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3rd interview with "THE SCRIBE"

By Alfredo Lopez Cruz.
E = m.c
Alfredo question:
Qualifying as a scientific joke Einstein's famous formula, "E=m.c" you had provoke the most
unanimous rejection among readers who feels closer to Science and trust in the rigorous of its
procedures and the logic of its reasoning.
Criticisms of the more uncomfortable readers summarize a general feeling and say literally:
"Such Scribe leaves out of scientific orthodoxy and incurs seriously in conceptual mistakes..."
"Its clear that the author dont know the basic of Science..."
"Is an unacceptable error even for a high school student to try the formula "E=m.c" ignoring
the differences between mass and weight..."
"Science has A RIGID SYSTEM OF SELF-PURIFICATION, of error correction which prevents
erroneous knowledge can infiltrate. Is a characteristic error of people unprepared to assume
that Science has a dogma..."
These disqualifications that come from people respected by their scientific knowledge, have
left many readers of your work and those who remains faithful wonder, if you give an answer
that will help them to discern for themselves.
"The scribe" response:
The word "Weight" doesn't exist in the language of the Universe.
Weighing the matter is an old practice which has some useful while were on Earth, subjected
to its Gravity, but beyond our weight lose all its meaning.
Attribute to the matter own weight was a scientific mistake. An error that International Science
itself, had formally established in 1880 when it declared the Kilogram as a pattern to measure
the weight of the matter.
With this Kilogram which was born out of an arbitrary decision of the scientists of the epoch,
we have been weighing us in accordance with Science, until recently it has discovered that the
"weight", isnt characteristic of matter that we weigh but an effect of Gravity on our planet.
This great discovery that would have caused surprise and amazement at Humanity has gone
virtually unnoticed by most. This new knowledge that changes the perception we all had about
the reality that is the matter and the Universe, wasnt however broadcast that deserves and is
known only in the areas closest to the Science.
What harm would make it at most of mortals knowing that its body doesnt weigh, that the
feeling of weight that feels ordinary isnt own of its body but the Gravity?
Who would harm understand that matter has no own weight, that the heaviness of its body
isnt real, which is an illusion due to the force that so attracts us the Gravity?
The question is why Science is reluctant to recognize this fact very clearly. Why rather than
teach their students that matter has no weight, what secondary students learn is to distinguish
between Weight and Mass?
When in honor of the truth, weight has nothing to do with the mass but with Gravity pulling it.
The mass has no weight. There's no weight, just Mass and Gravity.
But Science strives to continue weighing the matter against all reasonable logic, making a
game of juggling with the meaning of the words:
Where before it said "weight", now says "a force".
This word game confuses the truth even more and the Academy brings out this confusion in its
new definition of "weigh":
"Determine the weight, or more properly, the mass of something by means of balance or other
equivalent instrument".
Nowadays Science teaches students that weight and mass are fundamentally different
quantities, distinguishing them and defining them separately.
It defines "mass" as the amount of matter that has a body. Its measured in kilos on a scale.
It defines "weight" as the force with which a body acts upon a point of support, because of the
attraction of Gravity. Such force is measured in Newtons.
In this new definition that makes the Science of the concept "Weight" refers to the weight it
hasnt the matter but the Gravity, which is true, but returns to confound it all to invent a new
measure of weight, the "Newton", to follow "weighing" the matter on the one hand and the
force exerted on the other hand, when in fact in the matter theres no weight or strength to
exert. Theres only Gravity.
Therefore the two definitions, one for the weight and another for the mass, arent distinct,
arent really distinguished because the kilos that measure the mass in the balance are the
work of Gravity and the force with which acts a mass on a fulcrum, for example "the dish of a
balance" also is the work of Gravity.
Its obvious that the distinction between weight and mass of Science has no basis in reality.
One may wonder if the author of this "fix" has been aware of his actions.
Any outstanding secondary pupil can be discerned for himself that if "weight" that exerts the
matter is due to Gravity, also "force" that exerts the matter is due to the same Gravity.
