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Robin Hood: fact or fiction

The (1) _______________ of a secret tunnel underneath a Nottingham museum could prove that one of historys most famous legends was a flesh-and-blood reality. The tunnel may have been used by Robin Hood to escape from the Sheriff of Nottingham to the (2) ________________ of Sherwood orest. or centuries ( ) ________________ have !uestioned the (!) __________________ of Robin" dismissing him as a romantici#ed figure who (") _________________ the hopes of the poor in their struggle against the rich. The (#) _________________ unearthing of the passageway by archeologists e$cavating some man-made caves may cause them to rethin% their views. The tunnel is bloc%ed so its e$act length is ($) __________________" though it could stretch for three miles" from St &arys 'hurch to the citys outs%irts. (ccording to medieval documents" Robin and his men (%) _________________ disappeared from the church after being surrounded there by the Sheriff soldiers. ) *+S',-.R / S( . 0 H+ST,R1 2 .3+ST 4 S1&5,6 7 (''+*.NT 8 9N,: ; &1ST.R1

&oo' r()i(*: + Wa,,- .a)( (ar-/ b0 Mar' Mitc.(,,

(vid (1) __________________ of &ar% &itchells historical novels will not be disappointed by his (2) ___________________ offering" <:alls have ears" a simple" but ( ) __________________ written tale of childhood innocence in a world of adult corruption. &itchell shot to fame than%s to the television (!) _________________ of his fourth novel" <5aro!ue of (ges" which followed the fortunes of two teenage siblings in seventeenth-century 5ritain. *espite the authors (") _________________ with the T- production" (#) _________________ &arian 5lac%shaw and .de% Sobera" it was a huge success and ($) _________________ of his boo%s for children roc%eted overnight. <:alls have ears is a (%) __________________ on the central theme of <5aro!ue of (ges" though this time" set against the bac%ground of Hadrians :all at the time of its construction in the second century.

) R.(* / 6(T. 0 5.(=T1 2 (*(>T 4 S(T+S 1 7 ST(R 8 S.66 ; -(R1

Sa,(- 1ana2(r
(s part of its ma?or new programme of (1) ____________________ R(6 'osmetics ) .3>(N* is see%ing to appoint a dynamic sales professional to run a team of sales (2) / R.>R.S.NT _____________________ in the =9. 1ou will be highly motivated" with the drive and determination to be the best in your field. 1ou will also have strong ( ) 0 6.(* _____________________ !ualities to be an effective (!) _____________________ . 2 ',&&=N+'(T. The position will involve fre!uent travel to .urope for (") _____________________ 4 (TT.N* at international sales conferences and training courses at our head office in 6yon. >revious e$perience in the cosmetics industry is (#) ______________________ 7 >R. .R though not essential. :e guarantee a ($) ____________________ remuneration 8 ',&>.T. pac%age" including a company car and a contributory pension scheme. +f you feel you ; '6,S. have the necessary !ualities and bac%ground" send us your '- to (lain Sylvestre" // rue &arivau$" 7@)2/ 6yon" rance. (%) _____________________ date for applicationsA September /4th.

Str(-The term <stress is fre!uently given as the (1) ___________________ for a range of minor complaints and conditions (2) __________________ from the frantic pace of modern life. ( wor% colleagues bad temper" for e$ample" or our own splitting headache" might be put down to stress. Stress is not the same with pressure. >ressure is stimulating and energi#ingB stress arises from our ( ) ____________________ to cope with that pressure and can have (!) ____________________ conse!uences for our health. Researchers have identified a number of symptoms Csee belowD which often occur before more serious stress-related illnesses ta%e over. So1( 3.0-ica, -013to1 ( lac% of appetite re!uent indigestion and heartburn +nsomnia ( (") ____________________ to sweat for no reason ) .3>6(+N / R.S=6T 0 (56. 2 H(R& 4 T.N* 7 5.H(-+,=R 8 ',N'.NTR(T. ; T+R.*

So1( (#) 444444444444444444 -013to1+rritability *ifficulty ($) _____________________ 6oss of sense of humour 'onstant (%) _____________________

5(n(tic 2(ni6-

(ccording to a recent study the best (1) __________________ are born" not made. ) &=S+' (2) ____________________ at St Thomass Hospital in 6ondon claim that genes are / R.S.(R'H responsible for up to ;E per cent of our ability to recogni#e pitch" the %ey to musical 0 FR.(T ( ) __________________ . +n a <distorted tunes test over 4EE twins were played a 2 -(R1 (!) __________________ of popular songs" each (") _________________ a number 4 ',NT(+N of errors. ( (#) ___________________ of the ($) _______________of identical 7 ',&>(R. twins with those of non-identical twins revealed that the former were (%) 8 R.S>,N* __________________ better at spotting the mista%es. The results of the study suggest ; N,T+'. that for some children" music lessons may only go so far in improving musical @ R.',FN+G. abilities such as pitch (7) ___________________ . However" parents hoping to save )E R.61 money on lessons cannot use the test as an indicator of musical potentialA it is (18) )) 9N,: _____________________ for children under )/" who do not have sufficient (11) _____________________ of the tunes played.

