You will need the following items for this spell

• • • •

1 drop of your own blood 1 strand of your hair 1 candle [white would be best] 2 tablespoons of water from any stream.

Chant this as you mix the blood, the water, and your strand of hair together in a bowl: Magic, Magic, enter unto me. Vampire transformation, is what it shall be. Bring me the powers, bring me the feeling. Bring me what I desire, So mote it be Before you say !So mote it be ! pour the water onto the candle, putting out the flame.

You will need the following items for this spell:
• • • • • •

Belief Hope Your body Candles Consontration Know who the person looks like

". #o in a $uiet place %. Close eyes &. 'elax with the candles (. Imagane the person ). Beli*e it will wor+ ,. hope it will wor+ -. snap fingers & times .. go to sleep /hen, you will be that person. It only wor+s with people you +now. Say !Bac+ to my body! /o go bac+ then close eyes imagane your body open eyes snap fingers & times 0oesn1t wor+ all the time.

2irst thing first always ground yourself. #rounding yourself: I li+e to *ision a root of a tree growing beneath my feet and lowering itself deep into the ground and connecting within the earths core. Sit. or lying down. %. Shielding yourself: Imagine a white light coming from the moon and surrounding you li+e a bubble. but I use white for the light of the higher power. and shield yourself. or ly. 5ou should feel a tingling sensation. 6isten and feel each inhale.You will need the following items for this spell: • • • • • • • • editation Concentration Your Hands Your !ner"y #elf$%rust &i'ine (i"ht Heart Chakra Crown Chakra /his spell. Ma+e sure you really en*ision it. 7s you breath imagine white energy arising from the ground and entering the base of your feet. techni$ue. or emotional mentality. . 4nce you feel you are connected then you can shield yourself. Ma+e it hollow. /he bubble can be any color. /he choice is up to you. you should focus on your breathing. 3ow you are able to use the earth energy below you. ". $uietly in a comfortable position. Choose a place where you won1t be interrupted. Imagine the energy flowing throughout your body. 5ou should be sitting. allows anyone to remotely heal someones psychical body. 3ow. 3ow it1s time to do the techni$ue. and exhale.

. Imagine the energy wrapping around their body. 4nce you see that you are connected to the moon. ). 8se your first finger on your right hand to write.. State to yourself your intentions for this person.... en*ision the person face. depression.. 2ind the one I spea+ of and fill . /his is healing energy. or continue lying down.. or insanity. which you will +now.. and shoc+ed his doctors with each chec+ up. Carefully draw each letter indi*idually. /a+e your right hand and write the name of the person you wish to heal on you left palm. with all the lo*e and di*ine light I possess. etc. of any <psychical pain=. 2eel connected to them.. and the energy surrounding that persons body. and do as I say. !:ith this healing energy from deep within my heart I wish to heal . and the persons name.. Imagine them free of pain. and healing them. 7fter you blow enough energy. its time to begin. !#o now.. -.= 7fter you are done programming the energy release it into the air and state aloud.. Imagine green light coming from your heart and entering between your hands. /hroughout the day remember to +eep focusing on your intentions. energy.! Continue to sit.. I >ust en*isioned white light entering the person body and turning into white +nights that flowed through his body +illed all the cancer cells.. /he stronger your trust in the energy. 9eep stating your intentions. 7s you repeat your intention.. the more effecti*e it will be. 7s you blow +eep stating mentally your intentions. It is important. .. It helped his pain. and damaged tissue. 7s you right the letters... 3ow imagine white light from the moon connecting to your crown cha+ra. 7fter you write the persons name cuff your hands % inches apart from each other. I want you to blow into the center of your cuffed hands. anxiety. worries. hold your hands in front of you and state aloud.. (. It really does wor+.! <or emotional drainage.. bring your hands right in front of your heart.. 2eel your *ibrations and imagine the white energy entering the person you wish to heal. fear.. Cancer /echni$ue: /his techni$ue helped me cure my friend from cancer. You will need the following items for this spell: .&. Imagine them happy.... 7fter you get enough healing energy. .

so that1s why I want to be a *ampire. here me now.Y clean needle ) drop of your blood ) small container to put the blood in . I wish to be a *ampire."reen+earth. so mote it be. 7fter chanting this. ma+e out my plea. cast the circle with the red string. e*erything is the same. probably e*eryone +nows this= so you won1t get infected.. /hen chant the following: I in*o+e the spirits and want to say. /hen put the candles of the elements in with the :?I/@ at the /4A. /his spell Is :?I/@ magic by the way.!& strin" to cast a circle /0(( moon If you1*e tried other Vampire spells that don1t wor+. /hen po+e the needle on your finger <I1d rather prefer on your fingers because it doesn1t hurt as much. 7fter this spell wor+s.. now nothing will e*er be the same. drin+ the drop of blood. If it doesn1t. I1m tired of this boring life. there is ne*er anything new. and ne*er be tamed. but I1m guaranteed it will wor+. blue+water. then I guess try other Vampire Spells. drin+ing blood with extraordinary thirst.Blessed Be @ither be outside.yellow+ air ) -!. and then say: /ransformation come to me. nothing will @V@' be the e*eryone will see. and the other candles you can put in any order around the circle. /he reason you need a V@'5 clean needle <of course. Spirits fullfill my desire.• • • • • • )ll the candle colors of the elements*white+spiritual. . then try this. /his is a spell I made. and there is nothing to do. but anywhere else is fine= and put the blood in a little container. or be inside with a window open <I1d prefer a window= 2irst.