With a little thinking will ask: why were forced to learn memory distinctions between weight
and mass? Why teach us measure the mass in kilograms if theyre illusion of Gravity? Why
teach us to calculate our weights in Newtons if also are illusion?
Someone should give an explanation to the student because the question: If all this teaching is
a "mistake" or a deliberate maneuver from who feels sure and almighty that nobody dare to
contradict him.
If you want to know more should think more about the same.
Although the matter is an error, an illusion that the "recently" discovered Gravity force has
By not recognizing its error, Science decides to continue to use kilo to measure the mass and
the Newton is invented to measure the so-called force exercised by the mass.
It's like plugging an error with another major error, because "the weight or strength" which
can exert the matter on a scale or any other point of support, we already knows that theyre
the work of Gravity.
The more time you want to hide a lie in the past, more falsehoods need to go by plugging it
into the present.
What about truth in teaching that the professor teaches high school students to calculate
"The weight that measures the balance isn't your real weight because the kilos are an illusion
of Gravity. To find out your Real Weight you must multiply the kilos for 9'8 since a kilogram is
equivalent to 9'8 Newtons".
That is, if you weigh 60 kg, must multiply 60 X 9'8= 588.
Your Real Weight is 588 Newtons.
Such teaching is pure invention. If rather than memorize learn to reflect, to discern, the
students would ask is:
Does where this magic number comes from that convert
my weight illusion in kilos in my Real Weight in Newtons?
We could answer that its an equivalence dictated by Science and should be guaranteed by the
most serious and rigorous scientific controls.
But this claim is dubious if we reflect the equivalence that invents the Science to continue
"A kilo of matter equals 1 kilogram-force and this is equivalent to 9'8 Newtons".
This equivalence, entirely arbitrary, Science seeks to continue weighing the matter, but now in
If we cannot weigh in kilos because they are illusion, we'll weight in Newtons!
Is this equivalence the result of a logical reasoning with foundation or is just a desperate
attempt to keep running forward?
Reflect a little more:
The Science will tell us that 9'8 isnt a magic number taken from the sleeve but a number
based on Gravity, the acceleration of Gravity.
It will say us that its proven that a body in free fall is attracted by the force of Gravity at an
accelerated speed of 9'8 meters per second every second.
That is: 9'8 m/s
is the acceleration of the Gravity.
Science interprets "this speed" as the force that exerts Gravity over the body that attracts and
concludes that 9'8 meters per second equals 9'8 Newtons of force.
That is, if 1Kg falls to 9'8 m/s
, this amounts to 9'8 Newtons.
Kilos . speed = Newtons.
With this arbitrariness aside from common sense, Science continues to assert the weight when
we already knows that matter neither weighs nor exerts force on its own. Called weight or be
called force, is effect of Earth's Gravity.
To this attempt of Science by look for equivalence to the kilo, fits in three observations that a
high school student can reflect:
If the choice of 9'8 is due to speed that reaches one kilogram of matter in free fall theres to
point that also two or three kilos... fall at the same speed that one.
If to calculate our real weight must multiply the kilos we put on the scale by the acceleration
of Gravity, must note that the kilos that measures the balance are due to Gravity and
multiplying them by 9'8 which is the acceleration of Gravity... what we really do is multiply two
times the same Gravity.
Gravity plus Gravity = Newton. "Abominable logic".
If the choice of the magic number is based on the acceleration of Gravity, such a choice cannot
be more unfortunate, due to the acceleration makes fall to all bodies at equal speed,
regardless of the weight.
The reflection of these three observations shows that setting the weight of the matter in
Newtons is an unfortunate decision to current Science.
By not acknowledging that it's a mistake to weigh the matter in kilograms,
Science decides the best thing to do is to weigh it twice, in kilograms and Newtons.
One to distinguish the mass and another to distinguish the weight.
The two are unreal!
The mass has no weight; the weight doesn't exist in the Universe.
Due to the kilogram is a fictitious value arbitrarily established by Science in 1880 to weigh the
matter, "When Science itself still not had really understood that the weight is an
effect of Gravity", it isnt possible to amend this error by multiplying by 9'8. By magic and
true that it might be the number, to multiply it by a mistake, can only be "one major mistake".
