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Salt Lake City, UT: DWS Building 1385 S. State Street, SLC, UT Room 147, 9:00-11:30am ANNOUNCMENT: Here is how families in the AZ Strip area can access food stamps and medicaid for the next few months if they can't travel to Kingman or Page:
Kae Williams will be at the Canyonlands Clinic in Beaver Dawn, AZ the first and 3rd Tuesday of each month. No appointment is needed but you may need to be prepared to wait in line. This is a reminder that the Safety Net meeting is an Open Public Meeting and can be accessed through an open phone line. The Salt Lake City open phone line number is: (605) 475-6700 access code: 7856941. **NOTE: Because the Safety Net Meeting is an open public meeting, those that attend don’t necessary reflect the Safety Net mission but all are welcome that have concerns and ways to help or are interested parties.

Safety Net Meeting Agenda – May 1, 2014

Safety Net Meeting, April 3, 2014
Mojave Community College, Colorado City
Attendance: Steven Sullivan, Paul Ricks, Hillary Heath, Candice Babb, Jenni Frey, Cindy Trembley, Trina Decker, Tammy Clark, Lenora Allred, Jeane’e Green, Pamela Webster, Priscilla Hammon, Marlynne, Ruth Williams Bonnie Peters, Rebecca Fairbanks, Becky DeHart, Jake Marino UEP Board for the Hilldale UT/Colorado City AZ area was discussed – list of those finalist were announced a few weeks previous – there is no further information at this time re: the final selection. Review of minutes from March 2014 Safety Net meeting were discussed and approved. Introduction of Rebecca Fairbanks, new Clinical Coordinator, Safety Net Program Jake Marino from State Office of Vocational Rehabilitation of Utah gave a presentation, Becky DeHart from Arizona Vocational Rehabilitation program also shared additional information. Jake told how this organization can be a fabulous resource for all who qualify. USOR Website is – Utah State Office of Rehabilitation for Utah residents with a Utah address is an under-utilized resource and it would be a great benefit to many, to learn what will qualify a person to receive these benefits. Arizona’s program and qualifications are very similar and also need to be utilized. Mission of Voc Rehab organization: is to assist eligible individuals w/disabilities who have a barrier to employment because of their disabilities. All in attendance watched a 10 minute introductory video that explained about VR services. They provide individualized, customized services helping people with disability related barriers to overcome their barriers and develop self-reliance to gain employment. Sometimes they serve people with mental impairments who are


Welcome and Introductions

2. Review and approval of Minutes from April 3, 2014 Safety Net Meeting and a short discussion about the Safety Net Quarterly Report 3. Message of happenings from Attorney General’s office – Missy Larsen 4. Presentation by Barry Rose – Mobile Crisis Unit Program located in all State of Utah Counties - Barry will discuss what

they do and whom them service and how they benefit folks associated with the practice of polygamy. 5. 6. Discussion of housing needs Community and Agency updates

serve people with mental impairments who are recovering from substance abuse. VR Counselors and clients develop an Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE), that can include services such as counseling and guidance, restoration services, assistive technology, job placement, education, and on-the-job training. They do a financial assessment as part of their services, so a client can pay in part if they have resources. Jake Marino, Supervising Counselor: 435-6735091,; 965 E 700 S #202 St George, UT. Jake also shared the resource UCAT – Utah Center for Assistive Technology, they can work with people with disabilities too, Their office is based in Salt Lake City, but they can serve the whole state of Utah. VR = Vocational Rehabilitation, have counselors who determine eligibility, based on if a person has a significant physical or mental impairment that impedes employment, requiring VR services and the person would benefit from services. They serve people with chronic disabilities, and can sometimes help refer someone to other assistance (because they need documentation of the disability too). Becky DeHart from the Arizona Rehabilitation office shared about Arizona resources. Right now their program is only able to service priority cases, usually including people with barriers to interpersonal skills, social skills, and communication skills. They do encourage all people to apply (as this can show needs to the legislature that may open up new options for funding). They do provide information and referral. Agency updates: Candice Babb – Arizona is looking for businesses to have kiosks to be a resource for people to sign up for medical coverage, finger imaging program etc. So these services are more available to those in need. Cindy Trembley: AZ CPS has a new name, it is the same work now called: Division of Child Safety and Family Services Steven Sullivan: announced that Shirley Owen – retired that he learned much at the Safety Net Training titled: Foundations for Communication for Victims of Trauma and want to expand and have his whole division learn from the presenter. Hillary Health wants to do a story that is viable and authentic and genuine, she is looking to see if there is a story she could do in the Colorado City area for a documentary (with A and E). Janae’e Green: works at Page AZ Regional DV Services, she has a 75 mile radius for grants, she shared about there great work and their shelter, thrift store, house voucher program and the making change program. They are in the process of

7. Open for suggestions, needs and additional topics
Next Safety Net Meeting: Thursday June 5, 2014 – 9:00am-noon in Colorado City, AZ. The open phone line number in Colorado City is: (928)8752799 ext. 8216 .

change program. They are in the process of changing their name to Another Way. Pam Webster – reported they still have their rural grant – it serves the DOVE Center in this area. Their new director is Kendra. Their Repertory group is getting ready to open a hardware store. Bonnie Peters- announced that Safety Net is hiring/in the interview process for a part-time staff person for a clinical position in St. George area. She also said that April is child abuse prevention month. Priscilla and Marlynne-from Centennial Park are interested in getting more brochures about child abuse prevention for the grocery store, they are interested in a presentation about preventing abuse and neglect, also parenting techniques, how to nurture selves. Jennifer Frey also shared information about Len Erickson and the Small Business Development Center, 435-652-7741. They can provide a lot of consultation, training, etc free for a small business owner or to help turn an idea into a small business. Becky DeHart reported they are hiring a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor for the Arizona side. The position would be based in Page AZ. NEXT SAFETY NET MEETING: May 1, 2014 in Salt Lake City DWS Building at 9:00am The meeting adjourned at 11:35am

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