February 25, 2009 Robert M.

Jones A Professional Law Corporation 8655 Morro Road Suite C Atascadero, CA 93422 FAX: (805) 466-7267 E mail: grigger@robertmjones.com Dear Robert: I have attempted for several years to contact you numerous times since receiving your letter of September 2004. In that letter you advised that Elizabeth Meek did not wish to communicate with me or my brother and I was to direct any questions I had for her through you. As my phone records, e/mail history files and USPS documentations will demonstrate, I have attempted to comply with that request without success or response from you. Considering the business relationship you had with my father, the respectful relationship I had with Elizabeth and the brief talks I had with you, I am puzzled as to the reasons why you have chosen to ignore my attempts to contact you over the past 4 years. I am also curious as to the reason why you chose not to return calls or acknowledge communication requests from others such as my former counselor, David Weilbacher. As you are aware, since June of 2008, I have been representing myself and so as to present a timely and factual case before the court, it is my understanding I have an entitlement to certain information. In the name of time I ask again that you provide clarifications for the flowing: • • • Reasons for the change of venue from California to Hawaii Clarifications as to the production, signing of the 1st Amendment in Hawaii and California Income tax audits and tax returns for the Trust from October 2003 to the present, which were prepared by your accountant /business partner Michael Gould funding of the Q-DOT, Exemption Trust and the Main Trust Sales of various real estate properties belonging to the Trust of which neither my brother or I were consulted Transactions involving the sale of Bank Cal stocks in March of 2004 included in the 1996 Trust which names me, Nanci Meek, as the trustee. However I was advised by Bank officials, who provided a copy of the check indicating a transaction of $636,000 paid to Elizabeth in April of 2004 , that Elizabeth provided bank officials with a copy of the 1992 trust which named her as the trustee. This would be construed as a misrepresentation of Elizabeth as the trustee at the time of the transaction.

• •

Once more referring to your letter of September 2004, you advised that Elizabeth did not feel comfortable talking with me or my brother at that time but perhaps she may in the future. I nor my brother never had a problem communicating with Elizabeth or her daughter Lola, and it is our hope we can re-establish communications now and bring this matter to an amicable, reasonable and fair conclusion. You can be instrumental in bringing closure to this matter if you so chose. It is my hope you will This letter will be provided to the Courts in person, in Hawaii on February 27 to demonstrate good faith efforts on my part to establish communications and minimize the Courts valuable time and the time of others involved in this case. So as not to prolong this matter further, I respectfully ask you to respond to the requests outlined in this letter. Very truly yours, Nanci Meek Beneficiary (760) 413-5660 cc: file(s) Bank of Hawaii /attach.