An even greater arbitrariness which is cannot legitimize not even putting for name
the surname of Isaac Newton.
Any high school student would recognize that if we multiply an error by any number major
than 1, the result can only be a biggest error, an error multiplied.
Science must recognize that "the weight" doesnt exist. Its a magnitude, which has no place
or role in the Universe.
The matter doesn't weigh. The Universe has no weight.
This is what to think!
Despite whom despite, the matter doesnt weigh.
If Science tells us now that the weight is a force, should add:
A force that depends of the Gravity, the same as the weight.
The truth is unmasked by itself.
The matter doesn't weigh. It doesn't exert a weight or force.
In fact, the matter cannot exercise weight or force on another body because such action would
be contrary to The Law of the Gravity.
The Gravity is, always, an attractive force.
The Gravity doesnt know exert force, doesnt know give from itself.
Give force isnt own of any Gravity.
The Gravity only knows to ask for more, its force isnt used for exert, for push, it only serves
to attract towards itself, to gain weight.
The Gravity isn't a force for push, but attraction!
The Gravity isnt a "physical force".
It isnt a force of classical mechanics.
It cannot be measured with physical instruments.
Its effects on matter can only be measure.
Its mysterious strength is born of the same order of matter. Therefore, theres no matter
without Gravity, nor can have Gravity in the absence of matter.
The matter always has Gravity.
The matter has own strength!
High school students shouldnt learn to distinguish between "Weight and Mass", but between
Matter and Force, that is to say MATTER and GRAVITY.
Distinguish between Mass and Weight is science-fiction.
It isnt in the interest of the truth, but in the interest of the Science that physics students learn
to distinguish between "Weight and Mass" or "Strength and Mass", as if they were two
different things that may be studied separately, when such a thing is impossible. The matter of
its own force, of its own Gravity, cannot be separated.
If we fragment a quantity of matter into a thousand pieces, each piece, every small amount of
matter will have its own force, its own Gravity.
If the Science its hard assimilate the fact, proven by itself, which the matter doesnt weigh.
Perhaps is because it takes centuries, weighing, measuring, calculating and drawing wrong
conclusions about the matter and the Universe, without a deep knowledge of whats Matter
and whats Gravity.
The Science rises on errors in its own foundations that havent stopped to correct.
Its too many errors that ballast its progress towards the Truth.
Why this effort scientific to maintain as valid an illusion, knowingly?
What is due?
To learn more, we must reflect with new data:
The story of a few historical facts reveals that Science cannot boast of being so awake and
alert as it should. It exaggerates about itself when speaks of its historical coherence, of its
scientific rigor and its more advanced knowledge of the Truth.
The Science is referring to what Truth?
Let's go by parts:
The truth that the weight is appearance showed it to Science by Galileo Galilei himself, born in
Italy in 1564. "Come up to the top of the Tower of Pisa with other professors and scientists
present, dropped two spheres, one of wood and another of lead, to see if, indeed, the heaviest
reached before soil as had taught Aristotle.
Galileo test has shown the error of Aristotle because the two spheres fell with the same
acceleration and took almost the same time in reaching the ground".
With this demonstration of Galileo, the Science had in front of its sight, for the first time, that
since all the bodies in free fall, reaches the same speed, although some weighing twice and
others half.
This demonstration before Science professionals costs Galileo be expelled from the University
of Pisa, where worked as professor of mathematics, for daring to contradict the great Aristotle.
Science then not heard, or wasnt aware of this scientific test, easy to check for anyone.
Subsequently, the same year of the death of Galileo in Italy, in 1642, was born Newton, in
England. Familiarized with the work of Galileo, Newton established the three laws of the
inertial movement and formulated the Law of Universal Gravitation, which saves that all
bodies have Gravity.
Newton died in 1727 and the Science of the time neither learned nor was aware of the effect
of Gravity on matter. The proof of this is that it took 153 years after the death of Newton and
it was then when Science established that matter weighs in kilograms using a
Indeed, it was a century and a half after Newton, when international Science met in France to
establish a pattern of weight, arbitrary, accepted by all; "the kilogram": the mass of a cylinder
manufactured in 1880, with alloy 90% of Platinum and 10% of Iridium, which is stored in the
International Bureau of Weights and Measures in Sevres, near Paris.
