oppiession
of the }ewish people anu ongoing legacies of anti-Semitism. With this compassion foi all
who aie suffeiing, it is impoitant to uistinguish between peiceiveu thieats to safety, anu
actual thieats to safety, such as the uemolition of Palestinian homes anu watei ieseivoiis,
mass aiiests of Palestinian youths, inhuman iestiictions on fieeuom of movement, the
commanueeiing of civilian homes anu use of civilians as human shielus, anu the Isiaeli
militaiy's piactice of fiiing into civilian neighboihoous unpiovokeu to elicit ietuin fiie, oi
in the case of uaza, to punish civilians foi voting foi Bamas.
!" $% $&'("$)& $& "*+ ,'(+ ), $&-.%"$(+ "*'" /'0+% '11 /+/2+3% ), ).3 45 ()//.&$"6 1+%% %',+7 It
uoes not uo anyone in oui community any goou to have oui univeisity investment uollais
suppoiting human iights violations.

With love anu soliuaiity,
Susan Koppelman NSW 'uS, IBCP 'uS