Co13,(t( (ac. of t.( 2a3- 6-in2 t.( a33ro3riat( for1 of t.( *ord in ca3ita,- at t.( (nd of t.( ,in(9 ). +n an effort to ________________ success in ne$t years .uropean competition" =nited S=R. have ___________________ their team by buying two outstanding overseas players. /. The build-up of troops in the border area has ___________________ tension between the two countries. 0. aced with a rapidly _________________ economic crisis" the >rime &inister was coming under increasing pressure to resign. ____________________ signs of recovery in the economy. 4. Hoin the :orld :ildlife e$tinction. 7. The 5+ is perhaps the best %nown of (mericas law ___________________ agencies. 8. She was deeply _________________ by the death of her cat. the outloo% of its pupils and greatly _______________ their lives. @. His audience found the ?o%e offensive and greeted it with a _______________ silence. ,R'. S(* R+'H *.( und and help protect __________________ species from *(NF.R *..> H+FH STR,NF

2. *espite roc%eting unemployment figures" the >resident insisted that there were some ',=R(F.

;. There is no doubt that the schools wor% e$perience programme _________________ 5R,(*

&any people hate ironing" is it really such a tedious and (1) ____________________ ) (FR.. choreI :hen done in the (2) ___________________ and warmth of a cosy %itchen / >R+-(T. with the radio on" it can be a fairly pleasant way of spending your time. (nd when its finished" theres always something rather ( ) _____________________ about a 0 S(T+S 1 pile of neatly ironed clothes. (nyway" love it or loathe it" here are a few guidelinesA 5efore you start" (!) ___________________ you have enough wardrobe have been ironed. >lug in the iron close to the ironing board. ( length of cord stretched across a room represents a serious (#) ___________________ha#ard. Read the care label on each garment for the recommended ironing ($) _____________________ temperature as necessary. +ron clothes while they are still slightly damp. and the appropriate temperature (%) _____________________. +f in doubt" start with a cool iron and increase the 2 S=R. 4 R..

space to allow your clothes to hang (") _____________________ once they 7 S( . 8 >R,'..* ; S.T

Tr((.o6-(+n some of 5ritains most e$clusive (1) _____________________ where swimming pools and conservatories are commonplace" the most stylish are opting for the only addition (2) ____________________ to turn the neighbours green J a lu$ury with drin%s cabinets" dining tables" (!) ___________________ %itchens and balconies. Some owners find their treehouses are perfect for holding (") __________________ business meetings" and one businessman li%ed his so much 5ritains most (#) _____________________ and e$travagant treehouse. +t too% four wee%s to build and can accommodate 04 for drin%s parties with ease. +t has a %itchen ($) _____________________ with a combination oven" grill and hob" as well as hot and cold (%) _______________________ water. ; R=N 4 +NT.RR=>T that he made it into a permanent office. *ere% and .dwina 6illey spent K /2"EEE on 7 6=3=R1 8 .L=+> / F=(R(NT.. treehouse for adults. ( ) _____________________ more than K /E"EEE" they come 0 ',ST 2 +T ) N.+FH5,=R

Rainfor(-t Conc(rn
The worlds rainforests represent a vast reservoir of (1) ____________________ and ) 9N,: hold potential for the (2) ____________________ of new medicines and foods. / *+S',-.R There is no doubt that large-scale deforestation alters the climate J intensifying 0 .R,*. droughts in the dry season and floods in the rainy season. The result is fewer animals and plant species" soil ( ) ____________________" a water supply which is (!) 2 R.61 __________________ and poorer health for the local people. 5y ?oining Rainforest 'oncern and sponsoring acres of (") ___________________ rainforest for the 'hoco-(ndean Rainforest 'orridor in .cuador" you will be 4 THR.(T 7 .',6,F1

protecting one of the worlds most important (#) _________________ areas. :ithin 8 *(NF.R these forests live an ama#ingly high number of seriously ($) __________________ ; S=R-+-. species of animals" birds and plants. 1ou will also be helping to secure the (%) ___________________ and culture of the (wa and 'ayapas indigenous people" who still live in harmony with their natural environment. or more details on this and other pro?ects" visit our website www.

T.( African *.it( r.ino

Together with the +ndian rhino" the white rhino is the second (1) ________________ ) 6(RF. land mammal in the worldA only the elephant beats it in si#e. +ts two distinctive horns" / 6,NF which can measure up to ).4 metres in (2) _________________ " are actually ( ) 0 *.NS. ___________________ pac%ed fibres rather than real horns. +ts name probably comes from a mistranslation of the (fri%aans word <weit" (!) __________________ 2 *.S'R+5. its wide mouth not its colourB its thic% s%in is actually grey. 1oung white rhinos are 4 H(+R !uite hairy" in contrast to adults" which are almost (") ____________________ . The 7 .3+ST main threat to its (#) __________________ comes from man" who poaches this and other species of rhino in the ($) __________________ belief that their horns possess 8 &+ST(9. aphrosidiac !ualities. ortunately" however" numbers are (%) ___________________ ; ST.(*1 increasing and there are currently over ))"EEE white rhinos surviving in the wild.