With this kilogram weve been weighing for a century, until recently the current Science has
understood, at last, it's about time!, that the weight isnt an attribute own of the matter that
we weigh.
Recently Science has been proven that a same amount of matter has a different weight on
Earth and on the Moon, due to its serious and also it has been proven that in the absence of
Gravity the matter doesnt weigh anything.
Reaching the following conclusion which is true:
"The bodies are attracted, towards the Earth, with a force and the force is that causes the
illusion of weight".
These words are true, are in line with the truth and are from the Science.
But it doesnt practice its great discovery. Current Science isnt given by aware and persists in
the old error of weighing the matter in kilograms (changing the term "weigh in kilos" by the
"measure in kilograms"), to then convert the kilos in Newtons. With a magic formula and a
magic number obtained from the acceleration of the Gravity. Acceleration that which
doesn't distinguish between mass and weight as we knows.
Current Science seems determined to put a veil on their new discoveries because they
contradict old, anything to not openly acknowledge its old error of attributing own weight to
the matter. To not be forced to delete from its dictionary "Weight" concept invented by itself
regardless of the Reality.
Its true that nobody likes to take steps back and go back to convictions of centuries. Its
logical that Science doesnt like it, but in honor of the truth it must be done. Instead of
following in weighing what, for sure, she knows that it has no weight.
At the moment attempts an escape forward moving away the truth and thus reveals its
intention to continue weighing. Why if not, still continues teaching students to "weigh" the
matter. Now in Newtons! Further, obliging them to learn, if they want to approve, that "Weight
and Mass" have characteristics that differentiate them, as for example: mass is measured in
kilograms and the weight is instead measured in Newtons ?, the mass being measured with
the scale and the weight with the dynamometer ?, or that the mass "suffers accelerations"
while weight, "produces accelerations" ?.
All this is unreal, arbitrary, strictly fake and easy to refute. It's an attack against the
common logic. Not close to the students to the truth that is the matter but on the
contrary, confuses them and takes them away.
The Newton is an arbitrary invention of Science, as well as the kilogram. Neither the Kilo
represents an "own weight", nor the Newton represents an "own strength". While its true that
all bodies are attracted by a force, such force isnt own of the body that is attracted, but the
Gravity pulling it.
"In the Universe there's no mass and weight. There's only Matter and Gravity."
Theres no real way of weighing the matter. All we can do, in this regard, is leaving that
despite us the Gravity and settle for this "apparent weight", knowing that it isnt real. Because
is a common practice accepted by all that is useful while were on Earth and profitable for the
manufacturers of scales.
Current Science knows that the matter doesnt weigh, that its weight or its apparent strength
is the work of the Gravity. Only, unequivocally work of the Gravity.
The real problem is that Science leads centuries weighing everything are within its reach. She
has taught his students to weigh it all. Theyve weighed the Earth, the Sun and the Planets,
have weighed our organs, cells, molecules, atoms and even particles that fail to see.
When in reality the mass has no own weight, the weight is illusion. Weigh the matter only has
served to entertain, distract, and confuse the truth that is the matter.
Science cannot continue fleeing from Reality and its own responsibility.
Maybe it was a disaster for Science simply tells the truth. But it would be the best for all, an
approach to Truth and a cure of humility to current Science.
But this hasn't happened yet.
Changing the kilogram by the kilo-force and this by the kilopond to Newton, Science reveals
certain predisposition, certain premeditation of continue persisting in its "original error".
Science teaches not to weigh the matter in the interest of the truth, but in its own. To
maintain and prevent the fall of its empire, built based on formulas beyond the Reality that is
the Universe, where, indeed, the matter doesnt weigh and the masses, distances,
accelerations, velocities and gravities... arent in any way invariable in a Universe in constant
change, renewal and development.
They must not teach high school students to calculate their weight in Newtons.
Its as unreal as weigh in kilos.
