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Site Observations and Meetings

Date Site Task

Meeting with supervisor about practicum Shadowed ITS, assisted teacher with help ticket; worked with vice-principal concerning an Office 365 login problem Worked in the Media Center barcoding new Reading Wonders books Meeting with secondary supervisor about practicum schedule and navigating MCSD site Office 365 Training with entire ITS department, observed center activities Office 365 Training with entire ITS department, observed center activities Shadowed ITS during a SMART response training for students and discussed ITS job functions with the teacher for the evaluation. Shadowed ITS through an eWalk overview training. Shadowed ITSs through a Smartboard Training session. Interacted with participants at the boards during individual training. Shadowed ITS during software overview and data team meeting Met with two professors and the Academic Dean to discuss the online staff workshop. Shadowed ITS during Office 365 Training.

Hours Logged

2/3/14 Bradley Information Services Center

2/3/14 Eagle Ridge Elementary

2/4/14 Waddell Elementary

2/5/14 Bradley Information Services Center

2/6/14 Bradley Information Services Center

2/6/13 Bradley Information Services Center

2/10/14 Brewer Elementary 2/10/14 Bradley Information Services Center

1.5 2

2/11/14 Bradley Information Services Center

2/12/14 Downtown Elementary

2/13/14 Georgia Military College 2/18/14 Richards Middle School

2.5 4

2/19/14 Shaw High School 2/21/14 Georgia Military College

2/21/14 Bradley Information Services Center

2/26/14 Early College

2/28/14 Jordan High School

3/6/14 Aaron Cohn Middle School 3/7/14 Bradley Information Services Center 3/10/14 Bradley Information Services Center 3/11/14 Bradley Information Services Center 3/14/14 Kendrick High School

3/17/14 Bradley Information Services Center 3/17/14 Georgia Military College 3/18/14 Bradley Information Services Center

Shadowed ITS at online Testing meeting, discussed the face-to-face workshop and evaluation with the ITS, and discussed ITS job functions with a media specialist and computer lab technician for the evaluation. Online workshop and digital citizenship meeting Elementary ITS staff meeting to discuss training for Reading Wonders Shadowed ITS during a data team meeting and and discussed ITS job functions with the principal and media specialist for the evaluation. Visited the Technology lab and and discussed ITS job functions with a CTAE supervisor and teacher for the evaluation Shadowed ITS during Office 365 Training and discussed ITS job functions with a teacher for the evaluation Staff meeting and Face-toFace staff development Observed center activities with ITSs Interview with PMO and CIO for evaluation Shadowing Discussed the evaluation with supervisor and observed center activities Onlne workshop discussion Observed center activities with ITSs

4 1

5 4 4 1.5 3

1 1 4

3/19/14 GMC

3/20/14 Hannan Elementary 3/22/14 GMC

3/25/14 Georgia Military College 3/27/14 Bradley Information Services Center 3/28/14 Britt David Elementary 4/7/14 Midland Middle School

4/11/14 Bradley Information Services Center 4/18/14 Arnold Middle School

Presented details about the online work shop to faculty Worked with several ITSs judging projects at the Media Festival Implemented TechnologyEnhanced Unit Met with Academic Dean to update her about Online Faculty Workshop Observed center activities with ITSs Observed and worked in the Technology lab Digital Citizenship lesson Staff meeting and meeting with PMO about Windows 8.1 implementation Observed and worked in the Technology lab


4 2

0.5 4 7 1.5

3 3.5

Observation hours:


Practicum Assignments
Date Assignment Task
Collected artifacts and edited web page to include appropriate tabs Identified class for this unit and began working on the UBD and searching for appropriate Web 2.0 applications Organizing layout and identifying elements addressed for each artifact Developed activities and continued working on the UBD Continued adding artifacts and organizing layout 1/29/14 Portfolio 3 Hours Logged

1/18/14 Portfolio

1/19/14 Technology-enhanced unit

1/22/14 Portfolio

1/26/14 Technology-enhanced unit

2/8/14 Evaluation

Created a set of questions for use when discussing ITS' roles with school faculty and staff Started identifying elements to address for the presentation, and started working on the UBD Continued identifying elements to include for the workshop and working on the UBD. Designed activities for the workshop and finished working on the UBD.


2/8/14 Face-to-Face Staff Workshop

2/10/14 Face-to-Face Staff Workshop

2/15/14 Face-to-Face Staff Workshop Continued working on the activities for the workshop and created a workshop overview/ resources handout Created workshop survey

2/16/14 Face-to-Face Staff Workshop

2/18/14 Face-to-Face Staff Workshop 2/21/14 Face-to-Face Staff Workshop Created presentation and workshop assessment Created a wiki to house materials, started building the syllabus, and identifing additional resources

2 6

2/21/14 Online Staff Workshop 2/22/14 Online Staff Workshop Began creating scripts for the screencasts Finished scripts and started recording/editing first screencast, finished syllabus Finished editing first screencast and uploaded it to YouTube; recorded second screencast

4 5

2/23/14 Online Staff Workshop

2/24/14 Online Staff Workshop

Edited second screencast and uploaded it to YouTube

2/25/14 Online Staff Workshop Organized and added resources to the wiki 2/25/14 Online Staff Workshop Continued editing the wiki 2/28/14 Online Staff Workshop 3/4/14 Face-to-Face Staff Workshop 3/6/14 Face-to-Face Staff Workshop Practiced presenting workshop Practiced presenting workshop Created a review presentation and finished identifying resources Completed organizing and adding resources to the wiki Organized and added artifacts Finished ubd and continued working on creating activity instructions and curated toolkits Created org chart and wrote the Methods sections of the report Wrote the Center Activities, Context and Goals, and Activities section Added resources to curated toolkits Created scripts for two instructional screencasts Recorded and Edited Exercise Log screencast Had to troubleshoot issues with Camtasia for Mac Uploaded Exercise Log screencast and recorded Quizlet instructional screencast

2 1 1 1

3/8/14 Online Staff Workshop

3/9/14 Online Staff Workshop 3/10/14 Portfolio

6 1

3/13/14 Technology-enhanced unit

3/15/14 Evaluation

3/16/14 Evaluation 3/17/14 Technology-enhanced unit

5 1

3/18/14 Technology-enhanced unit 3/18/14 Technology-enhanced unit 3/19/14 Technology-enhanced unit

2 2 3

3/20/14 Technology-enhanced unit

Edited Quizlet screencast and uploaded it to YouTube 3/21/14 Technology-enhanced unit 3/22/14 Portfolio Continued adding practicum artifact assignments Started writing Learner Analysis and identifying resources Wrote the UBD and continued identifying resources Worked on the wiki Continued working on the wiki Organized wiki and practiced presentation Practiced presentation Continued developing the portfolio Worked on the evaluation and recommendations Completed the evaluation Completed the monthly activity report Continued developing portfolio Continued developing the portfolio 2 2

3/27/14 Collaborative Digital Citizenship Unit

3/29/14 Collaborative Digital Citizenship Unit 4/2/14 Collaborative Digital Citizenship Unit 4/3/14 Collaborative Digital Citizenship Unit 4/6/14 Collaborative Digital Citizenship Unit 4/7/14 Collaborative Digital Citizenship Unit 4/12/14 Portfolio 4/17/14 Evaluation 4/20/14 Evaluation 4/22/14 Evaluation 4/22/14 Portfolio 4/23/14 Portfolio

5 6 3 2 1 3 3 3 3 2 3

Practicum Assignment Hours: Total Hours: 251