A :(2(tarian Coo'boo'
+f you often have (8) ________ %nowing what to serve for a mi$ed (1) ____________ of vegetarians and non-vegetarians" Vegetarian Dishes for All is a definite must-have. +ts E *+ +'=6T

(2) ______________ range of mouth-watering soups" starters" salads" pasta" gratins and ) F(TH.R desserts provides ample ( ) _____________ to the most sceptical of meat-eaters that / +&(F+N. vegetarian food is not dull in favour of (!) ____________ in appearance. The recipes" 0 >R,-. which are (") ____________ straightforward will teach both the novice and the e$pert 2 (TTR('T how to coo% vegetables creatively and with spectacular results. .asy-to-find ingredients 4 R. R.SH are used in a wide range of inspiring (#) ____________" which will delight every one of 7 ',&5+N. your guests" and elevate your coo%ing s%ills to new ($) _____________ . 8 H+FH

On,0 Fi-.
atty fish li%e salmon" mac%erel and sardines are %nown to have (1) ___________ ). &.*+'+N. properties. ,ily fish all contain omega-0 fatty acids. These help to (2) ___________ /. 6,: levels of blood fats called triglycerides and reduce blood clotting" both of which are 0. >R,-+*. important in ( ) ___________ protection against heart disease. ,mega-0 oils also help to 2. +N 6(&. reduce (!) ___________ which means they could alleviate symptoms of rheumatoid 4. ST+ arthritis li%e morning ?oint (") ___________ and pain as well as improving ?oint 7. &,5+6. (#)___________ . ,ther positive benefits include a ($) __________ris% of having a 8. R.*='. stro%e" and theres evidence that oily fish may protect against an age-related eye diseaseA ;. R.S.(R'H (ustralian (%) _________ found that people who ate fatty fish more than once a wee% were half as li%ely to develop macular degeneration as those who ate fish less than once a month. Co13,(t( (ac. of t.( 2a3- 6-in2 t.( a33ro3riat( for1 of t.( *ord in ca3ita,- at t.( (nd of t.( ,in(9 ). &any people at the club are !uestioning the ___________ of signing the )7-year-old WISE goal%eeper. /. .$cessive _________________ to direct sunlight should of course be avoided. 0. 'ouncillors have once again re?ected the ______________ for a new multi-storey car par%. negotiations. 4. The government is concerned at the number of unfilled ____________ in the nursing :ACANT profession. 7. There is a strong feeling within the company that greater ________________ should be placed EM;HASI=E on staff development. 8. ailure to meet legal safety ______________ has led to the temporary closure of the RE>?IRE fairground. ;. She chose to live in 5righton because of its mild climate and _______________to 6ondon. @. There is a chronic ___________________ of housing in our cities. C<OSE SHORT EX;OSE ;RO;OSE

2. &anagement critici#ed the unions for their stubborn attitude and __________ during the wage F<EXI&<E

)E. The complete _________________ of this answer shows that the candidate did not read the RE<E:ANT

!uestion carefully. )). He achieved _________________ for failing a drugs test after winning an ,lympiad final. )/. (s a student" +m still __________________ dependent on my parents. )0. =nfortunately" many people are still worryingly _______________ of the facts about (+*S. the best +ve heard. )4. :ell have to wal% to the village- its _________________ to cars. been decided. )8. Not ________________ perhaps" sales of air conditioning systems increased considerably S?R;RISE during the recent hot spell. );. Bed of Roses" widely seen as the finest ______________ wor% about the period" was published <ITERATE in )@87. )@. (fter several ______________ attempts" he finally passed his driving test in Hune last year. published. /). =nemployment rose _______________ last year. range. /0. She could not hide her _______________ at the prospect of wor%ing with the (ustralian EXCITE superstar. /2. The boo% is beautifully illustrated and contains detailed _____________ of the most common DESCRI&E of our garden birds. /4. He awaited the results of the medical e$amination with a certain amount of ________________. /8. The government has yet to ma%e an official _________________ on the issue. /;. (gainst all _________________" she reached the final of the competition. /@. The company has an annual _______________ of K/4 million. 0E. The steam engine was lovingly restored by a group of railway _____________. ;RONO?NCE EX;ECT T?RN ENTH?SIASM ANXIO?S /7. Sadly" women in managerial positions are still something of a ______________ in my country. RARE DRAMA //. (s a special ________________ offer" there is a )EM discount on all %itchen units in the new INTROD?CE S?CCEED /E. ( _______________ study of farming procedures in fifteen (frican countries has ?ust been COM;ARE ACCESS )7. :e have discussed these problems on _________________ occasions and still nothing has N?M&ER NOTORIO?S FINANCE I5NORE

)2. There are ________________ versions of -ivaldis Four Seasons" but this recording is by far CO?NT