But yes they should learn that in this world where nothing is what it seems, the weight is also
a look!, since in the absence of Gravity, our body doesnt exert weight or strength.
Students must learn, without any reservation, the matter doesnt weighs, that their body
doesnt weigh, that the Planet doesnt weighs, that doesnt weigh the Moon or the Sun, that
the weight doesnt exist in the Universe, and think about the mysterious force that is "The
Gravity". A Universal Force that affects us all, omnipresent in the matter, from minor particles
to major galaxies.
Science cannot continue denying evidence putting up its own convenience.
Science is due to the truth and Truth is more stubborn than the Science.
"The force that gives to the matter its weight or its apparent strength
is Gravity and only Gravity."
Science must accept the Reality.
Spite who spite! The matter doesnt weigh!
However Science seems ready to everything to safeguard the honor of its formulas. Without
them, she would be as lost as the Church without their dogmas.
"Also the Science has its original sin"
"As the Church has its own"
(and it isnt that of Adam and Eve).
If Science wants to safeguard its honor should confess its original mistake and accept the
The error of Weighing the matter is the cornerstone that supports the foundations of
the building raised by Science.
The angular stone or base stone on which stands the building raised by Science is false.
Everything established later on this base stone, on this first error, determines the position of
the whole scientific structure.
The illusion of Weight confuses the laws of inertial motion. The force that pushes an inert
body, acceleration that it occurs and distance that runs... are illusory effects conditioned by
the Gravity.
The values attributed to the Gravity, measured with physical instruments, are unrealistic,
considering that Gravity pushes as a force of the classical physics remains one greater error.
The acceleration of the Gravity isnt a speed caused by an applied force. The Gravity doesnt
apply, doesnt exert, and doesnt push positively, before on the contrary, its an attractive
force, a force that produces a negative thrust.
The poor response that has the Science about the Universe...
It's only comparable with the poor response that has the Church of God.
Were at the beginning: whats the Universe? Whats God?
If we want the "Truth" we cannot load on the backs of Church and Science the responsibility to
find a solution to the two greatest enigmas that still persist in our time. Its the responsibility
of all and of each one to wonder:
Who are we, where are we, where are we from, where are we going to?
If we want "The Truth" we must share all the responsibility of looking for it.
We need greater union, sincerity, generosity and insight.
The real information and insight are keys to separate truth and falsehood. You learn to discern
working out, exercise and the function are keys to discovering our own faculties.
If students learn to discern rather than to memorize...
no falsehood would take place.
Lets see an example:
"For current Science... The weight is by definition the force that "exerts" a matter given in a
gravitational field".
The definition appears to be correct but the word "exerts" is not. Its enough to distort a little
nuance to distort all the truth.
The truth is that the matter doesnt weigh nor exert any force.
Neither the weight nor the force are own of the matter that we weigh.
Its false that 1 kilogram of matter exert 9'8 Newtons of force.
The force exercised by one kilogram of matter is "zero" in the absence of Gravity.
In The presence of Gravity, the force is only of the Gravity.
"Weight and Strength" are the work of the Gravity.
Without Gravity, theres no "Weight or Force".
That is to say:
Matter exerts no weight or strength, or otherwise:
Matter exerts no load or pressure.
If the weight it's the work of the Gravity, the force too.
If the weight it's an appearance, the strength too.
If the kilo it's an illusion, the Newton too.
All attempts of the Science by weighing the matter will collide with the Gravity and only the
By itself, the matter cannot exert weight or force.
Once understood this, it should be a greater reflection:
While its true that matter is neither exercising force nor has weight, its also true that any
amount of matter has own Gravity, has own force, although that force cannot exercise it
outward from itself or on other bodies.
Lets see this more slowly to awaken scientific interest Truth searches, because the laws that
govern the Universe are laws of God. The Great Architect. The Universal Architect.
"Although Science says that four are the Fundamental Forces of the Universe..."
"I repeat it; a single Strength and a single Power rules the Universe"
The Omnipresent Force is the Gravity.
We already know that is the Gravity of the Earth who causes the illusion that bodies exert a
weight or a force that in reality dont have.
In the absence of a greater Gravity, the only force that represents a material body is
the force of its own Gravity.
The force of the Gravity cannot exert load or pressure to the outside, isnt a strength of
electrical character, isnt a positive force.
The force of the Gravity can exert only inward, towards the interior of the material body, is an
attractive force, a magnetic force, a negative force.
It's therefore of all impossible that matter can exert pressure or load on other body.
Such charge, such pressure is an illusion of the Gravity.
An example:
Uploaded to the branch of a tree, it isnt the weight of the body or the force that exerts what
makes tipping the branch.
Its advisable to reflect about it: cannot be possible the weight of the body, because we know
that the matter doesnt weigh or exert force on its own, nor can be the Gravity of the body
whose strength is insignificant compared to the Gravity of the Planet.
Its the Gravity and only the Gravity of the Planet who bends the branch.
Theres no reason to teach high school students to memorize and calculate weights and forces
that dont exist, when the only force that exist in the matter "The Gravity" still represents a
mystery by revealing to the Science.
The branch leans or bends because it offers resistance to the force of the Gravity pulling the
body towards the floor. The Gravity, the Gravity only, should be considered.
You also have to wonder:
If weight its an illusion resulting from Gravity, if the matter not really weighs.
Why when I get up on my head some amount of matter I feel a burden on me, a downward
pressure, and "a weight which can crush and put an end to the illusion that the matter doesnt
The matter you put on your head isnt who exerts force or pressure that you feel. Its true that
the feeling of weight is so real that you can up to crush you, but because you interposes
between the force of Earth's Gravity and the matter that attracts.
The matter on your head, by itself, doesnt exert force or pressure. Its the force that it
attracts, the only force to consider.
To bring you between the two youre acting as the branch of the tree, offering resistance.
Once we realized that, it should be consider and reflect about the following:
Lets stop us to watch two masses of different size:
On the one hand the Earth, and on the other a small amount of matter...
Theyre two distinct masses having each its own Gravity, one very large and other very small.
Both Gravities are attractive.
None of them know to push; only they know how to attract into themselves.
In any case the Gravity exerts or pushes, is always attractive. The Gravity is a centripetal
force, inwardly directed, toward its interior, toward its center. Its a magnetic, negative force.
The Gravity isnt a "Physical" force, doesnt require physical contact to attract from a distance.
Its a "seductive" force, it only knows to pull itself, only knows to receive, to take, to
appropriate. Its a force that is always calling for "More and More", More Matter!
When it comes to give something, of itself, the Gravity doesnt want to even hear about.
"As happens to certain people"
The Gravity of the Planet and the Gravity of the matter that attracts, only exert force towards
themselves. Never, under any circumstances can exert the Gravity a force outward from itself.
This would be a thrust force, repulsive, that is to say, an expansive, centrifugal, electric,
positive force. Such force not has its origin in the matter, is opposite to the Gravity. Well see
it when to consider electricity.
By itself, the matter cannot exert load or pressure, on anything or anyone.
As a conclusion:
Its impossible that matter can exert weight or force itself, and harder than impossible is to
quantify these illusory figures in kilograms or Newtons or measure them with mechanical
instruments, like scales, dynamometers or any other material instrument.
The matter doesnt exert force on the ground, except its own, which of its own Gravity, that
isnt exert it on the ground but towards the inside of itself, which implies a principle of
resistance, an attempt to resist the attraction of the Planet.
One minute! Are we seeing perhaps that the masses dont attract always each other, as stated
by the Law of Gravitation?
This observation opens a new reflection because it comes in contradiction with the Law of the
Universal Gravitation of Isaac Newton, which establishes:
"All bodies attract each other with a force that is directly proportional to the product of their
masses and inversely proportional to the square of their distances".
All masses are actually negative, although its true that all throw towards themselves, it isnt
true that they attract each other, it isnt true that both want to approach.
The truth is that they dont want to get close; none of them starts, for itself, a motion of
approximation toward each other. They only approach when a force is far superior to the
What happens in reality is that the strongest retains its position and forces the weaker to
move towards her.
As a prey that surrenders to its predator.
However, between two proportional masses of similar strength, of similar Gravity, any of the
two will have sufficient strength to attract to each other and both will keep their position and
distance, as two negative forces that respect themselves, that they repel each other.
So it isn't appropriate to say "the masses attract each other".
As it isnt appropriate to say that the predator and its prey attract each other...
It isn't true!
But this is to enter into another debate.
Finally this which were concerned, well reflect some of the reasons that allow to affirm that
the famous formula of Einstein that measures the amount of energy of a mass, multiplying the
value of the mass (measured in kilos on a scale) by the square of the speed of light. Thats to
say "E=m.c". It's a joke of Albert Einstein that his scientific colleagues have been taken too
To clarify this question that International Science defends with so much fervor. Let's start with
the following questions:
When to put certain amount of matter on a scale to "weigh it or measure it" in kilograms...
What's we are weighing?
The cells, molecules, atoms, particles...?
All together won't weigh one millionth of a gram.
They don't weigh anything!
As a result, cannot be "weigh or measure" the value of the matter in kilos, knowing that are an
illusion of the Gravity, or measuring the force in Newtons that are work and grace of the same
Einstein himself publicly stated that the pounds that measure the balance are an illusion
caused by the Gravity. Being this irrefutable truth, its obvious that the half of the Formula is
the half of a joke.
As to multiply the kilograms-illusion by the square of the speed of light, should consider that
Einstein himself had endeavored to show that the maximum speed in the Universe is the speed
of light. Its also obvious that the other half of the formula is another half joke, both halves
resulting in a whole joke.
Memorizing formulas without stopping to reflect them we can put in a tight spot. A formula we
may seem logical and at the same time can be unreal.
Scientists are moved out of the Reality
since they started to weigh the matter.
Science makes studying their students, teaching them with intricate formulas of its own
invention to calculate weights of all tastes with greater accuracy.
Weights that the Universe doesn't recognize as their own.
Absolute weight, atomic weight, gross weight, the equivalent weight, the specific weight,
molecular weight, net weight and even the dead weight.
Who weighs more than Science?
We have said that all of this weighing only serves to entertain and to fool.
Confuses us and distances us when we come to understand the Truth that is the GRAVITY.
It's worth reflecting that the Universe hasn't even weighs one gram.
That all the matter in the Universe not exerts a shred of force
or pressure to the outside.
Whats then the matter?
This is a real subject about to reflection.
Ill give some notes to reflect about the matter as a farewell of this interview.
The matter not represents only a dead, inert body.
The matter represents the rest of the movement.
The Memory of the Light!
Nothing is inert, nothing is stationary or still in the Universe. Even the inert matter is formed
with the vibrant energy of the molecules, atoms and particles.
How much smaller are their masses, faster is their movement and greater speed of renewal.
Instant in instant faster particles are renewed which are sorted among themselves to give rise
to atoms, as these are sorted to the molecules.
The entire Universe is in constant renewal from the deeper foundations of the matter.
Travel to the bottom of the matter is a trip back in the Time of the Universe.
The same order of the matter represents the order of the Time.
The matter isnt to weigh it or measure it but to recognize the order of their construction.
If all the matter is ranked on the basis of the same energy, which is to wonder and to reflect is
how it compresses and materializes the energy in order due to give rise to any material body.
Its the order of the energy who gives identity to a matter or to another.
Einstein itself claimed that the matter represents energy and this isnt another joke.
For this reason we should be wonder and reflect:
What nature is from the Universal Energy?
Its in no way sufficient to explain that the matter is accumulated energy, without knowing its
origin, its nature and its purpose.
Even more, the crux of the matter is to organize the energy in endless forms that
adopts the matter in the Universe.
It needs much Time, much Wisdom...
The interest of the matter lays not in weigh it. The interesting thing is to know about the order
of the Energy, the order that identifies it, order that makes it unique.
For the future generations, it will be vital to learn how the Energy is directed to give
rise to a material body.
Thats to say, the order of its construction.
The Scribe.
From Tembleque, 19 October 2013.